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Female House of Correction General Records
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Start Date:
01 Mar 1848
End Date:
18 Dec 1869
Tasmanian Archives
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01 Jan 182731 Dec 1877
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Original held in Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston
Series notes:
This series comprises correspondence and other collected records relating to the female convicts who spent time at the Female House of Correction at Cascades. This series also contains records that illustrate administrative arrangements. There are documents that also make reference to the Brickfields establishment.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Memo: Child of Ellen McQueen to be allowed to remain with its mother
Letter (of complaint?) to superintendent
Sarah Bennett (Kinnear) a suitable object for the infirmary
Complaint about quality of meat from contractor
Thomas, child of Rose Morgan, very sick, mother to visit Orphan School then returned to Cascades (after interment?)
Request to retain services of passholder (Margaret McCormish?)
Authority for Mr Cottrell's private washing to be done on same terms as it was on Anson
Letter regarding Sarah Jones (Anna Maria) being able to enter service in Hobart Town
From police office, asking for details of fines and fees paid
Warrant of Commitment of Conviction & note of sentence completed for Ann Marham (note on bottom counting days)
Memo re accounts
Memo: Ticket of Leave for Hannah Hunt (Emma Eugenia 2)
Memo: 48 grass brooms forwarded
Mary Williams (Sir Robert Epping) now eligible for hire
Memo: disposal of Grace Shellington in nursery at Brickfields, after death of infant
Agnes McLeod (Duke of Northumberland) transferred from service of W. Anderson to Robert Hart
Memo: disposal of Margaret Wallace (Blackfriar) in nursery at Brickfields, after death of infant
From Commissariat Office: Accounts of washing & needlepoint in arrears
From Ross, room for passholders at establishment
"Statement of Pass-Holder as to wages": Elizabeth Cairns (Aurora)
Grace Shellington to Brickfields
Request for instructions on how to dispost of Sarah Bennett (Kinnear)
From Ross, Anne Pumphrey/Humphrey? did not arrive, was detained for being drunk
Order "not to enter service South of Oatlands" to be cancelled for Margaret Smith (Elizabeth & Henry)
Query as to whether Thomas Jones (TL/Duncan) is now in service to Mr Fyfe or where else he might be found
Approval for Catherine Maloney (Blackfriar) to marry Michael Chinta? cancelled
Authority to admit Henry, child of Sarah Brown, to Brickfield's nursery & cancellation - 18 February & 18 April 1854
Bridget Kelly (Martin Luther) returned to Factory after a complaint against her mistress's mother (Mrs Jones, "Lame Horse", New Town Rd & Mrs Petty)
Forage for additional horse
Request for warrant of commital for Jane Boyle (Blackfriar) & Susan Williams (Sir Robert Steppings)
Mary Jones (Sir Robert Steppings) to complete her sentence
Accommodating 3 year child who accompanied his mother (Eliza Boland) to Cascade factory
Transfer of service of Mary Connor (Midlothian)
Request from police office for a list of fines paid
Letter complaining about having not been assigned a servant despite applying weeks before - 29 November
Return of Female Passholders returned to the Service of the Government for whom further instruction are requested: Mary Flynn (Martin Luther) - charge of refusing to work made by Mrs Sharpe
Mary Elliot (Sir Driver?) recommend for "removal to association" for the duration of her sentence
"Statement of Pass-Holder as to wages": Ann Currie (Duke of Northumberland) - 1853
Women discharged to the Brickfields Hiring Depot "Eligible for hire but not in any District South of Oatlands": Nancy Harmon (Amon), Elizabeth McIntyre (Rydes), Mary Gordon (Elizabeth & Henry)
Arrangements for body of Bridget Mahoney (Cadet)
Request from parents of Anna Curcton? (Anna Maria) for her to write to them
Request for abstract for additional temporary increase
Ellen Pearce & Margaret Crowley (Australasian) to be released from separate treatment
Mary O'Brien (John William D--) to be withdrawn from service of Mr Drury? who is not allowed to hire more female passholders
Instructions on disposal of Mary Monaghan/Ryan (Australasia)
Request for an authority to remove 12 women eligible for hire at Ross
Approval for Louisa Ferrier (Cadet) to be released from separate treatment
Margaret Kane (Blackfriar) may be allowed to enter service
Mary Tully (Australasia) & Ann Loder (Emma Eugenia) maybe be discharged ?? ticket of leave holders
Memorandum: disposal of Bridget Gleeson (Australasia)
Discharge of Margaret Meade (Duke of Cornwall) to her husband John Lenry (TL/Blenheim)
Cover letter for an Act of the Legislative Council
Convicts to be supplied with salt beef on Wednesday & Saturday & fresh meat other days
Memo regarding Ellen Davidson
Memo: unanswered letter about 12 female pass holders
Margaret Callaghan (John Wm Bard?) "having been confined of a female child" to be removed to Cascades as soon as possible
To Mrs Sharpe, re: order prohibiting Ellen Nagle from entering service in Hobart Town cancelled
Letter re tender
Letter re salary abstracts
Letter from James Ford, NI, seeking back pay
Request from police magistrate for a warrant of commitment
Memo: women not permitted to reside in Hobart Town not to enter service in Huon district
Memo: Reverend permitted fourteen days leave of absence
Catherine Cashin (Martin Luther) to be received into Cascades
Margaret Cassell (Elizabeth and Henry) & Julia McCarthy (Blackfriar) to be sent to infirmary
Warrant of Commitment on a Conviction: Ann Markham, Midlothian/Free?
Warrant of Commitment on a Conviction: Mary Sheedy?
Correspondence regarding who Bridget McConville (Midlothian) should be assigned to - 1854
Correspondence regarding who Bridget McConville (Midlothian) should be assigned to - 1854
Memo re: salary increases
Discharge of three women on receiving tickets of leave-Mary McGovern, Margaret Williams, Ellen Carroll
Monthly returns re: diets & health at Female House of Correction 1848 (names included)
Monthly return re: skin & eye affection & abstract of (birth) labour, Female House of Correction 1848
Inventory of medical supplies, hospital, Female House of Correction 1848
Various memorandums (arrangements for Margaret Dean on completing sentence, Eliza Stanworth not being in solitary due to having an infant)1858
Memos from superintendent of Cascades inc. one on his resignation, start of Invalid/Lunatic establishment 1877
Letters re: constable putting women (Ellen Cunliffe per Richmond and free by servitude) into charge of cart driver & class of women to be sent to Brickfields as cleaners 1856
Administrative memos - 1850s
Administrative memos (Isabella McCall/Gaylor (Martin Luther) sentence expired) 1858
Three memos re: Isabella Black (TL) & soldiers behind buildings calling out to prisoners x2, leave of absence for reverend 1858
Administrative memos (Lucinia Barker/de la Constantine being abusive) 1858
Discharge Ticket, H.M. Colonial Hospital, Esther Botebal (Anna Maria)
Supply of shoes
Letter from Thomas Griffin asking that his wife be assigned to him
Mary Hurley (Midlothian) required at church to be married
Note re: marriage of Augustus McGregory & Bridget Lamb
Three members of Engineering Gang report for idleness (John Simmons, Samuel Levy, John Lindsay, John McPherson)
Note from Infant School re sick child Jane Mahoney
Sarah Artham? (Emma Eugenia 4) re: husband who is dying 1834
Margaret ? to be discharged to husband (Charles Lucas)
Letter from Catherine Conden (Midlothian) to husband John Ware telling him to come and get her
Approval of marriage & discharged for the purposes of being married for Ann Burgess (Aurora) to Robert Pattison 1855
William Callaghan & Catherine Queen (Martin Luther) to be married if the female be allowed to attend
Letter from Richard Knight re: return of his wife Mary Ann Wood (Tasmanian)
Jane Goodwin to be discharged to marry Joseph Goodwin
Catherine Hayes to provide evidence of death of former husband before remarrying
List of letters & sounds
Letter from John Dory? asking that his wife Mary McNamara (Australasia) be returned to him on expiration of sentence to factory - 14 November
Approval of marriage & discharged for the purposes of being married for Margaret Burns to James Hayleth
Letter from Anne Sullivan? (Cadet 2) to husband
Margaret Martin may be discharged to marry Simon Brown
Daily slate, March 1869, House of Correction Hobart (details distribution of labour, reasons for conviction etc.)