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Films and Videos Produced in, or relating to, Tasmania
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01 Jan 1928
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31 Dec 1987
Tasmanian Archives
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01 Jan 185031 Dec 1943

01 Jan 194331 Oct 2006
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Although this is a government series of records, copyright in the films in this series may not always be held by the crown (and therefore administered by TAHO). Many of the films were made privately and acquired by the government. Copyright may be held by the individual creators/producers and the names of these have been specified at item level where possible.


Films made before 1 May 1969

DRAMATIC (Feature films + advertising) - copyright expired IF CREATOR DIED BEFORE 1 January 1955, otherwise copyright exists for life of creator or author of images (whichever longer) + 70 years

NON-DRAMATIC (home movies + documentaries) - copyright expired IF FILM MADE BEFORE 1 January 1955, otherwise copyright exists for life of author of images + 70 years

Films made on/after 1 May 1969 - duration of copyright is year first published + 70 years

Please be advised that this footage may contain words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive, which reflect the attitude of the period in which the film was produced, and which may be considered inappropriate today.
Series notes:
Films and videos acquired by the former Tasmaniana Library. Much of the material was originally in the Film Lending library as part of the State Library of Tasmania. When this was closed, the Tasmanian material was transferred to the Tasmaniana Library and then to the Archives Office.

Some titles in this series will also be found in the major film series AB869, films created by the Tasmanian Film Corporation. Duplication of some titles is a result of legacy data issues.

Other films may also be found listed separately by the creator where the release prints have been deposited as a private record.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Film - BURNIE MILL - produced by Cine Services - APPM - describes the whole process of logging, pulping, reforestation, making fine writing and greaseproof wrapping papers, Burnie board and other pulp products.
Film - PAPER FROM BURNIE - the Burnie mill - papermaking and uses of paper.
Film - ISLE OF MANY WATERS - produced and narrated by Frank Hurley - typical travelogue of period - travelogue of Tasmania based on water - features Queenstown, Port Arthur, Fox and Hounds, Hobart, ABT Railway, King River Gorge, Huon pine logs on Gordon
Film - TRAIN OF THE MOUNTAINS - produced by Island Film Services - a trip on the ABT railway - Queenstown - Strahan track
Film - AUSTRALIAN TOURIST TROPHY MEETING (LONGFORD) - produced by GTV9 - the motor car and motorcycle race held in March 1960 - Jack Brabham 1959 World Champion is shown winning the gold star event in his first race in Australia after winning world title
Film - FIVE SOUTH WEST - by Island Films - features Sir Edmund Hillary, Deny King, Lake Pedder, Bushwalking etc
Film - HILLARY VENTURES SOUTH - by Island Films - features Sir Edmund Hillary includes Lake Pedder, Bushwalking etc. Made when Hillary held a mountaineering school in Hobart in 1960
Film - WEEKEND AT CRADLE MOUNTAIN - a story about a group of children and their visit to Cradle Mountain and Walheim Chalet - commentary written by Nan Chauncy - condition poor - badly faded - 21m 00s. See NS2004/1 for a better quality print
Film - THEY FOUND A CAVE - by Island Films. Adventures of four children in rural Tasmania. Music by Peter Sculthorpe; played by Larry Adler. From the book by Nan Chauncy. Rights owned by the Aus Council for Children's Film & TV
Film - RACING AXES - by Island Films Hobart - woodchopping contest at Royal Hobart Show includes Royal Hobart Show footage - Clay Stewart World Champion, Merv Hughes, Ron Sherriff (?)
Film - TIMBER MILLING NUMBER 1 - by L A Symons - cutting timber & transport to mill - shows Dial Range, Lobster Creek Tramway, Levan River, Ulverstone - method of cutting and transport includes Bullock teams - steam train and paddle steamer.
Film - REPCO - BRABHAM STORY - produced by Geoffrey Thomson/Cine Service - manufacture & testing of Racing Cars by Brabham in UK - followed by 1965 Tasman Motor Racing series which includes Longford - factory shots at Repco Launceston.
Film - TRUGANINI - LAST OF HER PEOPLE - produced by Gordon Glenn - documentary featuring hand over and sea burial of remains inc. Mary Clark, stated to be descendant - (condition poor faded - 16m 00s).
Film - STRUGGLE FOR PEDDER - produced by Pete Dodds and Ross Matthews - documentary on controversy over Lake Pedder flooding - features Peter Curtain and Ross Matthews, Peter Donnelley, Max Angus, Clive Sansom, Dr Peter Tyler, Sam Lake and Geoff Mosley -
Film - SCENES THAT ARE BRIGHTEST - produced by Frank Hurley -Tasmanian travelogue based upon composition of song 'Scenes that are the Brightest' by William Vincent Wallace - while staying at Bush Inn
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 27 - by Australian National Film Board - "Matchmaking is marvel of mechanisation" - production processes in the making of matches - "Area schools give practical education " - shows students of Hagley area school Launceston
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 28 - by Australian National Film Board - "Ship building is absorbing for cadets" shows students studying shipbuilding at Whyalla Technical College - "Bridges are link with Tasmania's eary history" footage of historical Tas
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 29 - by Australian National Film Board - "Pearl shells wealth from tropical seas" looks at the pearl shell industry in Broome WA - "Sydney develops big industrial art school" shows students of East Sydney Technical College
Film - ABT RAILWAY - made by TVT6 - produced by Stan Draper - silent - (condition fair - 6m 00s).
Film - NATURAL BEAUTY (IN SEARCH OF) - produced by Alan Wiggins. Lone bushwalker explores natural history of Rocky Cape - taking photographs of flora and fauna, examining specimens - titles Rocky Cape NW Tasmania - 24 fps silent - (26m 00s).
Film - ACROSS BASS STRAIT - annual yacht race from Queenscliffe Victoria to Devonport - oldest yacht race in Australia - (condition fair light scratching at start slight colour fading - 10m 00s).
Film - ABOUT A MILE FROM HOBART TOWN. A film that shows Battery Point and facets of shipbuilding, yachting and architecture.
Film - ALL THIS AND SERVICE TOO (condition slight fading - 13m 30s).
Film - ADVENTURE CAMP (condition - fair - 10m 00s).
Film - ALLPORT COLLECTION (THE) - 2 copies - (8m 40s).
Film - TASMANIAN GOVERNMENT ANNIVERSAY REVIEW - traces development of Tasmania on 50th birthday - looks at various townships including Hamilton, Bothwell, Ross, Oatlands, Campbell Town, Sorell, Richmond, Longford, Avoca, Deloraine, Westerway - manufactur
Film - ANGLERS' ISLAND (9m 30s).
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 32 - by Australian National Film Board - "Craftmans fine models will go to War Museum" shows construction of model boats - "Novel races at North Queensland school sports" sports day at Serina in North Queensland - "Hop pic
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 34 - by Australian National Film Board - "Apple Isle gathers in rich harvest" shows apple picking and production in Huon area of Tasmania - "Glamour for milady from jewellers art" - jewellery making in NSW - "Dollars earne
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 42 - by Australian National Film Board - "Art exhibition honours famous Australian" shows Sydney art students at work - "Modern methods in food processing" shows Tasmanian factories and how they process food - "Blind bowle
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 44 - by Australian National Film Board - "The garden city of Launceston is beauty spot" shows parks and gardens in Launceston Tasmania - "Giant pipes to bring water from Murray River" shows pipe making and irrigation at Ma
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 52 - by Australian National Film Board - "Fine Models used in exhibition of architecture" shows Sydney University Architectural College students at work - "Tasmania turns back the pages of history" film of the re-enactment
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 84 - by Australian National Film Board - "Rotolactor is mechanical milking marvel" shows how the rotolactor milking machine works - "Tasmania gives style to textile" processes in textile industry at a factory at Derwent Pa
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 85 - by Australian National Film Board - "Oyster farming needs high degree of skill" film about oyster farming processes in NSW - "Miniature trains bring joy to children" shows miniature trains in operation in NSW - "Monta
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 89 - by Australian National Film Board - "Bridge riggers have nerves of steel" shows riggers at work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge - "Aluminium is important Australian Development" shows the construction, opening and plant
Film - AUSTRALIAN DIARY NUMBER 98 - by Australian National Film Board - "Lively trout no match for anglers skill" film about trout fishing in Tasmania - "Altona forges new link in national progress" shows the construction and process in petrol making at
Film - AUSTRALIAN EYE NUMBER 12 - LAKE ST CLAIR - WILLIAM CHARLES PIGUENIT Tasmanian Painter 1836-1914 - (9m 00s).
Film - BASS STRAIT HIGHWAY - alternative title SHIPPING - (17m 40s).
AUTUMN - one of series - TASMANIA A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS - (condition fair slight scratches - 10m 00s).
Film - BEST LAID PLANS - see also SEARCH ALERT - VERSION 1 - planning & carrying out search for lost bushwalkers - (condition fair/fading - 13m 00s).
Film - BIG CATCH (THE) - (condition slight scratches and splices - 22m 00s).
Film - HUON PINE - 100 YEARS OR MORE - produced by ABC TV - Huon Pine - its use in boats & recovery from Pedder HEC flooding - (condition fair some scratches - 28m 00s).
Film - BUILDINGS IN JEOPARDY - by John Kingsford Smith - survey of historic buildings at threat of demolition - (4m 00s).
Film - BOOKS GO WALKABOUT - (10m 30s).
Film - BLUE WATER ISLANDS - (condition faded, scratching - 10m 00s).
Film - CAMPBELL TOWN - by John Kingsford -Smith - The Grange (1847) - St Luke's School - Douglas Park (early 1930's) - Methodist Chapel (1846) - (4m 00s).
Film - CAME THE BUSH RANGERS (7m 50s).
Film - CHILDREN CROSSING (9m 00s).
Film - BREAKDOWN - (24m 00s).
Film - BLACK TUESDAY - by ABC TV - documentary record of 1967 bush fires and aftermath - (condition scratched - 27m 00s).
Film - BOWEN BRIDGE - VERSION 1 - (28m 00s).
Film - CALLING ALL INVESTORS - 2ND VERSION STERLING - appears to be short version - (16m 00s).
Film - CAPITAL INVESTMENT - (condition shrinkage, slight scratches - 12m 25s).
Film - BELL BAY (COMALCO) - CLIFFS ARE RED - by Pacific Film Production - description of the Weipa bauxite depots in Queensland and the processing of the ore at Bell Bay, Tasmania - (condition faded, opening title missing).
Film - COLOUR IN INDUSTRY (9m 00s).
Film - CINDER IN YOUR EYE (12m 00s).
Film - CYCLE TOUR OF TASMANIA (condition some damage - 16m 30s).
Film - ROSS - A DAY IN - by Film Partnership - a trip around Ross - Ross Rodeo includes sideshows etc - sheep shearing (ICI sponsorship) - (condition faded slight scratching - 11m 00s).
Film - DENTAL NURSE - (10m 00s).
Film - DERWENT RIVER FERRY SAFETY - demonstrates life jackets to school children, plus life rafts, grab lines and general emergencies - (condition colour faded - 5m 30s).
Film - DERWENT RUNS DOWN TO THE SEA - canoe trip along River Derwent from the Highlands at Lake St Clair/Cradle Mountain Naional Park through HEC projects, forests and hopfields, New Norfolk and Hobart where the Derwent meets the sea - (condition damag
Film - DRAGON WORLD - comprehensive coverage of the World Dragon Championships held in Hobart during January 1971 - Debutante sailed by Peter Sunderlin from Sweden won the series - (22m 00s).
Film - EASY DOES IT (9m 00s).
Film - ECHOES IN FREESTONE (condition slight scratches - 12m 00s).
Film - ENCHANTED CORNER (condition scratched - 10m 21s).
Film - FOR ALL WHO READ - THE STATE LIBRARY AND ITS RESOURCES - (condition many joins, title missing - 11m 00s).
Film - FLIGHT TO FLINDERS (9m 00s).
Film - FARMER WAS A FIGHTING MAN - produced by Movietone - land clearing for soldier settlement from Vic, WA and Montague Swamp, Tasmania - (condition fair - 12m 00s). Copyright managed by T3Media.
Film - FINE WOOLS OF TASMANIA - Tasmania - cities etc incl. Port Arthur, Midland wool producing properties - (condition poor - scratches - 21m 00s).
Film - EVIDENCE - POLICE TRAINING NUMBER 1 - (condition fair - 27m 00s).
Film - FOCUS 43o SOUTH (17m 00s).
Film - FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE - by Norman Dawn - theatrical feature story of Rufus Dawes - this is the original short version reconstruction, a longer version is available from the NFSA - B&W tinted - 24 fps silent - (57m 00s).
Film - FOREST REGROWTH (9m 00s).
Film - FORESTERS' ISLAND (18m 00s).
Film - FORTUNE IN THE FOREST (9m 00s).
Film - FRANKLIN HOUSE - produced by John Kingsford-Smith - history of Franklin House - (4m 00s).
Film - GROWING UP AT ST GILES (condition scratched - 11m 00s).
Film - HIDDEN FACTOR (THE) (condition scratched and shrinkage - 10m 00s).
Film - HOBART TOWN - by Australian National Film Board - Hobart past and present includes Salmon Ponds - Shot Tower - Richmond - Bushy Park - Port Arthur - (condition scratched and shrunk - 9m 00s).
Film - GATEWAY TO CHARM (condition shrinkage and title missing - 15m 20s).
Film - GEORGIAN BOTHWELL (condition shrinkage and some scratches - 10m 00s).
Film - HATS OF PAPER AND THE TRUNK - produced by Diana Nettlefold - children & paper hats - two men & a trunk - (condition fair slight scratching - 10m 00s).
Film - GLIMPSES - DRIFTWOOD - (4m 40s) FRENCH BAKERY (4m 40s) - TUNA FISHING (4m 40s) .
Film - GLIMPSES - HUON PINE - (4m 38s) - LEATHER SCULPTOR (4m 39s) - VITA ENDELMANIS (4m 35s).
Film - HISTORIC STANLEY - (7m 58s).
Film - GORDON POWER (16m 00s).
Film - WINTER - one of series TASMANIA A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS - (condition scratched - 12m 00s)
Film - HELICOPTER TASMANIA - long version - (18m 00s).
Film - HERITAGE OF HOPS (condition fading some damage - 17m 00s).
Film - INDUSTRIAL JOURNEY (condition slight scratching - 10m 00s).
Film - PORT ARTHUR - TASMANIA - (condition damaged - 9m 00s).
Film - JOB WE DO (THE) (condition fair scratching -9m 00s).
Film - ITS ABOUT PEOPLE - produced by TVT special projects - the staff of the HEC - their jobs and other interests - (condition scratched and faded - 15m 00s).
Film - IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE PEOPLE - H C C VERSION - (condition good, scratched - 22m 00s).
Film - HOW PRECISE IS PRECISE? - (condition slight fading - (13m 00s).
Film - HUON'S NEW HARVEST (condition faded, splices - 16m 00s).
Film - KELLY - LIFE AND TIMES OF JAMES KELLY (179 - 1859) - produced by Heritage Films/Impala - copyright Impala films - documents the life of Captain James Kelly the father of Australian Whaling industry and his activities in Hobart and Tas. includes Ta
Film - LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER - produced by National Film Board - the life of the lighthouse keeper and family on Maatsuyker Island - (condition poor scratched & splices - 10m 00s).
Film - LIFE IN AUSTRALIA - LAUNCESTON - produced by Commonwealth Film Unit - lifestyle, industry and education in Launceston - music and FX only - (condition poor badly faded colour - 18m 30s).
Film - MILLIONS FOR THE FINDING - produced by Australian National Film Board - review of work of Australias Bureau of Mineral Resources including scientific charting including Mount Lyell - (condition good shrinkage - 11m 00s).
Film - KILLER ON THE MOVE (condition slight scratches - 9m 30s).
Film - LAKE PEDDER (condition faded/scratched - 19m 00s).
Film - MACQUARIE ISLAND - produced by Bruce Webster - expedition completed by Civil Service, Melbourne - story of 1959 expedition to Macquarie Island, changeover of personnel, delivery of stores - cat, chickens, sheep and cow held live on island
Film - LEARN TO LIVE (18m 30s). Film made for Adult Education Tasmania byt the Government Film Unit
Film - LOOK TO THE WILDSIDE (condition faded/scratched shrinkage - 22m 00s).
Film - Pubs Of The Midlands - Vivienne Ray Ellis & Robert Montgomery production - a weekend course on Midland Pubs, May 1974- Campbell Town the Grange base for course. 36 pubs visited - from book "Highway in Van Diemen's Land" - led by G Hawley Stancombe
Film - LONELY BLUE FIN - produced by Consolidated Film Productions, Melbourne - first blue fin tuna fishing championships - presentation of prizes at Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck by Premier Eric Reece - (condition bad severe fading - 11m 00s).
Film - NO BAG LIMIT - TASMANIAN ABORIGINES - produced by Anaric Film Production (Andrew Kol) - contrasts lifestyles and beliefs of Aborigines and European settlers with special reference to extermination of Tasmanian Aborigines - includes mime sequences
Film - MARIA ISLAND - produced by John Kingsford Smith - story of the old building existing on Maria Island at time the film made (condition poor scratched, shrinkage, splices - 4m 60s).
Film - MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY - VERSION 2 - (condition faded - 13m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN FORESTS - WHERE AND WHY - N0 1 IN SERIES A MAN AND HIS FORESTS - (condition scratched - 5m 30s).
Film - FORESTS OF PINE - series Man and his forest - (6m 00s).
Film - MOUNTAIN VALLEY (condition faded - 9m 00s).
Film - MOVING PICTURE (A) (condition slight scratching - 11m 00s).
Film - LETS LOOK AT LAND (condition slight fading - 18m 30s).
Film - MORE THAN APPLES (condition scratched/ faded - 22m 00s).
Film - MATTER OF SURVIVAL (A) (condition bad shrinkage - 10m 00s).
Film - NORTHERN TASMANIA - PHOTOGRAPHIC WONDERLAND - (condition slight scratching -20m 53s).
Film - LONG WEEKEND AT LONGFORD (condition very bad - 24m 00s).
Film - NOTHING EVER HAPPENS HERE (condition fading - 14m 30s).
Film - PRIVATE EYE - produced by Department of Film Production - eye protection in industry - (condition scratched - 8m 00s).
Film - THE QUEEN AND THE RAAF - produced by RAAF - RAAF involvement in 1963 Royal visit - Black Diamonds Aerobatic Team, Athol Townley includes visit to Royal Hobart Regatta - aircraft Hercules, Neptunes, Canberras, Sabres, Convair - RAAF fly past in
Film - SAIL HO - produced by Cinesound - sail boats in Australia - models and fully rigged vessels - 'Pamir' sailing ship - trading ketches at Royal Hobart Regatta - Sydney/Hobart yacht race - (condition poor end title missing - 9m 00s).
Film - OUT OF THE DARKNESS (condition scratched - 7m 00s).
Film - PEOPLES' DAY (10m 00s).
Film - PEOPLE MOVER (THE) (9m 00s).
Film - PRESENTATION OF THE COLOURS (condition fair - 10m 00s).
Film - ONE IN A MILLION (condition scratched - 9m 00s).
Film - RABBIT CONTROL NUMBER 2 (condition good some shrinkage - 12m 00s).
Film - RICHMOND - produced by John Kingsford Smith - National Trust documentary on historic buildings at Richmond - (condition fair - 4m 00s).
Film - ROADS MAKE WEALTH (condition fair - 10m 30s).
Film - ROCKTHORPE STUD, TASMANIA - English version - (condition fair - 10m 00s).
Film - ROUNDABOUT (condition fair - 8m 00s).
Film - NURSING CAREER (A) (condition scratches and shrinkage - 15m 00s).
Film - SAFETY IN THE BUSH (10m 00s).
Film - ROYAL TOUR (THE) - 1954 - (condition poor - 45m 30s).
Film - SAVAGE IRON (RIVER) (20m 00s).
Film - ON LOCATION WITH ROLF HARRIS - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NUMBER 15 - (condition slight scratches, fading - 13m 00s).
Film - PENGUINS OF MACQUARIE ISLAND - produced by CSIRO - penguins on Macquarie Island - breeding etc - (condition fair shrinkage and scratches - 12m 00s).
Film - OTHER FACE OF THE ISLAND (THE) (condition damage at start - 19m 00s).
Film - A PLACE FOR PEOPLE - LAUNCESTON MALL - (condition slight fading - 11m 00s).
Film - POLLUTION IS PERSONAL (condition slight fading and scratching - 13m 30s).
Film - PORT OF HOBART (condition scratched, shrunk, faded - 14m 00s).
Film - PULL UP A CHAIR (condition scratched - 13m 30s).
Film - PURSE SEINING - produced by CSIRO - shot mainly in Tasmanian waters. Shows purse seining as an improved method of fishing - Tiger Moth aircraft - (condition poor very bad faded and shrinkage - 22m 00s).
Film - ROSNY CHILDRENS' CHOIR - trip to Wales - (condition faded and scratched - 22m 00s).
Film - ROSS BRIDGE (16m 00s).
Film - REARING DAIRY CALVES - produced by Department of Film Production - (condition shrinkage emulsion frilling - 14m 40s).
Film - RABBIT CONTROL NUMBER 2 (condition good some shrinkage - 12m 00s).
Film - SAVE YOUR TEETH (condition poor - 10m 00s).
Film - SCALLOP FISHING IN TASMANIA (condition scratched and shrinkage - 5m 30s).
Film - SEED OF SUCCESS - research into seed potatoes at Tewkesbury Research Station includes recommendations to growers (condition fair shrinkage & scratches - 9m 00s).
Film - SHORE LEAVE (condition scratches and shrinkage - 11m 00s).
Film - SKIN DEEP (condition title missing, shrinkage and scratched - 8m 00s).
Film - SPLENDOUR AND THE PEAKS - produced by Commonwealth Film Unit with assistance from Department of Film Production - rockclimbing, bushwalking in Tasmania's mountains - music by Peter Sculthorpe - (condition uneven colour fading, scratches - 10m 00s).
Film - STANLEY - produced by John Kingsford Smith - historic buildings in Stanley - (condition poor shrinkage and scratches - 4m 30s).
Film - TROUT - THE STORY OF - produced by Commonwealth Film Unit ? - trout in Tasmania from spawning to angling - Salmon Ponds - condition poor shrinkage and scratches - 10m 00s
Film - BEST LAID PLANS - see also SEARCH ALERT - VERSION 2 - planning & carrying out a search for lost bushwalkers - condition fair/fading - 8m 00s
Film - TASMANIA'S HOLIDAY HIGHLANDS (condition fair - 12m 00s).
Film - TASMANIA IS .... (condition faded - 9m 00s).
Film - SMOKE SIGNAL (condition scratched, shrinkage and splices - 12m 00s).
Film - SUMMERTIME - one of series TASMANIA - A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS - (condition faded - 9m 30s).
Film - SPAN OF STEEL - STEEL MAINS - TASMAN BRIDGE - involvement of Steel Mains in reconstruction of Tasman Bridge - (condition some fading - 13m 00s).
Film - STOP THE RED STEER - produced by Movietone - fighting bushfires - Insurance Companies settling claims - includes 1967 Tasmanian Bush Fires footage - (condition bad sprocket hole damage, scratched, faded - 14m 00s).
Film - SOUTHWARD (condition fading - 18m 00s).
Film - SOLSTICE - BASS STRAIT - WILDLIFE - produced by Kestrel Films - Bass Strait - coastline and wildlife - (condition good - slight fading and scratches - 18m 00s).
Film - SOUTHERN EXPRESS WAY - construction of Southern Expressway - Hobart to Kingston - (condition some shrinkage - 18m 00s).
Film - TASMANIA'S APPLE INDUSTRY - FRUIT PRESENTATION AND MARKETING - SERIES 1-3 - (condition scratched, shrinkage - 26m 00s).
Film - SPRING - one of series "TASMANIA - A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS - (condition slight damage - 11m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN TAPESTRY - produced by Commonwealth Film Unit - travel film on Tasmania includes HEC and Shannon Rise - (condition fair - 9m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN MILITARY TATTOO - Short Version - (condition fair - 27m 30s).
Film - A THINKING MAN'S GAME (condition slight fading - 18m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN WILDLIFE - note some prints are longer with additional seabird footage at end - (condition scratched - 26m 00s).
Film - TASMANIA - AUSTRALIA'S APPLE ISLE (condition shrinkage scratches - 22m 30s).
Film - STRAITSMAN (THE) - VICTOR ALBERT HARDY - produced by Kestrel Films - history of Bass Strait using life of a fisherman - Vic Hardy - as background for the film - features sealing - history, aborigines - history, Stanley, islands of Bass Strait, shi
Film - TASMANIA'S HOLIDAY COAST - travelogue of the picturesque and fertile North-West Coast - truly a tourist's paradise away from hustle and bustle of the big Mainland citites - condition scratches, shrinkage - 11m 30s
Film - TASMANIA - AUSTRALIA - aka ENTREPRENEURIAL MIGRANTS - film is designed to show the business potential and personal satisfaction that can be achieved by entrepreneural migrants establishing themselves in Tasmania - (17m 35s).
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 1 (6m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 2 (6m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 3 (7m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN WILDERNESS PARTS 1 AND 2 - produced by Tasventure Peter C Sims - study of Tasmanian Wilderness includes Mount Anne, Lake Pedder, Gordon River, West Coast, Huon Pine, Port Davey, Cradle Mountain , Waldheim - Winter - 2 reels - (conditio
Film - WILDLIFE OF MACQUARIE ISLAND - VERSION 1 - (condition poor - 10m 00s)
Film - WILDLIFE OF MACQUARIE ISLAND - VERSION 2 - (condition poor - 10m 00s)
Film - YOUR SILENT PARTNER (condition shrinkage, slight scratches - 11m 30s).
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 4 (7m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 5 (condition scratched and shrunk - 8m 20s).
Film - VIEWPOINT ON HOBART - produced by Film Australia - industry and lifestyle for population and migrants. Made by TFC crew - condition colour fading - 24m 00s
Film - TASMANIAN MAGAZINE NO 12 - TASMANIAN BALLET - (condition fair scratches - 8m 00s).
Film - THREE ARCHER HOUSES - produced by John Kingsford Smith - 3 houses built by Archer Brothers - Thomas and William Archer - Panshanger, Woolmer, Brickenden - condition scratched, shrinkage, no title - 4m 00s
Film - WORLD OF WOOD (condition slight scratching - 15m 00s).
Film - YACHTING - DRAGON CLASS - general coverage Dragon Championships Hobart 1963 - (condition poor - scratched, titles damaged - 12m 00s).
Film - WE TOO CAN LEARN (condition fair shrinkage and scratches - 9m 00s).
Film - VALLEY OF THE DERWENT (condition slight scratching and shrunk - 9m 30s).
Film - TASMANIAN BRIDGES - produced by John Kingsford Smith - includes Richmond Bridge, Strathroy Bridge, Campbell Town Bridge, Tacky Creek Bridge, Ross Bridge - (condition fair slight scratching - 4m 40s).
Film - TUNA COAST (THE) (condition faded some damage - 9m 30s).
Film - TROUT COUNTRY (11m 00s).
Film - TRANSPORT GAME (THE) (condition good slight fading - 9m 35s).
Film - TIMBER SENSE (condition fair slight scratching - 8m 45s).
Film -TIMBER MAKES NEWS - Timber industry and use of timber in newsprint; operations at Boyer - includes timber felling, methods of period, ogging train, Bushy Park, Boyer Mill, Tarraleah, newsprint production.
Film - TIME TO GROW (condition scratches and fading - 13m 00s).
Film - WOODBRIDGE DISTRICT SCHOOL - A PLACE WHERE BOOKS ARE KEPT - produced by Education Department - Education Department Media Mobile bus visits Woodbridge District School - condition faded - 14m 00s
Film - YOU WANT IT - WE FIND IT (condition slight scratching, faded - 6m 30s).
Film - TOP AXE (condition scratched and faded - 24m 00s).
Film - TROUT FISHING IN TASMANIA (condition slight scratches, slight fading - 23m 00s).
Film - WHY TASMANIA? (condition good colour faded - 17m 00s).
Film - WATER IS THE KEY (14m 00s).
Film - ZINC CASTERS - produced by Cineservice Geoffrey Thompson - Processes of mining, smelting, casting zinc products - zinc carting, Rosebery E Z mine, E Z works Risdon, HEC (condition poor opening titles missing, many splices and scratches - 25m 00s
Film - UPON MY OATH (condition good colour faded - 20m 00s).
Film - HARD TO WINDWARD - (3 copies all in poor condition but retained for sections - 17m 47s).
Film - CRAYFISHING ETC - part silent, part sound - (condition poor -10m 00s).
Film - FORESTRY ETC FILM - part silent, part sound - (condition poor - 10m 00s).
Film - BEYOND THE BOOM - METAL MINING IN AUSTRALIA - produced by Fraser Castle - evolution of mining in Australia - the way of life - its importance to national economy - condition scratched, faded - 30m 00s
Film - HOW LANGUAGE GROWS (21m 30s).
Film - OPENING DOORS (18m 00s).
Film - SPORT IN TASMANIA (16m 00s).
Film - VINNIE AND THE SRC (24m 00s).
Film - CASH IN TASMANIA (21m 00s). (long version)
Film - BRINGING HOME BABY - EPISODES 1 - 5 - (138m 44s).
Film - WELCOME TO MY HOME - produced by Triad Brisbane - Comalco operation in Australia - (43m 00s).
Film - BOYER MILL (THE) - production of newsprint from logging to printing - (condition poor vision quality - 13m 00s).
Film - EARLY HOMES OF TASMANIA - copyright Southern Cross - produced by TAS TV Launceston in association with Island Films Pty Ltd - historic homes throughout Tasmania (made in association with National Trust) - 46m 00s
Film - IMAGES FROM THE PAST - GLOVER/WELLS FAMILY - TASMANIAN HIGHLANDS - produced by Cynthia Mitchell condition very poor picture quality - 184m 00s
Film - BODY FIGHTS BACTERIAL (THE) - contains Atomic Bomb and short Hiroshima footage - (13m 00s).
Film - TIMBER MILLING NUMBER 2 - produced by L A Symons - timber mill in operation in Ulverstone - (condition poor - 7m 00s).
Film - LOBSTER CREEK TRAMWAY - 1970 location of original tramway followed by original Timber Milling No 1 - produced by L A Symons - (see AC672/11) - audio track is on 1/4" reel to reel, cassette & VHS audio only dub - (16m 00s).
Film - CASH IN TASMANIA - Pat Cash travels to Tasmania on Abel Tasman to trace ancestor Martin Cash. Meets girl on board who describes Tasmania - (21m 00s).
Film - TASMANIAN GLIDING CLUB - produced by GTS films (Shell Film - not oil company). Activities with basic training gliders. Titles in film are: 1) Scott of Scott's Hill - 2) High times at Easter Camp - one glider is called 'Draganfly'. Condition poor
Film - A DECADE IN THE STATE LIBRARY OF TASMANIA - presented by State Librarian (W L Bown) on his retirement, Part 1 - contains footage of the various operations of the Department.
Film - A DECADE IN THE STATE LIBRARY OF TASMANIA - presented by State Librarian (W L Bown) on his retirement. Part 2 - contains footage of the operations of the Department.