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River Don Trading Company
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1872
Development of the business-
1. The Cumming Brothers arrived at the River Don from Nova Scotia - traded in blackwood
2. Firm became known as Cumming and Rayment - then Henry and Rayment - both dealing with timeber
3. 1872 River Don Trading Company - John Henry.
The stores in the Company are often identified by Branch numbers - 1 Devonport, 2 Ulverstone, 3. Cash Grocery, Zeehan, 4. Burnie, 5. Wynyard, 6. Penguin, 7. W T York - Zeehan, York Schmidt - Sheffield, 9. Rosebery. In 1962 Zeehan became Savage River No 3.

Functions Performed:
Tasmanian businesses
Series Created By Agency:
NS1169 General Records01 Nov 187931 Dec 1963