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Correspondence ("o" Series).
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1917
End Date:
31 Dec 1941
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 188617 Jul 1989
Related Series:
ED12 Registers of Inward Correspondence.17 Mar 190506 Feb 1939

ED190 Personal Files of Teachers.29 Jul 190802 Sep 1986
Previous Series:
ED9 General Correspondence (3)01 Jan 190531 Dec 1916
Series notes:
General departmental, school and teacher information. The teacher files are continued past this date in ED190.~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Annually in file number order. Registered in ED12/6-9. The "O" prefixes the file number.

03/1917 Alice Barnes-Classification
04/1917 Vera G. Bryant-Appointment as Junior Teacher
05/1917 L.F. Briggs-Appointment as Junior Teacher
06/1917 Lillie Blake-Appointment as Junior Teacher
07/1917 A. J. Buttsworth
08/1917 Misses M. Daley and M. Castles-Exchange
09/1917 Bernice Campbell-Appointment as Junior Teacher
011/1917 E. Clancy-Exam and classification
012/1917 Doris Crawford-Appointment as Junior Teacher
013/1917 Leila Davie-Junior Teacher and High School
014/1917 Eunice Dalton-Employment
02/1917 Frank Arnold-Admission to College
015/1917 H.S. Cooley-Employment
016/1917 Ella Cleggett-Employment
017/1917 Amelia Boot-Employment
018/1917 Mrs K Davis-Trumpeter Bay-Employment
019/1917 Jessie C Finan-Appointment as Junior Teacher
020/1917 Mildred Franklin-Appointment as Junior Teacher
022/1917 Frances Freshney-Appointment as Junior Teacher
023/1917 Herbert Geard-Application to enter Department as Junior Teacher
024/1917 Annie Goodwin-Employment
025/1917 John Gourlay-Appointment as Junior Teacher
026/1917 Godwin Green-Transfer
027/1917 Doris J. Haines-Employment
028/1917 Elsie Haley-Appointment as Junior Teacher
029/1917 Nellie Hinds-Employment
030/1917 Frank Johnstone-Junior Teacher
033/1917 Ailsa Little-Junior Teacher
034/1917 Elmina London-Appointment as Junior Teacher
035/1917 Miss La Tosa Mosley-Employment
036/1917 W.S. Morrish-Complaints re: assault at Rocky Cape
037/1917 Edna Moorhouse-Appointment as Junior teacher
038/1917 Blanche Mulline-Appointment as Junior Teacher
040/1917 Hedley Palmer-Appointment as Junior Teacher
041/1917 Vera Page-Appointment as Junior Teacher
044/1917 Marjorie Ridge-Appointment as Junior Teacher
045/1917 Zetta Ryan-Appointment as Junior Teacher
046/1917 Maxwell Saltmarsh-Appointment as Junior Teacher
047/1917 C.S. Sharpe-resignation
049/1917 Jessie M. Smith-Appointment as Junior Teacher
051/1917 Winifred J Smith-Appointment as Junior Teacher
055/1917 Marjorie Tevelein-Appointment as Junior Teacher
056/1917 L.B. Turner-Appointment as Junior Teacher
057/1917 Alma Wagner-Appointment as Junior Teacher
059/1917 Alene Wedd-Apointment as Junior Teacher
061/1917 H.J. Whitton-Appointment as Junior Teacher
062/1917 Mary Whitham-Appointment as Junior Teacher
063/1917 Effie Wilson-Appointment as Junior teacher
064/1917 May L. Wilkins-Appointment as Junior Teacher
065/1917 Mabel Wright-Appointment as Junior Teacher
068/1917 Kathleen O'Meara-Employment
088/1917 Olive M. Jones-Employment
090/1917 Macquarie Plains Railway Station-School
095/1917 Taroona-Establishment of School
097/1917 Storey's Creek-Establishment of School
0101/1917 Camden Subsidised School Established
0245/1917 Yarlington-Subsidised School
0283/1917 Blue Rocks-Establishment of School
0288/1917 Goshen-Subsidised School
0290/1917 Management-Blind Institute
0298/1917 Draft Estimates 1917
0308/1917 Military Service
0380/1917 Reedy March subsidised School
0384/1917 School near Mathinna Beauty Point
0388/1917 Woodbury Subsidised School
0390/1917 Eva E. Reid-Employment
0400/1917 Norton Mandeville School
0403/1917 Henrietta Private School
0421/1917 Returned Soldiers Association
0421/1917 Waddamana-Establishment of School
0422/1917 Lower Turners Marsh-Subsidised School
0445/1917 Tewkesbury-New School
0451/1917 St. Patricks River-Subsidised School
0464/1917 Hydro-Electric Department-Boysm eligible for apprenticeships
0465/1917 Oyster Cove-Establishment of School
0466/1917 Nietta Railway terminus-Establishment of School
0469/1917 Wielangta-Establishment of School
0488/1917 Free Railway ticket for children attending Catholic Schools
0512/1917 South Preston-New School
0523/1917 Branxholm settlement-Subsidised school
0547/1917 History Readers No. 4-Complaint by Catholic Federation
0549/1917 West Marrawah-Establishment of School
0564/1917 Subsidised school near St. Marys, Irish Town
0576/1917 Targa (near Myrtle Bank)-Establishment of School
0590/1917 Annual Report 1916
0594/1917 W.K Breadon-Employment
0622/1917 Waddamana-Teacher
0647/1917 Lady Barron-Subsidised School
0663/1917 Regulations-Amendment of
0712/1917 Premaydena-establishment of School and site
0725/1917 High School Hostel
0729/1917 Irene S Wedd-Employment
0731/1917 South Nietta Provisional School
0736/1917 University-Proficiency Scholarships
0851/1917 J.T. Jones position as Inspector and length of residence
0853/1917 T.W. Blaikie-Promotion
0854/1917 Mr J Darling, Stonehenge-Subsidised school
0867/1917 Scamander School
0879/1917 Verona Subsidised School
0880/1917 Priory Subsidised School
0881/1917 H.E. Hayes-3B Certificate
0883/1917 Connorville Subsidised School
0895/1917 Albert Benjamin-Appointment as Junior Teacher
0906/1917 Secretary for Education-Age Limit
0922/1917 Lower Marshes-Establishment of School
0974/1917 R.A. Sleightholm-refund to Transvaal Education Department
0975/1917 Serpentine Subsidised School
01004/1917 Young's Hill Road-Subsidised School
01005/1917 Balfour Subsidised School
01006/1917 Carlton Subsidised School
01009/1917 Christmas Hills Subsidised School
01010/1917 Emita Subsidised School
01011/1917 Eastwood Subsidised School
01014/1917 Ferndale, Bicheno Subsidised School
01015/1917 Ferney Hill-Establishment of School
01016/1917 Goshen Subsidised School
01017/1917 Glenore Subsidised School
01018/1917 Hutton Park Subsidised School
01019/1917 Jericho Subsidised School
01020/1917 Lorinna Subsidised School
01021/1917 Lower Woodstock Subsidised School
01022/1917 Lientinna Subsidised School
01026/1917 Orford Subsidised School
01027/1917 Scopus Subsidised School
01028/1917 Surprise Bay-Establishment of School
01029/1917 South Esk (Tyne near Matthina) Subsidised School
01030/1917 Uxbridge Subsidised School
01032/1917 Weetah Subsidised School
01033/1917 West Bay Subsidised School
01057/1917 Appointment of inspector of Schools
01091/1917 Erection of school at Natone
01142/1917 Grassy, King Island-Establishment of School
01143/1917 Organising Inspector or Technical Education
01149/1917 Leaving and Intermediate Certificates Departments prize withdrawn
01155/1917 Duties of Mr Dechaineux-Drawing
01271/1917 Falmouth Establishment of School
01313/1917 Amendment of regulations
01316/1917 Senior Masters-Duties of
01344/1917 Establishment of school in the Neighbourhood of Weetah
01377/1917 Proposed Diploma of education
01409/1917 Cecil E.B. Fletcher-Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0417/1917 Hobart High School-Tennis Courts
01481/1917 Jackey's Marsh Subsidised School
01540/1917 Establishment of Model Two Teacher School at Landsdowne Crec. and appointment of Mr W. Howard
055/1918 University lecture fees-old authorities
066/1918 Cluan-reopening of school
085/1918 Wattle Grove-George Cawthorne-Purchase of school buildings
0110/1918 Mrs J.A. Solomon-Sewing Teacher
0165/1918 W.T. Miller-Correspondence from the front
0178/1918 H.V. Biggins-Promotion
0233/1918 Nabageena-Establishment of school
0247/1918 Deviot-establishment of School
0313/1918 Policy of Department in regard to enlistment of teachers
0315/1918 Chief Health Officer-Medical Officers for Department
0351/1918 Gerald Smythe-probationary Student Grade 1
0359/1918 H.V. Biggins-Enlistment
0377/1918 Princes Street-Site for school
01023 Lady Bay Subsidised School
0432/1918 Enlistment of Public Servants
0435/1918 Veterinary Science Scholarships
0437/1918 G.J. McLeod-Correspondence from the Front-Enlistment and return
0442/1918 Miss Ada Sample-Application for employment as sewing mistress
044/1918 Thomas Machin-Employment
0495/1918 Steppes, Mary Wilson-New School
0502/1918 Conference of Directors 1918
0517/1918 Early Rises, Deloraine-Offer to purchase site and old buildings by J. Donovan
0523/1918 Greenhythe-establishment of School
0551/1918 Dysart State School-Closure and establishment of a subsidised school
0557/1918 Iris Wood-Appointment to Burnie School
0561/1918 Burnie High School-Complaints-Hind case
0567/1918 C.J. Milligan-Medical certificates
0577/1918 Mrs Scott re: enlistment of son Eric Scott
0592/1918 Duties of Medical Inspectors
0619/1918 W.H. McGough-Return from the Front
0637/1918 Proposals re: Model Small School and Infant Department, Elizabeth Street. Removal to Old High School
0639/1918 Sylvia Richards-Employment
0643a/1918 Conference of Directors-Education of the children of lighthouse keepers
0643/1918 Queensland-Industrial Court Agreements
0646/1918 C.B.A Strahan-High School for West Coast
0647/1918 A.W. Pywell-Retiring Allowance
0655/1918 A.C. Anderson-Return to duty after service at the front
0658/1918 Dennes Point North Bruny-Subsidised school
0663/1918 Correspondence Teacher
06668/1918 Soldier Teachers. Draft regulations
0683/1918 Virginstowe State School-Closure and establishment of a subsidised school
0705/1918 Teaching of Music
0718/1918 Whiteford Hills. Application for the establishment of a provisional school
0724/1918 Tasmanian Dental Association-Appointment of two dentists
0725/1918 Russell-Application for the establishment of a Provisional school
0733/1918 School reserve near the E.Z. Co. Risdon
0750/1918 Education Bill-England
0754/1918 High Schools-The Daymond Cup
0781/1918 Inspectors and teachers Salaries-Information from other States
0795/1918 Preolena-Establishment of School
0802/1918 Teepookana-Sale of property
0823/1918 Conference to consider salaries
0826/1918 Teachers Union-Scale of Salaries
0848/1918 University-Lecture and exam fees
0877/1918 Mt. Lyell Mining Co.-Offer of annual Bursary
0883/1918 Conference of Directors-Training of Teachers
0907/1918 M.H. Eyre-Teacher of woodwork
0945/1918 Mangalore-Establishment of School
0946/1918 Examination for uncertificate Teachers
0967/1918 Director of Education-Salary
0972/1918 Salaries-Increases teachers
0974/1918 Increases-Teachers salaries-newspaper cuttings 1918
0982/1918 A.J. Buttsworth-Promotion
0985/1918 Devonport High School
01029/1918 Lemont Settlement-Establishment of School
01032/1918 Spring Hill-Establishment of School
01054/1918 R.S Waring-Employment
01063/1918 J.H. Geappen-Promotion
01075/1918 Illawarra-Subsidised school
01092/1918 Falmouth-establishment of Subsidised school
01135/1918 C.P. Ede-Appointment after returning from the front
01197/1918 W.W. Seabrook
01198/1918 Education regulations
05/1919 Board of examiners 1918
015/1919 Teachers salaries
028/1919 War bonus
030/1919 Conference of Inspectors
038/1919 Correspondence school
0125/1919 Establishment of a full-time High School at Devonport
0158/1919 Fred Shackcloth
0165/1919 A.C. Walker
0167/1919 Hilda M. Anderson-Employment
0185/1919 Instructions to Inspectors
0227/1919 Edith Cox-Employment
0261/1919 Ormley-Re-opening
0262/1919 High Schools-Junior Teachers
0263/1919 Ormley-Establishment of School
0265/1919 Circular Ponds (near Mole Creek)-Establishment of School
0267/1919 Takone-Establishment of school
0323/1919 Cethana-Establishment of School
0339/1919 Police Point School
0347/1919 Nebraska-Subsidised School
0348/1919 William H. Wheeler-Leave of absence
0351/1919 W.J. P. Burton-proposed resignation
0355/1919 Cockle Creek-Establishment of School
0369/1919 C. Hope-Resumption of duty after absence at the front
0380/1919 Runnymede-Subsidised School
0380a/1919 H.V. Cranston-Requesting information
0381/1919 Chester Subsidised school
0388/1919 Mathinna Road-New building
0411/1919 Temma-Establishment of School
0433/1919 Public Examinations Committee
0494/1919 John H. Airey-Enlistment and return to duty
0496/1919 S.P. Allison-Enlistment and return to duty
0497/1919 Horace Ede-Enlistment and return to duty
0498/1919 A.L. Morgan-Enlistment and return to duty
0502/1919 Leslie B. Read-Enlistment and return to duty
0509/1919 Hubert Glover-Enlistment and return to duty
0510/1919 Roy Burke-Enlistment and return to duty
0512/1919 Donald Tribolet-Enlistment
0514/1919 B. Davie-Enlistment and return to duty
0515/1919 E.A. Brough-Enlistment and return to duty
0517/1919 T.A. Lay-Enlistment and return to duty
0521/1919 O.B. Wyllie-Enlistment and return to duty
0522/1919 E. J Donie-Enlistment and return to duty
0524/1919 Hector Craw-Enlistment and return to duty
0526/1919 Aubrey Davern-Enlistment and return to duty
0530/1919 Horace Winburn-Enlistment and return to duty
0531/1919 George Vaughan-Enlistment and return to duty
0532/1919 Geoffrey Cumine-Enlistment and return to duty
0533/1919 L. Parry-Enlistment and return to duty
0534/1919 R.A Rafferty-Enlistment and return to duty
0535/1919 Q.L. Francombe-Enlistment and return to duty
0536/1919 Douglas McNab-Enlistment adn return to duty
0538/1919 D.R. Mace-Enlistment and return to duty
0539/1919 G. Curry-Enlistment and return to duty
0544/1919 William J. Fahey-Enlistment and return to duty
055/1919 High School for Huon District
0566/1919 Herrick-Establishment of School
0579/1919 Appointment of Truant Officer
0269/1919 Reorganisation of Department (
0584/1919 State High School and Practising School allowances
0587/1919 Hydro Electric Department-Training of electrical Engineers
0632/1919 Moltema
0661/1919 Purchase of buildings for Technical School Launceston
0662/1919 Devonport High School-New Building
0708/1919 W.G. Cornock-Promotion
0709/1919 Amy Rowntree-Appointment as Inspector of schools
0724/1919 Gretta S. Lamprill-Appointment as school nurse
0734/1919 Premaydena-Purchase of site and erection of buildings
0740/1919 Lower Marshes-Purchase of site and erection of building
0745/1919 Ridgeway-Opening of Subsidised school
0750/1919 Examination for Inspector 1912
0761/1919 Balfour-Establishment of a Provisional School
0762/1919 Blue Rocks-Establishment of a school
0763/1919 Camden-establishment of school
0765/1919 Upper Natone-establishment of school
0767/1919 Orford-establishment of a Subsidised school
0771/1919 Scopus-subsidised school
0773/1919 West Bay-Establishment of School
0774/1919 Yarlington-establishment of school
0775/1919 Eastwood-Establishment of school
0776/1919 Lady Barron-Subsidised school
0777/1919 Lower Turners Marsh-Establishment of School
0778/1919 Lower Marshes-Subsidised school
0779/1919 Lune River-Subsidised school
0781/1919 Jackey's Marsh-Subsidised school
0786/1919 Goshen-Subsidised school
0787/1919 Glenore-Hyloplate
0788/1919 Ferney Hill-Subsidised school
0792/1919 Inglewood-Subsidised school
0842/1919 St. Patrick's River-Establishment of School
0860/1919 Mrs A. Williams-Sewing teacher
0864/1919 Mrs U.A. Solomon-Sewing teacher
0867/1919 Shannon-Establishment of school
0880/1919 Dundas-subsidised school
0889/1919 W.T. McCoy-Resignation as member of Registration Board
0898/1919 Hutton Park-Re-opening of school
0924/1919 Somerset School-Exchange of part of school reserve
01174/1919 Eva M. Cromer-Infant Teachers Certificate
01221/1919 Hospital Bay-Establishment of School
08/1920 Christine Burbury-Probationary student
016/1920 Edward Archer-Probationary student
024/1920 Archibald Knowles-Probationary student
042/1920 William Thornton-Probationary student
0160/1920 Inspectors salaries
0219/1920 Hampshire-Subsidised school
0267/1920 F. Ellis-salary
0268/1920 L. Dechaineux-Salary
0398/1920 A. Benjamin-Salary
0420/1920 Ella Bourke-Transfer
0425/1920 Takone-School site
0493/1920 Travelling allowances
0502/1920 L.M. McArthur-employment
0545/1920 Mrs Macnamara-employment
0558/1920 Leo J. Fahey-Transfer
0564/1920 Secretary for Education-Duties
0574/1920 South Queenstown Technical School House for Principal
0577/1920 Miss E. Ridley-Promotion
0600/1920 Teacher Union-Salaries-Strike questions
0607/1920 Launceston-Cookery School
0609/1920 Maps and charts
0948/1919 East Parkham-Application for a subsidised school
0975/1919 Rodger River-Application for a school
0976/1919 F. Ellis-Change of title
01008/1919 Mowbray Swamp later Broadmeadow-new school
01013/1919 Young Hill Road (O'Briens Corner)-new school
01037/1919 J.F. Jones-Picture letters-Criticism by Committee
01017/1919 Inspectors-Increased salary
01097/1919 Revision of course of study for High Schools-Conference of teachers
01121/1919 Applications for Masters of Method, Elizabeth Street
01141/1919 R.E. Holmes-request for redress of alleged unjust treatment
01171/1919 A.J. Buttsworth-Salary
01173/1919 Clifford Manning-Employment
0926/1919 G.V. Brooks-Appointment as Director of education
0612/1920 Miss Winifred Taylor-employment
0625/1920 Miss Millicent Rowntree-Employment
0631/1920 Lucy Stevens-Hobart Cookery School
0669/1920 Glen Valley-New School near Molesworth
0685/1920 Miss A Fraser-Promotion
0695/1920 Returned soldier teachers-concessions
0759/1920 Estimates 1920/1921
0767/1920 Tor Hill-Subsidised school
0805/1920 Technical Branch-staff
0838/1920 Estimates 1920-1921
0844/1920 Upper Plenty-Removal of building to another site
0848/1920 teacher Union-Resolutions 1920
0878/1920 Conference of Directors, Sydney
0907/1920 I.V. Burke-Promotion
0926/1920 Mr C. A. Wright-Remarks made at a conference
0945/1920 Rocherlea-New School
0994/1920 Mowbray-Establishment of School
0998/1920 Darlington, Maria Island-Establishment of school
01017/1920 Miss Phyllis Weaver-Employment
01026/1920 Mrs I Cocker-Employment/Termination
01045/1920 Quamby Bend-Establishment of school
01047/1920 West Forest-establishment of school
01110/1920 Peppermint Hill near Margate-Establishment of School
01209/1920 campbell Street-Acquisition of Trinity Church Burial Ground
01283/1920 Technical School-Purchase of land in Campbell Street
01321/1920 Christmas Hills-Establishment of school
0130/1921 Eileen Fagan-Employment
0132/1921 C.H. Cunningham-Unsatisfactory reports
0152/1921 Miss Edith Lello-Employment
0181/1921 H.T. Parker-Visit to college in Sydney
0188/1921 Lalla-Establishment of School
0204/1921 Regulations-Amendments
0210/1921 Miss H M Beattie-Employment
0215/1921 Reginald Brain-Employment
0344/1921 Eric Johnston-Probationary student
0250/1921 Age and classification record-Proposed amendments
0282/1921 Jean Clarice Batt-Probationary student
0367/1921 Thomas F. Portnall-Employment
0372/1921 Miss A Rowntree-Certificate
0411/1921 H E Hayes-Transfer
0412/1921 Helen M Mackey-Transfer
0438/1921 E Hanlon-Transfer
0471/1921 Scottsdale-High School for North East Coast
0478/1921 Elvie M Johnson-Employment
0533/1921 Trenah (near Ringarooma)-Request for a school
0550/1921 Mrs L M Porter-Employment
0567/1921 Lughrata, Emita, Flinders Island-Proposed School
0573/1921 Bella Skirving-Employment
0632/1921 Miss E L Law-Employment
0646/1921 Sheffield-Request for a High School
0730/1921 Stanley F Turner-Employment
0739/1921 Donald Oxer-Veterinary Science Scholarship
0769/1921 Salaries-Report-Salaries England
0775/1921 Richmond Hill-Establishment of School
0898/1921 Relbia-Establishment of School
0917/1921 Lietinna-Application for a school
0991/1921 Lowanna-Application for a school
01023/1921 Agricultural education-report by Inspector Fletcher
01027/1921 Boy's Training School-Hand over of residence to New Town Infirmary
01049/1921 Bronte-Application for a school
019/1922 Trouser Point, Flinders Island-Request for school
058/1922 Teachers Union Conference-Resolutions
0172/1922 Alfred Moody-Fine
0292/1922 Oonah (Upper Tewkesbury)-school for District
0398/1922 Mrs Muriel Watson-Services terminated
0438/1922 Mental Deficiency Bill-reports
0443/1921 Faheys Lane ( near Irish Town)-Application for a school
0542/1922 Allen Creek-School site
0543/1922 Walter Wright-Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0559/1922 P H Mitchell-Interview with Minister
0617/1922 Swamp Road-Request for school
0619/1922 Conference of Directors October 1922
0625/1922 Norman F Stocks-employment
0627/1922 Egg Lagoon, Yambacoona Estate-King Island-Request for a School
0668/1922 Annual report 1921
0675/1922 Mt. Nelson-Application for a Subsidised school
0716/1922 Black Creek (Via Mole Creek)-Application for a school
0759/1922 Simpsons Bay-Establishment of Provisional School
0770/1922 Sorell Creek-Establishment of a school
0820/1922 Jean Banks (near Wassamana)-Application for a school
0991/1922 Miss Verle E Blackwell-Employment
01110/1922 Brook Lodge-Offer to purchase old building
0119/1923 Dora S Baudinet-Appointment as School Nurse
0184/1923 E O G Scott-Registration
0193/1923 A T Langmaid-Transfer
0228/1923 Gordon Cunningham-Re-employment
0229/1923 Marion Baker (nee Daly)-Marriage Temporary employment
0273/1923 Teachers Union Resolutions 1923-1924
0399/1923 Blind Institute-Re organisation
0413/1923 Annual Report 1923
0423/1923 Florence Grainger-Temporary employment
0479/1923 Eastern Bagdad-Opening of State School
0497/1923 Upper Henrietta-Application for a school
0540/1923 Scholarships Tas Education Department-Amendments to Reg 214
0701/1923 Gowrie (Mt Claude near Mt Claude Rd)-Establishment of school
0711/1923 W R Hill-Application for appointment as Demonstrator of his Constructive Counters
0731/1923 Purchase of motor car by Mr C E Fletcher
0820/1923 Montacute-Application for a school
0843/1923 Blumont-Establishment of a State School
0854/1923 W N Holmes-Transfer and retirement
0956/1923 G W Knight-Certificate
059/1924 Annual Report 1923
0520/1924 Roland-Establishment of School
0589/1924 Grouping in small schools
0116/1925 Dulcot-Removal of buildings to Penna
0561/1925 Agricultural Education in State Schools
0617/1925 Mental Deficiency-Amendment of Clause 15
0618/1925 Conference of Directors Brisbane 1926
0643/1925 Plans of schools from New South Wales
0649/1925 Conveyance of children-Huon Road to Macquarie Street
0658/1925 Planning of schools, Specification of School Fourcrosses, Pwllhelm, Wales
0677/1925 State Teachers Federation conference 1926
0703/1925 R. Padman Re examination of eysight in State Schools
0714/1925 Teachers Union Conference 1925
0737/1925 West Pyengana-Establishment of School
0752/1925 Annual Report 1924
0773/1925 Conference of Inspectors 1925
0810/1925 Glendevie-Establishment of School
0853/1925 Plan and specification from North Wingfield England
0866/1925 Agricultural Education
0906/1925 Compulsory attendance-Proposed reduction to children of 6 years
0977/1925 Blind Institute-Constitution
0999/1925 Annual Report 1925
01001/1925 Australasian Conference of Inspectors
01031/1925 Campbell Street-Erection of new building
01046/1925 Dulcot-Offer to purchase school site
01061/1925 University-Chair of Physics
01089/1925 Maida Soundy-Employment
01102/1925 Cookery School, Hobart
013/1926 Abolition of Kindergarten teachers
030/1926 Hilda Close-Employment
060/1926 Material Suspence Account
093/1926 Scholarships-Interpretation of reg. 214
096/1926 Amendments and new Regulations 1926
099/1926 Iliteracy in Tasmania
0137/1926 Head Masters Conference 1926
0152/1926 Margaret Latham-Employment
0160/1926 Ethel M French-Probationary Student
0160A/1926 Ernest Dent-Probationary Student
0163/1926 Jean E Gee-Probationary student
0165/1926 Charles Harnett-Probationary student
0169/1926 Stella M Lattin-Probationary student
0170/1926 Alice Miller-Probationary student
0172/1926 W R Read-Probationary student
0174/1926 Irene M Shepherd-Probationary student
0183/1926 Dr B Chittick-Reports on Probationary students
0184/1926 Choice of school names
0204/1926 Conveyance of children-Responsibility re: insurance
0245/1926 Agricultural education-suggested compulsory subjects
0250/1926 high schools-Three terminal exams instead of four
0251/1926 Una Crabtree-Employment
0291/1926 Scholarships-Max Biggins
0296/1926 Jean Banks near Bothwell-establishment of School
0301/1926 Head Masters Association-Conference re: University exams
0321/1926 Frances Eileen Watson-Employment
0337/1926 Teachers Union-Resolutions
0338/1926 Childrens Playground Association Organisation
0345/1926 Report on Zeehan School of Mines
0348/1926 Vacations-Particulars from other States
0400/1926 Clarice A Blackwood-Employment
0403/1926 Pauline M Fisher-Employment
0443/1926 Hostel for High School pupils
0491/1926 Teachers Federation-Bureau of Education
0517/1926 Teachers Conference at Devonport June 1926
0563/1926 W J Fahey-Transfer from Scottsdale
0577/1926 Eric A Johnston-Complaints re: conduct
0610/1926 Vacations-Three term system
0613/1926 Complaints from schools-corporal punishment
0622/1926 P H Mitchell-Proposed transfer to Devonport
0705/1926 Conference of Inspectors 1926
0716/1926 Mental Deficiency Board-Associate Psychologist of Clinic
0839/1926 Annual Report-Additional details
0971/1926 Teachers Union-request doer amendment of reg. 54
0972/1926 Salaries
0999/1926 Frances Cunningham-Services terminated
01016/1926 Conveyance of children-Rosebery Station to school
01030/1926 Lientenna-Establishment of School
01039/1926 Annual report 1926
01054/1926 A C Irvine-Appointment as Supervisor of Domestic Science
01064/1926 Womens' Non-Party League-Deputation to Director
01067/1926 G W Knight-Employment for son
01071/1926 Beryl Turner-Employment
01086/1926 Freda Button-employment
019/1927 Gladys M Maddox-employment
025A/1927 Lionel Large-Classification
027/1927 Sylvia Richards-Transfer
050/1927 Moriarty-Establishment of School
066/1927 Llandaff-Subsidised School
076/1927 Mavis Chester-employment
081/1927 elsie Pearton-Probationary Student
083/1927 Nita Pearce-Probationary Student
086/1927 Carmel Hayes-Probationary Student
095/1927 Betty W Brown-Probationary Student
096/1927 Marjorie Kidd-Probationary Student
097/1927 Ronald McCann-Probationary Student
098/1927 Elaine Rocher-Probationary student
099/1927 Nancy S G Tevelein-Probationary Student
0100/1927 Jean C Treloggen-Probationary Student
0103/1927 Emily Ferguson-Probationary Student
0104/1927 Grace Gunton-Probationary Student
0105/1927 Mary Rowe-Probationary Student
0106/1927 Christina Webster-probationary Student
0108/1927 Lois Dale-Probationary Student
0109/1927 Rayma edwards-Probationary Student
0110/1927 Lily Kerslake-Probationary Student
0111/1927 Constance M Lunnie-Probationary Student
0112/1927 George Mulligan-Probationary Student
0113/1927 Arthur Weatherhead-probationary Student
0114/1927 Kitty Cooney-Probationary Student
0116/1927 Ellen Farrell-Probationary Student
0118/1927 Marion J Carvel-Probationary Student
0132/1927 Robert Finlay-Employment
0134A/1927 Edna Bowden-Junior teacher
0135/1927 Vivian Murphy-Junior teacher
0144/1927 Isla Sullivan-Employment
0166/1927 Hazel Tabart-employment
0167/1927 Flo McArthur-Permission to act as judge at show
0192/1927 Sale of School reserve parish of Cruttendon
0198/1927 Ada Wilson-Classification
0257/1927 Regulations
0344/1927 May Webberley-employment
0354/1927 Conveyance of children-Risdon to Lindisfarne
0375A/1927 Secondary Schools Association-re: Bursaries
0379/1927 Women's Non Party League Purchase of Stoke
0391/1927 Conveyance of children-Oakwood to Carnarvon
0426/1927 C W Judd-Employment
0503/1927 Hobart Savings Bank-Issue of leaflet to schools
0516/1927 Mollie Briggs-Employment
0534/1927 Rita Arnold-Employment
0556/1927 Alice Bevan-Transfer
0602/1927 Teachers Union-Resolutions
0613/1927 Charles Viney-Unpaid debts
0621/1927 Ida Thorne-Recreational leave
0630/1927 Adeline Brown-employment
0643/1927 Dorothea Cole-Resignation and re-employment
0645/1927 Vivian M Lloyd-employment
0651/1927 Hobart Savings bank-Deposits by school children
0662/1927 Control of Medical Inspections of schools
0663/1927 Cookery School Burnie
0665/1927 Supply and Tender department-Supply of railway iron hobs
0666/1927 May Imlach-employment
0688/1927 C B Cook-employment
0698/1927 Ethel I Atkinson-Employment
0699/1927 Joy Greta Higgs-Employment
0700/1927 exams-Fees for examination of thesis
0711/1927 School sports-Football carnival
0746A/1927 Conference of inspectors
0762/1927 Bowen Road School-Proposed purchase of land and erection of school
0765/1927 Mary Hamilton-employment
0769/1927 David White-House rent
0792/1927 Violet Masterton-employment
0794/1927 J W Graves-Employment
0827/1927 Henrietta Wallace-employment
01039/1927 Mrs Louisa Hardie-Employment
01042/1927 F M Mcarthur-Cookery School Launceston
01061/1927 Margery Cummins-employment
01066/1927 P Hughes-Report on visit to the Mainland
01067/1927 Miss Irvine to conduct Domestic Science Exams
01105/1927 S Wellington-Transfer
01127/1027 L M Parr-Classification
01133/1927 W J Fahey-Classification
01141/1927 M J White-Employment
01143/1927 Amy Mitchell-Employment
01148/1927 Millicent Anderson-employment
01150/1927 A M Drew-Classification
01151/1927 Pearl Iris Ransley-Employment
01152/1927 E McKenna-Classification
01154/1927 Olive Eagling-Employment
01169/1927 Retention of salary by long serving teachers
01190/1927 Candiciates for course at Hawkesbury College
01193/1927 Physical training-Reports from Col Alderton
01219/1927 Superannuation Fund-Reciprocal arrangements with other States
01221/1927 M Bramich-Domestic Science
01225/1927 Material Suspence Account
01234/1927 Brenda Haney-Employment
01251/1927 Joan Morey-Employment
01256/1927 E C Stabb-Employment
01259/1927 F J Waldron-Employment
01264/1927 Scholarship Exam
0834/1927 Amy Richardson-Employment
0839/1927 Dorothy Arnold-Employment
0862/1927 Course of Instruction-Revision of
0863/1927 L F Giblin-Scholarship examination
0908/1927 Nellie Pentland-employment
0976/1927 Herbert Hopgood-Appointment as woodwork teacher
0996/1927 Quoin-Lease of school reserve
01021/1927 F H Bryan-Transfer
01026/1927 Boy's Welfare School-Establishment
01028/1927 Cookery School Launceston-equipment to be written of
01029/1927 G W Knight-Long Service leave and exchange with english teacher
01030/1927 Special classes-exhibition fo work in Central School
01036/1927 Evelyn Wells-unsatisfactory reports
05/1928 Leslie Large-Employment
07/1928 Regulations
023/1928 Conference of Directors
023a/1928 Conference of Directors
037/1928 Auburn-Opening of School
050/1928 Phyllis Luckman-Junior Teacher
066/1928 Agricultural scholarship
0101/1928 H Ferguson
0178/1928 Planning of schools
0203/1928 Sea Elephant King Island-establishment of school
0226/1928a Important features in the administration of the Lyons Government
0227/1928 Agricultural-Course work for G M Hunter
0232/1928 Pontypool-Offer to purchase school reserve.
0241/1928 Conveyance of children to Sorell
0269/1928 Child Endowment Commission-Report re: Education in Tasmania
0287/1928 Conveyance of children-Insurance
0288/1928 Lorna Brown-Probationary Student
0304/1928 Uxbridge-establishment of a school
0306/1928 A L Meston-1A Certificate
0366/1928 Stella Mulligan-Probationary Student
0371/1928 Mary McInnes-Probationary Student
0382/1928 Jean Wright-Probationary Student
0400/1928 Teachers Union-Annual Conference May 1928
0425/1928 Conveyance of children-Clarence Point, Kelso, Beauty Point to Beaconsfield
0471/1928 Conveyance of children-Mella, Scopus, Scotchtown to Smithton
0482/1928 Lune River-Reopening of school
0498/1928 Whyte River-Offer to purchase old building, rental of house, destruction of building by fire
0514/1928 Mrs Myra Bramich-Employment
0526/1928 Amendment of Act
0533/1928 Miss Cora Healy-Employment
0556/1928 Exams-Particulars from other states re: Intermediate exam
0559/1928 Premiers Office-Information re: Primary Education in Tasmania
0597/1928 Apsley-Subsidised School
0646/1928 Miss A C Irvine-Wireless broadcasting lectures on cookery
0657/1928 R O M Miller-Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0664/1928 Inspectors-Appointment of additional Inspectors
0708/1928 Publications-Premiers Office-Book History of Tasmania
0723/1928 Attendance-Proposed alteration of compulsory age to 6 years
0724/1928 Ivy May Simmonds-employment
0725/1928 Teachers' Union-Resolutions passed at Conference, Perth WA
0727/1928 Old Hobartian Association-Appointment of Board of Advice
0763/1928 G W Knight-Application for Bowen Road
0797/1928 League of Nations-Instruction for children
0811/1928 Teachers' Union-Conference of State Secondary Teachers May 1928 & January 1929
0823/1928 Miss Marjorie Tevelein-Classification
0839/1928 Miss Vera Elsie Hooper-Employment
0844/1928 Agricultural Education-Arrangement for Instruction to Teachers
0862/1928 Lanes' Tier-Subsidised School
0914/1928 Woodwork Schools-Arrangements for completion of course in one year, Allowance of marks for Scholarship Exam.
0961/1928 A W Burgess-Salary
0973/1928 Lucy Parr-Appointment as Teacher of Special Class
0996/1928 Bowen Road-School Radius
01007/1928 Mrs Wilhelmina Tate (nee Parr)-Temporary Employment
01023/1928 Womens' Non Party League-Hostel for High School Girls, Advisory Committee Domestic Science School
01031/1928 Educational Research-Establishment of Australian Institute
076/1929 Miss Jean C Shegog-Employment
0113/1929 V A Dowrie-Truant Officer-Allowance for Horse and Vehicle
0145/1929 Leila E Brooks-Employment
0147/1929 Mary Lawson-Employment
0163/1929 Ravensdale-Establishment of State School
0187/1929 Evelyn Wells-Return to Duty, Leave of Absence
0224/1929 Hostels for High School Scholars-Information from other states
0230/1929 Winifred Badcock-Probationary Student
0234/1929 Mavis Burrows-Probationary Student
0254/1929 Gwenneth Parsons-Probationary Student
0263/1929 Dolores Woods-Probationary Student
0290/1929 Director of Education-Visit to Victoria report re: Hostels & Domestic Science teaching
0326/1929 Nancy Gee-Employment
0340/1929 Myra Nevin-Employment
0411/1929 Cradoc Road-Establishment of School
0455/1929 Conveyance of Children-West Forest to Forest State School
0476/1929 Amy Rowntree-Visit to New South Wales-Report on observations
0495/1929-Miss S N Spurling-Transfer
0521/1929 High Schools-Proposed High School-Circular Head District
0575/1929 Leslie-Application for Establishment of School
0578/1929 Salaries-Teachers Union re: creation of Salaries Board etc. Comparison with other States
0632/1929 Conference of Inspectors-September 1929
0649/1929 Wattle Grove-Offer to purchase property
0650/1929 Regulations-Amendment of Reg. re: 1B Certificate
0356/1929 Federated State School Teachers' Association-Resolutions at conference
0368/1929 Hostels for High School pupils-Enquiries re: proposed establishment in Tas.
0376/1929 Vocational Guidance Association-Proposal from Directors Conference, Reports from other states
0389/1929 Regulations-Amendments and New Regulations 1929
0674/1929 Educational expenditure-Cost per head in States of Commonwealth
0673/1929 Little Swanport-Acquisition of Land & Erection of school
0654/1929 Albert Halls-Employment
0645/1929 University of Tasmania-Conference with representatives of Teaching Profession
0743/1929 Miss A Irvine-Allowance for classes at Technical School
0732/1929 Teachers' Union-Technical School Teachers and Appeal Board
0731/1929 Lands Dept.-Sale of School site, town of Welsh
0687/1929 Conveyance of children-Rosebery Station to school
0758/1929 Carlton-Rental of residence
0773/1929 Miss Margaret Winch-Employment
0831/1929 Miss Mary Blackwood-Employment
0835/1929 University of Tas.-Intermediate Exam-New Regulations
0812/1929 Teachers' Union-Resolutions 1929
0859/1929 Loongana-Application for Establishment of School
0890/1929 Marjorie Tevelein-Reappointment
0893/1929 Teachers' Union-Deputation to Minister Post Primary education
0898/1929 Pisa-Application for establishment of School
0906/1929 Recreational Leave-Chas Wright
0913/1929 Altmoor-Flinders Island-Establishment of School
0941/1929 H Ferguson-Recreational Leave
0930/1929 Agricultural Education-Proposed classes at High Schools
0951/1929 Conveyance of children-West Montagu to Montagu School
0981/1929 High Schools-Arrangements re: Teaching of Art
?/1929 Lorna Andrews-Resignation
01001/1929 Retreat-Subsidised School
?/1929 Tasmanian State Schools Childrens Assurance
036/1930 Conference of Directors-Victoria May 1930
038/1930 Sybil McKay-Classification
051/1930 Minister for Education-Insurance of articles purchased by parents' Associations
064/1930 Peace Society-Copies of Kellogg Pact for state schools
077/1930 Cethana-Reopening as subsidised school
0117/1930 Circular Head High School-General information re: selection of site etc.
0124/1930 Course of instruction for High Schools-Proposed Revision
0126/1930 Infant Teachers-Arrangements for obtaining groups of teachers from England
0247/1930 Agricultural education-Report by W J Fahey visit to Mainland
0256/1930 Blind Institution-Employment of W F Truscott as teacher
0276/1930 Koyule-Establishment of School
0291/1930 Melton-Request for Re-opening of State School
0305/1930 Conveyance of children-Lake Margaret to Queenstown
0329/1930 Percy Hughes-Locum Tenens for Inspector/Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0380/1930 Conveyance of children-Campbell Ranges to Takone School
0383/1930 Educational Research-Request for Reports etc. Discussion at Directors Conference
0392/1930 West Launceston-Establishment of School
0420/1930 C Fletcher-Report re: Visit to Mainland
0430/1930 Regulations-Amendments and New Regulations 1930
0123/1930 Allens Rivulet-Establishment of School
0437/1930 Caseyville-Application for establishment of school
0448/1930 Dalton Plan-Information for International Institutue
0497/1930 Technical Education-Report by W T McCoy and James Nangle
0552/1930 Edith Creek-Offer of land for school site
0584/1930 Conference of Inspectors-September 1930
0568/1930 Nurse Baudinet-Donations of apples for city school children
0630/1930 Conveyance of children-Particulars for Minister re: cost of conveyance
0636/1930 Conveyance of children-Yates' Farm to Glenora state school
0642/1930 Imperial Education Conference-Proposed visit of Director
0648/1930 Education Department Western Australia-Proposed Economics information re: Education in Tasmania
0672/1930 Medical-Termination of services medical officers
0674/1930 Medical-Abolition of position part-time medical officers
0684/1930 Kindergarten-Allowance for material to be discontinued
0690/1930 Boards of Advice-Discontinuance of allowance to Secretary at Hobart and Launceston
0691/1930 Staffing-Proposed reduction of staff in schools
0697/1930 Telephones-Discontinuance of payment for school telephones
0701/1930 Teachers Union-Conference 1930
0719/1930 Henry Parker-Position in Department: Classification and Salary
0720/1930 Material Suspense a/c-Reduced profit-Request for assistance from Government
0737/1930 Baskerville -Subsidised School
0743/1930 History Notes for grades 6 & 7 compiled by Messrs Purtell & Limb
0753/1930 Walter Wright-Report of observations-England & New Zealand
0821/1930 Economy-Proposed savings in Education-Extracts from newspapers
0830/1930 Teachers' Union-Arrangements re: inspection of class 1 schools
0837/1930 Salaries-Percentage reductions-House Allowance, ruling by Solicitor General
0870/1930 C E Fletcher-Appointment as Senior Inspector of schools
022/1931 Conveyance of children-Ashwater to Penguin State School
023/1931 Conveyance of Children-Scotchtown-Smithton
024/1931-Conveyance of Children-Camena to Natone State School
025/1931 Conveyance of Children-to Scottsdale District School
026/1931 Conveyance of Children-Rosebery Station to Rosebery State School
036/1931 Inspectors Conference-January & September 1931
1931 B Y Whitham-Resignation: Application for Retiring Allowance Reg 123
063/1931 Conveyance of Children-Loyetea to South Riana
074/1931 R S Wright-Recreational Leave and retirement from service
094/1931 Board of Advice-Launceston-Appointment of members
0108/1931 H Hogarth-Resignation & Bond-Services terminated, Bond cancelled
0138/1931 Upper Plenty-Subsidised school
0164/1931 Conveyance of children-Risdon & Grass Tree Hill to Lindisfarne
0175/1931 Warrentina-Application for Establishment of school
0180/1931 Rockwood-Victoria Valley-Subsidised school
0181/1931 Educational Research-Request from Lord Percy for contribution to Education Year Book
0183/1931 Regulations-Amendments & New Regulations 1931
0189/1931 Inspectors-Applications for vacant positions
0237/1931 Conveyance of Children-Wynyard to Burnie High School
0253/1931 Temporary Teachers-Question of Retiring Allowance on retrenchment-Ruling by Solicitor General
0262/1931 Minister for Education-Amendments and New regulations to be submitted to Council
0270/1931 Federated State Schoo Teachers' Association-Information re: Training of Teachers in Tas.
0286/1931 Educational Research-Information re: Resignation of Teachers
0296/1931 Conveyance of children-Milabena to Myalla State School
0323/1931 P H Mitchell-Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0324/1931 Agricultural Education-Proposed scheme by Hon. Alan Wardlaw
0325/1931 Federated State School Teachers' Association-League of Nations Day in Australian Schools
0327/1931 Priory-Subsidised school
0336/1931 University-Appointment of committee to consider pass at Intermediate exam
0367/1931 Crippled Children-Proposed arrangements for education
0398/1931 Ormley-Subsidised school
0401/1931 H Glover-Resignation-Retiring Allowance reg. 123
0425/1931 High Schools-Payment of fees: Information from other states
0433/1931 Teachers' Union-Salary Reduction
0155/1932 Education Dept. South Australia-Visual education and broadcasting
0554/1931 Western Creek Road-School for District
0552/1931 Teachers' Union-Annual Conference Regulations
0534/1931 Travelling Allowance-Reduction of_____
0530/1931 YMCA Public Speaking Union-Proposed scheme for employment of youth
0528/1931 Educational Conference-Proposals for 1933
0527/1931 Educational Research-Questionnaire re: Raising for school leaving age
0520/1931 Salaries-Opinion of Solicitor-General re: Sections of Reductions of Salaries Act
0517/1931 Education Dept. New South Wales-Cost of education per pupil in Tasmania
0513/1931 Material Suspense A/C-Amount of credit allowed to certain firms.
0510/1931 Amy Rowntree-Reasons for retention of position
0509/1931 Sir Elliott Lewis-Suggestion re: List of State Governors to be hung in schools
0495/1931 Cleaners-Instructions by the Minister re: Appointment of cleaners at state schools
0493/1931 C R Baker-Enrolment at Secondary Schools: Percentage of Scholars residing away from home.
0491/1931 Education Enquiry Board Victoria-Information re: System & Cost of education in Tasmania.
0482/1931 Conveyance of children-Merton to Glenorchy School
0455/1931 A R Sargent-Abolition of position as school nurse and re-appointment.
0454/1931 Dental Clinics closure-Termination of services of surgeons and attendants
0143/1932 Carlton-Lease of school property
075/1932 Gowrie-Subsidised school
069/1932 Conveyance of children-Huon Rd. to Macquarie Street State School
029/1932 Regulations-Amendments and New Regulations 1932
022/1932 Jean Leeson-Employment
03/1932 Rheban-Subsidised school
0703/1931 Scholarships-Offer by Hemingway and Robertson
0670/1931 Sorell Creek-Application for establishment of school
0641/1931 High Schools-Arrangement re: imposition of fees
0640a/1931 Cradoc Road-Compensation to residents in connection with site
0633/1931 Mercer-Subsidised school
0629/1931 G W Knight-Lindisfarne-Objection to transfer from Lindisfarne
0620/1931 Fern Tree-Establishment of school
0601/1931 Economies-Information from other states
0565/1931 Steppes-Application for establishment of school
0165/1932 Directors' Conference Sydney 1932
0168/1932 Economy-Proposed economies in education 1932
0177/1932 Lands Dept.-Sale of school reserve, town of Hull
0181/1932 Minister for Education-Resolution by Womens National League re: Homework
0195/1932 Supervision of special classes-Intelligence & Scholastic attainment
0197/1932 Fay Blackwell-Probationary Student
0218/1932 Agricultural Education-Proposed course for schools: report by committee
0235/1932 Educational Enquiry-Reports from Mainland States
0270/1932 Eastwood-Rental of Residence
0278/1932 Unemployed boys-Attempt to find cause
0282/1932 Public Works-List of schools requiring painting & repairs
0289/1932 Bible Lessons-Supply of Books to Schools
0291/1932 Conveyance of children-Orielton & Penna to Sorell State School
0295/1932 Pisa-Subsidised school
0298/1932 Education Dept. Sydney-Enquiry re: Teaching of music in State Schools
0328/1932 Reading-Investigation by Messrs Limb & Parker
0330/1932 Treasury-Information for Premiers Conference re: Savings in Salaries
0347/1932 Conference of Inspectors-August 1932
0353/1932 Teachers' Union-Annual Conference 1932
0356/1932 Clarice Hall-Classification
0360/1932 Orford-Re-opening of school/Lease of School site
0361/1932 Brown Mountain School-Rental as residence, offer and purchase
0362/1932 Conveyance of children to Ravensdale School
0400/1932 Unemployed Relief-Provision of work at State Schools: repairs, painting etc.
0412/1932 Mrs S Green-Temporary Employment
0416/1932 Truant Officer-Education Dept: Appointment of G Stockdale
0417/1932 Educational Research-Suggestions for securing uniformity of educational statistics
0435/1932 Teachers' Union-Suggestions re: Post-primary education
0479/1932 Minister for Education-Homework in High Schools
0491/1932 Readers-Compilation of book from Macmillan's Publications
0526/1932 Mrs Purchas-Temporary appointment as teacher of elocution
0544/1932 Central School-Proposal
0563/1932 Supervision of special classes-Graph showing age-norms: City schools
0565/1932 Life Assurance-Proposed Group Scheme for Civil Servants
0567/1932 Scholarships-Offer by Hemingway and Robertson
0573/1932 Norman Warbrunn-Employment
0577/1932 C Robert Ingamells-Employment
0592/1932 Una Morton-Employment
0594/1932 Education Dept.-Charges preferred against W Moate, Messenger
0600/1932 Lughrata School-New School site
0612/1932 Una Alexander-employment
09/1933 Conveyance of Children-Blythe to Sulphur Creek
023/1933 Mr Paul Brown-Employment
034/1933 Conveyance of Children-Wynyard to Burnie High School
083/1933 Edith Creek-Provision of Central School
077/1933 Audit Dept.-Enquiry re: Travelling expenses of Inspectors re: West Coast Visit
086/1933 W Conder-Request for information re: Scholarships tenable at Church Grammar School
096/1933 Vacations-3 term system
0112/1933 Marion Bynon-Probationary Student
0114/1933 Thedda Corrigan-Probationary Student
0117/1933 Nettie Griggs-Probationary Student
0120/1933 Hugh John McCulloch-Probationary Student
0140/1933 Interchange of Teachers-England and Australia: Resumption of activities
0142/1933 P Mitchell-Visit to Mainland states
0143/1933 R O Miller-Visit to mainland states
0148/1933 V Von Bertouch-Appointment as Inspector of Schools
0153/1933 Truant Officer-Launceston: Wording of Education Act
0170/1933 Lois Ellen Elmer-Employment
0172/1933 Emily Lane-Employment
0184/1933 Pipers Brook-Acquisition of property
0192/1933 Betty Law-Employment
0198/1933 Educational Research-Information for Educational Year Book
0212/1933 Safety Leagues Gazettes from New South Wales
0227/1933 Estimates 1933-1934
0244/1933 Una Herbert-Employment
0248/1933 Public Works Proposals-List of works for 1933-1934
0264/1933 Interchange of Teachers-Australian States & New Zealand
0268/1933 Blind Institution-Amendment of Act
0269/1933 Australian Council for Educational Research-Proposal to take over certain functions from State Education Departments.
0274/1933 Educational Research-Reading Tests
0300/1933 Motor Cars-Mileage Rates
0322/1933 Inspectors Conference-September 1933
0334/1933 German Town-Application for re-opening of school/Subsidised school-New Buildings
0341/1933 Imperial Educational Conference-1934
0347/1933 Religious Instruction-New Regulations
0348/1933 Parents' Associations-Report of Conference of Parents & Friends Association, New South Wales
0370/1933 Medical-Investigation into health of girls preparing for Leaving Examination.
0376/1933 Course of instruction-Curriculum Committee
0377/1933 Montague Bay-Subsidised School
0378/1933 Wireless-Broadcasts for Schools
0387/1933 Amy Rowntree-Motor Accident: Payment of expenses by Department
0389/1933 Education-Revenue and Expenditure 1901 to 1933
0409/1933 Mabel Wright-Re-employment
0415/1933 Supervision of Special Classes-Proposed establishment of Experimental School
0428/1933 John Watson-Appointment as School Dentist
0429/1933 Mrs Aileen Ellis (married name:Lennon)-Appointment as School Dentist
0433/1933 Music-Proposed class tuition by Mr Chas Boult
0434/1933 Minister for Education-Resolution by AWNL re: Qualifying Certificate Examination
0435/1933 Council for Educational Research-Library Survey of Australia
0439/1933 Salaries-Payment of Increments
0443/1933 Council for Educational Research-Minutes of Meetings 1933
0468/1933 Primers-Preparation by Miss E Jensen
0493/1933 Audit Department-Repayment of Loan to High Schools
0497/1933 High Schools-Appeal by teachers against appointment of Primary Teacher to Head Master of Secondary School
0502/1933 Conveyance of Children-Erriba to Wilmot School
0510/1933 Teachers' Union-Annual Conference 1933
0514/1933 Eric Moore-Employment
0518/1933 Keith Firth-Employment
0535/1933 Rossarden-Establishment of School
0536/1933 Adamsfield-Subsidised School
01/1934 Parents' Association-Rules for Adoption
09/1934 Scholarships-Electrolytic Zinc Company
014/1934 Regulations-Amendments and New Regulations 1934
020/1934 Conveyance of Children-Ashwater to Penguin State School
027/1934 A G Ogilvie MHA-Amount spent on School Buildings
029/1934 South Australia-Salary Revision
044/1934 R Ralph-Exchange Teacher
048/1934 Rosevale School-Repairs and Painting
059/1934 Scholarships-Tasmanian Education Department: Brian Hughes
076/1934 Supply and Tender Department-Requisition for Supplies
087/1934 High Schools-Proposed School for Fingal District
0105/1934 Conveyance of children-Dundas to West Zeehan
0107/1934 High Schools-Appointment of Special Students
0108/1934 Weetah-Buildings destroyed by fire/Sale of old bricks and Iron
0127/1934 Agricultural Education-Donation of Prizes by members of parliament
0130/1934 G W Knight-Offer of land for School farm
0134/1934 Robbins Island-Application for establishment of school
0135/1934 Lakes District-Suggestions for Travelling Teachers
0136/1934 Little Plains (near Pyengana)-Application for establishment of school
0147/1934 C E Fletcher-Buildings and Equipment
0151/1934 Agricultural Department-Veterinary Science Scholarships
0159/1934 Gowrie-New School Building
0195/1934 Comstock-Application for establishment of school
0200/1934 Conveyance of children-Weetah to Deloraine
0207/1934 Minister for Education-Important features in connecting with educational system
0220/1934 Dental Clinic-Arrangements for establishment of clinic in Launceston
0222/1934 Conveyance of children-Mooreville Road to Burnie
0223/1934 Goshen-Subsidised school
0234/1934 Conveyance of children-Mt Nicholas to St Mary's School
0235/1934 Agricultural education-Information from other states
0238/1934 Shakespeare Head press Ltd-Questionnaire re: Local and Dramatised History in Schools
0239/1934 Education Dept. Victoria-Enquiry re: Correspondence Pupils and Intermediate Exam
0243/1934 Scholarship Exam-Resolution from teachers Fingal District re: Marking Writing
0253/1934 Conveyance of children-Dennistoun to Bothwell State School
0257/1934 Educational Research-Annual Report
0258/1934 Education Dept. New Zealand-Post-Primary Education by Correspondence
0260/1934 J F Jones-Visit to Victoria
0269/1934 High Schools-Abolition of fees
0278/1934 Education Dept. New South wales-Pictures for State Schools
0307/1934 Helen Mackey-Resignation: Payment of retiring allowance
0308/1934 Ilma Daniels-Employment
0321/1934 Director of education-Proposed visit to USA
0323/1934 Minister for Education-Number of subjects to be taken in Intermediate and Leaving Exams
0330/1934 Mary Upchurch-Appointment as Dental Attendant
0340/1934 Inspectors' Conference-September 1934
0344/1934 Teachers Union-Resolutions by Executive
0349/1934 Hazel Norris-Employment
0354/1934 Alfred Moody-Recreational Leave
0359/1934 Lonnavale-Subsidised school
0388/1934 Scholarships-Offer by Hemingway and Robertson
0409/1934 School Vacations-West Coast and Island Concessions
0405/1934 Education Dept.-Resignation of Miss B Williams and Appointment of successor
0410/1934 Teachers' Union-Annual Conference 1934
0414/1934 P Hughes-Visit to Victoria
0442/1934 Eldon-Subsidised School
0446/1934 Blind Council of Australia-Education of Blind Children
0459/1934 C E Fletcher-Visit to Adelaide
0466/1934 Salaries-Proposed restoration
0477/1934 Telephones-Arrangements for part payment for rentals at High Schools
0501/1934 Salaries-Awards in New South Wales
0504/1934 Public Service Commissioner-Arrangements for officers to consult Govt. Medical Officer
0505/1934 E W Duncombe-Retirement from Service
0506/1934 Education Dept.-Proposed retirement of teachers at 65yrs of age
0508/1934 Agricultural education-Project report from Kadina
0510/1934 Womens Non Party League-Suggested Improvements in Educational Matters
0512/1934 Supervision of Special Classes-Establishment of Psychological Clinic
0517/1934 Mary Steer-Employment
0521/1934 Edward Howard-System of Stabilised English
0522/1934 Education Dept. Victoria-Medical Certificates of teachers on leave
0534/1934 V Von Bertouch-Report on Visit to Victoria and South Australia
0536/1934 Scholarship exam-Report by H T Parker
0543/1934 Longley-Application for establishment of school
0544/1934 Dental Clinic-Appointment of 2 additional Dentists
0547/1934 Medical-Appointment of Medical Officer for Hobart Schools
0549/1934 George Newman-Leave of Absence
0558/1934 Course of Instruction-Revision
1935 Leslie B Large-Resignation
02/1935 Psychologists Office-Compilation of statistics from Secondary Schools
03/1935 Cinema for schools-Information for Minister
019/1935 Nora Harrison-Employment
027/1935 Edna Williams-Employment
041/1935 Conveyance of Children-Camena to Natone State School
047/1935 Stella Pemberton-Exchange with New South Wales
048/1935 Tasmanian Education Dept. Scholarships-Frederick Rose
055/1935 Alice Wall-Employment
057/1935 Lady Bay-Subsidised School
059/1935 John Armstrong-Employment
090/1935 Betty Raymond-Employment
0111/1935 Lorinna-Opening of State School/New School Building
0114/1935 Mrs Flora Salter (nee: Holden)-Re-employment
0127/1935 Theresa Ferguson-Employment
0147/1935 J T Brook-Appointment as School Dentist
0155/1935 Maxwell Bertram-Probationary Student
0164/1935 Eric Dwyer-Probationary Student
0180/1935 John Williams-Probationary Student
0187/1935 Homework-Abolition of
0195/1935 Joan Middleton-Classification
0199/1935 Minister for Education-Press Information/Instructions from Hon. Minister
0200/1935 Transfer of Mr Knowles
0206/1935 Rosalind Sansom-Employment
0207/1935 ALP Conference 6th March 1935-Items on Agenda
0211/1935 W Hills-Text Books for Probationary Students
0213/1935 Federated State School Teachers' Association-Training of Teachers
0215/1935 Hospital School, Launceston-Appointment of Miss Lawson
0216/1935 University-Committee on Revision of Constitution of Council/Committee of Public examination
0217/1935 Miss A Rowntree-Demonstration Allowance at Elizabeth St. Infant School
0218/1935 Dr K S Cunningham-Educational Research/South African Conference and Education Fellowship
0219/1935 Agricultural Education-Shoobridge Shield
0277/1935 Acting Director of Education-Appointment from 1st March 1935
0228/1935 New History Society-General
0229/1935 Education Dept.-Purchase of Typewriters
0231/1935 Regulations
0232/1935 Federated State Schools Teachers' Association-Exchange of Teachers
0235/1935 Miss Rowntree-Transfer of children from Free Kindergarten to State School
0246/1935 Hobart High-New High School, New Town
0247/1935 High Schools-Music Syllabus
0251/1935 Activity School, Elizabeth St-Purchase of land
0252/1935 Newnham-Application to purchase reserve
0256/1935 Willowdale-Erection of room for Teacher
0272/1935 Miss Jennette Wood-Employment
0273/1935 Doris Mary Heppelthwaite-Employment
0281/1935 Teachers' Union-Preference to Unionists
0298/1935 Miss J M Eustace-Employment
0299/1935 Education Dept. Staffing-Junior Clerk Typist
0300/1935 First Aid-Electric Shock: Treatment,etc.
0301/1935 Telephones-Payment of Rental: request from Head Teachers Association
0307/1935 Education Dept. South Australia-Report of Cinema and Radio Committee
0308/1935 Soldiers Children Education Board-Reports for 1935
0311/1935 Medical, Dr G H Hogg-Visit to Europe/Appointment of locum tenens
0312/1935 P H Mitchell-Recreational Leave
0314/1935 Public Trustee-Offer to sell block of land at Scottsdale
0315/1935 Mothers Clubs-Enquiry from South Australia
0316/1935 Supervisor of Special Classes re: Activity School-Enquiry from New Zealand re: Classes for Gifted Children
0323/1935 Mrs M Gardner-Re-admission
0324/1935 Attorney General-Truant Officer Hobart re: Appointment of Mr Stockdale as Probation Officer
0330/1935 Tarraleah-Establishment of School
0335/1935 Scamander Bridge-Application for position of subsidised teacher
0355/1935 Rekuna State School-Repairs
0380/1935 Music-Value of passes obtained at A.M.B. Exams
0401/1935 Teachers' Union-Pay in lieu of Recreational Leave
0402/1935 Conveyance of Children-King Billy Mill to Queenstown
0407/1935 Woodstock-Opening as Subsidised School
0418/1935 Minister for Education-Treatment of Juvenile Offenders
0419/1935 Supervisor of Special Classes-Effect of coaching on ability test
0422/1935 Falmouth-Sale of School Reserve
0426/1935 Dr J Bullen-Appointment as School Dentist
0430/1935 Cadbury Fry Pascall Pty Ltd-Continuation Classes
0432/1935 New Zealand Education Dept.-Exchange of Teachers
0434/1935 Grace Beckett-Employment
0441/1935 Miss Elsie Bugg-Continuance in Teaching Profession
0443/1935 Public Service Commissioner-Mileage rates
0458/1935 Teachers Union-Resolutions for Consideration/Alteration of Regulations
0464/1935 Conference of School Medical Officers
0465/1935 Municipal Association-Resolutions
0471/1935 Minister for Education-Survey by TOC H
0472/1935 Lenah Valley-Establishment of a school
0484/1935 Auditor General-Shortage in bulk supply of stamps
0490/1935 Educational Research-Standardisation of intelligence and reading tests
0491/1935 Harcus-Establishment of a School
0508/1935 Education Dept.-Change of rooms at Launceston Office
0509/1935 Public Service Commissioner-Five Day Week
0512/1935 Education Dept.-Complaint re: Messenger (W Moate)
0513/1935 Rhoda Yates-Employment
0505/1935 Australian Council for Educational research-National Bias in the minds of School Children
0536/1935 Harold Harper-Appointment as School Dentist
0540/1935 Inspectors Conference 1935
0541/1935 Educational Research-Conference under auspices of New Education Fellowship 1937
0553/1935 Native Corners-Subsidised School
0571/1935 Frances Lovett-Employment
0583/1935 Britton's Swamp-Proposed Establishment of School
0556/1935 Minister for Education-Safety First Instructions
0564/1935 Activity Programme-Introduction to Schools
0573/1935 C E Fletcher-Visit to America
0577/1935 Area Schools-Proposed Establishment
0578/1935 Blind Institution-Talking Machine
0579/1935 Hon. The Premier-Information re: Libraries
0581/1935 Dental Clinic-Dental Hygiene: Charts supplied by Bristol-Myers Co.
0582/1935 Minister for education-Playing Areas
0586/1935 Minister for Education-Estimates
0591/1935 Teachers' Union-Conference
0597/1935 Tasmanian Guild of Inspectors-Motor Transport
0601/1935 Demonstration Teachers-Allowances
0619/1935 High Schools-Revision of Course of Study
0621/1935 Minister for education-Report of Mesdames Waterworth and Ranson
0643/1935 High schools-Elimination of word 'State' from State High Schools
0657/1935 Mrs E Breaden-Employment
0661/1935 Minister for Education-Resolutions of AWNL
0554/1935 Interchange of Teachers-London and Tasmanian: Arrangements etc
0667/1935 Olga Bradley-Employment
0694/1935 Museum-Appointment of Teacher
?/1936 Educational Research-General
0704/1935 Casimaty Fund-Supply of milk to School Children
0711/1935 Conveyance of Children-To Hagley Central School
0716/1935 Conference of Directors-1936
010/1936 Ceylon-Exchange of Teachers
016/1936 Cardigan River-Establishment of a School
022/1936 Minister for education-Employment of married women teachers
026/1936 Education Dept.-Supply of vacuum cleaner and adding machine
029/1936 Regulations-Reprinting
032/1936 Federated State School Teachers' Association-Conference 1936
037/1936 Eccleston Road-Establishment of a School
045/1936 Minister for education-Royalties received by teachers
048/1936 Ilma Daniels-Resignation
063/1936 Inspectors Conference-Items for discussion 1936
065/1936 Tasmanian Scholarship-L F Chamberlain
092/1936 Fern Tree-Proposed establishment of a school
0115/1936 Victor Barker-Employment
0122/1936 Examinations-Protest re: proposed abolition
0130/1936 Barbara (Helen) Brown-Probationary Student
0166/1936 Betty Holmes-Employment
0168/1936 Conveyance of Children-Clarence Point to Beaconsfield State School
0174/1936 Director of Education-Conference of Ministers in Melbourne
0179/1936 Pipers Brook Subsidised School-Furniture
0200/1936 Minister for Education-Amending Legislation
0201/1936 Minister for Education-Information for ALP Conference
0221/1936 Accrediting-Address by J A Seitz (MA)
0225/1936 Conveyance of Children-South Springfield to Springfield School
0233/1936 A Perry-Offer of Property in Campbell Street
0245/1936 Supervisor of Special Classes-Report on retardation
0250/1936 A Rowntree-Visit to New South Wales
0267/1936 Conveyance of Children-Nareen to Gretna School
0283/1936 Baskerville Subsidised School-Furniture
0286/1936 League of Nations-Revision of text books
0290/1936 Port Sorell-Establishment of a school
0292/1936 Examinations-Pamphlet 'An Examination of Examinations'
0311/1936 Australian Broadcasting Commission-Formation of listening groups
0313/1936 Alva Charlton-Resignation
0319/1936 Minister for Education-Staffing
0325/1936 Miena-Establishment of a school
0344/1936 Material Suspense A/C-Additional Stock
0362/1936 Minister for Education-Occupational Therapy Scheme
0370/1936 Elsie Plenderleith-Employment
0378/1936 Exchange Teachers-Conditions of exchange
0384/1936 M E Frankcombe-Employment
0402/1936 B Denholm-Employment
0407/1936 Ruth Tucker-Employment
0419/1936 Miss Paula Bingham-Employment
0428/1936 Leonard Parsons-Probationary Student
0430/1936 Area Schools-Report by H T Parker
0437/1936 Minister for Education-Federal Subsidy
0438/1936 Minister for Education-Visit to schools of Federal Members
0439/1936 Minister for Education-Instruction in traffic regulations
0446/1936 Ruby Millwood-Employment
0447/1936 Rosina Denman (nee: Evans)-Employment
0448/1936 Hilda Howard-Employment
0458/1936 W J Walsh-Employment
0462/1936 Mussel roe-Subsidised school
0475/1936 Minister for Education-Juvenile Unemployment
0485/1936 Tourist Bureau-'History of Tasmania'
0494/1936 Enid Bugg-Resignation
0495/1936 Boy Scouts-Leave to attend rally
0497/1936 Dental Clinic-Northern Travelling H J Walker: Arrangements 1936
0498/1936 Dental Clinic-Northern Travelling H J Walker: Supplies 1936
0499/1936 Grassy-Re-opening of school
0500/1936 Dental Clinic-Reports from dentists re: overworked
0501/1936 Miss Phyllis Wertheimer-Resignation
0503/1936 Minister for Education-Information for Members
0504/1936 Minister for Education-Cost of using coal in State Schools
0505/1936 West Australia-Information re: Salaries
0508/1936 Minister for Education-Inspection of Institutes in Germany
0276/1936 Conference of Directors-Arrangements 1936
0509/1936 Libraries-Offer of Tasmanian Council of Parents' Associations
0511/1936 Lorna Brown-Resignation
0515/1936 Ruth Wing-Resignation
0516/1936 Supervisor of Special Classes-Spelling Test
0518/1936 I McGinniss-Employment and Resignation
0521/1936 Minister for Education-Requests of Mr E Brooker
0522/1936 Jane Burke-Transfer to Victoria
0523/1936 Tree Planting-Annual Ceremony: Tas Wattle League
0524/1936 Cadbury Fry Pascall-Vacancies for girls
0530/1936 High Schools-Resignation of Boarding Houses
0531/1936 Lesley Brown-Employment
0532/1936 Milk-Campaign of Country Women's Association
0534/1936 Newstead-Establishment of a School
0535/1936 Department of the Interior-Chinese Students
0536/1936 'Examiner'-Visit to Schools by reporter
0538/1936 Minister for Education-Correspondence with Ministers
0539/1936 Womens Non-Party League-Request for information
0548/1936 War Veterans Home-Appeal to Schools
0550/1936 Dental Clinic Hobart-Accident to Child
0552/1936 Dental Clinic-Southern Travelling H A Kershaw: Goods and Equipment
0553/1936 Library-Establishment in Cressy District
0556/1936 Mervyn Taylor-Resignation
0555/1936 Education Department-Commencing work at 8.30 am
0557/1936 M Adamthwaite-Resignation
0560/1936 A E York-Resignation
0561/1936 E V Farrell-Resignation
0562/1936 Cookery Schools-Establishment of classes in Primary Schools
0563/1936 Fuel-Electric Air Heating in schools
0565/1936 B Denholm-Resignation
0574/1936 N Pentland-Resignation
0579/1936 Libraries-Suggestions of Mr H J Parker
0584/1936 Eileen Colvin (Nee:Palmer)- Employment
0589/1936 School Buildings-Proposed portable buildings
0592/1936 Museum-Visits of Mr Powell
0596/1936 Minister for Education-Acquisition of land
0599/1936 Exchange Teachers-Conditions of exchange
0612/1936 New Town High School-Furniture
0613/1936 High School New Town-Advisory Committee
0614/1936 High School New Town-Caretaker
0615/1936 New Town High School-Grounds
0616/1936 New Town High School-Organisation of classes
0623/1936 Libraries-Grant by Department
0625/1936 Mrs Campbell-Employment
0632/1936 Minister for Education-Painting name of Town on Schools
0633/1936 P H Mitchell-Visit to South Australia
0634/1936 High Schools-Supply of dress-making mirrors
0640/1936 School Buildings-Provision of baths
0645/1936 Teachers Union-Resolutions 1936
0646/1936 Minister for Education-Photographs for display in Agent Generals Office
0647/1936 Agricultural Dept.-Veterinary Scholarship
0662/1936 Teachers' Union-School Leaving Age
0663/1936 Conveyance of children-Pateena to Longford State School
0673/1936 Lake St. Clair (via Derwent Bridge)-Subsidised School
0689/1936 Supervisor of special classes-Individual record cards
0696/1936 Miss Gwen Eastoe-Application as Domestic Arts Teacher
0699/1936 Badger Head-Subsidised School
0705/1936 Conveyance of Scholars-Flowery Gully to Beaconsfield State School
0707/1936 Vivian Shreeve-Employment
0720/1936 Course of Instruction-Appointment of Curriculum Officer
0713/1936 Area Schools-Head Teachers' Salaries
0721/1936 P M Bartle-Employment
0728/1936 Woodwork School Moonah-Establishment of a new woodwork school
0738/1936 Conveyance of Scholars-Harford & Sassafras to Wesley Vale School
0739/1936 Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institution-Hearing Tests
0741/1936 Mrs Olive Winter-Employment
?/1937 Tasmanian Institution for the Blind Deaf and Dumb-Objection to decision to change staffs leave.
05a/1937 Athol Manning-Employment
05b/1937 Director of Education-Conference of standing committee
0742/1936 TOC H-Recommendation of Headmasters Conference
0752/1936 Music-Community Song Book
0755/1936 Premier-Payments to Non-State Schools
0756/1936 School Buildings-Amount spent on new work by present Government
01/1937 Mary Stoner-Resignation
02/1937 I F Burns-Employment
03/1937 P Beaumont-Employment
06/1937 Conveyance of Children-To Cygnet Area School
07/1937 Josephine Petersen-Employment
08/1937 Proctors Road-Establishment of a School
08/1937 Llewellyn-Rental of a School
09/1937 Louisa Robertson-Employment
010/1937 Furniture-Quotations for Tubular Furniture
011/1937 Mary Kirwan-Resignation
013/1937 School Buildings-Specifications for Drouin School Victoria
014/1937 Mabel Ponsonby-Exchange Teacher
015/1937 Miss L Oliphant-Employment
016/1937 Subsidised Schools-Restoration of Salaries
017/1937 League of Nations-Distribution of Booklet
018/1937 Woodwork Schools-Woodwork Certificates
019/1937 Minister for Education-List of Schools and teachers in Wilmot
020/1937 Jean Nicholls-Employment
021/1937 Aust. Broadcasting Commission-Broadcast to Schools
022/1937 Nellie Lockley-Employment
024/1937 Chief Secretary-No. of Schools in Darwin Electorate
025/1937 High Schools-Enlistment of Senior Cadets
026/1937 Elections-Use of Rooms
028/1937 Allan Briggs-Employment
029/1937 I M Davis-Employment
030/1937 F L Miller-Randle-Employment as School Dentist
031/1937 Minister for Education-Examinations
032/1937 Marie Dalco-Erection of a tuck-shop
034/1937 H M Leicester-Resignation
035/1937 Jessie Maddock-Resignation
036/1937 Medical-Examination of Teachers
038/1937 L M Hammond-Examination (City & Guilds if London Institute)
039/1937 Josephine Bjelke-Petersen-Employment
040/1937 L A Gillam-Employment
041/1937 Beryl Thompson-Employment
042/1937 Dental Clinic-Treatment of Eileen Blackburn
044/1937 High Schools-Hostel for Girls
046/1937 Dental Clinic-Southern Travelling H A Kershaw: Arrangements 1937
047/1937 Dental Clinic-Southern Travelling J Watson: Arrangements 1937
048/1937 Dental Clinic-Arrangements 1937: H J Walker
053/1937 Free Books-Supply 1937
055/1937 Dental Clinic-Southern Elizabeth St. J T Brook Supplies 1937
056/1937 Dental Clinic-A Ellis: Northern Supplies 1937
057/1937 Dental Clinic-Southern Travelling: J Watson Supplies 1937
058/1937 Dental Clinic-Northern Travelling: H J Walker Supplies 1937
059/1937 Dental Clinic-Northen Travelling: J C Rosenbrock Supplies 1937
060/1937 Dental Clinic-Southern Travelling: H A Kershaw Supplies
062/1937 Shirley Nelson (married name: Laing)-Employment, Resignation & Re-employment
063/1937 Cleaners-Appointments 1937
066/1937 Sewing Teachers-Appointments 1937
067/1937 Willowdale-Application for State School
068/1937 Nellie Reeve-Employment
069/1937 Isabelle White-Employment
072/1937 Conveyance of Children-Ellerslie to Conara School
073/1937 Gloria Grace-Employment
074/1937 B I Smith-Offer to Sell Furniture
076/1937 R H Fleming-Employment
078/1937 Education Dept. Scholarship-J Courtney-Pratt
083/1937 Conveyance of Children-Huntsman to West Meander School
084/1937 Lorna Viney-Resignation
085/1937 John Maclaine-Employment
086/1937 Jean Bynon-Special Student
087/1937 Probationary Students-Failures 1937
088/1937 High Schools-Staffing Arrangements
090/1937 Free Books-Supplies 1937
091/1937 Sanitary Pans-Supplies 1937
092/1937 Fuel-Supplies 1937
095/1937 Railway Dept.-Alteration of timetable on the North-Eastern Line
096/1937 P Emmerton-Resignation
098/1937 Joyce Smith-Resignation
099/1937 Carmel Hayes-Resignation
0100/1937 Coronation Day Celebrations-Display by School Children
0101/1937 Coronation-Youth Rally
0102/1937 Australian Teachers Federation-Visual Education
0103/1937 High Schools-Speech Nights
0104/1937 Emita-Complaint
0106/1937 Trevor Bonner-Employment
0108/1937 Rosalie Kidd-Resignation
0109/1937 Gene Hanson-Resignation
0110/1937 Jane Burke-Resignation
0111/1937 Molly Hall-Resignation
0115/1937 Latin Books-Supplies
0116/1937 Railway Dept.-Tickets for Scholars 1937
0116/1937 Dental Clinic-Stock on hand Feb 1937
0118/1937 War Bursary-Awards 1937
0119/1937 Violet Masterton-Resignation
0120/1937 Nora Marguerite Anderson-resignation
0121/1937 E J Stephens-Resignation
0122/1937 Miss W White-Application for position of Dental Attendant
0123/1937 Mutton Birding Season-Vacation 1937
0124/1937 Hot Milk-Supply to all Schools
0125/1937 Record-Matter for Publication
0224/1937 Minister for Education-Request of Mrs Waterworths (President-Womens Non Party League)
0126/1937 Teachers Union-Suspension of Skill Marks
0129/1937 Freda Johnson-Employment
0131/1937 M Bell-Resignation
0134/1937 Probationary Students-Appointment of special students
0135/1937 James Breaden-Special Student
0139/1937 Joy Wing-Resignation
0141/1937 Amy Ims-Resignation
0142/1937 Apple Packing-Arrangements for classes 1937
0143/1937 Ann Cuffe-Employment
0144/1937 Elsie Bugg-Resignation
0145/1937 Elsie Plenderleith-Resignation
0147/1937 M Carvel-Resignation
0185/1937 Dental Clinic-Arrangements 1937: Mrs A Ellis
0187/1937 Hot Milk-Contributions to fund 1937
0189/1937 Junior Teachers-Vacancies
0196/1937 Trees-Supplies available for Schools
0197/1937 North Franklin-Establishment of a school
0198/1937 Eric Dwyer-Resignation
0199/1937 M W Woods-Reference from Director
0200/1937 Transfers-Teachers Expenses 1937
0202/1937 Ronald Scott-Employment
0204/1937 David Davies-Application for position as Dentist
0205/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Elliott School
0206/1937 Inspectors-Vacant Schools in their districts
0207/1937 Use of Schoolrooms-Applications 1937
0208/1937 G Downing-Enquiry re: curriculum
0209/1937 Australian Broadcasting Commission-Statement of reception H T Parker
0210/1937 Estimates-Loans expenditure
0211/1937 Minister for Education-Disposal of surplus furniture
0212/1937 Minister for education-Motions on agenda for ALP Conference
0214/1937 Social Hygiene Congress-Congress July 1937
0215/1937 Public Service Commissioner-Leave for Military Camps
0220/1937 Ellen Atkinson-Employment
0221/1937 Material Suspense A/C-Grant towards educational tour
0222/1937 Rotary Club Launceston-Youth Week
0223/1937 F W Fenton-Employment
0225/1937 Minister for Education-Railway Travelling in Vacation
131-8/1937 Conveyance of Children-Jackeys Marsh to Meander School
0226/1937 Minister for Education-Corporal Punishment
0227/1937 Area Schools-Course of Study
028/1937 Southern Tas. State Schools Amateur Athletic Association-Constitution and Rules
0229/1937 Sewing-Visits of Supervisor
0230/1937 School Nurse-Payment for Spectacles
0231/1937 Conveyance of Children-Radnor to Port Arthur School
0232/1937 Education Dept.-Staffing salaries etc, Appointment of additional junior clerk
0233/1937 Cookery-Enquiries in New South Wales & New Zealand
0234/1937 Hazel Norris-Resignation
0235/1937 Minister for Education-Leave for Officers attending University
0236/1937 Thelma Davis-Employment
0237/1937 University-Results of Exams
0238/1937 Bonnie Mason-Employment
0239/1937 Truant Inspectors-Appointments 1937
0240/1937 Phyllis Brumby-Resignation
0241/1937 Gwyneth Dunkley-Employment
0242/1937 School Dentist-Complaint re:H A Kershaw
0243/1937 Coronation Celebrations-Arangements for Boards of Advice
0244/1937 Fox Film Corporation-Information required
0246/1937 Pocket Year Books-Supplies
0247/1937 Dental Clinic-Reorganisation of country clinics
0248/1937 High Schools-Cost to children on commencing
0249/1937 New South Wales-Enquiry re: Recess hours
0250/1937 Rotary Club-Outing for children
0253/1937 A Robinson-Employment
0254/1937 Helen Scott-Employment
0255/1937 Miss B. Houstein-Resignation
0256/1937 Gladys Apted-Re-employment
0258/1937 Area Schools-Concrete work
0258/1937 Minister for Education-Conference of Ministers & Directors
0259/1937 Red Cross-Visits by Mrs Duke 1937
0262/1937 Mabel Mallion-Exchange Teacher
0263/1937 Groves Subsidised School-Establishment of Subsidised School
0264/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Rogerton to Edith Creek School
0265/1937 Frank Harris-Employment
0267/1937 Material Suspense A/C-Report 1935/36
0268/1937 Blind Institution-Address by Director
0269/1937 Soldiers' Children Education Board-Reports 1937
0270/1937 Sybil Emmett-Employment
0271/1937 Museum-Textbooks for Mr Powell
0272/1937 Junior Teachers-Report on selection by H T Parker (Psychologist)
0275/1937 Louis Lette-Resignation
0276/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Bagdad
0277/1937 Gepp Pasture Competition-Entires 1937
0278/1937 Agricultural Education-Report of G Cunningham
0279/1937 Coronation Celebrations-Award of Medals
0280/1937 Donald Sims-Employment
0281/1937 Sanitary Services-Instructions to teachers
0282/1937 School Buildings-Electricity in the modern school
0283/1937 Area Schools-Information sent to East Suffolk
0284/1937 Clarice Hall-Resignation
0285/1937 Medical-Conference of school medical officers
0286/1937 Libraries-Supply of books by Victoria League
0287/1937 Supply and Tender Dept.-Servicing Typewriters
0288/1937 Nancy Gee-Travelling Allowance
0289/1937 Royal Empire Society-Summer School 1937 Oxford
0292/1937 D White-Exchange Application
0294/1937 Hospital school-Appointment at Hobart
0295/1937 Disinfectant-Supply to schools by Supply and Tender Dept.
0296/1937 Minister for Education-Work to be done by dole labour
0297/1937 Retardation-Report of Inspectors Rowntree and Fletcher
0300/1937 Agricultural Show-Holidays for Schools
0303/1937 School Dentist-treatment of Half-Castes Cape Barren Island
0304/1937 Truant Officer-Radiator and Power-point, Launceston Office
0306/1937 Vocational Guidance-Information for Mr Wolfe
0308/1937 Minister for Education-Correspondence from Mrs Parrett re: Aluminimum
0314/1937 Teachers Union-Increase in Teachers salaries
0315/1937 Edna Davis-Resignation
0316/1937 Jean Hemphill-Resignation
0317/1937 School Dentist-Treatment of Adults on Flinders Island
0318/1937 Hospital School-Supplies etc.
0319/1937 Public Service Commissioner-Launceston Medical Officer
0320/1937 Conveyance of Children-Distance of Frankford Children
0321/1937 Material Suspense A/C-Authorities
0322/1937 Inspectors-Appointment of Group Leaders
0323/1937 Agricultural Dept.-Space in Show Pavillion
0324/1937 Ralph C Rogers-Resignation
0325/1937 Mary A Walsh-Resignation
0328/1937 Edna Shipton-Employment
0329/1937 Ena Richardson-Employment
0330/1937 L Wiggins-Employment
0331/1937 Mildred Richardson-Resignation
0332/1937 Educational Research Council-Summary of Activities
0333/1937 John W Grice-Enquiry re: Science Teaching
0334/1937 Mavis Chester-Resignation
0335/1937 Athol Lisson-Resignation
0336/1937 Minister for Education-Broadcast on Educational Matters
0338/1937 W J Steer-Employment
0339/1937 Minister for Education-Beehive Method
0340/1937 Minister for education-Exchange of Articles
0341/1937 Library-Swansea District Library
0343/1937 R J Atkins-Employment
0345/1937 University-Intermediate Exam
0346/1937 Temperance-Drink Bill of Tasmania 1935/36
0348/1937 Cookery Schools-Visits of Miss Irvine
0349/1937 Probationary Students-Number of subjects studied
0350/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Upper Castra
0351/1937 Sewing-Timetable of teachers
0353/1937 Tree Planting-Supply to Mr von Bertouch
0354/1937 Florence Lees-Resignation
0355/1937 Joan Eustace-Position as Domestic Science Teacher
0356/1937 Attendance-Award of flags
0357/1937 Mrs Janet Cole-Employment
0359/1937 Publications-Invitation from Evans Bros. London
0360/1937 School Dentist-Complaint re: Mr Rosenbrock
0361/1937 Tram Fares-Use of permits
0362/1937 Junior Teachers-Vacancies
0363/1937 A T Langmaid-Absence from Duty
0364/1937 Public Works Dept.-Supply of Firedogs
0366/1937 School Nurse-Conference in Launceston: Health Films
0367/1937 Arbor Day-Celebrations
0368/1937 Truant Officer-Advice re: Despatch of goods
0370/1937 Forestry Dept.-Arrangments for supply of trees
0371/1937 Joan Buchanan-Employment
0372/1937 Helena Yaxley-Employment
0373/1937 Minister for Education-Supply of Apples to children
0374/1937 Ceylon-Activity School Syllabus
0375/1937 Women's Non-Party League-Demands on Children & Parents
0376/1937 Women's Non-Party League-Maternal and Child Welfare Conference
0377/1937 Boards of Advice-Suggestions from Deloraine
0378/1937 Attendance-Letters of Commendation
0379/1937 Supervisor of Special Classes-Children at St. Johns Park
0381/1937 Beverley Dowie-Employment
0382/1937 Charles F Brown-Employment
0383/1937 S S Smith-Resignation
0384/1937 Religious Instruction-Enquiry from South Australia
0385/1937 R B McCann-Resignation
0386/1937 Railway Dept.-Complaint re: School Chidren
0388/1937 Crippled Children-Directors Membership of Society
0389/1937 E Maisie Cairns-Employment
0390/1937 R G Ward-Resignation
0391/1937 Minister for Education-International Conference on Education
0393/1937 Supervisor of Special Classes-Supplies for Special Classes
0394/1937 Supervisor of Special CLasses-Appointment of Clerk
0395/1937 Maie Brown-Employment
0396/1937 Teachers Union-Corporal Punishment
0397/1937 Conveyance of Children-Insurance New Contract
0398/1937 Gwen Waters-Employment
0399/1937 Jean Treloggen-Resignation
0400/1937 Art Teaching-Subscription to Art in Australia.
0401/1937 Correspondence between Scholars-Communication from Danish Consul.
0402/1937 Medical-Examination of children at chest clinic
0403/1937 National Council of Women-Moral benefits of Primary Education
Conveyance of Children-To Campania State School
0404/1937 Minister for Education-List of School Grounds
0405/1937 W R Phillips-Position as school dentist
0406/1937 Hospital School Hobart-Supplies
0409/1937 Australian Broadcasting Commission-Monthly Bulletin
0410/1937 School Funds-Disposal of; after closing of school (York Plains State School)
0411/1937 Estimates-New Buildings 1937/1938
0412/1937 Mrs O G Medwin-Re-employment
0416/1937 School Buildings-Position of Out Offices
0417/1937 Dental Clinic-Tramfares for Children
0418/1937 R C Clark-Employment
0419/1937 Margaret Woolnough-Employment
0420/1937 Mrs K Maxfield (Nee'-O'Meara)-Re-employment
0421/1937 C L Freeman-London University Examination
0423/1937 Minstone Road-Fencing School Reserve
0425/1937 Leslie Elkington-Information re: Art and Handwork Syllabus
0426/1937 Auburn Subsidised School-Transfer of Material from Fonthill School
0427/1937 Dental Clinics-Report of Senior Dentist
0431/1937 Tom Hepworth-Employment
0432/1937 Argentina-Information for Buenos Aires University
0434/1937 New Zealand-Enquiry from.....
0435/1937 Public Works Dept.-Appointment of Tradesman
0436/1937 Hunter Island-Subsidised School
0437/1937 Frances Sheridan-Employment
0438/1937 New South Wales-Exchange Teachers
0439/1937 Minister for Education-Permission for Trucks to carry Children
0440/1937 Teachers Union-Changing name of Scholarship exam
0441/1937 Railway Dept.-Alteration of timetable
0442/1937 Sewing-Reports
0443/1937 Course of Instruction-Inclusion of First Aid and Road sense
0444/1937 E S Crowle-Enquiry re: Retarded children
0445/1937 Library-Contribution towards Sorell Library
0446/1937 Hospital Classes-Open Air Schools
0447/1937 Area Schools-Supply of Periodicals
0448/1937 V M Challenger-Employment
0449/1937 Edith Treloggen-Resignation
0450/1937 Upper Plenty Subsidised School-Minor Repairs
0451/1937 Margaret Robertson-Employment
0453/1937 Teachers Union-Resolutions
0454/1937 Southern Tasmanian State Schools-Amateur Athletic Association-Grant towards football carnival
0455/1937 Minister for education-School Leaving Age
0457/1937 School Nurse-Appointment as Welfare Officers
0458/1937 South Launceston-Establishment of School
0459/1937 Examination-Departmental Drawing Exam
0461/1937 Barbara Worth-Resignation
0462/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Testing of Motor Vehicles
0463/1937 B E Dowie-Resignation
0465/1937 Swimming-Complaint re: baths
0466/1937 N A Bevan-Resignation
0467/1937 Minister for Education-Proposal from National Council of Women
0469/1937 Inspectors Conference 1937
0470/1937 School Nurse-Infantile Paralysis
0471/1937 Ernest Graham-Employment
0472/1937 Victorian Education Dept.-Exchange Teachers
0473/1937 Fred Martin-Employment
0474/1937 Teachers Union-Assistance for Teachers at enquiry
0475/1937 Music-Aids for classes
0478/1937 Child Welfare-Conference of Womens Non Party League
0480/1937 T B May-Admissiion to Teachers College
0481/1937 Minister for Education-Essay Competition
0488/1937 M Wallace-Employment
0489/1937 Pipers Brook-State School
0491/1937 T McAuliffe-Resignation
0493/1937 Art Classes-Suggestions for Teaching in Primary Schools
0494/1937 E D Kelly-Retirement from Service
0496/1937 New South Wales-Report on Special Schools (Mr Parker)
0497/1937 Probationary Students-Recommendation re: Special Students
0499/1937 Barbara O'Rourke-Employment
0500/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Forthside to Forth
0501/1937 D McDonald-Transfer
0502/1937 Furniture-Enquiry re: Old desks
0503/1937 Siam-Request for information
0504/1937 Agricultural Education-Additions to Show Pavillion
0505/1937 Elizabeth Lincey (Nee' McCulloch)-Resignation and Re-employment
0506/1937 New Zealand-Exchange Teachers
0507/1937 Dora Billett-Employment
0509/1937 Goshen Subsidised School-Furniture
0510/1937 H S Ferguson-Resignation
0512/1937 N Clennett-Resignation
0513/1937 E V Hooper-Resignation
0514/1937 Myra Nevin-Resignation
0515/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Yambacoona School
0516/1937 Eaglehawk Neck Subsidised School-Minor Repairs
0517/1937 Material Suspense A/C-Liquidation of Hopwood And Co.
0519/1937 May Webberley-Resignation
0520/1937 Eaglehawk Neck Subsidised School-School broken into
0521/1937 Jessie M Fleming-Resignation
0522/1937 Monie L Gillett-Testimonial from Director
0523/1937 Rita M Lowe-Resignation
0525/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Mole Creek Area School
0526/1937 University-Production of French Plays
0527/1937 Exams-Proposed Abolition Intermediate
0529/1937 Commonwealth Public Service-Exam for Junior Mechanics
0531/1937 School Nurse-Visits to Country Schools
0536/1937 Peace Society-Meeting in Launceston
0537/1937 Music-Organ Recitals
0538/1937 Elections-Federal election 1937
0539/1937 Cheques-Annual Supply
0542/1937 W S Clifton-Employment
0543/1937 J C Adamthwaite-Resignation
0544/1937 Fonthill Mathinna Subsidised School
0545/1937 Medical-Chest Clinic at Launceston Hospital
0546/1937 School Nurse-Complaint re: Mrs Camm
0548/1937 School Dentist-Treatment of boys at Forestry Camp
0549/1937 Lawrenny-Establishment of a school
0552/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Sheffield Area School
0553/1937 Apple Packing-Competition for shield
0554/1937 Physical Training-Suggestion of Fifty-Thousand League
0555/1937 Mary C Crawford-Resignation
0556/1937 Mary A Lawson-Resignation
0557/1937 Mary Poole-Teaching of Drawing
0558/1937 Area Schools-Information for Mrs Ensor
0560/1937 Port Sorell-Furniture
0560/1937 Ancel Ritchie-Re-employment
0561/1937 Agricultural Education-Enquiry from Czechoslovak Consul.
0562/1937 Copy Books-Proposed free supply
0563/1937 Alfred Yeomans-Employment
0564/1937 Returned Soldiers Teachers Assoc.-Formation
0565/1937 Minister for Education-Letter from A. E. Evershed
0566/1937 Teachers Union-Conference Resolutions 1937
0567/1937 Agricultural Education-Enquiry from USA and Mr Parkers Report
0568/1937 Minister for Education-Establishment of General Information Bureau
0569/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-From Campbell Ranges to Takone
0570/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Oakwood to Port Arthur
0571/1937 Child Welfare-Teaching in schools
0572/1937 Armistice Day-Celebrations 1937
0573/1937 Furniture-Suitability of present supplies
0574/1937 Egg Day-Appeal for NorthEastern Hospital
0575/1937 Leave of Absence-Query by Hon Minister for Agriculture
0576/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-To Dunalley
0577/1937 Goshen-Disposal of Old desks
0578/1937 Agricultural Show-Suggestions of teachers
0579/1937 Richard Samek-Copy of course of study
0580/1937 Empire Rally of Youth-Copies of Mr Baldwins Speech
0581/1937 Frank Palmer-Employment
0583/1937 B C Wilkinson-Employment
0586/1937 University-Qualifications for Diploma of Education
0587/1937 Exams-Requirements of Intermediate and Leaving exams
0589/1937 Caseyville Subsidised School-Unsatisfactory Conditions
0591/1937 Area Schools-Alleged extravagant equipment
0592/1937 Agricultural Show-Appreciation of teachers
0593/1937 H A Kershaw-Resignation
0594/1937 Supply and Tender Dept.-Materials required
0595/1937 Andover-Establishment of a school
0596/1937 Terence Kent-Employment
0597/1937 Library-Grant to Schools
0598/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Willowdale & Weetah to Deloraine School
0601/1937 Mavis Jacklin-Application for Dependants Allowance
0602/1937 A L Meston-Recreational Leave
0603/1937 Meg Wells-Application for employment
0604/1937 Tasmanian Collection Service-Enquiry re: R A Muir
0605/1937 V von Bertouch-Letter of appreciation to Constable Berryman and Dr Ick
0606/1937 Australian Military Forces-Letter of assistance for members on Pay for 1 week
0607/1937 D Targett-Complaint re: new regulations
0608/1937 Dr Kandel, Columbia University-Visits to Schools
0612/1937 M G Joughin-employment
0613/1937 Police Point-Complaint
0614/1937 P C Brown-Application as assistance to Visual Education Committee
0615/1937 Nunamara-Subsidised school
0616/1937 Area Schools-Photographs by Mr H T Parker
0618/1937 Rev W.E.A. Middleton-Application for employment
0619/1937 Health Department-Immunisation against Diptheria
0620/1937 Nunamara-Minor repairs (for initial letter see Young Town 556-2-37)
0624/1937 Thelma Hulcombe-Application for employment
0626/1937 Mrs A G Ogilvie-Inquiry re: Dentist
0628/1937 Carnegie Corporation-Fellowships in London University
0629/1937 Dorothy Noonan-Employment as Dentist
0632/1937 Sister Laye-Employment
0635/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Saltwater River to Premaydena
06937/1937 Emily Hingston-Recreational Leave
0638/1937 Australian Forest League-Information re: Tasmania
0640/1937 Holidays-Restrictions on account of Infantile Paralysis
0659/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Sorell Creek to New Norfolk
0641/1937 Clarice Andrews-Re-employment
0642/1937 Exams-Proposed abolition Merit & Scholarship
0643/1937 Area Schools-Instruction in Leatherwork
0644/1937 Cookery-Intermediate exam
0645/1937 Educational Research-Letter re: education of exceptional children
0646/1937 Music-Enquiry from USA
0647/1937 Supervisor of special classes-Enquiry from USA
0648/1937 Edwin Heyward-Employment
0649/1937 Publishes-Book Australia's Story
0652/1937 Holiday-Mutton bird vacation
0653/1937 Vivienne Lawson-Domestic Science Teacher
0654/1937 Henry Durkin-Employment
0655/1937 Record Cards-English Scheme
0656/1937 C M Gellie-Resignation
0657/1937 Dental Clinic-Supplies for Miss Noonan
0658/1937 Harold Greenwood-Employment
0660/1937 Conveyance of Children-To Mathinna
0661/1937 Agricultural Education-Horticultural Scheme
0662/1937 Minister for education-Excursion for Parents and Friends Association
0664/1937 School Gardens-F Walker, Garden Competition
0666/1937 Nancy Joseph-Exchange Teacher
0665/1937 Exams-Early publication of results
0667/1937 Conveyance of children-Milabena to Myalla
0668/1937 Dental Clinic-Attendance of children during epidemic
0669/1937 Kathleen Power-Resignation
0670/1937 Roger Wilson-Employment
0671/1937 Red Cross-Appeal for assistance for China
0672/1937 Public Service Commissioner-University Courses for Public Servants
0673/1937 Conveyance of Children-Erriba to Wilmot School
0674/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Blythe Valley to Sulphur Creek School
0675/1937 Agricultural Education-Calf Clubs
0676/1937 Exams-Domestic Arts Examination
0677/1937 Olive Sleeth-Enquiry re: Domestic Science
0678/1937 Roy Williams-employment
0680/1937 Rex Wedd-Resignation
0681/1937 M J O'Rourke-Resignation
0682/1937 Hilda Triebel-Employment
0683/1937 Katherine Green-Employment
0684/1937 Supervisor of Special Classes-Supply of typewriter
0685/1937 Fauna Board-Distribution of bird pictures
0708/1937 Calenders-Offer by Insurance Company
0711/1937 Jessie Morey-Resignation
0712/1937 Lord Mayor-Donation of prizes
0713/1937 D M Griffiths-Employment
0715/1937 Mary Brickhill-Resignation
0717/1937 William Souter-Exchange teacher
0719/1937 Megan Griffiths-Admission to College
0720/1937 Hugh McCulloch-Leave of absence
0721/1937 New England-Subsidised School
0723/1937 Conveyance of Scholars-Willowdale to Deloraine
0724/1937 Mavis Triffett-Employment
0725/1937 Pilot Station Subsidised School-Behaviour of Pupil
0726/1937 Minister for Education-Works not completed
0727/1937 Black Hills Subsidised School-New Tank
0728/1937 Apple Packing-Classes 1938
0730/1937 Florence Le Fevre-Employment
0732/1937 Thomas V J Duffy-Employment
0733/1937 Dorothy Tynam-Employment
0734/1937 Minister for Education-Railway campcoaches
0735/1937 Director of Education-Membership of National Geographic Society
0736/1937 School Buildings-Septic Tanks
0737/1937 Minister for Education-Reduction of subjects in Examination
0739/1937 Bungoona King Island-Establishment of a School
0740/1937 Aviation-Scholarship
0743/1937 Margaret Meston-Employment
0745/1937 High Schools-Conference of headmasters 1937
0747/1937 High Schools-Enquiry re: Childrens Board
0748/1937 Canadian Trade Commissioner-Enquiry re: Taxes
0749/1937 Dental Clinic-Enquiry re: Front fillings
0750/1937 E Madge Duff-Resignation
0751/1937 Libraries-Expenditure by High Schools
0687/1937 Minister for Education-Fortnightly pay for teachers
0688/1937 Paul Brown-Resignation
0689/1937 Blind Institution-Physical Training
0690a/1937 I Stella Mulligan-Resignation
0690b/1937 Blind Institution-Inquiry re: backward child
0692/1937 Elizabeth Cooper-Employment
0695/1937 Betty Andrews-Resignation
0696/1937 Minister for Education-Button days
0697/1937 Lillian Smith-Employment
0698/1937 Transport Committee-Issue of pamphlet
0701/1937 Margaret Bull-Resignation
0702/1937 Forestry Dept.-Leaflet for distribution
0704/1937 Margaret Rathbun-Resignation
0705/1937 School Gardens-Free plants from Mr Mollineaux
0706/1937 Minister for Education-Pictures from Queensland
0707/1937 Art-Exhibition of Dutch paintings
?/1938 Blind Deaf and Dumb Institution-Interview with Matron Lyne and Colonel Payne
?/1938 Blind Institution-Appointment of a part-time officer
0752/1937 Forestry Dept.-Bush fire fighting
0754/1937 Area Schools-Certificates for pupils
0755/1937 Chimneys-Cleaning
0756/1937 School Buildings-Complaint of Minister
0/xx/1938 G H Huxley-Files: Inspection Reports 1932-1934, Appeal papers
02/1938 Maps-Offer to Department
03/1938 Minnesota University-Enquiry re: Publications
06/1938 Inspectors-Instructions re: marking of P.T.T.'s
07/1938 Conveyance of children-Conversion of contracts to a weekly basis
010/1938 Margaret Addison-Resignation
012/1938 Hop picking Holidays-Arrangements
015/1938 Rekuna-Rental of school and residence
016/1938 Doris Alexander-Employment
017/1938 Exchange Teachers-Arrangements
018/1938 Minister for Education-International Language
?/1938 Eleanor McKenna-Transfer
021/1938 Certificates-Returned Soldiers Classification
022/1938 Enrolment-Figures for municipalities 1934
023/1938 Minister for Education-Booklet 'Land Utilization regions of Tasmania'
024/1938 School Funds-Authority to operate on school accounts
026/1938 M B Conlan-Employment
020/1938 O H Biggs-Employment
029/1938 Hot Milk-Supply to children 1938
033/1938 Educational Record-Matter for publication
034/1938 Use of schoolrooms-Applications 1938
035/1938 War Bursary-Awards 1938
038/1938 Cecilia O'Day-Employment
039/1938 Scholarships-Tas. Education Dept. Scholarship: Barbara Meston
040/1938 Betty Brown-Leave of Absence
041/1937 Course of Study-New Text Books
042/1938 Free Books-Supply 1938
044/1938 Truant Inspectors-Appointments
045/1938 Nelson River-Establishment of a school
047/1938 Estimates-Increase of votes
049/1938 Public Service Commissioner-Commercial High Diploma
050/1938 Cleaners-Appointments 1938-1939
048/1938 Exam-Intermediate results
051/1938 Probationary Students-Failures
055/1938 Chief Secretary-Lighting and Heating
058/1938 George Lee-Employment
061/1938 Upper Liffey-Establishment of a school
062/1938 Gwenda Darling-Employment
066/1938 Brian Curtain-Employment
067/1938 Miss N St. Leger-Injury while on exchange
068/1938 Libraries-Suggested report from Inspectors
069/1938 Railway Tickets-Issue to Scholars
070/1938 Western Australia-Enquiry re: Teachers College Certificate
071/1938 Cricket Association-Visit of Australian XI
072/1938 Minister for Education-Supplies obtained from Walch's
073/1938 Area Schools-Visit of chief Secretary to England
075/1938 Minister for Education-Return required by Prime Ministers Office
076/1938 Montessori Training Course-Course in Amsterdam
077/1938 Georgina Hayhoe-Employment
079/1938 Area Schools-Article for 'Smiths Weekly'
081/1938 Exchange teachers-Arrangements re: Salaries
083/1938 Laura Hancock-Employment
087/1938 C A Pryor-Application for position as Physical Culture Instructor
089/1938 Education Dept.-Application for additional rooms
089(a)/1938 Exchange Teachers-General (including Departmental Policy during war)
090/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Devonport High Scholars: Sheffield to Railton
092/1938 Miss M V Brown-Resignation
093/1938 Probationary Students-Appointment of Special Students
0125/1938 Rex Tierney-Probationary Student
0131/1938 Holidays-Enquiries re: Vacation dates
0134/1938 W J Steer-Resignation
0135/1938 Doris Perry-Resignation
0137/1938 W K Reed-Information re: Teaching conditions
0138/1938 Agricultural Education-Enquiry re: Junior Farmers Clubs
0139/1938 Manana (Reekara Road) Subsidised School-Establishment of a school
091/1938 D T Hay-Employment
0140/1938 Dental Clinic-Payment of expenses
0141/1938 High Schools-Arrangements re: Speech Nights
0142/1938 Teachers Union-Resignation of Secretary
0143/1938 A T Ellis-Transfer to Hobart Clinic
0145/1938 T H Bryan-Resignation
0146/1938 Dorothy Bartle-Employment/Resignation
0147/1938 John F Loughey-Employment
0148/1938 Irene Batt-Resignation
0149/1938 Leave of Absence-Leave for Temporary Employees
0151/1938 School Savings Banks-Information for statistician
0152/1938 Inspectors-Visits to Schools
0153/1938 Woodwork Schools-Issue of Certificates
0154/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Supplies
0155/1938 Area School-Request for establishment on King Island
0156/1938 Sewing-Timetable
0157/1938 Correspondence between Scholars-General
0159/1938 Course of Study-Arithmetic Syllabus
0160/1938 J W S Graves-Resignation
0161/1938 Phyllis L Cook-Employment
0162/1938 Minister for education-Contributory scheme for free hospital treatment
0163/1938 Hyloplate-Supplies to private firms etc.
0165/1938 Garden Tools-Supplies
0166/1938 Probationary Students-Appointments 1938
0167/1938 Geoffre Wells-Employment
0169/1938 Eileen Riley-Resignation
0170/1938 Victoria Best-Resignation
0172/1938 Manana-Subsidised School
0173/1938 Edward Blyth-Particulars of service
0174/1938 Hospital school-Teaching of Infantile Paralysis patients
0175/1938 Music-Class for Students
0176/1938 Hobart Woodwork-Timetable 1938
0177/1938 J E Stott-Employment
0178/1938 Dental Clinic-Supplies 1938 J T Brook
0179/1938 Ida Wright-Employment
0180/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Programme for Research
0182/1938 Apple Packing-Classes 1938
0183/1938 Ruby Goodwin-Resignation
0186/1938 Area Schools-Enquiry from South Australia
0185/1938 Pocket Year Books-Supplies 1938
0187/1938 Dental clinic-Complaints re: High School Scholars
0188/1938 Joan Howell-Employment
0189/1938 University-Nominations for Committee of Public Exams
0190/1938 Leila Brooks-Resignation
0191/1938 Library-Grant for King Island Schools
0192/1938 Agricultural Education-Calf Clubs
0193/1938 Blind Institution-Exam Papers
0194/1938 Margaret Homan (nee' Imlach)-Re-employment
0195/1938 Estimates-Year 1938/39
0196/1938 Sunshine Association-Establishment in Tasmania
0198/1938 F A Waters-Resignation
0199/1938 Ivy Westfallen-Employment
0200/1938 Staffing-Returns 1938
0201/1938 Agricultural Education-Course at Hawkesbury Agricultural College
0202/1938 Religious Instruction-Applications
0203/1938 Conveyance of Children-Red Hills etc. to Mole Creek
0204/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Woodstock and Cradoc to Cygnet
0205/1938 Conveyance of Children-Glendevie and Cairns Bay to Geeveston
0208/1938 Conveyance of Children-To Ravensdale State School
0210/1938 Medical-Report of Dr. Hogg
0211/1938 Correspondence between Scholars-Correspondence Scolaire Internationale
0213/1938 Dental Clinic Itinerary 1938-Northern Travelling J.C. Rosenbrock
0214/1938 Hospital Classes-Report in 'Mercury' of Miss Broinowski
0215/1938 Inspectors-Interstate Conference
0216/1938 Conveyance of Children-To Epping
0217/1938 Educational Research-Inspectorial Systems
0218/1938 Education Department-Repairs
0219/1938 Minister for Education-Works Matters
0222/1938 Teachers Union-Exchange Teachers
0223/1938 Sewing-Report of Supervisor 1937
0225/1938 S G Hayden-Employment
0226/1938 Minister for Education-Invitations to N.E.F Conference
0227/1938 Mollie Byers-Employment
0228/1938 Woodstock-Use of school
0229/1938 Public Service Commissioner-Probationary Appointments
0231/1938 Course of Instruction-Suggested inclusion of Forestry
0232(a)/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Alberton and Legunia to Ringarooma Area School
0232(b)/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Ringarooma
0233/1938 Conveyance of scholars-Bridport to Scottsdale
0235/1938 Fred Mace-Employment
0236/1938 Norma Neilson-Employment
0237/1938 Blind Institution-Report of Dr. Hamilton
0238/1938 Minister for Education-Issue of books to children free
0240/1938 June M Fagan-Employment
0241/1938 H R Trethewie-Employment
0242/1938 Armand Reimeringer-Employment
0243/1938 Cookery Schools-Inspection
0244/1938 Dental Clinic-Complaint re: Mr Rosenbrock
0245/1938 Furniture-Repairs to desks
0246/1938 Retreat-Repairs
0247/1938 Anzac day-Postponement of sports
0248/1938 Conveyance of Children-Henrietta and Bourke St. to Yolla State School
0249/1938 University-Examination results
0250/1938 Agricultural Education-Booklet 'The Cow, The Mother of Prosperity'
0251/1938 Railway Dept.-Articles unclaimed by schools
0253/1938 Minister for Education-Subsidy from Federal Govt.
0254/1938 Minister for Education-Clerks in Schools
0255/1938 Jean Montgomery-Resignation
0256/1938 Jean M Batt-Resignation
0257/1938 Olga Bradley-Resignation
0258/1938 Teachers' Union-Resolutions
0259/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Mona Vale to Ross State School
0260/1938 Eileen Targett-Resignation
0262/1938 Richard C Jackson-Employment
0264/1938 Walter Hancock-Employment
0265/1938 Agricultural Education-Egg Laying Competition
0267/1938 Rekuna-Subsidised School
0268/1938 Eileen Leeson-Resignation
0269/1938 Minister for Education-Re-opening of Schools
0269(a)/1938 Minister for Education-Ruling re: Instructions from other Departments
0272/1938 L D Sales-Resignation
0273/1938 Pictures-Permission for children to see films
0274/1938 Libraries-Enquiry from Educational Research Council
0275/1938 Maps-Supplies to Schools
0276/1938 Gwen Parsons-Resignation
0277/1938 Hospital School-Staffing at Launceston
0278/1938 Minister for education-Enquiry re: Shortage of teachers
0279/1938 School Buildings-Enquiry from Board of Education London
0280/1938 Teachers Union-Reading Cards
0281/1938 Public Works Dept.-Petrol supplies to Inspectors
0282/1938 M J Ransley-Resignation
0283/1938 Old Beach-Establishment of a School
0284/1938 Anzac Day-Broadcast to Schools
0285/1938 Gepp Pasture Competition-Entries 1938
0286/1938 Agricultural Show-'Arts and Crafts' Section (Junior)
0287/1938 Furniture-Employment of a man to classify old desks
0290/1938 Rainsford Reade-Employment
0291/1938 Teachers Union-Infant Teachers
0292/1938 Teachers' Union-Nursery School
0293/1938 Cecil Long-Employment
0295/1938 Inspectors Conference-Items for Discussion
0296/1938 Margery Cummins-Resignation
0297/1938 Director of Education-Conference of Directors 1938
0298/1938 Rotary Club-Youth Week
0299/1938 Examinations-Proposed abolitition of Intermediate
0300/1938 Mary E Lawrence-Employment
0301/1938 Hospital school-Deposits in Saving Bank
0302/1938 Eva Cue-Temporary Employment as a Dental Attendant
0303/1938 Olive Ward-Employment as Dental Attendant
0304/1938 Maurine Gibbs and Kathleen Rider-Employment
0305/1938 Headmasters Association-Launceston Music Competitions
0306/1938 Thomas Gunton-Re-employment
0307/1938 Religious Film Society-Permission to exhibit films
0308/1938 Miss Inez Armstrong-Resignation
0309/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Narrawa and Lower Wilmot to Wilmot State School
0310/1938 Betty Heaven-Employment
0311/1938 Nancie St. Leger-Resignation
0312/1938 Forestry Dept.-Taranna Forestry Camp
0313/1938 A W Burgess-Resignation
0314/1938 Tasmanian Council of Parent's Association-Curriculum for year
0315/1938 Subsidised Teachers-Applications
0316/1938 Lonnavale Subsidised School
0317/1938 Canada-Enquiry re: Grading of Teachers
0318/1938 Amy Mitchell-Resignation
0319/1938 Ivy M Simmonds-Resignation
0320/1938 Violet Maud Bertram-Employment
0321/1938 Teachers Union-Request for Draft of Report
0322/1938 Conveyance of Children-Upper Mt. Hicks to Yolla
0323/1938 Dulverton-Erection of School
0324/1938 Conveyance of Children-Montumana to Detention School
0325/1938 Blind Institution-Railway Tickets
0327/1938 High Schools-Card system for accrediting
0328/1938 British Ship Adoption Society-Correspondence
0330/1938 Supply and Tender Dept.-Supply of 'Quic-Kleen'
0331/1938 Nursery School-Establishment by Com. Govt.
0332/1938 Canada-Empire Youth Movement
0333/1938 Medical-Weighing Machines
0334/1938 Dennis H Williams-Employment
0335/1938 Victorian Education Dept.-Rent of School residences
0336/1938 Estimates-Loans expenditure 1938/1939
0337/1938 Educational Council-Subscription to 'New Era'
0338/1938 Educational Research Council-Report on Teaching Service
0340/1938 Director of Education-J A Johnson-Memorial Lecture
0341/1938 Area Schools-Standard Equipment
0342/1938 Public Works Department-Damage to Traffic Signs
0343/1938 Emita-Subsidised School
0345/1938 Minister for Education-Enquiry from University of Havana
0347/1938 Teachers Union-Printing of appointments in record
0348/1938 Breadalbane-Removal of furniture
0349/1938 Mrs Mabel E Bonnitcha-Employment
0350/1938 Australian National Travel Association-Enquiry re: project work
0352/1938 C H Ward-Employment
0353/1938 Supervisor of special classes-Reports
0354/1938 Dr Felix Grayff-Employment
0355/1938 Josephine Bjelke-Peterson-Resignation
0356/1938 Marie Skirving-Resignation
0357/1938 Zoe Alexander-Resignation
0358/1938 Grace Gunton-Resignation
0360/1938 Camden-Subsidised School
0361/1938 Professor Dr. Franz H Mautner-Employment
0363/1938 Crippled Children-Equipment at St John's Park
0364/1938 Mrs M D Gardner-Re-employment
0365/1938 Fuel-Return of Heating Costs
0368/1938 Music-School songs for orchestral concert
0369/1938 Agricultural Education-J A Close Memorial Shield
0370/1938 Margaret Woolnough-Resignation
0371/1938 Treasury-Return of people employed
0372/1938 Art Teaching-Book 'Child Art & Franz Cizek'
0373/1938 Gwendda Meggs-Resignation
0374/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Cygnet
0377/1938 Womens Non Party League-Carry of School Books
0378/1938 Barbara Hurst-Employment
0379/1938 School Buildings-Powerpoints and wiring
0380/1938 Mary Cooper-Resignation
0381/1938 Gloria Grace-Resignation
0382/1938 Noel McCaffery-Information re: Health of Children
0386/1938 Arbor Day-Celebrations 1938
0388/1938 The Bluff-Subsidised School
0389/1938 Agricultural Shows-Subsidy from Dept.
0391/1938 R Mitchell-Resignation
0390/1938 Agricultural Show-Buildings for Exhibits
0392/1938 Conveyance of Children-Lake Margaret to Queenstown
0393/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-'Stammering'
0395/1938 Truant Officer: Launceston-Motor Vehicle Allowance
0396/1938 Medical-Froms used in Victoria
0397/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Sheffield
0398/1938 Mt. Nelson-Sale of School reserve
0401/1938 Pilot Station-Furniture
0402/1938 Director of Education-Report of Secretarys visit to Mainland
0403/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Library Questionnaire
0404/1938 Baskerville Subsidised School-Accommodation
0405/1938 Stella Easton-Employment
0406/1938 Area Schools-Telephones
0407/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Arrangements for children at Turners Beach
0409/1938 F F Shivas-Employment
0410/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Hagley
0412/1938 Constance Ray Hiller-Resignation
0413/1938 Forestry-Scheme of Inspector P Hughes
0414/1938 Public Health Dept.-Enquiry re: pre-school Child Development
0416/1938 Victor M. Barker-Resignation
0419/1938 Winifred Nibbs-Resignation
0420/1938 Hobart Woodwork-Repairs to Cisterns
0422/1938 Director of Education-Subscription to 'Progressive Education'
0423/1938 Dental Clinic-Transfers
0424/1938 Area Schools-Establishment in South Australia
0425/1938 W H Williams-Employment
0426/1938 Australian Broadcasting Commission-Complaint re: Broadcasts
0427/1938 Minister for Education-Broadcast Talks
0428/1938 Willowdale-Offer to Purchase School
0430/1938 Falmouth-Subsidised School
0431/1938 Conference of Inspectors-Items for discussion 1938
0432/1938 R C Rogers-Re-admission
0433/1938 Teresa McLachlan-Employment
0435/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Elphinstone to Cressy
0437/1938 Miss M I Green-Employment
0439/1938 Doris Pearn-Employment
0440/1938 Crippled Children-Appt. of Typist
0441/1938 Conveyance of Children-Huon Road to Macquarie St.
0443/1938 High Schools-Intermediate and Leaving Results
0445/1938 Isa Westerway-Domestic Science Teacher
0446/1938 Aust. and New Zealand Assoc. for the Advancement of Science-Programme for meetings
0447/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-From Lake Country
0448/1938 Libraries-Details re: High Schools
0450/1938 Lapoinya-Offer to Purchase School
0449/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-International Conference
0451/1938 Joseph Koerber-Employment
0452/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Curriculum
0453/1938 High Schools-Health of High School Girls
0454/1938 Mavis Billing-Employment
0456/1938 Blind, Deaf & Dumb Institution-Supply of Multitone apparatus
0457/1938 Audit Dept.-Report on accounts:Education Dept.
0458/1938 Music-Examination on Musical Appreciation
0459/1938 School Nurse-Medical Supplies
0460/1938 Minister for Education-Physical Culture
0463/1938 Medical-Transfer to Health Dept.
0464/1938 Lucy M. Parr-Resignation
0465/1938 Fellowship of Australian Writers-Australian Literary Appreciation Day.
0466/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Child Guidance Bureau
0467/1938 Linda Berwick-Employment
0468/1938 Libraries-Co-operation of NEF and Rotary in Free Library Scheme
0469/1938 Probationary Students-Annual Inspection
0470/1938 Gotham (Australasia) Pty. Ltd.-Booklet 'The New Nutrition'
0471/1938 Maternal and Child Welfare Council-Annual Conference
0472/1938 M S Campbell-Recreational Leave
0474/1938 Gwen Salter-Employment
0475/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Hadspen & Carrick to Hagley
0476/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-St. Michaels to Legana
0477/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-East Meander and Cheshunt to West Meander
0480/1938 Ruth M. Gratton-Resignation
0482/1938 Museum-Annual Report of Mr Powell
0484/1938 Wattle League-Tree Planting
0487/1938 E Wyatt-Employment
0488/1938 Bertha Lockhart-Employment
0489/1938 Art Teaching-Information for Queensland
0490/1938 Cecily Proctor-Application for exchange
0491/1938 Robert J Dierlam-Employment
0492/1938 Nareen-State School
0494/1938 Dental Clinic-Report on condition of children
0495/1938 Dental Clinic-Complaint: H J Walker
0496/1938 Pacific Potash Ltd-Charts for Schools
0497/1938 His Excellency The Governor-Christmas Cards for Schools
0498/1938 Exchange Teachers-Supply of Publicity Matter
0499/1938 Phyllis Luckman-Resignation
0501/1938 Area Schools-Conference of Headmasters
0506/1938 Eileen McCarthy-Employment
0508/1938 Harold John Lockwood-Employment
0509/1938 Course of Instruction-Art Syllabus
0510/1938 Eric Bishop-Employment
0511/1938 Stuart Levick-Employment
0512/1938 Headmasters Association-Alteration of hours: Launceston Schools
0513/1938 Alan Prior-Supervision of Exam
0514/1938 Mrs F Townsend (nee Miss T Docker)-Re-employment
0515/1938 Teachers Union-Deduction of Subscriptions
0516/1938 Stuart M. Barratt-Employment
0517/1938 Lois Julien-Employment
0518/1938 Dental Clinic-Instructions re: forms
0520/1938 W A McNamara-Employment
0521/1938 Gladys M Elmer-Employment
0522/1938 Norman Bruce-Employment
0523/1938 R H Bottcher-Employment
0525/1938 James Graham-Employment
0526/1938 Amy Myers-Employment
0527/1938 Treasurer-Enquiry re: Domestic Science Teaching
0529/1938 Educational Research-Enquiry into Secondary Education
0530/1938 E M Eadie-Resignation
0532/1938 Minister for Education-Tree Planting
0533/1938 Essays-Offer of prizes by 2CA-Canberra
0534/1938 Museum-Appointment of assistant
0537/1938 Frances Hotham-List of Schools
0538/1938 Raymond Larsen-Employment
0539/1938 Leonard F Chapman-Employment
0541/1938 Diana M Payne-Employment
0542/1938 Thea Stuckey-Employment
0543/1938 Cecily Kelleher-Employment
0546/1938 High Schools-Students Loan Fund
0551/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Nile
0552/1938 Aust. Apple and Pear Council-Handwriting Competition
0553/1938 New South Wales-Details re: Salaries
0557/1938 Mrs E J Bugg-Re-employment
0554/1938 Minister for Education-Temporary Assistance
0555/1938 Irwin F Wright-Employment
0556/1938 Edna Williamson-Employment
0558/1938 Medical-Cost of Paralysis Epidemic
0559/1938 Jospeh Sabath-Employment
0566/1938 Area Schools-Cost of establishment
0567/1938 Minister for Education-Daily use of lords prayer
0570/1938 Educational Research-Information for Dr Cunningham
0572/1938 Partridge Island-Subsidised School
0573/1938 Mary D White-Employment
0574/1938 Joan Barker-Employment
0576/1938 Nita Campbell-Employment
0578/1938 F G Prescott-Employment
0579/1938 Premiers Office-Request from 'National Reconstruction'
0580/1938 Federated State School Teachers Association-Training of teachers
0582/1938 F L Gratton-Employment
0583/1938 Director of Education-Increase in Salary
0584/1938 McCarthy-Employment
0585/1938 Minister for Education-Booking through Tourist Bureau
0586/1938 Ben Nevis-Subsidised school
0587/1938 Premiers Dept.-Report of International Conference on Education
0588/1938 Martha Wensel-Employment
0589/1938 Swimming-Arrangements 1938/39
0590/1938 Teachers Union-Representation of Dept. Committees
0591/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Branxholm to Ringarooma School
0592/1938 B J Dean-Resignation
0593/1938 Agricultural Society-School Poultry Exhibit
0595/1938 School Nurse-Medical Inspections
0596/1938 Yvonne Jones-Employment
0597/1938 Exhibition-Northern Australia
0598/1938 Douglas Doyle-Employment
0600/1938 Harold Woodfield-Employment
0602/1938 Canadian Pacific Railway Co.-Conference (World Federation of Education Assoc.)
0603/1938 St Mary's Parents Association-Swimming Pool
0605/1938 W Burton-Application
0606/1938 R S Meldrum-Employment
0607/1938 Music-Musical Appreciation in Schools
0610/1938 Dental Clinic (North Eastern Travelling)-Transfer Miss Portnell
0611/1938 Miss G Stokell-Resignation
0612/1938 Jean Bynon-Resignation
0613/1938 Tas. Teachers Federation-Deputation re: Motions passed at conference
0614/1938 Art Theatre Players-Shakespearean Plays: Permission for school children to attend
0617/1938 Conferences-Annual Education Conference
0618/1938 Catherine Griffiths-Employment
0620/1938 Gretchen Greenwood-Employment
0623/1938 B M Lonie-Exchange Teachers
0626/1938 K J Walsh-Employment
0627/1938 L A Freeman-Resignation
0627/1938 South Australia-Exchange Teachers
0632/1938 Edna Porter-Employment
0634/1938 Area Schools-Enquiry from Victoria
0635/1938 Infant Depts.-Requests by Infant Mistresses
0637/1938 E R Dent-Re-employment
0638/1938 Dr Heinz Mendel-Employment
0640/1938 Noel Blaubaun-Employment as Art Teacher
0641/1938 Rita Mason-Employment
0642/1938 A E Eustace-Employment
0644/1938 Rocky Hills-Establishment of a School
0645/1938 Swimming-Complaint re: Sandy Bay Baths
0646/1938 Course of Instruction-Enquiry in NSW by Curriculum Officer
0647/1938 Libraries-Pictures for Philadelphia
0648/1938 Minister for Education-Lectures re: Preservation of trees
0649/1938 Minister of Education-Criticism of Merit and Scholarship abolition
0650/1938 Cookery Schools-Examination of Intermediate Candidiates
0651/1938 State Finance Committee-Information for Grants Commission
0652/1938 Libraries-Information from Dr J F Carmer USA
0653/1938 Betty Dunbar-Employment
0655/1938 Federation of Teachers-School Leaving Age
0657/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Glenora Area School
0658/1938 Retirement-List of teachers due
0659/1938 Betty Chapman-Employment
0660/1938 Lonnavale Subsidised School-Furniture
0661/1938 Monica R Davis-Resignation
0662/1938 Exams-Teachers Exams 1938
0663/1938 G F D Pearson-Employment
0665/1938 Swimming-'The Mercury' Learn to Swim campaign
0666/1938 Western Australia-Enquiry
0667/1938 Brown Marsh-Establishment of a School
0668/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Accident in Cygnet Bus
0670/1938 Cyril A Bickford-Re-employment
0671/1938 Viola Walker-Employment
0672/1938 Winifred M Curtis-Employment
0673/1938 Scholarships-Coats and Clark Neddlework Scholarship
0674/1938 F B Malim-Visit to Tasmania
0675/1938 Gladys May Holmes-Employment
0676/1938 Inspectors-Provision of room at Launceston
0677/1938 Bonnie Mason-Resignation
0678/1938 Teachers Union-Complaint re: Conduct of Merit
0679/1938 Art Teachers-Issue of Certificates
0682/1938 Jessie May Peirce-Re-employment
0683/1938 Health Dept.-Teachers at Lachlan Park and St Johns Park
0685/1938 Ernest Katz-Employment
0686/1938 M J Robertson-Resignation
0688/1938 Winifred Badcock-Resignation
0689/1938 Wireless-Offer to advise schools
0691/1938 Dr. Friedrich Bermann-Employment
0693/1938 Hospital school-List of Scholars who have left
0694/1938 Woodwork School Launceston-Time of closing
0695/1938 National Insurance-Enquiries
0696/1938 Steppes-Subsidised School
0697/1938 Minister for Education-Prohibition of Hawkers etc.
0699/1938 Blind Institution-Case of Boy: Peter Rawnsley
0701/1938 Teachers Union-Resolution 1938
0702/1938 Crippled Children-Arrangements re: Instruction
0704/1938 Publishers-Offer of books 'An Anthography of the Ecalypts'
0705/1938 Missing Link-Establishment of a School
0706/1938 Heinz Simon-Employment
0707/1938 Walter Rothschild-Employment
0708/1938 Religios Instruction-Enquiry from Father Wallis
0709/1938 Cyril Price-Employment
0710/1938 China-Relief Fund
0714/1938 Cecily Proctor-Resignation
0715/1938 Lola Vollprecht-Resignation
0748/1938 Jessica A Sonder-Employment
0749/1938 Dr W V Teniswood-Resignation
0750/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Oatlands Area School
0751/1938 Area Schools-Urgency of Additions: Letter to PWD
0752/1938 Scholarship-Award of Hibernian Scholarship
0753/1938 South Australia-Ability Test
0754/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Hampshire Road to Upper Natone
0755/1938 Library-Kempton, Bothwell and Brighton Municipalities
0717/1938 Nora Bevan-Resignation
0720/1938 Boards of Advice-Evidence of Secretary for Education to Commission
0722/1938 Jessie Rogers-Resignation
0723/1938 Free Kindergarten-Permission to collect flowers
0724/1938 Elaine Rocher-Resignation
0726/1938 Mary R Roberts-Resignation
0727/1938 W J K Hall-Employment
0728/1938 Sex Hygiene-Talks by R Hudspeth
0729/1938 Supervisor of Special Classes-Supply of book to schools
0730/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Lilydale Area School
0730(a)/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Lilydale Area School: Contract R M Hughes
0731/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-To Forest Area School
0732/1938 Margaret E Sloane-Resignation
0733/1938 Lorna Cullen-Resignation
0735/1938 Public Service Commissioner-Overtime
0736/1938 Dorothy West-Employment enquiry
0718/1938 Fay Blackwell-Resignation
0737/1938 Violet D Louis-Exchange Teacher
0738/1938 Hospital School-Staffing Hobart
0739/1938 Navy Office-Vacancy in the Navy for a School Master
0740/1938 Scholarships-Electrolytic Zinc Co. Scholarship
0742/1938 N E Weeks-Employment
0745/1938 Australian Broadcasting Commission-Proposed charge for booklets
0747/1938 Hans Spira-Employment
0741/1938 Physical Training-Appt. of Instructors
0758/1938 Examinations (Abolition of)-Allegations of Brother Kearney of St. Virgils College
0759/1938 Supervisor of Research-Establishment of Reasearch Committee
0760/1938 Education Dept.-Activities during 1938
0761/1938 E MacRoberts-Resignation
0763/1938 Beatrice Leckie-Employment
0765/1938 Record-Agreement re: bulk postage
0766/1938 Walton Doyle-Employment
0767/1938 Rita A Clennett-Employment
0768/1938 Cheques-Request for Separate Cheques
0772/1938 Ethel M Young-Application for position as Dental Attendant
0773/1938 Area School-Affixing name of school to school buses
0774/1938 Dental Clinic Hobart-Complaint
0775/1938 Sheila Gibbes-Employment
0777/1938 Conveyance of Scholars-Vote 'Fares for Scholars of non-state Schools'
0778/1938 Probationary Students-Admission to Teachers College
0780/1938 Linda E Hales-Employment
?/1939 Education Dept.-Office Supplies etc.
01/1939 Minister for Education-Domestic Science Handbook
04/1939 Abram Junowicz-Employment
05/1939 F Pearce-Employment
06/1939 Frederick Clement Restall-Employment
07/1939 Rachel Wright-Resignation
08/1939 Teachers Union-Instructions to teachers from Health Dept.
09/1939 Red Cross-Raising money in Schools
010/1939 Crippled Children-Appt. of Teacher at St. Giles
011/1939 Public Health Dept.-Domestic Science Teaching for nurses
012/1939 Hot Milk-Supply 1939
013/1939 Kathleen Donnithorne-Employment
014/1939 Minister for Education-Report on English Schools
015/1939 Minister for Education-Offer of 'Americana'
017/1939 Leslie Road-Subsidised School
018/1939 Amy Igham-Myers-Employment
019/1939 Soldiers' Children Education Board-Reports
020/1939 Margaret Cunningham-Applicant for Probationary Student
021/1939 Norma E Hemphill-Employment
024/1939 Public Service Commissioner-List of Duties of Staff
025/1939 Hydro Electric Commission-Enquiry re: Broadcast Talk
029/1939 Ruby Whayman-Employment
030/1939 Music-Annual Festival
031/1939 New Zealand-Enquiry re: Physical Culture Applicant
033/1939 Ross G Denison-Application for Departmental assistance
034/1939 Education Dept. Victoria-Enquiry re: Merit Standard
034/1939 School Buildings-Inspection of Vacant Buildings
035/1939 Agricultural Education-Proposed course at Hawkesbury College
036/1939 Denzil Hartman-Employment
038/1939 Museum-Co-operation with Launceston Schools
041/1939 M Joughin-Resignation
043/1939 Premier-Information re: Schools on King Island
044/1939 B Payne-Employment
045/1939 Renison Bell-Re-opening of school
048/1939 Scholarship-Education Dept. Scholarship A.O. Payne
049/1939 Railway Dept.-Teachers tickets
050/1939 Truant Inspectors-Appointments
053/1939 L M Porter-Resignation
054/1939 Coralie Venn-Employment
055/1939 Supply and Tender Dept.-Supplies etc
056/1939 Music-Books required for music classes
058/1939 Caseyville School
059(a)/1939 Cadet Corps-Formation at High Schools
059(b)/1939 Blind Institution-Admissions etc.
061/1939 Anna F White-Employment
062/1939 Conveyance of Children-Wattle Hill and Cherry Tree to Sorell
064/1939 Ferdinand Alexander-Employment
065/1939 F A Ryan-Employment
066/1939 Clair J Morton-Employment
067/1939 Parents Assoc. Council-School Equipment
068/1939 Inspectors-Appt. of additional Inspector
069/1939 Martin Clinton-Employment
071/1939 Holidays-Arrangements
072/1939 Swimming-Issue of certificates
076/1939 Conveyance of Scholars
078/1939 School Nurse-Report for 1938
079/1939 Attendance-Letters of Commendation
083/1939 Jean Burk-Employment
084/1939 Frank A Wyatt-Employment
086/1939 South Burnie-Establishment of a School
087/1939 Free Books-Supply to Schools
089/1939 Stella Easton-Resignation
090/1939 Minister for education-Activities of Dept.
091/1939 Exercise Books-Enquiry
093/1939 Use of rooms-Applications 1939
094/1939 Jessie Salier-Employment
095/1939 Miss E Jakes-Employment
096/1939 Clifford H Brown-Employment
097/1939 Miss P Allen-Employment
102/1939 Superannuation Fund-Enquiry re: subscriptions of students
0103/1939 Religious Instruction-Enquiry from USA
0104/1939 R.S.S.I.L.A-Essay Competition A.L. Wardlaw Memorial
0105/1939 Federation of Teachers-Federal Assistance
0106/1939 John Fletcher-Employment
0107/1939 Public Service Commissioner-Accumulation of annual leave
0108/1939 Probationary Students-Appointments 1939
0109/1939 Probationary Students-Failures 1939
0110/1939 Art Teaching-Offer of etchings
0113/1939 Free Kindergarten Assoc.-Grants etc.
0114/1939 Minister for Education-Unemployment in Esperance
0115/1939 Glenmark-Subsidised School
0116/1939 June Gibbs-Employment
0120/1939 Public Service Commissioner-Typists Exam
0123/1939 Educational Research-Visit of Council Members of Tasmania
0126/1939 Violet G Frost-Employment
0127/1939 Derwent Bridge Subsidised School-Furniture
0138/1939 Education Dept.-Office Staff etc.
0175/1939 B H Byrne-Employment
0176/1939 Cedric H Newbury-Employment
0177/1939 High Schools-Speech Nights
0178/1939 Educational Research Council-Report on Educational Developments 1938
0179/1939 School Buildings-Automatic lighting control
0180/1939 London School of Economics-Lecture Courses
0182/1939 Ina F Hunt-Resignation
0184/1939 Museum-Itinerary of Mr Powell 1939
0185/1939 Donald Waite-Employment
0186/1939 Marion Blyth-Employment
0187/1939 Public Service Commissioner-Recreational Leave of Staff
0188/1939 Hospital Classes Launceston-Furniture
0189/1939 Garden Tools-Supplies
0190/1939 Gladys Bolton-Resignation
0194/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-Germantown to St Marys
0195/1939 Aust. Military Forces-Enquiry re: Accrediting System
0197/1939 Physical Training-Proposal from Municipal Councils
0198/1939 Waterhouse Station-Subsidised School
0199/1939 Elections-Use of rooms etc
0200/1939 Apple Packing-Arrangements for classes
0201/1939 State Finance Commission-Return for Grants Commission
0202/1939 Probationary Students-Appt. of Special Students
0203/1939 Beatrice Bauld-Employment
0207/1939 L Allen-Resignation
0208/1939 Olive Skeggs-Employment
0209/1939 Norah Turley-Employment
0211/1939 Janet A Nunn-Resignation
0212/1939 Supervisor of Special Classes-Miscellaneous reports
0214/1939 J F Cramer USA-Enquiry
0215/1939 Educational Research-Enquiry into Teaching of Arithmetic
0216/1939 Social Services Dept.-Particulars re: dole workers
0217/1939 Dental Clinic-Enquiry from Mr Brooks
0218/1939 L Honeychurch-Employment
0219/1939 Black Hills Subsidised School-Residence for Teachers
0220/1939 Furniture-Disposal of old desks etc.
0222/1939 E W Orr-Employment
0223/1939 Art-Exhibition in New South Wales
0225/1939 Mollie Breaden-Transfer
0226/1939 M Osborne-Resignation
0227/1939 School of Method-One Day 1939
0229/1939 S Littlejohn-Resignation
0230/1939 Supervisor of Special Classes-After care of Sub-normal children
0231/1939 Examinations-Enquiry from Vacuum Oil Co.
0232/1939 M K Woodward-Resignation
0233/1939 High Schools-List of Entrants 1939
0234/1939 School of Method-Wellington Square May 1939
0235/1939 School of Method-Hobart May 1939
0237/1939 S J Wellington-Resignation
0238/1939 Superannuation Fund Board-List of Officers retired
0240/1939 Minister for Education-Dole labour of school grounds
0242/1939 Health Department-Air Raid precautions
0243/1939 Fuel-Supplies 1939
0245/1939 Anzac Day-Arrangements
0246/1939 Library-Correspondence course by Public Librarian
0247/1939 Cokkery Schools-Demonstration by pupils at Electrical exhibition
0248/1939 Supervisor of Special Classes-Case of Evelyn Horton
0249/1939 Emita-Offer to Purchase School
0252/1939 Public Service Commissioner-Information re: functions of Dept.
0256/1939 Teachers Union-Clerical work of Teachers
0259/1939 David Kellock-Employment
0260/1939 Supervisor of School Classes-Spelling Test
0261/1939 Minister for Education-Children in playgrounds on weekends etc.
0262/1939 Agricultural Society-Additions to Show Pavilion
0264/1939 Area School-Issue of certificates
0266/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-Naracoopa to Sea Elephant
0267/1939 Apple Packing-Competition 1939
0268/1939 Area Schools-Annual reports on Canteens etc
0269/1939 Sewing-Appt. of Teachers 1939
0270/1939 Superannuation Fund-Enquiries
0271/1939 High Schools-Leave for Teachers with Sporting Teams
0272/1939 War Bursary-Awards 1939
0273/1939 Federated Teachers Assoc.-Leave for Teachers to attend conference
0274/1939 Derwent Bridge-Trouble with child
0275/1939 School Buildings-New sanitary system
0276/1939 Mrs C R Campbell-Re-employment
0277/1939 Inspectors-Conference April 1939
0278/1939 Teachers Union-Supply of Govt. Gazette
0280/1939 Minister for Education-Visit of Australian girls to Canada
0281/1939 Kathleen Smith-Employment
0282/1939 Ernest M Podmore-Employment
0283/1939 Aust. Broadcasting Commission-Talks Programme
0284/1939 Rheban-Subsidised School
0285/1939 Blind Institution-Report for Frank Tate
0286/1939 Armine Furlonge-Recreational Leave
0287/1939 Empire Day-Celebration
0291/1939 Rotary Club-Youth Week
0292/1939 Teachers Union-Payment of rent for electric stoves
0293/1939 Minister for Education-Visit of Mr A Sullivan
0294/1939 Public Service Commissioner-Assistance of typists
0295/1939 Inspectors-List of efficiency marks
0296/1939 University-Nominations for mathematics committee
0297/1939 Supervisor of Special Classes-Supplies for special classes
0298/1939 Navy Office-Entrance to Naval College
0299/1939 Monica Allford-Resignation
0300/1939 M K Harry-Permission to address scholars
0302/1939 P Hughes-Visit to Mainland with Inspector Jones
0303/1939 Gowrie-Subsidised School
0304/1939 Ernest A Lee-Employment
0305/1939 A K Ward-Employment
0306/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-To Yolla
0307/1939 Conveyance of Children-To Riana
0310/1939 Truant Officer-Goods supplied to schools
0311/1939 Chief Secretary-Expenditure of West Coast Schools
0312/1939 Royal Empire Society-Essay Competition
0313/1939 C W J Matthews-Employment
0314/1939 Hubert S Evans-Employment
0315/1939 K Soden-Employment
0317/1939 Queensland-Request for exam papers
0318/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-Emita to Blue Rocks
0319/1939 Aust. Military Forces-Parade of Units
0322/1939 Mrs L Heatherbell-Re-employment
0323/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-To Liffey
0325/1939 Missionary Exhibition-Attendance of children
0326/1939 Mental Deficiency-Correspondence
0328/1939 Thelma Holden-Employment
0329/1939 E Lund-Employment
0330/1939 Health Dept.-Cookery classes for Red Cross Society and V.A.D's
0331/1939 Minister for Education-Message for Biosophical Society
0332/1939 Crippled Children-Non attendance after leaving hospital
0334/1939 Physical Training-Course at Melbourne University
0335/1939 Queenstown Tech-Rent of residence for teacher
0338/1939 Emily Hingston-Resignation
0339/1939 Minister for Education-War Emergency Regulations
0340/1939 Heinz Wiemann-Employment
0341/1939 Egon Donath-Employment
0342/1939 Miss R B Ayres-Employment
0343/1939 Education Dept.-Retirement of Chief Clerk and Appt. of Successor
0344/1939 Olive Eagling-Re-employment
0345/1939 Blind Institution-Reports from Teachers
0346/1939 Una M Salmon-Resignation
0348/1939 Christopher P O'Day-Employment
0349/1939 S N Spurling-Resignation
0351/1939 H E the Governor-Visit to Schools
0352/1939 Lorna Everett-Resignation
0353/1939 Dora Targett-Resignation
0358/1939 M Bynon-Resignation
0360/1939 Director of education-Notes for standing committee
0362/1939 Blind Institution-Appointment of Head Teacher
0363/1939 Allan Browne-Employment
0364/1939 Minister for Education-Gun Accidents
0365/1939 Minister for Education-Education in New Zealand
0366/1939 Area Schools-Questionnaires from NSW
0367/1939 H E the Governor-Presentation of Medals
0368/1939 M E McNaught-Resignation
0369/1939 Truant Officer Launceston-Attitude of Court to non attendance cases
0370/1939 Marjory Kidd-Death in accident
0371/1939 Estimates-Loan Expenditure 1939/40
0372/1939 School Buildings-Plan of Nursery School
0373/1939 Seventh Day Adventists-Request for copies of report
0374/1939 O Waters-Retirement from service
0375/1939 A Hamilton-Retirement from service
0376/1939 Gowrie-Fencing of school grounds
0377/1939 Mrs E Evans-Employment
0378/1939 Edna D Morrison-Re-employment
0379/1939 Agricultural Education-Conference of Inspectors with Agricultural Dept.
0380/1939 Gepp Pasture Competition-Entires 1939
0381/1939 Regulations-Amendments etc.
0382/1939 Nancy K Gee-Resignation
0383/1939 F Chudley-Employment
0384/1939 Corpus Christi Bellerive-Irregular attendance
0385/1939 St. Cuthberts Lindisfarne-Irregular attendance
0386/1939 Lake St. Clair Subsidised School-Irregular attendance
0387/1939 Wyena Subsidised School-Irregular attendance
0389/1939 Supervisor of special classes-Report on record cards
0390/1939 Apsley Subsidised School-Fencing
0391/1939 C P Rossiter-Employment
0392/1939 Alfreda J Simpson-Employment
0393/1939 Lucy B Macrae-Employment
0394/1939 Inspectors-Articles for record
0395/1939 High Schools-Algebra Test
0396/1939 Phyllis L Hutchins-Employment
0397/1939 Blind Institution-Valuation of property
0398/1939 Brougham Street-Establishment of a school
0399/1939 East Bagdad-Subsidised School
0400/1939 Bicheno-Establishment of a school
0403/1939 Paloona-Removal of building to Melrose
0404/1939 Alva V Webb-Employment
0406/1939 D McDonald-Debts
0409/1939 Penquite-Establishment of a school
0410/1939 Vacuum Oil Co.-Booklet 'Our Search for Oil'
0414/1939 Jennette French (nee' Wood)-Resignation
0416/1939 Swimming-Grant to Life Saving Association
0419/1939 Evelyn M Ray-Exchange Teacher
0420/1939 Marie Schill-Employment
0421/1939 M E Thow-Employment
0422/1939 Public Works Dept.-Clearing Accounts 30.06.39
0423/1939 Miss Nerus Levy-Reading of Greek Play
0424/1939 Lucy Laufer-Employment
0425/1939 Mrs Marion Lohrey-Employment
0427/1939 Minister for Education-Souvenirs at Official Openings
0429/1939 N Wing-Resignation
0430/1939 Furniture-Storage Accommodation Launceston
0431/1939 Sheila Price-Employment
0432/1939 Sheila G Parsons-Resignation
0433/1939 Joan M Eustace-Resignation
0435/1939 Harold J Lockwood-Resignation
0437/1939 Delka Evans-Employment
0438/1939 Arbor Day-Celebrations 1939
0441/1939 Jean M Welsh-Employment
0442/1939 M E Gourlay-Employment
0444/1939 G E Greenwood-Resignation
0447/1939 Royal Life Saving Society-Competitions among state schools
0448/1939 Keith M Firth-Resignation
0450/1939 Winifred Murray-Employment
0453/1939 Dorothy Burton-Employment
0454/1939 Jean I Harris-Employment
0455/1939 Educational Research-Summer School 1940
0457/1939 Wireless-Free Licences
0459/1939 Red Cross-Use of Domestic Arts School Hobart
0460/1939 Eileen Goss-Employment
0462/1939 Mrs Grace Lazenby-Employment
0463/1939 Gloria Bourke-Employment
0464/1939 W J Beaumont-Employment
0465/1939 Elmie H Evans-Employment
0466/1939 Anne E Bishop (nee' Clennett)-Resignation and re-employment
0467/1939 Canadian Trade Commissioner-Youth Training in Australia
0469/1939 Athol Jones-Employment
0472/1939 Marie Burgess-Employment
0473/1939 International Wool Publicity and Research Secretariat-Lectures on Wool
0475/1939 Lucy J Reid-Employment
0477/1939 Apex Club-Apple Case Cup
0478/1939 Edith Horton-Exchange Teacher
0479/1939 Physical Culture-Teachers Classes
0480/1939 Free Library Movement-Council
0481/1939 Free Library Movement-Executive Council (Committee)
0482/1939 Ruth Headlam-Resignation
0484/1939 Athol Manning-Resignation
0485/1939 D. McDonald-Resignation
0486/1939 Associated Public Schools in Tasmania-Examination results
0488/1939 Kathleen Weatherhead-Resignation
0489/1939 Minister for Education-Visit of Lord Gowrie
0491/1939 Ursula Walker-Resignation
0493/1939 Olive Eagling-Resignation
0494/1939 Lane's Tier-Subsidised School
0495/1939 Thea Stuckey-Resignation
0497/1939 Inspectors Conference-September 1939
0498/1939 R R W Swainston-Resignation
0499/1939 Alice Emmott
0500/1939 Margit Teller-Employment
0503/1939 Marjorie Jones-Employment
0504/1939 Examinations-Teachers Examinations 1939
0505/1939 Launceston Cookery Schools-Repairs
0506/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-Britton's Swamp Christmas Hills etc. to Smithton
0507/1939 S.T.S.S.A.A.A.-Football Carnival 1939
0508/1939 Fred Krushka-Employment
0509/1939 Minister for Education-Complaints re: Sale of books etc. to children
0510/1939 Mary Breheny-Employment
0511/1939 Minister for Education-Pruning and Grafting
0512/1939 Transport Dept.-Licence fee for coaches: Conveyance of Scholars
0513/1939 Reginald Smith-Employment
0514/1939 Ouse Horticultural Society-School Work
0516/1939 W S Henville-Assistance to teachers
0518/1939 Consular for Italy-Information re: Bursaries and Scholarships
0519/1939 Minister for Education-Re-arrangement of School terms
0523/1939 Minister for Education-New Pathological Block: Royal Hobart Hospital
0524/1939 Gwen Eastoe-Resignation
0525/1939 E M Coates-Resignation
0526/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-To Huonville
0527/1939 Minister for Education-Executive Meeting Council
0528/1939 Education Dept.-Return of overtime performed
0533/1939 Myra Bramich-Resignation
0534/1939 Minister for Education-Payment to Officers 'called up' to Military Service
0536/1939 H B Turner-Resignation
0537/1939 Minister for Education-Return of Officers liable to be called up for Military Service
0538/1939 The Premier-List of Departmental Officers
0539/1939 Minister for Education-National register of men
0540/1939 Agricultural Education-Shoobridge Shield Competition 1939 Judges
0541/1939 Ailsa Gowans-Employment
0542/1939 Terence Malone-Resignation
0543/1939 High School-Speech Nights 1939-40
0545/1939 Physical Training-Conversion of shelter sheds to Drill Halls
0547/1939 Mrs Jenny Tate-Resignation and Bond
0548/1939 Picture Shows-'England prepared'
0549/1939 Minister for Education-Playing areas for school children
0550/1939 Minister for Education-Sewing machines
0551/1939 Winifred Hodgetts-Re-employment
0552/1939 Health Dept.-Report re: School Dental Service
0553/1939 Health Dept.-Suggestion by School Medical Officer
0554/1939 J W Sellars-Employment
0555/1939 Exchange Teachers-Departmental Policy re: married teachers
0557/1939 Miss R M Adams-Employment
0558/1939 Museum-Travelling Case
0560/1939 Victorial Education Dept.-Enquiry re: Scholarships and Bursaries
0561/1939 Arthur Rathbone-Proctor-Employment
0563/1939 Conveyance of Scholars-Rheban to Orford
0566/1939 Military Service-Exemption of Teachers
0567/1939 Junior Teachers-Course of Training
0570/1939 Mrs Margaret Dallas-Re-employment
0571/1939 S.T.S.S.A.A.A.- Grant towards Football Carnival expenses
0572/1939 S.T.S.S.A.A.A-Education by Travel
0573/1939 Australia War Memorial-Gift portraits of H.M King George 5th
0574/1939 School Leaving Age-Proposal to raise to 15 years: estimate of cost
0580/1939 Reginald Mitchell-Re-employment
0577/1939 Joseph Gentilli-Employment
0581/1939 Leslie Arnold-Employment
0582/1939 Scholarships-Forestry Department
0583/1939 Nierrina Subsidised School-Tank repairs
0584/1939 Lindsay Allen-Employment
0586/1939 Dr Lotte M. Scheuer-Employment
0587/1939 Miss Gerda Trowbridge-Employment
0591/1939 R H Brewer-Employment
0596/1939 A K Sutherland-Employment
0597/1939 Viola Mead-Employment
0599/1939 Minister for Education-Metal tablets in schools
0600/1939 Staffing-Arrangements during war
0602/1939 Agricultural Education-Launceston & District Shows 1939
0604/1939 Stella M Lattin-Resignation
0605/1939 Edyth A Williams-Resignation
0606/1939 Scholarship-Applications: Tas. Education Dept. Scholarship
0607/1939 Rudolf Werther-Formation School of Music and Languages
0608/1939 Minister for Education-Safety First Instructions
0609/1939 New South Wales-Information re: suggested new salary scale
0610/1939 Agricultural Education-Hobart Show 1939
0611/1939 Apsley School-Offer to purchase property
0613/1939 Joyce Crowder-Resignation
0612/1939 Mrs L A Brewer-Employment
0616/1939 Valerie Wilkinson-Employment
0618/1939 I Y Crawshaw-Employment
0621/1939 Nina McKenzie-Resignation
0624/1939 Libraries-Proposed appointment: Librarian
0626/1939 Mabel H Boyd-Re-employment
0627/1939 Agricultural Education-Offer of property for Agricultural College
0626/1939 Pearl Dunham-Resignation
0630/1939 Cookery-'mercury' Demonstration
0631/1939 Probationary Students-Appointment preference 1940
0632/1939 H R Trethewie-Resignation
0633/1939 Edna Shipton-Resignation
0634/1939 Teachers' Union-Resolutions 1939
0636/1939 Edna M Johnson-Employment
0639/1939 Big Dog Island-Information re: subsidised school
0640/1939 Walter Wright-Resignation
0641/1939 Probationary Students-Applications 1940 and Appointments
0645/1939 Teachers' Union-Information re: Classification of School
0648/1939 Retreat-Request for Conveyance
0649/1939 Joan E Hanson-Employment
0650/1939 Mavis Burrows-Resignation
0651/1939 The Australian Teachers' Federation-Enquiry re: Various activities
0654/1939 Exams-Music: Probationary Students and Junior Teachers 1939
0655/1939 Exams-Domestic Science: Launceston & Hobart 1939
0656/1939 Swimming-'Mercury' 1939/1940 Campaign
0657/1939 Meteorological Bureau-Recruitment of Weather Officers
0658/1939 Miss L Holloway-Employment
0659/1939 Caroline M Harding-Re-employment
0663/1939 Miss M J Jacklin-Resignation
0664/1939 C J Mulligan-Recreational Leave
0669/1939 Laura Wilma Fisher-Employment
0670/1939 Arthur K Fulton-Resignation
0671/1939 James T Moore-Employment
0672/1939 Marjorie Stewart-Resignation
0673/1939 Margaret Winch-Resignation
0674/1939 Stephen J Wellington-Resignation
0675/1939 Elizabeth Stabb-Resignation and re-employment
0677/1939 Dorothy Dazely-Resignation
0680/1939 Margaret W Leary-Employment
0682/1939 Scholarship-Veterinary
0687/1939 Area School-Request from Irish Town
0688/1939 Scholarship-Commonwealth Institute of Accountants
0693/1939 Health Department-Request re: notification of Head teachers of Infectious Disease
0695/1939 Treasury-Return of Loan expenditure
0696/1939 Joyce Shaw-Employment
0699/1939 Nunamara State School-Repairs
0702/1939 Roderick F Gowans-Employment
0704/1939 Minister for Education-Fish foods and Health
0705/1939 Miniaster for Education-Central School Site (Suggested site for Public Library)
0706/1939 Minister for Education-Japanese Consul-General tour for teachers
0707/1939 Australian Education Council-Conference Hobart 1940
0708/1939 Collections in State Schools-Requests on behalf of Crippled Children, Red Cross etc
0710/1939 Robert Max Viney-Employment
0711/1939 John C Ruda-Employment
0712/1939 Record Cards-General Correspondence
0713/1939 Pocket Year Books
0716/1939 Observation-General
0432/1941 Conveyance of Scholars-Gowrie to Claude Road