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Correspondence about Schools
Series Number:
Start Date:
29 Mar 1904
End Date:
25 Aug 1966
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 188617 Jul 1989
Related Series:
ED9 General Correspondence (3)01 Jan 190531 Dec 1916
Controlling Series:
AD335 Alphabetical Index to Schools01 Jan 191431 Dec 1981

AD347 Alphabetical Index to Closed Schools01 Jan 191531 Dec 1974
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Bar-coded by the agency in the 1990s
Series notes:
This correspondence has been known as the 'School Series' because the filing is organised by the school number allocated to the school by the department and used for identification and record-keeping purposes. A complete listing of school numbers can be found in the Director of Education's Annual Reports to Parliament (printed in the Journals and Printed Papers of Parilament).

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Annually by school number. A number of files are missing.

38/8/17 Clarence Point Establishment of School
39/3/17 Little Swan Point Establishment of School
39a/8/17 Freshwater Point Establishment of School, Purchase of Site
68/8/17 Barnes Bay Application for Provisional School
91/3/17 South arm Offer to purchase Buildings, erection of new school
102/10/17 Smithton new light for school
110/8/17 Nabageena subsidised school
111/8/17 Allen's Creek subsidised school
113/8/17 East. Marrawah Establishment of subsidised school
118/3/17 Sprindale Erection of new school
121/3/17 Dunorlan Repairs, new site
132/3/17 Kimberley school site purchaase of land
145/3/1917 Burnie Sale of cottage
163/8/17 Catamaran susidised school
165/10/17 Geeveston sale of portion of school reserve lands department
174/3/1917 Cairne Bay Acquisition of building by department
217/8/17 Llandaff Re-opening & closure in Feb 1919
224/3/17 Moonah Remodelling & New Rooms
227/3/17 Woodstock Crossing Chimney
227/8/17 Woodstock Crossing school site
290/8/17 Mr.E.T.Blyth (M.H.A) (Loorina-Maps) Lower Wilmot New Building
302/8/17 Lower Beulah Opening of school
303/8/17 Lorinna Provisional school
230/3/17 Currie New School
320/10/17 Currie Acquisition of old road
369/3/17 Newnham Site
389/8/17 Maydena New school near Lyenna
376/8/17 Reverand Cannon Finnis Travelling school for Cressy District
377/8/17 Elphinstone subsidised school
388/8/17 Brookside Establishment of school & site
430/8/17 West Pine Road Closure of School
433/3/17 Clover Hills Hilton New School
450/8/17 Monsignor Gilleran Complaints re religious instruction refusal of teacher to allow scholars to attend
457/10/17 Lower Wattle Grove Acquisition of site, synopsis of correspondence
457/10/17 Lower Wattle Grove site
21/3/18 Trevallyn Erection of school, Fencing etc
35/3/18 Cormiston accommodation
59/8/18 Elderslie Acquisition of part of school site for road, Public Works Department
118/3/18 Springdale erection of Hall on Reserve
135/3/18 East Devonport Enlargement
145/3/18 Burnie State School Additional Accommodation
146/8/18 Morreville Road Transfer of teacher
148/8/18 Ridgley State School Destroyed by fire & erection of new school
164/3/18 Dover Accommodation
164/8/18 Dover exclusion of Mr Richard's children
169/3/18 Leprena Erection of new building
216/3/18 Cranbrook Light & Ventilation site for new school building
320/3/18 Currie Accommodation
341/3/18 Central Castra New school
392/3/17 Moogara New School Building
402/3/18 Tyenna Erection of New Building
405/3/18 New Town Erection of new dual room
518/8/17 Mr Lindsay Clark Briseis Tin Mining Co., Derby Proposed exchange of land
535/3/17 Jetsonville purchase of land
535/4/17 Jetsonville programme of work
544/12/17 Bridport Closure of School
550/3/17 Punamara Purchase of land from Mr Calvert
558/12/17 Upper Blessington Closure of School
566/3/17 Dunalley Erection of New School
571/3/17 Sorell Water Supply
604/5/18 Calder road - New School
604/8/17 Calder Schools change of name
604/8/1917 Calder Road Appilcation for a New school
609/4/17 Oldina - New Building
615/12/17 Upper Calder Road School Accommodation at Upper Calder Schools
620/8/17 Lapoinya School Site
625/8/17 Carnarvon Ownership of building
656/8/17 Closure of Hadspen State School
672/12/17 Tullah Increase of Accommodation
675/8/17 State School East. Zeehan Closure of School & Transfer of Mr Peers
732/1/17 Hobart State High School Furnishing & Equipment
733a/3/17 Launceston High School New Building
733b/3/17 Launceston State High School Retaining wall
733/8/17 Launceston High School School Reserve (Gaol Site) Fencing, Retaining Wall etc
500/8/18 Native Corner Low attendance Establishment of Subsidised school inspector's report
575/8/18 Penna, near Sorell Establishment of School
625/8/18 Carnarvon School Reserve
3/8/19 Goulburn Street State School Establishment of Infant Department
15/3/19 Charles Street Acquisition of Land
15/3/19 Charles Street New Building & Alterations to existing Building, Removal of Crosby Bridge
16/6/19 Western Creek School re-opening etc
18/8/19 Invermay Establishment of an Infant Department
39/3/19 Little Swan Point Establishment of a school
59/3/19 Elderslie Erection of a school
91/3/19 South Arm New Building
105/8/19 Mowbray Swamp Establishment of State School
123/3/19 Willow Dale Erection of A school
129/12/19 Weetah Subsidised school - Low Attendance
130/8/19 Western Creek New Site & Building
131/3/19 West Meander Residence for teacher, M.C.Challis petition for his retention
163/3/19 Catamaran Erection of a school, repairs
164/8/19 Dover sale of Land, Purchase of ground for playground
174/3/19 Cairns Bay Erection of a school
188/3/19 Mt. Nicholas Erection of school residence
190/3/19 Scamander Building
227/3/19 Woodstock Erection of school C.B.A. Purchase of site
230/8/19 Crotty Sale of old school building
290/8/19 Lower Wilmot Rental of Church building
303/8/19 Lorinna re-Opening
306/8/19 Kingston Purchase of land & Erection of room
307/3/19 Margate Remodelling
311/8/19 Taroona Site for school
317/8/19 Woodbridge Erection of memorial on piece of School grounds
311/8/19 Taroona School site
323/3/19 Grassy State School Removal of the old building at Currie to Grassy etc
340/3/19 Central Castra New school
345/3/19 North Motton Asphalting tennis Court
356/3/19 South Nietta Erection of a school
380/8/19 Longford School Classification
392/3/19 Moogara erection of a school building
486/8/19 Queenstown State School Establishment of Infant Department
528/8/19 Ringarooma Road Change of name to Ledgerwood
571/3/19 Sorell New residence
574/3/19 Cherry Tree Opening - Closure - opening as subsidised school
612/8/19 Somerset School Applications for appointment as Head teacher
625/8/19 Carnarvon School Reserve
662/3/19 Westwood Repairs, errection of a school
663/12/19 Whitmore Low attendance
733/8/19 Launceston High School tennis court
735/4/19 Burnie High School Complaints re management of school (Mr. A.W. Tattersall)
735/10/19 Burnie Intermediate High School Site for school
1/8/20 Model School Montpelier Road Alteration of Building owing to dupliccation of tram line
16/8/20 East Launceston Purchase of Land from O.J.Sidebottom
18/8/20 Invermay Purchase of land, Fencing
80/8/20 Llewellyn Re-opening of school
107/20/20 Amy Dennis, Employment
1110/10/20 Nabageena Proposed New School
113/3/20 East Marrawah New School
134/20/20 W.K.Breaden Entry to College
145/7/20 Burnie Land offered for sale
153/3/20 Wivenhoe Purchase of house & land for residence
179/2/20 Royal George Mine Ventilation lighting, Erection of new Building
182/3/120 Cornwall Erection of residence
215/5/20 Swansea New School building, minor repairs
224/8/20 Moonah State School Additions
225/8/20 Ouse Acquisition of land & removal of present building to new site
231/3/20 Gormanston New residence
241/20/20 Inspector's Guild of Tasmania
273/3/20 Huonville Extension to school building
274/3/20 Glen Huon Minor repairs, Fencing, Strip of land handed to Marsh & Co.
320/8/20 Currie New Building
331/20/20 Correspondence School appointment of male teacher
344/3/20 Kindred Repairs to residence, sale of school, building & erection of new building
402/8/20 Tyenna Purchase of school reserve by M.H.Marriott
403/8/20 National Park Purchase of land for school site
423/10/20 Fonthill Purchase of school site
462/20/20 Boyd Miss M Transfer to New Ground, Green Banks
469/8/20 St Helens purchase of residence, repairs
469/8/20 St Helens Lease of school reserve to municipal council
469/8/20 Sale of Old School residence
517/3/20 Branxholm Erection of New Building
522/3/20 Pioneer Purchase of School Residence
621/8/20 Preolenna Erection of New Building
2/8/21 Central Corporation re Piece of Land for Public Lavatory
4/8/21 Macquarie Street Purchase of Old Tree School Building
97/8/21 Irish Town Proposed Railway through School Sites
97/8/21 Irish Town Enquiry from D.P.Carrol re School Sites
102/8/21 Smithton Exchange of Land
145/8/21 Burnie Purchase of Adjoining Block
192/12/21 St Marys Accommodation, New Classroom
220/8/21 Collinsvale Clearing Land, Sale of School Site
274/12/21 Glen Huon Accommodation, New Site
301/6/21 Narrawa Establishment of School
332/3/21 East Sassafras Accommodation, New School Site etc
379/6/21 Illawarra Establishment of School
385/10/21 (Henry Kingston) Green Rises New Site & Building
415/8/21 Tunbridge Rental of School Property for Cricket Pitch
604/8/21 Lanaba Application for New School
612/8/21 Somerset Lease of Tennis Court
614/10/21 Wynyard Purchase of Land
732/8/21 Hobart High School Rowing Sheds
2/8/22 Central Sale of Property
17/8/22 Glen Dhu Acquisition of Land
20/8/22 Prospect Re Residence for Teacher
61/6/22 Mangalore Establishment of Provisional School, Purchase of School Site
68/8/22 Barnes Bay Request for School Building
76/8/22 Campbell Town School Reserve, Fencing, Sale of Land
133/8/22 Liena Removal of School from Gad's Hill
159/8/22 Evandale School Site
215/8/22 Swansea Offer to Purchase Old Site
221/8/22 Claremont Site New School
222/8/22 Glenorchy Offer of Land Montrose Road
269/8/22 Judbury Application to rent part of School Reserve
269/8/22 Judbury Public Hall Request for Part of School Reserve
327/8/22 Latrobe C.B.A. re New Site & School
398/8/22 Molesworth Fencing Portion of School Reserve, Lease of Land by F. Eiszele
450/8/22 Cygnet Attorney General re Transfer of Land to Police Department
518/2/22 Derby Out-houses Fences
518/8/22 Derby Application to Rent Part of School Ground
518/8/22 Derby Briseis Tin Mining Co., re Lease of Land for Water Race
556/8/22 Young Town Purchase of Land, Fencing & Erection of New Out-houses
590/10/22 Strahan Overcrowding Site for New School, Removal of Building from Zeehan
1/8/23 Albuera Street Closing of Pathway from Fitzroy Place
1/8/23 Albuera Street Excursion to Lenah Valley
5/8/23 New Town Acqusition of land from New Town Infirmary
12/2/23 Princes Street Entrance from Lord Street Concrete Steps
66/8/23 Lunawanna School Site, Erection of New School
85/6/23 Bellerive Accommodation, New Classroom, Alteration to Out Buildings
182/8/23 Cornwall Sale of Portion of School Site
224/6/23 Moonah Accommodation Porposed Kindergarten at Lutana
309/5/23 Snug New School Site
327/8/23 Latrobe Purchase of Land for New Site, erection of Classroom
720/2/23 Training College Change of Title to Teachers College
720/2/23 Teachers' College Fencing, Edward Street Retaining wall
733/8/23 Launceston High School Hire of Sports Ground
2/5/24 Central Parents Association re New School Site
8/1924 Elizabeth Street - return by Mr Fletcher - Age and Progress report
18/2/24 Invermay Boundary Fence
31/8/24 St Michaels Tennis Court
61/6/24 Managlore Purchase of Site, New School, Shelter Shed
97/8/24 Irish Town Acquisition of Additional Land from Railway Department
102/8/24 Smithton Additional Land
113/5/24 East Marrawah New School
123/5/24 Willow Dale Change of School Site
141/8/24 Maidstone Sale of School Reserve
175/5/24 Hospital Bay Establishment of State School, Erection of New Building
231/8/24 Gormanston Residence Removal & Re-erection of Pillinger Building
251/8/24 Fentonbury Application to Rent School Site
255/8/24 Ouse Offer to Purchase & Sale of Old Residence
305/8/24 Neika Pipe Line through School Property, Fencing
370/8/24 Swan Bay Application for Re-Opening of School
390/8/24 Back River Magra Application for Portion of School Site for Local Hall
395/2/24 Mt Lloyd Condition of School Building, repairs, New School
421/5/24 Stonor New Site
450/5/24 Cygnet New School Site Erection of Classroom
222/8/25 Glenorchy Purchase of Site - Fremlin
267/8/25 Crabtree Application to Rent Portion of School Ground
283/1925 Gowrie School
590/8/25 Strahan Official Opening New Schoolroom
1/8/26 Albuera Street Proposed use of St Georges' Burial Ground as Addition to Playground
2/8/26 Central School Property Proposed Sale
2/8/26 Campbell Street Suggested Additions, Acqusition of Land, Incinerator Site
8/8/26 Elizabeth Street Parents Association School Boudary Campbell Street
8/8/26 Elizabeth Street Offer of Adjoining Property F.Hutchinson
32/5/26 Winkleigh New School Site
43/8/26 Waddamana Heating
50/8/26 Bagdad request for New School
102/8/26 Smithton Proposed Road through School Reserve
135/8/26 East Devonport Additional Land Fencing
202/2/26 Lughrata Repairs, Additions, School Site
203/5/26 Lady Barron Erection of School Building, Out-houses
223/5/26 Merton Report by Inspector Davis School Site, Closure of School
274/8/26 Glen Huon Purchase of Residence for Teacher
293/5/26 Railton Purchase of New School Site
306/8/26 Kingston Purchase of Land
313/6/26 Gordon Accommodation, New School
328/8/26 Latrobe New Ground, Additional Accommodation, Proposed New Site
330/3/26 Sassafras Repairs to Residence, New Residence, Additional Land
330/8/26 Sassafras Offer of Land Erection of School Building
349/8/26 Ulverstone Use of Portion School Reserve Hockey Ground, Afforestation Scheme
413/3/26 Oatlands Accommodation, Re-modelling
469/8/26 St Helens Use of School Reserve for Tennis Court
506/8/26 Ticehurst Removal of School to Central Site
519/8/26 Gladstone Building destroyed by Fire, Erection of New Building
538/2/26 Scottsdale Dividing Fence, Dinham's - Methodist Church
538/8/26 Scottsdale Afforestation Scheme, Lease of Land
611/2/26 Sisters Creek Extension of Playground, Fencing
664/5/26 Glenne New School
665/8/26 Upper Liffey Re-Opening of School
673/8/26 Williamsford Offer to Purchase Land
1/8/27 Albuera Street Cart Entrance
22/8/27 Mowbray Report re Overcrowding, Additions
22/8/27 Mowbray Additional Land
26/8/27 Bridgenorth Equiry re Sale of School Site
40/8/27 Apsley Rental of Residence
102/8/27 Smithton Cleaning Scrub from School Reserve, Lease of Reserve
128/8/27 Rubicon Bridge Offer to Purchase Old Site
135/8/27 East Devonport Request for New School additions
145/8/27 Burnie Building Destroyed by Fire
145/8/27 Burnie Sale of Land to Harris & Co.
172/8/27 Surges Bay Sale of School Site
192/6/27 St Marys Additional Land, Accommodation, Furniture
215/8/27 Swansea Septic Tank
221/8/27 Claremont Sale of Old School Site
222/8/27 Glenorchy Drainage, Concrete Pipe through Property
222/8/27 Glenorchy Transfer of Strip of Land to Council
223/8/27 Merton Offer to Purchase Building, Sale of School Site
224/8/27 Moonah Additional Land
266/8/27 Castle Forbes Bay New School Site
269/8/27 Judbury Sale of Portion of School Reserve
274/8/27 Glen Huon removal of gravel
282/8/27 Roland Purchase of Residence
309/8/27 Snug Offer to Purchase Old Site
323/8/27 Grassy Re-Opening of School
327/8/27 Latrobe Old School Site
329/8/27 Thirlstone Change of Name to Northdown
330/8/27 Sassafras Offer to Purchase Old School Site
349/8/27 Ulverstone Establishment of District High School
365/8/27 Lilydale New School Site
369/8/27 Newnham Sale of School Site
381/8/27 Pateena Offer to Purchase Propeerty
395/8/27 Mount Lloyd Clearing & Fencing New Site
426/5/27 Penguin New School & Residence
455/3/27 South Lymington Extension of Building, Shelter Shed
500/8/27 Native Corners Rental Property
542/8/27 Tonganah Application to Purchase part of School Site
556/8/27 Young Town Site for Residence
569/8/27 Nugent Sale of School Reserve
580/8/27 Buckland Offer of Land New School
614/7/27 Wynyard Staffing, 7 Class, Appointment of Male Assistant
614/8/27 Wynyard Offer of Land, Mrs Toomey & others
625/5/27 Carnarvon New School
625/8/27 Carnarvon Rental of School Reserve
631/8/27 Taranna Offer to Purchase School Reserve
657/8/27 Hagley Area of School Grounds
660/5/27 Selbourne New School Site
671/8/27 Rosebery Acquisition of Land, Erection of Residence
729/8/27 Girls Welfare School After Care Committee
734/3/27 Devonport High School New Building for Science
734/8/27 Devonport High School Rail Motor for Scholars from Sheffield & District
735/8/27 Burnie High School Acquistion of Land, New Building
4/8/28 Macquarie Strret Acquisition of Land Weld Street
5/8/28 New Town Rental of Residence
12/8/28 Princes Street Improvements to Crown Street
22/8/28 Mowbray Heights Sewerage
50/8/28 Bagdad Residence, Removal & Erection, Provision of New Residence
96/8/28 Forest Acquisition of Land
98/8/28 Marrawah Enquiry by Teacher re Use of School Reserve
106/8/28 Trowutta Lease of Part of School Reserve
108/8/28 Balfour Offer to Purchase Old Building
117/5/28 Chudleigh Parents Association re New School Site
118/8/28 Montana Accommodation New School
132/8/28 Kimberley School Boudary, Use of Land by J.H.Knowles
172/8/28 Glendevie Improvement to School Grounds, Grant of 50 pounds
182/8/28 Cornwall Offer to Purchase Land
192/3/28 St Marys Repairs to Residence, Electric Light, New Residence
208/8/28 Pipers River Rent of Land for Tennis Court
269/8/28 Judbury Enlargement of Playground
274/8/28 Glen Huon Sale of Old Residence for Removal
274/8/28 Glen Huon Construction of Road to Residence
294/2/28 Sheffield Removal of Dividing Fence, Repairs to Fence, Encroachment on School Property
305/8/28 Neika Propsed Change of School Site
317/5/28 Woodbridge Propsed New Site
323/8/28 Grassy Sale of Old Building
331/8/28 Wesley Vale Acquisition of Land, Erection of New School
383/5/28 "Saundridge" Cressy Change of School Site, New School
393/8/28 Glenora School Destroyed by Fire, Provisions of New Buildiing
426/8/28 Penguin Additional Land for Playground
426/8/28 Penguin Sale of Old School Site
450/8/28 Cygnet Sale od Old School Site
456/8/28 Petcheys Bay Removal of Old School to New Site
456/8/28 Petcheys Bay Restoration of Old School Site to Donor
538/8/28 Scottsdale Acquisition of Land (Coplestone)
538/8/28 Scottsdale Report by Mr T.E.Hand re Establishment of School Farm
555/8/28 St Leonards Acquisition of Land
571/8/28 Sorell Additional Land
603/6/28 Yolla Accommodation, Additional Land
657/3/28 Hagley Re-modelling
660/8/28 Selbourne Offer to Purchase Old Premises
663/5/28 Whitemore Accommodation Request for New Building
728/1928 Domestic Arts School Extensions
729a/5/28 Girls Welfare School Selection of New School Site, Remodelling
734/8/28 Devonport High School Destruction by Fire, Restoration of Building
735/8/28 Burnie High School Class of School
2/8/29 Campbell Street Proposed Acquisition of Land from City Council
4/8/29 Macquarie Street Charge for Electric Light to Parents Association
8/3/29 Elizabeth Street Infant Department, Montessori Room, Purchase of Land from A.B.Perry
8/8/29 Elizabeth Street Provision of Room for Parents Association, Hoods for Chimineys
12/8/29 Princes Street Infant Department, Accommodation, Report re Overcrowding
27/8/29 Cleveland Cricket Pitch
53/8/29 Bridgewater Insurance Poilcy
67/8/29 Alonnah Offer to Purchase Old Residence
98/8/29 Marrawah Lease of Land for tennis Courts
99/8/29 Mengha Accommodation, Proposed New School
149/8/29 Stowport Additional Land, Fencing
266/8/29 Castle Forbes Bay Offer to Purchase Old Property
268/8/29 Franklin Boundary Fence
298/8/29 Wilmot Cricket Pitch
315/2/29 Kettering Fencing
323/8/29 Sea Elephant King Island, Fencing School Site
325a/5/29 Narracoopa Establish School
331/8/29 Wesley Vale Converting Old School into residence, Offer to Purchase Old School Site
331/8/29 Wesley Vale New Residence
343/8/29 Gunns Plains Offer to Purchase Land & Old Building
348/8/29 Sprent Acquisition of Additional Land
362/6/29 Karoola Low Attendance, Suggested Closure of School, Transfer to New Site
365/8/29 Lilydale Old School Site
379/8/29 Illawarra Location, School District - Longford & Westbury
428/8/29 Riana Lease of Land for Agricultural Plots
432/5/29 Camena New School, Conveyance to Natone
497/8/29 Campania Additional Land, Fencing
501/2/19 Rhyndaston Repairs
544/6/29 Bridport Re-opening of School
556/2/29 Young Town Repairs, Acquisition of Land for New School
620/8/29 Lapoinya Low Attendance, Closure of School, Removal to New Site Milabena
664/8/29 Glenore Annual Bursary
672/5/29 Tullah New School
673/5/29 Williamsford New School
725/8/29 Boys Welfare School Exchange of Land A.Vimpany, Purchase of Land from T.B.Alcock
732/5/29 Hobart High School New Building at New Town
735/8/29 Burnie High School Arrangments for Right-of-way
1002/29 Prime Seal Island subsidised School
1/8/30 Albuera Street Radius for Scholars
1/8/30 Albuera Street Proposed Removal of William.R.Allison Monument from School Playground
4/8/30 Macquarie Street Offer to Purchase Old Kindergarten Property
07/57/30 Durban Open-Air School Request for Plans etc From Durban
12/8/30 Princes Street Radius for Scholars
32/8/30 Winkleigh Offer to Purchase Residence
89/8/30 East Risdon Rental of Land, Encroachment on School Site, Fencing
102/8/30 Smithton Circular Head High School Offers from Smithton
102/8/30 Smithton New Building for High School
102/8/30 Smithton Arrangements for Seventh Class
117/8/30 Chudleigh Rental of Land
165/8/30 Geeveston Offer to Purchase Old School Site
251/8/30 Fentonbury Sale of Portion of School Reserve for Post Office Site
251/8/30 Fentonbury Old School Site
266/8/30 Castle Forbes Bay Transfer of Land for Widening Road
269/8/30 Judbury Application to Lease Portion of School Reserve Also Application to Purchase Same
294/2/30 Sheffield Repairs & Improvements, Re-modelling
341/5/30 Central Castra New School Building, Requisition of Land
372/7/30 Retreat Suggested Closure of School
430/8/30 West Pine Request for New School
450/8/30 Cygnet Offer to Purchase Portion of School Reserve
571/8/30 Sorell Agricultural Plots, Acquisition of Land
655/8/30 Frankford Cartage of Gravel from School Site
723/8/30 Domestic Arts School Telephone Cable through School Grounds
729a/2/30 Girls Welfare School Boundary Fence, Offer of Adjoining Property
735/8/30 Burnie High School Discontinuance of Post Intermedicate Classes
21/8/31 Trevallyn Additional Accommodation
119/8/31 Daisy Plains Permission for Removal of Organ
140/2/1931 Forth Repairs to Residence, Proposed Sale of Residence
208/8/31 Pipers River Rental of School Reserve
245/8/31 Mercer Rental of Residence
247/8/31 Hutton Park Rental of Residence, Repairs
251/8/31 Fentonbury Rental of School Ground
320/8/31 Currie Roadway to School
373/8/31 Lisle Water Race through School Property
376/1/31 Cressy Furniture
376/8/31 Cressy Accommodation, Condition of New Building, New School
381/6/31 Pateena Application Re-opening of School, Subsidised School
415/8/31 Tunbridge Rental of Adjoining Block
450/8/31 Cygnet Rental of Old School Residence
468/8/31 Pyenganna Land for Agriculture Plots
470/8/31 Weldborough Land for Afforestation
501/8/31 Rhyndaston Rental of Residence
516/6/31 Legunia Opening of State School
517/4/31 Branxholm Complaints
517/8/31 Branxholm Additional Land
517/8/31 Branxholm Report re Improvements, Assistance by Parents Assocaition
525/1/31 Winnaleah Accommodation, Furniture, Removal of School to New Site
529/5/31Ayr Removal of School to New Site
529/8/31 Ayr (Teleta) Offer to Purchase Old Site
538/8/31 Scottsdale Rental of Adjioning Land by Golf Club
556/8/31 Young Town Rental of Land by J.P.Gill
566/8/31 Dunalley Fencing Agricultural Plots, Proposed Sale of Portion of School Site
584/8/31 Ravensdale Proposed Erection of Building from Orford
612/8/31 Somerset Lease of Tennis Cout
675/8/31 East Zeehan Offer to Purchase Old Residence
Teachers College Hobart - Applications for position of Principal
2/8/32 Campbell Street Damage to Adjoining Property by Storm Water
3/8/32 Goulburn Street Dividing Fence
12/8/32 Princes Street Enclosing Verandah for Use as Classroom
12/8/32 Princes Street Establishment of Infant Department
24/8/32 Richmond Hill Land for Agricultural Plots
47/8/32 Shannon Subsidised School
98/8/32 Marrawah Rental of Residence & School Reserve
136/8/32 West Devonport Sewerage
147/8/32 Romaine Lease of School Grounds
147/8/32 Romaine Tennis Court
199/8/32 Loccota Offer to Purchase Building
222/8/32 Glenorchy Sale Of Old Property
276/8/32 Pelverata Site for Local Hall
333/8/32 Moriarty Residence for Tender, Acquisition of Land
349/8/32 Ulverstone Gravelling School Ground, Levelling & Grassing Lower Area
379/8/32 Illawarra New School Site
469/8/32 St Helens New Class Room
515/8/32 Alberton Rental of School Ground
583/8/32 Triabunna Erection of Building from Darlington
608/8/32 Mount Hicks AdditionalLand for Playground, Fencing
720/1932 Teachers College Hobart, education for D course & 3B certificate
1/8/33 Albuera Street Drainage into Adjoining Property
8/8/33 Elizabeth Street Arrangements for establishment of Activity Class
8/8/33 Elizabeth Street Infant Department Purchase of Additional Land from Mrs.A.Henry
21/8/33 Trevallyn Acquisition of Additional Land, New Buildings
44/8/33 Lower Marshes Ritchie & Parker etc School Site "Glen Exe"
53/8/33 Bridgewater Playground & Shelter Shed, Purchase of Additional Land
57/8/33 Old Beach Rental of Residence, Sale of Firewood
84/8/33 Clifton Acquisition of Buildings by Department
97/8/33 Irish Town Additional Land for Playground
102/8/1933 Smithton Residence for Teacher
126/5/33 Quamby Brook Offer of Land for New Building
140/2/33 Forth Boundary Fence
140/8/33 Forth New School & Residence
150/8/33 Highclere School Ground Improvements
266/8/33 Castle Forbes Bay Residence for Teacher, Acquisition of Land
293/3/33 Railton Additions & Repairs, Proposed Removal of Building to New Site
316/6/33 Middleton Accommodation, Purchase of Land
345/8/33 North MottonTermination of Lease of Land for Cricket Ground, Formation of New Club
370/8/33 Dilston request for New School
413/8/33 Oatlands Accommodation, Erection of Residence, Purchase of Site from W.Fish
434/8/33 Devonport High Sewerage Correction
450/8/33 Cygnet rental of Residence
487/8/33 South Queenstown Residence for Teacher
523/2/33 Ringarooma Repairs to Residence & School, New School
523/5/33 Ringarooma Site for New School
530/8/33 Mona Vale Accommodation, Lease of Building
245/8/33 Lietinna request for New Building
556/8/33 Young Town Condition of Building, New School
559/5/33 Tayene Offer by Parents for Provision of New School
570/8/33 Orielton Offer to Purchase School Property
571/8/33 Sorell Accommodation
610/8/33 Myalla Residence for Teacher
661/8/33 Westbury Offer to Purchase Land
723/2/33 Domestic Arts School Minor Repairs, Dividing Wall
732/1/33 Hobart High School Potters' Wheel for Craft Work, Hand Loom
732/8/33 Hobart High School Use of Building by Old Hobartian Association
732/8/33 Hobart High School Back to School Week
732/8/33 Hobart High School Twenty First Anniversary Arrangements for Function
732/8/33 Hobart High School Offer of Adjoining Land
733/8/33 High School Launceston Salary of Clerk
733/8/33 High School Launceston Parents & Friends Association re Length of School Terms, Number of Exam Subjects to be Taken By Scholars
733/8/33 Launceston High School Old Scholars Association re Reference Library
734/8/33 Devonport High School Improvements to School Grounds
1/8/34 Albuera Street William Race Allison Memorial
2/8/34 Campbell Street Extension to Infant School, Residence for Caretaker
2/8/34 Campbell Street Proposed Sale of Portion of Land Facing Park Street
5/8/34 New Town New Building
8/8/34 Elizabeth Street Infant Department Accident to Mrs Roberts, Cleaner
15/8/34 Bellerive School Grounds Levelling & Gravelling
17/8/34 Glen Dhu Death of Child Caused by Motor Lorry, Provision of Entrance Melbourne Street
19/4/34 Wellington Square Complaints re Gwyneth Simmonds
21/8/34 Trevallyn Rental of Residence
102/3/34 Smithton Additional Classroom remodelling
102/8/34 Smithton Offer of Additional Land
103/8/34 Stanley Recommendation by Inspector re Seventh Class
106/3/34 Trowutta Accommodation
106/8/34 Trowutta Termination of Lease of School Ground
108/8/34 Mawbanna Purchase of Property by Department
124/5/34 Mole Creek Acquisition of Site for Residence
124/8/34 Mole Creek Re-modelling, Attention of Old Buildings, Carpenter's Shop etc
141/8/34 Spreyton Residence, Purchase of Site from A.Bishop, Residence for Teacher
153/8/34 Wivenhoe School Nursery
164/2/34 Dover Repairs Remodeling Residence
164/5/34 Dover New School Building
170/8/34 Lune River Request for New Building
183/8/34 Fingal Acquisition of Additional Land
199/8/34 Altmoor Tennis Court
199/8/34 Altmoor Boundary Fences
252/8/34 Hamilton Accommodation, Additional Land
267/8/34 Crabtree Enlargement of Playground
269/8/34 Judbury Residence for Teacher
276/8/34 Pelverata Material & Equipment for Woodwork Instruction
294/8/34 Sheffield Article for Director of Education Victoria
294/8/34 Sheffield Plan of School Property
309/8/34 Snug Enclosing Verandah, Extension of Classroom
311/8/34 Taroona Condition of School Building, New School
313/8/34 Gordon Improvements to School Ground
315/8/34 Kettering Reports re Children Named Jackson
317/8/34 Woodbridge New School Building
325/8/34 Egg Lagoon Tennis Court
354/8/34 South Road Purchase of Property
378/8/34 Iveridge Change of Name to Blackwood
380/3/34 Longford Additional Rooms
401/8/34 Westerway Offer of Residence
408/8/34 Uxbridge Accommodation
413/8/34 Oatlands Conversion of Old Residence into Class-room, Varnish for Desks
413/8/34 Oatlands New Residence, Bathroom, Tanks, Blinds etc
497/8/34 Campania Alterations to Classroom
518/8/34 Derby Proposed Exchange of Part of Playground
544/8/34 Bridport New School Building
556/8/34 Young Town Sale of Old Buildings
566/8/34 Dunalley Sale of Portion of School Reserve (No Action)
603/2/34 Yolla Repairs to Residence
612/8/34 Somerset School Reserve Cancellation of Lease
618/8/34 Upper Mt Hicks Request for New School
651/8/34 Bracknell Remodelling School Building
698/8/34 Koyule Low Attendance, Closure of School
724/34 Teachers College Hobart, Grant for School funds
732/8/34 Hobart High School Levelling Ground
735/8/34 High School Burnie Acquisition of Land
1/4/35 Albuera Street Complaints
1/8/35 Albuera Street Repairs to Yards at Old Model School
1/8/35 Albuera Street Improvements to School Grounds
1/8/35 Albuera Street Sale of Portion of Land
2/2/35 Campbell Street Kindergarten, Asphalting
2/8/35 Campbell Street Appointment of Caretaker
4/3/35 Macquarie Street Additions, Construction of Library
5/2/35 New Town Improvements to School Grounds
8/6/35 Invermay Accommodation, Overcrowding
8/8/35 Elizabeth Street Appointment of Clerk
8/8/35 Elizabeth Street Sewing Machines
8/8/35 Elizabeth Street Activity School, Admission to High School of Pupils
9/8/35 Lower Sandy Bay Overcrowding
12/2/35 Princes Street Erection of New Ramp
12/4/35 Princes Street Complaints
16/6/35 East Launceston Erection New Class Rooms
21/1/35 Trevallyn Furniture
21/2/35 Trevallyn New School, Improvements to School Grounds
21/8/35 Trevallyn Sale of Land
34/8/35 Deviot, rental of school building
50/2/35 Bagdad Improvements to School Ground
52/8/35 Black Brush Rental of Residence
53/6/35 Bridgewater New School
65/8/35 Adventure Bay Alteration of School Hours
66/6/35 Lunawanna Extension of Building
67/6/35 Alonnah New School Building
79/8/35 Epping Installation of Crossing
79/8/35 Epping Permission to Remove Athletics from Breadalbane
93/6/35 Christmas Hills New School Building
96/2/35 Forest Removal of Raised Platform, Structural Alterations
101/8/35 Rocky Cape Electric Wiring of School & Residence
101/8/35 Rocky Cape Change of Name to Detention River
102/8/35 Smithton Commercial Course
102/8/35 Smithton Transport of Children Wiltshire to Smithton
102/8/35 Smithton Motion by A.L.P re High School
113/8/35 East Marrawah New School Residence
113/8/35 East Marrawah Staff Notation Charts
115/8/35 Brookshead Clearing School Property
117/6/35 Chudleigh New School
124/8/35 Mole Creek Cricket Pitch in Grounds
126/8/35 Quamby Brook Fencing New Site
129/8/35 Ashley Home Duties of Headmaster
129/8/35 Ashley Home Sportsmaster
129/8/35 Ashley Home Report by H.T.Parker
135/6/35 East Devonport Additions
135/6/35 East Devonport New Classroom, Repairs, Painting etc
139/2/35 Aberdeen Additions to Residence, Lighting School Building
140/8/35 Forth Erection of New School
143/8/35 Upper Burnie Permission to Erect Tennis Court
148/6/35 Ridgley Additions etc
149/8/35 Stowport Permission for Teacher to Conduct Farm
148/8/35 Stowport Permission for Teacher to Let Residence
151/8/35 Natone New School Residence
151/8/35 Natone Agricultural Plots, Rental of Land
154A/6/35 Tewkesbury Enlargement of School
157/8/35 Deddington Falling-off in Enrolment, Subsidised School
165/8/35 Geeveston Reserve, Application from Council
189/8/35 Ormley Opening as State School
198/2/35 Storeys Creek Repairs, Erection of New Building
205/6/35 George Town Accommodation (Request by Minister of Lands)
221/2/35 Claremont Improvements to Grounds
221/8/35 Claremont Purchase of Residence
221/8/35 Claremont Septic Tank
222/8/35 Glenorchy Acquisition of Land by Council for Widening Street
224/8/35 Moonah - Moonah State School - Condition of School Grounds
224/8/35 Moonah Fencing
224/8/35 Moonah Purchase of Land
224/8/35 Moonah Project Scheme Grade 5
226/6/35 Bowen Road Erection of Infant School
231/6/35 Gormanston New School
243/8/35 Kempton School Nursery
250/8/35 Fentonbury Sale of Portion of School Ground
252/2/35 Hamilton Remodelling of Residence
254/8/35 Osterley Rental of Residence
258/8/35 Bronte Offer to Purchase Old School
266/8/35 Castle Forbes Bay Woodwork
267/6/35 Crabtree Enlargement of Schoolroom Accommodation, Removing Shelter Shed
269/8/35 Judbury Offer to Purchase Land
272/2/35 Ranelagh Repairs to Residence, New Stove
276/3/35 Pelverata Painting & Repairs
276/8/35 Pelverata Terraced Playground
282/8/35 Roland Piano in the School
294/8/35 Sheffield Establishment of an Area School
298/8/35 Wilmot Improving School Ground
305/8/35 Neika Septic Tank
306/8/35 Kingston Request for Cookery Class
321/8/35 Pearshape King Island Acquisition of Additional Land
322/8/35 Loorana Tennis Court
325/8/35 Egg Lagoon Sale of School House
331/8/35 Wesley Vale Water Supply
340/8/35 Abbotsham Diamond Jubilee
344/2/35 Kindred Fencing & Repairs to Residence
345/8/35 North Motton Date Establishment of School
349/6/35 Ulverstone Additional Accommodation
354/2/35 South Road Structural Alterations, Removal of Building to Different Position
365/8/35 Lilydale Assembly Ground
371/8/35 Wyena Application for Re-opening of School
373/8/35 Lisle Closure of School
376/8/35 Cressy Additional Land
378/8/35 Iveridge Exchange of Land
380/2/35 Longford Repairs to School & Residence
380/8/35 Longford Rental of Building by Council
393/2/35 Glenora Repairs & Improvements, Septic Tank
394/8/35 Glen Fern New Building
394/8/35 Glen Fern Fire at School
395/8/35 Mt Lloyd Furniture
396/8/35 Lachlan Reconstruction of School Ground
403/8/35 National Park Parents Association
403/8/35 National Park Improvements to School Ground
415/8/35 Tunbridge Exchange of Land
426/8/35 Penguin Water Supply
431/8/35 South Riana New School Residence
434/8/35 Upper Natone New School Residence
450/2/35 Cygnet Repairs to Residence
487/8/35 South Queenstown Sewerage
515/6/35 Alberton Re-opening of School
517/8/35 Branxholm Improvements to Grounds
518/3/35 Derby Repairs & Painting, Additions
518/8/35 Derby Parents Association Improvements to Ground
518/8/35 Derby Water Supply
519/8/35 Gladstone New School Residence
521/8/35 Moorina Water Race through Property
523/8/35 Ringarooma Offer to Purchase Land
523/8/35 Ringarooma Offer to Purchase Old School Site
525/6/35 Winnaleah Erection of Residence
525/8/35 Winnaleah Rent of Ground for School Agricultural Plants
528/8/35 Legerwood New School Residence
531/8/35 Ross Sale of Land to Police Department
535/8/35 Jetsonville Tennis Court
538/8/35 Scottsdale Disposal of Old School Site
555/8/35 St Leonards Additional Land
567/8/35 Forcett New School
582/8/35 Darlington Establishment of State School
585/3/35 Orford Fencing School Reserve
585/6/35 Orford Erection of School Building
585/8/35 Orford History of School
602/2/35 Elliott Teaching Project for Institute of Education Reasearch
611/8/35 Sisters Creek New School Residence
614/2/35 Wynyard Repairs & Improvements
614/8/35 Wynyard Fencing - Responsibility of Adjoining Owners
625/1/35 Port Arthur Application for Erection of School
654/8/35 Fern Bank Closure of School
657/8/35 Hagley Installation of Telephone
657/8/35 Hagley Centralised Rural School
666/8/35 Cluan Removal of School Building
671/8/35 Rosebery Draining School Grounds
720/1935 Teachers College Hobart, Students' bonds, fresh form to be drafted
720/1935 Teachers College Hobart - Information re its Development
720/1935 Teachers College Hobart - Medical and Dental treatment of students
720/1935 Teachers College Hobart - Appointment of caretaker
720/1935 Teachers College Hobart - Annual prize for students
729A/2/35 Girls Welfare School Residential Section, Repairs
732/6/35 Hobart State High School Rental of Shell Oil Company's Land
732/8/35 Hobart High Accident to Boy Max Roberts
732/8/35 Hobart State High School Admission of Pupils from Blind Institute, Kevin Richards, William Sonners
735/6/35 Burnie High Assembley Hall Addition
736/8/35 Scottsdale Offer to Purchase Windows in Old School, Disposal of Old Building
1/6/36 Albuera Street Additional Accommodation
1/8/36 Albuera Street Purchase of Additional Ground
1/8/36 Albuera Street Drainage
2/8/36 Campbell Street School Grounds
2/8/36 Campbell Street Removal of Incinerator
3/8/36 Goulburn Street Unveiling Picture of Mr.C.H.Rule
3/8/36 Goulburn Street Injuries to Cleaner
4/8/36 Macquarie Street Sale of Old Free School
4/8/36 Macquarie Street Offer of Adjoining Property
5/8/36 New Town Dispute by Head Teacher with Parents & Friends Association
8/6/36 Elizabeth Street Infant School Additions
8/8/36 Elizabeth Street Closing of Activity School
8/8/36 Elizabeth Street Additional Model Small School
8/8/36 Elizabeth Street Infant School Grant for Edition of Infant School Songs etc
8/8/36 Elizabeth Street Infant School Purchase of Additional Land
9/1/36 Lower Sandy Bay Furniture for New School
9/8/36 Lower Sandy Bay New School Building
16/8/36 East Launceston Improvements to Grounds
17/6/36 Glen Dhu Additions
17/8/36 Glen Dhu Purchase of Additional Land
18/6/36 Invermay Additions
18/8/36 Invermay Payment for Pathway
20/4/36 Prospect Complaints
20/8/36 Prospect Rental of Residence
34/8/36 Deviot Subsidised School
39A/8/36 Legana Conveyance of Pupils, Closure of School
41/6/136 Bothwell Enlargement of School
76/8/36 Campbell Town New School
85/8/36 Bellerive Acquisition of Additional Land
97/8/36 Irish Town Cookery Class & Library
98/8/36 Marrawah Enlargement
103/8/36 Stanley Grounds
106/2/36 Trowutta Fencing
109/8/36 Montumana Conveyance to Detention, Closure of School
113/8/36 Redpa Offer of Block of Land
114A/3/36 South Mole Creek Additions
120/8/36 Deloraine Proposed Removal of School
120/8/36 Deloraine Levelling of Ground
124/3/36 Mole Creek Levelling Playground
124/7/36 Mole Creek Staffing
124/8/36 Mole Creek Acquisition of Additional Land
133/8/36 Liena Erection of School
135/8/36 East Devonport Improvements to Grounds
136/8/36 West Devonport Improvements to Playground
143/6/36 Upper Burnie Enlargement of Schoolroom
145/8/36 Burnie Establishment of Kindergarten
163/8/36 Catamaran Pathway to School
165/8/36 Geeveston Area School
175/8/36 Hospital Bay New School Site
183/8/36 Fingal Particulars of Former Teachers
183/8/36 Fingal Septic Tanks
185/8/36 Rossarden Improvements to Grounds, Cutting up Firewood
185/8/36 Rossarden New Residence, Board for Teacher
191/8/36 Seymour Closure of School
199/8/36 Altmoor Closure of School
204/8/36 Blue Rocks Closure of School
221/6/36 Claremont Additions
221/8/36 Claremont Acquisition of Additional Land
222/8/36 Glenorchy Erection of Library Room
226/8/36 Bowen Road Speech Training Scheme
232/8/36 Linda - Gormanston Conveyance of Children
232/8/36 Linda Sale of School Property
260/3/36 Rockswood Repairs & Improvements
268/8/36 Franklin Purchase of Additional Land
268/8/36 Franklin Early History of the Huon
273/8/36 Huonville Area School
273/8/36 Huonville Erection of Residence
273/8/36 Huonville Extension of Cookery Course
275/8/36 Upper Mountain River Additional Ground
276/8/36 Pelverata Joiner's Workshop
276/8/36 Pelverata Activity Plan
284/2/36 Barrington Repairs
293/6/36 Railton Additions Domestic Science Room
293/8/36 Railton Permission to Connect with School Water Supply
294/3/36 Sheffield Purchase of Police Building, Repairs to Residence
294/8/36 Sheffield Additional Room
294/8/36 Sheffield Raising to Class 3 Standard
294/8/36 Sheffield Engaging Blacksmith
294/8/36 Sheffield Supply of Bicycles etc
294/8/36 Sheffield Transport of Children's Area School
294/8/36 Sheffield New School Residence
294/8/36 Sheffield Query re Purchases of Pupils Woodwork & Saddlery
297/3/36 West Kentish Re-erection of Building from Green Rises
305/6/36 Neika Proposed New School
306/8/36 Kingston Improvements to Grounds
307/6/36 Margate Enlargement
327/8/36 Latrobe Library & Domestic Arts Room
331/2/36 Wesley Vale Alterations, Repairs etc
331/8/36 Wesley Vale Area School
331/8/36 Wesley Vale Offer to Purchase Land
332/8/36 East Sassafras Application to Keep School Open
333/8/36 Moriarty Area School
340/3/36 Abbotsham Repairs & Additions
340/8/36 Abbotsham Removal of Tree
346/3/36 Preston Improvements to School Ground
348/8/36 Sprent Proposed Area School
350/8/36 Upper Castra Acquisition of Additional Land
377/8/36 Elphinstone Low Attendance, Closure of School
382/8/36 Perth Additional Land
392/3/36 Moogara Repairs to Hearth
393/2/36 Glenora Minor Repairs
393/8/36 Glenora Boarding Accommodation
420/8/36 Woodbury Cutting Trees
424/8/36 Tiberias Closure of School
450/8/36 Cygnet Area School
455/8/36 South Lymington Sale of Building
468/8/36 Pyengana Rental of Residence
471/8/36 West Pyengana Fall in Enrolment
517/6/36 Branxholm Accommodation for Cookery Class
517/8/36 Branxholm Septic Tank
522/6/36 Pioneer Accommodation for Cookery Class
523/3/36 Ringarooma Additions
523/8/36 Ringarooma establishment of Area School
523/8/36 Ringarooma Conveyance to Area School
529/8/36 Ayr Offer to Purchase Land
529/8/36 Ayr Conveyance, Closure of State School
530/3/36 Mona Vale Repairs, Closure of School
538/8/36 Scottsdale Vacancies on School Farm Board
555/8/36 St Leonards Formation of Girl's Club
555/8/36 St Leonards Offer to Purchase School Residence
555/8/36 St Leonards Articles Purchased by Parents Association
565/8/36 Bream Creek Domestic Art Classes
566/3/36 Dunalley Repairs & Alterations to Residence
600/3/36 Big Creek to Wynard Subsidised School, Conveyance of Scholars to Wynard
603/8/36 Yolla Proposal to Establish Area School
610/8/36 Myalla Offer of Teacher to Sell Garage
626/8/36 Eaglehawk Neck Rental of School
652/8/36 Carrick Conveyance of Children to Hagley
656/8/36 Hadspen Conveyance of Children to Hagley
657/3/36 Hagley Alterations in Connection with Area School
657/7/36 Hagley Domestic Arts Teahcer
657/8/36 Hagley Constitution of District Association
657/8/36 Hagley Repairs Carried Out by Farm Workshop
663/3/36 Whitemark Enlargement
664/8/36 Glenore Bursary for Arnold Kingston
673/8/36 Williamsford Offer to Purchase Old Building
689/8/36 Parrawe Acquisition of Land
720/1936 Teachers College Hobart - Appointment of Clerk
720/1936 Teachers College Hobart - restoration of 18 months B Course
720/1936 Teachers College Hobart - Improvements to tennis courts
720/3/36 Teachers College Physical Training School
720/3/36 Teachers College Supply of Books for Students
723/8/36 Domestic Arts School Report by Head Teacher, Parker
723/8/36 Domestic Arts School Offer to Purchase Portion of Property
723/8/36 Domestic Arts School Hobart Subscription to "Mercury"
724/8/36 Domestic Atrs School Launceston Permisssion to Purchase Newspaper
730/8/36 Correspondence School Enquiry from New Zealand
732/6/36 Hobart High Domestic Science Building
732/8/36 Hobart High Additional Classroom
732/8/32 Hobart High Establishment of Tuckshop
732/8/36 Hobart High Appointment of Additional Clerk
732/8/36 Hobart High Special Instruction for Domestic Science Students
732/8/36 Hobart High, apparatus for physiology
734/8/36 Devonport High Music Class
734/8/36 Devonport High Increase in Salary of Maid at Cookery School
734/8/36 Devonport High Twenty First Anniversary
734/8/36 Devonport High Additions
734/8/36 Devonport High Cookery Classes for Primary Scholars
734/8/36 Devonport High Repairs to Sewing Machines
735/8/36 Burnie High Application for Clerical Assistance
736/2/36 Scottsdale Minor Repairs
736/8/36 Scottsdale Cookery Classes for Primary Scholars
1/1/1937 Albuera Street Supply of Wheelbarrow
1/01/1937 Albuera Street Infant Furniture
1/2/37 Albuera Street Minor Repairs
1/2/37 Albuera Street Minor Repairs Infant Department
1/3/37 Albuera Street Repairs to Cistern
1/4/37 Albuera Street Complaint re Cricket Balls
1/8/37 Albuera Street Removal of Trees
1/8/37 Albuera Street Blockage of Drain
2/1/37 Campbell Street Furniture
2/2/37 Campbell Street Minor Repairs
2/4/37 Campbell Street Complaint re Parent
2/8/37 Campbell Street Books for Activity Work
2/8/37 Campbell Street Allowance for Junior Teacher Training
2/8/37 Campbell Street Fitting up Library
2/8/37 Campbell Street Supplies
2/8/37 Campbell Street Collapse of Children on Armistice Day
3/1/1937 Goulburn Street Furniture
3/8/37 Goulburn Street School Grounds
3/8/37 Goulburn Street Shelter Shed
3/8/37 Goulburn Street Purchase of Adjoining Property
4/3/37 Macquarie Street Improvements
4/4/37 Macquarie Street Complaints
4/7/37 Macquarie Street Staffing
4/8/37 Macquarie Street Admission of Children
5/2/37 New Town Minor Repairs
5/2/37 New Town Seats for Quadrangle
5/8/37 New Town Circular
8/1/37 Elizabeth Street Furniture
8/2/37 Elizabeth Street Repairs to Kindergarten School
8/3/37 Elizabeth street Repairs to Lavatories, Internal Painting
8/8/37 Elizabeth Street Infants Department Supplies for Students
8/8/37 Elizabeth Street Traffic Control
8/8/37 Elizabeht Street Cutting Hedge
9/3/37 Lower Sandy Bay Additions, Repairs
11/2/37 Lansdowne Crescent Minor Repairs
11/8/37 Lansdowne Crescent Painting
12/2/37 Princes Street Minor Repairs
12/3/37 Princes Street Repairs
12/8/37 Princes Street Grounds
12/8/37 Princes Street Removal of Tree
15/2/37 Charles Street Minor Repairs
15/7/37 Charles Street Staffing
15/8/37 Charles Street Swimming Lessons
15/8/37 Charles Street Enquiry re Mavis Foster
16/1/37 East Launceston Furniture
16/2/37 East Launceston Minor Improvements
16/3/37 East Launceston Additions
16/3/37 East Launceston Fencing
16/4/37 East Launceston Complaint
16/7/37 East Launceston Staffing
16/8/37 East Launceston Raising Status to Class 1
17/1/37 Glen Dhu Furniture
17/7/37 Glen Dhu Staffing
17/8/37 Glen Dhu Trouble with Parent
17/8/37 Glen Dhu Damage to Woodshed
18/1/37 Invermay Supplies
18/8/37 Invermay Seating Accommodation in Infant Department
19/3/37 Wellington Square Re-colouring Interior
19/6/37 Wellington Square Remodelling out-offices
19/3/37 Wellington Square Fencing
19/8/37 Wellington Square Use of Old Gaol Site
20/3/37 Prospect Repairs
21/8/37 Trevallyn Drains
21/8/37 Trevallyn Nursery Scheme
21/8/37 Trevallyn Use of Trevallyn Park by Children
22/8/37 Mowbray Heights Additional Land (No Action Taken)
23/7/37 West Launceston Staffing
23/8/37 West Launceston Admission of All Grades
24/8/37 Richmond Hill Fencing
25/1/37 Beaconsfield Furniture
25/8/37 Beaconsfield Enquiry re Teaching of History etc
25/8/37 Beaconsfield Grounds Repairs etc
25/8/37 Beaconsfield Telephone to School House
26/1/37 Bridgenorth Furniture
26/3/37 Bridgenorth Library Room
26/4/37 Bridgenorth Complaint
26/8/37 Ridgenorth Shelter Shed
28/3/37 Glengarry Repairs
29/1/37 Holwell Furniture
29/8/37 Holwell Raising Status off School
30/8/37 Sidmouth Removal of Trees
30/8/37 Sidmouth Rental of Residence
30/8/37 Sidmouth Garage for School
30/8/37 Sidmouth Fencing
30/8/37 Sidmouth Permission to Receive Pianola
31/3/37 St Michaels Repairs & Renovations
31/8/37 St Michaels Art Programme
32/9/37 Winkleigh New Tank
33/2/37 Exeter Minor Repairs
36/1/37 East Glengarry Furniture
39/3/37 Little Swan Point Repairs
41/8/37 Bothwell Septic Tank
43/8/37 Waddamana Closure of School
45/8/37 Montacute Subsidised School
50/1/37 Bagdad Furniture
50/8/37 Bagdad Garage Repairs etc
50/8/37 Bagdad Additional Land
52/8/37 Black Brush Disposal of Old Desks
58/2/37 Pontville Internal Painting & Repairs
58/2/37 Pontville Drainage
58/3/37 Pontville Woodshed
58/3/37 Pontville Fencing
58/8/37 Pontville Water Supply for School
58/8/37 Pontville Cement for Path
59/1/37 Elderslie Furniture
61/2/37 Mangalore Minor Repairs
61/4/37 Mangalore Complaint re Sewing Teacher
61/8/37 Mangalore Woodshed
65/8/37 Adventure Bay Additions, Shelter Shed
67/1/37 Alonnah Furniture
67/6/37 Alonnah Additions to Shelter Shed
67/8/37 Alonnah Improvements to Grounds
67/8/37 Alonnah Fencing
74/2/37 Epping Drainage Repairs
74/8/37 Epping Use of Residence
74/8/37 Epping Footpath on Road
75/3/37 Barton Lavatory Accommodation
76/8/37 Campbell Town Travelling
77/3/37 Cleveland Fencing
77/7/37 Cleveland Staffing
78/3/37 Conara Painting Shed
78/3/37 Conara Accommodation
79/3/37 Epping Motor Garage
79/4/37 Epping Complaint
83/1/37 Montagu Bay Furniture
83/8/37 Montagu Bay Shelter Shed
83/8/37 Montagu Bay Euchre Parties in School
84/3/37 Clifton Repairs etc
85/1/37 Bellerive Furniture
85/2/37 Bellerive Minor Repairs
85/8/37 Bellerive Expulsion of Child
86/3/37 Cambridge Repairs to Residence
87/3/37 Lindisfarne Repairs
87/8/37 Lindisfarne Stove for Residence
87/8/37 Lindisfarne Grounds
88/8/37 Rokeby Purchase of Prizes
90/2/37 Sandford Minor Repairs
91/4/37 South Arm Complaint
92/3/37 Rogerton Repairs
96/1/37 Forest Furniture
96/8/37 Forest Supply of Bicycles to Schools
96/8/37 Forest Area School
97/8/37 Irish Town Offer to Purchase Stove
97/8/37 Irish Town Area School
97/8/37 Irish Town Water Supply
98/1/37 Marrawah Furniture
98/8/37 Marrawah Grounds
98/8/37 Marrawah Rental of School Reserve
99/1/37 Mengha Furniture
99/2/37 Mengha Garage
100/3/37 Montagu Repairs
100/3/37 Montagu Fencing
100/8/37 Montagu Boarding Accommodation
101/3/37 Detention Repairs & Painting
101/3/37 Detention Shelter Shed
102/4/37 Smithton Complaint
102/6/37 Smithton New Building
102/7/37 Smithton Staffing
102/8/37 Smithton Lease of Land
102/8/37 Smithton Rental of Room
102/8/37 Smithton Matters Raised by Parents Association
102/8/37 Smithton Course of Study
102/8/37 Smithton Site of Stockyards
102/8/37 Smithton School Grounds
103/2/37 Stanley Minor Repairs
103/7/37 Stanley Staffing
103/8/37 Stanley Grounds
103/8/37 Stanley Alteration in School Hours
103/8/37 Stanley Installation of Electric Light
103/8/37 Stanley Cookery Instruction for Teacher
103/8/37 Stanley Stove for Residence
106/1/37 Trowutta Furniture
107/8/37 Alcomie Disposal of Piano
107/8/37 Alcomie School Broken Into
108/1/37 Mawbanna Furniture
109/8/37 Montumana Offer to Purchase School
110/3/37 Nabageena Repairs
110/8/37 Nabageena Area School
11/3/37 Allen Creek Painting
112/8/37 Lileah Asphalting Yard
113/1/37 Redpa Furniture
113/7/37 Redpa Staffing
113/8/37 Redpa Grounds
114A/2/37 South Mole Creek Minor Repairs, Repairs to Windows
114/8/37 Broadmeadows Boarding Accommodation
115/2/37 Brookhead Minor Repairs
115/8/37 Brookhead Sports Ground for school
116/4/37 Caveside Complaint
116/8/37 Caveside Care of School Property
117/2/37 Chudleigh Minor Repairs
117/8/37 Chudleigh School Ground
120/1/37 Deloraine Furniture
120/3/37 Deloraine Domestic Science Room
120/8/37 Deloraine Area School - New Site
121/3/37 Dunorlan Repairs to Residence
122/3/37 Golden Valley Improvements
122/6/37 Golden Valley Enlargement
124/8/37 Mole Creek Request for Establishment of District Scheme
124/8/37 Mole Creek Photos of school
125/8/37 Parkham School Ground
126/3/37 Quamby Brook Repairs
127/3/37 Red Hills Repairs
128/2/37 Rubicon Bridge Minor Repairs
131/2/37 West Meander Repairs & Grounds
131/8/37 West Meander Rental of Residence
132/3/37 Kimberley Repairs
132/4/37 Kimberley Complaint
134A/3/37 Moltema Additions, Repairs etc
134A/8/37 Jackeys Marsh Petition re Conveyance
135/1/37 East Devonport Furniture
135/4/37 East Devonport Complaint
135/8/37 East Devonport Water Supply
136/3/37 West Devonport Repairs & Alterations
136/4/37 West Devonport Complaint
136/6/37 West Devonport Additions
136/8/37 West Devonport New Residence
136/8/37 West Devonport Milk for Children
137/8/37 Don Topping Trees
139/1/37 Aberdeen Furniture
139/7/37 Aberdeen Staffing
140/1/37 Forth Furniture
140/2/37 Forth Minor Repairs
140/8/37 Forth Covering Well
140/8/37 Forth Garage
140/8/37 Forth Sale of Old Buildings
141/1/37 Spreyton Furniture
141/3/37 Spreyton Sunroom in Residence
141/3/37 Spreyton Fencing
141/8/37 Spreyton Installation of Electric Light
142/2/37 Hampshire Minor Repairs
142/3/37 Hampshire Painting Repairs
143/2/37 Upper Burnie Minor Repairs
143/8/37 Upper Burnie Contribution to Metalling of Street
145/1/37 Burnie Furniture
145/3/37 Burnie Improvements to Grounds
145/3/37 Burnie Repairs etc
145/7/37 Burnie Staffing
145/837 Burnie Additional Land
145/8/37 Burnie Complaint
145/8/37 Burnie Kindergarten Class
145/8/37 Burnie Supply of Duplicator & Typewriter by Parents Association
145/8/37 Burnie Quarantine of Children
145/8/37 Burnie Arrangements for Sport
146/3/37 Mooreville Road Repairs & Improvements
146/8/37 Mooreville Road Installation of Electric Light
146/8/37 Mooreville Road Wire Netting
149/3/37 Stowport Repairs to Residence
149/7/37 Stowport Staffing
149/8/37 Stowport School Grounds
150/2/37 Highclere Minor Repairs
151/2/37 Natone Additions, Minor Repairs
151/8/37 Natone Clearing Grounds
152/7/37 Cooee - Burnie Conveyance of Scholars
152/8/37 Cooee Shelter Shed
152/8/37 Cooee Retention of Teacher
153/3/37 Wivenhoe Additions
153/7/37 Wivenhoe Staffing
154A/8/37 Tewkesbury Closure of School for Holidays
154/8/37 West Ridgley Grounds
158/1/37 Relbia Furniture
159/8/37 Evandale Purchase of Garage
161/8/37 English Town Sudsidised School
163/4/37 Catamaran Complaint
163/8/37 Catamaran New Tank
164/3/37 Dover Repairs to Domestic Sciences School
164/8/37 Dover Cutting Down Tree
164/8/37 Dover Area school
164/8/37 Dover Request for Retention of Teacher
165/6/37 Geeveston Additions
165/8/37 Geeveston Additional Land
165/8/37 Geeveston Water Supply
166/2/37 Hastings Repairs, Minor
166/9/37 Hastings New Tank
166/8/37 Hastings Attendance Certificates
169/1/37 Leprena Furniture
169/8/37 Leprena School Broken Into
169/8/37 Leprena Board for Teacher
169/8/37 Leprena Grounds
170/8/37 Lune River Grounds
170/8/37 Lune River Offer to Purchase Old Tank
171/2/37 Raminea Minor Repairs
171/8/37 Raminea Offer to Purchase Old School
171/8/37 Raminea Shelter Shed
172/3/37 Glendevie Repairs
172/8/37 Glendevie Supply of Concrete Urinal
172/8/37 Glendevie Grounds
174/3/37 Cairns Bay Repairs
174/8/37 Cairns Bay Proposed Conveyance to Geeveston
175/8/37 Hospital Bay Retention of Shelter shed
180/3/37 Avoca Improvements to Residence
180/8/37 Avoca Garage
182/1/37 Cornwall Supply of Stove
182/8/37 Cornwall Bath Heater for Residence
182/8/37 Cornwall Path to School
182/8/37 Cornwall School Funds
182/8/37 Cornwall Supply of Cement
183/1/37 Fingal Furniture
186/2/37 Mangana Minor Repairs
186/3/37 Mangana Installation of Electric Light
186/8/37 Mangana Proposed Acquisition of Piano
187/7/37 Mathinna Staffing
187/8/37 Mathinna Rental of Schoolhouse
189/1/37 Ormley Furniture
190/2/37 Scamander Minor Repairs
190/8/37 Scamander School Ground
192/1/37 St Marys Furniture
192/2/37 St Marys Minor Repairs
192/8/37 St Marys Grounds
192/8/37 St Marys Tennis Court in School Grounds
192/8/37 St Marys construction of Swimming Pool (No Contents in File)
197/1/37 Royal George Furniture
197/8/37 Royal George erection of School Building
198/4/37 Storeys Creek Complaint
199/1/37 Altimoor Furniture
200/8/37 Cape Barren Island Disposal of Old desks
201/2/37 Whitemark Minor Repairs
203/8/37 Lady Barron Sudsidised School
208/8/37 Pipers River Rental of Residence
208/8/37 Pipers River Hiloplate Alterations
208/8/37 Pipers River Land for Public Hall
208/8/37 Pipers River New Woodshed
210/8/37 Hillwood Holding of Childrens Sports
210/8/37 Hillwood Grounds
215/6/37 Swansea Additions
215/8/37 Swansea Grounds
216/2/37 Cranbrook Minor Repairs
218/2/37 Riversdale Minor Repairs
220/2/37 Collinsvale New Shed for Car
220/2/37 Collinsvale Minor Repairs
220/8/37 Collinsvale School Ground
221/8/37 Claremont Shelter Shed
221/8/37 Claremont Payment of Rates
222/2/37 Glenorchy Minor Repairs
224/3/37 Moonah repairs
224/7/37 Moonah Staffing
224/8/37 Moonah Grounds
225/1/37 Collins Cap Furniture
225/3/37 Collins Cap Repairs
225/4/37 Collins Cap Complaint
226/1/37 Bowen Road Supply of Timber
226/7/37 Bowen Road Staffing
226/8/37 Bowen Road Grounds
226/8/37 Bowen Road Suggestions re Horticultural & Arboriculture Scheme
231/1/37 Gormanston Furniture
231/8/37 Gormanston Damage to School
231/8/37 Gormanston Erection of Garage
231/8/37 Gormanston Drainage
242/8/37 Huntingdon Offer to Purchase Old Tanks
242/8/37 Huntingdon School Entrance
242/8/37 Huntingdon Rental of Residence
243/8/37 Kempton Water Supply
244/4/37 Melton Complaint re Teacher
250/3/37 Ellendale Alterations to Residence
250/4/37 Ellendale Complaints about Mr Newland Selling Radio Sets
250/8/37 Ellendale Grounds
250/8/37 Ellendale Erection of Garage
251/8/37 Fentonbury Closure of School, Board for Teacher
251/8/37 Fentonbury Loan of Globe & Clock to Westbury
255/7/37 Ouse Staffing
255/8/37 Ouse Sanitary Work
257/2/37 Strickland Minor Repairs
257/8/37 Strickland Closure of School
258/8/37 Tarraleah Accommodation for Teacher
265/8/37 Braeside Cutting Blackberries
266/1/37 Castle Forbes Bay Furniture from Hospital Bay
266/3/37 Castle Forbes Bay Repairs & Painting
266/8/37 Castle Forbes Bay Improvements to Grounds
267/4/37 Crabtree Complaint
267/7/37 Crabtree Staffing
267/8/37 Crabtree Missing Picture
267/8/37 Crabtree Removal of Teacher
267/8/37 Crabtree Water Supply for School
268/3/37 Franklin Repairs to Out-Officers
269/1/37 Judbury Furniture
269/8/37 Judbury Water Supply, Repairs to Residence
270/3/37 Lower Longley Repairs, Fencing, Cupboards
270/8/37 Lower Longley Installation of Powerpoint
270/8/37 Lower Longley New School
271/1/37 Lucaston Furniture
271/8/37 Lucaston Water Supply
272/1/37 Ranelagh Furniture
272/2/37 Ranelagh Minor Repairs
272/8/37 Ranelagh New Residence
272/8/37 Ranelagh Area School
272/8/37 Ranelagh Reference Library
273/1/37 Huonville Furniture
273/3/37 Huonville Septic Tank, Water Supply
273/6/37 Huonville Alterations
273/8/37 Huonville Disposal of Tanks
274/8/37 Glen Huon Erection of Woodshed
275/6/37 Upper Mountain River Additions
276/8/37 Pelverata Parents & Friends Association
276/8/37 Pelverata Fencing
284/8/37 Barrington Request to Use Lower Barrington Equipment
284/8/37 Barrington Installation of Electric Light
284/8/37 Barrington Garage
286/2/37 Claude Road Repairs to Residence
290/8/37 Lower Wilmot Fencing
290/8/37 Lower Wilmot Electric Light
291/8/37 Nook Disposal of School Property
291/8/37 Nook Sale of Out Buildings
291/8/37 Nook Disposal of Old Residence
293/4/37 Railton Complaint (No Contents in File)
294/1/37 Sheffield Furniture
294/8/37 Sheffield Appointment of Maid
294/8/37 Sheffield Fencing
294/8/37 Sheffield Rural Schools Certificate
294/8/37 Sheffield Electrical Work & Provision of Blackwood Scroll & Letter Same in Gold
294/8/37 Sheffield School Song
294/8/37 Sheffield Robbery at School
294/8/37 Sheffield Electric Stove
295/6/37 Staverton Closure & Re-opening of School
295/8/37 Staverton Removal of Trees
296/8/37 Stoodley Rental of School Residence
297/3/37 West Kentish Repairs to Residence
298/1/37 Wilmot Furniture
298/3/37 Wilmot Additions to Residence
301/2/37 Narrawa Minor Repairs
305/3/37 Neika Repairs
306/1/37 Kingston Furniture
306/7/37 Kingston Staffing
307/1/37 Margate Furniture
307/2/37 Margate Painting, Concreting etc
307/8/37 Margate Condition of Playground
307/8/37 Margate Right-of-way
307/8/37 Margate Area School
309/1/37 Snug Furniture for Library
309/2/37 Snug Minor Repairs
309/4/37 Snug Complaint
310/4/37 Summerleas Complaint
311/3/37 Taroona Repairs
312/8/37 Nierinna Subsidised School
313/8/37 Gordon Library
314/4/37 Flowerpot Complaint
315/2/37 Kettering Minor Repairs
315/3/37 Kettering Repairs & Additions to Residence
315/4/37 Kettering Complaint
316/1/37 Middleton Furniture
316/2/37 Middleton Minor Repairs
316/8/37 Middleton Electric Light
317/1/37 Woodbridge Furniture
317/3/37 Woodbridge Additions to Residence
317/8/37 Woodbridge Proposed area School
317/8/37 Woodbridge Smoking Chimney
318/1/37 Kaoota Furniture
318/3/37 Kaoota Woodshed
319/8/37 Oyster Cove Ground
320/3/37 Currie Painting
320/8/37 Currie Use of Residence During Vacation
320/8/37 Currie King Island Library
321/3/37 Pearshape Enlargement
321/8/37 Pearshape Subsidised School
323/3/37 Sea Elephant Fencing
323/3/37 Sea Elephant Painting Interior
325/8/37 Egg Lagoon School Grounds
326/1/37 Harford Furniture
326/8/37 Harford Remodelling, Lighting of School
327/1/37 Latrobe Furniture
327/2/37 Latrobe Minor Repairs
327/3/37 Latrobe Inadequate Sanitary Accommodation
329/1/37 Northdown Furniture
329/8/37 Northdown Removal of Trees
329/8/37 Northdown Sale of Loudspeaker
329/8/37 Northdown Rental of Residence
329/8/37 Northdown Installation of Electric Light
330/3/37 Sassafras Additions & Repairs to Residence
330/3/37 Sassafras Repairs to School Woodshed
330/8/37 Sassafras Additional Tank
330/8/37 Sassafras School Water Supply
331/1/37 Wesley Vale Supply of Gate
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Disposal of Childrens Produce
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Advisory Council
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Shelter for Children Being Conveyed
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Electric Light
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Offer to Sell Lathe
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Soil for Garden
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Fencing
331/8/37 Wesley Vale Allowance for Working Expenses
332/8/37 East Sassafras Retention of Shelter Shed
332/8/37 East Sassafras Leasing for Grounds
333/6/37 Moriarty Accommodation
340/2/37 Abbotsham Repairs to Grounds
341/8/37 Central Castra Attendance of Boy Bruce Bates at Upper Castra
343/8/37 Gunns Plains Travelling
344/8/37 Kindred Installaiton of Electric Light
345/8/37 North Motton Grounds
345/8/37 North Motton Offer of Garage
346/3/37 Preston Additions etc
346/7/37 Preston Staffing
348/3/37 Sprent Alterations
348/8/37 Sprent Installation of Electric Light
348/8/37 Sprent Petition for Retention of Teacher
349/1/37 Ulverstone Sewing Machines
350/3/37 Upper Castra Repairs & Alterations
350/8/37 Upper Castra Tanks
354/8/37 South Road Grounds
355/8/37 Gawler Grounds
355/8/37 Gawler Fencing
356/2/37 South Nietta New Store Room
357/1/37 Nietta Furniture
357/8/37 Nietta Grounds, Removal of Old Tree
359/8/37 Rocherlea Installation of Electric Light
359/8/37 Rocherlea Shelter Shed
360/1/37 Bangor Furniture
360/3/37 Bangor Repairs
361/8/37 Golconda Permission to Arrive Late
362/2/37 Karoola Minor Repairs
363/8/37 Lebrina Cutting Grass in Playground
364/1/37 Nabowla Furniture
364/8/37 Nabowla Removal of Gum Tree
364/9/37 Nabowla New Tank
365/2/37 Lilydale Minor Repairs
365/8/37 Lilydale Electric Light
366/2/37 North Lilydale Minor Repairs
367/2/37 Tunnel Minor Repairs
368/2/37 Underwood Minor Repairs
368/8/37 Underwood Rental of Residence
368/8/37 Underwood Permission to Conduct Terminal Exams
370/8/37 Dilston Sale of Old Desks
370/8/37 Dilston Shelter Shed
374/8/37 Lalla Alteration to Fences
376/1/37 Cressy Furniture
376/1/37 Cressy Blinds, Power Point
376/2/37 Cressy Minor Repairs
379/3/37 Bishopsbourne Repairs to Desks
379/8/37 Illawarra Closure of School
379/8/37 Bishopsbourne Danger of Fire
379/8/37 Bishopsbourne Disposal of Old Table
380/2/37 Longford Minor Repairs
380/3/37 Longford Additions
380/8/37 Longford School Residence
380/8/37 Longford Offer of Building for High School
380/8/37 Longford Removal of Stove
382/1/37 Perth Furniture
382/2/37 Perth Minor Repairs
382/8/37 Perth Repairs, Permission to Let Residence
383/1/37 Saundridge Furniture
385/4/37 Green River Complaint
388/8/37 Brookside Alteration of Appointment with Mr. Watson-Dentist
389/8/37 Fitzgerald Grounds
390/2/37 Back River Repairs to Desks
392/1/37 Moogara Furniture
392/3/37 Moogara Repairs & Improvements
392/8/37 Moogara Rooms for Teacher
393/1/37 Glenora Disposal of Blinds
393/8/37 Glenora Rental of Residence
393/8/37 Glenora Water Supply
394/1/37 Glen Fern Furniture
394/1/37 Glen Fern Disposal of Old Cupboards
395/4/37 Mt Lloyd Complaint
395/8/37 Mt Lloyd Damage to Skylight
396/3/37 Lachlan Painting & Repairs
396/7/37 Lachlan Staffing
397/2/37 Gretna Repairs to Stove
397/8/37 Gretna Shelter Shed
398/1/37 Molesworth Furniture
398/6/37 Molesworth New Residence
398/8/37 Molesworth Rental of Residence
401/1/37 Westerway Furniture
401/8/37 Westerway Damage to Windows
402/4/37 Tyenna Complaint
402/8/37 Tyenna Fencing
403/2/37 National Park Minor Repairs
403/8/37 National Park Grounds
404/1/37 Hayes Furniture
404/8/37 Hayes Boarding Accommodation-Residence
408/3/37 Uxbridge Additions to Residence
408/8/37 Uxbridge Grounds
411/2/37 Jericho Repairs & Improvements
411/2/37 Jericho Repairs to Stove
412/1/37 Mt Seymour Furniture
412/3/37 Mt Seymour Enclosing Verandah
413/8/37 Oatlands Area School
414/1/37 Parattah Furniture
414/2/37 Parattah Minor Repairs
414/3/37 Parattah Repairs
414/3/37 Parattah New School
415/3/37 Tunbridge Repairs & Painting
415/8/37 Tunbridge Permission for Footballers to Use Porch
417/3/37 Whiteford Repairs
418/1/37 Woodsdale Furniture
418/3/37 Woodsdale Repairs to Residence
418/3/37 Woodsdale Repairs
418/8/37 Woodsdale offer to Purchase Old Desks
419/3/37 York Plains Fencing
419/8/37 York Plains Lopping Trees
420/1/37 Woodbury Furniture
420/2/37 Woodbury Minor Repairs
420/4/37 Woodbury Complaint
420/8/37 Woodbury Damage to School Gardens
422/1/37 Mt Pleasant Blinds etc
422/8/37 Mt Pleasant Shelter Shed
422/9/37 Mt Pleasant, new tank
425/1/37 Cuprona Furniture
426/3/37 Penguin Additions & Alterations
426/8/37 Penguin Lecture on Koala Bear
426/8/37 Penguin Area School
428/1/37 Riana Furniture
428/8/37 Riana Soup for Scholars
428/8/37 Riana Agricultural Plots
429/4/37 Sulphur Creek Complaint About Management (Miss Wylie)
430/3/37 West Pine Road Fencing
431/2/37 South Riana Minor Repairs
431/4/37 South Riana Complaint
431/7/37 South Riana Staffing
431/8/37 South Riana Enquiry re Parents & Friends Association
431/8/37 South Riana Cookery Class
431/8/37 South Riana water supply for residence
431/8/37 South Riana Conduct of Child Conveyed
431/8/37 South Riana Alterations to Residence
435/3/37 Lowana Repairs
441/3/37 Deep Bay Enlargement of School
441/8/37 Deep Bay Shelter Shed
441/8/37 Deep Bay Lopping Pines
442/2/37 Garden Island Creek Minor Repairs
442/8/37 Garden Island Creek Enquiry re Balance School Fund
442/8/37 Garden Island Creek Rental of Residence
443/2/37 Gardeners Bay Minor Repairs
443/3/37 Gardeners Bay Fencing
443/3/37 Gardeners Bay Alterations to Residence
443/8/37 Gardeners Bay Teachers Use of Residence
444/8/37 Glaziers Bay Woodshed & Garage
450/1/37 Cygnet Bell for School
450/1/37 Cygnet Supply of Glass & Putty
450/3/37 Cygnet Septic Tank
450/3/37 Cygnet Painting Old Residence
450/6/37 Cygnet Accommodation, Overcrowding
450/7/37 Cygnet Staffing
450/8/37 Cygnet Letters of Appreciation to Messrs Gemmell & Goldstone
450/8/37 Cygnet Franklin Scholarship
450/8/37 Cygnet Offer to Purchase Old Lavatories
450/8/37 Cygnet Supply of Line
450/8/37 Cygnet Advisory Council
450/8/37 Cygnet Parental Classes
450/8/37 Cygnet Electric Light for Domestic Science School
450/8/37 Cygnet "Learn to Swim" Campaign
450/8/37 Cygnet Insurance of Mr Eyre
452/2/37 Nicholls Rivulet Minor Repairs
456/8/37 Petcheys Bay Vandalism Perpetuated By Children
456/8/37 Petcheys Bay Closure of School
457/8/37 Lower Wattle Grove Sale of Tank
466/1/37 Furniture
466/8/37 Goulds Country Irregular Attendance
466/8/37 Goulds Country Punishment
468/1/37 St Helens Furniture
468/3/37 St Helens Repairs
468/3/37 St Helens Repairs to Residence
468/8/37 St Helens Improvements to Gardens
470/1/37 Weldborough Supply of Wire
470/3/37 Welborough Repairs
470/8/37 Welborough Work on Forestry Area
470/8/37 Welborough Supply of Young Trees
472/1/37 Priory Furniture
472/8/37 Priory Erection of New School
486/2/37 Queenstown Minor Repairs
486/8/37 Queenstown Removal of Garbage
486/8/37 Queenstown Board for Teachers
486/8/37 Queenstown Use of Land By Hospital
487/3/37 South Queenstown Addition
496/8/37 Eldon School Broken Into
497/9/37 Campania Tanks
501/4/37 Rhyndaston Complaint
502/3/37 Richmond Repairs & Painting
502/8/37 Richmond Grounds
502/8/37 Richmond Copper for Residence
502/8/37 Richmond Puoltry Pens
504/8/37 Yarlington Sanitary Conveniences
506/9/37 Ticehurst New Tank
514/1/37 Herrick Furniture
514/3/37 Herrick Repairs
514/8/37 Herrick Improvements to Grounds
514/8/37 Herrick Overcrowding
515/8/37 Alberton Disposal of Old Building
518/1/37 Derby Furniture
519/1/37 Gladstone Furniture
519/8/37 Gladstone School Grounds
520/8/37 Talawa Disposal of Land
522/2/37 Pioneer Teachers Room
522/2/37 Pioneer Repairs Generally
522/4/37 Bridport Minor Repairs
523/2/37 Ringarooma Minor Repairs
523/3/37 Ringarooma Erection of Fence
523/7/37 Ringarooma Staffing
523/8/37 Ringarooma School Ground
523/8/37 Ringarooma Offer to Purchase Tank
523/8/37 Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme
523/8/37 Ringarooma Electric Light
523/8/37 Ringarooma Installation of Telephone
523/8/37 Ringarooma Formation of Advisary Council
523/8/37 Ringarooma Additional Playing Area
524/3/37 South Mt Cameron Fencing
524/4/37 South Mt Cameron Complaint
524/8/37 South Mt Cameron Trouble with Children
525/8/37 Winnaleah Provision of Shelving
525/8/37 Winnaleah Office - Garage
526/1/37 Kamona Furniture
526/3/37 Kamona Repairs & Painting
527/8/37 Pinega Offer to Purchase school Ground
528/2/37 Legerwood Minor Repairs
528/7/37 Legerwood Staffing
528/8/37 Legerwood Shelter Shed
528/8/37 Legerwood Levelling Grounds
528/8/37 Legerwood Attendance of Scholars at Area School
531/2/37 Ross Minor Repairs, Electric Wiring
531/3/37 Ross Repairs & Improvements
532/4/37 Aurburn Complaint
532/8/37 Aurburn Provision of Lock
532/8/37 Aurburn Subsidised School
537/2/37 Myrtle Bank Minor repairs (Also See File 556/2/37)
537/8/37 North Scottsdale Fencing
537/8/37 Myrtle Bank Fencing School Property
537/8/37 Myrtle Bank Removal of Tree
537/8/37 Myrtle Bank Grounds
539/1/37 Springfield Furniture
539/8/37 Springfield Drainage
543/2/37 Forester Minor Repairs
543/8/37 Forester Board for Teacher
543/8/37 Forester Grounds
544/8/37 Bridport Disposal of Old Desks
555/2/37 St Leonards Minor Repairs
555/8/37 St Leonards Conveyance of Scholars from Barrowvale & White Hills
556/2/37 Young Town Repairs & Alterations
557/4/37 White Hills Petition for Removal of Teacher
557/8/37 White HiIls Widening Gates
558/2/37 Upper Blessington Minor Repairs
588/3/37 Upper Blessington Wire Netting for Garden
560/1/37 Barrowdale Furniture
565/1/37 Bream Creek Furniture
565/8/37 Bream Creek Garage
565/8/37 Bream Creek Permission to Re-arrange School Hours
566/3/37 Dunalley Minor Repairs
567/8/37 Forcett Permission to Hold Raffle
568/1/37 Kellevie Furniture
568/3/37 Kellevie Repairs
569/1/37 Nugent Furniture
571/8/37 Sorell Grounds
572/4/37 Wattle Hill Complaint
573/3/37 Murdunna Shelter Shed
573/8/37 Murdunna Offer to Purchase Old Desks
573/8/37 Murdunna Grounds
574/1/37 Cherry Tree Furniture
580/8/37 Buckland School Residence
581/1/37 Levendale Furniture
581/4/37 Levendale Complaint
581/8/37 Levendale Tenant for Residence
583/2/37 Triabunna Minor Repairs
584/8/37 Ravensdale Permission to Arrive Late
601/8/37 Boat Harbour Fencing
603/1/37 Yolla Furniture
603/3/37 Yolla Improvements
603/8/37 Yolla Garage
604/8/37 Lanaba Shelter Shed
605/7/37 Flowerdale Staffing
605/8/37 Flowerdale Disposal of Libraries
605/8/37 Flowerdale Defacement of Door
605/8/37 Flowerdale Improvements to Grounds
606/8/37 Lighthouse Installation of Electric Light
608/3/37 Mt Hicks Repairs to Residence
610/1/37 Myalla Furniture
610/4/37 Complaint
611/3/37 Sisters Creek Repairs
611/3/37 Sisters Creek Fencing
611/8/37 Sister Creek Installation of Electric Light
614/1/37 Wynyard Furniture
614/4/37 Wynyard Complaint
614/8/37 Wynyard Glare in Playground
614/8/37 Wynyard Alteration of School Hours
615/4/37 Calder Complaint re Inspector
616/1/37 Village Lane Furniture
619/8/37 Seabrook Grounds
621/1/37 Preolenna Furniture
621/8/37 Prelenna Young Farmers Club
621/8/37 Prelenna Supply of Milk Tester
622/1/37 Takone Furniture
622/4/37 Takone Allegations Against Head Teahcer
622/8/37 Takone Shelter Shed
625/8/37 Port Arthur Application for Position of Caretaker
631/1/37 Taranna Furniture
631/4/37 Taranna Complaint
631/8/37 Taranna Offer to Purchase Old tank
631/8/37 Taranna Disposal of Old Timber
631/8/37 Taranna Low Attendence Next Year
632/2/37 Highcroft Minor Repairs
641/8/37 Magnet Low Attendance Closure of School
650/8/37 Birralee Erection of Garage
651/1/37 Bracknell Furniture
651/3/37 Bracknell Repairs to Residence
651/6/37 Bracknell Septic Tank
651/8/37 Bracknell School Grounds
651/8/37 Bracknell Offer to Purchase Carpenters Benches
653/2/37 Exton Minor Repairs
653/8/37 Exton Sun-room
654/3/37 Fern Bank Fencing
655/2/37 Frankford Minor Repairs
656/2/37 Hadspen Minor Repairs
656/8/37 Hadspen Disposal of Land
658/1/37 Liffey Furniture
658/2/37 Hagley Minor Repairs
658/4/37 Hagley Complaint
658/8/37 Liffey Use of Room
658/8/37 Hagley Removal & Re-erection of Westwood Building
658/8/37 Hagley Library
658/8/37 Hagley Medical Inspection of Children
658/8/37 Hagley Water Supply
658/8/37 (Also Includes Files 658/8/33,658/2/35) Liffey Enclosure of School, Fencing
660/8/37 Selbourne Sale of Out-Offices
661/1/37 Westbury Furniture
661/3/37 Westbury Repairs & Painting
661/7/37 Westbury Staffing
661/8/37 Westbury Grounds
663/8/37 Whitemore Floor for Shelter Shed
664/3/37 Glenore Repairs
666/1/37 Cluan Furniture
671/8/37 Rosebery - Additional Land
671/8/37 Rosebery - Supply of Stoves
672/1/37 Tullah Furniture
672/3/37 Tullah Improvements to Residence
672/7/37 Tullah Staffing
672/8/37 Tullah Request for Retention of Teacher
672/8/37 Tullah Rental of Residence
672/8/37 Tullah Grounds
672/8/37 Tullah Appointment of Married Teacher
673/1/37 Williamsford Furniture
673/4/37 Williamsford Complaints
673/4/37 Comstock Complaint
673/6/37 Comstock Accommodation
673/8/37 Williamsford Shelter Shed
678/8/37 Queenstown New School
689/3/37 Parrawe Repairs to Stove
689/8/37 Parrawe Trouble in School
691/8/37 Waratah New School Residence
691/3/37 Waratah Repairs etc
720/37/37 Teachers College Visit of Students to Museum
720/37/37 Teachers College Appointment of Gardener
720/37 Teachers College Exam Papers
720/37 Teachers College Books for Library
720/37 Teachers College Books for Nature Study
720/37 Teachers College patrolling of Ground
720/37/37 Teachers College Gutter & Path
720/37/37 Teachers College Cabinet for Shell Collection
720/37/37 Teachers College Notes on Criticism Lessons
720/37/37 Teachers College Materials for Art Course
720/37/37 Teachers College Use of Tennis Courts
720/37/37 Teachers College Contribution to College Improvement Funds
720/37/37 Teachers College Admissions
723/2/37 Domestic Arts Hobart Minor Repairs
723/4/37 Domestic Arts School Complaint
723/8/37 Domestic Arts School Composition of Classes
723/8/37 Domestic Arts School Number of Classes
723/8/37 Domestic Arts School Partition in Kitchen
723/8/37 Domestic Arts School Report on Students
723/8/37 Domestic Arts School Timetable 1937
724/1/37 Charles Street Domestic Arts School Furniture
724A/1/37 Moonah Woodwork School Furniture (No Contents in File)
724A/2/37 Moonah woodwork School Minor Repairs
724/3/37 Domestic Arts Launceston
725/2/37 Boys welfare school Minor Repairs
726/1937 Hobart Woodwork School - Removal of trees
729A/2/37 Girls Welfare School Minor Repairs
729A/3/37 Girls Welfare School Repairs etc
729A/8/37 Girls Welfare School Establishment of Library
729A/8/37 Girls Welfare School Gravelling Entrance
729A/8/37 Girls Welfare School Installation of Telephone
730/1937 Correspondence School - Staffing
732/1/37 Hobart High Furniture
7332/2/37 Hobart High Damp Proofing Walls
7332/2/37 Hobart High Minor Repairs
7332/2/37 Hobart High Lighting in Sewing Room
732/8/37 Hobart High Refund of Cost of Alterations
732/8/37 Hobart High Special Admissions 1937
732/8/37 Hobart High Disposal of Old Books
732/8/37 Hobart High Permission to Drop Subject
732/8/37 Hobart High Appointment of Additional Cleaner
732/8/37 Hobart High Use of Recreation Grounds
732/8/37 Hobart High Supply of Epidiascope
732/8/37 Hobart High Children Leaving School
732/8/37 Hobart High Supplies
732/8/37 Hobart High Issue of Fortnightly Paper
732/8/37 Hobart High Fitting Showers
733/1/37 Launceston High Furniture
733/2/37 Launceston High Minor Repairs
733/3/37 Launceston High Additional Lavatory Accommodation
733/4/37 Launceston High Complaint of Cleaner
733/8/37 Launceston High Lighting & Heating
733/8/37 Launceston High Supplies
734/1/37 Devonport High Equipment for Art Course
734/1/37 Devonport High Furniture
734/2/37 Devonport High Minor Repairs
734/8/37 Devonport High Resignation of Clerk Appointment of Successor
734/8/37 Devonport High Establishment of Commercial Course
734/8/37 Devonport High Birthday Number of Magazine
734/8/37 Devonport High 734/8/37 Devonport High Repairs to Sewing Machines
734/8/37 Devonport High Talk by Mrs A.R.Harry
734/8/37 Devonport High Withdrawal of Pupil Enid Bennett
734/8/37 Devonport High Allowance for Hilda Burns & Muriel Davie
734/8/37 Devonport High Repairs to Gestetner Duplicator
735/3/37 Burnie High Alterations at Cookery School
735/3/37 Burnie High Repairs to Tennis Courts
735/7/37 Burnie High Staffing
735/8/37 Burnie High Report on Special Admissions
735/8/37 Burnie High Grounds
735/8/37 Burnie High Loan of Skeleton
735/8/37 Burnie High Use of Room for University exams
735/8/37 Burnie High Fencing
735/8/37 Burnie High Supplies
736/7/37 Scottsdale Staffing
736/8/37 Scottsdale District Library
736/8/37 Scottsdale Increase in Salary of Clerk
736/8/37 Scottsdale Fencing
736/8/37 Scottsdale Requirements for Swimming Certificate
737/1/37 New Town High Supplies
737/1/37 New Town High Furniture for Nurses Room
737/2/37 New Town High Minor Repairs
737/3/37 New Town High Enlargement
737/4/37 New Town High Complaint re Tuckshop
737/8/37 New Town High Typistes Examination
737/8/37 New Town High Visit of Governor
737/8/37 New Town High Working Expenses for Cookery School
737/8/37 New Town High Admissions
737/8/37 New Town High Land for Forestry Department
737/8/37 New Town High Heating of School
737/8/37 New Town High Library
2/8/38 Campbell Street Assembly Hall
3/8/38 Goulburn Street Permission to Close Right of Way
3/8/38 Goulburn Street Injury to Cleaner
4/08/1938 Macquarie Street Additional Land
8/2/38 Elizabeth Street Minor Repairs
8/2/38 Elizabeth Street Infant Minor Repairs
15/3/38 Charles Street Repairs
16/3/38 East Launceston Library Room
17/8/38 Glen Dhu School Grounds
17/8/38 Glen Dhu Fencing
21/8/38 Trevallyn Water Supply
23/3/38 West Launceston Additions
25/8/38 Beaconsfield District Library
30/8/38 Sidmouth Use of School Building
33/8/38 Exeter Area School
52/8/38 Black Brush Installation of Electric Light
55/1/38 Dromedary Furniture
55/3/38 Dromedary Repairs
58/8/38 Pontville Shelter Shed
61/6/38 Mangalore Accommodation
67/8/38 Alonnah Offer to Purchase Ground
68/8/38 Barnes Bay Subsidised School
76/8/38 Campbell Town Grounds
77/8/38 Cleveland Grounds
85/8/38 Bellerive School Ground
86/3/38 Cambridge Grounds
86/8/38 Cambridge Rental of Residence
92/8/38 Rogerton Water Supply
96/6/38 Forest Additions
97/3/38 Irish Town Repairs
102/1/38 Smithton Furniture
102/8/38 Smithton Library
107/8/38 Alcomie Burning of School Offer to Purchase Glass etc
113/8/38 Redpa Conveyance of Scholars
114A/8/38 South Mole Creek Disposal of Land
118/8/38 Montana Rental of School Reserve
120/8/38 Deloraine Rental of Cottage
124/3/38 Mole Creek Additions & Repairs
124/6/38 Mole Creek Additions
124/8/38 Mole Creek Shelter Sheds for Children Conveyed
124/8/38 Mole Creek Reports for "Mercury"
124/8/38 Mole Creek Appointment Farming Demonstrator
124/8/38 Mole Creek Advisory Council
124/8/38 Mole Creek Poultry Project
124/8/38 Mole Creek Metalling Road for Conveyance
124/8/38 Mole Creek Purchase of Land
125/6/38 Parkham School Building
128/8/38 Rubicon Bridge Offer to Purchase School Site
131/8/38 West Meander Repairs
133/8/38 Liena Clearing Ground
135/8/38 East Devonport Additions
136/8/38 West Devonoport Removal of Trees
136/8/38 West Devonoport Improvement of Surroundings
139/6/38 Aberdeen Accommodation
141/2/38 Spreyton Improvement - School Grounds
145/8/38 Burnie New Residence
148/3/38 Ridgley Repairs to Residence
148/8/38 Ridgley Attendance of Pupils at Mission
153/3/38 Wivenhoe Repairs
153/8/38 Wivenhoe Permission to Work Gravel Deposit
153/8/38 Wivenhoe Removal of Trees
154/8/38 West Ridgley Authority of Teacher
157/8/38 Deddington Sale of School Reserve
158/8/38 Relbia Water Supply
159/3/38 Evandale Repairs
164/2/38 Dover Minor Repairs
165/1/38 Geeveston Furniture
165/8/38 Geeveston Offer to Purchase Old Tanks
165/8/38 Geeveston Insurance of School Property
165/8/38 Geeveston Grounds
166/1/38 Hastings Desks
167/6/38 Hythe New School
169/3/38 Leprena Minor Repairs
170/4/38 Lune River Complaint
170/8/38 Lune River Amendment of Curriculum
171/3/38 Raminea Repairs to Residence
175/8/38 Hospital Bay Sale of Land
180/8/38 Avoca Grounds
182/4/38 Cornwall Complaint
182/8/38 Cornwall Repairs Improvements to Grounds
183/8/38 Fingal Grounds
185/8/38 Rossarden Tennis Court on School Ground
187/3/38 Mathinna Repairs to Residence
187/8/38 Mathinna Plan of school Grounds
192/8/38 St Marys Repairs & Additions
199/8/38 Altmoor Grounds
200/8/38 Cape Barren Island Enquiry into Half-castes
203/8/38 Lady Barron Drainage of grounds
205/3/38 George Town Additions to Outbuildings
206/3/38 Lefroy Painting
208/8/38 Pipers River School Garden & Orchard
215/8/38 Swansea Installation of Electric Light
217/8/38 Llandaff Re-opening of School
217/8/38 Llandaff Board for Teacher
218/8/38 Riversdale Low Attendance - Closure
218/8/38 Riversdale Shelter Shed (No Contents in File - See Crambrook)
221/8/38 Claremont Installation of Telephone
221/8/38 Claremont Swimminf Classes
222/2/38 Glenorchy Fencing
224/8/38 Moonah Provision of Library Room
224/8/38 Moonah Suggestions re Cleaner
224/8/38 Moonah Central School
224/8/38 Moonah Water Consumption
226/8/38 Bowen Road Terracing & Planting with Shubs
243/3/38 Kempton Installation of Electric Light
252/3/38 Hamilton Repairs
254/2/38 Osterley Repairs to Residence
255/8/38 Ouse Electric Light
258/8/38 Tarraleah Formation of Mothers Club
258/8/38 Tarraleah Alteration of School Hours
267/8/38 Crabtree Offer of Residence
274/3/38 Glen Huon Repairs to Residence
275/8/38 Upper Mt River New School
282/8/38 Roland Closure of School
282/8/38 Roland Rental of Ground
285/4/38 Beulah Complaint re Teacher
293/8/38 Railton Improvements to Grounds
294/8/38 Sheffield Shelter Sheds for Children Conveyed
294/8/38 Sheffield Evening Classes
294/8/38 Sheffield Sale of Bicycles
298/6/38 Wilmot Accommodation - Enlargement
298/8/38 Wilmot Additional Land
298/8/38 Wilmot Sanitary Arrangements
298/8/38 Wilmot Grounds
298/8/38 Wilmot Raising Status of School
302/1/38 Lower Beulah Furniture
306/3/38 Kingston Fencing
306/3/38 Kingston Repairs
308/3/38 Sandfly Installation of Electric light
316/8/38 Middleton Fencing
322/3/38 Loorana Repairs
322/8/38 Loorana Fencing
325A/8/38 Naracoopa Re-opening of School
330/8/38 Sassafras Fencing
331/8/38 Wesley Vale Blacksmithing Class
340/8/38 Abbotsham Swimming Pool
344/3/38 Kindred Improvements to Grounds
345/8/38 North Molton Rental of Ground by Cricket Club
348/6/38 Area Schools Establishment in Leven Municipality Sprent
349/3/38 Ulverstone Painting
349/8/38 Ulverstone Grounds
350/8/38 Upper Castra Grounds, New Site
358/8/38 Forth Transfer to Leven District
358/8/38 Forth Footway on Bridge
361/3/38 Golconda Shelter Shed
364/8/38 Nabowla School Ground
365/6/38 Lilydale Additions
365/8/38 Lilydale Sale of Blinds in Residence, Tanks
365/8/38 Lilydale Area School
365/8/38 Lilydale Advising Council
376/8/38 Cressy Lawn in School Grounds
377/8/38 Elphinstone Offer to Purchase Property
378/8/38 Inveridge Permission to Erect Tennis Court
380/8/38 Longford Water Supply
392/3/38 Moogara School Residence
393/3/38 Glenora Additions
393/8/38 Glenora Alterations in School Hours
393/8/38 Glenora Additional Land
393/8/38 Glenora Area School
397/3/38 Gretna Repairs
397/8/38 Gretna Additional Land
399/3/38 New Norfolk Repairs to Residence (No Contents in File)
399/8/38 New Norfolk
413/6/38 Oatlands Additions
413/8/38 Oatlands Land for Area School
414/4/38 Parattah Complaints
415/8/38 Tunbridge Removal of Shelter Shed
416/3/38 Tunnack Repairs
421/8/38 Stonor Re-opened State School
428/8/38 Riana Carpenters Bench
430/3/38 West Pine Road Painting Interior
431/3/38 South Riana Repairs
435/8/38 Lowana School Site
400/3/38 Plenty Repairs
402/8/38 Tyenna Grounds
408/8/38 Uxbridge Rental of Residence
413/3/38 Oatlands Repairs
413/8/38 Oatlands Advisory Council
413/8/38 Oatlands Water Supply
446/8/38 Cradoc Removal of Building to Cygnet
446/8/38 Cradoc Rental of Residence
450/2/38 Cygnet Minor Repairs
450/3/38 Cygnet Erection of Blacksmith Shop
450/8/38 Cygnet Additions
450/8/38 Cygnet goods from Schools Closed
450/8/38 Cygnet exchange of Work Between Boys & Girls
450/8/38 Cygnet Telephone Account
450/8/38 Cygnet Millinery Lessons for Teachers
466/3/38 Goulds Country Repairs
467/1/38 Lottah Furniture
467/2/38 Lottah Minor Repairs
467/8/38 Lottah Enrolment
468/8/38 St Helens Shelter Shed
487/8/38 South Queenstown Shelter Shed
497/2/38 Campania Minor Repairs
498/3/38 Colebrook Repairs to Residence
502/8/38 Richmond Purchase of Garage
505/8/38 Runnymede Closure of School
517/4/38 Branxholm Complaint
518/3/38 Derby Septic Tank
521/2/38 Moorina Repairs
522/8/38 Pioneer New Residence
523/8/68 Ringarooma Night Classes (No Contents in File)
523/8/38 Ringarooma Purchase of Dairy Cow
523/8/38 Ringarooma Admissions
523/8/38 Ringarooma Erection of Dairy
523/8/38 Ringarooma Offer to Purchase Residence
523/8/38 Ringarooma School Residence
525/2/38 Winnaleah Minor Repairs
528/8/38 Legerwood Rental of School House
531/3/38 Ross Alterations, Additions
531/8/38 Ross Improvements to Ground
531/8/38 Ross Transfer of Equipment from Mona Vale
537/8/38 North Scottsdale Grounds
543/1/38 Kellevie Grounds
555/2/38 St Leonards Fencing
565/2/38 Bream Creek Minor Repairs
566/8/38 Dunalley Tennis Court on School Property
567/8/38 Forcett Fencing
568/8/38 Kellevie Garage Repairs
581/8/38 Levendale New Stove Repairs
583/8/38 Triabunna Offer of Land
583/8/38 Triabunna Connecting School & Reserve with Water Supply
585/2/38 Orford Fencing
585/8/38 Orford Low Attendance - Closure
601/2/38 Boat Harbour
603/3/38 Yolla Minor Repairs
603/6/38 Yolla Accommodation
608/3/38 Mt Hicks Repairs
610/3/38 Myalla Repairs
612/3/38 Somerset Repairs, New Garage
612/8/38 Somerset Application for Area School
612/8/38 Somerset Grounds, New School
614/3/38 Wynyard Additions Repairs
623/8/38 Oonah Closure of School
623/8/38 Oonah Proposed New School & Site
625/8/38 Port Arthur Grounds
628/2/38 Nubeena Minor Repairs
652/8/38 Carrick Closure of School
658/8/38 Hagley Additions
658/8/38 Hagley Travelling Allowance for Head Teacher
658/8/38 Hagley Balance Sheet of Workshop & Canteen Funds
658/8/38 Hagley Disposal of Tanks
658/8/38 Hagley Additional Land
659/8/38 Rosevale Removal of Pine Tree
664/8/38 Glenore Award of Bursary 1938
671/8/38 Gormanston Offer to Purchase Material
671/8/38 Gormanston Fencing
671/8/38 Gormanston Rental of Residence
671/8/38 Gormanston School Residence
678/1/38 Queenstown Furniture
678/8/38 Queenstown Payment for Water Supply
678/8/38 Queenstown Ground
678/8/38 Queenstown Appointment of Caretaker
678/8/38 Queenstown Alteration of Dinner Recess
679/6/38 South Queenstown Additions
685/3/38 Strahan Repairs
689/1/38 Parrawe Furniture
689/8/38 Parrawe Rental of Residence
689/8/38 Parrawe Outbuildings for Residence
693/3/38 Rosebery Fencing
693/3/38 Rosebery Repairs
695/8/38 Williamsford Class of School
696/3/38 West Zeehan Repairs
696/8/38 West Zeehan Cookery Class
720/38/38 Teachers College Students Note Books
720/38/38 Teachers College Amounts Due to Scholarship Holders
720/38/38 Teachers College Admissions of Private Students
720/38/38 Teachers College Minor Repairs
720/38/38 Teachers College Report of Principal for 1937
720/38/38 Teachers College Erection of Gymnasium
720/38/38 Teachers College Removal of Trees
720/38/38 Teachers College Supply of Film Projector
720/38/38 Teachers College Additions
723/8/38 Domestic Arts School Instruction for Pupils From Non State Schools
724/8838 Domestic Arts School Launceston Certificates Awarded
730/8/38 Correspondence School Visit By Head Teacher to Mainland
732/3/38 Hobart High School Alterations to Shell Building
732/8/38 Hobart High Repairs to Fences & Embankment
732/8/38 Hobart High Basketball Courts
732/8/38 Hobart High Appointment of Assistant Cleaner
732/8/38 Hobart High Heating
733/3/38 Launceston High Erection of Bicycle Shed
733/6/38 Launceston High Erection of Physics Laboratory
733/8/38 Launceston High Typewriting Classes
733/8/38 Launceston High Grounds
733/8/38 Launceston High Explosion in Laboratory
734/3/38 Devonport High Repairs
735/1/38 Burnie High Furniture
735/1/38 Burnie High Typewriter
735/2/38 Burnie High Minor Repairs
735/8/38 Burnie High Music Course for Probationary Students
735/8/38 Burnie High Residence for Teacher
735/8/38 Burnie High Appointment of Clerk
736/8/38 Scottsdale Resignation of Clerk, Appointment of Successor
736/8/38 Scottsdale Sale of School Reserve Bridport Road
736/8/38 Scottsdale Erection of Bicycle Shed
736/8/38 Scottsdale Annual Report
737/2/38 New Town High Gymnasium
737/8/38 New Town High Temporary Accommodation
737/8/38 New Town High Recognition of School By McCaughey Bequest
1/2/39 Albuera Street Minor Repairs
1/8/39 Albuera Street Nurses Room
2/2/39 Campbell Street Repairs
2/2/39 Campbell Street Minor Repairs
2/8/39 Campbell Street Air Raid Shelters
3/3/39 Goulburn Street Heating of Library
4/8/39 Macquarie Street Additional Accommodation
5/8/39 New Town Robbery at School
5/8/39 New Town Erection of Sawbench Near School
5/8/39 New Town Injury to Child
8/6/39 Elizabeth Street Infants Additions
8/8/39 Elizabeth Street Infants Renovation of Staff Room
8/8/39 Elizabeth Street Infants Art Room
9/2/39 Lower Sandy Bay Repairs to Roadway Leading Into School
9/2/39 Lower Sandy Bay Minor Repairs
9/2/39 Lower Sandy Bay Grounds
9/6/39 Lower Sandy Bay New School
11/1/39 Lansdowne Crescent Furniture
11/2/39 Lansdowne Crescent Minor Repairs
11/8/39 Lansdowne Crescent Grounds
11/8/39 Lansdowne Crescent Robbery At School
12/3/39 Princes Street Repairs
15/1/39 Charles Street Furniture
15/6/39 Charles Street Additions
15/7/39 Charles Street Staffing
16/8/39 East Launceston Establishment of Kindergarten Class
17/3/39 Glen Dhu Remodelling
18/2/39 Invermay Repairs
18/8/39 Invermay School Entered - New Locks
19/1/39 Wellington Square Furniture
19/8/39 Wellington Square Transfer of Pupils to other Schools
21/2/39 Trevallyn Improvements to School Grounds
21/2/39 Trevallyn Minor Repairs
21/4/39 Trevallyn Complaint
22/2/39 Mowbray Heights Repairs, Painting
22/3/39 Mowbray Heights Fencing
23/7/39 West Launceston Staffing
23/8/39 West Launceston Corporal Punishment
24/8/39 Richmond Hill Fencing
25/2/39 Beaconsfield Repairs
26/8/39 Bridgenorth Removal of Tree
28/2/39 Glengarry Repairs to Residence
29/2/39 Holwell Minor Repairs
29/3/39 Holwell Painting - Shelter Shed
29/6/39 Holwell Accommodation
29/8/39 Holwell Offer to Purchase Tank
31/8/39 Exeter Area Heating
33/8/39 Exeter School Reserve
33/8/39 Exeter Land for Area School
33/8/39 Exeter Cultivating Land
33/8/39 Exeter Canteen
41/3/39 Bothwell Repairs
41/8/39 Bothwell Civil Defence Legion
50/3/39 Bagdad Library Room
53/1/39 Bridgewater Furniture
53/8/39 Bridgewater Garage
58/3/39 Pontville Repairs & Improvements
58/8/39 Pontville Use of School Piano
58/8/39 Pontville Establishment of Central School
65/2/39 Adventure Bay Minor Repairs
75/2/39 Barton Repairs
76/2/39 Campbell Town Minor Repairs
76/3/39 Campbell Town Removal of Shelter Shed
76/8/39 Campbell Town Exclusion of Child Reginald Kaye
78/4/39 Conara Corporal Punishment, Incorrigible Pupil
79/8/39 Epping Request for New Building
83/2/39 Montagu Bay Repairs
83/8/39 Montagu Bay Erection of Store-Room
85/2/39 Bellerive Minor Repairs
85/3/39 Bellerive Repairs to Residence
88/2/39 Rokeby Repairs
91/8/39 South Arm Gravelling - Fence
96/3/39 Forest Repairs to Residence
96/8/39 Forest Gravel for Grounds
96/8/39 Forest Extension of Culvert
96/8/39 Forest Advisory Council
96/8/39 Forest Installation of Telephone
96/8/39 Forest Water Supply
98/8/39 Marrawah School Reserve - Enquiry
101/3/39 Detention Repairs
101/8/39 Detention Time of Starting School
102/39 Smithton Fencing
102/39 Smithton Minor Repairs
102/8/39 Smithton Offer to Purchase Land
102/8/39 Smithton Attendence Hours of High School Children
102/8/39 Smithton Manual Work Course
102/8/39 Smithton Domestic Science Course
102/8/39 Smithton Tennis Court
102/8/39 Smithton Shelter Shed
102/8/39 Smithton Appointment of Gardener
102/8/39 Smithton Guidance in High School Work
103/2/39 Stanley Repairs, Colouring etc
103/2/39 Stanley Repairs to Residence
108/8/39 Mawbanna Suspension of Ray Pennington
113/8/39 Redpa Fencing, Shed etc
114/8/39 Broadmeadows Suggested Purchase of Building
117/2/39 Chudleigh Repairs
117/8/39 Chudleigh Shelter Shed
120/8/39 Deloraine Removal of Trees
121/2/39 Dunorlan Repairs to Residence
121/8/39 Dunorlan Garage
124/3/39 Mole Creek Electric Supply
124/8/39 Mole Creek Report on Operation of Canteen etc
124/8/39 Mole Creek Forestry Scheme
124/8/39 Mole Creek Agricultural Class
124/8/39 Mole Creek Blacksmiths Shop
124/8/39 Mole Creek Public Moneys & Trust Accounts
124/8/39 Mole Creek Gift of Sheep
124/8/39 Mole Creek Building for Timber Stove
127/2/39 Red Hills Repairs
127/3/39 Red Hills Garage
127/3/39 Red Hills Electric Supply
128/2/39 Rubicon Bridge Change of Name
128/3/39 Rubicon Bridge Minor Repairs
128/8/39 Rubicon Bridge Installation of Telephone
129/1/39 Ashley Home Supply of Equipment Material etc
129/2/39 Ashley Home Minor Repairs
131/8/39 West Meander Agricultural Work
135/2/39 East Devonport Minor Repairs
136/8/39 West Devonport Use of School Ground by Milita
137/8/39 Don Sale of Residence etc
137/8/39 Don Septic Tanks
141/2/39 Spreyton Repairs to Residence
141/3/39 Spreyton Accommodation
141/3/39 Spreyton Alterations
143/8/39 Upper Burnie Cookery Classes
143/8/39 Upper Burnie Disposal of Old Desks
145/3/39 Burnie Repairs
145/4/39 Burnie Complaints
145/8/39 Burnie Art Classes
148/8/39 Ridgley Domestic Science Instruction
149/3/39 Stowport Erection of Woodshed
150/3/39 Highclere Repairs
151/8/39 Natone Garage
152/8/39 Cooee Suggested Closure of School
152/8/39 Cooee School Ground
153/4/39 Wivenhoe Complaint
153/8/39 Wivenhoe Report on Forestry Plantation
154/2/39 West Ridgley Repairs
154/4/39 West Ridgley Complaint
158/8/39 Cooee Report on Williams Family, Irregular Attendance
158/8/39 Cooee Model Small School
159/8/39 Evandale Bicycle Shed
160/4/39 Nile Complaint of the Teacher
160/8/39 Nile Sale of Property Conveyance of Scholars etc
164/8/39 Dover Equipment
165/3/39 Geeveston Fencing
165/8/39 Geeveston Domestic Science Room
165/8/39 Geeveston Blacksmithing Class
165/8/39 Geeveston New Buildings ("Three Year Plan"), New Residence
165/8/39 Geeveston Road to The School
165/8/39 Geeveston Evening Classes
167/8/39 Hythe Rental of Residence
167/8/39 Hythe Tanks
169/8/39 Leprena Closure of School
170/8/39 Lune River Medical Certificates
180/3/39 Avoca Repairs
183/3/39 Fingal Repairs & Painting
183/8/39 Fingal Woodwork Classes
185/6/39 Rossarden Additions
185/8/39 Rossarden Petition for Retention of Teacher
187/6/39 Mathinna New School
191/8/39 Seymour Re-opening of School
192/4/39 St Marys Complaint
192/8/39 St Marys Irregular Attendance
197/3/39 Royal George Fencing
200/2/39 Cape Barren Island Fencing
201/3/39 Whitemark Grounds
201/3/39 Whitemark Repairs to Residence
201/8/39 Whitemark Enquiry re Rental of Residence
203/2/39 Lady Barron Repairs etc
205/3/39 George Town Garage
206/8/39 Lefroy Domestic Science Room
215/8/39 Swansea Grounds
216/2/39Cranbrook Minor Repairs
217/8/39 Llandaff Shelter Shed, Repairs
220/3/39 Collinsvale Fencing
221/3/39 Claremont Repairs
221/6/39 Claremont Additions
222/2/39 Glenorchy Minor Repairs
222/3/39 Glenorchy Repairs to Residence
222/6/39 Glenorchy Attendance Additional Room
222/8/39 Glenorchy Nurses Room
226/1/39 Bowen Road Supplies for Gardening etc
226/8/39 Bowen Road Grounds
240/3/39 Dysart Repairs
240/3/39 Dysart Garage
243/3/39 Kempton Repairs to Residence
243/8/39 Kempton Sanitary Work
243/8/39 Kempton Additional Playing Area
243/8/39 Kempton School Nursery
244/8/39 Melton Rent of Building
250/8/39 Ellendale Attendance of Child at Area School
254/2/39 Osterley Minor Repairs
256/8/39 Pelham Low Attendance - Conveyance to Elderslie
258/8/39 Tarraleah West Coast Allowance
270/4/39 Lower Longley Complaint
270/8/39 Lower Longley Garage
272/1/39 Ranelagh Furniture
272/8/39 Ranelagh Disposal of Equipment
273/8/39 Huonville Rental of Residence
273/8/39 Huonville (Southbridge) Sale of Property
285/3/39 Beulah Repairs
286/8/39 Claude Road Garage
294/2/39 Sheffield Garage
294/8/39 Sheffield Agriculture Scheme
294/8/39 Sheffield Grounds
294/8/39 Sheffield Advising Council
294/8/39 Sheffield Admissions
298/8/39 Wilmot Forestry Plantations
302/2/39 Lower Beulah Minor Repairs
302/8/39 Lower Beulah Application for Teacher of Subsidised School
302/8/39 Lower Beulah Irregular Attendance
302/8/39 Lower Beulah Closure of School
306/6/39 Kingston Library Room
306/8/39 Kingston Water Supply
306/8/39 Kingston Garage
307/3/39 Margate Repairs to Residence
307/6/39 Margate Enlargement
309/2/39 Snug Repairs
311/8/39 Taroona Paths
313/3/39 Gordon Repairs and Improvements to Residence
313/8/39 Gordon Electric Stove for Residence
314/2/39 Flowerpot Enclosure of Verandah of Residence
315/2/39 Kettering Fencing
315/3/39 Kettering Garage
317/3/39 Woodbridge Repairs etc
320/8/39 Currie Installation of Telephone
323/1/39 Grassy Furniture
323/3/39 Sea Elephant Repairs etc
323/8/39 Sea Elephant Complaint re Entertainments
323/8/39 Grassy Erection of New School
323/8/39 Sea Elephant Subsidised School
324/2/39 Yambacoona Minor Repairs
325A/2/39 Naracoopa Minor Repairs
325A/8/39 Naracoopa Board for Teacher
325c/2/39 Manana Minor Repairs
326/8/39 Harford Installation of Electric Light
327/3/39 Latrobe Repairs to Residence
327/8/39 Latrobe Repairs
327/8/39 Latrobe Lopping Trees
329/8/39 Northdown Disposal of Equipment etc
330/2/39 Sassafras Repairs
331/8/39 Wesley Vale Gymnasium & Social Hall, Accommodation
331/8/39 Wesley Vale Electric Light
340/3/39 Abbotsham Repairs to Residence
340/8/39 Abbotsham Rental of Residence
345/8/39 North Motton Electric Supply
349/1/39 Ulverstone Furniture
349/4/39 Ulverstone Complaint
350/3/39 Upper Castra Repairs to Residence
350/8/39 Upper Castra Garage
350/8/39 Upper Castra Woodwork Equipment
350/8/39 (No Contents in File) Upper Castra Cookery Classes
357/3/39 Nietta Garage
358/2/39 Forth Painting Rooms of Residence
358/3/39 Forth Fencing & Shelter Shed
359/8/39 Rocherlea Low Attendance
360/8/39 Bangor Retention of Building
361/2/39 Golconda Minor Repairs
361/8/39 Golconda Tree Planting
364/8/39 Nabowla Afforestation Scheme
365/2/39 Lilydale Minor Repairs etc
365/5/39 Lilydale Additional Land
365/8/39 Lilydale Evening Classes
365/8/39 Lilydale Addmissions
365/8/39 Lilydale Electric Light
365/8/39 Lilydale Grounds
365/8/39 Lilydale Shelter Sheds
370/8/39 Dilston Trouble at the school
376/3/39 Cressy Repairs & Alterations
376/8/39 Cressy Removal & Re-erection of Elphinstone Shelter Shed
376/8/39 Cressy Survey by Nurse - Hot Milk Supply
382/3/39 Perth Repairs
382/8/39 Perth Woodwork Course
382/8/39 Perth Grounds - Sale of Buildings
383/8/39 Saundridge Shelter Shed
392/1/39 Moogara Furniture
392/8/39 Moorgara Grounds
392/8/39 Moorgara Electric Light
393/8/39 Glenora Advisory Council
393/8/39 Glenora Raising School to Class 3
393/8/39 Glenora Electric Stove
393/8/39 Glenora Grounds
393/8/39 Glenora Water Supply
395/8/39 Mt Lloyd Cricket Pitch
396/3/39 Lachlan Installation of Electric Light
396/3/39 Lachlan Garage
396/8/39 Lachlan Out - Offices
397/3/39 Gretna Repairs (Residence)
397/8/39 Gretna Garage
398/2/39 Molesworth Minor Repairs
400/2/39 Plenty Repairs - Residence
401/2/39 Westerway Repairs to Residence
401/3/39 Westerway Garage
401/3/39 Westerway Alterations & Additions
401/8/39 Westerway Water Supply
401/8/39 Westerway Grounds
402/8/39 Tyenna Sale of Shed
402/8/39 Tyenna Use of Tanks
403/8/39 National Park Removal of Building
404/8/39 Hayes Water Supply
408/5/39 Glen Valley Retention of Teacher
405/8/39 Glen Valley Robbery at School
408/3/39 Uxbridge Installation of Electric Light
411/2/39 Jericho Minor Repairs
411/8/39 Jerichio Offer to Lease Property
412/8/39 Mt Seymour Case of Child Eileen Palmer
412/8/39 Mt Seymour Purchase of Shelter Shed - Tank
413/2/39 Oatlands Repairs
413/8/39 Oatlands Sale of Tank
413/8/39 Oatlands Purchase of Old Fencing
413/8/39 Oatlands Use of Old Gaol Site
413/8/39 Oatlands Old Material from Launceston Hospital
413/8/39 Oatlands Library
413/8/39 Oatlands Entrance, Gate etc
413/8/39 Oatlands Grounds
413/8/39 Oatlands Admissions
415/3/39 Tunbridge Fencing
420/3/39 Woodbury Repairs & Additions
422/8/39 Mt Pleasant Offer to Purchase Lavatories
426/3/39 Penguin Repairs to Residence
430/8/39 West Pine Road Erection of Woodshed
430/8/39 West Pine Road Use of Lobby by Dr Connell
431/8/39 South Riana Cookery Classes
434/8/39 Upper Natone Garage
441/4/39 (No Contents in File) Deep Bay Complaint
450/2/39 Cygnet Fencing
450/3/39 Cygnet Repairs to Residence
450/8/39 Cygnet Request from Hydro Electric Commission for Cooking Demonstration
450/8/39 Cygnet Widening Road
450/8/39 Cygnet Additional Land
450/8/39 Cygnet Repairs
450/8/39 Cygnet Improvements to School Property by Pupil
450/8/39 Cygnet Caretaker During Vacation
468/2/39 St Helens Minor Repairs
468/8/39 St Helens Electric Light
469/8/39 St Helens Rental of Ground
470/3/39 Weldborough Fencing
470/8/39 Weldborough Garage
497/3/39 Campania Repairs & Alterations to Residence
497/8/39 Campania Garage
497/8/39 Campania Grounds
498/3/39 Colebrook Repairs
501/3/39 Rhyndaston Repairs to Residence
501/8/39 Rhyndaston Removal of Tree
502/3/39 Richmond Repairs to Residence
506/3/39 Ticehurst Minor Repairs
517/2/39 Branxholm Repairs
517/2/39 Branxholm Repairs etc to Residence
518/2/39 Derby Minor Repairs
518/3/39 Derby Repairs to Residence
518/8/39 Derby Garage
519/8/39 Gladstone Water Supply
522/3/39 Pioneer Additions & Repairs
522/8/39 Pioneer Cookery Classes
523/8/39 Ringarooma Accident to Boy on School Bus
523/8/39 Ringarooma Accident to Boy
525/8/39 Winnaleah Improvements to Road Near School
537/8/39 North Scottsdale Shelter Shed
539/2/39 Springfield Minor Repairs
539/8/39 Springfield Garage
541/8/39 South Springfield Amount Due on Piano
542/2/39 Longaugh Minor repairs
544/3/39 Bridport Repairs
544/8/39 Bridport School Yard
545/8/39 Lietinna Sale of Furniture
545/8/39 Lietinna Closure of School, Subsidised
555/3/39 St Leonards Repairs to Residence
557/8/39 Myrtle Banks Irregular Attendance - Closure
560/8/39 Barrowvale alteration of Dinner Hour
566/8/39 Dunalley Improvements to Grounds
568/2/39 Kellevie Repairs
568/8/39 Kellevie Alteration of Hours
571/2/39 Sorell Fencing
571/8/39 Sorell Grounds
574/8/39 Cherry Treee Disposal of school Furniture etc
580/8/39 Buckland Rental of Residence, Sale of Property
583/3/39 Triabunna Repairs
583/8/39 Triabunna Grounds
584/6/39 Ravensdale Enlarging of School
584/8/39 Ravensdale Amendment of Curriculum
603/8/39 Yolla stove for Residence
605/3/39 Flowerdale Repairs to Residence
605/8/39 Flowerdale Poultry Project
606/8/39 Lighthouse Rent of School Ground
606/8/39 Lighthouse Irregular Attendance
608/8/39 Mt. Hicks Agricultural Plots
609/8/39 Olinda Closure of School - Subsidised
610/8/39 Myalla Still Film Projector
612/2/39 Elliott Garage & Repairs to Residence
614/8/39 Wynyard Lopping Tree
616/3/39 Village Lane Fencing
621/2/39 Preolenna Garage
632/2/39 Highcroft Minor Repairs
632/8/39 Highcroft Case of Ellen Carter
654/3/39 Fern Banks Repairs to Residence
655/3/39 Franksford Repairs
657/1/39 Hagley Furniture
657/8/39 Hagley Rural Boarding School
657/8/39 Hagley School Piano
657/8/39 Hagley Travel for Cement Work
657/8/39 Hagley Store Shed
661/2/39 Westbury Repairs etc
672/2/39 Tullah Repairs
678/3/39 Queenstown Repairs etc to Residence
678/7/39 Queenstown Staffing
678/8/39 Queenstown Time Switch
679/4/39 South Queenstown Complaint
679/7/39 South Queenstown Staffing
685/1/39 Strahan New School
685/8/39 Strahan Electric Stove
689/2/39 Parrawe Repairs to Residence etc
689/2/39 Parrawe Shelter Shed
691/2/39 Waratah Fencing
691/6/39 Waratah Library Room
691/8/39 Waratah Irregular Attendance
691/8/39 Waratah Rental of Residence
693/3/39 Rosebery Alterations & Additions
693/3/39 Rosebery Erection of woodshed
693/6/39 Rosebery Accommodation (see also File 671/3/39( (No Contents in this File)
693/8/39 Rosebery Accident to Boy
693/8/39 Rosebery Grounds
695/2/39 Williamsford Painting & Repairs
695/8/39 Williamsford Grounds
720/39 Teachers College Sale of Chairs
720/39 Teachers College Furniture
720/39 Teachers College Query re Expenses
720/39 Teachers College Books for Library
720/39 Teachers College Medical Reports on Students
720/39 Teachers College New Gestetner Duplicator
720/39 Teachers College J.A.Johnson Memorial Prize
720/39 Teachers College Loans to Students
720/39 Teachers College Course of Instruction
720/39 Teachers College Supply of Textbooks
720/39 Teachers College University Subjects Taken By Students
720/39 Teachers College Examination Papers
720/39 Teachers College Admissions 1939
720/39 Teachers College Free Treatment of Students at the Royal Hobart Hospital
720/39 Teachers College Use of Telephone by Mr McShane
720/39 Teachers College Nature Study Facilities
721A/8/39 Sight Saving Additional Land Elizabeth Street
722D/6/39 St Johns Park Additional Room
723/2/39 Domestic Arts School Hobart Minor Repairs
723/8/39 Domestic Arts School Hobart Arrangements for Classes 1939
723/8/39 Domestic Arts School Hobart Proposed Purchase of Refrigerator
724/8/39 Launceston Domestic Arts School Transfer to Wellington Square
726/8/39 Woodwork School Hobart Arrangements for Classes 1939
728/8/39 Launceston Woodwork School School Broken into
729A/2/39 Girls Welfare School Minor Repairs
729A/3/39 Girls Welfare School Garage
729A/8/39 Girls Welfare School Exclusion of Pupil
730/8/39 Correspondence School Salaries of Male Assistants
730/8/39 Correspondence School Cleaning Chimneys
730/8/39 Correspondence School Fitting up Additional Room etc
732/2/39 Hobart High Minor Repairs
732/8/39 Hobart High Supplies
732/8/39 Hobart High Withdrawal of Children
732/8/39 Hobart High Installation of Heating Hot Water Service
732/8/39 Hobart High - Lease of Sports Oval on Domain
732/8/39 Hobart High Physical Training Equipment
732/8/39 Hobart High Leave to Attend Lectures
733/1/39 Launceston High Furniture
733/2/39 Launceston High Repairs to Tennis Courts
733/2/39 Launceston High Minor Repairs
733/4/39 Launceston High Complaint
733/7/39 Launceston High Staffing
733/8/39 Launceston High Admission
733/8/39 Launceston High Supplies
733/8/39 Launceston High Exemption of Pupils from Subjects
733/8/39 Launceston High Old Scholars Association Contributions towards Electric Light etc
733/8/39 Launceston High Recreation Hall & Rowing Shed
733/8/39 Launceston High Heating
733/8/39 Launceston High Report on Number of Acceptances
733/8/39 Launceston High Dental Treatment in students
733/8/39 Launceston High Donation of Pictures by Mr Unwin
734/1/39 Devonport High Furniture
734/1/39 Devonport High Supplies
734/2/39 Devonport High Minor Repairs
734/3/39 Devonport High Tennis Courts Repairs
734/4/39 Devonport High Complaint
734/8/39 Devonport High Position of Music Students
734/8/39 Devonport High Exemption of Child from Domestic Science
734/8/39 Devonport High Residence for Teacher
734/8/39 Devonport High Art Teacher Timetable
734/8/39 Devonport High Work of Cookery Teacher
735/6/39 Burnie High Domestic Arts Building
735/7/39 Burnie High Staffing
735/8/39 Burnie High Removal of Tree - Fencing etc
735/8/39 Burnie High Supplies
735/8/39 Burnie High Teacher for Physiology
735/8/39 Burnie High Bank Account
735/8/39 Burnie High Admissions
735/8/39 Burnie High Cost of Telephone Transfer
736/1/39 Scottsdale Furniture
736/3/39 Scottsdale Repairs
736/3/39 Scottsdale Repairs to Residence
736/7/39 Scottsdale Staffing
736/8/39 Scottsdale Fencing
736/8/39 Scottsdale Accommodation
736/8/39 Scottsdale Electric Installation (Domestic Arts)
736/8/39 Scottsdale Guidance in High School Work
736/8/39 Scottsdale Erection of Building on School Farm
736/8/39 Scottsdale Agricultural College
736/8/39 Scottsdale Irregular Attendance
736/8/39 Scottsdale Alteration of Farm Timetable
737/1/39 New Town High Supplies
737/2/39 New Town High Minor Repairs
737/3/39 New Town High Fencing
737/8/39 New Town High Plan of Property
737/8/39 New Town High Leave to Attend Lectures
415/8/40 Tunbridge Water Supply
472/8/40 Priory Building Destroyed by Fire
580/8/40 Buckland Shelter Shed
612/8/40 Somerset Use of Ground by Cricket Club
678/8/40 Queenstown Cleaning Windows
720/40 Teachers College Books for Library
720/40 Teachers College Music Fees for Students
720/40 Teachers College Text Books & Supplies
721A/1/40 Sight Saving Equipment
723/8/40 Domestic Arts Hobart Site for New Building & New Building
Glenore Bursary
66/8/36 Lunawanna - Purchase of additional land