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Presbyterian Church of Tasmania
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1823
This agency registration has been used for all series of Presbyterian records received prior to 2002. An individual series may contain records of several Presbyterian churches and of the central administration. The various item lists will give details. Most Presbyterian churches joined the Uniting Church however those that did not have been registered as indiviual agencies when records were received post 2002.
Legislation Administered:
Presbyterian Church Act 1878, Presbyterian Church Act 1896 and Presbyterian Church of Australia Act 1901.;;;;;;(Alternately know as 42 Vict. Number 7, 60 Vict. Number 8 and 1 Edw. VII Number 2).
Functions Performed:
Series Created By Agency:
NS1132 Microfilm Copies of Miscellaneous Correspondence, Reports, Petitions and Other Papers of the Presbyterian Church01 Jan 180631 Dec 1867

NS229 Records of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania01 Jan 182231 Dec 1965

NS565 Records of the Oatlands and Bothwell Presbyterian Churches01 Jan 182331 Dec 1962

NS700 Registers, Correspondence, Printed Material and Photographs of the Presbyterian Church01 Jan 182304 May 1963

NS435/3 General Information relating to the Presbyterian Church in Tasmania01 Jan 182831 Dec 1875

NS435/4 Papers and Letters by Various Ministers and Members of Congregations01 Jan 1828

CRO23 Presbytery Disputes07 Oct 182831 Dec 1870

NS592 Microfilm Copies of Bothwell Presbyterian Church Registers01 Mar 182901 Mar 1895

NS897 Copies of the Registers of the Launceston Presbyterian Church01 Feb 183331 Aug 1867

NS435/5 List of Subscribers Towards the Erection of the New Presbyterian Church in Hobart06 Mar 1833

NS435/2 Minutes of Presbytery Meetings and Quarterly and Annual Reports of the Presbyterian Church01 Jan 183631 Dec 1869

CRO50 Separation of Protestant and Catholic Education01 Jan 183631 Dec 1867

NS435/1 Presbyterian Church Marriage Affidavits01 Jan 183831 Dec 1879

CRO51 Marriage Licences22 Nov 183806 Nov 1850

NS1301 Minute of Meetings of Seatholders/congregation of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church27 Dec 183927 Dec 1876

NS3552 General Correspondence and Papers08 Apr 184231 Dec 1990

NS639 Records of the Presbyterian Church - Glamorgan Charge and St Andrews Swansea01 Jan 184430 Jun 1977

NS6268 Gala Kirk Cashbook01 Jan 184731 Dec 1919

NS3327 Deeds relating to Property Owned by the Presbyterian Church01 Jan 184831 Dec 1948

NS3503 Photographs of Presbyterian Churches and associated People in Hobart01 Jan 185031 Dec 1970

NS1588 Records of the Congregational, United, Presbyterian and the Uniting Church.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1996

NS1551 Glamorgan Presbyterian (Later Uniting) Church Records19 May 185004 Jul 2006

NS4497 Magazines01 Aug 185201 Jun 1893

NS468 Letterbook of Rev Heyer and Miscellaneous Documents re Oatlands Church17 May 185431 Dec 1922

NS4500 Poor Fund Book06 Jan 185626 Jan 1874

NS1738 Records from Various Presbyterian Churches01 Jan 185731 Dec 1984

NS903 Records of Scottsdale Presbyterian Church03 May 186331 Mar 1915

NS4069 Presbytery Correspondence01 Jan 186431 Dec 2004

NS518 Records of Oatlands and Other Presbyterian Churches06 Jan 186410 Jan 1971

NS435/6 Petition Form the Congregation of St Andrews Hobart Expressing Concern at the Character of Certain Meetings and Preceedings21 Dec 1868

NS2197 Papers relating to Presbyterian Church Property24 Dec 186831 Dec 1999

NS1451 Records of the Lilydale Presbyterian Church01 Jan 187731 Dec 1980

NS1183 Records of Scots Presbyterian, Later Uniting Church01 Jan 187802 Feb 1985

NS922 Minute Books, Members Rolls and Financial Records of the Evandale - Longford Presbyterian Church23 Sep 187831 Dec 1977

NS849 Records of the Ulverstone Presbyterian Church01 Jan 188510 Mar 1974

NS3329 Deeds and Agreements01 Jan 188831 Dec 1982

NS6179 Communicants Roll, Chalmers Free Church, Hobart01 Jan 189031 Jan 1890

NS2144 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Launceston Pew Rent Ledger05 Feb 189231 Dec 1924

NS658 Marriage Registers for Various Presbyterian Churches and Correspondence and associated Papers relating to Fire Relief08 Jan 189631 Dec 1973

NS791 Records of Various Presbyterian Churches including Papers relating to the Orr Case01 Jan 190026 May 1974

NS504 Intimation Sheets, Scrapbooks and a History of Scots Church01 Jan 190131 Dec 1975

NS889 Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union Minutes12 Aug 190328 Feb 1960

NS2158 St Johns Presbyterian Church Literary Association Minutes12 Apr 190402 May 1905

NS1058 Records of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Queenstown03 Mar 190521 Nov 1976

NS2134 Minutes of Meetings of St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Launceston Young Mens Club19 Feb 190609 Oct 1911

NS657 Records of the Burnie Presbyterian Church23 Apr 190817 Apr 1977

NS1060 Miscellaneous Papers and Accounts relating to Devonport Presbyterian Church01 Jan 191131 Dec 1967

NS4510 Survey Diagram of Gladstone10 Dec 1919

NS2169 Minutes of Meetings of Presbyterian Womens Mission Union30 Jun 192011 Mar 1965

NS2735 Records of the Fingal Presbyterian Church01 Jan 1921

NS2191 Presbytery Reports on Parish Records07 Nov 192111 Jun 1929

NS2192 Record of Subscribers to Tasmanian Presbyterian01 Jan 193031 Dec 1957

NS2172 Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union Annual Financial Statements01 Jan 193531 Dec 1966

NS2171 Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union Annual Reports01 Jan 193531 Dec 1966

NS1965 Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union - Minutes of Meetings02 Aug 193502 Mar 1972

NS4487 Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Management28 Sep 194819 Dec 1989

NS4071 Minutes of Meetings02 Mar 195310 Aug 1993

NS1396 Correspondence and associated Papers of the Various Parishes of the Presbyterian Churches of Tasmania14 Sep 195412 Nov 1985

NS2195 Minutes of Meetings of Northern Tasmanian Elders Association24 Aug 195527 Sep 1960

NS2163 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Scottsdale Baptism Register30 Sep 195608 Feb 1973

NS2170 Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union Handbook01 Jan 195931 Dec 1959

NS2165 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Scottsdale Burial Register28 Jun 196004 Sep 1980

NS4490 Communicant's Roll Book08 Jul 196209 Sep 1985

NS570 Correspondence and Minutes of the Presbyterian Church, New Town01 Feb 196331 Dec 1974

NS2151 Pledge Register & Correspsondence01 Jan 196531 Dec 1984

NS2196 Miscellaneous Printed Material & Photographs20 Apr 196708 Dec 1996

NS2185 Minutes of Meetings of State Council Presbyterian Fellowship Association10 Aug 196815 Jul 1990

NS3550 Plans relating to St Andrew's (Scot's) Church, Hobart

NS2194 Presbytery Union Voting Registers01 Jan 197231 Dec 1973

NS2149 Session Correspondence of St Johns Presbyterian Church, Hobart01 Jan 197531 Dec 1993

NS2188 Presbyterian Womens News, Nos 1-2501 Aug 198028 Feb 1987

NS2147 General Correspondence of Board of Management of St Johns Presbyterian Church, Hobart01 Jan 198131 Dec 1998

NS2156 St Johns Presbyterian Fellowship Association13 Mar 198227 Feb 1986

NS2167 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Scottsdale Session Minutes26 Jun 198311 Jul 1994

NS2186 Correspondence of Presbyterian Fellowship Association01 Jan 198531 Dec 1989

NS2193 Papers relating to 150Th Anniversary of Presbytery in Tasmania01 Jan 198506 Nov 1985

NS2189 Financial Reports to Presbytery from Congregations01 Jan 198731 Dec 1994

NS2187 Presbyterian Womens Association of Australia. Historical Booklet01 Jan 198812 Sep 1988

NS2190 Presbytery Correspondence, Reports & Papers01 Jan 199031 Dec 2000