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Indents of Female Convicts.
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Start Date:
09 May 1831
End Date:
24 Feb 1853
Tasmanian Archives
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01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877
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Series notes:
The term "indents" is a contemporary one and seems to have had varied meanings. Its application to the documents of legal significance which conveyed a property in the services of the convicts is clear, as these were legal indentures

but the documents in this series, which were bound up after compilation, and the volumes entitled "Indents", were compiled on board the transports before the convicts disembarked

their purpose appears to have been to provide the basis for the "pre-arrival" information, certain parts of which were, after 1827, entered on the conduct records (CON 40).

The information regularly given includes number, name, when and where convicted, sentence, trade, native place, some details of personal appearance (always age and height) and some information on crime and relatives at the native place and elsewhere. In some cases the information on relatives at the native place is fuller than on the indents of the male convicts. After approximately 1828 information is usually given on literacy, religion, number of children. The "confession", or statement made by the convict on arrival of the offence for which she was transported and of previous record, appears regularly after 1841, and this information corresponds with the statement copied into the conduct records.

The indent papers were prepared on a ship's arrival, and the procedure seems to have been for the details on the Assignment List to be copied first and the rest added from personal questioning. Each volume usually contains lists for several ships often arranged in approximate alphabetical order by the ship's name, and each convict's entry is made under printed headings covering two pages.

Many volumes of indents have found their way out of official custody and are at present held elsewhere

others are in other Record Groups.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Emma Eugenia 8 Apr 1842, Hope 17 Aug1842
Royal Admiral 24 Sep 1842, Waverley 15 Dec 1842, Garland Grove 20 Jan 1843, Margaret 19 Jul 1843, East London 21 Sep 1843, Woodbridge 25 Dec 1843, Emma Eugenia 2 Apr 1844, Greenlaw 2 Jul 1844
Angelina 25 Aug 1844, Tasmania 20 Dec 1844, Phoebe 2 Jan 1845, Tory 4 Jul 1845, Lloyds 7 Nov 1845, Tasmania 2 Dec 1845, Emma Eugenia 5 Jun 1846, Sea Queen 29 Aug 1846
Elizabeth and Henry 4 Jan 1847, Arabian 25 Feb 1847, Asia 21 Jul 1847, Waverley (3) 25 Oct 1847, Cadet 2 Jan 1848, John Calvin 18 May 1848, Elizabeth and Henry 30 Jun 1848, Tory 6 Aug 1848
Kinnear 7 Oct 1848, Lord Auckland 20 Jan 1849, Cadet 12 Apr 1849, Maria 23 Jul 1849, Stately 2 Sep 1849
Australasia 29 Sep 1849, St vincent 4 Apr 1850, Earl Grey 9 May 1850, Baretto Junior 25 Jul 1850, Duke of Cornwall 27 Oct 1850, Emma Eugenia 7 Mar 1851
Blackfriar 29 May 1851, Aurora 10 Aug 1851, Anna Maria 26 Jan 1852, John W Dare 22 May 1852 Sir Robert Seppings 8 Jul 1852, Martin Luther 1 Sep 1852
Midlothian 24 Feb 1853
Hindostan 12 Sep 1839
Fragment from indent of the America 9 May 1831.
Hydery, arrived 10 August 1832