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Charles Wolnizer and Island Film Services
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01 Jan 1922
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01 May 2015
Charles Edward Wolnizer (? - May 2015) was the youngest son of William Christian Arthur and Agnes Lily (formerly Lee) Wolnizer. There were 8 children in the family. The Wolnizers lived in Shanghai for some time before coming to Australia. William spent time in the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, possibly in the Jewish company, along with at least two of his sons, Benjamin and John. 
The family had moved to Tasmania by 1943.
Charles founded Island Film Services Pty Ltd (Island Films) in 1959. The business operated from 123 Park Street, Hobart. Among the staff working there were Bertram Wicks, Esca Cramp, K. Sharp, H. Steine and Mervyn Gray. Island Film Services was involved primarily in documentary production and advertising.
Known documentaries include - Train of the Mountains, Weekend at Cradle Mountain, Five South West, Hillary Ventures South, They Swim to Fame and Racing Axes.
Wolnizer produced "They Found a Cave" (1962) which was the first Tasmanian children's screen drama; it won the best children's film at Venice and was a joint production of Island Films and Visatone Pty Ltd.
Island State Films went into receivership and was wound up by 1968.
Charles Wolnizer moved to Sydney and subsequently to Melbourne and continued his career in film production - e.g. producer for Daisy and Simon (1988)
Charles Wolnizer married twice and had two sons - one of whom, Duncan Wolnizer (1948-2014) also worked in film production.

Information Sources:
The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1932-42 by Martin Sugarman; Company file - SC331/1/13099; Sydney Morning Herald 7 May 2015 and Tasmanian Electoral Rolls.
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Arts and culture
Anton and Nan Chauncy (NG1270)01 Jan 1900
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NS1839 Film - Train of the Mountains01 Jan 195931 Dec 1959

NS2004 Film - Weekend at Cradle Mountain01 Jan 195931 Dec 1959

NS6252 Films01 Jan 195931 Dec 1963

NS6307 Correspondence27 Jul 195920 Jul 1962

NS6310 Correspondence relating to Liquidation of Island Film Services19 Feb 196005 Sep 1965

NS6308 Script and Synopses and associated Correspondence01 Jun 196009 Feb 1962

NS6309 Invoice Book21 Oct 196005 Apr 1962