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Inward Correspondence
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1929
End Date:
31 Dec 1935
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970

01 Jan 182031 Dec 1989

01 Jan 189031 Dec 1971

06 Jan 190401 Aug 1956
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Series notes:
A disparate series of inward correspondence sent to the school teacher for Cape Barren Island. It was customary for the incumbent of that position to also assume other duties for the government. The school teacher therefore undertook additional duties on behalf of the police, public health and lands and works departments with an allowance additional to the teaching salary to compensate. The incumbent also undertook electoral office duties and census commission activities for the commonwealth government.

For the period of time in which this correspondence exists, Norman Hawkins was the appointed teacher. Norman Hawkins was born at Greenwich, England, on 15 Nov 1883 and his appointment took effect from 1 October 1928 and went to January 1936.

The majority of the surviving correspondence relates to public health activities and there are numerous letters from the attending medical practitioner from Flinders Island, Dr Evatt Gordon Allport.

This series is registered to multiple creating agencies.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
The correspondence was kept in two sequences - it is chronological then alphabetical by correspondent where the correspondent may be the individual or the organisation e.g. 'C' for Council, 'H' for Department of Public Health, Minister for Health etc

Inward correspondence