Cover image for Tenders,contracts,plans and associated Papers for the Construction of Dwellings on Land Leased by Returned Soldiers.
Tenders,contracts,plans and associated Papers for the Construction of Dwellings on Land Leased by Returned Soldiers.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1918
End Date:
31 Dec 1940
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
30 Nov 190601 Mar 1932
How to Use:
Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
Series notes:
This series includes soldier names, name of place where dwellings were to be constructed and associated documentation. Plans of houses are included in the majority of these files.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Organised by name of Returned Soldier.

M. Abbott, Black River
Mr Adams, No. 1 block, Lockiel
V. R. Atkins, Dunorlan
W. Allen, Dunorlan
J. A. Banfield, Upper Castra
G. Barnett, Surrey Hills
V. H. Bellinger, Forest
E. C. Bennett, Lilydale
R. A. Blake, South Forest
W. Blake, Forest, Smithton
A. B. Boon, North Motton
Leonard F. Boultbee, Preolenna
Carrol A. Bramich, Myalla [1430/55]
G. R. Bray, Sassafras
R. D. Brown, Mowbray Swamp
C. Bryan, Ridgley
P. Pugg, Mowbray Swamp
J. J. Burgess, Kindred
H. T. Burn, Maitland
L. Burr, Ringarooma
Button and Johnston, Glenorchy, Tolosa
Button Brothers, Longford
E. A. Chapman, Dunorlan
Thomas Chilcott, South Riana
L. D. Chilcott, Gunns Plains
W. C. Clarke, Whiteford Hills
E. A. Cook, Alconnie, North West Coast
J. A. Cook, Mt Hicks
W. G. Cole, Whiteford
H. A. Court, West Tamar
A. D. Cowdery, Clarendon
E. J. Cox, Gunns Plains
Oriel Cure, Scopus
G. O. Dodson, Elliott
Keith Davis, Henrietta
M. W. Dennis, Piper's Brook
J. H. Dennison, Mengha
H. B. Dicker, Yolla
J. Dixon, Smithton
A. J. Dorkins, Whiteford Hills
A. H. Edwards, Beulah
Bassil Elliott, Calder Road
A. J. Enniss, Muddy Creek
E. P. Enniss, Montagu
H. J. Enniss, Mengha
Ian L Farmer, Spalford
W. E. Febey, Paradise
J. B. Fenner, Alberton
S. G. Fisher, Upper Castra
W. & A. Ford, Marrawah
Foster Brothers, Oonah
L. Frankcombe, Smithton
Harold French, Scottsdale
G. M. Garland, Calder Road
H. M. Geary, Ringarooma
L. H. Gibson, Ringarooma
J. Gillespie, Moltema
J. D. Gilligan, Latrobe
P. H. Gillon, Whiteford
G. A. Gladwell, Elliott
D. Gleeson, Whiteford Hills
W. H. Gracie, Natone
G. W. Green, Maitland Farm Estate
J. A. Green, West Pine
D. J. Griffin, Moltema
A. R.Hewitt, Hagley
G. R. Hale, Deloraine
M. Hammond, Piper River
A. L. Harnett, West Pine
G. Heazelwood
H. H. Hills, Nietta
J. J. Howard, South Riana
G. Hudson, Newstead
L. Hudson, North Motton
R. Inglis, Penguin
W. Jago, Somerset
S. T. James, Scottsdale
A. F. Jeannerat, Richmond
H. Jenkins, Copping
S. R. Johns, Upper Castra
C. Johnstone, East Meander
A. J. Johnstone, Dunorlan
Vere Jonston, Derby
A. J. Jones, Henrietta
B. S. Jones, Ringsrooma
W. C. Jones, Glen Huon
C. L. Jubb, Ridgley
A. Kay, Forest
A. J. Kelly, Richmond
R. Keogh
J. Kelleher, Melrose
J. R. Kidd, Longford
C. A. King, Myalla
N. T. King, Boat Harbour
O. A. Koglin, Pottery Road, New Town
C. L. Lacey, Ridgley
J. H. Ladelle, Lunawanna
C. J. Lawler, Cygnet
W. P. Lawler, Elizabeth Town
L. L. Lester, Cygnet
A. H. Leveson, Bream Creek
C. J. Lewis, Lachlan
G. W. Linton, Derby
V. J. Lockhart, Calder Road
Joe Lowry, Barrington
W. G. Lyne, Romaine
J. Lyon, Eastfield
J. L. Lyons, Moorleah
C. J. Mainwaring, Mawbanna
W. J. Mainwaring, Pine Road
C. F. Manson, North Motton
W. F. Marshall, Upper Castra
G. A. Moles, Stowport
T. R. J. Moore, Smithton
F. M. Mortyn
E. R. Mosley, Ringarooma
C. McKenna, Middleton
C. McKenna, Middleton
S. P. McKenna, Middleton
A. McLennan, Kamora
H. R. McMaster, Tanina
W. McRoberts, Glen Huon
E. J. Nichols, Somerset
J. Nicholls, Valleyfield, New Norfolk
Norton, Campania
Claude Oates, Crabtree
E. J. Oates, Flowerdale (contract not proceeded with)
W. J. Oliver, Hagley
W. Patman, Berriedale Road
G. S. Parsons, Scottsdale
R. H. J. Page, Campania
A. E. Owen, White Hills
K. Payne, South Forest
M. F. Parsons, St Marys Plains
B. O. Plummer, Southport
C. F. Plummer, West Pine Road
H. J. Powe, Forester
S. Radford, Cuprona
G. A. Ralston, Whitford Hills
J. A. Raynor, Ringarooma
L. B. Read, New Norfolk
G. M. Reid, Smithton
F. Renshaw, Romaine, Burnie
A. Richards, North Bruny
H. J. Robinson, Glenorchy
Barry Rogers, Middleton
C. C. Rogers, Detention
R. Rosendell, Glenorchy
E. Rumney, Sandford
B. Russell, Claremont
J. W. Saunders, Maitland
J. C. Schultz, Ranalagh
R. C. Scalyer, Bridgewater
W. S. Scotney, Richmond
F. W. B. Senior, Stowport
C. Sharman, Dunorlan
H. W. Shaw, Stoodley
J. C. Shirer, Moorleah
L. J. Sinnett, Mangalore
J. R. Smedley, Rocky Cape
C. A. Smith, Abbotsham
F. E. Smith, Cygnet
G. D. Smith, Bridgewater
S. D. Smith, Rocky Cape
T. W. Smith, Bracknell
E. A. South, Spreyton
A. Stackhouse, Flinders Island
G. Stanfield, Rokeby
W. M. Stanley, Whiteford Hills
D. R. Steers, Yolla
L. A. Stephens, Summerleas
H. Stevenson, Queenstown
H. Stewart, Carlton
T. W. Stooks, Longford
W. Stevenson, Maitland
Stott brothers, Riana
C. Stuart, Preolenna
G. C. Stubbs, Forth Road
E. A. Sutcliffe, Cambridge
C. J Sweet, Lot 20 Lades Estate, Ringarooma
V. J. Symmonds, High Peak
L. Taylor, Trowitta Reserve
N. Taylor, Kings Meadows
R. E. Templer, Stowport
F. Thorp, Cygnet
B. Thurston, Winnaleah
J. Tilliard, Latrobe
S. A. Tippett, Oldina
J. Tonks, Carlton
Trappes Brothers, Native Corners
L. R. Turner, South Forest
Venn Brothers, St Patricks River
C. L. Vincent, Pelverata
W. T. Viney, Winkleigh
A. M. Voss, Kettering
O. Voss, Glen Huon
W. G. Wagner, Valleyfield
L. R. Wagstaff, Oyster Cove, Kettering
F. J. Waller, Ranalagh
L. Walton, Native Corners
R. Wardlaw, Ringarooma
D. W. Warren, Wattle Grove
W. H. Warren, Huon Road
R. T. Watling, Montagu
W. Watson, Moltema
Watson and Voss, Kettering
A. W. Wells, Smithton
W. A. Wells, Mengha
E. D. B. Wheatley, Collinsvale
A. Williams, Sandfly
H. M. Williams, Glenorchy
F. Willson, Branxholm
A. Wilson, Cygnet
R. W. Wing, Preston
C. L. Wollaston, Lades Estate
C. W. Woodbury, Table Cape
W. Woods, Glen Huon
G. Woodward, Stowport
G. Wooley, Glen Huon
R. Wright, Onnah
A. G. Young, Maitland
Leonard Bosworth, Lebrina
John Hayes, Upper Natone
Keith R Price, Queenstown
H Reardon Sorell