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Tasmanian Television Ltd
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01 Jan 1960
End Date:
17 Mar 1982
The origins of Tasmanian Television Ltd. (TTL) can be traced back to a series of board room meetings conducted by the directors of Commercial Broadcasters Pty. Ltd. (owners of radio station 7HO) beginning in 1948 and up to the mid-50's, when an application for a commercial television licence by 7HO was considered. Other Tasmanian businesses also took interest in the idea, such as Robert Nettlefold Pty. Ltd and Davies Brothers Limited amongst others and TTL was born as a result - board members of TTL included G. F. Davies as Chairman, L. Nettlefold, Sir Geoffrey Walch, L. Murdoch and G. H. Green. The abovementioned companies provided TTL with 20 per cent of its initial $600.000 capital.
TTL submitted their licence application on June 30, 1958 (along with another competing applicant) and the licence hearing procedures conducted by the Australian Broadcasting Control Board (ABCB) commenced on August the 13th of that year. TTL was granted the licence in October 1958 - the callsign for the station was to be TVT and the service was to transmit on channel 6. McRae was made managing director of TTL in February 1959 and in July of that year was made executive of the company responsible for overseeing the construction and maintenance of studio and office facilities for both TVT6 and 7HO - an arrangement that had not been attempted anywhere else in Australia at the time - to be located on a 6300 square metre site at 52 New Town Road, in New Town (TVT-7HO Properties Limited). 
TVT6 opened official transmission, with the press of a button by Production Co-ordinator Ian Ridley, and with an official opening programme, introduced by McRae, who then introduced TTL Chairman Davies, who in turn introduced Governor Corbett. The opening ceremony was followed by the news, read by News Editor Gordon Leed. Other programmes that screened that evening included (in order) Dennis the Menace, I Love Lucy, Maverick and The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre. Transmission concluded at 10:30pm. 

TVT6, as an independent station, ceased to exist, with its delisting on the stock market on March 17, 1982.

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