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Church Missionary Society Tasmania (Inc)
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01 Jan 1916
CMS was brought into being in 1799 by a small group of Christian evangelicals, who had met as the 'Eclectic Society' for three years at a pub in London.

CMS and the Eclectic Society were responsible for sending the first chaplains to Australia. One notable appointment was Samuel Marsden. CMS Associations were set up around Australia, and in 1916 the States came together to form what would later become the Church Missionary Society of Australia. In April 1919 Tasmania, previously incorporated with Victoria, formed a separate Branch. CMS has sent missionaries to many countries, including China, India, Palestine and Iran. However, since 1927 CMS has had particular interest in northern Australia and Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika). 

CMS - Tasmania is based in Sorell and has regional committees in the north-west, north and south and is supported by volunteers throughout the Tasmanian Diocese.
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CMS website and NS3057/1/1
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