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Frank Thistleton Reay Dean
Agency Number:
Start Date:
12 Mar 1904
End Date:
10 May 1978
Frank Thistleton Reay Dean (known as Reay) Dean was born 13/3/1904, at Macquarie Plains, Tasmania to Miriam Margaret Bramich (1882-1962) and Frank Barkley Dean (1874-c.1920). Reay Dean lived in Hamilton Street, Latrobe, enlisted in World War 2 and studied art by correspondence in the late 1920s He later did further study at the Devonport Technical School and in 1967 was awarded a Fine Arts Certificate from the Tasmanian School of Art. Reay married Vera Goodwin (1906-1993) in 1928. Reay Dean held exhibitions at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 1975 - 1977, Coastal Art Group 1955 - 58, 1960 - 1961, and the Tasmanian Adult Education Board 1963 - 1964. Reay and Vera had two children, Judith Anne (b.1934) and Adrian Barclay (b.1931). Reay passed away 10/5/1978.
Information Sources:
Examiner 7 Jan 1969 p3 "Ambition Achieved". S.E.E. 20 Nov 1971 p10 "68 and filled with the spirit of youth". Advocate 1 Jul 1972 p10 "Local Artist has Exhibtion".
Functions Performed:
Arts and culture
Family archives