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Function Term:
Law enforcement
Function Number:
Function Description:
Maintenance of the safety of Tasmania at all levels of society. It encompasses law enforcement and maintenance of public order for the community through police services of crime detection and investigation, community policing, intelligence gathering, weapons control and forensic analysis. This function also includes the management of correction services such as prisons.
Narrower Terms:
Convict administration
Agencies Performing Function:
Convict Department (TA60)01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877

Police Department (TA242)01 Jan 182031 Dec 1989

Gaol (Branch) (TA31)01 Jan 182331 Dec 1936

Female Factory (Cascades) (TA886)01 Jan 182731 Dec 1877

Government Analyst (TA749)01 Jan 188230 Jun 1935

Royal Commission Into the Hobart Gaol (TA711)01 Jan 192631 Dec 1926

Royal Commission Into the Hobart Gaol (TA712)01 Jan 193431 Dec 1935

Government Analyst's Branch (TA750)01 Jul 193531 Dec 1957

Gaol Department (TA32)01 Jan 193631 Dec 1959

Board of Inquiry Into Hobart Gaol Riot (TA271)01 Jan 193931 Dec 1939

Royal Commission Into the Hobart Gaol (TA713)01 Jan 194231 Dec 1943

Enquiry on Allegations Against Police (TA287)01 Jan 195531 Dec 1955

Police Disciplinary Board (TA248)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1966

Office of the Minister for Police (TA415)23 Oct 1956

Prisons Department (TA905)22 Dec 195915 Mar 1983

Board of Inquiry Into Disciplinary Action Against Police (TA293)01 Jan 196131 Dec 1962

Division of Road Safety (TA368)01 Jul 1970

Board of Inquiry Into a Disturbance at Royal Derwent Hospital (TA298)01 Jan 197231 Dec 1973

Parole Board (TA1933)17 Dec 1975

Prisons Division (TA906)15 Mar 198306 Apr 1987

Community Corrections Tasmania (TA1942)01 Apr 1987

Corrective Services Tasmania (TA907)06 Apr 1987

Department of Police and Emergency Services (TA904)17 Jul 198925 Mar 1992

Office of the Minister for Police & Public Safety (TA1515)01 Feb 199231 Jul 1998

Department of Police (1) (TA1564)25 Mar 199227 Mar 1996

Department of Police and Public Safety (TA1565)27 Mar 199605 Apr 2006

Tasmania Prison Service (TA1932)01 Jan 2000

Office of Inquiry Into the Death of Jospeh Gilewicz (TA1604)20 Feb 200001 Oct 2000

Department of Police and Emergency Management (TA1707)05 Apr 200601 Jul 2016

Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management (TA2152)01 Jul 2016