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Ministerial Correspondences
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1971
End Date:
31 Dec 1988
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
23 Dec 197001 May 1987

01 Nov 197217 Jul 1989

01 May 198717 Jul 1989
Series notes:
Three overlapping sequences of correspondence maintained by the department on behalf of the Minister. 'M' prefix, 1971-1985. 'B' prefix, 1975-1986. Loose correspondence, 1972-1988. There is no clear distinction between the three sequences.~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
See description and inventory of items.

M1 APPM Plan and Environmental Consequences.
M2 Australian Mining Industry Council Bulletins.
M3 Australian Society for Microbiology Environment and Community Problems.
M4 Australian Titan Products-Pollution.
M5 Pollution-Arthur River-Dolly Creek.
M6 Benders Spreading Pty Ltd-Nuisance to Neighbours D.J. Lockett.
M7 Billboard Advertisements & Signs-Pollution.
M8 Bothwell & Upper Clyde-Pollution inc papers.
M9 Bull Kelp Harvesting & Seaweed Processing.
M10 Cataract Gorge-Trevallyn Dam-Concern re Growth of Algae-HEC Control Water Flow.
M11 Conferences-General.
M12 Disposal of Old Car Bodies-Metal Press.
M13 P.E. Smith Article-Economy and the Environment.
M14 Earth-E. Kits.
M15 7LA Ecology Promotion Campaign.
M16 Exhibitions.
M17 Forestry Preservation & Planting.
M18 Health Department Matters Affecting the Environment.
M19 Hobart Quarry Noise-Giblin Street, Lenah Valley.
M19A Hobart Quarries Working Party for Environment Impact.
M19B Hobart Brick Co.
M20 Household Oil Heaters-Glenorchy Housing Pollution-Heating Plant University of Tasmania.
M21 Industrial Pollution and The Law in Tasmania (Papers only).
M22 VOL 2 EZ Company sub-file-Jarosite Dumping.
M23 Junk Yard Screening by Tree Planting.
M24 Kings Meadows District Sewerage Pollution.
M25 Launceston (Tamar) Sewerage Treatment Plant.
M26 Midway Point-Sewerage Pollution.
M27 Motor Vehicle Noise Pollution.
M28 Mount Lyell-Pollution.
M29 NSW-Exhibition-Control of the Environment 1973.
M30 N.W. Acid Burnie-Pollution.
M31 Nutgrove Beach-Pollution.
M32 Oyster Contamination-Metal Concentrates.
M33 Pieman River-Pollution.
M34 Environmental Control-Queensland Newsletter.
M35 Refuse Processing Techniques.
M36 Sewerage Treatment-Financial Support Systems Suggested.
M37 Ship Pollution.
M38 Environment & Conservation-South Australia.
M39 Suggestions re Environmental Matters-Impact Studies-Statements and Ideas.
M39A Proposed Development-8 Mona St, Battery Point-inc papers.
M40 Swansea, Glamorgan & Waterloo Point-Sewage Pollution.
M41 Tioxide Australia Pty Ltd-Heybridge & Burnie Titanium Pigment Effluent.
M42 Trace Metals in Humans-Research & Costs-Professor Bloom's Research.
M43 U.K. Pollution Campaign.
M44 University Publications-Pollution and Tasmanian Law.
M45 Waste From Industries-Financial Support-Suggested Systems.
M46 Water Resources Survey Reports.
M48 Lead Emissions in Petrol.
M49 Packaging Industry Environment Council-inc papers.
M50 Tasmanian Conservation Trust.
M51 Tasmanian Environment Centre.
M52 Oil Pollution.
M53 Enquiries and Information.
M54 Lapidary Club Lune River.
M55 Pieman HEC Scheme.
M55A Lower Gordon HEC Scheme.
M56 Recycling.
M57 Education.
M58 River Derwent Pollution Committee-River Derwent Pollution-General.
M59 National Health Federation of Australia.
M60 Environment Protection Advisory Council-Impact Study Assessment Group.
M60A Environment Protection Advisory Council-Minutes.
M61 Ministerial Directives.
M62 Institute for Ecological Studies.
M63 Australian Environment Council.
M63A Australian Environment Council Meetings.
M64 Press Statements.
M65 Environment Protection Bill.
M66 Publications.
M67 Rubicon River.
M68 Litter Act and Regulations.
M69 Bass Strait Survey.
M70 Road Safety.
M71 Keep Australia Beautiful Council.
M72 Goliath Portland Cement.
M73 Tamar River.
M74/1 Complaints-Southern Tasmania.
M74/2 Complaints-North East Tasmania.
M74/3 Complaints-North West Tasmania.
M74/7 Complaints-West Tasmania.
M76 Gordon River Reserve.
M77 Vehicle Emissions.
M78 General Marine Pollution.
M80 House of Assembly and Legislative Council-Questions and Answers.
M81 Environment Protection Act Exemptions.
M82 George Town & Bell Bay Area-Sewerage Treatment.
M83 Precipitous Bluff-South West National Park.
M84 Baseline Station for Australia-Global Monitoring for Atmosphere Contaminates.
M85 Annual Reports Municipal Councils.
M86 Clifton Beach Subdivision.
M87 Waste Oil Disposal.
M88 Cabinet Submissions.
B1 Noise Complaints.
B2 Nuclear Activities and Radiation.
B4 Motor Vehicle Emissions.
B5 State Statistics Committee.
B6 Ministerial Directives.
B7 Environmental Impact Assessment.
B8 North West Planning Authority.
B9 Australian Environment Council.
B10 Sewerage and Effluent Treatment.
B11 VOL 2 Complaints-Southern Tasmania.
B12 Complaints-North Eastern Tasmania.
B13 Complaints-North Western Tasmania.
B14 Complaints-West Tasmania-(no correspondence).
B15 Mercury.
B16 Litter Bill and Regulation.
B17 Litter-General.
B18 Conferences.
B19 Australian Environment Council-National Air Quality Monitoring Programme.
B20 Licence-Queries and Information.
B21 VOL 1 Cabinet Submissions.
B21 VOL 2 Cabinet Submissions.
B21 VOL 3 Cabinet Submissions.
B22 Annual Reports Municipal Council.
B23 VOL 1 House of Assembly and Legislative Council Questions.
B23 VOL 2 House of Assembly and Legislative Council Questions.
B24 Enquiries and Information.
B25 Launceston Environment Centre.
B26 Departmental Accommodation.
B27 Prosecutions.
B28 Oil Pollution General.
B29 Waste Disposal General.
B30 Committees of Enquiry.
B31 Environment Protection Appeals Board-Appeals.
B32 Hec.
B33 Emu Valley Pollution Group.
B34 University of Tasmania.
B35 Cigarette Smoking.
B36 Disposal of Quarantinable Refuse at Sea Ports.
B37 Consolidated Revenue and Loans.
B38 Tasventure Environment Centre.
B39 News Release.
B40 Packaging Industry Environment Council.
B42 Keep Australia Beautiful Council.
B43 Employment (Staff, Casual and Enquiries) with the State.
B45 Lead in Petrol.
B46 Municipality of Portland.
B47 Environment Proection Act-Noise Regulations.
B48 Legislation.
B49 Baseline Air Monitoring Station.
B50 Effects of Deposits on Non-refillable Beverage- Bottles and Cans.
B51 Tasmanian Conservation Trust.
B52 Municipality of St Leonards.
B53 Northern Liaison Officers.
B54 Pollution Information Booklet.
B55 Oil Storage Farm-Selfs Point.
B56 Appm.
B57 Departmental and Annual Reports.
B58 Departmental Enquiries.
B59 House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation.
B60 Miscellaneous Annual Reports.
B61 Municipality of Kingborough.
B62 Incincerators.
B63 Recycling.
B64 Municipality of Kentish.
B65 Tasmanian Trades and Labour Council.
B66 Lands Department.
B68 Woodchip.
B69 Environment Protection Bill.
B70 Disposal Car Bodies.
B71 VOL 1 Lake Barrington-Aquatic Reserve.
B72 Municipality of New Norfolk.
B73 Municipality of Westbury.
B74 Municipality of Oatlands.
B75 Launceston Municipality.
B76 Drystat Stonework Preservation Study Grants.
Loose Ministerial Correspondence.
Loose Ministerial Correspondence.
Loose Ministerial Correspondence.
Loose Ministerial Correspondence.