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Films and Videos relating to Tasmania Acquired by the Agency.
Series Number:
Agency access only 25 Years (D25)
Start Date:
01 Jan 1970
End Date:
31 Dec 1993
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 197717 Jul 1989
How to Use:
The majority of films and videos in this series were made outside the agency and copyright may or may not be owned by the Crown, depending upon the circumstances of the commission.


Films made before 1 May 1969:

DRAMATIC (Feature films + advertising) - copyright expired IF CREATOR DIED BEFORE 1 January 1955, otherwise copyright exists for life of creator or author of images (whichever longer) + 70 years

NON-DRAMATIC (home movies + documentaries) - copyright expired IF FILM MADE BEFORE 1 January 1955, otherwise copyright exists for life of author of images + 70 years

Films made on/after 1 May 1969 - duration of copyright is year first published + 70 years
Series notes:
Films and videos about Tasmania and used by the agency in its business of marketing the State. Some may have been commissioned by the agency and others may have been independent productions.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Film - KING ISLAND - produced by Creative Marketing - tourist promotional for King Island includes attractions, scenics, industry - (10m 30s). (no viewing copy)
Film - KING ISLAND - produced by Jack Absolom for Sell-through Video - a comprehensive cover of life style and tourism on King Island - (condition fair - 47m 03s).(no viewing copy)
Film - GREAT ESCAPE (THE) - produced by Creative Marketing - a promotion for visitor attractions on the Tasman Peninsula - (condition fair - 11m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - CAPE COUNTRY - produced by Creative Marketing - Cape Country - Northwest - Tourist Promotion - (condition fair - 10m 28s).(no viewing copy)
Film - PROFITS FROM THE PAST - produced by Whyte Graphics - enterpeneurial opportunities with colonial buildings, attractions and accommodation - (9m 31s).(no viewing copy)
Film - PAR AVION - tourist promotional for Charter aviation - PAR AVION - (condition fair - 6m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIA - DISCOVER IT - Australian Tourism Promotion includes Tasmania - (condition fair - 13m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ONE MAN'S ODYSSEY - produced by Industrial Resources Unit ANU 1985 - Tasmania and its Bass Strait Islands by solo canoe - (condition fair - 58m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - NIGHT OF THE TASMANIAN DEVIL (THE) - produced by Bavarian TV - a search for the Tasmanian Devil - excellent footage plus other wildlife - German title 'Die Nachte der Tasmaischen Teufel' - German dialogue - (45m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ARTHUR FROMMER'S ALMANAC OF TRAVEL - AUSTRALIA - produced by Arthur Frommer - includes Tasmania features Bernie Brophy at Port Arthur - (condition fair - 28m 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA - produced by EVS Group - attractions etc of Tasmania - (condition fair - 15m 48s).(no viewing copy)
Film - G'D DAY AUSTRALIA - produced by Dokumentorfilm AG - made to attract visitors to Australia includes Tasmania - German Language - (condition fair - 90m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIAN ROSNY CHILDREN'S CHOIR - JAPAN TOUR - produced by Creative Marketing - includes departure and tour - (45m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIAN ROSNY CHILDREN'S CHOIR - JAPAN TOUR - produced by Japanese Television - TV news coverage for Japanese audiences - (NTSC) - (condition fair - 10m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - MURES CONVENTION MANAGEMENT - promotes Mures business activity - (condition fair - 6m 50s).(no viewing copy)
Film - EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK - produced by Image Designs - lifestyle and industry in Clarence (prior to amalgamation) - (13m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ANSETT PIONEER COACH TOURS - promotional tape for Australian tours which includes Tasmania (including Port Arthur) - (condition poor - 7m 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - FINGAL FESTIVAL - COAL SHOVELLING - produced by TVT 9 - coverage of Fingal Festival event features Scott Marshall - (condition poor - 6m 30s).c.1980-83
Film - LANDSCAPE - JAPANESE GARDEN IN BOTANICAL GARDENS - produced for ABC TV - Peter Cundall presents feature in the Japanese Garden - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN HOLIDAY - produced by Creative Marketing - the story of two girls touring Tasmania - photography by Stan Draper - written by Peter Richman - (condition fair - 20m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TALL SHIPS (THE) - THE START OF SOMETHING SPECIAL - produced by TAS TV - telecast, recorded off air, includes commercials - (condition fair - 90m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL (THE), ULVERSTONE - produced by Banks Paton - video made to promote accommodation and facilities at the hotel - (7m 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - HOMEHOST TASMANIA - TASMANIAN HOMESTAYS - produced by Steve Bowman - promotes home stay and farm stay accommodation for tourists - (7m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - SALAMANCA INN - produced by Creative Marketing - promotional video for Service Apartments - (4m 52s).
Film - SEA AND MOUNTAIN - THREE PEAKS RACE 'MOR A MYNYDD' - produced by TAS TV snf S4CTV Wales - story of the Welsh crews in the 3 Peaks Race - some Welsh dialogue with sub-titles - (51m 06s and 2 x 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA - A QUIET ISLAND - produced by Island Film (not original Island Films c.1959) - a travelogue of Tasmania - made by Philip Lowrey - has commercial breaks - (46m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - MARIA ISLAND - FEATURE SERIES - produced by TAS TV - 1 Ille de Phoque - 2 The Industrial Revolution - 3 The Changing Environment - (condition fair - 15m 00s approximately).(no viewing copy)
Film - HOLIDAY - PILOT PROGRAMME - produced by ABC TV - includes weekend in Tasmania travelling on Abel Tasman - would have been submitted to Tourism Tasmania to encourage participation - (condition fair - 56m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - HIGH ROLLING GAMBLERS - SERIOUS GAMBLERS - produced by EVS Group (7 Network). Segment from "Good Morning Australia' features Sally Neighbours reporting on Wrest Point Casino offer of an 'all expenses paid' trip to Hobart for serious gamblers.
Film - STRONGEST INSTINCT (THE) - produced by TVT/Corporate Communications - Noel Jetson - trout fishing documentary -(no viewing copy)
Film - HELICOPTER SEARCH AND RESCUE - produced by TVT6 - a (simulated?) rescue exercise using the Westpac Helicopter - (condition fair, music and FX tracks only - 3m 38s).(no viewing copy)
Film - SHERATON - 5 STAR STYLE IN HOBART, AUSTRALIA - produced by Gayton Production Brisbane - promotional tape for the Sheraton when opened in Hobart - (condition fair - 7m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - LONDON LAKES - produced by Eyelevel - promotional tape for London Lakes - trout fishing - lodge - guides etc - Japanese language version - (condition fair - 8m 25s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN TOURISM - C'MON KIDS (TV PROGRAM) - produced by NWS Adelaide - segments for TV program - 1 Tasmanian Devils (7m 00s) - 2 Lake St Clair National Park (7m 45s) - 3 Cable Hang-gliding (7m 41s) - 4 Cadburys (4m 00s) - 5 Jet Boat (Devil Jet)
Film - KITE FLYING FESTIVAL, LAUNCESTON - produced by TNT9 - shot in Churchill Park - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN TOURIST DEVIL CAMPAIGN COSTUME PROMOTIONS - produced by NSW9 - QTQ9 and Ten Sydney - promotions on: NWS 9 Adelaide 9/4/84 - QTQ 9 Brisbane Today Tonight 18/4/84 - Ten Sydney GMA 16/4/84 - (condition fair - 21m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TARGA TASMANIA - VIDEO INVITATION TO ENTER - produced by Peter Richman Productions - features Michael Field - (condition fair - 13m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TARGA TASMANIA - promotional video - (11m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - JAPAN WEEK - DAVID WALKER INTERVIEW - produced by TASTV - interviewed by Robin Laughlin in Midweek programme - (condition fair). AND also HUON TV COMMERCIALS (SOUTHERN EXPLORER) - produced by TAS TV - Condition good/fair) (no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA BE TEMPTED - PAVILLION AT ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW - produced by Melbourne TV - interviews with David Phillips (TVC) & Robin Gray (condition fair). AND also TAYLOR'S TASMANIA - PROMOTIONS & SEGMENTS - by TASTV 9 condition fair (no viewing copy
Film - SYDNEY/ HOBART YACHT RACE FINISH - produced by TAS TV - end of 1988 race - (condition fair - 25m 00s). AND also KING OF THE DERWENT YACHT RACE - produced by TAS TV - (condition fair - 144m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - APPLE INDUSTRY MUSEUM - HUON VALLEY - produced by Nine Network Today Show - (condition fair - 5m 00s). AND also SOUTH WEST TASMANIA - FLIGHT TO MELALEUKA BY PAR AVION - produced by Nine Network (condition fair - 5m 00s) (no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIA N0W TV SERIES - EPISODES 25 AND 26 - produced by NTV Japan - features Wrest Point Casino - Japanese Language - NTSC - (condition poor).(no viewing copy)
Film - TODAY SHOW - TASMANIAN STORIES - produced by Nine Network Sydney - (condition poor).(no viewing copy)
Film - DON BURROWS - A WORLD APART - FISHING - produced by ABC TV - Don Burrows, the musician, and his love of fishing in Tasmania - includes Tasmanian Tourism promotion at end - (condition dubbed from U Matic has drop outs - 35m 00s).
Film - TASMANIA - CONVENTION ISLAND - produced by Regent MDA/Image South - (condition fair - 9m 50s).(no viewing copy)
Film - PORT ARTHUR - EXTRACT - contains segments from 'Ghosts of Port Arthur' c.1930 - and other general footage including Eaglehawk Neck - (condition poor quality - 3m 55s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TALL SHIPS - produced by Image South - this is VHS copyof all BVU 3/4" footage shot on this Bi-centenary event by Image South - not edited - no commentary - (condition fair, some bad sequences - 171m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - KING OF THE DERWENT YACHT RACE - produced by TAS TV - edited segment from O.B. coverage - (condition fair - 2m 20s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TAYLOR'S TASMANIA - EPISODE 1 - WILDERNESS - OPENING BILLBOARD AND PROMOTION - produced by TAS TV - (condition fair). AND also WILDERNESS TOURS - VIDEO PROMOTION - produced by TAS TV - Audio Visual - (condition fair) 1985-1986 (no viewing copy)
Film - FIND THE TIGER - TASMANIAN TIGER SIGHTINGS - produced by Nine Network - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - HUON TOURISM ASSOCIATION - SOUTHERN EXPLORER - 1x60s Brochure promotion - 1x30s Huon Valley - 1x80s Cygnet - 1 x 10s Talhune Wildlife Park - 1x90s Brochure Promotion - 1x30s Huonville - 1x90s Cygnet - 1 x 20s Talhune Wildlife - (no viewing copy)
Film - THREE PEAKS RACE - produced by ABC TV - submitted for Tourism Awards - filmed by Geoff Fysh - copyright ABC TV - (condition fair - 12m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - CENTRAL REGION PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - ACCOMMODATION & ATTRACTIONS - produced by TAS TV? - 1 - Accommodation - Crown Lodge Bothwell & Kempton, Great Lake Hotel and Compleat Angler, Bronte Park Chalet, London Lakes, Over the Back Hamilton
Film - FOUR SEASONS MOTOR INNS PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - documentary type video using stills, slides and live action, features Bon Larkins and includes 3 x 30s 'Discover Tasmania' Four Seasons TV Commercials - (condition fair - 10m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ST HELENS - produced by TASTV for KTV programme - edited segment from Childrens Magazine TV programme - (condition fair - 5m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - MEET US IN TASMANIA - produced by Creative Marketing - promotional video to encourage conventions to Tasmania - (9m 40s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN TOURIST INFORMATION CHANNEL PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - produced by Creative Marketing? - a promotional tape to introduce the Tourist Information Channel a closed circuit video promotional system for motels etc - Kay Wilkinson (no viewing copy)
Film - FEDERAL HOTEL GROUP TV COMMERCIALS - produced by Anderson Rave Agency - compile reel for evaluation - (condition fair - 6 x 30s, 2 x 15s).(no viewing copy)
Film - SERENDIPITY FUN PARK, DEVONPORT TV COMMERCIALS - produced by TVT9 - 1 x 30s Easter TV commercial - 1 x 60s promotional clip.(no viewing copy)
Film - ANSETT TV COMMERCIALS - TASMANIAN HOLIDAYS - produced by AAV - (1 x 45s, 2 x 15s).(no viewing copy)
Film - WREST POINT CONVENTION CENTRE - produced by EVS Group - Interior shots - "Preamble of Opening Night'
Film - TOWN CALLED RICHMOND (A) - produced by Television Movies - Tourist promotional film on Richmond - (14m 09s).(no viewing copy)
Film - QANTAS 747 'CITY OF HOBART' ARRIVAL - coverage of the arrival of the 747 at Hobart Airport - (9m 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - CHAMBER PLAYERS AT ROYAL TENNIS COURT - produced by ABCTV - telecast part of 'Music in Heritage' series - includes interview with Gary Kerr visiting Double Bass solo - (no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN ATLANTIC SALMON - JACQUES REYMOND AT LONDON LAUNCH - produced by Media World UK - coverage of launch of Atlantic Salmon in UK - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN HOMESTAYS 'HOMEHOST' TASMANIA - promotional videotape for the Homehost accommodation in Tasmania - (condition fair - 9m 00s). 1989-1990. (no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - AUSTRALIAN TOURIST COMMISSION TV COMMERCIALS - produced by Mojo - all feature Paul Hogan - 1 - TOR 3411/60/AWW - 2 - TOR/4621/60/AUS - 3 - TOR 5498/30 - 4 -TOR 3421/60/US - 5 - TOR/4036/60/US - 6 - TOR 5654/60/US - (no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA - WINTER SNOW FOOTAGE COMPILE - coverage of snow conditions - (condition fair/good).(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA - WINTER SNOW IN HOBART COMPILE - produced by TAS TV - coverage of snow in Hobart includes Casino, children, TCA, Mountain, North Hobart etc - (condition fair/good - 10m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - CRADLE MOUNTAIN LODGE TV COMMERCIAL - submitted for Tourism Awards - (condition fair - 1 x 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ABEL TASMAN - NILS HOLGERSSEN - videotape made in Germany prior to renaming - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - ABEL TASMAN - AERIAL SHOTS - vessel prior to leaving Germany - (condition fair - 2m 10s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ABEL TASMAN - 'BON VOYAGE' - produced by Leo Burnett - promotional tape to encourage passengers - (condition fair - 10m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ABEL TASMAN - TT LINE - produced by Leo Burnett - promotional audio visual - (condition fair - 5m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ABEL TASMAN - TT LINE - taken off air by TVT6 - (condition fair off air recording - 1 x 30s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - 'GOOD TIME AUSSIE HOLIDAY' - produced by Mojo for DASETT - general promotions for Australian holidays featuring Tasmania at end - John Farnham hosts - DT26/60T/20 - DT24/60T/20 - DT23/60T/20 - DT25/60T/20 (no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIAN MASTERS GAMES - PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - introduced by Ken Lowrie - sporting activities and attractions in Tasmania - including extracts from "Sport Tasmania - made by Tas Government.(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIAN HOLIDAYS - GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA - produced by Seven Network - extract including interview with Geoff Pearsall and John Hamilton Tasmanian Devil Park, Tasman Peninsula - (condition fair - 4m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - SHEEP (LIVE) EXPORT TO CHINA - produced by RTV - a coverage of loading live pedigree sheep onto China Air freighter at Hobart Airport.
Film - JAPANESE - TV PROGRAMME (JIKY-KOBU) - produced by Japanese TV - Japanese language promotional programme about Tasmania - (condition fair - 27m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - JAPANESE VISIT TO TASMANIA 'CHIKYU CATCH ME' - produced by Japanse TV - includes tug of war at Salamanca Place and Mr and Mrs Don Plaister - NTSC - (condition fair/poor - 28m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - JAPAN WEEK - JAPANESE CHILDREN DANCING - produced by Tas TV - pretake for Tas TV live programme - (condition fair - 3m 40s).(no viewing copy)
Film - THIS IS TASMANIA - produced by RTV Productions - promotional documentary - (condition fair - 6m 03s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - VIVA LADY - JAPANESE TV PROGRAMME - compiled by TFC - compilation of Australian Tourist promotion programs on Japanese TV which include Miss Tasmania & Tasmanian footage - appears to be Diamaru sponsorship - (18m 00s) (no viewing copy)
Film - AUSTRALIAN TOURIST COMMISSION TASMANIAN COMMERCIAL - sample of Tourist Commercial shown oversea by Australian Tourist Commission - (condition fair - 1 x 60s).(no viewing copy)
Film - ONE PERFECT DAY - produced by Image Designers - a party of four men mountaineering (bushwalking and rock climbing) - made by Michael Lawrence - copyright Image Designers - (condition time code noise over audio track - 45m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - AUSTRALIAN TOURISM AWARDS - produced by Nine Network - complete telecast - includes Tasmanian material including Port Arthur etc - has commercial breaks - (condition fair).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - AUSTRALIAN TOURISM AWARDS - produced by STW9 Perth - includes Winner "Town called Richmond' New Norfolk and trout fishing - Bill Beck - Winner Launceston Federal Country Club - Japanese Garden in Botanical Gardens Hobart (no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - AUSTRALIA DOWN UNDER PROMOTIONS - National promotions but include Tasmanian shots - includes TV commercials by Paul Hogan - (condition fair - 4 TV commercials total 20m 47s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TOURISM - DIARY OF A TOURIST - produced by TVM - as title -features different travellers - used for Tourism staff training - no specific Tasmanian sequences - (24m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - TARGA TASMANIA - produced by TVT 9(Southern Cross) - promotional video for Targa Tasmania - (14m 00s).(no viewing copy)
Film - MISS AUSTRALIA QUEST - FOOTAGE IN TASMANIAN LOCATION - produced by Tas TV? - footage - no narration in tourism locations.(no viewing copy)
Film - TASMANIA ALL OVER - produced by TNT9 (Island Films) - a travelogue on Tasmania divided into regions - most tourist attractions are show - commentary by Caroline Matheson - (46m 00s).
Film - TOURISM - TASMANIA CONVENTION ISLAND AND 'SO BEAUTIFUL' THEME - made for Tasmanian Visitor Corporation plus 'So Beautiful' theme on end - (9m 50s).