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Correspondence concerning the Administration of Cape Barren Island.
Series Number:
Start Date:
23 Feb 1931
End Date:
19 Nov 1957
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
Related Series:
AF45 Inward Correspondence01 Jan 192931 Dec 1935
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Series notes:
Series comprises files concerning the administration of Cape Barren Island collected into one grouping by the creating agency and transferred to the Archives Office in this format. Some of the files are clearly registered as part of the agency's main sequence of files but were pulled out and kept together as a subject grouping for Cape Barren Island.

File 1 - Title "Bush Nurse, Cape Barren Island". Concerns the administration of that service, including staffing, building, and equipment. Dates: 10 May 1939 - 27 Sept 1943

File 2 - Title - "Cape Barren Island Hall Regulation and Rules and Regulations under Cape Barren Island Reserve Act 1912". Dates: 6 October 1936 - April 1938.

File 3 - General Administration - file includes correspondence about public works, infrastructure and supplies

management of occupational licenses and holders, including the reserve and visitors to the reserve

appointments to positions (crown lands bailiff, teacher etc). Dates: 29 May 1941 - 5 May 1942.

File 4 - Nurse at Chappell Island during mutton birding season. Dates: 23 September 1937 - 11 March 1940.

File 5 - Primarily file 643/30 but also includes correspondence from files 7417w, 1646/22, 554/23 and 123/29. Concerned with a diverse range of matters including conditions on the island, reports on the island, care of aboriginal community, missionary work, reserve regulations, mutton birding, education, management of visitors and communications. Dates: 25 February 1922 - 1 July 1941.

File 6 - Title - "Lighting, Cape Barren Island". Dates: 29 September 1936 - 6 April 1937.

File 7 - Title - "Press cuttings, debates and comments and reports etc". Also "Mutton birders". Dates: 23 February 1931 - 2 September 1935.

File 8 - Title - "Radio Installation". Dates: Radio installation. Dates: 20 November 1956 - 8 August 1957.

File 9 - General Administration - comprises information about infrastructure, supplies, education, liquor, conditions on the island, health (including infantile paralysis), visitors to the island, church and licenses. Dates: 9 March 1936 - January 1939

File 10 - Title - "Cape Barren Island General" - Comprises information about infrastructure, equipment and supplies (including Delco engine), requests to visit the island, church, residents and families, visit of Birdsell and Tindale, mutton birders and campsite, relief work, unemployment relief and work for residents in general. Dates: September 1938 - September 1940.

File 11 - General file - Comprises information about infrastructure, public works, welfare and health and administration of the licenses. Dates: 10 September 1940 - 20 May 1941.

File 12 - Title - "Reports Cape Barren Island" - Various reports on residents, conditions of the island and also information about agriculture, employment, education and licenses. Dates: 16 September 1929 - 19 November 1957

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives