Cover image for Applications from Returned Servicemen for Free Selections of Crown Land under the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916.
Applications from Returned Servicemen for Free Selections of Crown Land under the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1917
End Date:
31 Dec 1949
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
How to Use:
Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office
Series notes:
The series comprises application files from returned soldiers for a free selection of crown land. Details recorded include name, address, location and measurement of land and accompanying correspondence relating to surveys, diagrams (not in every case) and approvals.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Numerical by application number. Note that some applications are missing and may have been incorporated into later files in other series.;;The majority of files have date range between 1917 and 1940s, and this has been recorded as the series date range. One file continues to 1975 but as this is an anomoly which has been recorded at the specific item level.;;At then end of the series is a small statistical working file that was retained just as an example of the administrative processes undertaken.;;

1/SS-1916 Robert Fleetwood Keefe
2/SS-1916 Leonard William Smith
3/SS-1916 Lawrence Albert Styles
4/SS-1916 Frederick Widowson
5/SS-1916 Joshua Peck
6/SS-1916 William Stronach
7/SS-1916 Thomas Trinder Rocher
8/SS-1916 Francis George Hayes
9/SS-1916 Edward Harold Thurley
10/SS-1916 Leo Victor Maynard
11/SS-1916 James Richards
12/SS-1916 William George Morling
14/SS-1916 George Frederick Bakes
15/SS-1916 Percy Charles Harrex
16/SS-1916 Charles Henry Chatwin
17/SS-1916 Arthur George Harding
18/SS-1916 Thomas Trinder Rocher
19/SS-1916 William Reid
20/SS-1916 Percy William Steel & Stewart John Steel
21/SS-1916 Allan George Cross
22/SS-1916 Benjamin Albert Gofton
23/SS-1916 Alfred Langley
24/SS-1916 Harold Ernest Dawes
25/SS-1916 Sydney Badkin
26/SS-1916 Arthur William Hickmotte Grave
28/SS-1916 John Charles Webber
29/SS-1916 John Arthur Dixon
30/SS-1916 Samuel John Honner
34/SS-1916 Edgar McGuinness
35/SS-1916 John James Badkin
36/SS-1916 Francis James Peddle
39/SS-1916 Alfred Roland Doe
40/SS-1916 Archibald John Enniss
41/SS-1916 Robert Percy Hampton
42/SS-1916 Frank E Simmons
43/SS-1916 Arthur Riley
44/SS-1916 Henry Walter Febey
45/SS-1916 James Thomas Lewis Barwick
46/SS-1916 George Wright
48/SS-1916 James Hugh Parish
49/SS-1916 Alfred Ernest Fisher
50/SS-1916 Ronald Edgar Smith
51/SS-1916 James Vivian Mansell
52/SS-1916 John Arthur Dixon
53/SS-1916 William Henry Fletcher
54/SS-1916 Henry George Brown
55/SS-1916 Edward James Pearce
56/SS-1916 William Arthur Beechey
57/SS-1916 Harry Francis Holloway
58/SS-1916 Arthur Edgerton
59/SS-1916 John Edward Linnell
60/SS-1916 Peter McInnes
61/SS-1916 Carl Pierce Skinner
62/SS-1916 Harold Vinen
64/SS-1916 Julian Clifford Everett
65/SS-1916 Walter Tasmania Jaynes
66/SS-1916 Walter Clyde Mould
68/SS-1916 Herbert Murray Voss
69/SS-1916 Charles Leslie Harrex
70/SS-1916 Esmond Styephen Kennard Wright
71/SS-1916 Alfred John Martin
72/SS-1916 Alfred Jones
73/SS-1916 Henry Jenkins
74/SS-1916 Henry James Pyke
75/SS-1916 Ernest Kerr Kemp Cressington
76/SS-1916 Richard Charles Swanston Wilson
77/SS-1916 David Wakeling
78/SS-1916 George Alexander Finlay
79/SS-1916 John Clarence Denman
80/SS-1916 Leslie Williams
81/SS-1916 Alfred Howard
82/SS-1916 William John Bradford
83/SS-1916 Walter Mundy
84/SS-1916 Harold Oliver Price
85/SS-1916 James Millar Kaine
86/SS-1916 Robert Ernest Stacey
87/SS-1916 Thomas Albert Stacey
88/SS-1916 Wilfred James Heath
89/SS-1916 Walter Terry
90/SS-1916 Ernest Ellis Edwards
92/SS-1916 George Cameron Griffiths
93/SS-1916 Esperance William Daley
94/SS-1916 Sydney Charlse Littlejohn
95/SS-1916 William Charles Oldham
96/SS-1916 Alfred Henry Dawe
97/SS-1916 Jeremiah Joseph Duggan
98/SS-1916 James Alfred Cloudsdale
99/SS-1916 Charles James Fenton
101/SS-1916 George Chaplin
102/SS-1916 Fred Rector
103/SS-1916 Albert James Hancock
104/SS-1916 Kenneth Eli Williams
105/SS-1916 John Francis Duggan
106/SS-1916 William Arthur John Price
107/SS-1916 John Blanch
108/SS-1916 Duncan McRae
109/SS-1916 Robert Bruce Rainbow
110/SS-1916 Hudson Lutwyche
111/SS-1916 Arthur Vernon Hayden
112/SS-1916 Alfred Patrick Langmaid
113/SS-1916 Allen Eugeene Virieux
114/SS-1916 Joseph Henry Quillerat
115/SS-1916 Robert Albert Wallace
116/SS-1916 James Benton Peregrine Adams
120/SS-1916 Ernest Alfred Nicholls
121/SS-1916 Keith Groves
123/SS-1916 John Charles McAuliffe
124/SS-1916 Ernest Fred Goodwin
126/SS-1916 John Imlach
127/SS-1916 Walter R Montgomery
129/SS-1916 Robert Samuel Fountain
130/SS-1916 Archibald Edgar Alexander
131/SS-1916 James Desman Smith
133/SS-1916 Arthur Thomas Cooper
134/SS-1916 Leo William Mills
135/SS-1916 Henry Terry
136/SS-1916 Irvan Melville Fletcher
138/SS-1916 Frederick Vivian Frost
139/SS-1916 Arthur Reginald Cheese
140/SS-1916 John Willie
141/SS-1916 George Raymond Brittingham Moore
142/SS-1916 Hubert Mansel Briitingham Moore
143/SS-1916 Joshua Evans
144/SS-1916 Dennis W Lockley
145/SS-1916 Roy Leonard Maynard
146/SS-1916 Albert Williams
147/SS-1916 Cecil George Williams
148/SS-1916 James George Robert Davis
149/SS-1916 David Thomas Handley
150/SS-1916 Michael W Lynch
152/SS-1916 Cygnet Weller Harrison
153/SS-1916 Herbert W Austin
154/SS-1916 William E McAuliffe
155/SS-1916 Charles Percy Withers
156/SS-1916 Charles G H DeLisle Furlong
157/SS-1916 Clarence Lewis
158/SS-1916 Frank Lewis
159/SS-1916 Bryan Fitch
161/SS-1916 Frank Dansfield
162/SS-1916 Arthur Arnold Austin
163/SS-1916 Stewart John Steel
167/SS-1916 Raymond Wesley Barker
168/SS-1916 Leslie Turner
169/SS-1916 Walter J Thornton
170/SS-1916 Joseph Hedley Salter
171/SS-1916 William Packwood Hefford
172/SS-1916 Eric Charles Andrews
173/SS-1916 Edgar Sydney Bailey
175/SS-1916 Albert Charles Martin
176/SS-1916 Dervas Farrar Reynold
177/SS-1916 Albert Ernest Jack
178/SS-1916 Gordon Cameron Lewis
181/SS-1916 Arthur R Lewis
182/SS-1916 Thomas W Plumbridge
183/SS-1916 Claude L Clear
184/SS-1916 Edward G Rayner
185/SS-1916 Edgar Albert Turner
186/SS-1916 Gilbert George Murray
187/SS-1916 Anson C Miles
188/SS-1916 Henry McAuley Reed & Percy Arnold Fidler
189/SS-1916 James Thomas Lewis Barwick
191/SS-1916 Theodopre Glimour Barnett
192/SS-1916 Charles E Hill
193/SS-1916 Harold John Greenland
194/SS-1916 John Scantlebury Rowe
195/SS-1916 Charles E Clayton
196/SS-1916 Godfrey W Bauer
197/SS-1916 Walter Leslie Smith
198/SS-1916 Edward Shreeve
199/SS-1916 Charles Leslie Peck
200/SS-1916 George Henry Clarke
201/SS-1916 Richard O'keefe
202/SS-1916 Herbert K McCormick
203/SS-1916 Dudley Ranson
204/SS-1916 Dr William A Harrison
205/SS-1916 Dr George M Parker
206/SS-1916 Alfred Neil
207/SS-1916 Lionel T Shelton & 208/SS-1916 Herbert Edgar Shelton
209/SS-1916 Henry C Floyd
211/SS-1916 John William Morling
212/SS-1916 Reuel Douglas Cumming
213/SS-1916 Alfred Ernest Fisher
214/SS-1916 Charles Dallace
216/SS-1916 Henry Royce Wright
217/SS-1916 Jack Judd
219/SS-1916 Charles James Gillespie
220/SS-1916 Leonard Joshua Binns
221/SS-1916 Edgar J Walker
222/SS-1916 Philip Johnson
223/SS-1916 Francis Henry Wade
224/SS-1916 Frank Herbert Young
225/SS-1916 Herbert Alexander Miles
226/SS-1916 Leslie Clydes Kemp
228/SS-1916 Charles Arthur Bessell
229/SS-1916 Ronald Norris
230/SS-1916 James Henry Middap
231/SS-1916 Peter Chadwick Chick
232/SS-1916 Walter Thomas Walker
234/SS-1916 Leslie Bosworth
235/SS-1916 Joseph William Hinds
236/SS-1916 Charles Henry Cooper
238/SS-1916 A S M Parker
239/SS-1916 A J O'Rourke
240/SS-1916 Percy Leon Cross
243/SS-1916 Jacob Andrew Jeffrey
245/SS-1916 William Dunbabin
246/SS-1916 Horace Cooley
246(2)/SS-1916 Horace Cooley (second application)
247/SS-1916 John D Jeffrey
248/SS-1916 Jabez Alfred Edgar Batchelor
250/SS-1916 Walter James Cowie
251/SS-1916 Julian Haley
252/SS-1916 Harold Wilkins
253/SS-1916 Carlile Henderson
254/SS-1916 Edward Reynardson Wilson
256/SS-1916 Albert George Columbine
257/SS-1916 Victor James Edwards
258/SS-1916 Norman Vernon Bean
259/SS-1916 Hugh Frank Christie
260/SS-1916 Rupert Oswald Douglas
261/SS-1916 Arthur Edward McGuiness
262/SS-1916 Alfred James Curtis
263/SS-1916 Clarence Best
264/SS-1916 George T Wright
265/SS-1916 Edward Claude Ecles
266/SS-1916 James Joseph Williams
268/SS-1916 Charles August Grace
269/SS-1916 Gordon Douglas Cannon
271/SS-1916 George Edward Carey
272/SS-1916 Charles Norton Parish
273/SS-1916 William Harvey Elliott
275/SS-1916 Mark Curtis
276/SS-1916 Reginald Ernest John Smith
277/SS-1916 Percy Woodall Smith
278/SS-1916 Frederick Rice
280/SS-1916 Raymond Clarke
282/SS-1916 William Denny
283/SS-1916 Jacob Andrew Jeffrey
284/SS-1916 Lawrence Wilfred Rattray
285/SS-1916 Arnell Stanley Horton
286/SS-1916 John Frederick Harold Turner
287/SS-1916 Emmaneul Thomas Jones
289/SS-1916 Frank Edward Cummings
290/SS-1916 William Henry Watkins
291/SS-1916 Alfred Samuel Smith
292/SS-1916 Phillip Leslie Seymour
293/SS-1916 Eric Benjafield
294/SS-1916 George John Bell
295/SS-1916 Roy Charles Clements
296/SS-1916 Joseph John Harrington
297/SS-1916 Hubert Leonard Bessell
298/SS-1916 Cecil Percy Burgess
300/SS-1916 Roy Benjamin Lewis
301/SS-1916 Merchison H Hill
303/SS-1916 Rupert Antice Rafferty
304/SS-1916 George Targett Jnr
306/SS-1916 Claude Eyre Brown
307/SS-1916 John Alexander Manson
308/SS-1916 Thomas Groves
309/SS-1916 William Charles Johnson
310/SS-1916 Henry Bates
311/SS-1916 William James Clifford
312/SS-1916 Henry George Brown
313/SS-1916 William George Hill
314/SS-1916 Thomas William Garwood
315/SS-1916 George Holder
317/SS-1916 Charles Henry Graham
318/SS-1916 Eric William Peck
319/SS-1916 Stanley Trevallyn Kirkwood
320/SS-1916 Joseph Patrick Sorley
322/SS-1916 John Donald Snoxall
323/SS-1916 John Drew
325/SS-1916 Charles T Dalton
326/SS-1916 Charles Barry Roach
327/SS-1916 George William Haine
328/SS-1916 Charles Ernest Hill
330/SS-1916 Joseph Joshua Bourke
332/SS-1916 Thomas Norris
333/SS-1916 James Murdoch Dunbabin
335/SS-1916 Alfred James Riley
336/SS-1916 Richard Smith
337/SS-1916 Albert Arthur Horton Cooper
338/SS-1916 Roy Vivian Reeve
341/SS-1916 Thomas William Garwood
342/SS-1916 Samuel Richard Bygrove Bowen
343/SS-1916 Edgar E E Evans
344/SS-1916 James Vernon Worker
345/SS-1916 Gordon H Fry
346/SS-1916 Thomas Terry
347/SS-1916 Henry Daniel Frank Clark
349/SS-1916 Julian Clifford Everett
350/SS-1916 Frank Carter Brown
351/SS-1916 (Hon) Alan Lindsay Wardlaw
352/SS-1916 Ralph Edward Booth
353/SS-1916 Gilbert George Murray
354/SS-1916 Thomas Higgins
356/SS-1916 Philip Belton
357/SS-1916 Charles Samuel Asley
358/SS-1916 Harold Charles Gray
359/SS-1916 James Ross
360/SS-1916 Edward William Hooper
361/SS-1916 Raymond Frank Brimble
362/SS-1916 John Perry Bradford
363/SS-1916 Thomas Henry Lello
364/SS-1916 Herbert Lionel Nichols
365/SS-1916 Robert Robinson
367/SS-1916 Francis Martin Denman
368/SS-1916 Frederick Rector
369/SS-1916 Alfred James Riley
370/SS-1916 Joshua Ashwood
371/SS-1916 Joseph Charles Edmund Hamer
372/SS-1916 Thomas Charles True
373/SS-1916 Edith Mary Reinmuth
375/SS-1916 Archibald Foremal Nicol
376/SS-1916 Joshua Raymond Ikin
378/SS-1916 Henry Claude Ikin
379/SS-1916 John Moran Healey
380/SS-1916 James Austin Channig
381/SS-1916 Henry Allison
383/SS-1916 Hector Heazle Batten
384/SS-1916 Warren Yeulett Henry
386/SS-1916 Alexander Williams
387/SS-1916 Frederick Harold Hornsby
388/SS-1916 Allan George Richardson
389/SS-1916 George Readman
390/SS-1916 Gordon Alfred Thomas Banfield
391/SS-1916 Vernon R Phillips
392/SS-1916 Percy Waters
393/SS-1916 Percy Hills
394/SS-1916 Joseph John Gillam
395/SS-1916 Julia Harriet Marshall
396/SS-1916 Milfred Leslie Merchant
397/SS-1916 Chartles George Saul
399/SS-1916 Roland Doe
400/SS-1916 William Henry Hammersley
403/SS-1916 Thomas Stanley Saunders
405/SS-1916 Joshua Arthur Tamlyn
406/SS-1916 Allan Cecil Garland
407/SS-1916 William Wurr
409/SS-1916 Joseph Gofton
410/SS-1916 William James Fahey
412/SS-1916 Henry George Skeggs
413/SS-1916 Clarence B Muir
414/SS-1916 Allan R Goold
416/SS-1916 Frank Blake
417/SS-1916 Claude Alexander
418/SS-1916 Charles Berryman
419/SS-1916 George Deas Brown
420/SS-1916 John Henry Bauchop
421/SS-1916 Arthur Henry Homan
423/SS-1916 Arden Arthur Harold Hilder
425/SS-1916 Emily H Ferrar
427/SS-1916 Robert Henry Richars (Archdeacon)
428/SS-1916 John Griffiths
429/SS-1916 Owen Lewis McArdell
433/SS-1916 Rose May Gilbert
434/SS-1916 Sydney Thomas Allwright
435/SS-1916 Gerald Peel Potter
436/SS-1916 Roy Godfrey Cartledge
437/SS-1916 Hugh Law
438/SS-1916 Jack Fawkner
440/SS-1916 Percy R Jowett
441/SS-1916 Albert Edgar Brown
442/SS-1916 William F Aulick
443/SS-1916 Arthur Edward Baldock
444/SS-1916 James Henry Luck
445/SS-1916 Langley Stearne Phillips
446/SS-1916 William Henry Strochnetter
447/SS-1916 Hugh Douglas Lillico
448/SS-1916 laude Albert McPhersopn
449/SS-1916 Leo Floquet Neilsen
450/SS-1916 Edwin H Bramich
451/SS-1916 Albert Harry Newman
453/SS-1916 James Leonard Wigg
454/SS-1916 Charles Tasman Dobson
455/SS-1916 Gordon Dennis
457/SS-1916 Gavin John Stubbs
458/SS-1916 Eric James Brumby
459/SS-1916 Walter Henry Gordon How
460/SS-1916 Patrick Brown
461/SS-1916 Neville Beresford Rochard
462/SS-1916 Emmeline Louisa Wellard
464/SS-1916 Jack Skipworth
465/SS-1916 Cecil Shennan
466/SS-1916 Ken Eli Williams
467/SS-1916 Archibald W Evans
468/SS-1916 Montigue E W Bransden
469/SS-1916 Frank Hedley Robertson
471/SS-1916 Arthur William Pedder
472/SS-1916 George Simpson
473/SS-1916 Thoams Henry Davies
474/SS-1916 F M De Bomford
475/SS-1916 Robert James Bennett
476/SS-1917 William James Ling
478/SS-1916 Gordon Bruce Crowden
479/SS-1916 Leo James Raymond Dunphy
480/SS-1916 Hubert Thomas Glover
481/SS-1916 Lennox Preston Chamley
482/SS-1916 James Leslie Shearing
483/SS-1916 Fanny Elizabeth Lines
484/SS-1916 Graeme Sutherland Bisdee
485/SS-1916 Raymond Frear Lade
486/SS-1916 Urban Aloysius Haley
487/SS-1916 Charles Flemingham
488/SS-1916 Archie Albert Barwick
489/SS-1916 William Bansgrove
490/SS-1916 Reginald Atkinson
491/SS-1916 John Crocker
492/SS-1916 Clifford Keith Smith
494/SS-1916 Frederick James Buck
496/SS-1916 Francis Gerald Briscoe
497/SS-1916 Ethel Penelope Baker
499/SS-1916 James Henry Smith
500/SS-1916 Henry Edward Goodger
501/SS-1916 Francis Michael Fahey
502/SS-1916 James Alfred Hardy
503/SS-1916 Hilton McBain
504/SS-1916 Stephen John Clarke
505/SS-1916 William Walter Drake
506/SS-1916 Albert Alfred Thompson
507/SS-1916 George Voctor Garland
508/SS-1916 Alice Bramich
509/SS-1916 James Horton Kenny
510/SS-1916 Eric Howard
511/SS-1916 Eric Roberts
512/SS-1916 Lucy Victoria Jones
513/SS-1916 Douglas Sunderland
514/SS-1916 Leo William Bramich
517/SS-1916 Lawrence Francis Gatty
518/SS-1916 William Roden
519/SS-1916 Thomas James Beamish
520/SS-1916 Francis George Henry Laird
521/SS-1916 Harold Roy Lambert
522/SS-1916 Ira Stanley Charles Cullen
523/SS-1916 William Davidson
524/SS-1916 Roy Reginald Olding
525/SS-1916 William Kennedy
528/SS-1916 Edward Albertyn Keppler
529/SS-1916 Arthur Ernest Goss1922 - 1932
530/SS-1916 Frank Page
531/SS-1916 Allan Shadwick Purton
532/SS-1916 Frederick William Henry Zenschner
534/SS-1916 Thomas Arnold Marshall
535/SS-1916 Douglas John Bennet
537/SS-1916 James Cooley
538/SS-1916 Rachel Mary Tolson
539/SS-1916 John Leonard Hallam
541/SS-1916 Kenneth William Chambers
544/SS-1916 Roderick T Mitchelson
545/SS-1916 Herbert Percy Hynes
546/SS-1916 Charles George Warburton
547/SS-1916 Eric Lance Hubbard
548/SS-1916 Harry Davies
549/SS-1916 John Thomas Finn
550/SS-1916 Aylmer Green
551/SS-1916 James Michael O'keefe
553/SS-1916 Sidney William Smith
554/SS-1916 Francis William Walter Carruthers
555/SS-1916 Richard Vernon Hand
556/SS-1916 John Howard Heathorn
557/SS-1916 Henry Charles Ffloyd
561/SS-1916 Roy Stott
562/SS-1916 Stanley Keith Lakin
563/SS-1916 William Royston Webb
564/SS-1916 William Wilkins
565/SS-1916 Charles Francis Pennefather
567/SS-1916 Alice Jane Bishop
568/SS-1916 Sydney Kenneth Devlin
569/SS-1916 James Henry Paul Maynard
571/SS-1916 Matthew Towns
572/SS-1916 (Commander) Rowland G Bowen
573/SS-1916 Peter Anderson
576/SS-1916 Colin Charles Evans
577/SS-1916 Mary Emma Archer
578/SS-1916 Vernon Newton Stocks
579/SS-1916 Charles Hewitt Hodgman
580/SS-1916 John Andrew Joseph Clark
581/SS-1916 Alexander L Edwards
582/SS-1916 Lloyd James Moore
583/SS-1916 John Clement McFarlane
584/SS-1916 John Crow
585/SS-1916 George Murison Lobban
586/SS-1916 George Johnston
587/SS-1916 Reginald Wilfred McDermott
589/SS-1916 Reubin Bolter
590/SS-1916 Sydney Burgess
592/SS-1916 George Edward Lyons
594/SS-1916 William Harold Denman
595/SS-1916 Walter Phillips
596/SS-1916 Alfed Phillips
597/SS-1916 Kenneth Williams
598/SS-1916 James Alfred Cloudsdale
599/SS-1916 Arthur Henry Rapley
602/SS-1916 Ernest Arthur Haigh
603/SS-1916 Oscar Douglas Wyatt
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