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Gamaliel and Sarah Butler and Family
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01 Jan 1816
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31 Dec 1989
Gamaliel and Sarah (nee Paine) Butler, arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1824 with 10 of their 16 children. Gamaliel founded the Hobart legal firm which was later known as Butler, McIntyre and Butler. Gamaliel's son Charles Butler (1820 - 1909) was also a lawyer, as was his son Charles William Butler (1854 - 1937). 
Henry Butler (1821 - 1885), surgeon and politician, was the third son and with 5 other children remained in England in the care of relations. After training as a surgeon in London and Paris, he arrived in Tasmania as the Surgeon Superintendent in 1849 per William Jardine. In 1853 he married Catherine Penelope Smith. They subsequently had 10 children and lived first in Lampton Farm, Glenorchy later moving to the family home Stowell at Battery Point. Henry also had a country home, Shene, at Bagdad.
Information Sources:
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