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Esca Charles Cramp
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1920
End Date:
01 Jan 1964
Esca Charles Cramp (known as Charles or Charlie Cramp) was a keen photographer and cine photographer.
Charles worked for Charles Davis Ltd in Liverpool Street until c. 1956. He worked professionally for a few years (c. 1957 - 1961) with Island Films (Charles Wolnizer), mainly as a sound recordist, and was intimately involved in the childrens film "They Found a Cave" and a few other non featrue documentaries.
He also produced his own amateur footage of family activities and scenes around Hobart. 

Functions Performed:
Arts and culture
Family archives
Series Created By Agency:
NS1823 16 Mm Family Films01 Jan 192031 Dec 1968