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Airlie Alam, Artist.
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Start Date:
13 Jul 1936
End Date:
13 Oct 2015
Airlie Alam was an Australia professional film animator, graphic artist, environmental activist, and Kiln-formed glass artist. Alam was born in Sydney in 1936 to parents Mary Crockett and John Alam . Initially studying nursing in NSW and Tasmania, aged 24 she moved to Sweden. In Stockholm Alam completed a Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Arts in 1963, including apprenticeships in advertising and professional film-making. She undertook in a range of animation, film and graphic design roles in Sweden from 1968-1972. In 1973 she returned to Australia, settling in Hobart. She instructed in film animation at the University of Tasmania. As Senior Animator for the Department of Film Production (Tasmanian Film Corporation) Alam created four animated films for TV scatter for the Tasmanian Rural Fires Board, as well as storyboards for the Crime Prevention Council. Alam also drew "Daredevil" for the Saturday Evening Mercury in 1978. Alam had two children, Sim and Norin. She died at Lindisfarne, Tasmania in 2015.
Information Sources:
Alam archival records; SMH, 15/10/2015
Functions Performed:
Arts and culture
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NS1987 Subject Folders01 Jan 196431 Dec 1992

NS4324 Films by Airlie Alam01 Jan 197531 Dec 1975