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Uniting Church in Australia - Synod of Tasmania
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1977
End Date:
21 Jun 2002
The Uniting church was formed in 1977 with the merger of the Congregational, Methodist and most of the Presbyterian churches. The Uniting Church is governed by a range of non-hierarchical and inter-related councils which each have responsibility for various roles within the denomination. These begin at the local, or congregational level, and rise through regional (presbytery) and state (synod) bodies to the national council (assembly). 
The Synod of Tasmania merged with the Synod of Victoria effective from 22 June 2002, to form a single Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
The Uniting Church in Australia Amendment Act 2008 (No.28)
Functions Performed:
John (Jack) Leslie Smith (NG1334)01 Jan 191431 Aug 1988
Series Created By Agency:
NS3299 Property Files01 Jan 184031 Dec 1990

NS1588 Records of the Congregational, United, Presbyterian and the Uniting Church.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1996

NS4822 Plans and Drawings of Church Property01 Jan 186031 Dec 1988

NS1168 Minutes, Correspondence and associated Records of the Davey Street and Memorial Congregational and Later Uniting Churches01 Jan 186331 Dec 1987

NS1183 Records of Scots Presbyterian, Later Uniting Church01 Jan 187802 Feb 1985

NS3329 Deeds and Agreements01 Jan 188831 Dec 1982

NS752 Minute Books and associated Records of Hobart - Later Memorial Uniting Church - and Davey Street Congregational Churches01 Jan 189406 Feb 1977

NS3215 Correspondence relating to Gifts and Bequests01 Jan 190031 Dec 1999

NS4823 Printed Material01 Jan 193531 Dec 1990

NS4732 Tasmanian District Office - Marriage Register28 Sep 196322 May 1993

NS938 Minutes of Meetings of the Congregation and Council of Elders and Other Records of Memorial Uniting Church01 Jan 197531 Dec 1987

NS3221 Minutes of the Tasmanian Joint Planning Committee26 Feb 197503 Jun 1977

NS3206 Mersey - Lyell Presbytery - Minutes of Meetings01 May 197514 Dec 1994

NS1999 Kingston Parish Magazines01 Aug 197501 Dec 1995

NS3222 Minutes and Reports of Meetings of the Mission Planning Council27 Aug 197631 Dec 1998

NS4819 Division of Ministry - Later Education for Ministry Commission - Minutes of Meetings25 Nov 197631 Dec 2002

NS1245 Records of the Hobart City Parish of the Uniting Church and of Wesley and Swan St Churches01 Jan 1977

NS3220 Synod of Tasmania - Minutes of Meetings of Standing Committee (Later Council) of Synod14 Jul 197704 Dec 1999

NS3230 Uniting Church Property Trust - Minutes of Meetings08 Aug 197725 Feb 2001

NS3331 Minutes of Meetings of the Division of Christian Education, Uniting Church in Australia, Tasmania21 Aug 197712 Oct 1991

NS3227 Division (Later Committee) of Administration - Minutes of Meetings23 Sep 197724 Jul 1992

NS3224 Synod of Tasmania - Minutes of Annual Meetings28 Oct 197723 Mar 2002

NS3219 Synod of Tasmania - Printed Minutes, by-Laws, Reports and Recommendations of Annual Meetings.28 Oct 197731 Dec 2003

NS3209 Correspondence with the Congregations01 Jan 197831 Dec 2000

NS3474 Synod of Tasmania - Directory01 Jan 197931 Dec 2001

NS806 Correspondence and associated Records relating to the Sesquicentenary Celebrations of Memorial Uniting Church12 Oct 1980

NS3340 Administrative Files01 Jan 198331 Dec 2003

NS3336 Files of the Synod Youth Council01 Jan 198431 Dec 1989

NS3223 Copies of Minutes of the Three Tasmanian Presbyteries01 Jan 198531 Dec 1991

NS3228 Joint Presbyteries Settlements Advisory Committee - Minutes of Meetings13 Feb 198522 Dec 1986

NS5001 Peace Register11 Sep 198510 Mar 1986

NS3332 Administrative Files of the Board of Camps and Conference Centres12 Nov 198831 Aug 1996

NS3226 Communications Committee - Minutes Reports and Correspondence01 Jan 199031 Dec 1995

NS3334 Minutes and Reports of the Social Responsibility and Justice Committee01 Jan 199204 Jul 2000

NS6081 Presbytery of Derwent - Minutes of Meeting and associated Papers01 Jan 199231 Dec 1994

NS6082 Synod of Tasmania Correspondence and associated Papers01 Jan 199331 Dec 1994

NS3229 Pastoral Relations, Settlements and Strategy Commission - Minutes of Meetings26 Feb 199304 Dec 1998

NS3338 Ncyc97 Management Committee Minutes and associated Papers04 May 199428 Jan 1997

NS3333 Minutes, Correspondence and associated Papers of the Congregational Life, Mission and Education Commission01 Jan 199831 Dec 2001

NS4521 Records of the History and Centenary Celebrations of the Lindisfarne Uniting Church01 Jan 200331 Dec 2003