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Primary industries
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Function Description:
Supports the development, management and sustainability of agricultural, food and and marine industries through research, testing, advice and marketing. Includes the management of quality assurance programs, regulation and licensing of products and producers and monitoring the use of chemicals, pesticides and veterinary medicines. Also includes quarantine services. For the impact of the rural and marine industry on the environment see ENVIRONMENT. See also RESOURCES for government involvement in the mining and manufacturing industries.
Agencies Performing Function:
Salmon Commissioners (TA45)01 Jan 186131 Dec 1889

Royal Commission Into Distillation (TA705)01 Jan 186831 Dec 1969

Chief Inspector of Sheep (TA884)01 Jan 187031 Dec 1889

Hamilton Rabbit Trust (TA479)01 Jan 187231 Dec 1882

Royal Commission Into the Fisheries of the Colony (TA1617)30 Jan 188231 Dec 1882

Tasman Peninsula Fruit Board (TA936)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1908

Queenborough Fruit Board (TA613)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1907

Glamorgan Fruit Board (TA523)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1907

Glenorchy Fruit Board (TA530)01 Jan 1888

Port Cygnet Fruit Board (TA607)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1907

North West Bay Fruit Board (TA598)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1907

South Huon Fruit Board (TA1088)01 Nov 1888

Office of the Chief Inspector of Stock (TA476)01 Jan 188931 Dec 1898

Hamilton Rabbit Board (TA548)01 Jan 1889

Commissioners of Fisheries (TA44)28 Oct 188911 Dec 1925

Council of Agriculture (TA977)01 Jan 189131 Dec 1909

Sheffield Board of Agriculture (TA629)01 Jan 1892

Evandale Board of Agriculture (TA1637)08 Dec 1892

Mersey Board of Agriculture. (TA1501)01 Jan 1893

Oatlands Rabbit Board (TA599)01 Jan 189331 Dec 1907

Longley Fruit Board (TA582)01 Jan 189531 Dec 1907

Green Ponds Fruit Board (TA540)01 Jan 189631 Dec 1907

Department of Agriculture (1) (TA48)01 Jan 189831 Dec 1909

Office of the Minister for Agriculture (TA990)01 Jan 189901 Jan 1975

Board of Enquiry Into Charges Against R.J. Terry (Government Poultry Expert) (TA300)01 Sep 190630 Nov 1906

Closer Settlement Board (TA372)30 Nov 190601 Mar 1932

Clarence Board of Agriculture (TA504)01 Jan 1907

Department of Agriculture (2) (TA370)01 Jan 191131 Dec 1989

State Fruit Advisory Board (TA169)01 Jan 191831 Dec 1934

Veterinary Board of Tasmania (TA1610)24 Dec 1918

Forestry Department (TA900)01 Jan 192101 Jul 1994

State Meat Advisory Board (TA220)01 Jan 192431 Dec 1933

Office of the Minister for Forests (TA404)01 Jan 1925

Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Commission (TA46)11 Dec 192518 Dec 1959

Sea Fisheries Board (TA47)11 Dec 192531 Dec 1941

Potato Marketing Board of Tasmania (TA246)01 Jan 192731 Dec 1977

Royal Commission Into Fruit Export (TA710)01 Jan 193031 Dec 1931

State Fruit Board (TA170)01 Jan 1934

Stone and Berry Fruits Board (TA215)01 Jan 1934

Board of Inquiry Into Sea Fisheries (TA286)01 Jan 194031 Dec 1940

Sea Fisheries Advisory Board (TA195)01 Jan 194131 Dec 1976

Board of Inquiry Into Milk Production and Distribution (TA277)01 Jan 194331 Dec 1943

Rural Industries Board (TA734)01 Jan 194331 Dec 1956

Oatlands District War Agricultural Committee (TA1744)01 Jun 194328 Feb 1946

Deloraine District War Agricultural Committee (TA1475)14 Oct 194331 Mar 1946

Stanley Cool Stores Board (TA871)01 Jan 194531 Dec 2003

Royal Commission Into Forestry Administration (TA709)01 Jan 194531 Dec 1947

Milk Board of Tasmania (TA222)01 Jan 194730 Sep 1977

Forestry Commission (TA66)01 Jan 194701 Jul 1994

Egg Marketing Board (TA350)01 Jan 194825 Jun 2003

King Island Abbatoirs Board (TA353)01 Jan 195031 Dec 1983

Vermin Destruction Appeal Board (TA683)01 Jan 1950

Tasmanian Grain Elevators Board (TA733)01 Jan 195031 Dec 2003

Royal Commission Into Apple and Pear Marketing (TA703)01 Jan 195131 Dec 1951

Artificial Breeding Board (TA1030)01 Jan 195731 Dec 1977

Dairy Products Marketing Board (TA1694)01 Nov 195707 Sep 1977

Committee of Enquiry Into Brucellosis and Trichomoniasis of Cattle in Tasmania (TA265)01 Apr 195830 Sep 1958

Inland Fisheries Commission (TA43)21 Aug 195915 Dec 1999

Directorate of Industrial Development and Trade (TA50)01 Jan 196531 Dec 1977

Dairy Industry Board of Inquiry (TA267)01 Jan 197031 Dec 1971

Poppy Advisory and Control Board. (TA1108)01 Jan 1972

Soft Fruit Industry Board (TA238)01 Jan 1972

Office of the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries (TA991)01 Jan 197531 Dec 1976

Office of the Minister for Primary Industry (TA417)01 Jan 1976

Board of Inquiry Into Private Forest Development (TA308)01 Jan 197631 Dec 1977

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TA1096)01 Jan 1977

Tasmanian Herd Improvement Organisation (TA1691)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1988

Tasmanian Apple and Pear Marketing Authority (TA237)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1983

Potato Industry Authority of Tasmania (TA247)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1982

Tasmanian Fisheries Development Authority (TA688)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1985

Dairy Industry Advisory Board (TA1692)01 Feb 197831 Jan 1979

Office of the Minister for Economic Planning and Development (TA397)01 Jul 197831 Dec 1982

Office of the Minister for Sea Fisheries (TA421)01 Jan 1982

Fruit Crop Insurance Committee (TA1982)01 Jan 198231 Dec 1999

Tasmanian Development Authority (TA291)01 Mar 198401 Jul 1995

Department of Sea Fisheries (TA689)01 Jan 198517 Jul 1989

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority Herd Improvement Division (TA1693)01 Mar 198930 Jun 2000

Department of Primary Industry (TA903)17 Jul 198918 Feb 1992

Office of the Minister for Inland Fisheries (TA1544)01 Jan 1992

Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Energy (TA986)18 Feb 199203 Feb 1993

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (TA1986)01 Jan 1993

Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (TA1095)03 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1985)01 Jan 1995

Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (TA1990)01 Jan 1995

Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1991)01 Jan 1995

Board of Advice and Reference (TA1996)01 Jan 1995

Crustacean Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1989)01 Jan 1995

Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1992)01 Jan 1995

Marine Farming Planning Review Panel (TA1975)15 Sep 1995

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TA1973)01 Jan 1996

Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (TA1542)18 Sep 199805 Apr 2006

Board of Management (Fruit and Nut Industry Research and Development Account) (TA1983)01 Jan 1999

Inland Fisheries Service (TA1740)01 Jan 2000

Department of Economic Development (TA1636)09 Aug 200211 Feb 2008

Department of Primary Industries & Water (TA1710)05 Apr 200630 Jun 2009

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TA1807)01 Jul 2009

Biosecurity Tasmania (TA2163)01 Jan 2014