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Films and Videos Produced and Acquired by the Agency
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Restricted 25 Years (B25)
Start Date:
01 Jan 1950
End Date:
31 Dec 1995
Tasmanian Archives
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01 Jan 196031 Dec 1977

01 Jan 197731 Dec 1982

01 Jan 198331 Dec 1993
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Copyright in material held in the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office which is owned by the Crown is administered by the State Archivist. Content can be used for private research and study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

Some films from this series are available to view online.
Series notes:
This series comprises films produced by or acquired by the government. They include general film footage of Tasmanian places and events, training films, promotional/documentary material and some feature films.

A small number of the films were made privately and acquired by the government. In these cases, copyright may be held by the individual creators/producers and the names of these have been specified at item level where possible.

Please be advised that this footage may contain words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive, which reflect the attitude of the period in which the film was produced, and which may be considered inappropriate today.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Film - ABC of Unions. Dramatised situation where a group of students have a dispute with their teacher and learn about arbitration, bargaining and comprimise. Features Bernard Pidd, Keith Jarvis and Bruce Cornelius. Made for Dept of Industrial Relations
Film - Holiday Face - made at 1976 convention to attract further conventions. Features St Helens (fishing), Cataract Gorge, Penny Royal, Entally House, Queenstown, Lakes (fishing), Wrest Point, Port Arthur, Richmond
Film - Shutters - made at Tas Film Corporation with Tasmanian students, Australian Film and Television School (no sound)
Film - A Fish for all Seasons - Episodes showing how particular fish are caught and how to cook a seafood dish with each. Fish are - Oysters, Scallops, Trout, Trawl Fish, Squid, Mussels, Lobster, Abalone & fish caught by Danish Seining & drop lining
Film - A Place for People - construction of Launceston Mall (alternative title Launceston Mall) includes opening
Film - Abalone
Film - Aboriginal Employment and Training - recommendations and techniques applied to Aboriginal community - Michael Mansell is in this production
Film - About a Mile From Hobart Town. A film that shows Battery Point and facets of shipbuilding, yachting and architecture.
Film - Adventure Camp - adventure camp organised by National Fitness Council in bushland includes adventure in bush, mountains, sea and caverneering. Sponsored by National Fitness.
Film - Across Bass Strait - annual yacht race from Queenscliffe Victoria to Devonport Tasmania - oldest yacht race in Australia
Film - Abt Railway - made by TVT6 - produced by Stan Draper
Film - Alcohol: The Problem With Drinking aka Alcohol Dependency and aka Jekyll & Hyde aimed at 12-16 yr olds - shows teenage attitude to alcohol, peer group pressure, parent attitudes & social climate - leading to use/abuse of alcohol
Film - Alive: Electrical Safety - training film illustrating inherent dangers in handling electrical tools and connections esp by non-qualified people - a careless installation of a new connection resulted in the electrocution of a construction worker
Film - All This and Service Too - Journey up East Coast taking a look at the many delightful holiday centres of Tasmania's sun coast. Spare footage Swansea fishing championships.
Film - The Allport Collection - a unique assembly of art of early Tasmania and various objects of 19th century - housed in State Library of Tasmania - curator gives some insight into its purpose & historical importance - features Geoffrey Stillwell
Film - Alive and Kicking, Sue Becker - looks at the great Australian stomach and tries to find out why we let ourselves get like that then she shows us what we can do about it - hosted by Sue Becker - features Phillip Adams as creator of Norm & Bob Ansett
Film - An Approach to Infant Education - a days activities in the junior primary classroom
Film - Angels and Acorns - contribution to the history of Australian art it illustrates rise of Australian sculpture in Tasmania from earliest days to close of the century - much work of convict origin is shown including Ross Bridge
Film - Anglers' Island - trout fishing
Film - Anti Smoking Commercial
Film - ANM Sawmill part 3 of 3 - original B&W edited footage of last half of film
Film - Aphid Trapping - examination of aphid pest
Film - Appointment in Launceston - features Helen Plummer and John Parnell - visitor taken on tour of Launceston and environs leaves on DC6 from Launceston Airport.
Film - Apprehending Drunken Drivers - training film for police cadets on the correct proceedures for apprehending drunken drivers
Film - Are You Safe - alternative title Personal & Protective Equipment each year the Aust. economy loses millions through lost man hrs due to industrial accidents - most accidents can be prevented by using simple protective equipment
Film - Australian Corriedale: A Sheep For All Seasons - shows advantages of the Corriedale its tolerance of extremes of temperature its lean meat and large frame make it an ideal sheep for the overseas and domestic market
Film - Australian Littering Quest - features Tom Payne - parody on Miss Australia Quest - test your skills in the art of littering - compare your performance with recognised experts as they compete for the premiership in this glittering competition
Film - Alive and Kicking - hosted by Sue Becker
Film - All In a Day's Work - a typical day in police activity as shown to a class at the police academy
Film - And Nobody Cares - life today as seen through the eyes of a small boy - shot in Hobart in city and suburb locations - cemetery and hospital (for viewing copy see AC671/1/131)
Film - Ask My Father AKA Cass - a 13 yr old victim of incest, a family in crisis, discovery causes disintegration shatters system of relationships & poses frightening questions for the future. Audio composed by Christian Wojtowicz.
Film - Artificial Breeding in Tasmania - early film on Hadspen Centre, bull quarantine, testing etc
Film - Anthony and King Power Developments - produced for Hydro Electric Commission
Film - Apple Research - finding the next economic type of orchard - includes Huon Agricultural Station
Film - Huon Apple Festival - the annual apple festival, apple blossom and spraying
Film - Aerial footage National Park - could have been shot for Viewfinder or Glimpses
Film - Apples for Export Part A - summary at start regarding apple packing in the 1950s, film reconstructs these methods
Film - Apples: Grading and Packing part B - basic examination of the process of packaging apples for export
Film - Spring TV commercial aka Ansett Coach
Film - ANZAC Day Parade (mid-1950s)
Film - Bet Your Life aka Safety On Construction Sites - film to encourage safe practices with workers in the building industry
Film - Better Pastures - production of feed to ensure better pastures - results for different types of Tasmanian Certified seed - seed producition, harvesting, cleaning and laboratory work - Cressy and Northdown.
Film - Architecture - films shows the way the form of a building influences the way people look at their lives
Film - Tasmania's Apple Industry: Apple Marketing & Presentation -film on presentation & marketing for the apple industry - methods used in 50s, shots in London docks & Covent Garden, making apple boxes, Hobart wharf, inc Agent General & Premier Cosgrove
Film - The Automated Mariner aka Marine Resources - variety of techniques to match variety of fish. An introduction to an important part of the Australian fishing industry, scenes with fishing boats off coast, covers most forms of commercial fishing
Film - Australian Eye no. 11 The Conciliation 1840 - co prod with Film Aust., painting by Benjamin Duterrau of Conciliatory Mission, George Augustus Robinson to Aborigines, inc work by Poynter 1890, Alphonse de Vewille 1880 - T. Bock 1830, Glover 1836
Film - Australian Eye no. 12 Lake St. Clair 1887 - co production with Film Australia - William Charles Piguenit - work of Piguenit appears to include material from Tasmanian Museum and Allport Collection
Film - Hops and Apple Blossom - stock footage
Film - Apple Blossom stock footage
Film - Tasmania a Place for all seasons: Autumn 1 of 4 covers historic home in Midlands, Launceston Gorge, rugged coastline near Eagle Hawk Neck & parks and gardens. Includes ballet at Port Arthur based on Bruegel paintings & Tasmania's Youth Orchestra
Film - Autumn '76 possibly TV commercial
Film - Bang, Bang You're Dead - instructional film about basic firearm safety - this dramatized story of two young men on a weekend shooting expedition examines all the possible causes that can lead to having an accident with firearms
Film - Batman Bridge - Public Relations Version - major phases of building Batman Bridge - features John Crook interviewing Minister for Lands and Works - Director RC Sharp - interviews with builders from signing of contract to the opening 4 years later
Film - Batman Bridge -Technical Version, major phases of building Batman Bridge, John Crook interviewing Minister Lands & Works Director RC Sharp, interviews with builders from signing contract to opening 4 years later (for viewing copy see AB869/1/275)
Film - Bass Strait Highway aka Shipping - informing manufacturers, primary producers, freighters, importers & exporters of shipping services to & from Tas. & Aust. Ports. Presenter Peter Stratford, features Straitsman at Stanley, IPEC freighter (Argosy)
Film - Baby Foot Printing
Film - Backdrop One - produced for State Emergency Service
Film - Backdrop Two - produced for State Emergency Service
Film - Bass Highway Part 1 - Launceston to Deloraine (shows towns) - produced for the Department of Education
Film - Bass Highway Part 2 - Deloraine to Devonport (shows towns) - produced for the Department of Education (includes S S Taroona at Devonport)
Film - Anthems (National) King Edward and King George - sequence of Big Ben Orchestra King Edward VIII - Play Out - King Edward VIII - King George V picture only. Cinema anthems.
Film - Bernina TV commercial
Film - Argosy Air Freighter - Ipec
Film - Apples
Film - Besser Block - TV commercial
Film - Best Laid Plans aka Search Alert - Version 1 - planning and carrying out a search for lost bushwalkers
Film - Best Laid Plans aka Search Alert - Version 2 - planning and carrying out a search for lost bushwalkers
Film - Bakers Ski Yoghurt: Summer - TV commercial
Film - Barney Clark
Film - Apple Blossom Time - Movietone co-production. Travelogue - Huon Valley, Derwent Valley, forestry, river steamer, Hobart, Salamanca, Port Arthur, Richmond, Royal Hobart Regatta, hops and apple picking
Film - Bishop Hayes Funeral, includes shot of Governor Sir Ernest Clark
Film - The Big Catch - dramatic film of commercial fishing in Tasmanian waters from crayfishing in the rockbound seas of the remote west to shark fishing, scallop and barracouta made with cooperation of Eastern Tasmanian Fishermen's Cooperative Society
Film - Black Tuesday - film made by the ABC. 1967 bushfires
Film - Black Tuesday Aftermath - footage by the ABC for new coverage. 1967 bushfires
Film - Royal Tasmanian Society for the Blind and Deaf - training of blind and deaf people in North Hobart Blind and Deaf Centre
Film - Bloat - treatment of bloat in cattle
Film - BP Bitumen laying, includes shots of Hobart Airport
Film - Aerials - stock footage - made by Ivor Brown/Film West at Tasmanian Film Corp. Mainly North West Coast.
Film - Apple Festival
Film - Apple Festival - annual apple festival at Cygnet in 1958 opened by Betty Cuthbert features Stockton Marching Girls team from NSW - Huon school children display - crowning Apple Queen 1957 - grand parade with decorated floats
Film - Blue Gum Festival - footage only
Film - Blue Water Islands - life and conditions in the Furneaux group of Islands - transport, industry, social conditions/lifestyle, flora and fauna, floating cattle ashore, mutton birding
Film - Boags Beer TV commercial number 3
Film - Boags Beer TV commercial x 3 - Steak House, Party, Clown (copied onto compilation AB869/1/3236)
Film - Boags yachting commercial
Film - Boags beer TV commercial
Film - Cascade and Boags beer TV commercial
Film - Cascade and Boags beer TV commercial
Film - Cascade, Ski Yoghurt, Boags commercial
Film - Boat Building and Sailing part 1
Film - Books Go Walkabout. Bookmobile service, an important adjunct to the State Library. Vans bring all types of reading matter to suburban & country areas throughout State, traces trip showing areas served & people who live there. Features Ann McMahon.
Film - Boving at Poatina - commissioned by Boving & Co. Traces the construction of HEC project at Poatina in Nth Tasmania - its inception to the opening by HRH Duke of Gloucester in 1965. Primarily an engineering film it also has general appeal.
Film - Born, Bred and Raised In Tasmania - bloodstock breeding in Tasmania is used to show another facet of life in the island and imaginatively captures the action of her champions includes early footage of 1913 Hobart Cup - 1974 Hobart Cup and trotting.
Film - Bottled Health
Film - Bomb Threat - A bomb threat against a newspaper - response from management and staff and police - bomb squad arrive - includes East West jet at airport - set in Mercury offices and plant.
Film - Bowen Park aka Impressions of a Colony - Tasmania's birth as a colony. Built largely by convict labour, until 1825 was still part of NSW. Includes shots of archaeological excavations at Bowen Park, main sequences are early pictures of Hobart Town.
Film - Breakdown - shot on location at Royal Derwent Hospital New Norfolk - nervous tension unless controlled can lead to a complete breakdown film graphically depicts the cause and effect of this particular illness.
Film - Bowls
Film - Breast Self Examination - film discusses the incidence of breast cancer and how BSE can be a positive means to early detection and confidence in women.
Film - Burglary Prevention and Fire Prevention - TV Commercials - made for police and Rural Fires Board
Film - Bringing 'Em Down Alive - film on parachute making produced in the US for Australian distribution. Copyright unknown
Film - Bridgewater Sub Division - housing - aerial shots of contstruction site
Film - Brigade Review
Film - Burnie (Northwest coast) - Bike race, wood chopping, running, brass band, car rally, horse race, Burnie public buidlings and contruction site
Film - Burnt Alive aka Sun and Skin - examines high incidence of skin cancer in Australia - the main message is how to protect your skin from the effects of the sun by the use of protective clothing & the correct application of sun screen preparations.
Film - Bush Fire Damage aka Fire Damage From Bush Fires 7/2/67
Film - Bush Safety aka Don't Be A Bloody Idiot - shows how most tragedies can be avoided by application of simple and fundamental rules concerning dress and working behaviour and by carrying the right equipment. Presented by George Hamm.
Film - Business Migration: Living in Tasmania
Film - Cadbury's factory - stock footage
Film - Butter aka Butter Manufacture
Film - Cadbury's Flake Manufacture - factory machine footage
Film - Bringing Home Your Baby - episodes 1, 2, 3 - series of five discussion programmes designed to inform first time mothers-to-be about some of the changes to their lifestyle which happen when their new baby is brought home.
Film - Bringing Home Your Baby - episodes 4 & 5 - series of five discussion programmes designed to inform first time mothers-to-be about some of the changes to their lifestyle which happen when their new baby is brought home.
Film - Bringing Home Your Baby - series of five programmes designed to inform first time mothers-to-be about some changes to their lifestyle which happen when their new baby is brought home. ep 1: The Home Coming ep 2: Breast and Bottle Feeding
Film - Bringing Home Your Baby - series of five discussion programmes designed to inform first time mothers-to-be about some of the changes to their lifestyle which happen when their new baby is brought home. ep 3: Bathing and Clothing
Film - Bringing Home Your Baby - series of five programmes designed to inform first time mothers-to-be about some changes to their lifestyle which happen when their new baby is brought home. ep 4: Tiredness and Depression ep 5: Accidents & Common Ailments
Film - Cadet Worlds - two helmsmen from Tasmania were selected to represent Australia in the 1974 Cadet Dinghy World Championships beginning with the Tasmanian crew's midwinter training the action culminates in the competitions sailed in Portugal.
Film - Calibrating Spray Equipment - features Cressy Research Farm - film designed to show how to achieve correct calibration and maintain spray equipment used for industrial farming.
Film - Came the Bushrangers - produced by TVT6 - story of attacks by bushranger Martin Cash - features Sayers Court, Bagdad - produced by Mitch Mathews - shot by Gary Hansen.
Film - Caring for Jeanine - family day care - produced for the Department of Social Welfare
Film - Bowen Bridge - Version One - construction of Bowen Bridge - joint venture Leighton Contractors and Candac Ltd - features Bob Hawke opening bridge
Film - Bowen Bridge - Version Two - construction of the Bowen Bridge - features Bob Hawke
Film - Carrot Aphid Research
Film - Capital Investment - survey of Tasmanian lifestyle, industry and industrial potential - sport - Longman Optical. Sponsored by Premier's Department.
Film - Calling All Investors - Version One (dollar version) - prospects for industry & settlement in Tasmania, industry, mining including Rossarden King Island, tin dredge at work, steam goods train, viscount & DC6 aircraft, city scenes Hobart/Launceston
Film - Calling All Investors - Version Two (sterling version) - appears to have different commentary - the potential of hydro-electric power to foster the development of mining and secondary industries in Tasmania
Film - Cascade TV commercial
Film - Cascade Draught Beer TV commercial (copied onto compilation AB869/1/3236)
Film - Cascade TV commercial footage
Film - Cascade Apple Juice TV commercial (copied onto compilation AB869/1/3236)
Film - Cascade Large/Steel Cans TV commercial
Film - Cascade Stubby 6 Pack TV commercial
Film - Cascade TV commercial - beer
Film - Cascade Beer On A Horse TV commercial
Film - Cascade Soft Drinks Tv and cinema commercial
Film - Cascade Beer, Ultra C and Launceston Bank TV commercials
Film - Cascade Beer commercial (V.F.L. on can)
Film - Cascade Can and Bottle TV commerical
Film - Cascade Cordials - steel cans tv commercial
Film - Cascade No. 2 TV commercial
Film - Cascade Beer - Everybody's Drinking TV commercial
Film - Cash In Tasmania - Pat Cash travels to Tasmania on Abel Tasman to trace ancestor Martin Cash - meets girl on board who describes Tasmania to him. Footage covers many places in Tasmania. Made for Tourism Department
Film - Cash In Tasmania - Short Version - Pat Cash travels to Tasmania on Abel Tasman to trace ancestor Martin Cash - meets girl on board who describes Tasmania to him. Footage covers many places in Tasmania. Made for Tourism Department
Film - Century of Tamanian Railways - restored locomotives on special trips with official ceremonies
Film - Jack Cashion Interview - produced by TVT6 - Mitch Mathews interviews Jack Cashion who was responsible for the topiary between Oatlands and Tunbridge on the Midlands Highway.
Film - Cheese Manufacture
Film - CHI Homes (Strathgordon): Birth of a Township. Made by Tasmanan Film Corporation and TVT6.
Film - Checkerboard No. 1 - Rural Fires Board
Film - Rural Fires Board TV commercial - 1 Fire Control, 2 Checkerboard, 3 Fire Permits
Film - Cheese and onion scones
Film - Cheers - problems of alcoholism amoungst teenages, discussions etc
Film - The Challenge - The Sydney/Hobart ocean classic - 1971 was the final in the series for the Southern Cross Cup which was won by the New Zealanders - this film is a gripping account of the race.
Film - Chrysanthemums For Chelsea Flower Show - shots of grower preparing flowers for shipment by air - one of first TV news stories sent to UK from Tasmania
Film - Children Crossing - school safety patrols in road safety student training and operation of system. Sponsored by the Road Safety Council of Tasmania
Film - Cinder In Your Eye - Steam locomotives have a fascination for young and old alike as steam hits the downgrade - locomotives and historic rolling stock once again reign in Tasmania's superb countryside in this journey into nostalgia.
Film - Cinema One: Colin Hogben Interview
Film - Cinesound Newsreel - Hobart Blaze, Stowaway Girl, Welcome Home Ran, Mock Plane Crash, Alsatian Keeps Fit At The Gym, N. Z. Steampower
Film - Climbing Frenchman's Cap - breathtaking mountains and lakes scenery - party leave Lyell Highway hike to Lake Vera which is used as base from which to climb the summit of Frenchman's Cap above the snowline.
Film - Colour In Industry - how colours can benefit industry increasing production & pleasant working conditions for employees. Shows a factory transformed by repainting. Stresses that planning should be carried out by experts for the best results.
Film - Cold Comfort aka Frozen Foods: Public Health safe handling of frozen food to prevent contamination - strict temperature control.
Film - Colebrook: Road Clearing (Swamp) - sequence of bulldozers etc. clearing for road works
Film - Come to Tassie TV commercial
Film - Cascade commercials
Film - Count Ten and Live. Sponsored by Commonwealth Government.
Film - Convention: Tasmania - a successful convention depends on the location & providing quality venues for business sessions. Adequate catering not only at the convention site but for social activity as well as good communication & accommodation.
Film - Conflict aka Work Safety - safety in the workplace, contains Vietnam War footage
Film - Come To Your Senses, Tasmanian Tourism
Film - Cray Season - brief look at life history of crayfish, its vulnerability, its predators, man being its greatest enemy. Field researchers take the camera underwater to the world of the southern crayfish.
Film - Crayfishing in Tasmania - a trip in a professional cray boat - boat slip yards of period - fishing methods - scenes of coastline - Triabunna unloading etc. Sponsored by Premier's Department
Film - Crime Prevention. TV commercials. 1 - Taking money to the bank, 2 - Stealing from car.
Film - Crime Prevention. TV commercials. Burglary
Film - Walkaway Prices aka Crime Prevention - Drama which focuses on school boys shoplifting and vandalising. Features two songs by Hobart New Wave Band - M T Bus.
Film - Crutching School - crutching sheep at Cressy Research Farm (Agriculture Department)
Film - Cutting It Fine. Emphasises basic safety aspects in welding & cutting operations & the protective equipment that should be used - the film is aimed at new welders, apprentices, experienced operators, management & unions. Features Bryan Brown.
Film - Cycle Tour Of Tasmania - captures the loneliness of the long distance cyclist. Covers one of the world's most gruelling cycle races which circles the Island. Aim of the film is to attract the premier amateur cycling countries to enter this event.
Film - Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair - film by Frederick Smithies (original is NS573/2/1 and viewing copy)
Film - Daily Miracle - Covers activities of a newspaper, the significance of news in human relationships. Particular value in the educational sphere demonstrating steps to produce a newspaper, of the arrangements whereby world news is gathered & used.
Film - Deaf and Dumb Film
Film - Dangerous Combination aka Sawmill Safety - Men and Saws - Sawmill workers tell their own stories of accidents that have occurred at mills raises question of is safety a matter of knowing the rules or having the correct attitude.
Film - Dangerous Combination aka Sawmill Safety - Men and Saws - Sawmill workers tell their own stories of accidents that have occurred at mills raises question of is safety a matter of knowing the rules or having the correct attitude.
Film - Dairy Building
Film - Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clair Walk, Easter In Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clair Reserve
Film - Decision Australia - made to persuade British citizens to migrate to Australia, includes footage of Tasmania.
Film - Demolition Chimney - chimney demolished by explosives. Quarry located in 53 Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne
Film - Dependable Roads - road repair, research and construction in the 1960s
Film - Dental Nurse - training of dental nurses who operate school dental clinics providing regular examination, treatment and dental education - introduced by Hon M G Everett.
Film - Derwent River Ferry Safety - demonstrates use of life jackets to school children, plus life rafts, grab lines and general emergencies.
Film - Derwent Runs Down To The Sea - canoe trip along River Derwent from source in the Highlands at Lake St Clair/Cradle Mountain National Park through HEC projects, forests and hop fields, New Norfolk and Hobart where the Derwent meets the sea.
Film - Detect and Prosecute - Tasmanian Police Force investigate a crime and are successful in finding the culprit. Shows such procedures as fingerprinting and ballistics. Produced in a similar manner to Homicide TV series in 1960s.
Film - Diabetes Mellitus: This Is Your Life - drama concentrating on the personal rather than the medical. The story is about the families as mush as the patient and the hurdles each may face along the life of a diabetic child.
Film - Dip Properly For Profit - correct dipping of sheep to prevent infestation.
Film - Do Unto Others - road courtesy film showing dangers confronting pedestrians & hazards caused by impatient drivers. An unusual approach to road safety which has been used by all Aust. states. Produced for Road Safety Council
Film - Derwent Valley - trip on a ferry steamer up the Derwent river, Hobart to New Norfolk. A Tasmanian Education Department production
Film - Derwent Valley - Tasmanian Tourism. Aerial footage of hop fields, hop picking, steam train and timber industry. Contains duplicates of The Lure Of The Rod (50ft) and Barracouta Fishing in Tasmania (200ft)
Film - Dollars and Decay - educational film showing consequences that a poor or bad diet has on teeth - attention drawn to food served in school tuckshops.
Film - Barracouta Fishing in Tasmania - also contains Tasmanian Tourism and Lure of the Rod. Barracouta Fishing in Tasmania made c.1929 shown as Cinesound Mercury 6/3/1939 p.8. Copyright in Barracouta Fishing has expired as documentary made before 1955.
Film - Domino - produced by Peter R Schmidt and Australian Film Commission. Four teenagers get lost on a bushwalk, they find a boat with a woman who at first appears to be dead, there is a threat to kidnap one girl.
Film - Dragon World - comprehensive coverage of the World Dragon Championships which were held in Hobart during January 1971. Debutante sailed by Peter Sunderlin from Sweden won the series.
Film - Dream House - highlights the pitfalls involved in builiding a house and also offers advice and information to prospective home builders and uses puppets as characters.
Film - Drifting Sands - methods of land conservation - sand dunes - waterhouse reclaimation project including flora and fauna - made by David Steane Lands Department.
Film - Drunken Drivers
Film - E T Emmett Talks - first director of tourism talks about his early experience in the tourist industry - included is sequence showing party walking through Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clair National Park - this segment filmed in 1933 by F Smithies.
Film - Driver Training - Three Episodes 1. Observation 2. One Thing at a Time 3. A Mental Approach to Driving.
Film - Driver Training - Episodes 1 of 3 - Observation - film describes in a non technical way the methods and techniques an expert defence driver employs in operating a motor vehicle safely.
Film - Driver Training - Episodes 2 of 3 - One Thing at a Time - film describs in a non technical way the methods and techniques an expert defensive driver employs in operating a motor vehicle safely.
Film - Driver Training - Episodes 3 of 3 - A Mental Approach To Driving - film describs in a non technical way the methods and techniques an expert defensive driver employs in operating a motor vehicle safely.
Film - Easy Self Defence - Bronilyn Smith author of the book 'Defend Yourself' demonstrates self defence techniques which can easily be employed by any age or sex.
Film - East Coast Film
Film - Easy Does It - whimsical look at cause and effect of back strain in factories and at home, shows how easy it is to strain back even hanging out washing on line and how by proper lifting methods strain can be avoided. Sponsored by Labour & Industry.
Film - Eastern Outlet - long version
Film - Eastern Outlet aka Hobart's Eastern Outlet Road - short version - construction of the Eastern Outlet completed and opened for traffic December 1980
Film - Echoes In Freestone - glimpses of life in pioneer days of Tasmania features historic village of Richmond. Important architecture dating back to 1830s. Although no people are seen their voices echo through the empty streets and buildings.
Film - Education: Elspeth Vaughan and Margaret Curtis Discussion
Film - Education aka Parent Teacher
Film - Education Department - ID says Dr Ian Lewis title unknown
Film - Education Department Production Test
Film - Education No. 2 - possibly TV commercial
Film - Effective Job Instruction - made for Department of Labour and Industry. Mainly aimed at supervisor and foreman level, highlights effective means of explaining job specifications to the man on the bench. Copyright TAHO
Film - Dangerous Drugs aka Some Get Busted - interviews with three people about their experiences of being busted at gunpoint and landing in foreign jails.
Film - Egg Quality Control
Film - The Elderly Are All Of Us Only A Little Older - about rehousing of elderly people in modern units with all modern conveniences. Film follows the building of the units and settling in of its new occupants together with their feelings about the move.
Film -South Elwick Ads
Film - Elwick Drive In - possibly TV commercial
Film - Emergency Communications aka Tasmanian Radio Communications Plan
Film - Enchanted Corner - Tasman Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in the State, industries are fishing, farming & orcharding; also famous for the ruins of Port Arthur penal settlement which attracts 1000s of visitors annually.
Film - Entrepreneurial Migrants (long version) aka Tasmania Australia (short version) - film is designed to show the business potential and personal satisfaction that can be achieved by entrepreneurial migrants establishing themselves in Tasmania.
Film - Entrepreneurial Migrants (long version) aka Tasmania Australia (short version) - film is designed to show the business potential and personal satisfaction that can be achieved by entrepreneurial migrants establishing themselves in Tasmania.
Film - Energy Food and Exercise - comedy about people and the error of their ways, the body is just like a machine you fuel it for energy needs. Funny look at our fuel imbalance.
Film - Habits For Health and Happiness - amusing film explains to adolescents and adults that health is your responsibility and by developing a positive health outlook medical consultation and drugs are not always appropriate or necessary.
Film - Fatness Foods and Fads - Do you really need to diet? Week after week magazines present new diets in fact if we ate properly in the first place we wouldn't need to diet, a look at the funny side of what we do to our bodies.
Film - Health and Happiness aka Fatness Food and Fads & Energy Food and Exercise
Film - Ergon Office - film promoting an awareness of ergonomic hazards in an office situation, particular emphasis is placed on new technology induced hazards such as computer terminals and printers.
Film - Evidence: Police Training No. 1 - instructional film for police training. Painstaking detection through clues enable detectives to build up evidence against the murderer. Police equipment of period.
Film - Exercise Long Trek copy 1 - ex ABC made for State Emergency Service
Film - Exercise Long Trek copy 2 - ex ABC made for State Emergency Service
Film - Exercise Ever Ready aka Operation Every Ready - 3rd in series - shows how the disaster plan is put into action.
Film - Export Lamb Industry. (Possibly same film as AB869/1/2933 Tender Tasmanian Lamb)
Film - Expanding Earth - appears to be section supplied from New Zealand for a film on Geology featuring Ray Crawford.
Film - Family Shots - including St. Davids Park
Film - F D Mills (no other ID)
Film - Family Group: Hydatids
Film - Easter at Lake S.Clair and Cradle Mountain
Film - Federation Peak - account of a climbing expedition to conquer the peak
Film - Ferry Boat - promotional film for the Abel Tasman ferry made while it was still operating as a European ferry, the Nils Holgersson, in the Baltic.
Film - Film Loop Promotion - promotion for the continuous magazine super 8 projection system.
Film - Fireline - instructional film to give volunteer fire fighters an insight into tried methods of preventing the spread of bush and grass fires.
Film - First Aid On The Dairy Farm - emergency treatment for cows prior to arrival of a vet. Technical advisor W H Stephens BVS Tasmanian Department of Agriculture.
Film - Fit As A Fiddle - film to motivate the fifty and over age group to undertake proper and regular exercise.
Film - Forced to Sell aka Farm Safety - farm auction. Each year hundreds of farmers are injured in unnecessary accidents, accidents cost not only life & limb but their livelihood. Film looks at the causes behind farm injuries with victims of accidents.
Film - Fishing - ID on can, scallop fishing could be trout fishing or other historical material
Film - The Fitness Factor aka Heart: The Fitness Factor - Alf is challenged by the relative fitness of his neighbour - he soon learns some facts about his own condition and undertakes various regimes designed to improve matters.
Film - Flight to Flinders - two artists use Flinders Island for their artistic endeavours. Through their eyes one sees the Bass Strait Islands and the life of its people in their own special environment. Tourist Deparment.
Film - Fly Tying - interludes made for television in the 1960s
Film - Focus 43 (degrees) South - An American photographer on location in Tasmania meets local girl who proves excellent guide & shows him around the local tourist places and spots to wine and dine. He returns to New York determined to return.
Film - Flowing Through Tasmania - the importance of Tasmania's water resources is highlighted in this production made from the HEC whose projects not only produce power without pollution but also play a big role in recreation for Tasmania.
Film - Follow the Leader aka Outdoor Recreation - film takes a comical approach to bushwalking safety - major discussion points for groups are raised. Cast: Iain Lang, Noreen Le Mottee, John Lavery, Joan Green, Don Gay, Brian Ewin
Film - Food For Thought aka Safety in Food Processing Industry
Film - Fools Rush In aka Logging - film about safe working practices in loading and unloading hardwood logs, juxtaposing the pitfalls of a logging crew who ignore safe handling techniques with a crew who get things done the right way. Copyright TAHO
Film - Footrot in Sheep - film showing footrot in sheep, the prevention and the cure.
Film - For All Who Read - set in the old Tasmanian State Library, Argyle Street. Includes training, operations and services. Sponsored by State Library of Tasmania.
Film - Foot and Mouth Disease Scare: Legana - not suitable for public screening, footage of shooting pigs and cattle.
Film - For Better For Worse aka Family Planning - dramatised discussion starter examining the various events causing tensions within a young family. Produced by the Family Planning Association.
Film - Forester's Island - traces the history of forestry from colonial times through to present it looks closely into modern forestry management and the woodchip industry.
Film - Forest Regrowth - regeneration of eucalypt forests in Tasmania including aerial seeding.
Film - Forests of Pine from series Man And His Forest aka Tasmanian Forests - management of pine plantations. Bob van Schie
Film - Forty Below - ABC production with Judy Tierney made to coincide with premiere of Manganinne, was made off air and has extra material at start.
Film - Forth Floods - Dams aerials etc.
Film - Fortunes in the Forest - the activities of the Tasmanian Forestry Commission in both hardwood eucalypt forest and softwood plantation. Emphasis is on modern forest management to ensure future supply from regrowth.
Film - Forthside Farms
Film - Foundation for the Future
Film - Franklin River Song - Franklin River Dam protest song. Includes news footage of dam protest and Franklin River - features Ian Paulin.
Film - The Dry Bush (episode 4) from series - A Man And His Forest aka Tasmanian Forests - background to Eucalyptus forest species including Banksia, wattles. Feature Fred Frampton.
Film - Franklin River Dams Promotion - includes footage from Helicopter Tasmania.
Film - Franklin River Journey - botanist travels by raft down course of Franklin river and experiences both its tranquil beauty and turbulent power. A rare view of a wild and inaccessible river.
Film - Galileo: Passenger Ship in Hobart - shot on 14th March 1973 visit apparently for a magazine series but not used.
Film - Gasoline and Alcohol
Film - Free Flow
Film - Garden of Tasmania - a travelogue produced and narrated by Frank Hurley. prepared for Tasmanian Tourism Department
Film - Georgian Bothwell - Georgian architecture and sculpture with classical features unique in Australian colonial buildings centred in Bothwell, one of the earlier settled regions of Tasmania. Sponsored by Tourist Department
Film - Gateway to Charm - the towns, countryside and life of Northwest coast. ANA DC3 aircraft lands at Wynyard, passengers leave overnight ferry, tourist sites, passenger rail motor ex Burnie. Including Penguin station, Forth Falls, Bells Parade.
Film - Glenorchy Junior Council - Tasfilm production. Formation of junior council at Glenorchy. Councillors have various projects for advancement & beautification of their city & in assisting the city council manage its affairs. Features Penny Cresswell.
Film - Glenorchy Junior Council - made by the ABC. TV story based on the film made by the Department of Film Production. Copyright ABC
Film - The Gamble - gambler and photographer tour Tasmania meeting up en route. Directed by Di Drew. Starring Carmen Duncan and Ray Barrett.
Film - Ghosts of Port Arthur. Cinesound
Film - Glimpses: Craftsmen - including Alan Wiggins, plus taxidermist, silversmith etc.
Film - Glimpses: Claudio Alcorso - Moorilla Estate Berriedale. Introduced by Susannah Fuchs, narrated by Claude Alcorso.
Film - Glimpses: Les Blakebourgh - features work of potter Les Blakebourgh. Features Judith Storey.
Film - Glimpses: Deer Park - Beaufort Deer Park, Ross. Hosted by Susannah Fuchs.
Film - Glimpses: Driftwood - carpenter Ray Parkin. Wood sculpture using timber from Lakes. Miniature tables and chairs made from apricot wood, features Susannah Fuchs
Film - Glimpses: Entally - story of Entally House and contents - introduced by Susannah Fuchs.
Film - Glimpses: Huon Pine - craft of the wood turner. Huon pine timber, its use in boat building , early pictures of Tasmania & ships, timber industry early stills. Huon pine boat under construction, Peter Muir wood turner, features Cheryl Saintar.
Film - Glimpses: French Bakery - French bakery at Lilydale, brick oven, methods of producing French bread, serving croissants in Launceston restaurant. Presented by Susannah Fuchs.
Film - Glimpses: Leather Sculptor - work of a leather sculptor methods and results, features Gary Greenwood, includes leather musical instruments. Hosted by Susannah Fuchs.
Film - Glimpses End Credits
Film - Glimpses: Ice Houses and unidentified
Film - Glimpses: George Mure - story of George Mure and Mure's Fish House. Construction of fish boat at Channel craft, hosted by Judith Storey.
Film - Glimpses: Globe Turning Shot
Film - Glimpses: Vita Endelmanis - story of artist and her development of wearable wool sculpture.
Film - Glimpses: Runnymede - story of Runnymede stud, racehorses, introduced by Susannah Fuchs
Film - Glimpses: Puppet Theatre - Tasmanian Puppet Theatre based at Salamanca - how puppets are made and used, features Peter Wilson.
Film - Glimpses: Salamanca Market - features ride-on train
Film - Glimpses: Shot Tower - story of the Shot Tower and the visitors, presented by Susannah Fuchs
Film - Glimpses: Smoke House - catching and smoking eels and trout fillets. Tasmanian smokehouse in the Meander valley, features Susannah Fuchs.
Film - Glimpses: Tuna Fishing - private tuna fishing charter trip from Pirates Bay Eagle Hawk Neck.
Film - Glimpses: National Parks - magazine items relating to National Parks - episodes 1 - 5 signs, symbols and memories (aboriginal) - rangers activities - ball and chain - Port Arthur - fire - viewfinder - photography.
Film - Glimpses: Old Migrants - Northwest and Mersey Forth - sections only from original production.
Film - Good For You - film designed to illustrate the dangers to the public of false, misleading and dishonest claims by unqualified practitioners of unorthodox medicine and the extravagant claims of many patent medicines and food.
Film - Good Fellers - foreman of a logging team discusses the right and wrong ways of maintaining equipment, assessing condition, felling trees & using the skidder. He stresses technique, professionalism and teamwork as crucial factors in logging safety.
Film - Gordon Power - construction of the Gordon Power Scheme features new Lake Pedder.
Film - The Golden Age - Vote Liberal advertisement
Film - Growing Up At St. Giles - the work of St Giles Home in Launceston - exercises and life of crippled children treatment etc.
Film - Happily Ever After aka Wife Abuse - looks at the problems of wife bashing - dramatised situation with girl's parents with problems and young couple before and after marriage.
Film - Half A Pint Of Milk - the free school milk programme - where milk comes from & how it's processed, features breeds of cows & dairy areas of Tasmania, school activities, Royal Hobart Show, horse drawn farming equipment. Tasmanian Milk Company.
Film - Hard To Windward - Sydney/Hobart Yacht Race - this film made during the race won the Cortina Cup at the Rome International Festival of Sporting Films as well as the Kodak Award at the Melbourne Festival
Film - Hawkins Clinic TV Commercial
Film - The Haunted Grange - sections appear to be amateur film made by Huonville School
Film - Harry Butler's Tasmania - Harry Butler takes us on a journey through Tasmania's unique parks and open area highlighting the love of getting away from it all. Outdoor activities plus Port Arthur and trout fishing.
Film - This Is Drinking Water - Hydro Electric Commission TV commercial
Film - HEC (may be Pieman Dam)
Film - Minister For Health TV spot
Film - H.E.C. (no other identification)
Film - HEC: Life With Electricity - TV commercial
Film - HEC Loan - Hydro Electric Commission TV commercial featuring Premier Doug Lowe
Film - Hydro Electric Poatina - stock footage identified as Hydro Electric Commission - Poatina - contains night shots of Hobart streets - Tasman Bridge plus amateur theatre - and Cave Entrance
Film - Hon M. Everett MHA - Minister for Health - introduction to Alcoholic Anonymous centres.
Film - Helicopter Tasmania - long version - helicopter pilots view of Tasmania covering mountains, lakes, mining on the West Coast, cattle, wildlife, historic buildings, tuna fishing, night life and tourist attractions.
Film - Helicopter Tasmania - short version - helicopter pilots view of Tasmania covering mountains, lakes, mining on the West Coast, cattle, wildlife, historic buildings, tuna fishing, night life and tourist attractions.
Film - Franklin Dam - selected footage from Helicoper Tasmania
Film - HMS Endeavour - short film showing a scaled down replica of HMS Endeavour as it sails into the harbour at Hobart. The boat was built in New Zealand & was seen throughout Australia during the bi-centenary celebrations of Captain Cook's 1st visit.
Film - Heritage Of Hops - history of and current practices of hop growing, scenic material, Derwent Valley etc
Film - The Hidden Factor - problem of road safety and accidents caused by alcohol. Hobart Street scenes, pubs of period, trains, ambulance, fire brigade, features Mr Geoff F. Sorell.
Film - Historic Homes
Film - Heroes - made for SBS TV - social documentary drama. Cast: Osvaldo Maione, Adriana Frosi, Gino R Tomisieh, Peter Cummins, Noreen le Mottee, John Unicombe, John Clayton, Barry Kay, Jack Reinberger, Ian Burk
Film - Historical Oatlands - made for Oatlands Progress Association
Film - Historic Stanley - history of Stanley, shots of buildings today and wharf, featuring and narrated by John Edwards.
Film - Hobart: Island Capital - brief look at the attractions of Hobart featuring the Royal Hobart Regatta with takeoffs and landings from an aircraft carrier during this annual event. Regatta scenes.
Film - Henry Shoobridge: Hop grower - story of Henry Shoobridge and the pioneering hop growing family
Film - Hobart Cup Street Parade 1913
Film - Hobart - streets including airport - stock footage
Film - Hobart - shots from the Eastern Shore - stock footage
Film - Hobart - shots from the Eastern Shore, ferries on water plus Mt Wellington - stock footage
Film - Hobart - city etc, 1950s - stock footage
Film - Hobart Film Society - graphics used for title and promotion
Film - Hobart - city and mountain - stock footage
Film - Hobart Cup 1913
Film - Hobart Historical plus Lure Of The Rod - Elwick races, boats on Derwent River, Sandy Bay Beach, trout fishing,
Film - Hobart Cup (see Born and Bred In Tasmania)
Film - Wynyard-Fossil Bluff-Table Cape-Goldie Street-Football, Golf and Hockey Clubs-Wynyard Show - Boat Harbour-Joseph Lyons-Hobart-New Norfolk-Russell Falls, Mt Field-Salmon Ponds, Plenty-Taroona Shot Tower.
Film - Life In Australia: Hobart - made for prospective immigrants. General coverage of life in Hobart in 1960s. Made by Tasmanian Department of Film production for the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit for the Commonwealth Department of Immigration.
Film - Life In Australia: Hobart - made for prospective immigrants. General coverage of life in Hobart in 1960s. Made by Tasmanian Department of Film production for the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit for the Commonwealth Department of Immigration.
Film - Old Hobart Gaol
Film - Hobart & Launceston - aerials - stock footage
Film - Hobart Regatta - stock footage
Film - Hobart Regatta 1913
Film - 1913 1914 - Hobart Regatta 1913, Hobart Cup 1913 or Labour Day Street Parade, Tasmanian Expeditionary Forces At Brighton Camp, Tasmanian Expeditionary Force, Street Parade
Film - Royal Hobart Regatta - stock footage - trading vessels
Film - Hobart Waterfront - stock footage. Sponsored by the Lands Department.
Film - Hobart Travelogue
Film - Hockey: the Basic Skills - six segments - Dribbling, Flicking and Pushing, Trapping, Hitting, Tackling, Goal Keeping. Explained and demonstrated by Margaret Pierce and Greg Peart. Australian Hockey Association.
Film - The Home Builder: Housing the People - housing department activities - design and location, construction, housing commission projects, domestic interiors.
Film - Hop Picking and Oast Houses - largely shot on Shoobridge property
Film - Home For Danny - prime purpose of film to encourage foster parenthood and traces Danny's present life and possibilities for his future.
Film - Home of the Hop
Film - Home of the Hop - Pellets version
Film - Horses: Taschild - two teenagers care for their horses before and after a ride.
Film - Horse Film - stock footage
Film - Host Family Support Scheme
Film - How Precise is Precise - Tasmania is known internationally in the field of revision engineering this film highlights some of the more unusual aspects of this field.
Film - How Language Grows - film examines the various stages of language development in children from birth to six years old. Shows how parents can positively support and contribute to their child's language development.
Film - Hops and Apples
Film - Huon: Container Port aka Port of Hobart - informative film showing geographical advantages of Port Huon for the construction of a deep water container port to service the South Pacific, title relates to Port Huon being part of the Port of Hobart.
Film - Huon's New Harvest - eucalypts used for the 1st time in wood pelletising process for paper manufacture - commissioned by Aust. Paper Manufacturers, new methods in paper production - shot of foundations of eucalypt pulp mill at Port Huon in 40s.
Film - Hydatid: Disease of the Liver - surgical method used to remove hydatid cysts on the liver shot at Calvary Hospital.
Film - Hydatid Control - - hydatids are 6mm tapeworm - how is the parasite destroyed.
Film - Hydatids - TV commercial
Film - If It Moves We'll Shoot It - promotional film for Tasmanian Film Corporation
Film - I Hate Holidays - tourist attractions in Tasmania, six characters are pursued by Ferrier in person and lead him a merry chase around the island until he finally catches them in the gaming room at Wrest Point casino.
Film - Immigration
Film - Imagine An Island - long version - an overview of Tasmania for the potential investor, lifestyle and industry, includes quartet in Art Gallery.
Film - Imagine An Island - short version - an overview of Tasmania for the potential investor, lifestyle and industry, includes quartet in Art Gallery.
Film - In Home Care - family based respite care
Film - In Partnership With The People - tourist version - story of Battery Point and history of significant buildings, Salamanca, Kelly's Steps. Features Ric Paterson.Produced for the Tourism Department
Film - In Partnership With The People - HCC version - story of Battery Point and history of significant buildings, Salamanca, Kelly's Steps. Prdoduced for the Hobart City Council
Film - In Your Hands AKA LP Gas - factual information on safe handling of LP gas is interspersed with the story of a man whose carelessness in handling this safe, clean and efficient fuel ends in tragedy.
Film - Industrial Journey - intra-state communications play an important role in this film - linking the many areas of Tasmania where secondary production is important, the industries range from massive electrolytic zinc works to smaller industries.
Film - In Spite of the Weather
Film - Irish Catholic March Through Melbourne After World War 1 - ex servicemen march through streets of Melbourne.
Film - It Feels Good To Be Here - produced by Deja Productions
Film - Italian Ambassador
Film - It Wasn't Me aka Safety In Construction - exciting dramatisation of a serious construction incident. The builder, foreman, safety rep. etc. all argue about blame as rescue teams struggle to save a construction worker caught in a trench collapse.
Film - The Joe Blake Show - pilot children's programme produced by Barry Pierce.
Film - The Job We Do - the work of the Tasmanian Government Railways and its services to Tasmanian industry and people - steam and diesel trains - passengers and freight - Tasman Limited scenes on board - Bristol freighter at Launceston Airport.
Film - Jackson Wain Chicken TV commercials
Film - Jenning's Homes TV commercial
Film - Journal of Agriculture - how 'Journal of Agriculture' is produced in Government Printers.
Film - John Huntley Interview - British Television TV interview - produced by TVT6 - John Huntley is interviewed by Mitch Mathews during a visit to Hobart.
Film - John Crook Introduces Tourist Seminar - John Crook was a TV personality in Hobart in the 1960s
Film - Just Like Machines aka Toxic Chemicals - shows the safe & correct procedures in pesticide application. Also the many natural predators to eliminate pests but when predators are not available pesticide is the only way to ensure a successful harvest.
Film - Kill With Care - aimed at the farmer - film deals with the right facilities on the farm for sheep killing to avoid the risk of dogs contacting hydatids.
Film - Kangaroo Three
Film - Killer On The Move - propaganda film for general release on the incidence of hydatids in Tasmania and its prevention.
Film - Kerry Wilson Wedding
Film - Kings Meadow High School
Film - King of the Derwent yacht race 1980 - stock footage
Film - Lactomatic - promotional film showing an automated cheese making system in operation, worlds first automated cheese making system, cheddar cheese.
Film - Lake Pedder Chalet - promotional film on chalet and activities (out takes)
Film - Lake Barrington International
Film - King River/Henty Promotion
Film - Lake Pedder - a last look at Lake Pedder in its natural state through the eyes of artists and photographers.
Film - Lake Pedder Flooded - aerial shots whilst being flooded
Film - Lands Department - Organisation and Structure
Film - Land Development on King Island - clearing scrub and Teatree on King Island for agriculture.
Film- Land Use and Abuse - what are the issues involved in a local authority wanting to turn a swamp area into a football field? Produced for Department of Environment
Film - The Last Train - produced by TVT6, an historical record of the last steam trains to run in Tasmania. Covers journey from Mole Creek to Zeehan, produced by Stan Draper.
Film - Launceston Flood
Film - The Last Tasmanian - produced by Artis Film Productions, London - a search by Dr Rhys Jones to discover and comprehend the life and death of the Tasmanian aborigines - starts with burial of Truganinni - narrated by Leo McKern.
Film - Learn to Live - importance of continuing education after leaving school, script by Leslie Greener (appears in scenes). Sponsored by Adult Education Board. For viewing copy see AC672/1/118
Film - Leanne, Francis and Wayne - children at Priority Projects Schools - interviews with children - teacher explains methods.
Film - Launceston The Beautiful - a travelogue of Launceston - music track only
Film - Learning Through The Arts - made for the Education Department
Film - Learn to Sew and Small Business
Film - Letting Go - drama exploring communication difficulties between generations in a typical Australian family. Conflict reaches crisis point when 17 yr old daughter decides live with her boyfriend. Features Robyn Nevin, John Ewart, Karena Menzie.
Film - Let's Look At Land - made to attract service industries to Tasmania discussed land prices local government attitudes and advantages of establishing service industries in south, north and northwest.
Film - Life Be In It: A Day On The Water - one episode of a series.
Film - Life Be In It: Holidays - one episode of a series
Film - Life Be In It
Film - Liberal Party Advertisement - Joseph Lyons
Film - Life In Australia: Hobart - made for prospective immigrants. General coverage of life in Hobart in 1960s. Made by Tasmanian Department of Film production for the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit for the Commonwealth Department of Immigration.
Film - Life Minus Three - features Martin King. Emergency procedures for laymen in event of someone having a sudden heart attack.
Film - Litter TV Commercials - promotes $20 on the spot fines for littering by showing three everyday occurrences.
Film - Limited Offer To Purchase - explanation of the Australian Wool Corporation's limited offer to purchase scheme.
Film - Living and Studying in Tasmania - English version
Film - Living and Studying in Tasmania - Thai version
Film - Logging For Newsprint - log transport, logging train, logs arrive at Boyer paper manufacturer, paper transport by barge to Hobart then on board ship. Sponsored by Premier's Department
Film - Look To The Wild Side - two sides of Tasmania, to east and north fertile agricultural land as opposed to the wild mountainous west and central plateau regions. Portrays HEC's gradual integration of the two sides of Tasmanian life.
Film - Long Weekend At Longford - thrill of motor racing at its best on Australia's only continental round the houses circuit, international stars & local drivers compete each year for racing honours at Longford in Nth Tasmania. Track and cars of period.
Film - A Look At Parliament - produced by the State Film Centre Victoria for Victorian Government.
Film - Lucky Break At Wrest Point - American gambler visits Wrest Point to make a film about the facilities features tour of Wrest Point Casino and tower when first opened. Shots of gambling tables, cabaret room and helicopter service.
Film - Lure Of The Rod
Film - Mackintosh '82 - site for dam at Lake Mackintosh and construction scenes Tullah village. Court action scenes.
Film - Mad Morrie - highlights hazards in an automotive repair workshop by following a train of catastrophes which beset Morris, who has much to learn. Film is narrated by Doug who operates an ideal workshop. Comical overtones strengthen safety message.
Film - Man's Best Friend - hydatid testing caravan and enclosures, methods.
Film - Make A Move - financial and lifestyle advantages in moving to Tasmania.
Film - Made In Tasmania: Show Train
Film - A Man And His Forest - Bob Thomas and his life in forestry, includes bullock team.
Film - Managing To Survive
Film - The Manton Plan - first in series produced by State Emergency Service showing how a local municipality goes about establishing a disaster plan.
Film - MTT At Your Service - produced by Action Advertising for Metropolitan Transport Trust.
Film - Manufacture Of Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery - Cadburys Hobart. Promotional documentary, includes views of the area and the manufacture and packing of Bournville Cocoa, various chocolates and Pascall's Fruit Bonbons. Shows employees at work.
Film - Cripps Masterloaf Bread TV Commercial (the viewing copy is silent but there is a sound track that can be processed with the film)
Film - Master Buliders
Film - A Matter Of Survival - survival in the bush made with co-operation of Hobart Walking Club.
Film - Meet Tom Gordon
Film - Media Resources - may be working title only
Film - Melbourne Cup
Film - Mental Health Services (working title)
Film - Mercury Tour 1959 (Cycling)
Film - Mercury Tour 1961 (sound only). Sponsored by Mercury.
Film - Medical Film R R - footage interviews but sound missing
Film - Mapping Series: Episode 1 Ground Rules - introductory segment that sets out to establish a broad understanding of the use and need for an of maps and map reading skills. Made to accompany Map Reading Handbook.
Film - Mapping Series: Episode 2 Chart Before The Course - map making process from the first aerial photograph through photogrammetric drawings to the final print stage.
Film - Mapping Series: Episode 3 Lie Of The Land - using the example of a company setting up a VHF radio network in rugged mountainous country this segment examines lines of sight, gradients and contour patterns.
Film - Mapping Series: Episode 4 Point For Survival - correct use of compass as well as intelligent map reading show how a bushwalker who has fallen down a cliff is rescued by his wife & ranger who are able to locate him with the aid of map and compass
Film - Mapping Series: Episode 5 Going Bush - if a bushwalking adventure is not to turn into some sort of a nightmare then careful planning must be undertaken at the outset. Features Bernard Pidd.
Film - Milk Manufacture aka Milk Production - milk storage and bottling.
Film - Mersey Forth AKA North West Coast: Mersey Forth - tourist attractions of Mersey Forth area of N. W. Coast. Shots of Empress, Don Railway, horse breeding, cattle, sports including wood chopping, caves, Lake Barrington, fishing, camping.
Film - Mersey Forth Power Development
Film - Milk Testing
Film - Mining And Construction AKA Mining And Our Environment - examination of the impact of mining on our environment and a look at its safeguards. Commentary by Noreen Le Mottee. Sequence of black & white of old mining scenes and remains of buildings.
Film - Motors TV Commercials
Film - Mount St. Canice Disaster - ex ABC news includes Richard Greville's commentary and interviews with rescuers and eye witnesses.
Film - More Than Apples - once Tasmania's worth was reckoned only by its output of apples now its rapid industrial development has changed all that. Shows State's diverse activities - minerals, cheese, milk, fishing and frozen foods.
Film - Moulting Of The Southern Rock Lobster - filmed by R H Winstanley and J F Grant. Silent with captions.
Film - Mountain Valley - film shows various attractions & industries of the Huon Valley, power boating in Huon River, trout fishing, timber cutting, the Hartz Mountains National Park, bush walking, Hastings limestone caves and apple industry.
Film - Mountain Sanctuary Version 1 - bushwalking, climbing, wildlife.
Film - Mountain Sanctuary Version 2 - Tasmanian devils, tiger cats, spiny anteater, giant tree ferns and fauna indigenous to Tasmania flourish in the 600,000 acres of the Cradle mountain reserve.
Film - Mow Me Kangaroo Down Sport - produced by Anglia TV UK, copyright Anglia TV Norwich. Extinction and survival of species, Australian mainland and Tasmania.
Film - M.T.T. presenter (audio only)
Film - Mount Lyell
Film - Mount Lyell Copper Mine - stock footage
Film - Moving On - at the end of every school year thousands of senior students must decide what to do next, this programme is about three students and over five months the transition we see the choices they made and the changes which resulted.
Film - Mulesing - care and treatment of sheep. Cressy Research Farm.
Film - Myers TV Commercial - produced by Peter Richman.
Film - Mersey Forth Hydro Electric Commission
Film - Mrs Harding Teaches Resourcefully - millions of dollars have been spent on teaching resources, are they being used? Mrs Harding arrives at her new school to find it will need a big shakeup.
Film - A Moving Picture - transport in Tasmania. Importance & operation of air, sea, road & rail services & their use by industries. Includes stills sequence launch of Princess of Tasmania, Savage river pipeline.
Film - Movietone/Fox News
Film - Narryna - produced by TVT6. Story of Narryna Folk Museum Battery Point - made by Gary Hansen, Mitch Mathews and Stan Draper. Copyright TVT 6.
Film - National Parks And Wildlife - stock footage (probably shot for production which was not completed).
Film - Nature's Miracle Of The Fishes - part of original TFC archival film collection. Story of trout breeding and fishing with titles.
Film - Migrants: New Land New Life - looks at migrant economic, political, social & cultural contribution. Industries & business, sports & activities, religious & national costumes & dances, restaurants. Features John Remess & Olegas Truchanas pictures.
Film - Newsprint Making at Boyer Tasmania - by Australian Newsprint Mills Limited - includes loading onto ships at Hobart.
Film - Noise Annoys - suburban noise - good interior and exterior and domestic scenes.
Film - Noise Destroys - factory worker learns that his hearing is irreparably damaged after years of working in a noisy environment and he is determined to do something about it. Features Max Cullen, Keith Jarvis, Barry Muir, Barry Pierce.
Film - North West Tasmania: Photographic Wonderland - unsubtle tilt at the verbosity and stylistic blunders of many travel documentaries includes scenes and tourist attractions throughout northern Tasmania.
Film - North West Coast: Historic Film - includes Deloraine Races 1921 - visit HMAS Australia to Burnie - unknown wreck off Northern coast - cycle racing and wood chopping - car rally leaving Burnie - building of Burnie Public Buildings.
Film - North West Tasmania - Life, scenery and tourist attractions
Film - Northern Drive Ins Advertisements
Film - The Manton Plan - Nothing Ever Happens Here - second in series of three for State Emergency Services about setting up of local emergency operation team in fictitious township of Manton.
Film - A Nursing Career - student nurse's training in a public hospital in 1949 - includes nursing training - life in nurses home - social activities.
Film - Office Hazards - production no. 661
Film - Olives Don't Float - small boat safety features Peter Cummins of Storm Boy.
Film - One Born Everyday - how easy it is to accidentally start a bush fire. Sponsored by Rural Fires.
Film - Oatlands: Old Facades - Historic township of Oatlands featured in this film - narration is special verse spoken by Beverley Dunn.
Film - Opening Of Parliament 1969 - opening session of Tasmanian Parliament by his Excellency the Governor of Tas. Sir Edric Bastyan - scenes of city - Tasman bridge - housing construction - HEC (Mersey Forth) bridge &road works - gun salute on Domain.
Film - One In A Million - the remarkable results of several years of adding fluoride to the town water supply of Beaconsfield in Tasmania - contrast with children from areas without fluoride.
Film - Onion Research
Film - The Other Face Of The Island - shows in a bright and visual way the main products of secondary industry in Tasmanian - covers the broad headings of wool and textiles, timbers, processed foods and metal products - fashions of the 70s (Pru Acton)
Film - Valleys, Orchards and Rivers - Huon and Derwent Valley - stock footage
Film - Opening Doors - looks at the concept of family day care within Tasmania - it is designed to promote the understanding of family day care as a form of child care suited to the needs of many children and parents.
Film - Out Of The Darkness - activities of the Sheltered Workshop at Bellerive in Tasmania where the mentally and physically handicapped are taught to manufacture goods from coat hangers to furniture. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bellerive, Tasmania.
Film - Out Of Breath AKA Dangerous Fumes occupational asthma is one of the most common work related lung complaints - documentary looks at the causes of this disease & what can be done to alleviate/cure it - follows a man who works in a furniture factory.
Film - Out Door Shop - TV Commercial
Film - Packing For Profit - includes picking apples - making apple boxes - selection of different size boxes - packing apples in boxes. Sponsored by Agricultural Department.
Film - Paper Machines - ex Walmsley's (Bury) Ltd - United Kingdom - stock footage
Film - The Paper Makers - activities of Australian Newsprint Mills at Boyer through eyes of five different men.
Film - Paper Makers At Boyer
Film - Penny Royal, Disco, Casino footage - colour kine of footage - possibly ex 'Glimpses'.
Film - The People Mover - development and construction of Bob Clifford's catamaran ferry Jeremiah Ryan - shots of ferry in commercial operation at wharf and in river.
Film - People's Day - Royal Hobart Regatta - includes the Huon Chief sailing ship, still in use - ferry Excella - aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney - Gannet and Sea Venom aircraft - usual regatta activities.
Film - Pet's Parade
Film - Pesticides In The Field - instructional film designed to show the correct method of using pesticides to achieve optimum efficiency with maximum safety.
Film - A Perilous Journey - made for Division of Road Safety - child safety.
Film - Phoenix And The Cross - shows the lasting horror of Southern Tasmania's Black Tuesday - the loss of beautiful churches at the time they were most needed - uses news film from ABC and TVT - visit by Archbishop of York. Combined Churches Fire Relief.
Film - Petrov Sensation - Cinesound News. Copyright managed by T3Media.
Film - Pitfalls - working title, alternative title not known (sound only)
Film - Pig Research - pig research programme at Cressy Research Farm - presented by Laurie Mitchell.
Film - Pieman River Scheme: Hydro Electric Commission - construction of dam.
Film - Planet Earth: A Question Of Expansion - an illustrated presentation by Professor S W Carey of his long held theory that the earth's expansion provides an explanation of continental drift and other geological phenomena. Full version.
Film - Planet Earth: A Question Of Expansion - an illustrated presentation by Professor S W Carey of his long held theory that the earth's expansion provides an explanation of continental drift and other geological phenomena. Modified version.
Film - Play It Safe AKA Road Safety - road safety film made for children. Full version.
Film - Play It Safe AKA Road Safety - road safety film made for children. Short version produced by AOT. School bus segment and closing titles from Play it Safe.
Film - Poland: The Cross And The Axe - documentary about Poland in the 1980s
Film - Franklin River and Poland footage
Film - POPITINALITTERBIN TV Commercial - to encourage people of all ages not to litter.
Film - Pollution Is Personal - the sources that pollute the Derwent from its source to the sea - how primary and secondary sewerage treatment systems work.
Film - Police Academy - stock footage - includes activities at Academy - classrooms - dining and self defence.
Film - Port Arthur: Tasmania - a bus tour visits Port Arthur and takes a guided tour of the site - Port Arthur tourism in 1950s. Made at request of Premier's Dept.
Film - Port Arthur: Touchstone Of History - conservation of the Port Arthur site, specialised conservation methods. Made for government.
Film - Port Arthur: Touchstone Of History - conservation of the Port Arthur site - 5 short episodes. 1. The Science, 2. The History, 3. The Skills, 4. The Houses, 5. The Visitors.
Film - Potato Trials - testing growth methods - fertilizer etc for potatoes.
Film - Postscript: ABC Of Unions - twelve students discuss points raised in the film The ABC of unions with Des Hanlon of the Trade Union Training Authority.
Film - Positions Vacent - film made for the CES
Film - Port Arthur: Tourist Town - a coach tour visits Port Arthur - includes Tasman Peninsular and Port Arthur. Narration: Chris Waterhouse. Co-production with the ABC.
Film - Power In The Mountain - made for HEC by Commonwealth Film Unit and Tasmanian Government Film Unit.
Film - Presentation Of The Colours - coverage of barracks and history and presentation of the colours.
Film - Preventative Action AKA Public Health - prevention of health problems including heart, teeth, skin cancer - with Robert De Castella - street and sports shots including old Parliament House Canberra.
Film - Port of Hobart - opens with quick sequence on the port of Hobart - then to Sydney & travel to Hobart on ferry Empress of Australia - viewer sees some tourist attractions of the capital & rapid growth - closes with departure of the Empress.
Film - Procera Bread Advertisment
Film - Project Tasmania - an accomplished craftsman, Tom Andersen, fashions little wooden toys for children for Christmas. Film was taken in Andersen's workshop behind his house in Gormanston Road, Moonah. Also features Helene Chung
Film - Pull Up A Chair - Tasmania has superb timbers, film looks closely at the end results of forestry & its many uses. Includes forestry & sawmills, production of high quality timber, house construction, furniture manufacture, wood carving.
Film - Pubs Of The Midlands - Vivienne Ray Ellis & Robert Montgomery production - a weekend course on Midland Pubs, May 1974- Campbell Town the Grange base for course. 36 pubs visited - from book "Highway in Van Diemen's Land" - led by G Hawley Stancombe.
Film - Police At (Macquarie?) Newsreel - origin of this film unknown, shot Nov. 1964 - marked as unprocessed. Do not open.
Film - Rabbit Control Number 1 - shows soil erosion caused by rabbits and methods of destruction of them.Sponsored by Agricultural Deptartment
Film - Rabbit Control Number 2 - the use of poison. Sponsored by Agruculture Department.
Film - Random Sample Laying Tests - incubator testing of egg sample batches.
Film - Romona - Directed by D.W. Griffiths featuring Mary Pickford - short drama/romance - silent
Film - Real Men Don't Need Safety Guards - safety in woodworking
Film - Red Cross Appeal 1972 - TV appeal film for doorknock - features Lady Bastyan.
Film - Red Cross Appeal 1973 - TV appeal film for doorknock - features Lady Bastyan.
Film - Red Cross Appeal 1974 - wife of Governor presents Red Cross Appeal - Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service - first Red Cross chair lift vehicle - Red Cross Talking Book Machine (library service) - New Norfolk units for elderly.
Film - Red Cross Appeal 1975
Film - Red Cross Appeal 1976 - made for TV - Dr Peter Braithwaite - Chairman - annual appeal.
Film - R.S.V.P. - Retired Senior Volunteers Programme - offers retired people volunteer work with organisations who can use their expertise. Government funded programme is unique in Australia. It gives senior citizens meaningful work in retirement.
Film - Right Braking AKA Motor Cycle Safety - illustrates the correct braking procedures for motor cyclists. Two versions on the tape. Version 2 is the most complete
Film - Road Safety (Highway Patrol on can)
Film - Road Safety TV Commercial - number 1 - 7
Film - Road Safety TV Commercial - number 8
Film - Roads Make Wealth - documentary dealing with the problems of congested highways and the introduction of overpasses and super highways - showing the contribution of good roads to regional and national property.
Film - Rocket Launching
Film - Rockthorpe Stud Tasmania - English Version - the polled Polworth Stud - commercial and breeding stock. Sponsored by Mr R Lawrence.(for viewing copy see AC672/1/148)
Film - Rockthorpe Stud Tasmania - Spanish Version - the polled Polworth Stud - commercial and breeding stock. Sponsored by Mr R Lawrence.
Film - Rosny Children's Choir - trip to Wales
Film - Ross Bridge - buildings in Ross area - Ross township - restoration work on bridge.
Film - Rosebery Ramble - jazz band arrives at Rosebery a mining town on the west coast of Tasmania - gives an insight into mining activities as well as recreation and entertainment around the town.
Film - Round The Bend AKA Mental Health - dramatised documentary following case history of a schizophrenic patient in a psych hospital - aims to make people question attitudes to the mentally ill & to emphasis the value of maintaining caring links.
Film - Roundabout - the purpose of traffic roundabouts and how they should be used for best effect. Made for the Transport Department. Copyright TAHO
Film - Royal Hobart Regatta - compilation shot over a number of years - vampire jets landing on HMAS Melbourne and in air - Royal yacht Britannia includes 1963 Royal visit.
Film - Queen Elizabeth II At The Royal Hobart Regatta - Royal visit - 28 Feb 1963
Film - The Royal Tour 1954
Film - Royal Visit 1970 - newsreel coverage of the 1970 Royal Tour of Tasmania.
Film - Roydon Island And Hobart Waterfront - footage only - cattle swimming ashore from boat Leeberry.
Film - Rural Fires Board TV commercial - number 1, 2, 3 and 4 - animated
Film - Rural Fires Board TV commercial - number 2 and 3
Film - Rural Fires Board TV commercial - number 1 and 2 (version uncertain)
Film - A Safe Place AKA Child Accident Prevention - starts in hospital with treatment of children injured in accidents then a look at development of children in first few years, finally looks at ways of reducing risk to create a safe home environment.
Film - Safety In The Bush - the adventure theme of this film underlines a very real danger when amateur bushwalkers try their hand in the very dense bush - it offers warning of these dangers to the inexperienced and advice on survival from experts.
Film - Safety In Small Boats - safety in small boat handling. Sponsored by Premier's Department.
Film - Safety In Cycling
Film - Safety On The Farm - safety precautions in use of farm machinery - equipment - dams - guns - pesticides.
Film - Salamanca Arts Festival Promotion 1983 - audio only
Film - Save Your Teeth - film for children on caring for their teeth.
Film - Savage Iron - iron ore mine Savage River - township, mill, ore slurry, pipeline, pelletising plant & offshore loading facilities - Yawato Iron & Steel Co. Japan - Dahlia Mining Co - Mitsubishio Shoji Kaisna Ltd & Sumitomo Shoji Kaisna Ltd.
Film - Salamanca Market - a market place in the true tradition - Salamanca presents a colourful spectacle when all the stalls are open for the purchase of goods ranging from antiques and works of art to fresh vegetables.
Film - Sawdust Pad
Film - St Giles Advertisement
Film - Saw Sense - chainsaw safety film for professional & domestic user, presented by a professional chainsaw operator Robert Young an employee of the Hbt City Council's Mountain Maintenance Gang. Robert takes us through basic points of chainsaw safety.
Film - Sailboarding AKA Van Diemen's Land By Butterfly. Part 1
Film - Sailboarding AKA Van Diemen's Land By Butterfly. Part 2
Film - Sea Road - produced by BP Zanthas Films - features 'Princess of Tasmania'.
Film - Scallop Fishing - Fisheries inspection - cleaning scallops - Lurcarena ferry - fish market and sales at wharf - Casimaty's Fish Shop - Wrest Point - IXL canned scallops.
Film - Scallop Fishing In Tasmania - incorporates coastal scenery in the description of one of Tasmania's most colourful and profitable industries. Sponsored by Australian Broadcasting Commission.
Film - Second Chance - documentary on social problems made for SBS TV - silent.
Film - Search And Rescue - an elite unit with the Tasmanian Police Force - the men of the squad work in other branches of the force but when called upon are specialists in bush search - cliff rescue - underwater work an other unusual activities.
Film - Salamanca Place - sound only (uncertain which film this belongs to)
Film - Seed Of Success - research into seed potatoes at Tewkesbury Research Station including recommendations to growers.Sponsored by Dept of Argriculture
Film - Sea Fever - a comprehensive look at the 1968 Royal Hobart Regatta showing both the water sports and the carnival atmosphere of this annual event held on the River Derwent - includes arrival of Governor Sir Charles Gardner.
Film - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Film - Shannon Rise - Version A
Film - Shannon Rise - Version B
Film - Seymour's View - features Bob Larkins as Seymour and Esling family - Flagstaff Gully, Glen Huon - Goulburn Street and Rokeby Primary schools.
Film - Sheep Ship - sheep in paddock - sheep onto transport - sheep at wharves - loading on board ship (Mawash El-Gassem).
Film - Sheepskins For Market - killing sheep and removing skins for best results - drying in shed under cover - spraying with DDT or arsenate of soda.
Film - Shoparound - stylised comedy about two people who decide to buy each other a stereo interspersed with interviews with real people regarding consumer problems features music by Tasmanian band The Quitz.
Film - Shore Leave - features Tasmania's beautiful East Coast - two sailors one from the United States Navy and the other from the Royal Australian Navy hitch-hike along the East Coast and their subsequent adventures. Sponsored by Tourist Department
Film - Shot Tower - record of official opening after restoration.
Film - Silverfish
Film - Show Interlude - TV filler
Film - Skin Deep - the early detection and treatment of skin cancers leading to complete cure - for public screening to show warning signs to the layman
Film - Ski Yoghurt TV Commercials - made in UK for theatres.
Film - Sister Forsythe's Casebook - work of school health sister - case histories.
Film - Skellerup Opening - opening of factory.
Film - Skylaugh
Film - Skylark Rocket
Film - Smash It AKA Vandalism Smash It - aimed at 12-14 year olds this film sets out to engage the interest and empathy of the audience without preaching or moralising.
Film - Slippery Slide AKA Alternatives - experiences of a boy & his sister having gone through the welfare system, given to foster parents & eventually ending up in jail. Ken Short, John Waters, Simon Burke, Arkie Whiteley. Dir. by Donald Crombie.
Film - The Smile Story - film for children designed to teach the fundamentals of dental care - a ten year old boy Bill learns the value of a happy smile and healthy teeth.
Film - Smoke Signal - bushfires- their cause and control - a plea for care as well as a demonstration of what to do when fires start. Sponsored by Rural Fires Board.
Film - Snow Camp AKA National Fitness Snow Camp - survival in snow country for experienced bushwalkers contains instruction in igloo building and various other shelters.
Film - Enchanted Corner - Tasman Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in the State, industries are fishing, farming & orcharding; also famous for the ruins of Port Arthur penal settlement which attracts 1000s of visitors annually.
Film - So You Want To Be A Teacher - the life and training of a teacher showing the many types of schools and colleges and the opportunities offered for further study and progress.
Film - Soil Down The Drain - causes and process of sheet and tunnel erosion.
Film - Southern Outlet
Film - Southward - Sydney/Hobart yacht race - Ballyho Line Honours - Apollo 2nd - Ragamuffin 3rd - Piccolo - winner on handicap.
Film - Southern Tasmania Adventure - outdoor activities in southern Tasmania - includes 4-wheel drive tours, jet boats, Bathurst Harbour (light aircraft),trout fishing, New Lake Pedder & Gordon, Gordon Dam, King of the Derwent Yacht Race, Birdman Rally.
Film - South West Tasmania AKA South West Free Spirit - John Newcombe on a tour of SW Tas, scenic flight, New River Lagoon/Preciption Bluff, bushwalking, Eye of the Wind (life on board), Gordon River, Strahan, 4 wheel drive tours, Tas devil, Huon Pine.
Film - Sparring Partners - discussion between parents, teachers and Education Department regarding parent/teacher/student relationships in open plan school.
Film - Span Of Steel - steel mains, reconstruction of Tasman Bridge Hobart
Film - Sport In Tasmania - features Don Calvert - David Boone - Lindy Goggin - David Foster and others.
Film - A System For Handling Sports Injuries - film outlines a system which can be applied whenever injury occurs in any sporting event - it is particularly designed for schools and sporting clubs which do not have access to expert medical assistance.
Film - A Sporting Chance - film encourages girls to actively participate in sport and physical activities.
Film - State Emergency Service (SES) TV commercials - 1. Flood Alert - 2. Fire At Home - 3. Fire In Bushland
Film - Tasmania A Place For All Seasons: Spring - 1 of 4 - final film in series, re-awakening after winter, joy of the spring - early sequences in Melbourne City including Royal Hobart Show - made in association with Les Burnett Pty Ltd.
Film - State Library Construction - footage only
Film - State Library Audio Visual - audio mix only including script
Film - The Story Of Copper - Mt Lyell Mining Company Queenstown - production of copper from open cut mining operations, crushing, flotation, smelting and final electrolysis to produce the finest copper.
Film - Seventh String Summer School - 1977 Summer School as seen from a Cellist's viewpoint - one session at Claudio Alcorso's home - made with assistance of Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music - narrated by Sue Pickering.
Film - Submarines
Film - Submarines - Version 1
Film - Submarines - Version 2 and 3
Film - Submarines - Version 4
Film - Tasmania A Place For All Seasons: Summertime 1 of 4 - sailing, water skiing, bush walking, mountain climbing, zoos, parks & gardens, speed boat racing, trout fishing, golf & surfing - made in association with Jackson Wain (Tas) Pty Ltd.
Film - Suggestions For The Treatment Of A Cerebral Palsied Child - Wingfield Home - illustrates and discusses methods of manipulation and treatment. Sponsored by Health Department.
Film - Silent Servant - Hydro Electric Commission (HEC)
Film - Supreme Cakes TV commercial
Film - Supreme Cakes TV commercial
Film - Survival And Growth (possibly parts of film Tasmania: Free Enterprise State)
Film - The System: Motorbike Safety - illustrates a basic series of correct procedures to adopt on the road when riding a motorcycle - with Stewart Faichney features police motor cycle training as advice to motorcyclists generally.
Film - The System
Film - Survive - based on a fictitious rescue of bushwalkers - coordination of search - recommendations of experts on safety.
Film - Talking Of Trains: Tasman Limited - a theatre advertising film for the Tasman Limited. Sponsored by Transport Commission.
Film - Tasman Bridge Construction - progress film on construction of the new Tasman bridge. Copyright Libraries Tasmania
Film - Tasbureau Tasmania.
Film - Tasmania: Australia's Apple Isle - Tasmania's apple industry in the 1950s. Sponsored Department of Agriculture
Film - Tasmania: A Fly Drive Holiday - Ann Dunn, travel journalist takes a 10 day fly/drive holiday including Tasman Peninsula, Triabunna, Maria Island, Coles Bay, Ross, Marakoopa Cave, Table Cape, Stanley, West Coast, Derwent and Huon Valleys
Film - Tasman Bridge Reconstruction - reconstruction of Tasman Bridge after being hit by Lake Illawarra - commentary is technically orientated. Made for the Joint Tasman Bridge Restoration Commission by the Tasmanian Film Corporation.
Film - Tasmania: For All Sorts Of Reasons - prospective immigrants are given a look into the reasons they might choose Tasmania as their future home.
Film - Tasmania Is... - looks at the Island through the eyes of film producers and the argument on what to leave out and what to put in.
Film - Tasmania: It's Like A Breath Of Fresh Air, Resettlement - people settling in Tasmania - their stories, includes Lyn and Jack Thomas, Frank and Hilda Hammond, Hans and Angela Ruckert, Maxine and George Manifold, and the Howells family.
Film - Tasmania: Island Of Infinite Variety - apple harvest/picking Huon river steamers Hobart - hop fields Derwent Valley picking and river steamer - Lake St Clair (see also AB869/1/765)
Film - Tasmania: Isle Of Waters
Film - Tasmania Today: Mining And Minerals AKA Industrial Tasmania - survey of mining and minerals in Tasmania.
Film - Tasmania: It's A Temptation
Film - Tally Phone - produced by Creative Workshop
Film - Tasmanian Adventure - includes Hobart - trams - Olympic Pool - Viscount aircraft - ABT Railway - river steamers - Lake Pedder - Bothwell - Port Arthur - East Coast - parade in Launceston - Longford motor racing - Entally - skiin-N.W. Coast.
Film - Tasmanian Film Corporation Logo
Film - Tasmanian Expeditionary Force - Church Parade - At Brighton Army Camp.
Film - Where And Why (episode 1) from series - A Man And His Forest aka Tasmanian Forests - background to species - rainforest - mountain locations throughout state with Dr Max Gilbert.
Film - The Wet Bush (episode 2) from series - A Man And His Forest aka Tasmanian Forests - growth of Eucalypts conditions and speed - determining age of trees - features Dr Max Gilbert.
Film - The Persistent Gum (episode 3) from series - A Man And His Forest aka Tasmanian Forests.
Film - Tasmania: Free Enterprise State (AKA Survival and Growth?) - successful industries and services of TDA - features Robin Gray at start.
Film - Tasmanian Government Department Of Film Production - Logo (end title).
Film - Tasmanian Government Anniversary review - Tasmania 50th birthday - townships including Hamilton, Bothwell, Ross, Oatlands, Campbell Town, Sorell, Richmond, Longford, Avoca, Deloraine, Westerway - manufacturing industries, Bells Bay, IXL, Cadburys.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 1 - carvings Ross bridge - includes Leslie Green - Entally - Tudor village - Narryna - features Captain Harry O'May.
Film - Tasmanian Lotteries - operation of original Tatts lotto when in Tasmania.
Film - Tasmania's Holiday Coast - a travelogue of picturesque and fertile Northwest Coast, truly a tourists paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the big mainland cities. Sponsored by Tourist Department
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 2 - Cosray cosmic ray research by University at Cambridge railway tunnel - Longford race track motor racing features Lynn Archer - pea harvesting Ulverstone includes packing Hy-Peak frozen peas.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 3 - "Modern Mapping" - aerial survey photo aircraft, ex service Lockheed Hudson - "Cancer Science" - Peter McCallum Clinic Launceston - "Backblocks Museum" - Peter Mercer - Pett Falls Museum North West Coast.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 4 - Tasmanian boat builders - Taffy Huxley apiarist - potted clay Campbell's Pottery.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 5 - shot tower - voice from the past, aboriginal songs museum - baby foot printing Royal Hobart Hospital - Westbury Zoo.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 6 - Strathyr Mushrooms (Casimaty's) - violin maker Gordon Triffitt - mini motor racing model cars - shot tower jeweller Max Sawbridge. Sponsored by Tourist Department.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 7 - Reel Champs - Tasmanian fishing championships at Swansea.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 8 - Eating Place - early days of George Mure's Fish House.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 10 - Study In Glass - demonstration of glass blowing at TCAE.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 9 - On Parade - story on Anglesea Barracks - beating the Retreat parade - Sir Stanley Burbury.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 11 - Mine Oast - how an Oast House operated including hop picking - Oast House New Norfolk and old stills of hop picking and growing.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 12 - Tasmania Ballet - work of Tasmanian Ballet Company based on a production -Story of Hops - commissioned by Tasmanian Government plus touring - features Ken Gillespie.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 14 - Pioneers Remembered - Capt. Flinders - arrival at Low Head 3 Nov. 1798 - parade Launceston - memorial at Low Head - - John Batman's cottage - Ben Lomond - Cornwall Arms - St Johns Church Launceston - Rosevears.
Film - Tasmanian Magazine Number 15 - On Location With Rolf Harris - the story of the making of 'Rolf Harris in Tasmania'.
Film - Tasmanian Parliament
Film - Tasmanian Power - Opening of Power Station at Clark Dam - opening by Governor St Ernest Clark.
Film - Tasmanian Scout Corroboree.
Film - Tasmanian Military Tattoo - Short version - Tasmanian Military Tattoo at North Hobart Oval as part of Blue Gum Festival, features John Howell, narrated by Ken Short.
Film - Tasmanian Military Tattoo - appears to be complete record of the Military Tattoo shot on video by TCAE (Kine)
Film - Tasmanian Military Tattoo - appears to be complete record of the Military Tattoo shot on video by TCAE (Kine)
Film - The Tasmanian Thousands - coverage of the yearly cycling and running carnival held at Devonport featuring interviews with competitors and the main events, features Eric Reece.
Film - Tourist Intro
Film - Tasmanian Tapestry - produced by Commonwealth Film Unit - travel film on Tasmania includes HEC and Shannon Rise.
Film - Tasmanian Tourism
Film - Tasmanian Tourism - Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau - Gordon River, 'Tanba' births at Hobart Pier, The Derwent, Bush Hotel, Hobart Regatta, Ernest Clark. (listed on can). See AD296/1 for list
Film - Tourism
Film - Tasmanian Tourism - Apples.
Film - Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau - TV commercials - 1. Melbourne, 2. Adelaide, 3. Sydney.
Film - Tourist Film Around Tasmania and Lake Pedder - Longford Motor Racing - original Lake Pedder - Port Arthur - River steamer to New Norfolk - Hobart - bank arcade - 'Iberia' in port - Olympic Pool - East Coast - West Coast etc - Viscount aircraft.
Film - Real Tasmania
Film - Tasmanian Tourism AKA Tassie Tourism AKA It's So Beautiful - produced for the Silver Lining project.
Film - Tourism: Tasmanian Experience
Film - Tasmanian Tourism
Film - Tourism: Tasmania's Magic
Film - Tasmanian Wild Life - Tasmania has birds and animals which are unique by world standards - included are rare film sequences of the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger, but the main theme shows other rare animals in their natural habitat.
Film - Tasmania's Holiday Highlands - a travelogue of the Central Highlands of the State interspersed with the vast network of hydro-electric power stations in this region. Sponsored by Tourist Department
Film - The Tasmanian Wine Industry AKA Tasmanian Wines - history of wine production in Tasmania - features Claudio Alcorso.
Film - Teacher Recruitment TV commercial.
Film - Teacher Training Commercials No. 1 and No. 2
Film - TGIO Telephone (possibly TV commercial)
Film - Teachers College
Film - A Thinking Man's Game - presents an overall view of Tasmanian agriculture - special attention is given to the development of new crops such as pyrethrum, peppermint oils and other essential oils.
Film - TFL Premiership (football)
Film - They Don't Teach Them Like They Used To - differences between present day teaching and that of parents school days, teachers and parents express their concerns and desires.
Film - Through Difficulty To Achievement - produced by TVT6 - work of sight saving school Hobart - produced by Mitch Mathews - Stan Draper.
Film - Timber Sense - what not to do in forest and the timber mill - film aims to prevent accidents in the timber industry and is used by most Australian Safety Councils. Sponsored by Labour and Industry.
Film - Time To Grow - Tasmania one of Aust. richest agricultural States - apart from fruit industry Tasmania is a leader in dairy beef production & vegetables. Includes honey & cider products. Shots of Entally, prod. of Mercury cider a& wool auction.
Film - Top Axe - world wood chopping & sawing championships - Canadians, New Zealanders, interstate axemen, Tasmanians & an American vied for honours. Captures excitement of event won by Tasmanian Doug Youd. Parade in Ulverstone. Narrated by Don Closs.
Film - The Transport Game - illustrates Tasmania's very adequate transport system.
Film - Trout Fish Tasmania
Film - Trout Country - great appeal to those who love lazy days down by the river. Much of the States spectacular scenery is shown here & for the enthusiast there is the last Shannon Rise a phenomenon which was world renowned, includes Salmon Ponds
Film - Trout Fishing In Tasmanian Waters - compilation film from numerous sources including ABC TV.
Film - Trout Fishing In Tasmania 1930s - Part 3 - including Rainbow Chalet and Todds Corner.
Film - Trout Fishing In Tasmania - Michael Pate visits major trout fishing locations in Tasmania.
Film - T T Line - Abel Tasman.
Film - Life History Of Trout - appears to be compilation of early B&W footage plus 1950s amateur colour with titles.
Film - Trout In Water - trout fishing (footage only)
Film - Tuberculosis: The Enemy Within - research, causes, problems of TB - precautions - mass X-ray system - hospital - interviews at time - homes - restaurants. Sponsored by Dept of Health
Film - TV Interludes - used to fill in between programmes on television in the 1960s - 1 Fly tying - 2 Agricultural show - 3 Seagulls - music track only.
Film - Trout Film - composite made up of other films relating to trout.
Film - The Tuna Coast - filmed against the splendour of the rugged South East Coast the deep sea fishing enthusiast meets his match hunting the mighty tuna.
Film - Two Walk A Crooked Mile - coproduction Dinet Films - two children leave the house for the day - their adventures - written, produced and directed by Di Nettlefold.
Film - TV Commercials - National and Tasmanian - originally shown on TVT6 - 1960-1975
Film -Tasmanian Migrants
Film - Tasmania's Road West - a look at Tasmania's little known west coast - rugged, historical - its ghost towns of the past - its mining towns of today - its often harsh primitive beauty.
Film - Tender Tasmania Lamb - breeding, rearing and preparation of lamb. (Possibly same film as AB869/1/927 Export Lamb Industry)
Film - Tasmanian Tiger - original zoo footage
Film - Tasmanian Tiger
Film - The Bisto Kids
Film - The Tasmanian Tiger - visitors intrigued to find a tiger on Tas. Coat of Arms. Visit a zoo in Northern Tasmania - see Tasmania's native animals including the Tas. Devil & Platypus - includes zoo footage of Tasmanian Tiger - features Dr Bryden.
Film - Tasmanian Tiger Search - Peter Wright's project - film shows equipment, setting up of box camp etc.
Film - Upon My Oath - methods of police investigation, evidence etc. - court procedure - police academy training - liaison with schools - search in bush country for missing persons - identikit pictures.
Film - Unknown Golf Match and Bike Race - see AD296/1 - sequence and shot lists of films and videos.
Film - U Is For Union (sound only)
Film - The Union Question - film discusses why unions are needed to protect workers in the 1980s and three young people express different knowledge and experience of Trade Unions.
Film - The Unseen Enemy - safe basic food handling methods are necessary to prevent contamination by bacteria. Film shows how unhygienic handling of cooked meat results in food poisoning.
Film - Valley Of The Derwent. Sponsored by Tourist Department.
Film - Vinnie And The SRC. Filmed at Rosetta High School.
Film - Vandalism TV Commercial - requests the public to report vandalism.
Film - Visual Aids: Reading
Film - Visual Aids: Number 3
Film - Waiting For A Shearwater - documentary shot on location on Furneaux Island showing the work of National Park Rangers in keeping a balance between nature and man.
Film - Victor Borge Interview - made by TVT6 - featuring Mitch Matthews.
Film - Waste Quest Trailer
Film - Wanderlust
Film - Water Safety
Film - We Love Rex - how a dog becomes infected with hydatids and can pass this infection onto people.
Film - Waste wise: A Quest - Futuristic moral tale about recycling. Written, produced and directed by John Honey.
Film - Watch Your Step - safety film concerned with industrial falls but with new approach it loosely allies circus clowns with carelessness in industry and shows how you can avoid accidents in working life - features Bullars Circus.
Film - Water Is The Key - water is the key which unlocks many doors in the Island State - film covers many uses of Tasmania's waterways from electricity generation to the many other uses of water in industry and commerce, recreation and general living.
Film - Water Is The Key - remake of 1974 film
Film - Where Should The Money Go? - specialised film using interview techniques sponsored by the Education Department on the allocation of funds to socially disadvantaged children and schools.
Film - We Never Know It All
Film - Websters TV Commercial - Websters products and services
Film - We Too Can Learn - mentally retarded children have their own annual camp near Devonport where they learn many things which fits them for an active place in the community. Sponsored by Retarded Children.
Film - Weed Research
Film - Wee Georgie Wood - Abt Railway locomotive - made by the ABC. Copyright with the ABC.
Film - Westbury Show 1920s and 1930s
Film - West Coast Mission - a party of bushwalkers are flown in to the West Coast to land at Cox's Bight to walk to Port Davey - Bathurst Harbour is crossed by boat & the party continues on foot tracing the rugged coastline north to Cape Sorell.
Film - West Coast Aerials - stock footage
Film - Westcoaster - film of West coaster yacht race - Line Honours Helsal, 2nd Truogene, 3rd Anaconda.
Film - Western Tasmania - Max Graver photography - King river etc silent travelogue with titles - King River - Queenstown (with railway) - Paragon Theatre - Cricket oval - Mt Lyell - River Gordon - Settlement Island - Gordon River cruise.
Film - What If Your Town AKA Mutual Aid - a system of self help -members of an industrial estate can pool disaster & fire fighting resources for mutual benefit added to existing emergency services. Scenes of industry activities, foam and furniture making.
Film - What's Cooking - educational documentary about how to improve hygiene in food handling and preparation at home subject is treated in a light hearted way - with Robyn Moase.
Film - Who Was Jack Carington Smith? - story of Tasmanian artist Jack Carrington-Smith his work and life with Max Angus, Mrs Carington-Smith, Alan Frost artist. Written by Max Angus.
Film - Who Can You Trust - film made to alert children of the dangers of speaking to suspicious strangers.
Film - Who's Running This School - shot at Geilston Bay High School - problems of management in a school principal's situation.
Film - Why Tasmania? - The Tasmanian lifestyle and advantages of living in Tasmania, industry and its potential. Features Leonard Teale. Aerial shots -Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra -new Lake Pedder- industry -Brian Harradine -Kim Boyer, 1st women's advisor
Film - Wildlife - stock footage - possibly shot for production but not used
Film - Wildlife Of Macquarie Island - there are two versions one made in 1952 and a remake in 1964 - wildlife filmed on first expedition. Version 1.
Film - Wildlife Of Macquarie Island - there are two versions one made in 1952 and a remake in 1964 - wildlife filmed on first expedition. Version 2.
Film - National Parks Wildlife - sea birds, crabs, lizards, beetles - contains valuable footage.
Film - Tasmania A Place For All Seasons : Winter - 1 of 4 - shows snow sport, antique auction, dining in luxury, the Casino and many other activities which prove that Tasmania is a warm place even in the winter. Includes Hastings Caves and Thermal Pool.
Film - Wellington Park - Master copy of compilation of footage made for Wellington Park Consultative Committee.
Film - Winter
Film - Winter - Tasmania
Film - Winter On The Western Tiers - produced by Herbert J King - includes titles - original film in NFSA ref. 5765. See AD296/1 for sequence and shot list.
Film - Wood Chopping Carnival - stock footage
Film - Winter Management Of Pigs - features Cressy Research Farm. Sponsored by Agricultural Department
Film - World Of Wood - Tasboard Mills sponsored film to publicise its range of export timbers and show modern methods of timber production.
Film - Wrest Point Casino footage - possibly from Focus 43 South
Film - Wynyard And Surrounds - produced by Sydney Cook, title includes Joseph Lyons political cinema advertisement.
Film - Wynyard And Stanley - stock footage - contains Regatta events, blessing of boats, Eric Reece.
Film - You And Hydatids - early film about hydatid problems - advisor Dr B M Carruthers Director of Hospital and Medical Services. Content may be disturbing to some viewers
Film - You Want It, We'll Find It - State Reference Library offers a research service for the small business man. The approach to this subject is whimsical while covering the wide range of library services offered. Narrated by Ken Short
Film - You Can't Shift The Blame AKA Crane Safety - of all machinery in the building industry cranes have the greatest potential for property damage and personal accidents - this is a safety film exploring some of the dangers crane drivers face.
Film - You've Got To Be Up - made for beginners - history and techniques of lawn bowls. Includes footage of Rosny Park Bowls Club and Derwent Bowls Club. Also features Leigh Bishop and Ken Pearce
Film - Youth Council - footage for uncompleted production of day nursery and schoolgirls.
Film - Your Silent Partner - fodder conservation on the farm - methods and importance to successful operation. Sponsored by Dept of Agriculture
Film - Your Turn Next - story of young men who drink too much and are picked up and charged - one has accident - results of this on their lives - includes random breath testing and problem with road accidents.
Film - Zeehan: A Mining Town - past and present mining on the west coast.
Film - Rolf Harris In Tasmania - Rolf Harris tours Tasmania. Looks at tourism, history, forestry, mining.
Film - South West Aerails - stock footage - ex Rolf Harris In Tasmania
Film - Air New Zealand commercial
Film - London Lakes - appears to be wild footage possibly made fo Life Be In it or Tourism also contains Tas Tourism Life Be In It 1984
Film - Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 1975
Film - Cascade Commercials - Compilation 17 Cascade TV ads - Cascade Beer, Women Like It Too, Glass for Cascade, Party, Steel Cans, Lemonade, Barley For Cascade Beer, Apple Juice, For All Occasions, Draught, Stubby 6 Pack, Cans. Plus 3 untitled ads.
Film - Agriculture - stock footage - could be footage from Thinking Man's Game featuring lavender, blackcurrant, peppermint, pea and potato harvest. Plus vegetable processing at factory.
Film - Cradle Mountain Reserve - stock footage - aerials.
Film - Crayfish - stock footage - close ups of crayfish
Film - Aircraft - stock footage - aircraft in use for services to Tasmania in the 1950s
Film - Battery Point - stock footage
Film - Crayfish Derby - stock footage
Film - Circus - stock footage - performers in a ring, very good material on small Australian circus
Film - Floods - stock footage - from State Emergency Service number 3, could be Longford
Film - Forest - stock footage - scenic
Film - Forestry - aerial seeding - stock footage
Film - Dairy Shed - stock footage
Film - General Stock Shots - stock footage - Rokeby cottage, old Hobart bridge, Sandy Bay beach, echidna, Lady Franklin Museum, Russell Falls.
Film - Flood Damage - stock footage - can lid says north west but opening footage is Derwent Valley
Film - Football - stock footage
Film - Historical Landmarks - buildings - stock footage
Film - Maria Island - kangaroos - stock footage
Film - Mt. Lyell and Queenstown - includes smelters in operation - stock footage
Film - Port Arthur - Eye of the Wind - Southwest Tasmania - Freespirit - stock footage
Film - Salmon Fishing Bicheno - stock footage
Film - Savage River Blasting - stock footage
Film - Old Mining Still Photography - stock footage
Film - Snow At Fern Tree - stock footage
Film - Aerials - stock footage (not identified)
Film - Trout, Interior Helicopter, Federation Peak, Arthurs Lake, Port Davey - stock footage
Film - Sporting Activities - ski jumping, ski down hill racing, ski jumping racing, tennis, football - stock footage
Film - South West Aerials - includes new Lake Pedder, Strathgordon and Dam, South. West Mountains and Lakes - last 30 secs missing - stock footage
Film - Tasmanian Government: Way Of Life - aerials from S.W. Hydro Electric Commission works - stock footage
Film - Tasmanian Towns - aerial shots - stock footage
Film - Tasmanian wildlife from film - Hydro Electric Commission Wildlife - contains shots of Cradle Mountain and wallabies - stock footage
Film - Trout Fishing - stock footage (production not identified)
Film - The Mesmerist AKA Willow Bend Mystery - Ep. 1 'House Of Terror' - a sinister figure enters the life of a 14 year old girl in the form of her mother's new boyfriend. The girl tries to prevent supernatural control over the mother's emotions.
Film - The Mesmerist AKA Willow Bend Mystery - Ep. 2 'Shy Boy' - a sinister figure enters the life of a 14 year old girl in the form of her mother's new boyfriend. The girl tries to prevent supernatural control over the mother's emotions.
Film - The Mesmerist AKA Willow Bend Mystery - Ep 3 'The Figure In The Robe' - a sinister figure enters the life of a 14 yr old girl in the form of her mother's new boyfriend. The girl tries to prevent supernatural control over the mother's emotions.
Film - The Mesmerist AKA Willow Bend Mystery - Ep 4 'No Escape' - a sinister figure enters the life of a 14 yr old girl in the form of her mother's new boyfriend. The girl tries to prevent supernatural control over the mother's emotions.
Film - The Mesmerist AKA Willow Bend Mystery - Ep 5 'The Tower' - a sinister figure enters the life of a 14 yr old girl in the form of her mother's new boyfriend. The girl tries to prevent supernatural control over the mother's emotions.
Film - Save The Lady - Children's adventure comedy - A group of children fight stubborn bureaucrats to save an old but historically important steam ferry. Stars: Wallace Eaton, John Ewart, Desmond Tester, Bill Kerr.
Film - Save The Lady Trailer
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 1 The Crystal (pilot) - children's sci-fi TV series. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 2 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 3 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 4 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 5 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 6 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 7 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 8 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 9 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Fatty And George - Ep. 10 - children's sci-fi TV series produced for the ABC. Adventures of a brother & sister as they try to discover the whereabouts of their scientist father, whilst being pursued by an evil woman & her henchman. Dir John Honey.
Film - Manganinnie - Interviews - Neil Angwin and Gary Hansen. Including John Honey. Production shots, unedited.
Film - Manganinnie - production shots, crew at work (negative missing).
Film - Manganinnie - TV Trailers made for television
Film - Manganinnie - Cinema trailer - 35mm CRI (colour reversal internegative) and sound neg were sent to NFSA 22/8/95, title # 49413.
Film - Manganinnie - Premiere coverage, screening at West End theatre, stars attend etc.
Film - Manganinnie - In 1830s Tasmania, while on a journey for survival, an Aboriginal woman finds a white girl and teaches her Aboriginal language and lore. AFI Award 1980. Directed by John Honey.
Film - Manganinnie - In 1830s Tasmania, while on a journey for survival, an Aboriginal woman finds a white girl and teaches her Aboriginal language and lore. AFI Award 1980. Directed by John Honey. Super text version made 14 Dec 1989
Film - Onus Of Proof - road safety film made for the Road Safety Council. Road Safety Council.
Film - Federation Peak and South West - aerial shots - stock footage (Can date 1/11/71)
Film - Tasmanian Film Corporation Show Reel (no date, no title list)
Film - Tasmanian Film Corporation Show Reel 1985 - contents to be identified
Film - Empress of Australia - maiden voyage ex Sydney
Film - Cascade Beer Yachting TV Commerical
Film - Cascade Commercial
Film - Boags Beer Commercials - Cricket and Football
Film - Tuna Fishing (possibly Tasmanian Magazine)
Film - Boags, HEC, Cascade TV Commercial - [The beer for men... women like it too] on can (copied onto compilation AB869/1/3236)
Film - Hadspen Stud footage - extract from A Thinking Man's Game
Film - TV commercial title unknown features Belinda Green who was Miss Tasmania Beach Girl (TVT 6) - went on to become Miss World
Film - Tasmanian Adventure No. 1 - Tasmania Government Tourist Bureau - TV commercials x 3
Film - Hobart: Island Capital - brief look at the attractions of Hobart featuring the Royal Hobart Regatta with takeoffs and landings from an aircraft carrier during this annual event. Regatta scenes.
Film - Bobby Hares: A Cautionary Tale - produced by Dinet Films - one of series made by Diana Nettlefold
Film - Australia On The March: Tasmania - produced by Filmcraft - aluminium processing - forestry - paper manufacture - apples - Hobart - Cinemascope.
Film - Let The Balloon Go - trailer - produced by Film Australia - features Ray Barrett
Film - Show Reel - Excepts - Tourist Bureau commercial, The Fitness Factor, Happily Ever After, An Approach to Infant Education, Noise Annoys, It Wasn't Me, I Hate Holidays, Smash.
Film - Show Reel - Excepts - Titles to be identified
Film - T.G.I.O Worker Compensation
Film - Been There - domestic drama of army families
Film - Robin Gray - Nationwide - ABC TV - produced by ABC
Film - Manganinnie Tasmanian Tourist Bureau advertisement - not screened on TV
Film - The Tall Ships In Tasmanian - documentary of the start of the Bicentenary Tall Ships Race in 1988. Joint production for the Tasmanian Government and the TFC Pty Ltd. Copyright to TFC Pty. Ltd (Southern Cross)
Film - Tasmanian Aborigines - a surviving culture - Production was never completed - identified on boxes as A-K
Film - Compilation 1913 - Includes Trip to Pine Lake, Brighton Army Camp, Hobart Cup and Tasmanian Expeditionary Force, Street Parade