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William Johnstone, Merchant and Family
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1821
End Date:
31 Dec 1874
William and Martha Johnstone arrived in VDL per Arab in November 1841 and by August 1842 William had secured a lease on a building in St John Street, Launceston and started a new business William Johnstone, Merchant.
Following the death of William Johnstone in 1874 his son, William John Johnstone was joined by his brother in law Stuart Eardley - Wilmot who had married W J Johnstone's sister Rosa and from this date the firm was known as Johnstone and Wilmot. 

George Stephens, Merchant and a brother in law of William Johnstone arrived on a different ship in VDL in 1841. After some discussion the two agreed that the colony could not support two new businesses and George Stephens left VDL and founded his business in Geelong
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