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General Correspondence - Hospital and Health Administration.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1932
End Date:
31 Jan 1987
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
07 Dec 194531 Dec 1990
Controlling Series:
HSD2 Registers of Correspondence.01 Jan 192831 Dec 1949
Previous Series:
HSD20 Annual Reports of Public Hospitals.01 Jul 191830 Jun 1942

HSD1 General Correspondence.26 Jan 192001 Sep 1956
Series notes:
The files are mainly concerned with hospital administration, but also include Mental Health, T.B.Division, Government Analyst, District Nursing and Commonwealth Hospital Benefits.~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

51/1/46 Hospital and Medical Services-Staff appointments.
51/19/46 Hospital and Medical Services-Death Mr E J Tudor Secretary for Public Health (aircraft accident)-temporary arrangements administration of department-request executors re payment in lieu long service leave.
51/39/46 Hospital and Medical Services-Legal agreements-Premiers instruction that originals to be kept by Crown Law Department-extra copies for department.
51/44/46 Hospital and Medical Services-Bills for presentation to Parliament-instructions from Premier re date to be supplied.
52/1/46 Hospital and Medical Services-Vaucluse Hospital.
53/1 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Salary L J Martin.
53/2 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Deputation Launceston Trades Hall.
53/3 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act -Appointments.
53/4 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Purchases for various departments-pamphlets.
53/5 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Mental Deficiency Board-State Psychological Clinic-alteration in membership and control.
53/6 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Proposal residential school for ineducable children.
53/7 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act -Psychiatric and Psychological Clinic -Hobart and Launceston.
53/8 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Mental Hygiene Branch-report Lt Col Sinclair AAMC-facilities for neurotic repatriates-report from Labour Council NSW.
53/9 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Proposed institution for criminal(psychopathic) defectives.
53/10 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Estimates for financial year.
53/12 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Mental Hygiene Board-Lachlan Park Hospital St Johns Park Hospital-staff arrangements re control of institution for defectives.
53/13 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act -Prevalence of sexual deficiency -comments of Director Mental Hygiene -effects of press publicity.
53/14 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Memos from Charles R D Brothers.
53/15 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act -Correspondence Devon Public Hospital -Latrobe-supply of medicine.
53/16 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Medical examinations-State psychological clinics-appointments.
53/17 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Correspondence-removal military huts from Perth Convalescent Depot to Lachlan Park Hospital.
53/18 Hospital and Medical Services Mental Deficiency Act-Tender removal of furniture-P Frank Hammond P/L.
54/1 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital -Repairs to building.
54/2 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Verulam Isolation Hospital -Launceston-alterations.
54/3 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital -Spare furniture.
54/4 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital -Repairs to premises.
54/5 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital -Verulam Isolation Hospital-repairs.
54/6 Hospital and Medical Services Carr Villa Isolation Hospital -Payment to caretaker.
58/1/46 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Adamsfield Centre-assignment of Sister M L Roach.
58/5/46A Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-miscellaneous-opening of centre.
58/5/46B Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-equipment supplies.
58/5/46C Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -plans for hospital.
58/5/46D Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -request for telephone.
58/5/46E Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -letter of thanks to Mrs D M Mills Secretary Cygnet Health Centre Fund.
58/5/46F Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-appointment clerical assistant.
58/5/46G Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -leave of absence.
58/5/46H Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-relieving nurse (Sister Locke) -report re conditions at centre.
58/5/46I Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-resignations-bush nurses Duncan and Griggs.
58/5/46J Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -nursing and domestic assistance.
58/5/46K Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre-letters of thanks to D M Wills and S M Grace Catholic Womens League-donations received.
58/5/46L Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Cygnet Centre -request and approval-repairs laundry floor.
58/5 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Burnie-request for car.
58/28/46 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-appointments departmental centres.
58/29A/46 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Grassy (King Island)-- proposed centre miscellaneous-opening of centre.
58/33 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Bracknell -proposed centre.
58/34 Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Wilmot -proposed centre.
58/39A Hospital and Medical Services Bush Nursing-Sorell -proposed centre including purchase private hospital premises-Sister Gittus.
60/1 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-complaint -J Smart-Dr Bean.
60/2 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Florence Nightingale Society.
60/4 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-leave of absence-Dr T R Gaha.
60/5 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-nutrition- departmental activities-request to Australian Red Cross for co-operation-nutrition office proposed departmental appointment-nutrition office committee.
60/6 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Medical Coordination Committee (central)-transfer of powers and functions to States-alien doctors-proposed registration-registration of medical practitioners.
60/8 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-enquiries vacancies in department.
60/9 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-gaol dentist-remuneration Medical Officer duties.
60/10 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-disposal army equipment.
60/11 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-milk supplies-southern area-seasonal shortages.
60/12 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Tasmanian Cancer Committee-Professional and Scientific Committee-Radiotherapy Institute Melbourne-appointments.
60/14 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-letters of thanks to Red Cross re crutches.
60/15 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Rossarden Medical Union-registration as Friendly Society.
60/16 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-workers compensation.
60/17 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-films.
60/18 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Red Cross dietitian-Miss Dunne-visit to State.
60/194 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-National Health and Medical Research Council-meetings.
60/20 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-E Z Company Risdon-complaint sulphur fumes (employees Hydro Commission)-complaint effect fumes on water supplies Clarence district.
60/21 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-National Fitness Council-appointments.
60/22 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-ambulance services-fees scheme.
60/24 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-memo-'Demerol'.
60/25 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-goitre cure.
60/26 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Butlers Gorge Welfare Association-milk supply.
60/27 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Medical Practitioners queries-eligibility registration in Tasmania.
60/28 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-appointment Dr Brue-Maitland Carruthers as member Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Transport Service Board.
60/29 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-H C Barnard MHR-assistance to mothers with young children.
60/30 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-consultant plastic surgeon-appointment B J Rank Melbourne.
60/31 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-consultant orthopaedist Dr D W L Parker)-duties, engagements visits.
60/32 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-surgical interference for prevention of sex crimes-report by Director of Mental Hygiene (for Attorney General).
60/33 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-conference-Ministers of Health Canberra.
60/34 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Australia and New Zealand Association for the advancement of science.
60/35 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-National Medical Scheme Commonwealth Committee enquiry-appointment State representative Flying Doctor Service-request Flinders and King Island-consultative and diagnostic centres-report and
60/36 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-ambulance transport of pensioners.
60/37 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-special grant to Sorell District Ambulance.
60/38 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-E J Cripps Dover-application tyres-transport of cases to hospital.
60/39 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence and proposed regulations Tasmanian branch Australia Physiotherapy Association.
60/40 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-septic tank installations.
60/41 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-ambulance fees.
60/42 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-unregistered doctors.
60/43 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Reverend W H MacFarlane Longford.
60/44 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-exhumation of bodies.
60/45 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-appointment members of Medical Council Tasmania.
60/46 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Medical Officers salaries.
60/47 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-memo Industrial Registrar-fumes.
60/49 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Mr Eaton Jnr-job artificial limb factory.
60/50 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-training in chiropody-query received from New Zealand.
60/51 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Professional and Scientific Committee of Radiotherapy Institute Melbourne-appointments.
60/52 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-syllabus requested by Western Australia various subjects.
60/53 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-medical services-private doctors-weekend Hobart-publicity on doctors available.
60/54 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-memo-reply despatch 378 and 466 from Agent General-medical practitioners from Great Britain obtaining appointments in Tasmania.
60/55 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-insulin for old age pensioners.
60/56 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-health intelligence-request H M Special Commissioner Singapore for data.
60/57 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-nurses-data to Commonwealth Health Department-number that could be absorbed from overseas-requests for film 'Student Nurse.
60/58 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-meat inspection-query Dr H R Seddon Sydney-regulations-public abattoirs query number in State.
60/59 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-centenary in use of anaesthetics in Australia-correspondence L Fairthorne and Son Pty Ltd.
60/60 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Hobart milk supply-report of Cabinet sub-committee.
60/61 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-applications for travelling fellowship.
60/62 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-query employment ex servicemen.
60/63 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-query cottage home settlements from Canberra Twilight Cottage Homes Committee.
60/64 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-ambulance services in State-data supplied to Commonwealth Health Department.
60/65 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-toxic gases and dust (industrial)-query by Department Munitions Victoria-allowable atmospheric contamination.
60/66 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-refresher courses obstetric nurses-Commonwealth reconstruction training scheme.
60/67 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Repatriation Commission special advisory committee visit to Millbrook Rise.
60/68 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-employment disabled persons in industry data-Department Labour and National Service for publication in handbook.
60/69 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-penicillin for veterinary use.
60/70 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-unemployment and sickness benefits statistics.
60/71 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-X-ray dark room techniques-tuition for hospital nurses.
60/72 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-E W Sawyer-Tasmanian Dental Board.
60/73 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-query CWA to A J White Health Minister.
60/74 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-proposed dental clinic-Burnie.
60/75 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-dismissal Matron Victoria Convalescent Home Lindisfarne.
60/76 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-L R Locke-ozonator.
60/77 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-dental waxes and porcelain teeth.
60/78 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-suggestions for preparing script for broadcast on housing-Mr Ceruthy.
60/79 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-query regulations chiropractor and masseur-P J Fitzgibbon DC Canada.
60/80 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Henty Smalpage-prevention and cure of cancer.
60/81 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-plastic hose-examination of samples.
60/82 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-regional planning-bush nursing centres-medical services public hospitals-cottage hospitals.
60/83 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-Social Service Benefits (United Kingdom) to ex-service personnel.
60/84 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-Dr E Hill-investigations abroad.
60/85 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-memo-immigration.
60/86 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-cysticercus cellulosae in pig slaughtered in NSW.
60/87 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-correspondence-query C W Mawby Fingal.
60/88 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-crippled children-comments J L G Irby Sheffield-treatment.
60/89 Hospital and Medical Services Miscellaneous-orthopaedist-report of work.
66/1/46 Hospital and Medical Services Acts and Regulations-supplied.
66/2/46 Health Department-requests for forms.
66/3/46 Health Department-gas bath heaters-proposed regulations ventilation of bathrooms.
66/4/46 Health Department-Commonwealth property-application State Regulations-Bacteriolytic tank Sorell Line Yard.
66/6/46 Health Department-query C Monjauze Commercial Attache France-regulations pharmaceutical products-doctors practicing.
66/7/46 Health Department-query regulations-metals used in cooking utensils.
66/8/46 Health Department-correspondence-inspection G G S Chapple-Scottsdale.
66/9/46 Health Department-garbage removal services (municipal)-query Devonport Council section 65 Public Health Authority liability of owners to pay rates for garbage removal services irrespective of services rendered-request amendment of secti
66/10/46 Health Department-request Pharmacy Act-Royal Hobart Hospital.
66/11/46 Health Department-Sister K J Widdicombe-appointment Launceston Health Inspector.
66/12/46 Health Department-correspondence-Hobart Corporation Bill-Consolidation.
66/13/46 Health Department-correspondence-family cow-views Glenorchy Council on need for bylaw for control of milk sales.
67/1 Health Department-requests to Department for reports and publications.
67/2 Health Department-returns-lists-statistics.
67/3 Health Department-purchase of publications.
67/4 Health Department-correspondence-printing various books.
67/5 Health Department-request for brochures from Red Cross-ultraviolet irradiation of air.
67/6 Health Department-requests for booklet 'Happy Motherhood'.
67/7 Health Department-correspondence from State Library-exchange of publications.
67/8 Health Department-correspondence-Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau-'Tasmania Today'.
67/9 Health Department-pamphlet Health and Social Services preparation by Agent General.
67/10 Health Department-correspondence-medical translation service.
67/11 Health Department-film projectors-educational material stocks available from Commonwealth office of Education.
67/12 Health Department-correspondence re copyright Sir Truby King-'Feeding and Care of Baby'.
Unlisted-lists of State Library books.
68/1 Zeehan District Hospital-correspondence-Sister G Beech.
68/3 Zeehan District Hospital-request for drugs-treatment of malaria-Rosebery.
68/4 Zeehan District Hospital-correspondence-free apples to hospitals.
68/5 Zeehan District Hospital-subsidy and grants.
68/6 Zeehan District Hospital-appointment Medical Officer-Dr Etheridge-Dr K Phipps General Medical Officer.
68/10 Zeehan District Hospital-correspondence-grant for Medical Officers salary.
68/11 Zeehan District Hospital-correspondence-inspection Zeehan Hospital.
69/1 Tasmanian Sanatorium-staff appointments.
69/2 Tasmanian Sanatorium-staff leave of absence.
69/3 Tasmanian Sanatorium-temporary assistance.
69/4 Tasmanian Sanatorium-equipment and supplies.
69/5 Tasmanian Sanatorium-administration-staff working conditions-enquiry roster system-eight hour shifts-Public Service Commissioner report-duties of matron.
69/6 Tasmanian Sanatorium-correspondence-query L J Coleman-convalescent home attached to sanatorium.
69/8 Tasmanian Sanatorium-appointment Medical Officer-Dr H J R Tremayne.
69/11 Tasmanian Sanatorium-patients-accounts-remission of fees-admissions-discharges-treatment.
69/12 Tasmanian Sanatorium-correspondence-payment of group premiums by staff.
69/13 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Creek Road-repairs.
69/14 Tasmanian Sanatorium-nurses-additional accommodation-recommendations of Division of Tuberculosis.
69/15 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Occupational Therapy and Welfare Officer-proposed appointment.
69/16 Tasmanian Sanatorium-electrical installations.
69/17 Tasmanian Sanatorium-bequests from Charlotte Ward Estate-A J Houston.
69/18 Tasmanian Sanatorium-correspondence-meals served at nurses home.
70/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-medical staff-appointments and salaries.
70/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-purchase of surplus army equipment-powder blower-request for obtaining from army.
70/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-charges for examination required by Police Officers at Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments.
70/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-equipment distributed to various hospitals.
70/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-provision mortuary cooling chamber Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-board for recording baby details-Mr Corby.
70/8 Royal Hobart Hospital-Pathology Service-proposed appointment Pathological Registrar.
70/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Sister Stuart.
70/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Harris technique for prostate gland.
70/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-patients admissions-treatment-miscellaneous reports-complaints.
70/12 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-blood transfusion service.
70/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-recreation room nurses home Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/14 Royal Hobart Hospital-additional nurses home Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/15 Royal Hobart Hospital-subsidy and grants.
70/16 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-case follow up.
70/18 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-male nursing trainees V D Clinic.
70/19 Royal Hobart Hospital-ambulance services-inter institutional (Vaucluse etc)-request Red Cross Society-request ambulance service with all maternity hospitals Southern Tasmania.
70/20 Royal Hobart Hospital-lifts (step down gear)-cleaning mats-report Dr Carruthers inspection of Royal Melbourne Hospital-Gastroscope-proposed purchase.
70/21 Royal Hobart Hospital-craft room Red Cross workers.
70/22 Royal Hobart Hospital-complaint body Michael Joseph Smith eaten by rats Royal Hobart Hospital morgue.
70/23 Royal Hobart Hospital-Kiosk-Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/24 Royal Hobart Hospital-report deputation District Nurses Association.
70/26 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence Dr Paul Hopkins Queensland-Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/27 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-artificial limbs.
70/28 Royal Hobart Hospital-Chestermans Timber Yard-deputation from Hospital Board-disposal of future hospital developments (Moonah site).
70/29 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Hector Wright- appointment as Foundation Fellow of Australian Institute of Hospital Administrators.
70/30 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-appointment surgical bootmaker.
70/32 Royal Hobart Hospital-mobile obstetric unit-query activities of by Tasmanian Press Association-commendations of Mrs Waterworth.
70/33 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Mrs G H Collidge-staff shortages Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/34 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Tasmanian Womens Non-Party League-payment of fees to visit patients.
70/35 Royal Hobart Hospital-lift nurses home.
70/36 Royal Hobart Hospital-male convalescent hospital-deputation from auxiliaries council.
70/37 Royal Hobart Hospital-Hospitals Act amendment-Royal Hobart Hospital Board.
70/38 Royal Hobart Hospital-accommodation-report admission of unsuitable types of patient and chronic cases-aged people-incurables.
70/39 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Thomas John Anderson deceased.
70/40 Royal Hobart Hospital-old kiosk building.
70/41 Royal Hobart Hospital-correspondence-Dr P A Maplestone Lachlan Park Hospital-skin clinic Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/42 Royal Hobart Hospital-heating nurses home Royal Hobart Hospital.
70/42 Royal Hobart Hospital-waterproofing of balcony nurses home Royal Hobart Hospital.
71/1 St Marys District Hospital-appointment Medical Officer-Dr Walker.
71/2 St Marys District Hospital-appointment-nursing staff.
71/3 St Marys District Hospital-subsidy and grants.
71/4 St Marys District Hospital-query-charges dental anaesthetics-penicillin -maternity fees.
71/5 St Marys District Hospital-correspondence-fees for services.
71/6 St Marys District Hospital-correspondence-J A McGeary Victoria-request for plan caretakers house.
71/7 St Marys District Hospital-St Mary Hospital Board-visit by A J White.
71/8 St Marys District Hospital-request supply forms XIII.
71/9 St Marys District Hospital-fire extinguishers for hospital.
71/10 St Marys District Hospital-correspondence-hours-Matron Weight.
72 Alterations public hospitals-St Marys Hospital-Devon Hospital-Scottsdale Public Hospital Oatlands Hospital (Button Memorial).
72/1 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-appointments-Matron B L Campbell.
72/2 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-patients outstanding fees.
72/3 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-appeal permit.
72/4 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-obstetric hospital-attention to laundry sink.
72/5 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-hospital auxiliaries.
72/6 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-apologies to Matron-Dr Stevens-B M Carruthers.
72/7 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-request supply sputum pots.
72/8 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-installation of electrical hot water service at nurses home.
72/9 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-subsidy and grants including bank overdraft.
72/10 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-supply of porcelain baths.
72/11 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-query screens obstetric block.
72/12 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-bank overdraft.
72/14 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-request tyres and tube for Secretary Mr Ready.
72/15 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-motor ambulance.
72/16 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-medical staff-appointments-leave of absence-relieving officers.
72/17 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-fees for ambulance service-Devon Hospital to Smithton.
72/18 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-requests for insulin-Mrs L Guthrie Elizabeth Town.
72/19 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-staff appointments-LAC Purtell J S.
72/20 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-salaries-female clerical staff.
72/21 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-request orthopaedic operating table.
72/22 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-Hospital Board appointments.
72/23 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-Tasmanian Nurses Union-L E O Ready.
72/24 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-inpatients-senile.
72/25 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-correspondence-X-ray unit.
72/26 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-sick pay-tuberculosis test Nurse M K Counsel.
72/27 Devon Public Hospital Latrobe-loans-remodelling kitchen-store.
73 Launceston Public Hospital-additions-repairs.
73/1 Launceston Public Hospital-childrens ward-alterations to window exit from babies ward to concrete floor outside.
73/2 Launceston Public Hospital-salary-G Mayhead clerk.
73/3 Launceston Public Hospital-appointment-Hospital Board.
73/4 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-milk room babies ward.
73/5 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-L N Wood Perth-supply of medicines.
73/6 Launceston Public Hospital-appointment-Superintendent Launceston General Hospital.
73/7 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-hospital treatment-J Power.
73/8 Launceston Public Hospital-subsidy and grants.
73/9 Launceston Public Hospital-extensions to hospital.
73/10 Launceston Public Hospital-alterations to nurses home.
2g Launceston Public Hospital-repairs and painting nurses home.
73/11 Launceston Public Hospital-outpatient treatment fees.
73/12 Launceston Public Hospital-new home female domestic staff.
73/13 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-Dr Craig.
73/14 Launceston Public Hospital-nurses representation-improved working conditions forwarded by Australian Communist Party Launceston branch.
73/15 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-staff shortages.
73/16 Launceston Public Hospital-correspondence-Dr A B Vattone.
73/17 Launceston Public Hospital-repairs to convalescent pavilion-Launceston General Hospital.
73/18 Launceston Public Hospital-incinerator and bin and shute for disposal of ashes.
73/19 Launceston Public Hospital-Tuberculosis cases-accommodation ward-comments hospital auxiliary-report Director of Tuberculosis.
73/20 Launceston Public Hospital-proposed special wing ex service personnel.
73/21 Launceston Public Hospital-loans-completion of southern wall.
73/22 Launceston Public Hospital-purchase Mrs Joyces' property.
73/23 Launceston Public Hospital-loans-erection of workshop.
73/24 Launceston Public Hospital-hospitalisation A M F personnel-medical attendance for repatriation cases.
74 King Island Cottage Hospital-correspondence-H S Broxam.
74/1 King Island Cottage Hospital-nursing staff-miscellaneous.
74/2 King Island Cottage Hospital-proposal for electricity supply.
74/3 King Island Cottage Hospital-request sputum containers.
74/4 King Island Cottage Hospital-visit King Island by Health Minister.
74/6 King Island Cottage Hospital-anaesthetic machine.
74/7 King Island Cottage Hospital-hospital appeal.
74/8 King Island Cottage Hospital-Hospital Board including proclamation proposal as Public Hospitals District.
74/9 King Island Cottage Hospital-subsidy and grants.
74/10 King Island Cottage Hospital-correspondence-road extension and cattle grid.
74/11 King Island Cottage Hospital-correspondence-supply drugs etc from supply and tender.
74/12 King Island Cottage Hospital-X-ray plant.
74/13 King Island Cottage Hospital-workers compensation-patients x-ray fees.
74/14 King Island Cottage Hospital-correspondence-Sister G H Haney-overtime and time in lieu.
74/15 King Island Cottage Hospital-report inspection King Island Hospital by supervisory nurse.
74/16 King Island Cottage Hospital-drainage repair.
75/1 Mount Bischoff Provident Hospital Waratah-leave of absence-Dr Piscitelli.
75/2 Mount Bischoff Provident Hospital Waratah-request for equipment.
75/3 Mount Bischoff Provident Hospital Waratah-appointment Medical Officer.
75/4 Mount Bischoff Provident Hospital Waratah-correspondence-closing of accounts.
76 Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital-Inspection form.
76/1 Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital-subsidy and grants-proposal registration as private hospital.
77/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-correspondence-Mrs Menzies-overcharge.
77/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-subsidy and grants.
77/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-purchase of humidicrib.
77/4 Queen Alexandra Hospital-complaint lack of care of babies.
77/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-staff matters-long service leave etc.
78/1 Queenstown Hospital-Constitution of hospitals district and appointment of Board (Lyell District Hospital).
78/2 Queenstown Hospital-staff-shortage of nursing staff.
78/3 Queenstown Hospital-query-caring for tuberculosis patients.
78/4 Queenstown Hospital-correspondence-old ward destroyed by fire.
78/6 Queenstown Hospital-correspondence-account R Aitchinson.
78/7 Queenstown Hospital-subsidy and grants.
78/9 Queenstown Hospital-salaries-finance-allocation of expenditure between hospital and union-ambulance transfer to hospital Board.
78/10 Queenstown Hospital-correspondence-Dr Trevor James-payment.
78/10a Queenstown Hospital-copy matrons report-resignation Sister Murphy.
78/11 Queenstown Hospital-ambulance service-proposed subsidy St Johns Ambulance Brigade.
78/12 Queenstown Hospital-salary- Sister G Murphy.
78/13 Queenstown Hospital-Mount Lyell Company-annual subsidy to hospital agreement-treatment accident cases.
78/14 Queenstown Hospital-inspection hospital by supervisory nurse.
78/16 Queenstown Hospital-provision rest rooms-drying shed-thermostats.
80/1 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-drainage repairs.
80/2 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-query-hospital funds.
80/3 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-query-separate accounts general and maternity hospitals.
80/4 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-establishment of dental clinic at hospital.
80/5 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-subsidy and grants.
80/6 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-appointments-Hospital Board.
80/7 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-query-guarantees for tyres.
80/9 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-correspondence-staff appointments-nursing staff.
80/10 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-installation fan-drying room.
80/11 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-payment services Medical Officer.
80/12 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-soundproofing maternity block.
80/13 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-additions maternity block.
80/14 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-request-incinerator maternity hospital.
80/15 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-visit Health Minister.
80/16 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-requisition-furniture.
80/17 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-miscellaneous.
80/18 Spencer Public Hospital Wynyard-repairs and painting nurses home.
81 Beaconsfield Hospital-correspondence-Dr E Suerth-admission -M A Stringer-visit Dr Carruthers-apologies W L Callanlay.
81/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-appointments-Hospital Board.
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-proposed purchase electric washing machine.
81/3 Beaconsfield Hospital-complaint R D Bird-professional behaviour Dr Suerth.
81/4 Beaconsfield Hospital-salary Medical Officer-query installation X-ray plant-training of sister in laboratory techniques.
81/5 Beaconsfield Hospital-subsidy and grants.
81/6 Beaconsfield Hospital-alterations to admission book.
81/7 Beaconsfield Hospital-correspondence-M A String-staff.
81/9 Beaconsfield Hospital-visit Health Minister-Dr Carruthers-Mr Pike.
81/10 Beaconsfield Hospital-inspection report hospital-Sister Widdicombe.
81/11 Beaconsfield Hospital-morgue.
82/1 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-appointments-Hospital Board.
82/2 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-subsidy and grants.
82/3 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-notes on deputation from Queen Victoria Hospital.
82/4 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-appointment Mrs F Lorrimer-Secretary Queen Victoria Hospital.
82/5 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-amendments to Act.
82/6 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-request hospital equipment.
82/7 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-query M G Wedd MLC-number public beds.
82/8 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-query matrons salary.
82/9 Queen Victoria Hospital and Baby Health Association-inspection report-Sister Widdicombe.
Campbell Town Hospital-estimates-telegram to Ron Smith.
83/1 Campbell Town Hospital-hospital bylaws.
83/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Medical Officer (superintendent)- appointment offer of position to Dr Webster.
83/3 Campbell Town Hospital-correspondence-R Smith-query hospital closure.
83/4 Campbell Town Hospital-correspondence-use of army trained nurses in civilian hospitals.
83/5 Campbell Town Hospital-staff difficulties.
83/6 Campbell Town Hospital-proposed purchase old x-ray plant from Campbell Town Hospital.
83/7 Campbell Town Hospital-purchase of refrigerator.
83/8 Campbell Town Hospital-Medical Officers salary.
83/9 Campbell Town Hospital-subsidy and grants.
83/10 Campbell Town Hospital-appointment permanent secretary.
83/11 Campbell Town Hospital-supply apples and pears to hospitals.
83/12 Campbell Town Hospital-request typewriter.
83/13 Campbell Town Hospital-staff wages-determination of Hospital Wages Board.
83/14 Campbell Town Hospital-painting and repairs.
83/15 Campbell Town Hospital-fees-repatriation patients.
83/16 Campbell Town Hospital-correspondence R Smith-matrons hours.
83/17 Campbell Town Hospital-public appeal for funds-furnishings etc-audit query-disposal of assets.
83/18 Campbell Town Hospital-outstanding account-B J Cleary.
83/19 Campbell Town Hospital-query investment of $1000 in Commonwealth loan.
83/20 Campbell Town Hospital-salary cook/houskeeper.
83/22 Campbell Town Hospital-sewerage system disposal scheme.
83/23 Campbell Town Hospital-purchase cassette X-ray plant-linoleum kitchen and servery.
83/24 Campbell Town Hospital-query-matron pay and allowance extra duties.
83/26 Campbell Town Hospital-equipment purchase-query from hospital fund.
85/1 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-nursing staff-vacancies and salaries.
85/2 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-patient statistics.
85/3 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-mileage-New Norfolk/Zeehan-Dr A B VaHuone.
85/4 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-free hospital services-midwifery cases.
85/6 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments.
85/7 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-subsidy and grants.
85/9 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-requisition-card index cabinet.
85/12 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-miscellaneous-patients-treatment-accounts-complaints etc.
85/13 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-superannuation fund-obligation of employees to join.
85/14 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-request-travelling expenses for nursing staff (visiting Hobart)-wireless set for nursing staff.
87/1 Montague Medical Union-Tullah, Rosebery, Williamsford-appointments- resignations-position Medical Officer-residences for.
87/2 Montague Medical Union-Tullah, Rosebery, Williamsford-correspondence-staff.
87/3 Montague Medical Union-Tullah, Rosebery, Williamsford-query-maternity hospital.
87/4 Montague Medical Union-Tullah, Rosebery, Williamsford-immunisation fluid.
88/1 Ulverstone Hospital-query-salary Medical Officer.
88/2 Ulverstone Hospital-subsidy and grants.
89/2 Hospitals-Administration-orange juice-supply to councils.
89/3 Hospitals-Administration-Penguin-proposed memorial hospital.
89/4 Hospitals-Administration-minimum rates female employees.
89/5 Hospitals-Administration-application-Miss L E Richie-sister Royal Hobart Hospital.
89/6 Hospitals-Administration-Burnie-proposed hospital for district.
89/7 Hospitals-Administration-request Public Health Department Victoria-report on suitability male nurses employed in Public Hospitals and Sanatorium.
89/8 Hospitals-Administration-minutes meeting Public Hospitals-request Department be supplied with copies-Queen Victoria Hospital-Ulverstone Hospital-Campbell Town Queen Alexandra-Meercroft Devonport-Beaconsfield Hospital-St Marys D
89/9 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence and itinerary-visit Mr Nulsen and Mr Stotfold.
89/10 Hospitals-Administration-request morgue-Smithton-Dr G B Packham.
89/11 Hospitals-Administration-conference public hospitals-superannuation scheme hospitals.
89/12 Hospitals-Administration-superannuation scheme hospital nurses-proposal of Australian Trained Nurses Association (Tasmanian branch)-AMP proposed scheme.
89/13 Hospitals-Administration-request-list of trust funds.
89/14 Hospitals-Administration-nursing staff hospitals-requirements and Departmental assistance to obtain nurses for various institutions.
89/16 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-Mrs E A Waterworth Tasmanian Council for Mother and Child-staffing private hospitals.
89/18 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-shortage hospital beds.
89/19 Hospitals-Administration-specialised investigations-x-ray examinations-instructions to hospitals re out patients referred for examination by private doctors-query New Norfolk Hospital.
89/20 Hospitals-Administration-request-list towns with one medical practitioner-salaries-hospital services.
89/21 Hospitals-Administration-query-closure Lady Clark Convalescent Home.
89/22 Hospitals-Administration-proposed appointment Occupational Therapy Officer.
89/23 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-Carruthers-Deputy Dietitian Royal Melbourne Hospital.
89/24 Hospitals-Administration-Rest Homes-powers of Department to inspect and proposed amendment of Hospitals Act-data to Attorney General.
89/25 Hospitals-Administration-St Giles Society for care Crippled Children Launceston-Government grant for building additions.
89/26 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence B M Carruthers-Doctor T Ruther-early tuberculosis infection in nurses.
89/27 Hospitals-Administration-Appropriation Act 1946-1947 (Hospital Grants)-authority re drawing proportion of amount allotted-Auditor General-comment re amounts provided loans to public hospitals-application to Treasury pending passing
89/28 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-complaint admission Royal Hobart Hospital.
89/30 Hospitals-Administration-request for grant from Eskleigh Memorial Home-Perth.
89/31 Hospitals-Administration-request-hospital equipment specifications.
89/32 Hospitals-Administration-maternity accommodation-hospitals-query-Mrs Waterworth re infant respirators.
89/33 Hospitals Administration-correspondence-abolition appointment surgeon superintendents in Public Hospitals.
89/34 Hospitals-Administration-Hospital Matrons conferences-interstate.
89/36 Hospitals-Administration-Hospital rules-query Solicitor General-Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Act.
89/37 Hospitals-Administration-Kentish Municipality-proposed erection of hospital-maternity etc.
89/38 Hospitals-Administration-Country Hospitals-services of doctors to patients-public bids-payment etc-query Public Health Department-Western Australia.
89/39 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-hospital staff and statistical card.
89/40 Hospitals-Administration-housing of aged and indigent people.
89/41 Hospitals-Administration-Public Hospitals-budget system of control-advice to hospitals-cancellation of instructions monthly statements.
89/42 Hospitals-Administration-query Public Health Department-Western Australia-basis provision for equipment public hospitals.
89/43 Hospitals-Administration-Medical Officers-Public Hospitals-Department request for list Medical Officers in Government. Public Hospitals-request Commonwealth Health Department for data-salaries.
89/44 Hospitals-Administration-Toosey Memorial Hospital Longford-exemption from registration as private hospital.
89/45 Hospitals-Administration-Private Hospitals-reports unregistered premises.
89/46 Hospitals-Administration-Huon Council-request establishment of regional hospital.
89/47 Hospitals-Administration-claim-theatre equipment.
89/48 Hospitals-Administration-control of hospitals.
89/49 Hospitals-Administration-query payment for orthopaedic appliances by patients in hospital.
89/50 Hospitals-Administration-gas machines-installation in maternity hospitals-query Mrs L M Shaw-Government policy.
89/51 Hospitals-Administration-temporary appointment Sister G M Haney.
89/52 Hospitals-Administration-query-Sister M Whiteway-purchase by maternity patients of medical and surgical requirements.
89/53 Hospitals-Administration-USA Hospital Survey and Construction Act 1946-Annual conference American Hospitals Association.
89/54 Hospitals-Administration-report from USA-streptomycin.
89/55 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-supply blankets-Kelsall and Kemp (Tasmania).
89/56 Hospitals-Administration-Salaries-Physiotherapists.
89/57 Hospitals-Administration-memo-crockery purchase.
89/58 Hospitals-Administration-correspondence-school dentist-King Island.
89/59 Hospitals-Administration-miscellaneous.
90/1 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-sterilisers.
90/2 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-fund raising for hospital.
90/3 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-appointment additional Medical Officer.
90/4 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-correspondence-Mr G Bartlett-visit Dr Carruthers-Dr Waddy and Dr Engisch.
90/5 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-repair X-ray unit.
90/6 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-disposal old hospital beds.
90/7 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-power supply-hot water service.
90/8 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-nursing staff shortages-trainees proposal-transfer from Royal Hobart Hospital and Launceston Public Hospital.
90/9 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-subsidy and grants.
90/10 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-letter thanks E D Hawk secretary Lodge Scottsdale.
90/11 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-grant-repairs to roof.
90/12 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-appointments Hospital Board.
90/13 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-wages-ambulance drivers.
90/14 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-report-inspection hospitals-Supervisory Nurse.
90/15 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-salaries-domestic staff and cooks.
90/16 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Scottsdale-complaint-Hayes.
8/90 Public Hospital alterations.
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-staff appointments.
91/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-staff-leave of absence.
91/3 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-miscellaneous-accounts-transport of patients payment.
91/4 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-miscellaneous-patients-admissions-reports-enquiry patient fees-query Director Mental Hygiene-maximum daily rates to be charged.
91/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-miscellaneous-patients-reports-enquiries.
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-official visitors-appointments.
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-recreation hall-comments Medical Superintendent-requests for use by outside organisations.
91/8 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-correspondence-Medical Officers residence Millbrook Rise.
91/9 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-memo-Director Hospital and Medical Services-use of Millbrook Rise.
91/11 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Hospital and Employees Federation conference-nursing shortage.
91/12 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-patients admissions-approvals etc.
91/13 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Millbrook Home Board-meetings.
91/15 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-statistics-official visitors reports.
91/16 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-staff-breaches of regulations.
91/19 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-supplementary estimates.
91/20 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-memo-conveyance between Lachlan Park and railway.
91/22 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-correspondence-fire-woodyard-claim.
91/23 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Mental Hospitals Bill.
91/24 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Golf Links-Millbrook Rise-transfer from Veterans Trust to Millbrook Home Board.
91/25 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-staff uniforms-male and female.
91/26 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Long Service Medals.
91/27 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-request-additional staff.
91/28 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-qualifications of engineers.
91/29 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-representations of Hospital and Employees Federation-amendment Public Services Act-hearing of charges against staff-retiring age-optional after 60 years of age-six weeks special leave after 5 y
91/30 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-roadway leading to Millbrook Psychopathic Home-entrance gates to Millbrook Psychopathic Home.
91/31 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-miscellaneous correspondence.
91/32 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-nursing staff-suggested recruiting nurses from overseas.
91/33 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-transport cases to hospital-views of Director Mental Hygiene-charging cost to hospital.
91/35 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-farm accounts-annual.
91/36 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-correspondence-Millbrook Home Board-proposed cemetery.
91/37 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-correspondence-Millbrook Home Board conference with Minister-cemetery and resident Medical Officers residence.
91/38 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-telephone cable repairs.
91/39 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-repairs roof.
91/40 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-ward for repatriation cases.
91/41 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-correspondence-draft efficient working Lachlan Park.
91/42 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-certification accounts-J T Herrick.
97/1 Government Analysists Branch-appointments-resignations-temporary assistance.
97/2 Government Analysists Branch-leave of absence.
97/3 Government Analysists Branch-equipment and supplies.
97/4 Government Analysists Branch-buildings-equipment repairs.
97/5 Government Analysists Branch-disposal of surplus equipment.
97/6 Government Analysists Branch-telephone connections.
97/7 Government Analysists Branch-analysis certificate-spraying of pears.
97/8 Government Analysists Branch-fees for analysis-amended schedules.
97/9 Government Analysists Branch-letter of thanks-F R Sinclair.
97/10 Government Analysists Branch-correspondence-meeting Australian and New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science.
97/11 Government Analysists Branch-erection partition between biochemical laboratories and passage-erection of building.
97/12 Government Analysists Branch-correspondence-stock medicines-pesticides-fertilisers Act 1936.
97/14 Government Analysists Branch-payment by customs-fees analysis work.
97/15 Government Analysists Branch-list Local Authorities not charged analytical fees.
97/16 Government Analysists Branch-arrangements laboratory cleaning.
97/17 Government Analysists Branch-estimate costs.
97/18 Government Analysists Branch-correspondence-George Herbert Payne.
97/19 Government Analysists Branch-correspondence-charges soil analysis-W H Wolf-Middleton.
98/1 St Johns Park-Staff appointments.
98/2 St Johns Park-Staff leave of absence.
98/4 St Johns Park-Gellibrand House-Board appointments.
98/5 St Johns Park-Gellibrand House-Board Meetings.
98/6 St Johns Park-Staff breaches of regulations.
98/7 St Johns Park-Application increase in salary-temporary attendants-Heery and Fraser.
98/8 St Johns Park-Memo accommodation ex servicemen-conversion to hostel.
98/9 St Johns Park-Vacancy-temporary assistant cook-womens division.
98/10 St Johns Park-Installation exhaust fan-male ward.
98/11 St Johns Park-Supplementary estimates.
98/13 St Johns Park-Transfer monies from Trust Account, Hobart branch Commonwealth Savings Bank to Treasurer for investment in Commonwealth inscribed stocks and loans.
98/14 St Johns Park-Press statement-comfort elderly patients.
98/16 St Johns Park-Request prices-frigidaires.
98/17 St Johns Park-Report-second annual Wingfield Outings Club.
98/18 St Johns Park-Wingfield House-purchase electric massage switch table.
98/19 St Johns Park-Memo-daily cost meals supplied to patients.
98/21 St Johns Park-Wingfield House-correspondence-childrens diets.
98/22 St Johns Park-Request additional telephone line.
98/23 St Johns Park-Miscellaneous-patients-admissions-reports-enquiries.
98/24 St Johns Park-Repairs.
98/25 St Johns Park-Memo-supply of fish.
98/26 St Johns Park-Memo-rates Medical Officers Residence.
98/27 St Johns Park-Repairs to vegetable store.
98/28 St Johns Park-Erection new fence between 34 Forster Street, New Town and land owned by Government.
99/1 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Staff appointments.
99/2 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Staff-leave of absence.
99/3 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Temporary assistance.
99/4 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Equipment supplies.
99/5 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Overtime payments-staff.
99/6 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Buildings-equipment-repairs etc.
99/7 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Payment for extra hours and duties.
99/8 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Correspondence-proposed home for invalids-recommendation from inmate.
99/9 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Letter of thanks-Miss E E Hogarth.
99/10 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Senile invalids-query Dr Waddy-Penguin accommodation availability-patients admission-treatment etc.
99/11 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Request testing of weighing scales.
99/12 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Letter of confirmation visits to home by Dr David Moore.
99/13 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Home inspection-K Widdicome-Supervisory Nurse.
99/14 Homes for Invalids-Launceston-Stocktaking-equipment inventory.
100/1 Peacock Convalescent Home-Committee of Management appointments.
Press advertisements-all positions.
101/1 Meercroft Hospital-Staff-appointments-resignations.
101/2 Meercroft Hospital-Fees for medical treatment.
101/3 Meercroft Hospital-Correspondence-sterilising by Devon Public Hospital for Meercroft.
101/4 Meercroft Hospital-Hospital inspection-Supervisory Sister Widdicombe.
101/5 Meercroft Hospital-Correspondence-discharge of chronic, senile patients from Devon Public Hospital for admittance to Meercroft.
102/1 Tuberculosis Division-Staff-appointments.
102/2 Tuberculosis Division-Staff-leave of absence.
102/3 Tuberculosis Division-Temporary assistance.
102/4 Tuberculosis Division-Equipment and supplies.
102/5 Tuberculosis Division-Publicity and propaganda-enquiries X-ray scheme.
102/6 Tuberculosis Division-Query payment for X-rays-Mrs G A Manix-Quoiba.
102/7 Tuberculosis Division-Financial aid (dependents).
102/8 Tuberculosis Division-Staff-transport passes-rail.
102/9 Tuberculosis Division-Launceston Public Hospital-installation X-Ray Unit.
102/10 Tuberculosis Division-Late arrival on duty Mr Hudson.
102/11 Tuberculosis Division-Building extensions-Industrial Radiograph Clinic Buildings.
102/12 Tuberculosis Division-Report T Goddard-X-Ray plants.
102/13 Tuberculosis Division-Memo-query John Baldwin.
102/14 Tuberculosis Division-Query-W G Wedd-use of taxi by Tuberculosis suffers.
102/15 Tuberculosis Division-Query-assistance J C Ward-Mangana.
102/16 Tuberculosis Division-Mobile X-Ray Unit-Departmental Estimates Item 99.
102/17 Tuberculosis Division-Salary-X-Ray technician.
102/18 Tuberculosis Division-Mobile X-Ray Unit-staffing-appointment driver-garaging-instructions from Premier visit West Coast.
102/19 Tuberculosis Division-Correspondence-appointment Dr J G Muir.
102/20 Tuberculosis Division-Correspondence-W Morrow-Tasmanian Government Railways Union Committee-X-Ray Unit.
102/21 Tuberculosis Division-Patients-aftercare-treatment-purchase of property at 103 Hampden Road, Battery Point (Narryna).
102/23 Tuberculosis Division-Repatriation Commission-arrangements treatment of military cases.
102/24 Tuberculosis Division-Proposals-Mrs M Calvert-Tasmanian Womens Non-Party League.
102/25 Tuberculosis Division-Perth Convalescent Department-use as a sanatorium.
102/26 Tuberculosis Division-R S S A I L A (Launceston Branch)-request special ways sanatorium/ convalescent homes for accommodation of some cases.
102/27 Tuberculosis Division-Travelling allowance-mobile X-Ray unit staff.
102/28 Tuberculosis Division-Insurances of X-Ray plant Hobart.
102/29 Tuberculosis Division-Launceston Public Hospital-proposed use of X-Ray plant for x-ray surveys-night attendance.
102/30 Tuberculosis Division-Request-X-Ray department costs-Dr A J Metcalfe Canberra.
102/31 Tuberculosis Division-Memo-returned soldiers civil patrol-supervision buildings.
102/32 Tuberculosis Division-Miscellaneous-request for services mobile unit.
102/33 Tuberculosis Division-Request deputation to meet Minister.
102/34 Tuberculosis Division-Telegram-National Tuberculosis Association New York.
102/35 Tuberculosis Division-Chest Clinic Hobart-illuminators adjustment.
102/36 Tuberculosis Division-Memo cleaning costs Tuberculosis Branch and X-Ray unit rooms.
102/37 Tuberculosis Division-Reply to query Examiner Newspaper.
102/38 Tuberculosis Division-Correspondence-Chest X-Ray survey.
102/39 Tuberculosis Division-Staff dispute-Bryce and Blackwater (Mobile Unit)-representation-travelling allowance.
102/40 Tuberculosis Division-Request-travel warrants-W W Anderson.
102/41 Tuberculosis Division-Advertising-H A King and Co.
102/42 Tuberculosis Division-Bank (Trust) Account Commonwealth Bank-payments under Tuberculosis Act 1945.
102/43 Tuberculosis Division-Telegram-Health Canberra-Tuberculosis Conference.
103/1 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Hospital Finance and Statistics-miscellaneous data forwarded to Commonwealth.
103/2 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Conference between Commonwealth and States.
103/3 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Copies Acts (State and Commonwealth)-Bills-proclamation (State) fixing date of operation of scheme.
103/4 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Correspondence-Prime Minister and Premiers Department inauguration of scheme-Cabinet discussion and instructions deletion of charges for outpatients-advice to public hospitals
103/5 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Infectious diseases-agreement for treatment of person suffering from.
103/6 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Agreements between Commonwealth and States.
103/8 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Honary Medical Staff-correspondence Launceston Public Hospital-B M A Commonwealth-Spencer Hospital.
103/9 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Draft forms forwarded Auditor General for inspection and approval-statement of statistics benefit rate.
103/10 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Devon Public Hospital Queries-Infectious Disease cases-Workers Compensation cases-Military and Repatriation cases-Collection patient fees (due prior to inauguration free hos
103/11 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Royal Hobart Hospital-Queries outpatients-charges drugs and dressings-dental treatment.
103/12 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-King Island Cottage Hospital queries-calculating daily average amount collected expenditure rates-Workers Compensation cases-State grants-Inhabitants and qualified persons.
103/13 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Spencer Public Hospital queries-Payment single bed wards-Maternity Hospital patients requirements (dressings etc)-Medical Fees.
103/14 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Montagu Medical Union queries-payment of subscriber fees.
103/15 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Zeehan District Hospital queries-charges for extras (operations, x-rays etc)-drugs, dressings.
103/16 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-Miscellaneous-visit officer to St Mary's District Hospital to explain scheme.
103/17 Commonwealth and State Hospital Benefits Agreement Act 1945-New Norfolk ANM Medical and Hospital Fund (Boyer)-query position in district as regards free medical and hospital treatment-outpatients-medicine etc.
Unrecorded-Miscellaneous correspondence-medical staff-matters referred to Cabinet.
Commonwealth Hospital Benefits Scheme-1-Royal Hobart Hospital 2-Launceston Public Hospital 3-Homoeopathic Hospital Launceston 4-Devon Public Hospital Latrobe 5-Spencer Public Hospital-Wynyard 6-Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown 7 -
10-Beaconsfield Public Hospital 11-Ulverstone Public Hospital 12-Meercroft Public Hospital Devonport 13-St Marys Public Hospital 14-New Norfolk Public Hospital 15-King Island Public Hospital 16-Queen Alexandra Maternity Hospital Hobart
51/1 Departmental-Staff appointments resignations etc.
51/2 Departmental-Staff-leave of absence-annual leave on resignation-annual leave attendants-sick leave-temporary nurses-Public Services Commissioner rulings various cases submitted by Medical Superintendent-Lachlan Park Hospital.
51/3 Departmental-Temporary assistance.
51/4 Departmental-Transport-rail-air-motor-travel orders.
51/5 Departmental-Northern Office-district inspection-supplies forwarded.
51/6 Departmental-Telephone service.
51/7 Departmental-Memo-notification meeting Medical Directorate.
51/8 Departmental-Office accommodation-furniture-equipment.
51/9 Departmental-Engagements-visits-Ministers-Secretary Public Hospitals etc.
51/10 Departmental-Miscellaneous-medical examinations-reports.
51/11 Departmental-Supplementary estimates.
51/12 Departmental-Hollerith Punch Card system.
51/13 Departmental-Testimonials-letters of introduction.
51/14 Departmental-Classification Board-miscellaneous.
51/15 Departmental-Complaint-lighting office Public Health Inspector.
51/16 Departmental-Telephone-Dr Maplestone.
51/17 Departmental-Departmental activities-miscellaneous enquiries-data supplied-ARP conference data supplied.
51/18 Departmental-Motor vehicle-request petrol supplies-mileage.
51/19 Departmental-Query-payment due to Commonwealth Disposals Commission.
51/20 Departmental-Inspectorial Districts-allocation to Inspector D'Alton.
51/21 Departmental-Proposal-amalgamation Municipalities for carrying out health duties.
51/22 Departmental-Motor cars-Government assistance to purchase.
51/23 Departmental-Attendance return (monthly) to Public Service Commissioner.
51/24 Departmental-Vacancies-professional, clerical-Government Departments-request by Premiers for returns.
51/25 Departmental-A L P Conference-items on agenda-Departmental matters-administration of Public Hospitals-home for delinquent women-control of Tuberculosis.
51/26 Departmental-Grants to Public Hospitals.
51/27 Departmental-Memo-X-Rays for permanent Public Service staff.
51/28 Departmental-Group Assurance Scheme.
51/29 Departmental-Correspondence-payment part-time health inspectors.
51/30 Departmental-Dr D L Park-Director Public Health-loan of services to Commonwealth Government (Commonwealth Medical Scheme).
51/31 Departmental-Invoices-supplies.
51/32 Departmental-Payment request.
51/33 Departmental-Annual leave-resignations-sick leave-temporary nurses-annual leave attendants-Public Service Commissioner rulings various cases submitted Medical Superintendent Lachlan Park Hospital.
51/34 Departmental-Progress in Public Health matters data submitted to National Health and Medical Research Council.
51/35 Departmental-Correspondence-relieving Medical Officer-Social Services Department.
51/36 Departmental-Annual Report-Public Service Commissioner-Tasmanian Sanatorium 1946-1947.
51/37 Departmental-Notification-examinations for permanent positions.
51/38 Departmental-Air travel-quarterly return to Sun Insurance office-Air Policy No 363241.
51/39 Departmental-Miscellaneous.
51/40 Departmental-Cancellation order-disinfection of telephones.
51/41 Departmental-Health Services-query-cost of administration of all municipal health services by Department.
51/42 Departmental-Query-destruction receipt books and licence.
51/43 Departmental-Salaries-nurses employed by Department.
51/44 Departmental-Reports on Lachlan Park Hospital and Millbrook Psychopathic Home.
51/45 Departmental-Equipment requisition-Government Medical Officer-Dr Maplestone.
51/46 Departmental-Overseas visit by Commonwealth Officers.
52/1 Vaucluse Hospital-Land-Ispahan Avenue.
53/1 Mental Hygiene Branch-Equipment supplies.
53/3 Mental Hygiene Branch-Request-extra clerical assistance.
53/4 Mental Hygiene Branch-Government Institution for defectives at St Johns Park-correspondence Public Service Commissioner-appointment Dr P Maplestone during absence of Dr Tremayne.
53/5 Mental Hygiene Branch-Australian Association of Psychiatrists-meeting Adelaide-attendance Dr Brothers-proposed purchase Electro-encephalograph-visit Sydney Miss L Martin-instruction in use of Electro- encephalograph.
53/6 Mental Hygiene Branch-Query-A G Jones commencement date.
53/7 Mental Hygiene Branch-Reports of work-Director and other officers.
53/8 Mental Hygiene Branch-Psychologist-Miss L Martin-authority to receive fees for W E A lectures.
53/9 Mental Hygiene Branch-Mental Deficiency Act-Mental Deficiency Board-appointments Dr P Maplestone during absence of Dr Tremayne-medical examinations-appointment Drs Maplestone and C E Fletcher.
53/10 Mental Hygiene Branch-Correspondence-query mentally defective children.
53/11 Mental Hygiene Branch-Accommodation for mental defectives-report Director Mental Hygiene-segregation of mental defectives-query Minister for Education.
53/13 Mental Hygiene Branch-Travelling allowance-L J Martin.
53/14 Mental Hygiene Branch-Request-arrangements for examination children at Roch Bank by Miss Martin.
53/15 Mental Hygiene Branch-Regulations-Amendment Regulation 30.
58/1 Bush Nursing-Adamsfield Centre-equipment returned to Department.
58/2 Bush Nursing-Avoca-Staff.
58/3A Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-equipment supplies.
58/3B Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-motor car-complaint of misuse.
58/3C Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-comforts fund distribution ($50)-proposed donation by Council towards memorial ward.
58/3D Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-reports-supervisory nurse.
58/3E Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-Staff-leave of absence.
58/3F Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-relieving staff-nursery and domestic.
58/3G Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-repairs.
58/3H Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-correspondence-account contribution towards Bush Nursing.
58/3I Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-CWA (Adventure Bay Branch)-query contribution towards centre.
58/3J Bush Nursing-Alonnah Centre-fees fro mixtures-ointments etc.
58/5A Bush Nursing-Cygnet-equipment supplies.
58/5B Bush Nursing-Cygnet-resignation Sister Hemphill-appointment Sisters Anderson and Ferguson.
58/5C Bush Nursing-Cygnet-buildings-equipment-repairs.
58/5D Bush Nursing-Cygnet-staff-leave of absence.
58/5E Bush Nursing-Cygnet-wages-domestics.
58/5F Bush Nursing-Cygnet-telephone account.
58/6A Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-equipment-buildings etc.
58/6C Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-nursing staff-relief duties etc.
58/6D Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-nursing staff-leave of absence.
58/6E Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-report-medical supplies-accommodation halfcastes-information supplied to Dr Turnbull-remarks Mr Lonergan in Parliament-conditions at hospital-Ministers statement.
58/6F Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-buildings-repairs.
58/6G Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-correspondence-control of Flinders Island Bush Nursing Hospital.
58/6H Bush Nursing-Whitemark Centre-staff.
58/7A Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-equipment-supplies.
58/7D Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-assistance-domestic.
58/7E Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-salary-Sister R A G Hus.
58/7F Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-buildings-repairs.
58/7G Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-meals-school children.
58/7H Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-salaries-nursing staff.
Unlisted miscellaneous correspondence.
58/8A Bush Nursing-Grassy King Island-equipment-supplies.
58/8B Bush Nursing-Grassy King Island-telephone service.
58/8C Bush Nursing-Grassy King Island-Sister R E Risby-permanent appointment.
58/8E Bush Nursing-Grassy King Island-request-mileage and electrical equipment-Sister Risby.
58/8F Bush Nursing-Grassy King Island-accounts-mileage etc-Sister Risby.
Unregistered-miscellaneous correspondence.
58/9 Bush Nursing-Lilydale-residence for sister.
58/10 Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-correspondence-account rendered Redpa Centre.
58/10A Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-miscellaneous matters prior formal transfer to Department.
58/10B Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-agreement transfer of centre to Department.
58/10C Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-equipment-supplies.
58/10D Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-motor vehicle-repairs-insurance-Bush Nursing Hospital insurance.
58/10E Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-instructions to Bush Nurse.
58/10F Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-miscellaneous-staff appointments.
58/10G Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-employment domestic assistant.
58/10H Bush Nursing-Marrawah-Redpa-temporary closure Redpa centre.
58/11 Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-general correspondence-bush nurses residence.
58/12 Bush Nursing-Oatlands.
58/13A Bush Nursing-Ouse-inspection report.
58/13B Bush Nursing-Ouse-staff-leave of absence.
58/13C Bush Nursing-Ouse-buildings-equipment-repairs.
58/13D Bush Nursing-Ouse-relieving nurses-appointments-resignations etc.
58/13E Bush Nursing-Ouse-repairs.
58/13F Bush Nursing-Ouse-correspondence-Mrs W Clark-confinement of daughter.
58/13G Bush Nursing-Ouse-correspondence-ambulance.
58/13H Bush Nursing-Ouse-dental patients-utilisation Bush Nursing Hospital.
58/14 Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-miscellaneous correspondence.
58/15 Bush Nursing-Rosebery-hospital accommodation-miscellaneous correspondence.
58/16 Bush Nursing-Rossarden-miscellaneous correspondence.
58/17A Bush Nursing-Sorell-equipment-supplies.
58/17B Bush Nursing-Sorell-wages-nursing assistant.
58/17C Bush Nursing-Sorell-miscellaneous reports.
58/17D Bush Nursing-Sorell-request details admissions and discharge of patients.
58/17E Bush Nursing-Sorell-building repairs-water supply.
58/17F Bush Nursing-Sorell-Government Medical Officers residence and child welfare clinic.
58/17G Bush Nursing-Sorell-memo-admission obstetric cases.
58/18 Bush Nursing-Southport Centre
58/19 Bush Nursing-Spring Bay Centre
58/20 Bush Nursing-St Helens
58/21 Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek
58/22 Bush Nursing-Strahan
58/23 Bush Nursing-Swansea Clinic
58/24 Bush Nursing-Tasman Centre
58/25 Bush Nursing-Tullah
58/26 Bush Nursing-Waratah
58/27 Bush Nursing-Temporary Authorities
58/28 Bush Nursing-Appointments Re Departmental Centres
58/29 Bush Nursing-Positions-Miscellaneous applications and enquiries-Press advertisements
58/30 Bush Nursing-Salaries-Increases-Departmental Centres and general increases
58/31 Bush Nursing-Miscellaneous
58/32 Bush Nursing-Miss L Iles-Enquiries into salary
58/33 Bush Nursing-Monthly reports
58/34 Bush Nursing-Staff Changes Re Administration to Bush Nursing Divisions
58/35 Bush Nursing-Annual Leave forms and address while on leave
58/37 Bush Nursing-Domestics and other assistants in Bush Nursing Hospitals-Scale of wages etc
58/38 Bush Nursing-Title of Bush Nurse-alteration to Sister, Bush Nursing Service
58/39 Bush Nursing-Rations of Tea, Butter and Meat for Bush Nursing Hospitals
58/40 Bush Nursing-Meal Allowances-Employees in Bush Nursing Hospitals-Increased payment to Bush Nurses
58/41 Bush Nursing-Annual Report-Conference of the Bush Nursing Association
58/42 Bush Nursing-Press Statement-Government Expenditure on Bush Nursing Scheme-Remarks by Mr Soundy at Annual Meeting of Bush Nursing Association
60/2 Miscellaneous-Medical Practitioners-Queries, applications Re registration in Tasmania
60/3 Miscellaneous-Bacteriolytic Tanks-Public Works Department design, Bacteriolytic Tanks-Query Re concave floor (Vic public Health Department), Bacteriolytic Tanks-Design by Cement and Concrete Association of Australia
60/4 Miscellaneous-Ambulance-Sorell District (Rev Mead-Congregational Union) Subsidy and supplementary estimate
60/5 Miscellaneous-Conference at Sydney Re Commonwealth Medical Scheme
60/6 Miscellaneous-Travelling Fellowship-National Health and Medical Research Council
60/7 Miscellaneous-Conference-Minister for Health
60/8 Miscellaneous-Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme
60/9 Miscellaneous-Noel Allister Higgins' Death
60/10 Miscellaneous-Australian Orthopaedic Association and Royal College of Surgeons Meetings-Orthopaedic General file
60/11 Miscellaneous-Surplus Army etc equipment-disposal of
60/12 Miscellaneous-Outlines of Desirable scheme for gymnasium facilities for Hobart
60/12 Miscellaneous-Positions, vacancies-Miscellaneous queries Re Housing, obtaining treatment, Urological Surgeon
60/14 Miscellaneous-Penicillin-request of British Medical Association Re Control of distribution
60/16 Miscellaneous-G Kingsland Harris, Naturopath-Awareness that there is no legal bar to persons encouraging patients if certain limitations are upheld
60/17 Miscellaneous-Broadcast No 6 ABC Talks series Basic Psychology of Nutrition
60/18 Miscellaneous-Supplies of milk
60/19 Miscellaneous-Appointment of Medical Referees
60/20 Miscellaneous-Formation of National Cancer Institute of Canada
60/22 Miscellaneous-Financial Assistance to Australian Congress of Dentists
60/23 Miscellaneous-Motor Licence-Mr A S L Davey
60/24 Miscellaneous-Uniforms, scale of issue and conditions (Institutions)- only the cover-see file 89/35
60/25 Miscellaneous-Secondary Industries Division-Ministry of Post-War Reconstruction-Reports on German and Japanese Industries
60/26/74 Miscellaneous-Chiropodist-Applications for positions
60/29 Miscellaneous-Better Homes for Australia-formation and correspondence
60/30 Miscellaneous-Milk for Vulnerable Groups
60/81 Miscellaneous-Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis
60/82 Miscellaneous-New Appointees and encouragement schemes
60/83 Miscellaneous-Question of buttons and badges for Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Service-as well as a question about Commonwealth Funded Ambulance Service
60/84 Miscellaneous-Letters asking for assistance for Mrs Parsissons by Mrs Bush
60/85 Miscellaneous-Statistics-Australian Hospitals and Health Services
60/86 Miscellaneous-Requirements of an Embalmer and Funeral Director-Letter from Mr George T Morgan of Ward Bobitt, Funeral Directors, Kansas
60/88 Miscellaneous-Tarraleah-Butlers George-Health Centre (Hydro Electric Commission)-Complaint of nursing staff Re functioning
60/89 Miscellaneous-Hospital Employees Federation of Australasia
60/89 Miscellaneous-Surplus Medical Equipment-Army Medical and Veterinary Stores, Anglesea Barracks
60/90 Miscellaneous-Australian National Film Board
60/91 Miscellaneous-Sister F Barnett-Return to state
60/92 Miscellaneous-Drug for Arthritis
60/93 Miscellaneous-Hospital Accommodation North West Coast
60/94-Miscellaneous-Purchasing by Public Hospitals
66/1 Acts, Regulations-Requests for supplies
66/2 Acts, Regulations-Forms supplied
66/3 Acts, Regulations-Prosecutions
66/5 Acts, Regulations-Poisons Act -Amendments
66/6 Acts, Regulations-Amended copy of By Law
66/8 Acts, Regulations-Milk Bill
66/9 Acts, Regulations-Public Health Act-Amended
66/10 Acts, Regulations-Benadryl Drug (see also No 17)
66/11 Acts, Regulations-Building Act
66/14 Acts, Regulations-Commonwealth and Dominion Agencies
66/15 Acts, Regulations-Towns Act-proposed amendment
66/16 Acts, Regulations-Ladies' Hairdressers and Beauty Culturists Act
66/17 Benadryl and Allied Compounds (see also No 10)
66/18 Acts, Regulations-Bedding containing offensive smelling materials
66/19 Acts, Regulations-Inebriates
66/20 Acts, Regulations-Poisons Act-Synthetic substitute for Morphine
67/1 Reports, Publications-Requests to Department for reports
67/2 Reports, Publications-Returns, Statements etc supplied
67/3 Reports, Publications-Reports etc received by department
67/4 Reports, Publications-Maternal Welfare Booklet-Mother-supplied
67/5 Reports, Publications-Miscellaneous publications received by department
67/9 Reports, Publications-Child Welfare Book-Mother-reprint
67/10 Reports, Publications-Purchase of text books for Library and Miscellaneous publications
67/11 Reports, Publications-Cancer, Vivisection etc
67/12 Reports, Publications-Paper priority re Mother booklet reprint
67/13 Reports, Publications-Posters obtained from Public Health Department, NSW
68/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Board of Enquiry re Administration
68/2 Zeehan District Hospital-Medical Staff
68/3 Zeehan District Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
68/4 Zeehan District Hospital-Supplies and equipment
68/6 Zeehan District Hospital-Ambulance-This file has been brought forward to 68/3/3
68/7 Zeehan District Hospital-Proclamation as Hospitals District and Appointment of Board
68/9 Zeehan District Hospital-Transport of patients from Rosebery, Williamsford and Tullah
68/10 Zeehan District Hospital-Hydro Electric power failures, complaints
68/11 Zeehan District Hospital-Matron O'Brien-recognition of service
69/1 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Appointments, resignations
69/2 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Leave of Absence
69/3 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Temporary Assistance
69/4 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Equipment and Supplies
69/5 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Christmas Festivities-Report Re Staff Irregularities
69/6 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Craft Room
69/7 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Offer for disused Chalet at Sanatorium
69/8 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Report Re Food for Sanatorium
69/10 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Installation-Bell system
69/11 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Auxiliary-Visiting Committee
69/12/49 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Re Estate of Annie Johanna Westerway
69/13 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Bequest of Mrs A J C Westerway-Donation from Waterside Workers Federation
69/14 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Fumigation accommodation and Travel warrant for Mr Edward Atto
70/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Staff-Appointments, enquiries etc
70/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
70/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Anatomy Museum
70/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Transfer of cases to Lady Clark Rehabilitation Centre
70/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Booking
70/8 Royal Hobart Hospital-Repairs to roof of Residents quarters and out-patients department-as well as-Alterations covered way, rear building, main block
70/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-Miscellaneous enquiries
70/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-Auxiliary-Annual Report
70/12 Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Miscellaneous enquiries, reports, complaints, fees etc
70/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-Concessions (travelling) Nursing Staff
70/14 Royal Hobart Hospital-Wingfield House
70/15 Royal Hobart Hospital-Complaint re quality of Milk Supplied
70/16 Royal Hobart Hospital-Consultant Urological Surgeon-Offer of services
70/17 Royal Hobart Hospital-Pre-Natal Clinic-Staff arrangements
70/18 Royal Hobart Hospital-Dr Robbie-comments re Cardiographs and Basal Metabolism Rate for superannuation
70/19 Royal Hobart Hospital-Pre-Natal Clinic Staffing arrangements
70/20 Royal Hobart Hospital-Post-Mortem examinations
70/21 Royal Hobart Hospital-Deep Therapy Plant
70/22 Royal Hobart Hospital-Purchasing Officer, Mr Winch and Seamstress Mrs McCulloch-Retiring Allowance
70/23 Royal Hobart Hospital-Federal Medical Scheme
70/24 Royal Hobart Hospital-Equipment etc-purchased and supplied
70/25 Royal Hobart Hospital-New Storage Tanks
70/27 Royal Hobart Hospital-Accommodation Shortage-staff and patients
70/28 Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Section-Statistics
70/29 Royal Hobart Hospital-Dental Staff-Leave and relief duties
70/30 Royal Hobart Hospital-Ear Nose and Throat treatment facilities
70/31 Royal Hobart Hospital-Laboratory Technician-salaries
70/32 Royal Hobart Hospital-By-Laws
70/33 Royal Hobart Hospital-Refrigeration-repairs
70/34 Royal Hobart Hospital-Neurologist (visiting) request re appointment
70/35 Royal Hobart Hospital-Peacock Convalescent Home-Electricity supply
Peacock Convalescent Home-Installation of Tubular Heating
71/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Labour Ward, Fly-proofing, Fire Escape
71/2 St Mary's District Hospital-Nursing Staff
71/3 St Mary's District Hospital-Transfer of senile patients
71/4 St Mary's District Hospital-Purchase of typewriter and payment
71/5 St Mary's District Hospital-Ambulance and Garage
71/8 St Mary's District Hospital-Erection of Garage
71/9 St Mary's District Hospital-Subsidy Grants
72/1 Devon Public Hospital-Anaesthetic Machine
72/2 Devon Public Hospital-Nursing Staff-appointments
72/4 Devon Public Hospital-Visiting staff (honoraries)
72/5 Devon Public Hospital-Theatre Equipment
72/7 Devon Public Hospital-Hospital Wages-Board Determination
72/8 Devon Public Hospital-First Aid Instruction
72/9 Devon Public Hospital-Sealing of roadway in front of Hospital
72/10 Devon Public Hospital-Request Re Bank overdraft and loan
72/11 Devon Public Hospital-Hospital food and miscellaneous complaints
72/12 Devon Public Hospital-Auxiliaries-Formation of
72/13 Devon Public Hospital-Donations
72/14 Devon Public Hospital-Ambulance
72/15 Devon Public Hospital-Electric Stoves
72/16 Equipment check
72/18 Devon Public Hospital-Accommodation for Nursing staff
72/19 Devon Public Hospital-Dr G R Walpole-Registration
72/20 Devon Public Hospital-X-Ray Technician
72/21 Devon Public Hospital-Medical Superintendent
72/22 Devon Public Hospital-Dietitian
73/2 Launceston Public Hospital-Fish Supply
73/3 Launceston Public Hospital-Relieving Dental Surgeon
73/6 Launceston Public Hospital-Nutrition Officer
73/8 Launceston Public Hospital-Medical Staff-Salaries
73/9 Launceston Public Hospital-Ex-Service men-proposed accommodation
73/10 Launceston Public Hospital-X-Ray examinations of out patients
73/11 Launceston Public Hospital Memorial plaque
73/12 Launceston Public Hospital-Dr T G Hogg
73/13 Launceston Public Hospital-Expenditure on Cat Gut
73/14 Launceston Public Hospital-Pathologist-Dr Shoobridge-course training
73/15 Launceston Public Hospital-Accountant-Salary
73/16 Launceston Public Hospital-Application of additional Medical Officer-(see 1/14/47)
73/17 Launceston Public Hospital-Patients-Miscellaneous, fees, complaints, reports etc
73/18 Launceston Public Hospital-Dr R J Turnbull MHA-Representations re Door keys for sisters leave rosters etc
73/19 Launceston Public Hospital-Workers compensation
73/20 Launceston Public Hospital-Union Dues
73/21 Launceston Public Hospital-Subsidy Grants
73/22 Launceston Public Hospital-splint making-supplies of steel for
73/23 Launceston Public Hospital-Emergency Surgery-Medical Staff for
73/24 Launceston Public Hospital-Pathological Technician
73/25 Launceston Public Hospital-Federated Engine Drivers-Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration-Applications of claims to Hospital Employees
74/1 King Island Cottage Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
74/2 King Island Cottage Hospital-Hospital costs
74/3 King Island Cottage Hospital- Nursing staff
74/5 King Island Cottage Hospital-Equipment from Ramsay P/L
74/6 King Island Cottage Hospital-Hospital Board
74/7 King Island Cottage Hospital-Audit report-equipment check
74/8 King Island Cottage Hospital-Furnishings and equipment for Public Hospitals
74/10 King Island Cottage Hospital-Subsidy, request for loan
74/12 King Island Cottage Hospital-Hospital equipment loan to patients
74/13 King Island Cottage Hospital-Refund of nurses travelling expenses
74/14 King Island Cottage Hospital-Full-time Handyman
77/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Property at 5 De Witt Street-Court proceedings
77/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Long Service Leave
77/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Matron-appointment of
78/1 Queenstown Hospital-Nursing Staff appointments
78/2 Queenstown Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments
78/3 Queenstown Hospital-Registration with Medical Council-locum acting for Medical Officer
78/4 Queenstown Hospital-Refund of travelling expenses, Sister M Scott
78/5 Queenstown Hospital-Overtime-Nursing staff
78/6 Queenstown Hospital-Payment of retaining fee to Mr Hine
78/7 Queenstown Hospital-Brooker property
78/8 Queenstown Hospital-Road repairs
78/9 Queenstown Hospital-Disposal of surplus electric water heater
78/10 Queenstown Hospital-Purchase of silverware for nurses quarters
78/12 Queenstown Hospital-Erection of Fuel Shed
Queenstown Hospital-Patient Statistics-Sep-Nov
79/1 Perth Sanatorium-Staff appointments
79/2 Perth Sanatorium-Staff-Leave of absence
79/3 Perth Sanatorium-Staff-Temporary assistance
79/4 Perth Sanatorium-Equipment and Supplies
79/5 Perth Sanatorium-Telephone service
79/6 Perth Sanatorium-Auxiliary-Miscellaneous matters
79/8/47 Perth Sanatorium-Patients Miscellaneous-admission, treatment, complaints
79/9 Perth Sanatorium-Transport facilities
79/10 Perth Sanatorium-Repatriation Department
80/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Outpatients' fees
80/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Resident Medical Officer
80/4 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Car Drive-regrading etc
80/5 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Supplies and equipment
80/6 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Secretary-Payment of accumulated holiday leave-retiring allowance
80/8 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Subsidy, Grants and Loan
80/9 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Splints ordered by Dr Parker
80/11 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Visits of Orthopaedic Surgeon
80/12 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Refrigerator-installation of
80/13 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Incinerator
80/14 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Board-Appointments to
80/15 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Secretary-Appointment of
80/16 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Insulin-Free issue for Mr Strochnetter
80/17 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Water Supply
80/18 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Accommodation for carpenter
81/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Nursing Staff-shortages -applicants etc
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments
81/3 Beaconsfield Hospital-Equipment supplies and furnishings
81/4 Beaconsfield Hospital-Morgue-Complaints re conditions after use etc
81/5 Beaconsfield Hospital X-Ray plant
81/6 Beaconsfield Hospital-New Laundry Drying room etc
82/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Steam Pump
82/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Amendment of Act Re Election of Life Members
82/3 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Board appointments
82/4 Queen Victoria Hospital-Staff
82/5 Queen Victoria Hospital-Purchase of new linen
82/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings Repairs
82/7 Queen Victoria Hospital-Anaesthetic apparatus, Vaporiser-purchase of
82/8 Queen Victoria Hospital-Subsidy, Grants and Loans
82/9 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Wages Board
83/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Position of Hospital Secretary
83/3 Campbell Town Hospital-Nursing Staff
83/4 Campbell Town Hospital-Uniforms of Staff
83/5 Campbell Town Hospital-Telephone-Maternity Block
83/6 Campbell Town Hospital-Higgins Mrs J-Query
83/7 Campbell Town Hospital-R Smith Query to find Dr K L Wise
83/8 Campbell Town Hospital-Supply and Tender Department-Supplies and equipment
83/9 Campbell Town Hospital-Day of Meetings-Hospital Board
83/10 Campbell Town Hospital -Medical Officer Dr. Webster
83/11 Campbell Town Hospital-Car Fare
83/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Ether Machine
83/13 Campbell Town Hospital-Miscellaneous matters
83/14 Campbell Town Hospital-Secretary-Appointment of
83/15 Campbell Town Hospital-Secretary-Payment of overtime
83/16 Campbell Town Hospital-Exhaust Fan
83/17 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
84/1 Strahan Cottage Hospital Union
85/2 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Legal Query-Obligation of Hospital Staff to join Municipal Employees Superannuation Fund
85/3 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Medical Officer-Reports
85/4 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Deputation from Board
85/5 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Nursing Staff
85/6 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Board Meetings
85/7 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Charges for X-Ray examinations
85/8 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
85/9 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Complaint of New Town Football Club
85/10 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Insurance Re Buildings
85/11 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Supply of Medicine to Pensioners and Indigent persons
85/12 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Travelling concessions-nurses
85/13 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Secretary-Appointment of
85/14 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Matron-payment of Bonus or overtime (see also No 5)
85/15 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Wages and Meals on Duty
85/16 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-New Equipment-Query
85/17 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Proposal that Hospital becomes an annexe of Royal Hobart Hospital
85/18 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Admission of Maternity cases from Private Doctors
86/1 Calvary Hospital, New Town-St Johns (Church of England) Hospital, Cascades
87/2 Montagu Medical Union, Rosebery-Subsidy and Grants
87/3 Montagu Medical Union, Rosebery-Absence of Sister Rice-need of resident sister
87/4 Montagu Medical Union, Rosebery-Nursing Staff
87/5 Montagu Medical Union, Rosebery/Tullah-Extensions and repairs to buildings
88/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Frigidaire-request for
88/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Financial Statement
88/3 Ulverstone Hospital-Claim for back pay-female staff
88/6 Ulverstone Hospital-Out-patients, minor operations
887 Ulverstone Hospital-Prescriptions for patients
89/1 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Conditions-Statement to Minister Re Amenities etc
89/2 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Staff-Public Hospitals and Queries and Applications
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Queen Victoria Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Zeehan District Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Queen Alexandra Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Meercroft Hospital, Devonport
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-North Eastern Soldiers' Memorial Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Launceston Public Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-St Mary's District Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Spencer Public Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Ulverstone Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Campbell Town Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-New Norfolk Cottage Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Devon Public Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Queenstown Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-King Island Cottage Hospital
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Public Hospital Boards, Minutes of Meetings-Beaconsfield Hospital
89/4 Hospital Administration-Lady Clark Rehabilitation Centre-Proposed terms for accommodation of outpatient cases
89/5 Hospital Administration-Nursing Staff-Hospitals-Wages etc
89/6 Hospital Administration-Superannuation Scheme-Hospital Employees
89/7 Hospital Administration-Nursing Staff-Public Hospitals-Appointment of Welfare Officers at Royal Hobart and Launceston Public Hospital
89/8 Hospital Administration-Financing Government and Public Hospital-Data to Public Health Department , Victoria
89/9 Hospital Administration-Nurses in Tuberculosis Hospitals-Compensation Re contracting the disease
89/10 Hospital Administration-Maternity Hospitals-Increased Charges, Nursery rooms in
89/11 Hospital Administration-Dental Treatment-members of hospital etc-Employees Federation-Concessions
89/12 Hospital Administration-Planning of Hospitals-Food Services Hospitals, Pre-cooked frozen meals-Data received from Australian Attache in the United States of America
89/13 Hospital Administration-Payment of visiting Medical Officers
89/14 Hospital Administration Financial Assistance allowed to Private Hospitals-Bowmont Private Hospital, Franklin,-Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie
89/15 Hospital Administration-Hospital Employees Federation-Enquiries Re High salaries advantages-Newcastle Public Hospital
89/16 Hospital Administration-Cotton Goods (bandages etc) Circular to Hospitals etc Re shortages and economy in use
89/17 Hospital Administration-Volunteer Nurses (public hospitals-part time Scheme in United Kingdom
89/18 Hospital Administration-Hospital Dietitian-Duties etc-See file No 34
89/19 Hospital Administration-Daily bed averages-Country Hospitals-data BMA Medical Officers Public Hospitals (part-time) lists of (see file 60/33)
89/20 Hospital Administration-Building programme-current and future
89/21 Hospital Administration-Free Hospital treatment (including out-patients) Query by Public Health Department, Queensland
89/21 Hospital Administration-Secretaries-Public Hospitals-Proposal Re appointment as officers of Department
89/23 Hospital Administration-Child Welfare and School Medical Nurses-Proposal Re use of services for relief duties (Hospitals) etc
89/25 Hospital Administration-75% Minimum female rate-payment of (see also 89/4/46)
89/26 Hospital Administration-Prunes-supply to Hospitals etc
89/27 Hospital Administration-(Miscellaneous)
89/28 Hospital Administration-Male Nursing Orderlies
89/29 Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing of Public Hospitals-discussion with British Medical Association and Submissions to Director General of Public Health, Canberra (This is just a cover-see also 89/13 and 89/11/48)
89/30 Hospital Administration-Staff shortages in Public Hospitals
89/31 Hospital Administration-Early Ambulation-Book by Dr Leithauser -also film Re above matter-Purchased by Department
89/32 Hospital Administration-Nurses from United Kingdom-Immigration Scheme
89/34 Hospital Administration-Dietitians-Proposed Conference with Hospital Boards-Nutritional Aspect-Hospital Food Service
89/35 Hospital Administration-Issue of Uniforms-Conditions, Scale and Data to Public Service Commissioner
89/36 Hospital Administration-Dual control-Discontent-Public Hospital staff
89/37 Hospital Administration-Long Service Leave-Hospital employees-Query by Devon Hospital re Storekeeper
89/38 Hospital Administration-Board member-Proposal Re compensation for time spent on Board's Business
89/39 Hospital Administration-Electricity Charges-Public Hospitals
89/40 Hospital Administration-Hospital Employees Federation-Miscellaneous Re Wages, conditions etc-Public Hospitals
89/41 Hospital Administration-Domestic Staff in Hospitals
89/42 Hospital Administration-Streptomycin-Advice from Commonwealth Health Department Re Supplies, availability (Hospitals)
89/43 Hospital Administration-Trained Male Nurses-Future employment-Query to Hospitals Re vacancies for Lachlan Park Hospital-Request for applicants
89/44 Hospital Administration-Senile etc cases-Refusal of admission to hospital (Launceston Public Hospital)
89/45 Hospital Administration-Hospital Matrons Annual Conference-New South Wales
89/46 Hospital Administration-Polish Medical Orderlies-Query Re employment in Hospitals etc
89/48 Hospital Administration-Anaesthetic Apparatus in Hospitals
89/49 Hospital Administration-Balkan Beam apparatus-Orthopaedic
89/50 Hospital Administration-Eskleigh Memorial Home
89/52 Hospital Administration-Conference between Minister and British Medical Association Re Payment of visiting staff-Payment of maternity fees-This is Cover Only (See file 89/29)
89/53 Hospital Administration-Physiotherapists-scholarships (Education Department estimates) for study on mainland
89/54 Hospital Administration-Standardisation of Hospital Equipment
89/55 Hospital Administration-40 Hour Week-Miscellaneous Re Hospitals
89/56 Hospital Administration-Query-Board and lodging deduction-medical treatment for medical staff-Public Hospitals
89/57 Hospital Administration-Food-Daily cost in Institutions
89/58 Hospital Administration-Purchasing Officer for Hospital Supplies
89/59 Hospital Administration-Australian Institute of Hospital Administrators-Conference and Articles of Association
89/60 Hospital Administration-Society for Care of Crippled Children-Hospital Wages Board
89/61 Hospital Administration-Hospital Building-Nurses beds, nurses ratio to patients
89/62 Hospital Administration-Payment of Matrons-Country Hospitals
89/63 Hospital Administration-X-Ray examinations-out patients-submitted by private doctors-payment of fees (see also 89/19/46 & 73/10)
89/64 Hospital Administration-Aged-care of (institutions etc)
89/65 Hospital Administration- Payroll Assessment Act
89/66 Hospital Administration-Huonville-Proposed Public Hospital
89/67 Hospital Administration-Awards (Recognition of Service) Matrons proposal re
89/69 Hospital Administration-Drugs, Medicines-Supplies for Public Hospitals
90/1 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Electrical Work
90/2 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Nursing Staff
90/3 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Visit of Minister
90/4 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-W Hayes-Complaint
90/5 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Supply of coke for AGA cooker
90/6 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Hospital Library
90/7 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Respirator
90/8 North East Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Linoleum-Corridor
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff Appointments
91/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff Leave of Absence
91/3 Lachlan Park Hospital-Official Visitors-Reports
91/4 Lachlan Park Hospital-Miscellaneous-General instructions for efficient working of Institution
91/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff-Breaches of Regulations
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Avenue-Repairs etc
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Miscellaneous re fees, treatment, complaints
91/8 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home-Patients-Miscellaneous re admissions, fees reports etc
91/9 Lachlan Park Hospital-Admissions-Millbrook Home Board
91/10 Lachlan Park Hospital-Residence-Medical Superintendent
9111 Lachlan Park Hospital-Motor Transport
91/12 Lachlan Park Hospital-Electrical Work
91/13 Lachlan Park Hospital-Attendance at Court
91/14 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home Board, Minutes of Meetings
91/15 Lachlan Park Hospital-Dr C A Neymann, Psychiatrist, Criticism of Institution
91/16 Lachlan Park Hospital-Repatriation cases
91/18 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplementary estimates
91/21 Lachlan Park Hospital-Golf course
91/22 Lachlan Park Hospital-General Instructions for the efficient working of the Institution
91/23 Lachlan Park Hospital-Army Huts-Transfer from Broadmarsh
91/24 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff-Memorial roll, temporary assistance
91/25 Lachlan Park Hospital-Electric Stove
91/27 Lachlan Park Hospital-Water supply-Agreement with New Norfolk Council
91/28 Lachlan Park Hospital-Report and Statement of Accounts
91/29 Lachlan Park Hospital-Regulations-Amendment of Regulation 29
91/30 Lachlan Park Hospital-Meat Supply
91/32 Lachlan Park Hospital-Ambulance Charges-Staff to hospitals
91/33 Lachlan Park Hospital-Conference at Milbrook Rise
91/35 Lachlan Park Hospital-U J Geason-application for leave and financial aid
91/37 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home Board
97/1 Government Analysts Branch-Staff-appointments
97/2 Government Analysts Branch-Leave of absence
97/3 Government Analysts Branch-Temporary assistance
97/4 Government Analysts Branch-Equipment and supplies
97/5 Government Analysts Branch-Purchase of car
97/7 Government Analysts Branch-Cleaning of Laboratories and windows, Laundry arrangements
97/8 Government Analysts Branch-Glass partition
97/9 Government Analysts Branch-Buildings, equipment-repairs
97/10 Government Analysts Branch-Extensions to Laboratories
97/11 Government Analysts Branch-Miss McAlisters date of service
97/12 Government Analysts Branch-Fertilisers and Pesticides Act-arrangements with Department of Agriculture re Laboratory work
97/14 Government Analysts Branch-Miscellaneous
97/15 Government Analysts Branch-Australian Association for Advancement of Science-Congress at Perth, WA
97/17 Government Analysts Branch-Analysis of samples for Customs and Commerce
97/18 Government Analysts Branch-Soils-analysis of Cl botulinum Type A from Victorian soil
98/1 St John's Park-Staff-appointments, resignations
98/2 St John's Park-Staff-Leave of absence
98/4 Footpath leading to Institution-repairs
98/6 St John's Park-Wingfield House-Red Cross craft workers etc
98/7 St John's Park-Gellibrand House-Board Meetings
98/8 St John's Park-Films-hiring
98/9 St John's Park-Remuneration A Quinn
98/11 St John's Park-Patients-Miscellaneous-admissions, reports etc
98/12 St John's Park-Breaches of regulations and loss of money
98/13 St John's Park-Late Mr R V Keating-Utility Officer
98/14 St John's Park-Disposal of Surplus horses
98/15 St John's Park-Supplementary estimates
98/16 St John's Park-Sugar ration
98/17 St John's Park-Part-time nurses-proposed employment of
98/18 St John's Park-Vegetable store
98/19 St John's Park-Wingfield House-patients-transport train tickets
98/20 St John's Park-Miscellaneous
98/21 St John's Park-Buildings, equipment
98/22 St John's Park-Wingfield House-purchase of Electric Massage Switch Table
98/24 St John's Park-Repatriation Commission-Payment of maintenance fees for War Pensioner Inmates
92/26 St John's Park-Wingfield House-Additions
99/1 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Staff-appointments
99/2 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Staff-Leave of absence
99/3 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Temporary Assistance
99/4 Home of Invalids, Launceston Equipment, supplies
99/5 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Buildings, equipment-repairs etc
99/6 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Board of Enquiry-evidence
99/7 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Patients-Miscellaneous Re admissions, treatment and complaints etc
99/8 Home of Invalids, Launceston Board-Administration
99/9 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Inmates personal effects-money etc
99/11 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Gratuity to certain nurses
99/12 Home of Invalids, Launceston-Salary-Nurse Edwards and other staff
99/13 Home of Invalids, Launceston-40Hour Week-Overtime, casual labour-appointment of temporary woman
100/1 Peacock Convalescent Hospital-Cost of Electrical Power
101/1 Meercroft Hospital-Medical Staff
101/3 Meercroft Hospital-Deputation from Devonport Council-Transfer of control of Hospital to Government
101/4 Meercroft Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
101/5 Meercroft Hospital-Occupation of Buildings-shed and contents
101/6 Meercroft Hospital-Reports, monthly etc
101/7 Meercroft Hospital-Reports, nursing staff
101/8 Meercroft Hospital-Hospital Agreement Bill
101/9 Meercroft Hospital -Repairs and Painting etc
102//1 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-appointments
102/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Leave of absence
102/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Temporary Assistance
102/4 Tuberculosis Branch-Transport-train passes etc
102/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Supplies and equipment
102/6 Tuberculosis Branch-Mobile Unit -requests re services of
102/7 Tuberculosis Branch-Miscellaneous matters
102/8 Tuberculosis Branch-National Health and Medical Research Council
102/9 Tuberculosis Branch 0 Telephone service
102/10 Tuberculosis Branch-Trust Account
102/11 Tuberculosis Branch-Financial assistance to sufferers and dependents (see file 102/31/47)
102/12 Tuberculosis Branch-Buildings, equipment, repairs etc
102/13 Tuberculosis Branch-Eradication of Tuberculosis-discussion with Tasmanian Council for Mother and Child
102/16 Tuberculosis Branch-Dr Charles Greer-enquiry re employment
102/17 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray examination-Service personnel
102/18 Tuberculosis Branch-Narryna, After Care Home
102/19 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray unit-Press notice re altered hours-(temporary)
102/20 Tuberculosis Branch-Apex Club-query-number of cases
102/21 Tuberculosis Branch-Micro-radiographic X-Ray machine
102/22 Tuberculosis Branch-Plan etc of mobile unit
102/24 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Conference-London Jul
102/27 Tuberculosis Branch-Repatriation Sanatorium-proposed Hobart building
102/29 Tuberculosis Branch-Miscellaneous
102/31 Tuberculosis Branch-Conference Canberra Re Distribution of Commonwealth Grant
102/33 Tuberculosis Branch-Director of Tuberculosis-Reports
102/34 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray examination of Mangana School Children
102/35 Tuberculosis Branch-Mobile Unit-Staff travelling allowance
102/36 Tuberculosis Branch-Ainslies Estate (Site for Sanatorium, Launceston)-Rental of House
102/38 Tuberculosis Branch-Tasmanian Tuberculosis Association-formation of
102/40 Tuberculosis Branch-Mass X-Ray-Launceston
102/42 Tuberculosis Branch-Sister M E Pousty Chest Clinic, Launceston
102/43 Tuberculosis Branch-Visiting Surgeon-Dr A Pennington-Commonwealth Repatriation Department
Department of Public Health-Miscellaneous unrecorded correspondence
51/36 Departmental-Department Accounts-Report on-Request by Auditor General
51/37 Departmental-Classification list-Restriction of sale
51/38 Departmental-Insurance
51/39 Departmental-Telephone Service
51/40 Departmental-Dr Carruthers appointment to Tasmanian FAO Committee
51/41 Departmental-Details of Bills for Parliament to be submitted to Mr D'Alton
51/42 Departmental-Dairy registrations-Inspectors to inspect and report
51/43 Departmental-Handing over of Portfolio of Minister for Health at Department of Public Health
51/44 Departmental-Long service leave
51/45 Departmental-Petty cash
51/46 Departmental-Unexpended votes of balance
51/47 Departmental-Alcoholic Liquor
51/1 Departmental-Appointments-resignations etc
51/2 Departmental-Leave of absence
51/3 Departmental-Temporary appointments
51/4 Departmental-Transport-Rail, Air, Bus and Train passes
51/5 Departmental-Northern Office-Supplies etc
51/6 Departmental-Long Service Leave
51/7 Departmental-Commonwealth officers-overseas visits-Investigations
51/8 Departmental-Testimonials-Letters of Introduction
51/9 Departmental-Engagements, Visits,-Ministers, Heads of Departments
51/10 Departmental-Department Activities in Devonport and Ulverstone districts
51/12 Departmental-Department Vehicles
51/13 Departmental-Governor's Speech
51/14 Departmental-Petrol Account
51/15 Departmental-Office accommodation, furniture, equipment etc
51/16 Departmental-ALP conference-Items of Agenda
51/17 Departmental-Supplementary estimates
51/18 Departmental Classification List-Alteration of titles
51/19 Departmental-Interchange of Temporary employees
51/20 Departmental-Examination-Temporary Typists etc
51/21 Departmental-Department Officers Assistance to purchase own cars
51/23 Departmental-Public Service Commission Memo-Appeal against appointment of officers
51/24 Departmental-Attendance Book
51/25 Departmental-Collidge Mr T W-Overtime under Reg 74
51/26 Departmental -Mail dispatch
51/27 Departmental-Supplies of drugs etc
51/28 Departmental-Lancaster-Tuberculosis complaint of the eye -Occupational Disease-VD clinic
51/29 Departmental-Alteration of Title-Senior Clerk to Chief Clerk/Staff Officer
51/30 Departmental-Ballot papers-charge against H Parker
51/31 Departmental-Higher Duty Allowance
51/32 Departmental-Adoption of 40 Hour Week
51/33 Departmental-Travelling expenses-Dr D Parker and Miss Marshall
51/34 Departmental-Annual Report 1947
51/35 Departmental-Income Tax Collection
52/1 Vaucluse Hospital-Erection of fence between Hospital and properties
52/2 Vaucluse Hospital-Resumption of Land by City Council
52/3 Vaucluse Hospital-Additions to Operating Theatre
52/4 Vaucluse Hospital-Scarlet Fever Block converted to Nurses Home
52/5 Vaucluse Hospital-Hutments from Brighton Camp for Nurses Quarters
53/1 Mental Hygiene Branch-Staff-appointments, resignations etc
53/2 Mental Hygiene Branch-Itinerary-Dr Brothers
53/3 Mental Hygiene Branch-Miss Martin to conduct lectures at university
53/4 Mental Hygiene Branch-Australian Association of Psychiatrists
53/5 Mental Hygiene Branch-Equipment, supplies etc
53/6 Mental Hygiene Branch-Mental Deficiency Act-Clerk and Technical assistant
53/7 Mental Hygiene Branch-Case of Mary Molloy-Guardianship of Mrs Willis
53/8 Mental Hygiene Branch-Classification of patients under the Mental Hospitals Act 1858
53/9 Mental Hygiene Branch-Trian Leave-Extension of Lachlan Park Hospital
53/10 Mental Hygiene Branch-Dr J Sprent-Articles in Lancet in respect of Agene and Canine Hysteria
53/11 Mental Hygiene Branch-Canham J R-Transfer to guardianship
53/12 Mental Hygiene Branch-System for release of prisoners
53/13 Mental Hygiene Branch-Miscellaneous correspondence with Minister for Health
53/14 Mental Hygiene Branch-Co-operation between Minister of Health and Director of Mental Hygiene
53/15 Mental Hygiene Branch-Mental Hygiene in Tasmania-Report for Queensland conference
53/16 Mental Hygiene Branch-Rehabilitation of Physically handicapped persons
53/17 Mental Hygiene Branch-visit to 1948 congress by Miss Martin
53/18 Mental Hygiene Branch-Application for telephone-A G Jones
53/19 Mental Hygiene Branch-Recreation Therapy in Mental Hospitals
53/20 Mental Hygiene Branch-Psychiatric Services at Royal Hobart Hospital
53/21 Mental Hygiene Branch-Female defectives-St John's Park Re Hostel
53/22 Mental Hygiene Branch-Miss Martin-telephone service
53/24 Mental Hygiene Branch-Visit to 1948 congress of Association of Psychiatrists-Dr Brothers
53/25 Mental Hygiene Branch-Accommodation for Psychiatric Social Worker
53/26 Mental Hygiene Branch-School for Mongols
54/2 Carr Villa Hospital-Equipment, repairs etc
54/3 Carr Villa Hospital-Rental of Ward occupied by D Urquhart
54/4 Carr Villa Hospital-Resignation of Mr K Baker
54/5 Carr Villa Hospital-Telephone installation
54/6 Carr Villa Hospital-Complaint Re children
57/1 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Taking over and official opening
57/2 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Equipment, supplies etc
57/3 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Estimates-taking over
57/5 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Staff-salaries etc
57/6 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Estimates 1948/49-Grants etc
57/7 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Appointments (including temporaries) Staff
57/8 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Visit to Hospital by Mr Heckscher, Dentist
57/9 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Hospital Board Appointments, minutes etc
57/10 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Hospital By-Laws
57/11 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Admission of patients-emergency cases
57/12 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Inspection
57/13 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Insurance Policy-Fire, Workers compensation
58/1A Bush Nursing-Alonnah-Appointments and resignations
58/1B Bush Nursing-Alonnah-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/1C Bush Nursing-Alonnah-Inspection
58/2A Bush Nursing-Avoca-Appointments, resignations etc
58/2B Bush Nursing-Avoca-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/2C Bush Nursing-Avoca-Leave of Absence
58/2D Bush Nursing-Avoca-Salaries, Superannuation etc
58/3A Bush Nursing-Burnie -Transport-cars etc
58/4A Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Appointments, resignations etc
58/4B Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/4D Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Salaries, district allowance etc
58/4E Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Mothercraft certificates
58/4F Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Inspection
58/4G Bush Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Insurance of Buildings
58/5A Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Appointments, resignations etc
58/5B Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Supplies, equipment etc
58/5C Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Leave of absence
58/5D Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Maintenance claims etc
58/5E Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Ladies Auxiliary
58/5F Bush Nursing-Cygnet-Transfer of car to Bush Nursing Committee for sale
58/6A Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Appointments, resignations etc
58/6B Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/6C Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Leave of Absence
58/6D Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Salaries
58/6E Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Inspection by department officers
58/6F Bush Nursing-Flinders Island-Disagreement between staff
58/7A Bush Nursing-Gladstone-Appointments, resignations etc
58/7B Bush Nursing-Gladstone-Supplies, equipment etc
58/7C Bush Nursing-Gladstone-Leave of Absence
58/7D Bush Nursing-Gladstone-Visit of Medical Officer
58/8A Bush Nursing-King Island-Appointments, resignations etc
58/8B Bush Nursing-King Island-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/8C Bush Nursing-King Island-Leave of Absence
58/8D Bush Nursing-King Island-Use of car etc
58/8E Bush Nursing-King Island-Salaries-District allowance
58/8F Bush Nursing-King Island-Mrs A Geddes (Deddes) Attendance at Clinic
58/9 Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Quarters for Bush Nurse, Lilydale
58/9A Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Opening of Centre
58/9B Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Supplies, equipment etc
58/9C Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Leave of absence
58/9D Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Inspection
58/10A Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Appointments, resignations etc
58/10B Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Supplies, equipment-repairs etc1948
58/10C Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Inspection
58/10D Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Telephone service
58/11A Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Appointments, resignations etc
58/11B Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Equipment, supplies, repairs etc
58/11C Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Salaries etc
58/12 Bush Nursing-Ouse-Hawthorn Hospital, Oatlands
58/12A Bush Nursing-Ouse-Appointments, resignations etc
58/12B Bush Nursing-Ouse-Supplies, equipment, repairs etc
58/12C Bush Nursing-Ouse-Leave of absence
58/13A Bush Nursing-Redpa-Appointments, resignations etc
58/13B Bush Nursing-Redpa-Supplies, equipment etc
58/13C Bush Nursing-Redpa-Leave of absence
58/13D Bush Nursing-Redpa-Transport-car etc
58/13E Bush Nursing-Redpa-Telephone Service-complaint
58/13F Bush Nursing-Redpa-Inspection
58/13G Bush Nursing-Redpa-Salaries etc
58/13H Bush Nursing-Redpa-Release by Minister for Health of Committee to pay 20 pounds per annum
58/14A Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Appointments, resignations etc
58/14B Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Supplies, equipment etc
58/14D Bush Nursing-Ringarooma -Hours of Duty
58/14E Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Annual Meeting
58/14F Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Proposed taking over by Government
58/15A Bush Nursing-Rosebery-Appointments, resignations etc
58/15B Bush Nursing-Rosebery-Telephone-request for
58/15C Bush Nursing-Rosebery-Inspections-reports etc
58/15D Bush Nursing-Rosebery-Annual Report
58/16A Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Appointments, resignations etc
58/16B -Bush Nursing-Rossarden Leave of absence
58/16C-Bush Nursing-Rossarden Equipment, supplies etc
58/16D Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Medical scheme
58/16E Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Re Sister Donald-Complaint-Salaries and Leave
58/16F Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Inspection
58/17B Bush Nursing-Sorell-Supplies, equipment, repairs etc
58/17C Bush Nursing-Sorell-Leave of absence
58/17D Bush Nursing-Sorell-Salaries, wages, maintenance fees etc
58/17E Bush Nursing-Sorell-Inspection
58/18A Bush Nursing-Southport-Appointments, resignations etc
58/18B Bush Nursing-Southport-Supplies, equipment etc
58/18C Bush Nursing-Southport-Leave of absence
58/19A Bush Nursing-St Helens-Appointments, resignations etc
58/19B Bush Nursing-St Helens-Supplies, equipment etc
58/19E Bush Nursing-St Helens-Official opening of Centre
58/20A Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/20B Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Leave of Absence
58/20C Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Salary etc
58/21A Bush Nursing-Strahan-Appointments, resignations etc
58/21B Bush Nursing-Strahan-Leave of absence
58/21C Bush Nursing-Strahan-Weekly visit of Medical Officer to Strahan
58/21D Bush Nursing-Strahan-Salaries
58/21E Bush Nursing-Strahan-Inspection
58/22A Bush Nursing-Swansea-Resignations
58/22B Bush Nursing-Swansea-Supplies, equipment etc
58/22C Bush Nursing-Swansea-Leave of absence
58/22D Bush Nursing-Swansea-Inspection
58/23A Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Appointments, resignations etc
58/23B Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Supplies, equipment etc
58/23C Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Leave of Absence
58/23D Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Salary-payment for visits
58/23E Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Transport-Car-Driver
58/23F Bush Nursing-Tasman (Koonya)-Electric Power Supply
58/24A Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Appointments, resignations etc
58/24B Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Supplies, Equipment, Repairs etc
58/24C Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Leave of Absence
58/25A Bush Nursing-Tullah-Salaries-Increase
58/25B Bush Nursing-Tullah-Inspection
58/26A Bush Nursing-Waratah-Appointments, resignations etc
58/26B Bush Nursing-Waratah-Workers compensation
58/26C Bush Nursing-Waratah-Inspection of Hospital
58/26D Bush Nursing-Waratah-Equipment, supplies etc
58/26E Bush Nursing-Waratah-Leave of Absence
58/27 Bush Nursing General-Monthly reports
58/28 Bush Nursing General-Applications for positions
58/29 Bush Nursing General-Salaries-Temporary authorities
58/30 Bush Nursing General-Anomalies between Department and Non-departmental centres
58/31 Bush Nursing General-Appointments
58/32 Bush Nursing General-Supplies of dressings etc
58/33 Bush Nursing General-General staffing of centres
58/34 Bush Nursing General-Bush Nursing Association Meeting-donation of sewing machine
58/35 Bush Nursing General-Bush Nurses-application for courses
58/36 Bush Nursing General-Claims under Workers Compensation Act
58/37 Bush Nursing General-Expenditure-report on increase
60/1 Miscellaneous-Surplus Army etc equipment
60/4 Miscellaneous-Cape Barren Island-Bethel Peniel Mission
60/5 Miscellaneous-Orthopaedist-Equipment supplies
60/6 Miscellaneous-Radio Isatopes
60/7 Miscellaneous-Licensing of Rest Homes
60/9 Miscellaneous-Orthopaedist-Reports of work etc
60/10 Miscellaneous-Scholarships
60/11 Miscellaneous-Pethidine
60/12 Miscellaneous-Polish Emigrants -eye conditions
60/13 Miscellaneous-Streptomycin-Commonwealth National Health and Medical Research Council-Report of second meeting on users of
60/14 Miscellaneous-Bureau of Hygiene and tropical medicine
60/15 Miscellaneous-Radiological Conference-Canberra
60/16 Miscellaneous-University Students
60/17 Miscellaneous-Document 88-Draft Aust Specifications for Hospital Beds
60/18 Miscellaneous- Canned Fruit-Annual supply for institution
60/19 Miscellaneous-Chronic Alcoholism and Dipsomania
60/20 Miscellaneous-Blood tests-Affiliation cases
60/22 Miscellaneous-Optical Act
60/23 Miscellaneous-Medical Treatment in England-financial assistance 1948
60/24 Miscellaneous-Ambulance service-Sorell-Rev Mead
60/26 Miscellaneous-Dr Edith Clement-National Fitness
60/27 Miscellaneous-Medical Examinations
60/28 Miscellaneous-Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
60/29 Miscellaneous-Report by Dr Tremayne on visit to England
60/30 Miscellaneous-Dental Board
60/31 Miscellaneous-National Health and Medical Research Council Meeting
60/32 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Service-Currie-King Island
60/34 Miscellaneous-Sanatorium Scandinavian Countries
60/35 Miscellaneous -Spray Painting regulations
60/36 Miscellaneous-Communicable Diseases in Canada
60/37 Miscellaneous-Nurses examination for TB
60/38 Miscellaneous-St Johns Ambulance Association-request for increase in Grant
60/40 Miscellaneous-Commonwealth Disposals Commission-Acceleration of removal of Buildings and stores
60/42 Miscellaneous-Mrs Ryan, Tonganah-Report Re Living conditions
60/43 Miscellaneous-Mrs White, George Town-complaint re lack of treatment
60/44 Miscellaneous-Medical treatment
60/45 Miscellaneous-Common colds
60/46 Miscellaneous-Women's Non-Party League
60/47 Miscellaneous-Medical Examination-Medical Boards
60/48 Miscellaneous-Chiropodist appointment to Hospitals and Schools
60/49 Miscellaneous-Pensioners-Invalid and Old Age-Fee for medical services
60/50 Miscellaneous-Goitre-Proposal for research
60/51 Miscellaneous-McGuinness Family-Rokeby and Barber family
60/52 Miscellaneous-Ex-internees who became insane during the recent war
60/53 Miscellaneous-Congress on Industrial Medicine
60/54 Miscellaneous-Dept of Agriculture-building on Crown Land occupied by Fisheries Division
60/55 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Service-Brighton camp
60/56 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Service-Devonport
60/57 Miscellaneous-St Johns-Increase Offer (see also 38)
60/58 Miscellaneous- Ambulance charges Smithton, Wynyard, Scottsdale ( See file 60/56/48)
60/59 Miscellaneous-Dental registration-press statement-Aliens
60/60 Miscellaneous-Proposed Hotel at Albert Road-Protest by Foster Mother's Association
60/62 Miscellaneous-Red Cross Society
60/64 Miscellaneous-Narcotic Drugs
60/66 Miscellaneous-Cooks-refresher course
60/67 Miscellaneous-St Ann's Rest Home-Admission of patients
60/68 Miscellaneous-Strahan Medical Officers
60/69 Miscellaneous-Crockery-Hospital
60/70 Miscellaneous-Food and Agriculture organisation
60/71 Miscellaneous-Nurse pledge
60/72 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Charges-Airways
60/73 Miscellaneous-Repatriation Hospital-Shortage of eggs
60/74 Miscellaneous-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Service-Increase in Mileage rate
60/75 Miscellaneous-Government Medical Officer
60/76 Miscellaneous-Distribution of Apples and Pears to School choldren
60/77 Miscellaneous-Dr Robert A Wood-Admission into Australia
60/78 Miscellaneous-Ambulance-Transport of Patients from country areas
60/79 Miscellaneous-Ophthalmologist-Sight Saving School
60/80 -Miscellaneous-Medical Officers-registration in Tasmania
60/81 -Miscellaneous-Truby King products
60/82 Miscellaneous-Nurses registration Act
60/83 Miscellaneous-Fees-Queries re Miscellaneous districts
60/85 Miscellaneous-Pharmaceuticals-export to Egypt
60/86 Miscellaneous- Housing-request to Minister for Health for assistance
60/88 Miscellaneous-Ambulance-Infectious Diseases
60/89 Miscellaneous-Ambulance charges-use of patients
60/90 Miscellaneous-Victoria Convalescent Home
60/91 Miscellaneous- Premiers conference
60/92 Miscellaneous-Caravan Trailer-loan from Red Cross
60/93 Miscellaneous-Ashley Boys Home
60/95 Miscellaneous-Ambulance driver-Burnie-Increased Grant
60/97 Miscellaneous-Disabled persons absorption in Industry
60/98 Miscellaneous-Washing of Glasses in Hobart Bars
60/99 Miscellaneous-First Aid Kits in Industry
60/101 Miscellaneous-Medical Scheme Free-Question in House
60/102 Miscellaneous-Girls Home, Launceston-Proposed erection of new home
60/102 Miscellaneous-Medical Council-Appointment of Dr Stuart Galloway Gobson as a member
60/106 Miscellaneous-X-Ray examination-Entrant to Australian Mercantile Marine
60/107 Miscellaneous-Medical Examination-Migrants
60/108 Miscellaneous -Medical Treatment of Indigent persons
60/109 Miscellaneous-X-Ray Technicians-Course of Training-Query Devon Hospital
60/110 Miscellaneous-Publicity Campaign
60/111 Miscellaneous-Disposals Commission
60/112 Miscellaneous-Post-Mortem Examinations
60/114 Miscellaneous-World Health Organisation
60/116 Miscellaneous -Milk Supply
60/118 Miscellaneous-Mrs Graham-Application to carry firearms
60/119 Miscellaneous-Industrial Dermatitis
60/121 Miscellaneous-Ambulance-Launceston-Campbell Town
60/122 Miscellaneous-Ambulance G A Jones-Letter re Father in Law
60/123 Miscellaneous-Vaccination before going abroad
60/124 Miscellaneous-Story's Creek Tin Mining Company
60/126 Miscellaneous-Veterinary Science Scholarship
60/127 Miscellaneous-Telephone Brighton Camp
66/1 -Miscellaneous-Acts-regulations supplied and received
66/2 Miscellaneous-Penicillin
66/3 Miscellaneous-Nurses Registration Act 1927
66/4 Miscellaneous-Legislation Re Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs
66/5 Miscellaneous-Model By Laws-Provision of Bathrooms
66/6 Miscellaneous-Mothercraft Nurses Registration Act 1947
66/7 -By Laws Re Stables
66/9 Miscellaneous-Amendment-Public Health Act Section 118
66/10 Miscellaneous-Amendment-Public Health Act Re Offensive Trades
66/11 Miscellaneous-Amendment-Public Health Act-Condemned Houses
66/14 Miscellaneous-Amendment to Public Health Act-Boarding Houses
66/15 Miscellaneous-Amendment to Friendly Societies Act
67/1 Reports, Publications etc-Requests to Department for reports
67/2 Reports, Publications etc-Returns, statistics supplied
67/3 Reports, Publications etc-Reports etc needed by department
67/4 Reports, Publications etc-Child Welfare Booklet-Motherhood
67/5 Reports, Publications etc-Nursing Mirror-England-Purchase of 12 copies Journal of Nursing
67/6 Reports, Publications etc-Publicity campaign
67/7 Reports, Publications etc-Minutes-Conference of Health Ministers-June 1948
68/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Isolation Block
68/2 -Equipment-supplies etc
68/3 Zeehan District Hospital-Alterations and Repairs-Septic Tank, Strap Hopper, remodelling Fireplace etc
68/4 Zeehan District Hospital-Auxiliary-Report and Balance Sheets
68/5 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff-Appointments and resignations
68/6 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff shortages
68/7 Zeehan District Hospital-Case of Infant Death
68/8 Zeehan District Hospital-Medical Officers Residence
69/1 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Appointments and resignations
69/2 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Leave of Absence
69/3 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff-Temporary assistance
69/4 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Equipment, supplies etc
69/5 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Overtime-Payment to Sub Matron
69/6 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Drysdale E V-Deceased-Discharge fo money due
69/7 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Sister Stewart-Salary and qualifications
69/8 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Accommodation for repatriation TB patients
69/9 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Admission and Discharge register
69/10 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Estimates-Supplementary
69/11 Tasmanian Sanatorium-X-Ray Plant-servicing of
69/12 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Laundry arrangements
69/13 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Investigation by Minister of Health Re Letter of Nurse Rand etc
69/14 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Auxiliary Committee
69/16 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Admission of various patients
69/17 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Repairs, alterations, additions to buildings etc
69/18 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Main Kitchen-Cockroach nuisance
70/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Staff
70/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments
70/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Sick Leave
70/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark Convalescent Hospital
70/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Physiotherapist-Loan from Red Cross
70/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-John Roach
70/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Sterility Clinic
70/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-Almoner-Approved for appointment
70/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-Admission of various patients
70/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Purchase of stocks and supplies
70/12 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Meeting
70/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-Dr E D Hull-Query Re DGO (Medical Degree)
71 St Marys Hospital-Incubator
71/1 St Marys Hospital-Equipment and supplies
71/2 St Marys Hospital-Nursing Staff-Shortages, appointments etc
71/3 St Marys Hospital-Out-patients fees
71/4 St Marys Hospital-Supplementary estimates
71/5 St Marys Hospital-Overtime payments
71/6 St Marys Hospital-Inspection of Hospital
71/7 St Marys Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
71/8 St Marys Hospital-Alterations and Repairs
71/9 St Marys Hospital-Meeting with Minister for Health
71/10 St Marys Hospital-Dental Services
72 1 Devon Public Hospital-Nursing Staff-appointments etc
72/2 Devon Public Hospital-Equipment and Supplies etc
72/4 Devon Public Hospital-Teeth Extraction
72/5 Devon Public Hospital-Medical Staff-Proposals-Conference with British Medical Association Re salaries and appointment of Medical Officers
72/6 Devon Public Hospital-Temporary Resident Medical Officer
72/7 Devon Public Hospital-Nurses Home-New Building
72/8 Devon Public Hospital-Splints, Surgical Appliances
72/9 Devon Public Hospital-Physiotherapist-proposed appointment to Hospital
72/10 Devon Public Hospital-Supplementary estimates
72/11 Devon Public Hospital-Kitchen Supervisor
72/12 Devon Public Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments etc
72/13 Devon Public Hospital-Painting Medical Officers Residence, and Heating Nurses Quarters
72/14 Devon Public Hospital-Matron Campbell-Visit to England
72/15 Devon Public Hospital-Dr Hemming-Permit for Motor Car
72/16 Devon Public Hospital-X-Ray for TB patients
72/17 Devon Public Hospital-Sanitary conveniences
72/18 Devon Public Hospital-Request to meet Minister for Health
72/19 Devon Public Hospital-Sealing of roads-repairs and alterations
72/20 Devon Public Hospital-Hon Medical Advisory Committee
72/21 Devon Public Hospital-Mantoux Lists of Staff
72/22 Devon Public Hospital-Transfer of patients to St John's Park and Lachlan Park
72/23 Devon Public Hospital-Kiosk-Hospital Auxiliary
72/24 Devon Public Hospital-Sterilising room, and conversion of Chalet to Pathological Room
72/25 Devon Public Hospital-Insulin-Free supply to Diabetics
72/26 Devon Public Hospital-Mrs Miller
72/27 Devon Public Hospital-Supply of spectacles
72/28 Devon Public Hospital-Maternity Block-Alterations and additions
72/29 Devon Public Hospital-Nurses' Home-Sanitary Block-repairs
73/1 Launceston Public Hospital-X-Ray exam of outpatients
73/2 Launceston Public Hospital-Leave of absence etc
73/3 Launceston Public Hospital-Dispensary-repairs and lighting
73/5 Launceston Public Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
73/6 Launceston Public Hospital-Admission of patients
73/8 Launceston Public Hospital-Repairs, alterations etc
73/9 Launceston Public Hospital-Supplementary estimates
73/10 Launceston Public Hospital-Bedside Lockers-Transfer to Northern Boys' Home
73/11 Launceston Public Hospital-Request by Minister for Health Re Death under anaesthetic
73/12 Launceston Public Hospital-X-Ray fees
73/13 Launceston Public Hospital-Waiting Lists for admissions
73/14 Launceston Public Hospital-Costing system-Royal Hobart Hospital
73/15 Launceston Public Hospital-Appointments Resignations etc
73/15? Launceston Public Hospital-Alterations to Laundry
73/16 Launceston Public Hospital-Convalescent Pavilion
73/17 Launceston Public Hospital-Visiting nurse, proposed appointment
73/19 Launceston Public Hospital-Overtime payments-employees
73/22 Launceston Public Hospital-Equipment supplies-food conveyers
73/23 Launceston Public Hospital-Electric Bed Passenger Lift
73/24 Launceston Public Hospital-Mattress Steriliser
73/25 Launceston Public Hospital-Infectious Diseases Hospital and Convalescent Pavilion-Heating conditions
73/26 Launceston Public Hospital-Proposal site at rear of Commercial Travellers' Association-Launceston
74/1 King Island Hospital-Surgical Equipment-Stainless Steel
74/2 King Island Hospital-Resignations and appointments
73/3 King Island Hospital-Nursing Staff-Queries, appointments
74/4 King Island Hospital-Matrons salary
74/5 King Island Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
74/6 King Island Hospital-Supplementary estimates
74/7 King Island Hospital-Hospital Board-Meeting with Dr Carruthers
74/8 King Island Hospital-Equipment-repairs
74/9 King Island Hospital-Hospital By-Laws
74/10 King Island Hospital-Worker's compensation Act
74/11 King Island Hospital-Office rent
74/12 King Island Hospital-Adjustment cost of Living
74/13 King Island Hospital-Mail delays to King Island
77/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
77/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Nurses Accommodation
77/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Drugs and Dressings Patients in Public Wards
77/4 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Hospital Development
77/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Plans for proposed extension
77/6 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Inspection
77/7 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Grant 1948/49
77/8 Queen Alexandra Hospital-General Committee-Appointments
77/9 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Conference with Minister for Health at Parliament House
78/1Queenstown Hospital-Nursing Hospital-Appointments etc
78/2 Queenstown Hospital-Inspection
78/3 Queenstown Hospital-Relieving Matron
78/4 Queenstown Hospital-Locum's salary
78/5 Queenstown Hospital-Grant-estimates etc
78/6 Queenstown Hospital -Equipment, supplies etc
78/7 Queenstown Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
78/8 Queenstown Hospital-Matron-Appointment of
78/9 Queenstown Hospital-Supplementary estimates
78/10 Queenstown Hospital-Invalids accommodation
78/11 Queenstown Hospital-Monthly Reports
78/12 Queenstown Hospital-Area of Doctor's Travel
78/13 Queenstown Hospital-Infectious cases
78/14 Queenstown Hospital-Fire in Laundry
78/15 Queenstown Hospital-Sealing of Roads-repairs alterations etc
78/16 Queenstown Hospital-Wages-Comparisons between Trainees and Aids
79/1 Perth Sanatorium-Staff-Appointments
79/2 Perth Sanatorium-Staff-Leave of Absence
79/3 Perth Sanatorium-Temporary Assistance
79/4 Perth Sanatorium-Equipment, Supplies etc
79/5 Perth Sanatorium-Petrol Allowance
79/6 Perth Sanatorium-Award rates-Male Nurses
79/7 Perth Sanatorium-Vacant Positions
79/8 Perth Sanatorium-Supplementary estimates
79/9 Perth Sanatorium-Insurance of Auxiliary Stores
79/10 Perth Sanatorium-Alterations etc to buildings
79/11 Perth Sanatorium-Water Supply
79/12 Perth Sanatorium-Accommodation
79/13 Perth Sanatorium-Loans and estimates
79/14 Perth Sanatorium-Repairs etc
80/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Payment of sisters
80/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Benefits Act
80/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Equipment, alterations and supplies etc
80/4 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-X-Ray-Follow up on TB Unit
80/5 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Nursing staff-appointments etc
80/6 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Ambulance charges
80/7 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Mileage rates
80/8 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Board-Appointments
80/9 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Increased payment to Matron and Sister Beswick
80/10 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Supplementary estimates
80/11 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Furnishings and equipment for Public Hospitals
80/12 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Admission of Intoxicated Persons to Hospital
80/13 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Wages Board Awards
80/16 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-McKendrick's Bequest
81/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Staff Accommodation-repairs
81/4 Beaconsfield Hospital-Payment of specialist fees for emergency work
81/5 Beaconsfield Hospital-Staff -appointments
81/6 Beaconsfield Hospital-Supplementary estimates
81/7 Beaconsfield Hospital-Secretary-Salary for Part time duty
81/8 Beaconsfield Hospital-Hospital Board-appointments
81/9 Beaconsfield Hospital-X-Ray charges for in patients
81/10 Beaconsfield Hospital-Staff shortages
81/11 Beaconsfield Hospital-Admission of patients
81/12 Beaconsfield Hospital-Inspection
82/1 Queen Victoria Hospital -Equipment, supplies etc
82/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Mortgage
82/4 Queen Victoria Hospital-Payment of fees
82/5 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
82/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-Request for Special Grant to cover overdraft
82/7 Queen Victoria Hospital-Building- Maids' Quarters-Repairs and additions
82/8 Queen Victoria Hospital-Conference 15/Dec/1948
82/9 Queen Victoria Hospital-Additions
83/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Secretary-Wages for part time
83/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
83/3 Campbell Town Hospital-Overtime paid to Nursing staff
83/4 Campbell Town Hospital-Domestics
83/5 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital By-Laws
83/6 Campbell Town Hospital-Matrons Salary
83/7 Campbell Town Hospital-Staff-Appointment, resignations etc
83/8 Campbell Town Hospital-Supplementary estimates
83/9 Campbell Town Hospital-Surgical equipment etc
83/10 Campbell Town Hospital-Inspection
83/11 Campbell Town Hospital-Transfer and Re-inscribing of Stock held by Hospital
83/12 Campbell Town Hospital-Basic Rate and Cost of Living Adjustment
83/13 Campbell Town Hospital-Resignation of Secretary
83/14 Campbell Town Hospital-Miscellaneous repairs, additions a alterations etc
83/15 Campbell Town Hospital-Renewal of Lease
83/16 Campbell Town Hospital-Fees Chargeable
84/1 Cottage Hospital, Strahan-Proposed Visit of Dr Parkinson or Stratton weekly
85/1 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Nursing Staff-Appointments etc
85/2 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
85/3 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-shortage of staff
85/4 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Mrs E Young-Old age pensioner-Supply of free medicine
85/5 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Admission of patients
85/6 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Supplementary estimates
85/7 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Uniform allowance
85/8 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Milk and bread supply
85/9 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Cook-Housekeeper
85/10 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Hospital Board-Appointments
85/11 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Inspection
86/1 Calvary Hospital-St John's Hospital-Request for spaces for training of Child Welfare Sisters
86/2 Calvary Hospital-St John's Hospital-Inspection report
87/1 Montagu Medical Union-Leave Pro-rata-Sisters Jackson and Noonan
87/3 Montagu Medical Union-Remarks by Dr Worcester
87/4 Montagu Medical Union-Surgery and Waiting room
87/5 Montagu Medical Union-Salaries-Holiday pay
88/1 Ulverstone General Hospital-Fees Payable
88/2 Ulverstone General Hospital-40 Hour week
88/3 Ulverstone General Hospital-Patients-Distinction between out-patients and in-patients
88/4 Ulverstone General Hospital-Medical Officers-payment of
88/5 Ulverstone General Hospital-Supplementary estimates
88/6 Ulverstone General Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
88/8 Ulverstone General Hospital-Inspection reports
88/9 Ulverstone General Hospital-Erection of Drying room
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Campbell Town Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Spencer Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Spencer Hospital-Board of Governors
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-St Marys District Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-King Island Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-North Eastern Soldiers Memorial Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Gellibrand House Board
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Millbrook Home Board
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Peacock Convalescent Home
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Devon Hospital, Latrobe
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Launceston General Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Beaconsfield District Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Queen Victoria Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Meercroft Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration-Minutes-Ulverstone Hospital
89/1 Hospital Administration Minutes Lyell District Hospital
89/2 Hospital Administration Home for Aged and Infirm people-proposed establishment on North West coast
89/3 Hospital Administration Dietitian-Supervisory appointment
89/4 Hospital Administration Determination of Hospital Wages
89/6 Hospital Administration-Registration of Medical Practitioners
89/7 Hospital Administration-Nurses Uniforms
89/8 Hospital Administration-Nursing Staff-Public Hospital
89/9 Hospital Administration-Hospital Architect-Planning suggestions
89/10 Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (commonwealth) in Public Hospital
89/11 Hospital Administration-Medical Staff Public Hospitals-discussion with BMA
89/12 Hospital Administration-Payment of Blood donors
89/13 Hospital Administration-Migrants from United Kingdom
89/14 Hospital Administration-Welfare Officers
89/16 Hospital Administration-Dr Rank, Plastic Surgeon
89/17 Hospital Administration-Hospital Conciliation Committee
89/18 Hospital Administration-Convalescent Home for Nurses
89/19 Hospital Administration-Sister Pousty's -refund on expenses in connection with her visit to England
89/20 Hospital Administration-Payment to Hospital Staff
89/21 Hospital Administration-Resident Medical Officer's conditions
89/22 Hospital Administration-Nursing Trainees
89/23 Hospital Administration-Specialists Treatment Fund
89/24 Hospital Administration-Extension of Hospital Services to Include Convalescent Home for Nurses
89/25 Hospital Administration-Hospital System
89/27 Hospital Administration-Fire Insurance
89/28 Hospital Administration-Proposed Central Hospital-Huon District
89/29 Hospital Administration-Medical Staff
89/30 Hospital Administration-Uniform Allowance
89/31 Hospital Administration-Financial Assistance
89/32 Hospital Administration-Payroll Assessment Act
89/33 Hospital Administration-Hospital Development Committee
89/34 Hospital Administration-Hospitals Act-Meeting of Minister of Health and BMA ,Hobart
89/35 Hospital Administration-Emergency operations by Resident Medical Officers at Hospitals
89/37 Hospital Administration-Admission to Public Hospitals with Non resident Medical Officers
89/38 Hospital Administration-Purchase of Drugs etc
89/39 Hospital Administration-Availability of Doctors at weekends
89/40 Hospital Administration-Long Service Leave for Nurses
89/41 Hospital Administration-Specialists-Private Consultations-Fees etc
89/44 Hospital Administration-Returns by visiting specialists
89/45 Hospital Administration-Longford, War Memorial Hospital
89/46 Hospital Administration-AMF Personnel -Charges
89/47 Hospital Administration-Wages Board-for Industrial, Insurance and Part Time Nurses
89/48 Hospital Administration-Hospital Advisory Planning Committee
90/1 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Maids' Quarters, and extension to Laundry
90/1 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Equipment, supplies etc
90/2 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-40 Hour week
90/3 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Repairs, Alterations etc
90/4 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Nursing Staff-Shortages, appointment etc
90/5 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Hospital Board-Appointments
90/6 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Salaries
90/7 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Overtime payments
90/8 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Petrol for Ambulance, Accounts for Ambulance Service
90/9 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Hospital Insurance Policy
90/10 North East Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Repairs, Painting etc
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff-Appointments
91/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff-Leave of Absence
91/3 Lachlan Park Hospital-Breaches of regulations
91/4 Lachlan Park Hospital-Telephone Service
91/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Increase of Maximum Charges
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Temporary Nurses-Suggested Gratuity
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies, Equipment etc
91/8 Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Miscellaneous-fees reports etc
91/9 Lachlan Park Hospital-Fees, recommendation for increase
91/10 Lachlan Park Hospital-Fees-payment by Repatriation Department
91/11 Lachlan Park Hospital-40 Hour week
91/12 Lachlan Park Hospital-Farm-Staffing-Use of patients
91/13 Lachlan Park Hospital-Travelling Expenses
91/14 Lachlan Park Hospital-Ambulance Fees
91/15 Lachlan Park Hospital-Milk Supply
91/16 Lachlan Park Hospital-Classifications Lists
91/17 Lachlan Park Hospital-Occupational Therapy-training
91/18 Lachlan Park Hospital-Mrs E Sherrin-Assistance to purchase cream for daughter who is inmate
91/19 Lachlan Park Hospital-Weighbridge
91/20 Lachlan Park Hospital-GCA's Estimates
91/21 Lachlan Park Hospital-Water Supply
91/22 Lachlan Park Hospital-Hospital Benefits
91/24 Lachlan Park Hospital-Mrs E Sayward
91/25 Lachlan Park Hospital-Fees-request for remission
91/26 Lachlan Park Hospital-Court Proceedings-Attendance of Doctors
91/27 Lachlan Park Hospital-Transport of Staff-request of
91/28 Lachlan Park Hospital-Petrol Coupons
91/30 Lachlan Park Hospital-Farm Machinery and Dairy
91/31 Lachlan Park Hospital-Attendants Uniforms
91/32 Lachlan Park Hospital-Boyer, Creek Road-Transmission Line
91/33 Lachlan Park Hospital-Nurses Home
91/34 Lachlan Park Hospital-Auxiliaries
91/36 Lachlan Park Hospital-Dispensing of Drugs
91/37 Lachlan Park Hospital-Sewerage Scheme
91/38 Lachlan Park Hospital-Meat Inspection
91/39 Lachlan Park Hospital-Official visitors
91/40 Lachlan Park Hospital-J Doolan-Taking photographs
91/41 Lachlan Park Hospital-Golf Tournament
91/42 Lachlan Park Hospital-Pay roll Tax Assessment Act
91/44 Lachlan Park Hospital-Triffitt -Acquisition of Land
97/1 Government Analyst Branch-Staff-Appointments
97/2 Government Analyst Branch-Staff-Leave of Absence
97/4 Government Analyst Branch-Equipment, Supplies etc
97/6 Government Analyst Branch-Discipline
97/7 Government Analyst Branch-Supplementary Estimates
97/8 Government Analyst Branch-Appointment of Mr Shipp as Analyst under Stock, Medicines, Fertilisers and Pesticides Act
97/9 Government Analyst Branch-Request that limited samples by submitted due to staff shortages
97/10 Government Analyst Branch-Samples tested for Commonwealth Departments
97/11 Government Analyst Branch-Charges for Analysis
98/1 St John's Park-Staff-Appointments etc
98/2 St John's Park-Staff-Leave of Absence
98/3 St John's Park-Kiosk
98/4 St John's Park-Gellibrand House-Proposed Alterations
98/5 St John's Park-Nurses Quarters
98/6 St John's Park-Death of Attendant-A J Sherston
98/7 St John's Park-Temporary Assistance
98/8 St John's Park -Appointment of Welfare Officer
98/9 St John's Park-Supplies and equipment
98/10 St John's Park-Sugar Supply
98/11 St John's Park-Classification lists-Variations
98/12 St John's Park-Hall-Request by Education Department for use
98/13 St John's Park-Admissions-Patients
98/14 St John's Park-Staff-Breaches of regulations
98/15 St John's Park-Supplementary Estimates
98/16 St John's Park-Staff-Temporary Assistance
98/17 St John's Park-Accommodation for Certified Mental Patients
98/18 St John's Park-40 Hour week
98/19 St John's Park-Tenders for firewood
98/20 St John's Park-Leave in Lieu of Public Holidays
98/21 St John's Park-Higher Duty Allowance
98/23 St John's Park-Projection Machine
98/25 St John's Park-Water Supply
98/26 -Salaries-Temporary Employees
98/27 St John's Park-Beds required for patients
98/28 St John's Park-Public Telephone
99/1 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Staff Appointments, resignations etc
99/2 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Staff-Leave of Absence
99/3 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Staff-Temporary Assistance
99/4 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Equipment, Supplies etc
99/5 Home for Invalids, Launceston -Investment 500 pounds on Fixed Deposit
99/6 Home for Invalids, Launceston-40 Hour week
99/7 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Attendants uniforms
99/9 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Telephone Service
99/10 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Hughes, George-Transfer to General Hospital
99/11 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Inventory check
99/12 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Staff-Breaches of regulations etc
99/13 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Alterations to Buildings
99/14 Home for Invalids, Launceston-Supplementary estimates
100/1 Peacock Convalescent Hospital Supplementary Estimates
100/2 Peacock Convalescent Hospital-Mr J B Muir-Appointment to Committee of Management
101/1 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Staff-Appointments etc
101/2 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Supplies, Equipment etc
101/3 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Reports monthly
101/4 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Trust funds Munnew Estate-Transfer of
101/5 Meercroft Hospital Devonport -Streptomycin Supply
101/6 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Appointment of Part Time Secretary
101/7 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Staff-Leave of Absence
101/8 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Meercroft Estate-Request for permanent camp for Boys' Home
101/9 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Hospital-Purchase of groceries
101/10 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Staff-Temporary
101/11 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-X-Ray Dark Room Technician
101/13 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Supplementary Estimates
101/14 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Rental of Paddocks
101/15 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Ambulance
101/16 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Complaints that employees not paid for periods
101/17 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Buildings-Repairs, Alterations and Additions
101/18 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Ambulance-Issued at Hospital
101/19 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Proclamation excluding Devonport from the Devon Hospital District
101/20 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Staff-Wages
101/21 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Reports by Supervisory Nurse-Inspectins
101/22 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Rental of Property
101/23 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Complaint-Autoclave Interference with Wireless Sets
101/24 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Nurses (Occupational Diseases) Relief Fund
101/26 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Inventory
101/27 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Sterile Water-Labour Ward
101/28 Meercroft Hospital Devonport-Transfer of Hospital to Government Under Munnew Bequest (All papers 1944-1948)
102/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Appointment, resignations etc
102/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Leave of Absence
102/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Temporary Assistance
102/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Equipment, Supplies etc
102/6 Tuberculosis Branch-Travelling Allowance
102/7 Tuberculosis Branch-Purchase of car
102/8 Tuberculosis Branch-Study Course
102/9 Tuberculosis Branch-Apex Club
102/10 Tuberculosis Branch-Office Accommodation
102/11 Tuberculosis Branch-TB Conference
102/12 Tuberculosis Branch-TB Conference, Melbourne-Advisory TB Committee
102/13 Tuberculosis Branch-Streptomycin-Ordering of supplies
102/14 Tuberculosis Branch-Mr C C Shirley-Application for appointment to Permanent Staff
102/15 Tuberculosis Branch-Classification of Nurse Assistants
102/16 Tuberculosis Branch-Dr C G Thompson-Authority to use car
102/17 Tuberculosis Branch-Mrs O Myers-Report on care by Police
102/18 Tuberculosis Branch-Expenditure Allowances
102/19 Tuberculosis Branch-Dr Tremayne-Visit to England
102/20 Tuberculosis Branch-Theft of Projector-Fencing and lighting yard of building
102/21 Tuberculosis Branch-Expenditure return
102/22 Tuberculosis Branch-Supplementary estimates
102/23 Tuberculosis Branch-Pensions payable to TB Sufferers
102/24 Tuberculosis Branch-Mobile X-Ray Unit-Visit
102/25 Tuberculosis Branch-TB Act 1945-1946
102/26 Tuberculosis Branch-Henry Wood-Query re Pension
102/27 Tuberculosis Branch-Chest Clinic
102/28 Tuberculosis Branch-Insurance against Fire
102/29 Tuberculosis Branch-List of Children examined by TB division
102/30 Tuberculosis Branch-Capital Expenditure
102/31 Tuberculosis Branch-Hadley Family
102/32 Tuberculosis Branch-After care facilities and payments
102/33 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Control-Epidemiological surveys
102/34 Tuberculosis Branch-Customs (Import Licensing) Regulations
102/35 Tuberculosis Branch-Telephone for mobile unit
102/36 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray Technicians
102/37 Tuberculosis Branch-Surveying for Statistical purposes
102/38 Tuberculosis Branch-Apex Club
102/39 Tuberculosis Branch-Notification of extra Pulmonary cases of Tuberculosis
102/40 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Act 1948
102/41 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray of children from Nubeena to Eaglehawk Neck
102/42 Tuberculosis Branch-Narryna After Care Hostel
102/43 Tuberculosis Branch-Press Statement
102/44 Tuberculosis Branch-Christian Scientists objection to X-Ray
102/46 Tuberculosis Branch-Incidents of TB in Nurses
103/1 Hospital Benefits Act 1945-Regulations
103/2 Hospital Benefits Act 1945-Miscellaneous Correspondence
103/3 Hospital Benefits Act 1945-Donations to Hospital Benefits
51/1 Departmental-Staff Appointments, resignations etc
51/2 Departmental-Leave of Absence
51/3 Departmental-Temporary Assistance
51/4 Departmental-Transport and Hotel Accommodation
51/5 Departmental-Northern Office Supplies Forwarded
51/6 Departmental-Testimonials-Letters of Introduction etc
51/7 Departmental-Engagements
51/8 Departmental-Meetings of Medical Directorate
51/10 Departmental-Office Accommodation and Furniture etc
51/11 Departmental-T H Collidge-additional duties and other staff oddments
51/12 Departmental -Cars-Departmental reports of Accidents, repairs etc
51/13 Departmental-H H Parker-Extra Duty Allowance and other staff oddments
51/14 Departmental-Staffs of Departments-X-Ray examination for Tuberculosis and various circulars
51/15 Departmental-Expenses claim for Mileage Dr Gray and Sister Castle
51/16 Departmental-General-Petrol Supplies
51/17 Departmental-Complaint fro Tasmanian Public Service Association Re Public Buildings, Macqauarie Street
51/18 Departmental-Supplementary Estimates
51/19 Departmental-Annual Report 1948
51/20 Departmental-Weekend Roster for Doctors
51/21 Departmental-Dr Tremayne-Position in Commonwealth Public Service
51/22 Departmental-Insufficiently stamped letters
51/23 Departmental-Credits paid to Treasury Re Overtime Health Inspectors etc
51/25 Departmental-Outstanding Accounts-Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
51/26 Departmental-Public Service Regulation No 83 -Officers authorised to use cars
51/27 Departmental-Government Medical Service agreements
51/28 Departmental-Petrol Used returns 27/Jun/1946-30/May/1949
51/29 Departmental-Dental Supplies
51/30 Departmental-Mail arrangements
51/31 Departmental-Return of Cost of Temporary assistance
51/31 Departmental-Window Cleaning-Health Department Buildings
51/33 Departmental-Grievance of officers being placed before the Minister
51/35 Departmental-Revision-Tasmania Today 1950
51/36 Departmental-Dr Foxton-Request to purchase car-Government assistance
51/37 Departmental-Refund travelling expenses-Miss Osmond
51/38 Departmental-Dr Maplestone-Report on Duties
51/39 Departmental-Telephone Extensions
51/40 Departmental-Government Health Policy
51/41 Departmental-Appropriation Act
51/42 Departmental-Public Buildings, Scottsdale
51/43 Departmental-Private Hospital-Registered 1949
52/1 Vaucluse Hospital-Equipment supplies
52/2 Vaucluse Hospital-Widening Macquarie Street
53/1 Mental Deficiency Act-Itinerary
53/2 Mental Deficiency Act-Equipment supplies
53/3 Mental Deficiency Act-Transfer Miss Ryan and other appointments
53/4 Mental Deficiency Act-Medical Examiners appointments
53/5 Mental Deficiency Act-Visit of Professor Alexander Kennedy
53/6 Mental Deficiency Act-Inspection of Dental Equipment
53/7 Mental Deficiency Act-Visits to New Norfolk and Millbrook Rise by Nutritionist
53/8 Mental Deficiency Act-Mr E Davis of Cheviot Re Ambulance transport to Lachlan Park
53/9 Mental Deficiency Act-Examination fees C C G Rosevear
53/10 Mental Deficiency Act-Initial meeting to form World Federation for Mental Health
53/11 Mental Deficiency Act-Application by Miss Martin to attend 1949 Congress
53/12 Mental Deficiency Act-Electroencephalograph
53/13 Mental Deficiency Act-Mental Deficiency Board
53/14 Mental Deficiency Act-Provision for Training of children under 12 years
53/15 Mental Deficiency Act-Relief for Staff during Conference of Australian Association of Psychiatrists
53/16 Mental Deficiency Act-Annual report of Psychologist, Education Department
54/1 Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Equipment supplies
54/2 Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Disposal of Second Hand articles-appointment Mrs Cole as caretaker
54/3 Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Installation of Telephone-extension from Hospital
54/4 Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Quarantine Station
54/5 Carr Villa Isolation Hospital-Disposal Service Quarantine Station Carr Villa
57/1 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Proposed By-Laws
57/2 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Equipment Inventory
57/3 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Summary
57/4 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Account for Electric Copper-Benefits applicable to patients etc
57/5 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Supervisory Sisters report
57/6 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Hospital Board
57/7 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Supplementary Estimates
57/8 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Increase in Secretary's Allowance-Travelling allowance Dr Kyle
57/9 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Equipment supplies
57/10 Bowmont Hospital, Franklin-Examine Nurses at Bowmont (Occupational Diseases)
57/11 Bowman Hospital, Franklin-First Annual Report and Balance Sheet
58/1A Bush Nursing-General-Appointments and Resignations etc
58/1B Bush Nursing-General-Equipment supplies
58/1C Bush Nursing-General-Transport Various sisters, Mileage allowance and permission for B Maynard to reside at Hospital
58/1D Bush Nursing-General-Leave of Absence
58/1E Bush Nursing-General-Letter of appreciation to Women's Auxiliary
58/2A Bush Nursing-General-Complaint D Freeman
58/2B Bush Nursing-General-Visit of Supervisory Sister
58/2C Bush Nursing-General-Leave of Absence
58/2D Bush Nursing-General-Payment of Bush Nurse by Department
58/2F Bush Nursing-General-Supervisory Sister's report
58/4A Bush Nursing-General-Appointments, resignations etc
58/4B Bush Nursing-General-Supplies and Equipment
58/4C Bush Nursing-General-Re Quote for Transport of furniture-Request for report
58/4D Bush Nursing-General-Visit to Island Supervisory Sister
58/4E Bush Nursing-General-Occupation of premises-Cape Barren Island
58/4G Bush Nursing-General-Leave of absence, Sister, Cape Barren Island
58/5A Bush Nursing-General-Appointments and resignations-Cygnet
59/5B Bush Nursing-General-Cygnet-Supplies and Equipment
58/5C Bush Nursing-General-Cygnet-Supervisory Sister's report
58/5D Bush Nursing-General-Cygnet
58/6A Bush Nursing-General-Flinders Island
58/6B Bush Nursing-General-Flinders Island-Supplies, equipment and repairs
58/6C Bush Nursing-General-Flinders Island-Leave of Absence
58/6E-Bush Nursing-Illness Sister Davies
58/6F Bush Nursing-General-Flinders Island-Letter of appreciation to Women's Auxiliary
58/7A Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Proposed Opening of Centre
58/7B Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Equipment, supplies
58/7C Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Appointments, resignations etc
58/7D Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Car purchased
58/7E Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Proposed Bush Nurse's Quarters, Gladstone
58/7F Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Information Re Committee obligations
58/7G Bush Nursing-General-Gladstone-Transfer of cabinet
58/8 Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Appointments, resignations etc
58/8B Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Proposed alterations-Bush Nursing and Ambulance Matters-Grassy Medical facilities
58/8C Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Equipment, supplies etc
58/8D Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Claim for reimbursement for payments for visits of Bush Nurse
58/8E Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Increased visits to Grassy-Car Ambulance Service, Grassy
58/8F Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Leave of Absence
58/8G Bush Nursing-General-Grassy-Supervisory Sisters report
58/9A Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Equipment, supplies etc
58/9B Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Appointments, resignations etc
58/9C Bush Nursing-Lilydale-Supervisory sisters report
58/10A Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Appointments, resignations, etc
58/10B Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Leave of Absence
58/10C Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Equipment supplies
58/10D Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Supervisory Sisters Report
58/10E Bush Nursing-Mole Creek-Car for Bush Nursing Service, Mole Creek
58/11A Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Appointments, resignations etc
58/11B Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Equipment supplies
58/11C Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Visits of Supervisory Sister
58/11D Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Leave of Absence
58/11E Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Opening Bush Nursing Hospital
58/11F Bush Nursing-Oatlands-Contribution 80pounds towards maintenance costs
58/12A Bush Nursing-Ouse-Appointments, resignations etc
58/12B Bush Nursing-Ouse-Equipment supplies
58/12C Bush Nursing-Ouse-Leave of Absence
58/12E Bush Nursing-Ouse-Fire Precautions
58/12E Bush Nursing-Ouse-Inspection by Supervisory Sister
58/12F Bush Nursing-Ouse -Water supply
58/13A Bush Nursing-Redpa-Appointments, resignations etc
58/13B Bush Nursing-Redpa-Supplies and Equipment etc
58/13C Bush Nursing-Redpa-Leave of Absence
58/13D Bush Nursing-Redpa-Name of Hospital
58/13E Bush Nursing-Redpa-Supervisory Sisters Report
58/13F Bush Nursing-Redpa-Complaint against Sister Meredith
58/14A Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Appointments, resignations etc
58/14B Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Equipment supplies etc
58/14C Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Leave of Absence
58/14D Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Weekly wage Re Mrs Styles
58/14E Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Supervisory Sister's Report
58/14F Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-This file combined with Govt Medical Services file 13/3/49
58/14G Bush Nursing-Ringarooma-Complaint Re Bush Nursing Sister
58/15A Bush Nursing-Roseberry-Nursing Staff
58/15B Bush Nursing-Roseberry-Appointments, resignations etc
58/15D Bush Nursing-Roseberry-Supplies, equipment etc
58/15E Bush Nursing-Roseberry-Leave of Absence
58/16A Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Appointments, resignations etc
58/16B Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Leave of Absence
58/16C Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Equipment, supplies etc
58/16D Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Enquiry Re fees charged by Dr Walker
58/16E Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Letter of appreciation from Secretary, Supervisory Sisters report etc
58/16G Bush Nursing-Rossarden-Accident Sister B M Good
58/17A Bush Nursing-Sorell-Appointments, resignations etc
58/17B Bush Nursing-Sorell- Equipment supplies etc
58/17C Bush Nursing-Sorell-Leave of Absence
58/17D Bush Nursing-Sorell-Inspections
58/18A Bush Nursing-Southport-Appointments, resignations etc
58/18B Bush Nursing-Southport-Supplies, Equipment etc
58/18D Bush Nursing-Southport-Supervisory Sisters Report
58/18E Bush Nursing-Southport-Department vote on Municipal Elections
58/19A Bush Nursing-St Helens-Appointments, resignations etc
58/19B Bush Nursing-St Helens -Supplies and Equipment
58/19C Bush Nursing-St Helens-Leave of Absence
58/19D Bush Nursing-St Helens-Supervisory Sisters Inspection
58/19D Bush Nursing-St Helens-Dr Henning, Mileage claim, Feb, Mar
58/19F Bush Nursing-St Helens-Letter of Thanks to Country Women's Association and Hospital Auxiliary
58/20A Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Query from Sister Llewellyn Re Death and disposal of body
58/20B Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Leave of Absence
58/20C Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Supervisory Sisters Inspection
58/20D Bush Nursing-Storeys Creek-Recharge made for confinements at Campbell Town Hospital
58/21A Bush Nursing-Strahan-Report Inspection Supervisory sister
58/21B Bush Nursing-Strahan-Appointments Resignations etc
58/21C Bush Nursing-Strahan-Bush Nursing Auxiliary Fund-Purchase of Wireless
58/21D Bush Nursing-Strahan-Centre moving to new premises
58/22B Bush Nursing -Swansea-Equipment Supplies
58/22C Bush Nursing -Swansea-Dental Treatment for Swansea School Children
58/22D Bush Nursing -Swansea-Supervisory Sisters Inspection
58/22E Bush Nursing -Swansea-Fees-Private Nursing
58/22F Bush Nursing -Swansea-Leave of Absence
58/23A Bush Nursing-Tasman-Appointments and Resignations etc
58/23B Bush Nursing-Tasman-Government Medical Officers Residence-Painting and repairs
58/23C Bush Nursing-Tasman-Leave of Absence
58/23D Bush Nursing-Tasman-Sister R B Brown-Workers Compensation
58/23E Bush Nursing-Tasman-Obstetric Cases-Domiciliary attention
58/23F Bush Nursing-Tasman-Supervisory Sisters Report
58/23G Bush Nursing-Tasman-Installation and servicing Lighting Plant
58/24A Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Appointments, Resignations etc
58/24B Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Equipment Supplies
58/24C Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Leave of Absence
58/24D Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Application for rebate of Health Rate-Telephone service
58/24E Bush Nursing-Triabunna-Report on Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre
58/25A Bush Nursing-Tullah-Leave of Absence
58/25B Bush Nursing-Tullah-Salary increase Sister Lynch
58/26A Bush Nursing-Waratah-Appointments and Resignations etc
58/26B Bush Nursing-Waratah-Supervisory Sister's Report
58/26C Bush Nursing-Waratah -Sanitary Contract
58/26D Bush Nursing-Waratah-Equipment and Supplies
58/27 Bush Nursing-Monthly Reports
58/28 Bush Nursing-Applications for Positions
58/29 Bush Nursing-Salaries-Temporary authorities
58/30 Bush Nursing-Relieving Sisters
58/31 Bush Nursing-Transport and Accommodation
58/32 Bush Nursing-Itineraries
58/33 Bush Nursing-Appointments and resignations etc
58/34 Bush Nursing-Enquiry from Senior Commonwealth Medical Officer-Staff situation Bush Nursing Service
58/35 Bush Nursing-Provision of Fire Extinguisher
58/36 Bush Nursing-Northern Bush Nursing Association
58/37 Bush Nursing-Supplementary Estimates
58/38 Bush Nursing-Action to ensure uniformity of conditions of employment in Bush Nursing Centres
58/39 Bush Nursing-Supplies of Tea and Butter Coupons
58/40 Bush Nursing-Donation of Equipment-Testimonials
58/41 Bush Nursing-Inventories Re Government Medical Officers and Bush Nursing Centres
58/42 Bush Nursing-Hospitals, Minor Repairs
58/43 Bush Nursing-Proposal for Bush Nursing Centre
58/44 Bush Nursing-Information Re Bush Nursing as requested by Superintendent Bush Nursing Association-Victoria
58/45 Bush Nursing-Maintenance and Allowances payable as Sisters employed in Bush Nursing Centres
58/46 Bush Nursing-Refresher course for Bush Nursing Staff-Karitane Mothercraft Training Centre
58/47 Bush Nursing-Appointment of District Nurse-Toiberry-Bishopsbourne
58/48 Bush Nursing-Brighton Camp Bush Nursing Centre-Inventory
58/48C Bush Nursing-Brighton Camp Bush Nursing-Reports-Supervisory Sister
58/48D Bush Nursing-Brighton Camp-Hospital Facilities for displaced persons
58/48E Bush Nursing-Brighton Camp-Leave of Absence
58/49 Bush Nursing-Bush Nursing Centres, Names of Staff
60/? Miscellaneous-New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Equipment
60/1 Miscellaneous-Applications for various positions
60/2 Miscellaneous-Medical Treatment-Cost of Transport for patients
60/3 Miscellaneous-Medical Boards-Various patients
60/4 Miscellaneous-Mobile Radio Communication
60/5 Miscellaneous-Riverside Convalescent Home
60/6 Miscellaneous-Medical Examination of Dr Opie and others
60/8 Miscellaneous-Revival of agreement between United Kingdom and Italy to regulate the professional practice of medical practitioners in their respective territories
60/9 Miscellaneous-Refresher courses for Ambulance Drivers
60/10 Miscellaneous-Censorship of Advertisements over Commercial Broadcasting Stations
60/11 Miscellaneous-Training of Nurses-New Curriculum
60/12 Miscellaneous-Salaries-Part-Time Health Inspection
60/13 Miscellaneous-Ambulance for Circular Heat Municipality
60/14 Miscellaneous-Annual Conference-Australian Labour Party
60/15 Miscellaneous-Ainslies Estate
60/16 Miscellaneous-Housing Complaints
60/17 Miscellaneous-Equipment
60/18 Miscellaneous-National Health and Medical Research Centre
60/19 Miscellaneous-Scholarships- Medical, Dental-Physiotherapy
60/20 Miscellaneous-National Health Service
60/21 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Account-St Mary's Hospital
60/22 Miscellaneous-Pharmaceutical Benefits Act
60/23 Miscellaneous-Government Specialists-Private Consultation
60/24 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Board Meetings
60/25 Miscellaneous-Minutes of Proceedings of Conference-Ministers for Health
60/26 Miscellaneous-Telephone listing in Telephone Directory for emergency calls for Doctors
60/28 Miscellaneous-Seniority List for Hospital Employees
60/29 Miscellaneous-State Economic Planning Authority and regional Committee
60/30 Miscellaneous-Biochemistry School, University of Tasmania
60/31 Miscellaneous-Influenza Epidemic in Europe
60/32 Miscellaneous-Home Nursing for Senior Girls at Area School
60/33 Miscellaneous-Australian Advisory council on Child Training
60/34 Miscellaneous-Booklet-Nutrition
60/35 Miscellaneous-Complaints Re Greyhounds from Launceston 50000 League
60/36 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Services Scottsdale
60/38 Miscellaneous-Proposed use of Trilene
60/39 Miscellaneous-Inspection and Marketing of Rabbits
60/40 Miscellaneous-Devonport Hospital Committee
60/41 Miscellaneous-Dr K Millingen-Application for subsidy, other doctor/patient inquiries
60/43 Miscellaneous-Weekend roster-Launceston
60/44 Miscellaneous-Spray painting
60/45 Miscellaneous-Complaint Re Rate Charged Homoeopathic Hospital
60/46 Miscellaneous-Fly Pest enquiry Re Sprays
60/47 Miscellaneous-Ethel G M Cure-Complaint re Salary
60/48 Miscellaneous-Florence Nightingale Memorial Scholarships
60/49 Miscellaneous-Roads Fingal
60/50 Miscellaneous-Re use of Kariol and Karilac
60/51 Miscellaneous-Broadcast by the Hon the Minister
60/52 Miscellaneous-Cape Barren Island-Nursing Sister
60/53 Miscellaneous-Municipal rates for Health Services
60/54 Miscellaneous-Rail concessions to Nurses
60/58 Miscellaneous-Subsidy, Sorell District and Peninsula Ambulance Service
60/59 Miscellaneous-Lady Clark Rehabilitation Centre-SEE file 60/48/50
60/60 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Services King Island-Ambulance at Grassy
60/61 Miscellaneous-Trachoma in Australia
60/62 Miscellaneous-Free Insulin Supplied-Streptomycin Supplies
60/63 Miscellaneous-School nurse for Burnie
60/64 Miscellaneous-Commonwealth Dental Supply
60/65 Miscellaneous-Facilities for the care of Elderly people in Tasmania
60/67 Miscellaneous-Employment of Refugee Doctors
60/68 Miscellaneous-Increased Milk Production
60/69 Miscellaneous-Hours of Duty, X-Ray Department-Royal Hobart Hospital etc
60/70 Miscellaneous-Skin affection
60/71 Miscellaneous-Medical reports on School Buildings
60/72 Miscellaneous-Police officers being sent to sick constables-Price of wine
60/73 Miscellaneous-Milk zoning-Complaint Re price of milk
60/74 Miscellaneous-Proposed Hospital Bronte Park
60/75 Miscellaneous-Australian Red Cross Society
60/76 Miscellaneous-Dental Nursing in Tasmania
60/77 Miscellaneous-Marriage Guidance Clinic
60/78 Miscellaneous-Re Release of G M Armstrong,-Mr N Lyle
60/79 Miscellaneous-Registration of Alien Dentists
60/80 Miscellaneous-Enquiry Re fees at Hospital-Attention for Registered Nurses
60/81 Miscellaneous-Mental Institution Benefits Act 1948
60/82 Miscellaneous-Prevention of Goitre
60/83 Miscellaneous-Canned Fruits Re supplies for institutions-Haemoglobinometers supply
60/84 Miscellaneous-Fees payable by Mr Chant, expert evidence by Dr Parker
60/85 Miscellaneous-Dairy Registrations
60/86 Miscellaneous-Cremation Act
60/87 Miscellaneous-Crematoria Charges
60/88 Miscellaneous-Hospital Benefits Act
60/89 Miscellaneous-Proposed Bill
60/90 Miscellaneous-Report and recommendations on Centralising Cancer Treatment in Tasmania
60/92 Miscellaneous-Medical Societies other than Friendly Society
60/94 Miscellaneous-National Fitness Council-Minutes of Meetings
60/95 Miscellaneous-Quarantine Station-Auxiliary Lighting
60/96 Miscellaneous-Mothercraft Home-Launceston-Re proposed site
60/97 Miscellaneous-Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
60/98 Miscellaneous-Social Service-Expenditure Receipt etc
60/99 Miscellaneous-Training Social Workers-Physiotherapists
60/100 Miscellaneous-Visit Dr W D Robson
60/101 Miscellaneous-X-Ray Consultations
60/102 Miscellaneous-Charges Ambulance Butler George-Visit of Doctor to Hilltop, HEC Tarraliah Medical Scheme
60/103 Miscellaneous-International Committee of Medical Historians
60/104 Miscellaneous-Clarendon Children's-Home
60/105 Miscellaneous-Ministers of Health-Conference
60/106 Miscellaneous-Mr W Johnson Neika Re Transfer to home for aged persons
60/107 Miscellaneous-Lowrenny Estate, Hamilton
60/108 Miscellaneous-Australian Chemical Institute-Australian Medical Congress
60/109 Miscellaneous-Sister R Long, Longford Re Albert Long-Deceased
60/110 Miscellaneous-Building material subsidising importation of essential building materials
60/111 Miscellaneous-Public Health Legislation statement for incorporation in year book
60/112 Miscellaneous-Private Dental Practitioners use of Country and Public Bush Nursing Hospitals
60/113 Miscellaneous-Humidicribs for Maternity Hospitals
60/114 Miscellaneous-Agreement-Crippled Children's Society and Chief Secretary
60/115 Miscellaneous-Workers Occupational Diseases-Relief Fund
60/116 Miscellaneous-Psittacosis
60/117 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Services
60/119 Miscellaneous-X-Ray Facilities
60/120 Miscellaneous-Dr C Duncan
60/121 Miscellaneous-Grant to Northern Tasmanian Ambulance Brigade
60/123 Miscellaneous-Petition from Burnie-Re Dentist
60/124 Miscellaneous-Economic rental of homes
60/125 Miscellaneous-Home Nursing Class-Northern Tasmania
60/126 Miscellaneous-Scholarships
60/127 Miscellaneous-Scholarships
60/128 Miscellaneous-Medical, Dental and Physiotherapy Scholarships (See also 60/19)
60/129 Miscellaneous-Morgues (Including Morgue for Geeveston, New Norfolk and St Helens-Mortuaries
60/130 Miscellaneous-Dr T C Butler
60/131 Miscellaneous-Institution for accommodation of Epileptics
60/132 Miscellaneous-Assistance towards swimming pool-Derby
60/133 Miscellaneous-J Dupont-Re Invalid pension for F Benson-G Hovenden-Re artificial limb
60/136 Miscellaneous-Dr A Pryde-visit to England
60/137 Miscellaneous-Certificates from Director of Tuberculosis for Agricultural Bank
60/138 Miscellaneous-Sanitary plumbing in new homes
60/139 Miscellaneous-Conditions under which cremation certificate issued
60/140 Miscellaneous-List of Medical Officers engaged in State Government Service
60/141 Miscellaneous-Registration Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists as an approved Research Institute
60/142 Miscellaneous-Scarcity of Biological Material-Dr Polya
60/144 Miscellaneous-Superannuation for Hospital Employees
60/145 Miscellaneous-Central Council for Health Education
60/146 Metopon-Habit forming drug
60/147 Handling and Disposal of Fluorescent Tubes
60/148 Municipal Rates of Government Properties
60/149 Brigadier Johnson Re Burston Testimonial
60/150 Medical Practitioners, practising in Tasmania
60/151 Miscellaneous-Soldiers Children Education Board-Annual Report
60/152 Miscellaneous-Naturalisation Ceremony-Butlers George
60/153 Miscellaneous-Long Service Leave-Nurses
60/154 Miscellaneous-Mussett Steel Buildings-Pre Fabricated Hospital Units
60/155 Miscellaneous-Report by Hon the Premier-Visit to Great Britain
60/156 Miscellaneous-Deputation from Pharmaceutical Guild
60/157 Miscellaneous-Importation of Ambulances-Relief of Customs Duty
60/158 Miscellaneous-Classification of Professional Officers in the Public Service
60/159 Miscellaneous-Tasmanian Cancer Committee-Appointment on Committee
60/160 Miscellaneous-Post Mortems in Country Districts
60/161 Miscellaneous-Auxiliary Nursing Service
60/162 Miscellaneous-Permission Drs Parker, Brothers, Goddard, to receive fees
60/163 Miscellaneous-Fees for Medical Prictitioners under Workers Compensation Act
60/164 Miscellaneous-Address on Community Needs in relation to Public Health Nursing-Lectures Florence Nightingale National Committee
60/166 Miscellaneous-Nursing Profession-Comparison of conditions
60/167 Miscellaneous-Scholarships College of Nursing
60/168 Miscellaneous-Dr Cuthbert
60/169 Miscellaneous-6th International Congress on Radiology
60/170 Miscellaneous-Artificial Limbs
60/171 Miscellaneous-Australian Institute of Radiology
60/172 Miscellaneous-Treatment of Spastics
60/173 Miscellaneous-Sex Hormones
60/??? Miscellaneous-Hon the Minister
66/1 Administration-Acts and Regulations etc
66/2 Administration-Requests for Department to supply copies of Regulations
66/3 Administration-Draft Legislation-Campaign against Tuberculosis Regulation under Nurses Registration Act
66/4 Administration-Commonwealth/State Hospital Benefits Agreement
66/5 Administration-Regulation-Dental Board of Tasmania
66/6 Administration-Regulations under Poisons Act
66/7 Administration-Regulation under the Nurses Registration Act
66/8 Administration-Opticians Act 1913
66/9 Administration-Altering the Regulations under Cremation Act-Re Increase Fees
66/10 Administration-Uniform Plumbing Laws
66/11 Administration-Regulations under Tuberculosis Act 1949
66/12 Administration-Regulations under Foods and Drugs Act
66/13 Administration-Bill to amend Psychopathic Hospital Act-(Regulations)
66/14 Administration-Appointment of Registrar-Secretary to Board
66/15 Administration-Keeping Cattle in a City
67/1 Reports, Publications etc-Requests to Department for Reports etc issued
67/3 Reports, Publications etc-Reports, Publications Received and Requested
67/4 Reports, Publications etc-Re Handbook of Australian and New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science
67/5 Reports, Publications etc-Posters , Child Delinquency
68/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Bank Overdraft
68/2 Zeehan District Hospital-Leave of Absence
68/3 Zeehan District Hospital-Equipment Supplies
68/4 Zeehan District Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
68/5 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff-Appointments Resignations etc
68/8 Zeehan District Hospital -Supply of Films
69/1 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Staff -Appointments and Resignations etc
69/2 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Leave of Absence
69/3 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Temporary assistance
69/4 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Equipment Supplies
69/6 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Supplementary Estimates
69/7 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Donation from Yolla Country Women's Association
69/8 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Filling in old reservoir
69/9 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Cooking etc Report on food service by Nutrition Officer
69/10 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Use of Cracked and chipped crockery to be discontinued-Report that Intoxicating liquor is being carried into Sanatorium
69/11 Tasmanian Sanatorium-X-Ray unit Tasmanian Sanatorium
69/15 Tasmanian Sanatorium-H R Millhouse-Use of car
69/16 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Post-thoracic Surgical Cases
70/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Staff Appointments
70/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Leave of Absence
70/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies equipment
70/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Admission of various patients
70/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-Orthopaedic Surgeons Report
70/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Long Service Leave
70/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Visits of Plastic Surgeon Dr Rank , Dr G Robertson Consultant Neurologist etc
70/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-Appointment of Additional Splint Maker, Manager Pharmacist, Organisation Kitchen and Food Services
70/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-Statement from Medical Superintendent and Chief Pharmacist Re report in Mercury
70/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Comparative figures regarding Mortality from Rheumatic Fever
70/12 Royal Hobart Hospital-Invitation to Members of Parliament to visit Hospital
70/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-Consultation fees
70/14 Royal Hobart Hospital-Matrons conference Melbourne
70/15 Royal Hobart Hospital-Application for Positions as Nurses etc
70/16 Royal Hobart Hospital-Nursing Staff-Accommodation , Executive Staff Accommodation, Resident Medical Officer Quarters
70/17 Royal Hobart Hospital-Provision of accommodation for up patients-for sitting and dining room
70/18 Royal Hobart Hospital-Anti Tuberculosis Campaign
70/19 Royal Hobart Hospital-Obstetric Services-Visiting Medical Officer
70/20 Royal Hobart Hospital-Defects in Hospital Building
70/21 Royal Hobart Hospital-Transport-Premature Babies
70/23 Royal Hobart Hospital-Ophthalmological Service
70/24 Royal Hobart Hospital-X-Ray Huonville Children
70/25 Royal Hobart Hospital-Convalescent Homes-Males
70/26 Royal Hobart Hospital-Telephone System
70/27 Royal Hobart Hospital-Fees for Dental Work
70/28 Royal Hobart Hospital-Peacock Convalescent Home
70/29 Royal Hobart Hospital-Annual Financial Statement-Peacock Home
70/30 Royal Hobart Hospital-Sister Montgomery-Visit to Burnie
70/31 Royal Hobart Hospital-Amendment of By Laws
70/32 Royal Hobart Hospital-Orthopaedic Training
70/33 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supply of Artificial Limbs
70/34 Royal Hobart Hospital-Salary Increase Mr T O Corby
70/35 Royal Hobart Hospital-Repayment-Award Rates to attendants-Morgue
70/36 Royal Hobart Hospital-Motor parking area
70/38 Royal Hobart Hospital-Tutorial Staff and Sister Lade's Report
70/39 Royal Hobart Hospital-Surgical Instruments-Late Dr A B Cunningham
71/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc, leave of absence
71/2 St Mary's District Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
71/3 St Mary's District Hospital-Roads Adjacent to Hospital
71/4 St Mary's District Hospital-Death of Mr C F Salter, Chairman of Board and other Board Appointments
71/5 St Mary's District Hospital-Inspection Accounts Reports
71/6 St Mary's District Hospital-Emergency Nursing Service
71/7 St Mary's District Hospital-Laundry, Electrical work etc
71/8 St Mary's District Hospital-X-Ray plant etc
71/9 St Mary's District Hospital-Furniture, Equipment Inventory
71/10 St Mary's District Hospital-Agreement between Board and Medical Officers
72/1 Devon Public Hospital-Nursing Staff Appointments etc
72/2 Devon Public Hospital-Equipment Supplies and Buildings etc
72/3 Devon Public Hospital-Medical Advisory Committee
72/4 Devon Public Hospital-Medical Appointments
72/5 Devon Public Hospital-Payment for services Dr Budge, Application for Telephone Public Box at Devon Hospital
72/6 Devon Public Hospital-Inspections Report Re Basic Wage
72/7 Devon Public Hospital-Ambulance running costs and expenses-Ophthalmic equipment
72/8 Devon Public Hospital-Medical examinations
72/9 Devon Public Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
72/10 Devon Public Hospital-Hospital Board
72/11 Devon Public Hospital-Extensions of Leave
72/12 Devon Public Hospital-Auxiliary Report
72/13 Devon Public Hospital-Reimbursement
72/14 Devon Public Hospital-Thelma French to be seen by Dr Parker
72/15 Devon Public Hospital-Ambulance fees
72/16 Devon Public Hospital-Nursing Staff
73/1 Launceston Public Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
73/2 Launceston Public Hospital-Beautification of Grounds
73/3 Launceston Public Hospital-Ventilation of Sisters Quarters
73/4 Launceston Public Hospital-Salary Increase Dr Fletcher and Dr Hogg
73/5 Launceston Public Hospital-Re Drug-Prostigmin
73/6 Launceston Public Hospital-Equipment, supplies
73/7 Launceston Public Hospital-Inspectors Report
73/8 Launceston Public Hospital-Examiner cutting Re Noisy meeting to detriment of patients
73/9 Launceston Public Hospital-Nurse Gatehouse-Long Service Leave etc
73/11 Launceston Public Hospital-Complaints
73/12 Launceston Public Hospital-Electric Bed Passenger Lift
73/13 Launceston Public Hospital-Miscellaneous Alterations and Repairs
73/14 Launceston Public Hospital-Notes on conference with Launceston Hospital Board
73/15 Launceston Public Hospital-Appointments to Public Hospital Boards (Friendly Societies)
73/16 Launceston Public Hospital-Staff-Complaint Re Night Duty
74/1 King Island Cottage Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
74/2 King Island Cottage Hospital-Leave of Absence
74/3 King Island Cottage Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
74/4 King Island Cottage Hospital-Duties of Sec and Pay raise, Board Travelling expenses, Pharmaceutical Benefits
74/5 Hospital Board Appointments
74/6 King Island Cottage Hospital-Application for review fees
74/7 King Island Cottage Hospital-Hospital By-Laws
74/9 King Island Cottage Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
74/10 Fire in Hospital Laundry, Disposal of Alternator and Batteries
74/11-King Island Cottage Hospital-Water Supply
75/1 Mt Bischoff Provident Hospital-Appointments, Resignations etc
76/1 Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital-Miss K Dougharty, Lady James
76/2 Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital-Supervisory Sister, Inspection
77/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-X-Ray for Tuberculosis for women attending ante natal clinic
77/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Summary Hospitals General
77/4 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Purchase of Tennis Court-Re Building, Supply of Hospital Beds
77/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
77/6 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report
77/8 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Annual Report and Balance Sheet
78/1 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Monthly report
78/2 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Nursing staff appointments etc
78/3 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Equipment, supplies etc
78/4 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Hospital Board Appointments
78/5 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Queenstown Medical Union
78/7 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Monthly report
78/8 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Supervisory Sisters Inspections
78/9 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Removal of Transformer at Hospital
78/10 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Supplementary Estimates (Grants)
78/11 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Records-press report
78/12 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Reformation of Auxiliary
78/13 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Remuneration for Dr Wrights services
78/14 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Detention Ward-Repairs
78/15 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Public Liability Policy
78/16 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Re employment Senior Clerk, appointment of Secretary
78/17 Lyell District Hospital-Queenstown-Blue Baby for surgical treatment
79/1 Perth Sanatorium-Staff Appointments etc
79/2 Perth Sanatorium-Leave of Absence
79/3 Perth Sanatorium -Temporary appointments
79/4 Perth Sanatorium-Equipment, supplies etc
79/5 Perth Sanatorium-Supplementary Estimates
79/6 Perth Sanatorium-Building purchased from Commonwealth Disposal
79/7 Perth Sanatorium-Non delivery of uniforms
79/8 Perth Sanatorium-E W Wingrove,-Re admittance to Sanatorium Mrs Trotter
79/10 Perth Sanatorium-Re Relieving staff-Dr Murphy
79/11 Perth Sanatorium-Septic Tank Installation
80/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Erection of Shelter Shed
80/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Appointments
80/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Board Appointments
80/4 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Taking and developing X-Ray films
80/5 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Extra payments to Matron Stewart and Sister Beswick
80/6 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Payments to Doctors etc
80/7 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Inspecting Accountants Report
80/8 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Supplementary Estimates
80/9 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staffing at Hospital
80/10 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard 0 Emergency Lighting Plant and Central Heating
80/11 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Cost of New Ambulance
80/12 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Waiting room
80/13 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Doctors Duties
80/14 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Letter of appreciation from Hon A W Tattersall MLC
81/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Equipment, supplies
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Furnishing monthly report, Inspecting Accountant's Report
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
81/4 Beaconsfield Hospital-Hospital Board appointments
81/6 Beaconsfield Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
81/7 Beaconsfield Hospital-Supervisory Sisters inspection
81/8 Beaconsfield Hospital-Donations
81/9 Beaconsfield Hospital-Resignation of Matron etc
81/10 Beaconsfield Hospital-Admission of patients outside the district
82/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Equipment, Supplies
82/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Proposal to bring in a Bill to Give Government equity over properties
82/3 Queen Victoria Hospital-Inspections
82/4 Queen Victoria Hospital-Summary Hospitals-Generally
82/5 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
82/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-St Ives-making 7 beds available to accommodate convalescent patients etc
82/7 Queen Victoria Hospital-Office staff
82/8 Queen Victoria Hospital-Board Meeting
82/9 Queen Victoria Hospital-Annual leave part time, cooks wages etc
82/10 Queen Victoria Hospital-Annual report
82/11 Queen Victoria Hospital-Child Welfare Committee for Launceston and districts, Dr Park visit to Launceston
82/12 -Monthly returns
83/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
83/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Hours worked by Secretary, Inspector Accountant's Report etc
83/3 Campbell Town Hospital-Spending of Trust Funds
83/5 Campbell Town Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
83/6 Campbell Town Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
83/7 Campbell Town Hospital-Mrs V Davis-Query re fees charged at Hospital-Dismissal Nursing aid
83/8 Campbell Town Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report
83/9 Campbell Town Hospital-Furniture and Equipment Inventory
84/1 Strahan Cottage Hospital-Strahan Medical Union Re Grant and proposed visit by doctor
84/2 Strahan Cottage Hospital-Visits of Orthopaedic Surgeon to West Coast
85/1 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Transfer to the Government-Hospital Property-equipment Inventory
85/2 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Supplies, Equipment, Buildings, Repairs and Telephone Service
85/3 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Payment of Expenses-Administrative work
85/4 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Inspections-Supervisory Sister
85/5 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Morgue-approval that waiting rooms outpatients department be used
85/6 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc, Leave of absence
85/7 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Appointments Sisters Pike and Lockrey
85/8 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Lloyd Bequest
85/9 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-By-Laws
85/10 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Government Medical Scheme-Meeting with New Norfolk Council
85/11 New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Non Admittance of patients
86/1 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Free Maternity Beds
86/1 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Summary-Hospitals Generally
86/3 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Information on Stillbirth
86/4 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Inspection Calvary
86/5 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report-St Johns
86/6 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Hospital-Agreement Calvary Hospital
87/1 Montagu Medical Union-Alienation of Hospital Block from EZ Company lease-Rosebery
87/2 Montagu Medical Union-Special grant
87/3 Montagu Medical Union-Supplies and equipment
87/4 Montagu Medical Union-Christmas leave for nurse
88/1 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Leave of absence
88/2 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Nursing staff trained in taking X-Ray films
88/3 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Enquiry Re Amendment to Hospitals Act
88/4 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Maintenance of Refrigerator, supply of toaster, kitchen and electric stove
88/5 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Enquiry from Chapman-fees for surgical operations etc
88/6 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
88/7 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Proposed Alterations
88/8 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Inventory
88/11 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Ambulance
88/12 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Charge for twin
88/13 Ulverstone Public Hospital-Increase in Insurance
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Beaconsfield Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Bowmont Public Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Campbell Town Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Devon Public Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Gellibrand House Board
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-King Island
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Launceston General Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Lyell District Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Meercroft Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Millbrook Home
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-New Norfolk Public Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-North Eastern Soldiers Memorial Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Queen Alexandra Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Queen Victoria Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-St Mary's District Hospital
89/1 Minutes of Meetings-Ulverstone Hospital
89/2 Hospital Administration-Transport and Accommodation-Dr Phillips Visit to King Island
89/3 Hospital Administration-Immigrants for Hospital Services
89/4 Hospital Administration-Specialitst Treatment Fund
89/5 Hospital Administration-Appointment Full Time Dispensary
89/6 Hospital Administration-Resident Medical Officers to be X-Rayed before being engaged
89/7 Hospital Administration-Establishment of Private and Intermediated wards in Public Hospital-enquiry by BMA
89/8 Hospital Administration-Payment of specialists attending persons in public ward, Public Hospital
89/9 Hospital Administration-Appointments on Hospital Board
89/10 Hospital Administration-Appointment-temporary nurses-relieving in Public Hospital-Emergency Nursing Service
89/12 Hospital Administration-Enquiry to all Public Hospitals Re lounge or Rest Rooms for Visitors
89/13 Hospital Administration-Flinders Island requests for Dental and Ocular Treatment for school children
89/14 Hospital Administration-Administrative Training
89/15 Hospital Administration-Financial Assistance Private Hospitals
89/16 Hospital Administration-Long Service Leave Nurses (see also 89/17/48)
89/17 Hospital Administration-Hospital Equipment Kitchen Machines
89/18 Hospital Administration-Conference of Hospital Executives
89/19 Hospital Administration-Application for enrolment Emergency Obstetrical Service, Launceston
89/20 Hospital Administration-Humidicribs
89/21 Hospital Administration-Minutes of Government Medical Officer's Conference
89/22 Hospital Administration-Date for conference on question of closed or open Hospital system
89/23 Hospital Administration-Orthopaedic Equipment, Devon and Spencer
89/24 Hospital Administration-Installation of X-Ray equipment
89/25 Hospital Administration-Medical Service Bulletins
89/26 Hospital Administration-Supply and Tender Department-Hospitals Section
89/27 Hospital Administration-Public Hospitals Staff
89/28 Hospital Administration-Public Hospitals North West Coast-Daily average occupied beds
89/29 Hospital Administration-Medical Advisory Committee
89/30 Hospital Administration-Hospitals and Charities Committee-Re Authority over Hospitals
89/33 Hospital Administration-Circular Re pay not to above Wages Board Determination
89/34 Hospital Administration-Enquiry from Department of Public Hospitals, Western Australia Re Increasing charges in Public Hospitals
89/35 Hospital Administration-X-Ray Technicians Itineraries reports
89/36 Hospital Administration-Circular re Matrons attending Board Meetings
89/37 Hospital Administration-Interpretation of X-Ray films
89/38 Hospital Administration-Brighton Camp Medical Service
89/39 Hospital Administration-Costing Systems for Public Hospitals
89/40 Hospital Administration-Public Hospitals Free outpatients treatment
89/41 Hospital Administration-X-Ray equipment
89/42 Hospital Administration-Penicillin
89/43 Hospital Administration-X-Ray taken at Public Hospitals-free-including Dental Treatment
89/44 Hospital Administration-Outpatients Departments, Public Hospital Tasmania
89/45 Hospital Administration-Use of Government Specialists-Private consultations
89/46 Hospital Administration-X-Ray Maintenance-Public Hospitals
89/47 Hospital Administration-Hospital Construction-Government Contracts
89/48 Hospital Administration-Conference with British Medical association
90/1 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Equipment, Supplies etc
90/2 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Installation of Petrol Bowser
90/3 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Inspection Reports
90/4 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Hospital Board appointments
90/5 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Miscellaneous alterations, repairs etc
90/6 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Shortage of Staff etc
90/7 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Inspecting Accountant's Report
90/8 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital-Long Service Leave Dr Berwick
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Appointment of Staff
91/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Leave of Absence
91/3 Lachlan Park Hospital-Breaches of Regulations
91/4 Lachlan Park Hospital-Temporary Sister Halton and Saltmarsh
91/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Equipment, Supplies, Building alterations etc
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Applications for various positions
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Conference
91/8 Lachlan Park Hospital-Official Visitors
91/9 Lachlan Park Hospital-Staff Shortages
91/10 Lachlan Park Hospital-Hospital for Inebriates
91/11 Lachlan Park Hospital-Remission of Fees
91/12 Lachlan Park Hospital-Amenities
91/13 Lachlan Park Hospital-Cycle Track-proposed construction
91/14 Lachlan Park Hospital-Golf course-Millbrook Home
91/15 Lachlan Park Hospital-Appointment of staff
91/16 Lachlan Park Hospital-Painting Millbrook Rise
91/18 Lachlan Park Hospital-Residence for Medical Officer
91/19 Lachlan Park Hospital-Commendations
91/20 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplementary Estimates
91/21 Lachlan Park Hospital-Visit of Classification Board
91/22 Authority to operate accounts
91/23 Dr Meagher-Deductions for quarters
91/24 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise Fees-Application for Incease
91/25 Lachlan Park Hospital-Dental Surgery-Cost of meals supplied to staff
91/26 Lachlan Park Hospital-Cooks
91/27 Lachlan Park Hospital-Disposal of Nightsoil
91/28 Lachlan Park Hospital-Gellibrand Memorial Clock Tower
91/29 Lachlan Park Hospital-Dr Crabbe-Acting as member Repatriation Medical Board
91/30 Lachlan Park Hospital-Farm Suspense Account etc
91/31 Lachlan Park Hospital-Mental Institution Benefits Act
91/32 Lachlan Park Hospital-Government Institution for Defectives-New Norfolk
91/33 Lachlan Park Hospital-Social Service Benefits for Mental Patients
91/34 Lachlan Park Hospital -Documentary film service
91/35 Lachlan Park Hospital-Increase allowance for working patients
91/36 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies etc
91/37 Lachlan Park Hospital-Inquests held in respect of Deaths occurring in Lachlan Park Hospital
91/38 Lachlan Park Hospital-Visitors to attendants quarters-Officers of sick leave frequenting Hotels
91/39 Lachlan Park Hospital-Recreation Hall
91/40 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Psychopathic Home-Tank Stand
91/41 Lachlan Park Hospital-Ambulance Charges
91/42 Lachlan Park Hospital-Long Service Medals
91/43 Lachlan Park Hospital-Advance to officers
91/44 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home Board Appointments
91/45 Lachlan Park Hospital-Arnold William Lapham
97/1 Government Analysts Branch-Staff appointments, resignations etc
97/2 Government Analysts Branch-Leave of Absence
97/3 Government Analysts Branch-Temporary assistance
97/4 Government Analysts Branch-Equipment and Supplies
97/5 Government Analysts Branch-Building repairs and alterations
97/6 Government Analysts Branch-Officers attending lectures and conferences
97/7 Government Analysts Branch-Lead and Dust fumes
97/8 Government Analysts Branch-Change for Soil analysis
97/9 Government Analysts Branch-Supplementary Estimates
97/10 Government Analysts Branch-Equipment for determination of Vitamins
97/11 Government Analysts Branch-Equipment removed from Inventory
97/12 Government Analysts Branch-Equipment for Vitamins Determination etc
98/1 St John's Park-Appointments, resignations etc
98/2 St John's Park-Leave of Absence
98/4 St John's Park-Breaches of Conduct
98/5 St John's Park-Equipment, supplies
98/6 St John's Park-Supplementary Estimates
98/7 St John's Park-Examinations for improvement of staff
98/8 St John's Park-Street Lighting
98/9 St John's Park-Gellibrand House-Workshops
98/10 St John's Park-Higher Duty allowances etc
98/11 St John's Park-Disposal of Canteen of Cutlery and placing credit in Trust Fund-Jean Pearl Hill-Investment in Commonwealth Inscribed Stocks
98/12 St John's Park-Police escort patients to St John's Park
98/13 St John's Park-Roadway, Wingfield House
98/14 St John's Park-Gellibrand House Board
98/15 St John's Park-Transferring unruly patients to HM Gaol
98/16 St John's Park-Conveyance of children to Wingfield school
98/17 St John's Park-W E Lowenstein
98/18 St John's Park-Female Division patients requiring Physiotherapy
99/1 Home for Invalids-Staff Appointments, resignations etc
99/2 Home for Invalids-Leave of absence
99/3 Home for Invalids-Temporary assistance
99/4 Home for Invalids-Equipment, supplies
99/5 Home for Invalids-Official Visitors
99/6 Home for Invalids-Enquiry into complaints by visiting Committee etc
99/7 Home for Invalids-Complaints etc
99/8 Home for Invalids-Lease of portion of property for growing vegetables
99/9 Home for Invalids-Supplementary Estimates
99/10 Home for Invalids-Complaint re bread
99/11 Home for Invalids-Deductions for Quarters, Fuel and Light during leave
99/12 Home for Invalids-Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works proposed Home
99/13 Home for Invalids-Transfer to Board of Management Launceston General Hospital
99/14 Home for Invalids-Salary Nurse Saunders
99/10 Home for Invalids-Inventory
99/16 Home for Invalids-Regular inspections Fire Extinguishers
99/18 Home for Invalids-Theft of Postal Article
99/19 Home for Invalids-Admission of Mrs Davis
99/20 Home for Invalids-Damage to gates-Pedder Street
101/1 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Staff Appointments, resignations etc
101/2 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Supplies, Equipment
101/3 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Monthly reports
101/4 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Lease of Land
101/5 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Leave of Absence
101/6 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Hospital Board
101/7 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Days set out as Public Holidays
101/8 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Supervisory Sisters Report
101/11 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Fences
101/12 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Staff accommodation
101/13 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Patients statistics
101/14 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Surplus secondhand equipment
101/15 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Provision of Door between front wards
101/16 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Wages rates and conditions
101/17 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Agreement Act
101/18 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Rest Home, Steele Street, Devonport
101/19 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Accommodation for Nurses
101/20 Meercroft Hospital, Devonport-Conditions at Meercroft
102/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Commonwealth and Empire Health Conference
102/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Equipment, supplies
102/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Appointments, resignations etc
102/4 Tuberculosis Branch-Leave of absence
102/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Application for Tas Surgeon of Repatriation to train at Heidelberg Victoria etc
102/6 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Act 1945-1946-Section 4 & 5
102/7 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Act 1945-`946-Section6
102/8 Tuberculosis Branch-Anti Tuberculosis campaign
102/9 Tuberculosis Branch-Training facilities to Tuberculosis Institutions-Leave for employees
102/10 Tuberculosis Branch-Particulars in respect of allowances paid to TB sufferers
102/11 Tuberculosis Branch-Request for reclassification
102/12 Tuberculosis Branch-Formula to cure Tuberculosis
102/13 Tuberculosis Branch-Cooks for instruction
102/14 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Agreement
102/15 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Bill
102/16 Tuberculosis Branch-Supplementary Estimates
102/17 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Hospitals, Launceston and Hobart
102/18 Tuberculosis Branch-Tram and Train passes
102/19 Tuberculosis Branch-Devonport-Proposed chest clinic
102/20 Tuberculosis Branch-Increases in Travelling Expenses
102/21 Tuberculosis Branch-X-Ray unit open for period during evening
102/22 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Act 1948
102/23 Tuberculosis Branch-Tuberculosis Regulations 1949
102/26 Tuberculosis Branch-Board to be set up-Launceston and Hobart personnel
102/27 Tuberculosis Branch-Mobile X-Ray unit itinerary
102/28 Tuberculosis Branch-Pharmaceutical Benefits TAB vaccine
102/29 Tuberculosis Branch-Sister Pousty-allowance
102/30 Tuberculosis Branch-Maximum rates for Tasmanian Perth Sanatorium
102/31 Tuberculosis Branch-Person suffering with TB being compelled to remain in Hospital
102/32 Tuberculosis Branch-Dr D Nathan-Return to take up position in Tuberculosis Branch
102/33 Tuberculosis Branch-Director General of Health Re Patient with Pulmonary TB
102/34 Tuberculosis Branch-National Tuberculosis Advisory Council
102/35 Tuberculosis Branch-Mass Chest Radiography
104/1 Burnie Hospital-Women's Auxiliary
104/2 Burnie Hospital-District and Hospital Board
104/3 Burnie Hospital-Application for position
51/1A Departmental-Staff Appointments and resignations
51/1A Departmental-Proposed appointment Thoracic Surgeon-Dr Richards
51/1C Departmental-Staff Position-Assistant to Director General
51/2 Departmental = Leave of Absence
51/2/1 Departmental-Professional Staff-Medical Officers-General
51/3 Departmental-Attendance Returns
51/4 Departmental-Emergency Nursing
51/4 Departmental-Emergency Nursing Service
51/5 Departmental-Engagements
51/6A -Tours
51/6C Departmental-Personal Accident Insurance
51/7 Departmental-Re-organisation of Public Health Department
51/8 Departmental-Staff Instructions
51/8 Departmental-Staff Instructions
51/8 Departmental-Staff File
51/8A Departmental-Dr Edis-Private
51/9 Departmental-Equipment and Supplies
51/9 Departmental-Equipment, Suplies and Accommodation
51/10 Departmental-Northern Office Supplies
51/10/14 Departmental-School Dental Service
51/11 Departmental-Engagements
51/11 Departmental-Inventory of Office Furniture
51/12 Departmental-Letters of Appreciation, Introductions etc
51/13A Departmental-Car reports etc
51/13B Departmental-Transport
51/14 Departmental-Supplementary Estimates
51/14A Departmental-Supplementary Estimates-Loan Funds
51/14B Departmental-Loan Programme
51/14C Departmental-Estimates
51/15A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15A Departmental-Annual Reports
51/15B Departmental-Press Statements-Notes of motions etc, advertising
51/15C Departmental-Audit Report re Accounts
51/15D Departmental-Reports-General
51/16 Departmental-Miscellaneous
51/17 Departmental-General
51/18 Departmental-Commonwealth Health Laboratory Lease
53/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Equipment and Supplies
53/2 Mental Hygiene Division-General
53/3 Mental Hygiene Division-Itineraries
53/4 Mental Hygiene Division-Appointments and Resignations etc
53/5 Mental Hygiene Division-Telephone, Certification of Mental Patients, Private consultations
53/6 Mental Hygiene Division-Trial Leave Cards, Lachlan Park
53/7 Mental Hygiene Division-Re Release of patients
53/8 Mental Hygiene Division-Council of Mental Hygiene
53/9 Mental Hygiene Division-Electroencephalograph
53/11 Mental Hygiene Division-Appointment to Psychological Clinic
53/12 Mental Hygiene Division-Leave of Absence
53/13 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff Accommodation
53/14 Mental Hygiene Division-Appointments
53/15 Mental Hygiene Division-Talire Child Centre
54/1 Carr Villa-Isolation Hospital-Water Supply
54/2 Carr Villa-Isolation Hospital-Emergency Housing
57/2 Bowmont Public Hospital-Leave of Absence
57/3 Bowmont Public Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
57/4 Bowmont Public Hospital-Repairs to Buildings etc
57/5 Bowmont Public Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
57/6 Bowmont Public Hospital-General
58/1/1 Alonnah Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/1/2 Alonnah Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings and repairs
58/1/3 Alonnah Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/2/1 Avoca Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/2/3 Avoca Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/2/4 Avoca Bush Nursing Centre-Car
58/3/1 Brighton Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/3/2 Brighton Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/4/1 Cape Barren Island Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/4/2 Cape Barren Island Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs, renewals etc
58/4/3 Cape Barren Island Bush Nursing Centre-General
90/1 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Appointments of staff
90/3 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Equipment, Supplies
90/4 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
90/5 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-General
90/6 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale
90/7 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Hospital Appointments
90/8 North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale-Medical Specialists
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Appointments and Resignations etc
91/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Appointments and Resignations etc
91/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Leave of Absence
91/3 Lachlan Park Hospital-Equipment, supplies etc
91/4 Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
58/5/1 Cygnet Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/5/2 Cygnet Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/5/3 Cygnet Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/6/1 Whitemark Bush Nursing Hospital and School-Flinders Island-Equipment and Supplies
58/6/2 Whitemark Bush Nursing Hospital and School-Flinders Island-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/6/2A Whitemark Bush Nursing Hospital and School-Flinders Island-Drainage etc
58/6/3 Whitemark Bush Nursing Hospital and School-Flinders Island-General
58/6/3A Whitemark Bush Nursing Hospital and School-Flinders Island-Mr E Mansell, Installation of Radio Transmission Apparatus-Babel Island
58/7/1 Gladstone Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/7/2 Gladstone Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/7/3 Gladstone Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/8/1 Grassy Bush Nursing Centre-King Island-Equipment supplies
58/8/2 Grassy Bush Nursing Centre-King Island-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/8/3 Grassy Bush Nursing Centre-King Island-General
58/9/1 Lilydale Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and supplies
59/9/2 Lilydale Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/10/1 Mole Creek Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/10/2 Mole Creek Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/11/1 Oatlands Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment, supplies
58/11/2 Oatlands Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/11/3 Oatlands Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/12/1 Ouse Bush Nursing Centre
58/12/1 Ouse Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/12/3 Ouse Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/12/4 Ouse Bush Nursing Centre-New building for Nursing and Domestic Staff
58/13/1 Redpa Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/13/2 Redpa Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/13/3 Redpa Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/14/1 Ringarooma Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/14/2 Ringarooma Bush Nursing Centre-General
Department of Public Health-Annual Report
58/15/1 Rosebery Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/15/2 Rosebery Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/15/3 Rosebery Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/15/4 Rosebery Bush Nursing Centre-Hospital Board-Appointments
58/16/1 Rossarden Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/16/2 Rossarden Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/16/3 Rossarden Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/17/1 Sorell Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/17/2 Sorell Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/17/3 Sorell Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/18/1 Southport Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/18/2 Southport Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/18/3 Southport Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/19/1 St Helens Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/19/2 St Helens Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/19/3 St Helens Bush Nursing Centre -General
58/20/2 Storeys Creek Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/21/1 Strahan Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/21/2 Strahan Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/22/1 Swansea Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and Supplies
58/22/2 Swansea Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/22/3 Swansea Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/23/1 Koonya Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and supplies
58/23/2 Koonya Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/23/3 Koonya Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/24/1 Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre-Equipment and supplies
58/24/2 Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/24/3 Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/25/1 Tullah Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals-Equipment and supplies
58/25/2 Tullah Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/26/1 Waratah Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/28/1 District Nursing
58/28/1B Bush Nursing-Miscellaneous enquiries
58/28/2 Bush Nursing-Leave of Absence
58/28/3 Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/28/4 Bush Nursing-Itineraries
58/28/5 Bush Nursing-Monthly Reports
58/28/6 Bush Nursing-General
58/28/7 Bush Nursing-Maydena
58/28/8 Bush Nursing-General-Red CrossTrust Fund
60/1 Miscellaneous-A-C
60/2 Miscellaneous-D-G
60/2A Miscellaneous-Films
60/2B Miscellaneous-Food Consumption Survey
60/2C Miscellaneous-Federal Council of Australia-Inaugural Session
60/3 Miscellaneous-H-L
60/3A Town and Country Planning-Hobart Metropolitan Planning Committee (See New File 60/T/2)
60/4 Miscellaneous-M-P
60/4A Miscellaneous-Ministerial Tour
60/4B Miscellaneous-Minister's Tours
60/4B Miscellaneous-Minister's Tours
60/4C Miscellaneous-Minister's Tours-Scottsdale and Districts
60/4D Miscellaneous-Minister's Tours-Flinders
60/4E Miscellaneous-Minister's Tours West and North West
60/5 Miscellaneous-Q-T
60/6 Miscellaneous-U-Z
60/7 Miscellaneous-Medical Dental and Physio-Bursaries
60/8 Miscellaneous-Visitors
60/8 Miscellaneous-Sir Earle Page's Visit and Tour of Hospitals etc
60/9 Miscellaneous Aust Red Cross Society
60/9A Miscellaneous-Red Cross-Blood Transfusion Service
60/10 Miscellaneous-Tasmanian Cancer Committee
60/10 Miscellaneous-Cancer Committee (Tasmania)
60/10A Miscellaneous-Cancer Enquiries
60/10/2 Miscellaneous-Cancer Institute Board-Report
60/10/2 Miscellaneous-Cancer Institute Board-Minutes
60/11 Miscellaneous-Housing
60/12 Miscellaneous-Conferences
60/12A Miscellaneous-ALP Conferences etc
60/14 Miscellaneous-Medical Examinations
60/15 Miscellaneous-Complaints
60/16 Miscellaneous-Health Matters
60/16 Miscellaneous-Health Matters
60/16A Miscellaneous-National Health Week
60/16A Miscellaneous-National Health Week
60/17 Miscellaneous-Ambulance Service
60/17A Miscellaneous-St John's Ambulance Association
60/17B Miscellaneous -Ansair's for Georgetown and Scottsdale
60/18 Miscellaneous-Hydro Electric Commission-Medical Services
60/19 Miscellaneous-Orthodontic Clinics
60/20 Miscellaneous-Sunshine Holiday Home
60/21 Miscellaneous-Rehabilitation Centre-Physically Handicapped-Civilian Artificial Limb (brought forward to 60RE1/1955)
60/24 Miscellaneous-Pesticides
60/25 or 26? Miscellaneous-Soil Testing Service
66/1 Acts and Regulations -
66/2 Acts and Regulations-Requests to Departments for copies
66/3 Acts and Regulations-Tuberculosis Act
66/6 Acts and Regulations-Amend Section 12 of the Towns Act 1934, Section 87 of the Public Health Act 1935 and repeal Section 45 of the Towns Act 1934
66/7 Acts and Regulations-Building Bill
66/8 Acts and Regulations-Mothercraft and Nurses' Registration Act 1947
66/9 Acts and Regulations-Tuberculosis Act 1949
60/10 Acts and Regulations-Mental Deficiency Act 1920-Amendments to Mental Hospital Regulations
66/13 Acts and Regulations-Launceston Corporation Act1950
66/14 Acts and Regulations-Plumbing Legislation
66/15 Acts and Regulations -Water Bill
66/17 Acts and Regulations-Regulations under the Tasmanian Auxiliary Nursing Service Act 1949-Amendments Nurses Registration
66/18 Acts and Regulations-Lands Resumption Act 1910 and Landlord and Tenant Act 1949
66/19 Acts and Regulations-Anaesthetics- by Unregistered Persons (File carried forward to 1953-66/D/1
66/21 Acts and Regulations-Amending Hospitals Bill
66/28 Acts and Regulations-Uniforms regulations under Health Act
66/24 Acts and Regulations-Plumbers Registration Act
66/25 Acts and Regulations-Cremations Act
67/1 Acts and Regulations-Request for reports issued
67/2 Reports and Publications-Reports received and requests for
67/2 Reports and Publications-Reports received and requests for
67/2 Reports and Publications-Reports received and requests for
67/2A Reports and Publications-Monthly lists of Australian Publications
67/3 Reports and Publications-Subscriptions
67/4 Reports and Publications -
68/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Appointments and resignations
68/3 Zeehan District Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
68/4 Zeehan District Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
68/5 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff Matters
68/6 Zeehan District Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
68/7 Zeehan District Hospital-Compensation claim
68/8 Zeehan District Hospital-Administration
68/9 Zeehan District Hospital-Emergency Lighting Plant
69/1 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Applications and resignations etc
69/2 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Temporary Appointments and resignations
69/3 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Leave of Absence
69/4 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Equipment and Supplies
69/5 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Buildings, repairs and renewals
69/6 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Sputum Destruction
69/7 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Overtime
69/8 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Admission queries
69/9 Tasmanian Sanatorium-General
69/10 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Disciplinary Action
69/10 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Disciplinary Action-Notes of Evidence taken at enquiry Re resignation of staff
69/11 Tasmanian Sanatorium-After Care Association
69/12 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Change of Name
69/13 Tasmanian Sanatorium-Complaint by Miss Murdoch-Re Tuberculosis
70/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
70/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Leave of Absence
70/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Equipment and Supplies etc
70/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
70/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Peacock Convalescent Hospital-Committee of Management
70/8 Royal Hobart Hospital-Reports Patients admitted to hospital
70/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-General
70/9A Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clarke Rehabilitation Centre-Report on Land Utilisation
70/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff General
70/14 Royal Hobart Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
70/15 Royal Hobart Hospital-Orthopaedic Surgeons Report
70/16 Royal Hobart Hospital-Speech Therapy
70/18 Royal Hobart Hospital-Estate of Late W A Bagley
70/19 Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark Rehabilitation Centre, Claremont
70/20 Royal Hobart Hospital-Visit Abroad by Dr Parker
71/1 St Mary's Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
71/3 St Mary's Hospital-Equipment and supplies
71/4 St Mary's Hospital-Building, repairs and renewals
71/5 St Mary's Hospital -
71/6 St Mary's Hospital-Inspections
71/7 St Mary's Hospital-Deeds of Hospital Property
71/8 St Mary's Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
71/9 St Mary's Hospital-Specialist Services
72/1 Devon Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
72/2 Devon Hospital-Leave of Absence
72/3 Devon Hospital-Equipment and supplies
72/3A Devon Hospital-Items to be paid out of Hospital Funds
72/4 Devon Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
72/4A Devon Hospital-Port Sorell-Proposed Recreation Home for Nurses
72/5 Devon Hospital -
72/6 Devon Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
72/7 Devon Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Reports
72/8 Devon Hospital -
72/9 Devon Hospital-Official Opening New Nurses Home
72/10 Devon Hospital-Dental Certificates-Nurses Training
73/1 Launceston General Hospital-Appointments and resignations
73/2 Launceston General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
73/2A Launceston General Hospital-Items to be paid out of Hospital Funds
73/3 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
73/3A Launceston General Hospital-Accommodation for Nurses Home Corona
73/3B Launceston General Hospital-Residences for Medical Officers-Acquisition Ridge's Estate
73/3C Launceston General Hospital-Conversion Reception House to Flats for Medical Officers
73/3D Launceston General Hospital-Quarters for Medical Officers-Erection
73/3E Launceston General Hospital-Preliminary Report on the Proposed Development of Launceston General Hospital
73/4 Launceston General Hospital -
73/4E Launceston General Hospital-Buildings-New Extensions-Proposed Resident Medical Officers Quarters
73/5 Launceston General Hospital -
73/6 Launceston General Hospital-Meeting Sub Committee of Board
73/7 Launceston General Hospital -
73/7 Launceston General Hospital-Cafeteria
73/8 Launceston General Hospital-Hospital Board Appointment
74/1 King Island Public Hospital-Appointments and Resignations
74/3 King Island Public Hospital-Equipment and supplies
74/4 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
74/5 King Island Public Hospital-Hospital Finance
74/6 King Island Public Hospital-Establishment of Childrens Hospital in Tasmania
74/7 King Island Public Hospital-Grants etc
74/8 King Island Public Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
74/9-King Island Public Hospital-General
74/10 King Island Public Hospital-Currie Water Bill
76/2 Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital-Reports
77/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Equipment and supplies
77/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Alterations, repairs and renewals
77/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Amendments, Drafts and Agreements
77/4 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report
77/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Hospital Finance
77/6 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Hospital Board
78/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Appointments, resignations etc
78/2 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Leave of Absence
78/3 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Equipment and supplies
78/4 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings, repairs and renewals
78/5 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown -
78/6 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Hospital Board Appointments
78/7 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Reports
78/8 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Specialists Fund Board Etc
78/9 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Sisters Don and Raby-Complaint re Uniform allowance
79/1 Perth Sanatorium-Appointments and resignations
79/2 Perth Sanatorium-Leave of Absence
79/3 Perth Sanatorium-Equipment and supplies
79/4 Perth Sanatorium-Buildings, repairs and renewals
79/5 Perth Sanatorium-General
79/6 Perth Sanatorium-Auxiliary Committee
80/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Equipment and Supplies
80/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Buildings, repairs and renewals
80/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Appointments, resignations etc
80/4 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-General
80/5 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staff Matters
80/6 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Visiting Specialists
80/7 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Hospital Board Appointments
80/8 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Junior Domestic Employees
81/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
81/1A Beaconsfield Hospital-Items to be paid out of Hospital Funds
81/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Buildings, repairs and removals
81/3 Beaconsfield Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
81/4 Beaconsfield Hospital-General
81/5 Beaconsfield Hospital-Reports
81/6 Beaconsfield Hospital-Hospital Board appointments
82 NB Queen Victoria Hospital-Acquisition of Property, 11 High Street, Launceston
82NB Queen Victoria Hospital-Correspondence Stephenson and Turner
82/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
82/2 Queen Victoria Hospital -
82/3 Queen Victoria Hospital-Equipment and supplies
82/4 Queen Victoria Hospital- Official Opening -Keverall McIntyre Nurses Home
82/5 Queen Victoria Hospital -
82/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
82/7 Queen Victoria Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
83/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Appointments and resignations etc
83/3 Campbell Town Hospital-Equipment and supplies
83/4 Campbell Town Hospital-Building repairs and renewals
83/4/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Plan for Development for Centenary
83/6 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
85/1 New Norfolk Hospital-Appointments and resignations
85/2 New Norfolk Hospital-Leave of Absence
85/3 New Norfolk Hospital-Equipment and supplies
85/4 New Norfolk Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
85/6 New Norfolk Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
85/7 New Norfolk Hospital-New Norfolk Cottage Hospital-Transfer of Hospital Property
86/1 Calvary Hospital, St Johns-Free Beds Calvary
86/2 Calvary Hospital, St Johns Photograph of Sit Truby King
86/3 Calvary Hospital, St Johns-Inspections
87/1 Montagu Medical Union -
87/2 Montagu Medical Union -
88/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Equipment and supplies
88/2 Ulverstone Hospital
88/3 Ulverstone Hospital-Appointments and resignations
88/4 Ulverstone Hospital-Relief for Matron Kennedy
88/5 Ulverstone Hospital-General
88/6 Ulverstone Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report
88/7 Ulverstone Hospital-Miscellaneous
88/8 Ulverstone Hospital-Repairs and Buildings etc
88/9 Ulverstone Hospital-Medical Officers Instruments
88/10 Ulverstone Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
89/2 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment
89/2B Hospitals Administration-Surplus Equipment
89/2C Hospitals Administration-Central Buying of Drugs-Circular
89/2D Hospitals Administration-State Drug Advisory Committee
89/3 Hospitals Administration-Payment of Specialists-Royal Hobart and Launceston Hospitals
89/4 Hospitals Administration-Payment in respect of Medical Attendance in Public Wards in Public Hospitals
89/4 Hospitals Administration-Payment in respect of Medical Attendance in Public Wards in Public Hospital
89/5 Hospitals Administration-Specialists
89/5A Hospitals Administration-Ophthalmologist-Bass Straight Islands
89/6 Hospitals Administration-Payment of Architects, Legal Opinion to Transfer Hospitals to Government etc
89/6A Hospitals Administration-Hospital Planning Committee
89/6B Hospitals Administration-Building Operations for Various Health Department Centres and Hospitals
89/7 Hospitals Administration-Wages Board
89/7A Hospitals Administration-General Finance
89/7B Hospitals Administration-Hospital Benefit Scheme
89/7C Hospitals Administration-Pensioners admitted to Hospital
89/7D Hospitals Administration-Donations being exempt from tax
89/7E Hospitals Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefit Trust Fund
89/8 Hospitals Administration-Hospital Employees-Superannuation
89/9 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Service
89/9/3 Hospitals Administration-Negotiations Re New Hospital Benefits Agreement
89/9A Hospitals Administration-Nurses applications for positions
89/9B Hospitals Administration-Tourist Bureau-Re: Display Posters-Nursing
89/9D Hospitals Administration-Nursing Recruitment
89/10 Hospitals Administration-Migrants for Hospital Services
89/10A Hospitals Administration-Personal Files of the Alien Doctors
89/10A Hospitals Administration-Alien Doctors-(See also 19/2/2)
89/10/7 Hospitals Administration-General-Central Medical Planning Committee
89/11 Hospitals Administration-Training Centre for Hospital Cooks
89/12 Hospitals Administration -
89/12B Hospitals Administration-Medical Council of Tasmania-Appointments to Council
89/12C Hospitals Administration-Dr Linn's Report-Hospitals-Great Britain and Scandinavia
89/13 Hospitals Administration-Miscellaneous
89/14 Hospitals Administration-Circulars
89/15 Hospitals Administration-Survey of Hospitals
89/16 Hospitals Administration-Hospital Administration Training
89/18 Hospitals Administration-Catering-Conference
91/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Official Visitors
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Disciplinary Action
91/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Disciplinary Action
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home-Fees
91/7 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Home-Fees
91/8 Lachlan Park Hospital
91/9 Lachlan Park Hospital
91/10 Lachlan Park Hospital-Auxiliary for Hospital
91/11 Lachlan Park Hospital-Conditions Millbrook Rise
91/12 Lachlan Park Hospital-Nurses Home
91/13 Lachlan Park Hospital-Complaints and enquiries-Various Patients
91/14 Lachlan Park Hospital-Office Staff
91/15 Lachlan Park Hospital-Sexual Offenders Institution
91/16 Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise Golf Club
97/1 Government Analyst-Appointments, Resignations etc
97/2 Government Analyst-Leave of Absence
97/3 Government Analyst-Equipment, Supplies etc
97/4 Government Analyst-Cleaning
97/5 Government Analyst-Buildings, repairs and renewals
97/6 Government Analyst
97/7 Government Analyst
98/1 St John's Park Hospital-Applications and resignations etc
98/2 St John's Park Hospital-Leave of Absence
98/3 St John's Park Hospital-Temporary Appointments and resignations
98/4 St John's Park Hospital-Equipment and Supplies etc
98/5 St John's Park Hospital-Examination of Staff
98/6 St John's Park Hospital-Staff General
98/7 St John's Park Hospital-Gellibrand House Board
98/8 St John's Park Hospital-Possibility of establishing Occupational Centre
98/9 St John's Park Hospital-Attention to Grounds
98/10 St John's Park Hospital
98/11 St John's Park Hospital-Disciplinary Action
98/11A St John's Park Hospital-Re Attendant Merrick
98/2 St John's Park Hospital-Inmates Trust Account
98/13 St John's Park Hospital-Sawdust Bed Therapy
98/14 St John's Park Hospital-Appointment of second Medical Officer for Certification of Insane Persons at St John's Park
98/15 St John's Park Hospital-Dietitian
98/16 St John's Park Hospital-Buildings-Kiosk
99/1 Home for Invalids-Appointments and resignations etc
99/2 Home for Invalids-Leave of Absence
99/3 Home for Invalids-Equipment and supplies
99/4 Home for Invalids-Disciplinary Action
99/5 Home for Invalids-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
99/6 Home for Invalids -
99/7 Home for Invalids-Trust Account
99/8 Home for Invalids
99/9 Home for Invalids-Laying of Foundation Stone-Invitations
99/10 Home for Invalids
99/11 Home for Invalids-Twilight Homes
99/12 Home for Invalids-Visiting Committee
101/1 Meercroft Hospital-Appointments and resignations etc
101/2 Meercroft Hospital-Leave of Absence
101/3 Meercroft Hospital-Equipment, Supplies
101/4 Meercroft Hospital-Renting Paddock
101/6 Meercroft Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
101/7 Meercroft Hospital
101/5 Meercroft Hospital-General
101/8 Meercroft Hospital
101/9 Meercroft Hospital
101/10 Meercroft Hospital
101/11 Meercroft Hospital
102/1 Tuberculosis Division-Appointments and Resignations
102/1 Tuberculosis Division-Appointments and Resignations
102/2 Tuberculosis Division-Leave of Absence
102/3 Tuberculosis Division
102/4 Tuberculosis Division-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
102/5 Tuberculosis Division
102/7 Tuberculosis Division-Appointment Medical Board
102/8 Tuberculosis Division-Call up for Chest Examination
102/9 Tuberculosis Division-Miscellaneous
102/10 Tuberculosis Division-Mobile X-Ray Itinerary
102/14 Tuberculosis Division-4mth course for Trainee Radiographers
103HB Hospital Benefits-Legal Opinions and Rulings Re Workers Compensation
102/6 Tuberculosis Division-Claims for Reimbursement of Capital Expenditure
104/1 Burnie Hospital-Appointments, Resignations and Leave of Absence
104/3 Burnie Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
104/3 Burnie Hospital-Instruments requisitioned by Dr O'Brien
104/4 Burnie Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Renewals
104/4A Burnie Hospital-Acquisition of Properties-Surgeon Superintendents House
104/5 Burnie Hospital-General
105/1 Devonport Hospital-Applications for positions
106/1 Toosey Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
106/2 Toosey Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
106/3 Toosey Hospital-Miscellaneous
106/4 Toosey Hospital
106/5 Toosey Hospital-Supervisory Sisters Report
106/6 Toosey Hospital
107/1 Smithton Public Hospital Windarra-Proclaimed Hospital District, Appointments to Board
107/2 Smithton Public Hospital-Appointment Women's Auxiliary
107/3 Smithton Public Hospital-Appointments
107/4 Smithton Public Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
107/5 Smithton Public Hospital-Equipment and supplies
107/6 Smithton Public Hospital
108 Darwin Hospital-Acquisition
108/3 Darwin Hospital
108/4 Darwin Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
108/5 Darwin Hospital
51/1/1 Departmental-Staff Appointments and resignations
51/1/1 Departmental-Staff Miscellaneous
51/1/2 Departmental-Advertisements-Press and Gazettes
51/1/2 Departmental-PSC Advertisements-Staff-Press and Gazette
51/1/3 Departmental-Staff-Health Inspectors
51/1/4 Departmental-Miscellaneous Appointments and resignations-Launceston Office
51/1/5 Departmental-Staff-Queries Re Ex-Staff
51/1/5 Departmental-Staff-Resign
51/2/2 Departmental-Professional Appointments-Nutrition Officer
51/2/SM Departmental-Senior Medical Officer-Dr Abbott
51/3/1 Departmental-Staffing-Leave
51/3/1 Departmental-Leave of Absence
51/4/1 Departmental-Late Returns
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations and Engagements
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations and Engagements
51/5/2 Departmental-Invitations-Declined
51/5/2 Departmental-Invitations-Declined
51/6/1 Departmental-Staff-Travel and Itineraries
51/6/1 Departmental-Travel-General
51/6/2 Departmental-Director General of Medical Services-Travel and accommodation
51/6/3 Departmental-DPH-Travel and Accommodation
51/6/4 Departmental-Travel, Accommodation, Itineraries-Directors Tuberculosis and Mental Hygiene
51/6/4 Departmental-Travel & Itineraries-Tuberculosis Division
51/6/5 Departmental-Travel Air Insurance
51/6/6 Departmental-Travel Accommodation etc-Miscellaneous Correspondence
51/6/7 Departmental-Travel and Itineraries-Advisory Dietician
51/7/1 Departmental-Dr Edis's visits-Miscellaneous-To Adelaide etc
51/7/1 Departmental-Our Programme and arrangements
51/7/2 Departmental-Tours Director General Medical Services-North West
51/7/3 Departmental-Tours-Launceston etc
51/7/4 Departmental-Tours Queenstown and West Coast-DGMS
51/7/6 Departmental-Tours Acting Director General of Medical Services
51/8/1 Departmental-Administrative Instructions, Public Service Commissioner
51/8/1 Departmental-Administrative Instructions PSC
5/8/1A Departmental-Administrative Instruction No 82
51/8/2 Departmental-Staff-Miscellaneous
51/8/2 Departmental-Staff-General
51/8/3 Departmental-Staff Directorial etc-General
51/8/4 Departmental-DGMS-Instructions-office procedure
51/9/1 Departmental-Equipment and Supplies-North West and Launceston
51/9/2 Departmental-Equipment and Supplies-Hobart Office
51/9/2 Departmental-Supplies-Miscellaneous
51/9/3 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Telephones
51/9/3 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Telephones
51/9/3A Departmental-Telephones-Private Automatic Branch Exchange System
51/9/4 Departmental-Supplies-Printing
51/9/11 Departmental-Supplies-Application Forms
51/9/11 Departmental-Supplies-New Forms
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Purchase of Mechanical Aids-General
51/10/1 Departmental-Accommodation and Repairs-Launceston Office
51/10/2 Departmental-Accommodation and repairs etc Hobart
51/10/4 Departmental-Accommodation-Public Health Division
51/10/4A Departmental-Accommodation-RAC-Mental Hygiene Division
51/10/8 Departmental-Accommodation-Hobart-Franklin Wharf-CW Rooms
51/13/1 Departmental-Transport-Authority to use own Car
51/13/2 Departmental-Transport-Departmental Cars-on loan etc
51/13/3 Departmental-Transport-General-Reports Repairs etc
51/13/4 Departmental-Transport-Purchases and Sales
51/13/5 Departmental-Transport-Miscellaneous
51/13/6 Departmental-Transport-Insurance Policies
51/13/8 Departmental-Transport-King Island-Currie
51/13/8 Departmental-Transport-Radio Equipment-DMO Vehicle
51/13/13 Departmental-Transport-Strahan
51/13/14 Departmental-Transport-Parking, Franklin Square
51/14/1 Departmental-Finance Miscellaneous
51/14/1 Departmental-Finance-Treasury Instructions
51/14/1A Departmental-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts etc
51/14/1A Departmental-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts etc
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance-Audit
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance-Audit-Queries
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance-Audit
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Accounts-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Group Deductions
51/14/6 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme PWE Bill and Appropriation Bill
51/14/7 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/8 Departmental-Finance-Valuations and Annual Assessment of Properties
51/14/9 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/10 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/10A Departmental-Finance-Estimates PH Division
51/15/1 Departmental-Reports-Miscellaneous
51/15/2 Departmental-Annual Reports-Miscellaneous Correspondence
51/15/2 Departmental-Reports Annual
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report Copy
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15/2A Departmental-Draft Annual Reports
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report-Material for 1958-1959
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Reports-Material for 1957-1958
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report Draft for 1958-1959
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report Draft
51/15/2A Departmental-Annual Report
51/15/3 Departmental-Reports-Miscellaneous Press
51/153A Departmental-Press Statements
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Notices of Motion and Orders of Day
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Notices of Motions and Orders of Day
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Notices of Motion and Orders of Day
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Notices of Motion and Orders of Day
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-Votes and Proceedings House of Assembly
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-Votes and Proceedings
51/15/6 Departmental-Legislative Council-Notices of Motion etc
52/1/1 Health Education Council-Conference-Hobart
52/1/1 Health Education Council-Brisbane, Melbourne
52/1/2 Health Education Council-Canberra Proposals
52/3 Health Education Council-Publications-Mailing List
No File Number-Proposed Conference-Co-Ordination of Health Education between States
52/3/1 Health Education Council-Publications-General
52/3/2 Health Education Council-Articles
52/3/3 Health Education Council-Publicity, Publications-Dental Leaflets
52/3/4 Health Education Council-Food Charts (Posters Etc)
52/3/5 Health Education Council-Newsletter 1
52/3/9 Health Education Council-Publications-Coughs and Sneezes
52/3/14 Health Education Council-Breast Feeding Poster
52/3/20 Health Education Council-Meals for School Boys and Girls
52/3/22 Health Education Council-Health and Happiness by Dr Anne Burgess
52/3/26 Health Education Council-Nursing-Recruitments Campaign
52/3/26 Health Education Council-Nursing Publicity Shall I make Nursing My Career
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment-Advertising through Agent General-Nurses from UK
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment-Advertising through Agent General-Nurses from UK
52/3/30 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing-Advertisements PHs
52/4/1 Health Education Council-Films Miscellaneous
52/4/1 Health Education Council (Public Relations Office)-Films-Miscellaneous-distribution
52/4/2 Health Education-Films-Specific-Negotiation for
52/5/1 Health Education-Broadcasting
52/5/2 Health Education-Broadcasting-Doctor's Orders
52/5/4 Health Education-Broadcasts-Spastics The Unfortunate Child
52/5/5 Health Education-Broadcasting-Scatters-Triple Antigen
52/6/1 Health Education-Health Week
52/6/1 Health Education-Health Week
52/6/2 Health Education-Health Week
52/7/1 Health Education Council-Campaign
52/7/2 Health Education-Campaigns-Immunisation-Triple Antigen
52/7/3 Health Education-Campaigns-Early Ante-Natal Care
52/7/4 Health Education-Campaigns-Fly Campaign
52/7/5 Health Education-Campaigns-Germ Destruction
53/1/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff
53/1/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff Appointments
53/1/1A Mental Hygiene Division-Staffing -Estimates and Establishment
53/1/2 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff-Professional Appointments etc
53/1/2 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff Professional Appointments etc
53/1/2A Mental Hygiene Division-Staff Estab, Psychiatric Social Workers
53/1/3 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff-Leave
53/1/4 Mental Hygiene Division-Salaries
53/1/5 Mental Hygiene Division-Staff-General
53/2/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Board Appointments
53/2/3 Mental Hygiene Division-Board-Fees for Attendance Meetings
53/3/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Divisional HQ-Supplies and Equipment
53/3/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Supplies and equipment
53/4/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Buildings and repairs
53/5/1 Mental Hygiene Division-Patients-General
53/5/2 Mental Hygiene Division-Patients-Individual
53/6/5 Mental Hygiene Division-Retarded Children
53/8/3 Mental Hygiene Division-Launceston Services
53/8/5 Mental Hygiene Division-Commonwealth State Grants-Stoller Report
53/8/5A Mental Hygiene Division-Stoller Report-Claims
57/1/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-Appointments, resignations etc
57/2/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-Board Appointments
57/2/2 Bowmont Public Hospital-- Board Minutes
57/3/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-- Equipment and Supplies
57/4/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-- Buildings and repairs
57/4/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
58/1/1 Bush Nursing Service-Previous Staff and application enquiries
58/1/2 Bush Nursing Service-Appointments, resignations etc
58/1/2 Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Domestic, Nurse Aid's and Casual
58/1/2 Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Domestic, Nurse Aid's and Casual
58/1/2A Bush Nursing Service-Domestics and Casuals-Returns
58/1/3 Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Leave and Relief
58/2/2 Bush Nursing Service-Buildings repairs and renewals
58/2/3 Bush Nursing Service-Circulars
58/2/5 Bush Nursing Service-Standing Orders
58/2/7 Bush Nursing Service-Administration-Returns, forms etc Pharmaceutical Benefits
58/5/2 Bush Nursing Service-Finance-Patients accounts
58/5/2 Bush Nursing Service-Finance-patients accounts
58/5/2 Bush Nursing Service-finance-Patients accounts
58/5/3 Bush Nursing Service-Patients Accounts-Correspondence
58/5/3 Bush Nursing Service-Patients accounts-Correspondence
58/5/4 Bush Nursing Service-Patients Accounts (in) Lists of remissions
58/5/4 Bush Nursing Service-Patients accounts (in) Lists of remissions
58/AV/4 Avoca Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
58/CF/4 Cygnet Bush Nursing Centre-Building Repairs and Renewals
58/DO/3 Dover Bush Nursing Centre-Furnishings etc
58/FL/1 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-General
58/FL/2 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Reports
58/FL/3 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/FL/3 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/FL/3A Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-X-Ray Machine
58/FL/4 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and Renewals
58/FL/5 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Drainage
58/FL/6 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Transfer of Patients
58/FL/7 Flinders Island Bush Nursing Centre-Lighting Power Supply-Maintenance
58/GT/3 George Town Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/OA/4 Oatlands Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/RI/4 Ringarooma Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and renewals
58/SA/3 St Helen's Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58//SA/4 St Helen's Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings, repairs and maintenance
58/SH Sheffield Bush Nursing Centre
58/SH/3 Sheffield Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/SW/3 Swansea Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/SW/4 Swansea Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings and repairs
58/TA/3 Tasman Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/TA/4 Tasman Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings and repairs
58/TR/3 Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre-Supplies and Equipment
58/TR/4 Triabunna Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings and repairs
58/WA/4 Waratah Bush Nursing Centre-Buildings and repairs
58/28/1 Bush Nursing Centres-Appointments and resignations etc
60/AM/3 General Files-Ambulances
60/AM/4 General Files-Ambulances-Finance
60/AM/N General Files-Ambulances-Northern Tasmanian Ambulance Board
60/AM/R General Files-Ambulances-Rosebery
60/AM/ST General Files-Ambulances-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Board
60/BO/1 General Files-Bookmakers Premises
60/BU/1 General Files-Bursaries
60/BU/2 General Files-Bursaries 0 Holders of
60/BU/30 General Files-Applications-Medical
60/CO/1 General Files-Conferences
60/CO/2 General Files-Conferences-Ministers for Health
60/CO/4 General Files-Conferences-Annual ALP
60/CO/4 General Files-Conferences-ALP
60/CO/4 General Files-ALP
60/CO/5 General Files-Conferences-Hospital Auxiliaries
60/CO/5A General Files-Conference-Hospital Auxiliaries
60CO/5A General Files-Conferences-Hospital Auxiliaries
60/CO/5A General Files-Conferences-Hospital Auxiliaries
60CO/5B General Files-Conferences-Auxiliaries
60/CO/7 General Files-Conferences-Minister for Health
60/CO/7 General Files-Conferences-Ministers for Health
60/CO/7 General Files-Conferences-Ministers for Health
60/CO/7 General Files-Conferences-Ministers for Health
60/CO/7 General Files-Conferences-Ministers for Health
60/CO/7A General Files-Conferences-Minister of Health
60/CO/7A General Files-Conferences-Minister of Health-Agenda, reports
60/CO/7A General Files-Conferences-Minister of Health-Proceedings
60/CO/7A General Files-Conferences-Minister of Health-Proceedings
60/CO/7A General Files-Conferences-Minister of Health-Proceedings
60/DA/6 Miscellaneous-Dental Mechanics-Examinations
60/FL-General Files-Fluoridation
60/HO/A Housing-Andrews Mr H
60/HO/A Housing-Armstrong H L
60/HO/A Housing-Arnott A
60/HO/B Housing-Bailey F W
60/HO/B Housing-Barnes K J
60/HO/B Housing-Bank Home-Barren Mrs
60/HO/B Housing-Bennett Mrs D
60/HO/B Housing-Benton A
60/HO/B Housing-Billette Mrs Lorna
60/HO/B Housing-Bingley-J T
60/HO/B Housing-Bishop-Mrs R
60/HO/B Housing-Boxhall-W
60/HO/B Housing-Bowkett-Mrs
60/HO/B Housing-Brooks-Leslie
60/HO/B Housing-Brown-Mrs George
60/HO/B Housing-Brown-H G
60/HO/B Housing-Burnie-Mr R W
60/HO/B Housing-Bullock-W A
60/HO/BE Ministers Files-Bank Homes-Bennett-Mrs C
60/HO/BI Minister's Files-Bank Home Application- Mishop Mrs J
60/HO/BO Housing-Minister's Files-Boon-Mrs E J
60//HO/BR Housing-Minister's Files-Brown Mrs V S
60/HO/BX Housing-Minister's Files-Broxam-E A
60/HO/C Housing-Cannon P
60/HO/C Housing-Carr Mrs R
60/HO/C Housing-Clarke J T
60/HO/C Housing-Claridge Mr and Mrs
60/HO/C Housing-Clayden Mrs L C
60/HO/C Housing-Cleaver R M
60/HO/C Housing-Colgrove C J
60/HO/C Housing-Colraine J M
60/HO/C Housing-Cook Mrs K D
60/HO/C Housing-Crawford L C and Tonks
60/HO/C Housing-Creely A
60/HO/C Housing-Crowe M R
60/HO/C Housing-Curry J M
60/HO/D Housing-Daly Leo
60/HO/D Housing-Dargaville Harry
60/HO/D Housing-Minister's Files-Dawson V
60/HO/D Housing-Dean G-Glen Dhu Street
60/HO/D Housing-Dean G-Brisbane Street
60/HO/D Housing-Dewcrisp Products Limited-Bank Homes for Key Personnel
60/HO/F Housing-Minister's Files-Fairelly Mrs
60/HO/F Housing-Flemming R W
60/HO/F Housing-Ford Mrs
60/HO/G Housing-Gordon D
60/HO/G Housing-Gregory Mrs D M
60/HO/G Housing-Gul Adam
60/HO/G Housing-H C Grace, F H Grace
60/HO/G Housing-Gurr M J
60/HO/H Housing-Hack Mrs
60/HO/H Housing-Handerson W H
60/HO/H Housing-Hancock Mr L
60/HO/H Housing-Heald F A
60/HO/H Housing-Henrick Mrs L M
60/HO/H Housing-Hill J
60/HO/H Housing-Hinley M J R
60/HO/H Housing-Hyland E
60/HO/J Housing-James R E
60/HO/J Housing-Jones G R
60/HO/J Housing-Krushka Mr J
60/HO/J Housing-Kennedy Mrs G
60/HO/L Housing-Lee Mrs C R
60/HO/L Housing-Lewis M
60/HO/L Housing-Lockwood A J
60/HO/L Housing-Luttrell Mrs I K
60/HO/L Housing-Lee F C-War Service Home
60/HO/M Housing Mann-Mrs E
60/HO/M Housing-Massina H
60/HO/M Housing-Matthews W
60/HO/M Housing-McNeil H
60/HO/M Housing-Muir W
60/HO/ME Housing-Minister's Files-Medcraft O W
60/HO/MI Housing-Minister's Files-Miller I N
60/HO/MO Housing-Minister's Files-Morice Mrs G
60/HO/N Housing-Norris R W
0/HO/N Housing-Northern Tasmanian Sanatorium Association
60/HO/O Housing-OToole K
60/HO/O Housing-OSign Mrs A
60/HO/P Housing-Pearce J T
60/HO/P Housing-Perkins F G
60/HO/P Housing-Peters G G
60/HO/R Housing-Radford T
60/HO/R Housing-Reid Gordon
60/HO/R Housing-Richards K
60/HO/R Housing-Rodman C J
60/HO/R Housing-Robinson A J
60/HO/S Housing-Shipp L E
60/HO/S Housing-Slater Mrs L
60/HO/S Housing-Snoxall Mrs
60/HO/S Housing-Smith B
60/HO/S Housing-Stewart Mrs M
60/HO/S Housing-Searson T
60/HO/SM Housing-Minister's Files-Smith J B
60/HO/T Housing-Thomas Mrs H
60/HO/T Housing-Taylor Fred J T
60/HO/T Housing-Traplin W G
60/HO/T Housing-Triptree M
60/HO/W Housing-Watson R
60/HO/W Housing-Webb A E
60/HO/W Housing-Westergreen Mrs R
60/HO/W Housing-Welsh E
60/HO/W Housing-West Mrs D
60/HO/W Housing-Whatley L G
60/HO/W Housing-Wood Mrs W I
60/HO/Z Housing-Zarenski Mr
60MA Minister's Appointments
60MA Minister's Appointments
60MA Minister's Appointments
60/MEX/2 General Files-Medical Examiners
60/MEX/2 General Files-Medical Examiners
60/MEX/2 General Files-Medical Examiner
60/MEX/2 General Files-Medical Examiners
60MM Minister-Miscellaneous
MM 1953-Minister-Miscellaneous
MM 1955-Minister-Miscellaneous
60MM Minister-Miscellaneous
60/MT/NE-Minister-Tours North Wast
60/MT/NE-Minister-Tours North East
60/MT/NWS-Minister-Tours Tasmania-Other than Electorate
60/RV/1-General Files-Royal Visit
60/TCP/3-Town and country Planning-Zoning Plans-Burnie and Ulverstone
60/UN/1-University of Tasmania-Proposed schools of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry
60/VI/AS-General-Visitors-Prof Astwood
60/VI/BB-General-Visitors-Dr Burton Bradley
60/VI/C General-Visitors-Mr Cathcart
60/VI/CO General-Visitors-Dr Collins
60/VI/DU General-Visitors-D G Dunlop ( & Mr Sherrington)
60/VI/E General-Visitors-Eden, Sir Anthony and Lady
60/VI/H General-Visitors-Dr Gerhard Hartman
60/VI/K General-Visitors-Mr Lynford Keyes
60/VI/MC General-Visitors-Professor McWhirter
60/VI/M General-Visitors-Dr and Mrs Mace
60/VI/P General-Visitors-Drs Ralston and Edith Paterson and Cancer Institute Board
60/VI/S General-Visitors-Lady Slim
60/13/2 Society for Crippled Children-Grants
66/1/2-Acts and Regulations-Copies sent out etc
66/1/2-Acts and Regulations-Copies sent out etc
66/1/3-Act and Regulations-Requests by Departments
66DA-Legislation-Dentists Act
66/DA/1-Legislation-Dentists Act
66/DA/1 Legislation-Dentist Act
66/DA/1 Legislation-Dentists Act
66/DA/1 Legislation-Dentists Act
66/FD/2 Legislation-Food and Drugs-Regulations and amendments
66/4A/2 Acts and Regulations-Hospitals Act-Regulations
66/HA/1 Acts and Regulations-Hospitals Act
66/HS/1 Acts and Regulations-Health Services Act
66/HS/2 Acts and Regulations-Health Services Bill (No 2)
66/MA/1 Acts and Regulations-Medical Act-Amendments
66/NR/1 Acts and Regulations-Nurses Registration Act
66/PH/1 Acts and Regulations-Public Health Bill
66/PH/3 Acts and Regulations-Public Health Act
66/PH/4 Acts and Regulations-Public Health Act-Amendments
66/RAS/1 Acts and Regulations-Legislation-Radioactive Substances Act
66/TB/1 Acts and Regulations-Legislation-T B Act-Amendments
66/TB/1 Acts and Regulations-Legislation-T B Act-Amendments
67/1/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-General
67/1/2 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Requests to Department for
67/1/3 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Miscellaneous Received and Requested
67/1/3 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Miscellaneous Received and Requested
67/2/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Library Lists
67/3/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Articles for Journals
67/4/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Specific
67/4/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Specific-Atomic Energy Matters
67/4/2 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Dr Lyell Andrews Report-Multiphasic X-Rays
67/4/3 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Special Reports Received
67/4/4 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Outline of Services and Procedures of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (Plus Copy)
67/5/1 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Subscriptions
67/4/6 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Annual Report
67/4/7 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-TB Control etc-UK etc
67/4/8 Reports, Publications, Lists etc-Reports received-Dr Collins
68/1/5 Zeehan Hospital-Staff-General
68/2/1 Zeehan Hospital-Board Appointments
68/2/2 Zeehan Hospital-Board Minutes
68/3/1 Zeehan Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
68/3/3 Zeehan Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Ambulance
68/4/1 Zeehan Hospital-Building Repairs and renewals
68/4/1 Zeehan Hospital-Building repairs and renewals
68/4/3 Zeehan Hospital-Men's Bathroom, Toilet
68/8/3 Zeehan Hospital-Administration-Future Policy
69/1/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
69/1/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Permanent Establishment-Posts
69/1/1A Tasmanian Chest Hospital-- Staff-Temporary Appointments and resignations etc
69/1/1A Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Temporary Appointments and resignations etc
69/1/1A Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Temporary Appointments and resignations etc
69/1/2 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Staff-Professional Services
69/1/3 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Staff-Leave of Absence
69/1/3 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Leave
69/1/4 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-- Staff-Salary Adjustments
69/1/5 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Staff General
69/1/6 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Medical Superintendent
69/3/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
69/4/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
69/4/2 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Additions
69/4/3 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings-Rest Home
69/4/4 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-New Buildings
69/4/5 Tasmanian Chest Hospital -New Buildings-Reception Hall
69/4/7 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-New Buildings-Destructor
69/4/8 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-New Buildings-Roads
69/4/9 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-New Buildings ADDL Nurses Accommodation
69/4/10 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings-Medical Officer's residence
69/4/11 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings-Addition to Administration Section
69/4/12 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-- Buildings-Dis-Used Women's Chalet
69/6/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-After Care Association
69/7/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-- Miscellaneous
69/7/2 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-- Miscellaneous
70/1/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-Miscellaneous
70/1/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-Professional Services
70/1/2A Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-Professional Services-Appointment Hon Visiting Staff
70/1/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-General
70/1/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-General-Returns
70/2/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Appointments
70/2/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Minutes
70/2/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Minutes
70/3/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
70/3/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
70/4/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
70/4/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings repairs and renewals
70/4/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings repairs and renewals
70/4/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Wingfield House-Maintenance
70/4/5 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Temporary Out-patients
70/4/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-patients-Planning and Site
70/4/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-patients-Planning and Site
70/4/5C Royal Hobart Hospital-Building leased to Transport Commissioner
70/4/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Modifications
70/4/8 Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Hospital-New Town
70/4/8A Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Hospital, New Town-Historical Facts of Houses
70/4/8B Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings New Town Park-New Maternity Annexe-Planning
70/4/8C Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Annexe-RMO's Quarters
70/4/8D Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Annexe-Nurses Home
70/4/8G Royal Hobart Hospital-Maternity Annexe-Light and Power
70/5/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Individual
70/5/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Generally
70/5/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Specific
70/6/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-State Pathology
70/6/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Pharmacy Department
70/8/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration
70/8/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administrative Finance
70/8/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration Finance
70/11/A Royal Hobart Hospital-Honorary Out-patients, Royal and Launceston
71/1/1 St Mary's Hospital-Appointments and resignations
71/1/2 St Mary's Hospital-Professional Appointments
71/1/5 St Mary's Hospital-Staff-General
71/2/1 St Mary's Hospital-Board Appointments
71/2/2 St Mary's Hospital-Board Minutes
71/3/1 St Mary's Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
71/4/1 St Mary's Hospital-Buildings repairs and renewals
71/4/1 St Mary's Hospital-Buildings repairs and renewals
71/8/2 St Mary's Hospital-Administration-Reports and Allegations
72/1/1 Devon Hospital-Staff-Appointments and resignations
72/1/2 Devon Hospital-Staff-Professional
72/2/1 Devon Hospital-Board Appointments
72/2/1 Devon Hospital-Hospital Board Members
72/2/2 Devon Hospital-Board Minutes
72/2/2 Devon Hospital-Board Minutes
72/2/3 Devon Hospital-Board-General
72/3/1 Devon Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
72/3/1 Devon Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
72/3/3 Devon Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Supply and Tender procedures
72/3/5 Devon Hospital-Emergency Lighting Plant
72/4/1 Devon Hospital-Buildings, repairs and renewals
72/5/1 Devon Hospital-Patients
72/5/3 Devon Hospital-Patients-Hrtus Mr Paul
72/6/4 Devon Hospital-Diets and Catering
72/6/5 Devon Hospital-Special Departments-Eye Clinic
72/6/6 Devon Hospital-Special Departments-Dental Services
72/8/1 Devon Hospital-Administration
72/8/1 Devon Hospital-Administration-General
72/8/2 Devon Hospital-Administration-Finance
72/8/4 Devon Hospital-Administration-Enquiry into Excessive Costs
72/10/2 Devon Hospital-New Hospital
72/10/2A Devon Hospital-New Hospital
72/10/3 Devon Hospital-New Hospital-Furniture and Equipment
73/1/1 Launceston General Hospital-Appointments and resignations
73/1/2 Launceston General Hospital-Staffing-Medical
73/1/2 Launceston General Hospital-Staffing-General
73/1/5 Launceston General Hospital-Staffing-General
73/2/1 Launceston General Hospital-Board Appointments
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/3/1 Launceston General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
73/4/1 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Renewals
73/4/1 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Renewals
73/4/1 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Renewals
73/4/8 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Laundry
73/4/8 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Laundry
73/4/27 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings-Waratah
73/5/1 Launceston General Hospital-Patients
73/5/2 Launceston General Hospital-Patients-General
73/8/1 Launceston General Hospital-Administration-General
73/8/2 Launceston General Hospital-Hospital Finance
74/1/1 King Island Public Hospital-Staff
74/2/1 King Island Public Hospital-Board Appointments
74/2/2 King Island Public Hospital-Board Minutes
74/3/1 King Island Public Hospital-Supplies
74/3/1 King Island Public Hospital-Supplies
74/4/1 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings, General Repairs and Equipment
74/4/1 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings, General Repairs and Equipment
74/4/3 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings, Obstetrics Department
74/4/6 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings-Home for Aged and Chronically ill
75/2/3 Cancer Board-Meetings, Reports etc
75/2/3 Cancer Board-Minutes
75/2/4 Cancer Institute-Agreements
75/4/1 Cancer Institute-Peter MacCallum Clinic
75/4/2 Cancer Institute-Peter MacCallum Clinic
75/2/6 Cancer Institute-Peter MacCallum Clinics-Service in Tasmania
75/2/7 Cancer Institute-Residence-Radiologist, Launceston
75/2/3 Cancer Institute-Board, Minutes of Beetings
75/2/3 Cancer Institute-Board, Minutes and Reports
75/4/3 Cancer Institute-Opening
75/4/3A Cancer Institute-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Launceston-Laying Foundation Stone
75/4/7 Cancer Institute-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Supplies
75/4/8 Cancer Institute-Equipment for Treatment-Cobalt Unit-Installation
75/4/8A Cancer Institute-Equipment for Treatment-Housing Cobalt Unit
77/1/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Hospital Wages Board Determination-Refund Fares Etc to Employees
77/2/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Board Appointments
77/2/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Minutes
77/3/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
77/4/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
77/4/3 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings etc-Emergency Hot Water Service
77/4/4 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings-Painting Interior Hospital & Domestics Cottage
78/1/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Staffing Miscellaneous
78/1/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Staffing Miscellaneous
78/1/2 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Staff, Medical Officers
78/2/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Board Appointments
78/2/2 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Board, Minutes
78/2/2 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Board Minures
78/3/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Supplies and Equipment
78/4/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings, repairs and renewals
78/4/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings, repairs and renewals
78/4/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings, repairs and renewals (Maintenance)
78/4/3 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Interior Painting
78/4/7 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Nurses' Recreation Room
79/1/1 Northern Chest Hospital-Appointments
79/1/1 Northern Chest Hospital-Permanent Establishment-Posts
81/4/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Buildings and repairs
81/4/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Buildings and repairs
82/1/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Staff-Professional Appointments
82/1/3 Queen Victoria Hospital-Staff Leave
82/2/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Board
79/1/1A Northern Chest Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
79/1/1A Northern Chest Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
79/1/1A Northern Chest Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
79/1/2 Northern Chest Hospital-Professional Appointments
79/1/3 Northern Chest Hospital-Staff-Leave
79/1/4 Northern Chest Hospital-Salary Adjustments
79/1/5 Northern Chest Hospital-Staff-General
79/3/1 Northern Chest Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
79/4/1 Northern Chest Hospital-Building and repairs
79/4/2 Northern Chest Hospital-New Works-Remodelling Kitchen
79/4/6 Northern Chest Hospital-Buildings-Fumigation, Linen rooms etc
79/4/7 Northern Chest Hospital-Buildings-Men's Ablution Section Alterations
79/4/9 Northern Chest Hospital-Recreation Hall
79/4/10 Northern Chest Hospital-Accommodation-Female Staff
79/4/11 Northern Chest Hospital-Amenities proposed by Auxiliary
79/5/2 Northern Chest Hospital-Patients-General
79/7/1 Northern Chest Hospital-Miscellaneous
80/1/2 Spencer Public Hospital-Professional Appointments etc
80/2/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Board Appointments
80/2/2 Spencer Public Hospital-Board Minutes
80/2/2 Spencer Public Hospital-Board Minutes
80/3/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
80/3/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
80/4/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
80/4/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
80/4/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
80/4/6 Spencer Public Hospital-Painting
80/4/7 Spencer Public Hospital-Buildings, Electrical Repairs
80/4/8 Spencer Public Hospital-Holiday Home
80/4/10 Spencer Public Hospital-Buildings-Suite of Rooms for Specialists
80/7/1 Spencer Public Hospital-Miscellaneous
80/8/2 Spencer Public Hospital-Administration-Finance
81/1/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Staff
81/2/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Board Appointments
81/2/2 Beaconsfield Hospital-Board Minutes
81/3/1 Beaconsfield Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
82/2/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Board Minutes
8/2/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Board Minutes
82/3/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
82/4/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and repairs
82/4/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and repairs
82/4/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and repairs, Nurseries
82/4/3 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and repairs-Nurses quarters etc
82/4/4 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and repairs-Internal Redecoration
82/4/5 Queen Victoria Hospital-Alterations
82/4/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-Electrical Power Supply
82/4/7 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings-Modification of Kitchen etc
82/4/8A Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and Maintenance-Additional Labour Wards
82/4/8A Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings and Maintenance-Additional Labour Wards
82/4/9 Queen Victoria Hospital-Radiation
82/410 Queen Victoria Hospital-Tennis Court
82/4/11 Queen Victoria Hospital-Accommodation-Nursery Home
82/4/13 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings, Laundry
82/4/15 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings-Ante Natal Clinic
82/6/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-St Ives Private Hospital
82/6/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Relaxation and Ante Natal Clinic
82/8/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Administration
83/1/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous appointments and resignations
83/2/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
83/2/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Board Minutes
83/3/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
83/4/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Buildings and repairs
83/4/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Buildings and repairs
83/4/3 Campbell Town Hospital-Buildings-Theatre, Roads, Kitchen etc
83/8/1 Campbell Town Hospital-Administration
85/2/1 New Norfolk Hospital-Board Appointments
85/2/2 New Norfolk Hospital-Board Minutes
85/2/2 New Norfolk Hospital-Board Minutes
85/3/1 New Norfolk Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
85/4/1 New Norfolk Hospital Buildings Repairs and Installations
85/4/1 New Norfolk Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Installations
85/8/2 New Norfolk Hospital-Administration
86/5/1 Calvary Hospital-Patients
86/5/1 Calvary Hospital-Patients
88/2/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Board Minutes
88/2/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Board Minutes
88/3/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
88/3/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
88/4/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Buildings and repairs
88/4/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Buldings and repairs
88/4/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Hospital Accommodation-Proposed New Hospitals
88/4/3 Ulverstone Hospital-Buildings and Repairs, Laundry etc
88/7/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Miscellaneous
88/8/1 Ulverstone Hospital-Administration
88/8/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Administration, Finance
89/1/1 Hospitals-Nursing Services-Enquiries for positions
89/1/1 Hospitals-Nursing Services-Enquiries for positions
89/1/1 Hospitals-Nursing Services-Enquiries for positions
89/1/6 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Services-Recruitment and Training
89/1/7 Hospitals-Nursing Services-Tourist Emergency Nursing Service
89/1/7 Part I-Hospital Administration-Nursing Services-Tourist Nurses
89/1/7A Hospital Administration-Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Movements
89/1/7A Hospital Administration-Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Movements
89/1/7A-Z Hospital Administration-Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Enquiries-Not employed
89/1/7B-Government Nursing-Tourist Nursing-Resigned
89/1/8 Hospital Administration-Nursing-General
89/1/11 Hospital Administration-Nursing Services-Migrant Nursing Enquiries
89/1/12A Hospital Administration-Nursing-Grant-Aust College of Nursing
89/2/1 Hospital Administration-Enquiries-Medical Officers etc
89/2/RE Hospital Administration-New Australian Doctors
89/2/2 Hospital Administration-New Australian Doctors
89/2/2 Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors Applications-No 1
89/2/2 Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors Applications-No 2
89/2/2 Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors Applications-No 3
89/25A Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-RMO's fro UK-Approaches to Universities and correspondence AG General re Advertising
89/3/3A Hospital Administration-Visiting Specialists-Dr G Robertson
89/3/4B Hospital Administration-Specialists-North West Coast-Anaesthetist
89/3/4B Hospital Administration-Specialists-North West Coast
89/3/4C Hospital Administration-Services in North West Coast Burnie-Spencer
89/3/5 Hospital Administration-Specialists Services-Visiting Queenstown
89/5/1 Hospital Administration-Miscellaneous Staffing Enquiries
89/5/9 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Procedure overseas applications
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress reports
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/5 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Land etc offered for purchase
89/6/6 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Procedure
89/7/1 Hospital Administration-Catering-conference
89/7/1 Hospital Administration-Catering conference 1956
89/7/4 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment
89/7/1A Hospital Administration-Catering Conference-Minutes etc
89/71B Hospital Administration-Fixed Ration Scales
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Food Rations Returns
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Food Ration Returns
89/7/1C Hospital Administration-Sub-Committee-Equipment
89/7/1E Hospital Administration-Catering-Sub-Committee-Butcher's Shop
89/7/1F Hospital Administration-Supplies and catering-Vegetables
89/7/2A Hospital Administration-Drugs
89/7/2F Hospital Administration-Drugs-Cortisone
89/7/3 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment
89/7/4 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Price Lists Etc
89/7/4 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Price Lists Etc
89/7/5 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Surplus Equipment
89/7/6 Hospital Administration-Supplies-Standard Supplies
89/7/11 Hospital Administration-Supplies-Standard Linen
89/7/13 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Standardisation of Hospital Furniture
89/7/13A Hospital Administration-Plans-Standard Furniture-Western Australia
89/7/13B Hospital Administration-Plans-Standard Furniture-New South Wales
89/7/13C Hospital Administration-Plans-Standard Furniture-Tasmanian
89/8/1 Hospital Administration-Finance-Wages Board
89/8/8 Hospital Administration-Finance-Assessment of fees and Salaries
89/9/3 Hospital Administration-Finance-Introduction of Administration of Hospital Benefits
89/9/3B Hospital Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Unqualified Patients
89/9/3G Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Miscellaneous Enquiries
89/9/4 Hospital Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Insurance-General
89/9/4A Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Nature of Illness Being Stated on HB21 Certificates
89/9/4B Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Insurance-Publicity
89/9/4C Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits Insurance Scheme-Limitation of Benefits
89/9/7 Hospital Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Fees
89/9/7 Hospital Administration-Hospital and Pharmaceutical Benefits-Queensland Agreement
89/9/8 Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Regulations and Amendments
89/9/8 Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Regulations
89/9/8 Hospital Administration-Supply of Pharmaceutical Benefits by Approved Hospitals
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Claims for returns
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Claims for returns
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Claims for returns
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Claims for returns
89/10/2 Hospital Administration-General-Circulars
89/10/2/1 Hospital Administration-Circular Re Hospital Fees-Replies
89/10/3 Hospital Administration-Lists of Hospitals etc
89/10/3 Hospital Administration-Lists and services-Enquiries
89/10/8 Hospital Administration-Report-Efficiency Expert
89/10/10 Hospital Administration-Reception and Welfare of Patients
89/10/10A Hospital Administration-Reception and Welfare of Patients-Wakening Hour
89/10/14A Hospital Administration-Boards-Proposal to Abolish and set up a Committee
89/10/17 Hospital Administration-Circulars
89/11/1 Hospital Administration-Circulars
89/11/4 Hospital Administration-Medical Records-Conference
89/11/9 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Uniform system of accounting for fees
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars
89/11/53 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Work Finance-Budget
89/11/53A Hospital Administration-Circulars-Home Finance-Appropriation
89/11/53B Hospital Administration-Circulars-Hospital Budget 1957-1958
89/11/53C Hospital Administration-Circulars-Finance-Hospital Benefits
89/15/3 Hospital Administration-Sterilisation of Blankets
90/1/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Appointments and Resignations
90/1/3 Scottsdale Hospital-Leave Of Absence
90/1/5 Scottsdale Hospital-Staff-General
90/2/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Board Appointments
90/2/2 Scottsdale Hospital-Board Minutes
90/3/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General
90/3/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
90/4/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
90/4/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Buildings and repairs
90/4/3 Scottsdale Hospital-Acquisition of Site
90/4/5 Scottsdale Hospital-Alteration to Hospital Nurses Home
90/4/8 Scottsdale Hospital-Buildings-Theatres
90/4/11 Scottsdale Hospital-Buildings-House for Secretary-1956
90/8/1 Scottsdale Hospital-Administration
90/8/2 Scottsdale Hospital-Administration-Finance
90/8/3 Scottsdale Hospital-Administration-Inventory
91/1/1 Lachlan Park-Appointments, resignations etc
91/1/1 Lachlan Park-Staffing-Permanent Posts
91/1/1A Lachlan Park-Miscellaneous Appointments, Resignations etc
91/1/2 Lachlan Park-Establishment-Medical and Administration
91/1/2 Lachlan Park-Special Appointments
91/1/3 Lachlan Park-Staff Leave
91/1/4 Lachlan Park-Staff Miscellaneous-Salary Adjustments
91/1/5 Lachlan Park-Staff General
91/1/5 Lachlan Park-Staff General
91/1/6 Lachlan Park-Disciplinary Action
91/1/7 Lachlan Park-Alleged Irregularity
91/2/1 Lachlan Park-Official Visitors
91/2/2 Lachlan Park-Official Visitors-Reports
91/2/2 Lachlan Park-Official Visitors-Reports
91/2/3 Lachlan Park-Millbrook-Board
91/2/4 Lachlan Park-Millbrook-Board Minutes
91/3/4 Lachlan Park-Millbrook-Board Minutes
91/3/1 Lachlan Park-Equipment and Supplies
91/3/4 Lachlan Park-Equipment and Supplies-Catering Service
91/3/6 Lachlan Park-Laundry
91/3/7 Lachlan Park-Transport Vehicles, Machinery, equipment
91/4/1 Lachlan Park-Buildings and Repairs
91/4/1 Lachlan Park-Buildings and Repairs
91/4/3 Lachlan Park-Additions to Administration Block-Kitchen
91/4/4 Lachlan Park-Buildings Office Accommodation-Additions to Administration Block
91/4/5A Lachlan Park-Millbrook Rise-Drainage
91/4/7 Lachlan Park-New Hospital-First Contract
91/4/7 Lachlan Park-New Hospital-First Contract
91/4/7A Lachlan Park-Proposed New Buildings (Including Nurses Home)-Second Contract
91/4/7C Lachlan Park-Buildings (New) Eastern Wards
91/4/8 Lachlan Park-Medical Officers-Residence for Erection
91/4/8A Lachlan Park-Medical Officer's residences-Uniformity furnishings
91/4/8B Lachlan Park-Buildings-Residence Dr Gallaugher
91/4/9 Lachlan Park-Turriff Lodge
91/4/16 Lachlan Park-Accommodation-Staff-House Catering Officer
91/4/18 Lachlan Park-New Buildings, Boiler House
91/4/18 Lachlan Park-New Buildings-Boiler House
91/5/2 Lachlan Park-Patients-Individual
91/5/2 Lachlan Park-Patients-Individual
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Voluntary Borders-Individual M-Z
91/5/3 Lachlan Park-Millbrook Rise-Fees
91/5/3 Lachlan Park -Millbrook Rise-Fees etc
91/7/1 Lachlan Park-Miscellaneous
91/8/2 Lachlan Park-Millbrook Rise-Administration-Finance
91/8/4 Lachlan Park-Millbrook Rise-Administration-Admissions to Millbrook
97/1/1 Government Analyst-Staff
97/3/1 Government Analyst-Supplies and Equipment
97/3/1 Government Analyst-Supplies and Equipment
97/3/1 Government Analyst-Supplies and Equipment
97/4/1 Government Analyst-Buildings and repairs
97/5/2 Government Analyst-Finance, Accounts
98/1/1 St John's Park-Miscellaneous Appointments and resignations
98/1/1 St John's Park-Miscellaneous Appointments and resignations
98/1/1 St John's Park-Posts
98/1/1 St John's Park- staffing Permanent Miscellaneous Appointments and resignations
98/1/1A St John's Park-Staff Temporary-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
98/1/1A St John's Park-Staff-Temporary Miscellaneous Appointments and resignations
98/1/1B St John's Park-Establishment-Additional Staffing
98/1/2 St John's Park-Appointments
98/1/2A St John's Park-Staff-Supervisor
98/1/3 St John's Park-Staff-Leave
98/1/4 St John's Park-Staff-Salary Adjustments
98/1/5 St John's Park-Staff-General
98/1/5 St John's Park-Staff General
98/1/6 St John's Park-Disciplinary Action
98/1/6A St John's Park-Disciplinary Action-W H Quinn
98/2/2 St John's Park-Board-Minutes
98/3/1 St John's Park-Supplies and Equipment
98/4/1 St John's Park-Buildings and repairs-General
98/4/1 St John's Park-Buildings and repairs-General
98/4/3 St John's Park-Roads
98/4/5 St John's Park-New Buildings for Males
98/5/1 St John's Park-Patients-Individual
99/1/1 Home for Invalids-Appointments and resignations
99/1/1 Home for Mental Defectives-Staffing
99/1/1B Home for Mental Defectives-Nelumie-Staff-other than Matron
99/1/3 Home for Invalids-Staff-Leave of Absence
99/1/4 Home for Invalids-Staff-Salary Adjustments
99/1/5 Home for Invalids-Staff-General
99/3/1 Home for Invalids-Supplies and Equipment
99/3/1 Home for Invalids-Supplies and Equipment
99/4/1 Home for Mental Defectives-Buildings-General
99/4/1 Home for Mental Defectives-Buildings-General
99/4/1 Home for Invalids-Buildings and repairs
99/5/2 Home for Invalids-Patients-General
99/8/1 Home for Mental Defectives-Patients Re Establishment of Nelumie
99/8/1 Home for Invalids-Administration-Finance
99/8/2 Home for Invalids-Administration-Official Visitors-Reports and Complaints
100/1/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-General
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Meetings and Minutes
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Meetings-Minutes, Agendas etc
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Meetings and Minutes
100/2/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Minutes of Meetings
100/2/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee -Minutes of Meetings
100/2/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Minutes of Meetings
National Health and Medical Research Council-Reports
100/2/2A National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Forthcoming Meeting
100/3/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Registration of Births and Foetal Deaths
100/3/4 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Public Health Nursing
100/3/24 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Accident rate in Children
100/3/26 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Statistics of Morbidity
100/4/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Administration-Fellowships
101/1/3 Meercroft Public Hospital-Staff-Leave
101/2/1 Meercroft Public Hospital-Board Appointments
101/2/1 Meercroft Public Hospital-Board Appointments
101/2/2 Meercroft Public Hospital-Board Minutes
101/2/2 Meercroft Public Hospital-Board Minutes
101/3/1 Meercroft Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
101/4/2 Meercroft Public Hospital-Buildings etc Repairs
102/1/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Appointments (Perm)
102/1/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Permanent Establishment-Posts
102/1/1A Tuberculosis Branch-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
102/1/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Professional
102/1/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Leave of Absence
102/1/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Leave of Absence
102/1/4 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-Salary Adjustments
102/1/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Staff-General
102/3/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Supplies and Equipment
102/3/4 Tuberculosis Branch-Cycloserine for Clinical Evaluation
102/4/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Buildings and Repairs
102/4/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Buildings and Repairs-Mass X-Ray Section
102/4/6 Tuberculosis Branch-Buildings and Repairs-Launceston-BCG Clinic
102/4/8 Tuberculosis Branch-Temp clinic Royal Hobart Hospital
102/5/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Patients-Rehabilitation
102/6/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Special Departments-Mass X-Ray
102/6/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Service Personnel-Examinations etc
102/6/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Skin Tests
102/8/1 Tuberculosis Branch-Administration-Finance
102/8/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Administration-General
102/8/4 Tuberculosis Branch-Estate Miss B Turner
102/8/5 Tuberculosis Branch-Supervision of Tuberculosis Cases-Rosebery
102/8/10 Tuberculosis Branch-Statistics for Commonwealth
104/1/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Staffing-Miscellaneous
104/1/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Staff-Professional
104/1/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Staff-Professional
104/2/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
104/2/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
104/2/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Hospital Board Appointments
104/2/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Board Minutes
104/2/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Board Minutes
104/3/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
104/3/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
104/4/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
104/4/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
104/4/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings and Equipment-General
104/4/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Quarterly Reports on Buildings
104/4/3 Burnie Public Hospital-New Buildings-Nurses Home-Darwin
104/4/4 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings-Haywoods Property
104/4/6 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings-Laundries Unloading Bay
104/4/8 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings-Enlargement-Additional Floor
104/4/10 Burnie Public Hospital-Future Hospital
104/4/11 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings-Acquisition Van Diemen's Land Property
104/4/15 Burnie Public Hospital-Residences
104/6/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Pathology Services
104/6/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Special Depts-TB Clinic
104/8/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Administration
104/8/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Administration
104/8/3 Burnie Public Hospital-Reeves Bequest
104/9/2 Burnie Public Hospital-Buildings-Darwin-Alterations to House etc
104/9/4 Burnie Public Hospital-Alterations Darwin-Creche
104/10/1 Burnie Public Hospital-Proposed New Hospital
105/1/1 Mersey General Hospital-Out-patients division-Staffing (Initial Estab)
105/2/2 Mersey Public Hospital-Board Minutes
105/4/1 Mersey Public Hospital-Out-patients-Buildings
105/4/1 Mersey Public Hospital-Out-patients Buildings
106/1/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Miscellaneous Appointments
106/2/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Board Minutes
106/3/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
106/4/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-General
106/4/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-General
106/4/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-General
106/4/4 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-Garage for Matron's Car
106/6/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Special depts-Dental Services etc
106/6/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Special Departments-Mortuary
106/7/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Miscellaneous
106/8/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Administration
107/2/2 Smithton Hospital-Board Minutes
107/4/1 Smithton Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Renewals
107/4/2 Smithton Hospital-Proposed New Hospital
109 Cosgrove Park-Acquisition, Building and Opening
109/4/1 Cosgrove Park-Buildings-General
109/4/3 Cosgrove Park-Buildings-Twilight Cottages
109/8/1 Cosgrove Park-Administration-(Including Agreement) Reports
112 Flinders Island-Proposed Hospital
112A Flinders Island-Proposed Building-Erection
112B Flinders Island-New Buildings-Electricity Supply-New Installation Plant
112C Flinders Island-Buildings-Boilers etc
112D Flinders Island-Buildings-Nurses Home
112E Flinders Island-Whitemark District-Telephones
112F Flinders Island-Buildings-Water Supply
112/1/1 Flinders Island-Staffing-Miscellaneous
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary
247/11/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions
247/11/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions
249/6/142 Public Service Administration-1957-1958
10/10 Minister for Health-Non Departmental Files-Appointments etc
10/10 Minister for Health-Non Departmental Files-Appointments etc
10/22 Minister for Health-Non Departmental Files-Accommodation, Itineraries, Travel etc-Mainland Visits
31/31 Minister for Health-Parliament (State)-Minister Housing-Bank Home Applications
51/8/1 Departmental-Staff PSC Admin Instructions
51/8/4 Departmental-Instructions-Office Procedure-Generally
51/9/1 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment -Launceston and North West
51/9/2 Departmental-Supplies-Miscellaneous
51/9/11A Departmental-Supplies-Personal Medical Record Cards-requests for
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Mechanical Aids
51/10/2 Departmental-Accommodation Hobart-Equipment and Repairs
51/10/10 Departmental-Accommodation-Official Quarters-Fixation Rentals
51/13/T7 Departmental-Transport-Accessories-Petrol, Tyres, etc
51/13/T20 Departmental-Transport-Dodge Utility
51/14/1A Departmental-Finance-Accounts Owing by Department
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance Audit-Reports and Queries
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance Audit-Reports and Queries
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance Estimates
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Group Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/6 Departmental-Finance Accounts-A-L
51/14/6 Departmental-Finance Accounts-M-Z
51/15/2A Departmental-Reports-Annual, Draft
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of assembly-Votes and Proceedings
51/15/6 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-Legislative council-Notices of Motion
51/18/6 Departmental-New Services Proposed-Flying Doctor Service
52/1/1 Health Education-Conferences
52/1/3 Health Education-Interstate-General
52/1/4 Health Education-Commonwealth-Health Stamp
52/1/5 Health Education-National Health and Medical Research Council-Advisory Committee
52/1/6 Health Education-Interstate-World Health Organisation-Technical Discussions
52/2/1 Health Education-Council-Appointment of Members, Constitution
52/2/2 Health Education-Meetings-Minutes etc
52/2/3 Health Education-State Policy-Reports on Health Education Seminar
52/2/5 Health Education-State Administration-Miscellaneous Correspondence for Meetings
52/2/6 Health Education-State Council-Administration-Amalgamation with National Fitness Council
52/2/8 Health Education-State Administration-Student Health Services
52/3 Health Education-Publications-Requests and Mailing List
52/3/1 Health Education-Publications-Miscellaneous and General
52/3/26 Health Education-Publications-Nursing Recruitment-Nursing, Shall I Make it my Career
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment-Advertising through AG-Nurses from UK
52/4/1 Health Education-Films-Miscellaneous Lists, Distribution etc
53/3/1 Mental Hygiene-Divisional Head Quarters-Supplies and Equipment-Generally
53/5/4 Mental Hygiene-Patients-Lachlan Park
53/8/1 Mental Hygiene-Psychiatric Division-Administration-General Psychiatric Services
57/3/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-Supplies-General
58/1/2FL Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Flinders
58/1/2GT Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-George Town
58/1/2OA Bush Nursing Service-Staff Casuals-Oatlands
58/1/2SA Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-St Helens
58/1/2SH Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Sheffield
58/1/2WES Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Westbury
58/2/2 Bush Nursing Service-Reports and Returns
58/2/3 Bush Nursing Service-Government Nursing-District Nursing Service-Administration-Circulars
58/2/4 Bush Nursing Service-Government Nursing-District Nursing-Administration-Itineraries
58/CB/2 Bush Nursing Service-Cape Barren-Supplies and Equipment
58/CB/4 Bush Nursing Service-Buildings, Repairs etc-Cape Barren Island
58/CY/3 Bush Nursing Service-Supplies and Equipment-Cygnet
58/DO/4 Bush Nursing Service-Buildings and Repairs-Dover
58/GR/4 Government Nursing Service-District Nursing Centres-Buildings-Grassy
58/MC/3 District Nursing Centres-Mole Creek-Supplies and equipment
58/OA/3 District Nursing-Oatlands-Supplies and Equipment
58/SA/3 District Nursing-St Helens-Supplies and Equipment
58/SA/4 District Nursing-St Helens-Building Repairs and Maintenance
58/STR/3 Bush Nursing Service-Strahan-Supplies and equipment
58/STR/4 District Nursing-Strahan-Buildings and Repairs
58/TR/4 District Nursing-Triabunna-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
58/WE/3 Bush Nursing Service-Westbury-Equipment
58/WE/4 Bush Nursing Service-Westbury-Buildings and repairs
60A/SMP/1 General S -Salaried Medical Practitioners Society-Details from other states
60/AM/BO-General A-Ambulance-Bothwell
60/AM/ST/1-Ambulance-Southern Tasmania
60/AM/ST/2-General-Ambulances-Southern Tasmania Transport Ambulance Board
60/AM/ST General-Ambulances-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Board-Abolishment and Establishment-Hobart and District Ambulance Authority
60/AM/ST/2A-A Miscellaneous-Ambulances-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Transport Service Board-Minutes
60/CO/1 General-C Conferences-Miscellaneous
60/HO/1 Housing-General
60/HO/2 Minister's Housing-Referred to other Ministers etc
60/HO/A Housing-Airey Mr L
60/HO/A Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Allen Mrs J
60/HO/AN Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Anderson S C
60/HO/AU Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Aulich G
60/HO/B Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Blair Mrs M A
60/HO/B Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Brown M A
60/HO/B Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Burt C T
60/HO/BR Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Brown R C
60/HO/BU Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Bullock M P
60/HO/C Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Coulston Mr D S
60/HO/C Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Calder Mrs R
60/HO/c Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Curtis Mrs
60/HO/C Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Curtis R L
60/HO/CA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Cast R P
60/HO/CA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Carroll L C
60/HO/CH Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Challis Mrs M
60/HO/CL Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Clark D A
60/HO/CO Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Constantine Mr S T
60/HO/COL Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Colrain M
60/HO/CR Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Craw Mrs H
60/HO/DA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-D'Alton W
60/HO/DU Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Durkin H J
60/HO/E Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Elmer A B
60/HO/EA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Earley Mrs L
60/HO/F Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Fitch D E
60/HO/F Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Forest Mr L F
60/HO/FL Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Flaherty Mrs L J
60/HO/GR1 Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Griffiths Mrs Ross B
60/HO/H Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Holcombe Mr W
60/HO/h Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Hodgkinson Mrs F N
60/HO/HA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Harper Mrs J E
60/HO/HA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application Hancock Mrs M
60/HO/HE Minister's Files-Bank Home Application Hesketh Mrs H
60/HO/J Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Johnson Mrs C W
60/HO/JO Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Johnstone Mr A A
60/HO/KA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Kaye Mrs F J
60/HO/KI Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Kiely L
60/HO/KI Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-King Mrs M
60/HO/LA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Lane W L
60/HO/LO Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Lowe Mrs K
60/HO/MA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Mackrill Mrs T
60/HO/MCC Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-McCready Mrs L C
60/HO/O'L Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-O'Leary B J
60/HO/P Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Potts N
60/HO/PE Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Peters Mrs
60/HO/PE Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Pennington Mr P H
60/HO/RA Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Rae W R L
60/HO/RP Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Reilly Mrs L J and Pearson Mr H
60/HO/S Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Shaw L G
60/HO/S Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Smith Jrs June
60/HO/S Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Summers Mrs F
60/HO/S Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Swan Mr L
60/HO/SEL Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Sellars Mr E P
60/HO/SP Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Sparkes G E
60/HO/ST Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Street Mr K L
60/HO/SU Minister's Files-Bank Home Application -
60/HO/TH Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Thompson Mr J
60/HO/W Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Wright H F
60/HO/WE Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Webb A E
60/HO/WI Minister's Files-Bank Home Application-Wilkins Mrs
60/M/I Ministerial Instructions etc
60/M/2 Minister's Files-Director Public Health-Miscellaneous
60/MA Minister's Files-Appointments
60/M/TR Minister's Files-Treasury
60/MEX/1 Minister's Files-General M-Medical Examinations
60/MEX/2 Minister's Files General M-Medical Examinations-Individual
60/MEX/2 Minister's Files General M-Medical Examinations-Individual
60/MM/1 Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Ben Lomond Road
60/MM/58 Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-General
60/MM/A Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Agriculture
60/MM/AG Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence- Attorney General
60/MM/CS Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Chief Secretary
60/MM/E Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Education
60/MM/F Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Forests
60/MM/G Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-General
60/MM/H Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Housing
60/MM/HER Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Hydro Electric Commission
60/MM/LW Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Lands and Works
60/MM/M Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Mines
60/MM/P Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Police
60/MM/PR Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Premier
60/MM/SPB Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Scenery Preservation Board
60/MM/SS Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Social Services
60/MM/T Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Transport
60/MM/TI Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-Correspondence-Tourism and Immigration
60/MP Minister's Files-Parliamentary
60/MP/2 Minister's Files-State Public Service-Reorganisation of Control
60/MP/3 Minister's Files-Parliamentary-PSC-Enquiry Following Broadcast
60/MT/1 Minister's Files-Travel-Miscellaneous
60/MT/6 Minister's Files-Overseas Tours
60/MT/A Minister's Files-Air Bookings-Travel
60/MT/FL Minister's Files-Flinders and King
60/MT/FL Minister's Files-Tours, Bass Straight-Flinders and King
60/MT/H Minister's Files-Tours, Hospitals etc
60/MT/M Minister's Files-Travel, Mainland
60/MT/NE Minister's Files-North East
60/MT/NW Minister's Files-Tours North West and South
60/MT/NW Minister's Files-Tours North West and South
60/MT/OS Minister's Files-Overseas
60/N/2 Minister's Files-Miscellaneous-National Fitness Council
64/6/4 Maternal and Child Health-Investigation-Maternal Deaths
66/1/2 General-Legislation-Acts and Regulations-requests for copies etc
66/AM/ST General-Acts and Regulations-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance
66/AM/ST/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance
66/DA/1 General Acts and Regulations-Dental Act
66/DA/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Dental Act
66/DDA/ General-Legislation-Dangerous Drugs Act
66/DDA/2 General-Legislation Dangerous Drugs Act
66/FD/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Food and Drugs
66/HA/1 General-Legislation-Hospitals Act-Amendments
66/MA/1 General-Legislation-Medical Act
66/P/1 General-Physiotherapy Act
66/P/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Physiotherapist's Registration Regulations
66/PA/1 General-Legislation-Poisons Act and Amendments
66/PA/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Poisons Act-Schedules
66/PY/1 General-Legislation-Pharmacy Act
66/PY/2 General-Legislation-Pharmacy Act-Amendments
67/1/3 General-Reports, Publications-Requests for
68/4/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
68/8/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Administration-General
70/1/3 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff-Leave and Relief
70/1/4A Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff-General-Salary Adjustments
70/2/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board-Minutes
70/4/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Annexes-Vaucluse Infectious Diseases Hospital
70/4/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Central Medical Store
70/8/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Medical Responsibilities and Liabilities
70/8/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Statement Showing Divisions and Numbers
70/8/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Visitors Fees
70/8/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Use of Unconditional Funds
70/8/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Hospital BMA Library
72/1/1 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Staffing-Miscellaneous
72/4/1 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings etc
72/4/3 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-Office accommodation
72/4/4 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-Provision of coal Bunker
72/4/5 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-House Properties-Bradshaw Street
72/4/6 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-Temporary O/P Department
72/4/7 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Alterations to Main Kitchen
72/4/8 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Laundry
72/4/9 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Bicycle, Wood Shed and Garages
72/4/11 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings and Repairs-Electrical Installation
72/4/12 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Garden-Nurses Home
72/4/13 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Domestic Staff
72/4/14 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-Nurses' Home Extensions
72/4/5 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-Removal Public Conveniences
72/4/18 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings-House Purchase
72/4/19 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Buildings and Maintenance
72/5/2 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-Patients-Individual
72/10/2 Mersey General (Devon Public Hospital)-New Buildings-Latrobe-Erection
73/1/2 Launceston General Hospital-Staff-Professional Staff-Full Time Medical Appointments
73/1/2B Launceston General Hospital-Staffing-Honoraries
73/1/2C Launceston General Hospital-Medical Staff-Resident Medical Officer's Rostered for Devon Public Hospital
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board, Minutes
73/3/2 Launceston General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
73/3/2A Launceston General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-X-Ray
73/4/1 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
74/1/1 King Island Public Hospital-Staffing
74/2/2 King Island Public Hospital-Board Minutes
74/4/3 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings-New Maternity Wing
74/4/7 King Island Public Hospital-Buildings-New Nurses Home-Erection
74/8/1 King Island Public Hospital-Administration-Reports, Returns, Routine Procedure, Visits etc
75/2/3 Cancer Institute-Board, Minutes
75/2/3 Cancer Institute Agreement-Quarterly Claims Against
77/3/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General
77/4/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings-New wing
77/4/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings and repairs-Drive etc
77/4/6A Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings-Nurseries and Labour Ward
77/4/7 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings-Theatre Block and Painting
77/4/8 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings-New Sub Station
77/8/5 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Administration-Properties
78/2/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Board Appointments
78/3/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Supplies and Equipment
78/4/4 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings-Laundry
78/4/5 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings-Residences, Medical Officers
78/4/6 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Maternity Ward
78/4/9 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings and Repairs-Electrical work
79/4/1 Lyell District Hospital, Queenstown-Buildings and Repairs
80/4/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Buildings, Maintenance. Repairs
80/4/9 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Conversion old Maternity Section etc
81/2/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Board, Minutes
81/4/4 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Buildings and Repairs
82/3/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
82/4/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
82/4/15 Queen Victoria Hospital-Buildings, Conversion Old Ante Natal Clinic
82/8/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Administration-Finance
82/8/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Relative to Hospital Act
82/8/2 Queen Victoria Hospital-Administration-Exchange of Land-Broadlands House etc
82/8/5 Queen Victoria Hospital-Administration-Properties-Proposed Transfers to Government
82/8/6 Queen Victoria Hospital-Administration, Mortgages
82/10/1 Queen Victoria Hospital-New Hospital-Proposals and Planning
83/1/4 Campbell Town Hospital-Staff-Salary Adjustments
85/2/2 New Norfolk District Hospital-Board Minutes
88/2/2 Ulverstone Hospital-Board Minutes
89/1/1 Hospital Administration-Nursing-Staff-Enquiries and Vacancies-from within Australia
89/1/1A Hospital Administration-Shortage of Nursing Staff and Group Nominations
89/1/11 Hospital Administration-Nursing Services-Enquiries UK Nurses
89/2/2 Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors-Miscellaneous Enquiries
89/2/5A Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Resident Medical Officers from United Kingdom
89/3/4E Hospital Administration-Specialists Services-Applications
89/2/6 Hospital Administration-Medical Staff-Medical Officers etc
89/3/4F Hospital Administration-Specialist Services North West Coast etc
89/5/1 Hospital Administration-Miscellaneous Staffing enquiries
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/5 Hospital Administration-Buildings etc, Land etc offered for purchase
89/7/1 Hospital Administration-Catering, Conference
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies-Food Ration Returns
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies-Food Ration Returns
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies Food Ration Returns
89/7/1D Hospital Administration-Catering-Miss Shoobridge's Inspection Report
89/7/2 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Drugs etc
89/7/2B Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Drugs-Heroin
89/7/2C Hospital Administration-Supplies-Drugs-Central Buying and Distribution
89/7/3 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Contract etc
89/7/4 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-Price Lists etc
89/8/1A Hospital Administration-Wages, Awards etc
89/8/3 Hospital Administration-Finance-Superannuation
89/8/16 Hospital Administration-Wages Board Etc
89/9/6 Hospital Administration-Finance-Subsidies to Medical Unions by Mining Company
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Claims
89/9/9 Hospital Administration-Benefits-Returns to the Commonwealth
89/10/13 Hospital Administration-General-By-Laws-Standard
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/53 Hospital Administration-In Patient Fees, Budget
90/4/6 Scottsdale Public Hospital-Buildings-Laundry
91/3/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Equipment and Supplies
91/3/5 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Telephones
91/3/6 Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Laundry-Plant and Equipment
91/3/9 Lachlan Park Hospital-Equipment-Electric Trolley on Loan to Burnie
91/4/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings, General Maintenance
91/4/8 Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-Erection etc
91/4/26 Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-Kitchen-Part first contract
91/5/1 Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-General
91/5/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual Voluntary Boarders-A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual Voluntary Boarders-A-L
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual Voluntary Boarders-M-Z
91/5/2A Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual Voluntary Boarders-M-Z
91/8/2 Lachlan Park Hospital-Finance
98/2/2 Gellibrand House-Board Minutes
98/4/7 St John's Park-New South East Wing-Men's Rest Home-Mortuary
98/4/13 St John's Park-Building-Kitchen
99/4/1 Mental Health Nelumie-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
100/1/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-General
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Meetings
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Meetings
100/2/1A National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Meetings- Forthcoming
100/2/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Meetings and Minutes
100/2/3 National Health and Medical Research Council-Industrial Hygiene Committee-Reports
100/2/6 National Health and Medical Research Council-Antibiotics Committee
100/2/9 National Health and Medical Research Council-Committees-Reports
100/3/2 National Health and Medical Research Council-Special Items Agenda
100/3/2A National Health and Medical Research Council-Papers relating to registration of births
100/3/5 National Health and Medical Research Council-Food Transport by Motor Vehicle
100/3/7 National Health and Medical Research Council-Food Transport-Shipping Cartage of Waste in close proximity to food
100/3/11 National Health and Medical Research Council-Motor Cyclists-Crash Helmets
100/3/14 National Health and Medical Research Council-Fire Guards
100/3/15 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Septic Tanks etc
100/3/16 National Health and Medical Research Council-Psittacosis in Parrots
100/3/17 National Health and Medical Research Council-Feneral Grants
100/3/18 National Health and Medical Research Council-National Health and Budgetary Survey
100/3/19 National Health and Medical Research Council-Domiciliary Nursing
100/3/21 National Health and Medical Research Council-Care of Pre School Children
100/3/22 National Health and Medical Research Council-Rhesus Factor in Blood
100/3/25 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Patient Medicines etc
100/3/25 National Health and Medical Research Council-Genetic effects of Ionising Radiation
100/3/26 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Morbidity Statistics
100/3/27 National Health and Medical Research Council-Methylated Spirits
100/3/28 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Notification of Breast Abscess
100/3/29 National Health and Medical Research Council-Public Health Committee-Stilboestrol for cattle
102/3/3 Tuberculosis Branch-Supplies and Equipment-Transport etc
104/1/1 Burnie Hospital-Staff-General
104/2/2 Burnie Hospital-Board Minutes
104/4/1 Burnie Hospital-Buildings-Repairs, Maintenance and Miner Works
104/4/7 Burnie Hospital-Boultby Cottages
104/8/1 Burnie Hospital-Administration-General
104/9/3 Burnie Hospital-Darwin Hospital
104/10/2 Burnie Hospital-New Hospital-Erection etc
105/2/1 Mersey General Hospital-Appointments to Board of Management
105/2/2 Mersey General Hospital-Board Minutes
106/2/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Board Appointments
109/8/2 Cosgrove Park-Finance
112/4/1 Flinders District Hospital-Buildings, repairs and maintenance
113/2/2 Rosebery Public Hospital-Board Minutes
113/3/1 Rosebery Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
115 Huon Hospital-Proposed Site-Acquisition
117/2/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Board-Formation of and Appointments to
117/3/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General
117/4/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent
241/1/3 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Govt Analyst
241/1/11 Public Service Administration-Staff Post-Permanent-Mental Health
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Post-Permanent-Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Lachlan Park
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-St John's Park
241/2/11 Public Service Administration-Mental Health-Staffing-Psychiatrists-Generally
241/2/12 Public Service Administration-Staffing-Posts-Permanent-Lachlan Park-Administration
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazette
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Lachlan Park
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary Lachlan Park
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-Lachlan Park
242/1/31 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-Tuberculosis Administration
242/1/32 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-Northern Chest Hospital
242/1/33 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-Tasmanian Chest Hospital
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
246/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-PS Tribunal
246/2/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Quinquennial Reclassification-Appeals
246/3/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Requests for re-classification groups of officers
246/3/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Principal Awards Application
246/3/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Claims for Salary Determinations
246/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Determinations of Classification Board
246/10/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Authorities for continued Temporary employment-annual returns
246/14/12 Public Service Administration-Staff Salaries-Salary Adjustments-Employees Lachlan Park
248/11/2 Public Service Administration-Staff Travel-Arrangements, Journeys Accommodation etc
249/4/161 Public Service Administration-Staff Training
249/6/140 Public Service Administration-Staff Training-Bursaries
521/71/10 Private Hospitals-Hobart-St Helen's-Inspections, reports
521/71/80 Private Hospitals-Hobart-St Helen's-General Maintenance, Buildings and Utilities
10/10 Ministerial-Invitations
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations-Director General Health Services etc
51/5/2 Departmental-Administration-Invitations-Declined
51/8/3 Departmental-Directors-Instructions and Advice
51/8/3 Departmental-Directors-Instructions and Advice
51/9/9 Departmental-Supplies-Insulated Containers for Vaccine
51/9/10 Departmental-Equipment-Goitre Follow up investigations
51/10/1 Departmental-Accommodation-Launceston
51/10/12 Departmental-Accommodation-Offices-Burnie
51/10/23 Departmental-Accommodation-Residences-Radiologist, North West Coast
T4 Public Service Administration-Transport-Purchase New Vehicles
51/13/11 Departmental-Transport-Flinders
51/14/1 Departmental-Finance-Treasury Instructions
51/14/1A Departmental-Finance-Accounts owing by Department
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance-Audit
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3A Departmental-Finance-Commonwealth/State
51/14/4 Departmental-Administration-Finance-Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts owing to Department-A-Z
51/14/6 Departmental-Departmental Accounts A-J
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts Owing to Department K-Z
51/14/6 Departmental-Finance Accounts-Remission Lists
51/14/7 Departmental-Finance Accounts-Tas Collection Service
51/14/8 Departmental-Finance-Land Valuations-Government Properties
51/15/1 Departmental-Reports Miscellaneous
51/15/2 Departmental-Reports-Annual
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Votes and Proceedings
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Votes and Proceedings
51/15/6 Departmental-Reports Parliamentary-Legislative Council-Notices of Motion
51/15/6 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-Legislative Council-Notices of Motion
51/16/2 Departmental-Administration-Addresses and Mailing Lists
51/16/3 Departmental-General-Postage and Mailing
51/N Departmental-Inspecting Sister-Bush Nursing Service-Noller, Sister K N
52/3/3A Health Education-Publicity-Dental Health and Hygiene
52/3/8A Health Education-Pamphlets-Post Natal Exercises
52/3/27 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Service
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment
52/4/1 Health Education-Films-Lists Distribution etc
52/7/1 Health Education-Campaigns etc-Reports and Estimates
52/7/6 Health Education-Special Activities-Adult Education
52/7/7 Health Education-Campaigns-Poliomyelitis Vaccine
52/7/8 Health Education-Campaigns-Nursing Recruitment-School Leavers
52/7/10 Health Education-Special Council Campaigns-Accident Prevention
52/7/11 Health Education-Campaigns-Road Safety
52/7/14 Health Education-Campaigns-Solar Eclipses-Prevention Eye Damage
52/7/15 Health Education-Campaigns-Eye Safety
52/7/16 Health Education-Campaigns-General Safety Promotion Programme-Safety Towns Project
52/7/17 Health Education-Campaigns-Clean up Campaign
53/2/1 Mental Health-Mental Deficiency Board-Appointments
53/4/3 Mental Health (Division of Psychiatric Services)-Buildings
57/2/1 Bowmont Public Hospital-Board Appointments
57/2/2 Bowmont Public Hospital-Board Minutes
58/1/1 Bush Nursing Service-Staffing-Enquiries
58/1/2AL Bush Nursing Service-Staffing-Casuals and Domestics-Alonnah
58/1/2CB Bush Nursing Service-Staffing Domestics and Casuals-Cape Barren
58/1/2AV Bush Nursing Service-Staffing Domestics and Casuals-Avoca
58/1/2CY Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Cygnet
58/1/2DO Bush Nursing Service-Casuals-Dover
58/1/2GT Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-George Town
58/1/2SH Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Sheffield
58/1/2STR Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Strahan
58/1/2TA Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Tasman
58/1/2TR Bush Nursing Service-Staff-Casuals-Triabunna
58/2/1/37 District Nursing-Administration-Circulars
58/2/7 District Nursing-Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits
58/5/1CB District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-Cape Barren
58/5/1GT District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-George Town
58/5/1SA District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-St Helens
58/5/1SH District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-Sheffield
58/5/1SW District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-Swansea
58/5/1TA District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-Tasman (Koonya)
58/5/1WES District Nursing-Finance-Miscellaneous Accounts-Westbury
58/AB Bush Nursing-Staff-Abel M E-Personal File
58/AL/3 District Nursing Centre-Alonnah-Supplies and Equipment
58/AV/3 District Nursing Centre-Avoca-Supplies and Equipment
58/AV/4 District Nursing Centre-Avoca-Buildings and repairs
58/CV/3 District Nursing Centre-Cygnet-Supplies and Equipment
58/CV/4 District Nursing Centre-Cygnet-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
58/DO/3 District Nursing Centre-Dover-Equipment and Supplies
58/GL/4 District Nursing Centre-Gladstone-Buildings and Repairs
58/GT/3 District Nursing Centre-George Town-Supplies and Equipment
58/GT/4 District Nursing Centre-George Town-Buildings etc
58/GR/3 District Nursing Centre-Grassy-King Island-Supplies and Equipment
58/MC/4 District Nursing Centre-Mole Creek-Buildings and repairs
58/OA/4 District Nursing Centre-Oatlands-Buildings Repairs and Maintenance
58/RE/3 District Nursing Centre-Redpa-Supplies and Equipment
58/RI/3 District Nursing Centre-Ringarooma-Supplies and equipment
58/RI/1 District Nursing Centre-Ringarooma-Buildings and Repairs
58/RO4 District Nursing Centre-Rossarden-Buildings and Repairs
58/SA/3 District Nursing Centre-St Helens-Supplies and Equipment
58/SH/3 District Nursing Centre-Sheffield-Supplies and Equipment
58/SA/4 District Nursing Centre-Sheffield-Buildings and Repairs
58/SP/3 District Nursing Centre-Southport-Supplies and Equipment
58/STR District Nursing Centre-Strahan-Buildings and Repairs
58/SW/4 District Nursing Centre-Swansea-Buildings Repairs and Maintenance
58/TA/3 District Nursing Centre-Tasman-Supplies and Equipment
58/TA/4 District Nursing Centre-Tasman-Repairs and Maintenance
58/TU/3 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Supplies and Equipment
58/VI District Nursing Centre-Villiers (J W) H J
58/WA/4 District Nursing Centre-Waratah-Buildings
58/WA/5 District Nursing Centre-New Buildings
58/WE/3 District Nursing Centre-Westbury-Supplies and Equipment
58/WE/4 District Nursing Centre- Westbury-Buildings and Repairs
60A/SD2 General-A Associations, Committees etc-State Drug Advisory Committee
60A/SD3 General-A Associations, Committees etc-State Drug Advisory Committee-Provision of Drugs
60A/SMP2 General-Salaried Medical Practitioner's Society
60A/WC General-A-Associations, Committees, Councils-Standing Committ on Workers Compensation
60A/WC2 General-A Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies Etc-Standing Committee on Workers Compensation
60/CO/1 General-Conferences Miscellaneous
60/CO/5A General-Conferences Auxiliaries
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health-Adelaide
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health-Australian Capital Territory
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health-New South Wales
60/CO/7 General-Conferences -Minister for Health-Perth
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers for Health-Queensland
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers for Health-South Australia
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers for Health-Victoria
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers for Health-Western Australia
60/CO/14 General-Conferences-Superintendents and Secretaries
60/EX/1 General-Exhibitions
60/MEX/2 General-Medical Examinations-Individual
60/MEX/2 General-Medical Examinations-Individual
60/MEX/5 General-Medical Examinations-Monthly Reports-Launceston
60/NF/2 General-National Fitness-Minutes
60/SF/1 General-Superannuation Fund Board
64/6/4C Maternal Health-Maternal Deaths Committee-Case Sheets
66/1/2 General-Legislation-Acts and Regulations
66/1/3 General Legislation-Acts and Regulations Miscellaneous Copies from States Etc
66/AM/1 General Legislation-Ambulance Act
66/DDA/3 General Legislation-Dangerous Drugs-Control and Legislation from outside Tasmania
66/FD/2 General Legislation-Food and Drugs Act-Regulations
67/1/1 Reports and Publications-General-Year Books, Surgical Publications etc
67/1/2 Reports and Publications-Requests to Department for
67/1/3 Reports and Publications-Specially requested or Held by Department
67/2/1 Reports and Publications-Library Lists
67/5/1 Reports and Publications-Journals-Subscriptions etc
68/1/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff-Other than Medical Officers
68/1/3 Zeehan District Hospital-Staff-Leave
68/2/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Board Appointments
68/2/2 Zeehan District Hospital-Board Minutes
68/3/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Supplies
68/4/1 Zeehan District Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Maintenance
68/4/2 Zeehan District Hospital-Buildings Repairs and Renewals-Doctors Residence
68/4/5 Zeehan District Hospital-Buildings and Maintenance-Laundry
68/8/2 Zeehan District Hospital-Administration-Finance
69/4/1 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
70/1/1A Royal Hobart Hospital-Artificial Limb Maker
70/1/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff Returns
70/1/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff-Remedial Gymnast and Male Physiotherapist-Lady Clark
70/1/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Medical Staffing
70/2/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Minutes
70/2/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Peacock Convalescent Home-Meetings
70/3/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
70/3/2A Royal Hobart Hospital-X-Ray Facilities
70/3/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-Ward Furniture
70/3/7 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Autoclaves
70/3/8 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Transport
70/3/10 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Priorities
70/3/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Food Services
70/3/12 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Sterilisation
70/3/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Splintz
70/3/15 Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-E E G Unit for Transfer to Lachlan Park
70/3/16 Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Equipment for Pharmacy Department
70/4/1 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
7/4/1A Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Repainting Hospital
70/4/1B Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Mortuary
70/4/1C Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings and Repairs-Interior Redecoration
70/4/3A Royal Hobart Hospital-Wingfield Buildings-Domestic Accommodation
70/4/3B Royal Hobart Hospital-Wingfield House-School Rooms and Teaching Facilities
70/4/4 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings and Repairs-Peacock Convalescent Home
70/4/5A Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-Patients-Planning and Erection
70/4/5B Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-Patients-Children's Ward etc
70/4/5X Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-Patients-X-Ray department including Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinics
70/4/6 Royal Hobart Hospital-Nurses Accommodation-General
70/4/8H Royal Hobart Hospital-New Town Maternity Annexe
70/4/9 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Museum of Morbid Anatomy
70/4/11 Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Meetings Re Accommodation Needs
70/4/13 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Superintendents Quarters
70/4/17 Royal Hobart Hospital-Stormwater Drains
70/4/18 Royal Hobart Hospital-Nurses Recreation Hall
70/4/19 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Office Accommodation and New Chapel
70/4/20 Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Roydon
70/8/2 Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Finance
71/1/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Staffing-Other than Medical Officers
71/2/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Board Appointments
71/2/2 St Mary's District Hospital-Board Minutes
71/3/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
71/4/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Buildings-Minor Alteration, Maintenance and repairs
71/4/3 St Mary's District Hospital-Buildings-Recreation Room
71/5/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Patients-Individual
71/8/1 St Mary's District Hospital-Administration-Reports, Returns etc
72/1/1 Mersey General Hospital-Staffing-Miscellaneous
72/1/TS Mersey General Hospital-Staff-Tutor Sister
72/1/1A Mersey General Hospital-Staff-Secretary
72/1/2 Mersey General Hospital-Staff-Medical
72/1/3 Mersey General Hospital-Staff-Leave and Relief
72/1/5 Mersey General Hospital-Staff-General
72/2/2 Mersey General Hospital-Board Minutes
72/3/1 Mersey General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
72/3/2 Mersey General Hospital-Equipment and Supplies-X-Ray
72/3/4 Mersey General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Milk
72/3/6 Mersey General Hospital-1952-1962
72/3/7 Mersey General Hospital-Transport
72/3/8 Mersey General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Accounting Machine
72/3/9 Mersey General Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Surgical Equipment
72/4/1 Mersey General Hospital-Buildings and Repairs
72/4/2 Mersey General Hospital-Buildings and Repairs-Nurses Preliminary Training School
72/4/8A Mersey General Hospital-Buildings-Laundry
72/4/21 Mersey General Hospital-Buildings-Swimming Pool
72/5/2 Mersey General Hospital-Patients-Specific
72/6/1D Mersey General Hospital-Special Departments-Pathology-Technicians, Trainees etc
72/7/1 Mersey General Hospital-Miscellaneous
72/6/3 Mersey General Hospital-Special Departments
72/8/1 Mersey General Hospital-Administration-Generally
72/8/2 Mersey General Hospital-Finance-Estimates, Grants, Fees, Collection etc
72/8/4A Mersey General Hospital-Administration-Mileage-Returns
72/10/1 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital Site
72/10/2 Mersey General Hospital-New Building Latrobe-Erection
72/10/3 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Furnishings and Equipment
72/10/4 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-X-Ray Department
72/10/5 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Telephones
72/10/6 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Services Block and Site Works
72/10/6A Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Boiler House and Steam Supply
72/10/7 Mersey General Hospital New Hospital-Laundry Services
72/10/9 Mersey General Hospital-Sewerage and Drainage
72/10/10 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-RMO'S Quarters
72/10/10A Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-RMO's Quarters-Purchase House
72/10/11 Mersey General Hospital-Building Equipment-Water Filtration
72/10/12 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Pathology
72/10/13 Mersey General Hospital-New Hospital-Kitchens and Equipment
73/1/1 Launceston General Hospital-Staffing-Miscellaneous
73/2/1 Launceston General Hospital-Board Members
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/2/2 Launceston General Hospital-Board Minutes
73/3/1 Launceston General Hospital-Supplies-General
73/4/1 Launceston General Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
73/5/1 Launceston General Hospital-Patients-Individual
73/5/2 Launceston General Hospital-Patients-General
73/8/1 Launceston General Hospital-Administration-General
75/2/3 Cancer Institute-Board Minutes
75/3/1 Cancer Institute-Detection Clinics
75/4/6J Cancer Institute-PMC Staff-Dr Thelma D Johnson-Radiotherapist
77/2/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Board Appointments
77/2/2 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Board Minutes
77/4/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Buildings, Repairs
77/8/1 Queen Alexandra Hospital-Administration-Reports, Returns Fees etc
78/2/2 Lyell District Hospital-Board Minutes
78/4/1 Lyell District Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
78/8/1 Lyell District Hospital-Administration
80/1/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staff, other than Medical Officers
80/1/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staffing-Medical and Technical Staff
80/1/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staff-Leave
80/1/5 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Staff-General
80/2/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Board Members
80/2/2 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Board Minutes
80/2/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Board-Matters arising from Minutes
80/3/3 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Supplies-Meat
80/4/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
80/4/9A Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Home for Aged-Furnishings and Equipment
80/4/14 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Buildings, Future Development
80/8/1 Spencer Hospital, Wynyard-Administration-Reports, returns, fees etc
81/2/2 Beaconsfield District Hospital-Board Minutes
81/3/1 Beaconsfield District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General
81/4/5 Beaconsfield District Hospital-Buildings-New Kitchen Block and Store Room
81/8/1 Beaconsfield District Hospital-Administration
82/1/1 Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments and Resignations
82/2/2 Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital-Board Minutes
82/2/2 Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital-Board Minutes
82/8/1 Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital-Administration-Reports, returns fees etc
83/2/2 Campbell Town Hospital-Board Minutes
85/1/1 New Norfolk District Hospital-Staff
85/2/1 New Norfolk District Hospital-Board Appointments
85/2/2 New Norfolk District Hospital-Board Minutes
85/3/1 New Norfolk District Hospital-Supplies and equipment
85/3/3 New Norfolk District Hospital-Inventory
85/4/2 New Norfolk District Hospital-Buildings, Repairs-Electrical Installation, Laundry and Car Port
85/8/1 New Norfolk District Hospital-Administration
85/10/2 New Norfolk District Hospital-New Buildings, New Hospital-Erection
88/1/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Staff-Miscellaneous Appointments etc
88/1/2 Ulverstone District Hospital-Medical Staffing
88/1/2A Ulverstone District Hospital-Medical Staffing-Surgeon
88/1/3 Ulverstone District Hospital-Staff-Leave
88/1/4 Ulverstone District Hospital-Salary Adjustments
88/1/5 Ulverstone District Hospital-Staff-General
88/2/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Board Appointments
88/2/2 Ulverstone District Hospital-Board Minutes
88/3/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Various
88/4/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
88/4/4 Ulverstone District Hospital-Buildings-Purchase Houses
88/5/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Patients
88/8/1 Ulverstone District Hospital-Administration
88/8/2 Ulverstone District Hospital-Administration-Finance
88/10/2 Ulverstone District Hospital-New Hospital-Planning and Building
89/1/1 Hospitals-Administration-Staffing-Nursing-Enquiries, Vacancy
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing, Tourist Nursing Service-Movements
89/1/7 District Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Staff Enquiries-A-F
89/1/7 District Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Staff Enquiries-G-O
89/1/7 District Nursing-Tourist Nursing Service-Staff Enquiries-P-Z
89/1/8 Hospitals-Administration-Staff-Nursing General
89/1/10 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing Services-Foreign Applications
89/2/5A Hospitals-Administration-Staff-Resident Medical Officer's Staffing
89/3/4F Hospitals-Administration-Special Services-North West-Physician Specialist
89/6/4 Hospitals-Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/5 Hospitals-Administration-Buildings Etc-Land etc Offered for Purchase
89/7/1B Hospitals-Administration-Supplies-Food Ration Returns
89/7/1B Hospitals-Administration-Food Ration Returns
89/7/2 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Drugs etc-Central Medical Store
89/7/2D Hospitals-Administration-Supplies-Drugs, Pethidine
89/7/2GRC Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Central Medical Store-Circulars
89/7/3A Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Import Licences
89/7/4 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Price Lists
89/7/8 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Medical Supplies Per Supply and Tender
89/7/13 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Standard-Recommendations
89/7/14 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Resuscitators, Oxygen Tents and Respirators
89/7/14A Hospitals-Administration-Resuscitation and other Positive Breathing Apparatus
89/7/14B Hospitals-Administration-Equipment-Respirators for Treatment etc
89/7/17 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Microscopes
89/7/20 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment Airline Catering
89/7/21 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Cubicle Equipment
89/7/27 Hospitals-Administration-Equipment-Bath Lift
89/7/29 Hospitals-Administration-Supplies-Epikote Resin 828
89/8/1A Hospitals-Administration-Wages, Awards Etc
89/8/2 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-State Wages Board-Determination of Leave
89/8/4 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-General
89/8/10 Hospitals-Administration-Wages Board-Survey of Awards
89/8/17 Hospitals-Administration-Determinations-Wages
89/9/3 Hospitals-Administration-Hospital Benefits-Agreement with Commonwealth
89/9/3A Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Pharmaceutical-Pensioners
89/9/3B Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Unqualified Patients Including Workers Compensation
89/9/8 Hospitals-Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Commonwealth Legislation
89/9/8A Hospitals-Administration-Benefits-Pharmaceutical-Claims
89/10/3 Hospitals-Administration-General-Lists and Services-Enquiries etc
89/10/23 Hospitals-Administration-Poisons Information Bureau-General
89/11/4 Hospitals-Administration-Circulars-Medical Records Case Sheets Etc
89/11/6 Hospitals-Administration--Circulars and A/F Insurance
89/11/50 Hospitals-Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/50 Hospitals-Administration-Circulars-General
90/1/1 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Staff other than Resident Medical Officers
90/1/2 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Medical Officers
90/2/2 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Board Minutes
90/3/1 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Supplies and Equipment
90/4/1 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Buildings-General Maintenance
90/4/3 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Buildings, Lands etc-Property adjoining from Foster and Propsting
90/4/5 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Alterations and Drainage
90/4/7 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Buildings -Garages, Workshops etc
90/6/1 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Dental Service
90/6/4 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Special Departments-Eye Clinic
90/8/1 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Administration
90/8/2 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Administration-Finance
90/8/4 North Eastern Memorial Hospital , Scottsdale-Administration-Affect Termination of Agreement
91/2/4 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Board Millbrook Home-Minutes
91/3/1 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General
91/3/2 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Audit Queries
91/4/1 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-General Maintenance
91/4/1/16 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-General Maintenance Repairs etc
91/4/6A Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-Millbrook Rise, Staff Quarters
91/4/6B Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-Millbrook Rise-Roadways
91/4/7 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-New Buildings-First Contract
91/4/8 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-4 New Medical Officer's Residences
91/4/18 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Buildings-Boiler House
91/4/24 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital- Buildings-Maintenance-Guide Map
91/4/20 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise-Land Title and Sit for Kiosk
91/5/2 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Patients-Individual
91/5/3 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Millbrook Rise, Lachlan Park-Patients
91.8.1 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Administration-General
91/8/2 Psychiatric Services-Lachlan Park Hospital-Administration-Finance
97/3/1 Government Analyst Division-Supplies and Equipment
98/3/1 St John's Park Hospital-Supplies and Equipment
98/4/1 St John's Park Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
98/4/8 St John's Park Hospital-Buildings-New Women's Block
98/4/10A St John's Park Hospital-Additions to Nurses Home
98/5/1 St John's Park Hospital-Patients-Individual
98/5/2 St John's Park Hospital-Patients-General
98/8/1 St John's Park Hospital-Administration-Reports etc
99/3/1 Nelumie Home for Mental Defectives-Supplies and equipment
99/4/1Nelumie Home for Mental Defectives-Buildings-Maintenance and Repairs
100/2/1 National Health and Medical Research Council-Meetings
100/2/12 National Health and Medical Research Council-Committees-Medical Research Advisory
100/3/26 National Health and Medical Research Council-Medical Statistics Committee
100/22/AMB National Health and Medical Research Council-Ambulance Commission-Minutes of Meetings
100/40/AMB National Health and Medical Research Council-Ambulance-Flying Doctor Service-Administration
101/1/1 Meercroft Hospital-Staff
101/2/2 Mersey Hospital-Maternity-Board Committee Minutes
101/3/1 Meercroft Hospital-Supplies and equipment
101/4/1 Meercroft Hospital-Buildings-repairs
101/5/1 Meercroft Hospital-Patients-General
101/8/1 Meercroft Hospital-Administration
101/8/2 Meercroft Hospital-Administration-General
101/8/4 Meercroft Hospital-New Devonport Medical Centre-Control and General Planning
102/1/2 Tuberculosis Division -Staff-Consultant
102/1/6 Tuberculosis Division-Staff-Relief Radiographer for Repatriation Hospital
102/5/4 Tuberculosis Division-Patients-Generally
102/6/1 Tuberculosis Division-Special Departments-Mass X-Ray
102/6/4 Tuberculosis Division-Special Departments-X-Ray Examinations of New Arrivals from Overseas
102/6/8 Tuberculosis Division-Mass X-Ray-Rosebery
102/6/9 Tuberculosis Division-Routine X-Rays-In-Patients Public Hospitals
102/6/10 Tuberculosis Division-Case Finding Programme-Chest X-Rays-Age and Invalid Pensioners
102/8/1 Tuberculosis Division-Administration-Commonwealth/State Arrangements under Tuberculosis Act
102/8/2 Tuberculosis Division-Administration-Commonwealth Instructions-TB Allowances
102/8/6 Tuberculosis Division-Administration-Spare Beds Available
102/8/9 Tuberculosis Division-Commonwealth-Re X-Rays of Routine Patients in Hospitals
104/1/2Burnie General Hospital-Staff-Medical other than Nursing
104/1/6Burnie General Hospital-Staff Creation of Posts of Medical Superintendent and Surgeon
104/2/1Board-Appointments and Resignations
104/2/2 Burnie General Hospital-Board Minutes
104/5/1 Burnie General Hospital-Patients-Generally Specific
104/5/2 Burnie General Hospital-Patients
104/8/7 Burnie General Hospital-Administration-Statements to Premier-Deputation, Supplementary Reports Surgeon
104/10/2 Burnie General Hospital-Proposed New Hospital
104/10/2 Burnie General Hospital-New Hospital-Erection
105/2/2 Mersey General Hospital l-Board Minutes
105/2/2 Mersey General Hospital-Board Minutes
105/4/3 Mersey General Hospital-Maternity Division-Erection of New Hospital
105/4/3 Mersey General Hospital-Maternity Division-Equipment
106/1/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Staff-General
106/2/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Board Minutes
106/4/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-General
106/4/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-New Obstetric Block
106/4/3 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings-Mortuary
106/4/5 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Buildings and Maintenance-Expansion
106/5/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Patients
106/8/1 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Administration-Routine and Procedure
106/8/2 Toosey Memorial Hospital-Administration-Finance
107/1/1 Smithton District Hospital-Staff-General Appointments
107/2/1 Smithton District Hospital-Board-Appointments and Resignations
107/2/2 Smithton District Hospital-Board Minutes
107/2/2 Smithton District Hospital-Board Minutes
107/3/1 Smithton District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Various
107/4/1 Smithton District Hospital-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
107/8/1 Smithton District Hospital-Administration-Reports, Returns, Visits etc
109/4/2 Cosgrove Park-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
109/4/5 Ainslie House
112/2/2 Finders District Hospital-Board Minutes
112/3/1 Finders District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-General Stationery etc
112/4/1 Flinders District Hospital-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
112/8/1 Flinders District Hospital-Administration-From Taking Over By Board
112/8/1 Finders District Hospital-Administration-Reports, Returns, Visits etc
113/1/1 Rosebery District Hospital Staffing
113/2/2 Rosebery District Hospital-Board Minutes
115 Huon Proposed Site for Hospital-Acquisition
117/2/2 Ouse Public Hospital-Board Minutes-1956-1963
117/4/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
117/8/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Administration-General
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts Permanent-Creation to Recommendation
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-H Q Staffing-Posts Permanent-Creation to Appointment-Including Appeals
241/1/4 Public Service Administration-Staffing-Posts Permanent-Creation to Recommendation-National Fitness Council
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts Permanent-Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts Permanent-Creation to Recommendation-Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/14 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts Permanent Nelumie
241/1/21 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division
241/1/32 Public Service Administration-Posts Permanent-Creation to recommendation-Northern Chest Hospital
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Posts Permanent-Creation to recommendation-St John's Hospital
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Posts Permanent-Creation to recommendation -St John's Park
241/2/1 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Returns Monthly
241/2/12 Public Service Administration-Posts-Permanent-Lachlan Park
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazettes
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazettes
241/1/4 Public Service Administration-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazette
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Requests for replacement-Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
242/1/14 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Applications temporary assistance
242/1/31 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-TB Administration
242/1/32 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Northern Chest Hospital
242/1/32 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Temporary Assistance-Northern Chest Hospital
242/1/33 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Applications Temporary Assistance
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Temporary Assistance-St John's Park
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Temporary Assistance-St John's Park
242/2/1 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Returns-resignations-Whole Department
242/2/12 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Monthly Temporary Employment statements etc-Lachlan Park
242/2/33 Public Service Administration-Posts-Resignation Temporary Wardsman-Hyland
242/2/41 Public Service Administration-Posts-Temporary-Monthly Temporary Employment statements etc-St Johns Park
243/1/1 Public Service Administration-Posts-Recruitment-Individuals inquiring for unadvertised jobs
246/1/1 Public Service Administration-Posts--Salaries-Classification Lists and corrections
246/3/1 Public Service Administration-Public Service Tribunal-Hospital Employees Awards
246/3/1MO's Public Service Administration-Salaries Tribunal-Principal Awards-Medical Officers
246/3/1 Public Service Administration-Salaries Tribunal-Principal Award-Nurses
247/3/1 Public Service Administration-Staff Working Conditions
247/6/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Late Attendance Returns-Whole
247/8/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working conditions-Principles of Assessment of Leave-Whole
247/14/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Overtime
248/11/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Arrangements etc-Senior Medical Officer
248/11/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Arrangements Dietitian
248/11/11 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel Arrangements-Mental Health Administration
248/11/21 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel Arrangements-Public Health Administration
249/6/100 Public Service Administration-Staff Training-Bursaries-Estimates
249/6/140 Public Service Administration-Staff Training-Bursaries-Enquiries Re all variety of Bursary and Training
249/6/142 Public Service Administration-Staff Training-Bursaries-Applications
249/6/142 Public Service Administration-Staff Training-Bursaries-Applications
623 Public Health-Ministers Files-School Dental
660 Public Health-Ministers Files-Sanitation-Hygiene, Sewerage, Drainage etc
10/10 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Appointments
10/10 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Appointments
10/10 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Appointments
10/23 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Accommodation, Appointments, Itineraries, Travel etc
51/1/DM Departmental-District Nurse
51/2/1 Departmental Staff Medical Officers-Part-Time Surgeon-North West Coast
51/6/1 Departmental-Staff-Travel and Itineraries
51/7/2A Departmental-Tours-Senior Medical Officer-Reports
51/8/4 Departmental-Instructions-Office Procedure-Generally
51/7/2A Departmental-Tour Reports-Dr MacIntyre
51/8/6 Departmental-General-Private Practice By Professional Officers
51/8/7 Departmental-Staff-Basic Wage Increase
51/8/8 Departmental-Staff-Generally-C O L Adjustments
51/8/10 Departmental-Staff-Administration-Cabinet Procedure
51/9/2 Departmental-General-Supplies and Equipment-Miscellaneous
51/9/2 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Miscellaneous
51/9/3 Departmental-Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Telephones-PMG Directory
51/9/4 Departmental-Supplies-Printing
51/9/6 Departmental-Supplies-Pre Paid Envelopes
51/9/8 Departmental-Equipment-Punch System
51/9/11A Departmental-Supplies-Personal Medical Record Cards-Requests for
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Mechanical Aids (Annual requisitioning) and Agreements
51/9/14 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Procedure-Generally
51/9/15 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Projectors
51/9/16 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Forms
51/10/6 Departmental-Offices-Cleanliness of
51/10/4B Departmental-Accommodation-Davey Street-For Mental Health Division
51/10/2 Departmental-Accommodation-Hobart Office-Equipment and Repairs-Various
51/10/10 Departmental-Accommodation-Residences-Determination Rentals
51/10/10A Departmental-Accommodation-Official Quarters-Rental Returns
51/10/11 Departmental-Accommodation-18 The Esplanade, East Devonport-Mr McDonald
51/10/13 Departmental-Accommodation-Mutton Bird Islands
T3 Departmental Transport Section-Motor Vehicles-Purchasing Committee
T5 Departmental Transport Section-Disposals-Trading-In System
T7 Departmental Transport Section-Accessories-Petrol, Tyres etc
T10 Departmental Transport Section-Minister
T11 Departmental Transport Section-Returns-Loan Car Mileage's
T20 Departmental Transport Section-Specific Cars-Dodge Utility T4149
T21 Departmental Transport Section-Chev T958
T22 Departmental Transport Section-Chev T2205
T23 Departmental Transport Section-De Sota T2816
T24 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T4155
T25 Departmental Transport Section-T2140
T26 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T2234
T27 Departmental Transport Section-Falcon Sedan T5152
T28 Departmental Transport Section-Chrysler T3906
T30 Departmental Transport Section-Vanguard Ambulance T542
T50 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T2637
T51 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T014
T70 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T586
T80 Departmental Transport Section-Holden T2881
T91 Departmental Transport Section-WEE453
T90 Departmental Transport Section-Detached-Ford Custom T899-TB Division-Commer Van T2057-Devon Hospital
51/13/7 Departmental Transport Section-Ford Prefect-On Hire to Montagu Medical Union
51/13/12 Departmental Transport Section-Redpa Bush Nursing Centre-Car
51/13/16 Departmental Transport Section-Avoca Bush Nursing Centre-Car
51/13/17 Departmental Transport Section-Medical Officer-Bruny-T1267
51/13/19 Departmental Transport Section-Ringarooma Bush Nursing Centre-Holden T2637, Vaux Hall T1238
51/13/20 Departmental Transport Section-Lilydale District Nurse-Car
51/13/28 Departmental Transport Section-Queenstown Child Health-T1260
51/14/1A Departmental-General-Finance-Accounts Owing by Department
51/14/1A Departmental-General-Finance-Accounts Owing by Department
51/14/1B Departmental-General-Finance-Taxation-Group Certificates etc
51/14/1C Departmental-Finance-Queries Re Accounts Etc
51/14/1D Departmental-Finance-Miscellaneous-Queries Pay Cheques, Mileage etc-Dental Officers etc
51/14/2A Departmental-Finance-Accounts-Payments of Salaries
51/14/2B Departmental-Finance-Audit-Receipt Books, Certificates of Resignations and Licences
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/4 Departmental-Administration-Finance-Estimates
51/14/4 Departmental-Administration-finance-Estimates
51/14/4A Departmental-Finance-Estimates-Departmental Economies
51/14/4B Departmental-Finance-Estimates-Annual Allocation-Urgent Repairs
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/6 ? Departmental-Accounts-Paid or remitted up to and Including July 1963
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Paid and Remitted up until July 1963-T-W -
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Paid and Remitted-Up until 1964-F-M
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Paid and Remitted-P-Z
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Paid and Remitted-Up and including July 1963-A-G
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Paid and Remitted-Up until September 1964-A-D
51/14/6 Departmental Accounts-Mothercraft Home and Analysis Fees
51/15/2 Departmental Reports-Annual Reports-Inquiries for and Correspondence Re
51/15/3 Departmental Reports-Press-Miscellaneous
51/15/4 Departmental Reports-Parliamentary-House of assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/5 Departmental Reports-Parliamentary-House of Assembly-Votes and Proceedings
51/16/4 Departmental General-Prosecutions
51/17/1A Departmental Administration-Public Health Division-Establishment
51/17/3 Departmental Administration-Information Re Organisation, Function, Departmental Heads and Classifications etc
51/17/4 Departmental Administration-Organisation and Decentralisation-Public Health Division
51/17/5A Departmental Administration-Reorganisation SMS, CHS
51/18/4 Departmental Administration-Department of Public Health-Department Health Services Organisation Chart etc
51/18/5 Departmental Administration-Proposed New Services
51/RE/5 Departmental-Records-Re-Organisation
51/NU/SM Departmental-Nutrition-School Milk-Substitutes
52/3/2 Health Education-Publicity-Publications-Articles-Press etc
52/3/26A Health Education-Publications-Nursing Booklet-Requests for
52/3/26A Health Education-Publications-Nursing Booklet
52/3/27 Health Education-Advertising-Nursing Services
52/3/28 Health Education-Nursing Publicity
52/3/28A Health Education-Nursing-Screen Advertising
52/3/29 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing Recruitment-Nurses from UK
52/3/30 Health Education-Publicity-Nursing-Hospital Block Advertising
52/3/31 Health Education-Publicity-Departmental-Advertising through Mr Jeffress
53/3/1 Division of Psychiatric Services-Supplies and Equipment-Generally
53/3/2 Division of Psychiatric Services-Equipment (ECT Apparatus)
53/3/3 Division of Psychiatric Services-Equipment-Telephones
53/3/4 Division of Psychiatric Services-Divisional Offices-Supplies-electricity
53/4/2 Division of Psychiatric Services-Accommodation-Launceston
53/5/7 Division of Psychiatric Services-Patients-treatment
53/6/6 Division of Psychiatric Services-Clinic of Retarded Children-Re Establishment Clinic at Royal Hobart Hospital
53/6/7 Division of Psychiatric Services-Retarded Children-Liaison Dr Alisa Young
53/6/9 Division of Psychiatric Services-Day Centre-New Norfolk-Lachlan Park
53/6/8 Division of Psychiatric Services-Retarded Children's Welfare Association-Land-Devonport-For Home
53/8/3EQ Division of Psychiatric Services-Buildings-Equipment
53/8/5 Division of Psychiatric Services-Administration-States Grants-Estimated Annual Expenditure-Claims
53/8/5A Division of Psychiatric Services-States Grants (Mental Institutions) Act-Commonwealth-Claims
53/8/6 Division of Psychiatric Services-Administration-Bequest
55/8/3 Dental Health-School Dental-Administration-Dental Nurses Training Scheme
57/1/1 Bowmont Hospital-Staffing-Appointments-Miscellaneous
57/1/2 Bowmont Hospital-Staffing-Medical Officers
57/1/4 Bowmont Hospital-Staff-Salary Adjustments
57/2/1 Bowmont Hospital--Board Members
57/2/2 Bowmont Hospital-Board Minutes
57/3/1 Bowmont Hospital-Supplies-General
57/3/2 Bowmont Hospital-Supplies and equipment-X-Ray
57/4/1 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings-General and Repair
57/4/2 Bowmont Hospital-Nurses Home Lease (Miss G E Griggs Property)
57/4/3 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings-Mortuary
57/4/4 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings-Bathroom, Store and Shower
57/4/5 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings (Property Miss G E Griggs)
57/4/6 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings-Nurses Home
57/4/7 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings-Repairs-Extensions and Improvements-Including New Laundry
57/4/8 Bowmont Hospital-Buildings and Works-Drainage
57/5/1 Bowmont Hospital-Patients
57/8/1 Bowmont Hospital-Administration-General
57/8/2 Bowmont Hospital-Administration-Finance
57/8/5 Bowmont Hospital-Administration-By Laws
58/1/2MA District Nursing-Maydena Centre-Domestics and Casuals
58/1/2 District Nursing-Tullah-Staff Casuals
58/2/3 Government Nursing-District Nursing-Administration-Circulars
58/2/3 Bush Nursing Service-Circular No 16-Equipment
58/2/7 District Nursing-Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Returns, Claims etc
58/2/8 District Nursing-Bed-Day Returns
58/4/3 District Nursing-Supplies and Equipment
58/5/1FL District Nursing-Finance-accounts Miscellaneous-Flinders Island (Whitemark)
58/5/1MA District Nursing-Finance Accounts-Miscellaneous-Maydena
Bush Nursing Centre-Adamsfield-Disposal of
58/AL/4 District Nursing Centre-Alonnah-Buildings
58/AL/5 District Nursing Centre-Alonnah-Mortuary
58/AV/5 District Nursing Centre-Avoca-Buildings-Conversion District Medical Officer's Residence for District Nursing Centre
58/CB/5 District Nursing Centre-Cape Barren-Administration
58/CB/6 District Nursing Centre-Cape Barren-Living Standards-Assistance and Proposals to Improve
58/CY/3A District Nursing Centre BNS- Cygnet-X-Ray
58/CY/5 District Nursing Centre-Buildings-Mortuary-Cygnet
58/CY/6 District Nursing Centre-Cygnet-Buildings-Proposed Extensions
58/DO District Nursing Centre-Dover-New Building
58/DO/3A District Nursing Centre BNS- Dover-X-Ray
58/DO/4 District Nursing Centre-Dover-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
58/FL/7A District Nursing Centre-Flinders Island-10 HP Engine
58/FL/8 District Nursing Centre BNS-Flinders-Radio Transmitters
58/GT District Nursing Centre BNS-George Town-Establishment of
58/GT/6 District Nursing Centre-Centres-George Town-Mortuary
58/LI/5 District Nursing Centre-Lilydale-Site
58/MA/1 District Nursing Centre- BNS-Maydena
58/MA/2 District Nursing Centre-Maydena-Report
58/MA/3 District Nursing Centre-Maydena-Supplies and Equipment
58/MA/3 District Nursing Centre-Maydena-Buildings-Clinics
58/MA/5 District Nursing Centre-Maydena Buildings-Residence-Exchange Lots-ANM
58/OA/5 District Nursing Centre-Oatlands-Mortuary
58/OU/1 District Nursing Centre BNC-General
58/OU/1 District Nursing Centre-Ouse-General-Time Sheets
58/OU/2 District Nursing Centre-Ouse-Reports
58/OU/3 District Nursing Centre-Ouse-Supplies and Equipment
58/OU/4 District Nursing Centre-BNC-Buildings and Repairs
58/POA/1 District Nursing Centre-Poatina-Medical, Nursing and Hospital Services
58/RE/4 District Nursing Centre-Redpa-Buildings and repairs
58/RO District Nursing Centre BNC- Site for New Hospital
58/RO/5 District Nursing Centre-Rossarden-Septic Tank
58/SA/3B District Nursing Centre-St Helen's-Supplies and equipment-Electricity
58/SA/3C District Nursing Centre-St Helen's-Supplies and Equipment-Telephone
58/SA/5 District Nursing Centre-BNS-Water Supply-Council
58/SA/6 District Nursing Centre-St Helen's-Extension
58/SA/8 District Nursing Centre-St Helen's-Acquisition of Land-T R Peters
58/SH/1 District Nursing Centre--BNC-Sheffield-Acquisition and Building
58/SH/4 District Nursing Centre-Sheffield-Buildings and Repairs
58/SO/1 District Nursing Centre-BNC-Sorell
58/SO/2 District Nursing Centre-BNS-Sorell-Reports
58/SO/3 District Nursing Centre BNS-Sorell-Supplies and equipment
58/SO/3A District Nursing Centre-Sorell-Equipment-X-Ray
58/SO/4 District Nursing Centre BNS- Sorell-Buildings
58/SP/4 District Nursing Centre-Southport-Buildings and Repairs
58/ST District Nursing Centre-Stanley-Proposed
58/SW/6 District Nursing Centre BNC-Swansea-Land
58/TA/5 District Nursing Centre-Tasman-Morgue
58/TA/6 District Nursing Centre-Tasman (Nubeena)-Alterations-New Dispensary X-Ray Dark room Etc
58/TU/1 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-General
58/TU/2 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Reports Etc
58/TU/3 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Supplies and Equipment
58/TU/4 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Buildings and Repairs
58/TU/4 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Buildings and Repairs
58/TU/5 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Taking over from M M Union
58/TU/6 District Nursing Centre-Tullah-Medical Services-Injections-Triple Antigen
58/WE District Nursing Centre-Westbury-Erection
58/WE/3A District Nursing Centre-Westbury-Telephones
58/WE/5 District Nursing Centre-Westbury-Casualty Room
60/A/DA1 Australian Dental Association
60/A/DN General-Associations, Committees, Councils Etc-District Nursing Association
60/A/MD Committees, Associations-Maternal Deaths Etc-Investigation Committee
60/A/NHF General-Associations Committees etc-National Heart Foundation
60/A/PGF Associations Etc-Australian Post Graduate Federation in Medicine
60/A/PGF Associations Etc-Australian Post Graduate Federation in Medicine
60/A/PGF Associations etc-Australian Post Graduate Federation in Medicine
60/A.PM1 Associations Etc Preventive Medicine-Faculty Committee in (State)
60/A/PM2-Associations Etc-Preventive Medicine-Committee of Council-Commonwealth
60/A/SD2 Associations Etc-State Drug Advisory Committee
60/A/SD3 Associations Etc-State Drug Advisory Committee-Provision of Drugs
60/A/TUL Tas Trades Union Council
60/A/WC2 Workers Compensation Claims A-W
60/A/WC2 Workers Compensation Claims-A-Y-General
60/A/WC2 Associations Etc-Standing Committee of Workers Compensation
60/AM/1 Ambulances-General
60/AM/2 Ambulances-Zeehan
60/AM/2 Ambulances-Air
60/AM/B Ambulances-Burnie
60/AM/CC Ambulances-Crippled Children's Society
60/AM/DP Ambulances-Devonport
60/AM/F Ambulances-Fingal
60/AM/FL Ambulances-Flinders
60/AM/GL Ambulances-Glenorchy
60/AM/GR Ambulances-Grassy-King Island
60/AM/H Ambulances-Hamilton
60/AM/HU Ambulances-Huon
60/AM/KI Ambulances-King Island Council
60/AM/LAT Ambulances-Latrobe
60/AM/N/2 Ambulances-Northern Tasmanian-Board Appointments
60/AM/PC Ambulances-Port Cygnet
60/AM/S Ambulances-Sorell Municipality
60/AM/ST/3 Ambulances-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance Transport Service Board
60/AM/TU Ambulances-Tullah
60/AM/U Ambulances-Ulverstone
60/B/2 Miscellaneou sBequests-Post Mortem (Eyes)
60/BA/1 General Bassett and Associates (Consulting Engineers)-Correspondence
60/BB General Bethany Boys Home-Miscellaneous
60/BE/1 General-Bernard-Laundry Consultant-Miscellaneous and Duplicate copies-Correspondence
60/BU2/R Bursaries-Holders-Reynolds J S E
60/CO/1 General-Conferences-Miscellaneous
60/CO/1 Conferences-Australian Labour Party (Tas Branch)
60/CO/5 General-Conferences-Hospital Auxiliaries-General and Expenses
60/CO/5A General-Conferences-Auxiliary
60/CO/5B General-Conferences-Auxiliaries-Register of Organisations
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health Conference 1963-Agenda-Including Officers Conference
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers for Health 1963
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Ministers of Health 1964-Victoria
60/CO/7A General-Conferences-2nd Ministers for Health and Officers Conference, 3rd Ministers for Health and Officers Conference 1962, 1963
60/CO/11 General-Conferences-Mental Hospital-State to Discuss
60/CO/12 General-Conferences-Australian Medical Congress
60/CO/17 General-Conferences-State Health Officers-Matter A/F Ministers of Health Conferences 1960, 1964, 1965
60/CO/20 General-Conferences-Specific-Specialists-Six monthly meetings
60/D/1 D Miscellaneous-Dental
60/D/4 General-Diabetics
60/DA/7 General-Administration Dental Act-Dental Mechanics-Applications for Examinations and Registration
60/DA/9 General-Dentists Act Administration-Mechanics-Dentures-Charges for
60/ED/1 General-Education Department-Modern School Syllabus Committee
60/EX/1 General-Exhibitions
60/F/2 General-Miscellaneous-Food and Agricultural Organisation1952-1955
60/GG General-Gamma Globulin-Use of
60/HA General-Sir Edward Hallstrom
60/HEC General-Hydro Electric Commission-Medical Services
60/NF/2 General-National Fitness-Meetings, Minutes
60/NOD General-Nurses Occupational Diseases Relief Fund-Medical Examinations etc
60/PD General-Police Department
60/PHD General-Public Health Division-Copies Inter Departmental Memos
60/PYB/1 General-Physiotherapy Board Appointments
60/PYB/2 General-Physiotherapy Board-General Administration and Enquiries
60/RC/1 General-Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service-Meeting Minutes and matters arising therefrom
60/RC/3 General-Red Cross Society-Subsidy -Blood Transfusion Service and arrangements
60/RE/1 General-Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped etc
60/RH General-Miscellaneous-Rest Homes-Control and Supervision
60/S/2 General-Sex Education
60/ST/1 General-Statistics-Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics-Returns Vital Statistics etc
60/ST/2 General-Statistics-Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics-Requests to or by Department for
60/SU/E General-Surveys-Eczema and Rashes
60/T/2 General-Town and Country Planning Commission
60/UN/1 General-Medical-University of Tasmania-Proposed Schools Anatomy etc
60/UN/1 General-University-Proposed Medical School
60/UN/2 General-University of Tasmania-Enquiry into Conditions
60/UN/3 General-University of Tasmania-Proposed Medical School-Deputation to Prime Minister
60/UN/5 General-Medical-Training-University-Faculties Tas Students
60/VI/1 General-Visitors-Miscellaneous
60/VI/CO General-Visitors-Dr Lionel Cosin
60/VI/GI General-Visitors-Mr J R P Gibbons
60/VI/McK General-Visitors-McKenzie Dr D S
60/VI/p General-Visitors-Visitors-Mr A Powell
60/VI/WADE General-Visitors-Senator H Wade
60/WE General-Well Organisation
60/13/1 Society for Crippled Children-Miscellaneous
60/13/2 Society for Crippled Children-Reports
60/13/3 Society for Crippled Children-Surgical Bootmaker etc
60/13/4 Society for Crippled Children-Proposed Site New Wingfield
60/13/4A Society for Crippled Children-Acquisition of Site for Crippled Children's Home-Lindisfarne
60/13/5 Society for Crippled Children-Spastics-Dr Burton Bradley's Report
60/13/5A Society for Crippled Children--Spastics-Accommodation for Education and Treatment
60/13/5A Society for Crippled Children-Spastics-Visit of H C Burton Bradley-Daily Summary of Appointments-Hobart and Launceston
60/13/6 Society for Crippled Children-Spastics-Miscellaneous Enquiries etc
60/13/7 Society for Crippled Children-Spastics-Appeal-Apex Clubs
63/10 ASB General-Diseases-Non-Notifiable Asbestosis
63/1-/EXC General-Health-Diseases-Excema
63/10/INF General-Diseases-Non-Notifiable-Influenza
64/8/1 Maternal and Child Health-Administration-General
66/1/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Comprehensive-Requests to Department for, Copies and Information Re
66/1/3 General-Acts and Regulations-Other States and Overseas-Copies and Information Re
66/AA/1 General-Legislation-Anatomy Act-Acts and Amendments
66/AM/NT General-Legislation-Northern Ambulance Act-Act and Amendments
66/C/3 General-Acts and Regulations-Cemeteries Act-Control of St John's Park Cemetery
66/FD/2 General-Acts and regulations-Food and Drugs Act-Amendments
66/FD/3 Legislation-Food and Drugs-Amendment to Act to provide Regulations for Quick Frozen Foods
66/FD/4 Acts and Regulations-Food and Drugs-Inspectors appointment under the Act
66/LG/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Local Government Act-Bills
66/MA/1 General-Legislation-Medical Act-Acts and Amendments
66/MD/1 General-Legislation-Mental Deficiency Act 1920-Amendments and Proclamations
66/MH/! General-Legislation-Mental Health Act-Proposed New Act
66/MHA/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Mental Hospitals Act-Amendments
66/MHO/2 General-Mental Hospitals Act-Regulations and Amendments
66/NR/2 General-Legislation-Nurses Registration Act 1952-Regulations and Amendments
66/PA/1 General-Legislation-Poisons Act-Proposed Revision and Uniform Schedules
66/PA/4 General-Acts and regulations-Poisons Act-Information as to Schedules Etc-Specific Drugs
66/PPE/1 General-Acts and regulations-Places Public Entertainment Act-Amendments
66/RAS/2 General-Legislation-Radioactive Substances-Regulations
66/SJP/1 Acts and Regulations-St John's Park-Improvement Bill
66/VT/1 General-Legislation-Veterinary Act-Acts and Amendments
66/YO/1 General-Legislation-Youth Organisations-Proposed State Youth Organisations Assistance Act
67/1/4 Reports and Publications-Lists of Schools in Tasmania
67/1/5 Reports and Publications-Ministry of Health Circulars
67/3/2 Reports and Publications-American Geographical Society-Publications
67/6/3 Reports and Publications-Breast Feed Survey
69/3/5 Tasmanian Chest Hospital- Buildings-Laundry
69/6/2 Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Dental Services
70/1/2B Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Staff-Whole time Specialists
70/1/2/C Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Staff-Professional-Honorary Official Appointments-Staff Directors
70/2/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Appointments
70/3/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Supplies and equipment
70/4/2A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Vaucluse-Buildings-Old Folks Accommodation-Conversion for
70/4/2B Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Vaucluse-Flats for Resident Medical Officer's
70/4/5A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-patients (Argyle Street)-Planning and Erection
70/4/5C Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Out-Patients-Property Argyle Street-Purchase from Stokes and Hammond
70/4/5EQ Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-New Out-Patients Department-Furnishings and equipment
70/4/6A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Additional Accommodation Nurses-Lecture room over Pathology Block
70/4/7A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Store-Proposed Set Up Staffing Management
70/E/8E Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Proposed Group Laundry
70/4/15A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark Cottage
70/4/15B Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark Annexe-Farm
70/4/15C Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark Centre-Land
70/4/15D Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Lady Clark-New residence
70/4/22 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Accommodation-Private and Intermediate Beds
70/4/23 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Buildings-Removal Obstetric Floor-Use for Special Purposes-Proposals
70/5/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Individual
70/5/3 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Admissions-Vaucluse
70/5/4 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-Emergency fire and Rescue Orders-Cambridge Airport
70/6/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Departments-Gynaecologists and Obstetricians
70/6/3A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Speech Therapy-Scholarship
70/6/8 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Anaesthesia
70/6/10 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Departments-Plastic Clinic
70/6/12 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Blood transfusion services
70/6/20 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Departments-Dermatological
70/8/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-General
70/8/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-Royal Commission on Hobart Public Hospital
71/3/3 Hospitals -St Mary's District Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Surgical Instruments
71/4/2 Hospitals -St Mary's District Hospital-Buildings-Mortuary
72/1/LAU Hospitals-Mersey General-Staff-Laundry Superintendent
72/1/2A Hospitals-Mersey General-Staff-Visiting Medical
72/3/1 Hospitals-Mersey General-Supplies and Equipment-General
72/4/20 Hospitals-Mersey General-Buildings-Conversion to Home for Aged
72/4/20EQ Hospitals-Mersey General-Buildings-Home for Aged-equipment and furniture
72/4/23 Hospitals-Mersey General-Buildings-Maternity Annexe-Conversion into Home for Nursing Aids
72/3/23EQ Hospitals-Mersey General-Buildings-Maternity Annexe Conversion-Home for Nursing Aids-Equipment
72/8/7-Hospitals-Mersey Group-Administration-Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Enquiry into Private and Intermediate Beds
72/10/2 Hospitals-Latrobe Group of Hospitals-Loose Papers
72/10/8 Hospitals-New Devon Hospital-Buildings, Grounds and gardens
73/1/4 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staff-Salary Adjustments
73/1/4A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Salary Adjustments-Staff not covered by Hospital Wages Board
73/1/5A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staff-Staff returns, Queries, etc
73/1/5B Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Mileage and Travelling Allowances
73/1/6 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Dr Szeghy
73/1/7 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Medical Staff
73/1/9 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Professional Services-Physiotherapists etc
73/1/13 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staff-Professional-Psychiatrist
73/1/14 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staffing-Dietitians
73/1/16 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Dr Grove
73/1/LAU Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staff-Laundry Establishment
73/1/RR Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Staff-Relieving Radiographer
73/3/6 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Milk Supply
73/3/8 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Storage
73/3/9 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Manual for Hospital Employees
73/3/10 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Supplies and Equipment-Priorities
73/3/11 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Equipment-fire
73/4/2A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Ridges Estate-Residents Quarters-1st Floor-52 Franklin Street
73/4/3 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings and Repairs-Retaining wall-Charles Street
73/4/7 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Operating Theatres
73/4/8 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Laundry
73/4/9 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Nurses Home
73/4/9A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Corona
73/4/10 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Carpenters Shop
73/4/11 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Bulk Store
73/4/13 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Tennis Court
74/4/14 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Survey of Hospital Buildings
73/4/15 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Blood Transfusion Centre-Conversion
73/4/18 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Out-Patients Clinic-Invermay
73/4/21 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Sub Station
73/4/22 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Children's Ward-Cross-Infection
73/4/23 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Bacteriology Department
73/4/24 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-change Rooms
73/4/26 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Theatres-Ventilation
73/4/26A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Operating Theatre-Flooring
73/4/29 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Resident Medical Officer's Quarters
73/4/29A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Resident Medical Officer's Accommodation
73/4/31 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Office Accommodation-Tea and Cloak Room Facilities
73/4/36 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Buildings-Charles Street
73/5/5 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Patients-Allegations-Admissions Refused
73/6/1 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Special Departments-Pathology Services
73/6/2 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Gynaecologists Department
73/6/3A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Speech Therapist-Patients enquiries
73/6/19 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Special Departments Thyroid Clinic
73/8/1 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Administration-Centenary
73/8/2A Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Administration-Finance-Audit Queries
73/8/3 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Administration-Statement-Hospital Divisions, Numbers, Staff, Beds etc
73/10/1 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-Maternity Hospital and Nurses Home-Proposed Buildings
73/10/2 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-New Buildings-Nurses Home
73/10/3 Hospitals-Launceston Hospital-New Children's Block
74/1/4 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Staff-Salary Adjustments
74/3/1 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Supplies and equipment-General
74/4/1 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
74/4/2 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings-Dental Clinic
74/4/3 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings-Maternity Wing
74/4/3A Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Maternity Wing-Opening
74/4/4 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Diesel Lighting Plant
74/4/5 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings-Autoclave
74/4/7A Hospitals-King Island Hospital-New Nurses Home-Opening
74/4/11 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings-Land for diversion, Meech Street
74/4/12 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Buildings-Alterations E Maternity Wing, Nursery and provisional toilet
74/6/1 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Special Departments-Pathology
74/8/4 Hospitals-King Island Hospital-Administration-Horace F Hardy Fund
75/1/6 General-Cancer-Incidence Respiration Tract-Measures Re Smoking
75/2/2 General-Cancer-Tasmanian Cancer Committee-Minutes of Meetings and Matters for attention of Committee
75/2/3 General-Cancer-Cancer Institute Board-Minutes
75/3/3 General-Cancer-Detection-Extension facilities to all Medical Practitioners
75/4/4 General-Cancer-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Launceston-Building
75/4/4A General-Cancer-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Plant and Equipment
75/4/5 General-Cancer-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Hobart-Protest Re Temporary Building
75/4/8B General-Cancer-Cobalt Unit-Opening of New Unit
75/7/1 General-Cancer-Administration-Anti-Cancer Council-Australian Cancer Society
77/4/2 Hospitals-Queen Alexandra-Nurses Accommodation
77/4/6A Hospitals-Queen Alexandra-Buildings-Modernisation-Labour Ward etc
77/4/9 Hospitals-Queen Alexandra-Buildings and Maintenance-New Block-Including Laundry
77/4/10 Hospitals-Queen Alexandra-Boiler Installation
78/1/2 Hospitals-Queenstown District-Staff-Professional-Medical Officers etc
78/1/2A Hospitals-Queenstown District-Medical Union and Hospital-Report, Conferences, Medical Officer's Salaries etc
78/1/2B Hospitals-Queenstown District-Staff-Surgeon-Superintendent
78/4/1 Hospitals-Queenstown District- (Lyell District) Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
78/8/2 Hospitals-Queenstown District-Medical Union-Grant
78/8/3 Hospitals-Queenstown District-(Lyell)-Administralion-Finance
79/4/14 Tuberculosis Division-Northern Chest Hospital-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance-Sewage
79/8/2 Tuberculosis Division-Northern Chest Hospital-Administration-finance
80/3/1 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Supplies and equipment-General
80/3/4 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Supplies and Equipment-Transport
80/4/3 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Medical Officers House
80/4/4 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Buildings, Repairs alterations Maternity Block
80/4/5 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-New Maternity Wing
80/4/12 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Buildings, Accommodation for Resident Medical Officers
80/4/15 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Buildings-X-Ray Suite and sterilising Facilities
80/4/17 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Buildings-Psychiatric Unit
80/8/4 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Administration-Pharmaceutical Purchases-Procedure
80/8/5 Hospitals-Spencer Hospital (Wynyard)-Administration-Medical Act-Enquiry into alleged offence
81/1/1 Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Staff-General
81/4/2 Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Buildings, Maternity and Nursery
81/4/3 Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Alterations
81/4/4A Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Buildings-Rubbish Disposal
81/4/6 Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Buildings-New Wing
81/8/3 Hospitals-Beaconsfield District-Administration-Cortisone Sub-Committee
82/4/16 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-Buildings and Equipment-Boiler House
82/4/18 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-Buildings-Temporary accommodation Nurses
82/4/19 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-Buildings-Labour Wards
82/6/3 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity--Special Departments-Beds Launceston General Hospital-Temporary Arrangements for
82/10/1A Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-New Buildings-Site Stanwix's Property
82/10/2 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-Extensions-Erection
82/10/3 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-Extensions-Stephenson and turner-Services-Oil Firing, Air Conditioning
82/10/4 Hospitals-Queen Victoria Maternity-New Building-New Nurses Home
83/2/1 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Board Appointments
83/4/3 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Buildings-Kitchen, Storeroom and Casualty Entrance
83/4/3A Hospitals-Campbell Town-Buildings-New Kitchen-Equipment
83/4/5 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Buildings-Nurses Accommodation-Including Matrons flat
83/4/7 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Buildings and Maintenance-Ownership of Land including Right of Way
85/4/1 Hospitals-New Norfolk-Buildings-General
85/4/3 Hospitals-New Norfolk-Buildings-Renovations and painting
85/4/5 Hospitals-New Norfolk-Buildings-alterations-Government Medical Officers Surgeries, etc
85/8/3 Hospitals-New Norfolk-Administration-Secretarial Work performed by Council and fee
85/10/1 Hospitals-New Norfolk-New Hospital Site
85/10/2 Hospitals-New Norfolk-New Buildings-Erection
85/10/3 Hospitals-New Norfolk-New Hospital-Equipment
85/10/4 Hospitals-New Norfolk-New Buildings-New Nurses Home
85/10/5 Hospitals-New Norfolk-New Hospital-Gardens
88/10/1A Hospitals-Ulverstone-New Hospital-Land for Site
88/10/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone-New Hospital-Hand/over-Take/over and opening
89/1/5A Hospitals-Nursing-Domiciliary-Home Confinements
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Tourist Nursing Movements
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Enquiries-A-F
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Enquiries-G-O
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Enquiries-P-Z
89/1/7 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-The Tasmanian Nurse
89/2/2AA Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors-Publicity
89/2/2EN Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors-Endre-Dr A
89/2/2FL Hospital Administration-Alien Doctors-Flach Dr W C
89/2/2G Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Gergely Dr Magda
89/2/2H Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Hatos Dr G
89/2/2I Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Ivanovich-Dr Michailo
89/2/2N Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Narkowicz S
89/2/2N Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Nador Dr Odon
89/2/2NA Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors Nagy Dr Lazlo
89/2/2Var Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Varga Dr Tibor
89/2/2ZEM Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-Alien Doctors-Zemcuzinikov Dr Nicolas
89/2/6 Hospital Administration-Medical Officers-Information Re Salaries etc
89/3/4 Hospital Administration-Special Services-North West and West-Surgical Specialists
89/3/7A Hospital Administration-Special Services-Orthodontics
89/3/10 Hospital Administration-Honorary Visiting Staff-sessional fees
89/3/13 Hospital Administration-Special Services-Admitting Officers-Officers in Charge and Deputy Superintendents
89/4/6 Hospital Administration-Staff Training-Pathology Technicians
89/5/2 Hospital Administration-Staffing Enquiries-Pathologists
89/5/3 Hospital Administration-Applications for Positions-Currow Dr E G
89/5/5 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Catering Officer-North West
89/5/6 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Staff Welfare Officers
89/5/7 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Dietitians
89/5/8 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Bassett Dr J A
89/6/2 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Mussett Huts
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/4A Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports-Tenders Accepted
89/6/5 Hospital Administration-Buildings and Land-Offered for Sale
89/6/7 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Notices of Land Valuation
89/6/8A Hospital Administration-Hospital Services Tasmania-Printed Statement
89/6/8B Hospital Administration-Buildings-Programme-Standard Plans-Country Hospitals
89/6/9A Hospital Administration-Buildings and equipment-Maintenance-Electrical and other equipment
89/6/11 Hospital Administration-Buildings and Land-Survey of Vacant Land at Government Institutions-Agricultural Potential
89/6/12 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Nurseries
89/6/13 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Laundries-Generally
89/6/15 Hospital Administration-Buildings-fire escapes
89/6/16 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Homes for Aged
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies-food-Ration Returns for Year
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies-Food-Ration Returns for Year
89/7/2 Hospital Administration-Supplies-Drugs
89/7/2 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-Central Medical Store-Circulars
89/7/2F Hospital Administration-Drugs-Cortisone-Returns etc
89/7/3 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Supply and Tender Contracts etc
89/7/3 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Supply and Tender Contracts etc
89/7/18 Hospital Administration-Tawlite Postal Containers for Pathology Specimens
89/7/22 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-Floor Coverings
89/7/26 Hospital Administration-Supplies-Food
89/7/29 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Blankets
89/7/30 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Operating Theatre Lights and Tables
89/7/31 Hospital Administration-Services and Equipment-Purchased from other States-Not Tasmanian
89/7/31 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Equipment and Servicing from other states-Tasmania
89/7/35 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Vacuum Cleaners
89/7/37 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Mobile Food Trucks
89/7/38 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-time clocks
89/8/1A Hospital Administration-Wages Awards-Other States
89/8/18 Hospital Administration-Finance-Staff Salaries-Uniformity
89/9/3D Hospital Administration-Staff Benefits
89/9/3E Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Allocation % for Hospital Purposes
89/9/3F Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits agreement-Mental Institutions
89/9/3J Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Issue of certificates of Hospitalisation
89/9/4 Hospital Administration-Hospital Benefits-Insurance Scheme
89/9/7 Hospital Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Fees-Increase
89/9/8A Hospital Administration-Benefits-Pharmaceutical-Claims
89/9/8B Hospital Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Additions to free list
89/9/9 Hospital Administration-Benefits-Returns to the Commonwealth
89/9/9A Hospital Administration-Tattersalls and Hospital Finance
89/10/3 Hospital Administration-General-Lists and Services-enqueries
89/10/11 Hospital Administration-United Hospital Auxiliaries
89/11/4A Hospital Administration-Medical Records-Nomenclature of Diseases
89/11/5 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Cost of repairing Instruments
89/11/7 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Public Hospitals etc-Nursing Staff Statistics
89/11/8 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Tourist Nursing Service
89/11/9A Hospital Administration-Circulars-Books and Stationery Requests
89/11/10 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Information pamphlet for patients
89/11/11 Hospital Administration-Circular-Sterilisation
89/11/13 Hospital Administration-Circulars-furnishings and Equipment Priority Lists
89/11/15 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Humidicribs
89/11/16 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Catering equipment
89/11/17 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Standardisation of Government Stock List
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/50 Hospital Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/52 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Milk Supplies
89/11/54 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Drive for Collecting fees
89/11/55 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Public Health Division
89/11/57 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Students as Nurse Aids`
89/11/58 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Hospital Equipment Trolleys
89/11/60 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Audit
89/11/61 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Trainee Nurses-Streptomycin Sensitivity
89/11/63 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Hospital Beds for Old Folk
89/11/63A Hospital Administration-Circulars-Use of Hospitals for Aged and Chronic Sick-Scheme for Relieving relatives for annual holidays
89/11/65 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Incidence of X-Rays
89/11/66 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Municipal Rates and Charges
89/11/67 Hospital Administration-Circulars-T A N S Vacancies-Campaign
89/11/70 Hospital Administration-Circulars-Anaesthetics-Consent Forms
89/11/71 Hospital Administration-Peel Traps and Waste Disposal
89/12/2 Hospital Administration-Case Sheets-Anaesthetic Deaths
89/12/3 Hospital Administration-Case sheets-Poliomyelitis
89/12/4 Hospital Administration-Case Sheets-Poisoning
89/15/2 Hospital Administration-Medical Investigations-Staph Infections Committee
89/15/2A Hospital Administration-Staph Infection Committee-Minutes
89/15/6 Hospital Administration-Staph Infections-Cases and Types (Pathology Sub-Committee)
90/1/1A Hospitals-Scottsdale Public Hospital-(North Eastern Soldiers Memorial Hospital)-Staff-Matron
90/4/2 Hospitals-Scottsdale Public Hospital-Land Taken over from Mr Brace
90/4/9 Hospitals-Scottsdale Public Hospital-Nurses Home-Extensions
92/25/11 General-Dangerous Drugs-Oil Polly cultivation-Licences with endorsements and agreements
97/1/1 Government Analyst-Staff
97/1/3 Government Analyst-Staff-Leave
97/3/2 Government Analyst-Supplies and Equipment-Customs and excise duty
97/3/3 Government Analyst-Equipment-Microscopes
97/3/4 Government Analyst-Supplies and Equipment-Insurance Claims
97/3/5 Government Analyst-Major Equipment
97/3/6 Government Analyst-Supplies and equipment-Goitre Investigation
97/4/2 Government Analyst-Buildings-Painting
97/4/4 Government Analyst-Buildings-Temporary Accommodation-soil analysis
97/5/3 Government Analyst-Finance-Analysis Fees-Remission Lists
98/1/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Appointments
98/4/1 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings and Repairs-General Maintenance
98/4/6 Hospitals-St John's Park-Male N W Wing-J H Gleeson's Contract
98/4/6A Hospitals-St John's Park-New Buildings-Opening
98/4/9 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Women's Division
98/4/12 Hospitals-St John's Park-Sewerage pipes
98/4/14 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Karingal Mental Defectives Block
98/4/14A Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Mental Defectives Block (Male)-Furnishings and Equipment
98/4/15 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Male Staff Single Quarters
98/4/16 Hospitals-St John's Park-Main Buildings-Male division-Demolition and renovation
98/4/19 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Cottages
98/4/20 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings and Land-Land Leases
98/4/22 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings etc-Holiday Shack-Carlton Beach
98/4/23 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Central Heating Installation
98/4/24 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-House for tutor
98/4/26 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Secure Unit-Detention of Delinquent Children
98/4/27 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Staff Amenities Block1960-1963
98/4/27 Hospitals-St John's Park-Staff Amenities Building-Furnishing and Equipment
98/4/28 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Tennis Court
98/4/29 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-New Boiler Installation
99/3/1 Hospitals-Nelumie-Supplies and equipment
99/3/3 Hospitals-Nelumie-Home for Mental Defectives-Supplies and equipment-Telephones
99/4/2 Hospitals-Nelumie-Mental Hygiene-Buildings-Land
99/4/3 Hospitals-Nelumie-Buildings and Maintenance-Domestic Cottage
99/4/4 Hospitals-Nelumie-Buildings-Maintenance-Land-Transfer to Education Department for G V Brooks School
99/5/1 Hospitals-Nelumie-Patients-General
99/5/2 Hospitals-Nelumie-Patients-Individual
100/2/PH General-National Health and Medical Research-Public Health Committee-Meetings and Reports
100/3/2-National Health and Medical Research-Public Health Committee-Special Items Agenda Foetal and Neonatal Deaths
100/3/26 Medical Research-- National Health and Medical Research-Statistics committee-Morbidity Statistics
100/22/AMB General-Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Minutes of Meetings
101/1/2 Hospitals-Meercroft-Maternity-Medical Officer establishment-Up to and including change over to Mersey
101/4/3 Hospitals-Meercroft-Buildings-Northern Tasmanian Boy's Home Barn etc
101/4/5 Hospitals-Meercroft-Land West Tamar Road
102/1/2A-Tuberculosis Division-Visiting Specialists
102/4/7 Tuberculosis Division-Head Office Accommodation-Alternative to Dunn Street
102/6/1A Tuberculosis Division-Mass X-Ray-Follow up Films
102/8/11 Tuberculosis Division-Administration-By-Laws and Standing Orders-Generally
104/1/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-General-Other than Medical Officers
104/1/2C Hospitals-Burnie General-Medical Services-Honoraries
104/3/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and equipment-General
104/3/5 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and Equipment-Pathology Equipment
104/3/6 Hospitals-Burnie General-Equipment-Basic-Ruling for Superintendents, Deputies and Resident Medical Officers
104/3/7 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and Equipment-Refrigerator for Blood
104/3/10 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and equipment Emergency Generating Plant
104/4/5 Hospitals-Burnie General-Reeve Clinic-Maintenance and Repairs
104/4/9 Hospitals-Burnie General-Building repairs arising from Report on visit
104/4/12 Hospitals-Burnie General-Proposed alternative catering
104/4/16 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Accommodation-Pathology
104/4/16A Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Accommodation-Flat for Lab Technician
104/4/19 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings and repairs-Theatres-Air Conditioning
104/4/17 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-30 Queen Street
104/4/20 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Mortuary
104/4/21 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings and Maintenance-Additional Maternity Beds
104/4/23 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Residence for Medical Superintendent
104/5/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-patients-Generally and Individual
104/6/1A Hospitals-Burnie General-Pathology Services-Coroner's work etc North West
104/6/3 Hospitals-Burnie General-Special Departments-Ear Nose and Throat and Gynaecologist
104/6/4 Hospitals-Burnie General-Special Departments-Blood Transfusions
104/6/5 Hospitals-Burnie General-Mortuary-Use of
104/6/9 Hospitals-Burnie General-Special Services-Dr Mackie
104/6/10 Hospitals-Burnie General-Special Services-Home Nursing
104/8/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-General
104/8/4 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-Procedure Drug Purchasing
104/8/6 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-Inquiry-Chairman, Secretary
104/9/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Darwin Hospital-Buildings-Alexander St
104/9/1A Hospitals-Burnie General-Old Darwin Hospital-Land-Acquisition of additional
104/9/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Darwin pathology Laboratory
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-New Hospital-Erection
104/10/4A Hospitals-Burnie General-New Buildings-Workshops, Store etc
104/10/5 Hospitals-Burnie General-New Hospital-Domestic Staff Quarters
105/2/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-Board Minutes
105/2/3Hospitals-Mersey General-Board Formation and Management
105/3/1Hospitals-Mersey General-Supplies and Equipment-Estimates etc-Devonport Medical Centre
105/3/5 1Hospitals-Mersey General-Supplies-Pathology Lab
105/4/11Hospitals-Mersey General-Proposed Hospital-Devonport-Loose Papers
105/4/1A1Hospitals-Mersey General-Mersey General Hospital-Out-Patients Department-Buildings-Furnishings
105/4/1B1Hospitals-Mersey General-Devonport Medical Centre-Opening
105/4/41Hospitals-Mersey General-(Devonport Medical Centre) Services Block and Mortuary-Roads, Paths, etc
105/4/5A1Hospitals-Mersey Group-Out-patients, Devonport-House for Purchase-Hospital Purposes
105/4/6 Hospitals-Devonport-Mersey Out-patients, Maternity etc-Telephone system
105/8/1 Hospitals-Mersey Group -Administration-Committee to Advise of Staffing
105/8/2 Hospital-Devonport Medical Centre-Administration-finance
105/8/31Hospitals-Mersey General-Out-Patients-Returns Clinic attendances
107/10/1 Hospitals-Smithton-New buildings-Proposed New Hospital
107/10/61 Hospitals-Smithton-New Hospital-Furnishings and Equipment etc
109/4/2 Cosgrove Park-Building-Structural Repairs etc
109/4/6 Cosgrove Park-- Accommodation-Staff
109/4/8 Cosgrove Park-- Nurses Home and domestic Accommodation-Proposed
109/4/9 Cosgrove Park-- Buildings-Electrical Installation
109/4/10 Cosgrove Park-- Buildings-Cool rooms
109/4/11 Cosgrove Park -Accommodation-Alterations to Increase
109/8/4 Cosgrove Park-- Twilight Cottages-Tenancy Agreements
110-Proposed Home for Mental Defectives-Hobart (continued on 98/4/14)
111/1/1 Talire Child Centre-Staff
111/3/1 Talire Child Centre-Supplies and equipment
111/4/1 Talire Child Centre-Buildings and Repairs
111/4/2 Talire Child Centre-Land-11- Risdon Road
111/4/3 Talire Child Centre-Land-Risdon Road Property
111/5/1 Talire Child Centre-Children-Services to-General
111/8/1 Talire Child Centre-Administration
112/1/1 Hospitals-Flinders District-Staff-Nursing General
112/4/2 Hospitals-Flinders District-Buildings-Boilers, Heating and Hot Water
113/1/5 Hospitals-Rosebery-Staff-General
113/2/1 Hospitals-Rosebery-Board Appointments
113/4/1 Hospitals-Rosebery-Buildings and Maintenance-General
113/4/2 Hospitals-Rosebery-New Surgery-Williamsford
113/4/3A Hospitals-Rosebery-Buildings-Surgery for Medical Officer
113/4/4 Hospitals-Rosebery-Buildings-New Hospital
113/4/4A Hospitals-Rosebery-New Hospital-Furnishings and equipment
113/4/5 Hospitals-Rosebery-Buildings-Conversion present Hospital to Nurses Home
113/8/1 Hospitals-Rosebery-Administration-General
113/8/1A Hospitals-Rosebery-Administration-Dr Goulston-Pharmaceutical Benefits
114A Deloraine-Proposed Hospital-Erection
115A Hospitals-Huon District-Buildings-Plans and Erection
116 Moonah Casualty Centre-Proposed
202/3/12-Public Service Administration-Policy-Organisation-Re-organisation of records
241/1/14 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Creation to recommendation of persons to be appointed
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/23 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-Mothercraft Home
241/1/24 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-School Dental
241/1/25 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-School Medical
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-St John's Park
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazette
241/5/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Instructions re filling of vacancies etc
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Requests for replacements etc Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Requests for replacements etc Lachlan Park and Millbrook Rise
241/1/14 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts Temporary-Applications for Temporary Assistance
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
242/2/30 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Monthly temporary employment statement etc
243/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Recruitment-Individuals enquiring for unadvertised jobs
243/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Recruitment-Individuals enquiries for unadvertised jobs
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal-Amendments to Awards-Hospital Employees
246/3/1NUR Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal-Nurses Awards-To Amend Nurses Principle Award
247/9/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Accumulated recreation Leave
247/11/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Temporary Employees' Requests for leave-Lachlan Park
248/2/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Mileage rate allowance list of staff authorised to use own car
249/3/102 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training-Examinations-Health Inspectors
249/4/103 Public Service Administration-Staff-Straining-Courses-Supervision and Management training
249/2/123 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-School of Domestic Arts and Science
249/4/125 Public Service Administration-Staff-training courses-Teacher for Mentally retarded children
249/4/127 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training courses-Civil Defence-Home Nursing-First Aid etc
249/4/142 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Post Graduate Nursing at Royal Hobart Hospital
249/4/145 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Post Graduate Course in Cancer Nursing-UK
249/4/160 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Hospital Administration-Victorian Course
249/4/161 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Hospital Administration-New South Wales
249/4/162 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Lay Staff-Domestics etc in Hospitals
249/4/164 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Radiography (SEE 89/4/5)
249/4/167 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Hospital Administration-Medical Officer's Short Course-New South Wales University
249/6/140 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Bursaries-Variety of Bursary and Training
249/6/142 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Bursaries-Applications-Physiotherapy
249/6/142 Training-Bursaries-Applications-Speech Therapy
249/6/142 Training-Bursaries--Applications-Dental
621- Public Health-Ministerial-Child Health
623 Public Health-Ministerial -School Dental Service
648 Public Health-Ministerial-Food-Meat
650FL Public Health-Ministerial-Research and Development-Fluoridation
665 Public Health-Ministerial-Environmental Sanitation-Drainage-Problems, Planning and treatment
666 Public Health-Ministerial-Environmental Sanitation-Garbage, Nuisances, Offensives Trades, Vermin
668 Public Health-Ministerial-Environmental Sanitation-Public Buildings, Schools, Domestic, Saleyards, Motels, Caravan Parks etc
10/10 Minister for Health -Non-Departmental-Appointments
10/23 Minister for Health-Non-Departmental-Accommodation, Appointments, Itineraries-Tasmania
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations-Director General Health services etc
51/5/2 Departmental-Administration-Invitations-Declined
51/5/2 Departmental-Administration-Invitations-Declined
51/8/4 Departmental-Instructions-Office Procedure
51/9/2 Departmental-General-Supplies and equipment-Miscellaneous
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and equipment-Mechanical Aids
51/10/25 Departmental-Accommodation-Officers
51/14/1A General-Departmental-Finance-Accounts-owing by Department
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary deductions
51/1/46 Departmental-A-G Accounts-Mothercraft Home-Analysis
51/14/6 Departmental-H-Q Accounts-Mothercraft Home-Analysis Fees
51/14/6 Departmental-R-Z Accounts-Mothercraft Home-Analysis Fees
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day
55/10-Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-Administration and General
55/11 Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-School Dental Officer
55/11 Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-School Dental Officers
55/12 Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-School Dental Officers-Sessional
55/13 Dental Health-Staff School Dental Service-School Dental attendants
55/13 Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-School Dental Attendants
55/14 Dental Health-Staff-School Dental Service-Part Time Employees
55.16 Dental Health-Staff School Dental Service-Travel, Movements and Transfers
55/30 Dental Health-Supply and Equipment-General
55/46 Dental Health-Buildings-Residences and Surgery
58/GT/5 District Nursing Service-George Town-Buildings (Proposed Re New Hospital and or Extensions)
60A/WC/2 Accident Reports-A-T
60/EX/1 General-Exhibitions
60/MEX/2 General-Medical Exams-Individual
63/5POLIO General-Diseases-Notifiable-Poliomyelitis
66/1/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Comprehensive-Requests to Department for Copies and Information
66/1/4 General-Legislation-Delegation of Powers-Whole Department
66/AM/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Ambulance Act-Amendments
66/CR/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Cremation Act-Regulations and Amendments
66/DDA/3 General-Acts and Regulations-Dangerous Drugs
66/DDA/Orders General-Legislation-Dangerous Drugs-Orders Variations in Date Order-Schedules
66/HA/1 General-Legislation-Hospitals Act-Acts and Amendments
66/HA/2 General-Legislation-Hospital Act-Regulations and Amendments
66/NR/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Nurses Registration Act
66/PH/1 General-Legislation-Public Health Act-Acts and Amendments
66/PH/2 General-Legislation-Public Health Act-Regulations-Consolidation
66/PY/1 General-Legislation-Pharmacy Act-amendments
67/1/3 General-Reports and Publications-Specially Requested
67/2/1 General-Reports and Publications-Library Lists and books
70/1/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Staffing Establishments-Other than Medical Officers
70/1/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Staffing-Medical Officers etc
70/1/2A Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Medical Staff Appointments
70/2/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Board Minutes
70/4/8B Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-New Maternity Hospital-New Town-Proposal and Planning
70/4/8E Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-New Town Park-Proposed Central Laundry
70/5/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Patients-General
70/6/7 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Special Departments-Pharmacy
70/8/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Administration-reports, Returns, Procedure etc
70/10/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Future Development-Proposed Campbell Street Block etc
70/10/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart Hospital-Future Building Development (Proposed State Laboratory)
72/1/1 Hospitals-Mersey Group-Staff-other than Medical Officers and those with special files
72/4/1 Hospitals-Mersey Group-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
72/8/1 Hospitals-Mersey Group-Administration-Reports, Returns etc
72/10/1 Hospitals-Mersey Group-New Hospital Latrobe-Site
72/10/7 Hospitals-Mersey Group-New Hospital-Laundry services
73/1/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Staffing-Medical Officers
73/2/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Board Minutes
73/6/1D Hospitals-Launceston General-Pathology department-Technicians, Biochemists etc
73/6/9 Hospitals-Launceston General-Special Departments-Radiology
74/2/1 Hospitals-King Island-Board Appointments
74/8/1 Hospitals-King Island-Administration-Reports, Returns etc
75/1/6 General-Cancer-Incidence Respiratory Tract-Measures re Smoking
75/1/2 Health Services-Cancer-Special Reports
75/2/3 General-Cancer-Institute Board-Minutes
75/4/6 Cancer Institute Board-Peter McCallum Clinics-Staffing-General
75/7/1 General-Cancer-Australian Cancer Society
80/4/1 Hospitals-Spencer-Buildings-Maintenance, Repairs and Minor Works
82/2/2 Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Board Minutes
82/10/2A Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Buildings -Opening-New Block
85/2/2 Hospitals-New Norfolk District-Board Minutes
88/2/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-Board Minutes
88/10/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-New Hospital-Erection
88/10/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-New Hospital-Furniture and Equipment
89/1/1C Hospital Administration-Nursing-Returns-Nursing Staff Movements
89/1/6 Hospital Administration-Nursing Recruitment and Training
89/1/8 Hospital Administration-Nursing Staff-Information and Reports
89/1/19 Hospital Administration-Nursing Service-Recruitment and Advertisements-United Kingdom
89/2/1 Hospital Administration-Medical Staffing-enquiries Re Vacancies
89/2/3 Hospital Administration-Staff-Alien Doctors-Selection and Training Exams-Renewal Licences
89/3/4 Hospital Administration-Specialists Services
89/3/4C Hospital Administration-North West Group-Amalgamation Burnie-Spencer
89/3/4D Hospital Administration-Specialists-Generally-North West Coast
89/3/14 Hospital Administration-Specialists Services-Geriatric
89/3/16 Hospital Administration-Special Services-Evacuation of Medical Cases by Air
89/4/5 Hospital Administration-Training Cou8rses-Radiographers
89/5/1 Hospital Administration-Miscellaneous Staffing-Enquiries, Vacancies etc
89/5/9 Hospital Administration-Staffing-Procedure-Applications through Agent-General
89/5/11 Hospital Administration-Recruiting Campaign-UK-Medical, Nursing and Ancillary
89/6/4 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Progress Reports
89/6/6 Hospital Administration-Buildings-Procedures
89/7/1B Hospital Administration-Supplies-Food-Ration Returns for year
89/7/2 Hospital Administration-Supplies-Drugs from Central Medical Store
89/7/3 Hospital Administration-Supplies and Equipment-Supply and Tender Contracts
89/7/4 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-Price Lists and Catalogues`
89/7/14 Hospital Administration-Supply and Equipment-Recompression Chamber
89/7/43 Hospital Administration-Supplies and equipment-Medical Records
89/8/1 Hospital Administration-Finance-Hospital Wages Boards
89/9/3 Hospital Administration-Commonwealth and State Benefits-Hospital Benefits Agreement
89/9/5 Hospital Administration-Finance-General
89/10/8 Hospital Administration-Hospital land Health in Australia-Survey-Prof Griffiths
89/10/23 Hospital Administration-General-Poisons Information
89/11/53 Hospital Administration-Estimates
92/11 General-Drugs-Drugs of all kinds-Evaluation
97/3/1 Government Analyst and Chemist-Technical Division-Supplies and Equipment-Various
98/5/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Patients-Specific
98/8/1 Hospitals-St John's Park-Administration-Reports, Inspections etc
99/1/2 Home for Mental Defectives-Launceston Nelumie-Professional Services
99/4/1 Nelumie-Buildings-Maintenance and repairs
99/8/1 Minister for Health (Confidential)-Re Old Home for Invalids-Nelumie
99/8/2 Mental Health-Nelumie-Administration-Finance
100/2/1 General-National Health and Medical Research Council-Meetings and Reports
100/2/1A General-National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Meetings-Forthcoming
100/2/14 National Health and Medical Research Council-Committees-Medical Statistics Committee-Reports
100/3/1 Nation Health and Medical Research Council-Matters for Discussion or After Meetings
100/3/2A National Health and Medical Research Council-P H Committee-Registration of Births and Foetal Deaths
100/3/20 National Health and Medical Research Council-Council Reports etc-Sub Committee-Staph Infection
100/3/30 National Health and Medical Research Council-National Shigella Centre, National Salmonella Centre
100/3/31 National Health and Medical Research Council-Council matter for discussion-Survey Australian General Practice
100/22/AMB General-Ambulances-Ambulance commission-Minutes of Meetings
100/22/AMB General-Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Finance, Expenses, Fees
100/33/AMB General-Ambulances-St John's Council for Tasmania-Finance
100/40/AMB General-Ambulances-Royal Flying Doctors Service-Federal Council and other States
100/41/AMB General-Ambulance Services-Flying Doctor Service-Inaugural Meeting-Council Appointments etc
100/44/AMB General-Ambulance Service-Flying Doctor Service-finance-State Aid and federal
100/46/AMB General-Ambulances-Royal Flying Doctors Service-Special Area Facilities-Port Davey
100/46/AMB General-Ambulances-Royal Flying Doctors Service-Special Area Facilities-Port Davey
100/46/4/AMB General-Ambulances-Royal Flying Doctors Service-Special Areas-Bruny Island
102/4/4 Tuberculosis Division-Launceston Clinic
102/5/2 Tuberculosis Branch-Administration-Patients-Individual
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Erection New Hospital
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-New Hospital-Equipment
105 Hospitals-Devonport-Latrobe Group of Hospitals-Site
105/2/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-Board Minutes
105/4/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-New Nurses Home-Devonport-Erection, Equipment
105/6/1 Hospitals-Mersey General-Out-Patients Department-Clinics
106/4/6 Hospitals-Toosey Hospital-Buildings-Kitchen
107/4/2 Hospitals-Smithton-Buildings-Buildings-Future Use old Buildings
107/10/1A Hospitals-Smithton-New Hospital-Opening
112/2/1 Hospitals-Flinders District- Board
112/4/3 Hospitals-Flinders District-Buildings and Maintenance
115 Hospitals-Proposed Huon District Hospital-site
241/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Creation of Positions-Whole Department
241/1/5 Administration-Health Education-Staff Appointments-Creation to Appointments
241/1/21 Public Service Administration-Staff-Office Administration and Nutrition
241/1/22 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-Child Health
241/1/23 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-Mothercraft Home
241/1/53 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Creation to Recommendation
241/2/4 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Reorganisation of a section of a division-National Fitness Council
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Government Gazette
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts, Permanent-Government Gazette
242/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Requests for replacement-Hospital Administration
242/1/21 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-requests for replacements-Public Health Administration
242/1/23 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Requests for replacements etc-Mothercraft Home
242/1/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Northern Chest Hospital
242/1/33 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Tasmanian Chest Hospital
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-St John's park
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
243/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Recruitment -Individual Enquiries for unadvertised jobs
246/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Public Service Lists and corrections thereto
246/3/1HEF Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Hospital employees
246/3/1PSA Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal-Principal Award No 10 1961
246/9/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries -Information Re salaries supplied to enquiries
247/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working conditions-Travelling allowances etc Whole Department
249/4/161 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Courses-Hospital Administration-NSW
500/10/10 Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes and Institutions-Administration-Generally
521/71/11 Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes and Institutions-Hobart-St Helens-Inspections etc
521/71/21 Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes and Institutions-Hobart-St Helens-Agreement to Lease to Sister Johnson etc
521/71/80 Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes and Institutions-Hobart-St Helens-Works, Repairs and Maintenance
650/FL Public Health-Research and Development-Fluoridation-Ministerial Correspondence
664 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Sewage
10/10 Minister for Health-Non-Departmental Appointments
10/10 Minister for Health-Non-Departmental Appointments
30/30L Minister for Health-Non-Departmental-State Parliament-Minister for Lands and Works and Mines etc
30/31H Minister for Health-Non-Departmental-State Ministers-Housing Industry Applications
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations-Director-General-Accept and Decline
51/8/4 Departmental-Instructions-Office Procedure-Generally
51/8/9 Departmental-General Staff-Car Parks and Parking allocations
51/9/3 Departmental-Administration-Supplies and equipment-Telephones
51/9/4 Departmental-Supplies-Printing-Government Printer
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Mechanical Aids
51/10/2 Departmental-Accommodation-Hobart Office-Various
51/10/10 Departmental-Accommodation-Residences-Determination Rentals
T4 Departmental-Transport-Purchase and Disposal
T9 Departmental-Transport-Mileage's-Running Expenses Motor Vehicles
51/14/1A General-Departmental-Finance-Accounts owing by department
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance -Audit-Repairs and Queries
51/14/2a Departmental-Finance-Accounts-Payments of salaries
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-A-B
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-C-D
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-E-G
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-H
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-I-M (including Mc)
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-N-P
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-R-S
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-District Nursing Centres, Mothercraft Home, Analysis Fees-T-Z
51/5/6 Departmental-Reports-Parliamentary-Legislative Council-Notices of Motion
51/15/2 Departmental-Reports-Annual Reports
51/15/3 Departmental-Reports-Press Miscellaneous
51/15/4 Departmental-Reports-House of Assembly-Notices of Motion
51/15/5 Departmental-Reports-House of assembly-Votes and Proceedings
51/16/2 Departmental-Administration-Address Mailing Lists
51/17/6 Departmental-Administration-Re-organisation-Altern Public Service List Set Up
54/30 Pathology-State Laboratory-Equipment
55/19 Dental Health-School Dental Service-Training School-Enquiries-Applications in General
55/19A Dental Health-School Dental Service-Dental Nurses-General
55/41 Dental Health-School Dental Service-Buildings-Dental Nurses Training School
55/41EQ Dental Health-School Dental Service-Buildings-Dental Nurses Training School-Equipment
55/45HOB Dental Health-Buildings-Clinics-Hobart
55/60ANA Dental Health-School Dental Service-Special Facilities Anaesthetics
55/83 Dental Health-School Dental-Administration-Dental Nurses Training Scheme
58/1/2SH District Nursing-Staff-Casuals-Sheffield
58/2/7 District Nursing-Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Returns, Claims, etc
58/5/1TU District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Miscellaneous-Tullah
60A/NHF General-Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc-National Heart Foundation
60A/RCW General-Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc-Retarded Children's Welfare Association
60A/WC2 General-Workers Compensation Claims-A-M
60A/WC2 General-Workers Compensation Claims-N-Z
60ALC General-Alcoholism
60AS General-Miscellaneous-Asthma Foundation of Tasmania
60/CD/1 General-Civil Defence and Rescue Organisations (Including State Emergency Committee)
60/CO/1 General-Conferences-Miscellaneous
69/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health Conference 1965
60/DA/5 General-Dental Mechanics-Regional Board-Syllabus for course
60/DA/8 General-Dental Act Administration-Dental Board-Finance
60/D/2 General-Miscellaneous-Diets Etc
60/FV General-State Emergency-Fire Victims Welfare Organisation
60/MEX/1 General-Medical Examinations-Generally
60/NF/2 General-National Fitness-Meetings-Minutes
60/RC/3A General-Red Cross Society-Commonwealth Subsidy-Blood Transfusion Service-Claims
60/UN/9 General-University-Faculty of Medicine-Members and Meetings
60/WHO General-World Health Organisation-Miscellaneous
66/1/3 General-Acts and regulations-Other States and Overseas-Copies and Information Re
66/DDA/2A General-Dangerous Drugs-Lists Drugs to be added to Schedules
66/LG/5 General-Acts and Regulations-Local Government Act-Municipal Health Inspectors-Qualifications and Appointments
66/PY/2 General-Legislation-Pharmacy Act-Amendments-Regulations
66/WCA General-Acts and Regulations-Workers Compensation
67/1/1 General-Reports and Publications-General Information-Amendments Year Book etc
67/1/3 General-Reports and Publications-Specially requested or required by department from other departments
67/5/1 General-Reports and Publications-Journals, subscriptions etc
67/8/1 General-Publicity-Articles for Press etc
69/4/1 Tuberculosis Division-Tasmanian Chest Hospital-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
70/2/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Board minutes
70/4/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Buildings Repairs and Maintenance
70/4/3 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Buildings-Wingfield-Maintenance
70/4/5A Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Buildings-Out-Patients
70/4/5X Hospitals-Royal Hobart-New Out-Patients-X-Ray including Czardiac Unit
70/4/8D Hospitals-Royal Hobart-New Town Maternity Annexe-Nurses Home-Including Landscaping
70/4/15 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Lady Clark Annexe-Buildings and Repairs
70/4/26 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Buildings and repairs-Accommodation for National Heart Foundation
70/5/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Patients-Individual
70/8/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Administration-finance
70/8/9 Hospitals-Royal Hobart--Administration-Personal Patients Scheme
72/4/28 Hospitals-Mersey General Hospital-Buildings-Additional Bed Requirements
73/2/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Board Minutes
73/4/1 Hospitals-Launceston General-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance etc
73/4/35 Hospitals-Launceston General-Buildings and Maintenance-Ash Hopper and Boiler House
73/8/1 Hospitals-Launceston General-Administration-reports, returns, visits etc
73/8/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Administration-finance
73/10/4 Hospitals-Launceston General-Buildings-New Out-Patients Block-Future Development
74/4/15 Hospitals-King Island District-Buildings-New Main Hospital
74/8/2 Hospitals-King Island-Administration-Finance
75/2/1 General-Cancer-Institute Board-Minutes
75/2/4 General-Cancer-Agreement with Cancer Institute Board
75/4/1 General-Cancer-Peter MacCallum Clinic-Hobart
77/4/1 Hospitals-Queen Alexandra-Buildings-Repairs
78/1/1 Hospitals-Lyell District-Staffing-Other than Medical Officers
78/2/2 Hospitals-Lyell District-Board Minutes
78/3/1 Hospitals-Lyell District-Supplies and Equipment-various
78/8/1 Hospitals-Lyell District-Administration-Reports, returns etc
79/4/13 Hospitals-Tuberculosis Division-Northern Chest Hospital-Buildings-Conversion to Home for Aged-Proposals
80/2/2 Hospitals-Spencer-Board Minutes
80/4/17 Hospitals-Spencer-Buildings-Psychiatric Unit
81/2/2 Hospitals-Beaconsfield-Board Minutes
81/4/6 Hospitals-Beaconsfield-Buildings-New Wing
82/2/2 Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Board Minutes
82/3/1 Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Supplies and equipment
82/10/2 Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Buildings-Extensions
85/2/2 Hospitals-New Norfolk District-Board Minutes
88/2/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-board Minutes
88/3/1 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-Supplies and equipment
89/1/1D Hospitals-Administration-Nursing Staff-Returns Vacancies
89/1/18 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-The Tasmanian Nurse
89/1/20A Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Booklet-distribution
89/2/2 Hospitals-Administration-Medical Staffing Alien Doctors
89/3/4 Hospitals-Administration-Specialists Services-Radiology North West Coast
89/6/5 Hospitals-Administration-Buildings-Land offered for sale
89/7/1 Hospitals-Administration-Catering-Conference
89/7/1B Hospitals-Administration-supplies-Food-Ration Returns
89/8/1A Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards-Other States
89/9/3A Hospitals-Administration-Commonwealth Benefits-Pensioners
89/9/3B Hospitals-Administration-Hospital Benefits and fees-Unqualified Patients
89/9/5 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-General
89/9/7 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Hospital Benefits-Fees-Increases etc
89/9/7 Hospitals-Administration-Hospital Fees-Other states
89/9/7C Hospitals-Administration-Fees and Increases
89/9/8 Hospitals-Administration-Pharmaceutical Benefits-Commonwealth Legislation
89/10/1 Hospital and Medical Administration-Non-Departmental Medical Services, British Medical Authority Rosters, Reports, Complaints
89/10/12 Hospitals-Administration-General-Hospital Officers Association of Tasmania
89/11/9 Hospitals-Administration-Circulars-accounting for fees
89/11/50 Hospitals-Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/53 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Hospital Budgets, Circulars etc
90/2/2 Hospitals-Scottsdale-Board Minutes
92/13 General-Drugs-Adverse Drug Reaction Reports
98/2/2 Hospitals-Gellibrand House-Board Minutes
98/3/1 Hospitals-St John's Park-Supplies-Various
98/3/6 Hospitals-St John's Park-Supplies and equipment-fire Protection
98/4/1 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
98/4/10 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-New Nurses Home
98/4/34 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-water supply
98/5/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Patients-Specific
98/8/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Administration-finance
100/2/7 Hospitals-St John's Park-National Health and Medical Research Council-Medical Statistics Committee-Morbidity Statistics
100/20/AMB General-Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Administration procedure, reports etc
100/45/AMB General-Ambulance Services-Flying Doctor service-Information-Enquiries
104/2/2 Hospitals-Burnie District-Board Minutes
104/4/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Erection-Hospital Extensions
104/10/3 Hospitals-Burnie General-Proposed New Hospital-Nurses Home
105/2/2 Hospitals-Mersey-Board Minutes
105/4/3 Hospitals-Mersey General-Maternity Division-Erection New Hospital
107/2/2 Hospitals-Smithton-Board Minutes
107/4/1 Hospitals-Smithton-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
112/4/1 Hospitals-Flinders District-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
113/4/1 Hospitals-Rosebery District-Buildings and Maintenance-General
117/4/1 Hospitals-Ouse District-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
118 Hospitals-Clarence Municipality-New Hospital-Acquisition of site
121/AMB General-Ambulances-Southern Tasmanian Ambulance District
137/AMB General-Ambulances-Launceston-Northern Ambulance Board
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Head Quarters-Posts-Permanent-Creation to Recommendation
241/1/22 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-Child Health
241/1/23 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-Mothercraft Home
241/1/25 Public Service Administration-Staff-Public Health Division-School Medical
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-St John's Park Hospital-Creation to Recommendation
241/2/5 Public Service Administration-Staff-Dental-Organisation-Staffing Section of Division
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Permanent-Government Gazette
242/1/31 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Tuberculosis Division
242/1/4131 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
243/1/131 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Recruitment-Individual Enquiries for unadvertised jobs
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries PS Tribunal Award-Hospital Employees
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications, Burnie
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications, Launceston
246//3/1HEF Staff Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications, Royal Hobart-Peacock
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications, Spencer
246/3/1MO's Staff Salaries-Medical Officers Principal Award-Controlling Authorities-Applications of Award
246/3/1MO's Staff Salaries-Medical Officers Principal Award and Amendments
246/3/1NUR Staff-Salaries-Nurses Public Hospital and District Services Award-Nurses Public Service Award
246/3/1NUR Staff Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications, Burnie
246/3/1NUR Staff Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications
246/3/1MOPT Staff Salaries-Principal Awards and Applications-Medical Officers-Part Time
246/8/1 Staff Salaries-Basic Wage and COL Adjustments and Increments
246/13/41 Staff Salaries-QFLB-St John's Park
248/2/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Mileage Rate allowances, List of Staff authorised to use own car
248/3/30 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel
249/4/100 Public Service Administration-Staff Training Courses
249/4/163 Public Service Administration-Staff Training courses-Cooks for Hospitals
249/5/100 Public Service Administration-Staff Training Fellowships-World Health Organisation
249/6/142 Public Service Administration-Staff Bursaries-enquiries and Applications
503/68/10 Private Medical Establishments-Brighton Municipality-Roseway Rest Home-Reports etc
508/46/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Clarence Municipality-Mountain View Home
509/10/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Deloraine -
510/11/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Devonport Municipality-Best Street
521/23/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Hobart Municipality-Ellerslie
521/77/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Hobart-Shenley-Rest Home
521/74/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Hobart-Sea View
537/1210 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Launceston Municipality-Bethesda
537/44/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Launceston Municipality Linden
559/70/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-St Leonards Municipality-36 Mayne Street
561/70/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Sorell Municipality-Sorell Nursing Home
561/70/30 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Sorell Municipality-Sorell Nursing Home-Licensing etc
640 Public Health (Ministerial)-Food-Nutrition, standards etc
654 Public Health (Ministerial)-Research and Development-Hydatids
664 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Sewage
666 Public Health Division(Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Garbage, Nuisances, Offensive trade etc
668 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Public Buildings, Schools, Domestic
537/45/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Launceston Municipality-Masonic Peace Memorial Haven
537/45/30 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Launceston Municipality-Masonic Peace Memorial Haven-Commonwealth Aid
537/75/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Launceston-Salvation Army Maternity Hospital
548/20/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Rest Homes etc-Lilydale Municipality Floors Dilston
60/CO/5A General-Conferences-Auxiliary
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister of Health-166 Conference
60/CO/7 General-Conferences-Minister for Health 1967 Conference
60/CO/16 General-Conferences-Nurses Training and Education-All States
60/CO/17 General-Conferences-State/Commonwealth Health Officers-Matters affecting Minister for Health Conference 1965
60/CO/17 General-Conferences-State/Commonwealth Health Officers-Matters affecting Minister for Health Conference 1965 and 1968
60/DA/1 Miscellaneous-Dental Mechanics Registration Board-Appointments
60/DA/2 Miscellaneous-Dental Mechanics Registration Board-Minutes
60/DA/3 Miscellaneous-Dental Mechanics Registration Board-Applications and Examinations-Non Qualified Dentists
60/DA/6 Miscellaneous-Dental Mechanics Registration Board-Examinations and Examiners
60/DA/8A General-Dental Act Administration-Dental Mechanics Registration Board-Finance and Administration
60/DA/10 General-Dental Act Administration-Enquiries into Breaches
60/DA/11 General-Dental Mechanics-Interpretation and queries Re Regulations
60/NF/1 National Fitness Council-Administration-Generally
60/RC/1 General-Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service-Meetings, Minutes and Matters arising therefrom-General
60/VI/1 General-Visitors
60A/4BA General-Associations and Committees etc-Underwater-Breathing Apparatus Committee
60A/WC2-Mrs Violet Hoffman
60A/WC2 Workers Compensation-A-H
60A/WC2 Workers Compensation-M-Z
60A/WC2 Workers Compensation
66/AA/1 General-Legislation-Anatomy Act-Acts and Amendment
66/FD/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Food and drugs Act-Amendments
66/MA/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Medical Act
66/PH/12 General-Acts and Regulations-Public Health Act-Inflammable Clothing Regulations
66/PH/12 General-Acts and Regulations-Public Health Act-Flame Resistant Childrens' Clothing
66/PNTS/1 General-Acts and Regulations-Legislation-Poisons, Narcotics and Therapeutic Substances Act
66/TR/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Traffic Act-Regulations
66/1/2 General-Acts and Regulations-Comprehensive Requests to Department for copies and Information Re
66/1/3 General-Acts and Regulations-Other states and overseas-Copies and Information
67/1/2 General-Reports and Publications-Requests to Department of Health Services from other Departments for copies and information etc
67/4/2 General-Reports and Publications-Special Projects
67/6/4 General-Reports and Publications-Social Services Booklet
70/1/4 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Terms of Service, Salaries etc
70/10/3 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Buildings-North East Building
72/1/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-Staff-Medical Officers
73/2/1 Hospitals-Launceston General-Board Minutes
73/2/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Board Minutes
73/10/4 Hospitals-Launceston General-Buildings-Future Development
75/2/3 Hospitals-Cancer Institute Board-Minutes
75/4/6M General-Cancer-Staff-Dr Matar
78/4/1 Hospitals-Lyell District, Queenstown-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
80/1/1 Hospitals-Spencer-Staff-Other than Medical Officers
80/1/21 Hospitals-Spencer-Staff-Medical Officers
80/1/2A Hospitals-Spencer-Staff-Professional-Part time
80/1/7 Hospitals-Spencer-Staff-Physiotherapist
80/2/1 Hospitals-Spencer,-Board Members
80/3/1 Hospitals-Spencer,-Supplies and equipment-General
80/3/2 Hospitals-Spencer Public Hospital-X-Rays
80/4/16 Hospitals-Spencer-Buildings-Home for Aged
80/5/1 Hospitals-Spencer-Patients
80/5/2 Hospitals-Spencer-Patients-Individual
80/6/2 Hospitals-Spencer-Special Departments-Out-patients clinic
80/8/1 Hospitals-Spencer-Administration-Reports, Returns etc
80/8/2 Hospitals-Spencer, Wynyard-Administration-finance
80/8/3 Hospitals-Wynyard Public Hospital-Administration-By Laws
80/8/7 Hospitals-Spencer-Administration-Private and Intermediate Beds
80/20POR Government Medical-Portland Municipality-St Helen's Residence-Repairs and Maintenance
GMS/80/30POR-Government Medical-Portland-Supplies
82/4/1 Hospitals-Queen Victoria-Buildings, Maintenance and Repairs
83/2/2 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Hospital Board Minutes
85/1/2 Hospitals-New Norfolk District-Staff-Medical Officers
85/2/1 Hospitals-New Norfolk District-Board Appointments
88/4/1 Hospitals-Ulverstone-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
89/1/2 Hospitals-Administration-Nurses Registration Board
89/1/2A Hospitals Administration-Nurses Registration Board-Meetings
89/1/3 Hospitals Administration-Nursing-National Advisory Council
89/1/6B Hospitals Administration-Nursing-Training-National Service Training for Girls
89/1/6C Hospitals Administration-Nursing -Voluntary Aid Detachment
89/1/6E Hospitals Administration-Recruitment and Training-Enquiry into decrease-Report of committee
89/1/7 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Enquiries A-F
89/1/7 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Enquiries G-O
89/1/7 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Enquiries P-Z
89/1/7 Hospitals Administration-Nursing-Tourist Nursing Movements
89/1/12 Hospitals Administration-Australian College of Nursing-Grant-Scholarships-General
89/1/13 Hospitals Administration-Nursing-Committee Formed to Investigate and Report to Minister of Health Conference
89/1/14 Hospitals Administration-Nursing-Tuberculosis Nursing
89/1/15 Hospitals Administration-- Staffing-Married Nurses-Employment of Married Couples
89/1/16 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Interstate Advisory Council-Proposed Formation
89/1/19 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Service-Recruitment and Advertisements-United Kingdom
89/1/19 Hospitals Administration-Nursing Service-Recruitment and Advertisements-United Kingdom
89/1/20A Hospitals Administration-Nursing Booklet-Distribution
89/2/1 Hospitals Administration-Medical Staffing-Enquiries Re Vacancies
89/2/2 Hospitals Administration-Staff-Alien Doctors-General
89/2/3A Hospitals Administration-Alien Doctors-Licentiates
89/3/4RAD Specialists Services-North West Coast-Radiology
89/3/9 Hospitals Administration-Specialists-Wholetime
89/6/4 Hospitals Administration-Buildings-Progress Report
89/6/4 Hospitals Administration-Buildings-Progress Report
89/6/5 Hospitals Administration-Buildings and Land-Offered for sale
89/6/6 Hospitals Administration-Buildings-Procedure
89/6/7 Hospitals Administration-- Buildings-Laundries-Group Laundry(South)
89/6/14 Hospitals Administration- Buildings-Operating Theatres
89/7/1B Hospitals Administration-Supplies-Food-Ration Returns
89/7/3 Hospitals Administration-Supplies and equipment-Supply and Tender Contracts
89/7/14 Hospitals Administration-- Supplies and equipment-Recompression Chamber
89/9/3 Hospitals Administration-Commonwealth and State Benefits-Hospital Benefits
89/9/4 Hospitals Administration-Hospital Benefits-Insurance Schemes
89/8/7 Hospitals Administration-Finance-Basic Wage and Cost of Living
89/10/3 Hospitals Administration-General-Lists, Services and Enquiries etc
89/10/25 Hospitals Administration-General-Hospital ward Management and Well Being of Patients
89/11/MISC Hospitals Administration-Circulars-Miscellaneous
89/11/3 Hospitals Administration-Visiting Children in Hospital
89/11/50 Hospitals Administration-Circulars-General
89/11/50 Hospitals Administration-Circulars-General
89/13/1 Hospitals Administration-Procedure, Returns etc
89/13/2 Hospitals Administration-Returns-Audit Reports-Hospital Meals Served
90/4/10 Hospitals-Scottsdale-Buildings-Proposed New Hospital
92/30 General-Drugs-Poisons-Interpretation and Information Act
92/30 General-Drugs-Poisons-Interpretation and Information
98/4/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Buildings-Laundry
98/5/2 Hospitals-St John's Park-Patients-Specific
98/5/4 Hospitals-St John's Park-Patients-Social Activities
98/6/1 Hospitals-St John's Park-Annexe for Elderly-Ladies Home
100/2/21 General-National Health and Medical Research Council-Advisory Panel-Poisons and Drugs
100/28/AMB Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Buildings
100/28/10AMB Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-New Buildings
100/28/11AMB Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Buildings-New Ambulance Station-Hobart
102/5/1 Tuberculosis Division-Administration-Patients, General, Cases in public Hospitals etc
104/1/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-General
104/1/1A Hospitals-Burnie Public Hospital-Staffing-Matron
104/1/TS Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-Tutor-Sister
104/1/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-Medical
104/1/2B Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-Deputy Medical Staff
104/1/2CA Hospitals-Burnie General-Medical Staff-Clinical Assistants
104/1/2CS Hospitals-Burnie General-Staff-Casualty Supervisor
104/1/2S Hospitals-Burnie General-Medical Staff-Superintendent
104/1/2SS Hospitals-Burnie General-Medical Staff-Specialist Surgeons
104/1/3 Hospitals-Burnie Public Hospital-Staff-Leave
104/1/5 Hospitals-Burnie Public Hospital-Staff-General
104/2/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Board Members
104/3/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and Equipment-General
104/3/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and equipment-X-Ray
1045/3/4 Hospitals-Burnie General-Supplies and equipment-Instruments
104/5/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Patients-Individuals
104/5/4 Hospitals-Burnie General-patients-Emergency Service
104/6/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Special Departments-Pathology Department
104/6/1D Hospitals-Burnie General-Pathology Establishment-Technicians and Trainees
104/6/7 Hospitals-Burnie Public Hospital-Special Departments-Pharmacy Services
104/7/1 Hospitals-Burnie Public Hospital-Miscellaneous
104/8/1 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-Reports, Returns, Fees etc
104/8/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-Finance
104/8/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Temporary File-Reeves Bequest
104/8/5 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration By-Laws
104/8/7 Hospitals-Burnie General-Administration-Private and Intermediate Beds
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Erection-Hospital Extensions
104/10/2 Hospitals-Burnie General-Buildings-Erection-Extensions
105/2/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-Board Minutes
106/4/1 Hospital-Toosey Memorial-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
109/2/2 Hospitals-Cosgrove Park-Ainslie House-Minutes of Meetings and Notices
112/2/2 Hospitals-Flinders District-Board Minutes
113/2/2 Hospitals-Rosebery Hospital-Board Minutes
114 Hospitals-Deloraine-Proposed Hospital-Site
114A Hospitals-Deloraine-Proposed Hospital-Planning and Erection
114A Hospitals-Deloraine-District Nursing Centre-Additions to provide kitchen accommodation
114/MOR Hospitals-Deloraine-Proposed Hospital-Mortuary Facilities
114/4/2 Hospitals-Deloraine-Buildings-Erection Nurses Home
115/2/2 Hospitals-Huon District-Board Minutes
119/2/2Hospital-North-Western General-Board Minutes (Burnie/Wynyard Board)
119/2/2 2Hospital-North-Western General-Board Minutes-House and finance Committee
241/1/4 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Creation to Recommendation-National Fitness Council
241/1/21 Public Service Administration-Staff-Office, Administration and nutrition
242/1/23 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Public Health, Mothercraft Home
241/1/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Creation to Recommendation-Northern Chest Hospital
241/3/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Duties-Northern Chest Hospital
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Permanent-Government Gazette
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Permanent-Government Gazette
241/5/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-Instructions refilling of vacancies, transfer and retirements
242/1/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Northern Chest Hospital
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts Temporary-St John's Park
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts Temporary-St Johns Park
242/3/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Casual Employment-Lachlan Park
246/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Ps Lists and corrections-Chant of Title-Classifications
246/3/1 Public Service Tribunal-Hospital Employees' (Public Hospitals) Principal Award No 3
246/3/1BA and FED Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Claims-Boiler attendants and Federal Engine Drivers and firemen's association
246/3/1HEF Public Service Tribunal-Claims submitted and Heard
246/3/1HEF Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Hospital Employees
246/3/1NUR Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal Award-Applications-Royal Hobart Hospital
246/3/1PSA Staff-salaries-Public Service Award-State Authority Employees Award
246/3/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Recommended alterations in classifications-Northern Chest Hospital
246/13/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Northern Chest Hospital
246/14/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Salary adjustments employees-Northern Chest Hospital
247/3/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Extra, Higher etc
247/11/42 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Employees' requests for leave-North Chest Hospital
247/14/32 Public Service Administration-Staff-Working Conditions-Overtime-Northern Chest Hospital
248/11/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Arrangements, Journeys, accommodation etc
249/4/167 Public Service Administration-Staff-Administration-Training-Mayfield training Centre
249/5/101 Public Service Administration-Staff-Training Fellowships-Overseas Official Travelling
508/10/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-Clarence Municipality-Eventide Nursing Home-Reports etc
509/60/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-Deloraine-Restella-Inspections, Reports etc
521/17/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-Hobart-Clutha Nursing Home-Inspections, Reports, etc
521/47/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-Hobart-Maryville Private Rest Home-Inspections, Reports etc
521/71/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-Hobart-St Helen's Private Hospital-Inspections, Reports, Etc
521/71/21 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-St Helen's Private Hospital-Inventory
521/71/70 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc-St Helen's-Supplies and Minor equipment
537/73/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing and Rest Homes etc--Launceston-St Mary's Rest Home-Inspections, Reports etc
650/FLU Public Health-Research and Development-Ministerial Correspondence
650/FLU Public Health-Research and Development-Ministerial File-fluoridation
664 Public Health-Environmental Sanitation-Sewage
10/1 Ministerial-Non-Departmental Appointments-Dr the Hon N D Abbott
10/10 Minister for Health-Non-Departmental-Appointments-Hon M G Everett
10/11 Minister for Health-Non-Departmental
10/13 Ministerial-Parliament (State)-House of Assembly-Votes and Proceedings
10/20 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Accommodation, Itineraries, Travel etc-Generally
10/21 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Accommodation, itineraries, travel etc-Air Travel Returns
10/22 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Travel, Mainland, Accommodation, Itineraries, Transport etc
10/23 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Travel, Accommodation and Itineraries-Tasmania
10/24 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Accommodation, Itineraries and travel-Special Tours(Grants Commission, Premier's etc)
10/30 Minister's Diary Files-Miscellaneous
20/10 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Constituents etc
20/20 Minister For Health-Electorate-Tours and correspondence Constituents
20/21 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Publicity-Party Activities
20/30 Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Constituents enquiries-Launceston Area
30/10 Minister For Health-Parliament-State-Generally-Notices, Pairs etc
30/11 Minister For Health--Parliament (State)-General-Personal-Miscellaneous Correspondence-Congratulations etc
30/12 Minister For Health-Parliament-State-Committees-Public Accounts Committee
30/20 Minister For Health-Parliament-State-Members-Various matters referred to or by
30/30A Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Agriculture
30/30ATG Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Attorney General
30/30CS Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Chief Secretary
30/30E Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Education
30/30FOR Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-minister for Forests
30/30HEC Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister in Charge Hydro Electric Commission
30/30HOU Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Housing
30/30L&W Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Lands, Works and Mines
30/30P Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Police
30/30PRE Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Premier
30/30T Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Treasurer
30/30T&I Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Tourism and Immigration
30/30TRA Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Minister for Transport
30/31H Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-State Ministers-Housing
30/31PRE Minister For Health-Non-Departmental-Parliament-State-Premier
40/20 Minister's-Parliament-Federal-Members Correspondence
40/30/REP Minister's-Parliament-Federal-Matters referred to Minister for Repatriation
50/10 Minister for Health-Departmental-Copies, Instructions etc
50/20 Minister for Health-Departmental-Copies Instructions etc
50/30 Minister for Health-Departmental-Copies, Instructions etc
51/8/10 Departmental-Staff-administration-Cabinet Procedure
51/14/1A Departmental-Accounts-Owing by Department-Finance
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-D J Panton-Remission
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-J Pearden-Remission
51/14/6 Departmental-Accounts-Henderson
51/15/2 Departmental-Reports-Annual Reports
51/15/3 Departmental-Reports-Press-Miscellaneous
55/22 Health Department-Committees, Conferences etc-Committee of Review-Reports of Meetings and Agendas
60/CO/8A General-Conferences-Alcoholism and Drugs-National Standing Control Committee on Drugs of Dependence
60/CO/8A General-Conferences-Drugs-National Standing Control Committee on Drugs of Dependence
60/D/4 General-Diabetics
60/SEC General-State Disaster Plan-State Emergency Commission
60/UN/7 General University-Dental School
60A/MHSC/2 Mental Health Services Commission-Minutes
60A/PGF General-Associations Etc-Australian Post Graduate Federation in Medicine
60A/SD/2 General-Associations, Committees etc-State Drug Advisory Committee-Meetings
60A/SD/3 General-Associations, Committees, Councils etc-State Drug Advisory Committee-Provision of Drugs
60A/WC/2 Workers' Compensation-Mrs E Poke
60A/WC/2 Workers' Compensation-Various
60A/WC/2 Workers' Compensation-Mrs M J Free
60/10 Minister's General-Outside Enquiries-Non-Departmental
61/5/3 General-Road Safety-Fatal Accidents-A-C
61/5/3 General-Road Safety-Fatal Accidents-D-J
61/5/3 General-Road Safety-Fatal Accidents K-O
61/5/3 General-Road Safety-Fatal Accidents P-Z
61/5/6A(1) General-Road Safety-Road Accidents and Prevention-Road Accidents-Specific-Police Reports
61/5/6A(2) General-Road Safety-Road Accidents and Prevention-Road Accidents-Specific-Police Reports
63/10/INF Public Health-Diseases-Non-Notifiable-Influenza
66/DA/1 General-Legislation-Dentists Act-Amendments
66/HA/1 General-Legislation-Hospitals Act-Acts and Amendments
66/PA/2 General-Legislation-Poisons Act-Regulations
66/TOB General-Legislation-Tobacco-Advertising-Control of
66/TR/1 General-Legislation-Traffic Act-Act and Amendments
70/1/4A Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Staff-Awards and Classifications
70/2/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Board Appointments
70/3/1 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Supplies and equipment-Various
70/5/2 Hospitals-Royal Hobart-Patients-Individual
72/4/1 Hospitals-Mersey General-Buildings-Repairs and Maintenance
73/1/1 Hospitals-Launceston General-Staffing-Miscellaneous
73/2/2 Hospitals-Launceston General-Board Minutes
74/2/2 Hospitals-king Island-Board Minutes
80 Minister's-General-Cabinet Papers-Non-Departmental
80/20/FL General (?) Medical Service-Flinders-Buildings-Residence District Medical Officer
81/2/2 Hospitals-Beaconsfield-Board Minutes
83/2/2 Hospitals-Campbell Town-Board Minutes
88/2/2 Hospitals-Ulverstone General-Board Minutes
89/1/6 Report Committee Investigating-Decreased Recruitment Nursing Profession
89/1/6 Interim Report on the Study Concerning the Wastage of Trained General Nurses in Australia
89/1/6 Hospitals-Administration-Nursing-Recruitment and Training-Plus-Revision of Nurse Education
89/2/6A Hospitals-Administration-Medical Staff-Appointments Junior Resident Medical Officers
89/7/1 Hospitals-Administration-Supply and Equipment-Catering Conferences
89/7/1B Hospitals-Administration-Supplies-Food-Ration Returns
89/8/1 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Hospital Wages Board
89/8/1NSW Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards NSW
89/8/1QLD Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards-Queensland
89/8/8 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Assessment Salaries-Superintendents, Specialists General Hospitals
89/8/NUR Hospital and Medical-Administration-Public Service Tribunal-Nurses Awards
89/8/1SA Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards-South Australia
89/8/1VIC Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards-Victoria
89/8/1WA Hospitals-Administration-Wages Awards-Western Australia
89/8/8A Hospitals-Administration-Assessment of Salaries and Fees-General Practitioners-Attached to District Hospitals
89/8/9 Hospitals-Administration-Wages Board-Matrons Overtime Rates of Pay
89/8/12 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Wages Board etc -Salaries-Secretaries
89/8/13 Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Wages Board Determination-Technicians, Physiotherapists etc
89/8/13A Hospitals-Administration-Finance-Wages-Hospital Staff-General
89/9/4A Hospitals-Administration-Hospital and Medical Benefits Fund-Select Committee on Medical and Hospital Costs
89/9/10 Hospitals-Administration-Fees and Charges-Private and Intermediate Beds
89/10/19 Hospitals-Administration-General-Register of specialists
89/11/2 Hospitals-Administration-Finance, Procedure Etc-Circulars-General
89/11/53 Hospitals-Administration-Finance, Hospital Budget, Circulars, Etc
89/13/3 Hospitals-Administration-Returns, Burnie and Spencer-Daily Average of occupied beds
89/13/4 Hospitals-Administration-Procedure-Staff Returns
89/13/5 Hospitals-Administration-Returns etc, Audit, Purchase, storage and issue of Provisions
90 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Federal-Press Releases
92/16/13 General-Drugs and Poisons-Therapeutic Substances-Uniform Control over Therapeutic goods (Commonwealth/State)
92/30 General-Drugs-Poisons-Interpretation and Information Act
98/4/3 St John's Park-Buildings and Maintenance-Roadways and Lighting
100/22/AMB General-Ambulances-Ambulance Commission-Minutes of Meetings
105/2/2 Hospitals-Mersey General-Board Minutes
115/2/2 Hospitals-Huon District-Board Minutes
119/2/2 Hospitals-North-Western General-Board Minutes(Burnie/Wynyard Board)
119/2/2 Hospitals-North-Western General-Minutes, House Finance Committee (Burnie/Wynyard)
241/1/2 Public Service Administration-Staff-Head Quarters-Posts-Permanent-Creation to Recommendation
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Permanent-St John's Park
241/4/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Permanent-Government Gazette
242/1/22 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Public Health-Child Health
242/1/33 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-Tasmanian Chest Hospital
242/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary-St John's Park
243/1/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Recruitment-Individual Enquiries for unadvertised Jobs
246/3/1AND Public Service Commission-Staff-Salaries-Tribunal Awards Anomalies
246/3/1NUR Staff-Salaries-Public Service Tribunal-Nurses Awards
246/3/1NUR Staff Salaries-Claims Heard
246/6/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries-Graduate Scale Increments-Whole Department
246/9/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Salaries -Information Re Salaries Supplied to Enquiries
248/2/1 Public Service Administration-Staff-Travel-Mileage Rate Allowances, Lists of Staff authorised to use own car
249/4/161 Public Service Administration-Staff-training Courses-Administration NSW Health
500/1010-Private Hospitals, Nursing and rest Homes etc-Generally, Reports, Enquiries etc
565/85/10 Private Medical Establishments-Ulverstone Ulverstone Nursing Home-Inspections, Reports etc
622 Public Health-School Medical Service-Miscellaneous Correspondence
640 Public Health (Ministerial)-Food (Nutrition, Standards, Activities, etc)
650/FLU Public Health-Research and Development-Fluoridation-Ministerial Correspondence
652 Public Health-Ministerial-Pesticides and Insecticides
660 Public Health-Environmental Sanitation-Health Inspectorate
661 Public Health (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Legislation
662 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Hygiene of Feed and No-Food premises
665 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Drainage-Problems, Planning and Treatment
666 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation, Garbage, Nuisances etc
666/13OF Interdepartmental-Committee for Industrial Hygiene-Air Pollution-Including Clean Air Act
667 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Water-Tanks, River and Stream Pollution
668 Public Health Division (Ministerial)-Environmental Sanitation-Public Buildings, Schools, Domestic etc
668/37-O/F67-Ministerial-Tasmanian Animal Protection Society-Cat Problem
10/1 Ministerial-Minister for Health-Appointments
10/1 Ministerial-Minister for Health-Appointments
10/1(2) Ministerial-Minister for Health-Appointments
10/1 Ministerial-Minister for Health-Appointments
10/9 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Housing Department Homes
10/11 Ministerial-Parliament (State) House of Assembly-Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day
10/11 Ministerial-Parliament (State) House of Assembly-Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day
10/11 Ministerial-Parliament (State) House of Assembly-Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day
10/12 Ministerial-Parliament (State)-Legislative Council-Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day
10/13 Ministerial-Parliament (State)-House of Assembly-Votes and Proceedings
10/14 Ministerial-Parliament (State)-Cabinet Papers
10/14 Ministerial-Parliament (State)-Cabinet Papers
10/20 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Parliament (State)-Miscellaneous correspondence
10/20 Ministerial-Non-Departmental-Parliament (State)-Miscellaneous Correspondence
GMS/32/31 Government Medical Services-Conditions of Employment-Allowances-Cleaning etc
51/5/1 Departmental-Invitations-Director General Health Services-Accepted and Declined
51/5/3 Departmental-Letters of Appreciation
51/8/13 Departmental-General-Staff-Public Service Commissioners-Circular Memorandum
51/9/2A Departmental-Supply and Equipment-Public Health
51/9/12 Departmental-Supplies and Equipment-Mechanical Aids
51/10/1 Departmental-Accommodation-Launceston
51/10/10 Departmental-Accommodation-Residences-Determination Rentals
51/10/18LAU Departmental-Office Accommodation-National Fitness Launceston
51/10/25 Departmental-Accommodation-Offices-Hobart
51/14/1A Departmental-Accounts-Owing by Department-Finance
51/14/1A Departmental-Accounts-Owing by Department-Finance
51/14/2 Departmental-Finance-Audit-Reports and Queries
51/14/3 Departmental-Finance-Loan Programme
51/14/4 Departmental-Finance-Estimates Appropriation and supply Act
51/14/5A(1) Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
51/14/5A(2) Departmental-Finance-Insurance-Salary Deductions
55/33 Dental Health-Supply and Equipment
55/4/6FIN Dental Health-Buildings-Residences and Surgery-St Mary's
55/55 Dental Health-Area Facilities-Request for Services-Individual Cases
55/83/12 Dental Health-School Dental Service-Dental Nurses
58/AL/4 District Nursing-Alonnah Centre-Buildings and Repairs
58/CB/3 District Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Buildings-Supply and equipment
58/CB/4 District Nursing-Cape Barren Island-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
58/OA/6 Government Nursing-District Nursing Centre-Oatlands-Hospital Site(Including Sewage and Drainage)
58/SA/4 District Nursing-St Helens-Buildings, Repairs and Maintenance
58/SAV/4 District Nursing-Savage River-New Hospital
58/SW/7 District Nursing Swansea-May Shaw Memorial Nursing Home-Extensions etc
58/1/2AL District Nursing-Staff-Casuals-Alonnah
58/1/2AV District Nursing-Staff Casuals-Avoca
58/1/2CB District Nursing-Staff-Casuals, Cape Barren
58/1/2CYGNET District Nursing-Staff-Casuals-Cygnet
58/1/2DO District Nursing-Staff-Casuals-Dover
58/1/2GL Bush Nursing Service-Staff, Casuals-Gladstone
58/1/2GR Bush Nursing Service-Staff, Casuals-Grassy
58/1/2GT District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-George Town
58/1/2LI District Nursing-Staff, Casuals, Lilydale
58/1/2MC District Nursing-Staff, Casuals and Domestic-Mole Creek
58/1/2OA District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-Oatlands
58/1/2RE Bush Nursing Service-Staff Casuals, Redpa
58/1/2RI Bush Nursing Service-Staff Casuals-Ringarooma
58/1/2RO Bush Nursing Service-Staff Casuals-Rossarden
58/1/2SA District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- St Helans
58/1/2SC District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Storey's Creek
58/1/2SH District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Sheffield
58/1/2SP District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Southport
58/1/2SR District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Savage River
58/1/2STR District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-Strahan
58/1/2SW District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-Swansea
58/1/2TA District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Tasman
58/1/2TR District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Tribunna
58/1/2WA District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Waratah
58/1/2WES District Nursing-Staff, Casuals-- Westbury
58/5/1 District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Miscellaneous
58/5/1AV District Nursing-Administration-Accounts-Avoca Centre
58/5/1CB District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Cape Barren
58/5/1CA District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Cygnet
58/5/1DO District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Dover
58/5/1GL District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Gladstone
58/5/1GR District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Grassy
58/5/1GT District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-George Town
58/5/1MC District Nursing-Finance-Accounts Mole Creek
58/5/1OA District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Oatlands
58/5/1RE District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Redpa
58/5/1RI District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Ringarooma
58/5/1ROS District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Rossarden
58/5/1SA District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-St Helens
58/5/1SH District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Sheffield
58/5/1SP District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Southport
58/5/1STR District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Strahan
58/5/1SW District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Swansea
58/5/1TA District Nursing-Finance-Accounts-Tasman (Koonya)
113/1/2 Hospitals-Ouse-Staff
113/2/1 Rosebery Public Hospital-Board Appointments
113/2/2 Rosebery Public Hospital-Board Meetings-Minutes
113/8/1 Rosebery Public Hospital-Administration
117/3/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Supplies etcq1956-1958
117/4/1 Ouse Public Hospital-Buildings-General-Maintenance
241/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Post-Permanent
241/1/41 Public Service Administration-Staff Posts-Permanent
242/1/12 Public Service Administration-Staff-Posts-Temporary
60/nf/3 National Fitness Council - Council Appointments
60/opt (1) General - O - Board of Optical Registration - Board Appointments
60/pyb/1 General P- Physiotherapy Board - Board Appointments
60/rrb/1 General - Boards Committees Etc Radiographers Registration Board - Board Appointments
60/se General S - State (Extreme Fire) Emergency
60/se Report Fire Disaster - Dr J R Macintyre
60/sec - Cabinet Submission - State Emergency and Civil Defence
60/ta/4 General T - Air Services - Intra - State Medical Air Service
66/aa/2 Acts and Regulations - Anatomy Act - General
66/aa/4 Acts and Regulations - Anatomy Act - Bequests
66/aa/5 Acts and Regulations - Anatomy Act - Tissue and Organ Transplants
66/aa/6 Acts and Regulations - Anatomy Act - Licenses
66/ab Acts and Regulations - Legislation on Abortion
66/age Acts and Regulations - Age of Majority Bill
66/am/1 Acts and Regulations - Ambulance Act - Amendments
66/am/2 Acts and Regulations - Ambulance Act - Regulations and Amendments
66/am/3 Acts and Regulations - Ambulance Act - by-Laws
66/aoc (Adc?) Acts and Regulations - Adoption of Children Act
66/b Legislation - Act and Amendments - Notification of Birth Act
66/bd1 Legislation - Registration of Births and Deaths Act - Acts and Amendments
66/bt Legislation - Blood Transfusions - proposed Legislation to Control
66/c/4 Acts and Regulations - Cemeteries Act - Exhumations and Transfers
66/cb Acts and Regulations - Cecilia Button Memorial Hospital Agreement Act 1946
66/cc/1 Legislation - Specific - Criminal Code
66/ci/1 Acts and Regulations - Cinematography Act
66/cp/1 Legislation Acts and Regulations - Cosgrove Park Act
66/cr/1 Acts and Regulations - Cremation Act - Amendments
66/cr/2 Acts and Regulations - Cremation Act - Regulations and Amendments
66/cta/1 Legislation - Cruelty to Animals - Acts and Amendments
66/da/1 Legislation - Dental Act - Amendments
66/da/2 Legislation - Dentists Act - Regulations and Amendments
66/da/2A Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Dental Act - Dental Mechanics Regulations
66/da/3 Legislation - Dentists Act - Amendments - Registration of Alien Dentists
66/da/4 Legislation - Dentists Act - Amendments - Anaesthetics
66/daa/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Alcohol and Drug Dependency Act
66/daa/2 Legislation - Regulations - Alcohol and Drug Dependency
66/daa/3 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Alcohol and Drug Dependency - Proclamations
66/daa/4 Legislation Acts and Regulations - Alcohol and Drug Dependency - Orders and Gazettals
66/daa/5 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Alcohol and Drug Dependency Act - Authorised Officers
66/dc Legislation - Decimal Currency
66/dd/a1 Legislation - Dangerous Drugs - Acts and Amendments
66/dd/a2 Legislation - Dangerous Drugs Act - Regulations
66/daa/2A Legislation - Dangerous Drugs - Lists of Drugs to Be Added to (or removed) to Schedules
66/daa/3 Acts and Regulations - Dangerous Drugs - Control from Outside Tasmania
66/daa/orders - Legislation - Dangerous Drugs - Orders and Variations in Schedules
66/daa/orders - Cabinet Submission - Amendment to Dangerous Drugs Order
66/daa/orders - Cabinet Submission - Amendment to Dangerous Drugs Order
66/ecyc Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Elderly Citizens Clubs and Youth Centres Bill
66/fa Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Factories, Shops and Offices Act
66/fd/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drug Act
66/fd/2 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drug Regulations - Public Health (Food and Drug Standards)
66/fd/2 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drug Regulations - Amendments
66/fd/2 Standards - Cabinet Submission - Amendment to Food and Drug Regulations (Calcium Sucrose Phosphate - Anticay)
66/fd/2 Beer - Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drug Regulations - One Glass/one Drink
66/fd/2 Beer - Cabinet Submission - One Glass/one Drink
66/fd/2Cyc - Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drug Regulations - Cyclamates
66/fd/2 Cyclamates - Cabinet Submission - Cyclamates
66/fd/2 Drugs - Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drugs Regulations - Drugs
66/fd/2 Drugs - Cabinet Submission - Warning Label on Analgesics
66/fd/2 Marg - Legislation - Food and Drugs - Margarine
66/fd/2 Margarine - Cabinet Submission - Margarine - proposed International Standard
66/fd/2 Milk - Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Food and Drugs Regulations Milk
66/fd/2 (Sh) - Legislation - Food and Drugs - Shell Fish Regulations
66/flu Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Fluoridation Act
66/flu/2 Acts and Regulations - Fluoridation Act - Regulations
66/fm Legislation - Filled Milk Act - Acts and Amendments
66/gdb Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Guide Dogs Act
66/ha/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Hospital Act
66/ha/1 Cabinet Submission - Hospitals Act 1918 - Amendments
66/ha/2 Legislation - Hospital Act - Regulations and Amendments
66/ha/2 Cabinet Submission - Hospital Fees
66/hc/1 Acts and Regulations - Handicapped Persons proposed Legislation (Employment of)
66/hec/1 Legislation - Hydro Electric Commission Bill - Amendments
66/hyd Legislation - Hydatids Bill - Act and Amendments
66/hyp Legislation - Hypnotism - proposed Legislation
66/iha/1 Legislation - Interstate Housing Act
66/iw/1 Legislation - Infants Welfare Act - Act and Amendments
66/la Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Licensing Act
66/lca Acts and Regulations - Launceston Corporation Act
66/lca/2 Acts and Regulations - Launceston Corporation Act - Regulations and by-Laws
66/lcg Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Lady Clark Geriatric Centre
66/lg/1 Acts and Regulations - Local Government Act
66/lg/2 Legislation - Local Government Act - Regulations
66/lg/3 Acts and Regulations - Local Government Act - by-Laws
66/lg/4 Acts and Regulations - Local Government Act - County and Municipal Officers of Health - Appointment, Duties, Qualifications Etc
66/lg/6 Acts and Regulations - Local Government Act - Proclamations
66/lsl/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Long Service Leave Act
66/lwm Acts and Regulations - Launceston War Memorial Association - Bill to Transfer Monies to Mothercraft Home Association
66/ma/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Medical Act
66/ma/2 Acts and Regulations - Medical Act - Regulations
66/ma/3 Legislation - Medical Act - Proclamation - Special Qualifications
66/mb/1 Acts and Regulations - Munnew Bequest - Mothercraft Home (Application of Monies ) Act
66/mcha Legislation - Meercroft Hospital Agreement Act
66/mnr Legislation - Mothercraft Nurses Registration - Regulations
66/mnr Cabinet Submission - Amendments - Mothercraft Nurses Registration - Regulations 1964
66/nr/1 Legislation - Nurses Registration - Acts and Amendments
66/nr/2 Legislation - Nurses Registration Act, 1952 - Regulations and Amendments
66/oa/2 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Opticians Act - Regulations
66/oa/2 Cabinet Submission - Amendments to Opticians Regulations
66/pa/1 Legislation - Poisons Act - Uniform Schedules
66/pa/3 Legislation - Poisons Act - Proclamations
66/pa/4 Acts and Regulations - Poisons Act - Information As to Schedules Etc. Specific Drugs
66/pa/5 Legislation - Poisons Act - Poisons Regulations
66/par Legislation - Parliamentary - Commission Act 1969
66/pd/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Poisons and Drugs
66/pd/1, 66/dda/1, 66/pa/1 - Cabinet Submissions - Amendments and Additions to the proposed Poisons and Drugs Bill (1968)
66/pest/1 Legislation - Pesticides Act - proposed Legislation
66/pest/2 Legislation - Pesticides Act - Regulations
66/ph/1 Legislations - Acts and Regulations - Public Health Act
66/ph/2 Legislation - Public Health Act - Regulations
66/ph/3 Legislation - Public Health Act - Offensive Trade Regulations
66/ph/4 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Fluoride Regulations
66/ph/5 Legislation - Public Health Act - Lead in Paint
66/ph/6 Acts and Regulations - Public Health Act - Warrants - Appointments of Medical Officers Health Inspectors and Analysts
66/ph/7 Legislation - Public Health Act - Venereal Disease - Regulations and Amendments
66/ph/8 Legislation - Public Health Act - by-Laws
66/ph/9 Legislation - Public Health Act - Public Health (Isolation) Regulations 1961
66/ph/10 Legislation - Public Health Act - Additions and Amendments to List of Infectious Diseases (Section 4)
66/ph/11 Legislation - Public Health Act - Poliomyelitis Regulations
66/ph/12 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Public Health Act - Inflammable Clothing Regulations
66/ph/13 Acts and Regulations - Public Health Act - Paint Standards and Regulations
66/phm/1 Legislation - Psychopathic Hospital (Management) Act - Acts and Amendments
66/phm/2 Legislation - Psychopathic Hospital (Management) Act - Regulations and Amendments
66/po/1 Legislation - Police Act - Act and Amendments
66/pod/1 Legislations - Acts and Regulations - Podiatrists Registration Act
66/pol - Acts and Regulations - Pollution Prevention
66/psa/1 Acts and Regulations - Public Service Act
66/psa/2 Legislation - Public Service Act - Regulations
66/psta Legislation - Public Service Tribunal Act
66/py/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Pharmacy Act
66/py/2 Legislation - Pharmacy Act - Amendments and Regulations
66/py/2 Cabinet Submission - Amendments to Pharmacy Regulations
66/py/3 Legislation - Pharmacy Act - Statutory Rule under the Act - List Medicine and Drugs Sold Other Than by Chemists
66/py/4 Legislation - Pharmaceutical - Control of Advertising
66/py/5 Legislation - Pharmacy - Labelling of Dispensed Medicines
66/qa/1 Legislation - Queen Alexandra - Maternity Hospital
66/qva/1 Legislation - Queen Victoria Hospital Act - Amendments
66/qva/2 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Queen Victoria Hospital Regulations
66/ras/1 Legislation - Radioactive Substances Act - Amendments
66/ras/2 Legislation - Radioactive Substances - Regulations
66/ras/2 Cabinet Submission - Radioactive Substances Regulations 1954 - Amendment 1971
66/ras/3 Acts and Regulations - Radioactive Substances Act - Inspectors and Authorised Officers
66/ras/4 Acts and Regulations - Radioactive Substances Act - Inspections - Licenses
66/rbb Acts and Regulations - Retiring Benefits Bill, 1970
66/sd Acts and Regulations - Sewers and Drains Act - Septic Tank Districts
66/sdns Legislation - School Dental Nursing Service - Act and Amendments
66/sdu Acts and Regulations - Stamp Duty - Stamp Duties Bill
66/so/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Sexual Offenders Act
66/svh Legislation - Acts and Regulations - St Vincents Hospital Act
66/tan/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Tasmanian Auxiliary Nursing Service Act
66/tan/2 Acts and Regulations - Tasmanian Auxiliary Nursing Services Act - Regulations
66/tan/2 Cabinet Submission - Tasmanian Auxiliary Nursing Service Regulations 1959
66/tb/1 Legislation - Tuberculosis Act - Act and Amendments
66/tcc Legislation - Tasmanian Cancer Committee Act - Amendments
66/tob Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Tobacco - Control of Advertising
66/ts/1 Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Therapeutic Substances Act
66/tsa Legislation - Acts and Regulations - Tasmanian Sanitarium Act
66/un/1 Legislation - University - Agreement with Royal Hobart Hospital (for Purpose of Regulations and Statutes relating to Medical Degrees)
66/wca/1 Legislations - Acts and Regulations - Workers Compensation Act
66/wca/2 Cabinet Submission - Medical Charges under the Workers Compensation Act - Workers Compensation Amendment Regulations
66/1/4 Legislation - Delegation of Powers - Whole Department
67/3/1 Reports and Publications - Articles for Journals
67/3/4 Reports and Publications - Hospital Administration - Request Lists of Appointments to Positions Etc
67/3/5 Reports and Publications - Publications - Australian and New Zealand Health Services Year Book
67/3/6 Reports and Publications - National Hospital
67/3/7 Reports and Publications - Articles for Journals Etc - Tasmania Today
67/3/8 Reports and Publications - Survey Publications
67/3/9 Reports and Publications - Research Reports - Hunter Research Foundation Report
67/6/1 Reports and Publications - Medical Practitioners Booklet
67/8/1 Publicity - Articles for Press Etc
67/8/4 Publicity - Articles for Press - Examiner Supplement
67/403 St. Johns Park Hospital - Buildings - New Laundry
67/408 St. Johns Park Hospital - Buildings - Kitchen
67/411 St. Johns Park Hospital - Buildings - Boiler House and Heating
68/4/8 Hospitals - Zeehan - proposed New Hospital
68/8/6 Hospitals - Zeehan - Closure of Hospital - Staff
69/4/15 Hospitals - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Buildings - Future Development
69/4/16 Hospitals - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Buildings - Remand and Assessment Centre (Social Welfare)
69/109 Smithton District Hospital - Staff - Miscellaneous - Industrial
70/1/1A Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Staff - Nurses
70/2/1 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Board Appointments
70/2/3 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Peacock Convalescent Hospital - Board Members
70/2/4 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Peacock Convalescent Hospital - Board Minutes
70/4/2 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Annexes - Vaucluse Infectious Diseases Hospital - Alterations to Kitchen
70/4/2C Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Vaucluse - Flats Proposal - Future Use
70/4/2D Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Vaucluse - Substation
70/4/2E Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Vaucluse - Extensions
70/4/2F Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Vaucluse - Reports of Fire Protection
70/4/2Md Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Accommodation for Mental Defectives under 2 Years
70/4/3D Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Future Development
70/4/4 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Peacock Convalescent Home
70/4/5 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Temporary Outpatients - proposed Psychiatric Unit
70/4/5Air Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Air Conditioning
70/4/6B Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Nurses Home, Government Analysts Laboratory
70/4/9 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Forecourt and Services Tunnel
70/4/10 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Gattonside
70/4/11 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - 26 Clare Street
70/4/12 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Operating Theatres - Venting System
70/4/13 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Lifts
70/4/14 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Construction of Car Park at Rear of Hospital - (proposed)
70/4/15 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Lady Clark Annexe - Buildings and Repairs
70/4/16 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Superintendents Residence
70/4/19 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Administrative Accommodation
70/4/26 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Accommodation - National Heart Foundation
70/6/1 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Pathology Services - Post Mortems
70/6/19 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Special Department - Cardiac Unit
70.6.23A Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Intensive Care Unit for New Born Infants
70/8/3 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Administration by-Laws
70/8/4 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Peacock Convalescent Hospital - Administration
70/8/4A Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Peacock Convalescent Hostel - Future Use
70/8/12 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Administration - Approved Place under Mental Health Act
70/8/13 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Take Over District Nursing Centres
70/10/1 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Future Development
70/10/3 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - North East Building
70/10/3A Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - North East - Psychiatric Unit
70/10/4 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Clinical Medical Building
70/10/5 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Gaha Wing (Link Block)
70/10/5C Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Acute Block Renovations
70/10/5D Hospitals - Royal Hobart - J F Gaha Wing - Occupation (including Ward Allocation, Staff and Finance)
70/10/6 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Future Development
70/10/8 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - New Nurses Home
70/10/9 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - proposed Science Building
70/10/10 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Obstetric/pathology Complex
71/2/1 Hospitals - St Marys District - Board Appointments
71/2/2 Hospitals - St Marys District - Board Minutes
71/4/5 Hospitals - St Marys District - Buildings - Future Development
71/4/8 Hospitals - St Marys District - Buildings - Alterations and Additions
78/4/14 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Latrobe Nurses Home
Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Car Park
Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Future Development
72/4/16 Hospitals - Mersey General - Surgeons Residence
72/4/25 Hospitals - Mersey General - New Hospitals - Residence for Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
72/4/30 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Residence - Second Surgeon
72/4/31 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Accommodation - Matron and Deputy Matron
72/4/32A Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Psychiatric Division
72/4/34 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - proposed Psychiatric Unit
72/4/35 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Extensions - Physiotherapy Department
73/1/15 Hospitals - Launceston General Hospital - Medical Staff - Woodward Mr W W
73.1.2B Hospitals - Launceston General - Staffing - Honorary Establishment
73.1.5 Hospitals - Launceston General - Staff - General
73/4/2 Hospitals - Launceston General - New Buildings - Preliminary Training Centre
73/2/1 Hospitals - Launceston General - Board Members
73/2/4 Hospitals - Launceston General - Amalgamation of Launceston General and Queen Victoria Hospital Boards
73/4/34 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Steam Supply
73/4/35 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Boiler House
73/4/9 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Nursing Staff Accommodation - Nursing Homes 1-5
73/4/20 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - out Patients - Alterations
73/4/28 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Mortuary
73/4/45 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings Nelumie Property 25/27 Mulgrave Street
73/4/51 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Pathology Laboratory
73/4/58 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - New Incinerator
73/10/4 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Future Development
73/10/5 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Future Development
73/10/7 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - proposed Alterations - Childrens Wing
73/10/8 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - 3Rd Floor Extensions - Theatres
73/10/8A Hospitals - Launceston General - 3Rd Floor Extensions - Reports
73/10/9 Hospitals - Launceston General - Future Planning Committee - Long Range Development
73/10/10 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Alterations to Wards in Main Buildings
73/10/11 Hospitals - Launceston General - Future Development - Long Term Planning Committee and Future Development
74/2/1 Hospitals - King Island - Board Appointments
74/5/1 Hospitals - King Island - Patients - General
75/2/1 Cancer - Tasmanian Cancer Committee - Appointments
75/2/3A Cancer - Cancer Institute - Members
75/4/11 Cancer - P M Clinics - North West Coast Service
75/5/1 Cancer - Patients - Individual - 1953 - 1972
77/2/1 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Board Appointments
77/4/6B Hospital - King Island - Buildings - Operating Theatre
78/2/1 Hospitals - West Coast District - Board Appointments
78/4/3 Hospitals - West Coast District - Buildings - New Nurses Home
78/4/4 Hospitals - West Coast District - Buildings - Laundry
78/4/18 Hospitals - Queenstown - Buildings - Secretarys Residence
78/5/1 Hospitals - Queenstown - Patients - General
78/10/1 Hospitals - West Coast District - Future Development
78/10/1Site Hospitals - West Coast District - Hospital Site
78/10/2 Hospitals - Queenstown - Renovations and Extensions to Hospital
79/4/3 Hospitals - Northern Chest Hospital - Buildings - Medical Officers Residence
79/8/3 Hospitals - T B Division - Northern Chest - Proposal to Close Northern Chest
79/8/4B Hospitals - Evandale Annexe - Administration - Upgrading of Buildings
80/4/6 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Physiotherapy Department
80/4/9 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Home for Aged
80/4/16 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Geriatric Wing
80/4/19 Hospitals - Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Administration Wing
80/4/22 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Future Development
80/4/22 - Cabinet Submission - Hospitals - Spencer Division - Future Development
80/4/23 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Kitchen and Dining Room
80/4/27 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Ward Accommodation (Geriatric Unit)
80/4/28 Hospitals - Spencer Division - Buildings - Incinerator
81/4/7 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Buildings and Maintenance - Mortuary
81/4/8 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Buildings - New Nurses Home
81/4/9 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Buildings - Alterations - Obstetrics to Main Hospital and Existing Block to Geriatrics
82/2/1 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Board Appointments
82/6/gyn Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Special Services - Gynaecological Services (Conversion to Womens Hospital)
82/10/kit Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Buildings - Kitchen
82/10/1 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - proposed New Hospital - Planning and Siting
82/10/8 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Buildings - Incinerator
83/2/1 Hospitals - Campbell Town - Board Appointments
83/4/8 Hospitals - Campbell Town - Buildings - Home for the Aged
85/2/1 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Board Appointments
85/4/2 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Buildings - Childrens Ward
85/5/3 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Patients - Debbie Rainbird
85/8/6 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Hospital Services - Planning Regionalisation
85/8/7 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Administration - Reconstitution of New Norfolk Hospital
88/2/1 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Board Appointments
88/5 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - State - Outpatients - Fees
88/6/4 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Special Department - Domiciliary Nursing
88/10/1 Hospitals - Ulverstone - New General Maternity Hospital - Siting - Water Street
88/10/3 Hospitals - Ulverstone - New Nurses Home
88/10/4 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Buildings - Geriatric Accommodation - Maternity Wing
89/1/6 Hospitals Administration - Nursing Recruitment
89/1/18 Hospitals Administration - Nursing Services - Training Schools - Reciprocity
89/1/2 Hospitals Administration - Nurses Registration Board - Appointments
89/1/24 Hospitals Administration - Nursing Service - Recruitment - Trained Nurses
89/1/25A Hospitals Administration - Nursing Services - Nursing with Technical Education Branch
89/1/27 Hospitals Administration - Nursing - Nursing Staff Living out
89/1/28 Hospitals Administration - Nursing Service - Education of Nurses
89/2/7 Hospitals Administration - Full Time Specialists - Rights of Private Practice - Terms of Appointment
89/6/10 Hospitals Administration - Buildings - Standard Nurses Bedroom
89/6/19 Hospitals Administration - Buildings and Services - Boilers - Hydro Electric/oil Fired
89/6/26 Hospitals Administration - Buildings - Facilities for Disabled Persons in Public Hospitals
89/6/29 Hospitals Administration - Buildings - Electrical Safety in Hospitals
89/7/2A Hospitals Administration - Supply and Equipment - Central Medical Stores - re-Organisation
89/7/32 Hospitals Administration - Supply and Equipment - Fire Protection and Equipment
89/8/3 Hospitals Administration - Finance - Superannuation
89/8/9 Hospitals Administration - Medical Officers - Sessional - Public Service and Non Public Service - Salaries and Terms of Conditions
89/8/9 Hospitals Administration - Medical Officers - Sessional - Salaries and Terms of Conditions
89/9/12 Hospitals Administration - Finance - Hospital Fees
89/9/13 Hospitals Administration - Fees - Increase
89/9/14B Hospitals Administration - Fees Increase
89/9/14D Hospitals Administration - Fees Increase - Workers Compensation
89/9/18 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Fees and Charges
89/9/21 Hospitals Administration - Finance - Fees and Benefits - Charitable Organisations and Wards of State
89/9/23 Hospitals Administration - Fees - Hospital Benefits - Dental
89/9/24 Hospitals Administration - Fees - Hospital Benefits - Psychiatric Beds and Mental Institutions
89/9/26 Hospitals Administration - Fees and Benefits - Surgical Appliances
89/9/27 Hospitals Administration - Hospital Fees and Benefits - Mothers and Babies
89/9/34 Hospitals Administration - Fees and Benefits - Government Nursing Homes - Cosgrove Park, Spencer Home for Aged
89/9/40 Hospitals Administration - Fees and Benefits - Personal Patients Scheme
89/9/41 Hospitals Administration - Fees and Benefits - Private and Intermediate Beds
89/9/41 Hospitals Administration - Cabinet Submission - Private and Intermediate Beds in Public Hospitals
89/10/14 Hospitals Administration - Hospital Boards - Appointments Etc
89/10/24 Hospitals Administration - Hospital Staffing Planning and Finance, Plus, Report on Hospital Organisation and Methods in Tasmania
89/10/25 Hospitals Administration - Hospital Ward Management and Well Being of Patients
89/11/8 Hospitals Administration - Finance - Insurance
89/11/12 Hospitals Administration - Legal Opinions and Litigation
90/4/9 Hospitals - Scottsdale - Modifications Nurses Home
90/4/12 Hospitals - Scottsdale - Buildings - Future Use - Old Hospital
90/4/20 Hospitals - Scottsdale - Buildings - New Ward Unit
92/28 General - Drugs - Dangerous Drugs - Conferences
97/4/3 Departmental - Government Analyst - Buildings - Site for New Laboratory - proposed
97/4/5 Hospitals - Buildings - Proposal to Include Govt Analyst, Bio-Engineering and Govt. Pathology Divisions in proposed New Police Station - Liverpool Street
98/4/2A Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - New Laundry Building
98/4/4 Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - Lifts - Installation and Maintenance
98/4/5 Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - New Stores and Heating
98/4/8 Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - New Womens Block (Bruce Carruthers Wing) 2 Additional Floors
98/410B Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - Nurses Home Creek Road
98/4/17 Hospitals - Buildings - St. Johns Park - Conversion Cemetery Into Park
98/4/18 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Bowling Green
98/4/21 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings and Repairs
98/4/22 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Holiday Home - Carlton
98/4/29 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Boiler Installation and Heating
98/4/30 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Dwelling for Executive Officer
98/4/31 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Paint Shop and Carpenters Work Shop
98/4/32 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Chapel, Concert Hall and Sunrooms
98/5/3 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Patients - Fees and Charges
98/6/5 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Pharmacy Services
98/6/6 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Rehabilitation and Domiciliary Care
98/8/10 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Administration - re-Organisation and Hospital Planning - Establishment Board of Management
98/8/10 Papers for Cabinet - Transfer of St Johns Park Hospital to Independent Board of Management
98/8/11 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Administration - Patients Trust Accounts
98/10/1 Hospitals - St Johns Park - New Building - Future Development
100/24/amb Ambulances - Ambulance Commission - Patients Fees
102/2/3 Tb Division - Administration - Board Appointments
105/21/amb Burnie and District Ambulance Board - Board Members
108/80/amb Clarence Municipality - Establishment Ambulance Station - Eastern Shore
110/80/amb Devonport and District Ambulance Board - Accommodation - Devonport
121/21/amb Ambulance Board Southern Tasmania - Board Members
132/80/amb Ambulances - Huon Area - Sub Station Huonville
137/21/amb Ambulance - Northern District Ambulance Board - Board Members
137/21/amb Ambulance - Launceston District - Board
137/80/amb Ambulances - Northern District - Buildings
150/80/amb Ambulances - New Norfolk - New Norfolk Sub-Station
162/80/amb Ambulances - Spring Bay Municipality - Buildings
168/amb Ambulances - Wynyard Municipality
57/433 (1) Launceston General Hospital - Buildings - Long Tern Planning
57/433 (2) Launceston General Hospital - Buildings - Long Tern Planning
57/433 (3) Launceston General Hospital - Buildings - Long Term Planning
67/403 St Johns Park Hospital - Buildings - New Laundry
67/408 (1) St Johns Park Hospital - Buildings Kitchen
67/411 (1) St Johns Park Hospital - Buildings - Boiler House - Heating
92/3/2 Community Health Centres - Bridgewater - New Centre
92/8/4 Community Health Centres - 238 Rokeby Road Administration
92/8/6 Community Health Centres - Rokeby Grange Centre
93/152 District Nursing Centres - St Helens - New Nursing Centre
124/218/1 Drugs - Poisons Act - Interpretation and Information
126/90/1 Legislation - Hospital Act
58/405 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Home to Geriatrics
60/405 Hospitals - North East Soldiers Memorial Buildings - New Ward Units
61/415 Hospitals - North Western General Buildings - Spencer Division - Physiotherapy Dept
65/440 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings Obstetric/pathology Building
67/400 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Fire Protection
72/412 Hospitals - West Coast District - Buildings Alterations and Extensions to Hospital
79/14 Hospital Employees (Principal Award No.5) - Salaries, Allowances, Penalty-Type Payments
79/45 Social Workers - Principal Award - Arbitration (Salaries)
82/17 Hospital Administration - Nursing Staff Technical Education Branch
84/14 Hospital Employees - Marine and Services Engineers - Industrial Dispute
92/27/1 Community Health Centres - Kings Meadows Centre
95/302 Rehabilitation Services - Individual Organisations - Retarded Childrens Welfare Association - Finance - (We were Asked to Keep This File)
95/700/1 Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Centre - Planning and Erection
123/10/1 Dental Health Services - Accommodation Orthodontic Clinic - Mersey General Hospital Devonport
123/10/4 Dental Health Services - Accommodation Devonport Primary School Clinic
123/48/2 Dental Health Services - Accommodation - Dental Officers Residence and Surgery (New) Wynyard
124/218 (2) Drugs and Poisons - Poisons Act Interpretation and Information
126/50 Legislation - Dentists Act
126/143 (1) Legislation - Poisons Act - Regulations
61/421 Hospitals - North Western General Buildings - Fire Protection
65/437 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Link Building
65/501 (3) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Patients Individual
65/613 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Special Services Outpatients
67/403 (2) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - New Laundry
67/403 (3) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - New Laundry
67/409 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Building - Carlton Holiday Home
74/407 (2) Hospitals - Launceston General - Group Laundry - North East Region
74/407 (3) Hospitals - Launceston General - Group Laundry - North East Region
80/11 Hospital Administration - Staff - Maternity Leave
81/20 (2) Hospital Administration - Medical Staff Sessional Fees (Non-Public Service) St Johns Park
84/3 (1) Apprentices
84/14 (2) Hospital Administration - Hospital Employees - Marine and Service Engineers
84/19 Hospital Administration - Hospital Employees Award Interpretation
88/5 Hospital Administration - Finance - State - Fees and Benefits - Outpatients
92/3/2 (2) Community Health Centres - Bridgewater - New Centre
94/12/3 Government Medical Service - Evandale - New Residence and Surgery
94/30/5 Government Medical Service - New Norfolk proposed New Residence - Maydena
95/204 Rehabilitation Services - Interdepartmental Co-Ordination Committee Handicapped Persons
95/700 Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Centre - Erection
99/157 General (Miscellaneous) - State Planning Authority
100/7 Medical Services - Police Medical Services Hospital
115/1 (1)proposed New Services - Planning, Research and Evaluation
123/7/3 Dental Health Services - Accommodation - Circular Head - Smithton Dental Officers Residence
124/204 Drugs - Dangerous Drug Act Interpretation and Information
124/218 (3) Drugs and Poisons - Poisons Act Interpretation and Information
124/218 (4) Drugs and Poisons - Poisons Act Interpretation and Information
125/51 Ministerial - Minister for Education
125/53 Ministerial - Attorney General and Minister for Police
125/55 Ministerial - Premier and Cabinet
125/57 Ministerial - Minister for Housing and Social Welfare
125/71 Ministerial - Ministers for Health Conference
126/53 Legislation - Dangerous Drugs Act
126/54 Legislation - Dangerous Drugs Act Regulations
126/55 Legislation - Dangerous Drugs Act - Orders
126/90 (2) Legislation - Hospital Act
126/90 (3) Legislation - Hospital Act
126/110 (1) Legislation - Medical Act
126/113 Legislation - Medibank Agreement Act
126/121 Legislation - Nurses Registration Act
126/154 Legislation - Psychologists Registration Act
126/224 Legislation - Poisons Act - Orders
128/23 Ambulances - Ambulance Commission - Patients and Ambulance Charges
58/414 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Future Development
58/426 Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Psycho-Geriatric Complex
61/112 (2) Hospitals - North Western General - Staff Medical Officers - Sessional Fees
61/805 Hospitals - North Western General Administration - Long Term Planning
65/816 (1) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Intermediate Patient Scheme - Review Committee
65/817 the Cox Committee - Submission to Be Considered by Mr C Cox
67/403 (4) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - New Laundry - Board of Inquiry
67/415 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Mens Division
71/411 Hospitals - Ulverstone District - Buildings - Ward Accommodation and Maternity Wing
74/800 (1) Hospitals - Launceston New General Administration - Long Tern Planning
80/4 Hospital Administration - Staff - Controlling Authority and Procedure - P S Awards
80/5 Hospital Administration - Staff - Director General - Controlling Authority
86/12 Hospital Administration - Housing Department - Works Programme and Future Planning
89/37 Hospital Administration - National Standing Committee Working Party - Review of Diagnostic Services in Hospitals
89/41 Hospital Administration - Hospital Cost Sharing Agreement - State Standing Committee
88/1 Hospital Administration - Finance - State - Hospital Fees - General
88/5 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - State Outpatients - Fees
89/38 Hospital Administration - Hospital Productivity/efficiency and Cost Containment - Working Parties
92/10 Community Health Centres - Standing Committee on Community Health
94/24 Government Medical Service - Complaints Against District Medical Officers
95/205 Rehabilitation Services - Board of Inquiry Into Needs of the Handicapped
95/205 (2) Rehabilitation Services - Board of Inquiry Into Needs of the Handicapped
95/700 (3) Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Centre - Tower Road - Erection
95/702 (2) Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Centre - Policy and Planning
98/446 Associations, Board, Committees - National Committee on Health and Vital Statistics
99/159 General - Medical Services - State Emergency Medical Services Committee
117/22 Properties - proposed New Mothercraft Home
124/218 (5) Drugs and Poisons - Poisons Act Interpretation and Information
125/72 Ministerial - Ministers for Health Conference 1975
126/45 (1) Legislation - Registration of Chiropractors
126/45 (2) Legislation - Chiropractors Registration Act
126/91 (2) Legislation - Hospital Act - Regulations
126/101 (1) Legislation - Long Service Leave Act
126/162 (1) Legislation - Accreditation of Pathology Laboratories
126/171 Legislation - Queen Victoria Hospital Act
128/10 Ambulance Services - Interim Ambulance Authority
128/21/3 (1) Ambulance - Ambulance Board of Southern Tasmania - Accommodation
57/117 Launceston General Hospital - Staff - Salary Determinations
57/120 Launceston General Hospital - Medical Staff - Dr. G D Langsford
58/501 Mersey General Hospital - Patients Individual - Complaints
61/106 North West General Hospital - Staff - Medical Officers - Salaries and Conditions of Service
61/115 North Western General Hospital - Staff - Salary Determinations
61/426 North Western General Hospital - Spencer Division - Maternity Ward
61/805 North Western General Hospital Administration - Long Tern Planning
65/122 (2) Royal Hobart Hospital - Staff - Salary Determinations
65/440 (3 &4) Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings Obstetric - Pathology Building
65/441 Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings Amalgamation Queen Alexandra and Royal Hobart Hospital Maternity
65/442 (2) Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings Boilers
80/20 Hospital Administration - Conditions of Service - Part Time Employees
80/23 Hospital Administration - Hospital Industrial Board Award - Conditions of Service
81/5 Hospital Administration - Medical Staff - Full - Time Specialists - Conditions of Appointment
92/6/1 Community Health Centres - Campbell Town
92/42/2 (1) Community Health Centres Ravenswood - Permanent Centre
95/700 (4) Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Erection
95/700 (5) Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Erection
96/6 (3) Private Medical Establishments - Federal/state Co-Ordinating Committee for Nursing Home Accommodation
98/188 Committees, Boards - National Pathology Accreditation - Advisory Council
98/330 (1) Boards, Councils, Etc - State Council for Promotion of Better Health
110/166 Departmental - Staff - General - Hospitals National Personnel Administration Conference
113/16 Finance - Grants Commission
117/5 Properties - Rental Charges - Medical Officers Residences
120/7 Departmental - Government Analyst and Chemist - Organisation of Division
124/218 (6) Drugs and Poisons - Interpretation and Information
126/16 Legislation - Ambulance Act
126/50 (2) Departmental - Legislation - Dentists Act
126/90 (4) Legislation - Hospitals Act
128/5/1 (1) Ambulance - Burnie and District Ambulance Board
128/23 (2) Ambulance - Ambulance Commission - Patients and Ambulance Charges
Hospitals - Launceston General - Board Appointments
57/501 (2) Hospitals - Launceston General - Patients - Individual
57/700 (1) Hospitals - Launceston General Miscellaneous - Chapel
58/414 (2) Hospitals - Mersey - Buildings - Future Development
65/200 (1) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Board Appointments
65/440 (5) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings Obstetric/pathology Building
65/440 (6) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings Obstetric/pathology Building
65/501 (4) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Patients Individual
67/403 (5) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - New Laundry
67/405 (2) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Bruce Carruthers Wing
67/415 (2) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Mens Division
74/800 (2) Hospitals - Launceston General (New) Administration - Long Term Planning (New Hospital)
80/3 (2) Hospital Administration - Staff - Procedure and Policy
80/26 Hospital Administration - Staff General Industrial Officers Conference
85/58 Special Services - Peter Mccallum Clinic - Dr Mcmillan
87/28 Hospital Administration - Supply and Equipment - Meals on Wheels - General
87/47 Hospital Administration - Supply Equipment and Building - Meals on Wheels - Ulverstone
87/62 Hospital Administration - Supply and Equipment - Purchase Policy
88/7 Hospital Administration - Finance - State - Fees Government Nursing Homes
88/38 (1) Hospital Administration - Hospital Patients - Billing System
89/40 (2) Hospital Administration - Hospital Cost Sharing Agreement - National Standing Committee
89/48 (2) Hospital Administration - National Enquiry Into Efficiency - Administration Hospitals
92/25/1 Community Health Centres - King Island
95/700 (6) Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre
99/161 General - Commonwealth Disaster Relief Committee for Tasmania
104/428 Nurses Registration Board - Working Party on Post Basic Nursing Education in Tasmania
110/33 Departmental - Staff - General - Publication - Lectures, Broadcasts Etc
111/3 Staff - Administration Division - Duty Statements
112/11 Procedure - Union Membership
112/19 Procedure - re-Organisation of Health Services (including Regional Health Services)
113/24 Departmental - Finance Commonwealth/state Standing Committee of Health Expenditures, Hospital Development Programme Community Health Program
117/2 Properties - Launceston Civic Centre
117/4 (3) Departmental P Properties - Rental Determinations
117/22 (2) Departmental Properties - New Mothercraft Home
119/11 (1) Procedure - Tasmanian Government Administration - Task Force No.2 - Health Education and Welfare
121/3 State Laboratory - Staff - Public Health Laboratory - Duty Statements
122/50 Dental Health Services - Administration - re-Organisation of Service
122/51 Dental Health Services - Administration - re-Organisation of Service 1965
124/218 (7) Drugs and Poisons - Poisons Act Interpretation and Information
125/74 Ministerial - Ministers for Health Conference - 1977 (Hobart)
125/75 Ministerial - Ministers for Health Conference 1977 Agenda Items
125/77 Minister for Health Conference - 1978 - Agenda Items
125/89 Minister for Health Conference - 1979 Brisbane - Agenda Items
126/45 (3) Legislation - Registration of Chiropractors
126/130 Legislation - Opticians Act
126/132 Legislation - Opticians Act - Optical Dispensing
128/50 (1) Ambulance Services - Establishment Within Health Services - General
128/50 (2) Ambulance Services - Establishment Within Health Services - General
130/9 (1) Staff General - Industrial - Appointment and Dismissal Procedure (All Staff Employees)
50/200 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Board Appointments
53/202 (1) Hospitals - Flinders Island District Hospital Board Amalgamation with Launceston General
56/200 Hospitals - King Island - Board Appointments
59/200 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Board Appointments
60/106 Hospitals - North Eastern Soldiers Memorial - Sessionally employed Medical Practitioners
61/200 Hospitals - North Western General - Board Appointments
61/401 (1) Hospitals - North Western General Buildings - Wall Cracks - Burnie Division
61/501 (2) Hospitals - North Western General - Patients - Individual
63/200 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Board Appointments
63/402 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Buildings - Kitchen and Pantries
63/403 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Buildings - Fire Protection
63/404 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Nurseries
63/500 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Patients - General and Individual
63/803 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Administration - Fees
65/405 (2) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Outpatients Wing
65/426 (1) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Fire Protection
65/440 (7) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Obstetrics - Pathology Building
65/501 (5) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Patients - Individual
68/200 Hospitals - St Marys District - Board Appointments
73/200 Hospitals - St Helens - Board Appointments
86/39 (1) Hospital Administration - Buildings - Energy Management Programme
88/5 (3) Hospital Administration - Finance - State Outpatients Fees
88/38 (2) Hospital Administration - Hospital Patients - Billing System
92/8/2 (2) Community Health Centres - Bayfield Street - Erection and Building
92/17/1 Community Health Centres - Glenorchy Centre
92/17/3 Community Health Centres - Womens Health Centre
92/20/1 Community Health Centres - Ouse Centre
92/21/1 Community Health Centres - Royal Hobart Hospital Area
92/24/1 Community Health Centres - Kingborough Centre
92/27/6 Community Health Centres - Prospect - Launceston
95/105 (1) Establishment of Secretariat for the Handicapped
95/204 (2) Rehabilitation Services - Interdepartmental Co-Ordinating Committee Handicapped Persons
96/7 Private Medical Establishment - General - Advisory Committee on Residential Accommodation for the Aged
98/86 (2) Associations, Boards, Committees Etc - Dental Mechanics Registration Board - Training Course
98/403 Associations, Boards, Committees Etc - Thyroid Advisory Committee
101/20 (2) Standing Committee of the Health Ministers Conference - General
122/18 Departmental - Dental - Staff - Training Courses
122/85 Dental Health Services - Orthodontic Services - Policy - Future Services
126/50 (3) Departmental - Legislation - Dentists Act
126/90 (5) Departmental - Legislation - Hospitals Act
126/91 (3) Departmental - Legislation - Hospital Regulations
126/110 (2) Departmental - Legislation - Medical Act
126/132 (2) Departmental - Legislation - Opticians Act - Optical Dispensing
126/143 (2) Departmental - Legislation - Poisons Act - Regulations
126/224 (2) Departmental - Legislation - Poisons Act - Orders
128/1/1 Ambulances - Ambulance Districts - Beaconsfield
128/3 Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctors Service - Coronary Care Ambulance Facilities
128/4 Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctors Service - Specification and Design
128/5/1 (2) Ambulance - Burnie and District - Ambulance Board Appointments
128/6/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Campbell Town / Ross
128/8/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Eastern Shore Ambulance Station
128/9 Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctors Service - Select Committee on Ambulance Services
128/10/1 (1) Ambulance Services - Districts - Devonport and District Ambulance Board - Board Appointments
128/10/1 (2) Ambulance Services - Districts - Devonport and District Ambulance Board - Board Appointments
128/10 (2) Ambulance Services - Interim Ambulance Authority
128/20/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Hamilton
128/21 Ambulance Commission - Appointments to Ambulance Commission
128/21/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Ambulance Board of Southern Tasmania - Appointments to Board
128/21/3 (4) Ambulance - Ambulance Board of Southern Tasmania - Accommodation
128/27 Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor Service - Use of One Man Ambulances
128/27/2 Ambulance Services - Districts - Northern Tasmanian Ambulance Board - Board Appointments
128/34/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Portland Municipality
128/49/1 Ambulance Services - Districts - Zeehan
131/4 Industrial - Sessionally employed Medical Practitioners - Sessional Payment Agreement
131/6 (1) Industrial - Medical Practitioners - Right of Private Practice
134/9 Industrial - Hospital Employees - Hours of Work
57/501 (3) Hospitals - Launceston General - Patients - Individual
58/200 Hospitals - Mersey General - Board Appointments
58/414 (3) Hospitals - Buildings - Future Development
59/804 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Administration - Plan to re-Organise Hospital
60/200 Hospitals - North-Eastern Soldiers Memorial - Board Appointments
64/500 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Patients - Individual and General
65/407 (2) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Outpatients Wing - Major Extensions
65/440 (8) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Obstetric/pathology Building
65/628 (1) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Special Services - Cardiac Surgery
66/200 Hospitals - Rosebery - Board Appointments
66/403 (1) Hospitals - Rosebery - Buildings - Fire Protection
67/402 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Laundry
67/502 Hospitals - St Johns Park - Patients - Fees and Charges
71/200 (1)Hospitals - Ulverstone District - Board Appointments
72/200 (1) Hospitals - West Coast District - Board Appointments
74/800 (3) Hospitals - Launceston New General - Administration - Long Term Planning
89/47 (1) Hospital Administration - Health Insurance Act - Schedule of Benefits
96/6 (5) Private Medical Establishments - Federal/state Co-Ordinating Committee on Nursing Home Accommodation
98/30 (1) Associations, Boards, Committees Etc - Advisory Committee on Nuclear Medicine
98/302 Associations, Boards Committees - Radiological Advisory Council
98/440 (1) Associations, Boards Councils - Australian Health Council
98/442 (2) Medical Education Committee - (Tasmanian Branch)
98/448 (1) Podiatrists Registration Board - Conference of Presidents of Podiatrists Board
101/20 (3) Standing Committee of Health Ministers Conference - General
101/21 (1) Tobacco Products - Sub Committee
104/431 (1) National Nursing Manpower Task Force
110/18 (2) Staff General - Classification and Salary Determinations
114/13 Reports - re-Organisation of Library
119/11(2) Tasmanian Government Administration - Review of Task Forces
119/13 (1) Departmental - Liaison - Health Department/veterans Affairs
124/218 (8) Poisons Act - Interpretation and Information
124/218 (9) Poisons Act - Interpretation and Information - General
124/228 (2) Poisons and Narcotic Substances - Australian Drug Evaluation Committee - National Drug Information Service
124/232 (1) Commonwealth/state Health Committee on Drugs of Dependence
124/235 (1) Poisons Act - Interpretation and Information - Pesticides
124/400 (2) Drugs - Therapeutic - Substances - General - Interpretation and Information
124/405 Drugs - National Therapeutic Goods Committee - Establishment, Members and Meetings
124/406 (1) Drugs - - National Therapeutic Goods Committee - - Minutes and Correspondence a/f Minutes
126/16 (2) Legislation - Ambulance Act
126/90 (6) Legislation - Hospitals Act
126/110 (3) Legislation - Medical Act
126/122 (1) Legislation - Nurses Registration Act - Regulations
126/158 (1) Legislation - Pharmacy Act
126/161 (1) Legislation - Pharmacy Act - Amendments to Schedules
128/50 (4) Establishment of New Ambulance Service
130/6 (1) Industrial - General - Job Specifications
131/4 (2) Industrial - Sessionally employed - Medical Practitioners - Sessional Payment Agreement
134/9 (2) Hospital Employees - Industrial - Hours of Work
52/412 Hospitals - Cosgrove Park - Buildings - Kitchen and Cool Rooms
58/413 (2) Hospitals - Mersey General - Buildings - Fire Protection
60/401 Hospitals - North Eastern Memorial - Scottsdale - Buildings - Erection New Hospital
60/500401 Hospitals - North Eastern Memorial - Scottsdale - Patients - General and Individual
61/402 Hospitals - North Western General - Buildings - Alterations - Burnie Surgical Ward
61/501 (3) Hospitals - North Western General - Patients - Individual
61/805 (3) Hospitals - North Western General - Administration - Long Term Planning
61/809 Hospitals - North Western General - Administration - Amalgamation & Administration of North-West Coast Hospitals
62/200 Hospitals - Ouse District - Board Appointments
62/402 Hospitals - Ouse District - Buildings - New Hospital
64/200 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Board Appointments
64/404 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Buildings - Alterations - Gynaecological Division and Nurses Home
65/400 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Vaucluse Hospital (Cabinet Submissions for Future Use )
65/405 (3) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Outpatients Wing
65/432 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Future Development
65/440 (9) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Buildings - Queen Alexandra Wing
65/501 (6) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Patients - Individual
66/401 Hospitals - Rosebery - Buildings - Major Alterations
67/426 (1) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Future Development
67/436 (1) Hospitals - St Johns Park - Buildings - Kiosk
69/408 (1) Hospitals - Smithton District - Buildings - Conversion - Nurses Home
86/39 (2) Hospital Administration - Buildings - Energy Management Program
89/22 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth Health Benefits Council
89/30 Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Mothers and Babies - Fees
89/36 (3) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Long Stay Patients in Tasmanian Public Hospitals - Draft Documentation Cabinet Submissions
89/40 (3) Hospital Administration - Hospital Cost Sharing Agreement - National Standing Committee
90/35 (1) Hospital Administration - General - Hospital Records
90/40 Hospital Administration - General - Hospital Roles
92/3 (2) Community Health - Community Health Centres - General - Policy - Guidelines
93/203 (1) District Nursing Centres - Tasman - Fire Protection
94/8 Government Medical Service - Administration - Leave
94/34/3 (1) Government Medical Service - Portland - New Residence
95/700 (8) Hospitals - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Buildings
98/c/10 (1) Associations, Boards and Committees - Commonwealth/state Health Committee on Drugs of Dependence
98/441 (2) Associations, Boards and Committees - Committee on Overseas Professional Qualifications
104/210 (1) Nurses Registration Board - Interim Advisory Committee - Tasmanian College of Advanced Education
113/29 (1) Statutory Authorities/ Boards - Committees - Fees and Allowances
117/25/ (1) Accommodation - Family Planning Association - 73 Federal Street, North Hobart
60/nf/6 General - National Fitness Council - State Youth Council
60/rbs General R - Retirement Benefits Scheme
60/rrb/4 General - Boards Committees - Radiographers Registration Board - Application for Registration
60/rrb/5 General - Boards Committees - Radiographers Registration Board - Application for Permits
60/smo General S - State/commonwealth - Smoking Education Programme
60/smog General - Miscellaneous - Smoking
60/t/2 General T - State Planning Authority - Town and Country Planning
60/un/1 General - University - proposed Medical School
60/un/7 General - University - proposed Dental School
60/un/10 General - University - Pharmacy
60/un/13 General - University - School Physiotherapy
63/1/1 General - Diseases - Infections - Agreement - Sections 41 - Hospitals Act
63/1/5 General - Notifiable Diseases - Agreements between Hospitals
63/3/8 General - Infectious Diseases - Immunisation
63/5/an General - Notifiable Diseases - Anthrax
63/5/chol General - Notifiable Diseases - Cholera
63/5Hep General - Notifiable Diseases - Hepatitis
63/5/hy General - Notifiable Diseases - Hydatids
63/5/l General - Notifiable Diseases - Leprosy (Hansens Disease)
63/5/polio General - Notifiable Diseases - Poliomyelitis
63/5Sm General - Notifiable Diseases - Smallpox
63/5/typ General - Notifiable Diseases - Typhoid Fever
63/5/1 General - Notifiable Diseases - Miscellaneous
63/10/as Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Asthma
63/10/as Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Asthma - Dr James Treatment of Asthma
63/10/as/sur Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Asthma - Asthma Survey
63/10/der Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Dermatitis
63/10/en Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Post Vaccinial Encephalitis
63/10/h Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Heart Diseases
63/10/inf Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Influenza
63/10/leu Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Leukaemia
63/10/mea Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Measles
63/10/phe Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Phenylketonuria & Galactosaemia
63/10/por Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Porphyria
63/10/renal Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Renal Disease
63/10/rhe Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Rheumatism
63/10/scl Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Sclerosis (including Multiple Sclerosis Society of Tasmania)
63/10/tet Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Tetanus
63/10/thy Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Thyroid
63/10/ven Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Venereal Disease
63/10/1 Diseases - Non-Notifiable - Miscellaneous
71/8/5 - Hospitals - St Marys District - Administration - by-Laws
72/8/6 - Hospitals - Mersey General - Administration by-Laws
73/8/5 - Hospitals - Launceston General - Administration - Approved Place under Mental Health Act
74/8/5 Hospitals - King Island - Administration - by-Laws
75/1/6 Cancer - Incidence Respiratory Trust - Measures re Smoking - including Pamphlets - T V Commercials Etc
75/1/8 Cancer - Research - Plant Extracts - Anti-Cancer Agents (Dr Bick)
75/3/3 Cancer - Detection - Papanicolaou - Extension Facilities to All Medical Practitioners
75/3/4 Cancer - Detection - Special Equipment
81/8/5 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Administration - by-Laws
82/8/5 Hospitals - Queen Victoria Maternity - Administration - by-Laws
85/8/5 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Administration - by-Laws
88/4/5 Hospitals - Ulverstone District - Buildings - Conversion of Old Hospitals - Grant to Roland View Trust
88/8/5 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Administration by-Laws
89/1/22 Hospitals Administration - Nursing Service - Uniforms
89/2/5 Hospitals Administration - Medical Officers - Central Register of Medical Personnel
89/2/6 Hospitals Administration - Staffing - Medical Officers - Approved Establishments
89/2/10A Hospitals Administration - Medical Services - Payment of Honorary Staff
89/2/11 Hospitals Administration - Training Programme for General Practitioners (Family Medicine Programme)
89/2/15 Hospitals Administration - Royal Australian College of Physicians - Hospital Accreditation and Physician Training
89/2/53 Hospitals Administration - Special Medical Services - King and Flinders Islands
89/2/54Ana Hospitals Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Anaesthetics
89/2/54Ger Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Geriatrics
89/2/54Orth Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Orthopaedics
89/2/54Paed Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Paediatrics
89/2/54Psy Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Psychiatric
89/2/54Surg Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Surgical Specialists
89/2/54Ulv Administration - Specialists Services North West Coast - Consulting Specialist Ulverstone
89/3/1 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Dental
89/3/4A Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Geriatric Reports
89/3/7 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Anaesthetics
89/3/8 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Family Planning Clinics
89/3/10 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Emergency Obstetrics
89/3/12 Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Paraplegics
89/3/17A Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Green Paper on Home Care Programme
89/3/17C Hospitals Administration - Special Services - Procedure for Home Care Services
89/3/17F Hospitals Administration - Domiciliary Services - Development of Home Care Services in Tasmania
89/5/2 Hospital Administration - Staffing - Registration Requirements - Professional and Semi Professional
89/6/16 Hospital Administration - Buildings - Homes for Aged
89/6/17 Hospital Administration - Buildings - Residences - under Control Hospital Authorities (Lists of)
89/6/28 Hospital Administration - Buildings - Mortuaries
89/6/41 Hospital Administration - H E Buttons Charity - proposed Hospital at Oatlands
89/7/26 Hospital Administration - Supply and Equipment - Frozen Foods
89/9/3 Hospital Administration - Commonwealth and State Benefits - Agreement
89/9/3B Hospital Administration - Commonwealth Benefits under National Health Act - Lists Approved Hospitals
89/9/5 Hospitals - Senate Select Committee on Hospital and Medical Benefits - Nimo Report
89/9/6 Hospital Administration - Senate Select Committee on Hospital and Medical Costs - Nimo Report - Implementation of Nimo Comm. Report
89/9/42 (2) Hospital Administration - Medibank - 50/50 Cost Sharing
89/10/13 Hospital Administration - General - by-Laws
89/10/20 Hospital Administration - General - Histories Etc of Hospitals
89/12/3 Hospital Administration - Control and Security of Patients Property
89/12/4 Hospital Administration - Patients - Presence Father at Birth of their Children
89/12/8 Hospital Administration -Patients - Admission of Aged Persons for Use of Hospital Beds
89/12/9 Hospital Administration - Patients - Facilities for Care for Persons Referred by Police Department Drunks Etc
89/15/3 Hospital Administration - Staph Infection - Sterilisation of Blankets
89/15/3A Hospital Administration - Staph Infection in Children
90/8/5 Hospital Administration - Scottsdale - by-Laws
100/29/amb Ambulance - Ambulance Commission - Policy
100/34/amb Ambulance - St Johns Council for Tasmania - Patients
100/35/amb Ambulances - St John Council - First Aid Classes - Schools
100/38/amb Ambulances - St Johns Ambulance - Accommodation
100/40/amb Ambulances - Royal Flying Doctor Service - Federal Council & Other States
100/41/amb Ambulances - Royal Flying Doctors Service - Inaugural Meeting Etc
100/46/14/amb Ambulances - Royal Flying Doctor Service - Special Areas - Flinders (Furneaux Group)
101/amb Ambulances - Beaconsfield and District
102/6/1 Tb Division - Special Departments - Mass X-Ray
102/8/1A Tb Division - Administration - Commonwealth/state Agreement - Renewal
102/8/2 Tb Division - Administration - Commonwealth Instructions to Allowance
102/8/3 Tb Division - Administration - Commonwealth/state Inspection Visits - Commonwealth Directors
102/8/3A Tb Division - Administration - Commonwealth/state - National Tuberculosis Advisory Council
102/8/12 Tb Division - Arrangements - Radiation Hazards
104/amb Ambulances - Bruny Island
105/amb Ambulances - Burnie and District
110/amb Ambulances - Devonport and District
113/amb Ambulances - Fingal - St Marys Service
115/amb Ambulance - George Town
121/amb Ambulance - Southern Tasmanian Ambulance District
137/amb Ambulance - Launceston - Northern Ambulance Board and Est. Launceston District under Commission
150/amb Ambulance - New Norfolk Ambulance Board - New Norfolk Ambulance Service
162/amb Ambulance - Municipal - Spring Bay
89/23 (1) Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medibank
89/23 (2) Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medibank
89/26 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medibank - Procedures
93/150 District Nursing Centres - St Helens - General
96/21/14 Private Medical Establishment - Hobart - Rosebank Nursing Home
103/4 (1) Hospital and Health Services Commission - Capital Works Programme
103/6 (1) Hospital and Health Services Commission - Community Health Programme
110/100 (1) Departmental - Staff - Public Service Officers - Sessional Fees - Medical Officers
65/815/1 Royal Hobart Hospital - Administration - Intermediate Patient Scheme
65/815/2 Royal Hobart Hospital - Administration - Intermediate Patient Scheme
79/4 Hospital Employees Award - Appeals
79/5 Hospital Employees (Pa No 4)
79/6 Hospital Employees - Salaries (Attendants and Hospital Aids)
79/8 Hospital Employees (Ph) Principal Award No 4 - $330 Pa Sips Flow on.
79/10 Hospital Employees (Principal Award No.5) - Supervisor of Attendant Staff
79/11 Hospital Employees - Allowances
79/12 Hospital Employees (Public Hospitals) - Conditions
79/13 Hospital Employees Principal Award (No 5) Shift Workers
79/15 Hospital Employees (No 5) - Remote Call - Lift Industry Allowance
79/16 Hospital Employees (Pa No 5) - Remote Call Allowance - Electricians
79/17 Hospital Employees (Pa No.5) - Remote Call
79/18 Hospital Employees Principal Award No 5 - Catering Officers
79/19 Hospital Employees (Pa5) - Attendants Doing Oas Work
79/20 Hospital Employees Principal Award No 5 - Dental Mechanics and Dental Technicians (Wages)
79/21 Hospital Employees - Allowances paid to Attendants
79/22 Hospital Employees - Production Supervisor - Group Linen Service - Salaries
79/23 Hospital Employees - Conditions (Overtime and Higher Duty Allowance)
79/24 Medical Officers Principal Award No 5 - re Wage Rates (No 1 of 2 Files)
79/25 Medical Officers Principal Award No 5 - Wage Rates (No 2 of 2 Files)
79/32 Nurses (Public Hospitals) Pa No 4
79/34 Nurses (Public Hospitals) - Conditions
79/39 Social Workers - New Principal Award
79/41 Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapists - re $9.00 Flow on (Claim Dismissed)
79/42 Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapists - Salaries (Amendment No 2)
79/43 Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapists - New Principal Award
79/46 Nurses - Implementation of New Principal Award (Pa No.5) (and Working Committees
79/47 Hospital Employees (Public Hospitals) No 4 - New Principal Award
79/47 (2) Hospital Employees (Public Hospitals) No 4 - New Principal Award
79/47 (3) Hospital Employees (Public Hospitals) - New Principal Award
80/3 Hospital Administration - Staff - Procedure - Applications Through Agent General - Removal Allowances
82/33 Hospital Administration - Nursing Staff - Arbitration - Nurses Award
83/3 Pharmacy Award
83/6 Psychologists Award
85/23 Hospital Administration - Family Planning
85/28 Hospital Administration - Inter-Hospital Transfers
92/8/2 Community Health Centres - Eastern Shore - Erection Etc
122/52 Dental Health Services - Administration - Policy, Procedure and Reports
81/10 Hospital Administration - Medical Staff - Family Medical Programme
85/16 Hospital Administration - Dental Services in Hospitals
86/29 (1) Hospital Administration - Regional Engineering for Hospitals
87/27 (1) Hospital Administration - Supply and Equipment - Frozen Meals (Reports on)
89/2 Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth Hospital Benefits - Agreement with Commonwealth
89/23 (4) Hospital Administration - Commonwealth - Finance - Medibank
89/40 Hospital Administration - Hospital Cost Sharing Agreement - National Standing Committee
92/8/11 Community Health Services - Bayfield Street - Bellerive - Administration
92/27/2 (1) Community Health Centres - Kings Meadows - Administration
95/702 Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Centre - Policy and Planning
99/140 General Miscellaneous - Rape
99/181 (1) General (Miscellaneous) - University - Dental School
104/400 Nurses Registration Board - Educational Standards for Entry - Policy and School Correspondence Only
110/152 Departmental - Staff - General - in Service Examinations
69/804 Hospitals - Smithton District - Administration - Emerton Park Home Units
81/4 (1) Hospital Administration - Medical Staff - Right of Private Practice - Full Time Specialists
85/16 (2) Hospital Administration - Dental Services in Tasmania
85/18 Hospital Administration - Chiropody Services
85/25 Hospital Administration - Emergency Obstetric Service
85/26 Hospital Administration - Emergency Surgical Services
85/56 Hospital Administration - Domiciliary Services (Home Care) - Green Ponds Municipality
85/57 Hospital Administration - Domiciliary Service (Home Care) - Clarence Municipality
85/59 Hospital Administration - Domiciliary Services (Home Care) - Bothwell Municipality
89/4 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth List - Approved Hospitals
89/15 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Home Nursing Subsidy Act
89/22 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Health Benefits Council
89/23 (5) Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Hospital Services Cost Sharing Agreement
89/24 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medibank - White Paper
89/46 Hospital - Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Fees and Benefits - Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme
90/19 Hospital Administration - General - Services for Aged
91/5 Hospital Administration - Patients - Termination of Pregnancy, Vasectomy, Ligation of Fallopian Tubes Etc
92/27/4 (1) Community Health Centres - Kings Meadows - Impact Study
96/5/1 Private Medical Establishment - Burnie - Umina Park Home for the Aged
96/9/1 Private Medical Establishment - Deloraine - Deloraine Nursing Home
96/15/2 Private Medical Establishment - George Town - Ainslie Hospital - Low Head - Building
96/42/1 Private Medical Establishment - St Leonards - Fred French Masonic Nursing Home
96/45/5 Private Medical Establishment - Ulverstone - Mt St Vincent Nursing Home
98/438 Associations, Boards, Committees - Australian Medical Students Association - Vacation/elective Employment Scheme
102/10 National Health and Medical Research Council - Poisons and Drugs
103/10 Hospital and Health Services Commission - Rural Health Working Party
103/13 Hospital and Health Services Commission - Nursing Research
124/208 (2) Poisons and Narcotic Substances - Prescription Forms (Proposal - Numbering Forms to Keep Tabs on Scripts)
124/408 Therapeutic Goods - Inspections and Reports
57/601 (2) Launceston General Hospital - Special Services - Commonwealth/state Pathology Services
84/10 Board of Appeals
85/16 (3) Hospital Administration - Dental Services in Hospitals
85/30 (2) Hospital Administration - Special Services - Austin Hospital
89/36 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Long-Stay Patients in Tasmanian Public Hospitals
95/702 (3) Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Policy and Planning
95/702 (4) Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Policy and Planning
95/706 Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre - Commonwealth State Agreement
98/219 Associations, Boards, Committees Etc - Podiatrists Registration Board - Application for Registration
99/113 General (Miscellaneous) - Migrant Services
99/141 (1) General - Refugee Settlement in Tasmania
115/10 (1) Administration of Health Services - proposed Health Commission - Information and Enquiries
65/815 (3) Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Administration - Intermediate Patient Scheme
85/2 Optometrical Services - Fingal Valley
85/5 Hospital Administration - Special Services North West Coast
85/7 Hospital Administration - Geriatrics - North West Coast
89/16 (2) Hospital Administration - State Grants (Home Care) Act - Senior Citizens Centres, Home Care Services
89/23 (6) Hospital Administration - Commonwealth Finance - Hospital Services Cost Sharing Agreement
89/50 (1) Druids Health Insurance Fund
91/3(1) Hospital Administration - Patients - Consent for Operations
95/405 (1) Tasmanian Spastics Association - including Rosebank Cottage - Temporary File
99/84 (1) International Year of Disabled Persons
99/151 (1) General Miscellaneous - Smoking - General
99/162 (1) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
104/424 Survey on Role and Function of the Tan (Auxiliary Nurse)
115/2 proposed New Service - Eastern Shore Survey on Current Health Problems (Planning Evaluation and Research Unit)
74/407 (4) Hospitals - Launceston General - New Hospital - Group Laundry - North East Region
89/23 (7) Hospital Administration - Cost Sharing Agreement
96/8/5 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Clarence - Queen Victoria Home
96/14 Private Medical Establishments - Accommodation
96/21/17 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Hobart - St Helens Hospital
96/21/27 Private Medical Establishments - 7Th Day Adventists - Temporary Hostel - Rosetta
96/23/3 Private Medical Establishments - Kentish Municipality - Old Sheffield Hospital - Now - Tandara Lodge
96/45/2 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Ulverstone - Eliza Purton Home for Aged
99/42 General - Miscellaneous - 99/42 District Nursing Service - Launceston District Nursing Association - Closing Down
99/85 (1) Health Lifestyle Campaign
100/15 (2) Medical Services - Medical Services Eastern Shore
122/39 Dental Health Services - Joint Commonwealth/state Pilot Scheme - Orthodontic Training
122/60 - Australian School Dental Scheme - New Financial Arrangements
123/21 Dental Health Services - Accommodation - Standard Dental Surgery
128/6 Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctors Service - Ambulance Service Survey
85/20 (1) Hospital Administration - Pharmaceutical Services
82/24 (2) Hospital Administration - Nursing Staff
R a N F
89/41 (2) Hospital Administration - Hospital Cost Sharing Agreement - State Standing Committee
89/51 (1) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medicare
89/51 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth - Medicare
99/151 (2) Miscellaneous - Smoking - General
85/54 Special Services - Huntingtons Disease
87/6 Hospital Administration - Supply and Equipment - Food Services
89/15 (2) Hospital Administration - Finance - Commonwealth Home Nursing Subsidy Act
89/26 (5) Hospital Administration - Commonwealth Finance - Medibank - Procedures
89/51 (3) Hospital Administration - Finance Commonwealth - Medicare
89/52 (1) Hospital Administration - Finance Commonwealth - Medicare Working Party - Rights of Private Practice
90/21 Hospital Administration - General - Legal Opinions and Litigation
91/5 (2) Hospital Administration - Patients - Termination of Pregnancy/vasectomy and Ligation of Tubes
91/8 (1) Hospital Administration - Patients - Development of in-Vitro Fertilisation Foetal Tissue
95/418 (1) St Michaels School, Launceston - Individual Hostel - Rehabilitation Services
96/5/1 (2) Private Medical Establishments - Burnie - Umina Park - Home for the Aged
96/10/4 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Devonport - Melaleuca Home for the Aged
96/17/4 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Glenorchy - Strathhaven Lodge - Site/licence
96/21/8 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Hobart - Heathmere Nursing Home
96/21/18 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Hobart - St Johns Hospital
96/27/1 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Launceston - Aldersgate Methodist Home - Licence
96/27/7 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Launceston - St Lukes Hospital - Licence
96/27/9 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Launceston - St Margarets Nursing Home
96/29/1 Private Medical Establishments - Eskleigh Memorial Home for the Permanently Sick - Licence
96/34/1 (1) Private Medical Establishments - Portland - Medea Park Nursing Home
96/42/3 (1) Private Medical Establishments - St Leonards - Nazareth House - Licence
99/141 (2) General - Refugee Settlement in Tasmania
104/419 (1) Nurses Registration Board - Training - Tasmanian Courses - Nurses Education at Tertiary Level
104/428 (2) Nurses Registration Board - Nursing Education in Tasmania - Degree Courses including Basic Nurse Training
117/8 (2) Register of Lands
58/1/2 RE District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Redpa
58/1/2 RI District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Ringarooma
58/1/2 RO District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Rossarden
58/1/2 SA District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - St Helens
58/1/2 SC District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Storey's Creek
58/1/2 SH District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Sheffield
58/1/2/SP District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Southport
58/1/2 SR District Nursing Centre - Administration - Domestic Staff & Casuals - Savage River
58/1/2 STR District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Strahan
58/1/2 SW District Nursing Centre - May Shaw Memorial Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Swansea
58/1/2 TA District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Tasman
58/1/2 TR District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Triabunna
58/1/2 WA District Nursing Centre - Administration - Domestic Staff & Casuals - Waratah
58/1/2 WES District Nursing Centre - Staff - Casuals - Westbury
58/5/1 AL District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous
58/5/1 AC District Nursing Centre - Administrative - Accounts - Avoca Centre
58/5/1 CB District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts Cape Barren
58/5/1/CY District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Cygnet
58/5/1 DO District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Dover
58/5/1 GL District Nursing Centre - Finance Accounts - Gladstone
58/5/1 GR District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Grassy
58/5/1 GT District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - George Town
58/5/1 MC District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Mole Creek
58/5/1 OA District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Oatlands
58/5/1 RE District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Redpa
58/5/1 RI District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Ringarooma
58/5/1 RO District Nursing Centre - Administration -- Accounts etc - Temporary File - Rossarden
58/5/1 SA District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - St Helens
58/5/1 SH District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Sheffield
58/5/1 SP District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Southport
58/5/1 STR District Nursing Centre - Patients - Accounts - Strahan
58/5/1 SW District Nursing Centre - May Shaw Memorial Nursing Centre - Accounts - Swansea
58/5/1 TA District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Tasman (Koonya)
58/5/1 TR District Nursing Centre - Finance - Accounts - Miscellaneous - Triabunna
58/5/1 WA District Nursing Centre - Administration - Accounts - Waratah
58/5/1 WES District Nursing Centre - Patients - Accounts - Westbury
60 ABW General - "A" - Commonwealth Assistance - Aboriginal Welfare - Cape Barren Island
60 CO 3 General - Conferences - Miscellaneous
60 CO 8A General - Conferences - Drugs - National Standing Control Committee on Drugs of Dependence
60 HE 2 General - "H" - Health Education Council - Minutes
60 SEC General - "S" - State Disaster Plan - State Emergency Committee
60 ST 2 General - Statistics - Commonwealth Bureau of Census & Statistics - Requests to and by Department for
60 TA 1 Tasmanian Aero Club
60 TA 2 General - Tas Air Service - General Charter
60 UN 9 General - University - Faculty of Medicine - Members and Meetings
60 VI CHES Visitors - Director of Spinal Injuries - Austin Hospital - Dr D J E Cheshire
60 WHO General - "W" - World Health Organisation - General
60 A/HYD General - Association etc - Hydatids Eradication Council
63/10 THY General - Diseases - Thyroid - Thyrotoxicosis Research (Thyroid Advisory Committee)
66/1/2 General - Acts & Regulations - Comprehensive - Requests to Department for Copies and Information
66 CIA General- Legislation - Acts & Regulations - Charitable Institutions Act
66 DDA 2 General - Legislation - Dangerous Drugs Act - Regulations
66 DDA 3 General - Acts & Regulations - Dangerous Drugs - Control from Outside Tasmania
66 DDA ORDERS General - Legislation - Dangerous Drugs - Orders Variations in Schedules
66 FD 2 MARG Legislation - Acts & Regulations - Food & Drug Regulations - Margarine
66 HA 1 General - Legislation - Acts & Regulations - Hospital Act
66 NR 2 General - Legislation - Nurses Registration Act 1952 - Regulations & Amendments
66 TOB General - Legislation - Tobacco - Control of Advertising
67/1/3 General - Reports & Publications - Specially Requested or Required by Dept Health Services from Other Depts
67/5/1 General - Reports & Publications - Journals - Subscriptions etc
68/2/2 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Board - Minutes
70/1/1 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Staffing Estabs Other than MO's
70/2/2 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Board - Minutes
70/6/15 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Special Depts - Neuro-Surgery (Incl Appt Neuro-Surgeon)
70/8/2 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Administration - Finance
70/10/3 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings - North East Building
70/10/5 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings - J F Gaha Wing - (Link Block Contract)
70/10/5 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings - J F Gaha Wing - (Link Block Contract)
70/10/10 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Future Development - Maternity & Gynaecological Services & Proposed Hospital
71/2/1 Hospitals - St Mary's District - Board - Appointments
72/1/4 Hospitals - Mersey General - Staff - Awards & Classifications (Excl MO's)
72/3/1 Hospitals - Mersey Group - Supplies & equipment - General
72/8/2 Hospitals - Mersey - Administration - Finance
73/1/2 Hospitals - Launceston General - Staffing - Medical Appts (excluding honoraries and those with special files)
73/1/4A Hospitals - Launceston General - Staff - Salaries & Classifications (excl MO's)
73/2/2 Hospitals - Launceston General - Board - Minutes
73/3/1 Hospitals - Launceston General - Supplies & Equipment - General
73/3/2 Hospitals - Launceston General - Supplies & Equipment - X-ray Department
73/10/8 Hospitals - Launceston General - Buildings - Development of Theatres
74/4/15 Hospitals - King Island District - Buildings - New Main Hospital
75/2/3 General - Cancer - Institute Board - Minutes
75/2/5 General - Cancer - Tasmanian Cancer Committee - Finance
77/2/2 Hospitals - Queen Alexandra - Board - Minutes
78/2/2 Hospitals - Lyell District (Queenstown) - Board - Minutes
78/8/2 Hospitals - Queenstown (Lyell) - Administration - Finance
GMS 80/10 NN Government Medical Service - New Norfolk Municipality - Agreements - 1961 > and Correspondence RelatingThereto
80/10 PC Government Medical Service - Port Cygnet Municipality - Agreement
80/23 FL Government Medical Service - Buildings - Flinders Island - New Residence and Surgery
80/23 NN Government Medical Service - Buildings - DMO's Residence - Maydena
81/2/1 Beaconsfield Hospital - Board - Appointments
81/4/6 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Buildings - New Wing
81/4/6 EG Hospitals - Beaconsfield - New Hospital - Equipment
81/8/2 Hospitals - Beaconsfield - Administration - Finance
82/2/2 Hospitals - Queen Victoria - Board - Minutes
83/4/1 Hospitals - Campbell Town - Buildings - Repairs & Maintenance
83/8/2 Campbell Town Hospital - Administration - Finance
85/2/2 Hospitals - New Norfolk - Board - Minutes
88/4/6 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Buildings - 26 Risby Street
89/1/26 Hospital & Medical Services - Nursing Service - Nurses Registration Board - Minutes
89/1/7 Hospitals - Administration - Nursing Enquiries - G - O
89/2/1 Hospitals - Administration - Medical Staffing - Enquiries re Vacancies
89/2/1 Hospitals - Administration - Medical Staffing - Enquiries re Vacancies
89/3/4 Hospitals - Administration - Specialists Services - Geriatric
89/5/1 Hospitals - Administration - Misc. Staffing, Enquiries, Vacancies etc
89/6/4 Hospitals - Administration - Buildings - Progress Work Reports PWD
89/6/5 Hospitals - Administration - Buildings & Land - Offered for Sale
89/7/2 Hospitals - Administration - Supplies - Drugs Per Central Medical Store - Supply and Tender
89/7/4 Hospitals - Administration - Supplies & Equipment - Price Lists & Catalogues
89/7/5 Hospitals - Administration - Supplies & Equipment - Surplus
89/7/14 Hospitals - Administration - Supply & Equipment - Recompression Chamber
89/7/19 Hospitals - Administration - Supply & Equipment - X-ray Equipment. Film Badge Service
89/7/19A Hospitals - Administration - Supplies & Equipment - X-ray Equipment - Servicing
89/7/43 Hospitals - Administration - Supplies & Equipment - Medical Records
89/8 HOSP Hospital & Medical - Administration - Public Service Tribunal - Hospital Employees Award (File 1)
89/8 HOSP Hospital & Medical - Administration - Public Service Tribunal - Hospital Employees Award (File 2)
89/8 HOSP Public Service Tribunal Act 1958 (Spare Copy)
89/8 MO Hospital & Medical - Administration - Public Service Tribunal - Medical Officers Award
89/8 NUR Hospital & Medical - Administration - Public Service Tribunal - Nurses Awards
89/9/3 OP Hospital Administration - Finance - Hospital Benefits - Outpatients
89/9/4A Hospitals - Commonwealth Hospital & Medical Benefits - Hospital & Medical Costs - Nimmo Committee - Press Clippings
89/9/11 Hospitals - Administration - Fees - Outpatients Fees
89/9/12 Hospitals - Administration - Patients' Right Own Doctor
89/10/3 Hospitals - Administration - General - Lists & Services & Enquiries etc
89/11/2 Hospitals & Medical - Administration - Finance, Procedures etc - Circulars - General
89/11/12 Hospitals - Administration - Mortuaries - Use of Charges
90/4/10 Hospitals - Scottsdale - Buildings - Proposed New Hospital
92/12/11 General - Drugs & Poisons - Monitoring of Licit Transactions of Drugs of Dependence
92/30 General - Drugs - Poisons - Interpretation & Information Act
97/3/1 Government Analyst & Chemist - Technical Division - Supplies & Equipment - Various
97/4/1 General - Government Analyst's Department - Buildings - Repairs
98/4/33 Hospitals - St John's Park - Buildings - Official Residences, Cottages (25-27 Gregson St) Including St John's Hill
100/22 AMB General - Ambulances - Ambulance Commission - Minutes
102/8/1 TB - Administration - Commonwealth - State - Arrangements Under TB Act
102/6/1 TB - TB Division - Special Departments - Mass X-rays
104/10/2 Hospitals - North Western General (Burnie Division) - Buildings - Erections, Extensions & Regulations
105/2/2 Hospitals - Mersey - Board- Minutes
106/2/2 Hospitals - Toosey Memorial - Board - Minutes
107/2/2 Hospitals - Smithton - Board - Minutes of Meetings
113/8/2 Hospitals - Rosebery Hospital - Administration - Finance
119/1/7A Hospitals - North Western General Hospital - Staff - Awards & Classifications (Excl MO's)
119/2/2 Hospitals - North Western General Hospital - Board Minutes - Burnie/Spencer
119/2/2 Hospitals - North Western General Hospital - Board Minutes - House & Finance Committee
119/8/2 Hospitals - North Western General Hospital - Administration - Finance
241/1/2 Public Service Administration - Staff - Headquarters - Posts : Permanent - Creation to recommendation (Incl Appeals)
241/1/5 DO Public Service Administration - Staff - Dental Health - Dental Officers
241/1/22 Public Service Administration -Staff - Public Health Division - Child Health
241/1/25 Public Service Administration - Staff - Public Health - School Medical
241/1/31 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Permanent - Creation to recommendation - TB Division
241/1/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Permanent - St John's Park Hospital - Creation to recommendation
241/1/52 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Permanent - Creation to Recommendation - Pathology Service
242/1/2 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Temporary - Requests for Replacements etc
242/1/23 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Temporary - Public Health : Mothercraft Home
242/1/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Temporary - St John's Park (File 1)
242/1/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Temporary - St John's Park (File 2)
246/1/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Salaries - P S Lists & Corrections : Change of Title & Classifications (File 1)
246/1/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Salaries - P S Lists & Corrections : Change of Title & Classifications (File 2)
246/5/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Salaries - Certificate Allowances : Qualification Increments - St John's Park
246/14/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Salaries - Salary Adjustments Employees - St John's Park
247/6/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Working Conditions - Late Attendance Returns : Whole
247/9/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Working Conditions - Annual Leave Roster & Accumulated Leave
247/12/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Working Conditions - Outside Employment
248/11/2 DDG Public Service Administration - Staff - Travel - Arrangements, Journeys, Accommodation etc - Tasmania
248/11/2 DIET Public Service Administration - Staff - Travel - Arrangements, Journeys, Accommodations etc - Tasmania - Dietician (Incl Hospital Tours)
508/44/10 Private Hospitals, Rest Homes etc - Clarence Municipality - Lillian Martin Presbyterian Home - Licence, Inspections, Reports, Enquiries etc
510/65/10 Private Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing & Rest Homes etc - Devonport Municipality - Riverview Rest Home (44 McFie Street, Devonport) - Inspections, Reports, Enquiries etc - Also incl 505/74/10 Seaview Rest Home, Burnie - Reports etc
648 Public Health - Ministerial - Food - Meat
654 Public Health - Ministerial - Research and Development - Hydatids
663/6 Public Health - Ministerial - Environmental Control - Pollution - Press Clippings
664 Public Health - Ministerial - Environmental Sanitation - Sewerage - Bacterial Tanks, Units, Plants etc
10/1/6 Ministerial - Minister for Health - Appointments
10/1/7 Ministerial - Minister for Health - Appointments
10/1/2/72 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Appointments
10/1/3/72 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Appointments
10/1/4/72 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Appointments
10/1/5/72 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Appointments
10/1/36 Pharmacy Board of Tasmania - Conference of Pharmacy Boards of Australia & New Zealand Thursday March 22 & Friday March 23 1973
10/11 Ministerial - Parliament (State) - House of Assembly - Notices of Motions & Orders of the Day
10/50/6 Minister for Health - Cabinet Submission - Appointment of Engineering Adviser
31/10 Government Medical Service - Staff - Establishment - Advertisement
51/14/6 Departmental - Accounts Closed - N - S
51/14/6 Departmental - Accounts Closed - T - Z
51/16/2 General - Departmental - Administration - Modes of Address, Mailing List
51/5/2 Departmental - Administration - Invitations - Miscellaneous
51/8/4 Departmental - Instructions - Office Procedure - General
51/14/1A Departmental - Accounts - Owing by Department - Finance
51/14/2A Departmental - Finance - Accounts - Payment of Salaries
51/14/6 Departmental - Accounts Closed - A - E
51/14/6 Departmental - Accounts Closed - F - H
51/14/6 Departmental - Accounts Closed - I - M
51/14/6 Departmental - Outstanding Accounts - A - Z
53/2/5 Mental Health Services Commission - Boards, Tribunals etc - Minutes
53/2/5 Mental Health Services Commission - Boards, Tribunals etc - Minutes
53/2/7 Mental Health Services Commission - Boards, Tribunals etc - Royal Derwent Hospital Board - Minutes (Board of Management)
53/4/2 Mental Health Services Commission - Buildings - Royal Derwent Hospital
55/30 Dental Health - School Dental - Supply & Equipment - Miscellaneous & General
55/34 Dental Health - Supply & Equipment - Warragul Clinic
55/46 BEA Dental Health - Buildings - Residence & Surgery - Beaconsfield 14 - 16 Margaret Street
55/46 QUE Dental Health - Buildings - Residence - Queenstown
58/CB/2 District Nursing Centre - Cape Barren - Reports - Insp Sister
60/CO/8A General - Conferences - Drugs - National Standing Control Committee on Drugs of Dependence
60A/WC2 Departmental - Workers' Compensation - A - L
60A/WC2 Departmental - Workers' Compensation - M - Z
63/5 HEP General - Diseases - Notifiable - Hepatitis
66/AA/6 General - Acts & Regulations - Anatomy Act - Licenses
66/DA/1 General - Legislation - Dentists Act - Amendments
66/FD/2 MARG Legislation - Acts & Regulations - Food & Drink Regulations - Margarine
66/HA/2 General - Legislation - Hospital Act - Regulations & Amendments
66/RR General - Legislation - Registration of Radiographers
66/RR General - Legislation - Registration of Radiographers
68/1/1 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Staff - Other than MO's
68/1/2 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Staff - Medial Officers
68/1/4 Hospitals - Zeehan - Staff - Awards & Classifications (Excl MO's)
68/1/6 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Staffing - Staff Duties
68/2/1 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Board - Appointments
68/2/1A Hospitals - Zeehan District - Board Members - Leave of Absence
68/2/2 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Board - Minutes
68/3/2 Hospitals - Zeehan - Supplies & Equipment - X-ray
68/4/1 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Buildings - Repairs & Maintenance
68/4/2A Hospitals - Zeehan - Land Title - Residence of Medical Officer
68/4/5 Hospitals - Zeehan - Buildings - Laundry
68/4/6 Hospitals - Zeehan - Buildings - Rental House from Police Department - Secretary's Residence
68/4/7 Hospitals - Zeehan District Hospital - Buildings - Mortuary
68/4/9 Hospitals - Zeehan - Proposed New Hospital & Nurses' Home - Erection
68/5/1 Hospitals - Zeehan - Patients - General & Individual
68/8/1 Hospitals - Zeehan - Administrative - Inspection Reports - Visits, Returns etc
68/8/2 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Administratio - Finance
68/8/4 Hospitals - Zeehan District Hospital - Administration - Medical Union - Grants & General
68/8/5 Hospitals - Zeehan District - Administration - By-Laws
68/8/6 Hospitals - Zeehan Hospital - Closure of Hospital 1970 - Dinner
70/1/2 Hospitals - Royal Derwent Staffing - Medical Officers
70/1/4B Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Staff - Appeals Against Awards (Excl MO's)
70/1/8 Hospitals - Royal Hobart - Resident Medical Est - Anaesthetic
70/10 KIT Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings - Kitchen - Temporary Kitchen - Equipment
70/10/1 Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Buildings - Future Development
70/10/5 EQ Hospitals - Royal Hobart Hospital - Link Building - Equipment
73/1/2A Hospitals - Launceston General - Staff - Superintendent
73/2/1 Hospitals - Launceston General Hospital - Board - Members
89/1/6 Hospitals - Administration - Nursing - Recruitment & Training
89/1/7 P-Z Hospitals - Administration - Nursing Enquiries - P - Z
89/6/14 Hospitals - Administration - Buildings - Operating Theatres
89/7/25 Hospitals - Supply & Equipment - Special Services - Meals on Wheels
89/9/3F Hospitals - Administration - Hospital Benefits Agreements - Mental Institutions (Including Conference for Health Ministers - Pensions for Mental Patients)
89/9/7C Hospitals - Administration - Fees - Increase 1967 - Press Clippings
89/10/3 Hospitals - Administration - General - Lists & Services & Enquiries etc
89/10/18 Hospitals - Administration - Outpatients Department
89/11/2 Hospitals & Medical - Administration - Finance, Procedures etc - Circulars - General
90/2/1 Hospitals - Scottsdale - Board - Appointments
92/30 General - Drugs - Poisons - Interpretation & Information Act
97/3/1 Government Analyst & Chemist - Technical Division - Supplies & Equipment - Various
98/2/2 Hospitals - Gellibrand House - Board - Minutes
241/1/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Permanent - Creation of Positions - Whole Department (Including Abolishment of Offices)
73/2/2 Hospitals - Launceston General - Board - Minutes
73/5/2 Hospitals - Launceston General Hospital - Patients - Individual
73/8/11 Hospitals - Launceston General Hospital - Administration - Board of Enquiry 1971
73/10/8EQ Hospitals - Launceston General Hospital - Theatre - Equipment - X-ray ICU
88/10/4 Hospitals - Ulverstone - Buildings - Geriatric Wing
241/1/5 DO Public Service Administration - Staff - Dental Health - Dental Officers
241/1/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts : Permanent - St John's Park Hospital - Creation to recommendation
241/4/1 Public Service Administration - Staff Permanent - Government Gazette
242/1/5 Public Service Administration - Staff - Dental Health - Temporary Positions (Incl Part-time)
242/1/22 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts Temporary - Child Health - Public Health
242/1/41 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts - Temporary - St John's Park Hospital
243/1/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Posts - Recruitment - Individual Enquiries for Unadvertised Jobs
248/4/1 Public Service Administration - Staff - Travel - Authority for Use of Private Motor Vehicle
249/2/1 Departmental - Staff - Training - Texts, Training, Lectures & Talks
517/40/13 Private Hospitals & Rest Homes - Glenorchy Municipality - Lady Clark Geriatric Centre (Claremont) - Minutes
650 FLU Departmental - Press Clippings - Fluoridation
10/2 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Travel Accommodation - Itineraries
10/3 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Miscellaneous Correspondence - Personal
10/4 Ministerial - Parliament - State - Radio & Television
10/6 Ministerial - Parliament - State - General - Notices, Pairs etc
10/10 Ministerial - Parliament - State - Press Statements
10/10A Ministerial - Parliament - State - Press Statements - Lack of Press Media Co-operation
10/13 Ministerial - Parliament - State - House of Assembly - Votes & Proceedings
10/14 Ministerial - Parliament - State - Cabinet Papers
10/20 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Parliament - State - Miscellaneous Correspondence
10/21 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Parliamentary - Correspondence with Members (State)
10/22 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Minister for Transport, Racing & Mines
10/23 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Minister for Education
10/24 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Minister for Lands & Works & Local Government
10/25 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Attorney General & Minister for Police & Licensing
10/26 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Chief Secretary & Minister for Tourism
10/27 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Premier, Treasurer, Minister in Charge of HEC
10/28 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Minister of Agriculture & Forestry
10/29 Ministerial - Non-departmental - Minister for Housing, Industrial Development & Fisheries
10/31 Ministerial - Parliament - State - Miscellaneous
10/32 Ministerial - Parliament - Federal - Correspondence with Members & Miscellaneous Matters
10/40 Ministerial - Parliament - State - State Liberal Party
51/5/1 Departmental - Invitations - Director-General of Health Services - Accept & Decline
51/8/13 Departmental - General - Staff - Public Service Commissioner's Circular Memorandum
51/9/2A Departmental - Supply & Equipment - Public Health
51/14/1A Departmental - Accounts - Owing by Department - Finance
51/14/1A Departmental - Accounts - Owing by Department - Finance
51/14/2 Departmental - Finance - Audit - Reports & Queries
51/14/4 Departmental - Departmental - Finance - Estimates, Appropriation & Supply Act
51/14/5A Departmental - Finance - Insurance - Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental - Finance - Insurance - Salary Deductions
51/14/5A Departmental - Finance - Insurance - Salary Deductions
51/14/6 (1) Departmental - Accounts - Paid & Remitted
51/14/6 (2) Departmental - Outstanding - Small Accounts & Analyst Fee Owing to Department
51/14/6 (3) Departmental - Accounts - Closed and Remitted
51/14/13 Departmental - Finance - Commonwealth Grants Commission
51/15/2B Departmental - Reports - Annual Report - Enquiries for Correspondence etc
53/2/5 Mental Health Services Commission - Boards, Tribunals etc - Minutes
53/2/7 Mental Health Services Commission - Boards, Tribunals etc - Royal Derwent Hospital Board - Minutes (Board of Management)
53/5/2 Mental Health Service Commission - Patients - Specific - Patients - General
55/22 Dental Health - Committees, Conferences etc - Committee of Review - Reports of Meetings & Agendas (To Organise Service)
55/83/12 Dental Health - Monthly Returns of Operations - Dental School
58/AL/2 District Nursing Centre - Alonnah - Reports
56/AV/2 District Nursing Centres - Avoca - Reports - Inspection Visits, Audit etc
56/CY/2 District Nursing Centre - Cygnet - Reports
58/CY/4 _ District Nursing Centre - Cygnet - Buildings & Repairs
58/DO/2 District Nursing Centre - Dover - Reports
58/GL/2 District Nursing Centre - Gladstone - Administration - Reports
58/GR/2 District Nursing Centre - Grassy - Reports
58/GT/2 District Nursing Centre - George Town - Reports
58/LI/2 District Nursing Centre - Lilydale - Reports
58/MC/2 District Nursing Centre - Mole Creek - Reports
58/OA/2 District Nursing Centre - Oatlands - Reports
58/RE/2 District Nursing Centre - Redpa - Reports
58/RI/2 District Nursing Centre - Ringarooma - Reports
58/RO/2 District Nursing Centre - Rossarden - Reports
58/ST/2 District Nursing Centre - St Helens - Reports - Inspections, Visits, Audits etc
58/SC/2 District Nursing Centre - Storey Creek - Reports
58/SH/2 District Nursing Centre - Sheffield - Reports - Inspections etc
58/SP/2 District Nursing Centre - Southport - Reports
58/STR/2 District Nursing Centre - Strahan - Reports
58/SW/2 District Nursing Centre - Swansea - Reports
58/TA/2 District Nursing Centre - Tasman - Reports
58/TR/2 District Nursing Centre - Triabunna - Reports
58/WA/2 District Nursing Centre - Waratah - Reports & Audit Inspections
58/WE/2 District Nursing Centre - Westbury - Reports
60/CB/1 General - Aboriginal Welfare - Cape Barren Island - Commonwealth Finance & General
60/CO/1 General - Conferences (excl specific files) - Medical & Para-medical
60/CO/7 General - Conferences - Minister for Health - 1968 Conference
60/CO/7 General - Conferences - Minister for Health - 1969 Conference
60/CO/26 General - Conferences - International Hospital Federation - 3rd Regional Conference
60/CO/30 General - Conferences - 1969 Ministers' Conference - Hospital & Allied Services Advisory Council
60/CO/30/2 General - Conferences - Hospital & Allied Services Advisory Council - Computer Committee
60/CO/30/3 General - Conferences - Hospital & Allied Services Advisory Council - Research Committee
60/CP General - C - Chiropractic
60/HHS General - Miscellaneous H - Home Help Services
60/RE/1 General - Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped - Civilian Artificial Lim Making
60/RE/2 General - Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped incl Persons 14 & 15 Years of Age & Thalidomide Babies
60/RE/3 General - Rehabilitation - Commonwealth Subsidy (Lady Clark)
60/RE/5 General - Rehabilitation of Handicapped - Press Clippings
60/ST/3 General - Statistics - Commonwealth Bureau of Census & Statistics / Health Department - Hospital Morbidity Statistics
60/VI/CHES Visitors - Director of Spinal Injuries - Austin Hospital - Dr D J E Cheshire / Also Personal File
60A/CHA General - Associations - Child Health Association
60A/CRR General - Committees, Councils etc - Clinical Records Review Advisory Committee
60A/HC General - Associations - Handicapped Persons - General Information & Reports
60A/HC/1 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Handicapped Persons Advisory Council - Formation Council & Appointments
60A/HC/2 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Handicapped Persons Advisory Council - Meetings - Minutes
60A/HC/3 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Handicapped Persons Advisory Council - Convention of Meetings & Matters Arising Therefrom
60A/HC/4 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Handicapped Persons Advisory Council - Financial Aid
60A/HC/5 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Handicapped Persons Advisory Council - Incidence & Census
60A/RCW General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Retarded Children's Welfare Association (incl Oakdale Centre)
60A/RCW/1 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Retarded Children's Welfare Association - Newsletters
60A/RPA General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Retarded Person's Advisory Committee
60A/SD/2 General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - State Drug Advisory Committee - Minutes, Meetings, Approval New Drugs, Drug Lists & Catalogues
60A/TCH General - Associations, Committees, Councils, Societies etc - Tasmanian Council for Handicapped
60A/WC2 General - Workers' Compensation - For Statistical Purposes Only
60A/WC/2/1 General - Workers' Compensation - 1970 - 1971 - A - E
60A/WC/2/2 General - Workers' Compensation - 1970 - 1971 - F - K
60A/WC/2/3 General - Workers' Compensation - 1970 - 1971 L - R
60A/WC/2/4 General - Workers' Compensation - 1970 - 1971 S - Z
66/1/2 General - Acts & Regulations - Comprehensive - Requests to Department for Copies and Information
66/PA/2 General - Legislation - Poisons Act - Regulations - Amendments
66/PH/1 General - Legislation - Public Health Act - Act & Amendments
66 TOB General - Legislation - Tobacco - Control of Advertising
67/5/1 General - Reports & Publications - Journals - Subscriptions etc
69/3/1 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Supplies
69/3/2 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Supplies - X-ray
69/3/4 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Supplies - Catering Service
69/3/6 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Supplies - Fire Protection
69/4/1 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Buildings - Maintenance & Repairs
69/4/11 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Buildings - Facilities for Sensitivity Tests (Wattle Chalet)
69/4/12 TB Division - Tasmania Chest Hospital - Buildings - Accommodation for Alcoholics
69/4/14 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Buildings - Proposed New Building - Laundry & Artisans' Workshop
69/5/1 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospital - Patients
69/8/1 TB Division - Tasmanian Chest Hospita