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Patient Records - Admission Papers.
Series Number:
Restricted 75 Years (E75)
Start Date:
04 Feb 1843
End Date:
27 Nov 1964
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 182730 Nov 2000
Related Series:
HSD284 Patient Files.05 Jul 185723 Dec 1993

HSD288 Patient Records - Card Index to Patient Files.01 Jan 189431 Dec 1965
How to Use:
Consignment 1 and 2 are open and the contents of consignment 3 will become progressively available from 2007 until 2059.

Digital images of the items in CONSIGNMENT 1 AND 2 AND 4 are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

Items in CONSIGNMENT 3 are on restricted access microfilm until 2059. Please consult a staff member to obtain a copy of an open access file from this particular consignment.
Series notes:
Justices orders and medical certificates concerning the admission of patients. Occasional correspondence and clinical summaries. After c.1890 most forms were placed on patient files (see HSD 284). There may be more than one admission for a given person an some papers are for admission to other institutions of patients subsequently transferred to New Norfolk.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Alphabetical in 3 sequences. (Most 'T', all 'U', 'V' or 'Y' from consignment 1 are to be found in consignment 2.)

Abel, John Bartell Freeman dob c.1825
Abel, John Bartell Freeman dob c.1825
Abrahams, Charles dob c.1865
Ah, Ling
Adcock, Arthur dob c.1866
Ah, Thoe
Alderton, John dob c.1872
Aldred, Alice dob c.1857
Agnew, Robert
Alexander, Thomas Edward dob c.1887
Allanby, William dob c.1834
Allen, Alfred Australia dob c.1851
Allen, Cecil Nesbit dob c.1885
Allen, Herbert Percy dob c.1863
Allen, Herbert Percy dob c.1863
Allen, Joseph dob c.1887
Allomes, Arthur Robert John dob c.1885
Allomes, Arthur Robert aka Alomes, Arthur Robert dob c.1865
Amos, Ann dob c.1859
Amos, Annie dob c.1861
Amos, Thomas dob c.1889
Anderson, Edwin Lawrence dob c.1901
Anderson, George dob c.1861
Anderson, George Hill dob c.1842
Anderson, Henric
Anderson, Mary dob c.1863
Anderson, Samuel dob c.1860
Anderton, George dob c.1871
Andrews, Alexander dob c.1862
Andrews, John William dob c.1864
Andrews, William John Flint dob c.1864
Andrews, William John Flintham dob c.1864
Angus, Euphemia
Ansell, Herbert Abraham dob c.1878
Aram, Arthur John Thomas dob c.1883
Archer, Amy dob c.1869
Archer, John dob c.1880
Archer, John dob c.1878
Arhenius, Emil Gottfried dob c.1872
Armstrong, Charles dob c.1871
Armstrong, Charles dob c.1867
Armstrong, Charles dob c.1869
Armstrong, Hamilton dob c.1844
Armstrong, Winifred Louise Lydia dob c.1883
Arnold, Elsie May dob c.1881
Arnold, Levi Ballam dob c.1862
Atkins, Caroline Jane Isobel dob c.1855
Atkinson, Elsie Alma dob c.1881
Atkinson, Lillian Emily dob c.1894
Atkinson, Thomas Irvine
Avery, Annie Florence dob c.1887
Ayers, James dob c.1854
Bacon, Dennis dob c.1837
Bacon, Dennis dob c.1837
Bacon, Randolph dob c.1858
Bailey, Clara aka Martin, Clara dob c.1849
Bailey, Elizabeth dob c.1865
Bailey, Elizabeth dob c.1866
Bailey, Reginald dob c.1900
Bailey, Robert dob c.1887
Bailey, Robert Henry dob c.1883
Bailey, Susan dob c.1879
Bailey, Sarah dob c.1817
Bain, Daniel
Baker, Catherine dob c.1834
Baker, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1848
Baker, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1848
Baker, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1848
Baker, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1848
Baker, George
Baker, John dob c.1849
Baker, John dob c.1851
Bakewell, Jane dob c.1809
Baldwin, Richard dob c.1813
Banks, Eliza dob c.1828
Banning, Eliza Davis dob c.1825
Bannister, Annie dob c.1881
Bannister, Maria dob c.1849
Bannister, Walter dob c.1905
Barber, Henry dob c.1822
Barker, Claude Pierepoint dob c.1871
Barker, Frank dob c.1830
Barker, Rolla de Molesworth dob c.1873
Barker, Thomas dob c.1868
Barkla, Charles
Barnard, Emma Charlotte dob c.1856
Barnard, Emma Charlotte dob c.1856
Barnes, George dob c.1838
Barnes, George dob c.1866
Barnes, John dob c.1805
Barnes, Joseph dob c.1825
Barnes, Millicent dob c.1854
Barnett, Elizabeth aka Edwards, Elizabeth dob c.1800
Barnett, James dob c.1786
Barnett, Joseph dob c.1800
Barrett, Edward dob c.1862
Barrett, John aka Barrett, Patrick dob c.1825
Barrett, Patrick aka Barrett, John dob c.1825
Barringer, Beatrice Maud dob c.1876
Barry, James
Barry, John dob c.1814
Barry, Patrick dob c.1862
Bartlett, Ann dob c.1808
Bartram, John dob c.1849
Barwick, Constance Louise dob c.1901
Barwick, Ellen aka Spencer, Ellen
Basford, William dob c.1815
Bastian, Mary
Bates, Sarah dob c.1855
Batten, Georgina dob c.1889
Batten, Theodore dob c.1849
Batty, William Alexander dob c.1853
Bayley, Ann Mary dob c.1833
Bayley, James Edmund dob c.1834
Bayley, Mary dob c.1813
Baylis, Margaret dob c.1867
Beale, Percy Henry dob c.1884
Beamish, Samuel dob c.1868
Beams, Rhoda dob c,1847
Bean, James dob c.1846
Beard, John (the younger) dob c.1880
Beard, William dob c.1818
Beaty, Mary dob c.1835
Beaufoy, Edward dob c.1865
Beaumont, Cecil dob c.1875
Beck, Eva dob c.1876
Beck, Joseph Thomas dob c.1862
Beddoes, John aka Beddow, John
Beddome, Addie dob c.1889
Beddome, Adeline Victoria dob c.1888
Beddow, John aka Beddoes, John dob c.1841
Bedenall, John dob c.1807
Belasco, Samuel dob c.1799
Belgrave, Elizabeth dob c.1855
Belbin, Mary Ann dob c.1858
Bell, Evan aka Bell, William dob c.1813
Bell, Evan aka Bell, William dob c.1813
Bell, George dob c.1886
Bell, Mary R. dob c.1864
Bell, Robert dob c.1852
Bell, Robert Kay dob c.1853
Bellette, Frederick James dob c.1889
Bellinger, William dob c.1882
Benjamin, Reuben dob c.1867
Bennett, Male (no forename) and Nevin, Male (no forename)
Bennett, Alfred John dob c.1860
Bennett, Alice dob c.1850
Bennett, Brian dob c.1779
Bennett, George
Bennett, John dob c.1819
Bennett, Samuel dob c.1819
Benson, Ellen dob c.1846
Bentley, Ann Eliza dob c.1862
Bentley, Laura dob c.1880
Berbeck, Ann dob c.1793
Berry, John dob c.1819
Best, Charles dob c.1888
Best, Charles dob c.1888
Best, John dob c.1881
Betts, William dob c.1860
Bevan, John dob c.1851
Beveridge, Elizabeth dob c.1851
Bevis, George dob c.1886
Bezzant, Percy dob c.1886
Biddelph, Emily Louisa dob c.1882
Biddle, Henry dob c.1848
Billiard, Mary dob c.1828
Billings, Mary Ann dob c.1854
Bingham, William dob c.1866
Bingham, William dob c.1866
Birch, Mary dob c.1841
Birchall, James dob c.1838
Birchall, James dob c.1838
Bird, Charles dob c.1879
Bird, Charles Matthew dob c.1879
Bird, Charles Matthew dob c.1879
Blackmore, Thomas dob c.1823
Blackmore, Elizabeth dob c.1848
Bird, Matthew Muir dob c.1882
Bird, Matthew Muir dob c.1882
Blackwell, Mary dob c.1852
Blackwell, Mary dob c.1852
Blackwell, Mary dob c.1852
Blades, James dob c.1872
Blakeney, Annie Jane dob c.1871
Bomford, Jane dob c.1855
Bomford, Jane dob c.1855
Bolton, Alfred dob c.1870
Boley, Mary dob c.1853
Boley, Mary dob c.1853
Blyth, Louisa dob c.1836
Bloomfield, Elizabeth May dob c.1890
Bleeze, Patrick dob c.1860
Blazely, Richard dob c.1884
Blakeney, John (name on microfilm is Richard Blakeney) dob c.1807
Booth, Sarah dob c.1831
Booth, Margaret dob c.1861
Booth, Margaret dob c.1861
Booth, John Frederick dob c.1842
Bonney, Albert James dob c.1887
Bone, James dob c.1852
Bone, Blanche Olive dob c.1882
Bond, Violet dob c.1881
Bond, Jane dob c.1849
Bond, Henry
Bowley, Jessie dob c.1871
Bowler, Adeline dob c.1879
Bowerman, Douglas dob c.1885
Bower, Sarah dob c.1862
Bowe, William Henry dob c.1855
Bowe, William Henry dob c.1855
Bowater, William dob c.1864
Bounday, Thomas dob c.1855
Boutless, Mary
Boulter, Margaret dob c.1894
Bracken, James dob c.1828
Bradburn, Henry dob c.1877
Boyd, David dob c.1863
Boyd, Alice dob c.1876
Bowtell, Mary
Bowtell, Ernest Charles John dob c.1884
Bowling, Rachel dob c.1872
Branagan, Mary dob c.1888
Bramich, Florence dob c.1882
Braithwaite, William Robert dob c.1867
Bradshaw, Joseph dob c.1832
Bradley, Richard dob c.1863
Bradley, Bridget aka Isaacs, Bridget dob c.1830
Bradden, William dob c.1801
Brasthead, Henry aka Brasted, Henry dob c.1817
Brasthead, Henry aka Brasted, Henry dob c.1817
Brannin, Mary
Bretnor, Elijah dob c.1815
Brennan, Joseph
Brennan, Henry dob c.1874
Brennan, Conradina dob c.1835
Breen, Clement aka Brean, Clement dob c.1842
Brean, Clement aka Brean, Clement dob c.1842
Bratt, Minnie dob c.1870
Bratt, Henry dob c.1868
Briant, Maria Deline dob c.1872
Briant, William dob c.1904
Bricknell, James dob c.1843
Bridley, William dob c.1836
Brierly, John
Brimfield, William dob c.1865
Brinckman, Charles Frederick dob c.1905
Britton, Alfred dob c.1861
Britton, John dob c.1789
Broadfield, William dob c.1847
Brodribb, Bertha dob c.1904
Brodribb, Gertrude dob c.1900
Bromage, Thomas dob c.1805
Bromfield, James Walter
Bromfield, John dob c.1848
Bromley, George dob c.1823
Brooker, Lydia Grace dob c.1892
Broughton, Cecelia dob c.1880
Brown, Ada (see also Browne, Ada) dob c.1866
Brown, Agnes dob c.1875
Brown, Arthur dob c.1902
Brown, Charles dob c.1845
Brown, Charlotte dob c.1857
Brown, Dora dob c.1870
Brown, Ethel Laura dob c.1882
Brown, Fanny dob c.1869
Brown, Flora Margaret dob c.1868
Brown, George dob c.1830
Brown, James
Brown, Jennie dob c.1887
Brown, John
Brown, John c.1818
Brown, Joseph dob c.1833
Brown, Mary dob c.1830
Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1840
Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1839
Brown, Ruby Elizabeth dob c.1890
Brown, Ruth dob c.1850
Brown, Sarah dob c.1861
Brown, Thomas dob c.1857
Browne, Ada Josephine (see also Brown, Ada) dob c.1867
Brownjohn, Jane Maria aka Welch, Jane Maria dob c.1822
Bruce, Isabella dob c.1843
Bruce, Keith dob c.1917
Brumby, Frederick dob c.1855
Brundle, Ann Jane dob c.1818
Bryan, Richard Butters dob c.1821
Bryant, Alfred dob c.1822
Bryant, Daniel dob c.1824
Bryant, William Thomas dob c.1870
Bryce, Jane dob c.1889
Buchanan, Hugh dob c.1868
Buck, Nicholas
Buckland, James dob c.1858
Budd, Cecilia dob c.1838
Budd, Jane dob c.1856
Bull, Charles (aka Ball, Charles) dob c.1795
Bumstead, Joseph aka Bumstead, William
Bean, William aka Been, William (document has the surname Bun written on it)
Burgess, Murray dob c.1851
Burke, Alice Agnes dob c.1845
Burke, Ann dob c.1826
Burke, Daisy dob c.1890
Burke, Ellen dob c.1889
Burke, John dob c.1871
Burke, Lillian dob c.1877
Burke, Martin dob c.1873
Burns, Alice dob c.1848
Burns, Bridget dob c.1814
Burns, Catherine aka Abbott, Catherine dob c.1832
Burns, James dob c.1842
Burns, Mary Eliza dob c.1865
Burns, Michael dob c.1828
Burns, Michael dob c.1828
Burns, Peter dob c.1849
Burns, William dob c.1847
Burr, Ethel Amelia dob c.1895
Burrowes, Elizabeth Emily dob c.1846
Burrowes, Francis William Gunn dob c.1870
Burrowes, William Townsend dob c.1846
Burrows, Charles dob c.1874
Burton, James dob c.1802
Burton, Venetia dob c.1879
Bush, David Watson dob c.1832
Bush, David Watson dob c.1832
Butcher, George
Butcher, William Henry dob c.1840
Butler, Catherine aka Poole, Catherine dob c.1830
Butler, Pierce John dob c.1894
Butt, Maria dob c.1847
Buxton, Susan dob c.1851
Byron, Martha dob c.1836
Byrne, Mary Agnes dob c.1884
Cadwallader, Annie dob c.1849
Cahill, Martin dob c.1863
Cairnes, William dob c.1802
Cairns, Robert dob c.1827
Calder, Catherine dob c.1815
Caldwell, Jane dob c.1844
Callaghan, Daniel dob c.1852
Callaghan, Denis dob c.1830
Callaghan, John dob c.1832
Callan, Daniel dob c.1854
Callan, Daniel dob c.1857
Calvert, Bernard dob c.1886
Calvert, John dob c.1864
Calvert, Samuel dob c.1799
Calvert, Samuel dob c.1799
Cameron, Alexander dob c.1843
Cameron, Hugh dob c.1819
Campbell, Jane dob c.1828
Campbell, John
Cannan, George dob c.1865
Cannon, Annie dob c.1873
Cansdell, Sydney Stuart dob c.1870
Cantwell, Charles dob c.1827
Carberry, James dob c.1862
Carberry, George Augustus dob c.1858
Carey, Patrick dob c.1840
Carlin, Joseph dob c.1841
Carline, Jane dob c.1846
Carrates, John dob c.1834
Carrigan, Michael
Carroll, Ann dob c.1863
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
Carroll, Patrick dob c.1865
Carpenter, Mary dob c.1888
Carsons, Elizabeth
Carsons, John dob c.1830
Carsons, Simon dob c.1780
Carter, Clara Elizabeth dob c.1861
Carter, George dob c.1805
Carter, George dob c.1805
Carter, George dob c.1835
Carter, Henry dob c.1818
Cartwright, Hilda Florence Mary dob c.1870
Hollings, Mr (admission form has surname Casey on front)
Casey, John (Private)
McCaffrey, Frances aka McCarthy, Frances (admission form has Cassey written on it)
Cassidy, John Charles dob c.1862
Cassidy, Thomas dob c.1898
Castles, Maria dob c.1871
Castley, Arthur Paulin dob c.1854
Castray, Harriett dob c.1854
Catlin, Anna Maria dob c.1841
Catlin, Edward Henry dob c.1880
Catlin, Elizabeth Louisa dob c.1878
Catline, Ann Maria dob c.1843
Cavanagh, Louisa dob c.1848
Cawthorn, Henry dob c,1840
Chace, Marion Letitia dob 6/5/1866
Chalk, Frances dob c.1926
Chamberlain, William Collett dob c.1864
Champion, John dob c.1863
Chandler, John dob c.1851
Chandler, Richard dob c.1839
Chandler, Margaret dob c.1864
Chandler, Selina dob c.1848
Chapman, Ann dob c.1824
Chapman, John dob c.1816
Chapman, Lewis aka Chapman, Luke dob c.1800
Chaplin, Lydia dob c.1874
Charles, Selina
Charlton, Henrietta Maria dob c.1868
Chatterton, Ellen aka Gaskoigne, Ellen dob c.1816
Chester, Joseph dob c.1821
Chester, Joseph dob c.1821
Chick, Ann dob c.1838
Chilcott, Charles dob c.1825
Chilcott, Jane dob c.1846
Chilcott, William dob c.1832
Church, Caroline aka Fennell, Caroline
Chin, Ah Chin dob c.1841
Chittam, John dob c.1856
Chong, Lung dob c.1866
Christie, David dob c.1868
Christmas, Martha dob c.1859
Chubb, Beatrice dob c.1884
Chubb, Beatrice dob c.1884
Chubb, George dob c.1879
Clancy, Patrick dob c.1865
Claridge, Jane dob c.1854
Clark, Alice dob c.1860
Clark, Charles dob c.1836
Clark, Emma dob c.1871
Clark, Emma Augusta dob c.1830
Clark, James dob c.1822
Clarke, Charles dob c.1832
Clarke, Martha dob c.1831
Clarke, Mary Ann aka Larby, Mary Ann dob c.1827
Clarke, Rose dob c.1816
Clarke, Rose dob c.1816
Clarke, Thomas dob c.1830
Clarke, Thomas dob c.1834
Clarkson, Harriet dob c.1873
Clay, Mary Ann dob c.1828
Clay, Mary Jane dob c.1885
Clayton, Grace dob c.1887
Clayton, Julia dob c.1851
Clayton, Sarah Jane (name of Sarah Jane Clapton written on front of admission form) dob 30/7/1865)
Cleary, Flora dob c.1832
Clayton, Sophia dob c.1830
Cleaver, Frederick
Cleaver, Mildred dob c.1880
Cleland, Harriet dob c.1845
Clephane, Andrew dob c.1832
Clerke, William dob c.1833
Clough [Cluff], Anne dob c.1824
Coad, Margaret dob c.1882
Coade, Helena Elizabeth dob c.1843
Cockerill, Alice Ellen dob c.1860
Cockerill, Alice dob c.1860
Cockerill, Robert dob c.1894
Coe, Elizabeth dob c.1859
Coggins, Thomas dob c.1808
Coghlan, James dob c.1834
Coker, John dob c.1844
Cole, Ann dob c.1819
Cole, Evelyn dob c.1863
Coleman, Bertha dob c.1867
Coleman, Matthew dob c.1831
Coles, Amy Louise dob c.1903
Colley, Edwin
Collier, Thomas dob c.1816
Collins, John dob c.1792
Collins, John dob c.1847
Collins, John c.1850
Collins, Robert dob c.1857
Collins, Robert dob c.1859
Collins, Robert dob c.1865
Collit, Thomas dob c.1808
Colquhoun, Archibald dob c.1839
Colquhoun, Elizabeth dob c.1866
Compton, Ralph
Conlan, Denis
Conlan, Denis dob c.1873
Conlan, Denis dob c.1873
Connel, Mary Violet dob c.c.1870
Connell, Bridget aka Donnolly, Bridget dob c.1830
Connell, Susanna dob c.1836
Connolly, John dob c.1820
Connor, Bridget dob c.1838
Connor, Bridget dob c.1838
Connor, Bridget dob c.1838
Connors, Bridget dob c.1838
Connors, Ellen dob c.1860
Connors, Ellen dob c.1860
Connors, Honora dob c.1859
Connors, Margaret
Contencin, Sarah Ann dob c.1837
Conway, Francis dob c.1800
Cook, Clara Grace dob c.1860
Cook, George dob c.1823
Cook, Henry dob c.1875
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Martha Anne
Cooley, Mary dob c.1813
Cooper, Catherine dob c.1815
Cooper, Eugenie dob c.1881
Cooper, James
Cooper, John
Cooper, John dob c.1834
Cooper, Joseph dob c.1824
Cooper, Joseph dob c.1862
Coote, George dob c.1825
Cope, George
Copplestone, Bridget dob c.1864
Corbett, Mabel dob c.1891
Corcoran, Bridget dob c.1835
Corcoran, John dob c.1832
Cornish, Dorothy Kathleen dob c.1900
Cornwall, Charles dob c.1871
Cosker, Algie dob c.1906
Cotterell, Joseph Thomas dob c.1853
Cotterell, Joseph Thomas dob c.1853
Cottrell, Maud dob c.1877
Couch, John
Coghlin, William dob c.1832
Cousins, Mary Ann dob c.1861
Cousins, Mary Anne dob c.1861
Coverdale, Julia dob c.1887
Coverdale, Julia Ellen dob c.1887
Coverdale, Julia Helen dob c.1887
Cowan, Caroline Rebecca dob c.1826
Cowie, David
Cowle, James dob c.1840
Cowling, Robert dob c.1834
Coy, Michael dob c.1827
Cox, Edward dob c.1843
Cox, Edward dob c.1843
Cox, Edward dob c.1843
Cox, Hubert dob c.1872
Cox, Jane Chambers dob c.1837
Cox, Sarah dob c.1858
Cox, Sarah dob c.1858
Cox, Sarah dob c.1858
Cracknell, Eva Jemima dob c.1882
Craige, Robert dob c.1854
Crampton, Mary
Creamer, Edward dob c.1802
Creely, Amelia dob c.1852
Crisp, Annie Elizabeth dob c.1849
Crocker, Frances dob c.1819
Crocker, Frances dob c.1819
Crocker, George dob c.1829
Crocker, Jane dob c.1863
Crockett, Joseph dob c.1855
Crombie, Grace Jane dob c.1839
Crombie, Grace Jane dob c.1839
Crompton, William dob c.1850
Cronan, Patrick dob c.1841
Cronin, Patrick dob c.1851
Cronin, Patrick dob c.1844
Cronley, Patrick dob c.1848
Cropingham, Elizabeth dob c.1849
Crossingham, Elizabeth dob c.1849 (admission form has name as Cropingham, Elizabeth on front)
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Catherine dob c.1840
Crosby, Emmeline Wallace dob c.1866
Cross, Mary dob c.1877
Crouch, Ralph aka Whitcomb, Ralph dob c.1896
Crow, Constance Maud dob c.1874
Crowley, Annie dob c.1843
Crump, Ann dob c.1832
Crump, Mary Ann dob c.1852
Crump, Matilda Ann dob c.1852
Crump, Thomas Henry dob c.1846
Cullen, Florence dob c.1885
Cummins, Catherine dob c.1837
Crutchley, Thomas dob c.1832
Cummins, Catherine dob c.1837
Cunningham, Mary dob c.1881
Cunningham, Owen
Cunningham, Patrick dob c.1815
Cunningham, Stella dob c.1893
Cunningham, Violet Agnes Elizabeth dob c.1896
Curran, Peter dob c.1881
Curran, Peter dob c.1836
Curtain, Ann dob c.1834
Curtis, Mary Ann dob c.1838
Curtis, William dob c.1873
Curtis, William dob c.1873
Cutts, Edward dob c.1845
Dable, Christina dob c.1868
Daley, Edward dob c.1870
Daley, John dob c.1823
Dalgleish, Olive dob c.1894
Dallas, Jessie dob c.1866
Dallaway, James dob c.1865
Dally, Susan dob c.1843
Dally, Susan dob c.1843
Dally, Thomas dob c.1850
Daltry, Thomas aka Doltry, Thomas dob c.1815
Danby, William Thomas dob c.1867
Daniels, William dob c.1852
Daniels, William dob c.1852
Daniels, William dob c.1852
Darby, Herbert Edwards dob c.1853
Darcey, Edward dob c.1858
Dargen, William dob c.1825
Darling, Frank dob c.1874
Darling, George Henry dob 24/5/1880
Darling, George Henry dob 24/5/1880
Darling, Marcella dob c.1879
Darrell, Edward dob c.1849
Davage, Stephen dob c.1825
Davey, Amy Alice dob c.1877
Davidson, Ann dob c.1836
Davidson, Thomas dob c.1835
Davies, Florence Mabel dob c.1876
Davis, Catherine dob c.1804
Davis, Edward aka Davis, Joseph dob c.1892
Davis, Elizabeth dob c.1873
Davis, Fanny dob c.1832
Davis, Florence Annie Maud dob c.1900
Davis, Isaac dob c.1916
Davis, Jane dob c.1873
Davis, John dob c.1812
Davis, John dob c.1863
Davis, Lewis dob c.1845
Davis, Louisa dob c.1859
Davis, Mark dob c.1818
Davy, Amy Alice dob c.1884
Dawkins, Henry dob c.1876
Dawson, Emily Annetta dob c.1890
Day, Daniel dob c.1790
Day, Louisa dob c.1859
Day, Martha dob c.1822
Deacon, Mary dob c.1851
Dean, Mary Garner
Dean, John dob c.1853
Dean, Mary Garner dob c.1827
Dear, William dob c.1815 (name on front of admission paper is Dean, William)
Dear, William dob c.1815
Dee, Margaret dob c.1861
Delaney, Mary Fanny dob c.1873
D'Emden, Henry James dob c.1827
Demeaux, John aka Dimmox, John dob c.1831
Denholm, Norman Elphinstone dob c.1898
Denman, Sarah Jane dob c.1854
Dennison, Leila dob c.1887
Dent, Frederick dob c.1860
Dent, Frederick dob c.1872
Dentith, Harriet dob c.1833
Dersehl, Ida dob c.1883
De Salis, Ida dob c.1882
Desmond, Susan dob c.1832
Devaney, Elizabeth dob c.1842
Devine, Michael dob c.1857
Dewis, Thomas dob c.1844
Dhu, Bridget dob c.1834
Dick, David dob c.1866
Dick, Kathleen Emily dob c.1887
Dickenson, Jane
Dicker, David dob c.1823
Dicker, David dob c.1824
Dickerson, Elizabeth dob c.1829
Dickson, Charles Henry dob c.1863
Dickson, Henry Charles c.1867
Dickson, Henry Charles dob c.1867
Dickson, Henry Charles dob c.1867
Dickson, Mary Caroline dob c.1864
Digney, William dob c.1831
Dillon, Edward dob c.1833
Dillon, Mary
Dillon, Richard dob c.1824
Dillworth, Frances dob c.1864
Din, Lodovico Del dob c.1886
Dinham, Jeanette dob c.1843
Dobson, Henry dob c.1872
Dobson, Isaac Henry Charles dob c.1912
Dobson, Mary Ann dob c.1854
Dodd, James dob c.1815
Dodge, Charlotte Annie dob c.1863
Dolan, Margaret dob c.1875
Donald, William dob c.1842
Donaldson, Alexander dob c.1892
Donnell, Rose dob c.1839
Donnelly, Catherine dob c.1871
Donnelly, Charles dob c.1845
Donnelly, Rose dob c.1828
Donnovan, Ellen aka Donovan, Ellen
Donovan, Ellen dob c.1838
Donovan, John
Dooley, Mary Josephine dob c.1895
Dooley, Mary Josephine dob c.1895
Dooley, Mary Josephine dob c.1895
Dooley, Michael dob c.1883
Doran, Alfred dob c.1857
Doran, Annie dob c.1879
Doran, Annie dob c.1879
Doran, Annie dob c.1879
Dore, Catherine dob c.1842
Doughty, Jane McGregor dob c.1826
Douglas, Selina dob c.1881
Dowding, Arthur Thomas dob c.1902
Dowding, Eric Thomas Kirby dob c.1904
Dowling, Edward dob c.1838
Dowling, Thomas dob c.1863
Downey, John Francis dob c.1871
Downie, Allan dob c.1887
Downie, Annie Eliza dob c.1860
Downie, Mary dob c.1856
Downing, Charles Ernest dob c.1850
Downing, Rachel dob c.1868
Downs, James dob c.1819
Doyle, Peter dob c.1803
Diago, Bridget dob c.1824
Drain, Mary Ann dob c.1804
Dransfield, James dob c.1874
Dransfield, Mary dob c.1860
Dray, Margaret dob c.1860
Drewery, Annie dob c.1863
Drewery, Annie dob c.1863
Driscoll, Daniel dob c.1818
Driscoll, Jean dob c.1858
Driscoll, Michael
Druce, Elizabeth aka Green, Elizabeth dob c.1823
Duffy, Thomas
Duffy, William dob c.1860
Duffy, William dob c.1860
Dugdale, Samuel dob c.1785
Duggan, Daniel dob c.1871
Duke, Henry Wilson dob c.1884
Duncan, John dob c.1821
Duncan, William James dob c.1853
Dunn, James
Dutton, Louisa dob c.1879
Dyer, Alexander dob c.1853
Dyre, James dob c.1844
Eager, Alice Maud dob c.1889
Eager, David dob c.1820
Eardley, Nathaniel dob c.1825
Earl, Charles aka Earle, Charles dob c.1864
Earl, Charles aka Earle, Charles dob c.1864
Earley, Margaret dob c.1851
Early, Mary Ann dob c.1834
Eberhardt, Beatrice dob c.1903
Eberle, Annie dob c.1871
Eberle, Annie Josephine dob c.1870
Eccersley, Mary Ann aka Mainwaring, Mary
Eckford, Conway Heatley Montgomery dob c.1863
Eckford, Edward James Simpson dob c.1852
Eckford, Edward James Simpson dob c.1852
Eckford, Edward James Simpson dob c.1852
Edgar, John Couper dob c.1858
Edgecock, Henry dob c.1885
Edgecumbe, Francis Osmond Clarence dob 6/7/1859
Edmunds, Elizabeth Marjory dob c.1851
Edwards, Edwin dob c.1824
Edwards, George aka Truth, Peter dob c.1824
Edwards, George aka Truth, Peter dob c.1824
Edwards, Isabella dob c.1863
Egginton, Thomas dob c.1817
Eland, Annie dob c.1861
Elbert, Agnes dob c.1876
Ell, John William dob c.1878
Elliott, Amos dob c.1880
Elliott, Amy Marion dob c.1874
Elliott, Amy Marion dob c.1874
Elliott, Amy Marion dob c.1874
Elliott, Catherine dob c.1846
Elliss, Elizabeth
Ellis, George dob 23/4/1834
Ellis, George dob 23/4/1834
Ellis, Grace dob c.1833
Ellis, Jacob dob c.1835
Elston, James dob c.1832
Elwell, Samuel dob c.1831
Emerson, Mary dob c.1862
Enman, William dob c.1894
Entwistle, Thomas dob c.1806
Esp, Amelia
Espie, Robert dob c.1826
Estherbrook, Emma dob c.1873
Etchells, Gordon dob c.1906
Evans, Anna dob c.1867
Evans, Edith dob c.1886
Evans, Edward Roose dob c.1868
Evans, Ephraim dob c.1850
Evans, Ephraim dob c.1850
Evans, Ida dob c.1881
Evans, John dob c.1833
Evans, Mary dob c.1848
Evenden, Margaret Flora Louisa dob c.1829
Everest, William dob c.1843
Everson, Frank dob c.1888
Everton, Allen dob c.1853
Everton, Allan Mace dob c.1853
Eves, James dob c.1902
Eyles, Rachel May dob c.1903
Falkinder, Charles Eric dob c.1907
Falkner, George dob c.1877
Fardell, Henry dob c.1852
Farmer, Michael Thomas
Farr, James dob c.1825
Farrell, Ann aka Tully, Ann dob c.1832
Farrell, James dob c.1847
Farrell, William dob c.1865
Farrell, William dob c.c.1874
Farrelly, Myles John dob c.1833
Faulkner, Henrietta dob c.1883
Fawcett, Fanny dob c.1866
Fawcett, Fanny dob c.1866
Fawcett, Fanny dob c.1866
Fawcett, Fanny dob c.1866
Fawcett, Fanny dob c.1866
Fawcett, Fanny aka Fawcett, Frances Ellen dob c.1866
Fawkner, Charles dob c.1861
Fawsitt, Edward Halkyard dob c.1851
Featherstone, Georgina Bessie dob c.1877
Fellows, Henry Frederick c.1895
Felton, George dob c.1881
Fennell, Emmaline dob c.1876
Fenton, Mary Adelaide dob 12/6/1879
Fenton, Mary Adelaide dob 12/6/1879
Fenwick, Maria dob c.1818
Ferguson, Andrew
Ferrar, Bassett Dixon dob c.1852
Ferris, William aka Pherris, William dob c.1812
Fessenmeyer, Christina dob c.1856
Fieldwick, Frederick dob c.1855
Finch, Joseph dob c.1859
Finch, Joseph dob c.1859
Finch, Thomas dob c.1817
Findlay, Isabella dob c.1862
Finnigan, Elsie Marie dob c.1876
Finney, John dob c.1822
Finney, Mary Hannah dob c.1848
Finney, Richard dob c.1850
Fisher, Charles dob c.1868
Fisher, Horace dob c.1881
Fisher, John dob c.1871
Fisher, Minnie dob c.1885
Fisher, Richard John dob c.1839
Fisher, Sarah dob c.1837
Fisher, Wilfred dob c.1893
Fisher, William dob c.1873
Fisher, William dob c.1873
Fisher, William dob c.1873
Fisher, William Henry dob c.1871
Fishwick, Richard dob c.1826
Fitzgerald, Erskine dob c.1884
Fitzgerald, Sarah c.1854
Fitzgibbon, Patrick dob c.1821
Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1865
Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1840
Fitzpatrick, Keeran (Private) dob c.1839
Fitzsimmons, Ann dob c.1808
Flanagan, Hannah dob c.1864
Flanagan, Hannah dob c.1864
Flanagan, Hannah dob c.1864
Flanagan, Mary dob c.1890
Flanagan, Mary dob c.1890
Flanders, John dob c.1906
Flanders, Marion Isobel dob c.1897
Flood, David dob c.1867
Florey, Joseph dob c.1823
Florey, Joseph dob c.1823
Florey, Joseph dob c.1823
Floyd, Charles dob c.1852
Floyd, Charles dob c.1852
Flynn, Mary dob c.1816
Fogarty, Catherine dob c.1882
Fogarty, Catherine dob c.1882
Fogarty, John dob c.1858
Fogarty, Lucy dob c.1870
Fogarty, Lucy dob c.1870
Fogarty, Victor dob c.1911
Foley, Jeremiah dob c.1825
Forbes, Alice Mary dob c.1893
Ford, Charles dob c.1868
Ford, Lily dob c.1884
Fosket, Catherine dob c.1850
Foster, C.A. (of Bagdad)
Foster, Emily dob c.1839
Foster, Fanny Adelaide dob c.1857
Fowler, George William
Fowler, Winnie dob c.1908
Fox, Bertha dob c.1867
Fox, Bridget dob c.1835
Fox, James
Fox, Marion dob c.1861
Foxton, Jane dob c.1841
Foy, Bridget dob c.1860
Foy, Francis dob c.1867
Franklin, Agnes dob c.1850
Franklin, Agnes dob c.1850
Franklin, James R. dob c.1883
Fraser, Donald dob c.1902
Fraser, George dob c.1800
Fraser, Jane dob c.1866
Frazer, James Robertson dob c.1837
Frazer, Margaret dob c.1832
Free, Mary Maria dob c.1837
Freeman, John dob c.1903
Freeman, Walter dob c.1884
French, Thomas dob c.1877
Freudenberg, Oswin dob c.1841
Fricker, Guy Maurice dob c.1886
Friese, William Frederick dob c.1896
Friend, Helena dob c.1846
Frost, Eliza
Fuller, Emma dob c.1855
Fuller, Mabel Emily dob c.1886
Fulton, Amy Beatrice Lilley dob c.1896
Furlonge, Isabel
Furnis, Clifford Charles dob c.1874
Gabbett, Rosannah dob c.1823
Gadsby, Albert dob c.1872
Galbraith, Neil dob c.1820
Gallagher, Felix dob c.1856 - part 1 (subsequent file HSD285/1/2956)
Galvin, Bessie Kathleen dob c.1896
Galvin, James dob c.c.1827
Galvin, Kate dob c.1857
Gamble, Mary dob c.1823
Gani, Abdul dob c.1868
Gard, Samuel dob c.1876
Gard, Samuel dob c.1876
Gardiner, William dob c.1830
Gardner, Edmund Cecil dob c.1874
Garland, William dob c.1847
Garland, William dob c.1847
Garlick, David Wood dob c.1834
Garlick, David dob c.1863
Garlick, David dob c.1859
Garlick, David dob c.1856
Garlick, David dob c.1860
Garlick, David dob c.1860
Garlick, David dob c.1860
Garlick, David dob c.1859
Garlick, John Henry dob c.1874
Garner, Robert dob c.1899
Garrott, Jessie dob c.1887
Gartside, Elizabeth dob c.1869
Garwood, Jeremiah dob c.1849
Garwood, Jeremiah dob c.1849
Gatehouse, Grace Jean dob c.1895
Gaul, Patrick dob c.1860
Gauthier, Jean Baptiste dob c.1817
Gavin, Henry John dob c.1908
Gavin, Henry John dob c.1908
Gavin, Henry John dob c.1908
Gavin, Henry John dob c.1908
Gavin, Margaret dob c.1880
Gaylor, Albert dob c.1873
Gaylor, Albert dob c.1873
Geappen, James dob c.1859
Geary, Thomas dob c.1821
Gee, Bertie Wickham dob c.1870
Gee, Charles James dob c.1869
Gee, Sarah Ann dob c.1835
Gee, Selby Hughes dob c.1880
Geeves, Coralie Muriel dob c.1887
Geiss, Ebenezer dob c.1808
Gellibrand, George Henry dob c.1858
Gellie, Philip dob c.1838
George, Norman dob c.1890
Georgeson, James dob c.1854
Gersten, Gustavus dob c.1821
Gibson, David dob c.1842
Gibson, Elizabeth dob c.1832
Gibson, Mary dob c.1823
Gibson, Robert dob c.1878
Gilbert, Esther
Gilbert, Leslie John dob c.1860
Gilbert, Philip dob c.1832
Gilbert, Philip dob c.1832
Gilchrist, Constance dob c.1872
Giles, Amelia dob c.1830
Giles, Tasman Henry dob c.1883
Giles, Tasman Henry dob c.1883
Gill, Katherine dob c.1849
Gillespie, Jean dob c.1874
Gillespie, Jean dob c.1874
Gladstone, Simon
Glasson, Samuel dob c.1810
Gleeson, James dob c.1863
Gleeson, James dob c.1863
Glock, Lawrence M. dob c.1894
Glover, Adelaide dob c.1833
Glover, Charles A. dob c.1821
Glover, Hester dob c.1860
Glozier, George dob c.1857
Goddard, George dob c.1826
Golden, James dob c.1862
Golding, Sarah dob c.1864
Gong, Albert Chung dob c.1898
Gonsalves, Wilton dob c.1870
Good, Annie dob c.1862
Good, Annie dob c.1862
Good, Annie dob c.1862
Good, Henry dob c.1862
Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
Good, Margaret Harriet dob c.1858
Good, Margaret Harriet dob c.1858
Good, Margaret Harriet dob c.1858
Good, Margaret Harriet dob c.1858
Good, Samuel S. dob c.c.1885
Goodman, James dob c.1852
Goodman, Joseph dob c.1879
Goodrick, George dob c.1858
Goodwin, George Gunn dob c.1820
Goon, Hen dob c.1850
Goon, Lock dob c.1869
Gordon, Ellen dob c.1836
Gordon, Ellen dob c.1836
Gorringe, Johanna
Goscombe, Ronald dob c.1892
Gould, Albert Richard dob c.1883
Gould, Archibald J. dob c.1869
Gould, Archibald J. dob c.1869
Goulding, Annie dob c.1855
Gow, James dob c.1856
Graham, Christina dob c.1862
Graham, Christina dob c.1862
Graham, Marion dob c.1857
Grahame, Christina Rose Pinkerton dob c.1862
Grant, Margaret dob c.1876
Grant, Mary Ann Charlotte dob c.1873
Grant, Myrtle May dob c.1897
Gray, Allen dob c.1835
Gray, Bethiah dob c.1860
Gray, George dob c.1830
Gray, John T.
Green, Caroline Eliza dob c.1887
Green, Edith Lyell dob c.1902
Green, Emily dob c.1870
Green, Frederick dob c.1865
Green, Frederick dob c.1865
Green, Martha Louise dob c.1858
Greenbank, Alfred dob c.1845
Greenbank, Alfred dob c.1845
Greenhill, Harold William dob c.1877
Greenwood, Henry dob c.1813
Gregory, Alice dob c.1862
Greig, George dob c.1859
Gresley, Edward dob c.1851
Grey, George
Griffin, Lawrence dob c.1835
Griffin, Michael dob c.1877
Griffith, Clarence Lorenzo dob c.1869
Griffiths, Charlotte dob c.1821
Griffiths, Mabel
Grimmond, Ellen Scoles dob c.1888
Groom, Oswald Booker dob c.1885
Groves, Ella dob c.1867
Grubb, Jane dob c.1847
Grundy, Adelaide Maria dob c.1816
Grundy, Alice
Guilbert, Rose dob c.1873
Guilbert, Rose dob c.1873
Gunton, Lizzie dob c.1847
Gunn, Blenda dob c.1856
Gunner, Christina dob c.1873
Gunner, Christina dob c.1873
Gurr, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1846
Gurr, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1846
Hackett, John aka Halkert, John dob c.1821
Haden, Henry William dob c.1844
Hadfield, Helena dob c.1844
Haggerty, James
Hague, Ellen dob c.1857
Haines, Hendridge John David dob c.1875
Haines, Henry John David dob c.1875
Hainsworth, John dob c.1836
Haitjema, Hanitze c.1852
Hake, Martha dob c.1844
Hall, Amy Beatrice dob c.1873
Hall, Arthur dob c.1845
Hall, Jane dob c.1863
Hall, Jane dob c.1863
Hall, Jane dob c.1863
Hall, Mary Ann Emily dob c.1846
Hall, Rosina dob c.1836
Hall, Rosina dob c.1836
Hall, Ruth Caplen
Hall, Samuel dob c.1802
Hall, Thomas dob c.1822
Hall, Thomas dob c.1822
Hall, William dob c.1803
Hallam, Tennyson Charles dob c.1894
Hallesey, Mary Ann dob c.1862
Hamer, Joseph dob c.1904
Hamilton, Eliza dob c.1843
Hamilton, Eliza dob c.1843
Hamilton, Robert George dob c.1847
Hammerli, Randolph dob c.1883
Hammond, Robert dob c.1805
Hampton, Maria dob c.1800
Hancock, John dob c.1824
Hand, Mary
Handlon, John aka Hanley, Patrick dob c.1821
Hanley, Albert dob c.1879
Hanley, Albert dob c.1879
Hannaford, Arthur Henry dob c.1856
Hannaford, Arthur Henry dob c.1856
Hannington, Stella Inez Eulalie dob c.1871
Hansch, Albert Edward dob c.1890
Hanson, Mary Jane dob c.1863
Harber, Elsie dob c.1896
Harbroe, Edward dob c.1809
Harbuckle, Andrew dob c.1854
Harbuckle, Mary Bella Jane dob 19/9/1854
Harding, Elizabeth
Harding, James dob c.1848
Harding, Thomas dob c.1877
Hardman, Ethel May dob c.1882
Hardstaff, Samuel dob c.1812
Hardwick, James dob c.1857
Hardwicke, Francis Turner dob c.1847
Hardy, Linda May dob c.1885
Hardy, Martha Louisa dob c.1853
Hare, Maria dob c.1831
Harfield, George dob c.1830
Hargay, Louisa
Hargraves, Robert dob c.1861
Harkins, James dob c.1850
Harnett, Arthur William dob c.1842
Harnett, Arthur William dob c.1842
Harnett, James Wallace dob c.1864
Harold, Henry dob c.1860
Harper, Ann dob c.1821
Harper, James dob c.1820
Harper, James dob c.1820
Harper, John Alexander dob c.1862
Harris, Amelia dob c.1848
Harris, Charlotte Maria dob c.1850
Harris, Charlotte Maria dob c.1850
Harris, Charlotte Maria dob c.1850
Harris, Emma dob c.1874
Harris, James dob c.1840
Harris, John dob c.1800
Harris, Mary dob c.1821
Harris, Mary dob c.1819
Harris, Mary dob c.1896
Harris, Sarah Jane dob c.1860
Harris, William George
Harris, William dob c.1851
Harris, William dob c.1851
Harris, William Frederick Friese dob c.1896
Harrison, Daisy dob c.1890
Harrison, David dob c.1835
Harrison, George Patterson dob c.1829
Harrison, Herbert Hunter dob c.1876
Harrod, John dob c.1839
Hart, Florence Louisa dob c.1875
Hart, Harry dob c.1851
Hart, Thomas dob c.1806
Hartell, George dob c.1866
Hartnett, Daniel dob c.1858
Hartnett, Patrick dob c.1873
Hartridge, Penelope dob c.1808
Hawes, William (name on microfilm written as Harves, William) dob c.1800
Harvey, Ann dob c.1807
Harvey, Catherine Jane dob c.1862
Harvey, Daniel dob c.1823
Harvey, Joseph dob c.1859
Harvey, Patrick dob c.1841
Harwood, Ada dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada Lavinia dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada Lavinia dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada Lavinia dob c.1881
Harwood, Ada Lavinia dob c.1881
Hassid, Michael dob c.1872
Hatch, Thomas
Hathaway, Anne dob c.1829
Hathaway, Anne dob c.1829
Hatton, Eva Harriet dob c.1880
Hay, Alfred James dob c.1847
Hay, Gladys dob c.1898
Hay, Louisa dob c.1840
Hay, Mary Jane dob c.1863
Haydon, Eliza dob c.1831
Hayes, Eliza Margaret dob c.1874
Hayes, John dob c.1831
Hayes, Lucy dob c.1876
Hayes, Lucy dob c.1876
Hayes, Lucy dob c.1876
Hayes, Mary Ann
Hayes, William dob c.1862
Haywood, Edward John dob c.1899
Haywood, Herbert dob c.1858
Hawkes, Amelia dob c.1858
Hawkes, Charles Scott dob c.1884
Hawkie, Rosina dob c.1853
Hawkins, Henry dob c.1859
Hawkins, Robert dob c.1831
Hawkins, Robert John dob c.1871
Hawkins, Robert John dob c.1871
Hazlewood, Henry dob c.1877
Healey, Daniel dob c.1859
Hean, Acie Celia dob c.1869
Heaslip, Adam James dob c.1903
Heaslip, Adam James dob c.1903
Heath, Henry Marsden dob c.1884
Heath, Henry Marsden dob c.1884
Heath, William dob c.1835
Heath, William Askew dob c.1872
Heather, Louisa dob c.1834
Heaton, Joseph dob c.1831
Heazlewood, Hamilton dob c.1902
Hefferman, George
Heffernan, Richard dob c.1844
Helpin, James dob c.1807
Hemmingway, Mary dob c.1832
Henley, Sarah Emily dob c.1841
Hennessy, James Bernard dob 1/8/1904
Henry, Mary Theresa dob c.1864
Henson, Peter dob c.1862
Henwood, Frederick John George
Hepburn, Amy dob c.1868
Hepburn, John dob c.1848
Hepburn, Lewis dob c.1858
Herbert, Catherine dob 26/8/1880
Herbert, Catherine dob 26/8/1880
Herbert, Catherine dob 26/8/1880
Herbertson, Andrew
Heritage, Ephraim dob c.1837
Heron, George dob c.1884
Herrick, Sarah dob c.1878
Herring, Cecilia dob c.1865
Herring, Thomas dob c.1820
Hesp, Amelia dob c.1842
Hesp, Amelia dob c.1842
Hickey [or Ryan], James dob c.1841
Hicks, Edward dob c.1837
Hiern, Eric Graham dob c.1897
Higgins, Amy Ann dob c.1885
Higgins, Cornelius dob c.1829
Higgins, Cornelius dob c.1829
Higgins, James dob c.1864
Higgins, John dob c.1860
Higgins, Kathleen Maud dob c.1867
Higgins, Matthew dob c.1843
Higginson, Eliza dob c.1821
Higgs, Ronald Ormond dob c.1905
Hill, Alexander Fraser dob c.1842
Hill, Clara dob c.1874
Hill, Ellen Jane dob c.1853
Hill, Elsie dob c.1898
Hill, Elizabeth dob c.1867
Hill, Elizabeth dob c.1859
Hill, George dob c.1859
Hill, Walter dob c.1839
Hill, William dob c.1843
Hillman, John
Hills, Charlotte dob c.1861
Hills, Eliza Rachel dob c.1846
Hills, Eva dob c.1880
Hills, Herbert Walter dob c.1867
Hills, Herbert Walter dob c.1867
Hinchcliffe, Eliza Theodora dob c.1892
Hinds, Joseph dob c.1847
Hines, Joseph William dob c.1856
Hines, Joseph William dob c.1856
Hing, Chung
Hing, Chung
Hinton , Thomas dob c.1856
Hinton , Thomas dob c.1856
Hobbs, Mary dob c.1835
Hobkirk, Ernest Chamberlain dob c.1850
Hobkirk, Louis John dob c.1861
Hobson, Mary dob c.1846
Hocking, William
Hodges, Doris Lucy dob c.1901
Hodges, Joseph Howard dob c.1854
Hodgkinson, Lewis Edward dob c.1882
Hodgson, Frederick dob c.1832
Hodson, Benjamin
Hoffman, E. (Mrs)
Hoffman, Frederika (written as Hoffman Frederick on microfilm) dob c.1833
Hogan, Mary
Hogg, Elizabeth Selina dob c.1848
Hoggett, Jane aka Murray, Jane dob c.1853
Hoggett, Stephen
Hoggins, Emily Mary Davenport dob c.1867
Hoggins, Marion Amelia dob c.1855
Holborough, William dob c.1799
Holder, Jane dob c.1807
Hole, John Thomas dob c.1855
Holebrook, John dob c.1822
Holister, Thomas dob c.1856
Holley, Maria dob c.1809
Hollingsworth, Frederick James dob c.1853
Holmes, Albert Ernest dob c.1880
Holmes, Violet dob c.1898
Holmes, William Arthur dob c.1872
Holson, Jane dob c.1858
Holt, Edith Elizabeth dob c.1882
Honroth, Louis Henry dob c.1863
Hooper, Alfred dob c.1864
Hooper, George Arthur dob c.1871
Hooper, Jane dob c.1858
Hopkins, Eloise Marian Mornington dob c.1823
Hopkins, John dob c.1820
Hornby, Eli
Horsham, Albert dob c.1860
Horton, Henry Pierce dob c.1884
Hortle, Leslie James dob c.1872
Hough, Clara Ada dob c.1892
Hough, Maria dob c.1857
Houghton, Kate dob c.1862
Houghton, Lucy dob c.1854
Hounsell, Edward
Houston, Charles dob c.1884
Howard, Bartholomew dob c.1882
Howard, Benjamin
Howard, Ellen dob c.1828
Howard, Ellen dob c.1832
Howard, James dob c.1859
Howard, John dob c.1839
Howard, John Joseph dob c.1846
Howard, Leslie Mervyn dob c.1897
Howard, Patrick dob c.1857
Howard, Henry dob c.1857
Howarth, George aka Moss, George dob c.1825
Howe, Claudia dob c.1892
Howe, Claudia Edith dob c.1892
Howe, Henry dob c.1833
Howe, John dob c.1830
Howell, Adeline Victoria dob c.1895
Howell, Eunice dob c.1900
Howie, John dob c.1852
Howlett, Sylvia dob c.1894
Hubbard, Mary dob c.1840
Hudson, Augustus Will Lovett (name on microfilm is Lovett, Augustus Will) dob c.1854
Hudson, Augustus Will Lovett dob c.1854
Hudson, Charles dob c.1855
Hudson, Margaret dob c.1823
Hudson, Samuel dob c.1865
Hudson, Thomas Ingles dob c.1853
Hufton, William Henry dob c.1853
Hugh, Michael dob c.1850
Hughes, Ada dob c.1873
Hughes, Catherine Louisa
Hughes, Edward James dob c.1882
Hughes, George dob c.1881
Hughes, John dob c.1824
Hughes, John
Hughes, John Spittle dob c.1855
Hughes, Oscar dob c.1873
Hughes, Thomas dob c.1811
Hughes, Thomas dob c.1832
Hughes, Thomas dob c.1850
Hull, Eliza Ann dob c.1835
Hulme, George dob c.1812
Hume, Thomas G. dob c.1852
Humphries, Eliza dob c.1821
Hunt, Harriett dob c.1832
Hunt, Simeon dob c.1833
Hunt, William dob c.1783
Hunter, Adam dob c.c.1864
Huntley, Henry dob c.1830
Hurd, Mary dob c.1872
Hurst, Henry Stevenson dob c.1859
Hurst, Thomas dob c.1834
Hussey, Ambrose Dinley
Hutchence, Florence Annie dob c.1873
Hutcheon, Alice Watt dob c.1891
Hutchinson, Margaret dob c.1889
Hutson, Hanna Maria dob c.1889
Hutson, Hannah dob c.1889
Hutton, Ellen dob c.1865
Huxley, Elizabeth Ann dob c.1858
Huxley, Lilian dob c.1898
Hyatt, Jacob dob c.1834
Hyland, Richard dob c.1818
Hyland, Sarah Ann dob c.1866
Hytt, Julia dob c.1860
Ibbott, Stanley Gilbert dob c.1895
Ibbott, Sydney dob c.1875
Ibbott, William dob c.1846
Ikin, Henrietta dob c.1862
Illingworth, William Thomas dob c.1874
Imber, Esther dob c.1862
Imber, Esther Susannah dob c.1862
Inches, Reuben David dob c.1860
Inglis, Christiana Ford dob c.1871
Inglis, Peter dob c.1812
Inman, Fanny dob c.1874
Innes, Daniel dob c.1798
Innes, Mary Louisa Isobel dob c.1863
Innes, Teresa dob c.1886
Irvine, Jane dob c.1855
Issell, Sarah Ann dob c.1867
Ivey, Henry dob c.1840
Ivey, Jemima dob c.1839
Jackson, Arthur A. dob c.1863
Jackson, Ellen dob c.1858
Jackson, Joseph dob c.1828
Jackson, Lily May dob c.1889
Jackson, Samuel dob c1848
Jacobson, Myrtle dob c.1896
Jacobson, Robert dob 29/4/1913
Jaeger, James Lawson dob c.1884
James, Amelia Ethel dob c.1884
James, Constantia Elizabeth dob c.1829
James, Ena Jessie Eileen dob c.1900
James, Henry Edward dob c.1884
James, Horace dob c.1864
James, Jessie Malvina dob c.1861
James, John Henry dob c.1904
James, Thomas dob c.1853
Jarman, Oak dob c.1880
Jarrett, Charles dob c.1843
Jarvis, Frederick dob c.1867
Jarvis, John dob c.1854
Jarvis, John dob c.1856
Jarvis, Thomas dob c.1816
Jeeves, Mary Ann dob c.1868
Jeffrey, Johanna dob c.1831
Jeffrey, Sarah dob c.1839
Jeffries, Sophia Elizabeth Alice May dob c.1888
Jenkins, William dob c.1821
Jenner, George dob c.1831
Jesus, Emmanuel dob c.1832
Jillett, Henry dob c.1885
John, Ellen Honora dob c.1900
Johns, George dob c.1853
Johnson, Edith dob c.1876
Johnson, Bridget aka Kelly, Bridget dob c.1815
Johnson, Edward dob c.1864
Johnson, Emma Jessie dob c.1842
Johnson, Henry dob c.1822
Johnson, Minnie Harriett dob c.1865
Johnson, Peter dob c.1856
Johnson, Rebecca dob c.1858
Johnson, Rebecca dob c.1858
Johnson, Robert dob c.1854
Johnson, Robert Joseph dob c.1850
Johnston, Charlotte Sophia dob c.1836
Johnston, Clara dob c.1851
Johnston, Ernest dob c.1890
Johnston, George dob c.1863
Johnston, Herbert dob c.1880
Johnston, Isabella Wilkie dob c.1841
Johnston, Montrose dob c.1893
Jolly, William dob c.1840
Jones, Eliza dob c.1824
Jones, Ellen dob c.1864
Jones, Ellen dob c.1864
Jones, Emily dob c.1876
Jones, Emily Mabel dob c.1884
Jones, Ernest Duncan dob c.1899
Jones, Frederick dob c.1861
Jones, George dob c.1802
Jones, Henry William dob c.1883
Jones, Jane dob c.1833
Jones, Jasper and Lucas, Ann
Jones, John dob c.1800
Jones, John dob c.1819
Jones, John dob c.1852
Jones, Mary Susan dob c.1853
Jones, Norman dob c.1892
Jones, Oliver dob c.1863
Jones, Robert dob c.1814
Jones, Robert dob c.1848
Jones, Robert dob c.1864
Jones, Sarah Ann Frances dob c.1840
Jones, Selina Matilda dob c.1862
Jones, Thomas dob c.1821
Jones, Thomas dob c.1813
Jones, William Thomas dob c.1866
Jordan, Ann dob c.1825
Jordan, Emma dob c.1851
Jordan, Isabel dob c.1878
Jordan, Minnie dob c.1877
Jordison, Suannah Alice dob c.1906
Jorgensen, Neil dob c.1863
Joyce, Catherine
Joyce, Eliza Jane dob c.1847
Joyce, Eliza Jane dob c.1847
Joyce, Ellen dob c.1850
Joyce, Frank dob c.1886
Joyce, James dob c.1819
Joyce, James
Jubb, Henry dob c.1902
Kalmas, Frederick dob c.1820
Kay, Belinda dob c.1882
Kean, Grace
Kean, John dob c.1878
Keane, Charles dob c.1887
Kearnan, John dob c.1862
Kearney, Albert dob c.1859
Kearney, James Ambrose (name on microfilm is Kearney, Ambrose dob c.1854
Kearney, M.R. (Mrs)
Kearney, May dob c.1860
Kearney, William dob c.1857
Kearney, William
Keating, Galatia dob c.1875
Keeling, Isaac Kendrick dob c.1876
Keeling, Lucy Dorothy dob c.1853
Keen, Lynda May dob c.1873
Keep, Alice Amelia dob c.1883
Kelly, William (name written on microfilm as Kelley, William)
Kelly, Eva Elizabeth dob c.1889
Kelly, Henry dob c.1860
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mary Ann dob c.1862
Kelly, Patrick John dob c.1901
Kelly, Thomas dob c.1842
Kelty, James dob c.1875
Kelty, Lassie dob c.1880
Kemp, Lucy dob c.1861
Kendrick, Augusta dob c.1856
Kenmore, Henry dob c.1863
Kennedy, Henry dob c.1832
Kennedy, John dob c.1869
Kennedy, Margaret dob c.1856
Kenner, Mary Emily (name on microfilm is Kennedy, Mary Emily) dob c.1852
Kenny, William dob c.1841
Kent, Thomas dob c.1856
Kenyon, Mary Eliza dob c.1851
Kerr, John dob c.1818
Kerr, John dob c.1858
Kerr, Maida dob c.1874
Kerrison, Albert dob c.1867
Kilby, Roy dob c.1919
King, Alice Minnie dob c.1862
King, David dob c.1825
King, John
King, John
King, John William dob c.1850
King, John William dob c.1850
King, John William dob c.1850
King, Robert dob c.1850
Kingshott, John William dob c.1858
Kingshott, John William dob c.1858
Kingshott, Phylis dob c.1914
Kingston, Cissie dob c.1879
Kingston, Paul dob c.1834
Kingston, Thomas
Kirby, Cecil David dob c.1902
Kirby, Michael dob c.1817
Kirkup, Robert
Kitson, Margaret
Knight, Edward dob c.1800
Knight, James dob c.1848
Knight, Nora dob c.1882
Knight, Richard
Knights, Edmund dob c.1874
Knights, Edmund dob c.1874
Knights, Leslie dob c.1878
Koeppen, Julius dob c.1830
Krept, James
Kunz, Louisa dob c.1863
Labrick, Jane dob c.1829
Lacey, David dob c.1878
Lacey, Thomas dob c.1900
Lacey, Thomas dob c.1900
Lacey, Thomas Leonard dob c.1900
Lacey, Thomas Leonard dob c.1900
Ladds, Louisa dob c.1823
Lade, Aubrey Arthur Bradley dob c.c.1891
Lads, Louisa dob c.1823
Lahey, James Lawrence dob c.1881
Lake, Harry Purgeon dob c.1894
Lambert, Edwin Nyles dob c.1889
Lancaster, David dob c.1858
Lancaster, Harriett dob c.1830
Landrigan, Catherine dob c.1816
Langdale, Annie dob 12/11/1891
Langdale, Annie dob 12/11/1891
Langdale, Daisy dob c.1896
Langdon, Eliza dob c.1851
Langdon, Helen dob c.1867
Langdon, Jane dob c.1855
Langham, Eva dob c.1883
Lapham, Kate dob c.1886
Large, Louisa Ellen dob c.1845
Larner, Annie dob c.1874
Latham, Alfred dob c.1873
Latham, Frederick dob c.1875
Lauder, Mary Agnes dob c.1875
Laughton, Elizabeth aka Lawton, Elizabeth dob c.1816
Lawery, James dob c.1852
Lawler, John dob c.1836
Lawrence, Alice Louisa Ann dob c.1869
Lawrence, Alice Louisa Ann dob c.1869
Lawrence, Alice Louisa Ann dob c.1869
Lawrence, Alice Louisa Ann dob c.1869
Lawrence, William dob c.1837
Lawrence, William dob c.1837
Lawry, Ellen dob c.1854
Lawson, Catherine Alacouge dob c.1863
Lawson, Edward Wadham
Lawson, John dob c.1866
Lawson, Katherine dob c.1866
Lawton, John dob c.1818
Leach, Mary dob c.1847
Leach, Norman William dob c.1903
Leahy, Ethel dob c.1887
Leahy, Patrick dob c.1838
Leake, William Bell dob c.1807
Leake, William Bell dob c.1807
Leake, William Bell dob c.1807
Leake, William Bell dob c.1807
Leake, William Bell dob c.1807
Leary, Timothy dob c.1833
Lee, Agnes May dob c.1887
Lee, George dob c.1858
Lee, John dob c.1839
Lee, William dob c.1862
Lee, You dob c.1847
Lees, Henry dob c.1859
Legge, Ann dob c.1816
Leith, Maria dob c.1863
Leith, William George dob c.1854
Lefroy, Alfred Maxwell dob c.1873
Leslie, Daniel dob c.1875
Leslie, Richard dob c.1851
Lester, Isaac dob c.1823
Lethborg, Alice Mary dob c.1867
Levack, Amanda dob c.1867
Levy, Alfred dob c.1848
Levy, Louis Leapold dob c.1862
Levy, Louis Leapold dob c.1862
Levy, Samuel dob c.1819
Lewis, Annie dob c.1868
Lewis, David dob c.1821
Lewis, Evan Morgan dob c.1878
Lewis, Georgina Henrietta dob c.1835
Lewis, Henry dob c.1822
Lewis, Margaret dob c.1830
Lewis, Mary Ann dob c.1840
Lewis, Mary Ann dob c.1840
Lewis, Richard dob c.1816
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Samuel dob c.1821
Lewis, William dob c.1860
Leyendecker, John dob c.1858
Leyendecker, John dob c.1858
Liddington, Joseph c.1876
Liddington, Joseph c.1876
Liddle, Colin Campbell dob c.1863
Lillas, Elizabeth dob c.1859
Lillas, Elizabeth dob c.1859
Lillico, Charles Stewart Leslie dob c.1825
Lin, Lee dob c.1837
Lincoln, Charles dob c.1853
Lincoln, Frederick dob c.1887
Lindon, William
Lindsay, Mary dob c.1815
Lindus, Ellen dob c.1864
Lindus, Jane dob c.1879
Ling, Amy dob c.1872
Ling, Charles Norman dob c.1886
Ling, Lavinia Newson dob c.1860
Ling, Lavinia Newson dob c.1860
Ling, Lavinia Newson dob c.1860
Ling, William dob c.1812
Ling, Hung dob c.1845
Linton, John dob c.1850
Lipscombe, Mary dob c.1873
Lisson, Adam dob c.1858
Little, Herbert dob c.1876
Livingstone, Emily dob c.1885
Lloyd, Jane Elizabeth dob c.1841
Lloyd, Jane Elizabeth dob c.1841
Lloyd, Jane Elizabeth dob c.1841
Lloyd, Jane Elizabeth dob c.1841
Lockett, Alfred Thomas dob c.1873
Lockhart, Laura dob c.1873
Lockwood, Henry dob c.1884
Lockwood, Mary dob c.1893
Lockwood, Mary Alicia dob c.1890 (includes photograph)
Logan, James dob c.1824
Logan, John dob c.1812
Lohrey, Amelia dob c.1874
Lomas, Mary Harriet dob c.1857
Lomas, Mary Harriet dob c.1857
Long, Dudley dob c.1892
Long, Dudley dob c.1892
Long, William
Looby, William Herbert dob c.1899
Lopez, Clara Louisa dob c.1878
Lord, Eliza Isobel dob c.1880
Loring, Charles Thomas dob c.1862
Loring, Charles Thomas dob c.1862
Lovell, Claude dob c.1906
Lovell, Harriet dob c.1881
Lovell, Sarah Ann dob c.1849
Lovett, Charles dob c.1819
Lovett, Rosina dob c.1863
Lowe, John dob c.1812
Lowe, Mary Ann dob c.1829
Lowman, George dob c.1876
Lowman, George Edward dob c.1875
Lucas, Vernon Algernon dob c.1888
Luckman, Henry Faithful dob c.1834
Luckstone, Alfred Joseph dob c.1869
Luckstone, Mabel dob c.1877
Luttrell, Albert F. dob c.1866
Luttrell, Albert Frederick dob c.1866
Lutwych, Lurline dob c.1896
Lydington, Joseph dob c.1877
Lynch, Bridget dob c.1833
Lynch, Harry Thomas
Lynch, Jane dob c.1840
Lynch, Matthew dob c.1821
Lynch, Matthew Thomas dob c.1863
Lynch, Thomas dob c.1863
Lynch, Thomas Matthew dob c.1864
Lynch, William dob c.1795
Lyne, Louisa Mary dob c.1844
Lyne, Thiea Clare dob c.1900
Lyons, John William Francis dob c.1846
McAdam, John James dob c.1838
McAdam, John James dob c.1838
McAfferty, William Joseph dob c.1857
McAlister, Mary Ann dob c.1865
McAllister, Marion
McArdell, Kate dob c.1833
McArthur, Annie
McArthur, Mary dob c.1862
McAuley, Sophia
McCafferty, Catherine dob c.1874
McCall, Colin Oscar dob c.1918
McCall, George dob c.1866
McCall, George dob c.1866
McCall, George dob c.1866
McCall, George dob c.1866
McCall, Grace dob c.1874
McCallum, Alexander dob c.1884
McCane, Mary dob c.1823
McCann, Elizabeth dob c.1840
McCann, Mary dob c.1861
McCann, William James dob c.1840
McCann, William dob c.1840
McCarthy, Samuel
McCarthy, Margaret dob c.1839
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Timothy dob c.1832
McCarthy, Timothy dob c.1832
McCartney, Eliza dob c.1861
McCartney, Elizabeth
McCartney, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1852
McCauley, Sophia dob c.1826
McCommiskey, Lawrence dob c.1810
McCormack, Bernard dob c.1845
McCormack, George Augustus dob c.1875
McCoy, Mary dob c.1847
McCrowe, Mary Anne dob c.1825
McDermott, Mary Curtis dob c.1860
McDermott, Mary Curtis dob c.1860
McDonald, Ellen aka Beck, Ellen dob c.1828
McDonald, James aka McPherson, James
McDonald, John dob c.1824
McDonald, John dob c.1837
McDonald, John dob c.1829
McDonald, Joseph c.1858
McDougall, David Anderson dob c.1861
McDougall, Helen Jane dob c.1879
McDougall, Helen Jane dob c.1879
McDowell, Andrew dob c.1843
McDowell, Millie dob c.1867
McEwan, Gordon dob c.1909
McEwan, Ronald James dob c.1895
McFadden, Sarah
McFarlane, Walter
McFie, Edward dob c.1871
McGann, Christopher Stephen dob c.1854
McGarry, William Oliver dob c.1903
McGarry, William Oliver dob c.1903
McGeaver, Mary dob c.1887
McGee, Francis Mercia dob c.1902
McGee, Mary dob c.1852
McGinnis, William Thomas dob c.1869
McGinty, Kate dob c.1866
McGinty, Michael dobc.1870
McGregor, Malcolm Young dob c.1867
McGuffie, Douglas Aston dob c.1908
McGuffie, James Bruce dob c.1853
McHugh, Ivy Louisa dob c.1891
McIlroy, Isabella dob c.1831
McIntyre, Elsie May dob c.1907
McIntyre, Elsie May dob c.1907
McIntyre, Maria dob c.1856
McIntyre, Michael dob c.1820
McKay, Agnes dob c.1874
McKay, Cyril Algy dob c.1903
McKay, Hannah
McKendrick, Amy dob c.1880
McKenna, William aka kenny, William dob c.1833
McKenzie, Elizabeth dob c.1843
Mckenzie, Joseph dob c.1893
McKenzie, Robert dob c.1863
Mackie, Ethel dob c.1878
Mackersy, Lindsay dob c.1866
McLachlan, Alice dob c.1861
McLachlan, Alice dob c.1861
MacLaine, Madge dob c.1885
McLaren, Amelia Sarah dob c.1856
McLaren, William dob c.1803
McLaughlin, Margaret
McLaughton, Margaret
McLean, Donald
McLean, Donald
McLean, Margaret dob c.1807
McLean, Robert Henry dob c.1861
McLeod, Douglas dob c.1906
McLeod, John Neal dob c.1892
McLeod, John Neal dob c.1892
McLeod, Sara Augusta dob c.1848
McLoughlin, Elizabeth dob c.1845
McLoughlin, Rose
McManus, Charles dob c.1895
McManus, John dob c.1860
MacMaster, Lily Maud dob c.1891
MacMaster, Lily Maud dob c.1891
McMeekan, Anthony dob c.1812
MacMichael, William Thompson
McNally, Elizabeth Sarah dob c.1879
McNally, Ella dob c.1892
McNally, William Alfred dob c.1878
MacNamara, John
MacNamara, John dob c.1835
McNamara, John Joseph dob c.1868
McNamara, Michael dob c.1860
McNeill, James dob c.1834
McNulty, George dob c.1890
McPherson, John dob c.1845
McQuade, Alice
McQuade, Bernard
McQuade, William dob c.1838
Macquarie, Mary dob c.1815
Macquarie, Mary dob c.1815
McQueen, Lily dob c.1876
McQueeney, Rosina dob c.1870
McQuillan, John dob c.1819
McQuinlan, James dob c.1831
McQuinn, William dob c.1805
McRea, Christopher dob c.1854
McRudden, Joanna dob c.1826
McSweeney, Kate
McWalker, Robert dob c.1867
McWilliams, Rhoda Elizabeth dob c.1873
Madden, Maggie (Margaret) dob c.1865
Maddox, Esther dob c.1859
Mahoney, Cornelius dob c.1813
Mahoney, Johanna dob c.1814
Mahoney, Margaret dob c.1857
Mahoney, Margaret dob c.1861
Mahoney, Patrick dob c.1888
Mainwaring, Byron dob c.1872
Mainwaring, Mary Ann
Makepeace, Charles dob c.1838
Malcolm, William Walter dob c.1900
Malcolm, William Walter dob c.1900
Malcolm, William Walter dob c.1900
Male, William dob c.1832
Malkin, Charles Alfred Ernest dob c.1879
Malkin, Charles Alfred Ernest dob c.1879
Malone, Edward dob c.1819
Malster, Charles dob c.1826
Maneris, George Zachariah dob c.1858
Mangan, Patrick dob 1/7/1872
Manion, Agnes dob c.1907
Mann, Samuel dob c.1827
Manning, Alice dob c.1846
Manning, Helen Maud dob c.1878
Mansfield, Francis dob c.1836
Mansfield, James dob c.1863
Mansfield, John dob c.1850
Manson, Catherine dob c.1876
Mariner, Hall dob c.1854
Markey, Bernard dob c.1860
Marks, Elisha dob c.1820
Maroney, Ellen dob c.1872
Marriott, Thomas Arthur dob c.1904
Marsh, Elsie Winifred dob c.1871
Marsh, George dob c.1820
Marshall, Ann dob c.1859
Marshall, Florence dob c.1890
Marshall, Henry dob c.1851
Marshall, Paul dob c.1872
Marshall, Paul Bernard Derham dob c.1874
Marshall, Sarah dob c.1827
Marshall, Sarah dob c.1827
Martin, Ann
Martin, Catherine Mary dob c.1866
Martin, Catherine Mary dob c.1866
Martin, Daniel dob c.1867
Martin, Daniel dob c.1867
Martin, Daniel dob c.1867
Martin, Elsie dob c.1862
Martin, Evelyn Blanche dob c.1874
Martin, Evelyn Blanche dob c.1874
Martin, Jessie dob c.1906
Martin, Margaret Frances dob c.1857
Martin, Mary dob c.1852
Martin, Mary dob c.1852
Martin, Mary Ann dob c.1860
Martin, Phyllis dob c.1895
Martin, Samuel dob c.1829
Martin, William George dob c.1868
Martindale, Joseph dob c.1824
Mason, Henry aka Morris, Thomas dob c.1862
Mason, Sarah dob c.1877
Mason, Thomas aka Smith, Thomas dob c.1797
Mason, William dob c.1823
Massum, Sarah dob c.1825
Matheson, Charlotte Gladys dob c.1891
Mathews, Annie Maria dob c.1870
Mathews, Cora Winifred dob c.1910
Mathews, Walter Thomas James dob c.1872
Mathewson, Walter dob c.1871
Mathewson, John
Matthews, Ellen dob c.1867
Matthews, Maria dob c.1827
Mathieson, Walter dob c.1870
Maughan, Peter dob c.1860
Maun, Peter dob c.1858
Maun, Peter dob c.1854
Maxwell, Mowbray dob c.1853
May, William dob c.1830
Maynard, Alexander dob c.1847
Maynard, Frederick dob c.1844
Magner, Frederick (name on microfilm is Mayner, Frederick) dob c.1826
Mayson, James Hickson dob c.1845
Mead, James dob c.1850
Meade, Catherine
Medhurst, Albert Edward dob c.1910
Medhurst, Albert Edward dob c.1910
Medhurst, Charles dob c.1866
Medwin, Rachel dob c.1868
Medwin, Rachel Eveline dob c.1870
Meehan, Arthur dob c.1861
Meehan, Elizabeth Theresa dob c.1838
Mends, (no first name given)
Merchant, Margaret dob c.1837
Merchant, William dob c.1858
Merrin, Mary Alice dob c.1845
Messner, Carl dob c.1849
Messner, Charles dob c.1850
Messner, Charles Frederick dob c.1850
Meyers, Elijah Ayrons dob c.1862
Middleby, David dob c.1825
Middleton, Samuel
Michael, Hugh Alexander Dugald dob c.1911
Michael, Hugh Alexander Dugald dob c.1911
Mihan, Edith Laura Jessie dob c.1883
Miles, George Henry Claude dob c.1869
Miley, Lilian dob c.1897
Mill, William
Millard, Mary Ann dob c.1859
Miller, Eliza dob c.1870
Miller, Elizabeth dob c.1801
Miller, George Edward dob c.1859
Miller, John dob c.1832
Miller, Joseph dob c.1862
Miller, Robert dob c.1826
Miller, Thomas dob c.1852
Millington, William dob c.1839
Mills, Diana Elizabeth dob c.1835
Mills, Diana Elizabeth dob c.1834
Mills, Diana Elizabeth
Mills, Margaret
Mills, Margaret
Milne, David
Milner, James dob c.1806
Milton, James Alfred c.1897
Minnis, Samuel Orr dob c.1837
Minns, Maud dob c.1873
Minter, George dob c.1820
Minty, Charles dob c.1858
Minty, Maria dob c.1839
Mitchell, Clara dob c.1853
Mitchell, George dob c.1869
Mitchell, George Teck dob c.1891
Mitchell, John dob c.1830
Mitchell, John dob c.1802
Mitchell, Martha dob c.1833
Mitchell, Martha dob c.1833
Mitchell, Robert dob c.1882
Mitchell, Roza dob c.1853
Mitchell, William dob c.1853
Moate, Augusta Maria dob c.1868
Moles, Mary dob c.1858
Molineux, Eva dob c.1863
Molloy, Catherine dob c.1812
Molloy, Elizabeth dob c.1866
Molloy, Henry dob c.1867
Molloy, Stanley dob c.1902
Molloy, Stanley dob c.1902
Monaghan, Anne dob c.1826
Monday, Edward dob c.1840
Monfries, Nell Rhodes dob c.1905 (name on microfilm is Monfries, Neil Rhodes)
Montgomery, John dob c.1849
Monti, Harry dob c.1878
Moodie, Arthur Thorpe dob c.1909
Moody, Elizabeth dob c.1861
Mooney, John dob c.1860
Mooney, Mary F. dob c.1859
Moore, Archibald dob c.1839
Moore, Claud dob c.1880
Moore, Edward dob c.1818
Moore, Eliza dob c.1873
Moore, George
Moore, Mary Ann dob c.1840
Moore, Richard dob c.1839
Moore, Robert Joseph dob c.1874
Moran, Martin William dob c.1829
Morey, Charles dob c.1847
Morgan, Agnes dob c.1880
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
Morgan, George
Morgan, George dob c.1869
Morgan, Jemima dob c.1789
Morgan, John dob c.1802
Moriarty, Ellen dob c.1858
Morley, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1857
Morley, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1857
Morley, Bertha Florence dob c.1861 (name on microfilm is Morley, Martha Florence)
Morley, Mary dob c.1833
Morrell, James dob c.1821
Morrell, William dob c.1835
Morris, Gertrude dob c.1898
Morris, James dob c.1856
Morrison, Andrew dob c.1888
Morrison, Andrew dob c.1888
Morrison, Anne dob c.1828
Morrison, Mary Ann dob c.1852
Morrison, Samuel dob c.1821
Morrison, William dob c.1815
Mortyn, Ruby Louisa dob c.1882
Moseley, Elizabeth dob c.1868
Mosley, Ellen dob c.1811
Moss, James dob c.1848
Moss, James dob c.1848
Moss, Robert Isaac Reginald
Moth, George dob c.1844
Motton, Robert dob c.1851
Motton, Walter dob c.1860
Motton, Walter William dob c.1858
Motton, Walter dob c.1859
Mouncey, John dob c.1816
Mountain, Mary dob c.1826
Mulcahy, Rosie Bernard dob c.1885
Mulholland, John dob c.1836
Mullen, Hetttie dob c.1873
Mullen, Susan dob c.1874
Mullen, Susan dob c.1874
Mulligan, Ann dob c.1815
Mullins, Margaret dob c.1824
Mulrooney, Catherine dob c.1847
Mumford, Thomas William dob c.1881
Mundy, Elizabeth dob c.1857
Mundy, Elvie dob c.1896
Munro, Murdoch dob c.1830
Munting, Hartley John dob c.1891
Munting, Hartley John dob c.1891
Munting, Hartley John dob c.1891
Murcott, William dob c.1815
Murdoch, Douglas dob c.1867
Murfet, John dob c.1895
Murnane, Edward dob c.1865
Murphy, Denis dob c.1830
Murphy, James dob c.1838
Murphy, John dob c.1820
Murphy, John dob c.1880
Murphy, John A. dob c.1870
Murphy, John A. dob c.1870
Murphy, John Arthur dob c.1870
Murphy, John Arthur dob c.1870
Murphy, John Arthur dob c.1870
Murphy, Philip Frederick dob c.1911
Murphy, Thomas dob c.1871
Murray, Edward dob c.1837
Murrie, David dob c,1836
Murray, Johanna
Murray, May dob c.1869
Murray, May Ann dob c.1832
Murrell, Johannah dob c.1824
Murrell, Jack Henry George dob c.1858
Murrie, Johanna dob c.1822
Neil, Margaret dob c.1856
Neil, William dob c.1815
Nelson, Charles dob c.1897
Nelson, Frances dob c.1834
Nelson, John dob c.1832
Nevin, Ann aka Skerry, Ann
Nevin, Sarah Jane dob c.1876
New, Henry dob c.1839
New, Henry dob c.1828
New, Henry dob c.1841
New, Henry dob c.1840
Newbury, Emily dob c.1835
Newby, Ellen dob c.1825
Newitt, Isabel dob c.1884
Newman, Ann dob c.1816
Newman, John dob c.1838
Newman, John dob c.1839
Newton, Samuel Elkin dob c.1880
Nibbs, Ellen dob c.1877
Nibbs, Harry dob c.1878
Niblett, Frederick dob c.1842
Nibs, Ellen aka Lovegrove, Ellen dob c.1868
Nichol, Duncan dob c.1826
Nicholls, George dob c.1840
Nicholls, Mary Pearl (name on microfilm is Nicholls, Mary Pearce) dob c.1901
Nicholls, Sarah dob c.1847
Nichols, Hubert Louis dob c.1879
Nichols, Mary Anne Jane dob c.1874
Nichols, Mary Pearl dob c.1901
Nicholson, Marion aka Graham, Marion aka Richardson, Marion
Nicholson, Michael dob c.1854
Nicholson, Robert Norman dob c.1879
Night, George dob c.1849
Noah, Herbert dob c.1844
Noakes, Agnes dob c.1869
Nokes, William dob c.1840
Nolan, Patrick dob c.1836
Norman, George dob c.1880
Norman, George
Norman, James Marsh dob c.1827
Norman, James Marsh dob c.1827
Norman, Maria aka Matthews, Maria dob c.1827
Norris, Ruby Eliza dob c.1886
North, Christina dob c.1827
North, Flora dob c.1806
Norton, Eliza dob c.1844
Norton, Mary dob c.1881
Nossiter, Charlotte dob c.1861
Nunn, Bertha Maud dob c.1891
Nunn, Mary dob c.1895
O'Boyle, Mary Catherine dob c.1841
O'Brien, Bernice Gertrude dob c.1900
O'Brien, Bridget dob c.1830
O'Brien, Bridget dob c.1830
O'Brien, Daniel dob c.1867
O'Brien, Daniel Charles dob c.1892
O'Brien, James William dob c.1836
O'Brien, John dob c.1832
O'Brien, John dob c.1832
O'Brien, Katherine dob c.1840
O'Brien, Michael dob c.1826
O'Brien, Michael dob c.1826
O'Brien, Michael dob c.1826
O'Brien, Sarah Ann dob c.1868
O'Brien, William dob c.1869
O'Callaghan, Alice dob c.1869
O'Connell, John Patrick dob c.1908
O'Connor, John dob c.1859
O'Connor, William dob c.1865
O'Donnell, Malachi
O'Farrell, Ann dob c.1826
O'Farrell, Ann dob c.1826
Ogden, Thomas dob c.1825
O'Grady, Alice Eliza dob c.1885
O'Halloran, Margaret dob c.1857
O'Hare, Daniel dob c.1780
O'Hare, Mary dob c.1825
Oldham, Benjamin dob c.1830
Oliver, Jack dob c.1908
Oliver, James Henry dob c.1898
Oliver, Josephine Caroline dob c.1855
Oliver, Rosetta dob c.1910
Ollington, Albert Peter dob c.1867
O'Loughlin, Patrick dob c.1870
O'Loughlin, Patrick dob c.1880
Olsen, Hilda dob 10/9/1864
Olsen, Hilda dob 10/9/1864
Olsen, Louisa dob c.1850
O'Neil, John [aka William Mill] dob c.1809
Ord, James dob c.1831
O'Rourke, Jack dob c.1903
O'Rourke, James Francis dob c.1874
Osborne, Charlotte dob c.1865
Osborne, Charlotte dob c.1865
Osborne, Charlotte dob c.1865
Osborne, Margaret
Osborne, Thomas dob c.1845
O'Shanassy, John dob c.1857
O'Shea, James dob c.1900
Othan, William dob c.1813
O'Toole, Ellen dob c.1860
O'Toole, Ellen dob c.1860
O'Toole, Harold dob c.1887
O'Toole, Mary dob c.1878
Overell, Harriet dob c.1862
Owen, Angela Rebecca dob c.1855
Owen, Barney dob c.1836
Owen, Barney dob c.1836
Owen, Lora dob c.1872
Owens, Denis dob c.1840
Oxley, Lewis dob c.1893
Oxley, Thomas Reynolds dob c.1883
Packer, Harry Effingham dob c.1861
Page, Eliza Ann dob c.1836
Page, Frances dob c.1866
Page, Kate dob c.1883
Paice, eleanor Mary dob c.1861
Palmer, Charles dob
Palmer, Harriet Ethel dob c.1878
Palmer, John dob c.1842
Palmer, John dob c.1842
Palmer, John Walter dob c.1838
Palmer, Lily Rose dob c.1870
Palmer, Mary Ann dob c.1834
Palmer, Mary Ann dob c.1853
Palmer, Philip dob c.1817
Panton, Percy James dob c.1880
Park, Ellen dob c.1850
Parker, Elizabeth dob c.1859
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Ellen dob c.1835
Parker, Grace dob c.1866
Parker, James dob c.1826
Parker, Margaret dob c.1841
Parker, Sarah Jane dob c.1856
Parker, Sarah Jane dob c.1856
Parker, Sarah Jane dob c.1856
Parker, Thomasina dob c.1840
Parnell, John dob c.1830
Parnell, Mary dob c.1856
Parnham, Sarah dob c.1806
Parrott, Catherine dob c.1830
Parsloe, Mary ann dob c.1846
Parsons, Frederick William dob c.1848
Parsons, John Woodward dob c.1857
Parsons, Robert dob c.1887
Parsons, Robert dob c.1887
Partridge, John
Patch, Elijah dob c.1813
Paterson, Amelia Ann dob c.1819
Paterson, Henry
Patience, William dob c.1852
Patten, James dob c.1811
Patterson, Amelia dob c.1864
Paul, John dob c.1866
Payne, Alice
Payne, Emily dob c.1852
Payne, Henry dob c.1832
Payne, John Wellard dob c.1853
Payne, Margaret dob c.1861
Payne, Winsome dob c.1922
Pearce, Florence
Pearce, James dob c.1831
Pearce, James dob c.1831
Pearce, John dob c.1864
Pearce, Richard dob c.1885
Pearce, William
Pearce, William dob c.1865
Pearmain, Janet
Pearsall, George dob c.1854
Pearse, Mary dob c.1853
Pearse, Silas dob c.1785
Pearson, John dob c.1869
Pearson, John Henry
Pearson, Mary dob c.1841
Pearson, William dob c.1824
Peck, Cecilia dob c.1883
Peck, Clara dob c.1891
Peebles, William dob c.1889
Pegus, Louisa Mayo dob c.1848
Pegus, Mary Sophia dob c.1814
Pegus, Mary Sophia dob c.1814
Pelham, Helena dob c.1863
Pemberton, Susan Sarah dob c.1856
Penton, Michael
Percy, Edith Gertrude dob c.1845
Perks [or O'Brien], Mary Ann dob c.1819
Perkins, John Edward dob c.1859
Perriman, Elizabeth dob c.1845
Perrin, Mary Ann dob c.1836
Perry, Benjamin dob c.1826
Peters, Edith Maud dob c.1875
Peters, Isabel Annie dob c.1861
Peters, Mary dob c.1895
Peters, Richard jr dob c.1864
Petley, Robert dob c.1806
Pettit, Selina dob c.1876
Pettitt, John dob c.1856
Pettman, Muriel Grace dob c.1877
Pettman, Muriel Grace dob c.1877
Phelan, Kenny dob c.1827
Pherris, John dob c.1818
Philbin, William Joseph c.1857
Phillips, Caroline dob c.1875
Phillips, Caroline dob c.1875
Phillips, Daniel dob c.1826
Phillips, Edward dob c.1824
Phillips, Henry Guy dob c.1883
Phillips, Lizzie dob c.1879
Phillips, Thomas William dob c.1881
Phillips, William
Phillips, William dob c.1818
Phillips, William dob c.1818
Phinn, Margaret dob c.1819
Phinn, Margaret Molony dob c.1858
Pickford, Mary
Pickles, Sarah
Pickett, Leslie dob c.1885
Pickett, Thomas dob c.1823
Pickrell, James dob c.1834
Pidgeon, Jane dob c.1841
Pilkington, Sarah dob c.1855
Pidgeon, Jane dob c.1841
Pike, Esther dob c.1875
Pike, Esther dob c.1875
Pilling, Oliver dob c.1871
Pillinger, Charles dob c.1870
Pillinger, Charles dob c.1870
Pink, Beatrice Evelyn dob c.1881
Pimmington, William dob c.1847
Piper, Elizabeth dob c.1800
Pitfield, Norman dob c.1882
Pitt, Maria dob c.1813
Pizey, Robert dob c.1823
Plaister, Alice Mary dob c.1863
Plaister, Alice Mary dob c.1863
Plaister, Alice Mary dob c.1863
Ploughman, George Louis dob c.1865
Ploughman, Lily May dob c.1894
Plummer, Ernest
Plummer, John dob c.1823
Plummer, William dob c.1828
Plunkett, Euphemia Caroline dob c.1865
Plunkett, Euphemia Caroline dob c.1865
Plunkett, Martha dob c.1833
Plunkett, Walter Francis dob c.1898
Plunkett, Walter Francis dob c.1898
Plunkett, Walter Francis dob c.1898
Plymsell, Mary aka Welsh, Mary dob c.1854
Pocock, Catherine dob c.1817
Podmore, Thomas dob c.1867
Pointon, Annie dob c.1876
Pool, Catherine aka Butler, Catherine
Pool, Emma Margaret dob c.1858
Poole, Isaac dob c.1890
Poole, Mary Ann dob c.1848
Pope, Thomas dob c.1842
Pople, Archibald Henry dob c.1872
Popowski, Bernard dob c.1890
Popowski, Francis George dob c.1878
Porteous, Adam dob c.1861
Porter, Arthur dob c.1855
Porter, Joseph dob c.1882
Porter, Maria dob c.1847
Porter, Maria dob c.1847
Porter, Maria dob c.1847
Potter, Miriam Maida dob c.1875
Potts, Jonathan dob c.1814
Poulton, Mary Ann dob c.1872
Powdrall, James dob c.1822
Powe, Belinda aka King, Belinda dob c.1823
Powell, Charles dob 2/1/1848
Powell, John dob c.1855
Powell, John dob c.1855
Powell, John dob c.1855
Powell, John dob c.1855
Powell, John dob c.1855
Powell, Sarah c.1821
Powell, Sarah c.1821
Powell, Walter
Praida, Antonio dob c.1843
Pratt, Florence Eleanor Glazebrook dob c.1879
Pratt, Florence Eleanor Glazebrook dob c.1879
Pratt, Florence Eleanor Glazebrook dob c.1879
Pratt, Florence Eleanor Glazebrook dob c.1879
Pratt, Horace Robert dob c.1893
Preece, Alfred dob c.1856
Preece, Alfred dob c.1856
Prentis, Isaac dob c.1825
Preece, Jonathan dob c.1820
Prest, Peter dob c.1839
Preston, Ada Victoria dob c.1897
Price, Anson dob c.1827
Price, Ida dob c.1877
Price, John dob c.1843
Price, Laurel Adeline dob c.1893
Price, William Henry dob c.1824
Priddies, Mary
Pride, Charles dob c.1853
Prideaux, William dob c.1846
Prismall, Emily dob c.1868
Priest, Elijah dob c.1860
Priest, Henry dob 16/12/1865
Probatt, Harriet dob c.1856
Proctor, Richard dob c.1801
Prospere, Frank dob c.1839
Pross, Emma dob c.1885
Pross, Zelda dob c.1904
Prouse, Ellen dob c.1819
Pulfer, Charles Owen dob c.1882
Punshon, William dob c.1802
Purcell, Frank dob c.1866
Purden, Lily Fawn dob c.1892
Purse, Annie Emma Elizabeth dob c.1900
Pursell, Ross Edward Charles dob c.1898
Pye, James dob c.1862
Quigley, John
Quill, Patrick dob c.1855
Quinn, Alice dob c.1859
Quinn, Charles dob c.1832
Quinn, Thomas
Quirk, Thomas dob 22/9/1860
Radcliff, Susan Mary dob c.1844
Radford, Bert dob c.1895
Radin, Mary dob c.1873
Rae, Isabella dob c.1819
Rainbow, Annie dob c.1873
Rainbow, Joshua dob c.1866
Rainey, Emma Susannah Harriett dob c.1844
Rainsford, Mary Ann dob c.1849
Ralston, James dob c.1844
Ralston, Maria dob c.1850
Ranahan, James dob c.1822
Rance, Mary Ann dob c.1831
Randall, Emily dob c.1862
Ranger, Walter dob c.1901
Ransley, Clara Elizabeth dob c.1861
Ransome, Alfred Gardner Robert Frank dob c.1858
Ratcliff, Robert George dob c.1860
Ratcliffe, Arthur Metcalfe
Ratcliffe, Robert G. dob c.1861
Ratsman, Caroline aka Ratzman, Caroline dob c.1823
Ravenscroft, George dob c.1835
Rawlinson, Richard dob c.1821
Rawson, Thomas dob c.1868
Ray, Emily Rachel dob c.1865
Ray, Robert dob c.1869
Rayner, Raymond Robert dob c.1899
Rayner, Raymond Robert dob c.1899
Rayner, Raymond Robert dob c.1899
Read, Lettie dob c.1867
Read, Thomas Gabriel dob c.1824
Reade, Harriet dob c.1844
Reader, Ellen dob c.1851
Ready, John dob c.1876
Ready, John dob c.1876
Reardon, Mary dob c.1827
Reason, Catherine dob c.1862
Reason, Frank dob c.1854
Redman, Esther dob c.1899
Reece, Rose dob c.1880
Reed, Albert Ernest dob c.1877
Rees, Cyril dob c.1896
Rees, Cyril Gordon dob c.1896
Rees, Cyril Gordon dob c.1896
Rees, Cyril Gordon dob c.1896
Rees, Cyril Gordon dob c.1896
Rees, Sydney G. dob c.1897
Rees, Sydney Gilbert dob c.1897
Rees, Sydney Gilbert dob c.1897
Reeve, Ida May dob c.1885
Regan, Eliza dob c.1840
Regan, John dob c.1841
Regan, Michael dob c.1833
Regan, Thomas Joseph dob c.1890
Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reggett, Nellie aka Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reggett, Nellie aka Reggett, Ellen Elizabeth dob c.1884
Reid, George dob c.1852
Reid, James dob c.1804
Reid, John dob c.1878
Reid, Maria dob c.1854
Reid, Pearl dob c.1898
Reidy, Agnes dob c.1840
Reilly, Minnie dob c.1883
Reilly, Thomas dob c.1819
Revell, Arnold dob c.1889
Revell, Jane dob c.1834
Reynolds, Annie dob c.1865
Reynolds, Charlotte dob c.1837
Reynolds, Charlotte dob c.1837
Reynolds, James dob c.1837
Rhodes, Mary dob c.1857
Rice, Blanche dob 21/5/1874
Richards, Edward dob c.1872
Richards, Edward Alfred dob c.1873
Richards, Edward dob c.1871
Richards, Edward Tobias dob c.1866
Richards, Eliza dob c.1880
Richards, John Graham dob c.1851
Richards, Louis dob c.1860
Richards, Mary dob c.1852
Richards, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1874
Richards, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1874
Richards, Wesley dob c.1903
Richardson, Ada dob c.1882
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, Frances Maud dob c.1849
Richardson, James dob c.1867
Richardson, Michael dob c.1833
Rickerby, David aka Rickaby, David dob c.1827
Ricketts, Dorothy Agnes dob c.1889
Rider, John dob 13/9/1879
Ridge, John dob c.1838
Ridge, John dob c.1838
Ridgers, Maria Lucy dob c.1862
Ridley, Sarah dob c.1832
Riely, Thomas dob c.1823
Rigney, Belinda dob c.1865
Riley, Annie Cecily dob c.1875
Riley, Minnie dob c.1883
Riley, William dob c.1851
Rimon, William James dob c.1860
Ritchie, Charles Edward dob c.1863
Ritchie, Charles Edward dob c.1863
Ritchie, Charlotte dob c.1834
Ritson, Clara dob c.1884
Roberts, Alfred John Walter dob c.1874
Roberts, Ann dob c.1824
Roberts, Charles dob c.1848
Roberts, Edward John dob c.1864
Roberts, Hannah
Roberts, Henry dob c.1840
Roberts, Henry dob c.1866
Roberts, Joseph dob c.1848
Roberts, Louisa dob c.1838
Roberts, Mary dob c.1889
Roberts, Mary Grant dob c.1841
Roberts, Maud dob c.1881
Roberts, Maud dob c.1881
Roberts, Paul dob c.1841
Roberts, Thomas Isaac dob c.1844
Roberts, Walter Ernest dob c.1887
Robertson, Alexander dob c.1820
Robertson, Alexander dob c.1820
Robertson, Alexander dob c.1907
Robertson, Benjamin Lawes dob c.1855
Robertson, Roy John dob c.1892
Robertson, William dob c.1816
Robertson, William Percival dob c.1863
Robins, Charles Frederick dob c.1884
Robins, George dob c.1843
Robinson, Charles David dob c.1874
Robinson, Eliza dob c.1822
Robinson, Eliza dob c.1820
Robinson, Elizabeth dob c.1827
Robinson, Hannah dob c.1838
Robinson, Jane dob c.1828
Robinson, John
Robinson, Lydia dob c.1882
Robinson, Richard dob c.1840
Robinson, Sarah dob c.1826
Robson, Daniel John dob c.1855
Robson, Janet dob c.1846
Robson, William dob c.1822
Rochford, Ellen dob c.1800
Rock, Amelia Maria dob c.1872
Rock, Clara dob c.1888
Rock, Herbert John Samuel dob c.1899
Rodda, Thomas dob c.1843
Rodgers, Charles dob c.1828
Rodman, Mary Ann dob c.1840
Rodman, Rose dob c.1855
Roebuck, Joseph
Rogers, Benjamin dob c.1815
Rollason, Alfred Ernest dob c.1884
Rollins, Catherine dob c.1838
Rollins, Ellen Bridget dob c.1873
Rolls, Eliza Jane dob c.1823
Romans, Mary Ann dob c.1810
Root, William Hemingham dob c.1847
Rose, Anne dob c.1836
Rose, Catherine dob c.1834
Rose, Sarah dob c.1802
Rosenberg, Harris dob c.1777
Rosier, Catherine dob c.1881
Ross, Amelia dob c.1795
Ross, John
Ross, Olive dob c.1885
Ross, Olive Irene dob c.1885
Rossi, Antonio
Rossthorne, Henry aka Rossthorne, Thomas dob c.1844
Rothwell, Robert dob c.1845
Roughley, Ernest dob c.1869
Rowe, Zilda Marion dob c.1897
Rowe, Zilda Marion dob c.1897
Rowell, Frank dob c.1869
Rowell, Richard dob c.1815
Rowles, George dob c.1812
Royle, John Henry dob c.1911
Rubenach, Arthur Tasman dob c.1914
Rubens, Harriet dob c.1876
Rubens, Harriet dob c.1876
Rudd, Annie dob c.1862
Rudd, William dob c.1839
Rundell, Agnes dob c.1845
Russell, Ralph dob c.1830
Russell, Rose dob c.1862
Rust, Janet
Rutherford, Helen dob c.1833
Rutherford, Ruth dob c.1872
Rutt, Madeline Alice Helena Adeline dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Alice Helena dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Alice Helena dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Helena Alice dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Helena Alice dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Helena Alice dob c.1869
Rutt, Madeline Helena Alice dob c.1869
Ryan, Catherine dob c.1830
Ryan, Catherine dob c.1830
Ryan, Hannah dob c.1837
Ryan, Lawrence dob c.1856
Ryan, Mary dob c.1815
Ryan, Tasman Lewis dob c.1892
Ryde, Margaret dob c.1856
Saintey, Eliza Jane dob c.1864
Salisbury, Charles aka Salisbury, Thomas
Salisbury, Thomas dob c.1827
Salmon, Virginia dob c.1877
Salmon, Patrick dob c.1815
Salter, Mary dob c.1852
Salter, Elizabeth Maria dob c.1866
Sanderson, Agnes dob c.1874
Sanderson, Isabella dob c.1827
Sanderson, Isabella dob c.1827
Santo, Elizabeth
Sargison, Harry James dob c.1865
Saunders, Emma dob c.1871
Saunders, Jessie dob c.1817
Savage, Richard dob c.1892
Sawford, Ellen dob c.1869
Scammell, Ann dob c.1846
Schmidtz, Andrew dob c.1831
Scott, Alice Maud dob c.1883
Scollick, George Samuel dob c.1886
Scott, Catherine
Scott, James dob c.1856
Scott, John
Scott, Margaret Lyle dob c.1853
Scott, Margaret Lyle dob c.1853
Scott, Margaret Lyle dob c.1853
Scott, Robert dob c.1830
Scott, Robert dob c.1830
Scott, Robert dob 12/11/1868
Scurrah, Sarah Ann dob c.1861
Seager, Kate dob c.1850
Seager, Kate Rosina dob c.1852
McCoy, Alfred
Selby, Catherine dob c.1808
Selby, George dob c.1879
Selby, William dob c.1880
Self, Alfred
Sergeant, John aka Sargent John dob c. 1822
Sewell, Mary Ann dob c.1856
Shanklin, Lawrence Parke dob c.1832
Shanley, William dob c.1867
Shaw, Allen Sylvester dob 6/12/1923
Shaw, Thomas dob c.1845
Sheehan, Ellen
Sheehan, Kate dob c.1888
Sheehan, Mary dob c.1816
Sheehan, Thomas dob c.1819
Sheppard, Elizabeth dob c.1799
Sherrin, Jack dob c.1916
Shipton, John dob c.1812
Shoobridge, Sarah Charlotte dob c.1877
Short, Michael dob c.1832
Short, William
Short, William dob c.1814
Short, William
Short, William dob c.1814
Short, William dob c.c.1848
Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth dob c.1859
Simmons, Leslie dob c.1873
Simpson, Henry dob c.1841
Simpson, Katherine dob c.1832
Simpson, Kathleen aka Simpson, Kate dob c.1874
Sinclair, Nancy dob c.1894
Sing, Mary Wah dob c.1852
Singleton, Arthur William dob c.1896
Singleton, Arthur William dob c.1896
Singleton, Arthur William dob c.1896
Singleton, Arthur William dob c.1896
Sleek, Louisa dob c.1848
Slevin, Susan dob c.1879
Slevin, Susan dob c.1879
Sloane, Edward
Sly, Amy dob c.1862
Smaley, William dob c.1829
Smith, Alexander dob c.1827
Smith, Andrew dob c.1859
Smith, Bertha Mary dob c.1879
Smith, Catherine dob c.1856
Smith, Charles dob c.1846
Smith, Dorothy Edeline dob c.1905
Smith, Edward dob c.1816
Smith, Francis Edwin Parker dob c.1857
Smith, Francis aka Smith, Frank dob c.1857
Smith, George dob c.1827
Smith, George dob c.1887
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry Warnock dob 3/4/1877
Smith, Isabel Constance dob c.1878
Smith, Isabel Constance dob c.1878
Smith, James dob c.1833
Smith, James dob c.1868
Smith, James dob c.1869
Smith, James dob c.1869
Smith, James dob c.1869
Smith, Janet dob c.1848
Smith, John dob c.1829
Smith, John dob c.1844
Smith, John dob c.1834
Smith, John Duncan
Smith, Joseph dob c.1839
Smith, Keila Pearl Annie dob c.1909
Smith, Martha dob c.1855
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary dob c.1847
Smith, Mary Louisa dob c.1865
Smith, Mona Edith dob c.1892
Smith, Olive dob c.1902
Smith, Philip Owen dob c.1875
Smith, Robert dob c.1876
Smith, Robert aka Smith, Robert dob c.1872
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1862
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1862
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1862
Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1862
Smith, Rupert dob c.1902
Smith, Rupert Henry Allen dob c.1902
Smith, Samuel Edward dob c.1837
Smith, Tasman Thomas dob c.1887
Smith, Tasman Thomas dob c.1887
Smith, Walter John dob c.1906
Smith, William
Smith, William Ernest dob c.1859
Smyth, Mary dob c.1844
Snow, Henry
Solly, Victoria Bridget dob c.1884
Solomon, Thomas dob c.1896
Somerville, Elizabeth dob c.1856
Somerville, Elizabeth dob c.1856
Soon, Quong dob c.1854
Speight, John dob c.1827
Spence, Adam dob c.1869
Spencer, Arthur dob c.1840
Spicer, Frederick Bertram dob c.1847
Spicer, Mary Ann
Sproule, Mabel Isabel dob 21/12/1910
Spurling, Stephen dob c.1820
Stabb, Minnie dob c.1879
Stabb, Minnie dob c.1879
Stable, John dob c.1864
Stable, John dob c.1864
Stacey, Minnie May dob 3/3/1906
Stack, Mary dob c.1842
Stagg, Joseph dob c.1802
Standfield, Elliott Cranswell dob c.1873
Stanfield, Mabel dob c.1870
Stanfield, Mabel Florence dob c.1870
Stansfield, John Gilles dob c.1836
Stapleton, Thomas dob c.1868
Starkey, Mary dob c.1838
Starkey, Mary dob c.1838
Stavely, Matilda dob c.1846
Steadman, Alexander dob c.1816
Steadman, James
Steedman, Susan dob c.1879
Steedman, Susan dob c.1879
Steedman, Susan dob c.1879
Steel, George dob c.1853
Stein, Maria dob c.1845
Stephens, Henry dob c.1883
Stephens, Henry Charles dob c.1884
Stephens, Maria Jane dob c.1845
Stephenson, Louisa dob c.1863
Stephenson, Thomas Alfred dob c.1866
Stevens, Amanda dob c.1892
Stevens, Francis Seymour dob c.1859
Stewart, Agnes Mary (name on microfilm is Stewart, Alfred Mary) dob c.1852
Stewart, Agnes Mary dob c.1852
Stewart, James dob c.1821
Stewart, Janet dob c.1853
Stewart, John dob c.1868
Stewart, Selina dob c.1835
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, William dob c.1859
Stewart, William dob c.1859
Stewart, William Henry Rawson dob c.1861
Stingle, Christopher dob c.1845
Stirling, James Wilson dob c.1874
Stockdale, Geoffrey dob c.1859
Stokell, Ellen dob c.1868
Stokell, Herbert dob c.1864
Stokes, Henry Alexander dob c.1887
Stone, Aura Annie dob c.1893
Stoner, Mr
Stops, Charles Robert dob c.1875
Storie, Captain
Story, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1858
Story, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1858
Stott, Elizabeth dob c.1857
Stott, Elizabeth dob c.1857
Stott, Elizabeth dob c.1857
Strahan, John dob c.1869
Stratton, Edward Chandler
Struthers, William dob c.1864
Stubbings, John
Stubbs, Minnie dob c.1881
Suckling, Eliza dob c.1868
Sullivan, Edward dob c.1863
Sullivan, James dob c.1877
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Patrick dob c.1882
Sullivan, William dob c.1864
Sutcliffe, Stewart dob c.1893
Sutherland, Allan Traill dob c.1846
Swaffield, Annie dob c.1841
Swan, Tasman dob c.1868
Swanson, Amy Sophia dob c.1844
Sweeney, Mary dob c.1828
Swift, Elizabeth dob c.1852
Swifte, Bernam Henry Nassan dob c.1825
Sykes, Amelia dob c.1862
Sykes, Sarah dob c.1845
Symes, Robert (the younger)
Synnott, Jane
Taylor, Eliza dob c.1830
Toole, Michael
Towers, Clara Jane dob c.1862
Troon, Catherine dob c.1856
Wagner, Walter dob c.1881
Walker, Alice dob c.1882
Walker, William dob c.1867
Walker, Winifred Esther Margaret dob c.1871
Wallace, Alice dob c.1875
Walsh, Bessie aka Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1892
Walsh, Elizabeth dob c.1890
Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1890
Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1890
Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1890
Walsh, James Gregory dob c.1895
Walsh, Mildred May dob c.1893
Walsh, Mary dob c.1814
Walshe, Elizabeth Margaret Frances dob c.1891
Walters, Edwin Charles dob c.1876
Walters, Henry dob c.1862
Ward, Alice Margaret dob 24/6/1879
Ward, Oliver dob c.1872
Ward, Robert Arthur dob c.1873
Waters, Arthur dob c.1874
Watkins, William Henry dob c.1856
Watson, Edward dob c.1871
Watson, Edward dob c.1871
Watson, Edward dob c.1871
Watson, Edward dob c.1871
Watson, Edward dob c.1871
Watson, Robert dob c.1875
Watson, Robert dob c.1875
Watson, Sophy dob c.1883
Watt, William dob c.1870
Watts, May dob c.1885
Wayn, Gladys Mary dob c.1891
Weare, John dob c.1866
Webb, George Henry dob c.1874
Weeding, Albert dob c.1981
Weetman, Paul dob c.1855
Weir, Alice Ada dob c.1873
Wells, Leslie dob c.1897
Welsh, John dob c.1868
Wessing, Doris Myra dob c.1901
Wessing, Norman Peter dob c.1899
West, Alma Lily dob c.1890
West, Alma Lily dob c.1890
West, Elma Lily dob c.1890
Westbrook, Charlotte dob c.1870
Westbrook, Emilie dob c.1863
Westbrook, Horace Leslie dob c.1863
Weston, Kate Dubrelle dob c.1897
Whatley, Sydney dob c.1880
Wherrett, Violet Ellen Marwood dob c.1879
Whitcombe, William John dob c.1906
White, Emily dob c.1850
White, Emma dob c.1881
White, Florence Georgina dob c.1875
White, Mary Jane dob c.1859
Whitechurch, Edwin dob c.1810
Whiting, Albert James Wright dob c.1883
Whiting, Rhoda Victoria dob c.1893
Whogan, Elsie dob c.1882
Wicks, Edward dob c.1889
Wiggins, Aubrey dob c.1888
Wild, Richard dob c.1823
Wilkinson, John Horace dob c.1851
Wilkinson, Margaret dob c.1835
Williams, Beatrice dob c.1888
Williams, Charlotte aka Neale, Charlotte
Williams, George dob c.1887
Williams, George Henry dob c.1849
Williams, John dob c.1871
Williams, John dob c.1871
Williams, Percy dob c.1878
Williams, Percy dob c.1878
Williams, Rees
Williams, William Henry dob c.1890
Wilson, Catherine Dora dob cv.1886
Wilson, Dora dob c.1885
Wilson, James dob c.1857
Wilson, Lilian dob c.1889
Wilson, William dob c.1851
Windred, Walter dob c.1862
Windsor, Eric Gilbert dob c.1907
Winter, Rosie Bernard dob c.1885
Winwood, Frederick dob c.1878
Wise, Elizabeth dob c.1874
Wise, Theophilus William Paul dob c.1869
Wood, Archibald dob c.1877
Wood, Cyril Victor
Wood, Jack dob c.1912
Woods, Frederick Henry dob c.1895
Woods, James dob c.1870
Woodworth, Alfred dob c.1861
Woolnough, Stanley dob c.1913
Worsley, Susan dob c.1867
Wrathall, Eva dob c.1880
Wrigley, Hope dob c.1855
Zamcar, William
MacDonald, Sarah c.1855
Doran, Edrie Joseph Stanley (dob c. 1920)
Powell, Thomas (Ticket of leave - Caledonia)
Rice, Blanche dob c1874
Roberts, Richard dob c1801
Weedon, Frances dob c1876
Woods, Janet dob 1887
Gallagher, Felix dob 1856 - part 2 (previous file HSD285/1/924)
Abbott, Wilfred dob c.1885
Agnew, Robert
Albutt, John dob c.1808
Alexander, John dob c.1846
Alexander, William dob c.1836
Allen, Ellen dob c.1844
Alomes, George dob c.1883
Anderson, Charles dob c.1832
Anderson, William Walker
Andrews, Marion Elizabeth dob c.1862
Armstrong, David Alexander dob c.1869
Armstrong, Ellen dob c.1866
Arnett, Minnie dob c.1864
Ashe, Matthew Henry dob c.1824
Aspinall, William dob c.1824
Atkins, Caroline Jane Isabelle
Atkinson, Lilian Emily dob c.1897
Ayers, Bruce dob c.1908
Ayres, Isabella dob c.1874
Bain, Victoria Daisy dob c.1887
Baker, Samuel Victor Gilbert dob c.1895
Barker, Rolla de Molesworth dob c.1873
Barwick, Alfred Thomas dob c.1884
Bathgate, Andrew dob c.1867
Behrens, John dob c.1835
Biggins, Francis Cyril dob c.1899
Blanche, Charles dob c.1887
Brewer, William dob c.1838
Briley, Rose Anna dob c.1888
Bromfield, Lily dob c.1888
Brown, Ellen dob 13/8/1898
Burden, Reuben dob c.1868
Burgess, Isaac dob 28/8/1900
Calder, Patrick dob c.1828
Campbell, Richard dob c.1881
Carey, Edmund
Carter, Leonard Leslie dob c.1898
Catchpole, Lindsay dob c.1877
Chamberlain, Jane Louise dob c.1888
Chisholm, Allan Bernard dob c.1871
Cinnamon, Thomas dob c.1880
Clark, Cyril Gilbert dob c.1897
Clay, Mary Jane dob c.1884
Cleaver, Ada May Victoria dob c.1893
Coghlan, Effie dob c.1902
Collins, Arthur dob c.1895
Connelly, Daniel Henry dob c.1841
Cook, Amanda Louisa Maria dob c.1866
Cooper, Benjamin dob c.1883
Cooper, Doris Emma dob c.1896
Coppleman, Sophia dob c.1841
Cox, Edward dob c.1847
Cox, Maud Caroline dob c.1884
Crawford, Maud Margaret dob c.1871
Creeley, Elizabeth dob c.1860
Cripps, Edward dob c.1863
Crockett, Henry dob c.1886
Cross, Eva dob c.1892
Cullen, John dob c.1841
Cullen, Valerian dob c.1895
De Jersey, Mary dob c.1870
Dalco, Dorothy dob c.1899
Delahunt, John c.1817
Denny, Francis dob c.1864
Dickens, Connie Beatrice dob c.1897
Dicker, David dob c.1825
Dolbey, Cyril George dob c.1905
Downing, Sarah dob c.1846
Dryden, James dob c.1832
Duffy, James dob c.1853
Duncanson, William dob c.1805
Dunlop, Joseph dob c.1857
Eastman, George dob c.1866
Eastman, Martha dob c.1855
Eccles, Thomas
Ek, Oscar
Dunbar, Thomas William dob c.1908
Emery, Marjorie Jean dob c.1906
Evans, Ephraim dob c.1849
Evans, Ethel Mary dob c.1870
Eveleigh, John dob c.1830
Fell, Alfred dob c.1883
Fenner, Kate dob c.1882
Ferrar, Bassett Dickson dob c.1852
Fisher, Myra Myrtle Henrietta dob c.1890
Finlayson, Frederick William
Flanders, Stanley Josiah dob c.1894
French, Thomas Cox dob c.1879
Furley, F.
Gad, John Godfrey dob c.1805
Gall, Minnie dob c.1836
Garlick, Roy Keith dob c.1904
Giffin, Mary Caroline dob c.1837
Glover, Eliza dob c.1830
Glozier, George dob c.1822
Goldman, John dob c.1889
Goldspink, Susan dob c.1798
Goodwin, Louisa dob c.1895
Gordon, Rose dob c.1861
Green, George dob c.1821
Gregory, Windham Phillip dob c.1892
Griffin, Lawrence dob c.1835
Griffiths, Charles Henry dob c.1917
Griffiths, Ellen dob c.1880
Groves, Richard dob c.1821
Grundy, William dob c.1829
Hall, William
Hannan, Ronald Clifton dob c.1894
Harrex, Allan dob c.1900
Harrison, Ernest Weedon dob c.1874
Harvey, Joseph dob c.1894
Hertel, John David dob c.1905
Hinchcliffe, Eliza dob c.1889
Hingston, Robert Thomas dob c.1878
Hodkinson, Alfred Henry dob c.1901
Holloway, Edwin dob c.1884
Horan, Catherine dob c.1844
Houlder, George dob c.1874
Hughes, Thomas dob c.1823
Hunt, Esther dob c.1885
Hutcheon, Alfred Harold dob 23/3/1892
Hutton, Muriel dob c.1892
Inglis, Peter dob c.1812
Johnson, Arthur Ernest Benjamin dob c.1890
Johnson, Henry dob c.1922
Jones, Margaret dob c.1871
Kavanagh, John dob c.1819
Kearns, Margaret dob c.1866
Keasley, Mary Anne dob c.1857
Keats, Sophie May dob c.1881
Kelly, John dob c.1828
Kennally, Jeremiah dob c.1818
Kennedy, Mary dob c.1820
Kenyon, William dob c.1824
Kerr, Anne dob c.1801
Kerr, Margaret dob c.1790
Kerrison, Jane dob c.1891
Kidgell, William dob c.1844
King, Izod Darcy dob c.1852
King, Maria dob c.1839
King, Susan dob c.1867
Kirk, Robert dob c.1825
Kneebone, Stephen dob c.1862
Langham, Edward dob c.1883
Lawler, Audrey dob c.1919
Lawrence, Alice Louisa Ann dob c.1869
Lawton, John dob c.1818
Lee, Ellen dob c.1850
Lee, William John dob c.1869
Lewis, Thomas dob c.1830
Lloyd, William dob c.1863
Lovatt, Annie dob c.1890
Lucas, Vernon Algernon dob c.1888
Lumsden, Annie Rita dob c.1893
Lynch, Michael dob c.1820
Lyon, Mary Jane dob c.1820
McDonald, William Murray dob c.1890
McGaughey, Arthur Hamilton dob c.1891
McKay, Frederick John dob c.1902
McKay, Walter dob c.1879
McNamara, Michael dob c.1863
McNeil, Martha dob c.1870
Maddock, George dob c.1858
Martin, Annie dob c.1893
Mayne, Hartley dob c.1893
Meers, Alma dob c.1906
Miller, Angus dob c.1900
Miller, William dob c.1880
Mitchell, Arthur Samuel dob c.1889
Moore, Daniel Christopher dob c.1880
Mott, Alice dob c.1883
Moy, Ah Hong dob c.1867
Mullins, Lily dob c.1894
Murray, Lionel dob c.1895
Murrell, Alice dob c.1879
Murridge, Ada Ellen dob c.1878
O'Brien, Edward dob c.1891
O'Brien, John Joseph dob c.1891
Peters, Sarah Ann dob c.1888
Plunkett, Walter Francis dob c.1897
Preece, Alfred James dob c.1880
Purden, Lily Fawn dob c.1893
Quinn, Gordon dob 14/7/1905
Rae, James dob c.1833
Rafton, Eleanor dob c.1872
Ramsdale, Daisy dob c.1882
Randall, Emily dob c.1862
Rankin, Thomas dob c.1859
Ransley, Frances Louisa dob c.1883
Reader, Edwin dob c.1922
Regan, Julia
Regan, Margaret dob c.1802
Reid, Eileen dob c.1899
Reid, Grace dob c.1906
Revell, Arnold dob c.1891
Reynolds, Mary dob c.1861
Rice, George dob c.1825
Ridge, John dob c.1839
Ridley, Walter Abbott dob c.1855
Riley, William dob c.1852
Ritson, Jean dob c.1919
Roberts, Alfred John Walters dob 13/8/1873
Rogers, Frank dob c.1889
Rollins, Ellen dob c.1874
Ross, John Andrew dob c.1874
Rowe, Robert dob c.1810
Rubens, Harriet dob c.1875
Rutt, Madeline Helena Alice dob c.1869
Saddler, Emily Caroline Eliza dob c.1848
Sadler, Frederick William aka Sadler, William Frederick dob c.1877
Salier, Harriet dob c.1850
Salier, Lucy dob c.1847
Salmon, Lillian dob c.1879
Salter, Elizabeth dob c.1865
Salter, Mary Ann dob c.1857
Salter, Matilda Margaret dob c.1869
Sands, Delia dob c.1869
Sanders, Rachel dob c.1896
Sanderson, Emma Isabel dob 16/4/1890
Sansom, Rosa dob c.1815
Saunderson, Isabella dob c.1827
Saville, Emily dob c.1858
Saxsmith, George dob c.1836
Say, George dob c.1832
Saye, Thomas dob c.1860
Scetrine, Ernest Reginald dob c.1884
Schell, Ernest Edward dob c.1868
Schmidtz, Andrew dob c.1831
Schmigotz, Martin dob c.1883
Schofield, Sarah Ann dob c.1839
Scales, Emily Frances dob c.1875
Scott, Alice Gertrude dob c.1896
Scott, Alice Maud dob c.1883
Scott, Emma dob c.1822
Scott, Ethel Agnes dob c.1881
Scott, William dob c.1881
Scougall, James dob c.1860
Scoullar, Thomas dob c.1806
Sculthorpe, Benjamin dob c.1860
Seager, Kate dob c.1851
Seaward, George dob c.1857
Selby, Amelia dob c.1856
Selby, William dob c.1881
Sewell, Sarah dob c.1864
Seymour, Maria dob c.1859
Sharman, Bridget dob c.1819
Sharman, James dob c.1808
Sharp, Thomas dob c.1850
Shaw, Thomas
Shaw, William Andrew dob c.1899
Shearer, Rose dob c.1877
Sheedy, Patrick dob c.1837
Sheehan, Edward
Sheehan, William dob c.1842
Shegog, Alice dob c.1861
Shepherd, Francis dob c.1896
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, Percy Alexander dob c.1897
Sheridan, Minerva Helen dob c.1877
Shield, Jane dob c.1852
Sheilds, Martha dob c.1880
Shippherd, Bradley dob c.1863
Shirley, Henry dob c.1862
Shoobridge, Sarah Charlotte dob c.1876
Short, William dob c.1820
Silbereisen, Henry August dob c.1882
Simpson, Catherine
Simpson, James
Simpson, Mary dob c.1821
Simpson, Moses dob c.1815
Simpson, William dob c.1818
Skerry, Ann
Skiffins, Martha dob c.1832
Slater, Annie dob c.1865
Slater, Louisa dob c.1879
Slater, Walter dob c.1874
Sloane, Thomas dob c.1875
Slattery, James dob c.1866
Sly, Amy dob c.1869
Small, William dob c.1825
Smart, Clara dob c.1888
Smart, James dob c.1804
Smith, Charles dob c.1856
Smith, Charles dob c.1866
Smith, Charles Edward dob c.1862
Smith, Charlotte Kealley
Smith, Eliza dob c.1828
Smith, Ellen Catherine dob c.1892
Smith, Emily Louisa dob c.1840
Smith, Frank dob c.1857
Smith, Frederick Joseph dob c.1893
Smith, Gertrude dob c.1872
Smith, Harriet Ann dob c.1832
Smith, Henry dob c.1833
Smith, Ivan dob c.1888
Smith, James dob c.1861
Smith, James dob c.1868
Smith, James Robert dob c.1847
Smith, Jane aka Woods, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1820
Smith, Jane dob c.1808
Smith, John aka Williams, Edward dob c.1808
Smith, Mabel Blanche Cullen dob c.1884
Smith, Mark Eli dob c.1891
Smith, Mary dob c.1830
Smith, Matilda Jane dob c.1894
Smith, Ronald Whitefoord dob c.1855
Smith, Sarah dob c.1862
Smith, Tasman John dob c.1890
Smith, Thomas dob c.1812
Smith, Thomas dob c.1864
Smith, Walter dob c.1896
Smith, William dob c.1809
Smith, William dob c.1864
Smith, William dob c.1854
Smyth, Elizabeth Ann dob c.1842
Smyth, William Biggs dob c.1856
Soloman, Harold Robert dob c.1872
South, Frank Charles dob c.1847
Southerwood, Ann dob c.1852
Southwell, Kate dob c.1874
Spark, Mary Jane dob c.1896
Sparks, Mary Ann aka Ward, Mary Ann dob c.1823
Speakman, Edith dob c.1869
Spencer, William dob c.1908
Spilsby, Hannah dob c.1781
Spicer, Mary Ann
Spicer, George dob c.1865
Stabb, Minnie dob c.1886
Stacey, Edith dob c.1890
Stacey, Frederick dob c.1825
Stacey, Pearl dob c.1914
Stanfield, Constance Rita dob c.1884
Stanley, Ellen dob c.1803
Stanley, Joan Miller dob c.1842
Stanley, Martha dob c.1859
Stannard, Alfred dob c.1868
Staples, William dob c.1871
Stephens, Edward William dob c.1840
Stephens, Margaret Emily dob c.1874
Stephens, William dob c.1879
Stephenson, James Morrison dob c.1847
Stevens, Ethel Alma dob c.1879
Stevens, Francis Seymour dob c.1858
Stevens, John dob c.1832
Stewart, William dob c.1849
Stewart, William Cormack dob c.1864
Stirling, James Wilson dob c.1875
Stock, Alfred Albert dob c.1857
Stocks, Elsie dob c.1898
Stone, Ruth dob c.1864
Stonehouse, John dob 1/3/1834
Storie, William dob c.1818
Stott, Elizabeth dob c.1854
Studderd, Marjorie dob c.1899
Stump, Edwin Charles dob c.1851
Sturzaker, Millie dob c.1892
Sullivan, Mary dob c.1892
Summerfield, Samuel dob c.1844
Sumpter, Thomas dob c.1811
Sutcliffe, Elizabeth dob c.1830
Sutcliffe, Sanderson dob c.1843
Sutherland, Margaret Ann dob c.1835
Sutor, George dob c.1847
Sweeney, Catherine dob c.1848
Sweeney, Daniel dob c.1850
Symonds, Ruby Eva dob c,1885
Sykes, Thomas dob c.1879
Tabart, Jessie dob c.1844
Tacey, Rosetta dob c.1889
Tait, Peter John dob c.1862
Talbott, Arthur J. dob c.1855
Tandy, Thomas
Taylor, Arthur dob c.1867
Taylor, Arthur Isaac dob c.1867
Taylor, Carrie dob c.1891
Taylor, Edward dob c.1816
Taylor, Elizabeth dob c.1787
Taylor, Emily Ann dob c.1862
Taylor, Henrietta dob c.1855
Taylor, John dob c.1821
Taylor, John dob c.1868
Taylor, Judith dob c.1831
Taylor, Lavinia Olivia dob c.1872
Taylor, Marion dob c.1841
Taylor, Muriel dob c.1895
Taylor, Samuel Thomas dob c.1865
Taylor, Sarah dob 11/6/1826
Taylor, Walker Pellew dob c.1834
Taylor, Winton Edgar dob c.1918
Teasdale, Henry dob c.1868
Templar, Alice dob c.1876
Tennant, Alfred J. dob c.1875
Tennant, Charlotte dob c.1855
Teppings, Eliza dob c.1822
Terry, Estella dob c.1887
Terry, Leonard Malcolm dob c.1897
Terry, Winston Simmons dob c.1850
Thickens, Jennie dob c.1888
Thomas, Amy May
Thomas, Arnold dob c.1868
Thomas, James dob c.1879
Thomas, Jane dob c.1865
Thomas, John dob c.1816
Thomas, John dob c.1818
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Margaret dob c.1825
Thomas, Mary dob c.1815
Thomas, Mary Jane dob
Thomas, Robert dob c.1860
Thompson, Blanche dob c.1896
Thompson, Cecil J. dob c.1872
Thompson, Frances dob c.1836
Thompson, George dob c.1870
Thompson, Hugh dob c.1855
Thompson, Jane dob c.1853
Thompson, John Thomas dob c.1852
Thompson, Maria dob 14/9/1851
Thompson, Mark dob c.1810
Thompson, Martha Alice May dob c.1902
Thompson, Robert Malcolm dob c.1830
Thompson, Simpson Alric
Thompson , Thomas
Thompson, Thomas dob c.1880
Thompson, William dob c.1827
Thompson, William dob c.1856
Thomson, Alexander dob c.1829
Thomson, Elizabeth dob c.1821
Thomson, John dob c.1833
Thomson, John aka Kitchen, John dob c.1820
Thomson, William
Thorn, Lindsie Agnes dob c.1875
Thorne, Johanna dob c.1836
Thorpe, Alfred Edwin dob c.1890
Thorpe, James dob c.1849
Thurston, Ernest dob c.1879
Tierney, Michael
Tighe, Thomas dob c.1845
Tilley, Charles dob c.1854
Tilley, George Edward dob c.1857
Tilyard, Annie dob c.1859
Tilyard, Edward dob c.1859
Tipton, Osborne dob c.1866
Tobin, Daniel dob c.1840
Todd, Jean Robinson dob c.1856
Tolmaque, Martin Beaufort dob c.1834
Tolmey, Jane dob c.1832
Tong, Joseph aka Tongue, Joseph dob c.1822
Toomey, Catherine
Torrance, Helen Strang dob c.1843
Towell, Jane dob c.1843
Towie, Madge dob c.1825
Townsend, Benjamin dob c.1872
Townsend, Mary Eliza dob c.1856
Toy, John dob c.1846
Tracey, Vera dob c.1896
Travers, Thomas dob c.1843
Travers, Thomas dob c.1821
Traynor, Catherine dob c.1806
Triffitt, Frederick Harold dob c.1891
Triffitt, Henry Edward William Benjamin dob c.1883
Triffitt, John dob c.1888
Triffitt, Matilda Georgina dob c.1851
Triffitt, Nellie dob c.1903
Triggs, Jane dob c.1862
Tripp, Frederick dob c.1864
Tubacquiere, Ann dob c.1810
Tucker, Francis dob c.1843
Tucker, Walter dob c.1806
Tumulty, Joseph dob c.1861
Tunks, Johnathan dob c.1870
Turfrey, David dob c.1862
Turnbull, Euphemia dob c.1856
Turnbull, John dob c.1846
Turner, Caroline dob c.1848
Turner, Emma dob c.1839
Turner, George dob c.1863
Turner, James
Turner, Janet dob c.1866
Turner, John dob c.1858
Turner, John dob c.1864
Turner, Joseph dob c.1864
Turner, Mary Brugh dob c.1871
Turner, Philip Marlow dob c.1851
Turner, Thomas dob c.1819
Turner, Thomas dob c.1850
Turner, William dob c.1835
Turner, William Cootes
Turner, William Richard dob c.1884
Tuthill, Samuel
Tyler, Alfred dob c.1874
Tyler, Eliza dob c.1840
Tyler, John William
Tynan, John dob c.1852
Tynan, Mary Ann dob c.1858
Tynan, Thomas dob c.1855
Tyson, Mary dob c.1868
Underwood, Ruby Blanche dob c.1898
Upcher, Alice dob c.1875
Upton, Catherine dob c.1839
Upton, Charles Jones aka Upston, Charles Jones dob c.1823
Upton, David Joseph dob c.1908
Urquhart, Ann Fraser dob c.1823
Vant, William dob c.1852
Vautin, May Malvina dob c.1874
Veitch, Robert dob c.1803
Venn, Henry dob c.1859
Vincent, Sarah
Viney, Harry Llewellyn dob c.1882
Vinglesary, Nacken dob c.1818
Vizard, Richard dob c.1830
Vranisan, Jessie dob c.1887
Wade, Eleanor Louisa Matilda dob c.1864
Wade, Joseph dob c.1841
Wade, Luke dob c.1861
Wade, Thomas dob c.1871
Wade, William Coulson dob c.1884
Wakeham, Carma Field dob c.1911
Walker, Charles dob c.1818
Walker, David dob c.1794
Walker, George dob c.1890
Walker, Hugh Stack dob c.1835
Walker, Isabel Harriet dob c.1838
Walker, Selina Victoria dob c.1832
Walker, Stella May dob c.1889
Walker, William George dob c.1867
Wallace, Alice dob c.1878
Wallace, Elizabeth dob c.1848
Wallace, Hannah dob c.1843
Wallace, Robert Henry dob c.1844
Wallace, William dob c.1811
Waller, Ellen dob c.1855
Walpole, Isobel dob c.1884
Walsh, Agnes dob c.1852
Walsh, Edith dob c.1896
Walsh, Elizabeth dob c.1896
Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1890
Walshe, Guy M. dob c.1876
Walsh, John dob c.1819
Walsh, Martin dob c.1844
Walters, Susannah dob c.1842
Warburton, Thomas dob c.1825
Ward, Gladys Maud dob 16/7/1898
Ward, Mary Ann dob c.1826
Ward, Thomas James dob c.1894
Warden, Hugh dob c.1846
Ware, Lilian dob c.1882
Warren, Caroline dob c.1868
Warren, George dob c.1881
Warren, John dob c.1817
Warren, Mary dob c.1828
Warren, Richard dob c.1864
Warren, Victor dob c.1860
Warren, William dob c.1815
Warrener, Ellen dob c.1854
Watchorn, Elizabeth dob c.1833
Waterhouse, Gladys Ethel dob 22/4/1908
Waterhouse, Samuel dob c.1830
Watford, Thomas
Watkins, Frederick William dob c.1885
Watkins, George dob c.1846
Watkins, Raymond dob c.1902
Watkinson, James dob c.1800
Watson, Edward dob c.1870
Watson, Harry Wentworth dob c.1868
Watson, Henry Benjamin dob c.1867
Watson, Janet
Watson, Robert dob c.1875
Watson, Thomas dob c.1870
Watson, William dob c.1855
Watt, Louisa dob 2/2/1864
Watt, Samuel dob c.1854
Watterson, Hugh G. dob c.1872
Watts, James dob c.1871
Watts, Thomas dob c.1814
Weaver, Thomas dob c.1816
Webb, Ellen dob c.1881
Webb, George Henry dob c.1873
Webb, James dob c.1868
Webb, Joseph James dob c.1867
Webster, James dob c.1858
Weeding, Edward James dob c.1879
Weeding, George dob c.1864
Weir, Janet aka McCulloch, Janet
Welch, George dob c.1827
Wells, Arthur Lucadou dob c.1854
Wells, Charles Edward dob c.1854
Wells, James dob c.1880
Wessing, Doris dob c.1901
Wessing, Mary dob c.1876
West, Eva dob c.1859
West, Samuel
West, Sarah dob c.1840
Westell, Julia Estella dob c.1885
Wettenhall, Gwen dob c.1877
Weymouth, Henry dob c.1842
Wheeler, Thomas
Whelan, Catherine dob 11/8/1863
Wherrett, Violet Ellen Marwood dob c.1880
Whisker, James dob c.1863
Whitbread, Ethel dob c.1877
Whitbread, Richard dob c.1816
Whitchurch, Edwin dob c.1809
Whitchurch, Esther Harriett dob c.1873
Whitcombe, Angelina dob c.1881
Whitcombe, David Michael dob c.1885
White, Abel dob c.1843
White, Charles dob c.1815
White, Frances Louisa dob c.1859
White, James aka Briffett, James dob c.1825
White, Lyda Elsie dob c.1894
White, Mary dob c.1820
White, Mary dob c.1836
White, Myra dob c.1887
White, Sheila Campbell dob c.1921
White, Thomas dob c.1886
White, William dob c.1858
White, William Henry Arthur dob c.1858
Whitehead, George
Whitehouse, Joseph
Whiteway, Ellen
Whiteway, Emily dob c.1863
Whitford, James dob c.1851
Whittaker, Charles dob c.1858
Wickins, Emma Mary dob c.1840
Wickland, Charles dob c.1852
Wiggins, John Barker dob c.1842
Wiggins, Robert A. dob c.1854
Wight, Susan dob c.1852
Wignall, Hannah Jennings dob c.1855
Wilde, Mabel dob c.1885
Wildgoose, William dob c.1860
Wilkie, John dob c.1833
Wilkins, Frederick dob c.1860
Wilkinson, Florence Mary Ann dob c.1865
Wilkinson, John Horace dob c.1851
Wilkinson, Madeline dob c.1831
Wilks, Sarah Ellen dob c.1861
Willcox, Jane dob c.1845
Willes, Charles John Nimrod dob c.1826
Willes, Ethelbert Henry Edward dob c.1870
Willes, Wilfred Roberts dob c.1865
Williams, Albert Ernest dob c.1867
Williams, Alfred dob c.1867
Williams, Alice
Williams, Alice dob 1873
Williams, Emily dob c.1883
Williams, Ernest dob c.1875
Williams, Francis Henry dob c.1869
Williams, Francis W. dob c.1871
Williams, George dob c.1821
Williams, Harry dob c.1885
Williams, Jane
Williams, John dob c.1841
Williams, John dob c.1850
Williams, John dob c.1826
Williams, John aka Day, John
Williams, John dob c.1870
Williams, Joseph dob c.1878
Williams, Kate aka Williams, Catherine Ameneda Emma dob c.1893
Williams, Lydia dob c.1842
Williams, Mary dob c.1829
Williams, Mary Ann dob c.1829
Williams, Mona dob c.1904
Williams, Robert dob c.1828
Williams, Susan dob c.1831
Williams, William dob c.1847
Williams, William dob c.1866
Williams, William Andrew dob c.1849
Williams, William Archibald dob c.1855
Williams, William Oliver Henry dob c.1905
Williamson, Mary dob c.1879
Williamson, William Thomas dob c.1870
Willicombe, Alfred James dob c.1906
Willing, William dob c.1830
Willis, Lydia Mary dob c.1873
Wilson, Alfred dob c.1892
Wilson, Annie dob c.1862
Wilson, Charles dob c.1811
Wilson, James dob c.1860
Wilson, James Henry
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, Jane dob c.1878
Wilson, Jane dob c.1867
Wilson, Jessie dob c.1900
Wilson, John dob c.1838
Wilson, Laurie dob c.1889
Wilson, Margaret dob c.1865
Wilson, Mary Annie dob c.1839
Wilson, Naomi dob c.1845
Wilson, Thomas dob c.1844
Wilson, Thomas dob c.1828
Wilson, Thomas dob c.1888
Wilson, Victoria Rubicel dob c.1879
Wilson, William dob c.1871
Wilton, Mathew
Wiltshire, Thomas Abraham dob c.1882
Wiltshire, William
Wimmes, Michael dob c.1822
Winne, John dob c.1855
Winrow, George dob c.1862
Winrow, John dob c.1853
Winsborough, William dob c.1844
Winters, Alfred James dob 3/7/1896
Witton, Joseph George dob c.1851
Wolf, Abraham
Wolfhagen, Laura dob c.1856
Wolfhagen, Margaret dob c.1837
Woodberry, Elizabeth dob c.1881
Woodroffe, Alfred dob c.1862
Woodruff, Rosetta dob c.1856
Woods, James dob c.1870
Woods, John
Woods, Thomas dob c.1826
Woods, Thomas dob c.1798
Woods, William dob c.1816
Woods, William Frederick dob c.1836
Woodward, Teresa Ann dob c.1875
Woodworth, Louisa dob c.1865
Woolley, Annie Eliza dob c.1888
Woolley, Elizabeth dob c.1864
Woolley, Osric Ralston dob c.1874
Woolley, William dob c.1815
Worby, Alexander dob c.1848
Wright, Adelaide Bertha dob c.1878
Wrathall, Eva Jeanette dob c.1881
Wrestler, Mary dob c.1836
Wright, Annie dob c.1865
Wyles, James dob c.1857
Yates, Ernest dob c.1866
Yates, Mary Jane dob c.1863
Yea, Ah dob c.1830
Yeates, Kate dob c.1832
Yeoland, Fanny Sheldon dob c.1851
York, Mary dob c.1831
York, Thomas James dob c.1895
York, William dob c.1829
York, William Thomas dob c.1881
Youd, Charlotte dob c.1862
Young, Ah dob c.1831
Young, Ah dob c.1849
Young, Catherine Ann dob c.1872
Young, Elizabeth Elsie dob c.1884
Young, Gordon dob 19/11/1905
Young, John dob c.1832
Young, Mina Rebecca dob c.1883
Young, Thomas dob c.1880
Yuck, Lee dob c.1877
Zelley, Vivian Daisy May dob c.1884
Crawford, Hannah Jane
Kleaver, William, dob c.1839
Wellard, Charlotte Adams, dob c.1839
White, Ann dob 1849
Wood, Ann Jean Christian dob 1878
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph dob c.1810
Wood, Louis dob 1862
Wood, Thomas dob 1824
Adams, Edward dob c.1900
Alexander, Phyllis Barbara dob c.1927
Allen, Kathleen Edna dob c.1910
Ashlin, Elvie May dob c.1902
Baker, Yvonne Alison June dob c.1938
Barwick, Mabel Ellen dob c.1884
Batchelor, Albert James dob c.1900
Beaton, Melva dob c.1913
Begent, George William dob c.1905
Bell, Harriett Margaret dob c.1892
Bender, Mabel Isobelle dob c.1899
Bessell, Alwayn Charles dob c.1911
Bourke, Marion dob 10/3/1915
Bowles, Henry Phillip dob c.1893
Bradburn, Annie dob c.1870
Bradburn, Henry Thomas dob c.1877
Bramich, Hubert dob c.1895
Bramich, Joseph Landrigan dob c.1904
Briscoe, Francis Britton dob c.1907
Britton, David dob c.1874
Broderick, May Isabel dob 13/6/1907
Bryan, Charles William dob c.1879
Burgess, Frank dob c.1899
Byrne, Edith Jane dob c.1897
Cameron, Ellen dob c.1880
Cameron, Murdoch McKenzie dob c.1883
Canham, Alice Maud dob c.1894
Carruthers, Francis William Walter dob c.1894
Clark, Phyllis Helen dob 13/10/1920
Cole, Leslie Mafeking dob c.1900
Collins, Grace Lilian dob 6/3/1911
Collins, John dob c.1900
Cook, Ada dob 18/3/1932
Cooper, Clarice Maude dob c.1896
Crabtree, Doris dob c.1912
Craigie, Ruby dob c.1891
Cross, Elvie May dob c.1916
Cruise, Louisa dob c.1872
Cummings, Arthur Henderson dob c.1910
Cutcliffe, William John dob c.1867
Dart, William Edward dob c.1901
Dixon, George Lisle dob c.1905
Dolbey, Stanley James dob c.1909
Douglas, Cecil Stanley dob c.1906
Dowsing, John James dob c.1887
Dudgeon, Florence Amelia dob c.1871
Dudman, Gladys Annie dob c.1913
Dunn, Robert Edward dob c.1917
Edwards, Geoffrey dob c.1914
Eld, Patrick dob c.1872
Evans, Ruby Gladys dob c.1895
Falkinder, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1923
Faulkner, Keith Maxwell dob c.1910
Fisher, Effie dob 22/6/1889
Fitzgerald, Clifford John dob c.1908
Forbes, Alice Mary c.1893
Foster, Alice Maud dob c.1892
Foster, Harold Edward dob 29/11/1884
Fox, Winifred dob 4/11/1914
Frankcombe, John George dob c.1902
Free, Keith dob c.1929
Gaffney, Elizabeth dob c.1881
Gibson, Fanny dob c.1850
Gillam, Nettie Oakley dob c.1911
Gorringe, Rita dob c.1917
Gorringe, Sheila dob c.1917
Grace, Miriam dob c.1868
Graf, Essie Irene dob c.1892
Grierson, Daisy Dorothy dob 31/12/1904
Hall, Arthur dob c.1874
Hall, Leslie James dob c.1897
Harris, Donald Gordon dob c.1920
Harwood, Albert Hughes dob c.1886
Haynes, Albert Melville dob c.1894
Haywood, Darcy Ross dob c.1913
Higgins, Ann dob c.1906
Hill, Sarah dob c.1875
Hill, Stephen Francis dob c.1918
Hill-Harrison, Alice dob c.1869
Hogan, Gladys Evelyn dob c.1902
Howe, Nellie Mary dob c.1888
Hunn, Ella dob c.1922
Hutcheon, Clifford Raymond dob c.1889
Irvine, Beatrice Minnie dob c.1901
Jaffray, Aubrey Alfred James dob c.1939
Jago, Sidney Ernest dob c.1904
Jarvis, Olga dob c.1928
Jetson, Catherine Agnes dob c.1888
Jones, Clara dob c.1858
Jones, John Alexander dob c.1890
Jones, Masie Linda dob 25/8/1912
Joscelyne, Emily Ella dob c.1868
Joseph, Leo Maxwell dob 21/7/1930
Kerkham, Agnes May dob c.1887
King, Ida Rebecca dob c.1893
King, Thomas dob c.1899
King, Wilma Rae dob c.1938
Knight, Clarence dob c.1907
Larcombe, Eric David dob c.1915
Leary, John dob c.1894
Lees, William Arthur dob c.1897
Levy, Henry dob c.1904
Lloyd, Christabel Margaret dob c.1897
Lovell, Benjamin dob c.1881
Lucas, Walter Henry Montgomery dob c.1910
McAuliffe, Walter dob c.1891
McBain, Elsie Jean dob c.1904
McCallum, Gladys dob c.1901
McDonald, John Ernest dob c.1873
McEwan, Ronald James dob c.1894
McGuire, Bernard William dob c.1901
Maley, Charles Andrew dob c.1898
Manion, Allan dob c.1895
Masterton, Janet Park dob c.1886
Mathews, Gilbert Leonard aka Gurr, Gilbert Leonard dob c.1917
Miller, Ellen Gertrude dob 15/3/1892
Millwood, Amy Constance aka Turner, Amy Constance dob c.1892
Mitchell, Herbert John dob c.1907
Mitchell, Phyllis dob c.1911
Moore, Mary Patricia dob c.1909
Moore, Samuel Gordon dob c.1904
Muir, Florence Robina dob c.1887
Murray, Lionel Henry dob 4/5/1895
Nailer, Thomas Francis dob 2/9/1930
Nicholls, David Kenneth dob 18/5/1931
Oakes, John dob c.1916
O'Connor, John Patrick dob c.1910
Oldham, John Thomas dob c.1936
Palmer, Clarence Stanley dob c.1903
Palmer, Edith Maud dob c.1897
Partridge, Rhoda dob c.1899
Piper, Mary dob c.1868
Potter, Betsy dob c.1900
Power, Mary Catherine dob c.1878
Pritchard, Doreen dob c.1928
Rainbird, Geoffrey Claud dob 2/10/1931
Rees, Jean dob c.1914
Rennie, Elizabeth dob c.1888
Richardson, Albert Edward dob c.1867
Roberts, Henry Ernest dob c.1885
Ross, Helen Jane Ferguson dob c.1872
Salmon, Virginia dob c.1881
Scott, Corrie dob c.1904
Shackcloth, Phyllis dob c.1904
Sheridan, Daisy Eleanor dob c.1877
Sherrin, Doris Alma dob c.1908
Shone, Harold Stanley dob c.1909
Singleton, Arthur William dob c.1892
Sloane, Thomas
Smith, Colin Stewart dob c.1908
Smith, Emily dob c.1894
Smith, Gladys dob c.1919
Smith, Lewis dob c.1929
Stokes, Henry Alexander dob c.1887
Stone, Marjorie Lola dob c.1903
Stubbs, Colin Wilfred dob c.1912
Stubbs, Henry James dob c.1913
Sullivan, Gertrude dob c.1910
Sweeney, Royal Herbert
Sykes, William Arthur dob c.1916
Symons, Charles dob c.1916
Tapping, Annie Constance dob c.1882
Tate, Margaret dob c.1905
Taylor, Annie
Taylor, Beverley dob 30/3/1928
Templeman, Ruth dob c.1887
Thorne, Eva Daisy dob 11/11/1926
Trebilcock, William Foster dob c.1885
Tregear, Albert Vincent dob c.1888
Turmine, Thomas dob c.1914
Turner, Emily Melony dob c.1904
Turner, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1865
Turner, Robert Tasman dob c.1898
Tyson, Jeanne Mondo dob c.1931
Vandriel, Gertrude dob c.1893
Vincent, Daisy Elsie Ethel dob c.1923
Viney, Leah Jessie dob c.1917
Vollprecht, Isabella Minna dob c.1914
Wagner, William John dob c.1890
Walsh, Elizabeth Frances dob c.1891
Ware, Jean Ivy dob 29/11/1918
Waterfall, Ellen dob c.1897
Watson, Bertram John dob c/1905
Watson, Gladys Jean dob c.1919
Webb, George Henry dob c.1874
Weily, Catherine dob c.1903
Wells, Frances Ella dob c.1907
Wells, Leslie Henry dob c.1894
Wescombe, William Henry dob c.1913
West, Agnes Constance dob c.1906
West, Alma Lily dob c.1890
Weston, Kate Dubrelle dob c.1897
Whatley, Sydney Ernest dob c.1882
Whelan, John dob c.1893
Whitcombe, Thomas dob c.1891
Wilkie, Ian Farnie dob c.1916
Willett, Daisy dob c.1889
Williams, Arthur Henry dob 16/10/1919
Williams, Clare dob c.1907
Williams, Eric Ingersoll dob c.1888
Williams, Marion dob c.1889
Williams, Roy Douglas dob 1/11/1920
Willing, Reginald Alfred dob c.1915
Wilson, Gladys dob c.1905
Wilson, Keith dob c.1909
Wilson, Mary Mavis dob c.1906
Windsor, Eric Gilbert dob c.1907
Woodworth, Stella Mary dob c.1907
Woolford, Athene Agnes dob c.1902
Woolley, William George Edward dob 18/11/1919
Wright, Amy Amelia Mabel dob c.1883
Wylie, Margaret dob c.1917
Alexander, Robina dob c.1863
Angle, Henry dob c.1827
Carpenter, Frederich A. dob c.1864
Davidson, Eliza dob c.1857
Davis, Marie Christina dob c.1873
Downie, Mary dob c.1858
Dyson, William Henry dob c.1853
Friday, James alias Edward dob c.1830
Rouse, Thomas dob c.1859
Ryan, Denis dob c.1861
No 279 - Atkins, Charles DOB c.1812
No 372 - Flaherty, James DOB c.1837
Allen, Ann Eliza
No 467 - Allen, Bridget, DOB c.1836
No 538 - Price, Thomas, DOB c.1810