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National and international organisations
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Non - Government Agencies - This category includes records of Tasmanian organisations that are branches of or affiliated with National or International organisations.
Agencies Performing Function:
Australian Mutual Provident Society (Amp) - Tasmania (NG1699)01 Jan 1865

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Rspca) (NG647)01 Jan 1872

Young Men's Christian Association [Ymca] (NG1030)27 Apr 1882

Australian Society of Breeders of British Sheep Tasmanian Branch (NG2962)01 Jan 1892

Boys Brigade (12Th Tasmanian, Bellerive) (NG981)01 Jan 1897

Trevor Watkins (NG2528)27 Mar 189925 Aug 1931

National Council of Women of Tasmania (NG1035)01 May 189931 Dec 1987

The Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship in Tasmania (NG2073)01 Jan 190330 Sep 2004

Girls Friendly Society (NG604)23 May 1903

Royal Society of St George (NG757)01 Jan 1904

Girl Guides Association of Tasmania [Girl Guides Tasmania] (NG542)01 Jun 1911

Australian Red Cross - Tasmania (NG2070)13 Aug 1914

National Federation League - Derby Branch (NG1404)24 Apr 1917

First Longford Girl Guide Company (NG2894)25 Jun 1920

Rotary International District 9830 (NG1141)01 Jan 1924

Australian League of Nations Union (Tasmanian Branch) (NG2502)01 Aug 192630 Oct 1948

Band of Hope Union (NG3004)12 May 1927

Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association (NG1067)01 Jan 1928

Toc H Tasmania (NG2072)12 Jul 1928

League of Nations Union, Junior Branch, Hobart, Tasmania (NG851)01 Jan 1930

League of Nations Union, Hobart Branch (NG1569)01 Mar 193331 Aug 1940

Alliance Francaise (NG2119)23 Aug 1933

Australian Forest League, Tasmanian Branch (NG2311)15 Jul 1936

Australian Pre-School Association (Tasmanian Branch) (NG662)01 Jan 1939

Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers, Hobart Branch (Hobart Bellringers) (NG2828)01 Jan 1940

Catholic Women's League of Tasmania (NG454)31 Dec 1941

Workers Educational Association - Hobart Branch (NG1502)01 Jan 194231 Dec 1957

Allied Geographical Section. South West Pacific Area (NG2984)19 Jul 194231 Dec 1946

World Education Fellowship (Tasmanian Section) (NG1341)01 Jan 1946

Fellowship of Australian Writers, Tasmanian Branch (NG43)01 Jan 1947

Children's Book Council of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) (NG571)01 Jan 1947

Business and Professional Women's Club (NG732)01 Feb 1947

Penguin Club of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) (NG1497)01 Jan 1949

United Nations Association (Tasmanian Branch) (NG1139)01 Jan 1949

Good Neighbour Council (NG2152)01 Mar 1949

Big Brother Movement of Tasmania (NG2468)19 May 1949

Soroptimist International of Hobart (NG3070)01 Sep 1949

Soroptimist International of Launceston (NG3069)01 Dec 1949

Australian Goethe Society, Tasmanian Branch (NG1673)01 Jan 1950

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia Inc. - Tasmanian Section (NG2395)01 Jan 1950

Australian Rural Youth Inc. (NG2505)01 Jan 1950

Youth Hostels Association (NG731)25 Nov 195031 May 1973

Soroptimist International of Devonport (NG3067)01 Jun 1952

Soroptimist International of Tasmania (NG1047)30 May 1953

Australian Society for Education in Film and Television (NG1026)01 Jan 195622 Feb 1981

Soroptimist International of Queenstown (NG3667)01 Jan 195631 Dec 1973

Soroptimist International of New Norfolk (NG2044)01 Oct 195620 Feb 1996

Royal Commonwealth Society (NG1051)01 Jan 1958

National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) (NG2865)01 Jan 1960

Australian-American Association (Hobart Branch) (NG782)01 Jan 1962

Australian Council for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Acrod), Tasmanian Division (NG2250)01 Jan 196331 Dec 2007

Camera Clubs of Australia (NG1185)01 Jan 1964

Save the Children Fund, Tasmanian Division (NG2485)07 Oct 1964

Australian Church Women - Tasmania Unit (NG1094)01 May 1965

Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, Tasmanian Branch (NG1363)09 Sep 1965

Tasmanian Council for Civil Liberties (NG223)01 Jan 1968

Australian Plants Society Tasmania Incorporated (NG1972)30 Nov 1968

Friends of Vellore (Tasmanian Branch) (NG2406)01 Jan 1970

Zonta - Launceston (NG3610)

Australian Institute of International Affairs - Tasmanian Branch (NG2074)01 Jan 1971

Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia, Tasmanian Branch (NG1993)01 Jan 197101 Aug 2001

Friends of the Earth (NG2122)01 Jan 1974

Royal Humane Society (NG944)01 Jan 1974

Operation Drake (NG1550)01 Jan 197831 Dec 1979

Soroptimist International of Ulverstone (NG3073)16 Jun 197931 Dec 1997

Fingal Weight Watchers (NG2560)01 Jan 1980

Order of Australia Association - Tasmanian Branch (NG2431)11 Dec 1980

Soroptimist International of George Town (NG3071)03 Mar 1982

National Book Council (Tasmanian Branch) (NG2682)06 May 198231 Oct 2001

The Australian National Flag Association (NG2030)05 Dec 198331 Dec 1997

National Exhibitions Touring Scheme, Tasmania (NG2872)01 Jan 198631 Aug 1992

Australian Stock Exchange (NG1642)01 Jan 1987

Soroptimist International of Clarence (NG3072)25 Apr 198705 Mar 1999

Soroptimist International of Circular Head (NG3068)13 Mar 1989

Council of United Commonwealth Societies (NG2253)13 Sep 1993

Australian Transport Network/pacific National (NG2818)15 Nov 199701 Dec 2009

Australian Breastfeeding Association (NG2300)01 Aug 2001