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Dobson, Mitchell and Allport
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1838
End Date:
31 Dec 1954
Legal Firm in Hobart
Functions Performed:
Tasmanian businesses
Series Created By Agency:
NS268 Legal Documents relating to Matters Dealt with by Dobson Mitchell and Allport18 Jul 183431 Dec 1935

NS207/1 Notorial Register of Protests Against Various Ships Captains for Damage to Cargo20 Mar 183831 Dec 1865

NS1123/10 Papers relating to Estates, Property and Other Matters Dealt with by Dobson Mitchell and Allport01 Jan 184331 Dec 1958

NS251 Documents relating to Matters Handled by Dma for the Leake, Bernacchi and Murdoch Families06 Jan 184331 Dec 1896

NS1123/12 Wills and associated Papers for Various Clients of Dobson Mithchell and Allport01 Jan 186231 Dec 1955

NS207/2 Ledger of Customer Accounts01 Jan 187531 Dec 1940

NS1123/2 Legders of the Legal Firm of Dobson Mitchell and Allport01 Jan 188431 Dec 1930

NS1123/6 Costs Index - Dobson Mitchell and Allport01 Jan 189731 Dec 1950

NS207/3 Partnership Ledgers including Costs, Commission Interest and Profit and Loss01 Jan 189831 Dec 1953

NS1123/1 Journals of the Legal Firm of Dobson Mithcell and Allport01 Aug 190430 Apr 1954

NS1123/4 Ledger for Account of Mrs C Mitchell01 Jan 191131 Dec 1942

NS1123/5 Ledger No 3 for Account of H Dobson01 Jan 191431 Dec 1931

NS1123/3 Ledger for Agency Accounts - Dobson Mitchell and Allport01 Nov 191531 Mar 1937

NS1123/8 Register of Interest Owing on Mortgages01 Jan 192131 Dec 1937

NS1123/7 Taxed Costs Books01 Jan 192831 Dec 1954

NS1123/13 Miscellaneous Papers from the Legal Firm of Dixon and Parker Which Was Incorporated Into Dobson Mithcell and Allport in 195501 Jan 195531 Dec 1956

NS1123/9 Index to an unknown Series - Dobson Mitchell and Allport

NS1123/14 Miscellaneous Plans