Cover image for Ministerial Files and associated Papers - Unregistered.
Ministerial Files and associated Papers - Unregistered.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1977
End Date:
31 Dec 1982
Tasmanian Archives
Related Series:
AD248 Ministerial Files kept by the Director01 Jan 197731 Dec 1981
Series notes:
Ministerial files for portfolios of lands, national parks and wildlife, social welfare and international year of the disabled.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Items 1-83 deal with general ministerial matters (boxes 1-11); items 84-117 deal with national parks and wildlife services (boxes 12-13); items 118-139 deal with social welfare (box 14); items 140-223 deal matters related to the international year of the disabled (boxes 15-18 and 22-24); items 224-228 deal with the Public Offices Committee( boxes 19-21 and 25-26); items 229-233 deal with confidential files of Dick Adams (box 27); item 234 is about the Parliamentary Labor Party (box 28); items 235-246 are reports and reviews (boxes 29-30); item 247 relates to cabinet tours (box 31)

Administrative Services.
Consumer Affairs.
Deputy Premier & Tourism.
General Circulars.
General Information.
Health Services.
Immigration & Ethnic Affairs.
Industrial Relations & Manpower Planning.
Main Roads & Transport.
Mines & Recreation.
Office Requisitions.
Premiers Dept.
Premiers Instructions.
Primary Industry.
Public Health.
Agriculture Building, Ulverstone.
ALP Policy Committee, Planning & Environment.
Antarctic Commission.
Concoma/AEC Madong PNG.
Cradle Mt Ranger Accommodation.
Downham/Hutt Dispute.
Employment Figures.
Family Welfare.
Federal MP and Senate Reports.
Foreign Investment.
Forsythe-Coles Bay.
Fossil Bluff.
Four Springs S.R.A.
Friendly Beaches-New area.
Government Publications Unit Analyes.
Government Rental Committee.
Horses in Parks.
Institute of Surveyors.
Rent Group.
Labor & Shadow Ministers for Health, Welfare.
Lands Acquisition Bill.
Lands-Bluff Hill Pt Aboriginal Site.
Water Resources, Environment, Local Government Lands etc.
Lands-Delegation of duties.
Lands-General (1).
Lands-General (2).
Lands-General (3).
Latrobe Municipality.
Local Government Bill (Highways).
Mant Review (1).
Mant Review-Implementation.
Metal Workers.
Mt Wellington Park.
Mant Review (2).
Miscellaneous File.
Nomenclature Board.
Policies in Health, Welfare area.
Public Service Seminar.
Redecoration of Ministers Room.
Review of Government Properties-Surplus.
Seven Mile Beach.
Orford Caravan Park.
Portland Municipality.
Requests for Appointments.
Shack Sites.
Social Democrats.
South West.
TCA Ground.
TCAE Problems.
Tasmanian Tiger.
Valuers Registration Board.
Employment-Casuals-N P W S.
Marine Reserves.
Aboriginal Relics Advisory Committee.
Advisory Council.
Bay of Fires.
Ben Lomond-Advisory Council & Management Plan.
Bowen Park.
Coles Bay Granite.
Commonwealth Welfare Bill.
Difficulties between Lands Department & N.P.W.S.
Directory of Government Agencies.
Duck Season.
Entally House.
Female Factory Historic Site.
Fraser Cave.
Heritage Matters.
National Parks and Wildlife Bill-approval of Management Plan.
Sarah Island.
State Relatives-Relativities-N P W S.
Mt. Field National Park.
National Estate National Trust Preservation Fund.
Orange Bellied Parrat.
Port Arthur TRAC.
Possum Hunters.
Project Jonah.
Public Participation in Management Plans.
Redeployment of Rangers.
S-E Environment and Conservation-Canberra.
Stewarts Bay Reserve.
Wardens Court.
World Heritage.
Wybalena-Historic Site.
Tas. Youth and Youth Matters.
Aboriginal Matters.
Aged Policy.
Child Care Funding.
Child Care Protection Board.
Child Welfare Officers.
Interim Advisory Committee.
Family Group Homes.
Family Support Services.
Foster Parents.
Intercountry Adoption.
Jamrozik Report.
Neighbourhood Houses-Bridgewater/Gagebrook & Risdon Vale.
Pensioners-Funeral Benefits.
Roe Report.
Social-Welfare Requests for funding.
Social-Welfare Statistics.
Tasmanian Aboriginal centre.
Tas. Public Service Association.
Welfare Policy & Strategy.
Womens Refuges.
Air Travel.
Apprentice Training.
Australian Red Cross Society.
Aspect House.
Broadcast Services 7RPH.
Burnie Resources Centre.
'C' Miscellaneous.
'D' Miscellaneous.
'D'Alton School.
Devonport Community Service Centre.
'E' Miscellaneous.
Epilepsy Association of Tasmania.
'F' Miscellaneous.
'H' Miscellaneous.
'A' Miscellaneous.
A C R O D.
'B' Miscellaneous.
Burnie Municipality.
Developmet of Equal Sporting Opportunities.
'G' Miscellaneous.
Heating Allowance.
Huon District Hospital-Nurses Cottage.
'I' Miscellaneous.
'J' Miscellaneous.
Krushba, Michael.
'L' Miscellaneous.
Lord Mayor of Hobart.
'M' Miscellaneous.
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Tas.
'M' Miscellaneous.
'N' Miscellaneous.
National Advisory Council.
'O' Miscellaneous.
'P' Miscellaneous.
Press releases.
'Q' Miscellaneous.
'R' Miscellaneous.
Retarded Citizens Welfare Association.
Rocherlea Training Centre.
Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc. of Tas.
'T' Miscellaneous.
Tasmanian Spastics Association.
Visually Impaired Persons Assoc.
Royal Tasmanian Society for the Blind & Deaf.
'S' Miscellaneous.
Six Monthly Reports.
Social Security.
Society for the Care of Crippled Children-Annual Grants.
Sunshine Holiday Home.
Tahune Fields.
Tasmanian Blind Sporting Club.
Tas Tad.
'U' MIscellaneous.
'V' Miscellaneous.
'W' Miscellaneous.
Workers Compensation Act.
'X, Y, Z' Miscellaneous.
Archives No. I. Commonwealth and State International Year of the Disabled (IYDP) Meetings.
Archives No. I. Commonwelath and State International Year of the Disabled (IYDP) Meetings.
Archives No 2 Grants - International Year of the Disabled (IYDP).
Archives No 3 Grants-Handicapped.
Archives No 4 Synopsis-Board of Enquiry into the needs of the Handicapped.
Archives No 5 Recreation Grants for the Disabled.
Archives No 6 Copy of Cabinet Submissions - International Year of the Disabled (IYDP)
Archives No 7 Access to Buildings.
Archives No 8 Suggestions for maintaining International Year of the Disabled (IYDP).
Archives No 9 - International Year of the Disabled (IYDP) School Certificates.
Archives No 22 HPS Treasurer.
Archives No 10 Departmental Reports on International Year of the Disabled (IYDP)
Archives No 11 Domiciliary Services (Miss M. Collis).
Archives No 12 Budget HPS.
Archives No 13 HPS Annual Report.
Archives No 14 PADP Schemer.
Archives No 15 Handicapped Secretarial.
Archives No 16 Confidential Handicapped Report.
Archives No 17 1980/81 Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Archives No 18 International Year of the Disabled (IYDP) Short Story Competitions.
Archives No 19 State Advisory Council.
Archives No 20 Correspondence dealing with State Advisory Council.
Archives No 21 Minutes of State Advisory Council.
Correspondence of the Public Offices Committee.
Correspondence of the Public Offices Committee - letterbook file
Correspondence of the Public Offices Committee - letterbook file
Correspondence of the Public Offices Committee
Correspondence of the Public Offices Committee.
Public Works Committee-East District Office file ,and general Files 1-13.
Confidential Correspondence-Lands, NPWS & Dept of Social Welfare.
Cofindential Ministerial files No 1 & 2.
Departmental Reports for Lands, NPWS & Dept of Social Welfare.
Quarterly Reports-Departments and Instrumentalities to.
Quarterly Reports-to.
PLP Papers.
Ben Lomond National Park and Conservation.
Child Welfare-Committee of Enquiry into Child Welfare Act and Social Welfare Service generally. Dr Margot Roe.
Child Welfare-Report on the review of Child Care Services in Tas. A. W. Jamrozik
Coastal Problems-review of the comment on Coastal Zone Management R Culver.
Government Accommodation Requirements-Greater Hobart Area.
Retail Trade in Tasmania-Inquiry.
South West Advisory Committee Report.
State Fire Authority-Proposed legislation.
Structure of Industry and the Employment Structure in Tas.
Tasmanian Government. Administration-Reports of Task Forces No 1-5.
Wales Metering-Submissions by H C C.
Films (1) ABC of Unions Print No1, (2) The Union Question. Print No1.
Cabinet Tours.