Cover image for Applications to Occupy Agricultural Blocks under the Cape Barren Island Reserve Act 1912.
Applications to Occupy Agricultural Blocks under the Cape Barren Island Reserve Act 1912.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1913
End Date:
31 Dec 1945
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
Series notes:

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

AB 1 Burgess, George.W
AB2 Maynard, James
AB3 Brown, William Henry
AB4 Everett, George
AB5 Maynard, Henry
AB6 Maynard, William
AB7 Maynard, Henry (Jnr)
AB8 Brown, Henry.G
AB9 Everett, Lucy Jane
AB10 Brown, Frederick William
AB11 Brown, Henry.W
AB12 Brown, Henry.W
AB13 Brown, Benjamin, William
AB14 Brown, William Henry
AB15 Beeton, James.H.J
AB16 Maynard, Henry
AB17 Maynard, James
AB19 Everett, Beuvenuto Stanley
AB21 Everett, Myrtle Alice
AB22 Mansell, James Vivian
AB23 Everett, James Benjamin
AB24 Maynard, Richard
AB25 Maynard, Benjamin
AB26 Thomas, Arnold
AB27 Everett, Julian Clifford Maynard
AB28 Brown, Claude Eyre
AB29 Smith, Tasman
AB30 Thomas, Arnold
AB31 Mansell, James Vivian Gladstone
AB32 Maynard, Lucy Isabella
AB33 Thomas, Philip (Jnr)
AB34 Thomas, Samuel Henry
AB35 Mansell, Lilian
AB36 Summers, John
AB37 Brown, Richard
AB38 Brown, William Stanley
AB39 Brown, Benjamin William
AB40 Mansell, Vivian
AB41 Maynard, Minnie Jane
AB43 Mansell, Alexander Gorge
AB44 Thomas, John
AB46 Everett, George Herbert
AB47 Maynard, John
AB48 Maynard, George
AB49 Mansell, John Peter
AB50 Maynard, Benjamin
AB51 Burgess, George William
AB52 Thomas, Ronald
AB53 Burgess, Allan Montgomery
AB54 Maynard, James.A
AB55 Mansell, William Henry
AB56 Mansell, James Vivian
AB57 Maynard, George.E
AB58 Summers, Edward
AB59 Smith, Philip
AB60 Burgess, George.W
AB61 Maynard, Albert
AB63 Mansell, Ernest Morgan
AB64 Brown, Benjamin George
AB65 Maynard, Mary
AB66 Maynard, Andrew Armstrong
AB67 Maynard, Andrew Armstrong
AB68 Burgess, Geiorge.H
AB69 Summers, Edward
AB71 Thomas John
AB72 Brown, Clarence.W
AB73 Summers, Edward
AB75 Everett James
AB77 Mansell, Leonard
AB78 Mansell, George.A
AB79 Brown, Ben. George
AB80 West, Alma.L
AB81 Maynard, Mary
AB82 Mansell, G.E
AB83 Maynard, Albert.H
AB84 Mansell, Silas
AB85 Everett, Julian Clifford
AB85 Mansell, J.S.
AB86 Smith, Philip
AB86 Mansell, Clarrie Alec
AB87 Mansell, Claud.B
AB87 Burgess, Allan.M
AB88 Brown, John William
AB89 Robinson, Charles.E
AB90 Beeton, James Henry Isaac
AB92 Brown, Donald Leslie
AB93 Mansell, Clarrie Alexander
AB94 Summers, Ronald
AB95 Brown, George William
AB97 Maynard, Gordon Thomas
AB98 Everett, George Henry Paul
AB99 Maynard, Mary
AB100 Maynard, J.A
AB101 Mansell, Phillip John
AB102 Green, Morton Clair
AB103 Maynard, George.A
AB104 Mansell, Edward
AB105 Maynard, G.A
AB107 Green, Morton Clear
AB108 Summers, Stan
AB109 Mansell, John Smith
AB110 Beeton, Clement Desmond
AB111 Maynard, Edgar Leopold
AB112 Everett, Albert Stanley
AB113 Maynard, John Phillip
AB114 Mansell, Shannon Henry
AB115 Beeton, Victor Harold Albert
AB116 Maynard, Edgar. L
AB117 Maynard, Edgar. L
AB118 Maynard, Irwin
AB119 Everett, Keith
AB120 Mansell, Clarrie.A
AB121 Everett, A.G
AB122 Mansell, Isaac.J.T
AB123 Everett, Robert Bruce
AB124 Maynard, Irwin
AB125 Brown, D.L
AB126 Everett, A.G
AB127 Everett, Dalton Godfrey
AB128 Mansell, J.S
AB128 Everett, Geoffrey.L
AB129 Mansell, Reuben
AB130 Maynard, Hubert James
AB131 Maynard, George.A
AB132 Thomas, Samuel Richard
AB133 Maynard, Irwin
AB134 Mansell, Reubin
AB135 Brown, Frederick Mark Tasman
AB138 Mansell, Edervin.B
AB139 Brown, Morris.D
AB140 Brown, Morris.D
AB141 Maynard, Percy James
AB142 Maynard, Richard William Darcy
AB143 Brown, George.W
[No Number] Everett, Julian Clifford
[No Number] Thomas, John
[No Number] Smith, Phillip
[No Number] Burgess, Hector McDonald