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General Correspondence [2].
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1943
End Date:
31 Dec 1991
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970

23 Dec 197001 May 1987

01 May 198717 Jul 1989

17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993
Related Series:
LSD1 General Correspondence, Series a, B and Other.01 Jan 182231 Dec 1970
Subsequent Series:
AB567 General Correspondence [3].01 Jan 184231 Jul 2002
Series notes:

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Alpha-Numeric Subject Classification

ADM/01/001, ADM/001/004, ADM/01/009 (No. 1), ADM/01/009 (No. 2), ADM/0A/009 (No. 3).
ADM/01/009 (No. 4), ADM/01/009 (No. 5), ADM/01/009 (No. 6), ADM/01/024, ADM/01/029, ADM/01/035, ADM/01/046.
ADM/01/061, ADM/01/085 (No. 1), ADM/01/107 (No. 1), ADM/02/021 (No. 1), ADM/02/022.
ADM/02/025 (No. 1), ADM/02/028 (No. 1), ADM/02/055, ADM/02/057, ADM/02/070 (No. 1).
ADM/07/032, ADM/07/041 (No. 1), ADM/07/041 (No. 2), ADM/07/045 (No. 1).
ADM/11/002 (No. 1), FIN/01/003, MAP/01/008 (No. 1), PRB/01/001, PRB/01/004 (No. 1), PRB/01/004 (No. 2).
Prb/01/006, Prb/01/013, Prb/01/051, Prb/02/013, Prb/02/017, Prb/02/040, Prb/02/050, Prb/02/052, Prb/02/054, Prb/02/055, Prb/02/056, Prb/02/057, Prb/02/058, Prb/02/059.
Prb/02/064, Prb/02/082, Prb/02/083, Prb/02/088, Prb/02/090, Prb/02/091, Prb/02/092, Prb/02/093, Prb/02/095, Prb/02/102, Prb/02/104, Prb/02/105, Prb/02/126, Prb/02/116, Prb/02/131, Prb/02/132, Prb/02/142, Prb/02/148, Prb/02/208.
PRB/06/057, PRB/10/004, PRB/13/014 (No. 1), PRB/13/041 (No. 1), PRB/13/050 (No. 1).
Prb/14/002, Prb/14/042, Prb/14/062, Prb/14/101, Prb/14/106, Prb/14/127, Prb/14/138, Prb/14/156, Prb/14/160, Prb/14/168, Prb/14/172, Prb/14/194, Prb/14/228, Prb/14/236, Prb/14/253, Prb/14/315, Prb/14/320, Prb/18/035.
ADM/1/116 No. 1, ADM/2/18 No. 1, ADM/2/28 No. 1, ADM/2/43 No. 1.
ADM/3/1 No. 1, ADM/3/3 No. 1, ADM/3/6 No. 1, ADM/3/7 No. 1, ADM/3/8 No. 1, ADM 3/9 No. 1, ADM/3/11 No. 1, ADM 3/12 Nos. 1-2.
ADM/5/11 Nos. 1-2, ADM/7/3 No. 1, ADM/12/42 No. 1.
ADM/17/2 No. 1, MAP/2/6 Nos. 1-3.
Map/6/3, Prb/1/59, Prb/2/29, Prb/2/39, Prb/2/51, Prb/2/53, Prb/2/96, Prb/2/100, Prb/2/101, Prb/2/108, Prb/2/109, Prb/2/129, Prb/6/32, Prb/13/92.
PRB/01/075 National Estate Grants.
PRB/01/076 Transfer to TDA.
PRB/02/001 Schedule of Properties required by Government.
PRB/02/005 VOLS 1-3 Funds approved DMR Acq.
PRB/02/011 Disputed compensation claims.
PRB/03/N377 Proposal-Tourism Cape Barren Island.
PRB/04/003 Crown Subdivision-Beaconsfield.
PRB/04/004 Crown Subdivision-Emita.
PRB/04/007 Crown Subdivision-Portland.
PRB/04/009 Crown Subdivision-Scamander.
PRB/05/001 Erosion/reclamation-Bridport.
PRB/05/005 Erosion/reclamation-Survey.
PRB/05/010 Erosion/reclamation-Protection.
PRB/06/007 Land Recreation Areas.
PRB/06/034 Fossickers Reserves.
PRB/07/003 HEC Work Program-Contractors.
PRB/08/042 Unauthorised Acts-Gunnson Weinner.
PRB/10/032 Proposal-Chain of Lagoons.
PRB/18/073 Waratah Highway.
PRB/18/075 Murchison Highway.
PRB/18/01 Midland Highway.
PRB/19/01 Development-Port Marine Facilities-St Helens.
ADM/01/015 Marine Board of Burnie-Marine Board Reserve.
ADM/01/067 Implementation of Economy Measures.
ADM/01/074 Reduction in Government Sector Staff Numbers.
ADM/01/124 Staffing Strategy.
ADM/01/124 Staffing Strategy.
ADM/01/135 Creation of Dept of Lands, Parks and Wildlife.
ADM/02/062 Pulpwood Products Industry (Eastern & Central Tas) Act 1968.
ADM/02/075 Strait Islands Abattoirs Act (Repeal Act) 1984.
ADM/02/083 The Hellyer (Indenture Ratifications) Bill 1987.
ADM/03/000 Vol 2 Administration-General.
ADM/03002 Vol 2 Organisation Draughting.
ADM/03/004 Vol 1 Organisation Land Management Division Re-Organisation.
ADM/03/004 Vol 2 Organisation Land Management Division Re-Organisation.
ADM/03/005 Organisation Lands Department Launceston Office.
ADM/03/007 Vol 2 Organisation Public Offices Committee.
ADM/03/008 Vol 2 Organisation Property Branch.
ADM/03009 Vol 2 Organisation Records.
ADM/03/010 Vol 2 Organisation Survey Division.
ADM/03/010 Vol 3 Organisation Survey Division.
ADM/03/011 Vol 2 Organisation Typists.
ADM/03/012 Vol 3 Organisation Valuation Division.
ADM/03/012 Vol 4 Organisation Valuation Division.
ADM/03/014 Rationalisation of Services of the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Lands Department.
ADM/03/015 Review of Tasmanian Government-Phase 2.
ADM/03/019 Organisation Mapping Division.
ADM/03/020 Service Management Programme-Regional Managers.
ADM/03/021 Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife.
ADM/03/024 Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife.
ADM/05/016 Vol 1 Heritage Commission and the National Estate Crown Properties.
ADM/05/016 Vol 2 Heritage Commission and the National Estate Crown Properties.
ADM/05/016 Vol 3 Heritage Commission and the National Estate Crown Properties.
ADM/05/016 Vol 4 Heritage Commission and the National Estate Crown Properties.
ADM/05/124 Clyde Water Trust.
ADM/05/125 Launceston Food Protection Board.
ADM/07/002 Arthur Pieman PA Steering Committee (Management Plan).
ADM/07/014 Development Review Working Croup.
ADM/07/018 Interdepartmental Committee on Foreshore Mining and Conservation.
ADM/07/018 House of Representatives Standing Committee Australian Coastal Zone.
ADM/07/021 Vol 2 Lake Barrington SRA Co-ordination.
ADM/07/022 Lakeside Development Committee.
ADM/07/023 Vol 7 Land Information Systems Committee.
ADM/07/023 Vol 8 Land Information Systems Committee.
ADM/07/023 Vol 9 Land Information Systems Committee.
ADM/07/023 Vol 10 Land Information Systems Committee.
ADM/07/025 Land Information Systems Committee Restructuring.
ADM/07/028 Vol 1 Middle Line Management Committee.
ADM/07/028 Vol 2 Middle Line Management Committee.
ADM/07/030 Preservation of the National Estate Committee of Enquiry.
ADM/07/031 Priority Review Committee.
ADM/07/035 Vol 2 Rural Subdivision Committee.
ADM/07/040 Vol 1 Trevallyn SRA Management Committee.
ADM/07/040 Vol 2 Trevallyn SRA Management Committee.
ADM/07/041 Vol 3 South West Management Advisory Committee.
ADM/07/041 Vol 4 South West Management Advisory Committee.
ADM/07/044 Vol 1 State Government Rental Committee.
ADM/07/044 Vol 2 State Government Committee.
ADM/07/058 Recreational Use of Water Storages.
ADM/07/067 Hansard Extracts.
ADM/07/074 Vol 2 Proposed Pieman River Tourist Development Committee.
ADM/07/079 Vol 1 West Coast Lakes Development Committee.
ADM/07/079 Vol 2 West Coast Lakes Development Committee.
ADM/07/090 Vol 1 International Slalom Course Planning Advisory Committee.
ADM/07/090 Vol 2 International Slalom Course Planning Advisory Committee.
ADM/07/096 Vol 1 Legislative Review Committee Meetings.
ADM/07/096 Vol 2 Legislative Review Committee Meetings.
ADM/07/097 Fresh Water Sports Fishery Select Committee Working Party.
ADM/07/098 Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife Minutes of Implementation Committee.
ADM/07/117 Meetings Secretary and Minister for Lands, Parks and Wildlife.
ADM/025/001 The New Organisational Structure Task Force.
ADM/25/002 Policy Organisation & Co-ordination Issues Task Force.
ADM/25/004 Finance/Accounting/Budget Task Froce.
ADM/25/005 Legislation Task Force (And Attachments).
ADM/25/006 Administrative Support/Ministerial Task Force.
ADM/025/007 Personnel Task Force.
ADM/025/008 Staff Development Task Force.
ADM/25/009 Staff Liaison/Information Task Force.
ADM/25/010 Communication Structure Task Force.
ADM/25/012 Records Task Force.
ADM/25/013 Typing/Secretarial Task Force.
ADM/25/014 Reception/Information/Publicity/Marketing and Interpretation Task Force.
ADM/25/015 Library Task Force.
ADM/25/016 Accommodation/Physical Transfer Task Force.
ADM/25/017 Property/Concessions Task Force.
ADM/25/018 Professional Resources Task Force.
ADM/25/019 Work T.O's Day Labour, Work Force, Park Assistants Task Force.
ADM/25/020 Field Bases and Resources Allocation Task Force.
ADM/25/021 Fire Planning and Protection Task Force.
ADM/25/022 Field Equipment Rationalisation Task Force.
ADM/25/024 Building Construction and Maintenance Task Force.
ADM/25/025 Cultural Construction and Maintenance Task Force.
ADM/25/026 Community Employment Programme (C.E.P.) Task Force.
ADM/25/027 Stores and Inventories Task Force.
ADM/25/028 Industrial Matters Task Force.
ADM/25/029 E.D.P. Strategy Task Force.
ADM/25/030 Administration Working Group.
ADM/25/031 Personnel Working Group.
ADM/25/032 Operations Working Group.
ADM/25/033 Information Services Working Group.
ADM/08/001 (4 Vols), ADM/08/002, ADM/08/007 (4 Vols).
ADM/11/003 (2 Vols), ADM/11/005, ADM/11/006 (2 Vols), ADM/11/007.
Adm/11/011, Adm/11/012, Adm/11/015, Adm/12/001, Adm/13/003, Adm/15/005, Adm/15/006, Adm/15/007.
ADM/15/014, ADM/15/015, ADM/17/002 (2 Vols), ADM/17/013.
Adm/17/046, Adm/17/064, Adm/17/069, Adm/19/002, Adm/23/001.
ADM/15/020 -Administration-Proposals & Plans Waste Chemical Disposal Sire-Runnymede.
ADM/15/004-Administration-Proposals & Plans International Standard Sporting Facilities Program Cabinet Submissions.
Per/10/001-Personnel-Industrial Matters.
Per/02/001-Personnel-Conditions of Service Crown Land Wardens-Working Conditions.
Per/02/001 -Personnel-Conditions of Service-Crown Land Wardens-Working Conditions.