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Community services
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Function Description:
Provision of community and welfare services in the form of financial assistance, programs, support and protection. Services include adoption, aged care, child and youth and family support, accommodation and refuge services. See STATE SECURITY AND EMERGENCY SERVICES for emergency services (fire fighting and search and rescue) and natural disaster relief and also HEALTH CARE for emergency services (ambulance). See TRANSPORT for access to community-based transport schemes.

For Non Government Agencies operating in this area see Community Health and Welfare
Narrower Terms:
Aboriginal affairs
Agencies Performing Function:
Alexander Mcnaughtan (NG3668)28 Nov 181506 Aug 1884

Invalid Depot, New Norfolk (TA982)03 Apr 182720 Jun 1848

Kings/queens Orphans School (TA148)01 Jan 182831 Dec 1860

Brickfields Pauper Establishment (TA887)01 Jan 185931 Dec 1882

Queens Asylum (TA149)01 Jan 186131 Dec 1879

Board of Guardians Queens Asylum (TA150)01 Jan 186231 Dec 1879

Hobart Public Cemetery (TA1841)01 Jan 186531 Dec 1982

Royal Commission Into the Queens Asylum (TA725)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1867

Invalid Depot, Cascades (TA328)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1879

Invalid Depot, Launceston (TA330)01 Jan 186831 Dec 1895

Charitable Grants Department (TA21)01 Jan 187231 Dec 1934

New Town Charitable Institution (TA888)01 Jan 187431 Dec 1912

Hospital for the Insane, Cascades (TA336)01 Jan 187731 Dec 1890

Central Committee for Boarding-out Destitute Children (TA147)01 Jan 188131 Dec 1896

Lying-in Hospital, Cascades (TA335)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1895

Department for Neglected Children (TA145)01 Jan 189631 Dec 1918

Queen Alexandra Hospital for Women (TA459)01 Jan 190531 Aug 1980

Carr Villa Memorial Park Cemetery (TA1870)01 Jan 1905

New Town Infirmary and Consumptive Home (TA889)01 Jan 191231 Dec 1934

Launceston Home for Invalids (TA1911)31 May 191310 Mar 1954

Mt Lyell School of Mines and Industries (1) (NG3699)24 Sep 191331 Dec 1917

Children of the State Department (TA146)01 Jan 191831 Dec 1936

Mental Deficiency Board (TA8)01 Jan 192201 Dec 1964

State Psychological Clinic (TA9)01 Jan 192201 Dec 1964

Ashley Home for Boys (TA1706)01 Feb 192231 Dec 1999

Returned Soldiers Employment Board (TA223)01 Jan 192331 Dec 1952

School for the Blind and Deaf (TA1322)01 Jan 192431 Dec 1969

School for the Blind (TA1321)01 Jan 193031 Dec 1972

New Town Rest Home (TA890)01 Jan 193431 Dec 1937

Social Services Department (TA144)01 Jan 193402 Sep 1961

St John's Park Hospital (TA443)01 Jan 193631 Dec 1994

Gellibrand House Board (TA984)01 Jan 1938

Fair Rents Boards (TA254)01 Jan 193931 Dec 1955

Division of Mental Hygiene (TA11)01 Dec 194531 Dec 1956

Office of the Minister for Housing (TA985)10 Dec 194631 Dec 1975

Mothercraft Home (TA468)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1988

Prices Commission (TA323)01 Jan 194831 Dec 1954

Housing Department (1) (TA68)01 Jan 195331 Dec 1977

Cosgrove Park Home for the Aged (TA1912)10 Mar 195431 Jan 1992

Board of Inquiry Into Tasmanian Institute for Blind and Deaf (TA312)01 Jan 195531 Dec 1955

Nelumie, Institution for Female Defectives (TA15)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1965

Wybra Hall (TA2155)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1988

Division of Mental Health (TA12)01 Aug 195602 Apr 1963

Weeroona Girls' Training Centre (TA2156)01 Jan 195930 Nov 1979

Department of Social Welfare (TA88)02 Sep 196128 Feb 1983

Guardianship Board (TA10)01 Jan 196301 Sep 1997

Division of Psychiatric Services (TA13)02 Apr 196301 Jul 1968

Child Welfare Advisory Council (TA1452)01 Jan 1965

State Executive Committee (Emergency Fire Relief) (TA143)01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

State Relief (Bush Fires) Committee (TA1546)11 Feb 196731 May 1968

Committee of Enquiry Into 1967 Bushfires (TA264)01 Jun 196731 Aug 1967

Alcohol and Drug Services (TA2175)01 Jan 1968

Mental Health Services Commission (TA14)01 Jul 196820 Apr 1993

Road Safety Committee (TA230)01 Jan 1969

Alcohol and Drug Dependency Board (TA337)01 Jan 1969

Consumers Protection Council (TA16)01 Jan 197031 Dec 1976

Casino Advisory Committee (TA342)01 Jan 1971

Office of the Minister for Community Welfare and Child Care/elderly (TA396)01 May 1972

Office of the Minister for Road Safety (TA877)01 Jan 197431 Dec 1985

Child Protection Assessment Board (TA1738)24 Jan 197502 May 1991

Consumer Affairs Council (TA17)01 Jan 1976

Office of the Minister for Housing and Construction (TA741)22 Dec 197606 May 1980

Board of Inquiry Into Death Duties (TA309)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1978

Committee of Inquiry Into Future Legal Aid Services in Tasmania (TA311)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1978

Youth Support Unit (TA235)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1981

Department of Housing and Construction (TA879)13 Sep 197718 Aug 1983

Tasmanian Board of Inquiry Into the Needs of the Handicapped (TA279)01 Jan 197831 Dec 1980

Board of Inquiry Into the Royal Derwent Hospital and Millbrook Rise Hospital. (TA390)23 May 197931 Aug 1979

Review of Child Care Services (TA49)01 Jan 198031 Dec 1980

Office of the Minister for Handicapped Persons Services (TA405)06 May 198031 May 1982

Interim Southern Regional Cemetery Trust. (TA1435)01 Jul 198110 Mar 1982

Southern Regional Cemetery Trust (TA1436)10 Mar 198201 Aug 2007

State Coordinating Committee for International Youth Year (TA891)01 Jan 198331 Dec 1986

Department for Community Welfare (TA1028)01 Feb 198317 Jul 1989

Housing Department (2) (TA880)01 Jan 198431 Dec 1989

Office of the Minister Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs (TA1431)01 Jan 198931 Dec 1992

Office of the Minister for Youth Affairs (TA1005)01 Jul 1989

Office of the Minister for Community Services (TA992)17 Jul 1989

Department of Community Services (TA769)17 Jul 198903 Feb 1993

Office of the Status of Women (TA1556)17 Jul 1989

Department of Administrative Services and Consumer Affairs (TA899)07 Nov 198918 Feb 1992

Toosey Aged & Community Care (TA951)01 Jan 1990

Child Protection Board (TA1739)02 May 199122 May 1998

Department of Community and Health Services (TA1012)03 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Housing Tasmania (TA1593)03 Feb 199330 Jul 2016

Aboriginal Housing Service Tasmania (TA1712)03 Feb 1993

Aged and Disability Support (TA1620)03 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Child, Family and Community Support (TA1622)03 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Port Arthur Victims Appeal Committee. (TA1472)06 May 199624 Jan 1997

Port Arthur Attorney-General's Discretionary Fund (TA1514)01 Apr 199730 Jun 1998

Commissioner for Children (TA1938)05 Nov 1997

Beaconsfield Multi Purpose Service (TA2172)01 Jan 1998

Campbell Town Multi-Purpose Service (TA2173)01 Jan 1998

Rosebery Community Health Centre (TA2042)01 Jan 1998

Department of Education, Training, Community and Cultural Development (TA1561)06 May 199818 Sep 1998

Child, Youth and Family Support Division (TA1592)18 Sep 199801 Jul 2002

Community and Rural Health Division (TA1606)18 Sep 199801 Jul 2002

Department of Health and Human Services (TA1543)18 Sep 199831 Jul 2018

Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (TA1554)18 Sep 199830 Jun 2014

Ashley Youth Detention Centre (TA1960)01 Jan 1999

Tasmania Together Community Leaders Group (TA1628)01 May 199931 Dec 2001

Victims Support Services (TA1929)01 Jul 2001

Tasmania Together Progress Board (TA1627)03 Sep 2001

Children and Youth Services (TA1633)01 Jul 2002

Statewide and Mental Health Services (TA1634)01 Jul 2002

Independent Assessor of the Ombudsmans Review of Claims of Abuse of Children in State Care - Peter Cranswick Qc (TA1746)01 Aug 200330 Jun 2006

Radio and Electronic Association of Southern Tasmania Inc (NG2792)10 Sep 2004

Ouse Community Health Centre (TA2174)01 Jan 2006

The Office of Youth Affairs (TA1709)05 Apr 2006

Tazreach (TA2182)01 Jan 2013

Community Sport and Recreation (TA2178)01 Jul 2014

Department of State Growth (TA2061)01 Jul 2014

Department of Communities Tasmania (TA2176)01 Jul 2018