Cover image for Applications to Lease Land under the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916, and associated Papers.
Applications to Lease Land under the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916, and associated Papers.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1917
End Date:
31 Dec 1927
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
Controlling Series:
AB38 Register of Applicants for Soldier Settlement Leases.01 May 191930 Apr 1930
How to Use:
Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
Series notes:
Information recorded in these applications includes name, war service details, occupation prior to service, marital status and the location and measurement of land.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Numerical arrangement with gaps. Additional file numbers with an 'o' suffix on the applications are to be found in AB19.

1/SS W T Keogh
2/SS Allan Kenneth Ross
3/SS Vere Henry Briggs
4/SS Joseph Reid
5/SS Charles Morton Butler
6/SS A H Thorpe
7/SS Gordon William Thorpe
8/SS John Alexander Kidd
9/SS Harold Dale Finch
10/SS Arthur Norris
11/SS Clement Augustine Reid
12/SS John McCrea
13/SS Alan Brooke Bailey
14/SS Clarence Hedley Porter
15/SS Hector Rose
16/SS R O'Kelly
17/SS Walter Bramich
18/SS Ernest Wright
19/SS Harold Alfred Kelb
20/SS James Gilligan
21/SS Roy Baird Johnson
22/SS Frederick Bowden
23/SS Albert James Upton
24/SS Charles Stevenson
25/SS Allan William Saunders
26/SS Alfred James John Winters
30/SS Ralph Exton Margett
31/SS Robert Allen
32/SS Joseph William Oliver
33/SS William Joseph Lees
34/SS Hawksworth M Lees
35/SS Garnet Gordon Graham
39/SS Harold Cutter
40/SS Alexander Manson
41/SS Sydney Thomas Laughton
42/SS Clyde John G Bullock
43/SS John George Turner
45/SS Walter Aiken Sheppard
46/SS Phillip Thomas Kennedy
47/SS Ernest William Brill
48/SS Edward Eaton
49/SS Edgar Bruce Nillson
50/SS Norman Joseph Turner
51/SS John Jordan
53/SS Samuel Hyres
54/SS Sydney Norfolk Morley
55/SS George Alexander Dawson
56/SS Horace Burril & Ralph Cornelius Burill
57/SS Edwin Francis Harding
58/SS Herbert Percy Wood
59/SS Albert John Adams
60/SS C V Clark
61/SS James Charles Turner
62/SS Morton L Butler
63/SS Thomas George Kelly
64/SS John Symonds
65/SS Charles Cyril Hearps
66/SS William James Morris
67/SS Albert James Oliver
68/SS Thomas Edward Johnstone
69/SS Sidney Herbert Scott-Young
70/SS Percy Wise
71/SS Arthur Henry Dore
72/SS Percy Clifford Sheen
73/SS Daniel Joseph Griffin
74/SS George Arthur Johnston
75/SS Edward Patrick Monks
76/SS Thomas Lynch
77/SS Alfred Knight
78/SS Stanley Dundas Peet Newitt
79/SS B H Pullen
80/SS James Allen McLaren
81/SS Sidney David Gall
82/SS Ray B Johnson
83/SS James Sinclair Riley
84/SS Edward Harry Porter
85/SS Eric John Richard Shoobridge
86/SS Alfred Edward Jarvis
87/SS V Fahey
88/SS Patrick O'Brien
89/SS Thomas Albert Porter
90/SS George Robert Kidd
91/SS William Henry Montressor
92/SS Capel Downing Davis
93/SS Charles Cornish
94/SS David Haverlock Fogarty
96/SS Alfred Cyril Coombe
97/SS Jack Ferguson
98/SS Lionel John Wolfe
99/SS Leonard Francis Boultbee
100/SS Henry Inman
101/SS Albert Robert Stephenson
102/SS William Lewis
103/SS Guy R Findlay
104/SS Thomas Alfred Austin
105/SS William Watson
106/SS Wilfred Reuben Rockliffe
107/SS Joshua Fletcher Montgomery
108/SS Norman Alfonso Cooper
109/SS Harold Frederick George Witzerman
110/SS Thomas Raymond Warring Swanson
111/SS J Bowerman
112/SS George Francis James
113/SS Eric Lowthen John Gorringe
114/SS David Killworth
115/SS George Henry Wilson-Lowe
116/SS William Jordan
117/SS William J Bedford
118/SS Roy George Warren
118a/SS Charles O'neil Butterworth
119/SS James A Hurst
120/SS Archibald Douglas
122/SS Montague Edward Thomson
123/SS David Richard Steers
124/SS Frederick William Woods
125/SS John Samuel Cartledge
126/SS John Hampden Ladelle
127/SS Albert John McIntosh
128/SS Joseph John Connors
129/SS Arthur Robert Heatley
130/SS Charles Dand
131/SS Archibald William Wells
132/SS James McArthur Jnr
133/SS John James Dwyer
135/SS Winston Alfonso Triffet
136/SS Eric Edward Innes
137/SS Frank Edward Kirkup
138/SS Charles Richard Howard
140/SS John Roberts
142/SS Percy Lewis Stocks
145/SS William Thomas Mills
148/SS Phillip Bugg
153/SS George Maxwell Salter
154/SS Thomas Killalra
158/SS Horace Basil Burrill & Ralph Cornelius Burrill
162/SS Claude Oates
163/SS Walter Alfred Eastley
164/SS Raymond Alfred Wing
165/SS Alick Walter Wodds
168/SS John Robert Mower
169/SS George A Dawson
170/SS Stanley Sharp
172/SS Charles Speed
173/SS William McCulloch
176/SS Thomas Claude Barker
177/SS Charles Donald
178/SS Robert Smith Purson
179/SS James Francis Harvey
180/SS Edward James Tedman
181/SS Edwin James Cassidy
182/SS Charles Edward Smith
183/SS George McKelvie Snare
184/SS Adolphus Duggan
186/SS George Richard Hall
187/SS Charles Leonard Gillespie
188/SS Claude Britton
189/SS Thomas Joseph Bourke
191/SS Cecil Wright
192/SS Wesley Allen
193/SS Edwin Albert Chapman
194/SS Adye Charles Bourke
195/SS Clifford Alred Valentine Sharman
196/SS Edward Chas Reader
197/SS James Joseph Smith
198/SS Stephen John Patrick Andrews
200/SS John William Dooling
202/SS Bryant Richmond Rex
203/SS George Evans Morgan
204/SS Samuel Thomas James
205/SS Benson Carlisle Heddle
206/SS Arthur Dudley Wright
208/SS James Kavanagh
209/SS Phillip N Cooper
210/SS George Cartledge
211/SS George Roy Vincent
212/SS Arthur James Hunt
213/SS Charles John Woods
214/SS Marriott Lucadow Wells
215/SS Joshua Peck
216/SS William Kelty
217/SS William Charles Ferris
218/SS Frederick Herbert
219/SS Percy Frederick Gaby
220/SS Vernon Roy & Harold Leon Gardam
221/SS Kenneth Pursell
222/SS George Scott
223/SS Daniel Delphin
224/SS George William Woodward
225/SS Percy Mason Waterhouse
226/SS Thomas Goldsmith Hall
227/SS C Dickson
228/SS Joseph Arthur Barrow
229/SS John Joseph Williams
230/SS Frederick Bowden
231/SS Henry John Smith
232/SS James Goodman
233/SS Vernon Charles Ferguson
234/SS Anthony Henry James Thompson
235/SS Arthur Stewart
236/SS Sydney Howard
237/SS Charles Stafford Wright
238/SS Richard Andrew Camm
239/SS James Cecil Rollins
243/SS Percival Lyne Hamilton
244/SS Fred Willson
245/SS Frederick Henry Sibley
246/SS Phillip Woods
247/SS Cyril Geo Edmund Batchelor
248/SS Stanley James Henry Mawer
249/SS Charles Henry Perry
250/SS W H Gracie
251/SS Francis Joseph Bryan
252/SS Reginald Stott
253/SS Frederick William Smith
254/SS Albert Edward Anderson
255/SS Reuben Frank Wescombe
256/SS Roy Walter Dick
257/SS Arthur Gordon Dick
258/SS Douglas Alexander Denholme
259/SS Leslie Birch
260/SS Francis John C Wish-Wilson
261/SS Otto Charles Messner
262/SS Clarence Roy Drew
263/SS Robert Smith
264/SS George Edgar Heazlewood
265/SS James Edward Foley
266/SS Frederick Widdowson
267/SS Fane Claude Cambell Cox
268/SS Walter George Hay
269/SS Nigel Pearce
270/SS Amos Samuel Decon
271/SS Thomas Whish-Wilson
272/SS Everard Athol Morrisby
273/SS Henry Herbert Hills
274/SS Sydney Horsey
275/SS Henry Walter Febey
276/SS Arthur Anthony Flint
277/SS Harold Oliver Norton
278/SS Tasman Freestone
281/SS Harold Ernest Gough
282/SS Hannah Monia Jones
283/SS James Curran
284/SS James Harold Muyatroyd
285/SS Lambert Frankcombe
286/SS Frederick George Bruford
287/SS Harry Charles Herbert
288/SS William Albert Graham
289/SS Ernest Charles Berry
290/SS Basil Wood Bourne
291/SS Tasman Cyril Brooks Wilkinson
293/SS Walter Arthur Lampsey
294/SS Alvin Stanley Higgs
295/SS Francis Patrick Manion
296/SS Charles Edwrad Donagher
297/SS Arthur William Singleton
297/SS Hedley Allen
298/SS Maurice Alfred Jarman & Charles William Jarman
299/SS Hedley Deverell
301/SS Edward Goring Roberts
302/SS George James Reeves
303/SS Benjamin Freeman
304/SS Albert James Upton
305/SS Sidney Pete McKenna
306/SS Thomas Dale
307/SS Frederick Theodore Bender
308/SS William Thomas Blake
309/SS Colin Milmer Chugg
310/SS Micheal Ernest Bourke
311/SS Charles Franklin Manson
312/SS Frederick Richard William Everett
313/SS S J Flakemore
314/SS John Lewis
315/SS George Irwin Daly
316/SS Oscar Henry Vince
317/SS Hedley Bowhey Dicker
318/SS Charles Lawler
319/SS James Howard Saward
320/SS Edward John Evans
321/SS John Francis Thow
322/SS Douglas Cecil Frankcombe
323/SS Francis Henry Grundy
324/SS William James Emerton
325/SS Sidney Herbert Beck
326/SS Charles Edward Sampson
327/SS William Phillip Armstrong
328/SS John Hartley Chamberlain
329/SS John Smith
340/SS George John Edward Freeman
341/SS James Edward Flight & William Flight
342/SS Rex Lorenzo Moore & Wilfred Anthony Moore
343/SS Alik James Ivory
344/SS George Henry Wills
345/SS George Alfred Tringrove
346/SS Edward David Boyde Wheatley
347/SS George A Charlesworth & Micheal L Charlesworth
348/SS Leslie Robert Hill
349/SS Arthur Alexander Lutrell
350/SS Bertram Voss
351/SS George Douglas
352/SS Vincent Roy Atkins
353/SS Albert John Johnstone
354/SS Challenger George Farmer
356/SS William Edward Cole
357/SS Gordon Stewart Easterbrook
358/SS John Edward Beven
359/SS John James Hall
360/SS Henry Byers
361/SS Charles Thomas Williams
362/SS Walter Mundy
363/SS G Gordon & Oscar Daniel Gordon
364/SS Francis Robert Smith
365/SS George Henry Butt
367/SS Merton Theodore Watson
367A/SS Herbert Murray Voss
368/SS John Eves
369/SS Stephen Johm Alford
370/SS George Arthur Johnston
371/SS Oscar Voss
372/SS Lindsay G Hall
373/SS Alfred McGuiness
374/SS Eric V Lovell
375/SS Vernon Harold Allison
376/SS W J Stubbings
377/SS Ronald Arthur Swan
378/SS Charles Ernest Hutchings
379/SS R Sweetman
380/SS John Charles Eastman
381/SS Alexander McLennan
382/SS F Oliver Gray
383/SS Alfred Tasman Millhouse
384/SS Edward Harold Thurley
385/SS Leonard Taylor
386/SS William Seabourne
387/SS Herbert George Murfell
388/SS Thomas Burnaby
389/SS George Albert Simmons
390/SS Wilfred George Ling
391/SS Thomas Vincent Dwyer
392/SS John Edward Archer
393/SS William Joseph Smith & Harry Andrew Harford Smith
394/SS William Russell
395/SS Percy Leybourne Armstrong
396/SS Rupert Bradburn Banks
397/SS John Joseph Berry
398/SS William Nathaniel Fisher
399/SS Keith Morton Hickman
400/SS Charles Horne
401/SS Leslie Keogh
402/SS John Earnest Micheal Marshall
403/SS John Oliver
404/SS Thel Luhrs
405/SS Ross Pursell
406/SS Leonard William Smart
407/SS Albert J M Young
408/SS Hector Fleetwood Burn
410/SS Percy Charles Emanual Waddle
411/SS Milton K Taylor
412/SS Basil Chaffey
413/SS Albert Leonard Harnett
414/SS Albert A Rockliff
415/SS Thomas Edward Preece
416/SS Ellis John Oates
417/SS Wilmot Maurice Hayes
418/SS Thomas Vyvyan Whish-Wilson
419/SS Alfred Joseph Chivers
420/SS Charles Brumby
421/SS Frederick George Clayton
422/SS Albert Wilfred Mason
423/SS Thomas Charles Williams
424/SS Charles McKenna
425/SS Arthur James Freeman
426/SS F W B Senior
427/SS William Charles White
428/SS Thomas Henry Grainger
429/SS William Broadhurst
430/SS Douglas Cooper
431/SS William Haywood
432/SS Neil Pembroke How & Jack Robert How
433/SS Reuben King
434/SS Nelson Thornton King
435/SS Vivian Nathan Beresford
436/SS William Dean Winspear Junior
437/SS Robert Edward Lucas
438/SS John Hall
439/SS Leonard Roy Turner
440/SS Kendrick Taylor Payne
442/SS Walter Eyres
443/SS Montague Sidney Crane
444/SS B Foster
445/SS John Brown
446/SS Arthur A Cordwell
447/SS W C Grose
448/SS Robert Oakley
449/SS Charles John Franklin Jones
450/SS Henry Ambrose Harrison
451/SS Charles William Humes
453/SS Walter J Thornton
454/SS Rupert Otto Gerke
455/SS Lewis Clayton
456/SS Milford Spaulding
457/SS Douglas Vivian Button & George Johnston
458/SS Edward James Wickham
459/SS G James Fletcher & Leonard Welsley Fletcher
460/SS Edward William Jones
461/SS Leonard Williams
462/SS Charles Vincent Bell
463/SS William Francis Patman
464/SS Royston Alex Knight
465/SS Roy Edward Templar
466/SS Charles Isaac Blake
467/SS Leslie George Lethborg & Mervyn Wilfred Lethborg
468/SS Norman Hay
469/SS George Dudley Smith
470/SS John Edward Austin
471/SS William H Salter & Lewis A Stephens
472/SS Ernest Symes
473/SS Rupert Dale
474/SS Alexander Evans
475/SS Thomas Doyle
476/SS Clement Conrad Jubb
477/SS George Henry Parsell & James Herbert Parsell
478/SS R E Jenkins
479/SS William A Wells
480/SS Albert Edward Godwin
481/SS William Stafford Wright
482/SS Percival Alfred Brown
483/SS Charles Stuart
484/SS Walter Koppleman
485/SS William Cartledge
486/SS Arthur John Horton
487/SS R J M McKendrick
488/SS Reginald John Mollison
489/SS Kelston Harrington & Guy Harrington
490/SS Arthur Bromfield
492/SS William Harold Hes
493/SS Thomas Haslam
494/SS Colin Lionel Rollings
495/SS Colin James Lewis
496/SS Samuel Thomas Beech
497/SS Reginald Charles Nunn
498/SS Lyndsay Herbert Sams
499/SS Horace Mervyn Krushka
500/SS Stanley W Young
501/SS Kenneth Phillip Fair
502/SS Henry james Ennis
503/SS James Henry Dennison
505/SS Alfred James Jones
506/SS George Silas Parsons
507/SS Charles Gladman
508/SS Roland James Slade
509/SS Martin Scanlow
510/SS Harold John Bennetto
511/SS Frank Bryant Gilbert
512/SS Reginald Issell Robinson
513/SS Albert Reginald Burridge
514/SS Ernest Leslie Bennett
515/SS Duncan Gilmour
516/SS Clarence Nemphill
517/SS William Edward Burns
519/SS Walter Clarence Munday
520/SS Kennedy Smith McKerrow
521/SS William Oscar Blyth
522/SS Charles Leslie Drake & Max William Drake
523/SS Maurice Leo Butterworth & Vincent Joseph Butterworth
524/SS Albert Chatwin & Carl Chatwin
525/SS Walter B Bruce & Nicholas Leviston Curtain
526/SS Vincent Henry Bellinger
527/SS Walter Hall
528/SS Clyde Willshire
529/SS Edwin Victor Reardon
530/SS Lloyd Somerville
531/SS Edward Thomas Harvey
532/SS Rupert Franks
533/SS Edwin John Dwyer
534/SS Geo W Appeldorf
535/SS Ernest Ray
536/SS Frederick Zantuck
537/SS Thomas John Wood
538/SS Albert Boys Kay
539/SS Clifford John Jacklyn
540/SS Charles Thomas Freshney
541/SS Henry Thomas Cotrell
542/SS Alan Boutchu Clingeleffer
543/SS Alfred Ernest Brooks
544/SS Alfred J Collins
545/SS Albert Thomas Walsh
546/SS Thomas Henry Strong
547/SS Bertram James Whitton
548/SS William Henry Gilchrist
549/SS Henry Thomas Pullen
550/SS Arthur Lewis Hart
551/SS George Henry Wallen
552/SS Andrew Craigie Elphinstone
553/SS Harold Leslie Wiggins
554/SS William George Walker
555/SS Edward Sullivan
556/SS Samel Charles Billing
557/SS Cyril John Heatley
558/SS Alfred John Pearton
559/SS Ernest Henry Nunn
560/SS Charles Alfred Butt
561/SS George W Linton
562/SS William S J Marshall
563/SS Roy Leppard
564/SS Frederick William Foreman
565/SS Alfred Tringrove
566/SS Howard Caswell Purdy
567/SS Edgar Nicholls
569/SS E J Holmes
570/SS A R Chatwin & Alton Chatwin
572/SS Joseph Charles Hayes
573/SS William Henry Brown
574/SS Thomas Cowen
575/SS Frederick Porter
576/SS William James Smith
577/SS William Moody
578/SS George Albert Hudson
579/SS Richard Young
580/SS John Brooks
581/SS Percy Ford Jones
582/SS James John Scott
583/SS Ambros Augustus Woods
584/SS Thomas Mitchell
585/SS Hubert Clayton
586/SS Alfred Morley
587/SS Tertins Russell Murray
588/SS Albert Vincent Chadwick
589/SS Harry Robert Steers
590/SS William Edward Britcliffe
591/SS Walter Lewis Wright
592/SS Chalres Henry Jackson
594/SS Cecil Sydney Cornes
595/SS Edward George Searle
596/SS Melville Bruce Woodfull
597/SS Leaonard Bosworth
598/SS Archie Gordon Saward & Henry Hope Saward
599/SS Walter Fred Marshall
600/SS Thomas Arthur Cook
602/SS Victor Morton Malcolm Howard
603/SS Henry Chambers
604/SS Walter Victor Cooper
605/SS Reginald Walter Lade
606/SS Edmund Geoffrey Stanfield
607/SS Ernest Leo Vincent
608/SS Henry Herbert Goss & Alfred James Goss
609/SS Frank Viney
610/SS Owen Gallagher
611/SS Ernest Edwin Frankcombe
612/SS Leonard Franks
613/SS Francis Evan Owen
614/SS Frank Whittlesey Purchas
615/SS David Barnes
616/SS Ernest Albert Conley
617/SS Frank John Waller
618/SS Albert Ferguson Brakey
619/SS Herbert Raynor French
620/SS John Daniel Gilligan
622/SS Robert Hack
623/SS Frank Stanley McBean
624/SS Albert James Kelly
625/SS Basil Stephen Valentine Berechree
626/SS George Edward McDermott
627/SS Clarence Claude Jordan
628/SS Alfred Edward Taylor
629/SS Walter John Henry How
630/SS Cecil Francis Spaulding
631/SS John Douglas
632/SS Allan C Buchanan
633/SS Alfred Bernard Lice
634/SS Herbert M Williams
635/SS William Henry Hardiing
636/SS Gueston Claude H Franklin & George James
637/SS William Bonnily
638/SS George Edward Conley
639/SS Cyril John Conley
640/SS Albert Horsburgh
641/SS Richard Williams
642/SS Roy Hamilton Hall
643/SS Frank Wilson
644/SS Leonard Lloyd Lester
645/SS Godfrey William Bauer
646/SS Hugh Percival Dallas
647/SS William Charles Jones
648/SS Gordon Charles Harding
649/SS Ralph Leslie Allen
650/SS John Carr
651/SS John Hayes
653/SS Albert Edward Owen
654/SS Norman James Atkins
655/SS James Oliver Storey & Richard Cameron Storey
656/SS Vere Strathmore Ramsley
657/SS Reuben Stott
658/SS Cyril James Kennedy
659/SS Harry Walter Burford
660/SS Walter T Burn
661/SS Thomas Henry Horne
662/SS Walter James Wright
663/SS Cecil Charles Rogers & Harry Alfred Rogers
664/SS William Minahan
665/SS A E Ford
666/SS Walter Leslie Vince
667/SS Clarence Langridge
668/SS Alfred Edward Graham
669/SS Walter James
670/SS Jasper Bell
671/SS Harry Cooper
672/SS Clarence Parsons
673/SS Horace Horton
674/SS Robert John Garfield Ellis
675/SS Bernard Matthews
676/SS Walter Carling Marshall
677/SS Arthur Wm Rowe
678/SS Basil Beswick
679/SS Robert Ingles
680/SS Ellis Arthur Clark
681/SS Stewart Harold Beveridge
682/SS C A Maddox & G J Maddox
683/SS Richard Herbert Clingeleffer
684/SS Arthur Gleeson
685/SS Stanley Joseph O'Leary
686/SS Rupert William Poole
687/SS Leslie Joseph Smith
688/SS Walter Percy Lawler
689/SS Cecil McDermott & Clarence Henry Mc Dermott
690/SS Joseph French
691/SS William Thomas Hudson
692/SS Studley C Townsend
693/SS Oswald August Koglin
694/SS Henry Charlse Bramich
695/SS Eric Clarke
696/SS John Gillespie
697/SS Percival H Gillon
698/SS William George Cole
699/SS Wilfred Mervyn Stanley
700/SS Francis Bingley
701/SS George Raymond Field
702/SS Arthur John Dorkins
703/SS Henry Leopold Pedley
704/SS Henry William Duffield
705/SS Ivan George Ibbott
706/SS Dan Gleeson
707/SS Thomas Ayton
708/SS Roy Clarence Scolyer & Mervyn William Scolyer
709/SS Daniel Clochrane Hood
710A/SS Frank William Foster
710B/SS Arthur Clement Foster
710C/SS George Foster
711/SS Albert Joseph Robinson
712/SS Henry David Coleman
713/SS William Alfred Stanton & Harold Joseph Stanton
714/SS Francis Ernest Smith
715/SS Sarah Owen
716/SS Alexander Oliver
717/SS Charles Cockett
718/SS Russell Ayers
719/SS Alfred Hanlon
720/SS Wilfred Walter Good
721/SS Ernest Hopkins Bennet
722/SS Leslie Ernest Fitzgerald
723/SS Thomas Arthur Sice
724/SS Walter William Whitehouse
725/SS Erle James Hugh Joseph
726/SS Katherine Mary White
727/SS Harry Thomas
728/SS Walter Alexander Moon
729/SS Albert Long
730/SS Clarence Last
731/SS Leonard George Garth
732/SS Ernest John Curle & Francis James Curle
733/SS John Albert Freestone
734/SS Garnett Charles Robert Taylor
736/SS Thomas Nicholls & Edgar John Nicholls
737/SS Charles Hutton
738/SS Richard Malcolmson Page
739/SS Edwin Ernest Poke
740/SS George Leahy
741/SS Samuel Thomas Manning & George Manning
742/SS William John Riggs
744/SS James Edward Neasey
744A/SS Stanley Radford
745/SS Bailey Hartley
746/SS William Victor Devine
747/SS Alfred James Street Senior & Alfred James Street Junior
749/SS Cyril Aubrey Newnham
750/SS Maurice Gibbons Eagle Knight
751/SS Alan Francis Jeanneret
752/SS W J Scotney
753/SS Leslie ralph Wagstaff
754/SS Horace Stewart
755/SS John Charles Cook
756/SS Henry Douglas Morley
757/SS Tasman Leo Armstrong
758/SS William L Domeney
759/SS William Richard Duce
760/SS Hubert Mayne
761/SS Albert Bertram & Ernest James Bertram
762/SS Christopher Patrick Connors
763/SS Athol O Stuart
764/SS George Herbert Blyth
765/SS Reuben Ellis
766/SS Edgar Ernest Ellis
767/SS Archibald Gunn
768/SS Frederick James Lynch
769/SS William Clarke Haynes
770/SS William Douglas McNab
771/SS Herbert Angus James McNab
772/SS Frank Leslie Lakin
773/SS Ernest Roy Russell
775/SS Arthur William Hickmatte Grave
776/SS William Francis Gunn
777/SS Alfred Bye
778/SS Harold John Bennett
779/SS Albert Gordon Dolan
780/SS Alex Hillman
781/SS Charles Frederick Scougall
782/SS Kenneth Campbell Taylor-Vernon
783/SS David Thomas Sharp
784/SS Larry William Strickland
785/SS Robert Hutton
786/SS James Gibson
787/SS Edward Arthur Strickland
788/SS Frederick Henry Ponsonby
789/SS James Long Snodgrass
790/SS Andrew Henry Millar
791/SS Clifford George Sullivan
792/SS Henry William Garlick
793/SS John James Strange
794/SS John Norris
795/SS L R Diprose
795A/SS R S Diprose
796/SS Anthony Henry James Thompson
797/SS Joseph Thomas Palmer
799/SS Arthur Valentine Martin
800/SS Leonard David Chilcott
801/SS Douglas Seymour Luck
802/SS William Wilson
803/SS Theodore Gilman Barnett
804/SS Melville John Lockett & Norman Thomas Lockett
805/SS Leslie Charles Flint
806/SS John James Hall
807/SS Edward John Weston
808/SS Urquhart John Richardson
809/SS James C Shires
810/SS Clement Alfred King
811/SS Keith Harry Davis
812/SS Herbert Diener
813/SS John Henry Oscar Cole
814/SS Albert Edward Owen
815/SS John Hewitt
816/SS Edward Henry Robinson
817/SS D Emden Cleary
818/SS William Stewart
819/SS F Summers
820/SS Stanley Roy William
821/SS Jack Faulds
822/SS Marcus Holmberg & John Ryan
823/SS Albert George Brett
824/SS Sidney George Page
825/SS Wilfred Wesley
826/SS Arthur Basil Jenkins
827/SS James Bell Connolly
828/SS Donald Milton Hopwood
829/SS Francis Claude Dooley
830/SS Charles George Francis
831/SS Charles McCallan
832/SS George Arthur Polley & Edith E Polley
833/SS Clarence Clifton Lynch
834/SS Thomas Greenwood
835/SS A G Harris
836/SS William Irvine Norman Kirkcaldy
837/SS Arthur Lewis Whitton
838/SS James N Griffin
839/SS George Andrew Broomhall
840/SS Charles Arthur Miller
841/SS Herbert Archibald Court
842/SS Horace Benjamin Willis
843/SS P W Stonehouse
844/SS John Kelleher
845/SS Wilfred Harris
846/SS Norman Micheal Ellis
847/SS Montague Henry Oliver
849/SS Carl Bartels
850/SS Leo James McCormack
851/SS George Henry Cannell
852/SS Roger S Stuart
853/SS William Smith Hinton
854/SS Robert Henry Tillack
855/SS Thomas Dunham
856/SS John A Taylor
857/SS Arnold Oscar Smith & Aubrey John Smith
858/SS Eric Leslie Steel
859/SS William John Harris
860/SS Chas. Wlliam Warren
861/SS John Rose
862/SS Thomas Bell Johnson
863/SS Samuel David Barrett
864/SS Ernest Edwin Johnstone
865/SS Alfred Henry Challis
866/SS Daniel Thomas Smith
867/SS Lyndon Henry Bishton
868/SS Allan L Cullen
869/SS Clyde Newton Harris
870/SS William Henry Warren
871/SS Arthur Gordon Grueber
872/SS Alexander Andrew Adams
873/SS Thomas William Smith
874/SS George John Abbott
875/SS William Henry Smith & Archibald Targett
876/O B Atkinson
877/SS Francis Emmanuel James Horton
878/SS F W Stanley
879/SS Arthur Basil Clarke
880/SS Vernon Julius Petterson
881/SS Albert Buchanan
882/SS William Finlayson & Frederick Valentine Finlayson
883/SS Oscar William Sweeney
884/O Vincent Joseph Emery
885/SS Justin Keith Hannan & B E Hannan
886/SS Peter McMurray
887/O John Huskins
888/O Andrew Workman
889/O William Herbert Norton
890/O Joseph Henry Hunt
891/O Walter Richard Bailey
892/O Christopher Pearson Wood
893/O Donald Guy Quin
894/O Cecil Haughton Townley
895/SS Norman Booth
896/SS Francis Joseph Julian Cotton
897/SS Sydney Lewis Higgins
898/O Benjamin Thurston
899/SS Charles Henry Clarke
900/SS Cecil Arthur Clark & Norman Francis Clark
901/SS William Joseph Bray
902/SS Clarence Roy Ford
903/SS Edwin Bird
904/SS Frank B K Jones
905/SS Raymond Ernest Rodcliff
906/SS Johu A Flaherty & Frank Hutchins
907/SS Ernest Donovan Temple Gee
908/SS John Mahony
909/SS Thomas Basselot-Hall
910/O Daniel Thomas Cooper
911/SS Cecil Andrew Kean
912/SS William Mason House
913/SS George Henry Glover & Charles Edward Glover
914/SS John David Hosking
915/SS Charles Albert Hingston
916/SS Ernest Allan Humphries
917/SS Arthur Howard Edwards
918/SS Sidney Faulkner
919/SS David Febey
920/SS John Edward Cucher
921/SS Gerald Keogh
922/SS Clement John Lawler
923/SS James William Harris
924/SS Arthur Patrick Smith
925/SS William Hart Room
926/O Bartholomew Howard
927/SS Charles Petre Horden Tamlyn
928/SS G M Humphries
929/SS William John Harvey
930/SS Norman Selby
931/SS Arthur Reginald Hewett
932/SS Eric Ernest Von Bibra
933/SS Clarence Thomas Viney
934/SS William Ernest Lane
935/SS Thomas Paul Smith
936/SS William John Wagner
937/SS Albert William Broomhall
938/SS John Rowley
939/SS William S Taylor
940/SS John William Woodward
941/O Willaim John Glass
942/SS Llewe Wardenlly
943/SS W Martin
944/SS Frederick James Febey
945/O W J Bonner & C A Bonner
946/SS Frank Ironstone Nicholls
947/SS Stanley James Barker
948/SS Charles James Feilding
949/SS Charles Alfred Bryan
950/SS Horace H Young
951/O Malcolm Ferguson
952/SS Alred H Cole
953/SS Charles Henry Stephens
954/SS James Anderson
955/SS John Whelan
956/SS Bertrand Edward Harris
957/SS Harry Alfred Carmichael
958/SS Albert Edward Bowers & Oscar Chandler
959/O Edgar John Cox
960/O Robert Ephraim Proctor Beauchamp
961/SS Oscar Alexander Lynch
962/SS George Frederick Davis
963/SS Henry James Butler
964/SS Henry William Elphinstone
965/SS Herbert Clarence Stevens
966/O Alfred Norman Hayward
967/O F J Ayers
968/SS William Douglas Scott
969/SS Arthur Dowling
970/O J L Page
971/SS R H J Page
972/SS Roy William Harris
973/SS George Henry Wilkins
974/SS Henry William Dew Freeman
975/SS Ernest Tasman Chalk
976/SS Alexander George Lyall
977/SS Douglas Miller Purgess
978/SS John Emerson
979/SS Charles Edward Manley
980/SS Augustus William Childs
981/SS Hugh Reardon
982/O A Hosking
983/SS F S Royston Shoobridge
984/SS Benjamin Burnley Jnr
985/SS Edward John Hutt
986/SS Walter James Clark
987/O Leslie George Webb
988/SS Frank Hallam
989/O Clyde Campbel & Percy Campbell
990/O Thomas Conelious Adair
991/SS Tasman Talune Harris
992/SS W E Heatherbell
993/SS Carlton Ansley Webb
994/SS Robert William New
995/SS George A Moles
996/SS Wilfred Norton Hearps
997/SS Algernon William George Johncock
998/SS Henry James
999/SS Darcy Page
1000/O Roy Richard Chugg
1001/SS Alfred James Laredo
1002/SS Ronald Victor Williams
1003/SS Andrew Francis Meers
1004/SS William Walter Roach
1005/O Frederick David Blacklaw
1006/O John William Walker
1007/SS William Collins
1008/SS Marcus Byrnand Trappes & Charles H Trappes
1009/SS V S Mead
1010/SS Charlie Henry Hurd
1011/O W R Roberts
1012/O Mark Wakeling
1013/O Thomas Pugnell
1014/SS Vivian Joseph Harvey
1015/SS Clyde George Piesse
1016/SS Thomas William Briggs
1017/SS Vernon James Lockhart
1018/SS Harold Arthur Rhys Thomas
1019/SS Andrew Henry Jacques
1020/SS Kenneth Bel Johnston
1021/SS Reginald Lyne
1022/SS Malcolm Cameron Smith
1023/SS Herbert Leslie Meikle
1024/O Frederick Lewis Docking
1025/SS Edward Ray Carey
1026/SS Frederick James Beckett
1027/SS William Henry Sullivan
1028/SS Leslie Featonby & James Edwrad Moses
1030/SS Harry Marshall
1031/SS George Heron
1032/SS John Gilbert Deck
1033/SS Gordon Alexander Munro
1034/SS Sydney Charles Littlejohn
1035/SS Herbert Villiers Murray
1036/SS William Charles Stenning
1037/SS Leonard John Applebee
1038/SS Robert James McCulloch & Edgar George McCulloch
1039/SS Federick Hibbons Eddington & Walter Herbert Eddington
1040/SS James Cameron Edwards
1041/SS Cecil Joseph Collins
1042/SS Mathew Samuel George Young
1043/SS Johnathon Bugg
1044/SS John Alexander Cameron
1045/SS Herbert Francis Charles
1046/SS Arthur Dallas Lawlor Harrington
1047/SS Edwin Rayner Clay
1048/SS Popowski James Peterson
1049/SS George Alfred Lankester Ede
1050/O Ashley Vincent Collins
1051/SS Walter Elphinstone
1052/SS Richard Edward Learoyd
1053/SS Cyril Douglas Rodman
1054/SS Richard Williams
1055/O H N C Dare
1056/SS Norman Hill Vincent
1057/SS John Alexander Charleston
1058/SS Frederick John White
1059/SS Charles Herbert Pullen
1060/O Harry Gellie
1061/O William Joseph Rogers
1062/O Clement Alfred Ellerton
1063/O Hugh Patrick O'Doherty
1064/SS Robert James Gore
1065/SS Victor James Symmonds
1067/O Richard James Oliver
1068/O Horace Francis Cliffen Haines
1069/O Robert Hardlaw
1070/O Clifford Leslie Wollaston
1071/O Alfred Gibson
1072/O Frederick Blackett Cleaver
1073/O Gerald Bartlett
1074/O Charles James Sweet
1075/O William Johnstone McDougall
1076/O Arthur Charles Sweet
1077/O William Turner
1078/O Michael Morgan
1079/SS William Henry Quigley
1080/O J J Berry
1081/SS Peter Dillon
1082/SS Ernest Graham Claridge
1083/SS Henry Johnson
1084/O Allan Evans
1085/SS Orwood Norman William Taylor
1086/SS Leonard Walker
1087/O R J Wright
1088/O Valentine Bertram Spencer Townsend
1089/O Albert John Ferguson
1090/O Frederick Riley McDougall
1091/SS Thomas Ridding Morse
1094/SS Arthur Norman Haslam
1095/O Alfred William Freiboth
1097/SS Hobart Norfolk Thorne
1098/SS Walter Robertson Lundie Crush
1099/SS James Alfred Edward Jones
1100/SS Archibald F W Bied
1101/SS Basil Owen Plummer
1102/SS Eric Henry Steele
1103/SS Stanley Haddan Greene
1104/SS John Hannan
1105/SS Charles John Bennett
1106/O Bernard Sylvestor Jones
1107/O Ernest Rchard Mosley
1108/O Royden H Andrews
1109/SS Stansfield
1110/O Vincent George Collins
1111/SS Harold Mills
1112/SS Sydney Clement Burgess
1113/SS Raymond W Barker
1114/SS Ellis Erle Dean
1115/SS John Walter Saunders
1116/SS Arthur Tasman Dick
1117/SS Geoffrey Sonter Loney
1118/SS Charles Henry Loone
1119/SS H Jackson
1120/O A J Cooper
1121/SS Malcolm Rowland Lee
1122/SS John Reuben Smedley
1123/SS James Samuel Armstrong
1124/SS Duncan Gilmour
1125/SS John Alfred Raynor
1126/SS Lindsay George Rand
1127/O John Anderson
1128/SS George Wilson Turner
1129/O E R Plaister
1130/SS Wilfred Victor French
1131/O C B Townsend
1132/O James Wilson
1133/O Charles John Franklin Jones
1134/O John King
1135/SS Thomas Spinks
1136/SS Albert Edward Gray
1137/SS Lambert L Charleston
1138/SS Cyril F Plummer
1139/SS Joseph Albert Green
1140/SS Wallace Cullen
1141/O Alfred Stanley Meyrick-Waites
1142/SS Henry Edward Davidson
1143/O Harold Wsilliam Wate
1144/SS Berty West
1145/SS Ernest Eric Dawkins
1146/SS Thomas Reuben Hopgood
1147/O Edward McCallum
1148/O Andrew Aullicott Goss
1149/SS William John Hughes
1150/O Mervyn Milton Elphinstone
1151/O Louis Burr
1152/SS William George Lawes
1153/SS A H Wickham
1154/SS Ronald Bilton Denholm
1155/SS Herbert Jenkins
1156/SS Horace Greer Owen
1157/SS Arthur Alexander Street
1158/O Phillip John Linton
1159/SS Claude Jarvis
1160/SS Leslie Bertie Harris
1161/O Colin Thorpe Hean
1162/SS Ronald Robert Anderson
1163/O William James Bennett
1164/SS George Thomas Parker
1165/SS Allan Sylvester Medwin
1167/SS Edward James Lee
1168/SS Charles Halton
1169/SS Stanley Joseph O'Leary
1170/SS Eric Mervyn Scott
1171/SS Robert Guy Williamson
1172/SS Henry Kenneth Cotton
1173/SS Adam F Green
1174/O Charles James Fenton
1175/O Alfred Richards
1176/O Maxwell Roblin D'Emden
1177/O Basil Raymond Moore
1178/SS Leslie Mathew John Green
1179/SS H A Morgan
1180/O Walter Ernest Coward
1181/O John Edward Morgan
1182/SS Fredrick Blackwell Winter
1183/SS John Cecil Gillespie
1184/SS Joseph Reginald Rowe
1185/SS Alfred James Redman
1186/SS Frederick Charles Cross
1187/O Frederick Hanks
1188/SS William Woodward
1189/SS Henry Norman Smith
1190/SS Wlliam Morgan
1191/SS R J Anderson
1192/SS Cecil Vincent Townsend Robey
1193/SS Charles Henry White
1194/SS Duncan Nesbet Ketslake & Clarence Herbert Kerslake
1195/O Frederick Septimus Henry Hudson
1196/O David Arthur Brown
1197/O Charles William White
1198/O Mary Anne Bourke
1199/SS Charles Leonard Vney
1200/SS Wilfred Upchurch
1201/SS Charles Armstrong
1202/SS James Pregnell & John Pregnell
1203/SS D H Stubbings
1204/SS Alfred Smith
1205/SS Garnet E Cooper
1206/SS Patrick Smith
1207/SS Ernest Stanley Winch Hallam
1208/SS Vernon Burgess Hood
1209/SS Arthur Roy Hill
1210/SS Leslie Bertram Read
1211/SS Joseph Nichols
1212/O Fred Stephenson
1213/SS Edward Albert Sutcliffe
1214/SS Rowland Watson Gill
1215/O William John Murdoch
1216/O Percy Maxwell Gregg
1217/O Clyde Robertson
1218/SS Leslie George Triffitt
1219/SS Alfred Stackhouse
1220/SS Harold Curtis Goodwin
1221/SS Cecil Spencer Goss
1222/O John Denmen
1223/SS Edward Norwood Archer & Herbert Stanley Gorham
1224/SS Malcolm Charles Schultz
1225/SS Leslie Ralph Stanton
1226/SS Charles James McCarthy
1227/SS Cecil Lambert Heath
1228/SS Joseph Arthur Broomhall
1229/SS Leslie Hudson
1230/O Thomas James Maxwell
1231/SS Bert Gardam
1232/SS Harold Edward Emery
1233/SS Thomas Kenny
1234/SS John James Corkery
1235/SS Frank Ackroyd
1236/SS Vernon Huon Hinton
1237/SS Alfred E Flint
1238/SS George Woolley
1239/SS Robert Theodare Watling
1240/SS Henry Dennis
1241/SS Harold Lamb
1242/O Leslie William Wynwood
1243/SS George William Beech
1244/O Douglas E Free
1245/SS Hedley James Mitchell
1246/SS Edward Down
1247/SS Alexander Vyvyan Whish Wilson
1248/SS Frederick Joseph Hack
1248A/SS Albert Ernest Hack
1249/SS Alfred Cowen
1250/SS Benjamin Edwards
1251/SS Albert Allan McKenzie
1252/SS Allan Woodward Wells
1253/SS J E Rhodes
1254/O Cecil Robert Proctor
1255/SS William Wallace Ford
1256/SS Roy Wallace Wing
1257/O E O Williams
1258/SS Rufus Menzie
1259/SS Herbert William Sharr
1260/SS Andrew Fleming
1261/SS Edward Gadesden Terry & William Garrard Terry
1262/O F H McGuinness
1263/O Arthur Owen Tucker
1264/O Edgar Vernon Reid
1265/SS Harold Reginald Yiend
1266/O Wiliam Headlam Bayles
1267/O George Andrew Chilcott
1268/SS Frederick Joseph Reading
1269/SS Andrew Kerr Cameron & Thomas J Thubrun
1270/SS William Edgar Fisk
1271/SS Ralph John Stone
1272/SS John William George Ewington
1273/SS John Hall
1274/SS William John Mainwarring
1275/SS R L Leppard
1276/SS Royden Elliot
1277/O D S Stanfield
1278/SS Ernest Milner
1279/O J B Briscoe
1280/SS Herbert Goafrey Gatehouse
1281/SS William Mikkelson
1282/SS George Henry Bramich
1283/SS Bernard George Bower & Athol Wm Bower
1284/SS Gordon Alick fenton
1285/SS Christopher James Ivory
1286/SS M E Bugg
1287/SS Leslie George Sinnitt
1288/O Sidney Miller
1289/SS William Beven
1290/O G W Lipscombe
1291/SS Denis William Lockley
1292/SS Aubrey Turner
1293/SS Stanley Gordon Bauld
1294/SS Hedley Langdon Bramich
1295/SS Thomas Hannan
1296/SS Isaac Tyler
1297/SS Robert Hamilton Chalmers
1298/SS Charles Walter Yeoland
1299/SS Thomas Moore Ferrar
1300/SS William Keith Devine
1301/SS Lot Peter Berry
1302/SS F M Mortyn
1303/O Claude Oscar Gleeson
1304/SSRoy Bradshaw
1305/SS James Richards
1306/O Walter Bruce French
1307/O Robert Stewart
1308/SS William Edward Febey
1309/SS Burns Thompson McPherson
1310/SS E Cure
1311/O Oswald Robinson
1312/SS Darcy Robert Oates
1313/O Michael J Deegan
1314/SS Albert Ernest Lavell
1315/SS Hubert Lester Lambert
1316/O Harold Thurley
1317/O Albert Roy Cox
1318/SS Hugo William Allamby Von Steiglitz
1319/SS Tasman Nation
1320/SS F J Baker
1321/SS Henry Charles Howell
1322/O George Edward Harwood
1323/O Charles John Bourke
1324/O Stephen Horace Crabtree
1325/SS Laurence Sturzaker
1326/SS Arthur George Claridge
1327/SS L A Stephens
1328/SS Ronald Norris
1329/O Henry James Williams
1330/O Joseph Henry Frost
1331/O Harold John Holt
1332/O William Thomas Bullock
1333/SS Charles Harry Loone
1334/SS Michael Sweeney
1335/O Harold Edwin Clayton
1336/SS Richard Mathew Burnie
1337/SS Arthur William Murfet
1338/SS James B Dance
1339/SS F E Smith
1340/SS Patrick Donohoe
1341/SS William Parry
1342/O Leslie Harold Long
1343/SS Ernest Joseph Addison
1344/SS James Tudhope Borthwick
1345/SS Henry James Turner
1346/O Edgar Thomas McCleary
1347/SS Joseph John Howard
1348/SS Thomas Chilcott
1349/SS Ernest Lionel Whittle
1350/O Albert Christian Bager
1351/SS Hedley William Chadwick
1352/O Frderick Donohoe
1353/SS Phillip Clifford Purcell Plummer
1354/O William Higgins
1355/O Gordon Bradford
1356/O David Melross Scott
1357/SS William Wilson
1358/O Murdoch McKenzie
1360/O James Gilligan
1361/O Cyril Douglas Huxley
1362/SS Gustav Albin Bjorklund
1363/O Austin Paul McDonald
1364/SS Alexander Chas Mortimer Ellis
1365/O William Wiltshire Hamence
1366/O Thomas Walter Reynolds
1367/O William V Hutton
1368/O Samuel Jhon edward Cole
1369/SS Francis Douglas Jameson
1370/SS Henry K Ewington
1371/SS George Simmons Ewington
1372/SS Henry R Worbey
1373/O Melville Roy Scott
1374/SS Lyell Pease
1375/SS Michael Richardson Willis
1376/SS Christian James Haas
1377/SS Russel Badcock
1378/SS Athol David Anderson
1379/SS Gordon Henry Watts
1380/O Thomas Curbishley
1381/SS Carrol Athelstone Bramich
1382/O Charles Leslie Lacey
1383/SS Cecil James Harding
1384/SS Frederick George Wilfred Woods
1385/O Alfred Ernest Fletcher
1386/O Herbert Mashiter Geary
1387/O Alfred Howard
1388/O Clarence Bramich
1389/SS Richard Brocklehurst Tomes
1390/O John Joseph Smith
1391/SS Ernest John Button
1392/SS Herbert James Button
1393/SS Edward Oliver Williams
1394/SS William Christopher Bedlington
1395/SS Albert George Stagall
1396/SS Arthur James Stacey
1397/O Bernard Robin Leatherbarrow
1398/O Henry Francis Stafford
1399/O Francis Bernard Clifton
1400/O John Anthon Morris
1401/O Alexander Aitken Johnstone Brown
1402/SS Albert Arthur Davies
1403/SS Lindley Chopping
1404/O Edward Henry Woodhouse
1405/SS Cyril Leslie Listner
1406/SS Percy Edward Scott
1407/O Matthew Burnett McIntyre
1408/O Ralph Robert Norris
1409/SS Albert James Doran
1410/SS Richard Douglas Brown
1411/SS Wilfred Gerald Stephens
1412/O George Alex Dawson
1413/O Douglas Arnold Hampston
1414/O Herbert Cooper
1415/SS William Henry Smith
1416/O Leonard Clarence Purton
1417/SS James Sydney Bogsley
1418/SS Albert Joseph Donald Wescombe
1419/SS Alfred Vernon Whiley
1420/SS John V A Cashion
1421/O Walter Waldo Seabrook
1422/SS Robert Wright
1423/SS Arthur Ernest Fogarty
1424/O Oakleigh Hawthorn Riggs Foster
1425/O Elbrey Robert Wescombe
1426/SS Reginald Henry Gilbert
1427/O Allan Sylvester Medwin
1428/SS Albert Victor Henry Cripps
1429/SS Arthur H Stubbings
1430/O John Dolan
1431/O Albert Tillack
1432/O Frederick Brimfield
1433/O Cyril George Wright
1434/SS Hilary O'Rourke
1435/SS Arthur Vincent Dumbleton
1436/SS Clarence Aubrey Hickman
1437/SS Gordon Theodore Bennett
1438/SS Obey Morris
1439/SS Alan Forbes Anderson
1440/SS Thomas Ramsey Miller
1441/O William A Heffernan
1442/SS Micheal Reynolds
1443/O Vivian Lewis Pugh & William Arthur Pugh
1444/SS Vere Johnson
1445/SS Clarence Wentworth Richard McGuinness
1446/SS Amy Ruth Sargent
1447/O George James Venn & Mark Ruben Venn
1448/SS Ingram Harris
1449/SS Charles Geoffrey Mainwarring
1450/SS Percy Charles Harrex
1451/SS James Alfred Cock
1452/SS William Cock
1453/O Walter Wilson
1454/O Thomas Francis Donovan
1455/SS Leslie Norman George Bradmore
1456/O Cyril Stacey Brand
1457/SS J H Will
1458/SS Clive William Withers
1459/SS W G Ford
1460/SS Robert Albert Blake
1461/O Ray Cotton
1462/SS Eric Rumney
1463/O Charles William Witzerman
1464/O William John Davies
1465/SS William Woods
1466/SS A E Farnell
1467/O William James Wade
1468/SS Roy John Blake
1469/SS Clarence Blake
1470/SS Archibald G McKay
1471/SS Cyril Charles Yales
1472/SS Gordon Stewart French
1473/SS Adye Douglas French
1474/SS James Davis
1475/SS Henry Wimble Newman
1476/O Herbert William Blazely
1477/SS William Fulford
1478/O L J O'Brien
1479/O R H Hooper
1480/O Sydney Arthur Tippett
1481/O James Lorenzo Moore
1482/O Clement Oscar Bones
1483/O Vernon Louis Zantuck
1484/SS Bertie Alexander
1485/O Herbert Joseph Hancox
1486/SS Peregrine Fellowes Andrews
1487/SS W J D Purton
1488/SS Aubrey Bradshaw Boon
1489/SS Henry Edwin Boon
1490/O Wilfred Abraham Bennetts
1491/SS George Richard Bray
1492/SS Bernard Horace Smith
1493/SS Peter Talmage Cameron
1494/SS Basil Elliott
1495/SS Mark James Stranger
1496/SS Ernest Eskholme Bennett
1497/SS Cyril Roger Jones
1498/SS Donald Ernest Kemp & Cyril Roger Jones
1499/O Bertram John Stenning
1500/SS Ian Lawrence Farmer
1501/SS Abel Claude Triffet
1502/O William Morgan
1503/SS Percy Clifford Latham
1505/SS Henry Denton Holden & Rhoda May Holden
1506/SS Stanley George Nurse
1507/SS J C Sprouli
1508/O Reginald William Jas Lee
1509/SS George Sydney Manser
1510/O Harry Bell
1511/O John Hanry Beard
1512/SS Percy John West
1513/SS James William Morris
1514/O Edward Charles Manser
1515/O Henry Edmond Goodwin
1516/SS Guy Kellaway Headlam & Geoffrey Arnold Steel
1517/O Harold George Richard Heywood
1518/O Ernest Symes
1519/O Edmund Alexander Pease
1520/O Basil J Johnson
1521/SS Phillip David Gunter
1522/O John Roy Allanby
1523/O Edmund Gayton
1524/O Stephen Peter Dobson
1525/O John James Gatenby & Roy Brooker Bailey
1526/SS Ronald Cooper
1527/SS George Reginald Johns
1528/O Sydney Rupert Johns
1529/O Basil Lionel William Smith
1530/O Leslie George Fisher
1531/O John Vaughan J Stephens
1532/O Cedric Cameron Moncrieff
1533/SS Henry William Johnston
1534/SS William Thomas Carpenter
1535/SS Curtis Russell Ling
1536/SS Clarence Henry Ling
1537/SS Wilbert Patrick Conroy
1538/SS Albert John Conroy
1539/O E J Bertram
1540/O R Bertram
1541/O F G Huxley
1542/O Herbert Hawes
1543/SS Allan Edgar Gilbert
1544/SS Cecil George Frederick Yew
1545/SS James Smith
1546/SS Harold Vincent Stott
1547/SS Arnold Arthur Stott
1548/O Herman Brazendale
1549/SS Ambrose Frederick McLaren
1550/O George Joseph Harvey
1551/O Henry George Smith
1552/SS Gladstone Archibald Peck & Allan Pretoria Peck
1553/O Henry Percy Jones
1554/O F G Jones
1555/O John Grinrod
1556/SS William Phair Grinrod
1557/SS Ernest Harold Little
1558/SS Leonard Axton
1559/O Charles Mitchell
1560/O Alfred William Olsen
1561/SS Joseph Fahey & Rowland Fahey
1562/SS Joseph Fahey
1563/SS James Henry Wilson
1564/O James Edward Brown
1565/SS Douglas Oswald Luke Kitto & Tom Osborne Roberts
1566/SS Joseph Charles Fitzallen
1567/SS Leslie Keefe
1568/SS Thomas Sealy Renshaw
1569/SS Walter George Lyne
1570/SS George Vynyan Jones
1571/SSWilliam Alan Jones
1572/SS John Patrick Martin
1573/SS Edward Joseph Monteath
1574/O Sydney Percy Allison
1575/SS John Lyall
1576/SS Henry James Parsons
1577/SS William John Flowers
1578/SS J L Bayles
1579/SS Jack Mainwarring Jacklyn
1580/SS Arthur Henry Hortin
1581/O Clement Warner Woodberry
1582/O Walter Mundy
1583/SS Harry Inman Luckman
1584/SS Leo George Walton
1585/SS W O Parsey
1586/SS A E Parsey
1587/SS F J Parsey
1588/SS Cleveland Churchill
1589/SS Milton Button
1590/O Ralph W Crouch
1591/SS Bertram William Duckworth
1592/SS Lionel Albert Mortyn
1593/SS George John Upston
1594/O R A Edmonds
1595/SS Alfred Reginald Barstow Woodiwiss
1596/SS Reginald Cabalzar
1597/O Albert Gladstone Lester
1598/SS Martin William Dennis
1599/O Albert Henry Baldock
1600/SS Alfred Williams
1601/O John Imlack
1602/O W C Harris
1603/SS Timothy S Dillon
1604/O Harry Ritchie
1605/O Donald Ernest Kemp
1606/O Leslie Williams
1607/O Thomas Charles Loosmore
1609/SS Albert James Cook
1610/SS Norman Joseph Cook
1611/SS Richard Templar
1612/SS Lionel William Davern
1613/O Henry Patrick Fitch
1614/O Douglas Lewis Cunningham
1615/SS Errol V Bannister
1616/SS Geoffrey Richard Gardner
1617/SS Reginald Edward Gardner
1618/SS Rupert Penwarne Mitchell & Gustave Anthony Disney Daly
1619/O Maxwell Charles Abbott
1620/O Edward John Clarke
1621/O Hubert Hillery Jones & Thomas Miller
1622/SS Roland Thomas Dudley Hay
1623/O Ronald James McIntyre
1624/O Ernest Frank Daft
1625/SS George Edward Page
1626/O Leslie Osborne Dick
1627/SS David Dick
1628/O Albert Charles Beckett
1629/O Alfred Norman Duke
1630/SS Laurie Taylor
1631/O George Fredrick Monteath
1632/O Charles Thomas Chilcott
1633/O Reginald Cyril McLaren
1634/O Harry Haworth
1635/SS Charles Fletcher Pike
1636/SS Lionel James Biggs
1637/O Cyril Alfred Faulkner
1638/O Arthur R Read
1639/O William Robert Stanley Jenkins
1640/O Alfred Ernest Cook
1641/O Albert Wilson
1642/O Martin John Stephens
1643/SS John Eric Donovan
1644/SS E W Clarke
1645/O Herbert Henry Childs
1646/SS Geoffrey Robert Tyrell
1647/SS Henry William Wainwright
1648/SS Rupert J R Conlan
1649/SS Ira Charles Naylor
1650/SS Wiliiam Thompson
1651/O Morris Henry Taylor
1652/O Philip E Ward
1653/O C B Evans
1654/SS Leslie Robert Shipp
1655/O Herbert L Bynon & Charles W Rivett - Carnac
1656/O Oscar J Sternberg & Ivor Warne-Smith
1657/SS Charles Archibald Lucas
1658/O Charles Knight
1659/O James Edward Young
1660/O John Hardie
1661/O George Featonby
1662/O Herbert Edward O'Brien
1663/O Francis George Barker
1664/O Edgar Thomas Broomhead
1665/O Arthur William Looker
1666/O Frank Thorp
1667/O Ben Bearman
1668/O Victor Henry Charles Holland
1669/O Harry Turner
1670/SS R A Gregory
1671/SS Edwin Thomas Harvey
1672/O Estelle Venner Wilkins
1673/SS Harold Robert Purton
1674/O James Albert Pearson
1675/O George John A Gibbons
1676/SS Walter Joseph Thornton
1677/O Joseph Henry Bacon
1678/SS Eric North North
1679/SS Robert Henry Rossendell
1680/O George Gibson Gear & Horace Bowling
1681/SS Walter Malcolm Black
1682/O J C Cashion
1683/SS William Charles Walters
1684/SS George Robert Atkinson
1685/SS Reginald A Davis & Arthur Hugh Davis
1686/SS Cyril Oakley Proctor
1687/O Joseph Lowry
1688/O Ivo Page
1689/O Tom C Shires
1690/SS Frank Rawlings
1691/O William Henry Lovell
1692/O William Francis Patman
1693/SS Frederick Augustus Smart
1694/O Laslie Walter Smith
1695/O Adolphus Henry Leveson
1696/SS David Talbot
1697/SS Sydney Dennis Smith
1698/SS Frederick Arthur Lambert
1699/O Richard Hall
1700/O James George Thomas
1701/O Oliver Henry Drake
1702/SS Leslie James Fielding
1703/O Fredrick Lawrence Mundy
1704/O Edward Arthur South
1705/O Reginald Walter Cummins
1706/SS William Henry Wills & Cyril Claud Wills
1707/SS Alan Emerson Hughes
1708/O Albert George Walkley
1710/O Samuel Bannister
1711/SS Edmund Bichford Wilson
1712/O John Michie
1713/O James Ferdinand Johanson
1714/SS Cecil Stubbs
1715/O Ernest George Geale
1716/O Bender & Hynes
1717/SS John Charles Williams
1718/SS Henry Richard Smith
1719/O Leo Watkins
1720/O George Charles Mason
1721/O Frank Laredo
1722/O Leslie Thomas Blackberry
1723/O Hugh Henry Sayer
1724/O H A O'Neal & B Hedge
1725/O Lionel Hastings Higgs
1729/SS Lesley Clarence Reardon
1730/SS Robert Baker
1731/SS Percy Lewin Stock
1732/O Thomas Richard Joseph Moore
1733/O Albert Nickel
1734/O M A Board
1735/O T A Sice
1736/SS James Darcy Hickey
1737/SS Neil Clarke Brodie
1738/O Alfred David Russell
1739/O J Bryce
1740/SS Thomas C Hanmlett & John Stuart Packer
1741/O G W Green
1742/O H A O'Neal
1743/O William John Nicholas Nicholls
1744/O Gerald Loverock
1745/SS John Albert Viney
1746/SS Norman George Harvey
1747/O Archibald Charles Johnson
1748/O Frederich Coppleman
1749/O Albert Bertram Williams
1750/O Horace Bowling
1751/O Albert Cecil Crawley
1752/SS Gordon Alexander Ralston
1753/CS Donald Keith Cameron
1754/CS Charles William Johnston
1755/CS Leonard King & Herbert Bex
1756/CS William Skipper
1757/CS Stanley Edward Lade
1758/SS Andrew Allan Wells
1759/O Lloyd Marshall
1760/O Thomas James Marshall
1761/O A V Stott
1762/O P S Stott
1763/O Edward John Grabe
1764/O Gordon Matthias Garland
1765/SS Michael Patrick Edward Garland
1766/SS Bert Curtis
1767/O John Mac Brett
1768/O Walter Henry Wells
1769/SS Frederick Herbert Hinds
1770/SS Herbert Joseph Hinds
1771/O George Lambert Scarr
1772/O William Russell
1773/SS C J Wiltshire
1774/O B Nas
1775/SS Albert H Cooper
1776/O Jack Allen
1777/SS Joshua John Curtis Bone
1778/SS Claude Scott
1779/SS Bernard G Atkinson
1780/SS Garnet A Thorp
1781/SS Herbert Lionel Wilfred French
1782/O Harry Thomas Crabtree
1783/SS John David Hickey
1784/O Allan Newman
1785/O Oliver Williams
1786/O Roy Cresswell
1787/O Emanuel Keith Payne
1788/O Phillip J Biddel
1789/O Fredk Neville Hickman
1790/O Nathaniel Robert Baker
1791/SS George S Carlisle
1792/SS Nathan Mawbey jun & William Mawby
1793/O Gordon Roy Whitechurch
1794/O G B Cormack
1795/O Robert Cavis Thompson
1796/O Sidney Charles Clifford
1797/CS Thomas Kelly
1798/CS William Thomas Kelly
1799/CS Lewis Mark Walsh
1800/SS Charles Edward Coppleman
1801/CS Edward merrington
1802/CS Arthur Hall
1803/CS Walter Charles Scott
1804/CS George Cornelius
1805/CS Alice May Carpenter
1806/O Townley James Jackman
1807/SS D W Warren
1808/SS Richard Charles Douoglas Wilson
1809/O Arthur John Searle
1810/O Edward Percy Vaughan
1811/O Percy Woodall Smith
1812/O Reginald Ernest John Smith
1813/O Patrick Kennedy
1814/O Neil McKay Burbury
1815/O Charles Henry Chatwin
1816/O Clement Giles Wragg
1817/O Sidney Winder Brownsdon
1818/O William Horton
1819/SS Albert Henry Holmstrom
1820/O Frank L Hursey
1821/CS Hubert Pare
1822/O Esmond Stephen Kennard Wright
1823/O H D Morley
1824/SS Clive Langtree Ashe
1825/SS Donald Malcolm Macleod
1826/O Richard John Lunson
1827/SS William Ferris Hutchins junior
1828/SS Arthur Elias Thomas
1829/O Louis Melvin Badcock
1830/SS Edward Ernest Badcock
1831/O William Claude Jago
1832/SS Cecil L Anderson
1833/SS Sydney Roy Eaves
1834/O Francis Claude Hand
1835/O L Burdon
1839/SS Edgar Arnold George
1840/SS Samuel Dale
1841/SS James Edward Christie
1842/O Keith Kingston
1843/CS Jacob Andrew Jeffrey
1844/CS Henry Broadwood
1845/CS William John Burrow
1846/CS James William Bennett
1847/CS Eric Charles Gregory
1848/SS Percy Nothrop
1849/SS Leslie George Ramskill
1850/O Patrick William Cranny
1851/O Edwin Keith Turner
1852/SS Ernest P J McShane
1853/O M L Cumming
1854/O Henry J Black
1855/O Reginald James White & David White
1856/SS William Ray
1857/SS James Andrew Williams
1858/O Rudoplh Curtain
1859/CS Hugh Sinclair MacKay
1860/CS Allan Hansford Davis
1861/CS Kennith Lyall A'Herne
1862/O George Ernest Robinson
1863/O Hollis Roy McMaster
1864/SS Sidney Dennis Smith
1865/SS Lionel Edward Weeks
1866/O Max Hammond
1867/SS Herewaid Pinkerton
1868/O John Thomas Devine
1869/O William Thomas Viney
1870/O Charles William Brett
1871/SS Edwin Hilton Bramich
1872/CS Joseph William Oliver
1873/CS Albert Henry Bullock
1874/SS Thomas Coventry
1875/O Hilma William Briggs
1876/SS Ernest Piekersgill
1877/SS Charles William Sinden
1878/O Alfred Henry Douglas
1879/SS Percy James Hill
1880/O Isaac James Burgess
1881/O Aubrey Charles Crocker
1882/SS William Albert Thomas Berwick
1883/O Richard G H Pinkerton
1884/SS Richard Pinkerton
1885/O Herbert Pepper
1886/SS Henry John Carter
1887/O Keith Murray Adams
1888/O Arthur Stanley Collins
1889/SSGeorge Aitcheson McFadye
1890/SS John Keith Griffith
1891/SS Robert W Morris
1892/SS Claude Alexander Hean
1893/O Walter Clyde Mould
1894/O Leonard Nelson Jones
1895/SS Charles Martin Marchant
1896/SS Stuart Robert Warren
1897/SS Francis Herbert Williams
1898/SS Henry Lawson Whitehead
1899/SS Edward Radford
1900/CS Herbert W Lovell
1901/SS William Charles Mathewson
1902/O Alfred William Pinner
1903/SS Gordon Gibson Dowling
1904/O Leopold Frederick Priest
1905/SS John Victor Jackson
1906/CS Olive May Oban MacDougall & Edith Jeanette D'arcy
1907/SS Owen Henry Edwards
1908/O Francis Burr Brown
1909/O J Halley
1910/SS Harold James Wood
1911/CS James Napoleon Cosgrove
1912/O Herbert Cush
1913/O Overton Preston
1914/SS Joseph Gofton
1915/O Horace Alexander Forth
1916/CS Albert E Hardy
1917/CS Francis George Cartwright
1919/SS Edgar Horatio Douglas Keene
1920/SS Joseph Joshua Bourke
1921/O William Frost
1922/O Mark Reuben Vinn
1923/SS Frank Leslie Lakin
1924/SS George Cooper
1925/CS W H Johnson
1926/O Alan J McKenzie
1927/O Roy Vivian Reeve
1928/SS R W Kirkland
1929/O Leonard Barwick
1931/O Charles Michael Alfred Mills
1932/O Thomas Russell
1933/O Wason Nye Trebilcock
1934/O Joseph Charles Turnbull
1935/CS Lyle Preston Briant
1937/O Albert Williams
1938/O Edward Patrick Duffy
1939/O L W Counsel
1940/SS L FrankCombe
1941/O Herbert Osborne Allen
1942/O Jack Phillip Maguire
1943/SS James Whiteley
1944/SS Leonard James Wigg
1945/SS Walter King
1946/O Geoffrey Travers Butler
1947/SS Cyril Isaac Clarke Williamson
1948/SS Lohmann Rhodam Armstrong
1949/CS William Ernest Smith & Albert Edward Went
1950/CS Frederich Percival Latham
1951/CS Victor Stansfield
1952/CS Donald Neil McKendrick
1953/SS Mervyn Robert Poulton
1954/SS Thomas James Crawford
1955/SS James George L Bergan
1956/SS Thomas Joseph Finn
1957/SS Arthur Niel McCormack
1958/O Frederick Hibbons Eddington
1959/SS William Alfred Williams
1960/O Robert Roy Johns
1961/SS Frederick Menzies
1962/CS A L Triffit
1963/O Thomas Frederick Portnell
1964/SS Wilfred Edwin Metcalf
1965/SS W G Jacobs
1966/SS Louis Vautin Ramskill
1967/SS Leslie John Walker
1968/SS T K Wilson
1969/SS Fredrick Rice Karoola
1970/O Joseph James Nelson
1971/SS Francis Edward Broxham
1972/CS Edwin Roland Siger
1973/O Keith Douglas Robertson
1974/O F S Archer
1975/O Joseph John Gillam
1976/O George Thomas Wright
1977/SS George Featonby
1978/SS A J Pearton
1980/O Vernon Thomas Glover
1981/SS Stanley Connors
1982/O William George Evans
1983/SS Barry Rogers
1984/O Richard George Wilson
1985/O Eric Ross Scott
1986/O Clarence Brazzill
1987/O Thomas Townsend
1988/O Colin Robert Hardy
1989/O Frederick Horace Rippen
1990/O Clarence Henderson
1991/O Stanley Edward Joyer
1992/SS Alfred Tyson
1993/O Mary Davy nee Duggan