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Personal Papers
Series Number:
Start Date:
08 Dec 1902
End Date:
31 Jan 1968
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 190031 Dec 1966
How to Use:
These records are part of the Launceston Manuscript Collection and can only be viewed in Launceston.
Series notes:
Contains, notes, correspondence, personal sketches, family photographs, transcripts of letters to Ronald C. Gunn edited by J.R. Skemp, transcript of manuscripts by J.R. Skemp and J. R. Skemp's will.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Manuscript of the Tasmanian Naturalist, pages 1-350 (pp 9-27 missing)
Transcript of letters mainly written to Ronald C. Gunn (executors to James Gibson, managers of the VDL Co) referring to the sale of VDL Co. land. Edited by J.R. Skemp. Typed by T.E.Burns. From J.R. Curtis' collection
Selected poems by Rowland Skemp manuscript.
"Reediford Holm" by T.R. Skemp. London: 1877. (The Tasmanian Skemp property was named after this title)
Correspondence from Skemp relations in England.
Two framed pencil sketches of Rowland and Samuel Skemp
"History of Salem Baptist church" by T.W.W Skemp (with photo of author and wife)
Notes and correspondence re William Kearney and Esh Lovell
Photos of family and friends
Correspondence to J.R. Skemp and parents
Personal papers, sketches by J.R.Skemp
"My birds" and "Letters to Anne": parts of manuscript, illus, photographs and correspondence.
"They nest in my garden" manuscript and photographs.
Will of John Rowland Skemp and relating correspondence.