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Justice and legal administration
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Function Description:
Carriage of the justice system including civil law, criminal law, administrative law, coronial law, legal aid services, juvenile justice and corporate law. This function also includes administration of local laws and ordinances (permits and licences) and covers commissions of enquiry. See LAW ENFORCEMENT for the function which supports the carriage of the justice system involving policing and corrective services activities. See also BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for corporate compliance For legislation drafting and processes see GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION.
Agencies Performing Function:
Lieutenant-Governors Court (TA1031)12 Aug 181431 Dec 1824

Hobart Magistrates Court (Also Known As Hobart Lower Court) (TA1055)01 Jan 1820

Richmond Lower Courts (TA1070)01 Jan 182117 Jul 1989

Attorney-General's Department (TA55)01 Jan 182315 Mar 1983

Launceston Magistrates Court (Also Known As Launceston Lower Court) (TA1061)01 Jan 1824

Sheriff's Office (TA36)01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

Supreme Court (Registrar's Office) (TA42)01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

Probate Registry (TA1574)10 May 1824

New Norfolk Lower Courts (TA1064)01 Jan 182517 Jul 1989

Oatlands Lower Courts (TA1065)01 Jan 182517 Jul 1989

Licensing Court (TA1034)01 Jan 182610 Aug 1976

Registry of Deeds (TA84)01 Jan 182730 Sep 1989

Solicitor General's Department (TA181)01 Jan 182829 Jun 1983

Longford Lower Courts (TA1063)01 Jan 182917 Jul 1989

Sorell Lower Courts (TA1075)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Spring Bay Lower Courts (TA1076)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Brighton Lower Courts (TA1037)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Campbell Town Lower Courts (TA1040)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Clarence Lower Courts (TA1042)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Glamorgan Lower Courts (TA1050)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Green Ponds Lower Courts (TA1053)01 Jan 183017 Jul 1989

Commissioners for Claims to Grants (Land Grants) [Caveat Board] (TA471)01 Jan 183231 Dec 1858

Ross Lower Courts (TA1072)01 Jan 183517 Jul 1989

Evandale Lower Courts (TA1046)01 Jan 183717 Jul 1989

Board of Claims for Secondary Grants (TA474)01 Mar 183731 Dec 1837

Registrar-General's Department (TA85)01 Jan 183815 Mar 1983

Committee to Report on Claims for Compensation for Distillers and Rectifiers (TA258)01 Jan 183831 Dec 1839

Commissioner for Insolvent Estates (TA1735)01 Aug 183931 Dec 1869

George Town Lower Courts (TA1049)01 Jan 184017 Jul 1989

Hamilton Lower Courts (TA1054)01 Jan 184017 Jul 1989

Allport & Roberts (NG3515)01 Jan 184101 May 1855

Fingal Lower Courts (TA1047)01 Jan 184217 Jul 1989

Court of Enquiry Into Irregularities on Board the Convict Transport Gilmore (TA259)01 Aug 184330 Sep 1843

Deloraine Lower Courts (TA1043)01 Jan 184617 Jul 1989

Circular Head Lower Courts (TA1041)01 Sep 184917 Jul 1989

Westbury Lower Courts (TA1081)01 Jan 185017 Jul 1989

Kingborough Lower Courts (TA1058)01 Jan 185217 Jul 1989

Curator of Intestate Estates (Office) (TA37)01 Jan 185331 Dec 1912

Port Cygnet Lower Courts (TA1067)01 Jan 185417 Jul 1989

Office of the Attorney-General. (TA1523)01 Jan 1856

Bothwell Lower Courts (TA1036)01 Jan 185717 Jul 1989

Esperance Lower Courts (TA1045)01 Jan 185717 Jul 1989

Huon Lower Courts (TA1056)01 Jan 185717 Jul 1989

Latrobe Lower Courts (TA1060)01 Jan 185817 Jul 1989

Magistracy and Lower Courts Administration Branch (TA1032)01 Jan 186017 Jul 1989

Land Titles Office (TA70)01 Jan 1862

Glenorchy Lower Courts (TA1051)01 Jan 186417 Jul 1989

Penguin Lower Courts (TA1066)01 Jan 186617 Jul 1989

Devonport Magistrates Court (Also Known As Devonport Lower Court) (TA1044)01 Jan 1866

Kentish Lower Courts (TA1057)01 Jan 186631 Dec 1965

Wynyard Lower Courts (TA1082)01 Jan 186717 Jul 1989

Burnie Magistrates Court (Also Known As Burnie Lower Court) (TA1039)01 Jan 1868

Waratah Lower Courts (TA1080)01 Jan 186917 Jul 1989

Ulverstone Lower Courts (TA1079)01 Jan 188117 Jul 1989

Ringarooma Lower Courts (TA1071)01 Jan 188217 Jul 1989

Tasman Peninsula Lower Courts (TA1078)01 Jan 188317 Jul 1989

Lilydale Lower Courts (TA1062)01 Jan 188317 Jul 1989

Beaconsfield Lower Courts (TA1035)01 Jan 188417 Jul 1989

Portland Lower Courts (TA1068)01 Jan 188517 Jul 1989

Scottsdale Lower Courts (TA1074)01 Jan 188817 Jul 1989

Strahan Lower Courts (TA1077)01 Jan 188817 Jul 1989

Zeehan Lower Courts (TA25)01 Jan 189117 Jul 2006

Queenstown Lower Courts (TA1069)01 Jan 189717 Jul 1989

Gormanston Lower Courts (TA1052)01 Jan 190017 Jul 1989

Flinders Island Lower Courts (TA1048)01 Jan 190117 Jul 1989

King Island Lower Courts (TA1059)01 Jan 190117 Jul 1989

St Leonards Lower Courts (TA1073)01 Jan 190817 Jul 1989

Bruny Lower Courts (TA1038)01 Jan 190817 Jul 1989

Public Trustee (Public Trust Office) (TA38)01 Jan 1912

Office of the Coroner (TA1589)01 Jan 1913

Parliamentary Draftsman's Department (TA685)17 Jul 191430 Nov 1971

Ashley Home for Boys (TA1706)01 Feb 192231 Dec 1999

Supreme Court and Sheriff's Office (TA40)01 Jan 192417 Jul 1989

Public Trust Office Investment Board (TA39)01 Jan 1931

Shields, Heritage, Stackhouse & Martin (NG3738)01 Jan 1933

Pathology Services, Royal Hobart Hospital (TA1728)01 Jan 193631 Dec 1978

Fair Rents Boards (TA254)01 Jan 193931 Dec 1955

Board of Inquiry on the Hydro Electric Commission 1940 (TA1594)08 Oct 194018 Mar 1941

Probate Branch (TA1674)01 Jul 194631 Dec 1957

Royal Commission Into Road Transport Services (TA1831)01 Dec 194731 Dec 1947

Wybra Hall (TA2155)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1988

Weeroona Girls' Training Centre (TA2156)01 Jan 195930 Nov 1979

Guardianship Board (TA10)01 Jan 196301 Sep 1997

Committee of Inquiry Into the Farm Finances of Settlers on King Island under the War Service Land Settlement Scheme (TA1737)01 Mar 196330 Sep 1964

State Health Laboratory (TA1949)01 Dec 196331 Dec 1980

Sheffield Lower Courts (TA1801)01 Jul 196531 Jul 1989

Board of Inquiry Into Land Valuations (TA255)01 Jan 196931 Dec 1970

Forensic Biology Unit (TA1810)01 Jan 197001 Aug 1995

Consumers Protection Council (TA16)01 Jan 197031 Dec 1976

Interim Planning Appeal Board (TA365)01 Jan 197131 Dec 1977

Casino Advisory Committee (TA342)01 Jan 1971

Parliamentary Counsel's Department (TA927)30 Nov 197131 Mar 1978

Board of Legal Education (TA432)01 Jan 1972

Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal (TA1924)01 Jan 1973

Office of the Crown Advocate (TA1013)02 Jul 197309 May 1986

Law Reform Commission of Tasmania (TA243)01 Jan 197431 Dec 1988

Child Protection Assessment Board (TA1738)24 Jan 197502 May 1991

Consumer Affairs Council (TA17)01 Jan 1976

Office of the Commissioner for Licensing (TA1603)01 Jan 197603 Apr 2000

Planning Appeal Board (TA366)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1993

Committee of Inquiry Into Future Legal Aid Services in Tasmania (TA311)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1978

Office of the Parliamentary Counsel (TA928)31 Mar 1978

Ombudsman (TA322)01 Jan 197901 Mar 1997

Department of Forensic Pathology (TA1948)01 Jan 197931 Dec 1995

Corporate Affairs Office (TA729)26 Mar 197931 Dec 1990

Geospatial Infrastructure Branch (Incorporating the Office of the Surveyor General) (TA1967)01 Jan 198031 Dec 2017

Royal Commission Into the Constitution Act 1934 (TA1743)01 Jan 198231 Dec 1982

Office of the Crown Solicitor (TA1022)15 Mar 1983

Registrar-General's Division (TA914)15 Mar 1983

Law Department (TA373)15 Mar 198317 Jul 1989

Office of the Solicitor-General (TA1015)29 Jun 1983

Deregulation Advisory Board (TA2115)01 Jul 1983

Tasmanian Gaming Commission (TA918)13 Feb 1984

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (TA1014)09 May 1986

Law Reform Commissioner (TA681)01 Jan 198831 Dec 1997

The Prices Inquiry Board (TA978)16 Aug 198831 Mar 1989

Office of Consumer Affairs (TA682)14 Dec 198824 Nov 1999

Office of the Minister for Consumer Affairs (TA996)01 Jul 198931 Jan 1992

Office of Aboriginal Affairs (TA1557)01 Jul 1989

Department of Justice (1) (TA921)17 Jul 198918 Sep 1998

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (TA923)17 Jul 1989

Magistrates Court of Tasmania (TA1714)17 Jul 1989

Office of the Minister for Justice. (TA1524)17 Jul 1989

Office of the Status of Women (TA1556)17 Jul 1989

Supreme Court of Tasmania (TA1615)17 Jul 1989

Department of Administrative Services and Consumer Affairs (TA899)07 Nov 198918 Feb 1992

Royal Commission Into an Attempt to Bribe a Member of the House of Assembly, and Other Matters (TA975)01 Jan 199031 Dec 1991

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (TA1011)01 Jan 1991

Business Affairs Office (TA1537)01 Jan 199131 Dec 2001

Child Protection Board (TA1739)02 May 199122 May 1998

Tasmanian Office of Financial Supervision (TA1605)01 Jan 199201 Jul 1999

Legal Ombudsman (TA1798)01 Jan 199331 Dec 2007

Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (TA1106)01 Jan 1993

Office of Legislation Development and Review (TA1943)01 Jan 1994

Mining Tribunal (TA1836)01 Jan 1995

Government Analytical and Forensic Laboratory (TA1804)01 Aug 199501 Jul 2000

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal (TA1667)16 Aug 1995

Office of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner (TA1665)27 Sep 199510 Dec 1999

Health Complaints Commission (TA1581)01 Jan 1997

Ombudsman & Health Complaints Commissioner (TA2149)01 Mar 1997

Guardianship and Administration Board (TA1668)01 Sep 1997

Office of the Public Guardian (TA1946)01 Sep 1997

Electricity Ombudsman (TA1580)01 Jan 1998

Department of Education, Training, Community and Cultural Development (TA1561)06 May 199818 Sep 1998

Forensic Services (TA2114)01 Sep 199801 Jul 2000

Land Data Registration Branch (TA1587)18 Sep 199831 Dec 2009

Department of Justice and Industrial Relations (TA1535)18 Sep 199801 Feb 2004

Information and Land Services Division (TA1616)18 Sep 199831 May 2015

Ashley Youth Detention Centre (TA1960)01 Jan 1999

Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (TA1745)24 Nov 1999

Equal Opportunity Tasmania (TA1666)10 Dec 1999

Office of Inquiry Into the Death of Jospeh Gilewicz (TA1604)20 Feb 200001 Oct 2000

Revenue Gaming & Licensing Division (TA1684)03 Apr 2000

Liquor Licensing Branch (TA1685)03 Apr 200030 Jun 2002

Forensic Science Service Tasmania (TA1713)01 Jul 2000

Analytical Services Tasmania (TA2113)01 Jul 2000

Statewide Forensic Medical Services (TA2168)01 Jul 2000

Victims Support Services (TA1929)01 Jul 2001

Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TA1974)23 Jul 2001

Liquor & Gaming Branch (TA1686)01 Jul 2002

Independent Assessor of the Ombudsmans Review of Claims of Abuse of Children in State Care - Peter Cranswick Qc (TA1746)01 Aug 200330 Jun 2006

Department of Justice (2) (TA1646)02 Feb 2004

Tasmanian Forensic Tribunal (TA1928)20 Feb 2006

Legal Profession Board of Tasmania (TA1799)01 Jan 2007

Rental Services (TA2142)01 Jan 2009

Rental Deposit Authority (TA1931)01 Jul 2009

Sentencing Advisory Council (TA1961)01 Jun 2010

Asbestos Compensation Tribunal (TA1944)04 Oct 2011

Land Tasmania (TA2162)01 May 2015

Location Services Branch (Incorporating the Office of the Surveyor General) (TA2183)01 Jan 2017

Royal Commission Response Unit (TA2185)01 Jan 2018