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Promotion of tourism in Tasmania and collaborative efforts between government and the tourism industry. Includes sponsorship of events.

Non - Government - For local Tourist and Progress Associations see TASMANIAN COMMUNITY
Agencies Performing Function:
Tasmanian Tourist Association (NG2480)12 May 189331 Jul 1914

Tasmanian Government Tourist and Information Bureau (TA256)01 Oct 191330 Nov 1934

Scenery Preservation Office (TA29)01 Jan 191531 Dec 1971

Scenery Preservation Board (TA27)26 Nov 191501 Nov 1971

National Park Board (TA427)01 Jan 191731 Dec 1947

Animals and Birds Protection Board (TA28)01 Jan 192901 Nov 1971

Cradle Mountain Reserve Board (TA434)01 Jan 193031 Dec 1947

Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau (TA257)01 Jan 193431 Dec 1946

Guest House Registration Board (TA201)01 Jan 193731 Dec 1971

Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck Reserves Board (TA435)01 Jan 193831 Dec 1947

Mount Barrow Scenic Reserve Board (TA440)01 Jan 194031 Dec 1947

Office of the Minister for Tourism (TA422)01 Jan 1942

Mount Field National Park Board (TA433)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1968

Port Arthur Scenic Reserves Board (TA436)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1950

Northern Scenery Board (TA438)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1968

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park Board (TA426)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1968

Tasman Peninsula Board (TA437)01 Jan 196231 Dec 1968

Board of Inquiry Into Sunday Observance Act (TA292)01 Jan 196631 Dec 1966

South West National Park Board (TA439)01 Jan 196831 Dec 1969

National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council (TA30)01 Jan 1971

Tourism Development Authority (TA334)01 Jan 197131 Dec 1977

Department of Tourism and Immigration (TA333)01 Jan 197131 Dec 1977

National Parks and Wildlife Service (TA26)01 Nov 197101 May 1987

South West Advisory Committee (TA472)17 Nov 197531 Dec 1978

Department of Tourism (TA347)01 Jan 197717 Jul 1989

Tourism Advisory Committee (TA348)01 Jan 1977

Huon Tourism Council (NG2370)04 Jul 197720 Dec 1982

Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife (TA901)01 May 198717 Jul 1989

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (TA1551)01 Oct 1987

Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage (TA913)17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993

Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation (TA895)17 Jul 198927 Mar 1996

Office of Antarctic Affairs (TA1555)01 Dec 1989

Parks and Wildlife Service (TA1837)02 Feb 1993

Department of Environment and Land Management (TA1018)02 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Department of Tourism (2). (TA1547)27 Mar 199631 Jan 1997

Tourism Tasmania (TA1548)01 Feb 1997

Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (TA1542)18 Sep 199805 Apr 2006

Abt Railway Ministerial Corporation (TA1968)07 Jul 1999

Department of Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the Arts (TA1644)01 Aug 200205 Apr 2006

Department of Tourism, Arts & the Environment (TA1708)05 Apr 200611 Feb 2008

Department of the Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts (TA1752)12 Feb 200830 Jun 2009

Department of Economic Development and Tourism (TA1751)12 Feb 200830 Jun 2009

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TA1807)01 Jul 2009

Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts (TA1808)01 Jul 200930 Jun 2014