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Cultural affairs
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Function Description:
Government involvement in the management, operation and support for the arts and cultural organisations such as archives, museums, libraries and art galleries. Includes community cultural and indigeneous events and programs.

Also includes community managed Libraries and Galleries. For other non government associations involved in these activities see ARTS AND CULTURE.
Narrower Terms:
Aboriginal affairs
Agencies Performing Function:
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (TA1568)01 Jan 1828

Launceston Mechanics Institute and Public Library (NG2623)01 Jan 183719 Sep 1976

Government Printer's Department (TA67)01 Jan 183931 Dec 1948

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TA1567)01 Jan 1848

Trustees of the Tasmanian Public Library (TA728)01 Jan 185031 Dec 1943

Longford Subscription Library (NG189)01 Oct 185731 Dec 1938

Royal Commission Into the Intercolonial Exhibition ( Melbourne ) (TA696)01 Jan 186631 Dec 1867

Royal Commission Into the Paris Exhibition (TA718)01 Jan 186631 Dec 1866

Royal Commission Into the Parliamentary Library (TA720)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1868

Bushy Park Club and Library (NG119)01 Jan 187220 Jun 1951

Tasmanian Museum and Botanical Gardens Trust (TA207)18 Jan 188625 May 1953

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (TA1550)01 Jan 1891

Ross Public Library (NG775)01 Jan 1891

Latrobe Public Library (NG3103)01 Jan 1892

Huon Mechanics Institute, Franklin (NG55)01 Jan 189431 Dec 1905

Waratah Public Library (NG455)01 Jan 1895

Scenery Preservation Office (TA29)01 Jan 191531 Dec 1971

Scenery Preservation Board (TA27)26 Nov 191501 Nov 1971

Australian Music Examinations Board (Tasmania) (TA874)01 Jan 1918

Burnie Public Library (NG198)01 Jan 192131 Dec 1956

Animals and Birds Protection Board (TA28)01 Jan 192901 Nov 1971

New Norfolk Public Library (NG361)01 Jan 193331 Jul 1950

Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck Reserves Board (TA435)01 Jan 193831 Dec 1947

Robert Sticht Memorial Library, Queenstown (NG966)01 Jan 1940

Evandale Public Library (NG2558)01 Jan 1940

Rural Libraries Advisory Board (TA33)01 Jan 194131 Dec 1943

State Library of Tasmania (TA34)01 Jan 194331 Oct 2006

Tasmanian Library Board (TA727)01 Jan 194321 Dec 1984

Tasmanian Government Film Unit (TA997)01 Jan 194631 Dec 1960

Port Arthur Scenic Reserves Board (TA436)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1950

Cinema Registration Board (TA209)01 Jan 1947

Government Printing Office (TA767)01 Jul 194816 Mar 1994

Sesqui-Centennial Committee (TA199)01 Jan 194931 Dec 1954

Archives Section (State Library of Tasmania) (TA726)01 Jan 194922 Dec 1965

Council of the National Theatre and Fine Arts Society (TA204)01 Jan 194931 Dec 1973

Commonwealth Jubilee Committee (State) (TA205)01 Jan 195031 Dec 1951

Trustees of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TA929)29 Nov 1950

Trustees of the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (TA208)29 Nov 1950

Nomenclature Board (TA358)01 Jan 1953

State Library and Archives Trust (TA1626)07 Jun 1957

Department of Film Production (TA178)01 Jan 196031 Dec 1977

Tasman Peninsula Board (TA437)01 Jan 196231 Dec 1968

Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music (TA764)01 Jan 1964

Archives Office of Tasmania (TA380)22 Dec 1965

Tasmania Week Committee (TA231)01 Jan 196831 Dec 1968

Anzac Day Trust (TA338)01 Jan 1970

National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council (TA30)01 Jan 1971

National Parks and Wildlife Service (TA26)01 Nov 197101 May 1987

Theatre Royal Board (TA313)01 Jan 197317 Apr 1986

Office of the Minister for the Arts (TA394)01 Jan 1974

Tasmanian Theatre and Performing Arts Council (TA933)24 Mar 197409 Jun 1975

Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TA317)09 Jun 197501 Jan 2018

Tasmanian Film Corporation (TA179)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1982

Office of Ethnic and Multicultural Affairs (TA1513)01 Jan 1977

Office of the Minister for Ethnic Affairs (TA402)01 Dec 1977

Tasmanian Aboriginal Research Trust (TA327)01 Jan 197931 Dec 1985

Historic Shipwrecks Advisory Committee (TA351)01 Jan 1982

State Coordinating Committee for International Youth Year (TA891)01 Jan 198331 Dec 1986

Administrator, Tasmanian Film Corporation (TA1021)01 Jan 198331 Dec 1993

Tasmanian Library Advisory Board (TA1832)21 Dec 1984

Theatre Royal Management Board (TA1969)17 Apr 1986

Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife (TA901)01 May 198717 Jul 1989

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (TA1551)01 Oct 1987

Office of the Minister Assisting the Premier on Aboriginal Affairs (TA1427)01 Jan 198931 Dec 1992

Office of Aboriginal Affairs (TA1557)01 Jul 1989

Department of Education and the Arts (TA756)17 Jul 198927 Mar 1996

Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage (TA913)17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993

Office of Antarctic Affairs (TA1555)01 Dec 1989

Parks and Wildlife Service (TA1837)02 Feb 1993

Department of Environment and Land Management (TA1018)02 Feb 199318 Sep 1998

Printing Authority of Tasmania (TA1747)17 Mar 1994

Department of Education, Community and Cultural Development (TA1363)27 Mar 199606 May 1998

Tasmanian Heritage Council (TA1729)01 Jan 1997

Heritage Tasmania (TA1724)01 Jan 1997

Department of Education, Training, Community and Cultural Development (TA1561)06 May 199818 Sep 1998

Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (TA1542)18 Sep 199805 Apr 2006

Screen Tasmania (TA2056)01 Jul 2000

Events Tasmania (TA1721)01 Jul 2002

Department of Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the Arts (TA1644)01 Aug 200205 Apr 2006

Arts@work (TA1720)30 Jun 200331 Dec 2014

Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania (Aht) (TA1748)31 Dec 2003

Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority (TA1704)04 Apr 200531 Aug 2011

Department of Tourism, Arts & the Environment (TA1708)05 Apr 200611 Feb 2008

Linc Tasmania (TA1815)31 Oct 200623 Jul 2018

Department of the Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts (TA1752)12 Feb 200830 Jun 2009

Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts (TA1808)01 Jul 200930 Jun 2014

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TA1807)01 Jul 2009

Aboriginal Heritage Council (TA1966)01 Jan 2012

Libraries Tasmania (TA2179)23 Jul 2018