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Maps and Survey Charts.
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1833
End Date:
31 Dec 1878
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
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Series notes:
This series contains a number of different charts and maps of various districts~

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Map - North west coast, Leven River to Wivenhoe township showing lots and landholders.
Map - East Devonport-plan of Pardoe property of Alexander Steward.
Map - Tarelton and Latrobe township showing streets and landholders.
Map - River Forth from Port Fenton showing lots.
Map - Ross on River Isis showing Auburn streets and landholders.
Map - Don-township on Don River and property of John Helder Wedge showing land for sale.
Map - Longford-Moriah and Bulwer Streets showing lots owned by D.J. Griffiths and other landholders.
Map - Evandale area-approximately Epping to Evandale, showing landholders.
Map - Melrose in parish of Cressy showing landholders.
Map - Stony Creek showing landholders.
Map - George Town-allotments near lighthouse with landholders.
Map - George Town showing streets, lots and landholders.
Map - Hamilton and Ouse area showing landholders between Derwent, Ouse and Clyde Rivers.
Map - George Town showing streets, buildings and landholders.
Map - Evandale area-plan of land belonging to Robert Tynmore (?).
Map - Hagley area showing landholders and Hagley-plan of estate owned by James Richardson and other landholders.
Map - Cressy, in vicinity of Brumby Rivulet showing landholders.
Map - George Town-Goulburn, Cimitiere and Sorell Streets showing lots and landholders.
Map - Port Sorell-Virginstow showing lots and landholders.
Map - Hagley-showing landholders and reverse Hagley-2 acre site for school near Hagley.
Map - North-West coast of Tasmania from Gawler River to Emu River, Wivenhoe, showing landholders around Leven and Gawler River.
Map - Ross-parishes of Eldon, Milton and Parkenham showing landholders.
Map - St. Leonards-Verulum, showing landholders.
Map - George Town-Macquarie, Sorell, Ann and Cimitiere Street showing landholders.
Map - Campbell Town showing area north to Conara with landholders.
Map - Tamar River from Whirlpool Reach to Gravelly Beach, includes Sidmouth and streets in Exeter with landholders.
Maps - a. Hillwood (Dorchester) showing streets and landholders (dated 1855) and b. Hillwood (Dorchester)-plan of Allanvale property of George Allan (dated 1836)
Map - George Town showing streets, buildings and landholders.
Map - Longford area showing streets, lots and landholders (Kinlet)
Map - River Forth to Port Frederick showing lots and landholders (similar to LSD 264/4).
Maps - a.Tamar River-Whirlpool Reach to Swan Bay including township of Hillwood (Dorchester) showing streets, lots and landholders (date 1836) and b.Tamar River showing Swan Bay area with lots and landholders (date 1849)
Map - Port Sorell showing streets and landholders.
Map - St. Leonards (Verulum) in vicinity of Clarkes Ford showing lots and landholders.
Map - St.Leonards showing Distillery and Chapmans Creek and area to north with lots, landholders and buildings.
Map - Map of land holdings in the Ross district, W.H. Babington, Assistant Surveyor