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Function Term:
Workplace management
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Function Description:
Government involvement in the public and private sector working environments, in particular the regulation of public sector employment. Covers training and employment services provided to the public, industrial relations, awards and conditions, occupational health and safety and workers compensation matters. Also includes managements of social justice programs such as affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.
Agencies Performing Function:
Portland Road Trust (TA824)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1907

Police Provident Fund Board (TA239)01 Jan 189831 Dec 1969

Public Service Superannuation Board (TA1029)01 Jan 190531 Dec 1939

Council Clerks' Board (TA743)01 Jan 1906

Wages Boards (Chairman of...) (TA4)01 Jan 191131 Dec 1975

Royal Commission Into the North Lyell Mine Disaster (TA717)01 Jan 191231 Dec 1913

Industrial Department (TA20)01 Jan 191631 Dec 1930

Public Service Commissioners Office (TA375)01 Jan 191831 Dec 1973

Master Builders Association Northern Tasmania (Mbant) (NG3552)01 Jan 191831 Dec 2015

Returned Soldiers Employment Board (TA223)01 Jan 192331 Dec 1952

Nurses Registration Board (TA198)01 Jan 192731 Dec 1987

Workers (Occupational Diseases) Relief Fund Board (TA197)01 Jan 192931 Jan 1994

Industrial Section (TA18)01 Jan 193031 Dec 1940

Department of Labour and Industry (TA3)18 Jul 194017 Jul 1989

Apprenticeship Commission (TA386)01 Jan 194231 Dec 1985

Tasmanian Railways Award Board of Reference (TA295)21 Apr 194322 Jun 1944

Miners Pensions Fund Board (TA356)01 Jan 1944

Classification and Appeal Board (TA374)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1959

Public Service Tribunal (TA367)01 Jan 195931 Dec 1973

Tasmanian Industrial Boards (TA273)01 Jan 196331 Dec 1984

Retirement Benefits Fund Board (TA1102)01 Jan 1970

Public Service Board (2) (TA369)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1984

Public Service Arbitrator (TA310)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1984

Industrial Boards (Chairman of...) (TA1009)01 Jan 197531 Dec 1985

Office of the Minister for Industrial Relations (TA410)01 Jan 1976

Hospital Service Appeal Board (TA352)01 Jan 1977

Review of Tasmanian Government Administration (Phase 2) (TA473)01 Jan 197931 Dec 1982

Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TA290)01 Jan 1985

Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (TA360)01 Jan 198501 May 2001

Office of the Commissioner for Review (TA361)01 Jan 198501 May 2001

Department of Public Administration (TA321)01 Jan 198531 Dec 1990

Department of Employment and Training (TA387)01 Jan 198631 Dec 1989

Nursing Board of Tasmania (TA747)01 Jan 198730 Jun 2010

Workcover Tasmania Board (TA2141)01 Jan 1988

Office of the Minister for Employment, Industrial Relations and Training (TA1007)01 Jul 1989

Department of Administrative Services (TA898)17 Jul 198907 Nov 1989

Department of Employment, Industrial Relations and Training (TA911)17 Jul 198901 Mar 1994

Department of Administrative Services and Consumer Affairs (TA899)07 Nov 198918 Feb 1992

Office of the Enterprise Commissioner (TA2111)01 Jan 199201 Jan 2001

Public Sector Management Office (TA1549)03 Feb 199327 Mar 1996

Department of Industrial Relations, Vocational Education and Training (TA1562)01 Mar 199427 Mar 1996

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal (TA1667)16 Aug 1995

Office of the Minister for Workplace Standards. (TA1530)01 Jan 1996

Workplace Standards Authority (TA1529)27 Mar 199605 Apr 2006

Office of Industrial Relations (TA1647)18 Sep 199801 Feb 2004

Department of Justice and Industrial Relations (TA1535)18 Sep 199801 Feb 2004

Office of the State Service Commissioner (TA1609)01 May 200104 Feb 2013

State Service Management Office (TA1648)02 Feb 2004

Occupational Licensing and Building Control (TA2062)01 Jul 200530 Jun 2013

Workplace Standards Tasmania (TA1711)05 Apr 200601 Oct 2013

Asbestos Compensation Tribunal (TA1944)04 Oct 2011

Building Standards and Occupational Licensing (TA2063)01 Jul 2013

Worksafe Tasmania (TA2053)01 Oct 2013