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Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, Tasmanian Branch
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09 Sep 1965
The League was founded at the Hague in 1915. Before the Second World War there were branches in almost every State of Australia including Tasmania. However by 1945 these branches had largely ceased to exist. In 1963 a branch was reformed in Hobart at the inspiration of Dr Mildred Thynne, a Quaker from England who had recently retired. The first Secretary was Bronwen Meredith and other members incuded Linda Heaven, Irene Isles, Edith Emery, Eve Masterman. Lesley Alcorso, Doreen Shenman, Audrey Moore, Doreen Batey, and Valerie Nichols.
AIMS - the League seeks to unite women throughout the world for universal disarmament, human rights and social justice, strengthening of the peace-building systems of the United Nations and the World Court, a new International economic Order and peace education and research. The League (WILPF) seeks to establish by non-violent means, the conditions under which all people may live in peace and justice, without distinction of sex race, class or creed.
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