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Anglican Parish of Burnie
Agency Number:
Start Date:
27 Mar 1853
This Parish was formerly known as the Parish of Emu Bay.
Churches in this parish have included: St George's, Burnie; St Raphael's, Stowport; St Chad's, Wivenhoe; Holy Trinity, Ridgley; St Winifrid's, Terrylands, St Alban's Highclere and a church at Natone. Prior to the establishment of the Parish of Cooee in 1950, the Parish of Burnie also included St David's, Cooee; St Barbabas', Somerset; St Paul's, Elliott and St Mary's, Yolla. The Parish of Cooee was re-absorbed into the Parish of Burnie in 1989 after a special meeting of Cooee Parish electors on 30 April 1989 voted to amalgamate.
Information Sources:
Copyright in all records retained by the Anglican Church, Diocese of Tasmania
Functions Performed:
Controlling Agencies:
Anglican Diocese of Tasmania (NG373)01 Jan 1809
Previous Agencies:
Anglican Parish of Cooee (NG1666)22 Jun 195031 Dec 1989
Subsequent Agencies:
Anglican Parish of Cooee (NG1666)22 Jun 195031 Dec 1989
Series Created By Agency:
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