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O'may Albums
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1840
End Date:
01 Jan 1960
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 182531 Dec 1981

01 Jan 192631 Dec 1973
How to Use:
Photographs taken before 1954 are out of copyright and can be freely used
Series notes:
Photograph albums and scrap books, mostly relating to shipping, collected by Harry O'May (1872-1962) and his son D G O'May, subsequently acquired by Dr W E L H Crowther

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Photograph album
Scrap book of news cuttings - ships pictures
Scrap book of newspaper articles on Tasmanian shipping
Photograph album - sailing ships
Photograph album - Remembrances of Vanished Fleets - presented to Alex McGregor by W.G Parr
Scrap book of news cuttings - ships
Scrap book of news cuttings - ships
Photograph album - family groups, bush and rural scenes - New South Wales, South Africa, England
Photograph album - New Zealand
Photograph album - ships
Photograph album - ships
Photograph album - ships
Photograph album - model ships
Postcard album no.2
Postcard album no.3
Postcard album no.4
Postcard album no.5
Postcard album no.6
Postcard album no.7
Postcard album no.8
Photograph - Singapore Floating Dock Being Towed to Singapore
Photograph - Williamstown - Lightning in Stream
Photograph - Unidentified Four Masted Ship with Two Funnels
Photograph - Sailing Ship "Rosecrana" and "Robert Lees"
Photograph - Ship Malaita
Photograph - Paddle Steamer Sailing Ship "Golden Gate" (Postcard)
Photograph - Model of Clipper Ship "Loch Vennachar" Made by E. B. Bell launched 1875
Photograph - Model of Clipper Ship "Loch Vennachar" Made by E. B. Bell launched 1875
Photograph - Trans Pacific Liner Tartar
Photograph - Ajazzi, Corsica - Sailing Vessel at Dock
Photograph - Malay Craft at Singapore
Photograph - "Gayundah" , Moreton Bay
Photograph - First British Turret Ship "HMS Royal Sovereign"
Photograph - Channel Ship Steamer "Ville de Liege" submerged on rocks, Dover Harbour
Photograph - "Boston" British Steam Passenger Ship (Eastern Steamship Lines)
Photograph - Ocean Liner "SS Leviathan" Formerly "Vaterland"
Photograph - Salvage Vessel "Salvor" Formerly "Danube"
Photograph - "Princess Mary" British Motor Lifeboat
Photograph - Wreck of the "Shonga" British Cargo Ship off Dutch Coast
Photograph - Launch of the Canadian Pacific Liner "Duchess of York", Clydebank
Photograph - Steamship Annie M. Miller which foundered outside Sydney Heads
Photograph - Pacific Mail Steamship Company postcard- showing "Colima", "City of Sydney", "City of Peking" and "Columbia" steamships
Photograph - Illawarra Sailing Ship
Photograph - Return of 40 bodies from Crew of the Submarine L55 at Portsmouth
Photograph - King's Card, "The Golden Age of George The First" by Bernard Gribble produced by Raphael Tuck and Sons
Photograph - HMS Victory reenactment of flag raising for Navy Week at Portsmouth
Photograph - Nelson's sailors in costume watching Navy Week at Portsmouth
Photograph - Figurehead of the Sailing Vessel "Buckingham"
Photograph - "Aquitania"and "Majestic" at Southampton Docks
Photograph - Battleship at anchor in Lahaina
Photograph - Sailing Ship and Naval Training Vessel "H.M.A.S. Tingira"
Photograph - Launch of Ship of "H.M. Canberra" at Glasgow
Photograph - Proncess Mary Inspecting Model of "H.M. Canberra"
Photograph - HMS "Celtic" ran aground near Roches Point Lighthouse
Photograph -Belgian Steamer "Ville de Liege" stuck on reef rocks
Photograph - Raising the Sunken Battleship "Kaiser" Part of the German Fleet
Photograph - Divers emerging from Battleship "Kaiser" after being raised
Photograph - Trawler "Palmerston" shortly after collision with "Millimumil in Jervis Bay
Photograph - Arrival of American Olympic Team on Ship "President Roosevelt"
Photograph - Thames Flood at Milbank London
Photograph - Oil Tanker "War Krishnu" arrives to fuel "Renown" on Royal Visit to Australia by Duke and Duchess of York
Photograph - Pleasure Steamer "Crested Eagle" leaving Old Swan Pier London for the South Coast
Photograph - Wreckage of Western Steamer S.S. Casino at Apollo Bay Victoria
Photograph - Steamship "Mascotte" at Dock
Photograph - Steamship "Middletown" (Postcard)
Photograph - "Chester Chafein"?, New England Steamship Company Long Island Sound Service built 1899
Photograph - "G. McCullum" 1865, Steamship cattle transfer North and East River Service
Photograph - Hudson River Day Line, New York and Albany built 1913
Photograph - Mount Street seen from Perth Water
Photograph - "Alexa" J. White Master
Photograph - Scow Race Au Kland Harbour, Postcard to Captain Harry O'May from Ossie
Photograph - "S.S. Istar" floating shark leather factory East India docks
Photograph - Sandakan Port and Docks, British North Borneo
Photograph - Sandakan canal
Photograph - "Franconia" chartered by Thomas Cook to carry American millionaires to Australia
Photograph - Bridge in China
Photograph - Chinese returning to China from Australia
Photograph - Singapore Riverfront
Photograph - Canton River on China
Photograph - Unidentified Sailing Ship
Photograph - Unidentified Cargo Ship
Photograph - Indo-China Coaster
Photograph - Barque C.B. Pederson at Williamstown Wharf with wheat harvest for home markets (47,000,000 bushels)
Photograph - Clyde Pleasure Steamer Grenadier where fire killed 3 Men at Oban
Photograph - German Steamer Augsberg damaged in collision with Italian Steamer Margola
Photograph - Duchess of Atholl, Katharine Stewart-Murray visiting British Instructional Film Company to see how educational films are made
Photograph - War Disabled Ex-Servicemen on H.M.S. Torch to visit Belgium commencing 1st September
Photograph - Torpedo Boat TM 4 speed trials at Greemhithe 7th December
Photograph - Cettien Four Capsized at Australasian Outboard Championship
Photograph - Capsized Cettien Four being towed to safety at Australasian Outboard Championship
Photograph - Paddle Steamship "Colorado" Pacific Mail Steam Ship Collection (Postcard) which crossed the Pacific from San Francisco to China 1st January 1867
Photograph - Liner "City of Lancaster" beached on the West Oaze Sands after a collision with oil tanker "San Gerardo"
Photograph - Cunard Liner "Aquitania" in the floating dock at Southampton January 9th
Photograph - Battleship trying to free mercant steamer stuck in ice in the Baltic
Photograph - Sailors on leave from Battleship H.M.S. Nelson at Portsmouth
Photograph - Mediterranean naval manoevres between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets taken from H.M.S. Marlborough
Photograph - Royal Naval Battle Display off Portland Bill before King Amanullah
Photograph - Crew on the Schooner "Piri" after Trans-Tasman crossing
Photograph - Falkland Islands Battle reenactment by the British Navy involving H.M.S. Malaya acting as "Invincible" near Malta
Photograph - Falkland Islands Battle reenactment by the British Navy involving H.M.S. Cardiff sailors acting as "Kent"
Photograph - Falkland Islands Battle reenactment by the British Navy showing "Malaya" making smoke screen for the "Barham"
Photograph - Britisher built destroyer creates world's speed record - toorpedo being fired
Photograph-Tanjong(?) Priok Docks - Indonesia
Photograph - Battleship at Docks
Photograph - Two half submerged unidentified ships
Photograph - Stern of unidentified ship
Photograph - Warship tied up at Docks
Photograph - Two submarines and ship at wharf
Photograph - Ship's funnels being painted
Photograph - Four warships tied up at docks
Photograph - Sailing Ship Aristides at berth
Photograph - Three unidentified sailing ships at wharf
Photograph - Unidentified passenger ship and tugboat
Photograph - Postcard of Sailing ships and training ship at docks in Copenhagen dated 24th August
Photograph - Postcard of Sydney Hydrofoil " Fairlight"
Photograph - Postcard of Sydney Hydrofoil " Fairlight"
Photograph - Postcard of "Empress of Australia" sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Photograph - Unidentified sailing vessel with barrels approaching shore (Tasmania?)
Photograph - Morton Allport's aeronaut's certificate, the Royal Aero Club of United Kingdom
Scrapbook of newspaper articles relating to sailing ships
Scrapbook of newspaper articles relating to sailing ships