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Ministerial Files - registered.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1974
End Date:
31 Dec 1982
Tasmanian Archives
Series notes:
This series includes both general ministerial files and those directly related to the above portfolios.~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

1/1/2 Ministerial General.
1/1/3 Ministerial General.
1/1/4 Ministerial General.
1/2/3 Public Service-General.(2 files).
1/3/1 General Instructions to Government Departments.
1/4 Premiers Instructions.
1/4A Premiers Instructions.
1/4B Premiers Instructions.
1/4C Premiers Instructions.
1/4D Premiers Instructions.
1/4/1 Premiers Instructions.
1/5 Invitations. (3 files).
1/6/1 Conferences, Meeting, Visits.
1/8 Ministerial Press Statements.
1/9 Tiger Line.
1/10/1 Cabinet Agendas.
1/10/2 Cabinet Agendas.
1/10/3 Cabinet Agendas.
1/10/4 Cabinet Agendas.
1/11/1 Cabinet Items.
1/13/2 Visits to State by V.I.P.s.
1/14/1 Itineries.
1/15/1 Travel Expenses-Minister.
1/17P L.P. Papers.
1/17BP L.P. Papers.
1/17CP L.P. Papers.
1/17/1P L.P. and Union Meetings.
1/17/1P L.P. and Union Meetings.
1/18/1H of A Questions and Answers.
1/18/2H.of A Questions and Answers.
1/22 Tabling Papers in Parliament. (2 files).
1/22/3 Tabling Papers in Parliament.
1/23/1 Legislation-General.
1/24/1 Cabinet Tours.
1/24A Cabinet Tours. (2 files).
1/25 Office Equipment.
1/27/1 Expenditure Review Committee.
1/29 Emergency Services.
1/30 Matters that may arise in Parliament.
1/30/1 Government Policies-General.
1/34 Estimates-Loan Funds etc.
1/34/13 Estimates.
1/34/1 Estimates-Loan Funds. (3 files).
1/35A L.P. Planning Development and Environment Committee.
1/36 State Sinking Fund: Commissioners Office.
1/39 South-west Tasmania-General. (2 files).
1/39B Power Referedum.
1/41A L.P. Employment and Industrial Relations Committee.
1/44 Minister for Primary Industry. Environment and Water Resources. (2 files).
1/45 Attorney-General: Minister for Health Services, Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.
1/46 Minister for Main Roads, Transport and Construction. (2 files).
1/47 Minister for Tourism and Licensing; Economic Planning and Development.
1/48 Minister for Public Health, Consumer Affairs and Administrative Services.
1/49 Minister for Housing, Mines and Recreation.
1/50 Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Racing and Gaming. (2 files).
1/51 Premier and Treasurer.
1/52 Minister for P.W.H., Lands, Community Welfare and Child Care, and Handicapped Person's Services. (2 files).
1/53 Employment and Industrial Relations Committee.
1/54 Electoral Act.
1/55 Energy Debate.
2/3/1 Industrial Relations-Mt Lyell.
2/4 Unions-Government Employment.
2/4/1 Industrial Relations-General. (2 files).
2/6 Building Industry.
2/7/1 Compulsory Unionism.
2/9/1 Compulsory Conferences.
2/9/1A Compulsory Conferences. (3 files).
2/11/1 Industries Assistance Commission.
2/12/1 Wages Policy.
2/14/1 Industrial Relations-Advisory Councils.
2/15 Women in the Workforce. (2 files).
3/1/1 Department of Labour and Industry-Formed Organisation.
3/5/1 Unemployed Workers Union.
4/1D L.I. Staff.
5/1/1D L.I. Accommodation.
6/1/1D L.I. Estimates. (2 files).
9/1 Industrial Legislation.
9/1/1 Industrial Relations-Legislations. (2 files).
9/7D L.I. Conciliation and Arbitration.
9/15 Superannuation Schemes.
12/1D L.I. Weights and Measures. (2 files).
15/1D L.I. Standards Association.
18/1/5D L.I. National Wage Case.
18/1/6 Wage Indexation.
18/1/8 Industrial Appeals Tribunal.
18/5 Inquiries into State Industrial Tribunals.
18/7 Industrial Disputes. (3 files).
18/10 Industrial Boards.
18/10 Industrial Boards. (3 files).
18/10 Industrial Boards.
18/10/1 Industrial Boards.
18/12 Tasmanian Industrial Commission.
19 Industrial Awards.
19 Industrial Awards. (2 files).
19 Industrial Awards. (3 files).
20/1 Workers Compensation. (3 files).
20/1 Workers Compensation.
20/6 Workers Compensation, Nominal Insurer.
21/1 Service Stations Trading Hours.
23/1 Hairdressers.
24/1D L.I. Goods Trades Description. (2 files).
25/3 Tasmanian Training Council.
25/3 Tasmanian Training Council.
25/12 Worker Participation.
25/17 Apprentice and Trade Training. (3 files).
28/1 Industrial Safety Health and Welfare.
28/1 Industrial Safety Health and Welfare. (2 files).
28/1/5 Industrial Relations: Shop Trading. (2 files).
28/1/5 Industrial Relations: Shops Trading. (2 files).
29/8 Construction Sites.
32/3 Commonwealth and State Ministers-Correspondence. (2 files).
32/3 Commonwealth and State Ministers-Conferences, (3 files).
Conferences (continued),(2 files).
34/1 Employment.
34/1A Employment, (2 files).
34/4 Structure of Employment and Industry in Tasmania, (2 files).
34/4/1 Shipping Review Committee.
34/5 Tas. Committee on Descrimination in Employment and Occupation.
34/11 Manpower Planning, (2 files).
34/14 Technological Change.
34/14 Technological Change.
34/14/1D L.I. Redundancy, (2 files).
34/17 Education Programmes for Unemployed Youth, (2 files).
34/18 Structural Change.
34/19 Trade Training Schemes.
34/19 35 Day Labour.
84/3 Building Industry Contractors Registration Board, (3 files).
84/5 Manpower Planning-Youth Support Unit, (3 files).
84/5-1 Youth Employment Section.
84/7 Wage Fixation.
84/10 Disputes.
84/11 Trade Union Matters, (2 files).
84/18 Long Service Leave, (4 files).
91/2T C.A.E. Staff Transfers.
135/7 Hours of Work (incl. Retail Trading Inquiry), (3 files).
268/1 Holidays (Bank Holidays Act 1919), (2 files).
350/96 Industrial Boards.
350/100 Common Rule Award (Pursuant to the Provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1975), (2 files).
A1 Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board, (3 files).
A1 Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board, (3 files).
A1 Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board: Agendas and Associated papers.
A1 TAAB. Agendas and Associated papers.
A2 TAAB. Minutes of Board Meetings,(2 files).
A3 Minister for the Arts. Estimates, (2 files).
A7 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
A7 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
A8 Theatre Royal.
A9 Cultural Conferences.
E1 Australian Education Council.
E2 Building Programme Projects.
E3 Cleaners: Education Department.
E4 Consolidated, Revenue Estimates.
E5 Education, Federal Matters.
E5(B) A.L.P. Education Committee.
E6 Division of Further Education.
E7 Education: General,(3 files).
E7 Education: General.
E7(A) Directions to Director-General from Minister.
E7(B) New Building Projects-Accommodation-Renovations.
E7(C) Visits to Schools-Requests from Parents and Friends Association.
E8 Grants-Education.
E9 Education-Hostels.
E10 Education-Invitations.
E11 Education-Press Releases.
E12 Schools Board of Tasmania.
E13 School to Works-Transition Programme.
E14 Special Schools.
E15 Teaching Positions-Staffing arrangements with Departments.
E16 Studentships.
E18 State Librarian,(2 files).
E18(B) Library Board Minutes.
E19 State Education Ministers.
E20 Tas. College of Advanced Education.
E21 Tas. Teacher's Federation.
E22 Tertiary Education.
E23 University Matters.
E24 Education Minutes of Directorate.
E25 Press Clippings.
E26 Staffing Agreement.
E27 Literacy/Numeracy.
E28 Composition of the Council of The University of Tasmania.
E29 Efficiency Review File.
E30 White Paper.