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General Correspondence (4)
Series Number:
Start Date:
23 Apr 1906
End Date:
21 Jul 2010
Tasmanian Archives
Series notes:
Organised by department's archive numbers. The Archives Office holds from 1 - 8000. With the exception of file 9395, those above 8000 are still retained by the Department and permission must be obtained from the Department to access these.

Despite the broad date range, only a very small number of files go to the series end date of 1991.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:

T1 Examinations: Class II Certificate (347/1948)
T2 Teachers' Union: Salaries Tribunal (518/1950)
T3 School Funds: General (450/1953)
T4 General Enquiries: 1956 (104/1956)
T5 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries (72/1956)
T6 Exchange Teachers: Australia-America, Fulbright Scheme 1954 (450/1951)
T7 Telephones: General (327/1946) [vide 374/42 General from 1942-1945]
T8 Teachers' Union: Resolutions, etc., 1956 (138/1956)
T9 Technical. Hobart Technical: Repairs, etc (744-2/1946)
T10 Smithton High: Repairs (738-2/1954)
T11 Smithton High: Furniture and equipment (738-1/1955)
T12 Bellerive: Repairs (85-2/1952)
T13 Ulverstone High: Furniture and Equipment (739-1/1955)
T14 Ulverstone High: Development of site (739-8/1953)
T15 Ogilvie High: Repairs (737-2/1954)
T16 A.G. Ogilvie High: Furniture and equipment (737-1/1955)
T17 Launceston High School: Ogilvie Park (733-8/1934)
T18 Launceston High School: Ogilvie Park (733-8/1934) [vide for corres. 22/3/1934 - 31/12/1948 see transfer 17]
T19 Launceston High: Rental of cottages (733-6/1943) [vide 733-6/1942 additional land - Knowles Estate]
T20 Launceston High: Repairs (733-2/1955)
T21 Burnie High: Furniture and equipment (735-1/1955)
T22 Burnie High Junior: Repairs (156-2/1954)
T23 Cooee: Modern School Building (735-6/1950)
T24 Huonville Area School: Additions (273-6/1953)
T25 Huonville Area: Furniture and Equipment (273-1/1955)
T26 Regulations: Amenments, etc., 1956 (126/1956)
T27 Bowen Road: Repairs (226-2/1952)
T28 Devonport High: School Clerk (734-8/1950)
T29 Devonport High: Repairs (734-2/1954)
T30 Devonport High: Furniture and Equipment (734-1/1955)
T31 Devonport High: Additions to Science Block 1954, H.A.C. Block 1956 (734-6/1950)
T32 Devonport High: Development of site (734-11/1946)
T33 Sheffield Area: Repairs (294-2/1951)
T34 Exchange Teachers: Australia - America Fulbright Scheme (450/1952)
T35 Excursions: General 1956 (171/1956)
T36 Winnaleah: Development of site, etc., (525-11/1948)
T37 Smithton: Additional Land (102-6/1951)
T38 Robert Cosgrove School: Furniture and Equipment 229-1/1955
T39 Smithton: Furniture Equipment (102-1/1954)
T40 Robert Cosgrove Secondary: Development of site (229-11/1952)
T41 Education Department: General Enquiries (204/1956)
T42 Visitors: General (137/1956)
T43 Devonport Secondary: Furniture and Equipment (137-1/1955)
T44 Albuera Street Secondary: Repairs (1-2/1954)
T45 Albuera Street: Furniture and Equipment (1-1/1955)
T46 Elizabeth Street Primary: Furniture and Equipment (8-1/1955)
T48 Elizabeth Street Primary: Repairs (8-2/1954)
T49 Annual Report: General 1954-1955
T50 Adult Eduction: Clerk - Regional Officers (285/1957)
T51 A.C.E.R: General (167/1956)
T52 Adult Education: Appointment of Superintendent (490/1947)
T53 Woodbridge: Rental of cottage and land (317-8/1943)
T54 Dover: Acquisition of site (F.W. James) (164-6/1945)
T55 Ulverstone High: Proposed Combined School (349-6/1945)
T56 Technical Devonport: Request for classes in Devonport and temporary accommodation (749-8/1940)
T57 Technical Devonport: Additional land - Symbister - not purchased+A70 (749-6/1940)
T58 Launceston High: Hostel - Management, etc. (733-8/1945)
T59 Queenstown Technical (Mt Lyell): Additional Land - Sports Ground (747-6/1945)
T60 Woodbridge Area: New building (317-6/1947)
T61 Riana: New building (428-6/1948)
T62 Robert Cosgrove: Modern School site (additional land) (229-6/1946)
T63 Audit: Departmental accounts (609/1953)
T64 Launceston Technical High School: Accommodation (745-6/1949)
T65 Launceston High: Gymnasium building (733-6/1949)
T66 G.V. Brooks Community School: Science Block (19-6/1948)
T67 G.V. Brooks Community School: Domestic Science Block (19-6/1948)
T68 Newnham Hall: Piano (19-8/1948)
T69 Launceston State High: Hostel Enquiry (733-8/1948)
T70 G.V. Brooks Community School: Art Block (19-6/1949)
T71 Hobart High: Werndee Hostel - additions (732-6/1949)
T72 A.C.E.R: Dr Whiotford, Personal (377/1957)
T73 Carpenter: Hobart - General (192/1951)
T74 Scottsdale: New Infant School block (736-6/1947)
T75 Queenstown Technical (Mt Lyell): Proposed additions and alterations (747-6/1946)
T76 Sheffield: Additional Land - Farm (294-6/1946)
T77 Winnaleah: New building (525-6/1949)
T78 New Norfolk Area: New building (399-6/1951)
T79 Sheffield: Assembly Hall (294-6/1950)
T80 Sheffield: Kindergarten (294-6/1950)
T81 Burnie High Junior: Accommodation (Mussett Hut) 156-6/1950)
T82 Bellerive: Rental of land (85-8/1950)
T83 Robert Cosgrove: Modern School Building (229-6/1950)
T84 Technical Devonport: New building (749-6/1940)
T85 Albuera Street: Site for Infant School (1-6/1945)
T86 Albuera Street: New Infant School (1-6/1948)
T87 Devonport Secondary: New building (136-6/1950)
T88 Smithton Primary: Accommodation (102-6/1950)
T89 Winnaleah: Area School site (Carins) (525-6/1946)
T90 Commonwealth Education: Technical Co-operation Scheme (218/1955)
T91 Community: Furniture and Equipment (19-1/1955)
T92 Community: Repairs (19-2/1954)
T93 Natone: New building (151-6/1949)
T94 G.V. Brooks Community School: School Clerk (19-7/1950)
T95 State Library Board: Whitford - Personal (478/1957)
T96 Hagley: Applications for admission (657-8/1947)
T97 Hagley: Repairs (657-2/1954)
T98 Hagley: Water supply (657-10/1944)
T99 Hagley: Furniture and Equipment (657-1/1954)
T100 Hagley: Accounts (657-A/1949)
T101 King Island: Repairs (320-2/1954)
T102 Education Department: Public Relations - Dr Whitford (549/1956)
T103 King Island: Furniture and equipment (320-1/1955)
T104 Currie, King Island: School Farm development (320-8/1941)
T105 King Island Area: Canteen (320-5/1949)
T106 Burnie Primary: Repairs (145-2/1954)
T107 Beaconsfield: New building (25-6/1945)
T108 Brooklyn: Request for school (692/1939)
T109 Burnie Primary: Furniture and equipment (145-1/1954)
T110 Burnie: Additional land (145-6/1947)
T111 Burnie: New school - Primary section (145-6/1952)
T112 G.V.Brookes Community School: Grant of 10 acres to LCC for Reserve (19-8/1949)
T113 Hagley: Farm Board Minutes (657-8/1942)
T114 Hobart Technical High School: New building (743-6/1945)
T115 King Island: Additions (320-6/1953)
T116 Currie: Accommodation for Teachers (320-8/1945)
T117 King Island: Preschool Centre (320-8/1947)
T118 New Norfolk Area: Additional land (749-6/1949)
T119 Smithton High School: Assembly Hall (Old Christmas Hills) (738-6/1946)
T120 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries 1955 (072/1956)
T121 Special Teachers: Qualifications, Domestic Arts Teachers, etc. Examinations, etc. (423/1946)
T122 Bracknell: Repairs (651-2/1953)
T123 Tasmanian Council of School Organisations: General 1953 (216/1953)
T124 Bracknell: Furniture and Equipment (651-1/1955)
T125 Examinations: Education A and B (314/1957)
T126 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries (072/1956)
T127 Teacher's Union: Special Teachers Single Certificate (439/1954)
T128 Techer's union: Promotion Scheme - Single Certificate (436/1953)
T129 Campbell Town: Furniture and equipment (76-1/1955)
T130 Use of Room: Applications 1956 (107/1956)
T131 High Schools: Speech Nights 1955 (402/1955)
T132 Health Department: General 1956 (128/1956)
T133 Conveyance: Concession fares - Method of application (376/1954)
T134 Schools: General Lists etc. (44/1956)
T135 Holidays: General 1955 (173/1955)
T136 Charles Street School: Repairs (15-2/1955)
T137 Cressy Area: Furniture and equipment (376-1/1955)
T138 Publications: Offer of pamphlets (165/1955)
T139 Free Books: General 1955 (23/1955)
T140 Lenah Valley: Repairs to grounds and sports oval (13-2/1954)
T141 Cygnet: Repairs to heating etc. (450-2/1951)
T142 Collinsvale: Accommodation (220-6/1953)
T143 Correspondence School: Furniture and equipment (730-1/1955)
T144 Cranbrook: Furniture and equipment (216-1/1954)
T145 Teachers Union: Salaries Tribunal (518/1950)
T146 New Norfolk High: Repairs (740-2/1956)
T147 Albuera Street: Library and Science Room (1-6/1951)
T149 Alonnah: Additional land (67-6/1951)
T150 Bellerive: Pre School Kindergarten, Congregational Hall (85-9/1948)
T151 Bellerive: Rent of old building (85-8/1946)
T152 Bellerive: Accommodation (85-6/1951)
T153 Boat Harbour: New building 601-6/1946
T154 Boat Harbour: Rental of cottage (601-8/1944
T155 Area Schools: Request from Table Cape, Boat Harbour (Western Area) 601-6/1937)
T156 Bothwell: Request for Area School (41-6/1948)
T157 Bowen Road: Use of paddock (226-8/1948)
T158 Bowen Road: Accommodation (226-6/1952)
T159 Bracknell: Trade classes (651-8/1947)
T160 Bracknell: Additional Land - Lansdell (651-6/1955)
T161 Branxholm: Application for portion of site (517-8/1952)
T162 Bridgewater: Title to old school site (53-8/1947)
T163 Bridport State School: Change of hours (544-8/1955)
T164 Brighton: New building (58-6/1939)
T165 Brighton: Request for Area School, site, etc. (58-8/1941)
T166 Brooklyn: New building (157-6/1952)
T168 Burnie Primary: Kindergarten site (145A-6/1950)
T169 Burnie: Residence for Assistant (145-6/1951)
T170 Burnie: Accommodation - rented hall (145-6/1950)
T171 Burnie: Pre School Kindergarten - suggested establishment (145-6/1944)
T172 Burnie: Installation of telephone in Pre-school (145-8/1955)
T173 Campania: New building (497-6/1949)
T174 Campania: Repairs, etc. (497-2/1952)
T175 Campbell Street: Pre School Kindergarten (6-6/1949)
T176 Campbell Town: Rental of cottage (76-8/1946)
T177 Cape Barren Island: Oslo lunches (300-8/1949)
T178 South Hobart (Cascades): Request for increased facilities (154/1946)
T179 Charles Street: Caretaker's Cottage (15-8/1952)
T180 Charles Street: Furniture and Equipment (15-1/1955)
T181 Claremont: Rental of portion of site (321-8/1952)
T182 Community: Telephone at Home Arts Centre (19-8HA/1956)
T183 G.V. Brookes Community: Additions (19-6/1950)
T184 G.V. Brookes Community School: Lease of portion of property (19-8/1948)
T185 Correspondence School: Telephone (730-8/1955)
T186 Robert Cosgrove: Additions (229-6/1952)
T187 Cressy: Additional land - Miss Summers (376-8ES/1947)
T188 Area Schools: Request from Cressy (376-6/1940)
T189 Deloraine: Additions (including Assembly Hall) (120-6/1946)
T190 Cressy Area: Additional land - Parents Association (376-6/1947)
T191 Cressy: Accommodation (376-6/1950)
T192 Cygnet: Rental of paddock (450-8/1951)
T193 Cygnet: Additions - 1 classroom 1957 (450-6/1955)
T194 Deloraine: Additional land (120-6/1951)
T195 Deloraine: Request for High School (120-8/1951)
T196 Deloraine: Repairs, furniture, etc. (120-2/1948)
T197 Devonport: Parents Association request (136-8/1948)
T198 Devonport High: Ronald Street flats conversion (734-6/1947)
T199 East Devonport: Repairs, etc. (135-2/1952)
T200 Elizabeth Street: Additional Land (8-6/1949)
T201 Elizabeth Street Primary: Accommodation - Baptist Hall (8-6/1952)
T202 Hagley: Exchange of land (657-8/1947)
T203 Hagley: Additions - Library, 2 classrooms, etc. (657-6/1951)
T204 Hagley: Trade classes (657-3/1951)
T205 Hagley: Farm management (657-8/1940)
T206 Hagley: School Farm (657-8/1939)
T207 Hagley: Advisory Council (657-8/1939)
T208 Hagley: Additions - Cottage No.2 building (657-6/1949)
T209 Technical Hobart: Additions 1953 (744-6/1952)
T210 High School: Request from Huon (273-8/1957)
T211 King Island: Technical Classes (Grassy) (320-8/1949)
T212 Launceston High: Kooringa equipment and furniture (733-1/1951)
T213 Launceston Higfh: Board of Management - Kooringa (733-11/1951)
T214 New Norfolk High: Installation of telephone (740-8/1955)
T215 Scottsdale: Minstone Road site (736-8/1952)
T216 Smithton Primary: Repairs, etc. (102-2/1952)
T217 Smithton High School: Additions - Trades block (738-6/1950)
T218 Smithton High School: Additions 1956 - 2 classrooms (738-6/1955)
T219 Ulverstone State High: Offer of residences (349-6/1952)
T220 Winnaleah: Erection of Medical Centre on site (525-8/1951)
T221 Winnaleah: Furniture and equipment (525-1/1955)
T222 Woodbridge Area: Additional land - Trizoni (317-6/1949)
T223 Woodbridge: Site for Area School - Cripps land (317-8/1943)
T224 Yolla: Repairs, etc. (603-2/1952)
T225 Yolla Area: Accommodation (603-6/1951)
T226 Yolla Area: Hostel - additions 1956 - 1 room (603-6H/1951)
T227 Yolla Area: Hostel purchase (603-6H/1948)
T228 Education Department: Staffing 1956 (125/1956)
T229 Education Department: Store - Hobart (267/1950)
T230 Deloraine Pre-School: Building - St Hilda's - Willowdene (120-6P/1947)
T231 Education Department: Store, etc., Launceston (405/1951)
T232 Dover Area School: Additional land (164-6/1953)
T233 Dover: Accommodation (164-6/1947)
T234 Dover: New building (164-6/1948)
T235 Edith Creek: Furniture and Equipment (111-1/1955)
T236 Derby: Residence - Head Teachers (518-6/1953)
T237 Exeter: Water supply (33-8/1939)
T238 Derby: application to purchase or rent old residence (518-8/1944)
T239 Derby: Request for Pre School Kindergarten (518-6/1949)
T240 Devonport: Accidents (136-12/1953)
T241 West Tamar Area: Repairs (33-2/1954)
T242 Devonport Primary: Repairs (136-2/1955)
T243 Devonport Primary: Furniture and equipment (136-1/1955)
T244 New Norfolk High: Furniture and equipment (740-1/1956)
T245 West Tamar (Exeter): Development of site (33-11/1948)
T246 Whitemark: Repairs, etc. - Lighting plant - (201-2/1950)
T247 Domestic Arts, Hobart: Repairs (723-2/1955)
T248 Technical, New Town: Repairs (743-2/1953)
T249 Flinders Island: Furniture and equipment (201-1/1955)
T250 Charles Street: Furniture and equipment (15-1/1956)
T251 East Devonport: Furniture and equipment (135-1/1955)
T252 Geeveston: Repairs (165-2/1953)
T253 George Town Area: Furniture and equipment (205-1/1955)
T254 East Launceston: Furniture and equipment (16-1/1955)
T255 East Launceston: Repairs (16-2/1954)
T255(?) Ouse: Repairs (255-2/1953)
T256 Glenora Area: Repairs (393-2/1953)
T257 Glenora: Repairs (393-2/1955)
T258 Glenora: Furniture and equipment (393-1/1955)
T259 Conferences: Superintendets 1956, 1957. 1958 (433/1955)
T260 elizabeth Street Infant: Repairs (8-2/1954)
T261 Elphin Rise: Repairs (23B-2/1955)
T262 Oatlands: Repairs (413-2/1955)
T263 Parents Associations: Requestst, etc. (167/1949)
T264 Evandale: Furniture and equipment (159-1/1955)
T266 Evandale: Recommendation (159-6/1954)
T267 Riana: Repairs (428-2/1955)
T268 Evandale: Repairs (159-2/1955)
T269 Fingal: Furniture and equipment (183-1/1954)
T270 Sprent: Repairs (348-2/1954)
T271 Snug Area: Repairs (309-2/1954)
T272 Sorell Area: Repairs (571-2/1955)
T273 St. Mary's Area: Repairs (192-2/1954)
T274 St Mary's: Development of site (192-8/1944)
T275 Tasman: Repairs (682-2/1953)
T276 Glen Dhu State School: Furniture and equipment (17-1/1955)
T277 Glen Dhu School: Cleaner (17-14/1942)
T278 Elizabeth Street Infants: New building (8-6/1949)
T279 Finance: Expenditure Proposals 1957/58 (834/1956)
T280 Finance: Loan estimates 1957/58 (500/57)
T281 Finance: Revenue estimates 1956/57 (761/1956)
T282 Forest: Temporary accommodation (96-6/1951)
T283 Devonport: Pre-school - new building (136-6/1948)
T284 Domestic Arts: New Town Accounts (6-A/1953)
T285 Domestic Arts School Hobart: Change of hours (723-8/1957)
T286 Dunalley: Installation of Telephone (566-8/1955)
T287 Dynnyrne: Pre-School Kindergarten (7-6/1948)
T290 Devonport: Youth Centre (136-8/1952)
T291 Derby: Additional land (518-6/1951)
T292 Cressy Street New Town: Pre-School Kindergarten (14D-8/1951)
T293 Derby: Accommodation - Rental of Church of England hall (518-8/1947)
T294 Bagdad: School destroyed by fire - temporary premises (50-6/1954)
T295 Lilydale: Additional land - Arnold 26 acres (365-6A/1949)
T296 Lilydale: Additional land (365-6/1949)
T297 Lilydale: Additional Land - Kelp (365-6L/1949)
T298 Snug: Accommodation (309-6/1948)
T299 Ringarooma: Additional land (523-6/1954)
T300 Ringarooma: Flats - purchase and conversion (523-6F/1951)
T301 Ridgley: New building (148-6/1948)
T302 Ridgley Area: Requiest for Area School - site (148-6/1939)
T303 Finance: Loan Programme 1956/57 (142/1957)
T304 Elizabeth Street Infant: Rental of cottage (8-6/1944)
T305 Elizabeth Street Infant: School site (Jewish Cemetery) and Right of Way (Watkins Avenue) (8-6/1944)
T306 Glenorchy: Infant Block (222-6/1949)
T307 Huonville Area: Additional land - Grove proposal (316/1950)
T308 Technical Queenstown: Bursary Fund (148/1949)
T309 Queenstown Technical: Complaint re obscene literature (628/1955)
T310 Queenstown Technical: Death of pupil (240/1951)
T311 Teacher Training: Student Teachers Course, Students 1955 (01/1955)
T312 Teacher Training: Student Terachers Course, Students 1956 (584/1955)
T313 Schools of Method: General 1955 (341/1955)
T314 Speech Training: Supplies 1955 (21/1955)
T315 Education Department: Staffing (22/1955)
T316 Dover: Orchard (164-6/1948)
T317 Dover: Use of land by Council. Removal of Infant School to new site (164-8/1929)
T318 Evandale: Consolidation and additional land (159-8/1946)
T319 Epping: Rental of residence (79-8/1940)
T320 Girls Welfare School Hobart: Rental of garage (729A-8/1953)
T321 Girls Welfare School Hobart: Change of name (729A-8/1954)
T322 Snug: Hostel purchase (309-6H/1950)
T323 Snug: Request for hostel (309-6H/1949)
T324 Franklin: Site (268-6/1956)
T325 Frankford: Rental of portion of site (655-8/1952)
T326 Forth: Additional land (358-6/1947)
T327 Sprent: Teachers Hostel conversion (348-6H/1949)
T328 Fingal: Rental of residence (183-8/1955)
T329 Fingal: Additions - Ormley building (183-6/1953)
T330 St Helen's: Additional land (469-6/1953)
T331 St Mary's: Lease of site (192-8/1944)
T332 St Mary's: Additions (192-6/1952)
T333 Area Schools: Request for Area School at Tasman Peninsula (628-6/1940)
T334 Tasman: Building (628-6/1949)
T335 Tasman: Gymnasium (628-6/1953)
T337 Furniture: Transfer of Teacher's furniture 1957 (663/1956)
T338 St Mary's: Hostel - building (192-6H/1950)
T339 Wesley Vale: Accommodation (331-6/1954)
T340 Dover: Repairs, etc. (164-2/1949)
T341 Wilmot: Accommodation (298-6/1950)
T343 Glenorchy: Accommodation (222-6/1954)
T344 St Helen's: Offer to purchase part of school reserve (469-8/1928)
T345 Snug: Additional land (309-6/1947)
T346 Sorell: Additional Land - Area School site (571-6/1944)
T347 Flinders Island: Hostel - conversion of residence (201-6H/1956)
T348 Conferences: Superintendents 1955 (295/1955)
T349 Conferences: interstate Conference of Superintendents (553/1955)
T350 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries, information, reports (514/1953)
T351 East Launceston: Accommodation (16-6/1949)
T352 Mental Deficiency: General 1954 (381/1954)
T353 Elphin Rise Infant: New buildings (23B-6/1952)
T354 Elphin Rise: Additions 1 classroom 1950 - 1 classroom 1953 (23B-6/1950)
T355 Bowen Road: Additional land (226-6/1954)
T356 Finance: Loan programme 1957/58 (505/1957)
T357 Dunalley: Additions (566-6/1949)
T358 Glenora: Residence for Trade Teacher (393-8/1941)
T359 George Town: New building (205-6/1951)
T360 George Town: Evening classes (205-8/1953)
T361 George Town: Workshop, Store, etc. (205-8/1956)
T362 George Town: Prizes - Public Speaking - A.P. Findlay (205-8/1954)
T363 George Town: Modern School site (205-8/1946)
T364 Glenora: Additions (393-6/1955)
T365 Glenora Area: additions - 4 classrooms, Assembly Hall (393-6/1953)
T366 Glenora: Accommodation - rent of hall (393-6/1947)
T367 Conferences: Director's - Perth 1954 (359/1954)
T368 Director of Education: Itineraries 1953 (672/1953)
T369 Conferences: Directors - Invitation to NZ Director (501/1952)
T370 Conferences: Directors - 1955 (03/1955)
T371 Glen Dhu: Telephone Extension (17-8/1955)
T372 Glen Dhu: Accommodation (17-6/1950)
T373 Glen Dhu: Accommodaton (17-6/1947)
T374 Glen Dhu: Accommodation - Methodist Hall - (17-7/1954)
T375 Sorell: Temporary Accommodation - Rented building (571-8/1956)
T376 Sprent: Repairs, etc. (348-2/1950)
T377 Sprent: Tenancy of Area School site - Residence (348-8/1944)
T378 Ringarooma: Swimming Pool (523-8/1950)
T379 Evandale: Installation of telephone (159-8/1956)
T380 Epping: Installation of telephone (79-8/1955)
T381 Emu Heights and Havenview: Additional Land - Okines (620/1958)
T382 Seminars: Teaching of English in High Schools (615/1957)
T383 Seminars: Social Studies (569/1956)
T384 Seminars: Infant Schools (01/1957)
T385 Seminars: Slow Learners (316/1957)
T386 Staffing: Appointment - Supervisor of Science (310/1957)
T387 Swimming: General 1954/55 Season (07/1955)
T388 Technical Devonport: Additions (620/1957)
T389 Furniture: Transfer of Teachers' Furniture 1956 (646/1955)
T390 Glen Dhu: Additional land (17-6/1944)
T391 Bellerive: Gardener (85-8/1947)
T392 Fingal: Repairs (183-2/1944)
T393 Fern Tree: Pre-School Kindergarten - Establishment (14B-9/1951)
T394 Area Schools: Riana - additional land (428-6/1946)
T395 Dunalley: Repairs etc. (566-2/1951)
T396 Dunalley: Closure of school (566-8/1955)
T397 Dover: Installation of Telephone (164-8/1955)
T398 Teacher Training: Residential College (306/1953)
T399 Teacher Training: Hostel - Furniture and equipment (23/1954)
T399(?) Geeveston: Pre School Kindergarten - Building (165-9/1947)
T400 Teacher Training: Hostel - Parkside (555/1953)
T401 Technical Hobart: Acquisition of land, etc. (486/1945)
T402 Examinations: Class II Certificate (347/1955)
T403 East Devonport: Pre School Kindergarten (135A-8/1950)
T404 East Devonport: Pre School building (135A-6/1952
T405 East Devonport: Pre School site (135A-6/1953)
T406 Edith Creek: Additional land (111-6/1951)
T407 Edith Creek: Additions - New Trade Block (111-6/1954)
T408 Edith Creek: Telephone installation (111-8/1954)
T409 Dunalley: Additional land (566-6/1951)
T410 Devonport: Establishment of Pre School Kindergarten (136-8/1947)
T411 Devonport: Rental of land (136-8/1953)
T412 Devonport: Additions (146-6/1949)
T413 Devonport: Nixon Street - Acquisition of land (136-6/1950)
T414 Edith Creek: New buuilding (111-6/1948)
T415 West Tamar: Accommodation (33-6/1953)
T416 West Tamar: Assembly Hall (33-6/1951)
T417 West Tamar: Accommodation (33-6/1947)
T418 West Tamar: Additional land (33-6/1954)
T419 Edith Creek: Erection of 2 residences and the Hostel (111-6/1953)
T420 Geeveston: Assembly Hall (165-6/1953)
T421 Geeveston: Accommodation - New building (16506/1954)
T422 Flinders Island: Accommodation (201-6/1955)
T423 Lilydale: Accommodation - 2 classrooms 1950 - 1 classroom 1953 (365-6/1949)
T424 Fairbridge Farm School: Proposed scheme (618/1955)
T425 George Town: Pre School Kindergarten - Building (205-9/1951)
T426 George Town: Hostel - building (205-6H/1953)
T428 Forest: Accommodation for Teachers (96-8/1945)
T429 Whitemark: Suggested Hostel for children (201-8/1945)
T430 Geeveston: Forestry scheme (165-8/1941)
T431 Ouse: New building (255-6/1954)
T432 Ouse: Area Schools - Request from ouse - site (255-6/1948)
T433 Oatlands: New school, etc. (413-6/1954)
T434 Oatlands: Additional land (413-6/1944)
T435 Natone: Rental of telephone and installation (151-8T/1955)
T436 Mole Creek: Additional land - Methodist and community sites (124-6/1950)
T437 Glenorchy: Furniture and equipment (222-1/1955)
T438 Glenorchy: Repairs (222-2/153)
T439 Glenore: Award of Bursary (664-8/1941)
T440 Queenstown: Repairs (678-2/1955)
T441 Queenstown: Furniture and equipment (678-1/1954)
T442 Rosebery: Repairs (693-2/1954)
T443 Gormanston: Repairs (671-2/1954)
T444 Wynyard: Repairs, etc. (614-2/1952)
T445 East Moonah Pre-School: Additional land (230-6-1954)
T446 Glenorchy: Additional land (222-6/1950)
T447 Glenorchy: Pre School Kindergarten - additional land (222-6/1949)
T448 Glenorchy: Kindergarten (222-6/1946)
T449 Goodwood State School: Furniture and equipment (231-1/1955)
T450 Goodwood: New building (231-6/1950)
T451 Goodwood: Additions (231-6/1954)
T452 Goodwood: Repairs (231-2/1954)
T453 goodwood: School site (231-6/1946)
T454 Gormanston: Additions - new building (71-6/1951)
T455 Gormanston: Irregular attendance (671-IA/1956)
T456 Kings Meadows: Additional land (394/1949)
T457 Queenstown: Additions (678-6/1954)
T458 Queenstown: Capitol Theatre acquisition (678-6/1951)
T459 Queenstown: Hostel for Teachers - acquisition (678-9/1944)
T460 Queenstown: Residence, Beardsley Street - Pears (678-11/1951)
T461 Queenstown: Pre School Kindergarten - establishment and building (678-6P/1947)
T462 Queenstown: Bowes Street Flats - purchase (678-6F/1947)
T463 Queenstown: Men's Hostel - purchase (678-6H/1950)
T464 Queenstown: Repairs (678-2/1951)
T465 Rosebery: Additional land (693-6/1953)
T466 Rosebery: Additional land (693-6/1951)
T467 Rosebery: Additional land - Salvation Army (693-6/1957)
T468 Rosebery: Pre School Kindergarten - establishment (693-8/1947)
T469 Rosebery: Hostel purchase (693-6/1950)
T470 Rosebery: New building (693-6/1950)
T471 Whitemore: Additional land (663-6/1955)
T472 Wivenhoe: Additional land (153-6/1954)
T473 Wivenhoe: Repairs, furniture, etc. (153-2/1950)
T474 Wynyard: Additions 1954 (614-6/1950)
T475 Wynyard: Residence, Gibbons Street (614-8/1956)
T476 Wynyard: Additional land (614-6/1950)
T477 Wynyard: Drainage Easement (614/1953)
T478 Yarra Creek: New building (322-6NB/1956)
T479 Yarra Creek: School site - purchase of land (322-6/1955)
T480 Young Town: Additions - 2 classrooms 1954 - 2 classrooms 1957 (556-6/1953)
T481 Young Town: Additional land (556-6/1951)
T482 Official Press Releases: Dr Whitford - Personal (486/1958)
T483 Goulburn Street: Repairs (3-2/1954)
T484 Exchange of Information: Personal - Dr Whitford (502/1957)
T485 State Library Board: Dr R.L. Whitford - Personal (478/1957)
T486 Teacher Training: Furniture and equipment (6/1955)
T487 Staffing: General 1956 (01/1956)
T488 Supply and Tender Department: General (581/1949)
T489 Sports: General 1956 (227/1956)
T490 Teacher Training: Hostel - Parkside Hall - Repairs (386/1954)
T491 West Launceston: Repairs (23-2/1953)
T492 Hospital Classes Hobart: Accommodation at Wingfield (719D-6/1944)
T493 Invermay: Furniture and equipment (18-1/1955)
T494 Invermay: Repairs (18-2/1953)
T495 Waimea Heights: Repairs (9-2/1954)
T496 Dr R.L. Whitford: General District Organisation (473/1957)
T497 Goulburn Street: Additional Land (3-8/1943)
T498 Grassy: Request for old building (325-8/1949)
T499 Grassy: Accommodation (325B-6/1954)
T500 Grassy: Additional land (325B-6/1954)
T500(?) Hobart: Northern Suburbs - Special School (1954)
T501 Ilfraville: Pre School Kindergarten (37-9/1950)
T502 Upper Burnie: Additions (143-6/1948)
T503 Upper Castra: Additional Land (350-6/1954)
T504 Waratah: New building (691-6/1953)
T505 Waratah: Sale of old building (691-8/1951)
T506 Wayatinah: State School (261-6/1951)
T507 West Launceston: Additional land (23-8/1939)
T508 West Launceston: Request for Pre School Kindergarten (23-8/1950)
T509 West Ulverstone: School site - purchase (351-6/1955)
T510 Zeehan: Disposal of old buildings (696-8/1951)
T511 West Zeehan: New building (696-6/1950)
T512 Bursaries: War Special 1953 (09/1953)
T513 Publications: Offers of pamphlets for distribution (40/1953)
T514 Vacations: General 1953 (07/1953)
T515 Coronation: General (04/1953)
T516 Probationary Students: General 1952/53 (03/1953)
T517 Conferences: Directors 1953 (10/1953)
T518 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries (72/1956)
T519 Examinations: Education A & B (314/1957)
T520 Teachers' Union: Resolutions (138/1956)
T521 Kingston: Furniture and equipment (306-1/1955)
T522 Education: General Enquiries (104/1956)
T523 Conferences: Inspectors of Schools (566/1956)
T524 Conferences: Vancouver - School Physical Education (347/1954)
T525 Conferences: British Psychological Society (407/1953)
T526 Conferences: New Education Fellowship (03/1956)
T527 Conferences: A.NM.Z.I.I.S. (522/1956)
T528 Conferences: Australian Planning Institute (504/1956)
T529 Judbury: Offer to lease reserve (269-8/1939)
T530 Kingston Pre School: Hostel - Furniture and equipment (306-1H/1956)
T531 Kingston Beach Training Centre: Matron for Hostel (306-8H/1957)
T533 Kingston Pre School:Exchange of land (305-8/1953
T534 Kingston Pre School: Establishment - building (305-9/1946)
T535 Kingston Pre School: Repairs, equipment, etc. (306-2/1951)
T536 Conveyance of Scholars: Blackman's Bay and Kingston to Hobart (244/1944)
T537 Certificate: Preparation of Teacher's Certificate - Miss D. G. Hill (260/1944)
T538 Classification Test: General (13/1957)
T539 Commonwealth Education: Migrant Classes, etc. (457/1955)
T540 Commonwealth Education: Technical Co-operation Scheme (218/1955)
T541 Commonwealth Department of Labour and industry: Job Information (377/1954)
T543 Conservation Day: Observance 1953 (476/1953)
T544 Property: Premises on offer to Department - Hobart (464/1951)
T545 Property: Offers of premises to Department - Launceston (456/1951)
T546A Property: Country - Mr Burke - Central North Western District (518A/1953)
T546B Property: country - Mr Overton - Southern Midland District (518B/1953)
T546C Property: Country - Mr Stubs - North Western District (518C/1953)
T546D Property: Country - Mr Lewis - Southern District (518D/1953)
T546E Property: Country - Mr Smith - North Eastern District (518E/1953)
T546F Property: Country - Mr Grace - Northern District (518F/1953)
T547 Bellerive: Development of site (85-11/1953)
T548 Estimates: Loan Programme 1953/1954 (678/1953)
T549 Estimates: Loans Programme (411/1954)
T550 Truant Officer: Applications (308/1953)
T551 Use of Room: Applications 1953 (39/1953)
T552 Education Department: Supplies (75/1952)
T553 Conveyance of Scholars: School Transport Bus Owners Association (349/1948)
T554 Residences: Applications - Hobart 1959 (594/1958)
T555 Libraries: Standard Equipment (523/1949)
T556 Libraries: Education Officers' Library - Lists of books (519/1946)
T557 Education Department: Public Relations - R.L. Whitford (549/1956)
T558 Commonwealth: Education - Technical Co-operation Programme (531/1951)
T559 Hobart high: Repairs (732-2/1956)
T560 Education: Office Accommodation - Repairs (681/1953)
T561 Education Department: Repairs (159/1952)
T562 Conveyance of Scholars: Upper Stowport and Glance Creek, Natone, etc. (405/1952)
T563 Conveyance of Scholars: Deloraine to Launceston (247/1955)
T564 Conveyance of Scholars: Blackamoor and Kimberley (385/1951)
T565 Conveyance of Scholars: Kimberley Railton to Sheffield (435/1947)
T566 Conveyance of Scholars: Glen Huon to Huonville - Feeder Service (329/1955)
T567 Conveyance of Scholars: Linda, etc. to Gormanston - gorringe (243/1943)
T568 Conveyance of Scholars: Kempton, Bagdad, etc. to Hobart (88/1948)
T569 Conveyance of Scholars: To Blind Institute (153/569)
T570 Conveyance of Scholars - Jean Banks to Bothwell (336/1955)
T571 Conveyance of Scholars: New Norfolk to Hobart (331/1952)
T572 Conveyance of Scholars: Myrtle Bank and Patersonia to Myrtle Park (76/1951)
T573 Conveyance of Scholars: Proctors Road to Princes Street (266/1952)
T574 Conveyance of Scholars: Gunn's Plains to Preston (363/1954)
T575 Conveyance of Scholars: South Mount Cameron to Pioneer (560/1953)
T576 Conveyance of Scholars: Riana and South Riana to Penguin (242/1951)
T577 Conveyance of Scholars: Lawrenny, etc., to Ouse (421/1949)
T578 Conveyance of Scholars: Strickland to Osterley (557/1951)
T579 Conveyance of Scholars: Tunbridge to Oatlands (194/1952)
T580 Conveyance of Scholars: Glen Fern to New Norfolk (266/1945)
T581 Conveyance of Scholars: Glen Valley to Molesworth (226/1951)
T582 Conveyance of Scholars: Butler's Gorge to Tarraleah (582/1955)
T583 Conveyance of Scholars: Whitemore - General (326/1955)
T584 Conveyance of Scholars: Rosebery Station to Rosebery (364/1952)
T585 Conveyance of Scholars: Rogerton (172/1952)
T586 Conveyance of Scholars: Oonah, etc. to Yolla
T587 Conveyance of Scholars: Winnaleah - General (303/1950)
T588 Conveyance of Scholars: Kettering to Woodbridge (283/1950)
T589 Conveyance of Scholars: Herric, etc., to Winnaleah (493/1949)
T590 Conveyance of Scholars: Oldina to Yolla (461/1948)
T591 Conveyance of Scholars: Branxholm Seniors, Derby, Winnaleah to Ringarooma (132/1948)
T592 Conveyance of Scholars: Forester's Hill, etc., to West Tamar Area - R.C. Hunt (504/1946)
T593 conveyance of Scholars: Branxholm and Derby to Scottsdale (317/1943)
T594 Conveyance of Scholars: Glenore to Whitemore (606/1940)
T595 Conveyance of Scholars: Henrietta to Yolla (475/1950)
T596 Conveyance of Scholars: Lowana to Riana (585/1956)
T597 Conveyance of Scholars: Montague to Scopus Road (364/1954)
T598 Conveyance of Scholars: Boat Harbour, Flowerdale to Wynyard (352/1953)
T599 Conveyance of Scholars: Penguin to Ulverstone (113/1953)
T600 Conveyance of Scholars: Watts Road to Sisters Creek (531/1952)
T601 Conveyance of Scholars: Forcett to Sorell - Enquiry (195/1952
T602 Conveyance of Scholars: Harford to Wesley Vale (571/1951)
T603 Conveyance of Scholars: Oyster Cove to Snug (528/1951
T604 Conveyance of Scholars: Banca Road to Winnaleah (395/1951)
T605 Conveyance of Scholars: Leven Canyon, South Nietta to Sprent (358/1951)
T606 Conveyance of Scholars: Steppes to Shannon (341/1951)
T607 Conveyance of Scholars: Young Town to St Leonards (381/1950)
T608 Conveyance of Scholars: Hawley to Port Sorell connection (134/1950)
T609 Conveyance of Scholars: Gawler, etc., to Ulverstone (585/1949)
T610 Conveyance of Scholars: Fingal to St Marys (276/1949)
T611 Conveyance of Scholars: Loyeta to South Riana (502/1948)
T612 Conveyance of Scholars: Gould's Country and Goshen to St. Helens (424/1948)
T613 Conveyance of Scholars: Scopus and Mella to Smithton (436/1947)
T614 Conveyance of Scholars: Burnie, Somerset, etc., to Wivenhoe (290/1947)
T615 Conveyance of Scholars: Dunalley and Kellevie to Sorell (183/1947)
T616 Conveyance of Scholars: Oyster Cove to Snug (124/1947)
T617 Conveyance of Scholars: Hampshire Road to Upper Natone (100/1946)
T619 Conveyance of Scholars: Lileah and West Forest to Forest (354/1940)
T620 Parklands High: Educational Planning (156-13/1957)
T621 Conveyance of Scholars: Brown Marsh to Bronte (415/1952)
T622 Launceston Technical: Building, etc. (745-6/1953)
T624 Excursions: General (171/1956)
T625 Parliament: Notices of Motion (609/1958)
T626 Non State Schools: General - including State assistance (547/1953)
T627 Publications: Requests for Departmental Publications (127/1956)
T628 Annual Report: General (415/1955)
T629 Conveyance: Concession Fares (376/1954)
T630 Ranfurley Offices: Residential - 307 Macquarie Street (575/1950)
T631 Schools Board of Tasmania: Dr Whitford - Personal (399/1958)
T632 Welfare Officer: Launceston - Office accommodation (559/1953)
T633 Teachers' Union: New building (365/1955)
T634 Schools' Library: Repairs (636/1956)
T635 Education Department: Accommodation (429/1957)
T636 Education Departrment: Office Accommodation (343/1944)
T637 Education Department: Equipment, supplies, etc. (202/1947)
T638 Regulations: Amendments 1949 (71/1949)
T639 Regulations: Amendmemts 1951 (63/1951)
T640 Kingston: Repairs (306-2/1951)
T642 Kingston: Repairs (306-2/1953)
T643 A.G. Ogilvie High School: Repairs (737-2/1954)
T644 Education Department: Staffing (125/1956)
T645 Devonport Tech: Furniture and equipment (749-1/1954)
T646 Conveyance of Scholars: Merrywood, Royal George to Avoca (246/1951)
T647 Launceston Technical High: Queechy - Furniture and equipment (745-1/1958)
T648 Conveyance of Scholars: Eastern Bagdad to Bagdad - Bantick (579/1947)
T649 Hobart Technical High: Telephone (743-8/1959)
T650 Hobart Technical High: Additional land (743-6/1950)
T651 Hobart Technical High: Repairs (743-2/1953)
T652 Hobart Technical High: Removal of wooden huts - Bathurst Street (744-8/1950)
T653 Hobart Technical College: Additional accommodation - McAllisters (744-6/1956)
T654 Hobart Technical College: Disposal of Land - 23,25,27 Liverpool Street (744-6/1957)
T655 Hobart Technical College: Additional land - 9,11,13,15 Bathurst Street and 67,68,73,75.77 Campbell Street (744-6/1954)
T656 Hobart Technical College: Furniture and equipment (744-1/1954)
T657 Hobart Technical College: Repairs (744-2/1946)
T658 Launceston Technical College: Repairs (746-2/1954)
T659 Launceston Technical College: Furniture and equipment (746-1/1957)
T660 Queenstown: Bowes Street Flats - Repairs (678-2F/1953)
T661 Mt Lyell School of Mines: Repairs (755-2/1950)
T662 R.M. Murray High School: Additional land (747-6/1952)
T663 Mt. Lyell School of Mines: Additions (75506/1948)
T664 Queenstown Technical: Residence - Urquhart Street (747-6/1945)
T665 Free Books: General (23/1955)
T666 Macquarie Street: Repairs (4-2/1956)
T667 Finance and Estimates: Monthly Financial Statements
T668 Finance: Approval for expenditure from loans (21-4/1953)
T669 Finance and estimates: Estimates 1958/59 (21-2/1958)
T670 Conveyance of Scholars: Pegarah Soldier Settlement to Yarra Creek (697/1957)
T671 Conveyance of Scholars: No. 5 and Loop Roads, etc., to Yarra Creek (318/1957)
T672 Workers Compensation: General (174/1956)
T673 Promotions Scheme: Departmental Federation Committee (413/1957)
T674 Promotions Scheme: General Business (312/1957)
T675 Publications: Offer of Pamphlets (165/1955)
T676 Exchange Teachers: Australia - America - Fulbright Scheme (450/1952)
T677 Teacher Education Grant: Australia - America - Joint smith-Mundt Scheme and Fulbright Scheme (612/1955)
T678 Use of Room: Applications - general (107/1956)
T679 Launceston High: Furniture and equipment (733-1/1956)
T680 Burnie High: New building (735-6/1950)
T681 New Norfolk High: Furniture and equipment (740-1/1956)
T682 Elizabeth Street: Repairs (8-2/1956)
T683 Carpenters, Tradesmen, etc: Hobart - General (192-3/1951)
T684 New Norfolk High: Tangara Hostel - Building - on school site (740-6H/1955)
T685 New Norfolk High: Hostel - Additional land - Female Teachers Hostel (740-6H/1957)
T686 New Norfolk High: Additions - Science block (740-6/1955)
T687 A.G. Ogilvie High School: Development of site (737-11/1946
T688 New Norfolk High: Repairs (740-2/1956)
T689 Property: Offer to sell 5 Burnie dwellings (453/1959)
T690 Property: Offer for rental - Nelson Road (270/1959)
T691 Property: Offer to rent - 52 Montague Street, New Town (417/1959)
T692 Property: Offer to sell - Waratah residence (391/1959)
T693 Property: Offer to sell - Belle View, Gawler, Ulverstone (412/1959)
T694 Property: Offer to sell - 97 Main Street, Ulverstone (489/1959)
T695 Property: Offer to sell - Goldie Street, Smithton (419/1960)
T696 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - St Marys - Freeman (379/1959)
T697 Property: Offer to sell - Scottsdale (406/1959)
T698 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - Scottsdale - Strickland (115/1960)
T700 Property: Residence - Zeehan - Owned by Montana Silver Lead Mining Co. (531/1960)
T701 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - Level Street, ulverstone (563/1960)
T702 Property: Offer to sell - Ulverstone dwellings (407/1959)
T703 Property: Offer to sell - Harvey Street, Queenstown (443/1959)
T704 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - 25A Erica Street, Launceston (094/1960)
T705 Property: Offer to sell - Coffee palace, Launceston (408/1959)
T706 Property: Offer to sell - Mowbray Golf Club (343/1959)
T707 Property: Purchase of 2-14 Wellington Street, Launceston (22/4/8)
T708 Property: Offer to sell - 177 John Street, Launceston (262/1959)
T709 Property: Offer to sell - 101 Canning Street, Launceston (116/1959)
T710 Property: Offer to sell - 112 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows (181/1959)
T711 Property: Offer to sell - Scotch College Preparatory School (405/1959)
T712 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - Kings Meadows (5/1960)
T713 Property: Offer to sell Army Buildings, Mona Vale (373/1959)
T714 Property: Offer to sell - Queenstown (257/1959)
T715 Property: Offer to sell - Bow Street, Queenstown (592/1960)
T716 Property: Offer to sell - 1 Barrow Street, Launceston (282/1959)
T717 Property: Offer to sell - Variety Theatrette (371/1960)
T718 Property: Offer to sell - 5 Bellhaven Avenue, Taroona (403/1959)
T719 Property: Offer to sell - Moonbi, Cavell Street, West Hobart (378/1959)
T720 Property: Offer to sell - 17 Glebe Street (340/1959)
T721 Property: Offer to sell - Barossa Road (484/1959)
T722 Property: Offer to sell - 94 Giblin Street, Lenah Valley (327/1959)
T723 Property: Offer to sell - 71 Warwick Street (275/1959)
T724 Property: Offer to sell - 75 Warwick Street (274/1959)
T725 Property: Offer to sell - 259 Elizabeth Street (272/1959)
T726 Property: Offer to sell - 256 Park Street (483/1959)
T727 Property: Offer to sell - Carolside, Main Road, New Town (352/1960)
T728 Property: Offer to sell - 2 houses in Huonville (478/1959)
T729 Property: Offer to sell - Kareela, Geeveston
T730 Property: Offer to sell - Kings Norton, Chigwell (473/1960)
T731 Property: Purchase - 261 Elizabeth Street (495/1959)
T732 Property: Offer to sell - 70 Lincoln Street, Lindisfarne (195/1959)
T733 property: Offer to sell 251-253 Elizabeth Street (273/1959)
T734 Property: Offer to sell - vacant land, Huonville (647/1960)
T735 Property: Offer to sell - Post Office, Ouse (606/1960)
T736 Prooperty: Offer to sell - 261 Murray Street (60/1960)
T737 Property: Offer to sell - Clarendon Home, Midwood Street, New Town
T738 Property: Offer to Sell - Residence at Dover - Marks (114/1960)
T739 Property: Offer to sell - Deloraine Old Post Office (450/1960)
T740 Property: Offer to sell - Deloraine (457/1959)
T741 Property: Offer to sell - Residence - Deloraine (6/1960)
T742 Property: Offer to sell - 64 Bird Street, Montello, Burnie (449/1960)
T743 Property: Offer to sell - 4 Parklands Dwellings (454/1959)
T744 Property: Offer to sell - Boat Harbour (367/1959)
T745 Property: Offer to sell - 3 Federal Street, Upper Burnie (136/1959)
T746 Property: Offer to sell - Marine Terrace, Burnie (418/1959)
T747 Property: Offer to sell - 4 Burnie dwellings (451/1959)
T748 Property: Offer to sell - Cygnet - Old Postal residence (451/1960)
T749 Schools: Furniture and equipment (542/1955)
T750 Beauty Point: Offer to purchase (27-8/1950)
T751 Big Creek: Rental - Offer to purchase land (600-8/1937)
T752 Black Brush: Rental of residence (52-8/1939)
T753 Bridgenorth: Offer to purchase school property (26-8/1939)
T754 Broadmarsh: Rental of residence (54-8/1939)
T755 Brookside: Disposal of property (388-8/1954)
T756 Buckland: Disposal of Property and land (580-8/1956)
T757 Buckland: Offer to purchase school reserve (580-8/1938)
T758 Butler's Gorge: Closure of School (259-8/1955)
T759 Butler's Gorge Pre School: Closure of School (259-8/1955)
T760 Cairns Bay: Disposal of school ground (174-8/1937)
T761 Calder: offer to purchase site - disposal of equipment (615-8/1950)
T762 Clifton: Suggested Closure - request rent, etc. (84-8/1941)
T763 Cormiston: Rental of building (35-8/1954)
T764 Crabtree: Applicaton to lease portion of reserve (267-8/1940)
T765 Cuprona: Disposal of property (425-8/1954)
T766 Deep Bay: Rental of building - purchase, etc. (441-8/1940)
T767 Dilston: Retention of building (370-8/1947)
T768 Eaglehawk Neck: Disposal of property (626-8/1953)
T769 East Glengarry: Disposal of property (36-8/1953)
T770 East Sassafras: Disposal of property (332-8/1937)
T771 East Zeehan: Offer to purchase site (675-8/1949)
T772 Egg Lagoon: Offer to purchase property (325-8/1945)
T773 Elderslie: Disposal of old building (59-8/1952)
T774 Elderslie: Emergency accommodation (59-8/1942)
T775 Eldon School: Sale of school site
T776 Elizabeth Town: School site (606/1958)
T777 English town: Erection of building - opening of state school (889/1926)
T778 Fentonbury: Looking after school property (251-8/1937)
T779 Fern Bank: Application to rent residence (654-8/1945)
T780 Fern Bank: Retention of building - disposal of equipment (654-8/1946)
T781 Ferny Hill: Offer to purchase (170/1940)
T782 Flowery Gully: Request for retention of building (102/1940)
T783 Forcett: Disposal of site, etc. (567-8/1949)
T784 Forester: Disposal of furniture, etc. - Request - rental building (543-8/1945)
T785 Garden Island Creek: Disposal of equipment - Occupancy of school residence (442-8/1942)
T786 Gardner's Bay: Offer to purchase property (443-8/1940)
T787 Gawler: Rental of grounds (355-8/1939)
T788 Glendevie: Closure - Retention of building (172-8/1941)
T789 Glen Fern: Disposal of equipment (394-8/1953)
T790 Golconda: Closure of school (361-8/1937)
T791 Golden Valley: Closure and disposal of equipment (122-8/1945)
T792 Gormanston Road (Moonah): Pre School Kindergarten (230-8/1951)
T793 Gunns Plains: Disposal of property (343-8/1949)
T794 Gunns Plains: Offer of land and building (343-8/1926)
T795 Gunns Plains: Remodelling new school site (343-3/1927)
T796 Hadspen: Offer to purchase school building (656-8/1943)
T797 Hadspen: Offer to purchase out house, tanks, etc. (656-8/1942)
T798 Hampshire: Closure of school (14208/1955)
T799 Hampshire: Repairs (142-2/1954)
T800 Hampshire: Re-opening of school - acquisition of land (144-8/1929)
T802 Henrietta: School Reserve (617-8/1917)
T803 Henrietta: Offer to purchase school ground (617-8/1938)
T805 Highclere: Rental of portion of residence reserve (150-8/1941)
T806 Holwell: Retention of building (29-8/1944)
T807 Holwell: Erection of school building (687/1911)
T808 Hythe: Disposal of property (167-8/1954)
T809 Hythe: Improvements to school ground - acquisition of land from Police Department (167-8/1931)
T810 Jetsonville: Disposal of equipment - Request for retention of building (535-8/1944)
T811 Ramona: Request for retention of building (526-8/1944)
T812 Kaoota: Closure - disposal of equipment and school funds (318-8/1956)
T813 Karoola: Rental of school ground (362-8/1939)
T814 Kindred: Request to clear school reserve (344-8/1949)
T815 Lady Bay: Offer to purchase school site (455/1932)
T816 Lalla: Use of school ground (374-8/1939)
T817 Lanaba: Lease of school reserve (604-8/1935)
T818 Lapoinya: Rental of residence (410/1959)
T819 Legunia: Sale of school building (516-8/1937)
T820 Leslie Road: Retention of building - disposal of equipment (319B-8/1946)
T821 Leslie Road: Establishment of state school (319B-6/1941)
T822 Lietinna: Rental of reserve (545-8/1941)
T823 Lileah: Offer to purchase school site - retention of building (112-8/1945)
T824 Llandaff: Disposal of land (217-6A/1955)
T825 Llandaff: Rental of school residence and property (217-8/1955)
T826 Llandaff: Closing of school (217-8/1955)
T827 Llewellyn: Crown land reserved for school purposes
T828 Exeter (Loira): Establishment of a school at Supply River, Exeter (262/1906)
T829 Loorana: Suggested closure of school - Rental of land (322-8/1940)
T830 Lottah: Rent of school residence (467-8/1938)
T831 Lower Beulah: Closure - disposal of equipment, etc. - offer to purchase property (302-8/1942)
T832 Lower Wattle Grove: Rental of school (457-8/1937)
T833 Lughrata: Temporary occupation of building - rental of property (385/1932)
T834 Lune River: Disposal of property (170-8/1953)
T835 Marrawah: Disposal of old buildings (98-8/1951)
T836 Marrawah: Use of school reserve for recreation ground and cemetery (98-8/1921)
T837 Marrawah: Offer to purchase portion of reserve (98-8/1944)
T838 Melrose: Disposal of property and grounds (142-8DP/1956)
T840 Mercer: Portion of file dealing with request to purchase (633/1931)
T841 Middleton: Rental of building (316-8/1955)
T843 Mt. Hicks: Offer to rent residence - purchase (608-8/1941
T844 Nabageena: Disposal of property (110-8/1954)
T845 Narrawa: Offer to purchase property (301-8/1939)
T846 National Park: Offer to purchase site (403-8/1947)
T847 Nicholls Rivulet: Offer to purchase property (452-8/1942)
T848 Nietta: Disposal of property (357-8/1949)
T849 Nile: offer to purchase school site (160-8/1946)
T850 Northdown: Application to purchase property (329-8/1944)
T851 Northdown: Application to rent property, etc. (329-8/1939)
T852 Nugent: Offer to purchase property (569-8/1950)
T853 Nunamara: Closure of school (550-8/1956)
T854 Nunamara: Offer to purchase land (550-8/1948)
T855 Oldina: Offer to purchase land (609-8/1949)
T856 Oldina: Accommodation for teacher (609-8/1943)
T857 Oonah: Offer to purchase property (623-8/1946)
T858 Oonah: Offer to rent old building (623-8/1940)
T859 Orielton: Application to rent school (570-8/1947)
T860 Ormley: Rental of residence (189-8/1944)
T861 Oyster Cove: Closure - disposal of equipment - retention of building (319-8/1947
T862 Paradise: Closure - Agreement with Parents' Association - application to rent grounds (292-8/1942)
T863 Parrawe: Rental of residence - Land (689-8/1943)
T864 Pateena: Rental of residency (307/1937)
T865 Port Arthur: School reserve (625-8/1938)
T866 Premaydena: Disposal of property (627-8/1952)
T867 Premaydena: Offer to rent ground, etc. - purchase building (627-8/1945)
T868 Priory: Closed school - site (411/1959)
T869 Relbia: Disposal of property (158-8/1954)
T870 Rosevears: Disposal of site (297/1957)
T871 Runnymede: Offer to purchase site (505-6/1951)
T872 Saundridge: Offer to purchase building etc., (383-2/1945)
T873 Seabrook: Offer to purchase property (619-8/1946)
T874 Seymour: Offer to purchase school (191-8/1939)
T875 Sidmouth: Request for old school site (30-8/1942)
T876 South Lymington: Application to purchase portion of site (45508/1939)
T877 South Road School: Disposal and use of building (354-8/1944)
T878 South Springfield: Application to lease grounds, etc. (541-8/1939)
T879 Staverton: Offer to purchase portion of reserve (285-8)
T880 Staverton: Offer to rent or purchase house (285-8/1940)
T881 Stoodley: Offer to purchase residence - condition of school premises generally (296-8/1942)
T882 Sulphur Creek: Offer to purchase property (429-8/1945)
T883 Takone: Disposal of property (622-8/1942)
T884 Tanina: Disposal of site (842/1958)
T885 Taranna: Rental of reserve (631-8/1940)
T886 Tea Tree: Repairs, etc. (56-2/1948)
T887 Tea Tree: Condition of building - overcrowding - additions - fencing school site (56-8/1920)
T888 Tewkesbury: Disposal of property (154A-8/1954)
T889 Ticehurst: Rental of Residence - Application to purchase school property (506-8/1944)
T890 Tonganah: Application to rent school building (542-8/1945)
T891 Tunnel: Application to purchase ground (367-8/1945)
T892 Tyenna: Rental of ground - purchase out office, etc. (402-8/1940)
T893 Mountain River: Offer to purchase property (271-8/1941)
T894 Uxbridge: Offer to purchase site (408-8/1942)
T895 Village Lane: Closure - Offer to rent or purchase reserve (616-8/1942)
T896 Village Lane: New site (239/1913)
T897 Western Creek: Offer to rent property and purchase tanks (130-8/1940)
T898 West Kentish: Sale of residence (297-8/1940)
T899 West Kentish: Offer to purchase school and land (297-8/1944)
T900 West Montagu: Rental of Residence - Offer to purchase site (104-8/1929)
T901 West Pine Road: Disposal of property (429-8/1955)
T902 West Pine Road: Offer to purchase property (430-8/1952
T903 West Ridgley: Disposal of property (154-8/1956)
T904 West Scottsdale: Offer to purchase building (540-8/1951)
T905 Westwood: Offer to purchase old building (66208/1936)
T906 White Hills: Rental of residence (587-8/1944)
T907 Conveyance of Scholars: Rokeby to Bellerive (336/1944)
T908 Conveyance of Scholars: Boat Harbour Beach to Boat Harbour (409/1950)
T909 Conveyance of Scholars: Calder, Lanaba to Boat Harbour (429/1953)
T910 Conveyance of Scholars: Morrleah, Flowerdale to Boat Harbour (430-1953)
T911 Accommodation Board: Inspectors' Room, Launceston (556/1939)
T912 Child Migration: Pilot Scheme (212/1945)
T913 Commonwealth Bank: Wesley Vale School Account (532/1953)
T914 Commonwealth Bank: School Accounts 1953 (175/1953)
T915 Commonwealth Education: Home Economics Congress (406/1953)
Commonwealth Education: Television (515/1953)
T917 Commonwealth Education: U.S. Teacher Education Programme (101/1954)
T918 Commonwealth Education: Farm Adoption Scheme (412/1954)
T919 Commonwealth Education: Atlast of Australian Resources (483/1954)
T920 Commonwealth Education: Conditions of Leave - Victorian Teachers (64/1952)
T921 Commonwealth Education: Training of Specialist Teachers (446/1954)
T922 Commonwealth: External Affairs - Asian Students (52/1954)
T923 Commonwealth: Health - Interstate Conference (250/1954)
T924 Department of Labour and National Service: Conference on Industrial Safety (576/1958)
T925 Community Centres: Bellerive (483/1945)
T926 Community Centres: Launceston Associaton (411/1945)
T927 Compulsory Age Radius: General (229/1950)
T928 Conferences: Physical Education - British Empire and Commonwealth (629/1957)
T929 Conferences: Correspondence School Education (21/1958)
T930 Conference: International Bureau of Education and UNESCO (632/1958)
T931 Conferences: Architectural Education (291/1959)
T932 Conveyance: Increase of the two mile radius (289/1957)
T933 Conveyance: Concession Fares - Tram passes (360/1954)
T934 Conveyance: Reduction of three mile radius (321/1949)
T935 Conveyance: Supervision of city services (375/1952)
T936 Crown Solicitor: Ruling re payment salary increase (374/1945)
T937 Curriculum: Handwriting - Pilot study - materials, etc. (220/1952)
T938 Curriculum: Technical Courses (408/1953)
T939 Curriculum: Typists, etc. (328/1951)
T940 Curriculum: Subjects in Modern Schools (952/1956)
T941 Special Education: Specialist Teachers
T942 Health Department: General (128/1956)
T943 Home Arts 'B': Supervisor - equipment (89/1954)
T944 Curriculum: Request for Syllabus (86/1954)
T945 Mothers' Clubs: General requests (405/1948)
T946 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administartive cost (492/1954)
T947 Child Welfare: Proposed Directorate (405/1953)
T948 Centenary Celebrations: Hobart City Council (721/1957)
T949 Educational Research: Uniformity of Statistics (67/1940)
T950 A.C.E.R: Trainee (507/1953)
T951 Accrediting: General 1943+ (569/1947)
T952 Act: Acts and Regulations from other states (515/1946)
T953 Act (Education): Proclamation re Leaving Age (203/1946)
T954 Act: Amendment re Attendance (350/1943)
T955 Adult Education: Accommodation (383/1952)
T956 Agriculture: J.A. Close Memorial Shield (177/1947)
T957 Agricultural Education: Shoobridge Shield (479/1937)
T958 Agriculture: Correspondence Course (394/1954)
T959 Agriculture: Apple Packing Classes (342/1952)
T960 Agriculture: Show Exhibits 1953 (400/1953)
T961 Agricultural Education in Area Schools: Poultry Project (330/1956)
T962 Appeal Board
T963 Apple Festival: Conveyance of Children (556/1957)
T964 Art: Specialist's visit and Report (265/1949)
T965 Art: Art Pool (589/1955)
T966 Art: Standard Room and equipment (524/1949)
T967 Art: Visit by Mr L.R. Davies (501/1955)
T968 Assessments Scheme: Table of Awards (146/1950)
T969 Astronomical Society: Observatory (409/1951)
T970 Australian Council of School Organisations: General - Conference, etc. (396/1950)
T971 Australian Humanities Research Council: General (583/1957)
T972 Australian Schoolboys' Football Carnival: General (564/1956)
T973 Australia Today: Supplies (338/1945)
T974 Blind Institution: Repairs (316/1941)
T975 Blind Institution: International Conference (109/1953)
T976 Broadcasting: Liaison Officer's Report (312/1956)
T977 Bursaries: War and Special 1955 (354/19550
T978 Business Colleges: Request for Assistance (706/1957)
T979 Carnegie Collection: General (271/1949)
T980 Carnegie Corporation of New York: Travel Grant (221/1958)
T981 C.W.A: Requests, etc. (266A/1945)
T982 Disinfectant: General (533/1953)
T983 Domestic Science: New College (328/1946)
T984 Cookery (General): Arrangement re Central Cookery Book (482/1940)
T985 Domestic Science: Standard equipment (497/1950)
T986 Education: Development of Commercial Education (163/1956)
T987 Education: Centenary Celebrations (789/1956)
T988 Education: Smoking habits of school children (647/1957)
T989 Education: Juvenile Delinquency (536/1958)
T990 Education: Mr Medhurst's Report on Secondary Education (508/1958
T991 Education: Education Services - Australian Committee (374/1957)
T992 Education: Criticism of system (252/1949)
T993 Education: Enquiries (527/1952)
T994 Education: Director's Overseas Visit - after departure (216/1959)
T995 Director for Education: Report on Overseas Visit (619/1955)
T996 Education: Report on Secondary Education (382/1958)
T997 Education: Primary Schools - Policy re grading (402/1957)
T998 Education: Suggested uniform standard (542/1949)
T999 Education Department: Tasmanian Schools' Certificate of Education (817/1957)
T1000 Education Department: Report on Education - .A.B. Clegg (529/1958)
T1001 Education Department: Pupils' Record Cards (466/1957)
T1002 Education Department: Accounting Machine Systems (44/1957)
T1003 Education Department: Office accommodation - Lewis Buildings (383/1948)
T1004 Office Accommodation: Lewis Buildings - Lease RSL (680/1953)
T1005 Education: Method of conducting Classification Test (302/1957)
T1006 Education Department: Staffing, Stores and Equipment section (182/1959)
T1007 Education Department: Staff absence from duty on private business (545/1956)
T1008 Electric Current - Charge for Launceston schools (598/1939)
T1009 Engineering Board of Management: General (288/1959)
T1010 Equipment: Maintenance - Musical Instruments (437/1957)
T1011 Examinations: Education IIIB (334/1953)
T1012 Examinations: Health Education and Functional Anatomy (707/1957)
T1013 Examinations: Education A & B (314/1957)
T1014 Examinations: Equivalents for examination 428/1951)
T1015 Examinations: Teachers' results (76/19440
T1016 Exchange Teachers: Italy - Australia (609/1955)
T1017 Exchange Teachers: Candada - Australia (301/1952)
T1018 Exhibitions: General 1951 (564/1951)
T1019 Federated Association of Australian Housewives: General (325/1953)
T1020 Festival: Bellerive Mardi Gras (568/1957)
T1021 Festival of Tasmania: Floral Week (589/1956)
T1022 Finance: Loan Fund Appropriate Bill 1958/59 (67/1958)
T1023 Finance: Revenue Estimates 1958/59 (489/1958)
T1024 Finance: Revenue Estimates - General (319/1959)
T1025 Finance: Loan Funds - General 1958/59 (396/1957)
T1026 Finance: Expenditure Proposals 1957/58 (835/1956)
T1027 Finance: Revenue Estimatews 1957/58 (279/1957)
T1028 Finance: Loan Programme 1958/59 (356/1958)
T1029 Teachers' Union: Australian Teachers' Federation (450/1957)
T1030 Exchange Teachers: Travel Grant - Australia/Great Britain (302/1952)
T1031 Furniture: General - Supply and Distribution - North West Coast (401/1954)
T1032 Garbage: Increased removal costs - Launceston (326/1942)
T1033 Gould League: Committee (100/1944)
T1034 Grants: American Council of Learned Societies (291/1958)
T1035 Head Teachers' Association: Hobart - Requests, etc. (146/1941)
T1036 Head Teachers' Association: Library for Launceston Schools (341/1936)
T1037 Head Masters Associations: Visits by Overseas Personnel (506/1955)
T1038 Headmasters' Associations: Huon and Channel Districts (273/1957)
T1039 Health Department: Health Council (69/1951)
T1040 Health Department: Site for Mothercraft Centre - Launceston (490/1945)
T1041 Health Department: Education in Chest Hospital (474/1954)
T1042 Health Department: Canteens - Compliance with health regulations (560/1954)
T1043 Health Department: Diversional Therapy - Northern Chest Hospital (437/1952)
T1044 High Schools: Return of admissions (526/1952)
T1045 High Schools: Accommodation for Northern pupils (287/1952)
T1046 High Schools: Agriculture (397/1957)
T1047 High Schools: Brochure of courses (524/1950)
T1048 High Schools: Control of Libraries (477/1953)
T1049 High Schools: Matriculation Classes (645/1958)
T1050 High Schools: Amount to be allowed for Speech Night expenses (412/1940)
T1051 High Schools: Request from Esperance (411/1957)
T1052 Hobart Building Society: Thrift Programme (190/1959)
T1053 Hostels: Insurance Cover (669/1957)
T1054 Hospital Classes: General (282/1957)
T1055 Hostels: YWCA - Launceston - subsidy (344/1948)
T1056 Hostels: Teachers - Scale of charges (479/1953)
T1057 Hostels: Board of Inquiry (363/1951)
T1058 Hydro Electric Department: Discount (424/1937)
T1059 Electric Current: Reduction in Charges to Department (623/1935)
T1060 Hydro Electric Commission: Servicing School Installations (416/1948)
T1061 Immigration: Convention 1954 (13/1954)
T1062 Imperial Relations Trust: Interchange of Teachers - Travel Grant (474/1957)
T1063 Infant Teachers: Trainees 1954 (1/1954)
T1064 Jubilee: Sporting Trophy (244/1952)
T1065 Kindergartens: Standard Equipment (311/1945)
T1066 Lands Department: Regional Planning Atlas (303/1956)
T1067 Lands Department: Lands Resumption Act (76/1952)
T1068 Leave: Enquiry re three weeks annual leave (193/1959)
T1069 Leave of Absence: Teaching staff - non-teacher appointments (728/1957)
T1070 Libraries: Library Association of Australia (627/1956)
T1071 Schools' Library: Itineraries (656/1956)
T1072 Maintenance: High and Secondary Schools (424/1957)
T1073 Maintenance: Southern Midland District (422/1957)
T1074 Maintenance: High Schools (425/1957)
T1075 Maintenance: Southern District (423/1957)
T1076 Maintenance: District - Central and North and West (329/1957)
T1077 Maintenance: Districts - North West (331/1957)
T1078 Maintenance: District - Northern and North East (330/1957)
T1079 Mental Deficiency: Visit by expert, Mr James Lumsden (535/1951)
T1080 Mental Deficiency: Co-operation between Health and Education Departments (590/1950)
T1081 Mental Deficiency: Special Class - Moonah, Glenorchy (99/1948)
T1082 Minister for Education: Questions - Members of House of Assembly (131/1953)
T1083 Minister for Education: Notes for Press, etc. (339/1955)
T1084 Modern Schools: Admissions (647/1955)
T1085 Modern Schools: Expemental work in Secondary Schools Organisation (621/1956)
T1086 Modern Schools: Inventories (643/1956)
T1087 Modern Schools: Admission Standard (411/1953)
T1088 Modern Schools: Chesterman's Land (565/1955)
T1089 Modern Schools: South Western Hobart - Queenborough (564/1955)
T1090 Parents' Associations: Requests for Federal Aid in Education (460/1953)
T1091 Mothers' Clubs: United Mothers' Clubs of Launceston (613/1956)
T1092 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administration - Local (324/1956)
T1093 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administration - General (459/1950)
T1094 King Island High: Additions - Kitchen (320-6/1957)
T1095 Music: A.M.E.B. Equivalents (572/1949)
T1096 Music: Orchestra and School Concerts (207/1951)
T1097 National Council of Women: Requests, etc. (227/1950)
T1098 National Fitness: Re-constitution of Council (25/1951)
T1099 National Fitness Council: Staffing (447/1956)
T1100 National Fitness Council: Instructor for North West Coast (353/1953)
T1101 National Fitness Council: Staffing (29/1952)
T1102 National Safety CouncilL: Maintenance of Tractors, etc. (606/1956)
T1103 Store: Launceston - Accommodation (21/1946)
T1104 Old Scholars' Association: Requests (481/1949)
T1105 Parents' Associations: Insurance and ownership of equipment purchased by Parents' Associaton (422/1942)
T1106 Parents' Associations: Requests from North Western Parents and Citizens' Federation (616/1958)
T1107 Parents' Associations: Requests, etc. (167/49)
T1108 Physical Education: Travelling Allowances and Mileage Rates (648/1956)
T1109 Physical Education: Use of Showground and Glenorchy Oval (328/1953)
T1110 Physical Education: Diploma of Physical Education (100/1959)
T1111 Physical Education: Accidents (290/1952)
T1112 Physical Education: Proposed Physical Education Camp at Boat Harbour 645/1955)
T1113 Physical Education: Pan Pacific Rehabilitation Conference (56/1958)
T1115 Playing Areas:Trevallyn Park (232/1957)
T1116 Pre-Schools: Tasmanian Pre Schools Council - Parents and Friends Central Committee (422/1955)
T1117 Public Works Department: General (485/1950)
T1118 Schools Planning: General (561/1957)
T1119 Kindergarten Union: Grants (206/1942)
T1120 Pre School Kindergarten: Conditions of affiliation with Kindergarten Union of Tasmania (477/1948)
T1121 Pre Schools Training Centre: Furniture and equipment (294/1955)
T1122 School Books and Materials Account: Loan to Launceston Junior Technical for rowing boat (386/1949)
T1123 Emergency Pre School Course: Kingston Beach Pre School (502/1954)
T1124 Pre Schools: Hours of classes (410/1951)
T1125 Pre School Kindergarten: North Western Parents' Association (275/1953)
T1126 Pre School Centres: Southern Tasmanian Parents' Association (376/1952)
T1127 Pre Schools: Review of accommodation (565/1956)
T1128 Pre Schools: Staffing - General 1953 (582/1953)
T1129 Pre Schools: Northern Teachers' Association (311/1957)
T1130 Pre Schools: General (586/1954)
T1131 Prime Minister: Canberra Pilgrimage (469/1948)
T1132 Promotions Scheme: Instructors in Technical High Schools (630/1955)
T1133 Promotions Scheme: Applicants for Promotuion and Assessment - Women (639/1955)
T1134 Psychologist Office: Extension of Telephone Schools' Library (176/1956)
T1135 Psycholgists: Absorption of State Wards (642/1957)
T1136 Psychologist: Schools' Library Grant (421/1954)
T1137 Psychologists: Decentralization to Launceston (741/1956)
T1138 Psychologist: Itineraries 1955 (277/1955)
T1139 Psychologist: Supplies 1955 (10/1955)
T1140 Psychologist: Age of admission to High Schools (453/1954)
T1141 Psychologist: Office Accommodation (192/1948)
T1142 Public Service Commissioner: Annual Report 1939 (549/1940)
T1143 Public Service Commissioner: Temporary Typistes (555/1955)
T1144 Public Service Commissioner: Typist Trainees (467/1952)
T1145 Public Works Department: Wording of Foundation Stones (468/1952)
T1146 Public Works Department: Care of Launceston School Grounds (280/1945)
T1147 Residences: Departmental - Applications by teachers (762/1956)
T1148 Briercliffe: Bellerive - Purchase (453/1948)
T1149 Residences: Briefcliffe - Flats (597/1949)
T1150 Residences: Glenora (354/1953)
T1151 Residences: Forlaclough - 34 Hampden Road (611/1951)
T1152 Technical: Ranfurley - Gardener (245/1952
T1153 Ranfurley: Office Accommodation (576/1950)
T1154 Hobart High: Board of Management - Warragul (732-11/1952)
T1155 Residences: Warragul - Conversion into flats (367/1952)
T1156 Residences: Warragul (234/1951)
T1157 Kooringa: 2 Canning Street, Launceston - Conversion into flats (733-2/1952)
T1158 Kooringa: 2 Canning Street, Launceston - purchase (733-11/1951)
T1160 Residences: 69 High Street, Launceston (411/1951)
T1161 Residences: 257 Macquarie Street - Furniture and equipment (214/1956)
T1162 Residences: 257 Macquarie Street - purchase (472/1955)
T1163 Residences: Wyadra - Flats - purchase and conversion (604/1957)
T1164 Record: Matter for Publication (11/1955)
T1165 Record: Increased price (480/1953)
T1166 Red Cross: Annual Report (486/1950)
T1167 Regulations: Amendments 1955 (261/1955)
T1168 Religious Instruction: Enquiry by Anglican Bishops (490/1941)
T1169 Religious Instruction: Inter Schools Christian Fellowship in Tasmania (220/1956)
T1170 Rents: Government Property (722/1957)
T1171 Retirement: Teachers aged 60 and over (332/1951)
T1172 Sanitary Conveniences: Regulations - Gazetted 9/12/1930 (194/1941)
T1174 Scholarships: Travelling - Art (528/1941)
T1175 Scholarships: Travelling - Art (88/1951)
T1176 Scholarships: Educatiuon Department 1953 - John Willis
T1177 Scholarships: Education Department 1952 - L. Hugh Reeves (10/1952)
T1178 Scholarships: Education Department 1954 - D.J. Close (14/1954)
T1179 Scholarships: Music 1955 (05/1955)
T1180 Scholarships: Music 1954 (09/1954)
T1181 Scholarships: Travelling - 1953
T1182 Scholarships: Education Department - Travelling 1954
T1183 Scholarship: Bronte Park - RSL (491/1954)
T1184 Scholarships: Forestry Department (257/1943)
T1185 Scholarships: Mt. Farrell Company, Tullah (319/1944)
T1186 Scholarships:R.S.S.A.I.L.A. - Scottsdale (386/1948)
T1187 School Buildings: Pre-fabricated Buildings - General (175/1950)
T1188 Schools: Timber Buildings (77/1952)
T1189 School Buildings: Mussett Steel Buildings and others (384/1949)
T1190 School sites: Disposal procedure (373/1954)
T1191 School Funds: Subsidies - Canteen, Library equipment, Modern Schools and Visual Aid (567/1956)
T1192 School Funds: General (450/1953)
T1193 School Buildings: General instructions to Public Works Department (853/1956)
T1194 Schools: Standard Trade Block (555/1953)
T1195 Schools: Purchase of timber (413/1953)
T1196 Schools: Accommodation (329/1953)
T1197 Schools: Playing fields (451/1957)
T1198 Schools: Care of Grounds - Launceston (430/1951)
T1199 Schools: General - Lists, etc. (256/1955)
T1200 Schools Board: Method of conducting Exams and accrediting (558/1955)
T1201 Schools Board: Accrediting Officers - visits to State Schools (581/1951)
T1202 Tasmanian Schools Council of Parents' Associations: General 1953 (215/1953)
T1203 School of Method: Short Course in Diagnostic Testing and Remedial Teaching (489/1957)
T1204 Sports: General (227/1956)
T1205 Swimming: General 0 1955/56 Season (590/1955)
T1206 A.C.E.R: subsidy from States (418/1938)
T1207 Teacher Training: Staffing (541/1955)
T1208 Agricultural Education: Instructors (206/1950)
T1209 Schools: Furniture and Equipment (542/1955)
T1210 Visitors: General (137/1956)
T1211 Visual Aids: General (335/1956)
T1212 Launceston High School: Repairs (733-2/1955)
T1213 Education Office: Launceston - Cleaner (981/1956)
T1214 Education Officers: Loans for purchase of cars (538/1949)
T1215 Science Equipment Section: General (187/1959)
T1216 Seminars: Language Teachers - Sponsored by University (351/1958)
T1217 Seminars: Superintendents - Administration (315/1957)
T1218 Seminars: General - District (419/1958)
T1219 Social Services: Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped (482/1955)
T1220 Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Animal Welfare (180/1955)
T1221 Speech Education: Dr. Oliver - Report (687/1957)
T1222 Speech Training: Supervisor's Reports (535/1952)
T1223 Staffing: Brochure - Recuitment of Teachers (565/1950)
T1224 Superannuation: Public Service Pensions (245/1956)
T1225 Superintendents: Insurance Cover (416/1955)
T1226 Superintendents: Mainland visits (333/1954)
T1227 Supply and Tender Department: Customs - Import Licencing Regulations (440/1948)
T1228 Supply and Tender: Acknowledgment of Goods Supplied (278/1957)
T1229 Swimming: Victoria Baths arrangement (553/1946)
T1230 Grants: Request for State Grant for the Tasmanian council of School Organisations (44-49/1953)
T1231 Tasmanian Council of School Organisations: General (216/1953)
T1232 Tasmanian Education: Supplement to Record - General (485/1947)
T1233 Teacher Training: Attendance - Anatomy Lectures (144/1957)
T1234 Teacher Training: Student Teachers College - Library Grant (268/1952)
T1235 Teacher Training: Additions - 2 classrooms (180/1959)
T1236 Teacher Training: Student Teachers' College - Purchase - Embassy Lodge (615/1956)
T1237 Teacher Training: Parkside Hall - Hostel - Accounts (325/1955)
T1238 Teacher Training: Parkside hall - Gardener (78/1952)
T1239 Teacher Training: Establishment of Two Year Course (02/1956)
T1240 Teacher Training college: Hire of Tennis Courts - High and Hart Streets (327/1956)
T1241 Teachers' Union: Long Service Leave (358/1947)
T1242 Teachers' Union: Equipment on pro rata basis (587/1946)
T1243 Teachers' Union: A.G. Ogilvie Memorial Library (334/1940)
T1244 Teachers Union: Conference - 1955/58 (363/1955)
T1245 Teachers' Union: Salaries Tribunal (518/1950)
T1246 Teachers' Union: List of members (420/1950)
T1247 Teachers' Union: Committee in Secondary Education (423/1953)
T1248 Teachers' Union: Resolutions (138/1956)
T1249 Teachers' Union: Returned Servicemen's Class II Certificate (374/1949)
T1250 Technical Correspondence: Staffing (726/1956)
T1251 Technical: Architectural Diploma Course - Hobart Technical (134/1946)
T1252 Technical C.R.T.S: Staffing (378/1951)
T1253 Technical: Commonwealth Buildings (515/1951)
T1254 Technical:Clerical Staff - Staff absence from duty on private business (638/1956)
T1255 Technical: Technical High Schools - Staffing 1953/54 (10/1954)
T1256 Technical: Staffing - Clerical
T1257 Technical: Education by Radio (332/1957)
T1258 Telephones: Payment of Northern Inspectors rental (112/1939)
T1259 Tennis Courts: Offer of City Council (327/1937)
T1260 Trade Teachers: Rate of payment (394/1950)
T1261 Transport: Australian Road Safety Council (31/1957)
T1262 Transport Commission: Number Plates - Government vehicles (380/1950)
T1263 Travelling Allowances: Airways Pass for Island Teachers (384/1941)
T1264 Treasury: Appropriation Act - Expenditure (419/1957)
T1265 Treasurer: Cost of Living Adjustment (313/1942)
T1266 U.K. Information Office: Colonial posters (240/1949)
T1267 U.N.E.S.C.O: Fellowships (528/1957)
T1268 U.N.E.S.C.O: State Committees (503/1952)
T1269 University: Home Science Diploma Course (193/1952)
T1270 University: University Government Policy (232/1256)
T1271 University: Tenancy of Teachers' College (554/1947)
T1271(?) Lease: The Minister for Education with the University of Tasmania
T1272 University: Teacher Training - Practice Teaching (118/1948)
T1273 University: Teacher Training Course 1955 (02/1955)
T1274 University: Music Scholarship (417/1954)
T1275 University: Teacher Training - Music (617/1955)
T1276 Visual Aids: Transport Vehicle (504/1952)
T1277 Visual Education: Requests for loan of films, projectors, etc. (213/1950)
T1278 Visual: Exchange, purchase of film strips (226/1949)
T1279 Visual Aids: Visual Aids in State Schools (310/1953)
T1280 Visual: International council for Educational Films (790/1958)
T1281 Visual Aids: Photographer's Itineraries (532/1952)
T1282 Visual Aids: Itineraries (675/1956)
T1283 Visual Education: Wall Charts (651/1956)
T1284 Visual: Nurses Call System (511/1954)
T1285 Welfare Officers: Conference (335/1954)
T1286 Welfare Officer: North West Coast - Office accommodation (414/1954)
T1287 Welfare Officers: Police Co-operation (699/1953)
T1288 University: Domestic Science Course (459/1954)
T1289 Worksworth: Repairs, Equpment, etc. (28/1950)
T1290 Young Farmer Clubs: Organisation and development (427/1950)
T1291 Young Farmers Clubs: Australian Broadcasting Commission competition (44/1947)
T1295 Technical College: Launceston - Inquiry, H. Holloway (746-8/1955)
T1296 Devonport High: Additional land - Collis and Council (734-9/1951)
T1297 Beaconsfield: Additional land (25-6/1946)
T1298 Beaconsfield: Additional land - H.A. and E.T. Crawford (25-6/1957)
T1299 Boat Harbour Area: Additions - Infant Block 1957 (601-6/1955)
T1300 Bothwell: Disposal of old site - Child Health Centre (41-6/1958)
T1301 Bothwell: Offer to purchase property (41-8/1955)
T1302 Bracknell Area: Additional land - Leonard (651-6/1958)
T1303 Bracknell: New building, etc. (651-6/1955)
T1304 Brighton Area: Additions - Domestic Science and Trades (38-6/1953)
T1305 Campania: Additional land (497-6/1957)
T1306 Campania: Destruction of Trades Block (497-8/1957)
T1307 Allowances: Modern Class Teachers (410/1952)
T1308 Cressy: Temporary accommodation (376-6/1955)
T1309 Deloraine: Additions - Shelter and staff accommodation (120-6/1955)
T1310 Flinders island: Additions - one classroom (201-6/1956)
T1311 Hobart High School: Additions - new Science Block (732-6/1955)
T1312 Hobart high School: Additional land - 1 and 5 Ryde Street (732-6/1954)
T1313 Huonville High School: Additions - Craft Room (273-6/1957)
T1314 Huonville: Additions - Bus Shelters (273-6/1949)
T1315 Huonville High School: Additions - Science Block (273-6/1957)
T1316 King Island: Additions - Science Block (320-6/1957)
T1318 Launceston High School: Two Classrooms 1956 (733-6/1956)
T1319 Launceston High School: Temporary accommodation - Rental of memorial Baptist Church buildings (733-6/1956)
T1320 Launceston High School: Rental of 119 Paterson Street (733-6/1955)
T1321 Lilydale: Additions - Infant Block (365-6/1957)
T1322 Mole Creek Area: Additional Classrooms (124-6/1958)
T1323 Oatlands: Additional land - C.T. Fish (413-6/1955)
T1326 Riana: Additions - Two classrooms (428-6/1957)
T1327 Ringarooma: Additions - One classroom (523-6A/1957)
T1328 Scottsdale: Additions - One classroom 1957 (736-6A/1957)
T1329 Scottsdale District School: Additions - New Science Block (736-6/1955)
T1330 Sheffield: Request for portion of school site - Health Department (294-6/1953)
T1331 Sheffield: Disposal of property (294-6/1958)
T1332 Sorell: Rental of hall and Recreation Grounds (57108/1954)
T1333 St Helens: Additions - New Classrooms (496-6/1956)
T1334 St Helens: Additional Land - Franklin (469-6/1957)
T1335 St Marys: Additions - one classroom 1958 (192-6/1957)
T1336 Emergency Course: Teacher Training (292/1951)
T1337 Treasury: Circulars and Instructions (512/1950)
T1338 U.N.E.S.C.O: Exhibition of art work (512/1949)
T1339 U.N.E.S.C.O: Pamphlets, etc. (582/1949)
T1340 University: Spection of Science Laboratories (372/1944)
T1341 Taroona High: Furniture and Equipment (741-1/1957)
T1342 Use of Room: Elections (140/1956)
T1343 Visual: National film Board (300/1953)
T1344 Visual Aids: Typists etc. (297/1951)
1345 Promotions Scheme: Formal Procedure, etc. (459/1955)
T1346 Promotions Scheme: Applicants for Promotion and Assessment - Men (537/1955)
T1347 Promotions Scheme: Accelerated Promotions Lists (600/1955)
T1348 Psychologist: Supplies 1956 (136/1956)
T1349 Psychologist: Clerks, etc. (330/1951)
T1350 Public Service Commissioner: Mileage Rates - Authorisation (273/1945)
T1351 Rates: Payment of Municipal Rates (196/1941)
T1352 Regulations: Amendments - 1958 (126/1956)
T1353 Religious Instruction: Standing Committee on Religious Education (516/1957)
T1354 Religious Instruction: General (668/1953)
T1355 Scholarships: Gwen Leitch - Travelling - Art 1953 (304/1952)
T1356 Scholarships: A.W. Birchall and Sons Prize (87/1931)
T1357 Scholarships: Hibernian Society (632/1941)
T1358 Scholarships: Electrolytic Zinc Council (709/1939)
T1359 Schools: Fire Services (475/1954)
T1360 Schools: General Lists (44/1956)
T1361 Schools: Re-classification 1953 (14/1953)
T1362 Schools Board: Members (496/1948)
T1363 Schools Board: Bylaws (467/1946)
T1364 Schools of Method: General 1956 (224/1956)
T1365 School Books and Material Suspense Account: Stock Sheets, Audit Reports, etc. (361/1942)
T1366 Staffing: General (01/1956)
T1367 Supply and Tender Department: Stock on hand 1942 (256/1942)
T1368 Education Department: Authorisation for Travelling (628/1957)
T1369 Education Department: Subscriptions to publications (554/1949)
T1370 Entertainments: General 1953 (210/1953)
T1371 Bursaries Special: Teaching (336/1956)
T1372 Furniture: Transfer - Teachers (704/1957)
T1373 Health Department: Supply of spectacles and hearing aids (215/1951)
T1374 High Schools: Admissions 1954/55 and 1955/56 (561/1954)
T1375 Excursions: General (171/1956)
T1376 Leave: Long Service (160/1946)
T1377 Mental Deficiency: Welfare Association (498/1952)
T1378 Minister for Education: Press and Publicity Reports: 45/1957)
T1379 Car Advances: Assistance to purchase - General (495/1954)
T1380 Musical Competitions: Subsidies (169/1950)
T1381 Mutton Birding: Vacations (118/1944)
T1382 New Education Fellowship: General (301/1956)
T1384 Conveyance: Rise and Fall clause (588/1950)
T1385 Conveyance of Scholars: Precautionary Regulation for protection of school children boarding buses (352/1942)
T1386 Corporal Punishment: General 1953 (303/1953)
T1387 Correspondence: Interchange (177/1955)
T1388 Curriculum: Various suggestions (422/1954)
T1389 Commonwealth Trades Alphabet Pty. Ltd: Publications (362/1948)
T1390 Latrobe: Repairs (327-2/1953)
T1391 Latrobe: Repairs (327-2/1954)
T1392 Latrobe: Additional land (327-6/1950)
T1393 Latrobe: Pre School Centre (327-6/1948)
T1394 Latrobe Pre School: Building (327-6/1950)
T1396 Lansdowne Crescent: Kindergarten (11-6/1947)
T1397 Lenah Valley: Additional Land (13-6/1955)
T1398 Lenah Valley: Exchange of Land (13-8/1951)
T1399 Lenah Valley: Additional land (13-6/1953)
T1400 Lenah Valley: Accommodation (13-6/1952)
T1401 Lenah Valley: Telephone (13-8/1955)
T1402 Lenah Valley: Pre School Kindergarten (13-9/1951)
T1403 Lindisfarne: Repairs (87-2/1955)
T1404 Lindisfarne: Repairs (87-2/1953)
T1405 Lindisfarne: Request for new school (87-6/1949)
T1406 Lindisfarne: Closure of Loatta Road (87-6LR/1954)
T1407 Lindisfarne:Furniture and equipment (87-1/1955)
T1408 Lindisfarne: Disposal of old residence - Police Department (87-8/1945)
T1409 Lindisfarne: Building for Youth Club (87-8/1945)
T1410 Lindisfarne: Offer to purchase site (87-8/1951)
T1411 Lindisfarne: Telephone (87-8/1956)
T1412 Lindisfarne: Land for recreation purposes (87-6/1946)
T1413 Lindisfarne: Pre School Kindergarten (87-6/1946)
T1414 Longford: Repairs (380-2/1954)
T1415 Longford: Additional Accommodation (380-6/1956)
T1416 Longford: Additional land - Violette (380-6/1954)
T1417 Hobart High School: Admissions (732-8/1957)
T1418 First Aid: Standard Kit (494/1951)
T1419 Briercliffe: Repairs, etc. (598/1949)
T1420 Residences: Forlaclough - Repairs, etc. (612/1951)
T1421 Conveyance of Scholars: Blackwood Creek to Bracknell (418/1950)
T1422 Residences: 69 High Street, Launceston - Tenants (514/1952)
T1423 Residences: 69 High Street, Launceston - 324/1952)
T1424 Conveyance of Scholars: Montacute to Bothwell (215/1948)
T1425 Conveyance of Scholars - Liffey to Bracknell (224/1952)
T1426 Residences: 11 Summerhill Road (623/1951)
T1427 Lower Sandy Bay Infant: Repairs - entrance (9-2/1950)
T1428 Lowr Sandy Bay Infant: Repairs (10-2/1955)
T1429 Chigwell: New Building (236-6/1956)
T1430 Macquarie Street: Additional land - McKenzie Street (4-6/1945)
T1431 Macquarie Street: Additional land - Kennedy (4-6/1949)
T1432 Macquarie Street: Furniture and equipment (4-1/1955)
T1433 Macquarie Street: Furniture and equipment (4-1/1956)
T1434 Macquarie Street: Gardener for South Hobart, West Hobart and Sandy Bay Schools (4-8/1943)
T1435 Macquarie Street: Repairs - Lavatory Block (4-2/1951)
T1436 Macquarie Street: Repairs (4-2/1955)
T1437 Macquarie Street: Telephone (4-8/1956)
T1438 Margate: Repairs (307-2/1954)
T1439 Margate: Offer to purchase old residence (307-8/1951)
T1440 Conveyance of Scholars: Steppes, Hermitage, etc., to Bothwell (521/1952)
T1441 Mayfield: Building (366-6/1953)
T1442 Mayfield: Additions - 2 classrooms in 1959 (366-6/1959)
T1443 Mayfield: Request for school (366-8/1953)
T1444 Mayfield: Furniture and equipment (366-1/1954)
T1445 Mayfield: Furniture and equipment (366-1/1955)
T1446 Maydena: Repairs (389-2/1954)
T1447 Maydena: Repairs (389-2/1955)
T1448 Meander: Additions - Domestic Arts and Library (131-6/1950)
T1449 Meander: Repairs, etc. (131-2/1951)
T1450 Meander: Repairs (131-2/1954)
T1451 Molesworth: Accommodation (398-6/1953)
T1452 Molesworth: Offer to purchase portion of site (398-8/1952)
T1453 Montagu Bay: New building (83-6/1955)
T1454 Montagu Bay: Additions (83-6/1959)
T1455 Montagu Bay: Land purchase - School site (83-6/1950)
T1456 Montello: New building (155-6/1950)
T1457 Montello: Additions - additional classrooms in 1953 and 1955 (155-6/1952)
T1458 Montello: Additional four classrooms (155-6/1956)
T1459 Montello: Rental of St. Wilfred's Hall (155-8R/1957)
T1460 Montello: Suggested reservation of school site (155-6/1944)
T1461 Montello: Additional Land - 1 acre 3 roods 20 perches - War Service Homes (155-6/1956)
T1462 Montello: Furniture and equipment (155-1/1955)
T1463 Montello: Installation of Telephone (155-8/1955)
T1464 Moonah: Accommodation (224-6/1949)
T1465 Moonah: Additional land (224-6/1951)
T1466 Conveyance of Scholars: Wynyard to Burnie High (251/1938)
T1467 Conveyance of Scholars: Yolla to Burnie High (230/1948)
T1468 Montrose: Pre School (227-6/1950)
T1469 Moonah (Tregear): Pre School Kindergarten (224-6/1950)
T1470 Exhibitions: General 1952 (31/1952)
T1471 Conveyance of Scholars: Colebrook to Campania (560/1949)
T1472 Mowbray Heights: Accommodation (22-6/1953)
T1473 Mowbray Heights: Additional land (22-6/1944)
T1474 Mowbray Heights: Additions (22-6/1950)
T1475 Mowbray Heights: Repairs (22-2/1954)
T1476 Mowbray Heights: Pre School establishment - Haig Street (22-6/1947)
T1477 Mowbray Heights: Pre School - building (22-6/1952)
T1478 Mt Stuart: Pre School - Acquisition of land (14-6/1948)
T1470 Mt Stuart: Pre-School Kindergarten (14-8/1947)
T1480 Mt Stuart: Primary (7-6/1956)
T1481 Mt Stuart: Site - purchase (7-6/1955)
T1482 Myrtle Park: Building (548-6/1941)
T1483 Myrtle Park: Repairs (548-2/1952)
T1484 Myrtle Park: Targa - Request for school (5548-6/1945)
T1485 Myrtle Park: Site - purchase (548-6/1951)
T1486 Myrtle Park: Installation of telephone (548-8/1954)
T1487 Amateur House: Tenancy - National Fitness (711-6/1958)
T1488 Amateur House: Telephone Extension (711-8/1955)
T1489 Augusta: Pre School Kindergarten - Purchase of land (14-6/1949)
T1490 Avoca: Additions - 2 classrooms 1950 - 1 classroom 1954 (180-6-1949)
T1491 Avoca: Addditions - 1 classroom 1958 (180-6/1958)
T1492 Bellerive: Additional Land - C.W. Hawkins (85-6/1946)
T1493 Bellerive: New building (85-6/1948)
T1494 Bellerive: Additional Land (85-6/1949)
T1495 Bellerive: New Infant School - Initial section (85-6/1954)
T1496 Bellerive: Exchange of land (85-6E/1956)
T1497 Bellerive: Request for portion of site (85-6S/1957)
T1498 Bellerive: Accommodation - Additions to new Infant School (85-6/1957)
T1499 Bicheno: New building (218-6NB/1956)
T1500 Bicheno: Additional Land - Potter - 2 acres (218-6/1956)
T1501 Bicheno: Request to lease or sell old building (218-8/1958)
T1502 Bowen Road: Additions (226-6/1955)
T1503 Bowen Road: Parents' Association (226-8/1955)
T1504: Bowen Road: Installation of telephone (226-8/1955)
T1505 Boys Welfare: Launceston - Additional land (725D-6/19545)
T1506 Charles Street: Additional Land - Malcolms (15-6/1954)
T1507 Charles Street: Additions - Infant Block (15-6/1955)
T1508 Charles Street: S.T.C. Accommodation (15-6TC/1956)
T1509 Conveyance of Scholars: Richmond to Campania (335/1953)
T1510 Chigwell: Additional land (236-6/1956)
T1511 Chigwell: Transfer of land - Sub station site (236-6/1958)
T1512 Cranbrook: Request for use of building (216-8/1958)
T1513 Devonport: Accommodation - Rental of Hall (136-6/1954)
T1514 East Launceston: Additions - 2 Classrooms - Staffroom 1955 (16-6/1954)
1515 Evandale: Additions - 1 Classroom 1957 (159-6/1957)
T1516 Evandale: Additional Classroom 1959 (159-6/1959)
T1517 Fingal: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (183-6/1956)
T1518 Dora Turner School: Additions - 1 classroom 1957 (729A-6/1954)
T1519 Girls' Welfare School: Request for portion of land - Barrow Street, Launceston (729-6/1957)
T1520 Glen Huon: Additions - 1 classroom 1958 (274-6/1957)
T1521 Goodwood: Additions - 1 classroom 1958 (231-6/1958)
T1523 Guildford Junction: Rental of residence (692-8/1941)
T1524 Hobart Hospital Classes: Telephone (719D-8/1956)
T1525 Wingfield Hospital Classes: Additions - 3 Classrooms 1958 (719D-6/1957)
T1526 Hospital Classes: Hobart - Proposed park (719D-6/1957)
T1527 Hospital Classes: Launceston - New building - St Giles (719C-6/1957)
T1528 J.C.Hogg Pre School: Additional land (20A-6/1958)
T1529 Judbury: Additions - 1 Classroom 1955 (269-6/1955)
T1530 Kempton: Additions - 1 Classroom 1958 (243-6/1957)
T1531 Kingston: 2 additional classrooms 1954 - 2 additional classrooms and toilet block 1955 (306-6/1953)
T1532 Kingston: Additional land A.A. and C. Groombridge and F.J. Groombridge (306-6/1954)
T1533 Kingston: Additional land - V.A. McKay (306-6/1954)
T1534 Kingston: Additional land - S. Joseph (306-6/1955)
T1535 Kingston Pre School Centre: Additions (305-6/1954)
T1536 New Norfolk: Accommodation (399-6/1951)
T1537 New Norfolk: Additional land (399-6/1958)
T1538 New Norfolk: Repairs (399-2/1955)
T1539 New Norfolk: Repairs (399-2/1956)
T1540 New Norfolk North: Additions - New Building (408-6/1956)
T1541 New Norfolk North: Additions - 4 classrooms 1958 (408-6/1958)
T1542 New Norfolk North: Additional land (408-6/1955)
T1543 Pre School Kindergarten: Request from New Norfolk (407-6/1954)
T1544 New Town: Repairs, etc. (5-2/1949)
T1545 New Town: Repairs (5-2/1955)
T1546 North Crescent Kindergarten: Installation of telephone (406-8/1956)
T1548 North Motton: Repairs (345-2/1954)
T1549 North Motton: Plantation (345/1950)
T1550 Competitions: General 1951 (532/1951)
T1551 North Motton: Lease of Cricket Pitch and Tennis Court (345-8/1940)
T1552 Orford: Additions - 1 Classroom (585-6/1953)
T1553 Orford: Repairs, etc. (585-2/1950)
T1554 Orford: Accommodation for Teachers (585-6/1951)
T1555 Parattah: Repairs (414-2/1954)
T1556 Penguin: Additional Land - Kidd (426-6/19r51)
T1557 Penguin: Additions - 4 Classrooms (426-6/1952)
T1558 Penguin: Furniture and Equipment (426-1/1955)
T1559 Penguin: Repairs (426-2/1955)
T1560 Penguin: Request for Pre School (426-6/1954)
T1561 Penguin: Telephone Installation (426-8/1954)
T1562 Perth: Additions (382-6/1954)
T1563 Perth: Rental of portion of Reserve (380-8/1950)
T1564 Pioneer: Accommodation - South Mount Cameron building (522-6/1954)
T1565 Poatina: New building (383-6/1957)
T1566 Conveyance of Scholars: Baskerville to Campbell Town (341/1954)
T1567 Preolenna: Repairs (621-2/1954)
T1568 Preolenna: Repairs - Grounds (621-2/1955)
T1569 Preolenna: Additions - 1 Infant classroom 1958 (621-6/1958)
T1570 Preolenna: Swimming Pool (621-8/1950)
T1571 Preston: Installation of Telephone (346-8T/1956)
T1572 Preston: Repairs (346-2/1954)
T1573 Hobart High: Repairs (732-2/1956)
T1574 Devonport High: Repairs (734-2/1954)
T1575 Prince of Wales Bay (Goodwood): Pre School Kindergarten (225-8/1950)
T1576 Albuera Street Secondary: Repairs (1-2/1954)
T1577 Pioneer: Repairs (522-2/1955)
T1578 Conveyance of Scholars: Brambletye (Conara) to Campbell Town (360/1952)
T1579 Conveyance of Scholars: Douglas Park to Campbell Town (479/1948)
T1580 Hobart High: Development of site (732-11/1954)
T1581 Princes Street: Repairs (12-2/1955)
T1581A Huonville: Repairs (273-2/1954)
T1582 Princes Street: Additional land (12-6/1945)
T1583 Princes Street: Furniture and equipment (12-1/1955)
T1584 Princes Street: Telephone Extension (12-8/1956)
T1585 Punchbowl Road site: Request by ALP for school - purchase of site (547-6/1944)
T1586 Punchbowl Road: New Building (547-6/1951)
T1587 Pyengana: Repairs (468-2/1954)
T1588 Pyengana: Fire - Temporary accommodation (468-8/1957)
T1589 Pyengana: New School 468-6/1957
T1590 Pyengana: Offer to purchase portion of site (468-8/1951)
T1591 Queenstown Central: Extension of telephone (678-8/1957)
T1592 Ulverstone High: Repairs (739-2/1954)
T1593 Railton: Repairs (293-2/1954)
T1594 Railton: Additions, etc. (293-6/1954)
T1595 Ravenswood: Request for School (557-6/1951)
T1596 Ravenswood: School site - Purchase - Deans Land (557-6D/1952)
T1597 Ravenswood: Additional Land - not acquired (557-6/1954)
T1598 Ravenswood: New building (557-6NB/1955)
T1599 Ravenswood: Parents and Friends' Association (557-8PF/1956)
T1600 Ravenswood: Installation of telephone (557-8/1957)
T1601 Conveyance of Scholars: Lake Leake to Campbell Town (292/1950)
T1602 Robert Cosgrove: Repairs (229-2/1955)
T1603 Redpa: Consolidated school (113-6/1950)
T1604 Redpa Primary School: Additional land (113-9/1951)
T1605 Smithton High: Repairs (738-2/1954)
T1606 Redpa: Repairs (113-2/1954)
T1607 Rhyndaston: Closure - Disposal of property - Rental of residence (501-8/1953)
T1608 Richmond: Repairs (502-2/1955)
T1609 Richmond: Repairs (502-2/1954)
T1610 Richmond: Offer to rent (502-8/1951)
T1611 Riverside: Building - including additional classrooms 1956 (36-6/1952)
T1612 Riverside: School Site - purchase, including construction of Cleghorn Lane (36-6/1950)
T1613 Rocherlea: Request for retention of school (359-8/1948)
T1615 Rocherlea: New building (359-6/1955)
T1616 Rocherlea: Disposal of old building (359-8/1956)
T1617 Rocherlea: Repairs (359-2/1954)
T1618 Rosebery: Physical Training - Rent of Hall (693-8/1949)
T1619 Rosebery: Accommodation - Home Arts B (693-6/1957)
T1620 Rosetta: New Building (235-6/1956)
T1621 Conveyance of Scholars: Mt Morriston and Ross to Campbell Town (351/1951)
T1622 Ross: Installation of telephone (531-8/1955)
T1623 Rossarden: Furniture and equipment (185-1/1954)
T1624 Conveyance of Scholars: Sky Farm to Claremont (602/1947)
T1625 Rossarden: Repairs (185-2/1954)
T1626 Rossarden: Additions - 1953-1954 (185-6/1953)
T1627 Rossarden: Teachers' Hostel (185-11H/1956)
T1628 Rossarden: Scholarship (185-8/1950)
T1629 Rossarden: Pre School Kindergarten (185-9/1952)
T1630 Rowella: Richmond Hill School - Repairs (24-2/1954)
T1631 Rowella: Richmond Hill School - Change of name of school (24-8/1956)
T1632 Sandfly: Repairs (308-2/1955)
T1633 Sandford: Change of hours (90-8/1949)
T1634 Sandford: Repairs (90-2/1954)
T1635 Sassafras: Telephone installation (330-8/1954)
T1636 Sassafras: Telephone (330-8/1956)
T1637 Sassafras: Disposal of Property (330-8/1958)
T1638 Conveyance of Scholars: Craigbourne to Colebrook (442/1949)
T1639 Sassafras: Repairs (330-2/1954)
T1640 Sight Saving School: Admissions (721A-8/1947)
T1641 Sight Saving School: Suggest appointment of medical officer (721A-7/1944)
T1642 Sight Saving School: Conveyance - Cut lunches (721A-8/1956)
T1643 Sight Saving School: Launceston - Request for School
T1644 Conveyance of Scholars: Mercer to Colebrook (574/1950)
T1645 Smithton Primary: Pre School Kindergarten - site (102-8/1945)
T1646 Smithton: Pre School Kindergarten - building (102-6/1950)
T1647 Smithton: Repairs (102-2/1954)
T1648 Somerset: Additions 1954 (612-6/1953)
T1649 Somerset: Lease of Tennis Court (612-8/1938)
T1650 South Arm: Repairs (91-2/1954)
T1651 South Arm: Repairs (91-2/1955)
T1652 South Launceston Pre School: Additional land (23A-6/1953)
T1653 South Launceston Pre School: Additional land - Maroney (23A-6/1958)
T1654 South Launceston Pre School: Land - Transfer to Launceston City Council (23A-6/1956)
T1655 Conveyance of Scholars: Collins Cap to Collinsvale (452/1952)
T1656 South Queenstown: Request for new school (679-6/1944)
T1657 South Queenstown: Pre School - site (679-6/1954)
T1658 Spreyton: Additions 1955 (141-6/1955)
T1659 Conveyance of Scholars: Billop to Cressy (573/1951)
T1660 Spreyton: Furniture and equipment (141-1/1955)
T1661 Spreyton: Repairs (141-2/1954)
T1662 Spreyton State School: Repairs (141-2/1955)
T1663 Conveyance of Scholars: Connorville, Macquarie River Settlement to Cressy (599/1953)
T1664 Springfield State School: Repairs (539-2/1955)
T1665 St Leonards: Additional land (555-6/1945)
T1666 St Leonards: Additions (555-6/1951)
T1667 St Leonards: Repairs (555-2/1952)
T1668 St Leonards: Repairs (555-2/1954)
T1669 St Leonards: Repairs (555-2/1955)
T1670 St Leonards: Rental of old residence (555-8/1936)
T1671 St Leonards: Rental of cottage (555-8/1946)
T1672 St Leonards: Installation of telephone (555-8/1957)
T1673 Stanley: Installation of telephone (103-8/1955)
T1674 Stanley: Survey of school site (103-8/1953)
T1675 Stanley: Rental of old building (103-8/1953)
T1676 Storey's Creek: Repairs (198-2/1955)
T1677 Storey's Creek: Furniture and equipment (198-1/1955)
T1678 Storey's Creek: Additional Land (198-6-1955)
T1679 Storey's Creek: Additions (198-6/1956)
T1680 Conveyance of Scholars: Illawarra, Toiberry and Longford to Cressy (476/1951)
T1681 Strahan: Repairs (685-2/1955)
T1683 Prospect (Summerdale): Additional land (652-6/1950)
T1684 Summerdale: Additions (652-6/1954)
T1685 Prospect: Rental of Memorial Baptist Church Hall (652-8/1955)
T1686 Sumemrdale: Repairs (652-2/1954)
T1587 Swansea: Additions 1956 and 1959 (215-6/1953)
T1689 Swansea: Furniture and equipment (215-1/1955)
T1690 Swansea: Furniture and equipment (216-1/1956)
T1691 Swansea: Installation of Telephone - Extension from residence to school (215-8/1955)
T1692 Conveyance of Scholars: Symmons Plains, Perth, Panshanger, Longford, Cressy (348/1951)
T1693 Swansea: Repairs (215-2/1954)
T1694 Swansea: Repairs (215-2/1955)
T1695 Talire: Additional land (223-6/1959)
T1696 Talire: Rental of Cottage (223-8/1951)
T1697 Talire: Land (223-6/1956)
T1698 Talire: Proposed transfer to Health Department (223-8/1951)
T1699 Talire: Advisory Committee (223-8/1955)
T1700 Talire: Auxiliary (223-8/1950)
T1701 Tarraleah: Additions (258-6/1953)
T1702 Tarraleah: Repairs, etc. (258-2/1952)
T1703 Tarraleah: Pre School Kindergarten (258-8/1949)
T1704 Conveyance of Scholars: Gardners Bay Road to Cygnet - Rogers (425/1949)
T1706 Taroona: Pre School Kindergarten (311-6/1948)
T1707 Taroona: Repairs (311-2/1953)
T1708 Taroona: Pre-School Kindergarten No. 2 (311-9/1953)
T1709 Taroona: Pre School No. 1 - Furniture and equipment (311-1/1955)
T1710 Taroona: Pre School No. 1 - Staffing (311-7/1956)
T1711 Taroona: Installation of telephone (311-8/1955)
T1712 Conveyance of Scholars: Nicholls Rivulet to Cygnet (149/1944)
T1713 Trevallyn: Additions - 3 classrooms 1959 (21-6/1958)
T1714 Trevallyn: Additional land (21-6/1950)
T1715 Trevallyn: Request for Pre School Kindergarten (21-6/1949)
T1716 Trevallyn Pre School: Site (21-6/1951)
T1717 Triabunna: Request for central school (593-6/1950)
T1719 Triabunna: Furniture and equipment (583-1/1955)
T1720 Conveyance of Scholars: Glaziers Bay to Cygnet (569/1949)
T1721 Triabunna: Repairs (583-2/1954)
T1722 Triabunna: Repairs (58302/1955)
T1723 Triabunna: Property - purchase of site (583-8P/1957)
T1724 Tullah: Repairs (694-2/1954)
T1725 Tullah: Pre School Kindergarten (694-9/1953)
T1726 Tunbridge: Repairs (415-2/1954)
T1727 Tunbridge: Lease of Reserve by Cricket Club (415-8/1947)
T1728 Tunnack: Sale of school building (416-8/1957)
T1729 Ulverstone: Additions (349-6/1953)
T1730 Ulverstone: Temporary accommodation (349-6/1954)
T1731 Ulverstone: Additional land (349-6/1945)
T1732 Ulverstone: Kindred Street property (349-8/1957)
T1733 Ulverstone: Repairs (349-2/1954)
T1734 Upper Burnie: Request to purchase portion of site (143-6/1958)
T1735 Lower Sandy Bay: Site - Fehre (9-6/1944)
T1736 Lower Sandy Bay: Waimea Heights - new school (9-6/1946)
T1738 Warrane: Furniture and equipment (84-1/1955)
T1739 Warrane: Furniture and equipment (84-1/1956)
T1740 Warrane: Installation of telephone (84-8/1957)
T1741 Warrane: New building (84-6/1954)
T1742 Warrane: Additions - Infant block (84-6/1959)
T1743 Warrane: Repairs (84-2/1956)
T1745 Warrane: Development of site (84-11/1955)
T1746 Waverley: Proposed new school (559-6/1954)
T1747 Westbury: Rental of residence (661-8/1956)
T1748 West Devonport: Nixon Street - installation of telephone (138-8/1959)
T1749 West Glenorchy: Proposed school (674/1957)
T1750 West Ulverstone: Installation of telephone (351-8/1959)
T1751 West Launceston: Development of site (23-11/1953)
T1752 West Launceston: Additions - 2 classrooms (23-6/1958)
T1753 West Devonport Primary: Nixon Street - new building (138-6/1954)
T1754 West Ulverstone: Building (351-6/1956)
T1755 Wynyard: Tennis Court (614-8TC/1956)
T1756 Wynyard: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (614-6/1958)
T1757 Conveyance of Scholars: Tower Hill to Fingal (396/1951)
T1758 Yambacoona: Telephone subsidy (324-8/1957)
T1759 Yambacooma: Use of ground (324-6/1960)
T1760 Yarra Creek: Additions - 2 classrooms 1957-58 (322-6/1957)
T1761 Blackmans Bay: Enquiry re land (310-6/1952)
T1762 Blackmans Bay: New building (310-6/1957)
T1763 Conveyance of Scholars: Elderslie to Brighton (605/1951)
T1764 Kempton: Repairs (243-2/1955)
T1765 Conveyance of Scholars: Exton to Deloraine (357/1951)
T1766 Bagdad: Furniture and equipment (50-1/1954)
T1767 Annual Report: General (415/1955)
T1768 Education: General Enquiries (104/1956)
T1769 High Schools: Speech Nights (402/1955)
T1770 Conveyance of Scholars: Weeegena, Dunorlan to Deloraine - Kidd (503/1953)
T1772 Conveyance of Scholars: Parkham to Deloraine (248/1955)
T1773 Conveyance of Scholars:Wilmot - Sheffield Bus to Devonport High (279/1951)
T1774 Devonport High: Conveyance - General (334/1956)
T1775 Conveyance of Scholars: Devonport Modern - General (163/1955)
T1776 Conveyance of Scholars: Raminea to Dover (420/1951)
T1777 Conveyance of Scholars: Murdunna and Eaglehawk Neck to Dunalley (608/1951)
T1778 Conveyance of Scholars: Hunting Ground to Dysart (584/1950)
T1779 Conveyance of Scholars: Irish Town and Allen Creek to Edith Creek (369/1954)
T1780 Conveyance of Scholars: Downham Residence to Ellendale (498/1954)
T1781 Conveyance of Scholars: Nile to Evandale (501/1951)
T1782 Conveyance of Scholars: Relbia to Evandale (83/1954)
T1783 Conveyance of Scholars: Ormley to Fingal (321/1950)
T1784 Conveyance of Scholars: Mangana to Fingal (432/1953)
T1785 Conveyance of Scholars: Mawbanna to Forest (114/1953)
T1786 Conveyance of Scholars: Grass Tree Hill to Lindisfarne (607/1951)
T1787 Conveyance of Scholars: Forthside to Forth (387/1954)
T1788 Conveyance of Scholars: Catle Forbes Bay and Hospital Bay to Geeveston (591/1949)
T1789 Conveyance of Scholars: Four Foot Road to Geeveston (208/1951)
T1790 Conveyance of Scholars: Glendevie to Geeveston (110/1953)
T1791 Conveyance of Scholars: Police Point to Geeveston (534/1953)
T1792 Clarence High: Furniture and equipment (742-1/1958)
T1793 Conveyance of Scholars: Hillwood to George Town (54/1954)
T1794 London University: Education Fellowships (378/1954)
T1795 Conveyance: Concession Fares - January to June (376/1954)
T1796 Conveyance: Concession Fares - July to September (376/1954)
T1797 Conveyance: Allowances - October to December (376/1954)
T1798 Technical: Devonport - Furniture and equipment (749-1/1954)
T1799 Burnie High: Additional land (735-6/1943)
T1800 Conveyance of Scholars: George Town - General (553/1953)
T1801 Parklands High: Accommodation - Home Arts (752-6/1955)
T1802 Parklands High: Additions - New block (752-6/1958)
T1803 Conveyance of Scholars: National Park and Westerway to Glenora (281/1949)
T1804 Conveyance of Scholars: Pelham to Glenora (427/1953)
T1805 Conveyance of Scholars: Carrick to Hagley (212/1949)
T1806 Conveyance of Scholars: Cluan and Fern Bank to Hagley (345/1951)
T1807 Conveyance of Scholars: Blackmans Bay and Kingston to Hobart (244/1944)
T1808 Conveyance of Scholars: Scopus Mella to Smithton (340/1954)
T1809 Conveyance of Scholars: Collinsvale to Hobart (394/1951)
T1810 Conveyance of Scholars: Huonville to Hobart (388/1951)
T1811 Conveyance of Scholars: Kempton to Hobart (296/1949)
T1812 Conveyance of Scholars: Braeside to Huonville (492/1950)
T1813 Scholarships: General (586/1955)
T1814 Conveyance of Scholars: Lower Longley to Huonville (337/1954)
T1815 Conveyance of Scholars: Lonnavale to Huonville (572/1950)
T1816 Conveyance of Scholars: Lucaston to Huonville (418/1951)
T1817 Conveyance of Scholars: King Island - General (246/1952)
T1818 Conferences: Technical Correspondence (679/1957)
T1819 Conferences: White House Conference on Children and Youth (490/1959)
T1820 Conveyance of Scholars: Egg lagoon to Currie (223/1951)
T1821 Farewell Party: Hon. Robert Cosgrove (640/1958)
T1822 Education: Dr Murphy's Report (438/1959)
T1824 Commonwealth Education: General Enquiries (72/1956)
T1825 Conveyance of Scholars: Grassy to Currie (433/1953)
T1826 Offices: Launceston, Gleadow Street - Store (405/1951)
T1827 Offices: Launceston - Gleadow Street - Workshop (530/1958)
T1829 Finance: Revenue Estimates 1959/1960 (248/1959)
T1830 Finance: Loan Programme (251/1959)
T1831 Queechy High: Furniture and equipment (745-1/1958)
T1832 High Schools: Departmental Committee - Secondary Education, Wynyard and Burnie (194/1959)
T1833 High Schools: Secondary Education - Hobart Departmental Committee - Evidence (580/1960)
T1834 High Schools: Establishment of High School North Eastern Districts (554/1955)
T1835 High Schools: Secondary Education - Cressy (19/1960)
T1836 High Schools: Request from Claremont (327/1953)
T1837 High Schools: Request from Fingal District (478/1953)
T1838 Aberdeen: Headmaster's residence (139-6/1955)
T1839 Aberdeen: Development of site (139-8/1956)
T1840 Aberdeen: School destroyed by fire (139-8/1956)
T1841 Aberdeen: Disposal of property (139-6/1957)
T1842 Conveyance of Scholars: King Island - Departmental bus (87/1957)
T1843 Conveyance of Scholars: Pegarah to Currie (353/1951)
T1844 Abbotsham: Repairs (340-2/1955)
T1845 Abbotsham: Accidents (340-12/1955)
T1846 Adventure Bay: Rental of residence (65-8/1944)
T1847 Adventure Bay: Offer to purchase building (65-8/1947)
T1848 Conveyance of Scholars: Millwood to Currie (383/1954)
T1849 Conveyance of Scholars: Cressy to Launceston (473/1951)
T1850 Conveyance of Scholars: General 1956 (164/1956)
T1851 Conveyance of Scholars: East Tamar to Launceston (496/1955)
T1852 Conveyance of Scholars: Rowella and Deviot to Launceston (461/1953)
T1853 Ashley Home: Advisory Committee - Minutes of meeting (129-8/1952)
T1854 Ashley Home: Furniture and equipment (129-1/1955)
T1855 Ashley Home: School repairs (129-2/1955)
T1857 Barnes Bay: Inventories (68-8I/1959)
T1858 Barnes Bay: Staffing (68-7/1956)
T1859 Barnes Bay: Repairs (68-2/1955)
T1860 Barnes Bay: Development of site (68-11/1959)
T1861 Barnes Bay: Accommodation (68-6/1955)
T1862 Barrington: Repairs (284-2/1953)
T1863 Barrington: Sale of School (284-8/1955)
T1864 Barrowvale: Staffing (560-7/1955)
T1865 Barrowvale: Repairs (560-2/1952)
T1866 Barrowvale: Inventories (560-8I/1959)
T1867 Birralee: Repairs (650-2/1954)
T1868 Birralee: Furniture and equipment (650-1/1954)
T1869 Birralee: Closure of School (650-3/1954)
T1870 Bishopsbourne: Closure of School (375-8/1955)
T1871 Bishopsbourne: Furniture and Equipment (375-1/1954)
T1872 Bishopsbourne: Repairs (375-2/1954)
T1873 Black Hills: Closure - Request for re-opening (391-81/954)
T1874 Black Hills: Repairs (391-2/1955)
T1875 Blackwood Creek: Rental of residence (378-8/1947)
T1876 M.H. Eyre School: Complaint (725-4/1957)
T1877 M.H. Eyre School: Inventories (725-8I/1956)
T1878 M.H. Eyre School: Repairs (725-2/1953)
T1879 Boys Welfare School: Furniture and equipment (725-1/1956)
T1880 H.M. Eyre School: Development of site (725-11/1953)
T1881 Boys Welfare School: Cleaner (725-14/1942)
T1882 Boys Welfare School: Staffing (725-7/1958)
T1883 M.H. Eyre School: Additional classroom 1954 (725-6/1954)
T1884 M.H. Eyre School: Accommodation (725-6/1954)
T1885 Claude Road: Closure - Enquiry re disposal of property - Rental of premises (286-8/1941)
T1886 Cornwall: disposal of site - Buildings removal (182-8/1949)
T1887 Deddington: Acquisiton of land (157-8/1928)
T1888 Deddington: Offer to purchase building (137-8/1949)
T1889 Detention: Accounts (101-A/1957)
T1890 Domestic Arts Hobart: Accounts (723-A/19950)
T1891 Domestic Arts Hobart: Inventories (723-8I/1956)
T1892 Domestic Arts Hobart: Cleaner (723-14/1942)
T1893 Domestic Arts Hobart: Staffing (723-7/1955)
T1894 Domestic Arts Hobart: Repairs (723-2/1955)
T1895 Domestic Arts Hobart: Groundsman (723-3/1956)
T1896 Domestic Arts Hobart: Furniture and equipment (723-1/1955)
T1897 Domestic Arts Hobart: Land - State Library (723-6/1958)
T1898 Domestic Arts Hobart: New Building (723-6/1958)
T1899 Don: Closure of school (137-8/1939)
T1900 Dromedary: Repairs, etc. (55-2/1951)
T1901 Dysart: Repairs (240-2/1953)
T1902 Dysart: Closure of school - disposal of school buildings (240-8/1955)
T1903 Offices: Hobart - Melville Street - Workshop - General (184/1959)
T1904 Conveyance of Scholars: Back Road to Levendale (602/1949)
T1905 Conveyance of Scholars: Bangor to Lilydale (384/1952)
T1906 Conveyance of Scholars: Lebrina to Lilydale (298/1949)
T1907 Pre Schools: Refresher Course (177/1956)
T1908 Psychologist: Extension of Building - M.H. Eyre School (160/1959)
T1909 Conveyance of Scholars: Underwood to Lilydale (520/1953)
T1910 Schools: Access Roads (420/1958)
T1911 Supply and Tender Department: General (581/1949)
T1912 Teacher Training: Inventories - Hostels (594/1956)
T1913 Teacher Training: Transport of students to Home Arts (288/1957)
T1914 Teacher Training: Students in non-state schools (24/1955)
T1915 Technical: Inventories (439/1959)
T1916 Text Books: Welding and Forging (313/1959)
T1917 Record: Matter for publication (11/1956)
T1918 Transport: General (402/1959)
T1919 Cement: Free supplies - Goliath Portland Company (220/1959)
T1920 Exton: Repairs (653-2/1951)
T1921 Exton: Closure (653-8/1951)
T1922 Flowerdale: Additional land for playground (605-8/1926)
T1923 Flowerdale: Repairs (605-2/1953)
T1924 Girls Welfare Launceston: Furniture and equipment (729-1/1954)
T1925 Barrow Street: Repairs (729-2/1955)
T1926 Barrow Street: Development of site (729-11/1955)
T1927 Barrow Street: Staffing (729-7/1955)
T1928 Girls Welfare Launceston: Barrow Street - Accounts (729-A/1956)
T1929 Glengarry: Rental of residence (28-8/1938)
T1930 Gordon: Lease of reserve (313-8/1950)
T1931 Hayes: Repairs (404-2/1954)
T1932 Hayes: Renmtal of block of ground to Holloway (404-8/1957)
T1933 Illawarra: Rental of school (379-8/1938)
T1934 Irish Town: Cleaner (97-14/1950)
T1935 Kellevie: Complaints (568-4/1954)
T1936 Kellevie: Furniture and equipment (568-1/1954)
T1937 Kellevie: Closing of school (568-8/1955)
T1938 Kellevie: Inventories (568-8I/1956)
T1939 Koonya: Rental of residence used as Hospital (633-8/1925)
T1940 Koonya: Repairs (633-2/1949)
T1941 Koonya: Closure of school - subsidised - Re-opening of State School (633-8/1939)
T1942 Lady Barron: Accommodation for Teacher (203-8/1946)
T1943 Lady Barron: Request for building (806-8/1946)
T1944 Lefroy: Repairs (206-2/1952)
T1945 Lefroy: Repairs (206-2/1953)
T1946 Lefroy: Repairs (206-2/1954)
T1947 Legerwood: Closure (528-8/1943)
T1948 Liena: New School - Acquisition of site (133-5/1930)
T1949 Lonnavale: Closure - Disposal of equipment (277-8/1949)
T1950 Lorinna: Repairs (303-2/1949)
T1951 Lorinna: Staffing (303-7/1955)
T1952 Lorinna: Furniture and equipment (303-1/1954)
T1953 Lorinna: Accommodation (303-6/1957)
T1954 Lorinna: Fire (303-8/1957)
T1955 Lorinna: Inventories (303-8I/1958)
T1956 Lower Barrington: Additional land (289-8/1926)
T1957 Lowana: Furniture and equipment (435-1/1956)
T1958 Lowana: Repairs (435-2/1956)
T1959 Lowana: Educational Planning (435-13/1958)
T1960 Lowana: Staffing (435-7/1958)
T1961 Lowana: Inventories (435-8I/1959)
T1962 Lower Blessington: Closure - Subsidised School (156-8/1939)
T1963 Lower longley: Fencing - Agreement with Cricket Club (270-2/1941)
T1964 Lower Longley: Staffing (304-7/1953)
T1965 Lower Longley: Repairs (304-2/1953)
T1966 Lower longley: Disposal of property (304-8/1954)
T1967 Magra: Cleaner (390-14/1951)
T1968 Magra: Repairs (390-2/1953)
T1969 Magra: Furniture and equipment (390-1/1955)
T1970 Magra: Staffing (390-7/1957)
T1971 Magra: Closure of school (390-6/1957)
T1972 Magra: Disposal of property (390-8/1957)
T1973 Magra: Rental of residence (390-6/1958)
T1974 mangana: Furniture and equipment (186-1/1954)
T1975 Mt Pleasant: Proposed public hall site (572/1912)
T1976 Mt Seymour: Repairs (412-2/1948)
T1978 Mt Seymour: Repairs (412-2/1956)
T1979 Mt Seymour: Staffing (412-7/1956)
T1980 Mt Seymour: Furniture and equipment (412-1/1956)
T1981 Myalla: Young Farmers Club (610-8/1938)
T1982 Myalla: Closed School - Disposal of school site - Residence and plantation retained (610-8/1951)
T1983 North Lilydale: Offer to purchase gate (566-8/1947)
T1984 New Ground: Disposal of ground (328-8/1936)
T1985 North Scottsdale: Repairs - closure of school 1945 (537-2/1944)
T1986 Osterley: Furniture and equipment (254-1/1955)
T1987 Osterley: Repairs (254-2/1955)
T1988 Pegarah: Request for school (381-8/1940)
T1989 Pelham: Offer to rent building (256-8/1948)
T1990 Pelverata: Repairs - Disposal of equipment (276-2/1949)
T1991 Plenty: Cleaner (400-14/1949)
T1992 Plenty: Repairs (400-2/1954)
T1993 Plenty: Staffing (400-7/1955)
T1994 Plenty: Request to rent school residence (400-8/1955)
T1995 Plenty: Closure of School (400-8/1955)
T1996 Port Sorell: Pre School Centre (334-8/1950)
T1997 Port Sorell: Repairs (334-2/1954)
T1998 Port Sorell: Complaint (334-4/1954)
T1999 Port Sorell: Furniture and Equipment (334-1/1955)
T2000 Port Sorell: Closing of School (334-8/1956)
T2005 Red Hills: Staffing (127-7/1956)
T2008 Renison Bell: Establishment of State School (677-6/1950)
T2009 Renison Bell: Physical Education - Rent of hall (677-8/1951)
T2012 Renison Bell: Closure of School (677-8/1956)
T2013 Renison Bell: Complaints (677-4/1956)
T2014 Renison Bell: Disposal of Residence (677-8/1957)
T2015 Riversdale: Establishment of subsidised school (218-8/1938)
T2017 Rogerton: Application for school site and building (92-8/1954)
T2018 Conveyance of Scholars: Huonville - General (294/1943)
T2019 Royal George: Offer to rent building (197-8/1952)
T2020 Royal George: Closure of school (197-8/1954)
T2022 Conveyance of Scholars: Liena to Mole Creek (319/1950)
T2025 Taroona High: Development of site (741-11/1956)
T2027 Woodbridge Area: Development of site (317-11/1946)
T2030 New Norfolk High: Development of site (740-11/1951)
T2033 Beulah: Closure - Disposal of equipment and rental of residence ((285-8/1941)
T2034 Rubicon Bridge: Closure of school (128-8/1955)
T2035 South Mount Cameron: Subsidised School (137/1946)
T2036 South Mountt Cameron: Request for re-opening (524-8/1949)
T2038 South Riana: Disposal of property - Transferred to Forestry Commission (431-8/1954)
T2040 Springfield: Cleaner (539-14/1954)
T2041 Springfield: School Farm (539-8/1954)
T2044 Springfield: Staffing (539-7/1956)
T2045 Springfield: Closure of school (539-8/1957)
T2046 Springfield: Development of site (539-11/1959)
T2047 Springfield: Complaints (539-4/1959)
T2048 New Town: Pre School Centre - St Johns Hall (14A-6/1951)
T2050 St Michaels School Rosevears: Offer to purchase school property (31-8/1938)
T2051 Stonehenge: Establishment of school (422-8/1941)
T2052 Stonor: Application to rent school building (421-8/1946)
T2053 Stowport: Furniture and equipment (149-1/1955)
T2054 Tullochgorum: Subsidised School (291/1948)
T2055 Tunnack: Staffing (416-7/1955)
T2057 Underwood: Lease of School Reserve (368-8/1927)
T2058 Underwood: Offer to purchase buildings (368-8/1940)
T2061 Upper Blessington: Complaints (558-4/1956)
T2062 Upper Blessington: Staffing (558-7/1958)
T2064 Upper Castra: Residence - Head Teacher's (350-6/1953)
T2065 Upper Castra: Accidents (350-12/1953)
T2067 Upper Castra: Development of site (350-11/1954)
T2068 Upper Castra: Staffing (350-7/1955)
T2069 Upper Castra: Closure of school (350-6/1957)
T2071 Upper Castra: Cleaner (350-14/1957)
T2075 Williamsford: Staffing (695-7/1954)
T2076 Williamsford: Development of site (695-11/1955)
T2077 York Plains: Rental of school residence (419-8/1936)
T2078 York Plains: Offer to purchase school (419-8/1939)
T2079 York Plains: Rental of Land - sold to Oatlands Council (419-8/1939)
T2081 Books: Free - General (23/1955)
T2083 Bangor: Rental of residence (360-8/1938)
T2084 Conveyance of Scholars: Glen Valley and Wye Forest Road to Molesworth (171/1952)
T2086 Conveyance of Scholars: Tayene to Myrtle Park (075/1951)
T2087 Scholarships and Studentships: Unique Sash Balance Award (52/1953)
T2089 Hobart Technical College: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T2090 Education: General Enquiries (104/1956)
T2091 Excursions: General (171/1956)
T2092 Use of School facilities: Applications - General (107/1956)
T2093 Furniture: Transfer of Teachers (704/1957)
T2094 Parklands High: Accommodation - Science Block 1956 (752-6/1954)
T2095 Conveyance of Scholars: Forcett to Sorell (457/1950)
T2096 Conveyance of Scholars: Killiecrankie to Whitemark (291/1950)
T2097 Covneyance of Scholars: Summer Camp - Flinders Island (134/1956)
T2098 Conveyance of Scholars: Sidmouth to West Tamar Area School (503/1946)
T2099 Conveyance of Scholars: Stonor and Jericho to Oatlands (495/1952)
T2100 Conveyance of Scholars: Lemont to Oatlands (172/1951)
T2101 Conveyance of Scholars: Nala to Oatlands (402/1952)
T2102 Conveyance of Scholars: Whitefoord to Oatlands (339/1950)
T2103 Conveyance of Scholars: Buckland to Orford (311/1956)
T2104 Conveyance of Scholars: Ironcliffe Road to Penguin (362/1952)
T2105 Conveyance of Scholars: Blythe to Penguin (348/1955)
T2106 Conveyance of Scholars: Erriba to Wilmot (174/1952)
T2107 Conveyance of Scholars: Mt Nelson to Princes Street (541/1932)
T2108 Conveyance of Scholars: Lake Margaret to Queenstown (326/1953)
T2109 Conveyance of Scholars: Princess River, Linda and Gormanston to Queenstown (505/1956)
T2110 Conveyance of Scholars: Strahan to Queenstown (447/1952)
T2111 Conveyance of Scholars: Narrawa and Lower Wilmot to Wilmot (175/1952)
T2112 Conveyance of Scholars: Sunnyside to Railton (184/1945)
T2113 Conveyance of Scholars: East Ridgley to Ridgley (579/1950)
T2114 Conveyance of Scholars: Pinega to Ringarooma (354/1951)
T2115 Conveyance of Scholars: Trenah and Talawa to Ringarooma (322/1950)
T2116 Conveyance of Scholars: Dilston to Mowbray (389/1954)
T2117 Conveyance of Scholars: Fosterville to Ross (286/1943)
T2118 Conveyance of Scholars: Verwood to Ross (677/1953)
T2119 Conveyance of Scholars: Oldina to Yolla (479/1951)
T2120 Conveyance of Scholars: Native Plains Road to Sassafras (438/1950)
T2121 Conveyance of Scholars: Takone to Yolla (581/1947)
T2122 Conveyance of Scholars: Lietinna to Scottsdale (553/1951)
T2123 Conveyance of Scholars: Jetsonville and North Scottsdale to Scottsdale (251/1945)
T2124 Conveyance of Scholars: Springfield to Scottsdale (446/1951)
T2125 Conveyance of Scholars: Kimberley and Railton to Sheffield (386/1951)
T2126 Conveyance of Scholars: Cornwall to St Marys (492/1948)
T2127 Conveyance of Scholars: Lower Barrington to Sheffield (54/1951)
T2128 Conveyance of Scholars: Beulah to Scottsdale (202/1950)
T2129 Conveyance of Scholars: Gray and Chain of Lagoons to St Marys (356/1951)
T2130 Conveyance of Scholars: Cranbrook to Swansea (389/1947)
T2131 Conveyance of Scholars: Fingal to St Marys (490/1951)
T2132 Conveyance of Scholars: Mayfield to Swansea (414/1955)
T2133 Conveyance of Scholars: Claude Road to Sheffield (350/1953)
T2134 Conveyance of Scholars: Britton's Swamp and Christmas Hill to Smithton (233/1948)
T2136 Conveyance of Scholars: Stanley and Forest to Smithton (527/1947)
T2137 Macquarie Street: Grounds (4-6/1949)
T2138 Conveyance of Scholars: Snug Tier to Snug (561/1949)
T2139 Hobart High School: Residence - 5 Ryde Street (732-6/1958)
T2140 Hobart High: Accommodation - Conversion of laboratories and change rooms (732-6/1957)
T2141 Hobart High: Telephone (732-8/1957)
T2142 Kings Meadows: Telephone (342-1959)
T2143 Hobart Technical High: Springvale - Acquisition (743-6H/1950)
T2144 Conveyance of Scholars: To St John's Park (123/1941)
T2145 Conveyance of Scholars: Pyengana to St Helens (537/1952)
T2146 Conveyance of Scholars: Priory to St Helens (335/1951)
T2147 R.M. Murray High: New Building - Main block, Gym, Canteen, Bicycle Shed (747-6/1952)
T2148 New Norfolk High: Hostel - Building (740-6H/1957)
T2149 New Norfolk High: Additions - H.A.C. Block (740-6/1958)
T2150 New Norfolk high: Additions - 4 classrooms 1958 (740-6/1958)
T2151 Education: New Deaf School at New Town (1-48/1959)
T2152 Conveyance of Scholars: Brid River to Springfield (185/1950)
T2153 Conveyance of Scholars: Kindred to Sprent - J.E. Russell and Sons (129/1950)
T2154 Conveyance of Scholars: South Nietta to Sprent - C.W. Young (132/1950)
T2155 Burnie High: New building (735-6/1950)
T2156 Burnie High: Cooee - Additional Land (735-6/1951)
T2157 Parklands: Assembly Hall (752-6/1955)
T2158 Conveyance of Scholars: Orielton, Runnymede and Midway Point to Sorell (282/1950)
T2159 Conveyance of Scholars: Mercer to Colebrook (574/1950)
T2160 Conveyance of Scholars: Blue Rocks to Whitemark (586/1950)
T2161 Conveyance of Scholars: Sky Farm to Claremont (602/1947)
T2162 Conveyance of Scholars: Barossa Road to Springfield Gardens (721/1960)
T2163 Conveyance of Scholars: Magra to New Norfolk (297/1952)
T2164 Conveyance of Scholars: Cuprona to Burnie (722/1960)
T2165 Conveyance of Scholars: Castra Road to Ulverstone (476/1950)
T2166 Conveyance of Scholars: Irish Town to St Marys (435/1952)
T2167 Conveyance of Scholars: Germantown to St Marys (333/1952)
T2168 Conveyance of Scholars: Rheban and Rigrove to Orford (555/1951)
T2169 Conveyance of Scholars: Blackmans Bay to Kingston (244/1944)
T2170 Conveyance of Scholars: Brown Mountain to Campania (386/1958)
T2171 UNESCO: Seminars 1958 (217/1953)
T2172 Staffing: Public Service staff - General (125/1956)
T2173 Tasmanian Institute for Education Research: General research and projects (32/1960)
T2174 A.C.E.R: General (167/1956)
T2175 A.C.E.R: R.L. Whitford personal (167/1956)
T2177 Glenorchy: Development of site (222-11/1953)
T2178 Goodwood: Development of site (231-11/1948)
T2179 Goulburn Street: Development of site (3-11/1946)
T2182 Smithton High: Hostel - Purchase of land and building (738-6H/1954)
T2183 Smithton High: Offer of sports ground (738-6G1/56)
T2184 Smithton High: Industrial Exhibition (738-8E/1957)
T2185 Smithton High: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (738-6/1958)
T2185A Smithton High: Additional land (783-6/1958)
T2186 Taroona High: New Building - Blocks A & B (741-6/1949)
T2187 Taroona: Application to rent site (741-8/1958)
T2188 Taroona High: Additional land (741-6/1959)
T2189 Ulverstone High: Residence - 45 Clara St., West Ulverstone (739-6/1959)
T2190 Ulverstone High: Residence - 61 Lovett Street - rented (456/1960)
T2191 Albuera Street Secondary: Hire of sports grounds (1A-8/1948)
T2192 Albeura Street Secondary: Gardener (1A-3/1950)
T2193 Albeura Street Secondary: School Clerk (1A-8/1951)
T2194 Albuera Street: Accident (1A-12/1952)
T2195 Albuera Street: Additional land (1-6/1953)
T2196 Albuera Street Secondary: Residence for Caretaker (1A-8/1954)
T2197 Albuera Street Secondary: Ilegal entries (1A-8/1954)
T2199 Albuera Street Secondary: Development of site (1A-11/1954)
T2200 Albuera Street Secondary: Staffing (1A-7/1955)
T2202 Albuera Street Secondary: Complaints (1A-4/1956)
T2203 Albuera Street Secondary: Hydro charges (1A-8HC/1956)
T2204 Albuera Street Secondary: Educational Planning (1A-13/1956)
T2205 Albuera Street Secondary: Canteen (1A-5/1957)
T2206 Albuera Street Secondary: Admissions (1A-8/1957)
T2207 Dora Turner School: Development of site (729A-11/1955)
T2210 Dora Turner School: Groundsman (729A-3/1960)
T2212 Albuera Street Secondary: Accommodation - Splitting school into Primary and Secondary 1959 (1A-6/1955)
T2213 Exchange of Information: R.L. Whitford - Personal (502/1957)
T2214 Official Press Releases: R.L. Whitford - Personal - Includes briefings, addresses, cuttings 1959 (486/1958)
T2215 Public Relations: R.L. Whitford - Personal (549/1956)
T2216 High Schools: Speech nights (402/1955)
T2217 Education Department: Authorisation for travelling (628/1957)
T2223 Devonport High: Development of site (734-11/1946)
T2224 Campbell Street: Development of site (2-11/1947)
T2227 Kingston: Development of site (306-11/1954)
T2229 Schools: General Lists (44/1956)
T2234 Visitors: General (137/1956)
T2236 Publications: Offer of Pamphlets (165/1955)
T2237 Education: General Enquiries (104/1956)
T2238 Sports: Carnivals and Inter-school matches (77/1960)
T2239 Offices: Hobart - Ranfurley, 307 Macquarie Street - Migrant, Music, Speech, Schools Library - Repairs (575/1950)
T2240 Ranfurley: Cleaner (625/1951)
T2241 Horace A. Crawford: Appeal (526/1953)
T2249 Edith Creek Area: Farm Development (111-8/1954)
T2256 Dover Area: Development of site (164-11/1954)
T2258 Excursions: General - January to October (171/56)
T2259 Excursions: General - From November (171/56)
T2260 Publications: Requests for Departmental (127/56)
T2266 Carpenters: Utility Truck (392/1950)
T2267 Blind Institute: General Enquiries (343/1952)
T2268 Blind Institute: Supplies (440/1954)
T2270 Blind Institute: Education of children (37/1960)
T2271 Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institute: Staffing (489/1955)
T2273 Blind Institute: Children (260/1950)
T2274 Residence: Ranfurley - Tennis Court (295/1952)
T2275 Upper Burnie: Residence - 1 Monnington Street - To be demolished (143-6/1951)
T2276 Sprent Area: Residence - Kindred (348-6/1953)
T2277 Education Department: Social Club (549/1960)
T2278 Seminars: Advisory Teachers - Migrant Education (568/1960)
T2279 Seminars: Guidance Officers (492/1958)
T2280 Seminars: King Island Primary Teachers (186/1960)
T2282 Training: Cadetship Scheme - Meterological (797/1958)
T2283 Training Teachers: Radio Active Isotopes Course (260/1959)
T2284 Training Teachers: Establishment Training Course - Men (278/1959)
T2285 Scholarships: George Town RSL, George Town RSL Women's Auxiliary, George Town Rotary Club (626/1958)
T2286 Scholarship: Australian American Association - Scholarship for High School pupils (773/1958)
T2287 Scholarships: The Incorporated British Institute of Certified Carpenters (390/1959)
T2288 London: Examinations - External, etc. (343/1948)
T2289 Finance: Loan Programme and Estimates 1960/1961 (220/1960)
T2290 Finance: Revenue Estimates 1960/1961 (546/1960)
T2291 Fulbright Travel Grant: General Category (178/1960)
T2292 Exchange Teachers: English Speaking Union (225/1959)
T2293 Conferences: Federal Council of Master Hairdressers (141/1961)
T2294 Conferences: Course in Hydraulic Engineering (G77/1962)
T2295 Conferences: P.M.G - Welfare of Dogs (G285/1961)
T2296 Ravenswood: Development of site (557-11/1958)
T2299 Blackmans Bay: Additions - 2 classrooms (310-6/1960)
T2300 Bridport: Additions - Office and Staffroom (544-6/1960)
T2301 Charles Street: Assembly Hall (1506AH/1955)
T2302 Chigwell: Additions - 6 classrooms (236-6/1959)
T2303 Chigwell: Additions - 4 classrooms 1961 (236-6/1961)
T2304 Claremont: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 - 2 classrooms 1960 - Toilet Block (221-6/1958)
T2305 Devonport: Additions - 4 Infant Classrooms (136-6/1959)
T2306 Dunalley: Additions - Domestic Arts Block (566-6/1956)
T2307 Franklin: Additions - New Infant Block (268-6/1955)
T2308 Glenorchy: Additions - Staffrooms and Toilets (222-6/1956)
T2309 Huonville Primary: Additions - Primary Classrooms (273-6/1959)
T2310 Lenah Valley: Additions - 2 Classrooms (13-6/1960)
T2311 Lindisfarne: Additions - 3 Classrooms 1959 (87-6/1959)
T2312 Lindisfarne North: Additions - Infant School (89-6/1958)
T2313 Moonah: Additions - 4 Classrooms (224-6/1958)
T2314 Mt Stuart: Additions - 1 Classroom 1961 (7-6/1961)
T2315 Mt Stuart: Additions - 2 Classrooms (7-6/1959)
T2316 Myrtle Park: Additions 1960 (548-6/1959)
T2317 New Norfolk: Additions (399-6/1959)
T2318 New Town: Gymnasium (5-6/1958)
T2319 Risdon Vale: New building and 6 classrooms 1961 (467/1958)
T2320 Riverside: Additions - 2 classrooms 1960 (36-6/1959)
T2321 Rosebery: 2 additional classrooms 1959 (693-6/1959)
T2322 Sandford: Additions - 1 classroom 1961 (90-6/1961)
T2323 Springfield Gardens: New Building (234-6/1958)
T2324 Taroona Primary: New Bjuilding - Includes Substation (311-6/1954)
T2325 Warrane: Additions - 2 new classrooms (84-6/1960)
T2326 West Launceston: Additions - 1 classroom (23-6/1961)
T2327 Burnie High: Additions - Trades Block (735-6/1959)
T2328 Clarence High: Blocks A, B, C (742-6NB/1957)
T2329 Robert Cosgrove High: Offer to purchase buildings (765-8OP/1956)
T2330 Devonport High: Additions - 2 Science Rooms - 2 classrooms 1959 (734-6/1959)
T2331 Hobart High: Additions - classrooms at 1 Ryde Street (732-6/1956)
T2332 Huonville High: Additions - Primary block (766-6/1957)
T2333 Huonville High: Use of Lecture Room (766-6/1957)
T2334 Kings Meadows High: New building - Block A Trades - Block B classroom (754-6/1957)
T2335 New Norfolk High: Additions - Trade Block (740-6/1957)
T2336 New Norfolk High: Additions - Craft Room (740-6/1960)
T2337 New Town High: Additions - 3 classrooms 1960 (743-6/1960)
T2338 A.G. Ogilvie High: Additions - Classrooms and Art Room 1957 (737-6/1957)
T2339 Parklands High: Sub Station (752-6/1961)
T2340 Queechy High: Additions - Library and Administration Block (745-6/1959)
T2341 Launceston Technical High: New Building - Trades, Domestic Science, Classroom (745-6/1953)
T2342 Launceston Tehnical High School - Development of Site, Wellington Street (745-11/1954)
T2344 Rose Bay High: Blocks A & B - Building (762-6/1960)
T2345 Scottsdale: Additions - 1 Infant classroom - 2 classrooms (736-6/1959)
T2346 Smithton High: Conversion of classroom to laboratory (738-6/1958)
T2347 Wynyard High: New Building - Blocks A & B (763-6/1959)
T2348 Burnie Technical School: New building (748-6/1941)
T2349 Burnie Technical School: Additions - Motor Mechanics Workshop (748-6/1958)
T2350 Devonport Technical College: Additions - Woodwork Block (749-6/1956)
T2351 Bothwell: Additions - 1 classroom 1960 (41-6/1959)
T2352 Bracknell Area: Additions - 3 classrooms (651-6/1959)
T2353 Campania Area: Additions - H.A.C. Block - 2 classrooms (497-6/1955)
T2354 Campbell Town Area: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 - Staff Accommodation (76-6/1958)
T2355 Cressy Area: New building (376-6/1955)
T2356 Cressy Area: Additions - 3 Infant clasrooms (376-6/1960)
T2357 Deloraine: Additions - Science Block (120-6/1957)
T2358 Deloraine: Additions - Trades Block (120-6/1957)
T2359 Flinders Island: Additions - 1 classroom 1960 (201-6/1960)
T2360 Flinders Island: Additions - 1 classroom 1961 (201-6/1961)
T2361 George Town: Additions - Science Block - 2 classrooms (205-6/1958)
T2362 George Town: Additions - Trade Block (205-6/1959)
T2363 George Town: Additions - New Primary School (205-6/1960)
T2364 Hagley: Additions - Domestic Arts Block (657-6/1957)
T2365 Hagley: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (657-6/1958)
T2366 Hagley: Additions - 2 classrooms 1961 (657-6/1961)
T2367 King Island: Additions - Trades Block (320-6/1957)
T2368 Natone Area: Additions - H.A.C. Block (151-6/1955)
T2369 Natone Area: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (151-6/1957)
T2370 Ridgley Area: Additions - H.A.C. Block (148-6/1955)
T2371 Sheffield: Additions - 2 classrooms - 1957/1958 (294-6A/1956)
T2372 Sorell Area: Additions - New Infant Block (571-6/1956)
T2373 Sorell Area: Additions - H.A.C. Block (571-6/1956)
T2374 Sprent Area: Additions - 2 classrooms 1958 (348-6/1958)
T2375 Sprent Area: Additions - 1 classroom (348-6/1961)
T2376 St Marys Area: Additions - 2 clasrooms - Science (192-6/1959)
T2377 Tasman Area: Additions - New Trades Block - H.A.C. Block (628-6/1956)
T2378 Woodbridge: Additions - H.A.C. Block (317-6/1955)
T2379 Woodbtridge: Additions - 3 classrooms 1958 (317-6/1958)
T2380 Bowen Road: Development of site (226-11/1952)
T2381 Staffing: Teacher Recuitment Overseas (317/1959)
T2382 Burnie High: Development of site (735-11/1957)
T2384 G.V. Brooks High: Development of site (753-11/1948)
T2391 Kings Meadows: Development of site (754-11/1958)
T2394 Scottsdale District: Farm Development (736-8/1949)
T2395 Taroona High: Development of site (741-11/1956)
T2398 Elizabeth Street: Accommodation (8-6/1954)
T2399 Elizabeth Street: Educational Planning (8-13/1956)
T2402 King Island: Development of site (320-11/1954)
T2406 Staffing: General (01-56)
T2407 Clarence High: Development of site (742-11/1958)
T2409 Conveyance: Derwent Bridge to Bronte Park (419/1959)
T2412 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 70 Tasma Street (767-9/1959)
T2413 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 83 Warwick Street - also 81, 81A and 85 Warwick Street (767-9/1958)
T2414 Elizabeth High: Additional land - Warwick House (767-9/1949)
T2415 Furniture: Transfer of Teachers (704/1957)
T2425 Riana Area: Development of site (428-11/1954)
T2428 Bracknell Area: Development of site (651-11/1956)
T2435 George Town: Development of site (205-11/1953)
T2436 Vehicles: Registration and Insurance (136/1960)
T2444 Ulverstone High: Development of site (739-11/1953)
T2446 Sheffield Area: Development of site (294-11/1952)
T2453 Kings Meadows High: Rental of site (754-6/1957)
T2454 Launceston High: Additional land - Closure of Bathurst Street (733-6/1960)
T2455 Queechy High: Additional land (745-9/1961)
T2456 Scottsdale District: Drainage Easement - Dinham (736-6/1952)
T2457 Scottsdale District: Additional land - McBean (736-9/1955)
T2458 Scottsdale District: Additional land - Anderson (736-9/1958)
T2459 Scottsdale District: Additional land - Heazlewood (736-9/1960)
T2460 Australian Administrative Staff College - General (504/1957)
T2461 Free Books: Initial Expenditure on text books (420/1955)
T2462 Books: Sales Tax exemption (406/1957)
T2463 Campaign: "Paint-up, Clean-up, Fix-up" (265/1961)
T2464 Commonwealth Institute London: Annual Report (107/1961)
T2465 Education: Overseas Visit - Director of Education (179/1959)
T2466 Education: Secondary Reorganisation - Hobart (324/1959)
T2467 Education: Secondary Reorganisation - Launceston (325/1959)
T2468 Education: Secondary Reorganisation - Wynyard and Burnie (386/1959)
T2469 Films: Attendance of children at horror films (204/1961)
T2472 High Schools: Accommodation - General (627/1955)
T2473 High Schools: Co-Education (157/1960)
T2474 High Schools: Evening Classes (517/1960)
T2475 Hostels: Sales Tax (372/1954)
T2476 Hostels: Proposed hostel for Sight Saving School (315/1959)
T2477 Insurance: Voluntary Workers - P&F Associations (43/1961)
T2478 Mail: Departmental mail box (376/1959)
T2479 Mental Deficiency: Welfare Associations (498/1952)
T2480 Mental Deficiency: Conference on delinquent children (548/1957)
T2481 Minister for Education: Invitations (760/1958)
T2482 Minister for Education: Memoranda for Cabinet (761/1958)
T2483 Museum: Queen Victoria Museum - Staff (650/1957)
T2484 Museum: Hobart - General (318/1959)
T2485 National Fitness Council: Youth Hostels (696/1957)
T2486 National Fitness Section: Accommodation (392/1961)
T24897 Parent Counsellors: General (383/1959)
T2488 Petty Cash: Advance - Schools (488/1959)
T2489 Playing Areas: General (341/1959)
T2490 Pre-Schools: Beaconsfield - Unregistered (21/1960)
T2491 Pre Schools: Recruitment of Teachers (58/1960)
T2492 Promotions Scheme: Status of Overseas Teachers (857/1956)
T2493 Scholarships: CWA - Channel Group (470/1953)
T2494 Schools: Donations - Allowable Tax Deductions (517/1958)
T2495 Schools: Building Programme 1961/1962 (5/1960)
T2496 Staffing: Home Art Supervisors (624/1960)
T2497 Staffing: Decentralisation of the Administration (180/1961)
T2498 Staffing: Programmes of work (263/1961)
T2499 Staffing: Protective clothing for teachers (384/61)
T2500 Teachers Associations: Commonwealth Teachers of Geography (387/1959)
T2501 Technical: Apprenticeships - General Enquiries (377/1952)
T2502 Technical: Teaching of subjects in High Schools (217/1959)
T2503 University: National Science Faculty Association (575/1960)
T2505 Conveyance: Waterhouse Estate to Bridport (C107/1959)
T2506 Conveyance: Poatina and Cressy to Launceston (C473/1951)
T2507 Conveyance: Lobsters Creek to Ulverstone (C341/1952)
T2509 Use of school facilities: General (107/1956)
T2510 Conveyance: Port Arthur to Nubeena (C116/1953)
T2511 Conveyance: Slopen Main to Nubeena (C388/1949)
T2512 Conveyance: Koonya and Newmans Creek to Nubeena (C419/1950)
T2513 Conveyance: Oyster Cove and Kettering to Woodbridge (C15/1955)
T2514 Conveyance: Retreat, Tunnel, North Lilydale to Lilydale (C297/1947)
T2516 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - General (376/1954)
T2521 Offices: 106 Bathurst Street - Furniture and Equipment (75/1952)
T2522 Offices: Hobart - Harrington Street Store (267/1950)
T2524 First Aid: General (494/1951)
T2526 Campania Area: Development of site (497-11/1951)
T2530 Safety First: Elimination of boating fatalities (480/1957)
T2531 Superintendents and Supervisors: Mileage Rates (135/1959)
T2532 Societies: R.S.P.C.A. (G193/1960)
T2534 Swimming: Request for assistance - Mersey Bluff, Devonport (G220/1960)
T2533 Swimming: Launceston Golf Club - Hire of pool (G405/1961)
T2535 Swimming Pool: Request for assistance - Railton (G112/1960)
T2536 Swimming: Request for assistance for pools - West Kentish (G44/1962)
T2537 Launceston Technical High: Cleaner (745-14/1957)
T2538 United States: Information Service (694/1960)
T2539 Sandy Bay High: Additional land (SB-9/1961)
T2540 Certificate: Preparation for Teachers Certificate (260/1944)
T2541 Properties: General (6/1957)
T2544 Conferences: Hobart Junior Science Congress (G22/1960)
T2545 Conferences: Bush Fire problem (G371/1961)
T2546 Committees: Departmental Federation - Staffing survey (325/1959)
T2547 High Schools: Secondary Education - Hobart Departmental Committee (320/1959)
T2549 High Schools: Speech Nights (402/1955)
T2558 Staffing: Public Service Staff - Accounts Branch (125B/1956)
T2561 Books: Free - General (23/1955)
T2562 Press: Releases - Newspaper cuttings (691/1960)
T2564 Claremont High: Development of site (761-11/1960)
T2566 Conferences: Area School Headmasters (605/1957)
T2571 Devonport Primary: Special Class (136-6/1954)
T2572 Brookhead: Closure of School - Transferred to Deloraine Council 1962 (115-8/1955)
T2573 Excursions: General (171/1956)
T2577 Equipment: Firm's Advertisements (G6/1962)
T2578 Burnie High: Residences - Erection of 3 (735-6/1960)
T2585 Exchange Teachers: Australia-America - Fulbright Scheme (450/1952)
T2586 Scholarships: Teachers - Fulbright 1961/1962 (28-5/1962)
T2587 Scholarships: Teachers - Fulbright 1962/1963 (28-5/1962)
T2589 Bursaries: Special (178/1956)
T2590 Residences: Burnie - Demolition of Ladbrooke Street (25-4/1952)
T2591 Scholarships: Commonealth School Fellowship Plan (G48/1961)
T2592 Forest Area: Residence - Headmasters (96-6/1955)
T2593 Woodbridge: Residence (317-6/1955)
T2594 Accommodation: Office - Devonport (G33/1960)
T2595 Agriculture: Proposed Agricultural College (406/1946)
T2596 Board of Advice: Launceston Members from 1947 (205/1950)
T2597 Books: Free - Teachersl (G262/1961)
T2598 Committees: Department - Federal Review of Form 213A (G78/1962)
T2599 Committee: Education Department Scholarship (G24/1961)
T2600 Migrant Education: English for Children (G72/1961)
T2601 Conferences: Use of Police Conference Room, Burnie (G320/1961)
T2602 Conferences: Interstate - Tourist Bureau to be advised (G325/1961)
T2603 Conferences: International Conference on Physical Education (G90/1962)
T2604 Conference: Research Officers (551/1958)
T2605 Conferences: Educatin Department Research Officers - Report on analysis of educational costs (G305/1961)
T2606 Education Week: General (705/1960)
T2607 Forms: School Leavers (G23/1960)
T2608 Navy Office: Examinations (408A/1949)
T2609 Physical Education: Experimental Work (665/1957)
T2610 Physical Education: Australian Physical Efficiency Tests (149/1959)
T2611 Research Branch (G103/1960)
T2612 Bursaries: Scholarships - Appreciation - 5 ladies (G266/1961)
T2613 Scholarships: Ulverstone - RSL Womens Auxiliary (334/1959)
T2614 Seminars: Reading and Arithmetic (469/1960)
T2615 Schools of Method: Fitting (G104/1960)
T2616 Schools of Method: Technical Drawing (G106/1960)
T2617 Schools of Method: Technical Teaching Method (G107/1960)
T2618 Schools of Method: Welding (G105/1960)
T2619 Teacher Training: Two year course for men - Students in Training (G102/1960)
T2620 Teacher Training College: Students Medical Examinations (172/1957)
T2621 Student Teachers College: Additions - Science laboratory (G83/1960)
T2622 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administration - Local (324/1956)
T2623 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular caases D-J (11-24/1961)
T2624 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases K-P (11-25/1961)
T2625 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases Q-Z (11-26/1961)
T2626 Teacher Development Grant: Australia-America - Joint Smith Mundt and Fulbright Scheme (612/1955)
T2627 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases A-C (11-23/1961)
T2628 G.V. Brooks High: Educational Planning (753-13/1957)
T2630 G.V. Brooks High: Cleaner (753-14/1942)
T2632 Clarence High: Educational Planning (742-13/1957)
T2633 Claremont High: New Building - A.B.C. (761-6/1959)
T2635 Clarence High: Conversion of Classrooms to Laboratory (742-6/1960)
T2636 Property: Offer to sell - 257 Murray Street (G183/1962)
T2638 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 265-267 Murray Street (767-9A/1962)
T2639 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 263 Murray Street (767-9A/1961)
T2640 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 264-270 Elizabeth Street (767-9/1961)
T2641 Eric Reece High: Additions - 3 classrooms, etc. (768-6/1961)
T2642 Eric Reece High: Development of site (768-11/1955)
T2643 Hobart High: Development of site (732-11/1954)
T2644 Hobart High: Cleaner (732-14/1942)
T2645 Hobart High: Staffing (732-7/1953)
T2646 Hobart High: School Clerk (732-7/1950)
T24678 Launceston High: Additional land - Cottages in Margaret Street, Bathurst Street, Brisbane Street (733-6/1943)
T2649 Launceston High: School Clerk (733-7/1950)
T2650 Launceston High: Staffing - Trade Classes Instructor (733-7/1955)
T2651 Launceston High: Cleaner (733-14/1942)
T2652 Launceston High: Development of site (733-11/1952)
T2653 Huonville High: Educational Planning (766-13/1957)
T2657 New Town High: Development of site (743-11/1953)
T2658 Parklands High: Cleaner (752-14/1942)
T2659 Parklan ds high: Educational Planning (752-13/1957)
T2660 Queechy High: Staffing (745-7/1951)
T2661 Queechy High: Development of site (745-11/1957)
T2663 Rose Bay High: Additions - Block C (762-6C/1960)
T2664 Riverside High: Additional land (764-9/1960)
T2665 Riverside High: New building - Block A (764-6/1960)
T2666 Scottsdale District School: Staffing (736-7/1942)
T2668 Scottsdale District: Development of site (736-11/1947)
T2670 Rose Bay High: Development of site (762-11/1960)
T2671 Taroona High: Conversion of blocks A & B (741-6/1960)
T2673 Taroona High: Admissions (741-8/1956)
T2676 Ulverstone High: Additions - Science Block (739-6/1960)
T2677 Ulverstone High: Additions - 3 classrooms 1961 (739-6/1961)
T2678 Ulverstone High: School Clerks (739-7/1952)
T2679 Ulverstone High: Staffing (739-7/1954)
T2682 Wynyard High: Development of site (763-11/1960)
T2683 Wynyard High: Additions - Block C - Trade (763-6/1961)
T2685 Taroona High: Educational Planning (741-13/1957)
T2686 Hobart Technical College: Caretaker (744-14/1958)
T2687 Hobart Technical College: School Clerks (744-7/1950)
T2688 Hobart Technical college: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T2690 Launceston Technical College: Cleaner-Caretaker (746-14/1958)
T2691 Mt Lyell School of Mines: Staffing (755-7/1956)
T2692 Mt Lyell Schol of Mines: Cleaner (755-14/1955)
T2693 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Driver Education in Schools (702/1960)
T2694 Barton: Temporary Closure (75-8/1946)
T2695 Rosevale: Sale of land (659-6/1958)
T2696 Cockle Creek: Establishment of School - Building sold (202/1941)
T2698 Schools: Equipment - General (542/1955)
T2699 Cleveland: Disposal of property (77-8/1961)
T2700 Residences: King Island - Currie (320-6/1960)
T2701 G.V. Brooks High: Additions - Science Laboratories (753-6/1959)
T2702 Burnie High: Additions - Administration and Library - Locker extension (735-6/1958)
T2703 Burnie High: Hostel - Conversion of Whitsitt's property (735-6/1960)
T2704 Clarence High: Art Magazine (742-8/1959)
T2705 Huonville High: Telephone (766-8/1958)
T2706 Launceston Technical High: Gardener (745-3/1951)
T2707 Parklands High: Additions - Laboratory and Classroom Block (752-6/1959)
T2708 Correspondence School: Accommodation (730-6/1955)
T2709 Correspondence School: Development of site (730-11/1957)
T2710 King island: Hostel - Male Teachers - Purchase (320-6H/157)
T2711 Claremont High: Additional land - Housing Department (761-9/1961)
T2712 Clarence High: Bus Turning Circle - M.T.T. (742-8/1958)
T2713 Robert Cosgrove High: Provision of access - 765-9/1956)
T2714 Eric Reece High: Additional land - Leicester (137-9/1959)
T2715 Kings Meadows High: Disposal of portion of site (754-8/1959)
T2717 Rose Bay High: Additional land (762-9/1960)
T2718 Bus Drivers: Application for employment 1962
T2719 Boat Harbour: Additional land - not purchased (601-6/1960)
T2720 Bothwell Area: Additions - Home Arts (41-6/1960)
T2721 Bothwell: Additional land - not purchased (41-9/1960)
T2722 Bothwell: Additional land - Bale - Closure of Mary Street (41-9/1959)
T2723 Brighton Area: Right of way to proposed swimming pool (58-9/1959)
T2724 Brighton Area: Additional land - purchase 1958 (589/1957)
T2725 Campbell Town Area: Rental of Showground Hall (76-6/1958)
T2726 Campbell Town: Additional land - William and East Streets - not purchased (76-9/1960)
T2727 Campbell Town: Additional land - not purchased (76-9/1961)
T2728 Cressy Area: Additions - Laboratory accommodation (376-6/1961)
T2729 Cressy Area: Additional land - Phillips - no action (376-9/1958)
T2730 Cressy: Additional Land - 5 Acres - Bretts - no action (376-9/1956)
T2733 Cygnet: Rental of cottages (450-8/1946)
T2734 Deloraine: Additions - 2 classrooms (120-6/1958)
T2736 Deloraine: Disposal of Property - Old building only (120-8/1957)
T2738 Deloraine High: Additional land - not purchased (120-9/1962)
T2739 Dover: Hostel - purchase (164-6H/1954)
T2740 Edith Creek Area: Disposal of property - Allen Creek (111-8/1952)
T2741 Edith Creek: Rental of land (111-9/1958)
T2742 Fairbridge: Alterations to Tresca and lease agreement (760/1956)
T2743 Fairbridge: Purchase of residence (775/1956)
T2744 Flinders Island: Additional land - Blundstone (201-9/1957)
T2746 Geeveston Area: Hostel - purchase (165-6H/1954)
T2747 George Town Area: Additional land - Geale (205-9/1960)
T2748 George Town: Request from Health Department - portion of site (205-8/1959)
T2749 George Town: Additional land (205-9/1960)
T2750 George Town: Land for Scout hut (205-8/1952)
T2751 Glenora Area: Additional land (393-9/1956)
T2752 King Island: Closing of George Street and John Street (320-9/1956)
T2753 Lilydale: Accommodation - Druids Hall (365-8/1951)
T2754 Lilydale: Additional land - Oddfellows Hall (365-9/1956)
T2755 Lilydale Area: Additional land - Disposal of property (365-8/1962)
T2756 Natone: Additional land - Site for Teachers Hostel (151-9H/1957)
T2757 Natone Area: Offer to purchase portion of site (151-8/1956)
T2758 Oatlands: Additional Land - Fisher (415-9/1959)
T2759 Oatlands Area: Additional land - A.S. Burrill (413-9/1954)
T2760 Ringarooma: Additional land (523-9/1959)
T2761 Sheffield Area: Additional land - Railways (294-9/1960)
T2762 Sheffield Area: Temporary Part-time Painters (204-7/1951)
T2763 Sorell: Additions - 2 Classrooms 1961 (571-6/1961)
T2764 Sorell Area: Additional land - Dodge (571-9/1959)
T2765 St Helens: Additional land - Haley (469-9/1956)
T2766 St Marys: Additions - 2 classrooms 1961 (192-6/1961)
T2767 St Marys High: Additional land - Dawson - not purchased (192-9/1958)
T2768 St Marys: War memorial (192-8/1958)
T2769 Wilmot: Hostel - purchase (298-6H/1961)
T2770 Administration: Adult Education - Public Service Staff (2/22/7)
T2772 Robert Cosgrove High: Development of site (765-11/1952)
T2776 Educational Planning: Holidays - Vacations (12/5/3)
T2778 G.V. Brooks: Technical Classes - Staffing (753-7T/1959)
T2780 Wynyard: Technical Classes - Educational planning (614-13T/1959)
T2782 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions (12/6/2)
T2783 Educational Planning: School outings - Farewell to Governor (12/6/2A)
Bellerive: Development of site (85-11/1953)
T2785 Burnie High: Cleaner (735-14/1957)
T2786 Robert Cosgrove High: Cleaner (765-14/1951)
T2787 Robert Cosgrove High: Staffing (765-7/1954)
T2791 Devonport High: Cleaner (734-14/1942)
T2795 Devonport: Development of site (136-11/1955)
T2802 Devonport Technical College: Staffing (749-7/1953)
T2803 Latrobe: Development of site (327-11/1956)
T2804 Schools: Standard Plans - General Planning (29/5/14)
T2809 Clarence High: Cleaner/Caretaker (742-14/1959)
T2810 Publications: Departmental - Record - Matter for publication (23/2/5)
T2812 Montello: Development of site (155-11/1954)
T2815 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Safety First Campaign (26/1/2)
T2816 Lenah Valley: Development of site (13-11/1954)
T2817 Lindisfarne: Development of site (87-11/1955)
T2818 Lindisfarne: Cleaner (87-14/1943)
T2819 Macquarie Street: Development of site (4-11/1949)
T2821 Deloraine: Development of site (120-11/1952)
T2822 Deloraine: Farm Development (110-8/1950)
T2823 Maydena: Residence (389-6/1949)
T2825 Deloraine: Educational Planning (120-13/1957)
T2826 George Town Area: Staffing (205-7/1955)
T2827 George Town Area: Cleaner (205-14/1951)
T2828 George Town: Educational Planning (205-13/1958)
T2830 Moonah: Development of site (224-11/1953)
T2831 Myrtle Park: Development of site (548-11/1952)
T2832 Oatlands: School Farm (413-8/1950)
T2833 Oatlands Area: Development of grounds (413-11/1954)
T2834 Visitors: Departmental Officers to Schools - Itineraries (39/1)
T2835 Committees: Departmental - Free lists (8/1/6)
T2836 Committee: Departmental - Public Relations Committee (8/1/15)
T2837 Committees: Departmental - Teachers Salaries Claims (8/1/22)
T2838 Sorell Area: Development of site (571-11/1953)
T2839 Sprent Area: Development of site (348-11/1950)
T2841 Sprent Area: Farm Development (348-8/1949)
T2843 Tasman Area: Development of site (628-11/1953)
T2846 Smithton: Development of site (102-11/1954)
T2847 Somerset: Development of site (612-11/1955)
T2848 Springfield Gardens: Development of site (234-11/1957)
T2850 Educational Planning: Secondary Schools - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T2852 Woodbridge: Development of site (317-11/1946)
T2953 Wilmot: Farm Development (298-8/1952)
T2854 Wesley Vale: Farm Development (331-8/1954)
T2857 New Norfolk North: Development of site (408-11/1957)
T2858 Committees: Departmental - Senior Master - Non Academic (8/1/20)
T2859 Beaconsfield: Development of site (25-11/1947)
T2860 Beaconsfield: Farm Development (25-8/1955)
T2862 Brighton Area: Water supply (58-10/1946)
T2863 Campbell Town Area: Canteen (76-5/1950)
T2864 Campbell Town: Farm Development (76-8/1950)
T2865 Campbell Town Area: Development of site (76-11/1953)
T2868 Yarra Creek: Water supply and power (322-10/1957)
T2869 Waimea Heights: Development of site (9-11/1954)
T2871 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Allocation for Agriculture (1/5/1)
T2872 Accounts: Audit of Departmental (609/1953)
T2873 Warrane: Development of site (84-11/1955)
T2876 Wynyard Primary: Development of site (614-11/1951)
T2878 Wivenhoe: Development of site (153-11/1950)
T2879 New Norfolk High: Farm Development (740-8F/1951)
T2883 Taroona High: Cleaner (741-14/1957)
T2885 Rossarden: Technical Classes - Educational Planning (185-13T/1954)
T2886 Rossarden: Technical Classes - Staffing (185-7T/1956)
T2888 Claremont: Development of site (221-11/1948)
T2889 Residences: Winnaleah - C.R. Whitemore - Rental (25/38/4)
T2890 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T2891 Advisory Committees: Hobart Technical College - Department of Architecture - File 3/9 (8/3/1)
T2892 Advisory Committees: Architecture - File 3/5 (8/3/1)
T2893 Advisory Committees: Architecture - File 3/5 (8/3/1)
T2894 Miscellaneous - General Enquiries (40/1918)
T2895 Committees: State Advisory - Pharmacy (8/3/16)
T2896 Committees: State Advisory - Engineering (8/3/6)
T2898 Committees: State Advisory - Domestic Arts (8/3/20)
T2899 Administration: Buildings - 96 melville Street - Workshop - Staffing (2/8/5)
T2900 Health: Dental Clinic (14/1)
T2901 Health: General (14/6)
T2903 Non-State Schools: State Aid - Press cuttings only (18/5)
T2904 New Town High: Additions - Science Laboratories (743-5/1959)
T2906 Equipment: Purchase of Readers - My Book series (13/2/14)
T2907 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - Departmental - Federation Committee (32/7/2)
T2908 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T2910 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - Schools Broadcasts (12/1/2)
T2911 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases D-J (11/2/4)
T2912 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular Cases K-P (11/2/6)
T2913 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T2914 conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases A-C (11/2/3)
T2916 Use of school facilities: Applications - General (29/6/1)
T2917 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T2918 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 262-262A Elizabeth Street (767-9C/1961)
T2919 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 261 Murray Street (767-9E/1961)
T2920 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 87 Warwick Street (767-9F/1961)
T2921 United Nations: General - Employment vacancies (37/1/1)
T2922 Educational Planning: School outings - Excursions (12/6/2)
T2923 Educational Planning: Holidays - Board of Advice (12/5/1)
T2924 Publications: Departmental - Offer by outside bodies (23/1/1)
T2925 Scholarships: International Cooperation - Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan (28/3/4)
T2926 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - General business (32/7/3)
T2927 Training: Seminars - Music (36/2/20)
T2928 Conveyance: Sassafras to Wesley Vale (570/1951)
T2929 Administration: Buildings - 38 Ladbrooke Street - Workshop staffing (2/18/4)
T2931 Administration: Reports - Migrant Education - Statistics and Reports (3/4/6)
T2932 Associations: Miscellaneous - Junior Farmers Club (4/5/7)
T2933 Boards: Schools Board - General (7/4/5)
T2934 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T2936 Residences: Hobart - 229 Campbell Street - Glenora (25/17/10)
T2937 Residences: Hobart - 29 Alma Street (596/1949)
T2938 Residences: Launceston - 2 Canning Street (25/20/5)
T2939 Residences: Launceston - 69 High Street (514/1952)
T2940 Education Department: Staffing - Cleaners - Conditions of employment (769/1956)
T2941 Property: Disposal of Musset Huts (22/2/2)
T2942 Equipment: Purchase of cement - Free Supplies (13/2/4)
T2943 Administration: Buildings - Adult Education - General (2/22/8)
T2944 Technical: Fees for Technical Classes (34/3/7)
T2945 Residences: South Bruny (25/33/3)
T2946 Residences: St Marys - Housing Commission Residence (25/35/5)
T2947 Residences: St Marys - Main Road Housing Commission residence (25/35/4)
T2949 Kings Meadows High: Additions - Block C (754-6/1961)
T2950 R.M. Murray High: Additions - Domestic Arts (747-6/1960)
T2951 Queechy High: Additions - 4 classrooms 1961(745-6/1961)
T2952 Scottsdale high: Additions - Domestic Arts Block (736-6/1961)
T2953 Ulverstone High: Additions - Fitting Shop (739-6B/1961)
T2954 Wynyard High: Additions - 2 classrooms - Block D (763-6/1961)
T2955 Claremont High: Additions - 6 classrooms (761-6/1961)
T2956 Clarence High: Additions - 6 classrooms (742-6/1961)
T2957 Clarence High: Additions - Block D (742-6/1959)
T2958 G.V. Brooks High: Additions - 2 classrooms 1960 (753-6/1960)
T2965 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Religious Instruction (12/8/8)
T2965 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Arrangements with M.T.T. (11/2/1)
T2966 Conveyance: Ulverstone - General (386/1955)
T2967 Staffing: Public Service Mileage Rates (32/2/14)
T2969 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T2977 Rhyndaston: Educational Planning (501-13/1958)
T2978 Rhyndaston: Staffing (501-7/1955)
T2981 Robbins Island: Staffing (94-7/1957)
T2984 Roses Tier: Complaints (179-4/1954)
T2986 Roses Tier: Staffing (179-7/1955)
T2987 Roses Tier: Development of site (179-11/1955)
T2990 Tullah: Accidents (694-12/1961)
T2992 Tullah: Complaint (694-4/1953)
T2993 Tullah: Staffing (694-7/1957)
T2994 Tullah: Development of site (694-11/1958)
T2998 Woodbury: Complaints (420-4/1955)
T2999 Woodbury: Staffing (420-7/1959)
T3003 Woodbury: Accommodation (420-6/1961)
T3005 Cleveland: Complaint (77-4/1956)
T3006 Cleveland: Staffing (77-7/1958)
T3007 Cleveland: Development of site (77-11/1958)
T3010 Mt Lloyd: Complaints (395-4/1956)
T3011 Mt Lloyd: Educational Planning (395-13/1957)
T3012 Mt Lloyd: Staffing (395-7/1962)
T3016 Mt Lloyd: Accommodation for Teacher (395-6/1955)
T3017 Moogara: Closure of School (392-8/1960)
T3020 Moogara: Staffing (392-7/1957)
T3021 Moogara: Educational Planning (392-13/1958)
T3022 Moogara: Complaints (392-8/1957)
T3023 Moogara: Accidents (392-12/1957)
T3029 Staffing: Teachers - Agricultural Instructors (32/3/2)
T3031 Scholarships: Education Department 1955/1956 (513/1954)
T3039 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2A (17/3)
T3041 Educational Planning: Vocational Guidance (12/9/3)
T3042 Schools: Standard Plans - General Planning (29-5/1914)
T3043 Visitors: General - To Schools and Department (39/4)
T3044 Boards: Schools Board of Tasmania - Result Sheets (7/4/7)
T3045 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T3046 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions (12/6/2)
T3048 Publications: General - Subscriptions (23/1/3)
T3052 Bellerive Pre-School: St Marks Hall (85-8/1947)
T3055 Bellerive: Accident - K.D. Mills (850-8/1959)
T3056 Bicheno: Accommodation for Teachers (218-8/1956)
T3057 Bowen Road: New Infant Block (226-6/1954)
T3058 Bronte Park: Disposal of buildings (249-6/1960)
T3059 Brooklyn: Application to lease site for Community Centre (157-9/1962)
T3061 Cranbrook: Accommodation (216-6/1955)
T3062 Cranbrook: Staffing (216-7/1955)
T3063 Cranbrook: Site (216-11/1958)
T3064 Derby: Application to rent old residence (518-8/1944)
T3065 Devonport Primary: Additions - 4 classrooms 1961 (136-6/1961)
T3067 Dora Turner School: Self contained flat (729A-6/1953)
T3068 East Devonport: Additions - 2 classrooms (135-6/1962)
T3069 Elizabeth Street: Additional land - 7HO (8-9/1959)
T3070 Elizabeth Street Primary: Additional land (8-9/1961)
T3071 Elliott: Additional land (602-6/1961)
T3074 Epping: Cleaner (79-14/1959)
T3075 Epping: Development of site (79-11/1959)
T3078 Franklin Pre-School: Establishment - Rental of hall (268-6P/1953)
T3079 Franklin Pre-School: Staffing (268-7P/1953)
T3081 Glen Huon: Additions - new toilet block (274-6/1960)
T3083 Glenorchy: Special School (222-6/1959)
T3084 Gormanston: Additional land - not acquired (671-9/1960)
T3085 Hadspen: Application for Pre-School (788/1956)
T3086 Havenview: New building (156-6/1958)
T3087 Howrah: New building - complete (105/1959)
T3088 Howrah: Additions - 4 classrooms 1961 (82-6/1961)
T3089 Huonville Primary: Additions - 2 classrooms (273-6/1961)
T3091 Kimberley: Development of site (132-11/1954)
T3092 Kimberley: Accidents (132-4/1955)
T3093 Kimberley: Cleaner (132-14/1955)
T3094 Kimberley: Staffing (132-7/1957)
T3096 Kimberley: Water Supply (132-10/1961)
T3098 Lady Rowallan House: New building (720B-6/1959)
T3099 Lansdowne Crescent: Erection of club rooms - West Hobart Oval (11-8/1956)
T3100 Launceston Area: Special class for boys over 13 (LS-6/1961)
T3101 Lindisfarne North: Additional land (89-9/1963)
T3102 Lindisfarne: Additional land (Lipscombe) - no action taken to acquire (87-9/1959)
T3103 Longford: Additions - 2 classrooms 1961 (380-6/1961)
T3104 Magra: Request for Pre-School (471/1958)
T3105 Mathinna: Additions - Domestic Arts (187-6/1955)
T3106 Mayfield: Request to rent school - Sundays (366-8/1958)
T3107 Maydena: Disposal of old school building (389-8/1957)
T3108 Maydena: Additions (389-6/1953)
T3109 Montagu Bay: Disposal of old building (83-9/1958)
T3110 Nabowla: Removal of building (364-6/1951)
T3111 New Norfolk Primary: Additions - 4 classrooms 1961 (399-6/1961)
T3112 New Norfolk North: Additions - 2 classrooms (408-6/1962)
T3113 New Town: Class for deaf children (720B-8/1948)
T3114 New town Primary: Fire - December 1961 (5-8/1961)
T3115 Orford: Additions - 1 classroom (585-6/1960)
T3116 Penguin: Additions - 2 classrooms (426-6/1961)
T3117 Queenstown: Disposal of cottage - Home Arts (678-8/1958)
T3119 Rosetta: Additions - 1 classroom (235-6/1961)
T3120 Ross: Additions - 1 classroom (531-6/1961)
T3121 Rossarden: Additions - Trades block (185-6/1962)
T3122 Rossarden: Additions - Toilet Block and 1 classroom (185-6/1962)
T3123 Rossarden: Additional land (185-9/1962)
T3124 Smithton Primary: Transfer of land to P.W.D. (102-8/1951)
T3125 Somerset: Additions - 2 classrooms (612-6/1961)
T3126 South Launceston Pre-School: Establishment - lease of St Peter's Hall (23A-6P/`947)
T3127 Springfield Gardens: Additions - 2 classrooms (234-6/1962)
T3128 St Leonards: Cottage (555-6/1957)
T3129 Swansea: Additions - Extension Home Arts Block 1961 (215
T3130 Summerdale: Application to lease land (652-6/1961)
T3131 Summerdale: Additions - 2 classrooms and staff accommodation (652-6/1962)
T3132 Taroona Primary: Additions - 2 classrooms 1961 (311-6/1961)
T3133 Upper Esk: Complaints (191-4/1955)
T3137 Scholarships - Competitions - General correspondence (28-2/1)
T3138 Alcomie: Offer to purchase - T.W. Quinn 1959 (107-8/1951)
T3139 Apsley: Use of residence - G. Porter may 1959 (109/1942)
T3141 Barnes Bay: New residence - not purchased (68-6/1956)
T3142 Barnes Bay: Closure of school (68-8/1960)
T6588 Barnes Bay: Closed school - disposal of property (68-6/1961)
T3143 BIrralee: Rental of residence and site (650-8/1939)
T3144 Caveside: Purchase of site (42-8/1947)
T3145 Clarence Point: Offer to purchase school site (38-8/1931)
T3146 Cluan: Disposal of site - T.E. West and sons April 1957 (666-8/1955)
T3147 Dairy Plains: Purchase of property - Sold October 1962 (119-8/1941)
T3148 Darlington: Purchase of school site - B.G. Howells, April 1963 (427/1934)
T3149 Darlington: Proposed removal of building (582-8/1931)
T3150 Dromedary: Offer to purchase property - R.T. Burr 1962 (55-8/1951)
T3151 Exton: Rental of premises and disposal (353-8/1949)
T3152 Girls Welfare: Barrow Street, Launceston - Closure of school (729-9/1959)
T3153 Lebrina: Rental of portion of residence and disposal of property (363-8/1941)
T3154 Lower Marshes: Disposal of piano - application to purchase building (44-8/1945)
T3155 Lunawanna: Purchase of property (66-8/1947)
T3157 Montagu: Staffing (100-7/1956)
T3158 Montagu: Development of site (100-11/1957)
T3161 Montagu: Complaint (100-4/1960)
T3162 Montana: Lease and sale of portion of reserve (118-8/1943)
T3163 Montumana: Rental of school ground and disposal (109-8/1937)
T3164 Moorleah: Rental of residence - disposal of property (613-8/1952)
T3165 Mooreville Road: Accommodation (146-6/1955)
T3168 Mooreville Road: Staff (146-7/1957)
T3170 Mooreville Road: Cleaner (146-14/1960)
T3171 Mt. Pleasant: Care of property (422-8/1940)
T3172 Myrtle Bank: Request for re-opening and disposal (551-8/1947)
T3173 Paloona: School site (281-8/1951)
T3174 Pelham: Disposal of property, etc. (256-8/1951)
T3175 Quamby Brook: Closure - Rentention of building (126-8/1940)
T3176 Rekuna: Rental of residence and disposal (60-8/1949)
T3177 Rokeby: Rental of residence - part transferred to Police Department and Roman Catholic Church (88-5/1945)
T3178 Rosevale: Rental of school residence (659-8/1935)
T3179 Trowutta: Rental and disposal of school site - buildings removed (106-8/1939)
T3180 Underwood: Rental and disposal of site (368-6/1944)
T3181 Wattle Hill: Rental of premises - Sold (572-8/1939)
T3182 Weldborough: disposal of property - Plantation, etc. (470-8/1959)
T3183 Winkleigh: Purchase of site (32-8/1940)
T3184 Scholarships: General (28/1/1)
T3185 Schools General: Lists of Schools (29/1/5)
T3187 Schools: General - Fire protection (29/1/1)
T3189 Upper Scamander: Purchase of property (190-8/1946)
T3190 Equipment Purchase: Science - General (13/2/17)
T3191 Mt. Lloyd: Disposal of property (395-8/1961)
T3194 East Launceston: Rental of Methodist Church Hall (16-6/1949)
T3195 Evandale: Rental of Church Hall (159-8/1957)
T3196 Warrane: Tuckshop (84-8/1957)
T3197 Waverley: Additions - 2 classrooms (559-6/1961)
T3198 West Zeehan: Additional land - not purchased (696-9/1959)
T3200 Yambacoona: Development of site (324-11/1953)
T3201 Yambacoona: Staffing (324-7/1954)
T3203 Yambacoona: New building (324-6/1956)
T3205 yambacoona: Cleaner (324-14/1961)
T3207 Equipment: Purchase of firewood (13/2/28)
T3209 Brooks High: Farm Development (753-8/1949)
T3211 Rose Bay High: Development of site (762-11/1960)
T3214 Boards: Soldiers Childrens Board - Members and Minutes (7/6/1)
T3215 Equipment: Supply and Tender - Contracts and Bulk Orders (13/3/2)
T3217 G.V. Brooks High: Proposed Rifle Range (753-8/1959)
T3218 G.V. Brooks High: Swimming Pool (753-23/1953)
T3219 G.V. Brooks High: Adult Education Classes (753-8/1954)
T3220 Claremont High: Sub-Station (761-8/1961)
T3221 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 68 Tasma Street (767-9B/1961)
T3225 Devonport High: Development of site (734-11/1946)
T3226 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Loan Funds 1961-1962 (1/5/3/61-62)
T3227 Accounts: Estimats of Expenditure - Revenue 1961-1962 (1/5/4/61-62)
T3228 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Loan funds 1962-1963 (1/5/3/62-63)
T3229 Accounts: Estimates of expenditure - Revenue 1962-1963 (1/5/4/62-63)
T3230 Accounts: Expenditure - Loans (1/6/1/62-63)
T3231 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue (1/6/2/62-63)
T3234 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Agriculture (12/8/17)
T3235 Staffing: Transfer of teachers - Furniture (32/10/1)
T3238 Edith Creek Area: Development of site including Memorial Gardens (111-11/1954)
T3239 Exeter Area: Development of site (33-11/1948)
T3241 Forest Area: New building (96-6/1952)
T3243 Ridgley: Water supply (148-10/1954)
T3244 Harford: Request to rent residence (32-8/1939)
T3245 Conveyance: Neika - Macquarie Street - Elizabeth High (419/1951)
T3246 Longford: Additional land - Geiger (380-9/1960)
T3247 Springfield Gardens - Request from Health Department (234-6/1959)
T3249 Rosebery: Land grant to R.C. Birch - Dental Clinic (693-9/1956)
T3250 Queenstown: Additional land - Fooks (678-9/1956)
T3251 Chigwell: Additional land (236-9/1960)
T3252 Devonport Pre-School: Additional land (136-9/1947)
T3253 Forth: Lease of old school ground - Disposal of old school site (358-8/1938)
T3254 Glenorchy: Additional land off Keninsgton Street - Mrs Burridge (222-9/1959)
T3255 Bishopsbourne: Rental of residence - disposed of (375-8/1955)
T3256 Lilydale: Farm development (36508/1954)
T3258 Hagley Farm: Supply of coke (657-8/1954)
T3259 Forest Area: Water Supply (96-10/1950)
T3261 Elizabeth High: Development of site (767-11/1954)
T3262 Ouse: Water supply (255-10/1955)
T3265 Risdon Vale: 6 additional classrooms (81-6/1962)
T3266 King Island: Educational Planning (320-13/1957)
T3267 King Island: Cleaner (320-14/1942)
T3269 Publictions: Departmental - Record - Matter for publication (23/2/5)
T3270 Publicity: Press releases (24/5)
T3271 Publications: Departmental - Requests for Departmental (23/2/7)
T3272 Elizabeth Street: Additional land - 279 and 281 Murray Street (767-9B/1962)
T3273 Publications: General - Subscriptions (23/1/3)
T3277 Claremont High: Development of site (761-11/1960)
T3281 Kings Meadows High: Development of site (754-11/1958)
T3283 Hobart Technical College: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T3288 Conferences: Departmental - Area Schools Headmasters (10/3/1)
T3289 Accounts: Financial Matters - Telephone Accounts (1/9/6)
T3290 Accounts: School books and materials suspense account - Stock Sheets, Audit Reports, etc. (1/7/1)
T3292 Administration Branches: - Teaching Aids Centre - films inward (3/10/3)
T3293 Conferences: Departmental - Headmasters (10/3/3)
T3296 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T3297 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T3298 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T3301 Conveyance: Bus Contracts - Precautionary regulations (11/1/5)
T3302 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Safety First Campaign (26/1/2)
T3303 Residences: Burnie - 2 Johnson Street (25/4/7)
T3306 Mole Creek: Development of site (124-11/1956)
T3312 Sheffield Area: Farm Development (294-15/1947)
T3313 Sheffield Area: Staffing (294-7/1955)
T3320 Residences: Devonport - Rental of Police Magistrates residence, 3 Nicholls Street (25/9/10)
T3321 Residences: George Town - Erection of 2 1962-1963 (25/14/5)
T3322 Residences: Hobart - 292 Main Road, Glenorchy (25/17/29)
T3323 Claremont High: Additions - Block D (761-6/1960)
T3324 Cosgrove High: Additions - Science Block (765-6/1960)
T3325 Deloraine High: Additions - Conversion to separate schools (769-6/1962)
T3326 Devonport High: Additions - Matriculation block (734-6/1960)
T3327 Elizabeth High: Schools Dental Clinic (767-8/1957)
T3328 George Town Area: Pre-school - Transition class relation (205-8/1957)
T3329 George Town: Additions - 4 classrooms - Infant (205-6/1962)
T3330 Huonville High: Additions - Trade block (766-6/1959)
T3331 Launceston High: Additions - Science Laboratories (733-6/1961)
T3332 Ogilvie High: Additions - HAC and classrooms 1962-63 (737-6/1962)
T3333 Queechy: Additions - Domestic Science and Art (745-6/1962)
T3334 Reece High: Additions - Trade Block (768-6/1962)
T3335 Reece High: Additions - 4 classrooms 1962 (768-6/1962)
T3336 Rose Bay High: Substation (762-65/1961)
T3337 Scottsdale: Additions - 1 classroom 1963-64 (736-6/1963)
T3338 Scottsdale: Additions - 2 classrooms (736-6A/1963)
T3339 Smithton High: Additions - 2 classrooms (738-6/1962)
T3340 Taroona High: Additions - Block C (741-6/1961)
T3341 Wynyard High: Additions - 4 classrooms (763-6/1962)
T3343 Ogilvie High: Development of site (737-11/1946)
T3349 Mt Lyell School of Mines: Council - Minutes (755-8/1956)
T3353 Launceston Technical College: School Clerks (746-7/1950)
T3354 New Norfolk High: Development of site (740-11/1951)
T3357 Burnie High: Development of site (735-11/1957)
T3359 Murray: Staffing (747-7/1951)
T3362 Commonwealth Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2B - Administration costs (F17-4)
T3363 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T3367 Commonwealth Milk Scheme: Administration - Local (17/2)
T3368 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Cuisenaire (12/8/4)
T3369 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - Particular cases A-C (11/2/3)
T3370 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - Particular cases D-J (11/2/4)
T3371 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - Particular cases K-P (11/2/5)
T3372 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - Particular cases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T3373 Educational Planning: Curriculum alterations - various suggestions (12/2/1)
T3374 Staffing: Transfer of teachers - Furniture (32/10/1)
T3377 Conveyance: Port Sorell - Devonport High (12-62)
T3379 Flinders Island: Residence - Headmasters (201-6/1955)
T3380 Flinders Island: Staffing (201-7/1954)
T3381 Forest Area: Groundsman (96-3/1939)
T3383 King Island District: Staffing (320-7/1955)
T3384 Conveyance: Mt Lloyd - New Norfolk (361/52)
T3387 Snug Area: Development of site (309-11/1951)
T3388 Winnaleah: School Farm (525-15/1955)
T3390 Scholarships: Teachers - Fulbright 1963-64 (28/5/2/63-64)
T4011 Parklands High: Accommodation - Upper Burnie - Blocks A-B (752-6/1962)
T4012 Riverside High: Additions - 2 classrooms and library (764-6C/1963)
T4013 Rose Bay High: Block B Extension (762-6/1961)
T4014 Ulverstone High School: Additions - Offices and Timber Store (739-6/1960)
T4015 Ulverstone High: Additions - Home Arts facilities (739-6A/1961)
T4016 Hobart Technical College: Additions - McAllister's building (746-6A/1960)
T4017 Hobart Technical College: Additions - Abel Tasman Annexe (749-6B/1960)
T4018 Hobart Technical College: Optical Annexe including conversion (744-6/1960)
T4019 Launceston Technical College: Additions - Office accommodation (746-6/1960)
T4020: Mt Lyell School of Mines: Additions - Electrical Trades Block (755-6A/1962)
T4021 Mt lyell School of mines: Substation site (755-8/1964)
T4022 Technical: Fees for Technical classes (34/3/7)
T4023 Equipment Purchase: Schools - General (13/2/9)
T4025 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure 1962 - Commonwealth Grant for unemployment (1/5/2)
T4026 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Loan funds 1963-64(1/5/3/1963-1964)
T4027 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Revenue 1963-1964 (1/5/4/1963-1964)
T4028 Accounts: Expenditure - Loans 1963-64 (1/6/1/1963-1964)
T4029 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue 1963-64 (1/6/2/1963-1964)
T4030 Accounts: Education Department accounts - School accounts (1/4/4)
T4031 Administration: Buildings - University of Tasmania - Domain site - Accommodation and conversion (2/6/1)
T4032 Administration: Buildings - 57 Brisbane Street - Teaching Aids and Science - Acquisition of land (23/2)
T4033 Administration: Buildings - 181 Elizabeth Street - Westella - Acquisition of property (2/4/2)
T4034 Schools: General - Lists of schools (29/1/5)
T4035 Wynyard High: Development of site (763-11/1960)
T4036 Staffing: Public Service - Accounts Branch (125B/56)
T4040 Conferences: Superintendents - Technical Education (10/2/6)
T4042 Claremont High: Additional land - Faulkner's Cottage (221-9/1945)
T4046 Equipment: Purchase of firewood (13/2/28)
T4047 Equipment: Purchase of first aid supplies (13/2/7)
T4048 Educational Planning: Secondary education - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T4049 Scholarships: Tertiary - Robert Cosgrove Prize (28/7/3)
T4050 Scholarships: Education Department (28/7/5)
T4051 Scholarships: Tertiary - Tasmanian Education Department Scholarship 1962 (28/7/5/62)
T4052 Schools: Planning - Commonwealth grant (29/3/14)
T4053 Classification Test: Statistical Analyses (35/10)
T4054 Classification Test: Procedures and arrangements in schools (35/3)
T4055 Classification Test: Forms (35/4)
T4056 Classification Test: Forms and instructions and exam papers - printing and distribution of forms (35/5)
T4057 Classification Test: Examination papers - printing and custody (35/7)
T4058 Classification Test: Examination papers - preparation (35/6)
T4059 Classification Test: Examination papers - marking arrangements (35/8)
T4060 Classification Test: Committee on proposed abolition (35/11)
T4061 Classification Test: General - Authorisation for holding date, form, notices for record, statements by Minister (35/2)
T4062 Classification Test: Results - Advice to District Superintendents and Transfer Committee (35/9)
T4067 Ridgley Area: Additional land - Townsend (148-6/1961)
T4068 Ridgley Area: Additions - 2 classrooms 1961 (148-6/1961)
T4069 Ringarooma: Play Centre (523-8/1963)
T4070 Sheffield Area: Rental of Methodist Church Hall (291-6/1958)
T4071 Snug Area: Kingston to Kettering Trunk Cable (309-8/1962)
T4072 St Marys Area: Additions - HAC Block (192-6/1962)
T4073 Tasman Area: Assembly Hall (628-6/1953)
T4074 Tasman Area: Accommodation - Old Domestic Science block (628-6/1960)
T4075 Wilmot: Assembly Hall (298-6/1951)
T4077 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/9/3)
T4078 Equipment: Purchase of trade supplies (13/2/23)
T4079 Sports: Swimming - Learn to Swim campaign (31/3/5)
T4083 Administration: Buildings - 94 Melville Street - Workshop staffing (2/8/5)
T4084 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T4085 Queechy High: Cleaner (745-14/1960)
T4086 Taroona High: Advisory Council (741-8/1956)
T4087 Taroona High: Cleaner (741-14/1957)
T4088 Smithton High: Cleaner (738-14/1945)
T4089 Conference: Superintendents 1956-1960 (433/55)
T4090 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T5001 Oatlands: Disposal of land - C.A. Lowe (413-8/1955)
T5005 Bothwell: Groundsman (41-3/1955)
T5007 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T5011 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T5012 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T5014 Ulverstone Primary: Development of site (349-11/1957)
T5016 Burnie: Development of site (145-11/1954)
T5021 Chigwell: Blinds - originally ordereed 1958 (236-1B/1958)
T5026 Glenorchy: Development of site (222-11/1953)
T5030 Clarence High: Cleaners (742-14/1959)
T5031 Clarence High: Staffing (742-7/1958)
T5032 West Ulverstone Primary: Development of site (357-11/1957)
T5033 Punchbowl Road Primary: Development of site (547-11/1955)
T5038 Deloraine: Cleaner (769-14/1942)
T5041 Goodwood Primary: Development of site (231-11/1948)
T5042 Cressy: Residence (376-6/1950)
T5046 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T5047 Kings Meadows High: Cleaners (754-14/1959)
T5050 Reece High: Staffing (768-7/1955)
T5052 Devonport Technical College: Cleaners, etc. (749-14/1958)
T5054 West Launceston Primary: Development of site (23-11/1953)
T5059 Zeehan Primary School: Development of site (696-11/1951)
T5064 Young Town Primary: Development of site (556-11/1954)
T5067 Warrane High: Development of site (771-11/1961)
T5068 Hobart Technical College: Caretakers, etc. (744-14/1958)
T5070 Launceston Technical College: Cleaners (746-14/1958)
T5073 Summerdale Primary: Development of site (652-11/1959)
T5076 South Hobart Primary: Development of site (4-11/1949)
T5088 Glen Dhu: Development of site (17-11/1955)
T5090 Lansdowne Crescent: Development of site (11-11/1959)
T5093 Invermay: Development of site (18-11/1953)
T5094 Kempton: Grounds (243-11/1958)
T5096 Lindisfarne Primary: Development of site (87-11/1955)
T5100 Nixon Street Primary: Development of site (138-11/1958)
T5106 Riverside Primary: Development of site (36-11/1954)
T5108 Railton Primary: Development of site (293-11/1956)
T5109 Queenstown Primary: Development of site (678-11/1951)
T5116 Devonport Primary: Cleaner (136-14/1942)
T5117 Conveyance: Bonney's Plains to Avoca (448/1952)
T5118 Conveyance: Summer Camp, aka Memana - Flinders Island (134/1956)
T5119 Conveyance: Wilmot Road to Forth (420/1959)
T5120 Conveyance: Estate Road, Brown Mountain to Campania (343/1950)
T5121 Conveyance: Muddy Creek to Exeter (340/1952)
T5122 Conveyance: Sassafras and Wesley Vale to Devonport High (841/1958)
T5123 Conveyance: Golden Valley to Deloraine (347/1945)
T5124 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T5125 Conveyance: Dromedary to Brighton (500/1953)
T5126 Conveyance: Ridgley to Upper Burnie, Burnie High and Parklands (644/1947)
T5127 Conveyance: Opossum Bay to Clarence High (39/1959)
T5128 Conveyance: Cradoc to Cygnet and Cygnet to Huonville (347/1949)
T5129 Conveyance: Meander via Western Creek to Deloraine (33/1961)
T5130 Conveyance: Sidmouth Hill via Sidmouth to Exeter School (503/1946)
T5131 Conveyance: Bridgenorth to Exeter (594/1949)
T6132 Conveyance: Frankford to Exeter (573/1950)
T5133 Conveyance: Flowery Gulley to Exeter (173/1952)
T5134 Conveyance: Deviot to Exeter (505/1946)
T5135 Conveyance: Kellevie, Bream Creek and Copping to Dunalley (326/1956)
T5136 Conveyance: Upper Castra and Kindred via leith and Lillico to Devonport High (441/1955)
T5137 Training: Teachers - General (36/4/1)
T5138 Conveyance: Wyena and Lebrina to Lilydale (298/1949)
T5139 Conveyance: Reekara - King Island (9/1961)
T5140 Conveyance: Uxbridge to Glenora (601/1949)
T5141 Conveyance: Rosevale to Hagley (421/1940)
T5142 Conveyance: Lilydale to Launceston (514/1960)
T5143 Conveyance: Howden to Margate (392/1951)
T5144 Conveyance: Sassafras to Latrobe (570/1951)
T5146 Conveyance: Jericho and Interlaken to Oatlands (407/1951)
T5147 Conveyance: Plenty to New Norfolk (265/1952)
T5148 Conveyance: South Preston to Preston (130/1950)
T5149 Conveyance: Cuprona to Riana (164/1955)
T5150 Conveyance: Ashwater and Riana to Penguin and Ulverstone High (338/1954)
T5151 Conveyance: Nunamara to Myrtle Park via Main Road (308/1956)
T5152 Conveyance: Preolenna Estate (550/1955)
T5153 Conveyance: Marrawah to Redpa (538/1950)
T5144 Conveyance: Montagu Swamp to Redpa (579/1957)
T5155 Conveyance: Hayes and Magra to New Norfolk North (85/54)
T5156 Conveyance: Lachlan 'The Swamp' to New Norfolk (347/1951)
T5157 Conveyance: Black Hills to New Norfolk (229/1956)
T5159 Conveyance: White Hills and St Leonards to Queechy (187/1950)
T5160 Conveyance: Woodbridge and Channel to Hobart (349/1951)
T5161 Conveyance: Simpson's Bay to Alonnah (290/1950)
T5162 Conveyance: North Motton to Sprent (131/1950)
T5163 Conveyance: Lunawanna to Alonnah (293/1950)
T5164 Conveyance: Seven Mile Beach and Cambridge to Sorell (334/1951)
T5165 Conveyance: Nugent and Wattle Hill to Sorell (563/1950)
T5166 Conveyance: Kaoota to Snug (393/1951)
T5167 Conveyance: Strahan to Queenstown (447/1952)
T5168 Conveyance: Storey's Creek to Rossarden (361/1955)
T5169 Conveyance: Langloh and Hamilton and Lawrenny to Ouse (369/1955)
T5170 Conveyance: Red Hills to Mole Creek (571/1950)
T5171 Conveyance: Dilston to Rocherlea (389/1954)
T5172 Conveyance: Ironcliffe Road to Penguin (362/1952)
T5173 Conveyance: Marrawah to Smithton (10/1961)
T5174 Conveyance: Leslie Road to Snug (347/1953)
T5175 Conveyance: Launceston to St Giles (293/1943)
T5176 Conveyance: Upper Blessington to St Leonards (725/1960)
T5177 Conveyance: Regatta Point to Strahan (338/1950)
T5178 Conveyance: Gunn's Plains and Lowana and Wilsonia Junction to Ulverstone 323/1956)
T5179 Conveyance: Clarke's Plains Road and Castra Road to Ulverstone (665/1953)
T5180 Conveyance: Turner's Beach to Ulverstone (556/1951)
T5181 Conveyance: Dennes Point and Barnes Bay to Woodbridge (48/1948)
T5182 Conveyance: Deep Creek to Wynyard (595/1949)
T5183 Conveyance: Parrawe and Oonah to Yolla (523/1950)
T51834 Devonport High: Staffing (734-7/1954)
T5185 Hobart High School: Additional land - Letitia Street - lease of land from Hobart City Council - terminated 1963 (732-9/1955)
T5187 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T5190 Rowella: Complaints (24-4/1958)
T5191 Rowella: Cleaner (24-14/1962)
T5192 Rowella: Staffing (24-7/1957)
T5193 Rowella: Development of site (24-11/1958)
T5196 Parattah: Cleaner (414-14/1963)
T5197 Parattah: Staffing (414-7/1957)
T5198 Parattah: Development of site (414-11/1957)
T5203 Parattah: Accommodation (414-6/1963)
T5204 Chudleigh Primary: Educational Planning (117-13/1964)
T5205 Chudleigh: Complaint (117-4/1958)
T5206 Chudleigh: Cleaner (117-14/1963)
T5207 Chudleigh: Staffing (117-7/1956)
T5208 Chudleigh: Development of site (117-11/1958)
T5213 Claremont High: Additions - Trade (761-6/1963)
T5214 Claremont High: Additions - Block E extension (761-6B/1963)
T5215 Cosgrove High: Additions - 6 classrooms, Administration and Library (765-6/1964)
T5216 Devonport High: Additions - HAC Block and 3 classrooms (734-6/1963)
T5218 Elizabeth High: Additions - Block B (767-6B/1961)
T5219 Elizabeth High: Additions - HAC accommodation - renovations (767-6/1964)
T5220 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 72-76 Tasma Street (767-9D/1961)
T5221 Elizabeth High: 287 Murray Street demolition (767-6/1963)
T5222 Elizabeth high: Additional land - 247 Murray Street - Hawkes (767-9/1963)
T5223 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 251 Murray Street (767-9C/1963)
T5224 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 257 Murray Street (767-9E/1963)
T5225 Elizabeth High: Additional land - 275-277 Murray Street (767-9/1964)
T5226 George Town High: Fire - Welding Room (205-8/1962)
T5227 George Town: Additions - 6 classrooms (772-6/1963)
T5228 Hobart High: Alterations to main building 1964-65 (732-6/1964)
T5229 Hobart High: Additions - alterations rooms 18, 19 (732-6A/1964)
T5230 Conveyance: Exton to Westbury (299/1952)
T5231 Conveyance: Narrawa and Lower Wilmot to Wilmot (175/1952)
T5232 Conveyance: Branxholm to Winnaleah (259/1955)
T5233 Conveyance: Port Sorell to Wesley Vale (590/1947)
T5234 Conveyance: Middleton and Gordon to Woodbridge (344/1951)
T5235 Conveyance: Seabrook to Yolla (490/1950)
T5236 Kings Meadows High: Additions - HAC and Laboratory and first phase Administration (754-6/1963)
T5237 Huonville High: Assembly Hall (766-6/1954)
T5238 Huonville High: Substation (766-8/1962)
T5239 Latrobe High: Building - Blocks A&B (770-6/1963)
T5240 Conveyance: Blackmans Bay and Kingston to Hobart (244/1944)
T5241 New Town High: Additions - Toilet accommodation and Pavilion (743-6/1962)
T5242 Ogilvie High: Additions - Science, Staff, Library (737-6A/1962)
T5243 Queechy High: Dust Extraction System (745-6/1960)
T5244 Reece High: Additions - Science Block (768-6/1963)
T5245 Reece High: Additions - Staff and Office accommodation (768-6/1964)
T5246 Riverside High: Technical Block - complete (764-6/1962)
T5247 Riverside High: Additions - Trade (764-6A/1963)
T5248 Scottsdale: Assembly hall (736-6/1959)
T5249 Smithton High: Assembly Hall (738-6/1954)
T5250 Ulverstone High School - Additions - Art and Typing (739-6B/1963)
T5251 Warrane High: Building - Blocks A&B (771-6/1961)
T5252 Conveyance: Garden Island Creek to Cygnet (422/1951)
T5255 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - general (11/2/2)
T5256 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - particular cases D-J (11/2/4)
T5257 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - particular cases A-C (11/2/3)
T5258 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - particular caases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T5259 Ringarooma Area: Residence at Legerwood (523-6/1948)
T5260 Health Department: Child Guidance Clinics (596/1957)
T5263 Rose Bay High: Development of site (762-11/1960)
T5265 Rose Bay High: Cleaners (762-14/1960)
T5267 Conveyance: Bus contracts - School bus accommodation survey 1965-65 (11/1/11)
T5268 Grassy: Hostel Building (325-6H/1957)
T5269 Moogara: Rental of school house (392-8/1960)
T5270 Equipment: Purchase of TV sets (13/2/33)
T5271 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T5272 Equipment: Supply and Tender - Contracts and Bulk orders (13/3/2)
T5273 Publicity: Press cuttings - general comment only (24/4)
T5274 Publicity: Supplements to newspapers (24/6)
T5275 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Safety First campaign (26/1/2)
T5276 Salaries: Group Deductions - Insurance (27/3/1)
T5277 Accounts: Estimates of expenditure - Loan funds 1964-65 (1/5/2/1964/5)
T5278 Accounts: Estimates - Expenditure - Revenue estimates 1964/65 (1/5/4/64-65)
T5279 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue (1/6/2/1964-65)
T5280 Accounts: Expenditure - Loans (1/6/1/1964-65)
T5281 Associations: Miscellaneous - National Fitness Council - Minutes (4/5/9)
T5282 Schools: Public Works Department - Schedule of Tenders submitted (29/4/7)
T5283 Schools: Standard planning - General planning (29/5/14)
T5284 Awards: Public Service Tribunal - Proceedings - Teachers' Salaries (6/2/6)
T5287 Conveyance: Bus Contracts - Accidents (11/1/3)
T5289 Technical: Fees for Technical classes (34/3/7)
T5290 Visitors: Ministers' itineraries (39/2)
T5291 Staffing: Teachers - General - authorisation for travelling (32/3/11)
T5292 Publications: General - Subscriptions (23/1/3)
T52893 Scholarships: School Attendance - Commonwealth Scholarships (28/4/35)
T5296 Associations: Miscellaneous - Junior Farmers Club (4/5/7)
T5297 Miscellaneous: Exchange of information (40/19)
T5298 Equipment: Purchase - Advertisements from firms (13/2/1)
T5299 Publications: Departmental - requests for departmental publications (23/2/7)
T5300 United Nations: General - Employment vacancies (37/1/1)
T5301 Scholarships: Teachers - London University Fellowship (28/5/3)
T5301A Equipment: Vehicles - Holden Sedan - Departmental Car T4454
T5303 Equipment: Vehicles - Holden utility - Hobart carpenters T3478 MV346
T5304 Conveyance: General - bus extensions on 11/1/10 (11/1/1)
T5305 Miscellaneous: Circulars (40/11)
T5306 Commonwealth Office of Education: Commonwealth Scholarships Scheme - Reports, etc (9/3/1)
T5307 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - TV General - Commercial TV - School Programmes (12/1/4)
T53078 Scholarships: International Co-operation - Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (28/3/4)
T5309 Staffing: Public Service - Attendance returns (32/2/5)
T5310 Staffing: Public Service - Mileage Rates (32/2/14)
T5311 Staffing: General - Workers compensation (32/1/2)
T5312 Staffing: Teachers - Mileage Allowances 1964-65 (32/3/13)
T5313 Schools: General - List of schools (29/1/5)
T5314 Schools: Use of facilities - Applications (separate file for accounts) (29/6/1)
T5315 Publications: General - Books for review (23/1/2)
T5316 Miscellaneous: Mail (40/21)
T5317 Miscellaneous: Correspondence (interchange) (40/14)
T5318 Miscellaneous: Diseases - Infectious notification (40/15)
T5319 Scholarships: General (28/1/1)
T5325 Educational Planning: School outings - Requests for entertainments (12/6/1)
T5326 St Marys Area: Staffing (192-7/1955)
T5327 King Island: Groundsman (320-3/1942)
T5330 Woodbridge Area: Development of site (317-11/1946)
T5332 Exeter Area: Request for High School (33-8/1955)
T5333 Exeter District: Lease of Golf Links - Sale to Exeter Golf Club (33-8/1955)
T5334 Flinders Island: Water supply (201-10/1951)
T5336 Sheffield Area: Educational Planning (294-13/1958)
T5337 Milk Scheme: Commonwealth Free Milk - Administration - Local (17/2)
T5339 Hostels: College Hostels - Minutes of Board Meetings (15/1/4)
T5341 Sheffield Area: Farm Overseer (294-8/1947)
T5343 Cressy High: Cleaner (376-14/1942)
T5347 Sheffield: Farm Advisory Council (294-8AC/1956)
T5348 Oatlands: Groundsman (413-3/1939)
T5352 Equipment: Maintenance - Pianos (13/1/2)
T5353 Equipment: Purchase of firewood (13/2/28)
T5355 King Island: Development of site (320-11/1954)
T5356 Residences: Departmental - Rental Determinations (25/42/2)
T5357 Equipment: Purchase of - Schools - General (13/2/9)
T5358 Milk: School requirements - variations (17/7)
T5359 Glass found in milk bottles
T5360 Director of Public Health: General
T5361 Free Milk Scheme: Building of milk shelters (374/1958)
T5362 Publications: Departmental - Offer of (by outside bodies) (23/1/1)
T5363 Administration Buildings: 57 Brisbane Street - Teaching aids and Science Centre - Accommodation (2/3/1)
T5364 Educational Planning: Curriculum - Text books - standardisation (12/2/3A)
T5365 Administration Buildings: 57 Brisbane Street - Teaching aids and Science Centre - Development of site (2/3/3)
T5371 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2A (17/3)
T5392 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - MTT Transfer Passes (11/2/1A)
T5393 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Revenue 1965-66 (1/5/4/1965-66)
T5394 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue 1965-66 (1/6/2-1965-66)
T5395 Equipment: Maintenance of trade machinery - lists not individual items (13/1/6)
T5398 Health: Spectacles and hearing aids (14/5)
T5399 Equipment: Purchase of cement - free supplies, Goliath Portland Co. (13/2/4)
T5400 Administration Branches: Gleadow Street - Launceston store - Equipment in store (2/11/2)
T5402 Residences: 257 Macquarie Street - Repairs (25/17/27)
T5403 Staffing: Transfers - Secondment of Teachers - New Guinea, Northern Territory, and Noumea (32/10/3)
T5404 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - Departmental Federation Committee (32/7/2)
T5408 Conveyance: King Island - Departmental bus (87/1957)
T5410 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T5411 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - Particular cases K-P (11/2/5)
T5413 Riverside High: Development of site (764-11/1961)
T5414 Scholarships: Competitions - General (28/2/1)
T5415 Staffing: Superintendents and Supervisors - Itineraries (32/9/1)
T5417 Visitors to Schools and Department: General (39/4)
T5419 Hobart Technical College: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T5420 Devonport Technical College: Council - Minutes (749-8/1960)
T5422 Prospect High: Building - Blocks A, B, C, and additions to Block B (773-6A/1963)
T5423 New Town High: Cleaner (743-14/1957)
T5425 Devonport High: Development of site (734-11/1946)
T5427 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - General Business (32/7/3)
T5428 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T5429 Regulations: Amendments (40/26)
T5430 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Charles Davis Pty. Ltd. (1/10/345)
T5431 Staffing: Public Service - Insurance - Aircraft travel (32/2/12)
T5432 Staffing: Transfer - Recommendations re transfers from Superintendents and Supervisors (32/10/4)
T5438 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - particular cases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T5442 Conveyance: Kimberley to Railton (386/1951)
T5443 St Michael's: Additional land (725D-9/1951)
T5444 Conveyance: Calder to Boat Harbour (429/1953)
T5445 Conveyance: Detention and Sisters Creek to Boat Harbour (462/1953)
T5446 Newstead Pre-School: New building (23C-9/1951)
T5447 Conveyance: Williamsford to Rosebery (443/1955)
T5448 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T5451Committees: Departmental - Agricultural Education (8/1/29)
T5452 Salaries: General Correspondence (27/1/1)
T5453 University: Australian Universities Commission - Future of Tertiary Education (38/6/8)
T5454 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Reports on Students, Examinations, etc. (36/7/12)
T5455 Health: Dental Clinics (14/1)
T5458 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T5459 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T5460 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T5461 Administration Branches: Science Centre (Workshop) - Production Committee (3/8/8)
T5462 Waimea Heights: Additional land - Cummings Estate (9-9/1945)
T5463 Residences: New Norfolk - 43 Charlotte Street - Housing Commission residence (25/22/4)
T5464 Residences: New Norfolk - 43 Charlotte Street - Housing Commission - Tenants (25/22/4T)
T5465 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Driver education in schools (12/8/5)
T5466 Educational Planning: School outings - Requests for exhibitions (12/6/3)
T5467 Health: General (14/6)
T5468 Parliament: Notices of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T5469 Property: Disposal of Musset Buildings (22/2/2)
T5472 Technical: Fees for Technical classes (34/3/7)
T5473 Accounts: Expenditure - Loans 1965-66 (1/6/1/1965-66)
T5474 Accounts: Estimates of expenditure - Loan programme 1965-66 (1/5/3/1965-66)
T5475 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T5476 Publicity: Press Releases (24/5)
T5477 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular Cases D-J (11/2/4)
T5478 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - General (11/2/2)
T5486 Boards: Schools Board - General (7/4/5)
T5487 Boards: Soldiers' childrens board - Members and Minutes (7/6/1)
T5493 Equipment: Purchase of - Science - General (13/2/17)
T5494 Educational Planning - Secondary Education - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T5495 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T5497 Technical: Technical Correspondence School - Students (34/4/6)
T5498 Publications: Departmental - Syllabus - Requests for (23/2/9)
T5499 Educational Planning: Curriculum - New books and equipment (12/2/2)
T5500 Milk: Cartage arrangements (17/6)
T5502 Burnie High: Cleaner (735-14/1957)
T5503 Educational Planning: Vocational Guidance - Job Information Week (12/9/3)
T5504 Policy: Exemptions (20/9)
T5505 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Matriculation Candidate (12/7/5)
T5506 New Town High: Springvale Board of Management - Minutes of meetings (743-8H/1951)
T5507 Educational Planning: Holidays - Vacations (12/5/3)
T5508 New Town High: Springvale - Staffing (743-7H/1958)
T5510 Burnie High: Development of site (735-11/1957)
T5511 Ogilvie High: Cleaners (737-14/1942)
T5512 Devonport High: Cleaner (734-14/1942)
T5513 Prospect High: Development of site (773-11/1964)
T5514 Training: Seminars - Science (36/2/24)
T5515 Accounts: Commonwealth Grants Commission - General Information (1/2/1)
T5516 Administration Buildings: 116 Bathurst Street - Cleaners (117/59)
T5517 Scholarships: General - Rowallan Home Arts - Trophy (28/1/3)
T5518 Administration: Adult Education - P.S. Staff - Typists and Clerks (2/22/7)
T5519 Administration Buildings: 96 Melville Street - Workshop (2/8/2)
T5521 Scholarships: Technical - Commercial Course (28/6/20)
T5522 Scholarships: Technical - commonwealth (28/6/21)
T5523 Scholarships: School Attendance - Commonwealth - Examiners (28/4/38B)
T5524 Avoca Primary: Home Arts Block (180-6HA/1955)
T5525 Bagdad: Additions - one classroom (50-6A/1963)
T5526 Blackmans Bay: Additions - one classroom 1961 (310-6/1961)
T5527 Bowen Road Primary: Two additional classrooms (226-6/1964)
T5528 Bowen Road: Additions - three classrooms (226-6/1963)
T5529 Bridport: Additions - Cloakroom extension (544-6/1962)
T5530 Brooklyn: Assembly Hall (157-6/1961)
T5531 Charles Street Primary: New toilet block (15-6/1964)
T5532 Chigwell: Additions - Four classrooms (236-6/1963)
T5533 Claremont: Assembly Hall (221-6/1958)
T5534 Claremont: New Building - Doran's Estate (CL-6/1961)
T5535 Claremont: Canteen (221-5/1961)
T5536 Collinsvale: Additions - one classroom (220-6/1963)
T5537 Cooee Primary: Additions - one classroom and toilets (152-6/1963)
T5538 Deloraine Primary: Additions - Infant Block (120-6A/1962)
T5539 Devonfield: New Building (715-6/1961)
T5540 East Ulverstone: Additions - two classrooms (353-6A/1963)
T5541 East Ulverstone Primary: Building - complete (353-6/1961)
T5542 Ellendale: Tennis Court (250-8TC/1957)
T5543 Elphin Rise: New building (23B-6/1955)
T5544 Franklin Primary: New toilet block (268-6/1964)
T5545 Geilston Bay Pre-School: Request for Pre-school (376/1957)
T5546 Glenorchy: Assembly Hall (222-6/1953)
T5547 Glenorchy: Staff Accommodation 1962 (222-6/1962)
T5548 Glenorchy: Pre-School - Windsor and Bowden Estates
T5549 Gowrie Park Primary: New building (292-6/1963)
T5550 Hamilton State School: New building (252-6/1963)
T5551 Havenview: Additions - two classrooms (156-6/1962)
T5552 Howrah: Additions - two classrooms - staff and toilet accommodation (82-6/1962)
T5553 Howrah Primary: New toilet block - Infants (82-6/1964)
T5554 Howrah Primary: Additions - one classroom (82-6/1965)
T5555 Huonville Primary: Additions - one classroom and staffroom 1963 and one classroom 1964 (273-6/1962)
T5556 Huonville Primary: One classroom 1964-65 (273-6/1964)
T5557 Judbury: Additions - Toilet block (269-6/1963)
T5558 Lachlan Park School: Establishment (716-6/1959)
T5559 Lady Ashbolt Pre-School: Establishment - Temporary accommodation (233-6/1954)
T5560 Lansdowne Crescent: Additions - Toilet Block (1106/1964)
T5561 Lansdowne Crescent Pre-School: Establishment - Rental (11-6/1950)
T5562 Equipment: Maintenance of - Conversion for decimal (13/1/7)
T5563 Commonwealth Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2B - Administration costst (F17/4)
T5564 Administration Branches: Migrant Education - Statistics and Reports (3/4/6)
T5565 Schools: Standard Planning - General Planning (29/5/14)
T5566 Committees: Departmental - Education costs (8/1/3)
T5567 Scholarships: School Attendance - Special bursaries (28/4/23)
T5568 Scholarships: Teachers - Teacher Development Grant (28/5/6)
T5569 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances - Hobart (28/4/33H)
T5571 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T5572 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - Promotions Lists (32/7/4)
T5573 Staffing: Exchange teachers - Great Britain-Australia (32/5/5)
T5574 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Reading Scheme (12/8/7)
T5575 Latrobe: Assembly Hall (327-6/1954)
T5576 Lindisfarne Primary: One additional classroom (87-6/1964)
T5577 Lindisfarne North: Additions - Four classrooms and toilet block (89-6/1960)
T5578 Margate primary: Additions - One classroom (307-6/1962)
T5579 Mayfield: Additions - Change rooms (366-6/1963)
T5580 Mayfield: Assembly Hall (366-6/1955)
T5581 Molesworth Primary - New toilet block (398-6/1963)
T5582 Montagu Bay: Additions - one classroom (83-6/1963)
T5583 Mowbray Heights: Additions - one Infant and one Primary classroom (22-6A/1963)
T5584 Mount Nelson Primary: New building - complete (6-6/1958)
T5585 New Norfolk North: Two classrooms (408-6/1965)
T5586 New Norfolk Primary: Two Classrooms and Sick Room (399-6/1964)
T5587 New Norfolk Primary: Additions - New toilet block (399-6/1963)
T5588 New Town Primary: Additions - Toilet Block (5-6/1962)
T5589 New Town Primary: One additional classroom (5-6/1964)
T5590 Nixon Street Primary: Additions - two classrooms 1961 (138-6/1961)
T5591 Nixon Street Primary: Four Classrooms (138-6/1964)
T5592 Nixon Street: Additions - two classrooms (138-6/1963)
T5593 Norwood Primary: New building (553-6/1962)
T5594 Penguin: Assembly Hall (426-6/1955)
T5595 Penguin Primary: One classroom (426-6/1964)
T5596 Perth Primary: One classroom (382-6/1964)
T5597 Poatina: Additions - one classroom (383-6/1961)
T5598 Preston: Additions - one classroom and staff accommodation (346-6/1962)
T5599 Princes Street Primary: New staff accommodation (12-6/1964)
T5600 Princes Street: Assembly Hall (12-6/1954)
T5601 Queenstown Primary: Additions - Toilet Blocks (678-6/1963)
T5602 Risdon Vale: Easement - P.M.G. (81-8/1961)
T5603 Risdon Vale: Additions - Six classrooms (81-6/1964)
T5604 Risdon Vale: Establishment of Kindergarten (81-6/1961)
T5605 Risdon Vale: Additions - Kindergarten (81-6/1963)
T5606 Riverside Primary: One classroom 1965 (36-6/1965)
T5607 Riverside Primary: One additional classroom and Kindergarten (36-6/1964)
T5610 Riverside Primary: Additions - two classrooms (30-6/1962)
T5611 Rosebery: Dental Clinic (693-8/1962)
T5612 Rosebery: Assembly Hall (693-6/1955)
T5613 Rosetta: Additions - two classrooms (235-6/1963)
T5614 Smithton: Accommodation - Tier Hill (102-6TH/1961) (File is empty - note on front of file only)
T5615 Smithton Primary: Additions - cloakroom, Multi-purpose room and storage (102-6/1964)
T5616 Smithton Primary: Disposal of land (102-6/1958)
T5617 South Hobart: Additions (4-6/1961)
T5618 South Hobart: Disposal of property (4-8/1962)
T5619 Springfield Gardens: One classroom and utility room (234-6/1964)
T5620 St Martins: Special School (724-8/1956)
T5621 St Michaels: Additions - new buuilding (725D-6/1963)
T5622 Strahan: Assembly Hall (685-6/1955)
T5623 Summerdale Primary: Two new additional classrooms (652-6/1964)
T5624 Talire School: Acquisition of 112 Risdon Road (723-6/1951)
T5625 Talire School: Assembly Hall (723-6/1959)
T5626 Talire School: New building - includes workshop (723-6/1962)
T5627 Taroona Primary: Two classrooms (311-6/1964)
T5628 Trevallyn Primary: One classroom (21-6/1964)
T5629 Trevallyn Primary: Extension to Kindergarten (21-6/1964)
T5630 Triabunna Primary: One classroom (583-6/1964)
T5631 Waimea Heights Primary: Additions - two classrooms (9-6/1963)
T5632 Waimea Heights Primary: Two classrooms and toilets (9-6/1965)
T5633 Warrane: Additions - two classrooms (84-6/1963)
T5634 Warrane: Assembly Hall (84-6/1958)
T5635 Waverley: Additions - 1 classroom and kindergarten (559-6/1963)
T5636 Wesley Vale Area: Assembly Hall (331-6/1950)
T5637 Westbury Primary: New building (661-6A/1962)
T5638 Westerway State School: Additions - One classroom (401-6A/1963)
T5639 West Ulverstone Primary: One classroom (351-6/1964)
T5640 Wynyard: Assembly Hall (614-6/1957)
T5641 Yarra Creek Primary: Hostel (322-6H/1964)
T5642 Launceston Technical College: Council Minutes (746-8/1959)
T5643 Hobart Technical College: Council Minutes (744-8/1956)
T5645 Prospect High: Purchase of site (773-9/1961)
T5646 Kings Meadows High: Cleaners (754-14/1959)
T5647 latrobe High: Development of site (770-11/1963)
T5648 Kings Meadows High: Development of site (754-11/1958)
T5649 Elizabeth High: Cleaners (767-14/1942)
T5650 Residences: Hagley (25/16/8) (file is empty)
T5651 Devonport Technical College: Staffing (749-7/1953)
T5652 Wynyard High: Cleaner (763-14/1960)
T5653 Devonport Technical College: Council - Members (749-8/1956)
T5654 Orford Primary: Residence - Henry Street (585-6/1951)
T5657 George Town High: Development of site (772-11/1953)
T5659 Staffing: Public Service - Car advances (32/2/6)
T5660 Educational Planning: Holidays - Board of Advice (12/5/1)
T5661 Hostels: General - Enquiries (15/6/3)
T5664 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T5673 Training: Seminars - General (36/2/2)
T5674 Training: Seminars - Commercial subjects (36/2/7)
T5675 Training: Seminars - Primary Maths - Vacation School (36/2/33)
T5676 Training: Teachers - Library Course (36/4/8)
T5677 Scholarships: School Attendance - Matriculation Allowances (28/4/34)
T5679 Property: Acquisition and disposal - Approvals for (22/1/1)
T5680 Training: Seminars - Home Arts (36/2/13)
T5681 Training: Teachers - General (36/4/1)
T5682 Training: Teachers - Technical (36/4/15)
T5684 Ulverstone High: Cleaner (739-14/1954)
T5685 Taroona High: Development of site (741-11/1956)
T5686 Parklands High: Development of site - Upper Burnie (752-11/1962)
T5688 Parklands High: Development of site - old site, West Park (752-11/1954)
T5691 Claremont High: Development of site (761-11/1960 )
T5692 Residences: Scottsdale - 29 George Street (25/28/6)
T5693 St Marys District: Groundsman (192-3/1944)
T5696 Mole Creek Area: Groundsman (124-3/1950)
T5697 Lilydale Area: Development of site (365-11/1953)
T5698 United Nations: U.N.E.S.C.O. - Conferences and seminars (37/2/8)
T5699 Launceston Technical College - Cleaners (746-14/1958)
T5700 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T5704 Residences: Smithton - 33 King Street (25/30/4)
T5705 Residences: Applications - Hobart (25/17/1)
T5706 Residences: Ouse - Tarraleah Highway (25/24/2)
T5707 Residences: Queenstown - Bowes Street Flats - Repairs (25/25/4)
T5708 Residences: Hobart - 229 Campbell Street - Repairs, etc. (25/17/11)
T5709 Staffing: Public Service - General (32/2/1)
T5710 Administration Buildings: Adult Education - General (2/22/8)
T5712 Residences: Tasman Area - Koonya Road, Nubeena (25/36/4)
T5713 Residences: Smithton - 57 King Street (25/30/5)
T5714 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T5715 Statistics: General (33/1)
T5716 Residences: Departmental residences (25/42/1)
T5717 Accounts: Financial Matters Miscellaneous - Telephone accounts (1/9/6)
T5718 Accounts: Treasury Department - Instructions - Circular (1/8/2)
T5719 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T5720 Administration Buildings: 116 Bathurst Street - Head Office - Repairs (2/2/5)
T5721 Lilydale Area: Farm - Advisory Board (365-8AB/1956)
T5722 Residences: Launceston - 5 Cadorna Street (25/20/3)
T5723 Residences: New Norfolk - 11 First Avenue (25/22/6)
T5724 Residences: Kingston - Hutchins Street (25/45/3)
T5725 Residences: Kooringa - 2 Canning Street, Launceston - Repairs (25/20/4)
T5726 Accounts: Estimates - Commonwealth Grant - Science - Building and equipment (1/5/7)
T5727 Sports: General - Carnivals (31/1/2)
T5728 Hobart Technical College: Additions - Stage 1 - Single Storey - Bathurst Street (744-6C/1962)
T5729 Parklands High: Disposal of old site (752-6/1960)
T5730 Residences: Scottsdale - 10 Charles Street ()25/28/3)
T5731 Residences: Applications - Launceston (25/20/1)
T5732 A.C.E.R: General (5/1/1)
T5733 Conferences: Departmental - Bursars (10/3/2)
T5737 Publicity: Press cuttings - General comment only (24/4)
T5738 Launceston High: Accommodation (733-6/1952)
T5739 Salaries: Teachers Salaries - Awards throughout Australia (27/6/1)
T5740 Scholarships: School Attendance - Commonwealth Secondary Scholarships (28/4/35A)
T5741 Salaries: Superannuation - General (27/4/1)
T5742 Schools: Standard Plans - Science Blocks (29/5/11)
T5744 Equipment: Purchase of - General (13/2/9)
T5745 Staffing: Transfer of teachers (32/10/1)
T5746 Staffing: Taransfers - Furniture (32/1/10(2))
T5747 Technical: Miscellaneous - Examinations - Results (34/3/6)
T5748 Training: Studentships - Number of Studentships (36/3/8)
T5749 Miscellaneous: Advertising - Departmental (40/2)
T5750 Training: launceston Teachers' College - Repairs (36/7/11)
T5751 Educational Planning: Curriculum - Alterations - various suggestions (12/2/1)
T5752 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - TV general - Commercial TV - Tas Council - School programmes (12/1/4)
T5753 Technical: General courses (34/2/1)
T5757 Brooks High: Farm employees (753-3/1949)
T5158 Conveyance: Western Creek Caveside to Mole Creek (339/1951)
T5762 Staffing: Public Service Staff - General Clerical Staff (125C/56)
T5764 Conveyance: Low Head to George Town (263/54)
T5770 Schools: P.W.D - Schedule of tenders submitted (29/4/7)
T5771 Schools: P.W.D - Advertising of tenders (29/4/9)
T5775 Clarence High: Development of site (742-11/1958)
T5776 Administration: Buildings - 135 Harrington Street - Equipment in store (2/7/2)
T5777 Administration: Buildings - 38 Ladbroke Street - Workshop - Furniture and equipment (2/18/2)
T5779 Rosetta High: Building - Blocks A, B, C, E. (774-6/1964)
T5782 Bridport Primary: Development of site (544-11/1959)
T5785 Howrah Primary: Development of site (82-11/1961)
T5786 Kingston Primary: Development of site (306-11/1954)
T5788 Reece High: Repairs (768-2/1956
T5791 Launceston Technical College: Returns (746-8/1960)
T5792 Tangara Hostel: Addiotions 1959-60 (740-6H/1958)
T5793 Murray High: Development of site (747-11/1954)
T5794 Brooks High: Development of site (753-11/1948)
T5795 Brooks High: Brooks Community Centre - Sports Association (753-8/1950)
T5796 Brooks High: Assembly Hall (753-6/1962)
T5798 Burnie High: Accounts - Correspondence prior to 1/7/1966 removed and destroyed (735-A/1954)
T5799 Brooks High: Cleaner (753-14/1942)
T5800 Residences: Smithton - 11 Kay Street (25/30/3)
T5801 Residences: South Riana Residence (25/26/4)
T5802 Residences: Huonville - Franklin Road (25/19/4)
T5803 Residences: Huonville - Agnes Street, Ranelagh (25/18/3)
T5804 Residences: Exeter - West Tamar Road (25/12/3)
T5805 Residences: Devonport - 87 Best Street (25/9/3)
T5806 Conveyance: Deloraine - General (27/1957)
T5807 Conveyance: Launceston - General (234/1956)
T5808 Conveyance: Brighton - General (586/1956)
T5809 Conveyance: Natone via Glance Creek to Burnie High (4/1961)
T5810 Conveyance: Ralphs Bay and Rokeby to Lauderdale and Howrah (336/1944)
T5811 Conveyance: narrawa and Lower Wilmot to Wilmot (175/1952)
T5812 Conveyance: Pegarah and Millwood - King Island (383/1951)
T5815 Launceston Technical College: Repairs (746-2/1954)
T5816 Riverside High: Development of site (764-11/1961)
T5819 George Town High: Accounts (772-A/1953)
T5820 Launceston Technical College: Educational Planning (746-13/1959)
T5823 Committees: Departmental - Primary School Council (8/1/12)
T5824 Boards: Schools Board of Tasmania - Members (7/4/6)
T5828 Committees: Departmental - Examinations (8/1/50)
T5832 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Arrangements with M.T.T. (11/2/1)
T5833 Conveyance: Longford to Kings Meadows (570/1960)
T5834 Conveyance: Aberdeen and Melrose to Spreyton (30/1957)
T5836 Special Education Services: General - Admissions - Selection Methods (30/1/1)
T5837 Awards: Public Service Tribunal - Proceedings - Teachers' Salaries (6/2/6)
T5839 Brooks High: Repairs (753-2/1954)
T5843 Hobart High: Repairs (732-2/1956)
T5846 Parliament: Bills (19/2)
T5847 Associations: Miscellaneous - Red Cross Committee - Departmental representatives - Members minutes (4/5/12)
T5848 Administration: Buildings - Gleadow Street - Workshop - Staffing (2/11/7)
T5849 Rose Bay High: Cleaners (762-14/1960)
T5854 Equipment: Maintenance of office machines (13/1/1)
T5859 Staffing: Public Service Staff - Typists - Head Office (125D/1956)
T5860 New Town High: Cleaner (743-14/1957)
T5861 Elizabeth High: Development of site (767-11/1954)
T5862 Wynyard High: Development of site (763-11/1960)
T5866 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T5867 Miscellaneous: Act - Education amendment (40/1)
T5868 Policy: Admissions - Primary Schools (20/3)
T5869 Educational Planning: School Outings - Requests for Exhibitions (12/6/3)
T5870 Staffing: Public Service - Mileage Rates (32/2/14)
T5871 Staffing: Public Service - Aircraft Travel (32/2/12)
T5872 Scholarships: General (28/1/1)
TT5873 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Safety First Campaign (26/1/2)
T5874 Staffing: Teachers - Agricultural Instructors (32/3/2)
T5875 Staffing: Teacher - General (32/3/1)
T5876 Publications: General - Books for review (23/1/2)
T5877 Publications: General - Subscriptions (23/1/3)
T5878 East Ulverstone Primary: Inventories (353-8I/1963)
T5879 Parliament: Notices of Motion - Legislative Council (19/3)
T5880 Equipment: Vehicles - Holden Panel Van - Wirksworth
T5881 United Nations: General - Employment vacancies (37/1/1)
T5882 Training: Teachers - In-service training (36/4/6)
T5883 Non State Schools: General (18/1)
T5884 Non State Schools: State Aid - Press cuttings only (18/5)
T5885 Publication: Departmental - Offer of (by outside bodies) (23/1/1)
T5886 Scholarships: International Co-operation - Colombo Plan (28/3/3)
T5887 Equipment: Purchase of - subsidies - Libraries
T5888 Safety: General - Fire Protection (26/2/6)
T5889 Non State Schools: State Aid (18/4)
T5890 Technical: Apprenticeships - General (34/1/10)
T5891 Regulations: Amendments (40/26)
T5892 Training: Seminars - Modern languages (36/2/17)
T5893 Equipment: Maintenance of trade machinery - list, not individual items (13/1/6)
T5894 Schools: General - Schools destroyed or damaged by fire (29/1/8)
T5895 Salaries: Group Deductions - Medical Benefits (27/3/2)
T5896 Salaries: Group Deductions - Insurance (27/3/1)
T5925 Queechy High: Development of site (745-11/1957)
T5926 Murray High: Cleaners (747-14/1958)
T5927 Educational Planning: School outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T5928 Staffing: Public Service - School Clerks (32/2/16)
T5929 Technical: Fees for Technical classes (34/3/7)
T5930 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T5934 Hostels: College Hostels - House staff (15/1/6)
T5932 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2A (17/3)
T5933 Schools: Standard Planning - General planning (29/6/14)
T5934 Scholarships: Technical - Commercial Course - Training scholarships (28/6/20)
T5935 Staffing: Teachers - Allowances - Students (32/4/3)
T5936 Staffing: Promotions scheme - Departmental Federation Committee (32/7/2)
T5937 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Religions Instruction (12/8/8)
T5938 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - particular cases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T5939 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - particular cases K-P (11/2/5)
T5940 Prospect High: Accommodation (773-6/1963)
T5941 Ogilvie High: Illegal entries (737-8/1956)
T5942 Parklands High: Cleaner (752-14/1942)
T5943 ogilvie High: Accommodation (737-6/1955)
T5944 Administration: Buildings - 96 Melville Street - Workshop - repairs to building (2/8/4)
T5945 Administration: Branches - Migrant Education - Statistics and reports (3/4/6)
T5946 Committees: Departmental - Teacher training - North and South (8/1/31)
T5947 Commonwealth Office of Education: Commonwealth Scholarships Scheme - Reports, etc. (9/3/1)
T5948 Schools: General - Lists of schools (29/1/5)
T5949 Ulverstone High: Development of site (739-11/1953)
T5950 Training: Board of Studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T5951 Parliament: Notices of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T5952 Conveyance: Bus Contracts - Specifications (11/1/9)
T5953 Visitors: To schools and Department - general (39/4)
T5954 Miscellaneous: General enquiries (40/18)
T5955 Miscellaneous: Correspondence - Interchange (40/14)
T5956 Scholarships: Competitions - General (28/2/1)
T5957 Scholarships: School Attendance - Bursaries Board (28/4/7)
T5958 Training: Teachers - General (36/5/1)
T5959 Conveyance: Bus Contracts - Accidents (11/1/3)
T5960 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - MTT transfer passes (11/2/1A)
T5961 Publications: Departmental - Rqeuests for departmental (23/2/7)
T5962 Staffing: Teachers - Authorisation for travelling (32/3/11)
T5963 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T5964 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Reports on Students (36/6/15)
T5965 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Reports on students, exams, etc. (36/7/12)
T5966 Staffing: Transfers - Secondments of Teachers - New Guinea, etc. (32/10/3)
T5967 Visitors: Departmental Officers to Schools - Itineraries (39/1)
T5968 Special Education Services: General - Admissions - Selection methods (30/1/1)
T5969 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - General business (32/7/3)
T5971 Property: Acquisition and disposal - Approvals for (32/1/1)
T5972 Schoalrships: School attendance - Isolation Allowances - Launceston (28/4/33L)
T5973 Accounts: Financial Matters - Miscellaneous grant for education (1/9/2)
T5974 Awards: Public Service Tribunal - Returns of teachers (6/2/9)
T5975 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases A-C (11/2/3)
T5976 Schools: Maintenance - General (29/2/1)
T5977 Publications: Departmental - Education Gazette - Matter for publication (23/2/5)
T5978 Staffing: Recruitment - Interstate advertising (32/8/5)
T5979 Milk Scheme: Commonwealth Free Milk - Administration - Local (17/2)
T5981 Conveyance: Bus Contracts - School bus accommodation survey for 1964 (11/1/11)
T5982 Hobart Technical College - Repairs (744-2/1956)
T5983 Smithton High: Accommodaton (738-6/1947)
T5984 Elizabeth High: Staffing (767-7/1953)
T5985 Huonville High: Repairs (766-2/1955)
T5986 Deloraine High: Development of site (769-11/1952)
T5987 Warrane High: Repairs (771-2/1964)
T5988 Warrane High: Cleaner (771-14/1963)
T5989 Wynyard High: Repairs (76302/1961)
T5990 Devonport Technical College: Public Service Staff (749-7/1951)
5991 Bothwell Area: Residence - Headmasters (41-6/1955)
R5993 Huonville High: Development of site (766-11/1949)
T5994 Hobart Technical College: Cleaner (744-14/1954)
T5995 Annual Report: General (415/55)
T5996 Publications: Departmental - Annual Report 1962 prepared in 1963 (23/3/12)
T5997 Hobart Technical College: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T5998 Taroona High: Repairs (741-2/1958)
T5999 Reece High: Development of site (768-11/1955)
T600 Elizabeth High: Repairs (767-2/1956)
T6001 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T6002 Reece High: Cleaner (768-14/1955)
T6003 Staffing: Superintendents and Supervisors - Itineraries (32/9/1)
T6004 Miscellaneous: Circulars (40/11)
T6005 Ridgley Area: Development of site (148-11/1949)
T6006 Publicity: Press Releases (24/5)
T6007 Publicity: Press cuttings - General comment only (24/4)
T6008 Staffing - Administrative instructions (32/2/2)
T6009 Parliament: Bills (19/2)
T6011 Scholarships: Teachers - Teacher Development Grant (28/5/6)
T6012 Scholarships: Ingternational Co-operation - Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (28/3/4)
T6013 Salaries: Taxation Deductions - Tas Instalment collections (27/5/1)
T6014 Salaries: Superannuation fund - pensioners employment (27/4/3)
T6015 Safety Precautions: General - industry (26/2/4)
T6016 Sports: General (31/1/1)
T6017 Technical: General - Trade Tests - Hairdressing, etc. (34/3/13)
T6018 Technical: General Correspondence (34/3/1)
T6020 Technical: Technical correspondence - Staffing (34/4/5)
T6021 Statistics: For Commonwealth Statistician (33/3)
T6022 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T6023 Amateur House: Repairs (711-2/1955)
T6025 Bowen Road Primary: Development of site (226-11/1952)
T6026 Albuera Street Primary: Development of site (1-11/1959)
Y6027 Insurance: Departmental property (16/2)
T6028 Pre-School Education: Associations - Australian Pre-School Association (21/2/1)
T6029 Training: Hobart Teachers' College - Staffing (36/6/5)
T6030 Milk: Gtemporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T6031 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation allowances policy (28/4/33A)
T6032 Scholarships: Critchley Parker (28/4/9)
T6033 Equipment: Purchasae of data processing machines (13/2/24)
T6034 Educational Planning: Vocational Guidance - Career Book publication and distribution (12/9/1)
T6035 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Driver education in schools (12/8/5)
T6036 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Cord Cursive (12/8/2)
T6037 Educational Planning: Broadcasting and TV - Science and Mathematics (12/1/7)
T6038 Conveyance: Bus contracts - Rise and fall clauses (11/1/6)
T6039 Campbell Town Area: Repairs (76-2/1953)
T6040 Hamilton Primary: Old Residence - includes transfer to council (252-6/1954)
T6041 Bellerive Primary: Development of site (85-11/1953)
T6042 Branxholm: Residence - Scott Street (517-6/1955)
T6043 Branxholm Primary: Development of site (517-11/1956)
T6044 Staffing: Allowances - Teachers - Secondary classes in Primary Schools (32/4/2)
T6045 Staffing: General - Long Service Leave (32/1/1)
T6046 Scholarships: Technical - Commonwealth (28/6/21)
T6047 Adnministration: Branches - Speech Centre - General (3/9/6)
T6048 Administration: Branches - Science Centre - Production Committee - work referred (3/8/8)
T6049 Administration: Buildings - Grounds Development - Hobart - Staffing (2/9/5)
T6050 Administration Buildings: Grounds Development - Hobart - Maintenance and development of grounds (2/9/2)
T6051 Hamilton: Development of site (242-11/1955)
T6052 University: Matriculation Exams - Rules - change of (38/4/2)
T6053 Staffing: Miscellaneous Workers - Correspondence with F.M.W.U. (FMWU)
T6054 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation Allowances - Hobart (28/4/33H)
T6055 Schools: Use of school facilities - Elections (29/6/2)
T6056 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administration - General - Commonwealth arrangements (17/1)
T6057 Staffing: Public Service - Mileage rates (32/2/14)
T6058 Cambridge Primary: Residence (86-6/1955)
T6059 Blackmans Bay Primary: Development of site (310-11/1960)
T6060 Cape Barren Island Primary: Residence (200-6/1956)
T6061 Cambridge Primary: Development of site (86-11/1956)
T6063 Administration: Branches - Curriculum Centre - Supplies (3/13/4)
T6065 Administration: Buildings - 135 Harrington Street - Store stocktaking (2/7/6)
T6067 Equipment: Purchase of - advertisements from firms (13/2/1)
T6068 Equipment: Maintenance of pianos (13/1/2)
T6073 Dunalley Primary: Development of site (566-11/1951)
T6074 Dunalley Primary: Repairs (566-2/1955)
T6075 Awards: Public Service Tribunal - Application for variation of determination (6/2/1)
T6076 Hostels: General - Departmental Surveys (15/6/9)
T6077 Health: Dental Clinics (14/1)
T6078 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Admissions - Selection methods for post Primary Schools (12/7/3)
T6079 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - Schools TV (12/1/3)
T6080 Committees: Non-Departmental - Australian Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (8/2/8)
T6081 Boards: Technical Education - Minutes (7/10/1)
T6083 Gladstone Primary: Development of site (519-11/1955)
T6084 Fingal Primary: Repairs (183-2/1955)
T6085 East Ulverstone Primary: Development of site (353-11/1963)
T6086 Glen Huon: Development of site (274-11/1956)
T6087 Glen Huon Primary: Residence - Headmasters (274-6/1956)
T6090 Woodsdale Primary: Development of site (418-11/1963)
T6091 Woodsdale: Cleaner (418-14/1963)
T6092 Woodsdale: Staffing (418-7/1962)
T6094 Woodsdale: Complaints (418-4/1955)
T6095 Woodsdale Primary: Telephones (418-16/1965)
T6097 Lachlan: Development of site (396-11/1954)
T6098 Lachlan Primary: Cleaner (396-14/1965)
T6099 Lachlan: Staffing (396-7/1957)
T6100 Lachlan: Water supply (396-10/1940)
T6101 Lachlan: Accidents (396-12/1956)
T6102 Lachlan: Telephones (396-16/1965)
T6103 Lachlan: Complaints (396-4/1959)
T6104 Sandford: Accommodation (90-6/1957)
T6106 Sandford: Additional land (90-9/1964)
T6107 Sandford: Repairs (90-2/1954)
T6108 Sandford Primary: Development of site (90-11/1955)
T6109 Sandford: Staffing (90-7/1957)
T6110 Sandford: Cleaner (90-14/1961)
T6111 Sandford Primary: Telephones (90-16/1965)
T6112 Sandford Primary: Illegal entry (90-8/1965)
T6113 Sandford: Educational Planning (90-13/1061)
T6114 Sandford: Complaints (90-4/1959)
T6115 Whitemore: Accommodation (663-6/1956)
T6118 Whitemore: PMG Cable (663-11/1955)
T6119 Whitemore: Cleaner (663-14/1963)
T6120 Whitemore: Staffing (663-7/1955)
T61`21 Whitemore: Complaints (66304/1963)
T6122 Whitemore: Educational Planning (663-13/1963)
T6123 Evandale Primary: Development of site(159-11/1958)
T6124 Glenorchy: Repairs (222-2/1953)
T6125 Gormanston Primary: Residence - Headmasters - Gould Street (5671-6/1954)
T6126 Yarra Creek Primary: Water Supply and Power Plant (322-10/1957)
T6127 Yarra Creek Primary: New residence (322-6/1956)
T6128 Conveyance: Huonville - General (294/43)
T61289 Yarra Creek Primary: Residence - Bus Driver (320-6/1958)
T6130 Conveyance: Dover and Geeveston to Huonville (662/60)
T6131 Montagu Bay Primary: Development of site (83-11/1956)
T6132 Conveyance3: Blackmans Bay and Kingston to Hobart (244/44)
T6133 Levendale Primary: Residence (581-6/1955)
T6134 Huonville Primary: Development of site (273-11/1961)
T6135 Conveyance: St Marys - General (225/56)
T6138 Montagu Bay: Repairs (83-2/1955)
T6140 Equipment: Supply and Tender Department - General (13/3/1)
T6144 New Norfolk Primary: Development of site (399-11/1957)
T6145 New Norfolk Primary: Repairs (399-2/1956)
T6146 New Norfolk North: Development of site (408-11/1957)
T6147 Mount Stuart Primary: Development of site (7-11/1957)
T6148 Moonah: Repairs (224-2/1953)
T6149 Reekara Primary: Residence (321-6/1962)
T6150 South Hobart Primary: Repairs (4-2/1956)
T6151 Risdon Vale: Development of site (81-11/1961)
T6152 Triabunna Primary: Repairs (583-2/1955)
T6153 Triabunna Primary: Development of site (583-11/1958)
T6154 Trevallyn Primary: Repairs (21-2/1955)
T6155 Trevallyn Primary: Development of site (21-11/1955)
T6158 Wynyard High: Disposal of property - Musset Huts (763-8/1962)
T6160 Accounts: Audit of Departmental (1/4/2)
T6161 Equipment: Maintenance of - Trade machinery - List, not individual items (13/1/6)
T6162 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T6163 Health: General (14/6)
T6164 Staffing: Leave - Teachers - Annual and sick leave (32/6/1)
T6165 Scholarships: General (28/1/1)
T6166 Scottsdale District: Accounts (736-A/1949)
T6167 Salaries: General Correspondence (27/1/1)
T6168 Staffing: Public Service - General (32/2/1)
T6169 Training: Launceston Teachers' College - Establishment (36/13/1)
T6170 Schools: General - Fire Protection (29/1/1)
T6171 Safety: General - Fire Protection (26/2/6)
T6172 Safety Precautions: General - Farm Safety (26/2/2)
T6173 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Repairs (36/6/9)
T6174 Accounts: Treasury Department - Instructions - Circulars (1/8/2)
T6175 Accounts: School books and materials suspense account - Unpaid accounts (1/7/3)
T6177 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T6178 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T6179 Accounts: Estimates of expenditure - Revenue 1966/67 (1/5/4-1966/67)
T6180 Accounts: Expenditure - Loans 1966/67 (1/6/1-1966/67)
T6181 Sports: General - Tasmanian State Schools Sports Council (31/1/4)
T6182 Sports: General - Intrastate and Interstate Sport (31/1/3)
T6183 Property: Purchase of - Hobart (22/4/64)
T6184 Sports: Swimming - Learn to Swim Campaign (31/3/5)
T6185 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases D-J (11/2/4)
T6186 Educational Planning: Curriculum - Text Books - Standardisation (12/2/3)
T6187 Scholarships: Teachers - Fulbright 1864/65 (28/5/2)
T6188 Scholarships: Teachers - Fulbright 1965/66 (28/5/2)
T6189 Scholrshps: Teachers - Australian American Teacher Interchange 1966/67 (28/5/2)
T6190 Scholarshps: Tertiary - Education Department 1961 (28/7/5/61)
T6191 Scholarships: Tertiary - Education Department 1964/65 (28/7/5)
T6195 Administration: Buildings - 68 Paterson Street, Launceston - equipment (2/12/2)
T6196 Equipment: Supply and Tender - Contracts and Bulk orders (13/3/2)
T6197 Administration: Branches - Teaching aids Centre - Equipment for schools (3/10/7)
T6198 Administration: Buildings - Grounds Section - Hobart - Equipment (2/9/3)
T6207 Educational Planning: Libraries - General (12/12/1)
T6208 Educational Planning: Curriculum - Revision of Syllabuses (12/2/4)
T6209 Burnie Technical College: Staffing (748-7/1959)
T6210 Deloraine High: Accounts (769-A/1951)
T6211 Brooks High: Accounts (753-A/1950)
T6212 Poimena Hostel: Accounts (753-AH/1954)
T6213 Claremont High: Accounts (761-A/1961
T6214 Huonville High: Accounts (766-A/1950)
T6215 Kings Meadows High: Accounts (754-A/1960)
T6216 New Norfolk High: Accounts (740-A/1955)
T6217 New Norfolk High: Tangara - Accounts (740-AH/1958)
T6218 Rose Bay High: Repairs (762-2/1961)
T6219 Training: Board of Studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T6220 Queechy High: Accounts (745-A/1955)
T6221 Reece High: Accounts (768-A/1950)
T6222 Riverside High: Accounts (764-A/1961)
T6223 Smithton High: Accounts (738-A/1952)
T6224 Taroona High: Accounts (741-A/1960)
T6225 Ulverstone High: Accounts (739-A/1955)
T6226 Devonport Technical college: Accounts (749-A/1958)
T6227 Smithton High: Repairs (738-2/1954)
T6228 New Town High: Repairs: 743-2/1953)
T6229 Hobart Matriculation College: Repairs (732-2/1956)
T6230 Committees: Departmental - Sites and Buildings (8/1/43)
T6232 Training: Teachers - General (36/4/1)
T6233 State Committee on the Role of the School in Society (8/2/16)
T6234 Parliament: Notices of Motion - Legislative Council (19/3)
T6235 Parliament: Notices of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T6236 New Town High: Development of site (743-11/1953)
T6237 Hobart Matriculation College: Staffing (732-7/1953)
T6238 Bgoards: Secondary Schools Board (7/5/1)
T6239 Boards: Schools Board - General (7/4/5)
T6240 Boards: Registration Board - Departmental representatives (7/3/1)
T6241 Clarence High: Repairs (742-2/1959)
T6243 Taroona High: Staffing (741-7/1956)
T6244 Flinders Island Area: Repairs (201-2/1955)
T6245 Glenora Area: Repairs (393-2/1956)
T6246 Glenora Area: Development of site (393-11/1953)
T6247 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - TV General - Commercial TV, Tas Council, School Programmes (12/1/4)
T6248 Campania Area: Development of site (497-11/1951)
T6249 Murray High: Repairs (747-2/1959)
TR6250 Hagley Area: Development of site (657-11/1957)
T6251 Geeveston Area: Accounts (165-A/1949)
T6252 Technical: Fees for Technical Classes (34/3/7)
T6253 Sorell Area: Repairs (571-2/1955)
T6254 Sheffield Area: Repairs (294-3/1951)
T6255 St Marys District: Repairs (192-2/1954)
T6256 Ridgley Area: Accounts (148-A/1954)
T6257 Tasman Area: Accounts (628-A/1955)
T6258 St Mary's Area: Development of site (192-11/1944)
T6259 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Science (12/8/9)
Y6260 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Asian languages (12/8/26)
T6261 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Language Laboratories (12/8/27)
T6262 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T6263 Educational Planning: Holidays - Board of Advice (12/5/1)
T6264 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Wynyard and Burnie organisation (12/7/8)
T6265 Training: Seminars - Administration for inspectors (36/2/3)
T6266 Publications: Departmenal - Offer of by outside bodies (23/1/1)
T6267 Hostels: General Enquiries (15/6/3)
T6268 Scholarships: School attendance - General (28/4/1)
T6269 Health: Dental Clinics (14/1)
T6270 Conferences: Departmental - Ara School Headmasters (10/3/1)
T6271 Tasman Area: Repairs (628-2/1953)
T6272 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2A (17/3)
T6273 St Helens Area: Staffing (469-7/1953)
T6274 Safety Precuations: Road Safety - Safety First Campaign (26/1/2)
T6275 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Road Safety Patrols - Departmental Liability (26/1/1)
T6276 Sprent Area: Rep[airs (348-2/1954)
T6277 Snug Area: Repairs (309-2/1954)
T6278 Staffing: Public Service - General (32/2/1)
T6279 Awards: public Service Tribunal: Proceedings - Teachers salaries (6/2/6)
T6281 Winnaleah Area: Repairs (525-2/1954)
T6282 Conveyance: General (11/1/1)
T6286 Publications: General - Books for review (23/1/2)
T6283 Equipment: Vehicles - Purchase of departmental (13/4/3)
T6287 Equipment: Purchase of - Subsidies (13/2/19)
T6288 Scholarships: School Attendance - Special bursaries (28/4/23)
T6289 Scholarships: School attendance - Hobart Savings Bank (28/4/39)
T6290 Special Education Services (30/8/5)
T6291 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - Promotions Lists (32/7/4)
T6292 Staffing: Public Service - Leave - Annual and Sick (32/2/13)
T6293 Hobart Matriculation College: Werndee Hostel - Staffing (732-7H/1945)
T6294 Schools: Planning - Re-classification (29/3/9)
T6295 Brighton Area: Repairs (58-2/1954)
T6296 New Norfolk High: Tangara - Board of Control - Minutes of meetings (740-8H/1968)
T6297 Training: Studentships - Victorian Council of Speech Therapists - Scholarships (36/3/6)
T6298 Launceston Matriculation College: Cleaner (733-14/1942)
T6299 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Staffing (36/7/18)
T630 Training: School of Art - Staffing (36/8/7)
T6301 Training: Conservatorium of Music: Results and Reports on students (36/12/7)
T6302 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Courses (36/6/12)
T6303 Accounts: School Books and materials Suspense Account - Stock Sheets, Audit Reports, etc. (1/7/1)
T6304 A.C.E.R: Subsidy from States (5/1/5)
T6305 Associations: Miscellaneous - National Fitness Council - Minutes (4/5/9)
T6306 Associations: Australian State School Teachers Federation - General - Conferences, etc. (4/4/1)
T6307 Associations: Parents - Tasmanian Council of Parents Association (4/1/2)
T6308 Staffing: Transfers - Secondment of Teachers - New Guinea, etc. (32/10/3)
T6309 Conferences: Superintendents - Tasmanian (10/2/4)
T6310 Scholarships: Teachers - London University Fellowship - Imperial Relations Trust (28/5/3)
T6311 Ogilvie High: Development of site (737-11/1946)
T6312 New Town High: Staffing (743-7/1952)
T6313 New Norfolk High: Development of site (740-11/1951)
T6314 Smithton High: Development of site(738-11/1951)
T6315 Technical: General Courses (34/2/1)
T6316 Cosgrove High: Development of site (765-11/1952)
T6317 Devonport High: Development of site (734-11/1946)
T6318 Launceston Matriculation College: Development of site (733-11/1952)
T6319 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Admission of Asian Students (12/7/1)
T6320 Devonport Technical College: Staffing (749-7/1953)
T6321 Ogilvie High: Repairs (737-2/1954)
T6322 Rosebery Technical Classes: Staffing (756-7/1959)
T6323 Regulations: Amendments (40/26)
T6324 Savage River Primary: Headmasters Residence (690-6/1966)
T6325 George Town High: Repairs (772-2/1954)
T6326 Burnie High School: Furniture and equipment (735-1/1955)
T6335 Taroona High: Cleaners (741-14/1957)
T6336 Riverside High: Cleaner (764-14/1961)
T6355 Committees: State Advisory - Mechanical Trades (8/3/1922)
T6356 Training: Board of Studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T6357 Committees: State Advisory - Electrical Trades (8/3/19)
T6358 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Building Trades (8/3/3)
T6359 Training: Launceston Teachers College - New - Establishment (36/13/1)
T6360 Training: Seminars - General (36/2/2)
T6361 Schools: Planning - Works programmes (29/3/11)
T6362 Publicity: Press Releases (24/5)
T6363 Training: Public Service Staff - General correspondence (36/1/1)
T6364 Technical: Miscellaneous - Trade Tests - Tradesmen (34/3/14)
T6368 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat Treatment of milk (17/5)
T6369 Policy: Levies (20/29)
GT6370 Policy: Admissions - Primary Schools (20/3)
T6371 Miscellaneous - General Enquiries (40/18)
T6372 Awards: Miscellaneous Employees and Tradesmen - State Awards and Conditions (6/1/2)
T6373 Educational Planning: School Outings - Exhibitions (12/6/3)
T6374 Parklands High: Accommodation (752-6/1958)
T6375 Parklands High: Assembly Hall (752-6/1961)
T6376 Parklands High: Canteen (752-5/1952)
T6377 Parklands High: Development of site - Old site - West Park (752-11/1954)
T6378 Parklands high: Sports Ground - West Park Oval (752-8/1952)
T6384 George Town High: Staffing (772-7-1955)
T6385 Burnie High: Staffing (735-7/1955)
T6386 Administration Branches: Launceston Swimming Centre - Building of new pool (3/11/4)
T6387 Prospect High: Cleaners (773-14/1965)
T6388 Prospect High: Development of site (773-11/1964)
T6389 Parklands High: Development of site - Upper Burnie (752-11/1962)
T6390 Ogilvie High: Cleaners (737-14/1942)
T6391 Ogilvie High: Staffing (737-7/1955)
T6392 Accounts: Estimates - Commonwalth Grant - Technical - Buildings (1/5/8)
T6393 Accounts: Estimates - Commonwealth Grant - Science - Building and Equipment (1/5/7)
T6394 Accounts: Commonwealth Grants Commission - General information for (1/2/1)
T6395 Administration Branches: Science Centre - Production Committee - Works referred (3/8/8)
T6396 Miscellaneous: Books - Free (40/8)
T6397 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T6398 Staffing: Exchange Teachers - Great Britain - League of the British Commonwealth and Empire (32/5/5)
T6399 Training: Teachers - In-service training (36/4/6)
T6400 Hostels: Hillcrest Hostel - Accounts (15/1/1)
T6401 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue 1966/67 (1/6/2-66/67)
T6402 Accounts: Estimates of expenditure - Loan programme 1966/67 (1/5/3-66/67)
T6403 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - General (11/2/2)
T6404 Associations: Miscellaneous - National Fitness Council - Subsidy (4/5/10)
T6405 Wynyard High: Accounts (763-A/1960)
T6406 Springvale Hostel: Repairs (743-2H/1951)
T6408 Training: University Training Scheme - Payment of fees (36/9/2)
T6409 Miscellaneous: Circulars (40/11)
T6410 Newnham Hostel: Staff (733-7H/1948)
T6412 Scholarships: Techjnical - Commercial Course - Training Scholarships (28/6/20)
T6413 Hobart Technical College: Repairs (744-2/1956)
T6414 Longford Primary: Development of site (380-11/1956)
T6415 Rosebery: Staffing (693-7/1953)
T6416 Savage River District: Building (690-6/1965)
T6417 Glenorchy Primary: Cleaner (222-14/1942)
T6418 Wayatinah Primary: Staffing (261-7/1954)
T6419 Kings Meadows High: Accommodation (754-6/1961)
T6420 Deloraine High: Staffing (769-7/1955)
T6421 Poimena Hostel: Minutes of meetings (753-8H/1958)
T6422 Training: Studentships - Probationary Students - General (36/3/5)
T6423 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Staffing (36/6/5)
T6424 Bellerive Primary: Cleaner (85-14/1942)
T6425 Bagdad Primary: Repairs (50-2/1954)
T6426 Bagdad Primary: Development of site (50-11/1956)
T6427 Charles Street Primary: Repairs (15-2/1955)
T6428 Cbharles Street Primary: Development of site (15-11/1957)
T6429 East Devonport Primary: Development of site (135-11/1952)
T6430 Gladstone: Repairs (519-2/1954)
T6431 Queenstown Primary: Cleaner (678-14/1942)
T6432 Perth Primary: Development of site (382-11/1956)
T6433 Orford: Repairs (585-2/1955)
T6434 Maydena Primary: Development of site (389-11/1957)
T6435 Kingston Primary: Staffing (306-7/1954)
T6436 Invermay Primary: Cleaner (18-14/1952)
T6437 George Town Primary: Staffing (205-7/1965)
T6438 Montello: Staffing (155-7/1956)
T6439 Montello Primary: Cleaner (155-14/1952)
T6440 Bream Creek Primary: Suspensions (565-8/1967)
T6441 Bream Creek: Accidents (565-12/1956)
T6442 Bream Creek: Telephones (565-16/1965)
T6443 Bream Creek: Educational Planning (565-13/1961)
T6444 Bream Creek: Complaints (565-4/1962)
T6445 Bream Creek: Cleaner (565-14/1957)
T6446 Bream Creek: Staffing (569-7/1959)
T6447 Bream Creek: Development of site (565-11/1957)
T6448 Bream Creek: Repairs (565-2/1955)
T6449 Bream Creek: Accounts (565-A/1961)
T6450 St John's Park School: Accounts (719E-A/1962)
T6451 St John's Park School: Telephones (719E-16/1965)
T6452 St John's Park: cleaner (719E-14/1959)
T6453 St John's Park: Staffing (719E-7/1958)
T6456 Equipment: Purchase of - Gneral (13/2/9)
T6457 Committees: Departmental - Administrative and Educational Needs of Secondary Schools (8/1/46)
T6458 Committees: Departmental - Asiatic Studies (8/1/5)
T6459 Committees: Departmental - Conditions of employment - Miscellaneous employees (8/1/34)
T6460 Committees: Departmental - Departmental Apprenticeship Commission Committee on Apprenticeship Training (8/1/3)
T6461 Committees: Departmental - Music in schools (8/1/35)
T6462 Committees: Departmental - Office accommodation (8/1/32)
T6463 Committees: Departmental - Physically Handicapped (8/1/47)
T6464 Committees: Departmental - Policy (8/1/7)
T6465 Committees: Departmental - Primary School Curriculum Standing Committee (8/1/13)
T6466 Committees: Proposed Course in Professional Ethics (8/1/14)
T6467 Committee: Departmental - Religious Instruction (8/1/16)
T6468 Committees: Departmental - Research (8/1/48)
T6469 Committees: Departmental - School Accounts (8/1/33)
T6470 Committees: Departmental - Secondary Pupils in Area Schools (8/1/30)
T6471 Committees: Departmental - SSB Examinations (8/1/36)
T6472 Committees: Departmental - Slow learners (8/1/49)
T6473 Committees: Departmental - Technical Teacher Training (8/1/25)
T6474 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Architecture (8/3/1)
T6475 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Agricultural Practice (8/3/13)
T6476 Committees: State Advisory - Boilermaking (8/3/17)
T6477 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Chemistry (8/3/4)
T6478 Committees: State Advisory Technical Education - Commerce (8/3/5)
T6479 Committees: State Advisory - Dressmaking and Millinery (8/3/21)
T6480 Committees: State Advisory - Electronics and Radio (8/3/32)
T6481 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Engineering Education (8/3/6)
T6482 Committees: State Advisory - Health Inspectors and Meat Inspectors (8/3/23)
T6483 Committees: State Advisory - Library Training (8/3/25)
T6494 Committees: Advisory Committees - Meat and Allied Trades (8/3/33)
T6484A Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Metal Trades (8/3/8)
T6485 Committees: State Advisory (8/3/27)
T6486 Committees: State Advisory - Motor Mechanics (8/3/24)
T6487 Committees: State Advisory - Motor Vehicle Building (8/3/14)
T6488 Committees: State Advisory - Painting and Decorating (8/3/18)
T6489 Committees: State Advisory - Pharmacy (8/3/16)
T6490 Committees: State Advisory - Technical Education - Plumbers (8/3/9)
T6492 Committees: State Advisory - Real Estate Valuation and Management (8/3/15)
T6493 Committees: State Advisory - Timber production management (8/3/28)
T6494 Committees: State Advisory - Travel Certificate (8/3/29)
T6496 Committees: State Advisory - Woolclassing (8/3/30)
T6504 Avoca Primary: Accounts (180-A/1960)
T6505 Rossarden Primary: Accounts (185-A/1955)
T6506 Swansea Primary: Accounts (215-A/1954)
T6507 Boat Harbour Area: Accounts (601-A/1954)
T6508 Bothwell Area: Accounts (41-A/1955)
T6509 Bothwell Area: Development of site (41-11/1955)
T6510 Bracknell Area: Accounts (651-A/1955)
T6511 Brighton Area: Accounts (58-A/1955)
T6512 Parliament: Notice of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T6513 Parliament: Bills (19/2)
T+A41866514 Parliament: Notices of Motion - Legislative council (19/3)
T6515 Cressy Area: Repairs (376-2/1955)
T6515 Cygnet Area: Accounts (450-A/1950)
T6517 Dover Area: Accounts (164-A/1954)
T6518 Burnie High: Development of site (735-11/1957)
T6519 Commonwealth Office of Education: Publications - Types of Secondary Schools (9/2/10)
T6520 Commonwealth Office: Publications - Secondary Schools Examinations - Bulletin 25 (9/2/13)
T6521 Commonwealth Office: Publications - Secondary Education Grades in Australian Government Schools (9/2/17)
T6522 Commonwealth Office of Eucation: Publications - Fees - Teachers Colleges (9/2/12)
T6523 Commonwealth Office: Publications - Education by Correspondence in Australia (9/2/5)
T6524 Commonwealth Office of Education: Publications - Education and Vocational Guidance Services (9/2/4)
T6525 Commonwealth Office: Publications - A Directory of Courses (9/2/2)
T6526 Commonwealth Office of Education: Publications - Bulletin 5 - Travelling and Boarding Allowances (9/2/16)
T6527 Commonwealth Office of Education: Publictions - Agricultural Education (9/2/1)
T6528 Commonwealth Office: Publications - Bulletin 30 - Adult Education (9/2/15)
T6529 Conferences: Australian - Advisory Teachers (10/4/2)
T6530 Conferences: australian Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (10/4/5)
T6531 Conferences: Departmental - Australian Council for the Mentally Retarded (10/4/8)
T6532 Conferences: Australian - Australian and New Zealand Association of Teachers of the Blind (10/4/36)
T6533 Conferences: Australian Commonwealth Scholarship (10/4/12)
T6534 Conferences: Australian - Curriculum Officers (10/4/34)
T6535 Conferences: Australian - Teachers of the Deaf (10/4/39)
T6536 Conferences: Australian - Engineering - Heads of Schools (10/4/13)
T6537 Conferences: Australian - International Design (10/4/44)
T6538 Conferences: Australian - Joint Classical Committee (10/4/14)
T6539 Conferences: Australian - Mental Hygiene (10/4/16)
T6540 Conferences: Australian - National Education Congress (10/4/33)
T6541 Conferences: Australian - National Welding Conference (10/4/18)
T6542 Conferences: Australian - Ophthalmological Society (10/4/45)
T6543 Conferences: Australia - British Empire and Commonwealth Physical Education - Perth 1962 (10/4/19)
T6544 Conferences: Australian - Planning, Design and Furnishing of Schools (10/4/42)
T6545 Conferences: Public Service (10/4/20)
T6546 Conferences: Australian - School Building (10/4/37)
T6547 Conferences: australian - Secretaries of Schools Sports Association (10/4/27)
T6548 Conferences: Australian - Technical Correspondence (10/4/29)
T6550 Training: Advanced Training College - Establishment and Courses (36/5/1)
T6551 Training: Advanced Training College - Develoopment of site (36/5/2)
T6552 Training: Advanced Training College - Enrolments (36/6/3)
T6553 Training: Advanced Training College - Acquisition (36/5/6)
T6554 Training: Advanced Training College - Repairs (36/5/7)
T6555 Training: Advanced Training College - Cleaners (36/5/8)
T6556 Training: Advanced Training College - Staffing - Clerical (36/5/9)
T6557 Training: Advanced Training college - Proposed use for 1966 (36/5/1)
T6561 Area Schools: School Farm Survey - 1956 (330/1956)
T6562 Area Schools: Science Equipmwent for Area and Modern Schools (479/1954)
T6563 Area Schools: General - Accounts, etc. (251/1955)
T6564 Area Schools: General (302/1956)
T6565 Area Schools: Evening Classes - 1954 (242/1954)
T6566 Area Schools: Evening classes - 1953 (174/1953)
T6567 Area Schools: Registration of Stock (464/1953)
T6568 Area Schools: Tractors - Spare parts (331/1954)
T6569 Yolla Area: Groundsman (603-3/1942)
T6570 Yolla Area: Repairs (603-2/1956)
T6571 Yolla Area: Additions - 2 classrooms - Activities area and toilets (603-6/1964)
T6572 Woodbridge Area: Staffing (317-7/1955)
T6573 Woodbridge Area: Repairs (317-2/1951)
T6574 Woodbridge: Additional land - Rental of cottage (317-9/1958)
T6575 Woodbridge Area: Accounts (317-A/1955)
T6576 Winnaleah Area: Staffing (525-7/1955)
T6577 Winnaleah: Development of site (525-11/1948)
T6578 Cornwall: Rental of residence - Alexander Street (182-8/1949)
T6579 Schools: Public Works Department - Advertising of tenders (29/4/9)
T6580 Schools: Public Works Department - Schedule of tenders submitted (29/4/7)
T6581 Hobart Technical College: Cleaner (744-14/1954)
T6582 Hobart Technical College: Caretakers (744-14/1958)
T6583 Blue Rocks: Rental of building (204-8/1940)
T6584 Blackwood Creek: Retention of building - Disposal of equipment (378-8/1947)
T6585 Blackwood Creek: Pine Plantation - Disposal (378-8/1952)
T6586 Black Hills: Closure of school (371-8/1956)
T6587 Barrington: Lease of land (284-6/1953)
T6588 (file on loan in March 2007)
T6589 Ayr-Telita: Purchase of school (529-8/1939)
T6590 Altmoor: Rental after closure (199-8/1944)
Y6591 Altmoor: Lease of portion of school ground prior to closure of school (199-8/1934)
T6592 Alberton: Purchase of school site (515-8/1937)
T6593 Abbotsham: Closure of School - Rental of building - Sale of site - Girl Guides, etc. (340-8/1955)
T6594 Broadmeadows: Purchase of property (114-8/1949)
T6595 Carrick: Rental of school site (School and residence removed) (652-8/1942)
T6596 Central Castra: Disposal of property - Accommodation for Teacher (341-8/1947)
T6597 Central Gawler: Lease of school property (352-8/1937)
T6598 Cethana: Rental of ground (762/38)
T6599 Cethana: Purchase of building (426/40)
T6600 Chudleigh: Closure of school (117-8/1958)
T6601 Circular Ponds: Disposal of school (134-8/1962)
T6602 Cleveland: Residence - Head Teachers (77-6/1958)
T6603 Cleveland: Closure of school (77-8/1961)
T6604 Collins Cap: Disposal of property (225-6/1959)
T6605 Cranbrook: Disposal of property (216-8/1961)
T6606 Deddington: Lease of site (152-6/1952)
T6607 Detention: Disposal of building and site (101-8/1954)
T6608 Don: Rental of residence (137-8/1944)
T6609 Dulverton: Disposal of site (287-6/1958)
T6610 Dysart: offer to purchase residence and site (240-8/1950)
T6611 Elphinstone: Rental of residence - Disposal of land (377-8/1939)
T6612 Epping: Closed School - Disposal of property - property sold (79-8A/1962)
T6613 Epping: Closure of school (79-8/1962)
T6614 Epping: Residence - head Teachers (79-6/1955)
T6615 Falmouth: Purchase of reserve - Destruction of vermin (191-8/1948)
T6616 Flowerdale: Disposal of property (605-8/1950)
T6617 Clarence High: cleaners (742-14/1959)
T6618 Glaziers Bay: Rental of residence (444-8/1938)
T6619 Koyule: Purchase of building (471/41)
T6620 Koonya (Newman's Creek): Site - Disposal (633-10/1917)
T6621 Kettering: Rental of residence and school (315-8/1954)
T6622 Kimberley: Residence - Headmaster's (132-6/1954)
T6623 Kimberley Primary: Cleaner (132-14/1964)
T6625: Kimberley: Closure of school (132-8/1956)
T6626 Kimberley Primary: Disposal of property (132-8/1963)
T6627 Kellvie: Residence and School - Disposal (568-6/1954)
T6628 Jericho: Application to rent residence or purchase property (411-8/1946)
T6629 Jericho: School and site disposal (411-6/1947)
T6630 Jackeys marsh: (134A-8/1937)
T6631 Irish Town: Leasing of school reserve (97-8/1939)
T6632 Irish Town: Residence (97-6/1954)
T6633 Illawarra: Rental of land - Disposal of land (25-5/1939)
T6634 Huntingdon: Repairs - Disposal of equipment (242-8/1948)
T6635 Hillwood: Disposal of property (210-8/1954)
T6636 Highcroft: Purchase of building and purchase of residence (632-8/1949)
T6637 Herrick: Request to purchase building - also South Mount Cameron (514-8/1946)
T6638 Flowerpot: Rentention of building - Disposal of equipment (314-8/1946)
T6639 Flowerpot: Rental of residence (314-6/1946)
T6640 Glengarry: Purchase of Reserve (28-8/1941)
T6641 Glenore: Conditions of Award of bursaries (664-8/1938)
T6642 Glenore: Residence (664-2/1943)
T6643 Glen Valley (near New Norfolk): Repairs - Disposal of property (405-2/1954)
T6644 Gordon: Closure - Disposal of equipment (313-8/1946)
T6645 Gordon: Closed school - Rental of residence and disposal of property (313-8/1946)
T6646 Goshen: Rental of residence - Disposal (T73/39)
T6647 Goulds Country: Rental of residence - Purchase, etc. (466-8/1944)
T6648 Green Rises: Lease of property - Land only, no buildings (385-8/1939)
T6649 Hastings: Offer to purchase buildings, etc. (166-8/1949)
T6650 Hayes: Disposal of property - Includes rental to PWD (404-8/1953)
T6651 Hayes: Residence (404-6/1953)
T6652 Cosgrove High: Illegal entries (765-8/1958)
T6653 Lefroy: Retention of building - Disposal (206-8/1953)
T6654 Legana: Disposal of property - site only (39A-8/1940)
T6655 Leprena: Closed school - Reopening of school - Closure and disposal (169-8/1942)
T6656 Liena: Use of building - School partitioned and used as residence (133-8/1945)
T6657 Liffey: Occupancy of residence (658-8/1943)
T6658 Liffey: Retention of building - Leased to P&F as hall for district (658-8/1942)
T6659 Liffey: Disposal of property excluding old school (658-6/1959)
T6660 Liffey: Lease of site at rear of residence school (658-6/1943)
T6661 Moorina: Rental of residence and disposal (521-8/1945)
T6662 Mooreville Road: Residence - Purchase, rental, disposal (146-6/1950)
T6663 Mooreville Road: Closure of school (146-8/1955)
T6664 Mooreville road: Disposal of property including residence (146-8/1960)
T6665 Mt Seymour: Rental of residence and disposal (412-8/1937)
T6666 Mt Seymour: Additional land - not purchased (412-6/1952)
T6667 Myalla: Pine Plantation (610-8/1962)
T6668 Myalla: Closed School - residence (610-6/1954)
T6669 Native Corners: Rental of residence (T11/35)
T6670 Neika: Rental of residence (305-8/1944)
6671 New Ground: Lease of ground - offers to purchase (328-8/1937)
T6672 Magnet: Rental of residence (T635/39)
T6673 Mangalore: Disposal (61-8/1951)
T6674 Moogara: Disposal of property (392-6/1960)
T6675 Marlborough State School (263-6/1943)
T6676 Mawbanna: School building - Committee (108-8/1942)
T6677 Millwood: disposal of Property and equipment (325D-8/1945)
T6678 Moltema: Purchase of building (134A-8/1945)
T6679 Montagu: Closure of school (100-8/1960)
T6680 Montagu: Disposal of school and residence (100-8/1961)
T6681 Lisle: Occupancy of school and disposal (373-8/1945)
T6682 Little Swanport: Purchase of property - rental of site (39-8/1947)
T6683 Lowana: Closure of school - Transfer to Council (435-8/1955)
T6684 Lower blessington: Rental of residence - Disposal of site (156-8/1938)
T6685 Lower Wilmot: Purchase of ground (290-8/1938)
T6686 Educational Planning: Curriculum - alterations - various suggestions (12/2/1)
T6687 Lucaston: Rental of residence (271-8/1937)
T6688 Lucaston: Rental of property (271-8/1940)
T6689 Nierrina: Rental - purchase (312-8/1944)
Y6690 North Lilydale: Retention of ground (366-8/1939)
T6691 North Scottsdale: Purchase of building (537-8/1945)
T6692 Osterley: Rental of School residence (254-8/1955)
T6693 Patersonia: Rental of ground (buildings removed) (552-8/1940)
T6694 Parkham: Closure of school - disposal of site (125-8/1955)
T6695 Parattah Primary: Closure of school (414-8/1964)
T6696 Parattah: Land - rental (414-8L/1957)
T6697 Parattah: Offer to lease residence (414-8/1959)
T6698 Parattah: Residence (414-6/1955)
T6699 Parattah Primary: Disposal of property (414-8/1964)
T6700 Paloona: Request for school (550/1923)
T6701 Pawleena: Purchase of Cherry Tree Opening school site (327-2/1953)
T6702 Pearshape: General - Retention of school - Conveyance (321-8/1947)
T6703 Pearsons Point: Pilot Station - subsidised school (231/31)
T6704 Pelverata: Request for portion of school reserve to build a War Memorial Hall (276-8/1946)
T6705 Petchey's Bay: Purchase of school - disposal of site (456-8/1938)
T6706 Pipers river: Rental of portion of reserve for tennis court (208-8/1949)
T6707 Pipers River: Purchase of residence - disposal of equipment, etc. - Lease and disposal of site and building (208-8/1950)
T6708 Poimena-Blue Tier: Disposal of Property (P-8/1962)
T6709 Police Point: Closure - Re-opened State School (173-8/1939)
T6710 Sunnyside: Disposal of building (288-8/1939)
T6711 Talawa: Disposal of out offices (520-8/1937)
T6712 Trenah: Closure of school and sale of site (513-8/1937)
T6713 Trowutta: Rental and disposal of residence (106-8/1954)
T6714 Tullah: Residence (694-6/1956)
T6715 Tullah: Closure of school (694-8/1961)
T6716 Tunnack: Closure of school (416-8/1956)
T6717 Tunnack: Rental of part of school reserve (416-8/1931)
T6718 Sandford Primary: Closure of school (90-8/1966)
T6719 Sandford Primary: Residence (90-6/1956)
T6720 Saltwater River: Offer to purchase site (630-8/1952)
T6721 Scamander: Application for use of reserve (467-8/1949)
T6722 Sea Elephant River: Offer to purchase (323-8/1946)
T6723 South Mount Cameron: Disposal of property - school removed (524-6/1947)
T6724 South Nietta: Purchase of site - buildings removed (356-8/1950)
T6726 St John's Park: Establishment of classes for boys (856/56)
T6727 Stonehenge: Disposal of property - building removed (422-6/1946)
T6728 Stonor: Rental of grounds and sale of site (421-8/1939)
T6729 Stowport: Request to purchase building (149-8/1958)
T6730 Summerleas: Closure and disposal of equipment - building removed (310-8/1946)
T6731 Rowella Primary School: Accommodation (24-6/1963) [File is empty]
T6732 Rowella Primary: Residence (24-6/1957)
T6733 Rowella Primary: Disposal of property (24-9/1964)
T6734 Rowella State School: Closure of school (24-8/1963)
T6735 Strickland: Rental of school and site - school removed (257-8/1955)
T6736 Raminea: Purchase of property (171-8/1952)
T6737 Ranelagh: disposal of school residence (272-8/1941)
T6738 Ravensdale: Rental of school building (584-8/1955)
T6739 Rhyndaston: Closure of school (501-8/1961)
T6740 Ridgeway: Rental of residence - disposal of site (6-8/1944)
T6741 Riversdale: Use of building (218-4/1945)
T6742 Robbins Island: disposal of property by Holyman Bros. (94-6/1958)
T6743 Robbins Island: Re-opening of school (94-8/1954)
T6744 Roses Tier: Closure of school (179-8/1961)
T6745 Williamsford: Closure of school - disposal (695-8/1957)
T6746 Woodbury: Disposal of property (420-8/1961)
T6747 Woodbury: Residence - Head Teachers (420-6/1946)
T6748 Woodbury: Closure of school (420-8/1961)
T6749 Woodsdale Primary: Disposal of property (418-8/1965)
T6750 Woodsdale: Closure of school (418-8/1962)
T6751 Woodsdale: Residence (418-6/1942)
T6752 Yambacoona State School: Disposal of property (324-8/1962)
T6753 Yarlington: Rental of residence - disposal (504-8/1941)
T6754 Weldborough: Rental of residences (470-8/1945)
T6755 Weldborough: Care of plantation (470-8/1944)
T6756 Whitefoord: Application to rent residence (417-8/1944)
T6757 Whitemore Primary: Disposal of property (663-9/1964)
T6758 Whitemore: Closure of school (663-8/1962)
T6759 Upper Blessington: Central School (558-6/1954)
T6760 Upper Blessington: Additional land (558-8/1959)
T6761 Warrentinna: Request for re-oepning - offer to purchase outbuildings, fences, building (512-8/1943)
T6762 Weetah: Disposal of property (700/60)
T6763 Upper Blessington: Disposal of residence and school (558-6/1960)
T6764 Upper Castra Primary: Disposal of property - school and residence joined (350-8/1960)
T6765 Upper Esk: Closure of school (191-8/1960)
T6766 Upper Esk: Disposal of property (191-8/1962)
T6767 Upper Natone: Disposal of building (434-8/1958)
T6768 Upper Natone: Lease of school yard (434-6/1960)
T6769 Upper Natone: Rental of residence - disposal (434-6/1959)
T6770 Upper Plenty: Disposal of site (404A-8/1961)
T6771 Moina: Purchase of school reserve (M-9/1962)
T6773 Miscellaneous: Education and Science - Commonwealth Department of (40/43)
T6774 Training: Launceston Teachers Centre - Cleaners (36/7/16)
T6775 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Reports on students (36/7/12)
T6776 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Selection of students (36/7/13)
T6777 Schools: General - Lists of schools (29/1/5)
T6778 United Nations: U.N.E.S.C.O. - Pamphlets, etc. - Human Rightsl Year (37/2/7)
T6779 United Nations: U.N.E.S.C.O. - Conferences and Seminars (37/2/8)
T6780 University: Australian University Commission - Future of Tertiary Education (38/6/8)
T6781 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Courses (36/7/5)
T6782 Training: Seminars - General (36/2/2)
T6783 Milk: Cartage Arrangements (17/6)
T6784 Policy: Accidents (20/1)
T6785 Publicity: Press cuttings - general comment only (24/4)
T6786 Pre-School Education: Departmental - Rules for establishment (21/1/1)
T6787 Policy: Smoking by school children (20/16)
T6788 Administration Branches: Migrant Education - Staffing (3/4/5)
T6789 Committees: Departmental - Standard school furniture (8/1/9)
T6790 Committees: Departmental - Kindergarten Pre-School Training (8/1/42)
T6791 Conveyance: Preolenna Soldier Settlement (379/1958)
T6792 Conveyance: Mainline Estate to Bridport (6/1964)
T6793 Conveyance: Kempton to Brighton (664/1953)
T6794 Conveyance: Myrtle Park and St leonards to Brooks High (351/1953)
T6795 Conveyance: Montello to Old Parklands School, Burnie (27/1965)
T6796 Conveyance: Burnie High to Burnie Tech (4/1967)
T6798 Conveyance: Somerset to Burnie (273/1953)
T6799 Conveyance: West Pine, Cuprona and Heybridge to Burnie (9/1965)
T6800 Conveyance: Merton Vale to Campbell Town (100/1948)
T6801 Conveyance: North Chigwell to Claremont Primary (19/1964)
T6810 Burnie Technical College: Accounts (748-A/1960)
T6811 Devonport High: Repairs (734-2/1954)
T6814 Schools: Use of facilities - Applications (29/6/1)
T6815 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T6821 Educational Planning: School Outings - Exhibitions (12/6/3)
T6822 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T6823 Launceston Matriculation College: Repairs (733-2/1955)
T6824 Brooks High: Groundsman (753-3/1952)
T6827 Miscellaneous: Advertising - Departmental (40/2)
T6828 Technical: Courses - Engineering (34/2/15)
T6829 Policy: Irregular attendance (20/12)
T6830 Health: General (14/6)
T6831 Non-State Schools: State aid (18/4)
T6832 Residences: Deloraine - Fashoda Flats, 12 West Barrack Street (25/8/5)
T6833 Residences: Deloraine - Fashoda Flats - Tenants - Flat 1, 12 West Barrack Street (25/8/5T1)
T6834 Residences: Deloraine - Fashoda Flats - Tenants - Flat 2, 12 West Barrack Street (25/8/5T2)
T6835 Residences: Devonport - 69 Middle Road (25/9/8)
T6836 Residences: Devonport - 69 Middle Road - Tenants (25/9/8T)
T6837 Training: Teachers - General (36/4/1)
T6838 Educational Planning: School outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T6840 Hobart Matriculation College: Repairs (732-2/1956)
T6841Sheffield Area: Accounts (294-A/1949)
T6842 Staffing: Transfers - Furniture - 1966 (32/10/1)
T6843 Staffing: Transfers - Furniture - 1968 (32/10/1)
T6844 Clarence High: Accounts (742-A/1959)
T6845 Scottsdale High: Repairs (736-2/1954)
T6846 Latrobe High: Cleaners (770-14/1963)
T6847 Edith Creek Area: Repairs (111/2/54)
T6848 Campania Area: Accounts (497-A/1955)
T6849 Burnie High: School Clerk (735-7/1950)
T6850 Burnie High: Cleaners (735-14/1957)
T6851 Brooks High: Accidents (753-12/1959)
T6858 Bellerive Primary: Repairs (85-2/1952)
T6860 Bridport Primary: Residence (544-6/1957)
T6861 Campbell Town Area: Staffing (76-7/1955)
T6862 Bronte Park: Repairs (249-2/1953)
T6863 Campbell Town Area: Accounts (76-A/1950)
T6864 Burnie Primary: Repairs (145-2/1954)
T6865 Forest Area: Repairs (96-2/1955)
T6866 Hagley Area: Groundsman (657-3/1938)
T6867 Cressy Area: Staffing (376-7/1954)
T6868 Exeter Area: Accounts (33-A/1950)
T6869 Bridport Primary: Repairs (544-2/1955)
T6870 Briegewater Primary: Residence (53-6/1955)
T6871 Bridgewater Primary: Repairs (53-2/1955)
T6872 Bowen Road: Cleaner (226-14/1942)
T6873 Howrah Primary: New Infant block (82-6/1966)
T6874 Scottsdale High: Staffing (736-7/1942)
T6875 Devonport High: Cleaner (734-14/1942)
T6876 New Norfolk High: Repairs (740-2/1956)
T6877 Rose Bay High: Repairs (762-2/1961)
T6878 Deloraine District: Repairs (769-2/1955)
T6879 Queechy High: Repairs (745-2/1958)
T6880 Ravenswood: Development of site (557-11/1958)
T6881 Ravenswood Primary: Accommodation (557-6/1958)
T6882 Railton Primary: Repairs (293-2/1956)
T6883 Railton Primary: Additional land - Recreation reserve (293-9/1956)
T6884 Queenstown Pre: Repairs (678-2P/1957)
T6885 Queenstown Primary: Repairs (678-2/1955)
T6886 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Admission of Asian students (12/7/1)
T6887 Burnie Primary: Cleaners (145-14/1942)
T6888 Burnie Primary: Staffing (145-7/1954)
T6889 Cape Barren Island: Repairs (200-2/1955)
T6890 Educational Planning: Holidays - Vacations (12/5/3)
T6891 Correspondence School: Admissions (730-8/1962)
T6892 Accounts: Education Department Accounts - School Accounts (1/4/4)
T6893 Administration: Buildings - 94 Melville Street - Workshop - Staffing (2/8/5)
T6894 Springfield Gardens: Repairs (234-2/1960)
T6895 Springfield Gardens: Development of site (234-11/1957)
T6896 Spreyton Primary: Development of site (141-11/1956)
T6897 South Hobart Primary: Accommodation (4-6/1954)
T6898 Spreyton Primary: Repairs (141-2/1955)
T6899 South Queenstown Primary: Repairs (679-2/1954)
T6900 South Queenstown Primary: Development of site (679-11/1954)
T6901 Boat Harbour Area: 601-11/1954)
T6902 Beaconsfield Area: Groundsman (23-3/1954)
T6903 Beaconsfield Area: Accounts (25-A/1955)
T6904 Accounts: Financial matters - Miscellaneous - Grant for education (1/9/2)
T6905 Accounts: School b+A4498ooks and materials suspense account- Unpaid accounts (1/7/3)
T6906 Committees: Departmental - Textbooks loan service (8/1/26)
T6907 Brighton Area: Illegal entry (58-8/1962)
T6908 Campania Area: Repairs (497-2/1956)
T6909 Campania Area: Accommodation (497-6/1956)
T6910 Brighton Area: Development of site (58-11/1954)
T6911 Boards: Schools Board - General (7/4/5)
T6912 Committees: Departmental - Sites and buildings (8/1/43)
T6913 Associations: Teachers Federation - Members (4/3/3)
T6914 Educational Planning: Secondary education - Speech Nights (12/7/16)
T6915 Educational Planning: School outings - Entertainments (12/6/1)
T6916 Cressy Area: Accounts (376-A/1953)
T6917 Cressy Area: Accommodation (376-6/1959)
T6925 Administration Branches: Migrant Education - Statistics and Reports (3/4/6)
T6926 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Matriculation Candidates (12/7/5)
T6927 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases Q-Z (11/2/6)
T6928 Swansea: Repairs (215-2/1955)
T6929 Sumemrdale Primary: Development of site (652-11/1959)
T6930 Trevallyn: Cleaner (21-14/1943)
T6931 Trinity Hill Primary: Development of site (8-11/1955)
T6932 Trinity Hill Primary: Repairs (8-2/1953)
T6933 Trinity Hill Primary: New building (8-6A/1962)
T6934 Tarraleah: Repairs (258-2/1955)
T6935 Waratah Primary: Repairs (691-2/1955)
T6936 Waimea Heights Primary: Development of site (9-11/1954)
T6937 Taroona: Additional land etc. (311-6/1949)
T6938 Warrane Primary: Development of site (84-11/1955)
T6939 Yarra Creek: Development of site (322-11/1957)
T6940 Yarra Creek: Repairs (322-2/1958)
T6941 Wynyard Primary: Development of site (614-11/1951)
T6942 Wynyard: Accommodation (614-6/1955)
T6493 Exeter Area: Staffing (33-7/1955)
T6944 Exeter Area: Repairs (33-2/1954)
T7048 Burnie High: Groundsman (735-3/1958)
T7049 Burnie High: Educational Planning (735-13/1959)
T7050 Ridgley Area: Water supply (148-10/1954)
T7051 Ridgley Area: Residence - Headmasters - Mount Road (148-6/1955)
T7052 Ridgley Area: Repairs - (148-2/1955)
T7053 Riana Area: Repairs (428-2/1955)
T7054 Poimena Hostel: Repairs (753-2H/1951)
T7055 Poimena Hostel - House Staff (753-7H/1951)
T7056 Clarence High: Development of site (742-11/1958)
T7057 Clarence High: Admissions (742-8/1958)
T7058 Clarence High: Parents and Friends Association (742-8/1959)
T7059 Clarence High: Advisory Council (742-8AC/1957)
T7060 Clarence High: Groundsman (742-3/1958)
T7061 Clarence High: Accident - Science Laboratory 22/7/1964 (742-12/1964)
T7062 Sheffield Area: Cleaner (294-14/1942)
T7063 Sheffield Area: Development of site (294-11/1952)
T7064 Ringarooma Area: Residence - Headmasters (523-6/1954)
T7065 Ringarooma Area: Repairs (523-2/1954)
T7066 Ringarooma Area: Cleaner (523-14/1943)
T7067 Ringarooma Area: Development of site (523-11/1953)
T7068 Ringarooma Area: Accounts (523-A/1949)
T7069 Ridgley Area: Groundsman (148-3/1956)
T7070 South Bruny: Accounts (67-A/1955)
T7071 Sorell Area: Groundsman (571-3/1950)
T7075 Snug Area: Accidents (309-12/1954)
T7076 Snug Area: Educational Planning (309-13/1959)
T7077 Snug Area: Development of site (309-11/1951)
T7078 Training: Seminars - Primary - Vacation School (36/2/33)
T7079 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Accounts (36/7/2)
T7080 Training: Teachers - Non-State School students (36/4/17)
T7081 Oatlands Area: Accounts (413-A/1949)
T7082 Oatlands Area: Accommodation (413-6/1949)
T7083 Natone Area: Water supply (151-10/1955)
T7084 Snug Area: Accounts (309-A/1952)
T7085 South Bruny: Repairs (67-2/1955)
T7086 Equipment: Purchase of - Subsidies (13/2/19)
T7087 Sprent Area: Accounts (348-A/1952)
T7088 St Helens Area School: Accounts (469-A/1956)
T7089 St Helens: Repairs (469-2/1955)
T7090 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances - Burnie (28/4/33B)
T7091 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation Allowances - Hobart (28/4/33H)
T7092 Staffing: Allowances - Payment for student work (32/4/5)
T7093 Schools: Standard Plans - Assembly Halls - Gymnasiums (29/5/3)
T7094 Scholarshps: School attendance - Commonwealth Scholarships (28/4/35)
T7095 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation allowances - Launceston (28/4/33L)
T7096 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation Allowances (28/4/33)
T7097 Sorell Area: Cleaner (571-14/1942)
T7098 South Bruny Area (Alonnah): Development of site (67-11/1955)
T7099 Sprent Area: Farm Manager (348-8/1951)
T7100 Sprent Area: Cleaner (348-14/1947)
T7101 Sprent Area: Water supply (348-10/1958)
T7102 Sprent Area: Staffing (348-7/1955)
T7103 Sprent Area: Development of site (348-11/1950)
T7104 St Marys: Educational Planning (192-B/1959)
T7105 St Marys: Water Supply (192-10/1954)
T7106 St Marys District: Repairs (192-2/1954)
T7107 St Marys District: Groundsman (192-3/1944)
T7108 St Marys: Accounts (192-A/1949)
T7109 St Marys: Accommodation (192-6/1952)
T7110 St Helens: Residence - Headmasters (469-6/1955)
T7111 Orford: Development of site (585-11/1951)
T7112 Norwood Primary: Development of site (553-11/1962)
T7114 Princes Street Primary: Development of site (12-11/1959)
T7115 Preolenna Primary: Development of site (621-11/1955)
T7116 Preolenna Primary: Residence (621-6/1956)
T7117 Perth Primary: Repairs (382-2/1954)
T7118 Penguin Primary: Development of site (426-11/1955)
T7119 Penguin Primary: Accommodation (426-6/1961)
T7120 Staffing: Public Service - General (32/2/1)
T7121 Sports: Swimming - General (31/3/6)
T7122 Miscellaneous: Disposal of records (40/25)
T7123 Wilmot: Residence - Headmasters (298-6/1955)
T7124 Wilmot Area: Repairs (298-2/1955)
T7125 Wilmot Area: Development of site (298-11/1955)
T7126 Tasman Area: Water supply (628-10/1953)
T7127 Tasman Area: Staffing (628-7/1954)
T7128 Tasman Area: Groundsman (728-3/1950)
T7129 Tasman Area: Development of site (628-11/1953)
T7130 New Norfolk: Cleaner (399-14/1942)
T7131 Nabowla Primary: Residence (364-6/1953)
T76132 Myrtle Park: Repairs (548-2/1954)
T7133 Mount Nelson Primary: Development of site (6-11/1957)
T7134 Awards: Public Service Tribunal Proceedings - Teachers Salaries (6/2/6)
T7135 Equipment: Purchase of Data Processing Machines (13/2/24)
T7136 Poimena Hostel: Tenants (753-8H/1951)
T7137 Conveyance: General (11/1/1)
T7138 St Helens Area: Cleaner (469-14/1942)
T7139 Winnaleah Area: Accounts (525-A/1955)
T7140 Winnaleah Area: Groundsman (525-3/1954)
T7141 Woodbridge Area: Groundsman (317-3/1954)
T7142 Yolla Area: Accounts (603-A/1957)
T7143 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particulr Cases A-C (11/2/3)
T7144 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - MTT Transfer Passes - Issues (11/2/1A)
T7145 Meander Primary: Accounts (181-A/1952)
7146 Mayfield: Development of site (366-11/1955)
T7147 Maydena Primary: Residence - Kallista Road (389-6/1949)
T7148 Margate: Development of site (307-11/1957)
T7149 Margate Primary: Residence (307-6/1947)
T7150 Mowbray Heights: Cleaner (22-14/1942)
T7151 Mowbray Heights: Development of site (22-11/1955)
T7152 Mowbray Heights: Repairs (22-2/1955)
T7153 Montello Primary: Development of site (155-11/1954)
T7154 Montello: Repairs (155-2/1955)
T7155 Pre-School Education - Associations - Tasmanian Pre-School Council (21/2/3)
T7156 Technical Courses: Hairdressing (34/2/21)
T7157 Technical: Courses - Chemistry (34/2/1941)
T7158 Cosgrove High: Cleaner (765-14/1951)
T7159 Cosgrove High: Repairs (765-2/1955)
T7160 Cosgrove High: Staffing (765-7/1954)
T7161 Cosgrove High: Accidents (765-12/1957)
T7162 Administration Branches: Science Centre - Staffing (3/8/4)
T7163 Administration Branches: Teaching Aids Centre (3/10/16)
T7164 Administration Branches: Speech Education - staffing (3/9/5)
T7165 Lauderdale Primary: Development of site (92-11/1965)
T7166 Latrobe Primary: Development of site (327-11/1956)
T7167 Latrobe Primary: Repairs (327-2/1954)
T7168 Lansdowne Crescent: Cleaner (11-14/1943)
T7169 Longford Primary: Residence - 19 William Street (380-6/1955)
T7170 Lindisfarne North: Development of site (89-11/1960)
T7171 Lindisfarne: Repairs (87-2/1955)
T7172 Lindisfarne Primary: Accounts (87-A/1963)
T7173 Lenah Valley: Cleaner (13-14/1943)
T7174 Edith Creek Area: Groundsman (111-3/1954)
T7175 King Island District: Repairs (320-2/1955)
T7176 Hostels: Miscellaneous - North West Coast Accommodation (15/6/10)
T7177 Havenview Primary: Development of site (156-11/1962)
T7178 Hamilton: Residence (252-6/1959)
T7179 Gretna: Residence (397-6/1953)
T7180 Goulburn Street: Development of site (3011/1946)
T7181 Howrah: Pre-School - Kindergarten (93-6P/1952)
T7182 Kingston: Cleaner (306-14/1942)
T7183 Huonville Primary: Accounts (273-A/1961
T7184 Glen Huon Primary: Repairs (274-2/1955)
T7185 Glen Dhu Primary: Staffing (17-7/1953)
T7186 Gladstone Primary: Residence - Carr Street, Gladstone (519-6/1953)
T7187 George Town Primary: Cleaner (205-14/1965)
T7188 George Town Primary: Development of site (2-5-11/1965)
T7189 George Town Primary: Repairs (205-2/1965)
T7190 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue 1968/69 (1/6/2-68/69)
T7191 Deloraine: Additional Land (120-9/1953)
T7193 Devonport High: Accommodation (734-6/1962)
T7195 Devonport High: Educational Planning (734-13/1958)
T7196 Devonport High: Staffing (734-7/1954)
T7197 Pre-School Education: Departmental - General (21/1/3)
T7198 Devonport High: Public Service Staff (7234-7/1950)
T7199 Devonport High: Accidents (734-12/1954)
T7200 Staffing: Public Service Staff - Typists - Head Office (125-D/56)
T7201 Franklin: Development of site (268-11/1957)
T7202 Forth Primary: Development of site (358-11/1950)
T7204 Fingal: Development of site (183-11/1955)
T7205 Fingal Primary: Residence - Headmasters (183-6/1955)
T7206 Evandale Primary: Residence - Headmasters - High Street (159-6/1955)
T7207 Elliott: Residence - Headmaster (602-6/1954)
T7208 Ogilvie High: School Clerk (737-7/1950)
T7209 Devonport High: Assembly Hall (734-6/1956)
T7210 Elizabeth High: Blocks A & B complete (767-6A/1961)
T7211 Elizabeth Matric College: Additional Land - 260-276, 278 Elizabeth Street (767-9/1951)
T7212 Elizabeth High: Additional land - Baptist Church (767-9/1960)
T7213 Devonport High: Groundsman (734-3/1941)
T7214 Committees: Departmental - Appraisal Committee for school buildings (8/1/54)
T7215 Devonport Primary: Development of site (136-11/1955)
T7216 Devonfield Special School: Development of site (715S-11/1962)
T7217 Derby Primary: Development of site (518-11/1951)
T7218 Ellendale Primary: Repairs (250-2/1954)
T7219 East Launceston: Development of site (16-11/1954)
T7220 East Launceston Primary: Cleaner (16-14/1942)
T7221 Dunalley Primary: Accounts (566-A/1958)
T7224 Elizabeth Matriculation College: Groundsman (767-3/1944)
T7225 Elizabeth Matriculation College: Cleaners (767-14/1942)
T7226 Elizabeth Matriculation College: Repairs (767-2/1956)
T7227 Elizabeth Matriculation College: Illegal entries (767-8/1960)
T7228 Elizabeth Matriculation College: Accidents (767-12/1953)
T7229 George Town High: Groundsman (772-3/1954)
T7231 Hobart Matriculation College: Development of site (732-11/1954)
T7232 Hobart Matriculation College: Illegal entries (732-8/1958)
T7233 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T7234 Special Education Services: General - Development in structure and organisation (30/1/5)
T7235 Scholarships: School Attendance - Matriculation allowances (28/4/34)
T7236 Scholarship: General (28/1/1)
T7237 Launceston Matriculation College: Groundsman (733-3/1950)
T7238 Murray High: Accounts (747-A/1957)
T7239 Murray High: Repairs (747-2/1959)
T7240 Educational Planning: Holidays - Board of Advice and special holidays (12/5/1)
T7241 Educational Planning: Schools outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T7242 Policy: Admissions - High Schools (20/47)
T7243 Hostels: College Hostels - Parkside and Hillcrest - House staff (15/1/6)
T7244 Hostels: College Hostels - Groundsmen - Hillcrest and Parkside (15/1/5)
T7245 Staffing: Public Service - Aircraft Travel - Insurance (32/2/12)
T7246 Campbell Street: Development of site (2-11/1947)
T7247 Campbell Street: Accounts (2-A/1963)
T7248 Collinsvale: Residence (220-6/1958)
T7249 Colebrook Primary: Residence (498-6/1951)
T7250 Colebrook: Repairs (498-2/1955)
T7251 Chigwell Primary: Development of site (236-11/1958)
T7252 Chigwell Primary: Repairs (236-2/1958)
T7253 Bridport Primary: Development of site (544-11/1959)
T7254 New Norfolk High: Tangara Hostel - Repairs (740-2HS/1958)
T7255 New Norfolk high: Tangara Hostel - Staff (740-7H/1957)
T7256 Murray High: Cleaners (747-14/1958)
T7257 George Town High: Cleaner (772-14/1951)
T7258 Scottsdale District: Cleaners (736-14/1942)
T7259 Scottsdale High: Accounts (736-A/1949)
T7260 Hobart Technical College: Accounts (744-A/1959)
T7261 Parklands High: Additions - 10 classrooms - Block C (752-6A/1963)
T7262 Parklands High: Additions - 4 Classrooms (752-6A/1965)
T7263 Warrane High: Additions - Block C Technical - 1st phase (771-6/1964)
T7264 Warrane High: Additions - Block C Technical - phase 2 (771-6A/1965)
T7265 Warrane High: Additions - Block D (771-6A/1964)
T7266 Hobart Technical College: Council minutes (744-8/1956)
T7267 Taroona High: Development of site *741-11/1956)
T7268 Queechy High: Accidents (745-12/1959)
T7269 Queechy High: Staffing (745-7/1951)
T7270 Miscellaneous - Exchange of information (40/19)
T7271 Miscellaneous: Circulars (40/11)
T7272 Miscellaneous: Requests for certificates (40/46)
T7273 Schools: Standard Planning - General Planning (29/5/14)
T7274 Burnie Technical College: Repairs (748-2/1953)
T7275 Hobart Technical College: Staffing (744-7/1951)
T7276 Hobart Technical College: Staffing - Public Service (744-7/1950)
T7277 Launceston Technical College: Accounts (746-A/1952)
T7278 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T7279 Technical: Courses - Pharmacy (34/2/30)
T7280 Technical: Miscellaneous - Examinations (34/3/6)
T7281 Technical: Courses - Architecture (34/2/3)
T7282 Staffing: Superintendents and Supervisors - Promotions (32/9/3)
T7283 United Nations: General - employment vacancies (37/1/1)
T7284 University: Appointments - Council (38/1/1)
T7285 Miscellaneous: Commonwealth Department of Education and Science - (40/43)
T7286 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Staffing (36/6/5)
T7287 Rosetta High: Cleaners (774014/1965)
T7288 Launceston Matriculation College: Accounts (733-A/1954)
T7289 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T7290 Publications: Departmental - Requests for departmental (23/2/7)
T7291 Publications: Departmental - Handbook on Administration (23/2/16)
T7292 Publications: General - Books for review (23/1/2)
T7293 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T7294 Publicity: Press Cuttings - General comments only (24/4)
T7295 Staffing: Teachers - Authorisation for travelling (32/3/11)
T7296 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Matriculation Colleges (12/7/6)
T7297 New Town High: Cleaner (743-14/1957)
T7298 New Norfolk High: Cleaner (740-14/1956)
T7299 Hostels: Parkside - Repairs (15/3/6)
T7300 Health: Dental Clinics (14/1)
T7302 Parliament: Notices of Motion - Legislative Council (19/3)
T7303 Parliament: Notice of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T7304 Miscellaneous: Deputations to the Minister (40/52)
T7307 Regulations: Amendments (40/26)
T7308 Scholarships: School attendance - Matriculation Boarding Allowance - Elizabeth Matric College (28/4/33E)
T7309 Pre-School Education: Kindergarten Union - Government Grant (21/3/1)
T7310 Residences: Departmental Residences (25/42/1)
T7311 Residences: General - Construction of Teachers residences by Housing Department (25/42/6)
T7312 Milk: Cartage arrangements (17/6)
T7313 Conferences: Superintendents - Teacher Training (10/2/5)
T7314 Residences: Departmental - Rental determinations (25/42/2)
T7315 Residences: Beaconsfield - Grubb Street (25/1/2)
T7316 Residences: Campbell Town - High Street - Head Teacher's (25/5/4)
T7317 Residences: Campbell Town - Hamilton Street - Assistants residence (25/5/3)
T7318 Residences: Burnie - 8 Queen Street (25/4/14)
T7319 Residences: Burnie - 20 Moody Street (26/4/17)
T7320 Residences: Burnie - Applications (25/4/1)
T7321 Residences: Deloraine - 6 Bonney Street (25/8/6)
T7322 Residences: Deloraine - Mole Creek Road Red Hills (25/8/7)
T7323 Residences - Deloraine - 18 East Barrack Street - Head Teachers residence (25/8/3)
T7324 Residences: Cygnet - Golden Valley Road - Headmistress residence (25/7/4)
T7325 Residences": Deloraine 0 9 East Barrack Street - Assistant's residence (25/8/4)
T7326 Residences: Devonport - Applications (25/9/1)
T7327 Residences: Devonport - Middle Road - 2 flats (25/9/9)
T7328 Residences: Devonport - Ronald Street - Flats (25/9/11)
T7329 Residences: Devonport - 10 ronald Street - Tenants - Flat 1 (25/9/11T1)
T7330 Residences: Dover - Main Road - Assistant's residence (25/10/2)
T7331 Residences: Dover - Main Road - Headmaster's residence (25/10/3)
T7332 Residences: Dover - Myola (adjourns school property) (25/10/4)
T7333 Residences: Edith Creek - Headmaster's residence (25/11/5)
T7334 Residences: Exeter - Blackwall Road, West Tamar (25/12/2)
T7335 Launceston Technical College: Repairs (746-2/1954)
T7336 Residences: George town - Agnes Street (25/14/4)
T7337 Residences: Glenora Area - Lake Dobson Highway (25/15/2)
T7338 Residences: Glenora Area - Headmaster's residence - Lake Dobson Highway (25/15/3)
T7339 Residences: Geeveston - Residence on school block (25/13/3)
T7340 Residences: Applications - Hobart (25/17/1)
T7341 Residences: 12 Mount Stuart Road (25/17/31)
T7342 Residences: Hobart - 27 Loatta Road, Lindisfarne (25/17/24)
T7343 Residences: Hobart - 172A Park Street (25/17/36)
T7344 Residences: 45 New Town Road - Repairs (25/17/34)
T7345 Schools: General - Lists of schools (29/1/5)
T7346 Policy: Hours of work (20/38)
T7348 Miscellaneous: Loan Issue supplies (40/8)
T7351 Devonport Technical College: Cleaners (749-14/1958)
T7352 Devonport Technical College: Building - New College (749-6/1965)
T7353 Accounts: Estimates - Board of Technical Education 1964/65 (1/5/6)
T7354 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Technical Education 1965/66 (1/5/6/65-66)
T7355 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Technical Education 1966/67 (1/5/6/66-67)
T7356 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Techn ical Education 1967/68 (1/5/6/67-68)
T7357 Residences: Queenstown - 17 Urquhart Street (25/25/12)
T7358 Residences: Smithton - 62 Montagu Road (25/30/8)
T7359 Residences: Scottsdale - 54 King Street (25/28/7)
T7360 Residences: Scottsdale - 11 Coplestone Street (25/28/4)
T7361 Residences: Rosebery - Edward Street (25/27/2)
T7362 Residences: Sprent - Head Teacher residence (25/34/4)
T7363 Residences: South Bruny - Head Teachers residence (25/33/5)
T7369 Technical: General Courses (34/2/1)
T7370 Non-State Schools: State Aid - Press cuttings only (18/5)
T7371 Residences: Queenstown - Applications (25/25/1)
T7372 Residences: Queenstown - Accommodation for teachers (25/25/1)
T7373 Residences: Queenstown - 29 Grafton Street (25/25/7)
T7374 Residences: Queenstown - 3 Russell Street (25/25/1)
T7375 Residences: Snug - Falls Tier Road (25/31/7)
T7376 Residences: Smithton - 28 Montagu Street (25/30/7)
T7377 Residences: Sorell - Walker Street (25/32/5)
T7378 Scholarships: Techers - Australian-American Educational Foundation Teacher Interchange programme 1967/68 (28/5/2-67/68)
T7379 Scholarships: Teachers - Australian-American Educational Foundation 1968/69 (28/5/2-68/69)
T7380 Hobart Matriculation College: Additions - Science (732-6/1963)
T7382 Kings Meadows High: Admissions (754-8/1959)
T7383 Huonville High: Additions - Music, Typing, Science and Staff (766-6/1964)
T7384 Huonville High: Additions - HAC Block (766-6A/1964)
T7385 Residences: Woodbridge (25/39/3)
T7386 Residences: Winnaleah (25/38/3)
T7387 Queechy High: Cleaners and miscellaneous employees (745-14/1960)
T7388 Hobart Matriculation College: Accidents (732-12/1952)
T73889 Huonville High: Accidents (766-12/1953)
T7390 Kings Meadows High: Accidents (754-12/1964)
T7391 New Town High: Illegal entries (743-8/1953)
T7392 Residences: Boat Harbour - Groundsman's residence (25/2/2)
T7393 Residences: Beaconsfield - Head Teacher (25/1/3)
T7394 Residences: Brighton - Jubilee Avenue (25/3/3)
T7395 Residences: Brighton - Head Teacher (25/8/4)
T7396 Residences: Cressy - Saundridge Road (25/6/4)
T7397 Residences: queenstown - 3 Murray Street (25/25/9)
T7398 Residences: Snug - 14 Torpy Avenue (25/31/8)
T7399 Residences: St marys - Cameron Street - Headmasters residence (25/35/3)
T7400 Residences: new Norfolk - 52 Sharland Avenue (25/22/8)
T7401 Residence: Station Yard, Oatlands (25/23/8)
T7402 Residences: Oatlands - 1 Wellington Street (25/23/6)
T7403 Residences: Sheffield - High Street (25/29/7)
T7404 New Town High: Repairs (743-2/1953)
T7405 Technical: Fees for Technical Classes (34/3/7)
T7410 Training: Board of Studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T7411 Educational Planning: Libraries - General (12/12/1)
T7412 Riverside High: Cleaner (764-14/1961)
T7413 Riverside High: Accidents (764-12/1962)
T7414 Rose Bay High: Accidents (762-12/1961)
T7415 Rose Bay High: Accounts (762-A/1961)
T7416 Rose Bay High: Development of site (762-11/1960)
T7417 Rose Bay High: Cleaners (762-14/1966)
T7418 Rosetta High: Development of site (774-11/1965)
T7419 New Norfolk Pre: Repairs - Blair Street (407-2/1958)
T7420 New Town Primary: Repairs (5-2/1955)
T7421 Norwood: Additional land (553-6/1959)
T7422 North Chigwell: Development of site (339-11/1963)
T7423 Nixon Street Primary: Cleaner (138-14/1958)
T7428 Nixon Street Primary: Development of site (138-11/1958)
T7425 Nixon Street: Repairs (138-2/1959)
T7426 Nixon Street Primary: New Infant School (138-6/1967)
T7427 New Town Primary: Development of site (5-11/1958)
T7434 Huonville High: Staffing (766-7/1955)
T7436 Huonville High: Cleaner (766-14/1942)
T7437 Kings Meadows High: Repairs (754-2/1960)
T7438 Huonville High: Repairs (766-2/1955)
T7439 Kings Meadows High: Development of site (754-11/1958)
T7440 Brooks High: Accounts (753-A/1950)
T7441 Sandfly: Accounts (308-A/1964)
T7442 Sandfly Primary: Telephones (308-16/1965)
T7443 Sandfly: Complaints (308-4/1954)
T7444 Sandfly: Cleaner (308-14/1963)
T7445 Sandfly: Staffing (308-7/1957)
T7446 Sandfly Primary: Development of site (308-11/1956)
T7448 North Motton Primary: Accommodation (345-6/1966)
T7449 North Motton Primary: Telephones (345-16/1965)
T7450 North Motton Primary: Complaints (345-4/1958)
T7451 North Motton Primary: Illegal entries (345-8/1960)
T7452 North Motton Primary: Cleaner (345-14/1962)
T7453 North Motton Primary: Staffing (345-7/1959)
T7454 North Motton Primary: Development of site (345-11/1955)
T7455 North Motton Primary: Repairs (345-2/1955)
T7456 North Motton Perimary: Accounts (345-A/1961)
T7457 Zeehan: Residence - Adam Street (696-6/1951)
T7458 Frankford Primary: Closure of school (655-8/1956)
T7459 Frankford Primary: Telephones (655-16/1965)
T7460 Frankford Primary: Illegal entry (655-8/1966)
T7461 Frankford Primary: Educational Planning (655-13/1965)
T7642 Frankford Primary: Disposal of property (655-9/1965)
T7463 Frankford Primary: Staffing (655-7/1957)
T7464 Frankford Primary: Cleaner (655-14/1963)
T7465 Frankford: Development of site (655-11/1953)
T7466 Frankford: Residence - Headmasters (655-6/1953)
T7469 Elliott: Water Supply (602-10/1954)
T7470 Elliott Primary: Telephones (602-16/1965)
T7471 Elliott Primary: Cleaner (602-14/1960)
T7472 Elliott Primary: Gardener (602-3/1963)
T7473 Elliott Primary: Staffing (602-7/1955)
T7474 Development of site (602-11/1954)
T7475 Elliott Primary: Residence (602-6/1954)
T7476 Elliott Primary: Residence to be built 1965/66 (602-6/1964)
T7478 Elliott Primary: Accounts (602-A/1961)
T7479 Elliott Primary: Accommodation (602-6/1963)
T7480 Gretna Primary: Telephones (397-16/1965)
T7481 Gretna Primary: Educational Planning (397-13/1962)
T7483 Gretna: Cleaner (397-14/1968)
T7484 Gretna: Staffing (397-7/1958)
T7485 Gretna: Development of site (397-11/1953)
T7486 Gretna: Repairs (397-2/1954)
T7487 Guildford Primary: Telephones (692-16/1965)
T7488 Guildford Primary: Accidents (692-12/1966)
T7489 Guildford: Staffing (692-7/1959)
T7490 Guildford: Development of site (692-11/1954)
T7491 Guildford Primary: Residence (692-6/1954)
T7494 Guildford Primary: Closure of school (692-8/1964)
T7495 Guildford Primary: Disposal of property (692-9/1966)
T7496 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T7497 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Primary and Area (12/6/2A)
T7498 Educational Planning: Holidays - Board of Advice and special holidays (12/5/1)
T7499 Murray High: Queenstown - Boarding allowance - Matriculation candidates (747-8/1951)
T7500 Murray High: Educational Planning (747-13/1958)
T7501 New Norfolk High: Educational Planning (740-13/1956)
T7502 New Town High: Accounts (743-A/1957)
T7503 Newnham Hostel: Repairs (733-2H/1954)
T7504 New town High: Springvale - Staffing (743-7H/1958)
T7505 Newnham Hostel: Minutes of Hostel Board of Control (733-8H/1958)
T7506 Newnham Hostel: Accounts (733-AH/1949)
T7507 Poimena Hall: Board of Management (753-8H/1951)
T7508 Devonport Technical College: Staffing (749-7/1953)
T7509 New Norfolk High: Staffing (740-7/1956)
T7510 Launceston Technical College: School Clerks (746-7/1950)
T7511 Hobart Technical College: Educational Planning (744-13/1959)
T7512 Mount Lyell School of Mines: Staffing (755-7/1956)
T7515 Equipment: Supply and Tender Department - General (13/3/1)
T7519 Burnie Technical College: Staffing (748-7/1959)
T7520 Devonport Technical College: Educational Planning (749-13/1958)
T7521 Devonport Technical College: Development of site (749-11/1940)
T7522 Launceston Technical College: Cleaners (746-14/1958)
T7531 Taroona High: Repairs (741-2/1958)
T7532 Claremont High: Development of site (761-11/1960)
T7533 Ulverstone High: Educational Planning (739-13/1954)
T7534 Warrane High: Development of site (771-11/1961)
T7535 Ulverstone High: Accommodation (739-6/1953)
T7536 Launceston Technical College: Additional land - Brisbane and Barrow Streets (746-9/1964)
T7537 Murray High: Staffing (747-7/1951)
T7538 Murray High: School Clerk (747-7/1950)
T7539 New Norfolk High: Teachers Hostel - Bridge Street - Tenants (740-8H/1958)
T7540 Smithton High: Staffing (738-7/1954)
T7541 Smithton High: Cleaners (738-14/1945)
T7542 Scottsdale High: Development of site (736-11/1947)
T7543 Avoca Primary: Residence (180-6/1955)
T7544 Avoca Primary: Accommodation (180-6/1949)
T7545 Albuera Street Primary: Groundsman (1-3/1962)
T7546 Albuera Street Primary: Repairs (1-2/1960)
T7547 Abbotsfield Road: Development of site (219-11/1963)
T7548 Abbotsfield Road: Repairs (219-2/1964)
T7550 Equipment: Maintenance of Trade Machinery (13/1/6)
T7552 Technical: Courses - Boilermaking - Welding (34/2/5)
T7553 Non-State Schools: State Aid (18/4)
T7554 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Matriculation College in Burnie/Wynyard area (12/7/25)
T7555 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Revenue 1967/68 (1/5/4-67/68)
T7556 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Revenue 1968/69 (1/5/4-68/69)
T7557 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Loans 1967/68 (1/5/3-67/68)
T7558 Accounts: Estimates of Expenditure - Loan programme 1968/69 (1/5/3-68/69)
T7560 Administration Buildings: Education Department Stores - Examining of Stores - Board of Survey (2/25/1)
T7561 Accounts: Treasury Department - Instructions - Circulars (1/8/2)
T7562 Accounts: School books and materials suspense account - Stock sheets, audit reports, etc. (1/7/1)
T7563 Training: Seminars - General (36/2/2)
T7564 Staffing: Exchange Teachers - Great Britain - Australia League for the exchange of Commonwealth Teachers (32/5/5)
T7565 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - W & G Genders Pty Ltd., Launceston (1/10/344)
T7566 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - McPhersons Ltd (1/10/15)
T7567 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/18)
T7568 Miscellaneous: Legal opinions (40/20)
T7569 Training: Teachers - General (36/4/1)
T7570 Miscellaneous: Advertising - Departmental (40/2)
T7571 University: Miscellaneous - University College - Launceston (38/6/10)
T7572 Visitors: To schools and Department - General (39/4)
T7573 St Marys District: Cleaner (192-14/1942)
T7574 Sprent Area: Groundsman (348-3/1950)
T7575 Ouse Area: Repairs (255-2/1953)
T7576 Schools: Maintenance - Electrical Installations - Launceston (29/2/5)
T7577 Schools: Maintenance - Electrical Installations - Hobart (29/2/3)
T7578 Bothwell Area: New Headmasters residence (41-6A/1967)
T7579 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - W & G Genders Pty Ltd., Hobart (1/10/1975)
T7580 Ogilvie High School: Repairs (737-2/1954)
T7581 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Science (12/8/9)
T7582 Launceston Matriculation College: Repairs (733-2/1955)
T7583 Brooks High: Cleaner (753-14/1942)
T7584 Boards: Schools Board of Tasmania - Result Sheets (7/4/7)
T7585 Associations: Parents - Mothers Clubs (4/1/3)
T7586 Administration Buildings: 116 Bathurst Street - Head Office - Repairs (2/2/5)
T7587 Administration Buildings: 116 Bathurst Street - Head Office - Additions )2/2/8)
T7588 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Launceston organisation (12/7/11)
T7589 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Hobart organisation (12/7/10)
T7590 Bords: Technical Education Board - Appointment of members (7/10/2)
T7591 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Religious Education (12/8/8)
T7592 Educational Planning: Subject planning - Languages - Primary School (12/8/10)
T7593 Educational Planning: Subject Planning - Driver Education in Schools (12/8/5)
T7594 Parliament: Notice of Motion - House of Assembly (19/3)
T7595 Parliament: Notices of Motion - Legislative Council (19/3)
T7596 Parliament: Bills (19/2)
T7597 Publicity: Press cuttings (24/4)
T7598 Publicity: Press Releases (24/5)
T7599 Scholarships: School attendance - Schools Board Allowance - Applications (28/4/36A)
T7600 Scholarships: General (28/1/1)
T7601 Publications: Departmental - Offer of by outside bodies (23/1/1)
T7602 Non-State Schools: Capitation Grants to Independent Schools - Applications (18/7)
T7603 Murray High School: Development of site (747-11/1954)
T7604 Murray High: Additional land (747-9/1961)
T7605 Murray High: Additions - Technical Block (747-6/1964)
T7606 Murray High: Repairs (747-2/1959)
T7607 Murray High: Cleaners (747-14/1958)
T7608 New Norfolk High: New Block - Classrooms, Admin/ Library, T.D., Music (740-6/1966)
T7609 New Norfolk High: Accommodation (740-6/1955)
T7610 New Norfolk High: Development of site (740-11/1951)
T7611 New Norfolk High: Repairs - Teachers' Hostel (740-2H/1959)
T7612 New Town High: Public Service Staff (743-7/1951)
T7613 New Town High: Repairs (743-2/1953)
T7614 New Town High: Groundsman (743-3/1957)
T7615 New Town High: Accommodation (743-6/1953)
T7616 New Town High: 5 additional classrooms (743-6/1967)
T7617 New Town High: Development of site (743-11/1953)
T7618 Conveyance: Conveyance allowances - MTT Transfer Passes - Issues (11/2/1A)
T7619 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases K-P (11/2/5)
T7620 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases D-J (11/2/4)
T7621 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - General (11/2/2)
T7622 Educational Planning: Festivals - Commonwealth Youth Sunday (12/4/4)
T7623 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Devonport organisation (12/7/9)
T7624 Educational Planning: School outings - New Guinea Work Camp (12/6/4)
T7625 Committees: Departmental - Primary School council (8/1/12)
T7626 Blackmans Bay: Repairs (310-2/1961)
T76267 Beachside Pre-School: Building (85A-6/1943)
T7628 Bellerive Primary: Disposal of old school site (85-8/1964)
T7629 Bellerive: New Site - D Lewis estate - approx 9 acres (85-9/1941)
T7631 Abbotsfield Road: Purchase of site - Doran (219-9/1958)
T7632 Bronte Park: Development of site (249-11/1953)
T7633 Breadalbane: School site - proposed (389/58)
T7634 Branxholm Primary: Repairs (517-2/1955)
T7635 Bronte Park Primary: Staffing (249-7/1953)
T7636 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Ansett Transport (1/10/209)
T7637 Educational Planning: Broadcasting - TV - General - Commercial TV Tas Council - School programmes (12/1/4)
T7638 Educational Planning: School Outings - Excursions - Secondary (12/6/2)
T7639 Training: Teachers - Library Course (36/4/8)
T7640 United Nations: U.N.E.S.C.O. - Australian National Advisory Committee (37/2/2)
T7641 Educational Planning: subject Planning - Agriculture and horticulture (12/8/17)
T7642 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - C.I.G. (Tasmania) Pty Ltd (1/10/53)
T7643 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - F.W. Faxon Co. Ltd (1/10/164)
T7644 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - J & T Gunn Pty Ltd. (1/10/102)
T7645 Howrah Primary: Additional land - purchase from Sunshine Home (82-9/1958)
T7646 Kempton: Kempton P.O. - Connection of drainage (243-2A/1955)
T76467 Huonville Primary: Repairs (273-2/1961)
T7648 Howrah Primary: Cleaner (82-14/1961)
T7649 Howrah: Staffing (82-7/1961)
T7650 Howrah Primary: Repairs (82-2/1961)
T7651 Kings Meadows High: Progress Association - Agreement and Members (754-8/1958)
T7652 Huonville High: Educational Planning (766-13/1957)
T7653 Hobart Matriculation College: Educational Planning (732-13/1959)
T7654 Kings Meadows High: Cleaners (754-14/1959)
T7655 Zeehan: Staffing (696-7/1956)
T7656 Zeehan Primary: New residence - Adams Street (696-6/1967)
T7657 Zeehan Primary: Repairs (696-2/1955)
T7658 Zeehan Primary: Accommodation (696-6A/1966)
T7659 Kings Meadows High: Staffing (754-7/1959)
T7660 Zeehan: Acquisition of land (696-9/1948)
T7661 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Lawrence & Hanson Electrical (1/10/66)
T7662 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Medhursts and Sons Pty Ltd. (1/10/259)
T7663 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - O.B.M. Pty Ltd (1/10/24)
T7664 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Rail Ferry Service Pty Ltd (1/10/50)
T7665 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Ramsay Surgical (1/10/155)
T7666 Bracknell Area: Groundsman (651-3/1950)
T7667 Boat Harbour: Water supply (601-10/1951)
T7668 Boat Harbour: Repairs (601-2/1955)
T7669 Boat Harbour: Cleaner (601-14/1953)
T7670 Beaconsfield Area: Cleaner (25-14/1942)
T7671 Beaconsfield Area: Development of site (25-11/1947)
T7672 Campbell Town Area: Repairs (76-2/1953)
T7673 Campbell Town Area: Cleaner (76-14/1942)
T7674 Campbell Town Area: Educational Planning (76-13/1958)
T7675 Brighton Area: Staffing (58-77/1955)
T7676 Brighton Area: Repairs (58-2/1954)
T7677 Dover Area: Water supply (164-10/1952)
T7678 Dover Area: Groundsman (164-3/1954)
T7679 Cygnet Area: Farm Hand/Groundsman - 2 files (450-3/1941)
T7680 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - A.H. Gifford Pty Ltd (1/10/150)
T7681 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Transport Department (1/10/158)
T7682 Cressy Area: Repairs (376-2/1955)
T7683 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Trans-Australia Airlines (1/10/355)
T7684 Flinders Island Area: Repairs (201-2/1955)
T7685 Exeter Area: Groundsman (33-3/1939)
T7686 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Townson and Mercer Pty Ltd (1/10/139)
T7687 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Supply and Tender Department (1/10/74)
T7688 Exeter Area: Accommodation (33-6/1963)
T7689 Edith Creek: Watter supply (111-10/1965)
T7690 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Homecrafts (Tas) Pty Ltd (1/10/27)
T7691 Edith Creek Area: Accounts (111-A/1955)
T7692 Dunalley: Residence - Head Teacher's (566-6/1955)
T7693 Dunalley: Staffing (566-7/1954)
T7694 East Devonport Primary: Cleaner (135-14/1942)
T7695 Ellendale Primary: Residence - Head Teacher's (250-6/1954)
T7697 King Island: Additions - Primary Block (320-6/1963)
T7698 King Island District: Accommodation (320-6/1955)
T7699 King Island: Educational Planning (320-13/1957)
T7700 King Island: Hostel - Men - Beach Road - Repairs (320-2H/1951)
T7701 Accounts: Correspondence with firms - Mayne Nickless Ltd (1/10/302)
T7702 Devonport Technical College: Public Service Staff (749-7/1951)
T7703 New Norfolk High: Repairs (740-2/1956)
T7704 George Town High: Accommodation (772-6/1954)
T7705 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - General business (32/7/3)
T7706 Technical: General - Trade Tests - Hairdressing, etc. (34/3/13)
T7707 Technical: Technical Correspondence School - Students (34/4/6)
T7708 Staffing: Teachers - Part time (32/3/7)
T7709 Schools: Use of school facilities - School development fund account (29/6/3)
T7710 West Launceston Primary: Development of site (23-11/1953)
T7711 Westbury: Repairs (661-2/1954)
T7712 West Launceston Primary: Accommodation (23-6/1958)
T7713 West Ulverstone: Repairs (351-2/1959)
T7715 Westerway Primary: Development of site (401-11/1956)
T7716 Technical: College of Advanced Education Course - Pharmacy (34/5/19)
T7717 Technical: College of Advanced Education - Salary Determination (34/5/14)
T7719 Talire School: Development of site (723-11/1956)
T7720 Strathgordon: Accommodation (257-6/1967)
T7721 Strickland Avenue: School Site (441/59)
T7722 Storeys Creek Primary: Residence (198-6/1959)
T7723 Summerdale Primary: Accommodation (652-6/1959)
T7724 Staffing: Public Service Staff - General Clerical Staff (256/56)
T7725 Launceston Technical College: Additions - Block D (746-6/1964)
T7726 Hobart Technical College: Accidents (744-12/1960)
T7727 Burnie High: Repairs (735-2/1958)
T7728 Brooks High School: Repairs (753-2/1954)
T7729 Rose Bay High: Staffing (762-7/1960)
T7730 Equipment: Purchase of general (13/2/9)
T7731 Training: Board of studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T7732 Accounts: Financial matters - Miscellaneous - Aboriginal Welfare - Commonwealth Assistance (1/9/13)
T7733 Scholarships: International Co-operation - Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (128/3/4)
T7734 Training: School of Art - Staffing (36/8/7)
T7735 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Courses (36/6/12)
T7736 Trevallyn Pre-School: Building (21-6/1952)
T7737 Taroona Primary: Development of site (311-11/1954)
T7738 Tarraleah Primary: Development of site (258-11/1957)
T7739 Tarraleah: Accommodation (258-6/1962)
T7740 Tarraleah Primary: Residence (258-6/1950)
T7741 Trevallyn Primary: Community Hall (21-9/1966)
T7742 Triabunna Primary: Accounts (583-A/1955)
T7743 Hobart Technical College: Repairs (744-2/1956)
T7744 Staffing: Public Service - Accounts Branch (125B/56)
T7751 Clarence High: Public Service Staff (742-7/1958)
T7752 Schools: Stocktaking in schools (29/1/11)
T7753 Rosetta High: Repairs (774-2/1966)
T7754 Conveyance: Powranna to Cressy (416/52)
T7755 Conveyance: Woolmers Road via Longford to Cressy (389/51)
T7756 Conveyance: Perth and Symmons Plains to Cressy (348/51)
T7757 Conveyance: Devonport - General (334/56)
T7758 Conveyance: Wilmot to Devonport (279/51)
T7759 Accounts: Financial matters - Commonwealth Grants for Secondary School Libraries ()1/9/14)
T7760 Accounts: Expenditure - Revenue (1/6/2)
T7761 Accounts: Correspondence with firms (1/10/2)
T7765 Queechy High School: Furniture and equipment (745-1/1958)
T7770 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme
T7771 Milk: Temporary Employees - Heat treatment of milk (17/5)
T7775 Health: Spectacles and Hearing Aids (14/5)
T7776 Technical: Fees for Technical Classes (34/3/7)
T7777 Miscellaneous: Deputations to the Minister (40/52)
T7791 Hostels: Hillcrest Hostel - Accounts (15/1/1)
T7792 Health: Dental Clinics (14/1)
T7793 Hostels: Parkside Hostel - Accounts (15/3/8)
T7794 Hostels: Hillcrest Hostel - 295 St John Street - Repairs (15/2/5)
T7794 Scholarships: School attendance - Isolation Allowances - Launceston (28/4/33L)
T7796 Publications - Departmental - Education Gazette - Matter for publication (23/2/5)
T7797 Miscellaneous: Regulations - Amendments (40/26)
T7798 Awards: Public Service Tribunal - Proceedings - Teachers Salaries (6/2/6)
T7799 Schools: Standard Planning - General Planning (29/5/14)
T7800 Staffing: Teachers - Authorisation for travelling (32/3/11)
T7801 Staffing: Promotions Scheme - Classification List (32/7/4)
T7802 Staffing: Public Service - Mileage Rates (32/2/14)
T7803 Schools: Public Works Department - Advertising of tenders (29/4/9)
T7804 Schools: Public Works Department - Schedule of tenders submitted (29/4/7)
T7805 Training: University Training Scheme - Payment of fees (36/9/2)
T7806 Training: Hobart Teachers College - Cleaner (36/6/3)
T7807 Burnie High: Accounts (735-A/1954)
T7808 Launceston Technical College: Staffing (746-7/1954)
T7809 Riverside High: Repairs (764-2/1962)
T7810 Committees: Departmental - Science Equipment Centre Advisory Committee (8/1/59)
T7811 Technical: Technical Correspondence - Staffing (34/4/5)
T7812 Technical: Miscellaneous - Trade Tests - Tradesmen (34/3/14)
T7813 Conveyance: Eastern Shore to Special Schools (8/62)
T7814 Conveyance: Brittons Swamp to Smithton (233/48)
T7815 Conveyance: Norther Suburbs to Bruce hamilton (313/57)
T7816 Conveyance: Barrington and Nook to Sheffield (519/57)
T7817 Conveyance: Montagu, Mella and Scopus to Smithton (340/54)
T7818 Conveyance: South Springfield to Scottsdale (446/51)
T7819 Conveyance: Ringarooma to Scottsdale (468/57)
T7820 Conveyance: Nabowla to Scottsdale (36/61)
T7821 Staffing: Teachers - Allowances - Students (32/4/3)
T7822 Miscellaneous: General Enquiries (40/19)
T7823 Sports: General (31/1/1)
T7824 Miscellaneous: Circulars (40/11)
T7825 Sports: Swimming - Learn to Swim Campaign (31/3/5)
T7826 Clarence High: Accidents (742-12/1960)
T7827 Accounts: Financial Matters - Miscellaneous Grant for Education (1/9/2)
T78278 Conveyance: Navarre River and Derwent Bridge to Bronte Park (419/59)
T7829 Conveyance: Melton Mowbray to Kempton and Brighton (111/53)
T7830 Conveyance: Hunterston to Bothwell (521/52)
T7831 Conveyance: Preolenna and Calder to Wynyard and Boat Harbour (429/53)
T7832 Conveyance: Heeneys Road, Takone via Calder to Yolla (490/54)
T7833 Conveyance: Henrietta to Yolla (523/50)
T7834 conveyance: Takone to Yolla (581/47)
T7835 Conveyance: Detention to Boat Harbour (27/61)
T783j6 Conveyance: Gladstone and Pioneer to Winnaleah (258/55)
T7837 Conveyance: Gunns Plains, Lowana to Ulverstone (323/56)
T7842 Mount Lyell School of Mines - Council - Minutes (755-8/1956)
T7843 Rosebery Technical Classes: Accounts (756-A/1953)
T7844 Conveyance: Campania and Richmond to Warrane High (16/64)
T7845 Conveyance: Devonport Side to Wesley Vale (340/45)
T7846 Conveyance: Table Cape to Wynyard (545/51)
T7847 Conveyance: Village Lane to Yolla (491/50)
T7848 Conveyance: Mayfield to Swansea (414/55)
T7849 Conveyance: South Riana and Penguin to ulverstone (383/54)
T7850 Conveyance: Blythe Heads to Ulverstone (249/55)
T7851 Scholarships: Tertiary - Education Department 1963 - David R. Challis (28/7/5-63)
T7852 Scholarships: Tertiary - Tasmanian Edjucation Department Scholarship 1965 - Geoffrey C. Farrell (28/7/5-65)
T7853 Conveyance: Penguin to Ulverstone (384/54)
T7854 Conveyance: Turners Beach and Gawlers Road to Ulverstone
T7855 Schools: General - Lists of schools (29/1/5)
T7856 Conveyance: Gawler to Ulverstone (362/54)
T7857 Conveyance: Ravensdale and Ashgrove to Triabunna (3/42)
T7857A Schools: General - Fire Protection (29/1/1)
T7858 Conveyance: Taroona High - General (9/58)
T7859 Conveyance: St Marys - General (225/56)
T7860 Schools: General - Extermination of Vermin (29/1/7)
T7861 Conveyance: Regatta Point to Strahan (338/50)
T7862 Conveyance: Storey's Creek and Rossarden to St Marys (8/68)
T7863 Conveyance: St Helens to St Marys (14/63)
T7864 Conveyance: Pyengana to St Helens (537/52)
T7865 Conveyance: Launceston to St Georges and Treherne (135/57)
T7866 Conveyance: Stonyford and Parkside to St Helens (335/51)
T7867 Educational Planning: Secondary Education - Matriculation Colleges (12/7/6)
T7868 Conveyance: Neika to South Hobart (419/51)
T7869 Conveyance: Adventure Bay to South Bruny (178/49)
T7870 A.C.E.R: General - Australian Science Education Project (5/1/12)
T7871 Conveyance: Finger Post via White Hills and Carlton and Forcett to Sorell (457/50)
T7872 Conveyance: Stanley and Forest to Smithton (527/47)
T7873 Conveyance: Kingston to Taroona High (17/47)
T7874 Awards: Miscellaneous Employees and Tradesmen - State Awards and Conditions (6/1/2)
T7875 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases (A-C)
T7876 Conveyance: Conveyance Allowances - Particular cases (Q-Z)
T7877 Conveyance: Rowella to Riverside High (6/62)
T7878 Conveyance: Renison Bell to Rosebery (452/58)
T7879 Conveyance: Dilston to Rocherlea (389/54)
T7880 Conveyance: Cuprona to Riana (164/55)
T7881 Conveyance: Marrawah to Redpa (538/50)
T7882 Hostels: General Enqjuiries (15/6/3)
T7883 Conveyance: Zeehan to Murray High, Queenstown (42/61)
T7884 Non-State Schools: Interest subsidies and loan guarantees (18/8)
T7885 Conveyance: Strahan to Queenstown (447/52)
T7886 Conveyance: Princess river, Linda and Gormanston to Queenstown (505/56)
T7887 Conveyance: Lake Margaret to Queenstown (326/53)
T7888 Special Education Services: Education of Deaf Children - Educational Planning (30/5/2)
T7889 Staffing: Public Service - Applications for employment (32/2/4)
T7890 Administration Branches: Migrant Education - Staffing (3/4/5)
T7891 Administration Branches: Science Centre - Production - Works referred (3/8/8)
T7892 Administration Branches: Migrant Education - Statistics and reports (3/4/6)
T7893 Administration Buildings: 96 Melville Street - Production and disposal of stock (2/8/2)
T7894 Accounts: Education Department - Postage stamps (1/4/7)
T7895 Conveyance: Allison Road to North Motton (385/55)
T7896 Conveyance: Nala to Oatlands (402/52)
T7897 Conveyance: Upper Blessington to Queechy (9/64)
T7898 Conveyance: Wayatina and Tarraleah to Ouse (15/61)
T7899 Conveyance: Myrtle Park to Gunn's Mile (75/51)
T7900 Conveyance: Latrobe - General (7/63)
T7901 Conveyance: Westbury to Launceston (245/55)
T7902 Conveyance: Evandale to Kings Meadows (307/56)
T7903 Conveyance: Lower Longley to Huonville (337/54)
T7904 Conveyance: Cressy to Launceston (473/51)
T7905 Queechy High: Public Service Staff (745-7/1950)
T7906 Queechy High: Additions - Assembly Hall (745-6/1960)
T7907 Queechy High: Development of site (745-11/1957)
T7908 Reece High: Accommodation (768-6/1957)
T7909 Reece High: Educational Planning (768-13/1959)
T7910 Reece High: Cleaner (768-14/1955
T7911 Conveyance: Hillwood to George Town (54/54)
T7912 Conveyance: New Norfolk to Hobart (7/62)
T7913 Conveyance: Hobart - General (335/37)
T7914 Conveyance: Pipers River and Lefroy to George Town (554/53)
T7915 Conveyance: Blackmans Bay and Kingston to Hobart (244/44)
T7916 King Island High: Boarding allowance - Matriculation Students (320-8/1961)
T7917 King Island District: Rerpairs (320-2/1955)
T7918 Savage River District: Development of site (690-11/1967)
T7919 Rosebery: Cleaner (693-14/1944)
T7920 Rosebery District: Repairs (693-2/1954)
T7921 South Bruny: Staffing (67-7/1955)
T7922 Conveyance: Ellendale to Ouse (498/54)
T7923 Conveyance: Notley Hills and Bridgenorth to Exeter (594/49)
T7924 Conveyance: Killiecrankie to Flinders Island (291/50)
T7925 Conveyance: Lady Barry to Flinders Island (431/53)
T7926 Albuera Street Primary: Development of site (1-11/1959)
T7927 Brooklyn Primary: Development of site (157-11/1954)
T7929 Bicheno: Development of site (218-11/1958)
T7930 Pre-School Education: Departmental - General (21/1/3)
T7931 Conveyance: Mawbanna to Forest (114/53)
T7932 Insurance: Departmental property (16/2)
T7933 Policy: Admissions - Primary Schools (20/3)
T7934 King Island District: Staffing (320-7/1955)
T7935 Glenora Area: Groundsman (393-3/1939)
T7936 Hagley: Advisory Committee - Proposed Extension Course (657-8/1967)
T7937 Non-State Schools: State Aid (18/4)
T7938 Milk: Cartage Arrangements (17/6)
T7939 Non-State Schools: State Aid - Press cuttings only (18/5)
T7940 Scholarships: Competitions - General (28/2/1)
T7941 Publicity: Supplements to newspaper (24/6)
T7942 Publicity: Press cuttings (24/6)
T7943 Staffing: Recruitment - Overseas (32/8/3)
T7944 Schjools: Public Works Department - Major Works - Future Plans (29/4/6)
T7945 Rose Bay High: Educational Planning (762-13/1960)
T7946 Staffing: Teachers - General (32/3/1)
T7947 Staffing: Exchange Teachers - Great Britain - Australia - League for the exchange of Commonwealth Teachers (32/5/5)
T7948 Smithton High: Accidents (738-12/1952)
T7949 Smithton High: Hostel - Repairs (738-2H/1956)
T7950 Taroona High: Groundsman (741-3/1958)
T7951 Parklands High: Staffing (752-7/1954)
T7952 Launceston Matriculation College: Public Service Staff (733-7/1950)
T7953 Staffing: Transfer - Furniture transfers 1969 (32/1-/1-69)
T7954 Staffing: Public Service - General (32/2/1)
T7955 Staffing: General - Long Service Leave (32/1/1)
T7956 Technical: Courses - Certificate of Business Studies - Institute of Commercial Studies (34/2/77)
T7958 Devonport Technical College: Council Minutes (749-8/1960)
T7959 Ogilvie High: Accounts (737-A/1961)
T7960 Springvale Hostel: Accounts (743-AH/1957)
T7961 Risdon Vale Pre-School: Establishment (81-6P/1964)
T7962 Conveyance: Burnie High and Parklands to Burnie Tech (387/58)
T7963 Conveyance: Willowdale to Deloraine (337/51)
T7964 Conveyance: Penguin to Burnie (7/68)
T7965 Conveyance: Poatina to Cressy (499/60)
T7966 Conveyance: Latrobe to Devonport High direct (698/57)
T7967 Conveyance: Sheffield to Devonport high (226/52)
T7968 Conveyance: Latrobe to Devonport High via Spreyton (13/62)
T7969 Conveyance: Gowrie Park to Devonport via Latrobe (12/64)
T7970 Conveyance: Beach and Station Roads to Dover (612/56)
T7971 Conveyance: Rogerton and Nabageena to Edith Creek (368/54)
T7972 Conveyance: Logan to Evandale (555/57)
T7973 Conveyance: Tower Hill to Fingal (35/61)
T7974 conveyance: Loccota Road to Flinders Island (421/55)
T7975 Conveyance: Memana via Lady Barron Road to Flinders Island (34/61)
T7976 Conveyance: Departmental Bus (9/62)
T7977 Conveyance: Yalambee Hostel - Glenorchy - Special School (603/60)
T7978 Conveyance: Glenorchy and Goodwood to Glenorchy, Moonah and St Theresa's Schools (5/68)
T7979 Conveyance: Malmesbury to Barclay Pre-School (11/67)
T7980 Conveyance: Loorana to King Island District School (9/63)
T7981 Conveyance: Kimberley and Railton to Latrobe and Devonport High (12/65)
T7982 Conveyance: Cethana to Sheffield (4/63)
T7983 Conveyance: Brays Residence, Old Paradise Road to Sheffield (32/61)
T7984 Conveyance: Clifrton and Cremorne to Sandford (358/58)
T7985 Conveyance: Rossarden - General (635/56)
T7986 conveyance: Storey's Creek to Rossarden (361/55)
T7987 Conveyance: Trenah to Ringarooma (322/50)
T7988 Conveyance: Pinega to Ringarooma (354/51)
T7989 Conveyance: Mount Nelson to Princes Street (541/32)
T7990 Conveyance: Ashwater, Riana and Penguin to Ulverstone High (338/54)
T7991 Conveyance: Mudwalls Road to Oatlands (511/57)
T7992 Conveyance: Allison Road to North Motton (385/55)
T7993 Conveyance: Hillcrest to West Meander (179/49)
T7994 Conveyance: Mathinna - General (19/61)
T7995 Conveyance: Upper Esk to Mathinna (6/61)
T7996 Conveyance: Evercreech to Mathinna (413/59)
T7997 Conveyance: Nierrina to Margate (10/68) [File is empty]
T7998 Conveyance: Longford - General (21/61)
T7999 Conveyance: Woolmer's Road to Longford (728/60)
T6852 Brooks High: School Clerks (753-7/1950)
T6853 Brooks High: Staffing (753-7/1955)
T6854 Campania Area: Canteen - Tricehurst Building (497-5/1950)
T6855 Campania Area: Headmaster's residence (497-6/1956)
T6856 Bicheno Primary: Repairs (218-2/1954)
T6857 Campbell Town: Accommodation (76-6/1962)
T6918 Springvale Hostel: Accommodation (743-6H/1953)
T6919 Exeter Area: Development of site (33-11/1948)
T6920 Dover Area: Repairs (164-2/1955)
T6921 Dover Area: Development of site (164-11/1954)
T6922 Cygnet Area: Repairs (450-2/1951)
T6923 Cressy Area: Development of site (376-11/1956)
T6924 Cressy District: Cleaner (376-14/1942)
T6945 Edith Creek Area: Development of site including Memorial Gardens (111-11/1964)
T6946 Flinders Island Area: Accounts (201-A/1955)
T6947 Flinders Island Area: Development of site (201-11/1956)
T6948 Geeveston Area: Staffing (165-7/1953)
T6949 Geeveston Area: Repairs (165-2/1955)
T6950 Geeveston Area: Developmernt of site (165-11/1953)
T6951 Forest Area: Groundsman (96-3/1939)
T6952 Forest Area: Development of site (96-11/1955)
T6953 Forest Area: Accommodation (96-6/1963)
T6954 Equipment: Purchase of mechanical aids (13/2/31)
T6955 Commonwealth Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2B - Administration costs (17/4)
T6956 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Expenditure - Clause 2A (17/3)
T6957 Commonwealth Free Milk Scheme: Administration - Local (17/2)
T6958 Hagley: Educational Planning (657-13/1957)
T6959 Hagley Area: Accounts (657-A/1949)
T6960 Glenora Area: Water Schemes - Drinking water - Farm irrigation - Swimming pool (393-10/1955)
T6961 Glenora Area: Cleaner (393-14/1942)
T6962 Glenora Area: Accounts (393-A/1951)
T6963 Hagley Area: Water supply (657-10/1944)
T6964 Hagley Area: Staffing (657-7/1955)
T6965 Accounts: Financial matters - Miscellaneous - Aboriginal Welfare - Commonwealth assistance (1/9/13)
T6966 Property: Disposal of Musset buildings (22/2/2)
T6967 Policy: Uniforms (20/19)
T6968 Publications: Departmental - Offer of by outside bodies (23/1/1)
T6969 Publications: General - Subscriptions (23/1/3)
T6970 Publications: Forms - Departmental Revision - General (23/3/1)
T6971 Lilydale Area: Groundsman (365-3/1939)
T6972 Schools: Maintenance - General (29/2/1)
T6973 Salaries: General Correspondence (27/1/1)
T6974 Safety Precautions: General - Laboratory Safety Procedure (26/2/7)
T6975 Safety Precautions: Road Safety - Safety First Campaign (26/1/2)
T6976 Publicity: Press Releases (24/5)
T6977 Lilydale Area: Development of site (365-11/1953)
T6978 Lilydale Area: Accounts (365-A,1949)
T6979 King Island: Cleaner (320-14/1942)
T69780 King Island Area: Accounts (320-A/1951)
T6981 Special Education Services: General - Pupils referred to Special Education Services (30/1/8)
T6982 Schools: Public Works Department - Major works - Future plans (29/4/6)
T6983 Scholarships: School Attendance - Schools Board allowance - Applications (28/4/36A)
T6984 Scholarships: School Attendance - Special Bursaries (28/4/23)
T6985 Scholarships: Teachersr - Teacher Development Grant (28/5/6)
T6986 Natone Area: Residence - Headmasters (151-6/1954)
T6987 Natone Area: Development of site (151-11/1955)
T6988 Natone Area: Accounts (151-A/1949)
T6989 Swansea Primary: Residence - Franklin Street (215-6/1954)
T6990 Strahan Primary: Residence - Headmaster's (685-6/1947)
T6991 Wivenhoe: Residence - Headmaster's (153-6/1949)
T6992 Westerway Primary: Residence - Main Road (401-6/1950)
T6993 Westbury Primary: Residence - Dexter Street (661-6/1954)
T6994 Strahan Primary: Development of site (685-11/1959)
T6995 Storeys Creek: Repairs (198-2/1955)
T6996 St Leonards Primary: Development of site (555-11/1957)
T6997 St Leonards School: Staffing (555-7/1955)
T6998 Staffing: Public Service - Mileage rates (32/2/14)
T6999 Staffing: Public Service - Attendance returns (32/2/5)
T700 Special Education Service: Speech handicapped children - Remedial speech and therapy programmes (30/9/2)
T7001 Special Education Services: Retarded Children - Educational planning (30/8/5)
T7002 Technical: Apprenticeships - General (34/1/10)
T7003 Mole Creek Area: Repairs (124-2/1955)
T7004 Mole Creek Area: Groundsman (124-3/1950)
T7005 Mole Creek Area: Development of site (124-11/1956)
T7006 Mole Creek Area: Accounts (124-A/1951)
T7007 Training: board of Studies - Theses (36/14/2)
T7008 Technical: Technical Correspondence - Staffing (34/4/5)
T7009 Technical: Fees for Technical Classes (34/3/7)
T7010 Staffing: Transfers - Recommendations re transfers from Superintendents and Supervisors (32/10/4)
T7011 Staffing: Superintendents and Supervisors itineraries (32/9/1)
T7012 Staffing: Public Service - School Clerks (32/2/16)
T7013 Rossarden: Residence - Schell Street (185-6/1954)
T7014 Rossarden: Repairs (185-2/1958)
T7015 Rosetta Primary: Development of site (235-11/1959)
T7016 Rosebery Hostel: Repairs (693-2H/1953)
T7017 Rosebery Primary: Development of site (693-11/1954)
T7018 Rosebery District: Accounts (693-A/1954)
T7019 South Arm: Residence (91-6/1953)
T7020 Smithton: Staffing (102-7/1954)
T7021 Smithton Primary: Development of site (102-11/1954)
T7022 Visitors: To Schools and Department - General (39/4)
T7023 Training: Launceston Teachers College - Establishment (36/13/1)
T7024 Policy: Exemptions (20/9)
T7025 Redpa: Staffing (113-7/1954)
T7026 Redpa: Development of site (113-11/1957)
T7027 Redpa Primary: Accounts (113-A/1956)
T7028 Redpa: Repairs (113-2/1954)
T7029 Railton Primary: Development of site (293-11/1956)
T7030 Queenstown: Staffing (678-7/1957)
T7031 Rocherlea: Development of site (359-11/1957)
T7032 Riverside: Cleaner (36-14/1954)
T7033 Riverside: Repairs (36-2/1954)
T7034 Risdon Vale Primary: Cleaner (81-14/1960)
T7035 Reekara Primary: Development of site (321-11/1962)
T7036 Reekara: Accommodation (321-6/1959)
T7037 Lilydale Area: Repairs (365-2/1955)
T70388 Oatlands Area: Development of site (413-11/1954)
T7039 Oatlands Area: Repairs (413-2/1955)
T7040 Ouse Area: Accounts (255-A/1956)
T7041 Ouse Area: Development of site (255-11/1954)
T7042 Non-State Schools: Capitation Grants to Independent Schools - Applications 1967/68 (18/7)
T7043 Miscellaneous: Correspondence Interchange (40/14)
T7044 Miscellaneous: Mail (40/21)
T7045 Latrobe High: Repairs (770-2/1964)
T7047 Burnie High: Assembly Hall (735-6/1960)
T778 Conferences: Departmental - Primary School Headmasters' Association (10/3/9)
T7779 Conferences: Departmental - Headmasters (10/3/3)
T7780 Conveyance: General (11/1/1)
T7781 Hostels: Brooker Avenue - Matriculation Girls Hostel - Hostel Staff (15/7/6)
T7782 Taroona High: Cleaners (741-14/1957)
T7783 Ogilvie High: Cleaners (737-14/1942)
T7784 Warrane High: Cleaner (771-14/1963)
T7785 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances (28/4/33)
T7786 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances - Devonport (28/4/33D)
T7787 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances - Burnie (28/4/33B)
T7788 Scholarships: School Attendance - Matriculation Boarding Allowance - Elizabeth Matriculation College (28/4/33E)
T7789 Scholarships: School Attendance - Isolation Allowances - Hobart (28/4/33H)
C09 - 9395 Statistics: Register of Tasmanian Schools and Colleges (general correspondence)