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Community health and welfare
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Non - Government Agencies - Collections in this category include records of organisations that support and complement the Government in the provision of health services for the benefit and well-being of the Tasmanian community. Also includes the personal papers of individuals who are involved in these organisations. Examples of records in this category are those of the Red Cross, Benevolent Society, Tasmanian Institute for the Blind and Deaf and the Child Health Association. 

For State Agencies with responsibilities in this area see COMMUNITY SERVICES [1] or HEALTH CARE [1].

Community operated Hospitals are included in HEALTH CARE [1]
Agencies Performing Function:
Edward Foord Bromley (NG3737)01 Jan 177729 Jun 1836

Alfred Kennerley (NG1289)01 Jan 181031 Dec 1897

Dr. James Allen (NG1419)01 Jan 182009 Sep 1856

W E L H Crowther Collection (NG50)01 Jan 182531 Dec 1981

Wilkinson's Pharmacy (NG3593)01 Jan 183101 Jan 1955

Charles Street Cemetery Company (NG3089)01 Jan 184131 Dec 1925

Alex Clark and Son Ltd (NG3579)01 Jan 184201 Jan 1960

Hobart Benevolent Society (NG1637)01 Jan 1859

Launceston Benevolent Society (NG185)07 Jun 1869

Queenborough Cemetery Company (NG1406)01 Jan 187331 Dec 1917

H. T. Gould & Co Pharmacy [Gould's Pharmacy] (NG1150)01 Jan 1881

Dr Thomas Herbert Goddard (NG1005)26 Mar 188517 Feb 1967

John W. Toplis (NG1191)01 Aug 188526 Feb 1887

Royal Society for the Blind and Deaf (NG1279)19 Apr 1887

St. John Ambulance Association (NG1465)01 Jan 1893

Launceston Evangelical Nursing Association (NG2613)01 Jan 189631 Dec 1974

Hobart District Nursing Service (NG1323)14 Dec 1896

Tasmanian Braille Writers Association (NG1920)01 Jan 189731 Dec 2012

Launceston Benevolent Asylum (NG1172)01 Jan 189830 Apr 1915

Tasmanian Institute for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb (NG2465)01 Jan 189831 Dec 1987

Charles F Pitt (NG249)01 Sep 1901

G. M. Crabbe (NG151)01 Jan 190215 Nov 1951

Tasmanian Sanatoria After-Care Association (NG1292)01 Jan 190531 Dec 1971

H. B. Mcchristie (NG2161)01 Jan 190731 May 1914

Theodore William Davenport (NG1768)29 Jun 190706 Jan 1996

Burnie Benevolent Society (NG1851)01 Jan 1908

Emu Bay Sick Benevolent Fund Committee (NG2334)01 Jun 1908

New Town Pharmacy (NG2022)01 Dec 190817 May 1984

Bush Nursing Association (NG2366)01 Jan 1910

William Saunders (NG3061)01 Jan 191426 May 1984

Australian Red Cross - Tasmania (NG2070)13 Aug 1914

Elaine and Richard Goggin (NG3608)11 Jan 1915

Child Health Association (NG1916)28 Sep 1917

Joyce Evelyn Box (NG2967)15 Dec 191703 Oct 2007

Returned and Services League of Australia - Hobart Sub-Branch (NG2240)01 Jan 1919

Federated Association of Australian Housewives - Tasmanian Branch (NG2997)01 Jan 191920 Dec 2009

Tasmanian Veterans Trust (NG1484)26 Jun 192025 May 1980

Social Services Committee (NG971)19 Oct 1920

New Settlers League (Northern Branch) (NG1173)01 Jan 192131 Dec 1924

Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys (Glenara) (NG2054)01 Sep 192101 Jun 1984

Limbless Soldiers' Association of Tasmania (NG2632)01 Jan 192331 Dec 1990

Devonport Aid Society (NG2451)01 Jan 192415 Oct 1979

Kathleen (Kath) Venn (NG3479)12 Nov 192626 May 2019

Partially Blinded Soldiers Association (NG1235)01 Jan 192810 Dec 1984

Patsy Merhulik (NG3626)01 Jan 1929

Burnie Unemployed Relief Fund (NG2722)01 Jan 1930

Tasmanian Society for the Care of Crippled Children (NG3438)21 Oct 193530 Jun 1988

Tasmanian Cremations Ltd. (NG3584)01 Nov 193501 Jul 1961

Launceston General Hospital Ex-Trainees' Association (NG2616)01 Jan 1936

Spencer Hospital Appeal (NG2723)01 Jan 1938

Society for the Care of Crippled Children (NG1499)01 Dec 193804 Feb 1986

St Giles Home (NG3445)08 Mar 193931 Dec 1995

Southern Tasmanian Council of School Mother's Club (NG894)01 Jan 194031 Dec 1981

Dr Frank Madill (TA2138)05 Sep 1941

The Australian Legion of Ex-Service Men and Women (NG1628)01 Jan 1942

Prisoner's Aid Society of Tasmania (NG3105)13 Jul 1942

Launceston Tpi Memorial Club Inc (NG2205)01 Jan 194301 Jan 2004

Australian Women's Land Army, State Welfare Committee. (NG1700)04 Aug 194321 Mar 1946

Angus Alan Downie (NG2830)05 Oct 194330 Nov 2010

Florence Nightingale Committee of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) (NG722)01 Jan 1946

Ex-Australian Women's Army Service and Ex Australian Army Medical Women's Service (NG1604)01 Jan 194606 Oct 2001

Australian Army Service Corps Association (Tasmania) (NG1797)02 Sep 194625 May 2009

Taroona Ex-Services Club (NG3604)01 Mar 1947

Lawrence Edward Cullen (NG1495)01 Jan 1950

The Florence Nightingale Society of Tasmania (NG1492)04 Jun 195001 Nov 2011

Dr Brothers (NG514)01 Jan 1953

Jenny Chester (Sarah Jane) (NG3687)01 Jan 195506 Jul 2017

Devonport Ambulance Board (NG2065)13 May 195520 Sep 1961

Soroptimist International of Queenstown (NG3667)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1973

Meals on Wheels - Hobart (NG2077)02 Aug 1956

Fairbridge Drake Society - Tasmania (NG1438)01 Jan 195731 Dec 1976

St John's Hospital Auxiliary (NG1036)01 Jan 1957

Association of Civilian Widows - Moonah Branch (NG2200)12 Dec 195731 Dec 2004

Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of Tasmania (NG2256)01 Jan 1959

Society for the Protection of Women and Children (NG917)01 Jan 196014 Jul 1966

E. Cunningham Dax (NG1426)01 Jan 1960

Tasmanian Council of Social Services (Tascoss) Inc (NG2278)01 Jan 1961

United Ex-Servicewomen's Homes Association of Tasmania (NG1760)27 Apr 196120 Nov 1995

Tasmanian Hydatids Eradication Council (NG1413)01 Jan 196231 Dec 1996

Australian Council for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Acrod), Tasmanian Division (NG2250)01 Jan 196331 Dec 2007

Cerebral Palsy Tasmania (NG2144)17 Sep 1963

Asthma Foundation of Tasmania (NG1930)01 Sep 196531 Mar 2019

Tasmanian Association of Disabled Persons (NG3786)01 Oct 196531 Dec 2006

Childbirth Education Association, Tasmania (NG2419)01 Jan 1966

Fire Victims Welfare Organisation (NG375)01 Feb 196731 Dec 1968

Banks Paton Australia Pty Ltd (NG1992)01 Mar 1968

Glenrowan Homes for the Aged (NG2581)01 Jan 1969

Emu Valley Pollution Fighters Committee (NG910)01 Jan 1970

Vietnam Veterans' Counselling Service (NG1683)01 Jan 1970

Dr Gerard Flaherty (NG1584)01 Jan 1970

Dr J F Brennan (NG294)01 Jan 1970

Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia, Tasmanian Branch (NG1993)01 Jan 197101 Aug 2001

Australian Council of Community Nursing Services Inc - Tasmanian Branch (NG3577)01 Jan 197101 Jan 1998

Meals on Wheels Association, Penguin Group (NG1535)01 Jan 1972

Hear a Book Service (NG2402)01 Jan 197201 Jan 2007

Southern Regional Council for Social Development (NG717)01 Jan 197431 Dec 1978

Tenants Union of Tasmania (NG2003)01 Jan 1974

Hobart Women's Shelter (NG721)01 Jan 1974

St Monica's Community Inc (NG975)01 Jan 1975

Women's Phone Information Service (NG1256)01 Mar 1976

Anti-Fluoridation Association of Tasmania (NG1774)01 Jan 1982

Private Nursing Group (NG2263)01 Nov 198501 Jan 1992

Men Overcoming Violent Emotions (M.O.V.E) (NG1488)01 Jan 198631 Dec 1991

St Giles Society (NG3441)04 Feb 1986

Tasmanian Deaf Society (NG2249)01 Jan 1987

Menzies Research Institute (TA1971)01 Jan 1988

Tascare Society for Children (NG3439)01 Jul 198801 Dec 2019

Arrows Youth Centre (NG2988)05 Aug 1988

Tasmanian Life Education Centre Launceston District (NG3047)23 Feb 1989

Chinese Student Support Group (NG2086)19 Jun 198903 Sep 1990

Adards Nursing Home (NG3742)01 Jan 199131 Dec 2008

Northern Women's Health Centre (NG2911)14 Feb 1991

Australian Breastfeeding Association (NG2300)01 Aug 2001