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This function covers the provision of public transport and the regulation of private transport on the road, land and air encompassing aircraft, buses, trains, trams, and other road vehicles. It includes vehicle registration and driver licensing, access to community-based transport and road safety education. See MARITIME SERVICES for sea transport. See CIVIC INFRASTRUCTURE for the regulation and monitoring of transport construction.

Non - Goverment Agencies: Includes railway lines operated by the private sector.
Agencies Performing Function:
Public Works Department (TA24)01 Jan 183501 Mar 1977

Royal Commission Into the Main Line Railway (TA714)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1868

Launceston and Western Railway Company (NG3081)09 Mar 186720 Oct 1904

Tasmanian Main Line Railway Co. (NG1453)01 Mar 187201 Oct 1890

Tasmanian Government Railways (TA245)01 Jul 187201 Jul 1939

Launceston and Western Railway Department (TA244)31 Oct 187331 Dec 1885

Emu Bay Railway Co. Ltd (NG211)01 Jan 188001 Dec 2009

The Mount Lyell Mining & Railway Company (NG1711)01 Jan 188420 Feb 1995

Tasmanian Great Western Railway and Electric Power Company (NG2243)12 Aug 189731 Dec 1932

Office of the Minister for Railways (TA893)12 Oct 189906 Aug 1934

Royal Commission Into proposed Railway Lines (TA723)01 Jan 190331 Dec 1904

Board of Inquiry Into Risdon Railway Accident (TA296)01 Jan 190431 Dec 1905

Royal Commission Into Scottsdale-Branxholm Railway (TA722)01 Jan 191031 Dec 1910

Railway Service Appeal Board (TA190)01 Jan 191731 Dec 1978

Royal Commission Into the Purchase of Railway Locomotives (TA724)01 Jan 192031 Dec 1920

Royal Commission on Management of Tasmanian Government Railways (TA1731)15 Mar 192307 Jul 1923

Office of the Minister for Transport (TA423)01 Jul 193418 Sep 1998

Transport Commission (TA90)01 Jan 193801 Nov 1981

Transport Commission, Road Transport Branch (TA1741)01 Jan 1938

Royal Commission Into Motor Vehicle Taxation (TA692)01 Jan 193931 Dec 1939

Transport Commission, Railway Branch (TA1736)01 Jul 193901 Mar 1978

Tasmanian Railways Award Board of Reference (TA295)21 Apr 194322 Jun 1944

Transport Commission, Road Transport Services Branch (TA1742)01 Jan 1949

Board of Inquiry Into Transport Commission Licences for Public Vehicles (TA303)01 Jan 195031 Dec 1951

Metropolitan Transport Trust (TA355)21 Dec 195402 Feb 1998

Road Safety Committee (TA230)01 Jan 1969

Division of Road Safety (TA368)01 Jul 1970

Royal Commission Into Urban Transport (TA702)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1973

Office of the Minister for Road Safety (TA877)01 Jan 197431 Dec 1985

Motor Accidents Insurance Board (TA357)24 Jan 1974

Transport Department (TA428)01 Nov 198101 Jul 1990

Department of Roads and Transport (TA922)17 Jul 198903 Feb 1993

Department of Transport and Works (TA1019)03 Feb 199306 Apr 1995

Tt Line Company Pty Ltd (TA1675)01 Nov 1993

Department of Transport (TA1502)06 Apr 199518 Sep 1998

Australian Transport Network/pacific National (NG2818)15 Nov 199701 Dec 2009

Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd (TA1925)02 Feb 1998

Tasmanian Railway Pty Ltd (Trading As Tasrail) (TA1819)01 Dec 2009