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Licence Files for Scheduled Premises.
Series Number:
Agency access only 25 Years (D25)
Start Date:
01 Jan 1970
End Date:
31 Dec 1992
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
18 Jul 194017 Jul 1989

01 Nov 197217 Jul 1989

17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993
Related Series:
AC249 Industry Files.01 Jan 197131 Dec 1990
Series notes:
Copies of licences and endorsements relating to noxious trades and pollution exemptions. For related correspondence see series AC249. Each company has the same file number in both series.~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Continuous single number with 'L' prefix.

L/1 Fish Protein Concentrate (Tas.) Pty Ltd Freestone Point Rd, Spring Bay.
L/1A Objections-Fish Protein Concentrate (Tas) Pty Ltd, Freestone Point Rd, Spring Bay.
L/1B Appeal-Fish Protein Concentrate (Tas) Pty Ltd, Freestone Point Rd, Spring Bay.
L/7 G.J. Coles & Co Pty Ltd.
L/8 VOL 1 Hazell Bros, Brightwater Road.
L/8 VOL 2 Hazell Bros, Brightwater Road.
L/8A Objections-Hazell Bros, Brightwater Road.
L/8B Appeal-Hazell Bros, Brightwater Road.
L/9 Jonette Furniture Co Ltd, West Tamar Road, Rocherlea.
L/10 Sorell Municipality-Primrose Sands.
L/10A Sorell Municipality-Primrose Sands.
L/12 HEC-Tullah.
L/14 HEC-Mackintosh Gravel Borrow Pit.
L/16 Consolidated Forest Owners-Main Rd, Avoca.
L/19 Public Works-Jarvis Pit Round Hill, Burnie.
L/23 BMI Mining Pty Ltd.
L/23A Objections-BMI Mining Pty Ltd.
L/25 Franz Mihajlowits-Andersons Prospect-Dundas.
L/25A Objections-Franz Mihajlowits-Andersons Prospect Dundas.
L/26 J. Bennetto-Jane River Goldfield.
L/31 Fantasy Farm Foods-Cressy Rd, Longford.
L/36 HEC Mackintosh Quarry-Tullah.
L/37 M.P. Phelan-Dundas Red Lead.
L/38 Box & Millas Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/38A Objections-Box & Millas Pty Ltd, Launceston.
L/38B Appeal-Box & Millas Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/42 Henry Bills & Co Pty Ltd-Lindsay Street, Launceston.
L/42A Objections-Henry Bills & Co Pty Ltd, Lindsay Street.
L/44 Mernda Meat Co-Elizabeth Town.
L/44A Objections-Mernda Meat Co-Elizabeth Town.
L/46 B E & J Packett & C R & J Croswell-Swain Creek.
L/49 C Jones-Yorktown.
L/49A Objections-C Jones-Yorktown.
L/50 M.J. Kerrison-Wyniford River.
L/51 Graham H-Lisle.
L/51A Objections-Graham H & Imlach W.T.-Lisle.
L/52 Lisle Gold Mining Co Pty Ltd-Lisle.
L/53 Clark J.H. & B.H.-Adamsfield.
L/55 Fitzallen T.H.-Royal George.
L/64 Hector Alexander Fenton-Corduoroy Creek.
L/65 Barnett Bros Tasmania Pty Ltd-George Town.
L/65A Objections-Barnett Bros Tasmania Pty Ltd-George Town.
L/67 Brambles Ltd.
L/67A Objections-Brambles Ltd-Burnie.
L/68 Roadways Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/68A Objections-Roadways Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/70 Consolidated Eastern Tin Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/71 J.L. Sievers-Dundas.
L/72 Latrobe Council-Stanley & Gilbert Sts, Latrobe.
L/75 Ross J.H.-Bonnet Hill.
L/76 Moses H.T.-Blue Tier.
L/77 Moses H.T.-Constable Creek.
L/78 Thomas Harold Neil-Mathinna.
L/78A Objections-Thomas Harold Neil-Mathinna.
L/81 Wivell Holdings Pty Ltd-Sidmouth.
L/82 HEC-Murchison Damsite Quarry.
L/83 J.M. Dwyer-Mathinna.
L/83A Objections-J.M. Dwyer-Mathinna.
L/84 B.E. & M.B. Pitchford-Avoca.
L/86 Hill Stanley Harry-Upper Scamander.
L/88 VOL 1 North-West Acid Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L/88 VOL 4 North-West Acid Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L/88A VOL 1 Objections-North West Acid Pty Ltd, Burnie.
L/88A VOL 2 Objections-North West Acid Pty Ltd, Burnie.
L/88A VOL 3 Objections-North West Acid Pty Ltd, Burnie.
L88B Inc. Papers-Appeal North West Acid Pty Ltd, Burnie.
L/89 J.A. Galbraith-Pioneer.
L/90 M. Reynolds-Pioneer.
L/91 R.C. Lawry-Gladstone.
L/92 G. Machen & R. Hayes-Derby.
L/97 Ready Mixed Concrete-Cuprona.
L/99 M. Reynolds-Pioneer.
L/100 Launceston Plating Co.-Wellington St Launceston.
L/101 E.K. King-Gladstone.
L/103 Electrona Carbide Industries Pty Ltd, Electrona.
L/103A Objections-Electrona Carbide Industries Pty Ltd.
L/108 Wunderlich Ltd-Launceston.
L/108A Objections-Wunderlich Ltd-Launceston.
L/109 HEC-Strathgordon.
L/111 HEC-McPartlan Pass.
L/112 HEC-Gordon Aggregate Plant Damsite.
L/113 HEC-Gordon Quarry.
L/114 HEC-Strathgordon Incincerator.
L/120 Tasmanian Processors Pty Ltd-Gleadow St, Launceston.
L/122 Hardboards Australia Ltd-Marine Terrace, Burnie.
L/122A Objections-Hardboards Australia Ltd-Marine Terrace.
L/122B Appeal-Hardboards Australia Ltd-Marine Terrace.
L/123A Objections-Burnie Timber Pty Ltd-South Burnie.
L/124 Burnie Timber Pty Ltd-Meander.
L/127 Kelsall & Kemp Tasmania Ltd-Mayne St Launceston.
L/127A Objections-Kelsall & Kemp Tasmania Ltd-Mayne Street.
L/132 Consolidated Goldfields Australia Ltd-Glovers Bluff.
L/136 Allan Charles Cowen-Avoca.
L/141 Tasmania Fruit & Berry Products Pty Ltd-Hobart.
L/146 Pioneer Woodware Co Pty Ltd, New Norfolk.
L/148 VOL 1 Inc. Papers-J.C. Hutton Pty Ltd St Leonards.
L/148 VOL 2 Blue Ribbon Meat Products Pty Ltd-St Leonards.
L/148 VOL 3 Hawkridge Meat Co Pty Ltd-Killafaddy.
L/148 VOL 4 Hawkridge Meat Co Pty Ltd-Killafaddy.
L/148A Objections-Hawkridge Meat Co Pty Ltd-Killafaddy.
L/148D Monitoring-Hawkridge Meat Co Pty Ltd-Killafaddy.
L/150 A.J. Stone-Durkins Road, Quoiba.
L/150A Objections-A.J. Stone Durkins Rd. Quoiba.
L/152 Bresnehan R.L. & M.-Tasman Highway.
L/153 Humes Ltd-Thistle Street, Launceston.
L/153A Objections-Humes Ltd-Thistle Street, Launceston.
L/154 Humes Ltd-Bradford Ave, Launceston.
L/154A Objections-Humes Ltd-Bradford Ave, Launceston.
L/155-Humes Ltd-Lot 22 Lawrenny Estate.
L/156 Humes Ltd-Main Road, Austins Ferry.
L/157 Singline Quarry-Burnie.
L/157A Objections-Singline Quarry-Burnie.
L/158 G. & M. Salter-Wyniford River.
L/160 Geo Quon (Contractors) Pty Ltd-Jackson St, Glenorchy.
L/160A Objections-Geo Quon (Contractors) Pty Ltd, Jackson Street.
L/163 Merseylea Pastoral Co-Merseylea.
L/163A Objections-Merseylea Pastoral Co-Merseylea.
L/165 Licence for L.G. Holloway Transport-Burnie.
L165/A Objections to the Licence for L.G. Holloway Transport-Burnie.
L/169 Hazell Bros-Howden.
L/169A Objections-Hazell Bros-Howden.
L/172 Devon Timber Agencies-Kentish.
L/174 Australian Newsprint Mills-Florentine Valley.
L/175 Australian Newsprint Mills-Tarraleah.
L/179 Australian Clay Products Association-Launceston.
L/188 A.E. Hilder-Sulphur Creek.
L/188A Objections-A.E. Hilder-Sulphur Creek.
L/190 Glenn W. Fehlberg-Glenorchy.
L/190A Objections-Glenn W. Fehlberg-Glenorchy.
L/191 Black Boy Syndicate Mine-Derby.
L/192 Kibuka Mines Pty Ltd-King Island.
L/194 Electrolytic Zinc Co-Magnet Mine.
L/194B Appeal-Electrolytic Zinc Co-Magnet Mine.
L/195 D.J. & B.J. Taylor-Pioneer.
L/196 Coca Cola Bottlers (Hobart) Pty Ltd-Hobart.
L/201 P.F. Sattler & R.G. Sattler-Bagdad.
L/207 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Old Coast Road, Devonport.
L/207A Objections-A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Old Coast Road.
L/212 Richmond Municipality-Campania.
L/213 Richmond Municipality-Richmond.
L/218 Hobart Quarries Pty Ltd, Giblin Street.
L/218A Objections-Hobart Quarries Pty Ltd-Giblin Street.
L/218B Appeal-Hobart Quarries Pty Ltd-Giblin Street.
L/228 Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/229 Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/229A Objections-Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd, Launceston.
L/230 Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd, Huonville.
L/231 Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/234 Northern Canners Pty Ltd-Legana.
L/236 Arthur River Mining Co-Arthur River.
L/239 John Campbell Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/241 Carba Australia Ltd-Invermay.
L/243 Mammoth Tin Mine-Storeys Creek.
L/245 Johnson and Wells Pty Ltd, Gladstone Street, Hobart.
L/245A Objections-Johnson & Wells Pty Ltd-Gladstone Street.
L/245B Appeal-Johnson & Wells Pty Ltd-Gladstone Street, Hobart.
L/249 Northern Developments-Waratah.
L/249A Objections-Ringarooma Mining Pty Ltd-Waratah.
L/249B Appeal-Ringarooma Mining Pty Ltd-Waratah.
L/255 Triffett Pty Ltd-Queenstown.
L/258 Tita Fittings Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/258A Objections-Tita Fittings Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/258B Appeal-Tita Fittings Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/261 Brambles Holdings Ltd-West Mooreville Rd, Burnie.
L/261A Objections-Brambles Holidings Ltd-West Mooreville Road.
L/261B Appeal-Brambles Holdings Ltd-West Mooreville Road.
L/264 Fun Foods Pty Ltd-Hobart.
L/265 L.H. Roberts & Sons Pty Ltd-Glen Huon.
L/266 I.G. Bezette Pty Ltd-Relbia.
L/266A Objections-Talisker Blue Metal-I.G. Bezette-Relbia.
L/267 North Western Co-op Dairy Co Ltd-Burnie.
L/269 North Western Co-op Dairy Co Ltd-Deloraine.
L/271 Hobart Gas Co-Hobart.
L/274 K.R. & J.E. Wines-South Mt Cameron.
L/275 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/275A Objections-Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/275B Appeal-Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/276 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/276A Objections-Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/277 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Norwood.
L/277A Objections-Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Norwood.
L/278 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Prospect.
L/279 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Prospect.
L/280 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-South Launceston.
L/281 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/282 Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-South Launceston (no correspondence).
L/282A Objections-Clifton Brick (Tas) Pty Ltd-South Launceston.
L/283 Bridgewater Abattoir Pty Ltd.
L/283A Objections-Bridgewater Abattoir Pty Ltd.
L/286 Risby Forest Industries-Picton Road-Geeveston.
L/286A Objections-IXL Timber Pty Ltd-Picton Rd.
L/290 H.W. Dornauf Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/290A Objections-Dornaufs Meat Production-Launceston.
L/293 Bakers Milk (Tas) Pty Ltd-York Street, Launceston.
L/295 Leonard Philip Holroyd-Sidmouth.
L/297 Allied Mining Enterprises Pty Ltd-South Mt Cameron.
L/298 J. Sheppard & Sons-Ranelagh.
L/301 Crisp & Gunn Ltd-Mornington.
L/301A Objections-Crisp & Gunn Ltd-Mornington.
L/303 VOL 1 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Margate.
L/303 VOL 2 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Margate.
L/307 Readymix Group Ltd-Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd., Merseylea.
L/307A Objections-Readymix Group-Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L/310 J. Prevost-Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd, Powranna.
L/313 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Bridport.
L/314 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Dunalley.
L/316 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Triabunna.
L/317 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-St Helens.
L/318 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Bicheno.
L/319 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kettering.
L/320 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/322 R.W. Trinder Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/322A Objections-R.W. Trinder Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/322B Appeal-R.W. Trinder Pty Ltd-Devonport.
L/323 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Kettering.
L/325 Monier Concrete Industries Ltd-Longford.
L/327 A.P. Watson-Sandford.
L/328 M. Kirik Timbers-Launceston.
L/328A Objections-M. Kirik Timbers-Launceston.
L/332 L.G. Holloway Transport-Old Bass Highway.
L/332A Objections-L.G. Holloway Transport-Old Bass Highway.
L/332B Appeal-L.G. Holloway Transport-Old Bass Highway.
L/334 L.G. Holloway-Tewkesbury.
L/334A Objections-L.G. Holloway-Tewkesbury.
L/337 L.G. Holloway Transport-West Mooreville Rd.
L/338 R.J. Le Fevre-Pyengana.
L/339 Kilndried Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Fingal.
L/341 Kilndried Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Campbell Town.
L/344 Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Geeveston.
L/345 Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Oatlands.
L/345A Objections-Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Oatlands.
L/347 Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Southport.
L/348 Kilndried Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/348A Objections-Kilndried Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/348B Appeal-Kilndried Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/349 T.C. Fehlberg Pty Ltd-Bridgewater.
L/351 Construction Material (Aus) Pty Ltd-Beaconsfield.
L/351A Objections-Ready Mix Concrete-Beaconsfield.
L/353 R.C. Lawry-Gladstone (no correspondence) -[See L/91].
L/358 VOL 1 Estuary Abattoirs Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L.358 VOL 2 Estuary Abattoirs Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L/358A Objections-Estuary Abattoirs Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L/359 Bender Smallgoods Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/360A Objections-Greys Sawmill Pty Ltd-Smithton.
L/362 J & T Gunn Timber Merchants Pty Ltd-Campbell Town.
L/364 St Helens Timber-St Helens.
L/364A Objections-St Helens Timber-St Helens.
L/365 R.K. Purdy-Harford.
L/366 Silica Brick Co Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/367 Greys Sawmills Pty Ltd-Deep Creek.
L/368 H. Jones & Co Pty Ltd-Beauty Point.
L/370 C.S. Burton Pty Ltd-Cygnet.
L/371 H. Jones & Co Pty Ltd-Hobart.
L/373 Que River Sawmills Pty Ltd-Somerset.
L/373A Objections-Que River Sawmills Pty Ltd-Somerset.
L/374 Kemp & Denning-Kingston.
L/374A Objections-Kemp & Denning-Kingston.
L/376 Kemp & Denning-Hobart.
L/376A Objections-Kemp & Denning-Hobart.
L/379 W.A. McKay Pty Ltd-Buckland.
L/381 Moonah Spring Works Pty Ltd-Moonah.
L/391 Derwent Foundry-Gepp Parade.
L/393 Hillwood Timber-Mt Direction.
L/403 United Milk Tasmania Ltd-Smithton.
L/403A Objections-United Milk Tasmania Ltd-Smithton.
L/406 H Watt & Co-Hobart.
L/407 Ellis Bros & Wright.
L/415 Kevin Kerrison-Ringarooma River.
L/416 Colonial Meats Administration Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/418A Objections-Brambles Holdings-Burnie (no correspondence) -[See L/261A]. n.d.
L/423 A.C. Ellis.
L/427 Mineral Supplies-Forth.
L/427A Objections-Mineral Supplies-Forth.
L/429 J.D. & J.L. Rosier-Riana.
L/431 Minops Pty Ltd-Razor Back Mine-Dundas.
L/431A Objections-Minops Pty Ltd-Razor Back Mine-Dundas.
L/432 Inc. Papers-Turner Bros-Qoiba.
L/432A Objections-Turner Bros-Quoiba.
L/435 Brambles Holdings Ltd-Round Hill Burnie.
L/435A Objections-Brambles Holdings Ltd-Round Hill Burnie.
L/437 Brambles Holdings Ltd-Burnie.
L/437A Objections-Brambles Holdings Ltd-Burnie.
L/440 Clays Sheet Metal Works-Moonah.
L/443 Kauri Timber Co (Tas) Pty Ltd-Smithton.
L/443A Objections-Kauri Timber Co (Tas) Pty Ltd-Smithton.
L/448 Shields Quarries-Howrah.
L/450 Jaspah Sawmilling Co-Rocherlea.
L/451 Landale Sawmills Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/453 R.J. Howard Pty Ltd-Zeehan.
L/453A Objections-R.J. Howard Pty Ltd-Zeehan.
L/455 G & K French-Ringarooma Rd.
L/460 Esperance Municipality-All Quarries.
L/470 C.A. Bradshaw & Co-Princess River.
L/473 Risby Bros Pty Ltd-Ranelagh.
L/474 Albert Thompson and Son Pty Ltd-Strahan.
L/475 Hume & Kerrison Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/475A Objections-Hume & Kerrison Pty Ltd-Launceston.
L/476 W.J. & D.L. Mullins-Branxholm.
L/482 Frank Bardenhagen Enterprises Pty Ltd-Branxholm.
L/483 Frank Bardenhagen Enterprises Pty Ltd-Lilydale.
L/484 Frank Bardenhagen Enterprises Pty Ltd-Lilydale.
L/484A Objections-Frank Bardenhagen Enterprises Pty Ltd-Lilydale.
L/485 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Lillicos Beach.
L/485A Objections-A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Lillicos Beach.
L/485B Appeal-A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Lillicos Beach.
L/487 Circular Head Municipality-Bryants Hill.
L/494 R.A. Roach-Westbury.
L/498 Spring Bay Municipality-Seabyrne and Levendale.
L/509 McMullens Mill-Glen Huon.
L/511 Nicobar Pty Ltd-Kimberleys Road.
L/511A Objections-Nicobar Pty Ltd-Kimberleys Rd.
L/512 Stubbs Sand and Gravel Pty Ltd-Flowerdale.
L/513 Stubbs Sand and Gravel Pty Ltd-Flowerdale.
L/514 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L/514A Objections-A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L/515 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Clayton Rivulet.
L/516 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Forth.
L/517 A.R. Stone & Sons Pty Ltd-Forth Hill.
L/523 Punch Bowl Sawmill-St Leonards.
L/528 H. Jacklin & Son Pty Ltd-Somerset.
L/534 Standard Timber Company-Huonville.
L/534A Objections-Standard Timber Company-Huonville.
L/537 Granites Tasmania Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/545 Rizzolo Stone & Concrete Pty Ltd-New Norfolk.
L/546 VOL 1 Coles Bay Granite Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/546 VOL 2 Coles Bay Granite Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/546A Objections-Coles Bay Granite Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/546B Appeal-Coles Bay Granite Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/550 Barnett Bros Timber Pty Ltd-Campbell Town.
L/550A Objections-Barnett Bros Timber Pty Ltd-Campbell Town.
L/550B Appeal-Barnett Bros Timber Pty Ltd-Campbell Town.
L/552 Henry Clark & Co Pty Ltd-Bronte Park.
L/561 Mays Vibrated Concrete (Tas) Pty Ltd-Hobart.
L/562 Pruana Sawmill Co Pty Ltd-Somerset.
L/563 Longford Municipality-Longford.
L/563A Objections-Longford Municipality-Longford.
L/566 P.L. Burns-Dianas Basin.
L/567 J.T. Hiscutt & Sons Pty Ltd-Howth.
L/572 J. Herman-Dundas.
L/576 Brighton Municipality-All Quarries.
L/586 Northern Softwoods Pty Ltd-Exeter.
L/588 Dyson Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L/588A Objections-Dyson Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L/605 Westbury Municipality-Frankford.
L/610 P.M. Voss-Meunna.
L/617 Barnett Bros Timber Pty Ltd-Legerwood.
L/619 E.M. Hale-Piersons Point.
L/619A Objections-E.M. Hale-Piersons Point.
L/621 R.E. & D.A. Bramich-Badgers Nook.
L/622 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Wesley Vale.
L/626 Quintex Ltd-Bathurst Harbour.
L/626A Objections-Ludbrooks Ltd (Quintex Ltd).
L627 Forestry Commission-N.E. Region (Scottsdale).
L/638 Forestry Commission-N.E. Region (Launceston).
L/641 Forestry Commission-N.W. Region (Devonport).
L/646 Forestry Commission-N.W. Region (Queenstown).
L/647 Forestry Commission-N.W. Region (Smithton).
L/648 Forestry Commission-N.W. Region (Burnie).
L/664 Forestry Commission-N.E. Region (Mersey Valley).
L/683 Renison Ltd-Zeehan.
L/683A Objections-Renison Ltd-Zeehan.
L/684 C.A. Dally-Beaconsfield.
L/684A Objections-C.A. Dally-Beaconsfield.
L/690 Island Quarries (J.S. Parish)-Flinders Island.
L/690A Objections-Island Quarries-Flinders Island.
L/690B Appeal-Island Quarries-Flinders Island.
L/781 Associated Forest Holdings Pty Ltd-Blackwells Parrawee.
L/783 Transport Commission-Launceston.
L/800 Stanton Constructions Pty Ltd-Cambridge.
L/801 VOL 1 Northern Chromite-Beaconsfield.
L/801A Objections-Northern Chromite-Beaconsfield.
L/801B Appeal-Northern Chromite-Beaconsfield.
L/803 Tasmanian Timber Agency Pty Ltd-Bothwell.
L/814 Bass Highway Quarries-Prospect Vale.
L/814A Objections-Bass Highway Quarries-Prospect Vale.
L/815 Penguin Municipality-Heybridge.
L/815A Objections-Penguin Municipality.
L/818 E.C. Chambers-Dundas.
L/819 Groombridge G.J.-Frodsham's Pass.
L/819A Objections-Groombridge G.J.-Frodsham's Pass.
L/824 T.T. Bowerman-Plenty.
L/825 Russell Ling-Strahan.
L/827 Andrew Duncan-Gladstone.
L/830 R.J. Moore & P.J. King-Gladstone.
L/834 Kirwan Engineering-Hobart.
L/835 Granites Tasmania Pty Ltd-Coles Bay.
L/836 K.C. Dixon-Roger River.
L/838 T.G. Rainbow-Winnaleah.
L/846 Flinders Island Municipality-(All Quarries).
L/865 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Back River.
L/866 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Swanport.
L/867 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Bicheno.
L/868 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Royal George.
L/869 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Chain of Lagoons.
L/878 Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd-Birralee.
L/879 Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd-Beaconsfield.
L/879A Objections-Construction Materials (Aus) Pty Ltd.
L/880 F. Mihajlowits-Dundas.
L/882 Fantasy Breeding Farm (Tas) Pty Ltd-Longford.
L/892 H. Duggan & Sons-Randalls Bay, Cygnet.
L/896 Lilydale Municipality-Ferny Hill Rd.
L/897 J Owens-Mt Nicholas.
L/900 D.W. O'Brien-Lisle.
L/901 Ellis A.C. & Dunstan M.J.-Cradle Mountain Road.
L/902 (Inc Papers) Risby Forest Industries Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/902A Objections-IXL Timber Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/902B Appeal-Risby Forest Industries Pty Ltd-Glenorchy.
L/906 P. Siaveivnas-Sandfly.
L/906A Objections-P. Siaveivnas-Sandfly.
L/907 Renison Ltd-Zeehan.
L/910 B.D. Baskett-West Gawler.
L/910A Objections-B.D. Baskett-West Gawler.
L/910B Appeal-B.D. Baskett-West Gawler.
L/912 North South West Mining Co.
L/919 Dudley Clark Pty Ltd-Brighton.
L/920 Northern Developments (Tas) Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L/920A Objections-Northern Developments (Tas) Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L/921 G.H. Gregory-Dunalley.
L/921A Objections-G.H. Gregory-Dunalley.
L/923 VOL 1 L.G. & B.E. Oates-Judbury.
L/923 VOL 2 L.G. & B.E. Oates-Judbury.
L/924 Tasmanian Board Mills-Roses Tier.
L/926 J.O. & A.J.F. Bushby-Relbia.
L/927 B.S. Simmonds-Primrose Sands.
L/929 B.J. Wardlaw-Seymour.
L/934 Campbell Town Municipality.
L/938 Stubbs Sand and Gravel Pty Ltd-Sassafras.
L/944 HEC-Murchison Highway.
L/945 VOL 1 DMR (Misc. Gravel Pits and Quarries).
L/945 VOL 2 DMR (Misc. Gravel Pits & Quarries).
L/945A Objections-DMR (Misc. Gravel Pits and Quarries).
L/945 N.E. Dmr.
L/945 S.E. Dmr.
L/945 N.W. Dmr.
L/946 Quinn Lindsay-Blackmans Bay.
L/947-Price, P.J.-Star of Peace.
L/947A Objections-Price, P.J.-Star of Peace.
L/949 Hazel, D.-Leslie Vale.
L/955 Cambridge Washed Coarse Sand-Back House Road.
L/956 Cambridge Washed Coarse Sand-Colebrook.
L/957 Cambridge Washed Coarse Sand-Sorell.
L/960 Alexander Desmond-Tonganah.
L/964 G.W. Denman-Deviot.
L/965 C.R. Johnson-Seven Mile Beach.
L/965A Objections-C.R. Johnson-Seven Mile Beach.
L/966 Shaw Contracting Pty Ltd-Tasman Hwy.
L/966A Objections-Shaw Contracting Pty Ltd-Tasman Highway.
L/968 Beams, K.M.-Lisle.
L/969 Tico Mines Pty Ltd-Balfour.
L/969A Objections-Tico Mines Pty Ltd-Balfour.
L/974 Lethborgs Butcheries-Scottsdale.
L/974A Objections-Lethborgs Butcheries-Scottsdale.
L/974B Appeal-Lethborgs Butcheries-Scottsdale.
L/975 Namco Industries (Tas)-Cambridge.
L/976 McLennan, M.E.-Scottsdale.
L/977 APPM-Lefroy Forest Blocks.
L/978 APPM-Mt Arthur Forest Blocks.
L/979 APPM-Eastern Highland Forest Blocks.
L/980 APPM-Claun Forest Blocks-Calstock.
L/981 APPM-Mt Connection Forest Blocks.
L/982 Conroy, W.L. & M.J.-Upper Esk via Mathinna.
L/985 Dyson, S & E Pty Ltd-Ulverstone.
L/988 Talisker Blue Metal-Breadalbane.
L/988A Objections-Talisker Blue Metal-Breadalbane.
L/988B Appeal-Talisker Blue Metal-Breadalbane.
L/991 APPM-Reedy Marsh.
L/992 APPM-Asbestos Forest Block Quarries.
L/993 APPM-Saxon Creek Quarry.
L/994 APPM-Retreat-Jetsonville Forest Blocks.
L/995 APPM-Sulzberger Quarry.
L/996 APPM-Retreat Forest Block-S.W. Quarries.
L/997 Lawry, R.C.-Gladstone.
L/998 Groves, L.J.-Eastern Lead Mine-Gladstone.
L/1002 Kibuka Mines Pty Ltd-Currie.
L/1003 Millhouse, K.J. Roaring Beach Rd-South Arm.
L/1006 C.R. Johnson-Mornington.
L/1006A Objections-L.B. Jeffries Pty Ltd-Mornington.
L/1008 Stephen Robert Williams-Beauty Point.
L/1009 Harris, Arthur and Joan-George Town.
L/1010 Lowe, G.W.-Lisle.
L/1011 Hazell Bros-Blue Gate Rd, Margate.
L/1011A Objections-Hazell Bros-Blue Gate Rd Margate.
L/1013 Ludby, Russell Keith-Queenstown Rd Strahan.
L/1014 Queenstown Municipality-Lynchford Road Queenstown.
L/1015 R.E. & D.A. Bramich-Barren Hill Nook.
L/1016 Hall Bros-Westerway.
L/1017 Singline Constructions Pty Ltd-Cascade Rd Burnie.
L/1017A Objections-Singline Constructions Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L/1017B Appeal-Singline Constructions Pty Ltd-Burnie.
L1019 Badcock, Kenneth B.-Newnham.
L/1019A Objections-Badcock, Kenneth B.-Newnham.
L/1020 F.K.H. & P.J. Scheppin-Lilydale.
L/1021 F.K.H. Scheppin-Weld Plain.
L/1022 I.R. Perkins-Sheffield.
L/1023 Jackson, D.S.-Moogara.
L/1024 Coulson, Basil James & Vera E.-Scotts Rd, Geeveston.
L/1027 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Exeter Hwy, Harford.
L/1032 G. Gerke & Sons-Bridport Rd, Bell Bay.
L/1034 G. Gerke & Sons-Old Bridport Rd, Scottsdale.
L/1035 G.R. Wise & Sons-Clarence Point.
L/1037 Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Plenty Rd, New Norfolk.
L/1038 Lands Department, Trial Harbour Garbage Disposal Area.
L/1039 Launceston Plating Co-Mowbray.
L/1041 R.E. & D.A. Bramich-Tugrah.
L/1042 Scheppin, Fred Kurt Harry-Weld Plain.
L/1043 VOL 1 Stagg, K.R. & M.S.-Careys Lane Scottsdale.
L/1043 VOL 2 Stagg, K.R. & M.S.-Careys Lane Scottsdale.
L/1044 Innes, K.J.-Seabrook Rd, Somerset.
L/1044A Objections-Innes, K.J.-Seabrook Rd, Somerset.
L/1045 Salter, K. & J.-Nugent Rd, Sorell.
L/1046 Salter, J & K-Wattle Hill.
L/1047 Stagg, K.R. & M.S.-Winnaleah.
L/1048 Stagg, K.R. & M.S.-North Scottsdale.
L/1056 Kenny D.C. Pty Ltd-Winkleigh.
L/1056A Objections-Kenny D.C. Pty Ltd-Winkleigh.
L/1058 Archer, F.R.-Dilston.
L/1061 George Machen-Wombat Flat.
L/1062 Groombridge Sand Supplies-Lawitta Rd, Magra.
L/1063 Groombridge Sand Supplies-Black Hills Rd, Magra.
L/1063A Objections-Groombridge Sand Supplies-Black Hills Rd.
L/1064 N.J. & L.J. Cairns-Main Rd, Austins Ferry.
L/1065 Groombridge Sand Supplies-Broadmarsh.
L/1066 Groombridge Sand Supplies-Plenty.
L/1069 Lands Department Quarry at King River, Strahan.
L/1070 Trikon International Pty Ltd-Emu Flat, Weldborough.
L/1071 Bruns, Toni Michelle-Emu Flats.
L/1073 Dickson, Peterjubert-Gladstone.
L/1074 Strahan Municipality-Ocean Beach Rd.
L/1075 HEC-Pieman Rd-No. 01 Quarry.
L/1078 Etna Stone Pty Ltd-Cobbs Hill.
L/1079 Hazell Bros-Variety Bay-Bruny Island.
L/1081 Wilkes, Alfred E.-Penquite Rd, Norwood.
L/1082 Barnett, Geoffrey Lyal-Cloudy Bay Lagoon.
L/1084 R.J. Billings-Moina.
L/1086 Reynolds, J.P.-Saxleby Creek.
L/1087 Zeehan Municipality (Various Gravel Pits).
L/1088 Northern Woodchips-Bowens Road.
L/1090 Briggs, R.O. & A.J.-Thomas St, Bridport.
L/1091 C.R. Johnson-Richmond.
L/1092 C.R. Johnson-Mt Rumney.
L/1094 Walters, Cyril William-Royal George.
L/1094A Objections-Walters, Cyril William-Royal George.
L/1097 Zeehan Municipality-Direens Cnr Rosebery.
L/1100 Consolidated Forest Owners Pty Ltd-Pateena Rd, Prospect.
L/1100A Objections-Consolidated Forest Owners Pty Ltd-Prospect.
L/1102 The Ready Mix Group-Valley Field Rd, Epping.
L/1102A Objections-The Ready Mix Group-Valley Field Rd.
L/1103 HEC -Mackintosh Project-Tullibardine Dam.
L/1104 Dwyer, Douglas B & Teresa M-Anne Creek.
L/1107 Barwick, Maurice L-Ring Farm, Tea Tree.
L/1108 Cordwell, I.W. & E.M. & Sons-Crab Tree.
L/108A Objections-Cordwell, I.W. & E.M. & Sons,-Crab Tree.
L/1109 L.G. Holloway Transport-Village Lane Somerset.
L/1109A Objections-L.G. Holloway Transport-Village Lane.
L/1110 Lethborgs Butcheries-Minestone Rd, Scottsdale.
L/1110A Objections-Lethborgs Butcheries-Minestone Rd.
L/1112 Nolan, K.J.-Dyces Flat, Pioneer.
L/1113 Bennett, Baden N & Tony Preston-Weld Plain.
L/1116 Furneaux Fishing & Processing Co Pty Ltd-Lady Barron.
L/1116A Objections-Furneaux Fishing & Processing Co Pty Ltd.
L/1116B Appeal-Furneaux Fishing & Processing Co Pty Ltd.
L/1117 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Frankford Rd-East Devonport.
L/1117A Objections-Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Frankford Rd-East Devonport.
L/1119 Brambles Holdings-Brickport Rd, Cooee.
L/1119A Objections-Lloyds Transport-Brickport Rd, Cooee.
L/1119B Appeal-Brambles Holdings-Brickport Rd, Cooee.
L/1120 Clune, John Morris-Forth.
L/1120A Objections-Clune, John Morris-Forth.
L/1121 Holloway, Ray-Constable Creek.
L/1123 Bones, A & Chadwick, D-Saddle Rd, Kettering.
L/1126 Fun Foods Pty Ltd-Chapel Street, Glenorchy.
L/1128 Munnings, Donald P.-Pontville.
L/1129 Gangells Butchery-Bagdad.
L/1130 Treloar, Eric J.-Forthside.
L/1131 HEC-Sophia River, Tullah.
L/1132 Gordon Jennings Plant Hire Pty Ltd-Runnymede.
L/1133 Burns, Peter L.-Trebakunna Rd.
L/1134 Burns, Peter L.-Steiglitz.
L/1135 Burns, Peter L.-St Helens.
L/1136 R.W. Carter-Pipers River.
L/1137 A.S. Burrill & Son-Oatlands.
L/1139 Smith, J & Brown, W-Tunnel.
L/1145 M.J. & J.I. Bellinger-Cressy.
L/1146 Oates, Dan L. & Sons-Drip Beach, Lymington.
L/1149 Kenworthy, D.-Mt Bischoff.
L/1150 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-East Devonport.
L/1152 Bramich, R.E. & D.A.-Nook.
L/1152A Objections-Bramich, R.E. & D.A.-Nook.
L/1154 HEC-Bastyan Quarry-Pieman River.
L/1155 North Eastern Mining Division of R.M. Worbey Constructions-Swan Island.
L/1156 S.P. Holman & Sons Pty Ltd-Main Rd, South Spreyton.
L/1157 Holloway, A.E.-Saxelby Creek.
L/1159 Bass Highway Quarries-Beaconsfield.
L/1159A Objections-Bass Hwy Quarries-Beaconsfield.
L/1160 Barnett, Leslie M.-Star of Peace Mine.
L/1161 L.J.C. Singleton-Moina.
L/1161A-Objections-L.J.C. Singleton-Moina.
L/1162 Lawrence, John H-Sugarloaf Rd, Carlton.
L/1163 Graue, Lawrence M-All National Mine, Moina via Wilmot.
L/1164 Klingberg, Les Pty Ltd-Elderslie.
L/1165 Etna Stone Woodlands-Melton Mowbray.
L/1167 J.E. & M.N. Noonan & Sons-Forcett.
L/1169 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Squeaking Point.
L/1169A Objections-Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Squeaking Point.
L/1171 Yaxley, Thomas-Welborough.
L/1172 Moore, Nigel B.-South Mt Cameron Gladstone.
L/1173 VOL 1 C.V. Wood-Wyniford River, Pioneer.
L/1173 VOL 2 C.V. Wood-Wyniford River, Pioneer.
L/1174 P.P. & P.S. Cousins-Forthside.
L/1175 Renison Ltd-Zeehan.
L/1176 W.A. & G.M. French-Mt Hicks.
L/1177 D.R. James-Tonganah.
L/1177A Objections-D.R. James-Tonganah.
L/1178 M.S. Robertson-Trial Harbour.
L/1181 Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd-Dowling St, Launceston.
L/1181A Objections-Clements & Marshall Pty Ltd-Dowling St, Launceston.
L/1182 Whittaker, G.J.-South Mt Cameron.
L/1183 Mineral Supplies Pty Ltd-Ferndene via Penguin.
L/1185 Wigg, Urban J.
L/1187 Glamorgan Municipality-Dolphin Sands.
L/1187A Objections-Glamorgan Municipality-Dolphin Sands.
L/1190 Newhaven Pty Ltd-Quadling St, East Devonport.
L/1190A Objections-Newhaven Pty Ltd -Quadling St, East Devonport .
L/1191 Forrest, D.A.-Priory Rd, St Helens.
L/1193 Healey, J.A.-Pyengana.
L/1195 Moore, N.B.-Vulcan Lagoon.
L/1197 Tatlow, S.A.-Balfour.
L/1198 Martin, L.G. & A.G.-Groom River.
L/1198A Objections-Martin, L.G. & A.G.-Groom River.
L/1199 Wilson, D.J. & V.J.-Clarence Point, West Tamar.
L/1200 H.Duggan & Sons-Cardoc.
L/1200A Objections-H. Duggan & Sons-Cradoc.
L/1200B Appeals-(inc Papers)-H. Duggan & Sons-Cradoc.
L/1203 Barnes, D.K.-Steiglitz St Helens.
L/1203A Objections-Barnes, D.K.-Steiglitz St Helens.
L/1204 Santona Investments-Summer Creek.
L/1205 Forestry Commission-Triabunna District.
L/1206 Clark, M.J.-Weld River.
L/1207 Sandfly Quarries-Sandfly.
L/1208 Rainbow, W.D. Winnaleah.
L/1209 Enraght-Moony J.N.R.-Silver Bell Zeehan.
L/1212 Williams Bros Transport Pty Ltd-Sherwood.
L/1213 Smith, A.R.-North Heemskirk.
L/1214 (Temp File)-T.J. Watt-Gladstone.
L/1216A Objections-Sabin B-Flinders Island.
L/1217 Price R.J.-C.M. & J.C.-Cambridge.
L/1217A Objections-Price R.J.-C.M. & J.C.-Cambridge.
L/1218 Peninsula Seafood Pty Ltd-Eaglehawk Neck.
L/1218A Objections-Peninsula Seafood Pty Ltd-Eaglehawk Neck.
L/1218B Appeal-Peninsula Seafood Pty Ltd-Eaglehawk Neck.
L/1220 Brampton, T.-Lynchford.
L/1221 Wear J.C.-Allens Rivulet.
L/1223 Mobil Oil Australia Ltd-Bell Bay.
L/1224 Mineral Supplies Pty Ltd-Upper Natone.
L/1226 Golden Fleece Petroleum-Selfs Point.
L/1228 Taylor V.E. & Sons-Broadmarsh.
L/1228A Objections-Taylor V.E. & Sons-Broadmarsh.
L/1229 New Echo Mine Pty Ltd-Moorina.
L/1230 Sefton Reid & Co-Epping.
L/1231 Cassidy, C.J.-Pinnells Rd Springfield.
L/1233 Nichols, D.L.-Coles Bay.
L/1234 Whittaker, G.J.-Frame River.
L/1237 Stubbs, G.J.-Forth.
L/1238 Rankin, C.A.-Campania.
L/1239 Jay, K.-Faulkner.
L/1239A Objections-Jay, K.-Faulkner.
L/1241 B.P. Australia Ltd-Bell Bay.
L/1242 Central Tasmanian Tungsten Pty Ltd-Mt Pelion.
L/1242A Objections-Central Tasmanian Tungesten Pty Ltd.
L/1242B Appeal-Central Tasmanian Tungsten Pty Ltd-Mt Nelson.
L/1243 Colgan, R.M.-Badger Flats.
L/1245 Transport Commission-Mayne St, Invermay.
L/1246 Interview Mining Associates Pty Ltd-Interview River.
L/1249 Cooke, M.K.-Amber Hill Mining-Gladstone.
L/1250 Richardson, G.L. & S.D.-Forcett.
L/1251 (Temp File) Crane L & G-Richmond.
L/1252 Johnson, N.C.-Ringarooma River.
L/1252A Objections-Johnson, N.C.-Ringarooma River.
L/1254 Lilydale Municipality-Ferny Hill.
L/1255 Carter, R.W.-Heap of Rocks.
L/1256 Graue, L.M.-Moina.
L/1257 Schindler, O.H.-Lilydale.
L/1258 Wood, V.-Musselroe River.
L/1258A Objections-Wood, V.-Musselroe River.
L/1258B Appeal-Wood, V.-Musselroe River.
L/1259 McDonald, D.D.-Ringarooma River.
L/1259A Objections-McDonald, D.D.-Ringarooma River.
L/1260 Lunn, G.H. & P.J.-Calder Rd, Wynyard.
L/1263 H.S. Holness & Sons-Weymouth.
L/1263A Objections-H.S. Holness & Sons-Weymouth.
L/1268 Happy Valley Mining Co-Lefroy.
L/1269 Inglis, A.C.-Anchor Point.
L/1269A Objections-Inglis, A.C.-Anchor Point.
L/1270 Douglas, J.W.-Mooreville Rd, Burnie.
L/1270A Objections-Douglas, J.W.-Mooreville Rd, Burnie.
L/1272 Lockwood, V.R.-Star of Peace.
L/1273 Moore, R.J.-Shean, B.R. & Hodgetts, C.W.- Gladstone.
L/1274 Moore, R.J.-Shean, B.R. & Hodgetts, C.W.-Georges Bay.
L/1276 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1277 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1278 Johnson, W.C. & V.A.-Star of Peace.
L/1281 Salter, L.B. & Dixon, J.E.-Maydena.
L/1283 South, R.J. & Holloway, J.H.-Balfour.
L/1287 L.M.T. Industries-various sites.
L/1288-Gladwell, R.D.-Elliott.
L/1290 Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Black Bobs.
L/1291 Lands Department-Dawson River.
L/1293 IXL Timber Pty Ltd-Mt Wedge.
L/1294 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1295 Kerrison, M.I.-Bells Plains.
L/1296 Franks, W.N.-St Helens.
L/1297 Graham, H.A.-Lisle.
L/1298 Watt, E.M.-Lowes Creek.
L/1300 Inglis, C.C.-Clarence Point.
L/1302 Groves, L.J.-Lockaber.
L/1303 Philpott, L.C.-Frankford.
L/1304 Stubbs, G.J.-Marshall Flats.
L/1304A Objections-Stubbs, G.J.-Marshall Flats.
L/1306 Tanner, C.G.-Derby.
L/1308 Price, J.C. & J.E.-Forcett.
L/1309 Wright, B.K.-Powranna.
L/1313 Bruce, P.J. & Ivers, J.D.-Cascade River.
L/1314 George Town Municipality-Turquoise Bluff.
L/1316 Readymix Group (Tas)-Berth East Devonport.
L/1319 Duggan H & Sons Pty Ltd-Cradoc.
L/1319A Objections-Duggan H & Sons Pty Ltd-Cradoc.
L/1320 Fenton D-Stanhope.
L/1321 Sadler, J.H.-Calder.
L/1324 Johnson, N.C. & V.A.-Bells Plains.
L/1328 Pioneer Concrete (Tas) Pty Ltd-St Pauls.
L/1329 Reynolds D.G.-Pioneer.
L/1330 McCormack R.G. & W.M.-Pardoe Beach.
L/1330A Objections-McCormack R.G. & W.M.-Pardoe Beach.
L/1331 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1332 George Town Municipality-South St George Town.
L/1333 Barnett, L.M.-Bells Plains.
L/1335 Nichols, D.L.-Coles Bay.
L/1337 HEC-Sophia Valley.
L/1338 Gunn, J & T-Lorinna.
L/1341 Lawry, R C-Argonaut Rd, St Helens.
L/1342 Richdarson K.M.-Saxelby Creek.
L/1345 Bull W.E.-Winkleigh.
L/1346 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1347 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1351-Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Rekuna Rd Tea Tree.
L/1352 Southern Hardwoods Pty Ltd-Tarraleah.
L/1353 Malley J.F.-Georges Bay.
L/1354 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L/1358 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Squeaking Point.
L/1360 Johnson, G.E.-Pipers Brook.
L/1361 Henty, J.W.-W.J. & D.W.-Lefroy.
L/1364 Stornoway Gravel Pty Ltd-Deddington.
L/1364A Objections-Stornoway Gravel Pty Ltd-Deddington.
L/1365 Midget Mix (North West) Pty Ltd-Wivenhoe.
L/1366 Walker, P.C. & A.M.-Melrose.
L/1368 Taylor, C.J.-Tinkerbell.
L/1369 Garth, A.R.-Howden.
L/1371 Forster, M.C.-Weld River.
L/1371A Objections-Forster, M.C.-Weld River.
L/1372 Oliver, P.F.-Moorina.
L/1374 Summers, I.J.-Herrick.
L/1375 Williams, R.G. & McDonald, W.V-Ringarooma River.
L/1376 Fingal Municipality-Royal George.
L/1377 Hayes, R.J.-Derby.
L/1378 Nolan, K.J. & McLeod, G.M.-Wyniford River.
L/1379 Lee, V.M.-Bridport.
L/1380 Nixon, L.S.-Beechford.
L/1381 Boyer B & Mundy B-Tobacco Creek.
L/1382 Wegerbaurj & Millward M-Lefroy.
L/1384 Hampton C.D.-Gipps Creek.
L/1385 Price, P.J.-Cascade River.
L/1387 HEC-Pieman Rd.
L/1388 Cleveland Tin Ltd-Queen Hill.
L/1389 Roadways Pty Ltd-Kempton.
L/1390 Grose, P.M.-Weldborough.
L/1391 Clarke, H.J. & P.M.-Cascade River.
L/1392 Stonjek A-Warrentina.
L/1393 Hopkins, D.L. & B.A.-Lower Longley.
L/1394 APPM-Mayberry.
L/1395 Murfet, E.-Wilmot.
L/1395A Objections-Murfet E-Wilmot.
L/1396 Robinson, K.M.-Wallanippi Rd, Flinders Island.
L/1397 Hodgetts, C.W.-Auton Creek.
L/1398 Island Quarries-Wallanippi Rd.
L/1422 Reynold, T.W.-Wyniford River.
L/1426 Brent, R.C. & L.W.-Wellington St Launceston.
L/1428 Maney, E.J.-St Marys.
L/1429 O'Brien, D.W.-Lisle.
L/1430 Beswick, C & D-Bells Plains.
L/1431 Que River Mining Pty Ltd-Tullah.
L/1435 Brunkman, R.M. & Robinson, L.-Mt Rex, Avoca.
L/1436 Que River Mining Pty Ltd-Tullah.
L/1438 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L1404 Powell, G.L.-Kapi Creek-Dundas.
L/1405 Brown, N.B. & Cox, S.-Bells Plains.
L/1407 Kynance Pty Ltd-Zeehan.
L/1408 E.H. Bowerman Pty Ltd-Wallanippi.
L/1409 Weekes, R.L.-Latrobe.
L/1409A Objections-Weekes, R.L.-Latrobe.
L/1410 Westmore, R.-Hulm, H. & Jacobs, T.-Lefroy.
L/1411 Ling, R.C.-Trowutta,.
L/1412 Curtis, K.V.-Ruby Flat.
L/1415 Stanage, H.-Musselroe.
L/1415A Objections-Standage, H.-Musselroe.
L/1416 Wainright, G.J. & R.J.-Star of Peace.
L/1418 Parker, C.R. & Clark, S.A.-Trial Harbour.
L/1419 Mead, M.R.-Melrose.
L/1419A Objections-Mead, M.R.-Melrose.
L/1440 Glen Craig Pty Ltd-Broadmarsh.
L/1456 R.F. Buckingham-Nunamara.
L/1457 Tri Kon International Pty Ltd-Star of Peace.
L/1458 Brooks, J.R. & E.J.-Lilydale.
L/1460 Bass Hwy Quarries Pty Ltd-Bridport.
L/1461 Buckingham, R.F. & M.E.-Scottsdale.
L/1462 Baker, W.F.-Balfour.
L/1465 Price, P.J., Simon, D.K., Smith, T.J. & Simon, C.J-Ringarooma.
L/1468 Poke, G.D.-Lisle.
L/1469 Carr Bros & Sons-Upper Natone.
L/1470 Swansea Mining Co Ltd-Zeehan.
L/1472 Emoleum (Australia) Ltd-Devonport.
L/1472A Objections-Emoleum (Australia) Ltd-Devonport.
L/1472B Appeals-Emoleum (Australia) Ltd-Devonport.
L/1475 Toms, P.M. & H.-Tolmans Hill.
L/1476A Objections.
L/1478 Woodfield, R.N.-Clarence Point.
L/1480 VOL 1 Green, G.W.-Mole Creek.
L/1480 VOL 2 Green, G.W.-Mole Creek.
L/1483 Farrell, R.A. & Langley, T.H.-Waterhouse Point.
L/1483A Objections-Farrell, R.A. & Langley, T.H.-Waterhouse Point.
L/1484 Bass Hwy Quarries-Beaconsfield.
L/1486 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Merseylea.
L/1487 Noonan, C.B.-Copping.
L/1488 Wallis, C.T.-Hellyer River.
L/1489 Stephens, J.P.-Donaldson River.
L/1491 Oceania Tasmania Pty Ltd-Waratah.
L/1492 HEC-Miena Dam.
L/1493 HEC-Miena Dam.
L/1495 F.C. Bardenhagen Nominees Pty Ltd-Lilydale.
L/1495A Objections-F.C. Bardenhagen Pty Ltd-Lilydale.
L/1497 Marshall, J.R. Lefroy.
L/1498 Bonner, D.T.-Blue Tier.
L/1500 Phelan, G.H.-Grants Creek.
L/1501 Langridge, M.N. & Neilson, W.L.
L/1502 Locsei, L.-Bells Plains.
L/1503 VOL 1 Abignano Constructions Pty Ltd-Interview River.
L/1503 VOL 2 Abignano Constructions Pty Ltd-Interview River.
L/1504A Objections-Brambles Holdings Ltd-Cooee.
L/1506 Reardon, B.A.-Forcett.
L/1511 Reynolds, D.G.-Amber Creek.
L/1512 Standage, H.-Amber Creek.
L/1515 Amoco Minerals Australia Co-Oceana.
L/1517 Gippsland Oil & Minerals N.L.-Zeehan.
L/1519 Taylor, M.J.-Hardens Ravine.
L/1521 Beams, J.E. & Leaver, L.C.-Kamona.
L/1522 Bavage, R.C., L.E., S.C., & R.E.-Wynyard.
L/1522A Objections-Bavage, R.C., L.E., S.C. & R.E.-Wynyard.
L/1523 Jozic, S.-Arthur River.
L/1524 Millhouse, K.J.-New Norfolk.
L/1526 Swansea Mining Co Pty Ltd-Zeehan.
L/1527 VOL 1 Oceania Tas Pty Ltd-Comstock Zeehan.
L/1527 VOL 2 Oceania Tas Pty Ltd-Comstock Zeehan.
L/1528 Oceania Tas Pty Ltd-Cape Sorell.
L/1529 Roche Bros (Tas) Pty Ltd-Great Lake.
L/1531 Warren, S.R. & McKenzie, R.C.-Back Creek.
L/1532 McKay, S.C.-Magra.
L/1533 APPM-Reedy Marsh.
L/1536 Santos Ltd-Gladstone.
L/1537A Objections-Stornoway Gravel-Low Head.
L/1538 APPM-Georges Bay.
L/1541 Ashton, C.D.-Sandfly.
L/1542 Fidlers, A.-Blue Tier.
L/1543 Risby Forest Industries Pty Ltd-Mt Wedge.
L/1544 Moorfield, M.B.
L/1545 McDonald, W.V.-Herrick.
L/1546 French, L.L.-Sherwood.
L/1546A Objections-French, L.L.-Sherwood.
L/1548 Teakle, L.V.-Mt Lloyd.
L/1548A Objections-Teakle, L.V.-Mt Lloyd.
L/1549 Apollo International Minerals N.L.-St Dizier.
L/1550 T.P.F.H.-Nugent.
L/1551 T.P.F.H.-Levendale.
L/1552 T.P.F.H.-Nugent.
L/1553 T.P.F.H.-Levendale.
L/1554 T.P.F.H.-Mt Connection.
L/1555 T.P.F.H.-Nugent.
L/1556 Stephens, J.P.-Rocky River.
L/1560 Tas Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Levendale.
L/1561 Tas Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Tunnack.
L/1562 Tas Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Cygnet River.
L/1563 Tas Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Bicheno.
L/1565 Tas Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Bicheno.
L/1567 Que River Mining Pty Ltd-Murchison Hwy.
L/1570 T.P.F.H.-Woodheads Creek.
L/1572 Griffin, G.D.-Don River.
L/1572A Objections-Griffin, G.D.-Don River.
L/1572B Appeal-Griffin, G.D.-Don River.
L/1573 French, L.L.-Sherwood.
L/1574 Emoleum (Aust) Ltd-Latrobe.
L/1576 Hazell Bros-Trial Bay.
L/1576A Objections-Hazell Bros-Trial Bay.
L/1577 Mahoney, I.L.-Huskisson River.
L/1578 Allied Seafoods Ltd-Beauty Point.
L/1578A Objections-Allied Seafoods Ltd-Beauty Point.
L/1579 Stephens, J.P.-Corinna.
L/1580 Campbell Town Municipality-Lake Leake.
L/1581 Wheeldon, J.-Tomahawk River.
L/1583 Keleher, J.L.-Buckland.
L/1585 Wark, A.S.-Snug.
L/1586 Groves, T.W.-Yorktown.
L/1587 Kennelly, D. & Cuttriss, T.-Kingston.
L/1587A Objections-Kennelly, D. & Cuttriss, T.-Kingston.
L/1589 Lovegrove, C.A. & Howell, M.G.-Pipers Head.
L/1589A Objections-Lovegrove, C.A. & Howell, M.G.-Pipers Head.
L/1591 Racing Trust-Mortimer Bay.
L/1591A Objections-Racing Trust-Mortimer Bay.
L/1596 Campbell, A.R.-Apollo Rd, Bruny Island.
L/1598 N.C. & V.A. Johnson Pty Ltd-Ruby Flats.
L/1599 Kyogle Pty Ltd-T/A Hamiltons the Butchers-Goldie St.
L/1559A Objections-Kyogle Pty Ltd-T/A Hamiltons the Butchers.
L1600 VOL1 George Town Municipality-Lefroy.
L/1601 McMaster, R.P.-Bryn Estyn, New Norfolk.
L/1602 Devin, G.J.-Mersey River.
L/1603A Objections-Kaine, M.W.-Riana.
L/1607 Lindsay King Pty Ltd-Nook.
L/1611 VOL 1 Barnett, L.M. & J.W.-Cascade River.
L/1612 Frerk, T.R. & P. King Island.
L/1613 Glen Craig Pty Ltd-Elderslie.
L/1616 Moore, P.A. & Pearce, V.-Tobacco Creek.
L/1616A Objections-Moore, P.A. & Pearce, V.-Tobacco Creek.
L/1618 Australian Technology Engineering & Processes (Austep) Crayfish Creek.
L/1622 Freeland Construction & Plant Hire Pty Ltd-Currie.
L/1625 Reynolds, H.L.-Wyniford River.
L/1626 VOL 1 Bendall, M.R.-Pioneer.
L/1627 VOL 1 Renison Ltd-Renison Bell.
L/1627 Vol 2 Inc Papers-Renison Ltd-Renison Bell.
L/1627D Monitoring-Renison Ltd-Renison Bell.
L/1628 Smith, T.J.-Ringarooma River.
L/1629 Golden Apple Mining Syndicate-Cygnet.
L/1629A Objections-Golden Apple Mning Syndicate-Cygnet.
L/1630 Watson, K.A.-Sandford.
L/1638 HEC-Traveller Creek.
L/1638A VOL 1 Objections-HEC-Traveller Creek.
L/1638A VOL 2 Objections-HEC-Travellers Creek.
L/1638B Appeal-HEC-Traveller Creek.
L/1640 HEC-Lower Pieman Dam.
L/1643 National Parks & Wildlife Service-Mt William.
L/1646 Fox, J.W. & C.E.-Amber Creek.
L/1648 Reddy, M.-Amber Creek.
L/1649 Randall, R.G. & J.G.-Amber Creek.
L/1650 T.J. Smith-Main Creek.
L/1651 Scribe Systems Pty Ltd-Swan Island.
L/1652A Objections-HEC-Taylors Knob.
L/1652B-Appeal-HEC-Taylors Knob.
L/1653 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Mt Connection.
L/1654 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Mt Connection.
L/1655 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Mt Connection.
L/1659 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Chain of Lagoons.
L/1660 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Clifton Vale.
L/1661 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Bothwell.
L/1662 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Lake Sorell.
L/1664 Turmine, R.W.-Flowers Hill-Kelso & Dans Hill.
L/1665 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Springhill Creek.
L/1669 Jupp, R.E.-St Helens.
L/1670 Gordon Jennings Plant Hire-Seven Mile Beach.
L/1671 Cruickshank, M.D.-Eardley Tor.
L/1671A Objections-Cruickshank, M.D.-Eardley Tor.
L/1672 Oceania Tasmania Pty Ltd-Lynchford.
L/1673 BMG Resources Ltd-Pateena Rd, Longford.
L/1673A Objections-BMG Resources Ltd-Pateena Rd, Longford.
L/1673B Appeal-BMG Resources Ltd-Pateena Rd, Longford.
L/1674 Stornoway Gravel Pty Ltd-Longford.
L/1676 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings Ltd-Mt Henry.
L/1677 Stornoway Gravel Pty Ltd-Epping Forest.
L/1682 Boultbee, P.N. & Woolley, H.R.-Railton.
L/1683 Morley, S.M.-Adams River.
L/1683A Objections-Morley, S.M.-Adams River.
L/1684 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings-Dunrobin.
L/1685 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings-Bicheno.
L/1686 Scheppein, F.K.H.-Rossarden.
L/1687 Crawn, I.R.-Winnaleah.
L/1688 Riley, A.G.-Nook.
L/1691 A.G. Atkinson & Son-Sandford.
L/1692 APPM Ltd-Pipers River.
L/1693 Poustie, D. & S.-Amber Creek.
L/1695 Burns, P.L.-Akoroa.
L/1696-Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings-Burburys.
L/1698 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings-Nugent.
L/1699 Taylor, C.J.-Mathinna.
L/1699A Objections-Taylor, C.J.-Mathinna.
L/1700 Creekton Pty Ltd-Cressy.
L/1702 Graham, S.-Storeys Creek.
L/1705 Jones, C.L. & M.-Gravelly Beach.
L/1707 Clark, G. & K.E.-Ringarooma.
L/1709 Fish, R.J.-Oatlands.
L/1711 BMG Resources T/A Woodfield & French-Carrick.
L/1713 APPM Reiffers Rd-Meander.
L/1714 Treloar, J.R.-Barrington.
L/1718 Tasmanian Pulp & Forest Holdings-Tasman Peninsula.
L/1722 BMG Resources T/A Woodfield & French-Carrick.
L/1724 St Leonards Municipality-Abels Hill.
L/1725 Moore, K.T.-Lachlan.
L/1726 Denney, J. Sheffield.
L/1727 Brown, K.P.D. & C.M.-Branxholm.
L/1728 Newett, R.A.-Coles Bay.
L/1728A Objections-Newett, R.A.-Coles Bay.
L/1738 Ellis, A.C. & Dunstan, M.J.-Cradle Mountain.
L/1739 Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Elderslie.
L/1740 Kearnes, R.W., Sandland, J.S. & Taylor, C.A.-Lisle.
L/1740A Objections-Kearnes, R.W., Sandland, J.S. & Taylor, C.A.
L/1742 L.T. Klingberg-Bryn Estyn New Norfolk.
L/1743 Oceania (Tas) Pty Ltd-Swain Creek.
L/1745 Morley, S.-Adams Falls.
L/1745A Objections-Morley, S.-Adams Falls.
L/1746 McMaster, R.P.-Glenfern.
L/1750 Palmer Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd-Broadmarsh.
L/1752 APPM-Old Surrey Hills Rd.
L/1754 Ashton, C.D.-Sandfly.
L/1755 Johnson, D.N.-Nook.
L/1756 McGee, M.J.-Moorleah.
L/1757 BMG Resources-Hagley.
L/1758 Etna Stone Pty Ltd-Dromedary.
L/1758A Objections-Etna Stone Pty Ltd-Dromedary.
L/1758B Appeal-Etna Stone Pty Ltd-Dromedary.
L/1760 VOL 1 O'Connor, N.M.-Butler, E.G. & Foot, G.J-Lake Leake.
L/1760 VOL 2 O'Connor, N.M.-Butler, E.G. & Foot, G.J-Lake Leake.
L/1761 VOL 1 O'Connor, N.M.-Lake Leake.
L/1761 VOL 2 O'Connor, N.M.-Lake Leake.
L/1762 Nixon, G.G. & L.S.-Weymouth.
L/1763 Saunders, D.F.-Powranna.
L/1765 Thomas, R.F.-Longford.
L/1766 Crawford, P.-Back Creek.
L/1767 Gregory, R.A.-Back Creek.
L/1768 Anderson, W.N.J. & R.J.-Perth.
L/1769 VOL 1 Atkinson, D.J.-Campbell Town.
L/1769 VOL 2 Atkinson, D.J.-Campell Town.
L/1770 Lavell, G.A.-Moina.
L/1773 Coates, C. & E.J.-Longford.
L/1774 Hills, M.J. & S.-Hayes.
L/1775 Hazell Bros-Margate.
L/1775A Objections-Hazell Bros-Margate.
L/1776 Aust Anglo American Ltd-Gladstone.
L/1777 Trotter, G.D. & Thofner-Scamander.
L/1778 Stanton, R.R. & H.V.-Van Morey Rd, Margate.
L/1778A Objections-Stanton, R.R. & H.V.-Van Morey Rd, Margate.
L/1778B Appeal-Stanton, R.R. & H.V.-Van Morey Rd, Margate.
L/1779 Cretney, M.J.-Eldon Rd, Tunnack.
L/1780 B.L. & J.L. Summers Pty Ltd-South Mt Cameron.
L/1787 Worsley, M.D.-Margate.
L/1787A Objections-Worsley, M.D.-Margate.
L/1788 Golden Poultry Farming Industries Ltd-Longford.
L/1789 The Orford Golf Club Inc-Orford.
L/1790 Kentish Construction Co-Middlesex Plains.
L/1791 Stubbs, G.J.-South Rd, Ulverstone.
L/1794 VOL 1 Spring Bay Fisheries Pty Ltd-Prontangue.
L/1794 VOL 2 Inc Papers-Industrial Fish Tasmania Pty Ltd-Prontangue.
L/1794A Objections-Industrial Fish Tasmania Pty Ltd-Prontangue.
L/1704D Monitoring-Industrial Fish Tasmania Pty Ltd-Prontangue.
L/1796 HEC-King River.
L/1799 Groves, J.M.-Gladstone.
L/1801 VOL 1 Hayes, R.J.-Derby.
L/1801 VOL 2 Hayes, R.J.-Derby.
L/1802 Bruce, P & P-South Mt Cameron.
L/1804 Stubbs, A.A.-Osmaston.
L/1805 Dennis Fieldwick Pty Ltd-Pardoe Beach.
L/1813 Scheppein, F.K.M. & Graham, M.F.-Mathinna.
L/1815 Singline Constructions Pty Ltd-Cascade Hill.
L/1815A Objections-Singline Constructions Pty Ltd-Cascade Hill.
L/1816 APPM Ltd-Upper Scamander.
L/1818 Sajben, J.-Mt Rex.
L/1821 HEC-Lynchford.
L/1822 HEC-Lynchford.
L/1823 HEC-South Queenstown.
L/1824 Alcaston Mining N.L.-Mangana.
L/1828 Barnett, L.M.-Cascade River.
L/1829 Hall, C.L.-Black Bobs Rivulet.
L/1832 Rooke, A.R. & H.K.-Richmond.
L/1832A Objections-Rooke, A.R. & H.K.-Richmond.
L/1833 Safcol (Tas) Pty Ltd-Bridport.
L/1835 Associated Pulp & Paper Mills-Meander.
L/1836 Bruce P.J.-South Mt Cameron.
L/1837 D. Fieldwick Pty Ltd-Nook.
L/1840 APPM Ltd-Mangana.
L/1842 Chapman, P.R.-Lisle.
L/1844 Buchanan, L.R.-Glenfield.
L/1846 Stringer, M.B.-Jordan River.
L/1852 Gerke, K.J.-Gellibrand Plains.
L/1854 Davis, E.B.-Bridgenorth.
L/1857 BMG Resources Ltd T/A Woodfield & French-Hagley.
L/1858 Pioneer Concrete (Tas) Pty Ltd-Mt Lorymer.
L/1861 Oakhill Pty Ltd-Deep Creek.
L/1862 Moore, R.J.-Ogilvies Flat.
L/1864 VOL 1 Seabelle Pty Ltd-York Town.
L/1864 VOL 2 Seabelle Pty Ltd-York Town.
L/1869 Charleston, K.A.-Belvoir.
L/1870 Jackson, G.E.-Granville Harbour.
L/1871 Buchanan, L.R.-Pelham.
L/1873 Glenorchy City-Granton.
L/1874 Cox, G.A. & J.A.-Woodstock Lagoon.
L/1875 Rainbow, W.D.-Rattler Range.
L/1876 Baker, K.J. & M.-Westerway.
L/1876A Objections-Baker, K.J. & M.-Westerway.
L/1878 Wark, T.A.-Margate.
L/1878A Objections-Wark, T.A.-Margate.
L/1878B Appeal-Wark, T.A.-Margate.
L/1879 VOL 1 Roadways Pty Ltd-Baskerville.
L/1879 VOL 2 Roadways Pty Ltd-Baskerville.
L/1879A Objections-Roadways Pty Ltd-Baskerville.
L/1879B Appeal-Roadways Pty Ltd-Baskerville.
L/1880 Fisher, D.A. & J.A.-Wyniford River.
L/1881 Freeman, J.M.-Lake Leake.
L/1883 Watson, H.G. & S.M.-Glen Huon.
L/1883A Objections-Watson, H.G. & S.M.-Glen Huon.
L/1884 VOL 1 Zantuck, L.F.-Colebrook.
L/1884 VOL 2 Zantuck, L.F.-Colebrook.
L/1888 HEC-Heemskirk Rd.
L/1889 Toms, W.J. & J.L.-Ulverstone.
L/1890 APPM Forest Products-Mangana.
L/1891 Dohnt, S.L., Webb, R & Rowbottom, G.-Kapi Creek.
L/1892 Rooke, A.R. & H.K.-Colebrook.
L/1895 Rowell, D.J.-Wynyard.
L/1897 Boyer, B.W.-Tippogoree Gardens.
L/1897A Objections-Boyer, B.W.-Tippogoree Gardens.
L/1900 Kentish Constructions Co-Bonds Plains.
L/1900A Objections-Kentish Construction Co-Bonds Plains.
L/1901 Kentish Constructions Co-West Bonds Plain.
L/1904 VOL 1 Dillon, P.E.-North Franklin.
L/1904 VOL 2 Dillon, P.E.-North Franklin.
L/1906 National Parks & Wildlife Service-Lake Pedder.
L/1909 Riley, R.C. & J.T.-St Helens.
L/1910 Salter, K.-Seven Mile Beach.
L/1911 VOL 1 Dudley Clark Pty Ltd-Brighton.
L/1911 VOL 2 Dudley Clark Pty Ltd-Brighton.
L/1912 Schreck, A.J.-Huonville.
L/1915 Nobelius Pty Ltd-Freshwater Point.
L/1916 HEC-King River.
L/1918 Thorp, R.W. & L.F.-Russell Rd, Judbury.
L/1920 Thorp, R.W. & L.F.-Judds Creek.
L/1923 HEC-Mt Jukes Rd.
L/1924 Odgers, K.C.-Smithton.
L/1925 Kirkhope, A.R. & A.M.-Deddington.
L/1926 Dillon, P.E. & L.R.-Huonville.
L/1926A VOL 1 Objections-Dillon, P.E. & L.R.-Huonville.
L/1926A VOL 2 Objections-Dillon, P.E. & L.R Huonville.
L/1929 Purdon, R.J.-Baskerville.
L/1930 HEC-Duck Creek (no correspondence) [See L/1781].
L/1931 Dudley Clark Pty Ltd-Pontville.
L/1934 Howard, G.N.-Interlaken Rd.
L/1937 Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Broadmarsh.
L/1937A Objections-Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Broadmarsh.
L/1937B Appeal-Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Broadmarsh.
L/1938 Stalker, S.C.-Sandford.
L/1938A Objections-Stalker, S.C.-Sandford.
L/1939 Gerke, K.J.-Scottsdale.
L/1940 Ponsonby, D.S.-Austral Place, Derwent Park.
L/1943 Jetson, P.R.-Glengarry.
L/1947 Hume & Kerrison Pty Ltd-Prospect.
L/1947A Objections-Hume & Kerrison Pty Ltd-Prospect.
L/1948 Treloar, J.R. & A.L.-Shackley Hill.
L/1951 Penguin Municipality-Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin.
L/1952 VOL 1 Paton Namco Furniture Pty Ltd-Cambridge.
L/1952 VOL 2 Paton Namco Furniture Pty Ltd-Cambridge.
L/1955 Bush, D.J.-Alonnah.
L/1956 Bruny Municipality-Lunawanna.
L/1965 Kettle, G.R. & Woodberry, B.N. & D.N.-Golden Valley.
L/1967 Associated Machinery Services Pty Ltd-Heans Hill.
L/1969 Dunn Monumental Mason Pty Ltd-Great Lake.
L/1970 Lands Department-Lake Barrington.
L/1971 Geard, P.A. & E.J.-Broadmarsh.
L/1972 Moore, P.A. & Pearce, V.-Lisle.
L/1974 Bates, J.S.-Fingal.
L/1974A Objections-Bates, J.S.-Fingal.
L/1978 Blue Rock Quarry Pty Ltd-Richmond Park (no correspondence).
L/1979 Heatham Pty Ltd-Glengarry.
L/1979A Objections-Heatham Pty Ltd-Glengarry.
L/1980 Grubb, G.R.-Baretta.
L/1982 Trotter, G.D.-Cornwall.
L/1983A VOL 1 Objections-Tasmanian Silicon Smelters Pty Ltd-Electrona.
L/1983A VOL 2 Objections-Tasmanian Silicon Smelters Pty Ltd-Electrona (inc papers).
L/1983A Objections-Tasmanian Silicon Smelters Pty Ltd-Electrona (loose papers).
L/1983C Tasmanian Silicon Smelters Pty Ltd-Silicon Development Advisory Committee.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal-Records of Proceeding VOLS 1-9.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal-Records of Proceedings VOLS 10-18.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal-Records of Proceedings VOLS 20-25.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal-Records of Proceedings VOLS 26-29.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1983A Pioneer Silicon Smelter-Record-Court Proceedings-Objections/ Appeal/Reports.
L/1984 Adams, M.J., Cochrane, M.E. & Hall, R.B-Dundas.
L/1989 Baker, K.J. & M.L.-Westerway.
L/1989A Objections-Baker, K.J. & M.L.-Westerway.
L/1992 Turner, G.J. & B.J.-Dover.
L/1993 VOL 1 Monds & Affleck Pty Ltd-Dowling St, Launceston.
L/1993 VOL 2 Monds & Affleck Pty Ltd-Dowling St, Launceston.
L/1993A Objections-Monds & Affleck Pty Ltd-Dowling St, Launceston.
L/1994 Griffiths, T.C.-Goshen.
L/1997 Gossage, B.A.-Sayers Hill.
L/1997B Appeal-Gossage, B.A.-Sayers Hill (inc papers).
L/2000 Purdon, R.J.-Clives Hill.
L/2002 APPM Forest Products-Wurrawa Hill.
L/2202D Monitoring-APPM Forest Products-Wurrawa Hill.
L/2003 APPM Forest Products-Mothers Lagoon.
L/2004 Cornelius, B.I.-Avoca.
L/2005 Bendall, M.-South Mt Cameron.
L/2006 Gaspersic, J. & J.A.-Ewart Creek.
L/2007 Bruce, D.A.-North Point.
L/2010 Bugg, W.R.-Montumana.
L/2011 APPM Forest Products-Off Hogans Road.
L/2015 VOL 1 Synfield, R.C.-Lisle.
L/2015 VOL 2 Synfield, R.C.-Lisle.
L/2016 McNeair, A.F.-Pipers River.
L/2019 Laan, P.-Zeehan.
L/2027 VOL 1 Mayne, C.J. & J.M.-Middleton.
L/2027 VOL 2 Mayne C.J. & J.M.-Middleton.
L/2027A Objections-Mayne, C.J. & J.M.-Middleton.
L/2029 Circular Head Municipality-Arthur River.
L/2030 Brambles Holdings Pty Ltd-Beaconsfield.
L/2031 COL 1 Avoca Transport Co Pty Ltd-Mt Ireh.
L/2031 VOL 2 Avoca Transport Co Pty Ltd-Mt Ireh.
L/2035 Reynolds, C.G.-Henty Rd.
L/2035A Objections-Reynolds, C.G.-Henty Rd.
L/2040 VOL 1 Laffer, S.G.-Williamsford.
L/2040 VOL 2 Laffer, S.G.-Williamsford.
L/2045 VOL 1 Baker, K.J. & M.L.-National Park.
L/2045 VOL 2 Baker, K.J. & M.L.-National Park.
L/2046 Les Klingberg Pty Ltd-Browns Mount Rd, Campania.
L/2047 Nichols, G. & T.-Swanick.
L/2050 Ringarooma Valley Growers Ltd-Winnaleah.
L/2062 Stornoway Gravel Constructions Pty Ltd-Big Sugarloaf.
L/2070 Rooke, A.R. & H.K.-Richmond (no correspondence)-[application withdrawn].
L/2071 Mackinnon, J.-Cleveland.
L/2078 Ellis, A.C.-Cradle Mountain Tourist Road.
L/2081 Currant, P.W. T/A George Town Sand and Gravel Supplies.
L/2087 Kaye, B.E.-Epping Forest..
L/2089 Stanton, R.R. & H.V.-Copping.
L/2091 Barnett Bros Vic Pty Ltd-Cygnet.
L/2092 Richardson, G.L. & S.D.-Dodges Ferry.
L/2092A Objections-Richardson, G.L. & S.D.-Dodges Ferry.
L/2101 VOL 1 Brompton Pty Ltd-Prosser Rd, Richmond.
L/2103 VOL 1 Ashbolt, A.A.-Glenora Rd, New Norfolk.
L/2103A Objections-Ashbolt, A.A.-Glenora Rd, New Norfolk.
L/2104 Cobrooga Investments Pty Ltd-Onion Creek.
L/2105 Cobrooga Investments Pty Ltd-St Helens.
L/2114 Johnson, J.R.-Sandford.
L/2114A Objections-Johnson, J.R.-Sandford.
L/2117D Monitoring-Monier Ltd T/A M.K. Silica-Heybridge.
L/2124 Stornoway Hewitt Pty Ltd-Bodington Rd, Bridport.
L/2125 Boral-BMG Resources Ltd-Cabbage Tree Hill.
L/2128 Wilson, J.C.A.-Tugrah.
L/2133 VOL 1 University of Tasmania-Runnymede.
L/2133 VOL 2 University of Tasmania-Runnymede (no correspondence).
L/2133A Inc Papers-Objections-University of Tasmania..
L/2133B Appeal-University of Tasmania-Runnymede.
L/2139 Benders Spreading Service-Surveyors-Roaring & Pillings Bays.
L/2139A Objections-Benders Spreading Service-Surveyors-Roaring & Pillings Bays.
L/2140 Horobin, K.E. T/A Bergendal Holdings-Montana.
L/2145 Barnstable, M.H.-Feilton.
L/2153 VOL 1 Sushames, G.J.-South Rd, Ulverstone.
L/2160 Roberts Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/2160A Objections-Roberts Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/2160B Appeals-Roberts Ltd-Kings Meadows.
L/2161 Clune, J.M.-Frankford.
L/2161A Objections-Clune, J.M.-Frankford.
L/2167 Hobart Blue Metal Industries Pty Ltd-Nubeena.
L/2167A Objections-Hobart Blue Metal Industries Pty Ltd-Nubeena.
L/2173 VOL 1 Oceania Tasmania Pty Ltd-Trial Harbour Rd.
L/2173 VOL 2 Inc papers-Oceania Tasmania Pty Ltd-Trial Harbour Rd.
L/2185 Cunningham Services-Forth.
L/2185A Objections-Cunningham Services-Forth.
L/2202 G & O Pty Ltd-Mole Creek.
L/2237 Baker, K. & M. Rockmount.
L/2238 Merseylea Pastoral Co Pty Ltd-Railton.
L/2239 Sykes, R.J. & V.F.-Ten Mile Track, Springfield.
L/2245 Wettenhall, P.J.-DMR-Currie.
L/2245A Objections-Wettenhall, P.J.-DMR-Currie.
L/2245B Appeals-Wettenhall, P.J.-DMR-Currie.
L/2326 Wettenhall, P.J.-DMR-Dunorlan.
L/2349 Powell, R.J.-Pipers River.
L/2374 Castledine, J.S. & J.W.-South Rd, Ulverstone.
L/2383 Bamforth, P.A.-Rocky Creek.
L/2385 Elliott, K. Railton.
Objections-HEC Quarries-A-Z (less than 10).
Objections-HEC Quarries.
Objections-HEC-A-D-All 10 Quarries.
Objections-HEC-E-J-All 10 Quarries.
Objections-HEC-K-O-All 10 Quarries.
Objections-HEC-O-S-All 10 Quarries.
Objections-HEC-T-Z-All 10 Quarries.