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Patient Files.
Series Number:
Restricted 75 Years (E75)
Start Date:
05 Jul 1857
End Date:
23 Dec 1993
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 182730 Nov 2000
Controlling Series:
HSD288 Patient Records - Card Index to Patient Files.01 Jan 189431 Dec 1965
Previous Series:
AB479 Patient Records removed from Case Books.25 Jan 189420 Apr 1979

AB372 Patient Files.21 Feb 193401 Jul 1968
How to Use:
Consignment 1 contains files of patients deceased or discharged prior to 1966.

Consignment 2 contains files of patients deceased 1966 to 1993.

Consignment 3 contains files of patients discharged 1966 to 1993.

For some patients there will also be a treatment file in HSD291.
Series notes:
Prior to 1890 no patient files were kept. The admission papers (HSD 285) were filed in a sequence and endorsed with admission details. Occasionally some correspondence was filed with them. Since c.1890 the admission papers have almost always been placed on a patient file in this series.

The records of the Royal Derwent Hospital became badly disorganised in storage and when transferred to the Archives Office of Tasmania (T.1345/1-103) three separate series were grouped together in a single alphabetical sequence as HSD 284. Files relating to Patients at Millbrook Rise Psychopathic Hospital (AB 372) and to staff of the Royal Derwent Hospital (AB 389) have now been removed from this series. Files appear to have accompanied patients transferred between the Royal Derwent Hospital and Millbrook Rise Psychopathic Hospital. Therefore, there is no separate file in each institution for patients treated at both. Rather, there is a single file, held usually by the institution to which the patient was first admitted.

Although this series was originally arranged numerically, according to the Admission Register number, the alphabetical arrangement imposed at the time of transfer has been retained. Firstly, because part of the index (HSD 288) has been lost, and secondly because the Hospital itself had re-arranged the files it still held (now consignments two and three of this series) into alphabetical sequences. This series includes files for all categories of patient, including those in the "Government Institution for Mental Defectives" transferred from St John's Park to New Norfolk in 1942.

The files in consignment one are for patients admitted after c.1890 and who had died or been discharged by 1965. They do not contain clinical information. That is to be found in the various series of Case Books. Most files contain the admission papers and correspondence with relatives and/or the Charitable Grants/ (later) Social Services Department, much of it relating to payment for the patient's treatment.

Clinical information relating to the illness and treatment of each patient was recorded in case books held on each ward. Where a correspondence file exists in consignment 1 of this series there should be case book folios in either series AB365 or series AB479.

The use of case books to record clinical information about all the patients on a ward was discontinued in the 1960s. Consignemnts two and three, in addition to the administrative files described above, contain a clinical file for each patient.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:

Adams, Alice Gertrude dob c.1878
Adams, Edward dob c.1900
Adams, William dob c.1873
Aiken, Violet Josephine dob c.1893
Airey, Tasman William Robert dob c.1922
Aldred, Alice dob c.1855
Alexander, Thomas Edward dob c.1887
Allanby, Milford dob c.1918
Allen, Annie May dob c.1896
Allen, John dob c.1850
Allison, John dob c.1872
Alomes, Arthur Robert dob c.1868
Amos, Annie dob c.1861
Amott, Thomas George dob c.1868
Anderson, Catherine dob c.1864
Anderson, Edgar Stanley dob c.1892
Anderson, Edwin Lawrence dob c.1902
Anderson, George Hill dob c.1842
Anderson, Harold Frederick dob c.1905
Anderson, Margaret Ignatius dob c.1867
Anderson, Samuel dob c.1860
Andreson, Edward aka Anderson, Edward aka Brown, Edwin Andrew dob c.1900
Andrews, Mabel dob c.1891
Applebee, Olive Doris dob 30/4/1917
Aram, Arthur John Thomas dob c.1883
Aram, Ernest Albert dob c.1891
Archenius, Emil Gottfurd dob c.1872
Archer, Ernest dob c.1875
Archer, John dob c.1880
Archer, Kindred Clifford McRae dob c.1920
Armstrong, Ethel Mary Mitchell dob c.1866
Armstrong, George William Joseph dob c.1874
Armstrong, John Robert William dob c.1862
Arnold, Albert Edward dob c.1892
Arnold, Isaac dob c.1851
Arnold, Jean dob c.1899
Arnold, Walter dob c.1866
Ashlin, Elvie May dob c.1902
Assard, Mary Nasif dob c.1857
Atkins, Enos Eli dob c.1896
Atkins, Ethel Mary dob c.1882
Atkins, Lucy dob c.1888
Atkins, Samuel dob c.1859
Atkinson, Elsie Alina dob c.1992
Atkinson, Lilian Emily (contains correspondence relating to mother's estate dated 1939)
Atkinson, Mary dob c.1892
Atkinson, Saida Vienna dob c.1897
Austen, Hilda dob c.1886 (2 files)
Avery, Annie Florence dob c.1887
Avery, Ella Louise dob c.1894
Ayers, Bruce dob c.1907
Ayers, James dob c.1854
Baccega, Lino dob c.1902
Backhouse, Maida dob c.1883
Baggott, Nellie dob c.1891
Bailey, Alfred Benjamin dob c.1863
Bailey, Reginald dob c.1899 see also Baily, Reginald Charles
Bailey, Susan dob c.1889
Baily, David dob c.1861
Baily, Reginald Charles dob c.1900 see also Bailey, Reginald
Baird, Grace Coates dob c.1879
Ballard, Henry Herbert dob c.1861
Bannister, Annie dob c.1882
Bannister, Maria dob c.1849
Barker, Mary dob c.1917
Barker, Olive Pauline dob c.1892
Barnes, Millicent dob c.1954
Barringer, Beatrice Maud dob c.1876
Barry, James dob c.1892
Bartley, Aubrey dob c.1884
Barwick, Andrew dob c.1873
Barwick, Mabel Ellen dob c.1884
Basset, Dixon Ferrar dob c.1852
Batchelor, Esther May dob c.1870
Bates, Alfred dob c.1876
Batt, Jane dob c.1848
Batten, Georgina dob c.1889
Batty, William Alexander dob c.1853
Baxter, Elma Florence dob c.1878
Beale, Percy Henry dob c.1884
Beams, Rhoda dob c.1847
Bean, George Mason dob c.1884
Beard, Amy Elizabeth dob c.1882
Beaton, Melva dob c.1913
Beaufoy, Edward Spencer dob c.1865
Beck, Eva May dob c.1875
Beck, Margaret dob c.1859
Beddome, Adeline Victoria dob c.1888
Beedham, Bruce dob c.1900
Beeton, Ivan Henry dob c.1916
Behrens, George dob c.1889
Belbin, Edith May dob c.1884
Belbin, Frederick Stanley dob c.1901
Bell, George dob c.1886
Bell, Robert Kay dob c.1853
Bellette, Fredrick James dob c.1890
Benbow, Clara dob c.1893
Benjamin, Montefiore Moses dob c.1875
Bennett, Arthur dob c.1905
Bentley, Laura Elfrida dob c.1880
Best, Margaret dob c.1836
Bestwick, George dob c.1863
Bethell, Robert dob 11/7/1963
Betts, William dob c.1860
Beven, John Joseph dob c.1871
Biddell, Ernest Eden dob c.1872
Biddelph, Emily Louisa dob c.1882
Billett, Emmaline dob c.1898
Bilson, Emily Mary aka Bilson, Emeline Mary dob c.1879
Bingley, Agnes dob c.1879
Birch, Minetta Jane dob c.1868
Bird, Charles Matthew dob c.1879
Bissett, Mabel dob c.1881
Bissett, Robert dob c.1887
Blackaby, Susan dob c.1894
Bloomfield, Lewis Cecil dob c.1892
Blyth, Effie Norma dob c.1894
Bodos, Bessie dob c.1875
Bomford, Jane dob c.1856
Bond, Violet dob c.1881
Bonney, Albert James dob c.1887
Boon, Amy dob c.1878
Boon, Dulcie May dob c.1904
Bottrell, Matilda dob c.1871
Boulter, Margaret dob c.1894
Bowater, William dob c.1864
Bowcher, Emily dob c.1873
Bowen, Albert Frederick dob c.1902
Bowen, Thomas dob c.1862
Bowler, Adeline dob c.1879
Bowtell, Claire Euphemia dob c.1902
Boyd, Alice dob c.1876
Bradburn, Annie dob c.1869
Bradley, Mary dob c.1870
Bradmore, Mary (File empty with note dated 19/10/1917 that file had been found with nothing in it)
Bramich, Clare Roy dob 22/6/1900
Bramich, Florence dob c.1882
Branagan, Mary dob c.1888
Bransden, Clara Mary dob c.1907
Bray, William Law dob c.1929
Breadon, Joseph Reginald dob c.1913
Brinkman, Charles Frederick dob c.1904
Broadhurst, Emily dob c.1879
Brodie, Thomas aka Loftus, Thomas dob c.1852
Brodribb, Bertha dob c.1904
Brodribb, Gertrude dob c.1900
Bromfield, Mary dob c.1870
Brooker, Lydia Grace dob c.1892
Brooks, Caroline dob c.1848
Broughton, Raymond dob c.1901
Brown, Ada dob c.1867
Brown, Bridget Mary Ann dob c.1882
Brown, Charles Alexander dob c.1920 (2 Files)
Brown, Daisy Myrtle Frances Toohey dob c.1893
Brown, Ethel Laura dob c.1882
Brown, Francis Peter dob c.1907
Brown, Joan dob c.1862
Brown, Lilian May dob c.1921
Brown, Mary dob c.1888
Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1873
Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1839
Brown, Grace Thelma dob c.1901
Bruce, Keith dob c.1917
Brumby, Frederick dob c.1855
Bryan, Reginald Roy dob c.1873
Bryant, George dob c.1870
Bryant, Mary Florence dob c.1884
Bryce, William dob c.1851
Brydie, Alexander dob c.1878
Buchanan, Ernest Edward dob c.1894
Buckland, Lena dob c.1888
Buren, William Van dob c.1870
Burgess, Harriett dob c.1860
Burke, Daisy Agnes dob c.1890
Burke, Lillian dob c.1877
Burke, Martin dob c.1873
Burn, Eliza Jane dob c.1855
Burn, Isobel (file empty)
Burns, Albert James dob c.1889
Burns, Thomas dob c.1861
Burrell, Albert Ernest dob c.1863
Butler, Francis Frederick dob 17/7/1910
Butler, Pierce John dob c.1884
Butt, Maria dob c.1847
Butters, John dob c.1852
Buttery, William John dob c.1883
Buxton, Dennis William dob c.1910
Byard, Amelia Bessie dob c.1886
Byard, Hephzepah dob c.1886
Byers, Annie dob c.1896
Byrnes, Peter dob c.1894
Cables, John dob c.1864
Cadwallader, Annie dob c.1849
Cahill, John Joseph dob c.1867
Callan, Daniel dob c.1857
Caqlvert, Bernard dob c.1884
Calvert, John dob c.1865
Cameron, Alexander dob c.1843
Cameron, John aka Cannon, John dob c.1904
Cameron, Murdoch McKenzie dob c.1883
Campbell, Richard dob c.1880
Canham, Alice Maud dob c.1894
Cannell, Margaret Lavinia dob c.1892
Carberry, James
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Patrick dob c.1860
Carter, George Evan dob c.1895
Carter, Leonard Leslie dob 19/12/1898
Cartside, Elizabeth (file empty)
Casey, Barry John dob c.1938
Caswell, Winifred
Chalmers, Alfred dob c.1870
Chamberlain, Mary Ann aka Lewis, Mary Ann dob c.1866
Chaplin, William Alexander dob c.1888
Chapman, James dob c.1875
Charles, Selina dob c.1866
Chell, Thomas William dob c.1904
Christmas, Martha dob c.1869
Clark, Ella dob c.1887
Clark, Elsie May dob c.1881
Clark, Emma Augusta
Clark, Horace Stewart dob c.1893
Clark, James dob c.1901
Clark, Lewis Ashmead dob c.1884
Clarke, Ada dob c.1867
Clayton, Grace dob c.1887
Cleaver, Elsie Jane dob c.1880
Clifford, Anna Louisa dob c.1874
Close, James Clifford dob c.1907
Cockerill, Robert Gordon dob c.1895
Coles, Amy Louise dob c.1902
Collins, Robert dob c.1860
Colson, Margaret Lucy dob c.1889
Conlan, George Norfolk dob c.1875
Conley, Ruby Alice dob c.1889
Connors, Eileen dob c.1907
Cook, Amanda Louisa Maria dob c.1866
Cook, Hilda Mabel dob c.1884
Cook, John Thomas dob c.1865
Cook, Mary Ann dob c.1874
Cook, William dob c.1850
Cooley, Lilian Violet May dob c.1906
Cooper, Doris dob c.1896
Cooper, Elizabeth dob c.1863
Cooper, Florence Irene dob c.1884
Cooper, Gertrude dob c.1889
Cooper, Henry dob c.1891
Cooper, Joseph aka Cooper, Royden Keith dob c.1854
Cooper, Rosina May dob c.1909
Cooper, Sydney Leslie dob c.1895
Corbin, Dorothea dob c.1875
Corcoran, Caroline dob c.1844
Corcoran, Michael James dob c.1860
Cornish, Dorothy Kathleen dob c.1900
Cornish, Leonard Cameron dob c.1899
Cosker, Algie dob c.1906
Costello, William dob c.1871
Costelloe, George dob c.1875
Cotton, George dob c.1893
Cottrell, Maud dob c.1877
Cottrill-Dormer, Richard Adrian dob c.1914
Coulter, Miriam dob c.1873
Coulton, William dob c.1877
Courtney, James Joseph dob c.1872
Cowan, Albert Arthur aka Cowen, Albert Arthur dob c.1870
Cowan, Albert John dob c.1892
Cowie, Catherine Jane dob c.1879
Cowper, Herbert dob c.1883 (2 files)
Cox, Kate Bertha dob c.1888
Cox, Oliver James dob c.1915
Cox, Sarah dob c.1858
Crack, Ephraim dob c.1849
Craibe, George dob c.1879
Craigie, Ruby dob c.1891
Craike, Leslie dob c.1882
Crawford, Hanna Jane dob c.1871
Crawford, Maud Margaret dob c.1870
Crawford, William dob c.1859
Crerar, Andrew dob c.1878
Cripps, William dob c.1884
Crocker, Jane dob c.1863
Crocker, John Collingwood dob c.1898
Crocker, Ruby dob c.1889
Cross, Frederick dob c.1867
Cross, George Thomas dob c.1864
Crump, Mary Ann dob c.1856
Crutchley, Henry dob c.1896 (2 files)
Cullen Valerian dob c.1915
Cummins, Catherine dob c.1838
Cunningham, Jack Goyan dob c.1919
Cunningham, Stella dob c.1893
Curran, Catherine Cecilia dob c.1884
Curran, Thomas dob c.1876
Curtis, Henry dob c.1865
Cutcliffe, William John dob c.1867
Cuthbert, Herbert George Edward dob c.1871
Dalgleish, Frederick dob c.1901
Daly, Pauline dob c.1907 (2 files)
Daniels, William dob c.1852
Dann, Ellen Eliza dob c.1895
Darling, George Henry dob c.1880
Darling, Marcella dob c.1880
Davern, Lionel dob c.1895
Davey, Amy Alice dob c.1878
Davidson, Emma dob c.1858
Davidson, Robert dob c.1916
Davie, Edith Mary dob c.1899
Davies, Arthur James dob c.1881
Davies, Blodwen Mary dob c.1887
Davies, Florence Mabel dob c.1876
Davies, Martha dob c.1874
Davis, Ada May dob c.1879
Davis, Florence Annie Maud dob c.1900
Davis, William James dob c.1863
Dawkins, Henry dob c.1876
Day, Harold Bernard dob c.1896
Day, Louisa dob c.1859
Deacon, Lucy dob c.1900
Deacon, Mary dob c.1851
Dean, Desmond dob c.1936
Dean, Joseph dob c.1865
Dean, Maggie Heatherbelle dob c.1899
DeJersey, Albert Edward dob c.1887
DeJersey, Mary dob c.1870
Delaney, Mary Fanny dob c.1873
Del Diu, Lodorico dob c.1886
Denehy, Philip dob c.1918
Dennison, Leila dob c.1997
Denny, Elizabeth Maria dob c.1890
Derry, Victor dob c.1907
Dick, Joseph Sutherland dob c.1868
Dickenson, Alfred Rowley dob c.1855
Dickson, Mary Caroline dob c.1865
Dillon, Timothy dob c.1877
Dobbie, Mary Agnes dob c.1855
Dobson, Isaac Henry Charles dob c.1912
Dobson, Mary Ann dob c.1854
Dobson, William dob c.1883
Dolan, Margaret dob c.1873 (2 files)
Dolby, Stanley James dob c.1909
Donaldson, Rosina dob c.1870
Donovan, Joseph dob c.1894
Donovan, Percy Leslie dob c.1889
Doodie, Miriam dob c.1872
Doran, Aflred dob c.1857
Dore, Catherine
Dowding, Eric Thomas Kirby dob c.1904
Dowling, Edward dob c.1838
Downes, Edward dob c.1878
Doyle, John dob c.1883
Dransfield, Alma May dob c.1900
Driscoll, Jean dob c.1858
Duff, Margaret Jane dob c.1887
Duffey, William aka Duffy, William dob c.1868 (2 files)
Dunbabin, Richard dob c.1882
Dunlop, Mary dob c.1861
Dunton, Edward James dob c.1890
Dwyer, Elsie dob c.1890
Dwyer, John Edward dob c.1863
Eager, Leonard Gordon dob c.1903
Eagle, Francis dob c.1865
Eaton, Aderine May dob c.1901
Eaton, Loyde Asquith Kitchiner dob c.1916
Eaves, Arthur Albert dob c.1876
Ebden, Robert dob c.1877
Edwards, Frederick Hagett dob c.1860
Edwards, Winifred dob c.1875
Egan, Alvin dob c.1903
Eland, Sarah Annie dob c.1961
Eld, Patrick dob c.1872
Ellis, Bridget dob c.1865
Ellwood, Annie Maud dob c.1880
Emerson, Mary dob c.1862
Emery, Marjorie Jean dob c.1906
Emmett, Dyllis dob c.1890
Emmett, Max Collett dob c.1910
Enman, Daphne Eileen dob c.1910
Enman, William dob c.1894
Etchell, William James dob c.1865
Etchells, Gordon dob c.1906 (2 files)
Evans, Albert Victor dob c.1899
Evans, Edward Roose dob c.1868
Evans, Harry Hope dob c.1916
Evans, Ida dob c.1881
Eyles, Rachel May dob c.1902
Fahey, Mary Ann dob c.1869
Falkinder, Charles Eric dob c.1907
Farquhar, John Patrick dob c.1841
Farmer, William dob c.1845
Farr, James dob c.1824
Farrell, Harriet Susan dob c.1867
Farrell, William dob c.1874
Farrow, Sarah Matilda dob c.1862
Farrow, Willis dob c.1879
Farthing, Ethel dob c.1881 (2 files)
Faulkner, Evelyn dob c.1904 - also see file HSD/18/1/14
Faulkner, Henrietta dob c.1883 (2 files)
Faulkner, Keith Maxwell dob c.1910
Fawkner, Charles dob c.1861
Fawkner, George dob c.1877
Fawkner, William Darrell aka Dare, William Darrell dob c.1904
Featherstone, Georgina Blenman Bessie dob c.1877
Fehlberg, Ethel dob c.1890
Fellows, Henry Frederick dob c.1894
Felton, George dob c.1881
Fenner, Blanche Zeehana dob c.1911
Fenton, Mary Adelaide dob c.1871
Fessenmyer, Christiana dob c.1858
Fidler, John dob c.1863
Fieldwick, John
Finch, Joseph dob c.1860
Finch, Richard dob c.1866
Finch, Thomas
Findlay, Isabella dob c.1862
Finn, William dob c.1869
Finney, John dob c.1823
Finney, Richard dob c.1850
Finnigan, Elsie Marie dob c.1856
Fisher, Charles dob c.1868
Fisher, Emily Isabel dob c.1858
Fisher, Eric dob c.1890
Fisher, Horace dob c.1880
Fisher, John dob c.1871
Fisher, Minnie dob c.1885
Fisher, Queenie May dob c.1902
Fisher, Wildfred dob c.1893
Fisher, William dob c.1874
Fisher, William Henry dob c.1872 (2 files)
Fitzgerald, Erskine dob c.1884
Fitzgerald, Clifford Robert dob c.1908
Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1841
Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1864
Flanagan, Hannah dob c.1863
Flanagan, Martin dob c.1901
Flanagan, Mary dob c.1889
Flanders, John dob c.1906
Flanders, Marian Isabel dob c.1897
Fletcher, Charles dob c.1857
Flint, Thomas dob c.1862
Flood, Alice Adeline dob c.1905
Flood, David dob c.1867
Flood, James William dob c.1899
Flory, Joseph dob c.1826
Floyd, Alice Selina dob c.1885
Floyd, Charles dobc .1852
Fogarty, Catherine dob c.1882
Fogarty, Doris dob c.1912
Fogarty, John
Fogarty, John David dob c.1923
Fogarty, Leonie dob c.1910
Fogarty, Lucy dob c.1870
Fogarty, Victor dob c.1911
Foley, Kathleen Mary dob c.1900
Forcett, Fanny aka Forcett, Frances Ellen dob c.1872 (2 files)
Ford, Charles dob c.1868
Ford, Lily dob c.1886
Fosket, Catherine dob c.1850
Foster, Emily dob c.1839
Foster, Emma dob c.1887
Foster, Fanny Adelaide dob c.1857
Foster, Harold Edward Osborne dob c.1883
Fowler, George William dob c.1847
Fowles, Amy Louisa dob c.1881
Fox, Barbara May dob 29/6/1912
Fox, Bertha dob c.1867
Fox, Frances dob c.1893
Fox, James dob c.1839
Fox, Marion dob c.1861
Fox, Winifred dob c.1914
Foy, Francis dob c.1867
Franklin, Agnes (file empty)
Franklin, Joseph dob c.1854
Fraser, Jane dob 1866 see also Frazer, Jane
Fraser, Mary Jane dob c.1870
Frazer, Donald dob c.1902
Frazer, Jane dob c.1865 see also Fraser, Jane
Free, Mary Marion dob c.1837
Freeman, Charles dob c.1879
Freeman, Edward dob c.1850
Freeman, John dob dob c.1903
Freeman, Lilian Rose dob c.1895
Freeman, Walter William dob c.1883
French, Mary
French, Thelma dob c.1919
French, Vincent dob c.1915
Frendenberg, Oswin dob c.1851
Fricker, Guy Maurice dob c.1886 (2 files)
Frost, Alfred dob c.18409
Frost, Charles Clifford dob c.1915 (2 files)
Fry, George William Ernest dob c.1904
Fuller, Emma dob c.1855
Fuller, Mabel Emily dob c.1886
Fulton, Amy Beatrice Lilles dob c.1896
Furley, Mervyn Ernest
Furlonge, Isabel
Furnis, Charles Clifford dob c.1874
Fynes, Eliza dob c.1862
Galvin, Bessie Kathleen dob c.1896
Gamble, John dob c.1861
Gardner, Helen Winifred dob c.1894
Gardner, Margaret dob c.1894
Garlick, David (photocopy only)
Garlick, John
Gartsides, Elizabeth dob c.1871
Gatehouse, Grace Jean dob c.1895
Gatehouse, Herbert dob c.1892
Gaul, Patrick dob c.1859
Gavin, Margaret dob c.1883
Geary, George dob c.1886
Gee, Isabella Mary Elizabeth aka Gee, Mary Isabella dob c.1956 (2 files)
Geeves, Coralie Muriel dob c.1886
Gellibrand, George dob c.1858 (2 files)
Gentle, Emily dob c.1877
George, Norman dob c.1890
Georgeson, James dob c.1854
Georgeson, William dob c.1859
Gibbs, Emma Maria dob c.1866
Gibson, David dob c.1842
Gibson, Margaret Maud dob c.1867
Gilbert, Elizabeth dob c.1886
Gilchrist, Constance dob c.1872
Gill, Emily Melony dob c.1904
Gill, Eugene dob c.1865
Gill, Katherine aka Gill, Catherine dob c.1849
Gillam, Alice May dob c.1858
Glock, Lawrence W. dob c.1894
Glozier, James dob c.1846
Gobby, Hazel dob c.1915
Golding, Sarah dob c.1864
Gonsalves, Wilton dob c.1870
Good, Henry dob c.1862
Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
Goodman, Joseph dob c.1879
Goon, Loch dob c.1869
Goong, Wang Tie dob c.1889
Gorringe, Isobel Margaret dob c.1884
Goscombe, Clara Agnes dob c.1868
Gould, Archibald J. dob c.1870
Gould, Janet May dob c.1881
Grace, Mary Eleanor dob c.1886
Grace, Michael dob c.1855
Graf, Essie Irene dob c.1882
Graham, Catherine dob c.1867
Greagen, Edward William dob c.1899
Green, Charles John dob c.1867
Green, Grace Emma Amelia dob c.1861
Green, Martha Louisa dob c.1858
Gregston, John aka Fox, Thomas dob c.1874
Greig, George dob c.1859
Gressley, Edward Nigel dob c.1851
Griffin, Michael dob c.1877
Griffiths, Emily dob c.1882
Griffiths, Mary dob c.1902
Grubb, Jane dob c.1847
Grundy, Mark dob c.1897
Guerin, Francis dob c.1879
Guesdon, Florence Cloralie Ingle dob c.1881
Gunton, Ivy dob c.1902
Guthrie, Mary dob c.1866
Guthrie, Maude dob c.1886
Haas, May dob c.1901
Haines, Hendridge John David dob c.1875
Hale, Simeon James dob c.1894
Hall, Amy Beatrice dob c.1883
Hall, Arthur dob c.1874
Hall, Charles dob c.1886
Hall, Ruth Caplin dob c.1895
Hall, Thomas Frederick dob c.1884
Hallam, Tennyson Charles dob c.1893
Hallesy, Mary Ann dob c.1862
Hamer, Joseph dob c.1904
Hamilton, Eliza dob c.1842
Hamilton, Joseph William dob c.1865
Hannaford, Edith Mary dob c.1874
Hannington, Stella Inez Eulalie dob c.1871
Hansch, Albert Edward dob c.1890
Harding, Marie Dowlat dob c.1890
Hardman, Ethel May dob c.1882
Hardstaff, Samuel Charles dob c.1852
Hardwick, James dob c.1857
Hardy, Mavis dob c.1916
Hardy, Rose dob c.1884
Hare, Henry William dob c.1907
Harper, John Alexander dob c.1862
Harper, Margaret dob c.1877
Harrington, Elizabeth dob c.1880
Harris, Alice Charlotte dob c.1904
Harris, Annie Maria dob c.1866
Harris, Charlotte Poulett dob c.1850
Harris, Eleanor Mary Poulett dob c.1862
Harris, James dob c.1841
Harris, William dob c.1851
Harris, William Frederick dob c.1896
Harrison, Daisy dob 6/12/1890 (2 files)
Harrison, Herbert Hunter dob c.1876
Harrison, Lydia dob c.1874
Hartley, Charles Valentine dob c.1865
Hartnett, Patrick dob c.1873
Hassein, Ahmed dob c.1891
Hatton, Eva Harriett dob c.1879
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, Robert dob c.1870
Hawley, Elizabeth Nellie dob c.1889
Hay, Gladys dob c.1898
Hays, Lucy dob c.1876
Haywood, Herbert dob c.1858
Hazlewood, Henry dob c.1870
Healey, Michael dob c.1961
Hean, Acie Celia dob c.1879
Heaslip, Adam James dob c.1903
Heath, Henry Marsden dob c.1886
Heazlewood, Hamilton dob c.1902
Hefferman, Raymond Bede dob c.1909
Hellessey, William dob c.1866
Helm, Phillip Jacob dob c.1877
Hennessy, James Bernard
Henry, May dob c.1892
Hepburn, Francis Charles dob c.1866
Heron, George dob c.1884
Herrick, Sarah dob c.1877
Hewitt, Dorothy Freda dob c.1914
Hibbs, Peter Pryor dob c.1891
Hiern, Eric Grahame dob c.1897
Higgins, Amy Ann dob c.1885
Higgins, Ann dob c.1906
Higgs, Ronald Ormond dob c.1905
Hill, Adelaide Harriet dob c.1860
Hill, Clara dob c.1875
Hill, Elsie dob c.1897
Hill, Martha dob c.1867
Hillier, Charles Leonard dob c.1874
Hulls, Herbert Walter dob c.1868
Hines, Joseph William dob c.1856
Hinton, Reginald dob c.1848
Hirst, Thelma Banks dob c.1905
Hobden, Edward dob c.1849
Hodges, Doris Lucy dob c.1901
Hogan, Elizabeth dob c.1868
Hogan, James Jasper dob c.1912
Hoggins, Emily Mary Davenport dob c.1867
Holdcroft, Harry Daniel dob c.1869 (2 files)
Hole, John Thomas dob c.1854
Holloway, Gladys dob c.1903
Holmes, Violet dob c.1898
Holt, Edith Elizabeth dob c.1882
Homan, Robert dob c.1859
Honner, Zilda Evelyn dob c.1903
Hooper, William dob c.1849
Hopwood, Arthur Victor dob c.1873
Horlock, Alice dob c.1877
Horne, Ernest Lewis Hartwell dob c.1870
Horsham, Abraham dob c.1867
Horsley, George dob c.1848
Hortin, Henry Pierce
Hortle, Leslie James dob c.1872
Houghton, Kate dob c.1862
House, Fanny dob c.1860
Hovell, Ida dob c.1911
How, Claudia aka Howe, Claudia Edith dob c.1892
How, David dob c.1862
Howard, Bartholomew dob c.1882
Howard, James dob c.1859
Howe, Nellie Mary dob c.1886
Howell, Adeline Victoria dob c.1895
Howell, Eunice dob c.1900
Howlett, Sylvia dob c.1894
Huett, Jane Elizabeth dob c.1897
Hughes, Ada dob c.1872
Hughes, Edward James dob c.1882
Hugo, Thomas dob c.1850
Hutchinson, Margaret dob c.1889
Hutson, Hannah Maria dob c.1888
Huttley, Eliza dob c.1886
Hutton, Mary Catherine dob c.1900
Hyland, Alfred Joseph dob c.1882
Ibbott, Stanley Gilbert dob c.1895
Ikin, Henrietta dob c.1862
Imber, Esther Susannah dob c.1862
Ims, William Charles Victor dob c.1865
Inman, Fanny dob c.1874
Innes, Mary Louisa Isabel dob c.1863
Innes, Teresa dob c.1885
Irvine, Jane dob c.1855
Jackson, Arthur Albert dob c.1863
Jackson, Ellen dob c.1858
Jackson, Robert dob c.1901
Jacobs, Sarah Ann Alice dob c.1866
Jacobson, Henry dob c.1875
Jacobson, Myrtle dob c.1895
Jacobson, Robert dob c.1913
James, Christina Edith dob c.1884
James, Ena Jessie Eileen dob c.1910
James, Jessie Malvina dob c.1861
James, John Henry dob c.1904
James, Thomas dob c.1853
Jeeves, Mary Ann dob c.1868
Jeffrey, Edward dob c.1850
Jocelyne, Emily Ella dob c.1868
Johnson, Edward dob c.1864
Johnson, Henry dob c.1922
Johnson, John Tasman dob c.1861
Johnson, Minnie Harriet dob c.1865
Johnson, Robert Joseph dob c.1850
Johnston, Arthur Ernest dob c.1883
Johnston, Clara dob c.1851
Johnston, Herbert dob c.1880
Johnston, Isabella dob c.1841
Johnston, Montrose dob c.1893
Johnstone, James Lindsay dob c.1879
Johnstone, Walter dob c.1868 (2 files)
Jones, Clara dob c.1858
Jones, Ernest Duncan dob c.1899
Jones, Fanny dob c.1887
Jones, Gilbert Bernard dob c.1897
Jones, Harold Esmond dob c.1910
Jones, Norman dob c.1892
Jones, William Thomas dob c.1866
Jordan, Frederick William dob c.1856
Jordan, Isabel dob c.1878
Jordison, Susannah Alice dob c.1906
Josephs, Ernest dob c.1903
Joyce, Frank dob c.1886
Jubb, Henry dob c.1902
Jubb, John dob c.1868
Katinakis, Elizabeth Scott dob c.1870
Kean, Mabel dob c.1872
Keane, Charles dob c.1887
Kearney, May dob c.1867
Keating, Galatia aka Keating, Galatea dob c.1869
Keating, James Francis dob c.1870
Keen, Lynda May dob c.1873
Keep, Alice Amelia dob c.1884
Kelly, Eva Elizabeth Wymond
Kelly, Henry dob c.1860
Kelly, Jane Agnes dob c.1897
Kelly, Matthew Patrick dob 8/6/1905
Kelly, Patrick John dob c.1901
Kelty, Lassie dob c.1880
Kennedy, John dob c.1869
Kenner, Mary Emily dob c.1852
Kerr, Maida dob c.1873
Kidd, Hubert dob c.1897
Killalea, Margaret dob c.1865
King, Arthur dob c.1881
King, John William dob c.1848 (2 files)
Kingschott, John William dob c.1857
Kingschott, Phyllis dob c.1914
Kingsmill, Edith dob c.1907
Kingston, Cissie dob c.1879
Kingston, Joseph Ephrum dob c.1866
Kirby, Cecil David dob c.1901
Kirby, Harold Arthur dob c.1873
Kirkland, James dob c.1880
Kline, Clarence Henry dob c.1906
Klye, Francis Reginald dob c.1919
Knight, Leslie dob c.1878
Knight, William Reginald dob c.1917 (2 files)
Knights, Edmund dob c.1873
Kube, Godfrey dob c.1870
Kyatt, Marjorie dob c.1903
Lacey, Thomas Leonard dob c.1900 (2 files)
Lambert, Edwin Myles dob c.1889
Langdale, Daisy dob c.1896
Langdon, Eliza dob c.1850
Langdon, James Henry dob c.1877
Lapham, Kate dob c.1886
Latham, Frederick dob c.1875
Lauder, Mary Agnes dob c.1875
Lawson, Katherine Alaconge aka Lawson, Catherine dob c.1864
Lawson, Wilhemina aka Lowson, Wilhemina dob c.1869
Leach, Norman William dob c.1903
Lee, Betty dob c.1937
Leith, Maria dob c.1863
Lemin, Ismay dob c.1911
Lillicrapp, Arthur George dob c.1890
Lincoln, Frederick dob c.1887
Lindus, Jane dob c.1879 (2 files)
Linton, Louisa dob c.1872
Lipscombe, Mary dob c.1873
Listener, Annie Elizabeth dob c.1872
Little, Daisy Isabel dob c.1891
Littlechild, John Elliott dob c.1873
Lockhart, Laura dob c.1873
Locket, Vera Mary dob c.1908
Lockett, William dob c.1861
Lodge, Albert John dob c.1888
Lohrey, Amelia dob c.1874
Lovatt, Anne dob c.1873
Lovell, Samuel dob c.1866
Lucas, Adam William dob c.1860
Luttrell, Richard dob c.1875
Lutwych, Lurline dob c.1896
Lynch, Matthew Thomas dob c.1863
Lyons, John William Francis dob c.1846
McAllister, Mary Ann dob c.1865
McCall, Colin Oscar dob c.1918
McCall, George dob c.1868
McCallum, Gladys dob c.1901
McCann, Mary dob c.1861
McCormick, Elizabeth dob c.1869
McDougall, David Anderson dob c.1861
McDowell, Millie dob c.1877
McEwan, Gordon dob c.1909
McEwan, Ronald James dob aka McEwan, Ronald John c.1895 (2 files)
McGann, Christopher Stephen dob c.1855
McGarry, William Oliver dob c.1903
McGeaver, Mary dob c.1887
McGee, Frances Mercia dob c.1902
McGinty, Kate dob c.1866
McGuffie, Douglas Aston dob c.1908
McGuiness, William Thomas dob c.1859
McHugh, Ivy Louisa dob c.1891
McKay, Cyril Algy Cameron dob c.1903
Mackerell, John dob c.1870
MacKersy, Lindsay dob c.1867
McKibben, Joseph dob c.1852
Mackie, Ethel dob c.1878
McLean, Lillian dob c.1882
McLean, Margaret and McLean, Robert
McLeod, Douglas dobc .1906
McLeod, John Neal dob c.1892 (2 files)
McManus, Charles dob c.1895
MacMichael, John Cecil dob c.1882
MacMichael, John Gatehouse dob c.1918
McNamara, John dob c.1868
McNeill, Martha dob c.1870
McQueeney, Rosina
McRae, Christopher dob c.1854
McSweeney, Kate dob c.1839
McWalker, Robert dob c.1867
Maddock, George dob c.1864
Mahoney, Margaret dob c.1867
Mahoney, Patrick dob c.1888
Maingay, Roy
Mainwaring, Byron dob c.1876
Malkin, Charles Alfred Ernest dob c.1879 (2 files)
Mallett, Mary Anne dob c.1854
Maloney, Mary Ellen dob c.1873
Mangan, Patrick
Manion, Allan dob c.1895
Manning, Alice dob c.1846
Mansell, Maud dob c.1879
Mansfield, John dob c.1850
Manson, George dob c.1901
Marino, Antonio dob c.1876
Markey, Bernard dob c.1860
Maroney, Ellen dob c.1872
Marsh, Elsie Winifred dob c.1871
Marsh, Emily Louisa dob c.1866
Marshall, James dob c.1904
Martin, Evelyn Blanche dob c.1874
Martin, Jessie dob c.1906
Mathews, Cora Winifred dob c.1910
Mathews, Walter Thomas James dob c.1872
Mathewson, Walter dob c.1871
Maxwell, George Edward dob c.1919
Mayson, Henry dob c.1862
Mawle, William dob c.1864
Medhurst, Albert dob c.1910
Medwin, Margaret Agnes dob c.1846
Merchant, William dob c.1858
Merrington, Mary dob c.1886
Michael, Hugh Alexander Dugald dob c.1911
Middleton, Amelia dob c.1876
Midson, Frederick Thomas dob c.1887
Mihan, Edith dob c.1883
Miley, Lilian dob c.1897
Millard, Mary Ann dob c.1859
Miller, Ellen dob c.1893
Miller, Jessie Anstice dob c.1863
Miller, Joseph dob c.1862
Miller, Lillian dob c.1892
Miller, Robert dob c.1868
Miller, Verdun John dob c.1916
Millington, William James dob c.1858
Milne, Adrian dob c.1916
Milton, James Alfred dob c.1896
Minns, Maud dob c.1873
Minty, Levi Jacob dob c.1863
Mitchell, Clara dob c.1953
Mitchell, James aka Mitchell, Thomas dob c.1839
Mitchell, Robert dob c.1882
Moate, Augusta Maria dob c.1868
Molloy, Elizabeth dob c.1866
Molloy, Stanley
Monfries, Nell Rhodes dob c.1905
Monti, Harry aka Monti, Hercules Anselm dob c.1878
Moodie, Arthur Thorp dob c.1909
Moore, Charles Philip dob c.1873
Moore, Eliza dob c.1873
Moore, Mary Patricia dob c.1919
Moore, Richard Frederick dob c.1913
Moore, Robert Joseph dob c.1874
Moran, May Mabel dob c.1887
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morley, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1856
Morrison, Andrew dob c.1888
Mortyn, Ruby Louise dob c.1882
Moss, Robert Isaac Reginald
Moth, George dob c.1844
Motton, Walter
Mulcahy, Rosie Bernard dob c.1885
Munday, Edmund dob c.1856
Mundy, Elvie dob c.1896
Munting, Hartley John dob c.1891
Murdoch, Douglas Stewart dob c.1867
Murnane, Edward dob c.1865
Murphy, Denis dob c.1830
Murphy, John Arthur dob c.1870
Murphy, Phlip Frederick dob c.1911
Murphy, Sarah Jane dob c.1856
Murrell, Jack Henry George dob 20/12/1911
Nation, William dob c.1900
Nelson, Charles dob c.1897
Nevin, Sarah Jane dob c.1876
New, Henry dob c.1840
Newitt, Isabel dob c.1884
Newton, Samuel Elkin dob c.1881
Nicholls, Sarah dob c.1848
Nichols, Mary Pearl dob c.1901
Norris, Ruby Eliza dob c.1886
North, Gordon Leslie dob c.1917
Nossiter, Charlotte
Noster, Henry dob c.1883
Nunn, Bertha Maud dob c.1891
Nunn, Mary dob c.1894
Oakes, John Harold William dob 12/9/1916
O'Brien, Bridget dob c.1831
O'Brien, Edward dob 1891
O'Brien, Katherine dob c.1860
O'Brien, Sarah Ann dob c.1865
O'Connell, John Patrick dob c.1908
O'Connor, John dob c.1859
O'Grady, Alice Eliza dob c.1888
O'Keefe, Richard dob c.1879
Oliver, Jack dob c.1908
Oliver, James Henry dob c.1898
Ollington, Albert Peter dob c.1967
Olson, Hilda dob c.1864
Ormerod, Eliza Faith Mahala dob c.1899
O'Rourke, Jack dob c.1903
O'Rourke, James Francis dob c.1874
Osborne, Charlotte dob c.1861
Overell, Harriett dob c.1862
Owen, Cecil William dob c.1896
Owen, Lora dob c.1872
Oxley, Thomas Reynold dob c.1883
Pacey, Albert Lessen dob c.1893
Paige, Ransler Brinton dob c.1897
Palmer, Harriet Ethel dob c.1878
Panton, Percy James dob c.1880
Parker, Henry dob c.1849
Parker, Sarah Jane dob c.1856 (2 files)
Parkinson, Thomas Henry David dob c.1882
Parsons, Frederick
Parsons, John dob c.1857
Partridge, Marjorie dob c.1914
Patience, William dob c.1851
Patmore, Mary dob c.1897
Paton, Colin Alexander dob c.1926
Paul, John dob c.1866
Payne, John Wollard dob c.1853
Payne, Winsome dob c.1922
Pearce, John dob c.1864
Pearce, Richard dob c.1885
Pearce, William dob c.1866
Pearsall, George dob c.1854
Pearson, John Henry dob c.1855
Pearton, Martha dob c.1892
Peck, Cecelia dob 1867
Peck, Clara dob c.1891
Peebles, William dob c.1889
Perkins, John Edward
Perkins, Roger dob c.1913
Peters, Edith Maud dob c.1875
Peters, Martha E. dob c.1859
Pettman, Muriel Grace dob c.1876
Phillips, Caroline dob c.1876
Phillips, Henry Guy dob c.1883
Phillips, Joanna dob c.1907
Phillips, Thomas William
Pidgeon, Jane dob c.1841
Piesse, Ernest George dob c.1865
Pike, Alexander Martin dob c.1915
Pillinger, Charles dob c.1872 (2 files)
Pinfold, Raymond William dob c.1881
Pink, Beatrice Evelyn dob c.1882
Ploughman, Lily May dob c.1894
Plunkett, Martha dob c.1832
Plunkett, Thomas Clifton dob c.1894
Plymsell, Mary aka Welsh, Mary dob c.1854
Poole, Isaac dob c.1890
Pople, Archibald Henry dob c.1873
Popowski, Bernard dob c.1890
Popowski, Francis George dob c.1876
Popowski, Winnie dob c.1852
Porteous, Adam dob c.1861
Potter, Miriam Maida dob c.1874
Powell, John dob c.1857
Power, Mary dob c.1886
Pratt, Arthur William
Pratt, Frances Eleanor dob c.1879
Preece, Alfred dob c.1881
Preece, Alfred James dob c.1879
Pretty, Louisa Ann dob c.1864
Price, Henry dob c.1898
Price, John dob c.1843
Pross, Emma dob c.1885
Pross, James dob c.1901
Pross, Zilda dob c.1904
Pryor, Winsome Isobel dob c.1902
Punshon, James Jasper dob c.1886
Purse, Annie Emma Elizabeth dob c.1900
Pursell, Ross Edward Charles dob c.1918
Purton, Louisa dob c.1895
Pye, James dob c.1862
Quaile, Robert dob c.1858
Radford, Bert dob c.1885
Radin, Mary dob c.1873
Rafton, Eleanor dob c.1872
Rainbird, Beatrice dob c.1896
Rainbird, Frederick dob c.1910
Rait, Douglas dob c.1904
Ranger, Walter dob c.1901
Rattray, David Walter dob c.1871
Raynor, Lucy dob c.1875
Reader, Edwin dob c.1922
Ready, John dob c.1873
Reed, Albert Ernest dob c.1875
Reeve, Ida May dob c.1885
Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884 (2 files)
Reid, Marion Frances dob c.1869
Reid, Pearl dob c.1898
Reilly, Annie dob c.1880 (2 files)
Revell, Arnold dob c.1889
Reynolds, George dob c.1905
Rhodes, Mary dob c.1857
Richards, Edward dob c.1873
Richards, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1874
Richards, Wesley dob c.1903
Richardson, Albert Edward dob c.1869
Richardson, Frances Maud dob c.1849
Richardson, George William dob c.1859
Richardson, James dob c.1866
Richardson, Michael dob c.1833
Ridgers, Maria Lucy dob c.1862
Ridley, Hubert dob c.1915
Rigby, Eliza dob c.1875
Rigby, James dob c.1884
Riley, Annie Cecily dob c.1874
Riley, Colin dob c.1878
Rimon, William James dob c.1860
Riva, Frederick dob c.1864
Roberts, Frederick dob c.1914
Roberts, Thomas Isaac dob c.1843
Roberts, Walter Ernest dob c.1885
Robertson, Alexander dob c.1907
Robertson, Benjamin Lawes dob c.1855
Robins, Charles Frederick dob c.1881
Robinson, Charles David dob c.1874
Robson, Janet dob c.1846
Rock, Clara dob c.1888
Rock, Hubert John Samuel dob c.1899
Rodda, Thomas dob c.1843
Rodgers, John dob c.1869 (2 files)
Rogers, Charles dob c.1903
Rose, Anne
Rosier, Catherine dob c.1881
Roughley, Clifton dob c.1906
Rowe, Thomas Benjamin dob c.1906
Rowe, Zilda Marion dob c.1896
Royle, John Henry dob c.1911
Rubenach, Arthur Tasman dob c.1914
Rubenstein, Bernard dob c.1909
Rudd, Keith Albert dob c.1906
Ruddock, John dob c.1860
Rudge, Deborah dob c.1851
Rumney, Ellen Violet dob c.1913
Rundell, Agnes dob c.1845
Rutherford, Cyril dob c.1902
Ryan, Dennis dob c.1861
Ryan, Lawrence dob c.1856
Ryan, Tasman Lewis dob c.1892
Salisbury, Thomas dob c.1827
Sargison, Harry James dob c.1864
Savage, Richard dob 1892
Saxsmith, George dob c.1836
Scanlon, Charles dob c.1915
Schell, Ernest Edward dob c.1869
Schmigatz, Martin dob c.1882
Schott, Henry dob c.1859
Schwan, Mabel Mary dob c.1886
Scollick, George Samuel dob c.1886
Scott, Robert dob c.1829
Scott, Robert dob c.1869
Scott, William dob c.1871
Scully, Francis Henry aka Sculls, Francis Henry dob c.1862
Scurrah, Sarah Ann dob c.1862
Seabourne, Annie dob c.1856
Seager, Kate dob c.1850
Selary, Charles Patrick dob c.1869
Selby, Amelia dob c.1857
Selby, George dob c.1879
Selby, William dob c.1881
Senior, Doris aka Senior, Daisy dob c.1890
Shackcloth, Phyllis dob c.1904
Shanahan, Veronica Mary dob c.1903
Shanley, Francis John dob c.1907
Shanley, William dob c.1867
Shaw, Allen Silvester dob c.1923
Shaw, William Andrew dob c.1899
Sheehan, Edward
Sheehan, Kate aka Sheehan, Caroline aka Sheehan, Kathleen dob c.1887
Shelton, William Edward dob c.1861
Shepherd, Charles William dob c.1884
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, Percy Alexander (file empty)
Sherrin, Jack dob c.1916
Sherwood, Sarah dob c.1881
Shipphird, Bradley
Shipton, John dob c.1812
Shirley, Henry dob c.1862 (2 files)
Shoobridge, Sarah Charlotte dob c.1876
Short, Michael dob c.1832
Short, William dob c.1848
Sims, Agnes Laura dob c.1858
Simmonds, Arthur dob c.1878
Simmons, Leslie dob c.1873
Simmons, Sarah dob c.1860
Singline, Emma
Signline, William dob c.1882
Skinner, Edward Moreland
Slater, Walter dob c.1874
Slattery, James dob c.1866
Sly, Amy dob c.1860
Smaley, William dob c.1825
Smith, Alexander dob c.1827
Smith, Andrew dob c.1859
Smith, Bridget dob c.1876
Smith, Charles dob c.1846
Smith, Charles dob c.1867
Smith, Charles Edward dob c.1863
Smith, Charles Ernest dob c.1903
Smith, Edward dob c.1818
Smith, Francis dob c.1858
Smith, Frederick Joseph dob c.1894
Smith, George dob c.1887
Smith, Harry Warnock dob c.1877
Smith, James dob c.1868 (4 files)
Smith, James Robert dob c.1847
Smith, James Thomas dob c.1844
Smith, John dob c.1883
Smith, Minnie dob c.1882
Smith, Muriel Josephine dob c.1919
Smith, Phillip Owen dob c.1885
Smith, Robert dob c.1872
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1859
Smith, Robert Henry
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1864
Smith, Thomas dob c.1864
Smith, Vernon Vinson dob c.1908
Smith, Walter John dob c.1906
Smith, William dob c.1858
Smith, William Ernest dob c.1859
Smythe, William Biggs dob c.1856
Snelling, Percy dob c.1875
Solomon, Harold dob c.1872
Solomon, Thomas
Soon, Quong dob c.1854
Southey, Mabel dob c.1879
Spaulding, Gordon dob c.1925
Spence, Adam dob c.1869
Spencer, William aka Spencer, Cornelius William dob c.1889
Spicer, George dob c.1865
Spotswood, John dob c.1853
Spotswood, Lucy dob c.1865
Spronk, Amelia dob c.1854
Sproule, Virginia Margaret dob c.1901
Stabb, Minnie dob c.1881
Stable, John dob c.1864
Stacey, Joseph Robert dob c.1868
Stanfield, Mabel Florence dob c.1868 (2 files)
Stanley, Joan dob c.1842
Staples, William dob c.1871
Steadman, Alexander
Steel, George dob c.1853
Stephens, Edward William dob c.1840
Stephens, Francis Seymour see also Stevens, Francis Seymour
Stephens, Mary Esther dob c.1871
Stephens, Millicent Anna dob c.1870
Stephens, William dob c.1879
Stephenson, Elsie May dob c.1869
Stephenson, James Morrison
Stephenson, Louisa dob c.1863
Stephenson, Thomas Alfred dob c.1866 (includes copy of King Island Record)
Sterling, James aka Steward, James dob c.1874
Stevens, Francis Seymour see also Stephens, Francis Seymour dob c.1859
Stewart, Doris Ethel dob c.1898
Stewart, John dob c.1876
Stewart, John dob c.1868
Stewart, Mona Ivy dob c.1913
Stewart, William dob c.1850
Stewart, William Cormack dob c.1864
Stockdale, Godfrey dob c.1859
Stocks, Jean Mary dob c.1922
Stokell, Herbert dob c.1865
Stokell, John dob c.1858
Stone, James dob c.1883
Stone, Marjorie Lola dob c.1903
Stops, Charles Robert dob c.1876
Strahan, John dob c.1869
Strutt, Mary Emmeline dob c.1877
Stubbings, John Alfred dob c.1867 (2 files)
Stubbs, Colin Wilfred dob c.1915
Stubbs, Henry Joseph dob c.1913
Sullivan, Edward dob c.1863
Sullivan, James dob c.1877
Sullivan, Mary dob c.1892
Sullivan, Michael dob c.1861
Sullivan, Roy Michael dob c.1899
Sullivan, William dob c.1863
Sullivan, William Augustus dob c.1859
Sutcliffe, Saunderson dob c.1843
Sutcliffe, Stewart dob c.1893
Sutor, George dob c.1847
Swan, Charles Henry dob c.1868
Swan, Tasman dob c.1867
Sweeney, Anthony dob c.1871
Sweeney, Daniel dob c.1850
Sweeney, Royal Herbert dob c.1903
Swift, Jane dob c.1863
Sykes, Agnes Helen dob c.1869
Sykes, Margaret dob c.1867
Sylvester, Henry dob c.1884
Symons, Charles dob c.1915
Tait, Andrew dob c.1856
Tapping, Annie Constance dob c.1882
Targett, Ruth dob c.1902
Taylor, Annie dob c.1859
Taylor, Henrietta Phillipa
Taylor, Isaac Arthur dob c.1877
Taylor, Kenlis dob c.1888
Taylor, Muriel dob c.1897
Taylor, Samuel Thomas dob c.1865
Telford, Phyllis Edna dob c.1908
Tennant, Alfred J dob c.1875
Terry, Leonard Malcolm aka Terry, Malcolm Leonard dob c.1897
Terry, Winston Simmons dob c.1849
Tevelin, Ernest O'Brien dob c.1878
Tevelin, Linda Isobel dob c.1880
Thacker, Harold Richard dob c.1866
Thickens, Jennie dob c.1888
Thomas, Amy May dob c.1884
Thomas, Arnold dob c.1867
Thomas, Ivy dob c.1922
Thomas, Sloane dob c.1874
Thompson, George dob c.1861 (2 files)
Thompson, Hugh dob c.1859
Thompson, Kate dob c.1878
Thompson, Martha Alice May dob c.1902
Thompson, William dob c.1857
Thorpe, George dob c.1867
Thurstun, Ernest dob c.1879
Tibbs, Dorothy Margaret dob c.1898
Tinter, Ruth Beatrice dob c.1894
Tipton, Osborne dob c.1883
Tollard, Sarah Maria dob c.1856
Tomlinson, Henry dob c.1854
Toner, Edward Thomas dob c.1875
Tonks, Emily Elizabeth dob c.1868
Towell, Alfred William Jeffrey dob c.1869
Trappes, Florence dob c.1864
Trebilcock, William Foster dob c.1885
Tribolet, Leopold dob c.1872
Triffitt, Henry Edward William Benjamin dob c.1883
Triffitt, John dob c.1888
Triffitt, Nellie Melba dob c.1902
Turnbull, Euphemia dob c.1856
Turner, Emily M. dob c.1904
Turner, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1865
Turner, Vera Louise dob c.1890
Tynan, John Thomas dob c.1854
Underwood, Ruby Blanche dob c.1898
Upcher, Alice dob c.1875 (2 files)
Upston, Charles Arthur dob c.1886
Upton, Catherine dob c.1839
Upton, Charles Jones
Upton, David Joseph dob c.1908
Vant, William dob c.1852
Vautin, May Malvina dob c.1874
Vincent, Charles dob c.1884
Vincent, Doreen
Viney, Harry Llewellyn dob c.1882
Vollprecht, Isabella Minna dob c.1914
Voss, Nina Blanche dob c.1914
Waddington, Emma dob c.1879
Wade, Joseph dob c.1839
Wade, William Coulson dob c.1884
Wagner, Walter dob c.1881
Wakeham, Carma Field dob c.1911
Walker, Claude Wilfred dob c.1925
Walker, William George dob c.1867
Walker, Winifred Esther Margaret dob c.1871
Wallace, George Francis dob c.1880
Wallace, Alice dob c.1875
Wallace, Hannah
Walpole, Isobel dob c.1884
Walsh, Agnes dob c.1852
Walsh, Marie dob c.1858
Walsh, Mildred Mary dob c.1893
Walsh, Richard James dob c.1881
Walshe, Guy Musgrave dob c.1876
Walters, Henrietta dob c.1873
Walters, Henry dob c.1872
Walters, Sarah Jane dob c.1847
Ward, Alice Margaret dob c.1879
Ward, Gladys Maud dob c.1898
Ward, Harold Stanley dob c.1920
Ware, Lilian dob c.1882
Waterhouse, Gladys Ethel dob c.1908
Waters, Edward dob c.1870
Watts, James William dob c.1871 (2 files)
Webb, George Henry dob c.1872
Webb, Hannah dob c.1855
Weeding, Colin John aka Weeding, John Colin dob c.1881
Weeding, Daphne Doris dob c.1909
Weeding, George dob c.1865
Weetman, Paul dob c.1855
Wells, Frances Ella dob c.1907
Wells, Jack dob c.1914
Wescombe, William Henry dob c.1913
Wesley, Mary Elisabeth dob c.1874
Wessing, Doris dob c.1901
West, Alma Lily dob c.1890 (2 files)
Westbrook, Amy dob c.1857
Westbrook, Charlotte dob c.1870
Westell, Ellen dob c.1858
Westgarth, Edward dob 16/10/1957
Wettenhall, Gwen dob c.1877
Whittaker, Basil James dob c.1915
Whitchurch, Esther Harriett dob c.1873
Whitcombe, William John dob c.1906
White, Ellen dob c.1915
White, Emma dob c.1881
White, Lydia Elsie dob c.1894
White, Sheila Campbell dob c.1921
White, Thomas dob c.1886
Whiteway, Henry dob c.1864
Wigan, Harold Mortimer dob c.1904
Wignall, Hannah Jenings dob c.1856
Wilde, Mabel dob c.1885
Wilkinson, Florence dob c.1865
Wilks, Sarah ellen dob c.1861
Willett, Daisy elizabeth dob c.1888
Williams, Albert dob c.1897
Williams, Alfred dob c.1866
Williams, Alice dob c.1873
Williams, Elizabeth Ann dob c.1855
Williams, Eric Ingersoll dob c.1885
Williams, George Henry dob c.1869
Williams, Jane dob c.1887
Williams, Joseph dob c.1879
Williams, Lydia dob c.1841
Williams, Maria Jane dob c.1887
Williams, Mary dob c.1879
Williams, Walter dob 1885
Williams, William dob c.1866
Williams, William Archibald dob c.1854
Williams, William Henry dob c.1890
Williams, William Oliver Henry dob c.1905
Willing, Reginald dob c.1915
Wilson, Annie dob c.1862
Wilson, George dob c.1864
Wilson, Gladys dob c.1905
Wilson, Keith dob c.1909
Wilson, Laurie dob c.1889
Wilson, Lilian dob c.1889
Wilson, Mary Mavis dob c.1908
Wiltshire, Thomas Abraham dob c.1882
Winch, Horace Keith dob c.1918
Windred, Walter dob c.1862
Windsor, Eric Gilbert dob c.1907
Winne, John dob c.1854
Winters, Alfred James dob c.1896
Wise, Mary Lloyd dob c.1859
Wise, Theophilus William Paul dob c.1869
Witzerman, Robert aka Witzeman, Robert dob c.1852
Wood, Ann Jean Christian dob c.1878
Wood, Louis dob c.1862
Wood, William Thomas dob c.1884
Woods, Frederick H (file empty)
Woods, Henry Frederick dob c.1894
Woods, James dob c.1867
Woods, Janet dob c.1887
Woods, John Henry dob c.1912
Woodwarth, Mary dob c.1907
Woolford, Athene Agnes dob c.1902
Worsley, Susan dob c.1867
Wrathall, Eva Jeanette dob c.1881 (2 files)
Wright, Adelaide Bertha dob c.1878
Wright, Amy Amelia Mabel dob c.1883
Wright, Lilian Cecile Maude dob c.1898
Yates, Ernest dob c.1866
Yaxley, George dob c.1859
Yea, Ah dob c.1830
Yeates, Kate dob c.1832
Yeoland, Fanny Sheldon dob c.1851
York, Mary dob c.1831
York, Thomas James dob c.1895
York, William Thomas dob c.1881
Youd, Charlotte dob c.1862
Young, Ah dob c.1850
Young, Catherine Ann dob 1871
Young, Elsie Elizabeth dob c.
Young, Emily dob c.1876
Young, Gordon dob c.1905
Young, Minnie aka Young, Minna dob c.1883 (2 files)
Young, Thomas dob c.1880
Yuck, Lee dob c.1877
Zelley, Benjamin dob c.1858
Zelly, Daisy
Smith, William (prisoner)
Anderson, Andrew Theodore dob c.1851
McBrady, Charles dob c.1906
Moore, Samuel Gordon dob c.1894
Viney, Leah Jessie dob c.1918
DUGGAN, Daniel