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Anglican Parish of Deloraine
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31 Mar 1859
The Parish includes records for St Mark's Church, Deloraine and St Saviour's Church, Meander. 

St Marks Church, Deloraine, was opened 31 March 1859 replacing an earlier wooden structure. The organ was played for the first time on 9 September 1860, and was formally dedicated on 21 October 1860. Bishop Nixon laid the foundation stone for the new church 11 March 1856.

St Saviour's Anglican Church, Meander, was built in 1898 and is an actively used church in the Parish of Deloraine.

The cornerstone for St Lukes, Red Hills was laid by the Bishop of Tasmania, 17 October 1894. A sports program in the afternoon raised funds for the building. A centenary service led by Robert Davies, Bishop of Tasmania was held 24 April 1965. 

Foundation stone for Holy Cross at Elizabeth Town was laid Feburary 1892 on an acre of land donated by John Spicer, opened January 1893 and the building after several modifications was sold in 2011. 

St Columba's, Mole Creek, was dedicated by Henry Hutchinson Montgomery, Bishop of Tasmania in the company of Gilbert White, Bishop of Carpentaria, who happened to be in the Diocese at the time. The last service was the Holy Eucharist and Service of Secularization on 18 April 1993 led by Philip Newell, Bishop of Tasmania.

St Alban's Church, Parkham, was consecrated on Sunday, 22 September 1902. In March 2015 the Anglican Church saw a large congregation gather for a final Service, marking the end of over 100 years of the building being used as a place of worship.

All Saints', Dairy Plains, rented the local school for its first services before dedicating its new church 30 November 1919. The final service was 11 March 2007.

All Saints', Birralee, was consecrated in 1932 and held their last service 17 January 1999. Birralee has been part of the Parishes of Hagley, Carrick, Westbury, Quamby and Deloraine.

The Moltema Church hall was opened with a divine service in November 1929 followed by a fair, raising over 75 pounds.

The Christ Church, Exton, was begun in 1901 and dedicated the building in 1902. It was still in use in the late 1970s but had closed by 1991.

Church of England services at Weegena (formerly know as Brookhead and Blackamoor) began before 1900. However because of changes in the population of the district, services were discontinued until 1960 when a request to restart monthly services in the former school hall was granted.

Records from former out-centres at St Alban's Church - Parkham, All Saints' Church - Birralee, All Saints' Church - Dairy Plains, Holy Cross Church - Elizabeth Town, Church of the Good Shepherd - Chudleigh, Christ Church - Exton, St Columba's Church - Mole Creek, St Luke's Church - Red Hills, Moltema, Weegena, Needles, Lemana, Caveside, Western Creek, Golden Valley, Dunorlan, Montana are available.
Information Sources:
"Our Heritage of Anglican Churches in Tasmania" by Dorothea I. Henslowe and Isa Hurburgh; Trove; Church records
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Controlling Agencies:
Anglican Diocese of Tasmania (NG373)01 Jan 1809
Series Created By Agency:
NS1587 Confirmation, Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records of the Deloraine Parish10 Mar 184931 Dec 1975

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